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You find Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie...
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You find Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie chained up and mortally wounded. You only have two cases of life saving serum, and you can only use one case per pony.

Only two can live, one has to die.

Wat do?
save the cases

Let them die

Fuck corpses

Become Edge
I'm actually not quite sure. I'd probably start by telling all three ponies the situation. I'm imagine Dash might volunteer to die, being the element of loyalty and all. The other two ponies would probably be quick to volunteer after that, to try and stop her. Fluttershy would probably have the worst case of survivor guilt ever if she survived.

I guess I would spare Pinkie and Dash, on the grounds that they would be most likely to be able to come to terms with their friends death. Whatever I picked, though, I'm sure the survivors would hate me forever.

TLDR: Flutterbutter dies.
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>Inject both of them shit into my arm
>Become Superman
>Smash their chains with my bare hands
>Grab all three of them and fly them to the hospital
>Get rewarded for my bravery
>I'd probably start by telling all three ponies the situation
One of them will probably volunteer to die.
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>Save Ponk and Flutters
>Kill Dash
Being the Element of Loyalty, it's not like she would mind much sacrificing herself to save her friends.
Distribute equally and unchain, let them be together for the last moments of their life.
>three worst ponies
Slather up my dick with the serum and >rape
Save Dash and Flutters, pank a shit.
Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy wouldn't be able to guilt me and Ponks would be too dedicated to trying to cheer everyone up. Dash, should she survive that, would never cease her survivor's guilt nor stop being a cunt to me for making that decision.
What happens if i drink both?
>He doesn't understand what mortally wounded means
fuck that shit
keep the life serum
get rich
if you tell them there's no way they wouldn't feel the pressure of the death of their friend. best to just jew one of them out.
Let all of them die, then kill self.
>Good end
>It was all a dream
I will not make that decision, it is up to them to decide.
>Save Fluttershy
>Save Ponk
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Flutters is a faggot leave her to die.
Inject balloon horse with serum and free her.
Lie and say I only had one serum so I had to save party pony.
top cunt worse horse than tree kicker.
Have one serum left over for whatever.
Dash and fluttershy.
Don't give a flying fuck what either has to say about it, I don't want hyper sugar pone near me.
>Tell them you're sending the cases back
>Celestia sends another case
>Save all 3
Thats you might get wings as well.
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Toss a coin. Roll some dice.
Settle it with gambling. That always works.
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>Leave all three scrub tier horses
>Go find elder god tier sun horse
The only correct choice.
1. Figure the fuck out where I am.
2. Wouldn't the person who did this be coming back?
3. Is this a trap?
4. Does T8-Er have to do with this?
5. Inject one of them into me because drug addiction.
6. Take the case and knock all three out so it looks like their dead.
7. Battle that monster from Misao that does experiments on that girl in that one secne.
8. End up him being too strong and the building or whatever we are in gets set on fire.
9. Save Fluttershy because I don't want to hear her screams in my mind as she burns to death.
10. Go into one of those Bullshit Timed events where I have to get out of said burning building.
11. Get confused and Fail
12. Retry
13. Make one mistake and fail again.
14. Retry
15. Fail because I got an notification on my phone and get distracted for about 20 secs.
16. Retry
17. Website crashes.
18. Boot back up.
Extra: We are all just a program.
19. Do everything again
20. Look up a walk through because the mazes in this place are too hard.
Extra 2: Realize that everything isn't real and not care.
21. Find the way through.
22. Remember I forgot to grab FlutterShy and restart again.
23. Grab FlutterShy.
24. Her head gets caved in by a falling rock.
25. Increase Luck stat to 7 and Restart
26. The monster grabs her and is never seen again.
27. Increase Endurance to 4 Restart.
28. Kills me for leaving her friends behind, then she is locked away in the basement of the place we are in.
29. Restart
>30. rape
31. Die while raping
32. Restart
33. Finally makes in out successfully.
34. FlutterShy asks why is she the only one when there were 2 cases.
Extra 3: Realize I'm about to have a bad time.
35. All Green Speech options are now red.
36. Do one.
37. Have said bad time.
38. Gets dunked on by Fluttershy.
39. Increase Charisma stat to 10 and Restart
40. Tell FlutterShy that they sacrificed them selves to help us escape.
41. Gain EXP from tricking her.
42. <-- Realize the meaning of life.
43. And finally Profit. I got 2000 word Guide.
File: Lol U wat m8.png (615 KB, 983x1062) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lol U wat m8.png
615 KB, 983x1062
What the fuck is this?
>Name is Wasteland Survival Guide
10/10 would use again.
File: 76084239.png (103 KB, 457x457) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What if I give one of them the serum, and give the other two half of the second serum?
It's more akin to a moral delimma than edge.
Edge would be the act of chaining them up and wounding them.
>all 3 are Dead before cases return
Kill Rainbow Dash, and cut her open, and shit inside her body. Rape Pinkie Pie's wounds until she dies from shock or blood loss. Either one doesn't matter. Cum inside , and watch Fluttershy bleed out, and vomit from the ghastly act. Remember I have life saving serum, Shit.
File: nigga....png (216 KB, 664x714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Remembers that monster from Misao
It's good to see a person who has good taste in flash games.
>References Undertale
>not saving horse
It's like you hate pony altogether, Anon.
There are no original threads left
File: loyaty.gif (563 KB, 477x703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who said TR8-0R?~
Because I'm here, bitches~
I did! Wasteland survival guide at you're service. Now with 20% Less Stimpacks!
You aren't the real survival guide.
We never get any stimpacks in Fallout we we need them. Never.
File: 802.png (369 KB, 680x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
369 KB, 680x511
Oh no, either a CYOA mediator or the Writefag's Guild OP.
Either way, you're a faggot, TRAITOR
File: image.jpg (8 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 300x300
>gaining Stimpacks
Oh boy! I bey my inventory will be filled with stimpacks!
This is what is expected.
>ponk has live saving serum all over equestria, ask her where one is
>unchain them
>give them the serum
>rekt op
44. Fuck FlutterShy in the pussy.
45. Stop memeing and get serious
46. Stop fucking Fluttershy
47. Use the power of the portal gun to bring PaperHorse and Molestia into this.
>48. Darude rapeStorm
49. Throw paperHorse into the void while Singing "Now I only want you gone"
50. Go to (Since I can't share the link of this hitman website this will have to do) and call a hit on molestia.
51. Ezio falls on me because he is a piss poor assassin.
52. Restart.
53. Hire GlaDos
54. Pinkie Pie rises from the ashes and rapes me until I'm dead because the cake is a lie.
>55. rapeStart
56. Hire TR8-0R's Brother, SA8-OR.
57. Watch him Sate molestia so much, that she drowns in cum. (Drowning pones, gotta love em.)
58. Gets banned by HAX man and boots up fuckyou.Tr8
59. Turns his face into a pinecone.
60. (Deleted because of Trixie raping his face until all the pine cone was gone.)
61. Realized that he is memeing right now.
62. Grab ButterFly
63. yhSrettulF barG
64. Grab Issac (Game)
65. Grab Isaac (Bible)
66. Grab issac (Apple)
67. Grab Isaac (Gravity)
68. Grab FlutterIssac
69. <-- eat a healthy dose of 69.
70. Grab Gravity (Issac)
71. Yell TR8-OR.
72. Thou black men comes to my side all round.
>73. DEFCON rape
74. Grab DogMeat
75. Shoot DogMeat in the face multiple times.
76. Grab Flutters (Movie)
77. <-- hope 4 dubs
78. Grab FlutterShy
79. Go back into the now crumpled building.
80. Notice that their is an new entrance in there.
81. Wait.
Extra: Prepare for the H8-0R
82. Go inside entrance
83. Notice that your in the shuttle at the end of "To the moon"
84. Fuckthisshitimout.webm
85. Turn into Lara Croft and switch genders and use my Instincts.
86. Go to the world of turnabout storm.
87. Waste Time for 3 days, Just because a damn Pegasus couldn't get gud.
88. Become edgy.
89. Use edge to summon a gateway to the transurethral.
90. Funk shit up. (There is no typo.)
91. Butterfly is secretly Navi
92. I listen.
93. I find the treasure in my new woman pussy.
94 Even more $
Hey guys, it's OP. You guys are hilarious! Keep it coming!

PS, Rarity is best pony
>Cooking Mama's Cooking Book
>Cooking Book
I don't know where I'm going with this one.
You have bested my reaction folder.
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 408x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 408x510
Never mind I found one.
Anyone else read the Verizon Tv listings?

Also I make myself sick. I thought I was reading the Wasteland survival Guide!

And pic describes whole thread.
Pinkie and flutters die
I save dash "trip" and let the other vial shatter on the flor
See ya round bitches
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 286x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All of my Dafuqs
File: stevato.jpg (22 KB, 426x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 426x426
Let em die, keep the serum in a shock-proof canteen that I'd carry around. If shits happen then I get two extra lives.
Finaly a change to play Doctor!!!
>Assess the potential patience.
>All three are mortally wounded, and probably going to die with out proper medical attention.
>Ranbow Dash is the most athletic, and most likely to survive with proper medical attention.
>Fluttershy, good as dead, but could be a helpful nurse.
>Pinkie Pie, best pony.
>Stab Pinkie in the eye with the serum.
"Live, damn you! Live!"
>There's a flash of light and the pink pony is fully healed.
"Pinkie Pie, I need your 'In-case of Emergancey-' EVERYTHING! We have to MacGyver a fully functional ER."
>Pinkie give you a salute before she begins digging around in her mane.
>Once Pinkie Pies is stable move on over to Fluttershy.
>Watch as the yellow pegasus uses her front hooves to protect her eyeballs from your medical genius.
Silly Bannanahush...
>Go O.J. Simpson on her ass, and start repeatedly stabbing her with the syringe of serum till shes better.
"Fluttershy, that was the last of the magic healing serum-"
>"Thank Celestia," cried Rainbow Dash before vomiting up some more blood.
"- I'm going to need your help treating Dashy."
>You turn back to Pinkie to inspect your hall.
>1 partly deflated rubber ball
>3 cupcakes- no 2 cupcakes.
"Pinkie, stop eating the medical supplies"
>"Sorry, Nonny."
That's it? well RD is screwed... well might as well score some browny point by pretending to save her.
>Quickly with out another thought you rip the rubber ball open and wrap it around RD's largest wound.
>Next you scoop up the frosting from the cupcakes and rub it all over RD's other minor wounds.
>Your pretty sure that frosting is not a coagulant, but you rub it in her wounds anyway.
>You take a step back to admire your handy work.
>Rainbow Dash has lost consciousness, and the only sign of life is her twitching leg.
"Ok... There is a chance we can still save her. There's a slight possibility there still some magic mystery serum in the two of your blood stream. I need to take a blood sample from both of you and inject it into her."

if Trips, she survives.
if Doubs, she survives but looses the use of her wings and a leg.
if Singles, "RIP Rainbow Dash, you were not worst pony".
Kill the bitch
File: 1383951590099.gif (393 KB, 245x163) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
393 KB, 245x163
Writer-anon got singles >>26008962 she dead.

May her frosting covered butt rest in peace.
Take the cases to Twilot to have her synthesize a new one.
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