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Fun Party Time with Twilight and Friends
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>You're in the S.U.V with Flash at night.
"Didn't realize that the great Flash drove trash."
>"Hey watch it, this is my Moms car."
"Yeah and wheres yours?"
>"Uuh, may have accidentally drove it into a ditch, Dad was so pissed.."
"I'm sure he was, didn't you get it as a birthday gift from him?"
>"Don't remind me.. Speaking of reminding, dude, are you ready? For the greatest night of our young lives!?"
"Ah, come on dude, you know I hate parties.."
>"I know bro, but lighten up, this is gonna be totally different from any party you've ever been to."
"Yeah, uh huh.. Except I don't go to parties, I'm a shut in remember?"
>"How could I forget? I'm surprised I was able to coax you out of your man cave tonight to go have fun."
"You said the guy to girl ratio is 2 guys to 6 girls. Who are these girls anyhow? Some whores or something?"
>"Nah man, Flash doesn't roll like that."
"Speaking in the third person?"
>"Dude, this is gonna be way different from your normal set of girls, THESE girls are amazing. Drop dead knockouts, everyone of them. And they're reaaally nice, like, trust me, you'll love them, all of them."
"I'm sure their boyfriends think so too."
>"They're all single."
"Get out, are you serious?"
>"Hey man, if you don't believe me ask em yourself, you'll learn."
"How'd you pull this off anyway?"
>"I've got my ways.."
>You walk in the door.
>A nice warm air contrasts the cold from outside.
>Six nicely dressed ladies are lounging around near the couch.
>You swallow hard feeling nervous.
>You whisper to Flash as you pull at your collared dress shirt.
"Y-you weren't kidding about them being gorgeous."
>"See, I told ya."
"Heh, guess I should go introduce myself huh?"
>"Actually no, don't do that."
"Wait, what?"
>"Take my advice, go over to the table with the punch bowl, get yourself some snacks, and do it slow.. Trust me."
>You sigh as you walk over.
>What kind of hair brained scheme is Flash up to now?
>You grab a plastic plate as you look over the assortment of chips, pretzels, candies, and soda arranged on the table.
>Pop music is giving a subtle upbeat atmosphere to the room.
>Suddenly you hear, voices, now, so clear.
>"Oh yes, he is quite handsome."
>"Back of Rarity, he's totally mine.."
>"As if! I believe I saw him first!"
>Are they arguing, over you?
>"Golly, look at him in his cute little shirt and tie."
>"Gosh he seems nervous over at the punch bowl all by himself."
>Jesus they are talking about you..
>Maybe you should go over and talk to them.
>Suddenly you feel a light tap on your shoulder.
>"H-hi, I couldn't help noticing you all alone over here. Want me to pour you some punch?"
"Uh, sure!"
>You laugh nervously.
>Shes adorable, purple oversized sweater.
>Knee length skirt.
>And.. Enchanting violet eyes..
>You've never seen eyes like these before..
>"Here you go!"
>She hands you the punch cup.
>You attempt to grab it but your hand brushes up against hers.
>You take the cup.
>You smile trying to hide your uneasiness.
>"Thats a cute tie, I really like it."
>Her hand comes over it grabbing it.
>What the hell is this..
>You can hardly breathe, your heart pounding as she holds the tie in her hand so close to your chest.
>You bite your lip trying not to act weird.
>Man Flash wasn't kidding about these girls..
>"So what do you do? I bet you've got all the girls in the office fawning over you."
>She thinks you work in an office?
>You just wore this because Flash told you to throw on something nice.
"Y-yeah, I mean, I'm into games and stuff, I like drawing and writing.."
>Oh god why did you say that, she's gonna think you're a total loser now..
>"Wow thats awesome. What kind of stuff do you draw? I'd love to see your work sometime. And I love games, what are your favorites? I'm mostly into PC gaming myself but I've delved into some console stuff too.."
>Is this really happening?
>An actual girl with gaming interests?
>You heard mere legends of their existence, but you had no idea they existed so nearby..
>Suddenly you hear her stomach rumble.
>You hear her mutter 'shoot' under her breath.
>"Uh, will you excuse me, I need to use the ladies room.."
>She scurries off.
>Guess you'll take your snackplate and head over to the couch and wait for her to get back..
>You begin to walk over.
>"Boy, are you the tiger from the Frosted Flakes box? Because you're looking "Grrrrreat!"
>A girl with blonde hair and a southern accent is standing in front of you.
>"So, where ya from, never seen you round these parts.. Names Applejack."
>She holds out her hand.
>You cautiously take it as she gives you a firm handshake.
"I'm Anon, nice to meet you.."
>"Sounds like one of them fancy exotic names.."
"I-it's really quite common.."
>"You like apples?"
>She wraps her arm around you.
>"I can tell you every thing you ever wanted to know about Apples. My family owns an Apple orchard, makes the best darn cider and pies you ever tasted."
"W-wow, that's nice.."
>"You aughta come over sometime, we'll treat you like family."
>These lusty green bedroom eyes..
"Y-yeah sure.."
>Suddenly a vibrating from her jean shorts.
>She sighs taking out her phone.
>"I'm so sorry, I gotta take this."
"I-its ok, no rush!"
>"Applebloom gall darn it all, what're you doing calling me this late at night, you should be in bed right now-"
>Her voice trailing off.
>You walk over going to sit on the couch.
>Barely a moment to rest with all this female attention..
>What did Flash do, keep these women in a cave? It's like they've never seen a man before..
>You sit on the couch.
>A girl in a yellow turtleneck scoots over closer to you.
>"E-excuse me, I don't mean to bother you.. I can go away if I'm bothering you.."
"You're fine, my name is Anon."
>"I-i'm ᶠᶫᵘᵗᵗᵉʳˢʰʸ."
"I'm sorry, could you repeat that?"
>"ᴵ'ᵐ ᶠᶫᵘᵗᵗᵉʳˢʰʸ.."
"Butterpie? Butterfly?"
"Oh, right, uh.."
>Interesting name..
>Next she'll introduce you to Sprinkletinkle and Tinkiewinkie.
>Seriously, what bizarre names..
>Suddenly your head thumps, your vision distorts.
>You suddenly feel your vision takes you to someplace dark.
>You hear a distorted scream as if run through a pipe.
>You snap back.
>What the hell was that?
>"Anon are you ok?"
"I'm, just fine.."
>Rainbow Dash and Rarity are laughing and talking about something next to Flash.
>Meanwhile you're still over next to Fluttershy.
"So uh, what do you like to do?"
>"Oh I love animals. I like taking care of them, I volunteer at the animal shelter you know?"
"That sounds nice."
>"It is, oh I just love taking care of all the little critters. Cleaning out their cages and helping them feel loved and well adjusted before they're shipped off to a better home."
"That really is very nice.."
>"Do you like animals Anon, oh, and how about tea, do you like tea as well? Sorry, I'll let you talk now.."
"It's fine heh, tea is great, and I love animals."
>"Oh that's magnificent. You know, if you're not busy after this, would you want to stop by my place and get some tea, maybe watch some Netflix and chill?"
"Uh.. That sounds, again, nice.. What would we be watching on Netflix?"
>"You like animal documentaries right? Or, whatever you wanna watch it fine too.."
"Oh, I mean, that sounds good, animal documentaries are fine."
>"Oh good.. I can't wait to have you over, you seem so handsome and kind, I'm sure your girlfriend must be very happy."
"I-i, don't have a girlfriend."
>She pumps her fist exclaiming softly.
>She turns back to you suddenly, realizing what she's done.
>"U-uh, I mean, oh no, how terrible, that you don't have anyone.."
"It's cool, were you uh, looking for someone?"
>"Oh yes, it's been a while since I've had anyone who I can find someone in common with. Besides, at the school I go to, most of the students are female."
>Ohhhh, so that explains it..
>That sneaky Flash.. No wonder these girls are all over you tonight..
>"Oh, goodness Anon, Its my old friend I haven't heard from in ages! I gotta take this."
"It's fine."
>She gets up.
>"Yes, hello Treehugger, its so nice to hear from you again, I-"
>Her voice trailing off as she walks away..
>Fate has got it out to cock block you, not once but thrice now..
>You munch your potato chips as you wash it down with the punch.
>"Mind if I sit here?"
"N-not at all."
>Purple sweatered girl is back from her bio-break.
>"So, I see you've been getting to know some of my friends."
"Oh, you're, all friends?"
>"Yep, everyone here is my friend, including Flash."
"Ah, cool?"
>"You wanna be my friend too? I'll give you my number."
>She pulls out a notepad scribbling it down.
>She tears it out and gives it to you.
"Your name is, Twilight Sparkle? Is, Sparkle really your last name?"
>"W-why? Of course it is! Why wouldn't it be?"
"No reason, uh.. forget it."
>"You don't, think my name is weird do you?"
>Her downcast expression now is heart-wrenching.
"N-no! I mean, Twilight Sparkle is a very good name! I like it!"
>She breathes a sigh of relief.
>"I'm sorry I freaked out, the book on human interaction never mentioned anything about people finding your name to be weird."
"Are you much of a reader Twilight?"
>"Oh yes, I love books, I read them all the time. Sometimes I'm not so great at the social stuff, even though I have so many friends.."
"So, like Flash said, are you single?"
>"Flash said that?"
"Oh, shit, I mean.. Well-"
>"It's true, I'm single.. I haven't really found anyone willing to go out with me.. I'm not sure if it's because people are scared to approach me, or maybe because I give off a weird vibe.."
"You seem nice enough to me.. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want you as their girlfriend."
>She blushes twirling a lock of her hair.
>"T-thanks.. You seem pretty nice too.. I hope I'm not being too forward.. And well, I'm sure you've already been asked but.. Would you consider maybe having me over when the party is done?"
"Having, you over?"
>"I-i'm sorry, that was too much wasn't it.."
>She smacks her forehead.
>She mutters,
>"Stupid Twilight! What were you thinking!"
"N-no, I mean, its not that! I was just wondering, if you meant, coming back to my place, is that what you meant?"
>"Oh, well, I mean, you said you were into games, and I was just thinking It would give you a chance to show me some of your stuff that you've drawn or written, and maybe we can play some of your games together too? I mean, you'd feel more comfortable with me going to your place than you going to mine right?"
"I'm fine with either, but.."
>She clasps your hands with hers.
>"Really? Thats great! I'll be honest, I was afraid maybe I was coming on a little too strong.."
"Just relax Twilight, everything is cool."
>She looks into your eyes with a whimsical expression on her face.
>A pure innocent smile as her big purple eyes gaze tenderly into yours.
>Her hands holding onto yours.
>God she's cute..
>Suddenly your head throbs again.
>You hear a girl screaming inside your head.
>Your vision distorts and blurs.
>W-what the.. hell is this?
>"Anon, Anon are you ok?"
>Her voice sounds like it's coming through a long tunnel, you can barely hear it.
>Vision blurry, you suddenly feel yourself snap back to normal.
>Twilights hand on your forehead.
>"You're sweating Anon, are you sure you aren't running a fever or anything?"
"I'm fine.. Maybe, it's just this party or something.."
>"I know what you mean, I'm sure it must be making you so nervous being around all these new people."
"A-actually.. I mean, everyone here has been pretty nice.."
>Suddenly from the other side of the room,
>"I am NOT chicken."
>"Nor am I Flash, I doubt any of us would be afraid of your silly ghost stories."
>"Well, what do you say everyone, how about a trip down to the woods to confirm it?"
"Trip to the woods?"
>Twilight gets up walking toward Flash, everyone else does too.
>You walk over to Flash.
>You yank on his coat.
"Yo man what are you doing?"
>"You wanna get some action tonight don't you?"
"Nah dude, I got this!"
>"Dude, trust me, we go down to the woods, get em a little spooked, hangin onto our arms.. Bro, you know.."
"I dunno man.."
>"Have I led you astray so far? Come on man, don't be a chicken."
>He gives you a friendly shoulder bump rallying everyone together.
>And just like that, you're all in the SUV taking a drive down the road.
>It's quiet, you're sitting in the passengers seat.
>"Alright, so here's the jist, legend goes that at midnight, it prowls around the woods at night, those who go into the woods looking for it are never heard from again."
"What is 'it'?"
>"Beats me, some say it's a wendigo, or a cryptid.."
>"Pfft, pish posh, there isn't any such thing."
>"Yeah, you ain't scaring me, Rainbow Danger Dash away with your spooky legends."
>"Girls, maybe we shouldn't go looking for it.. What if it's an endangered species, and we disturb its home?"
>"It'll be fine Fluttershy, we won't find anything out there anyhow."
>Twilight pipes up.
>"I dunno, I've read there have been some unexplained disappearances in the area."
>"Probably unrelated. Besides Twi, you shouldn't believe everything you read."
>"I-i guess you're right.. Theres probably nothing.."
>Driving along in the quiet car down this empty road..
>What the heck is Flash thinking..
>You had everything under control..
>Twilight wanted to come over..
>But, then again..
>He's never been wrong about these kinda things before, and heck, you wouldn't even have met all these girls if it weren't for him..
>Maybe his tactic of having the girls rush to you for safety in the spooky woods will work wonders after all.
>It's not like the extra push will hurt or anything..
>It is awful cold tonight though..
>At least your head hasn't throbbed again since you got in the car..
>The fog from the night pervades the trees surrounding you.
>And the warm breath and heat from the car fogs the windows.
>It's a long drive, dark..
>Flash tries to click on the radio.
>"Heh, I knew this stupid thing was busted."
>All thats coming in is static.
>No chatter from the girls in the back.
>Just a quiet silent ride in the SUV at night..
>Somehow you feel uneasy.
>But you aren't sure whats making you feel this way..
>You stop at a gas station to fuel up before going into the woods.
>Flash and Rarity went inside the store to get snacks.
"Sure is a long ways out here.."
>Twilight comes up close to you.
>"According to this legend Flash is referring to, it only appears at night, which means if we wait till 12:01 it technically won't be night anymore."
>You check your phone.
"It's 10:45 right now, and if it takes us maybe 15 more minutes to get there, that's about an hour of bumbling around like idiots in the woods."
>"Oh cheer up Anon, where's your sense of adventure?"
>Flash comes back with a bag full of goodies as Rarity also comes in from the side door.
>There are woods all around you in this sort of lone gas stop in the middle of nowhere.
>Fog still pervades it and the chill from the outside makes you glad you get to spend at least a little more time in the warmth of the car.
>Flash tosses you a pack of corn nuts.
>He tosses out various snacks back to the other girls.
>"Oooh, you got my favorites, Gummy worms, yum!"
>Everyone seems happy opening their snacks.
>Laughing a bit, smiling..
>This is what it's like, to have friends..
>Flash was right, these are, very nice girls.
"Uh, Flash I.. Um.."
>"What is it man, don't tell me you don't like corn nuts?"
"Dude they're fine.. Like, thanks man, for bringing me out here.."
>"Yeah man, what else could I do for an old friend like you right?"
>The final bit of driving as you leave the gas station.
>You munch on your corn nuts.
>As weird as the night has been, you're glad you came out so far..
>You've met some really nice women..
>Two have expressed an interest in seeing you after the party.
>As neat as it would be to go after Fluttershy and watch some Netflix with her..
>You feel like you've hit it off better with Twilight..
>She REALLY, seems interested..
>Shes a bit weird, socially awkward..
>But you're sure if you had initiated the conversation instead of her, you'd be spilling just as much spaghetti.
>Still, Fluttershy might be a good backup in case things don't work out too well with Twi, although you'd hate to think about screwing things up with her..
>As far as the other girls go, you didn't really get a chance to know them very well, but..
>Twilight didn't seem to mind you getting to know her friends..
>They all seem fairly nice.
>Definitely not the cold lifeless reptilian sorts of creatures you would describe most females as these days.
>Of course you extend that to most humans in general but digressing from that..
>You open the passenger door stepping out of the vehicle.
>Your legs have fallen asleep a bit.
>And it is freezing cold out here.
>Frost on the ground..
>You watch as the other girls get out.
>Some of them yawning and stretching themselves.
>Fog pervades the entrance of the woods giving it an unsettling foreboding look.
>Flash taps you on the shoulder placing a Flashlight in your hand.
>"You're not nervous about going into the woods at night are you?"
"W-whats there to be afraid of, it's just some trees."
>He walks off coaxing the other girls to follow.
>Closing the doors, slamming them shut as Flash beeps the SUV shut.
>You walk into the woods with Flash and the company of girls at your side.
Bump for curiosity
>The wind coming through the trees whistling through them
>Everyone is just walking around crunching on the leaves and twigs through the woods.
>Frost on the leaves beneath you, and branches with no leaves on them above.
>No spooks or scares yet.
>Better check the time.
"So uh, tell me more about this legend."
>"Well Nonny there isn't much more to tell!"
>Twilight pipes in,
>"Pinkies right, it's just a spooky old ghost story saying if you go in at night you disappear."
"Your name is, Pinkie?"
>The one with bright pink curly hair responds.
>"Yep, you'd better watch out or the spoooooky ghost will get you!"
"Heh well, none of you seem worried, so I guess I won't worry about it either."
>"Awww, it's no fun if someone doesn't at least get scared."
>"I'm scared.."
>"Fluttershy you're always scared!"
>"Because everything is scary."
"I can keep you company if you're scared Fluttershy."
>Fluttershy zips over to you wrapping her arms around you.
>The group looks flatly to her, and then to you.
>"What? H-he was offering.."
>The raspy voiced long haired athlete named Rainbow Dash walks over,
>"Don't encourage her, trust me, when that monster shows up, you're gonna wish you had someone like me wrapped around your arm."
>"M-monster? I thought it was a ghost."
>Flash pipes in,
>"Guys, does it really matter what it is? You're supposed to be afraid of it."
>Rainbow responds,
>"Of course it matters what it is, how am I supposed to fight it off if I don't know what I'm fighting huh?"
>Twilight then asks,
>"Why are so concerned about fighting it? Shouldn't your focus be on running away and making sure everyone is safe?"
>"Wow Twilight, for an egghead you sure are dumb sometimes. Seriously, the best offense is a good defense."
>"I really don't think fighting it should be our first course of action. Although I agree on determining what it is."
>"Well, I hope it's not a ghost then, how am I supposed to fight something that can disappear?"
>"According to legends ghosts are just spirits who've passed on, they can't really harm you, the ghost would be the best case scenario."
>"S-so then, what would be the worst?"
>"I don't know.. There are many mythological beings that would gladly snatch up people in the middle of the night.."
>"Y-y'all are somethin else, s-sayin theres spooks in these wood without evidence.."
>"We can't say for sure, I did read in the newspaper recently about the disappearances here.."
>"F-for our sake, I hope that newspaper y'all picked out was the national inquirer or something."
>"Whats the matter AJ, scared?"
>"Y-you wish! I ain't scared a' nothin!"
>"Oh yeah, cause you sure look scared."
>Fluttershy still hanging onto you.
>Her warmth is a comfort in the dark woods.
>Everyone together like this too, even if they're scared with you, you feel less scared overall.
>Suddenly, something nearby runs through the trees.
>"Hey theres the monster!"
>Rainbow Dash grabs a stick running after it.
>Rainbow Dash is so fast leaving everyone else in the dust.
>Applejack is the closest one behind.
>Everyone chasing her, even Fluttershy has gone a little bit ahead.
>You're slowly bringing up the rear.
>Damn, useless shut-in legs!
>You pause just for a moment to catch your breath, only to realize in an instant.
>You're completely lost and alone in the woods.
File: 8.jpg (30 KB, 852x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You chest thumps with the feeling of being out of shape for so long.
>You try your best to keep moving forward.
>The fog seems to have intensified.
>Heaps of it now so much that it's difficult to see very far ahead of you.
>You keep going running through the dark foggy woods..
>The sound of the wind must be stopping you from hearing their footsteps.
>So far along now, just how far did they run?
>You exhale a cloud of foggy breath.
>You're not sure you could've asked to be in a worse position.
>You have no idea if you're even chasing after them in the right direction..
>In fact, what made you think this was the way to go?
>Their voices lingering in your mind, the only comfort.
>How much more at ease you felt here when they were all with you calmly talking the situation out.
>Now you're in the thick of it.
>Your flashlight is cheap, some kind of dollar store trinket.
>It does little to light the way.
>But at this point it's the only thing you've got.
>You check your phone.
>Damn, 15 minutes in and we're already lost and separated..
>What was that thing Rainbow Dash was chasing?
>Suddenly your mind throbs again..
>Forget it.. It doesn't matter.
File: woods.gif (905 KB, 500x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
905 KB, 500x211
>You keep on walking through the woods.
>All these trees.. Just, look like any other trees.
>All of them look the same..
>Suddenly your head throbs once again.
>You see a vision of you running though trees,
>"It's gaining on us, we need to get away!"
>You snap back..
>It was brief..
>Are these, visions of the future?
>Is some horrific thing going to chase after you?
>No, no that's silly, visions aren't real..
>You walk through a clearing.
>In the moonlight, you see a carcass laying on the forest floor.
>You cautiously walk over.
>It appears to be a deer.
>Although it's entire top side is gone, no bones or anything, but there is still meat on the bottom half.
>As if it were cut in half and dragged away.
>Or perhaps, eaten whole by some sort of monstrous creature.
>God you'd rather not think about it..
>Hopefully this kill was done by a human, and you hope there aren't any bears or wolves in the woods that might have done this..
>You walk past the kill as you venture onward.
>Suddenly a shrill scream by a woman.
>Is that, Rarity?
I'm surprised at how few replies this thread is getting. OP better finish this green before the thread dies.
Too interested and scared to post. Good green is being had.
spooky bump
>You run through the trees.
>Toward where you heard the noise.
>She screams again.
>As you emerge through the trees you find her.
>"Oh Anonymous it's awful!"
"Whats awful, whats going on, are you hurt?"
>"Worse! I've ruined my new shoes in all this mud!"
"Surely it'll just wash out?"
>"THIS fabric will not wash out easily, look at the soft lavender shade! Honestly Anon, how can you be so insensitive?"
"I.. I'm sorry."
>"Oh well darling whats the matter? I'm not really mad at you.."
"I was, just worried that you might be hurt or something."
>"Oh, how sweet, you were worried about me, well you hardly even know me! Or at least we hardly had a proper introduction."
"I only knew your name because I overheard Flash say it."
>"Yes well, my name is Rarity, I plan to be a big time fashion designer someday, and plan to run my own business."
"How ambitious, I'm Anon, I uh.. Write and uh, play video games.."
>Rarity pulls out a roll of measuring tape running it along your arms.
"What are you doing?"
>"Trying to get your measurements, you don't mind do you?"
"N-not at all."
>Around your chest, up your legs.
>Shes really just going to do this in the middle of the woods right now?
>"Please do be patient, I'm almost done."
>She scribbles it down on a notepad before tucking the measuring tape and notepad away.
"You uh, planning on buying me a suit?"
>"Well, no.. But I might make you a suit if that's the kind of style you like. You do look rather dapper in your little dress shirt there."
>"Let me guess, it's not the sort of thing you wear very often is it?"
"H-how did you-"
>"The way you carry yourself and the state of your hair, not to mention your shirt isn't tucked in, and the tie doesn't compliment the slacks you're wearing."
"That obvious huh?"
>"Not that there isn't an appeal, I'm sure, if we just fixed you up a bit.."
>You feel her fingers slip around your waist quickly tucking the dress shirt into your pants.
>Next she pulls out a comb and fixes your hair.
>"Well, what do you think?"
>She pulls out a hand mirror.
"That is actually, nicer.."
>"You know, I could use a male model about your size to test out some ideas I had for a mens clothing line."
>"That is, if you don't mind. I could compensate you for your time of course."
"Are you, offering me a job?"
>"Unless you're more or less like my friend Rainbow Dash who can't be bothered to try on clothes all day. She's so fussy when it comes to dressing herself."
"That sounds great."
>"Oh wonderful, I'm really looking forward to working with you, but first we must leave these dreadful woods."
"I agree."
>"Flash just had to egg us on with all his macho bravado.. Now look at us, he's got the whole lot of us running about the woods chasing some apparition."
"I agree, the whole thing is stupid, I just wanna get out of here as much as you do."
>"I do hope they're not out there getting those new outfits I made for them all dirty!"
She yells as if someone else were around to hear it.
"You made those outfits for them?"
>"Who else darling?"
She slides her finger under your chin with a playful grin.
"Well, I just thought-"
>"Come along now Anon, we shouldn't tarry here long, it's frightfully chilly and the sooner we regroup, the sooner we can retire from this nonsensical ghost hunt of theirs."
>You're walking along with Rarity.
>You honestly have no idea where you're going, but Rarity seems to be following you.
>It has you wishing she was leading the way.
>"Anonymous, my feet hurt, this uneven terrain is pulverizing them.."
"Uh, sorry about that.. We'll, probably find the others soon."
>"Tell me Anonymous, if I should become too tired to go on, would you carry me?"
>The thought of you wrapping your arms around her slender figure as you carry her..
"Y-yeah, sure.."
>Rarity wraps herself around you.
>"My hero, ooh my strapping young knight come to literally sweep me off my feet!"
>Her hand grasping at your tie as she shoots you bedroom eyes.
"R-rarity please.. We need to focus on finding the others."
>"I don't mind a bit of a holdup, if it's for love that is.."
>"Oh nothing.. Besides, it's not like anything bad is going to happen before we find them."
"Y-yeah, they'll probably be fine.."
Loving it. Keep going based writefriend.
With digits like these, this thread can't die yet!
bumpo before bed. someone please keep this thread going
Bump m8
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Sexy bump
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more please
Goodnight bump
Keep it bumped please.
bump before work
bump. cmon writefag, give us a sign or something
I'm not trying to rush you or anything, but if, or rather when, this thread inevitably dies, where can I go see more of your story?
You'll get more tonight, and I'll pastebin it soon.

Got stuff to do, but after that, more green.
>You get to a clearing to find Fluttershy against a tree trunk looking petrified.
>You and Rarity rush over.
"Fluttershy, are you ok?"
>"Come again?"
>"B-big, s-scary.."
"Did you see something?"
>She suddenly tackles you in a hug.
>"Oh Anonymous, I was so scared! I thought I was a goner for sure!"
"Woah, hold on, what happened?"
>"Yes darling please explain.."
>"W-well, it was big, really big.. Like 9 feet tall! Walked, upright on two legs hunched over.. It looked hairy and covered in shadows.. Oh oh, and it had a head like that of an elk or a deer!"
"A big tall shadowy two legged deer creature?
>"Good heavens Fluttershy, what an absolutely absurd creature you've just described! No animal like that actually exists, at least.. *gulp* I hope it doesn't.."
>The fear in Fluttershys eyes as well as the tone of her voice makes you think that she absolutely did see something like that. Or, at least you don't think Fluttershy is the type to make up something like this..
>Nine feet tall..
>You hope that this deer like creature..
>Doesn't eat meat..
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goat nigger.png
626 KB, 944x716
This guy walks up to your waifu and slaps her on the ass.

wat do?
Push waifu into it and run, hopefully she will last long enough that I can get to safety
Take knife and stab in it nose and skull repeatedly until dead.
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Bop it
bump i guess
Fuck it one last bump, if there's no green, kill the thread.
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