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Slave Pony Thread #20
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Previous thread: >>25986190

>What is this thread about?
Pretty much this thread is about anon owning a pony as a slave. He can do whatever he wishes, be it white-knight or an abusing master.

If you're going to be writing some green, please tripfag yourself. It will be easier to keep track of your story.
>Don't know what is a tripfag and how to be one?
Check out: http://4changboard.wikia.com/wiki/Tripfags

>Want to write your own story but you're new to it?
Check out these guides:

Info about thread maintenance + thread template: http://pastebin.com/ny0npNFS
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/SlavePonyAuction

ALL Stories: http://pastebin.com/cqLCYveb
COMPLETE Stories: http://pastebin.com/82rCVh4j
WIP Stories: http://pastebin.com/mfmaWQDc
HIATUS Stories (inactive for 2+ weeks): http://pastebin.com/QgTRi8d0

Popular/Recent Stories:

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Changing lifestyle (Changeling) by Fireking -- WIP

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get out
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Strong as fuck first post, I have a good feeling about this one.
vadkram is in my thread
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Well fireking and I are here.
I lost my parents and I don't know where to go
stand with me
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all on me! http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/thread/26000664/previous-thread-25986190#top


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They're all heretics and traitors.
I'd go with this one as it has a topic, making it easier to find in the catalog.
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i hope you get banned you bastard

Meh. It happened a thread or two back as well. There ended up being like 6 threads.

I stick with the thread of the dude who manages the archive.
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The popular/recent stories are more up to date too


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That would be me

aint got nothing on my hermann
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Screw this, Ill make my own thread. With blackjack and hookers

im not going actually, fooled you

As the person who manages the changeling story pastebin I feel your pain, and respect the work you do for it.
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fooled me there
Ling goes to the spa and meets the spa pones, yes or no
Thanks m8.

I don't understand why others can't just let one individual handle it. I mean if the thread is kill and i havent made a new one go ahead. Like we end up with fucked threads like >>26000664 with no title and no updated stories.

Seriously let the motherfucker do his job me
>Managing bugpone pastebin
Oooh, boy. My sympathies; I tried managing a thread archive once and it was rough.
i may or not may be the winner, but you will fall
everyone on this thread, let this nigger fall
Skittles sucking her master off in his sleep when?
As long as she empties his bladder for him first.
Considering that a good majority of Anon's who frequent this thread filter you to avoid your shitpost and cancer it probably would be best if you didn't make the threads. I mean unless you literally want a circlejerk of only people who like you completely divorced from any semblance of being 4chan but in that case just go to the fucking IRC
>Jingle Jnigger detected
maybe if you'd named that thread correctly
As a man from the American south I find it insensitive that you think the civil war had anything to do with slaves. The only reason slaves were even freed by Lincoln was because he was looking for a way to help cripple the financial base of the confederacy (farming mostly) and freeing the slaves was a free easy method that he could use to strike at the south while also pleasing the abolitionist movement that helped get him into office.

tl;dr: The succession of the confederate states had about as much to do with slavery as the revolutionary war.
>everyone on this thread, let this nigger fall

That thread is full of fags sperging out, no thanks.

It's not a thread archive, its a paste of all the stories that involve changelings. I lurk many threads to try to grab up all the relevant green. I probably need to go through and adjust all the tags for stuff that hasn't been updated in forever, but a good chunk of the list I inherited from the previous archiver, and checking dates on last updates for stories is... bleh.
Am I the only one that wouldn't have stopped her from drinking my piss and wouldn't have withheld sex from her?
Aint me
then get out ya filthy white nigger
I don't agree with the piss thing, but I'd have fucked her sideways.
>wouldn't have stopped her from drinking my piss
Sorry not into watersports
>wouldn't have withheld sex from her
Yeah I would probably have given in pretty quickly.
>Monitoring multiple threads
Man, that's even worse than I did. All I had to do was monitor the content (text and pictures) being produced by one thread.
can I get a link?
I want to force Skittles to pee in my mouth.

>>25962751 is the mainish thread right now. http://pastebin.com/ggkHTVqc is the story paste.
>>25978822 is another thread with 1 person writing changeling green.
You have fun, and when you feel you can not go then let it, but've left something of your own inspiration so that others can read it, I prefer for now these stories of characters who hit bottom or were lost doing something they enjoyed and now only they feel shame and guilt and seek ways to correct it, rather than those that focus on patethic and empty fantasies of sexual power by abusing a pony
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>tells me to get out of my own thread
It doesnt work like that
> I ship spitfire and that rod she has jammed so firmly up her ass.

Pick one.
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you are a useless piece of shit
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I'm the one posting the lewds in that thread.

you two are so cute!
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Posting in all threads until concensus arrives
continuing from >>25996099

>You reach for the brush with your mouth
>You're able to brush most of the front of you off
>your legs and your belly are mostly clean of the gunk that coated your fur
>You can barely reach your back, the brush is too short
>You could ask for help
>Could being the important word
>You've had bad experiences, but you're still stubborn as a...
>Human phrases were starting to catch on to you. It bugged you
>This shower was really putting you in a better mood
>The steam from the shower was opening your pores and really relaxing you
>You needed this, like a lot
>It's better than you've felt in a long time
>You managed to get some of your back, not all of it, but a majority of it
>You put the brush between your hooves, getting a better grip of it as you brush your hair
>Not after you use the water to wash off the gunk. gross
>Pulling out all the knots is painful
>You never knew hair could be so knotty
>Thats a word, right?
>You hear the tears of your hair as each strand is straighted out after so long
>Previous owners tried to brush your hair, naked
>They didn't get very far, kicking and yelling until the eventually gave up
>You feel your main and shake your head to sample its smoothness
>You end up shaking too hard and your hair whips your eyes
>That's a good sign, You supposed
>Your tail was a bit more work but you managed to straighten that out
>You could finally shampoo your hair
>Their wasn't many products to choose from, just two of the same shampoo a conditioner that looked full from non-use and a body wash
>You pop the cap up and grab the body in your mouth
>Luckily the cap wasn't one of those dumb twist ones
>You apply a generous amount of shampoo to your hoove and begin to lather up
there's like two or three idiots doing this shit, and a few anons making a shtpost or two for the hell of it, and the thing they're going to change the whole thread or something.

This is the thread made by the archive manager.
do you mean the one made by the shitposting namefag, or the random anon?
no, thread by random retards usually end up being deleted by said retard to troll or derail, I learned that lesson a long time ago.
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>like you've ever contributed to the thread in a good way
Kill yourself
Bugger it,


>Be Anon
>She's been in there for quite some time
>You wonder if she needs help
>That brush was pretty short
>You consider asking if she needs a hand
>But the thought quickly passes
>You didn't really want to help
>She should be able to do things herself
>You hear a slip and an 'eek' followed by a thud
"Doin alright in there?" you asked, the noise cutting off your thoughts
>"Just peachy!" she reponds
>You notice the change in her voice, it sounded a bit brighter
>That shower must be a welcome change to what she was used to
>You have a lot to explain to her about what will happen in the coming days
>After a few more minutes, you hear the shower turn off, followed by slapping noises
>You assume that her shaking the water off
>Hopefully she didn't open the curtain before she did that
>"Good to go! Can you come dry me off a bit more?"
>You grab a towel from the closet right next to the bathroom and head inside
>The first thing you notice is the wall of steam that pours out of the room
"Was the shower alright?" you ask her as you see how noticably cleaner she is
>You take your towel and wrap it around her, then begin to rub it around her
>She tries to blow the hair out of her nose and eyes and you bring the towel to her hair
>You make sure to get under those wings too
>You finish off drying her and snap the towel up and down to get the loose hairs off
>Just a habit of when you dry off
>Unfortunatly the towel wips your leg and you let out a small grunt in suprise
>Twilight giggles
>"smooth moves, Hoss."
"Like silk" you retort.
>You always hoped to say that at least once in your life
>Her coat shines with a bright purple color that reflects the light from the bathroom window
>"Yeah, You would NOT beleive how much I needed that"
"Good to know, you seem to be in happier spirits, come on I'll show you around."
>He attitude starts to wear off on you
>It's finally nice to have someone around this quiet house
>You almost crack a small grin. Almost
i am the one who deposed you

You are about 19 and a half threads too late.
Now doesn't seem like the best time for a new writefag to be posting, however I am reading, and I am interested
I'm staying here (lovely character limit dividing my posts)


>The bathroom was in a small hallway to the left of the front door you have her note the bathroom closet and the small coat closet next to it
>Exiting the hallway was the living room, a large room that had it's ceiling raised to make the room seem bigger
>In it was a couch, recliner, and a coffee table that had books you've read long ago on it along with a few coffee mug stains
>"You should've used a coaster." She notes
"Hold on a sec." you tell her and she sits down
>"What, whats wrong?" she tilts her head, not knowing what was going to happen
"I didn't remove your collar, not sure why I didn't
>You took off the chain before she got in the shower, but for some reason you neglected to remove the collar as well
>It was one of those weird snap collars that always pinched your fingers when you pushed the sides in
>Not this time, thankfully
>When you pull it off, Twilight rubs her hooves around her neck
>"I've had that on for so long I forgot it was there, thats much better."
>Sort of like how you feel wierd when you take your watch off when you shower
"Well, you won't be needing that here, but I hope you don't decide to fly away at the moment"
>"They numbed my wings with a drug they injected into them, I won't be flying in a while if I wanted to until it wears off"
>You didn't have any drugs or those magic supressants, you hope they are not addictive
"Wing numbing drugs combined with the magic supressants arn't addictive, right?
Fuckit, it's almost 11 here, and I have work, hopefully the edgefags leave and this sorts itself out by morning.
like it
Doesn't matter, doing it anyway!
Someone's gotta post something instead of refreshing all the threads in hopes that one would be victorious

>"Thankfully not, They felt really wierd at first, but my body got used to their effects. But I don't know when they wear off."
>You walk away from her and head to the kitchen and Twilight follows you
>The kitchen was connected to the living room, with a passthrough so those in the kitchen could watch TV too
>You pull out a drawer near the sink and throw the collar in the trash can
"Well that's good to know, hopefully you'll be back on your fee- your hooves in no time."
>Twilight nods in agreement
"Ok, well, obviously this is the kitchen, I hope you don't mind the dishes I leave on the table and everything"
>"I'm sure I'll be cleaning it up one way or another, I can't stand messes. Unless It's an organized mess but I don't see anything like that around here"
>Ok, your not THAT much of a messy person
>You just wait until later to put things away
>While Twilight was talking you look down at the collar you threw away
>You noticed a small flashing red light out of the corner of your eye when you turned your head
>You grab the collar and inspect it
>The light was coming from a small LED in a black translucent box labeled 'PONY AUCTION INC. PONY TRACKER'
>Below it in smaller letters, read 'COIN CELL BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED'
>She was still being tracked. Most likely from the auction house.
>You drop it on the floor and crush the box with the heel of your foot
>It sorta hurt, with small plastic points poking your feet
>But your foot was mostly callused which nulled most of the pain
>"What was that for?" Twilight asks, moving her head closer to the collar's remaing
"Turns out you were being tracked still by the auction house"
>"Huh, I figured, that explains many failed escape attempts, couldn't get the collar off myself."
>You hear a buzz from your phone that was on the table
>You never had the sound on, they annoyed you
>You open your phone expecting it to be another annoying ad from the phone company
>That what it usually is
>Instead, it's from the auction house
>You read it out loud
Guess this one wins by default then.

Maybe if you weren't NEET you wouldn't be shitting up threads, why don't you stop being useless anon?
>You read the listed address, it isn't yours
>You thought you gave them the proper address when you filled out your order when you bought Twilight
"Huh, this address is not mine, you know it by chance?"
>You hold the phone to her, her eyes scan the small screen
>"I'm not entirely sure, but if I had to guess, I'ts the address to the man who gave me to you. I assume they have him transporting collars and other 'goods' to the customers"
>What a coincidence
"How do you supposed that happened?"
>"Good question, seems like some mess up of info back at the auction house"
>You honestly don't know what could have resulted in it, but however, you can use it in the future
>You head to a small desk by the kitchen table and begin to scribble the address on a notepad

This is all for tonight

I'll write more tommorrow for those who desire it
Good night, morning, wherever the heck you guys are.

This better be sorted when I come,
In the mean time , pic related
>no one told him about the tracker
>Actually providing content
You're good people, writefag. Only criticism for now is Twilight flip-flopped between 'humans are evil' and 'I can trust and joke with this person' pretty quickly. Even so, continue please.

If she's lying and tries something and gets caught, I will be very pleased. Doesn't have to end in cruelty, just want to see Anon realize how fucked up she is.
And here muh pastebin

Mommy and Daddy buy that for you?
Wonder how they'd feel if they knew about your fetish for abusing and raping animals?
Will keep in mind
That's neet man, if you're near Eureka CA let me know, I'll come show you what working a blue collar job does for your gains, nothing like manual labor to build upper body.

Stop acting like a nigger, Mr. 20 year old virgin who is gonna either rape a girl and end up in jail, or off himself.
File: 1451976946918.jpg (195 KB, 960x1178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195 KB, 960x1178
I don't know which thread is canon, but here is bluefast being forced to drink cider

To anyone else, that's an incider joke. But thanks for the draw.
>not staying up even after saying you're going to bed.
>also .gif related
That bastard

I bet his parents are dead, too. The faggot
This thread is canon
I'm sorry but i have already realized the entire premes of your story. Twi is in complete control of the auction house' she sets herself up to be the pony of any veteran of the pony wars so she can kill them. That address is anon c.o's

the real deal
>“I-? I used... o-oil...”
>She got really quiet at that.
>Once you covered the cast properly with the plastic you nod her towards the tub.
“I assume you can clean yourself, but take this as a training exercise of me touching you.”
>If you have to say 'touch you' one more time you believe it ceases to sound real.
>After the third time it already lost it's kinkiness.
“Hop on into the tub.”
>You order after she still hasn't moved into position.
>She gave a small whine at your raised voice and quickly obeyed.
>But that was necessary, wasn't it?
>To keep up your master-ish-ness?
>It's not an unreasonable demand.
>She should have figured it out by the simple situation of her about to be cleaned and you nodding to the tub?
>You sigh.
>Are you already to hard on her?
>No, you've been unreasonably more demanding to girls at times.
>But they agreed to bdsm beforehand.
>You shake your head.
>Life isn't fair and you have to play the hand you were dealt.
>You're blind, and she's a slave.
>She can't stand being touched and needs some trust building.
>The whole scenario is practically asking you to be a master to her the only way you are familiar with.
“So, PTSD... post traumatic stress- uhh.. disorder?”
>As you explain it to her as best as you could you, aim the shower head at the wall of the tub and adjust the water.
>After you're done, she remains quiet, and just lets herself be rinsed off.
>From what you've seen, ponies tend to have really long manes, but thankfully Fluttershy's was relatively short, and it didn't need long to be completely damp.
>Huh... 18 months on Earth. Someone must have cut her mane at some point.
“Fluttershy? I think I'll have you get a new mane style for me, what do you think?”
>Differentiate her from her previous life and give her a new style as a marker into a new life.
>“Wha- What do you want me to have, Master?”
“Something cute but practical, I'm not really going for looks, but I want you to be happy with your hair. You have full bathroom privileges, and I expect you to use them.”
“As my slave you need to keep your physical appearance neat and clean. I'll have to be seen with you, and the condition of my property reflects back upon me.”
>“Y-yes, Master.”
>Is she quivering in fear?
“Don't be afraid, Fluttershy. Take this as a good thing to you.”
“Maybe you shouldn't take a full hot bath every day, or use too much shampoo, but the bathroom should be a place for relaxation.”
>She only hums in agreement.
“I'm washing you, this is a wellness service to you. I like to show you that I take good care of...
>...my property.
>You need her to start trusting you, that won't happen if you continue to objectify her too much.
>She needs to know her place, of course, but you also want her to be happy as your slave.
>“Th-Thank you, Master.”
“We still need to establish some ground rules, Fluttershy. This is just part of it. I won't punish you for anything you did not yet know. Unless it was something severe.”
>Just how could you punish her?
>You said you weren't going to use pain...? Or did you just say you won't use it without reason?
>You won't let her hunger, deprive her of sleep, or...
>Well, you DO know some punishment methods, but...
>You shake your head clean of thoughts again and begin to apply shampoo.
“Tilt your head back, look up at the ceiling or close your eyes.”
>You begin to massage her scalp with the shampoo.>You feel some stuff which has gotten stuck in her mane, and don't like to imagine what it could be.
>At least you don't think it was bugs.
>Again you have to shake your head.
>You feel yourself stalling with her mane, doing it too carefully and taking your time, to relish in the feeling.
>You'd like to claim you're just thorough, but you like it
>There was something peaceful about the act.
>From the way she leans her head back into your fingers you can tell she liked it too.
>You rinse off your hands and then move to her head.
“Close your eyes now.”
>Giving her a second to do so, you then move on, and wash the shampoo out.
“Your hair feels silky again.”
>You say with a smile as you finish.
>“Thank you... Master.”
“Thanks for the compliment or the service?”
>You chuckle as she tenses up again.
>”The s- both. For both, Master.”
“You don't have to constantly call me Master, okay.”
>She pauses a moment.
>You know she wanted to add a 'Master' to it, and for comic relief it would be clishee, but she could control herself.
“You're a smart mare, aren't you, Fluttershy?”
>“No I- ahh... hnn..”
>The rest of whatever she presses out was incomprehensible.
“It's okay, this isn't some kind of test.”
>She tilts her head.
>Does that mean she's confused?
“I mean, take the compliment. I'm content with your performance as my slave so far.”
>“Oh... Thank you, hn-”
>She swallowed the last word, probably a 'master'. It only came out as a gasp.
“Now, I have also bought some shampoo for your coat, and I'd like to wash your face as well.”
“You have to allow me to feel your features again, not that I get anything into your eyes then.”
>She nods. “Of course, Master.”
>You rinse your hands off with clean water once more before laying hands on her.
>Like you did just before you found out about her wing you begin to feel her facial features and try to memorize them better.
>With her coat wet, it was an entirely different feeling.
>At least her face doesn't have any blemishes.
>Only the cigarette burns behind her ear, and the scar on her neck, but those don't count as 'face'.
>Disfiguring someones face is still a hard line to cross.
>There's no scale up fucked-up-ness to place broken wing to compare it to facial disfigurement.
>Ah well, slavery isn't that dandy either.
“Okay. As pretty as I remember.”
>You take your hands of her and reach for the bucket you had placed next to the tub as it arrived with instant delivery. (living in a big city has it's perks)
>Opening it and taking a small scoop with your index and middle finger, you place your left hand below her jaw again for a reference point, but find she had retreated her head back.
>She's quivering again.
“Fluttershy, what's the matter?”
>As you could have guessed she didn't respond, at least not immediately.
>“P-p-p-p... p-pretty? Y-You think I'm... I'm p-pretty?”
>She's very near tears.
>You're very near confusion.
>“Y-you called me pretty.”
>She covers her face with her hooves, moving your hand out of the way in the process.
>“I'm not... I-I-”
>Yeah, she's about to cry.
“It was a joke. I have no reference point as to what people consider pretty on a pony.”
“Quite frankly, you all looked the same to me, besides having different colors, back when I could see them...”
“I mean... I could see different body types as well, but facially?”
“Fluttershy, please. I don't know if you're pretty or not. Your face is... nicely symmetrical. But that's really all I can tell you about your prettiness.”
>Your explanation came out quite fast. You don't want her to cry.
>And it seems to have worked.
>You assume that she has thought about something way different, but you can't possibly grasp it.
>She's quite the crybaby, it seems.
>You move her hooves away from her face, with her immediately obeying and not putting up a resistance.
>“I-I used to have a longer mane. I- I used to h-hide behind it.”
>You don't really know what to say to that.
“You want to grow it back then?”
>She gasps a little.
>”I- I ca-?”
>but you interrupt her.
“Of course you can, Fluttershy. I want you to be happy.”
>“Oh, thank you, Master. Th-thank you.”
>You notice her wanting to go in for a hug, but she stops.
“I don't care if you make me wet, if you want to hug me, hug me.”
>“Thank you master, thank you...”
>She puts her hooves around you and continues to thank you.
>You can only awkwardly pat her back with your left hand as the right has the goooey shampoo on it, and carefully not touching her wing.
>Wait... the goo is for her coat anyway.
>You return the hug, as best as you can.
“No problem... no problem.”
>You had no idea that getting her hair back to the way she wanted it, or had it, was such a big deal.
“But you know that eventually hiding behind your mane won't do you any good from my piercing gaze, right?”
>She lets out a broken chuckle.
>A sound so entirely unfamiliar from her it made you smile and tune in on it, chuckling as well.
>To which she only begins to laugh for real.
>You wonder how long it must have been since she laughed.
>The joke wasn't funny, but she's laughing.
>Her happiness and made you smile broadly.
>You're more a laughing-on-the-inside kind of guy.
File: 1451300985847.png (375 KB, 2859x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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quads get short mane flutter
Why are you still alive? For the good of the world, just stop breathing.
get out ya nigger
This green is a good green.
I want to green inside this green.
File: 1436482411021.png (104 KB, 905x1921) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 905x1921
Ha, as if... It's not like I have to change my entire story now to make you wrong, right?

But nah, man, nah
This is one of the stories I look forward to.
There is no better time than when you want to do anon.

Tell your story, leaves the work of unification of Threads to Mods
File: fegel.png (102 KB, 303x219) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 303x219
Perhaps it is all part of an elaborate plan of Twiligth to meet the human responsible for the murder of one of her friends (or even Princess Celestia) and kill him, (in other words a suicide mission but she has nothing to lose) and after enduring the abuse of various owners finally find it, only to discover that the monster who destroyed his life and his world is really a sad person ashamed by his actions, and seeking peace and redemption he save the lives of at least a pony
>Wonder how they'd feel if they knew about your fetish for abusing and raping animals?

Perhaps hunting enthusiasts are or think it's better than you do that to an animal that makes a person
dubs confirm
File: RMsMNe2c.jpg (27 KB, 299x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 299x321
Oh shi-
shows over
deleting pastebin

not even dubs could make you right, on the right track, In a way. Probably
Someone needs to draw this.
F-for science...
File: widgetthecat5418.gif (15 KB, 50x50) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 50x50
Quads confirm, this is a good story. Them feels when he finally got Fluttershy to laugh again are real; I genuinely look forward to where you're going with this.
Well, you could always go poke the Spitfire thread and see if they'll do it. They have a couple of drawfags there.
I'm going to bump this post because I'd like ot know opinions on it
I'll be doing a time skip to actually progress my story, and I'd like to know what people think about a spa day with Ling and meeting the spa ponies
post time skip I'll be dealing with Chrysalis and the plan she had before hand. Lings molting, the return of twilight and cadence (not that they're going to have an uprising, but just having them show up again) and maybe if something else comes up
I'd like feedback and peoples own suggestions to help me along with this before i write though
look cute, very cute, she look good with long or short mane
File: temp.jpg (642 KB, 1456x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
642 KB, 1456x2592
Thanks hasbro
File: 1451159257852.jpg (454 KB, 2250x1830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454 KB, 2250x1830
>not even dubs could make you right, on the right track, In a way. Probably


Don´t worry, I'm sure your idea is much better
is cute too
File: 1451155262539.gif (2 MB, 535x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 535x500
this one?
a cute?

both are, since they belong to the third prettiest pony
File: TheQuietCorner.png (472 KB, 648x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
472 KB, 648x650
Small update for those who like it so far

>Be Twilight
>This human is too trusting
>He obviously hasn't had anyone in his life for a while
>You could use this
>He's giving you too many freedoms
>He's trying a bit too hard to earn your trust
>Best you can do is try to joke around to seem like your doing better
>Anon puts the pen down and walks back over to you
>You wonder what he intended to do with the man's address
>Maybe the two were working together for something?
>You push that thought out of your mind
>No way Anon, from what you can tell from him so far, would ever willing work with a creep like that
>Anon an apparent loner, his skin is slightly pale from lack of sunlight
>His muscles are toned, so he must still do some sort of exercise
>You were still a little bit weak from the small rations you got from your previous owner
>Along with numb wings and no magic, you can't try to overpower him
>Anon also seems to have some sort of military background, you did see the picture that fell when you knocked it over
>Only for a second though
>Your belly growls
>"Are you hungry?" He asks
>You nod your head in agreement, hoping for something better than table scrap.
>"I could probably see what I have for you after I finish showing you around, not much left to see anyway. Not sure what you eat anyway"
>You follow him to the other side of the kitchen to a door
>"This stair way leads to the basement, nothing much down there except boxes of old... stuff"
>He pauses then begins to walk away and leads you out of the kitchen and to an ajar door on the opposite end of the living room
>"This is just a spare bedroom, you'll be sleeping here if you want."
"Better than the floor or a garage"
>That bed looked very tempting
>Along the wall opposite of the bed is a large bookshelf with books scattered along its shelves and on the floor
>Now you're talking
>"Excuse the mess, never really found time to organize this room either. You're welcome to do as you please with it"
"Just what do you do all day?" You ask him, wondering how his house could be in such a state
>"Nothing really, I don't have a job, the previous job I had paid me a lot for my work, and I didn't really feel the need to spend it on a lot of stuff. I eventually stopped, couldn't take the work load"
"Here, I'll find you something to eat and we can call it a day, it's starting to get late."
"What time is it? I haven't been given the luxery of knowing what time of day it was."
>"it's seven-thirty" he looks down at his watch, which was on his right hand and on the underside of his wrist
>He was right handed, from what you saw when he wrote on the desk.
>Most humans who were right handed wore watches on the left hand facing up
>Just small details you notice in pictures and the like
"Why do you wear your watch like that?" You say as you both walk back in the kitchen
>There wasn't any real reason for asking, just trying to find things to say instead of the silence of the empty house
>Anon opens the pantry door and heads inside. You wait outside as he scrounges for food
>"I ran back in high school I could see my watch better during runs so I didn't have to twist my arm."
>You hear rustling bags and other noises
>"I became used to it that way and it's uncomfortable wearing it the 'right' way"
>He comes out of the pantry with a small handful of food
>"Um, I have some potato chips, some fruit thats kind of old and some fig newtons. Have bread and stuff for sandwiches If you'd like"
>He sets the assortment on the table, the fruit tries to roll away, but Anon cuts off their escape
>Looks like you and the fruit have something in common
"I suppose I could take the fruit out of your hands"
>Chips like to leave a mess of your fur
>Celestia knows what the hell fig newtons taste like
File: 5-6-ParadePre.jpg (46 KB, 598x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 598x398
Should do a story about the auction and buying a pony instead of what happens after purchase, the opinion of buyers to see the goods and how they wish to acquire
File: large.png (452 KB, 1048x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
452 KB, 1048x1024
>He takes a wide plate from a cabinet and begins to slice the fruit with a small knife
>Two apples, an orange and a kiwi lie perfectly sliced on your plate
>He sure is good with a knife
>He sits the plate on the breakfast table and you take a seat on the chair
>Wasn't the most comfortable position but you didn't want to complain at the moment
>Anon puts bread in the toaster and as it heats, takes out a butter knife and a spoon
>You take a bite of an apple slice, a little soft, but still retained some juiciness
>You observe Anon as he takes the very lightly toasted bread and begins to spread peanut butter first with the knife on one, and the jelly with the spoon on the other
>Both slices of bread have a generous amount of ingredients on them
>A true master of his craft
>He pours himself a glass of milk and sets his sandwich creation on a smaller plate and sits across from you
"You forgot to put the milk away, it'll get warm"
>You point to the still open milk gallon on the table
>Anon gets up from his seat again. "Oh right, I always do that"
>Anon sits back down once his task is completed
>You've already finished most of your fruit when he begins to much on his sandwich, he alternates with one bite per sip of milk
>You notice Anon hasn't said anything
>You see that his eyes are stare staring down at the table, he hasn't blinked or really moved them at all
>You try to snap him out of it, you wave your hoove, lower your head to see if he can see you in his peripherals
>He isn't budging, half of his sandwich is already gone
>So you speak up
"So how was your days at school? Any good memories?"
>He looks up at you, didn't move his head, just his eyes
>"Was different, never made any close friends. Had some buddies that I talked to when I ran, but we went our seperate ways after I graduated. Never was able to keep anyone close, stayed silent."
>You were that way when you were in the academy
>But it was your choice to push others away, ignored their invites for social gathering
>Anon never really had that pleasure
>You almost feel bad for the guy
"How long ago was that?"
>"About a decade ago"
>So he's been living like this for almost ten years?
>You weren't sure what humans did when they finish school, you supposed most had a special talent
>They didn't have cutie marks so you didn't know
>You know somewhere along the lines, anon became a solider, but you didn't want to bring it up

That's all for now, I'd have a bit more, BUT I have a teeth cleaning scheduled at 3

Tah tah for now, readers, all two of you
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453 KB, 1280x960
I would say that the mood of Twiligth change very fast, but after a shower the mood of a person or pony may change.

I read you later
File: 1435073058660.jpg (48 KB, 433x708) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 433x708
>>You could use this
I don't like this cunt.
Continued from http://pastebin.com/CndZXCih
Ling has climbed into a warm dryer
“Ling seriously get out”
>God damn it Ling
>You are anon
>You drunkenly bought a changeling
>The changeling is currently in the form of a super model pony by the name of Fleur
>She has also decided to climb into the warmth of the drier
>And you’re deeply confused
>The fuck are you doing to do about a large white pony sitting in a drier
>Well you could turn it on
>No brain that’s a bad idea, you’d scare her
>Then again…
>You shut the door
>Ling ignores it, curled up contently
>You poke the glass
“I swear I’ll start it”
>“You wouldn’t”
>You reach up
>She gasps out and pokes at the door attempting to get out
>You aren’t having any of that
>You lock it
>“O.. okay anon, I’m sorry, now let me out”
“Hey, you wanted it warm”
>She gulps
>“S.. seriously let me out”
>When you go to press a button
>Honestly it was the stop button, but can’t let her know that
>She panics and stands up, bonking her head on the top of the machine
>You laugh and open it up
>She tumbles out and grabs onto you
>“That wasn’t funny!”
“Yes it was”
>“No it wasn’t”
>You put your hands on your hips and cock your head looking down at her
>“Maybe a little”
“That’s the spir-”
>You are cut off by the howl of the wookie
>Wait no, that’s the pissed off asian lady
>Hory sheit she speak Engrish
>You look up and look at her
>She’s fucking glaring at you
>Even Ling is wincing from it
>You grab your shit and pick Ling up under your other arm
>Huh, she didn’t gain weight by changing form
>You casually walk past her, ignoring her telling you to leave, as you already are going
>Once out side to hurry your walk and make your way to your truck, quickly hopping into the safety of the vehicle
>Ling is giggling like a mad mare and sticking her tongue out at the lady
>She it pointing her finger and yelling
“Ling, quiet”
>She looks over to you
>“I didn’t say anything”
“You wanted to”
>“You bet your flank I do! Her accent is hilarious!”
>You put the key in the ignition and grin at her
>You put your hands to the sides of your head
>You use your thumbs to tug your eyelids into a slanted shape
>We racism now
>Ling cracks up and you do to, the both of you laughing your asses off as you make the great escape
>Wew, she understands comical racism!
>+1 for the shape shifter!
>Well at least your cloths are clean
>Well, off you go back home
>The journey, while short, is quiet as can be
>Ling has gone back into her little trance
>You can see a bright smile on her face though, seems she’s sharing what happened with her changeling friends
>What you wouldn’t give to know what’s going on in a hive mind like that
>Oh look you’re home
>You really need to stop with the internal monologue

(Just a small update for now)

Have you ever had a nice hot shower after not bathing for an extended period of time?

It is literally magic.
Its all good, the story is pretty good sp far, keep it up
>>You use your thumbs to tug your eyelids into a slanted shape
>>We racism now
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33 KB, 350x282
There's a reason they call us White Knights.
Id like to know why my updates on this thread magically appear in the other slave thread


You aren't using a tripcode. Someone is copy-pasting your stuff there, because they want it to look busy. They are badly impersonating JohnColt as well.
You're telling me I have to track two threads to see which one the glorious Aj story continues in?

Which of these a NSFW? and good
This one has more posts.

Which of the stories involes sex?..
Which of the stories involves sex?..
The scoundrel

Reguards, Anon has sex.
A Deal is a Deal has some wincest raep.
Hunter Anon has an orgy.

Some other ones probably do as well, but I can't think of them offhand. All those should be in the all stories past at the top of the thread.


Maybe if you weren't an angsty angry newfag to the thread, you would see quite a few of the stories have in fact had sex scenes, bro.
With these tendencies we might as well split into a dozen threads with barely any content and get merged with SiM. Do you really want that?
thanks for the words
>Yesterday's Applejack writer got banned for pornz, will be back on the 7th

i was asked to post this here
I can wait.
File: 364262622.png (4 KB, 192x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 192x180
This thread turned into shit thanks to retarded tripfags fighting over skype for the ''ownership'' of the general.

Literally nobody cares who makes the threads.

Thanks for ruining a good concept, attentionwhores.
File: 1450221975591.gif (1 MB, 209x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 209x180
more green when

>be skittles
>drink some pee
>try to fuck master
>get a spanking

There's some green for you, Anon.
>I said gg
>but it wasn't gg
>it was bg,
>but no bm
get here for the resistance >>26000711

I want underage b& to go back to /v/.
christ just give it a rest
nobody was shitting on your rapefics until the shitstorm, which could now end if you let it
now please just let it go back to business as usual
Do you really think there is a dedicated skype grou for this?
There is no skype group you fucking retards.
he just decided he wants to destroy the thread because people tried to stop arguing with him
Yall a bit desperate aint ya, we got the green here why fight?
File: Untitled.jpg (20 KB, 375x96) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 375x96
if you want rapefics go ahead and do rapefics
nobody cared before all this, there was 3 and nobody batted an eye
I understand you are mad but seriously, this can end now and the shitposting can stop if only you'd let it
File: image.jpg (124 KB, 624x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 624x600
I'm staying on this thread. Sorry, Anon. Oops, I mean traitor

I so glad you didn't strip all the cute from it.
Anon was starting to be somebody i didn't like rather than somebody I envy.

You know you're doing it right if others would trade places with anon and give up their eyesight just to be with a pony that isn't even their waifu.
File: jop.jpg (36 KB, 468x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 468x405
Ever they have a story about the relationship between a Equestrian pony and a horse from Earth how property of Anon?

More than anything focused on whether the two creatures can communicate with them and understand
>anon with a pony breeding farm
>breeds horses too
>ponies can get along well with horses, can understand their feelings and such
>good ponies get to lend a hoof with the horses
>bad ponies have to get bred by a horse
that got darker than i expected
File: 1450329841498.gif (44 KB, 150x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 150x150
Give a few days, i already saved a lot of stuff. This chatlogs are golden kekeronis.
>give a few days
no, post it
I want proof and if it's true I want to who took part

Post it now, or you are a filthy liar.
It's like the beginning of the applebloom story but with an actual breeding farm
I want someone good at writing to do this, pony slaves being forced to breed and anon's place in all of it, not exactly totally dark, but not cheery either
>i already saved a lot of stuff
Then why not post it now?
No, guys, he needs a few days to doctor some fake screenshots intelligently compile the gathered evidence.
holy shit what a nice way to derail the whole fucking thread
File: 1241146118521.jpg (30 KB, 263x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 263x249

Fucking write it yourself if its something you want to see. Even if you suck at writing, the only way to get better is to fucking do it.
I timeskip reasonably often in my green, so as long as it's done in a coherent fashion it's perfectly fine.

Ling at the spa sounds interesting... if it's done with her in her actual form, rather than just a pony disguise. Don't know if that'd be possible or not.

Post time skip stuff definitely sounds neat, especially the molting and Twi/Cadance returning. That sounds more like what you have more ideas about, and I'd certainly be interested.


Vinyl story had the best sex, in my opinion.
Give us a reason to trust you. Post the skype caps now, or we'll assume you're just in photoshop doctoring up some nice "evidence".
There was no actual content for a while. There was nothing to derail really.
File: 1449075973562.png (440 KB, 645x1260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440 KB, 645x1260
What do you suggest? a purge? Once its over those fags wil move into the next general to destroy it from inside out
I think there was a green where ponies were reduced to nothing but breeding animals
you have it? or a link?
Just report the posts.

Janitors will show up eventually and delete them all.
File: pls.jpg (83 KB, 696x710) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 696x710
>made a massive update of story in prev thread
>vector as well
>come check next day
>nobody gives a shit
>new thread already as well
>not even in recent list
Tell me honestly, is the story getting boring by it's lenght? Or is the quality going down?
I don't know about the story, but stuff has been a bit unkempt thanks to the recent shitstorm.
Just don't stop writing everyone is just being a shit.

Probably got lost in the shitstorm.
what story are you writing, again?
its hard to keep track of who writes that.
I guess this
And to a lesser extent this
I liked it
I actually do give a shit about your story. Sorry that it hadn't been included in the recent list.I must of completely missed it. I'll make sure to include it next thread.
What's the most popular story in this general?
I don't there really is one
they're all pretty good
this. my personal favorites are "Deal is a deal" and "Fire and Sky" but their all pretty good
those are my favorites, blindanon story too
also skittles was pretty good but its dead I think

Skittles got an update last thread, i thought.
>Official thread?
>The person who's been doing the threads the whole time and owns the official pastebin is here.
>Not there.

I support it
File: Homeless_with_dog.jpg (621 KB, 1704x2272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
621 KB, 1704x2272
I was thinking of an idea for a story.
hobo anon (former nurse?). scavenging for aluminum in dumpsters of the rich. (why did he leave his old life behind?) finds half dead discarded pony. broken leg/s. empathizes. tries to save. no one would help because it's only a pony... Begs for the supplies to do it himself.(hopefully he can do it at least part right so she can hobble around)
travels around talking and taking care of broken pony in scrap wagon talking about the past. Ponies could still be a fairly high end thing and dealing with thugs or thieves trying to steel his pony could be interesting.(oh fuck what if their meat was valuable)

I was thinking Minuett because of the cheerfulness despite the dark situation. and because other mini writefag is still missing. though whatever your bliss if anyone writes it.

A real "do it for her" "don't need money just each other" sort of deal. pic highly related

It could end with him getting the fuck out of the city and into a small town where the people are actually reasonably nice. Get some new cloths from a church donation box or something and a place to sleep after he explains he's not banging the pony(or is he?). With his reason to continue living finds a job bagging groceries or something before going back into medical field.
File: 1432366464719.jpg (96 KB, 496x274) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 496x274
Write your heart out
please, continue..
I would like this
That sounds really nice. I support you, Anon.
I'm heavily interested in this.
File: 1446569351545.jpg (36 KB, 398x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 398x480
Having trouble finding how to progress the story to the next segements

Small update in hopes to get things back on track
c'mon guys we're better than this

>Anon finishes his sandwich and gets up and puts his dishes in the sink
>He grabs your and throws the peels and cores in the trash
>"I'm going to go brush my teeth, I have a dental appointment tommorrow. You're free to go to sleep, i'm sure you are tired"
>You have been getting deprived of sleep for a while
>You nod your head and head for your room
>You see Anon go inside the bathroom and close the door
>In your room, you look back at the bookshelf, a towering structure
>Anon must like to read
>You hop on the bed, the springs giving in to meager weight
>Been a while since you've been in a bed
>The ones at home were much better, but this will do
>You miss home, you're not entirely sure what happened to it when the humans came
>The war lasted years and many settlements were torn to pieces by the human's advanced weaponry
>Your kind's spears and arrows were little match for human's ballistic weapons
>Not to mention the planes that were faster than any pegasus
>Even Rainbow Dash
>You miss her
>You miss all of them
>You'll make it prioity number one when you get out of here
>'But what about Anon?' a small part of your mind says
>Sure, he seems nice enough but
>He's just a means to an end right now
>You will find your friends
>Be Anon
>You are brushing your teeth and thinking
>You do that a lot
>You think of how exactly you want to proceed
>It would be too wierd if you outright said you wanted to help find her friends
>You knew the six of them had some strange supernatural power that your race was unable to understand
>It's why they were so quick to keep them away from each other
>You knew after you find them youd bring them to equestria and close whatever gate held your worlds together
>By no means was it the best plan, you never were known for your ideas
>You usually take things as they
>You're sure the gate was still there
>Twilight would probably think your crazy
>You finish brushing and spit out the paste
>You enter your room and slip into your sleep wear
>You sleep shirtless and with plain grey pants
>You grab your old ipod classic off the small night stand and slip your headphones on
>You didn't usually like ear buds unless you're running
>You shimmy yourself under the covers and look at the cieling
>You prefer laying on your sides, but the headphones make that hard
>Small sacrifices, Anon
>You always liked to listen to music before you go to bed
>It's one of the few things that calm you down and clears your mind
>You flip the ipod off its lock and turn on the song you left it on
>You always found this song rather calming
>Besides the subject matter, you found her voice to be rather calming
>A nice little song to listen to
>You feel a bit better
>You skip the next few songs and come to one of your favorites
>You're not sure why you find this so alluring
I DO love your story dude pls never stop
A good idea, but your English leaves me skeptical.
File: 1420396745705.png (976 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
976 KB, 1920x1080
>You daydream your in a meadow under a tree
>Its dark, cloudy and lightly raining
>But the rain is soothing
>You see a city in the distance
>Lights of rooms in the buildings light up in the distance, as street lights and cars illuminate the streets
>Away from the hustle bustle of the city
>Alone in the dark meadow
>You're... calm
>And the song ends
>You figure thats enough for tonight
>You put your ipod back on the nightstand
>You roll over a few times to become comfortable and fall into a deep sleep
File: 1422288222725.jpg (206 KB, 1003x703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 1003x703
I'll have more in a little bit, just thought I'd put something out to green up the thread.

Pastebin as usual http://pastebin.com/8fkha0Qs
>Twi and Anon playing elaborate mind game, trying to outsmart each other.
>They dont realize their end goal is the same
>Hilarious hijinks happen
Good work Vadkram
No, is Ring time

Crothes onry, no pony.
File: 1414727135398.jpg (62 KB, 507x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 507x522
pick up or derivery?
Ooh, parallel goals but neither trusts the other? Yeah, this could be good.

We need ling finding Anons porn stash!
File: MLPFIMDerpyIdea.png (454 KB, 831x962) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454 KB, 831x962
The sad part is that English is my only language. And I still suck at it. i have never written anything before and it would take 1=2 hours to write each post. Who the fuck has that kind of time?

I really wish I could but after 34 years i still can't do spelling/grammar good. I was just hoping for someone not half retarded to get inspired.

Practice helps. You'll only get better if you actually stretch your writing muscles, so to speak.
Gave the summary of your idea was pretty good, and so can start the practice will acquire more skill, you do not get discouraged, the worst you can do is have an idea and not try to make it happen
You can start with something simple, like everything starts with Anon-hobo feeling some kind of recurring nightmare of his previous life, or tremor in his hands as a result of trauma tries to ease and forget with cheap alcohol that is too afraid to try again (being a nurse, doctor or whatever you want) on any part of your day to find food and shelter to sleep is the pony between garbage bags and cardboard boxes, perhaps abandoned by a abusive owner boring from he or she, or the victim of a sadist who enjoys attacking the weaker beings.

it's just a suggestion
Or maybe Hobo-IAnon what was victim of an attack by some fag who likes to attack homeless, record their deeds and put them on the net, then there is a previous victim, a pony
File: 1353531612603084.jpg (46 KB, 480x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 480x445

>The wind starts picking up
>you bring the blue pony closer in your coat
>She instinctily burrows her head in your chest, shuffling her legs that are tucked in the sweater wrapped around her
>She needed it more than you did
>It warms your heart more than any clothing could
>It's going to be a harsher winter than last year
>You bring your body closer to her as a gust of wind blows around into the alley way you call home

>You pick up your cup to inspect the days 'earnings'
>A dollar bill and some change
>Your belly growls ferociously
>Your pony's belly growls in response
>you pick up your pony and trudge the nearby Mcdonald's
>You stagger across the street, buffeted by the wind
>Cars honk at you for interrupting their routine
>The door gives a little *ding* signifying your arrival, you receive informal santions and nasty looks for your apperance
>You wait your turn in line quietly
>You step forward and order a hambuger
>You and the cashier $1.01 and ask for a cup of water, water's free.
>You walk back to your little alley, out of the eyes of on lookers
>You unwrap the sandwich and pick out the onions
>She doesn't like onions
>You nudge her awake and hold the little hambuger to her mouth
>She sniffs it and begins to nibble on it
>She starts to hum
>She finishes the burger and you eat the small handful of onions for your self
>It's not much but you manage
>You always manage
>The pony starts humming more in tune as she pushes herself closer to you
>You whisper to her
"I think i'll call you 'Minuette'"
>She rubs her head in her chest
>You think she likes it
>You think you can go on. Just a little bit longer
>For her, anything
I need an image of a changeling holding a sign for reasons
File: image.png (382 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382 KB, 1024x1024
H-how's this, santee?
File: 1360811359026.png (86 KB, 605x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 605x583
Gotcha covered
File: 1360812972318.png (54 KB, 374x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 374x396
And this one.
>>You knew after you find them youd bring them to equestria and close whatever gate held your worlds together
holy shit adventure incoming and my body is ready
I should be able to work with these
Sorry, I needed the sign facing the viewer.
Changeling lives matter
I like it, keep going
do not feed the ponies meat
how the fuck do you 'take out' a hole?
File: TWILIGHT SPARRKLE.png (234 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234 KB, 1024x1024
File: 1452047693312.png (48 KB, 605x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 605x583
There we go
Good begin
google only found this
wow i fucked that up pretty good
Well, so it begins ...
>Damn it's cold. It's really cold.
>You role over to try and maneuver the rags and paper you have covered yourself with.
>The pounding in your head is not as loud as it usually is.
>That's bad.
>Without the noise in your head. Other things creep back in.
>You need your fix.
>But sadly the bottle is still empty no matter how many times you try to drink from it.
>At last the desire for warmth is outweighed by your desire to forget.
>Finally getting up you part the tarp you have hanging over your humble abode.
>That in itself is just a few scraps of wood roughly tied into a >box shape covered by a tattered blue tarp.
>But it keeps the wind off.
>you need to find some scrap to tern into money for booze.
>Slowly making your way out of the ally you know a spot that should be ripe for the picking about this time.
>8 blocks later.
>With your trusty cart in tow you head around back of a large fancy looking building.
>Ignoring the embellishments around the windows and the balconies. You head to where you know there's treasure.
>You can smell it.
>Gonna drink well today, and maybe eat a little too.
>Peaking your head over the rim of the
neck high dumpster you see that it's over half full.
>Ignoring the smell you climb in and start tearing open bags.
>Grabbing any cans and glass bottles you can find stuffing them into a grocery bag.
>Reaching over to the far corner and grabbing anther sack.
>You notice something strange hanging behind it.
>A blue furry... hoof?
What the fuck is that?
File: stock.jpg (19 KB, 450x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 450x470

take you time, enjoy you work and continue
File: ab2.png (412 KB, 680x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Only those on the brink of starvation, know the value of taking what you could get
I-I sorta planned on it being a one post 'feelsy' post

I suppose If I come up with anything other small scenarios, Ill write a little more
>inb4 hobo anon contemplates 'thems good eatins'
>I suppose If I come up with anything other small scenarios, Ill write a little more

The small stories are handkerchiefs with which we clean the tears from FEEL
I know I know
I was a bum for 3 years
but I was a teen so it was fairly easy
and I can't really think of any ideas but I like the story I feel like you could do a lot with it
you know if the pony turns out to be rainbow dash then i started writing this exact story about a year ago. how odd
File: 1414876564260.jpg (231 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 1920x1080
Hope things are better for you, Anon

>You find yourself in the grass
>Not green grass
>This grass is rather tall, but brown and tan and easily broken
>You are on your stomach and you lay motionless as you've been for the past 3 hours
>You look down at the steep ledge that descends far to the canyon below
>You are overlooking a settlement, mostly covered by another steep cliff wall
>There is zero chance of you being spotted
>The ponies call this area 'The Badlands'
>You had to fight off some bizarre creatures before you came across the settlement
>Your C.O. gave you orders to find this settlement, It is holding high-tier pony officials, and await further instructions
>You hear the radio from the earbud in your ear spark to life
>"Anon, orders have arrived"
>With your wait finally over, you dig your sniper rifle buried under the grass next you you
>You depoly the bipod, flip up the lens caps on the scope up and begin to focus on the settlement
>You keep both eyes open
>One to look through the scope and another to alert yourself of any movement in your peripherals not in the Line of sight of the rifle
>The man from control speaks up again
>"You are to watch the settlement, wait for the signal, and open fire on any pony in your view, is this understood?"
"Yeah, I understand. What is the signal?"
>"Sigh, Anonymous, you DO know protocol states you are to respond with 'roger'?
"I'm well aware of the protocol, you do know I hate that whole 'roger that' commando stuff"
>"We are well aware. Don't worry, you'll know the signal when it arrives with the payload"
"Payload? What payload?" You ask in a loud whisper
>The radio cuts off, you return to laying in the silents of the night sky
>You are more uneasy, but you ignore the feeling
>Only you can do this
>You are the best, after all
>They laughed at how young you were, you made them put their money where their mouth was
>You had extra rations for the next week or so
>Seing dead animals in dumpsters is not all that uncomon for you.
>hell you once even found a dead girl.
>Well. Part of one.
>But there was something strange about this.
>did someone paint a horse-like animal?
>after moving a few more sacks you realize the leg you first found was hanging in a really unnatural way.
>After digging it out completely you realize it's not an animal you have ever seen before.
>And it's still breathing.
>Anger washes over your face as you realize what has transpired.
How could someone j-jsut-
>no time for that. those bags were probably all that was keeping it warm.
>You pile up trash so you can get it as close to the edge of the rim of the dumpster as you can and climb out.
>you reach over and grab it by two of its good legs and lift it out onto your shoulder.
>then sat it gently as you could down into the wagon.
>Straightening it's mangled leg as best you can.
>probably best it was not awake for that.
>covering it with any spare rags and paper you can find you takeoff for the free clinic.
>2 hours later.
>you arrive exhausted.
>and the line is crazy this time of year.
>you walk in pulling your cart
>the lady at the front desk she seamed rather irritated and asks
>"sir? can i help you?"
>between heavy breaths
ya. I found this in a dumpster.
It's leg is broken.
>"sir this is not a veterinarians office"
>"we don't treat ponies"
listen lady i jogged 18 blocks to the only place i new people could help me. i'll do what ever i can just please help.
>the noise you were making must have caught the attention of a doctor in the back because a young man came from the back room.

I can't go on that's all i can do
come on man you can do it
if you have to leave it here for now that's fine but this is good so far

Keep it up and write more later. Remember practice makes perfect.

2 months ago, I was convinced I couldn't do creative writing worth a damn, and experience has now shown that to be not be the case.

Even if you don't continue your story here, keep it up. It's a good outlet.
does Anon ever cum inside rock horse?
keep goin faggot!
a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
File: 1452040133067.png (225 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 1600x1200

No. Maud and Geologist Anon had a professional relationship. Sorry if you wanted that, it wasn't where I wanted to take that story.
>maud without her smock
He hooks up with one of her sisters, doesn't he?

>You wait for another half hour
>You hear something loud in the distance
>It was actually rather quiet, but you could hear very well
>You spot two black dots in the distance
>Oh no
>They weren't actually going to...
>They were
>The black dots form into black bomber jets when the come into view
>The noise was clearly waking up the settlement, from the few windows you could see
>They weren't even trying to be covert for this
>The jets whiz past you, and you watch them go
>You turn back
>Two long streams of Red, Orange and A black darker than the night form a straight line from where the jets flew
>You hear the crashing of wood and the rising volume of screams in the distance
>You look through your scope to focus
>To look clearer, You close your left eye
>You listen as screams of terror and pure agony echo through the canyon
>You see a group of ponies begin to run into your view
>The group consists of mostly mares and fillies
>Some of the children are painted black, streaks of fire melting their flesh
>Some already have exposed bones
>Some fall to the ground and writhe in the dirt, instinctivly to put out the flames
>Some ponies avoid the others in their sprint, hoping to not get the sticky, flammable substance on them as well
>Some abandon the children to get out as fast as possible
>Your eyes widen in horror
>You've seen combat, but this was not combat
>'Put them out of their misery, Anonymous' the demon says
>You hesitate
>Your radio snaps you out of your trance
>"Take the shots Anonymous"
>You don't answer, you keep looking
>"Anon, Take the shots." The man at control raises his voice
"I can't"
>You hear a new voice
>It's your C.O.
>You take the earbud out

At the stopping point, Maud had only come into contact with Pinkie, and she was halfway across the country. Geologist Anon ain't really after pony poon.
>You look back at the group running
>Some black bodies lie motionless behind the group
>Burning, still burning
>You slow your breathing and turn your body
>You point a little above and forward of the mare in the front
>You lock your shoulder
>You pull the bolt of your rifle
>The demon inside you grows
>The herd of ponies change direction diagonally away from you
>You aim at another mare
>her cutie mark is a heart
>The demon inside you grows
>You aim at a stallion
>His cutie mark is of a pencil and paper
>The demon inside you grows
>You aim at another mare
>Her cutie mark shows flowers
>The demon inside you grows larger
>You aim behind the group
>Some of the children are lagging behind
>You're following orders
>You are following orders
>They are just animals
>They do not think
>They do not know
>They just survive as animals do
>You aim at the filly
>The demon inside you grows
>Her head explodes
>It spreads the ones around her
>She didn't have a cutie mark
>You aim to the next one
>This one likes Science
>The demon inside you grows darker
>The child was smaller than others
>There's no more of him
>You reload your rifle
File: 1448429201829.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
>The group is gone now
>One who loves science
>One who loved chess
>One who loved dancing
>One who loved building
>You stopped paying attention
>You point your rifle back at the settlement
>There is just one pony
>She limps from the wreckage
>And sits by the charred remains of an now unrecognizable child
>Her shrieks pierce the dead sky
>"WHY?! WHY!!??? WHY!?WHY!!?? WHYYYY!!??"
>She is answered with silence and the cracks of still burning flames
>You've always denied it
>But proof was there
>You knew they talked, as a gorilla can communicate with sign language
>But ponies did something that no animal where you came from could do
>Animals don't ask questions
>A gorilla has never been recorded asking their owner who he is
>Thats what divided sentient, and non-sentient creatures
>And here you have this pony asking 'why?'
>There were MANY questions you could have bothered yourself with
>But this is the only you dared to answer
>You point the reticule at the sobbing pony
>You fire your last shot
>You lay there motionless for some time. You hear the earbud come alive below you
>You insert it back in your ear
>Your C.O. was still on the line
>"Damn fine work there, Anonymous. Damn fine. We saw everything from your helmet camera. I'll be sure to give you a damn medal when you return, now haul that ass back here. Drinks are on me tonight! HAhahaha!"
>The line cuts with a short *Cckhhhtt*
>You stay there laying in the grass for a bit longer, looking at your work.
>You stand up, and stretch to crack your bones
>You press the light button on your watch, it's 12:23:45am
>You pick up your shell casings, empty mags, and place them in your back
>Your rifle is slung along your back and you walk down the hill
>Your earbud comes alive
>You stay silent
>The demon in you grows

>You wake up in a dry sweat, sheets sprawled around you. You're breathing heavily
>The same dream again, playing the same memory
Been waiting to write this part for a while, I hope it came out with the intended effect. I feel better with that out of my system

See you tommorow. I have work 12-8. I had the last two days off
tight, see ya then
thanks for the horsewords

I was listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCEfqj9pDAI while listening.

Kinda adds an interesting twist.
Holy shit, that was great. I loved the repetition with the demon growing, really hammered home the soulless feeling of it all. You write some damn fine green, man.
very good for begin! let´s go!
For the No-God Vadkram, that is intense

File: 2.jpg (253 KB, 2550x1650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253 KB, 2550x1650
Holy shit
Normally I dislike blatant let-me-show-you-how-awful-war-is scenes; they always seem more forced than anything. Anonymous' internal perspective of his own emotions saves this scene, though, and gives it the depth that just the shooting would sorely lack.
First thing in my mind.
that was pretty fucked, anon
have an oldie
Brings back memories of RGS CYOA... Where have you gone Lurker?
ITT: Heroes
He posts in the Slave Pony thread, not sure if he posts anywhere else. Think his is the Spitfire story.
We'll make diamonds from their ashes. Take them into battle with us.
A shining light to our brothers in arms
We are diamond ponies
S..so when does the C.O get raped by a pack of pissed off stallions
And his head on a stake
What's your life about? Enlighten me,
Is you gonna live on your knees or die on your feet?
Back when I first grabbed that pen
I told myself I was gonna win
And I ain't know when
But it was gonna end up happening and I want in
For the moment
Fun fact: there was a parrot used in a study that was taught to speak, without provoking, it asked it's caretaker what color it was.
That fact was very fun, Anon
The gorilla thing is something i've read somewhere years ago and it popped back in my head at the moment
did it request the D?

I like this song has a nice jig

Obviously has a somber message, but I'm a sucker for the Accordion
Bump! for the good anons and the ponies in need of help
File: 1451454794118.jpg (206 KB, 962x611) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 962x611
that's a cute little donk

Really is a premature little-little pony in need:


But yeah, really is cute.
>all those europoors saying just kill him
I dunno. Part of he says to because it was due to him being premature. But at the same time, if your dog gets hit by a car, its in extreme pain until you get it to the vet only to find out two of its legs are now useless, but you don't put it down, instead you spend a shit ton of money to get its legs amputated and then some people spend even more money afterwards on custom wheelchairs
dats a big horse
File: 1451767545315.png (182 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182 KB, 500x500
>Its around 2 months later
>For a while Ling seemed to be slightly, off, retreating to her room more often
>She also seemed to be hungrier
>You’re 99% sure she isn’t pregnant, she hasn’t been around many other ponies, and the ones she’s been around have been female
>Actually the lack of male ponies is an interesting situation
>Seriously why are there so many females and so few males
>Regardless, this past month has been a bit rougher on you, Lings corny, if a bit off putting, jokes and attempts to anger you have been missing in your life
>And you really want them back
>Today however you are met with a pleasant surprise
>Ling has decided to come out of her cave
>You went to bring her some food, whether or not she needs it, it makes you feel better to see her eat
>When she opened the door
“Oh uh, Hi Ling, I brought you some dinner”
>Only her head is poking out and that concerns you
>You try to peer in and she holds the door
>“You can uh, just sit it on the-”
>You boop her on the nose
“No, I want to talk to you”
>“No, uh, that’s okay Anon, I’m fine”
“Ling I’m serious let me in, its been over a month”
>Ling gulps some
>“I dunno Anon I don’t want you to see me like this”
“Why whats wrong?”
>She looks away
>“I uh..”
>“I’m molting”
“Wait, that’s it”
>She nods
“I used to own a pet crawfish, I can handle it”
>She rolls her eyes
>“I’m not some freshwater lobster”
“You’re pretty damn close”
>“I’m going to kill you”
“I know”
>You laugh and sit the salad down, putting both hands on the door
“Let me in, I’m tired of letting you have your way”
>Ling sits there holding the door, she gulps as she considers whatever it is she’s considering, but eventually she nods and pulls back
>Inside you see almost half of her carapace laying on the bed
>Holy shit that’s creepy
>Not only that but the entire room as been renovated
>Its covered in that goo stuff and a black substance
>You assume this is what the hive looked like, at least what Ling thought of it
>Its kind of cool, but still freaky
>Its also warmer than the rest of the house
“Whoa, Ling”
>She is still hiding behind the door
>She grunts
“Is this why you’ve been hiding in here for a month”
>‘uh, kinda, sorta, maybe…yes”
“This is amazing ya know”
>“What is?”
>Ling magics over a blanket
>Good lord the whole levitating objects will never get normal to you
>She wraps it around herself and steps out from her hiding spot, looking to you confused
“You basically terraformed this room”
>“Oh, that, its kind of a normal instinct for me”
“Try not to do the rest of the house”
>“Its specifically to our living area”
“Good, still, this is really cool”
>You feel over the wall, its solid as rock
>You walk over to the bed and look at the perfect mold of the left side of her body, minus the head
“Why is there only half though?”
>Ling blushes and looks away from you
>“well, uh, the thing is”
>You look towards her, holding up her exoskeleton
>“I’m kinda”
>She mumbles
“What is it?”
>The look you are given tells you not to laugh
>Too bad
>You chuckle and hold up the arm of the half
“Oooh noooo she’s stuck inside meee”
>You wiggle it and it breaks off
>Duct tape and super glue man
>You have an idea
(fuck 61 characters over the limit)
File: 1450935863875.png (524 KB, 3000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
524 KB, 3000x3000
“Need help?
>Ling gasps and covers her face
>“N…no of course not! I’ve done this many times! I’m fine!”
“You sure you don’t sound fine”
>“OF COURSE…maybe”
“Well, if you need me, I’ll be here to help”
>Ling whispers
>“thanks Anon…”
>You nod and rub her head as you make your way out
>Hold on, can um..you start a bath for me?”
>“It’ll make it easier”
“Oh, sure”
>You make your way across the hall and start up the bath
>You add in some soap for maximum bubbles
>Bitches love bubbles
>more ling
So fucking happy right now.
Will be more tonight and a trip to the spa
if you have any ideas regarding the current events or the planned events please say so
Planned events have spoilers so please dont read if you dont want spoilers
Whenever Ling is in pony form she will be fleur de lis since no ones heard from her in a while
Ling goes to the spa as fleur, turns out the spa sister ponies are working there
Ling continues molting, Twilight and cadence show up again, Chrysalis is still working on a way to reunite her children, and anon maybe the key, Ling goes to wash anons clothes, fucks it up. Ling gets into a fight, and i need to put in some kind of awkward sexual tension when Ling goes into heat
File: 6000.jpg (56 KB, 300x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 300x360
Not gonna lie. I cried like a little bitch.
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 800x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 800x900

I know your feels, i didnt cry, but it hit home
what happened to Skittles?
no one wanted updates to the shitty piss fetish story

There was an update last thread.
ignore this guy
SkittlesAnon said he's having a writer's block, posted an update and then disappeared again.
Thanks guys for the encouragement. I don't always have time to reply, but it really does help. This, along with the story brings strange happines to my heart. Feeling like I matter for once.
It's this one:
The pastebin is updated
„As you wish. I'm not gonna question you.“ you smile
>“Thanks Anon….Aaaand um...what about your story? How was your growing up?“
„Well, i can tell you.“ you adjust your back on the tree
>meanwhile she stands up to stretch
>“Tell, i'm looking forward to hear it. I'm just gonna make myself comfortable first. Would you mind if I lay like ?..“ she gestures with her hoof without finishing the sentence
„Of course not. Go ahead.“
>she lays back down, with her back between your spreaded legs and her head leaning on your chest
>you slowly fondle and rub her body like a puppy, trough all your upcoming talking
>the feel of soft pony fur is always so pleasant to touch and she likes it when you do this, so there's no reason not to
>being all comfy and snuggled up, you begin
„Now, where to start...“
>you spend next minutes explaining your life, from chilhood to present
>just like she did, but sometimes you go even into the details
>no need to write it here, you know your story good enough, Anon
>she'd listen carefuly, sometimes asking about things she doesn't know from her world
>made her a bit surprised to find out you lived trough so many difficulties as well
>but we all do, after all. Don't we?
>you know you haven't always been so positive as you're now
>it's not even that long
>it feels good, having someone you can tell all of this, that's on your heart
>kinda like psychiatrist, but not payed for understanding
>she's been trough some shit, so she can always at least partly relate
>you actualy spent under that tree a lot more time than planned, talking not only about past, but future, hopes and dreams as well
>and after this conversation, you feel even closer to her
>two losers from different dimensions, who at last found each other
>it does, sound almost like a fairy tale
>although there's still a lot of things you have to say to each other, eventualy you both agree it's time to move on
>you will still have a lot of time to talk when home
>Ling gets into a fight

I hope this involves one of the mane 6
Yo, need help.
There was a green with anon and his sister owning a pony and being worse and worse for her over years, and anon taking mare in to protect her from his sister.
I cant find it. Any help?
it didn't ever update again after a couple scenes. check the hiatus stories and wip stories
This is it, I think
Just wrapping up this scene real fast. Continue from pastebin:

> By the time Anonymous gives up hope on finding any female company this night, he's been drinking for some time.
> That much is obvious by the time he staggers over from his table, following a winding path to your side.
> Halfway through he gives up and wave you over, his voice slurred.
> " 'ey. 'ey, Spitter... c'mere. We're goin'."
> Rolling your eyes sharply, you rise from the table - your sole bottle long since empty - and wave to those ponies still remaining.
> Stolid had long since departed, tugging a chagrined-looking Windy Peaks with him.
> A few others had remained, and now they murmur soft 'goodnights' as you depart.
> Trotting to your owner's side, you try and keep your nose from wrinkling at the smell of alcohol.
"I'm here. You need a helping hoof getting up?"
> "No. I got this. Just - just lemme..."
> It takes him several attempts to reattach the chain to your collar, but he manages.
> Following your stumbling, lurching owner out into the chill night air, you pull the jacket tight around yourself.
> The walk back, you can tell, is going to be a lot longer than the one too the bar.
> And the stench...
> Urgh.
> To a human it might have been just a whiff, but to your nose Anonymous positively reeked of several kinds of booze.
"Listen, this might go a little bit faster if you just let me lead you."
> "Lead...?"
"Yeah. Show you the way. Guide you. Keep you from stumbling all over creation."
> Mouthing 'guide' a few times, Anonymous suddenly yanks your lead quite hard.
> "Spiff... Spill... Spit. Spitfire. Listen. You gotta do something really, really important with me."
> Great.
> "If... If I try and fly th'plane... y'gotta stop me, 'kay? Don' let me. Bite me or something."
> Shoving down another groan, you start walking again.
> To your surprise, he lets himself be pulled after you - still stumbling, but in a rather straighter path.

"If I bite you, you'll use the collar on me. I'd like to keep myself safe, sir."
> "I won'. I'll remember. I told you, don' let me try t'fly."
> As if he could.
> You somehow doubt Anonymous could even get the plane started, much less off the ground.
> Still.
"Fine. I won't let you kill both of us."
> After a considerable amount of time pondering your statement, Anonymous apparently concludes that it fulfills his request.
> "...thank you."
> To that, you don't respond.
> The plane, when you arrive, is unfortunately not much warmer than the night outside.
> It does, however, come with a nice set of blankets which you make full use of, burying yourself within them.
> You're halfway asleep when your name reaches your ears.
> "Ey. Ey, Spitter. I gotta ask you something."
"What is it, Anonymous?"
> "Do y'hate me?"
"I am a slave. I'm not in love with you."
> To this he doesn't immediately respond, but when he does the words immediately wake you back up.
> "If - if y'could. Would y'kill me?"
> Stiffening beneath the sheets, your eyes fly open.
> There's no sound except for the brushing of wind against the aircraft's skin; your gaze bores into the bulkhead facing your bed, unwilling to look at him.
> What was he asking?
> If you said yes, would he kill you first?
"...if I killed you, they'd put me down in an instant."
> "What - what if y'could get away wi'it? No questions, just. Y'can get away completely free, fly away an' leave me dead. Would ya?"
> Your mouth opens but no sound comes from it.
> Thoughts are still whirling in your head, thoughts trying to organize themselves amid the slight haze of alcohol.
> Responding feels as tricky and delicate a process as threading through the funnel of a tornado.
> Was he testing you, and if you answered wrong would he kill you first?
> What even was 'wrong'?
> ...for that matter, would you even kill him?
> Anonymous was a slaver, sure, and you'd been in the Guard.
> But he wasn't the worst by far.

> Did you have any right to judge that, though?
> He was still helping them, though.
> By the same merit, though, did you have any right to condemn him to death?
> ...
> How long has it been since he asked his question?
> Had he seen you hesitate?
"No, I wouldn't. Killing you... I want to be free. But I'm not a murderer."
> "Y'hesitated."
"I did."
> Again there's an extended silence.
> Beneath the covers, muscles coil - ready to leap to safety if he came for you.
> With how drunk he was, there was a fair chance you could evade him.
> Unless he got to the control for your collar.
> "S'good. If y'just said it without thinkin', you might be lying."
> Collapsing on his bed with a heavy thud, Anonymous stares at the ceiling.
> "Would y'stop and save m'life? If it meant you wouldn't be able to get away."
> Well, he seemed to want honesty, didn't he?
"I don't know."
> This time your answer comes up with somewhat more confidence.
"I could just say yes, but... damn. If I could get away, even have a shot at finding the other 'bolts... Celestia above, I'd want that."
> To this Anonymous doesn't respond, though you could hear telltale breathing that indicated he was awake.
> Eventually it goes quiet, though, and soon after sleep claims you as well.
Sorry guys, my greens on hold, as my laptops beeing sent in for repairs and i cant acess the text docs for what i had so far.
I'm diggin it
File: 137452981323.png (10 KB, 327x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 327x173
I'm glad I stuck with this green.
After sleeping on it I can't help but feel you went a little overboard with your slasher fic spiel yesterday. To the point that I don't care if anon feels remorse
I don't care if he wants to make amends
I don't care if he succeeds in saving every enslaved pony ever
I don't care if he succeeds then puts a bullet in his head
I just wish he had ground his silly metals into dust and killed himself long before your story ever started.
Aside from it just being a dream, or a literal demon possessing him. I just don't care anymore.
Holy shit, Im dying here, kekest of keks.
Don't stop, I stay quiet, but i really enjoy your piece of write-art
well I liked it

Well, if you want to know why a lot of veterans don't like to talk about their service, think of that story as a picture into their heads. Those poor bastards that fight on the front lines see and do things that drive a man insane. That's why things like veteran suicide and PTSD are things.
I don't feel that killing ponies is an apt analogy for killing people. because i honestly don't give a shit about people. There's already too many on this planet.

And if vets can't handle the decisions they have made. Tough shit.

nb4 (fighten' fer mai fredomzzz) ya. no. that's just just the shit we are all told. And the delusional believe.

Anyways i'm not responding any more because I don't want arguing to fuck up the thread like the last one
Parrots don't know what they're saying, but they have a knack for imitating specific words. The bird probably didn't know that the word-sounds it was making had any meaning. Asking questions is a trademark trait of sapience.

>I don't feel that killing ponies is an apt analogy for killing people. because i honestly don't give a shit about people.

Oh. You're one of those.
File: 572.gif (4 MB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 400x300
Finallly back from another day at McDonalds
Reading praise directed to me is a rare thing and I was giddy and ginning ear to ear, also a rare sight

and you, >>26015847
You're precious

As for >>26020014 >>26020356
I don't hold it against ya, I totally get it. In some ways it did seem a bit egdy trying to make a 'traumatic scene'
Lo and behold, I am not a veteran, and making true scenes of war is hard to imagine. Sorry you feel that way
File: berserk__rage.jpg (112 KB, 1024x552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 1024x552
in wait for futures updates

My face after reading your war story
Have I got a show for you!

Standing In the Mcdonalds drive-thru window for 8 hours allowed me to heavily ponder future events of my story
Of which, After a little bit more exposition and filler, When Anon and Twilight get over each others' differences and set out to find their captive friends, Things will take off like a bat out of hell!

Who will they find first? What zany and crazy situations will they find themselves in this morally depraved, pony-filled reality?

Before they set out for a friend, ill create a small strallpoll to whom they'll go find first, Events in each friend's scenario may affect the ending of the story depending on the order of events
A wound inflicted in the first scenario may prevent Anon or other member from completing something in the next, what event? Dunno! Haven't thought that far!

Is this writefag getting a swelled head? Absolutely
I'm enjoying my ideas as they come

tl;dr pick a friend to find, the flow of time will cross another stream to the end
Rainbow dash
The feelings you described in that scene reminded me of some of the stuff from a book on the Iraq War I read a while ago. You did a soldier-reminiscing-on-the-war scene pretty well.
"those ponies can use magic, they're a threat to us, they can levitate out heart out of our throat"
imagine, for a moment, that you are a private, your C.O just told you that and wanted you to go out and kill ponies
that being said, you could turn around and say no and end up getting into shit for disobeying.
when you consider the fear the C.O put in of the ponies, plus not following orders results in a load of shit, its easier just to go along with it
Until you're already too deep to pull out and you realize the reality of the situation
Welcome to the life of a military sniper
based on the general populous' knowledge of what war is like, I believe you did good for it
This seems out of the blue, but lightning dust?
File: 1419017848418.jpg (95 KB, 1218x536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 1218x536
It was pretty good, senpai. Reminds me of a certain someone's royal guard cyoa
File: 1422594425092.gif (130 KB, 650x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 650x450
>Ill create a strawpoll

Having even gotten there, familams
Tad bit more boring filler before they leave
In the meantime .gif related
My neighbor uses that stuff, but I call it meth
Sorry, friend-o, mane 6

Unless I randomly come up with a way to tie in side character, They probably wont cross paths in Anon's journey
It sounds like the kind of trash they said when Bush jr ordered the invasion of Iraq under the supposed evidence that Hussein was developing material to make nuclear weapons, and finally an invasion, oil and gas lines secured and one executed dictator don´t found nothing

go back to /k/
Please come back Neutral
Hang yourself by that name tag first
welcome to almost every war
at least the lying about the reality is

> !!a5PESLOoKH4
>not !!SZH6YEVpEJ+


File: 1423143367179.gif (271 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
271 KB, 200x200
B-but she'll be a good girl!

y-you're just joshin' us, right?
see >>26021842
Trips exist for a reason.
File: index.jpg (6 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 259x194

Say hi to Queen Dopplepopplus for me, Doppleganger!
Ignore >>26021780
Skittles is not cancelled.
File: 1437966313948.jpg (221 KB, 600x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
221 KB, 600x3000
Should have known, to preposterous to believe
I'm so naive
>You don’t know what you were expecting to happen when you threw open the door, but Lauren’s miserable sigh isn’t it.
“… the hell are you doing?”
>”I ain’t goin’ to bed like this,” she scowls before pulling a vomit-stained shirt off over her head. “Don’t want to deal with you bitching about me messin’ up your sheets or nothin’.”
>How did she even -?
>You jump back as she flings the filthy thing in your direction.
>”Are you seriously just gonna stand there n’ watch?”
“Probably not. It’s not like it’s anything I haven’t seen before.”
>Except about twenty pounds lighter, and –
>Wobbling unsteadily on one foot, Lauren’s jeans drop to the floor.
> – and the scars.
>You’re still watching her.
“Well, maybe a few things are new.”
>Lauren kicks her jeans at you, but they fall short.
“Fine, I’ll go.”
>You could stay.
“I should check on the mares anyway. One of us needs to be a responsible adult, after all.”
>”Sorry, but I guess it’s your turn for once,” Lauren mumbles, reaching behind her back with both hands. “Now, either you get –“
“I’ll leave a shirt on the bed for you.”
>She sneers at you as you retreat from the bathroom.
>The last thing you hear before the door shuts is a deep sigh.
>You’re not sure if it’s from you or her.
>Another sigh – this one you know is yours.
“This sucks.”
File: applesad.jpg (79 KB, 675x730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 675x730
Don't ever leave us
>There’s not much in your closet – you need to do laundry soon – just some heavy duty workshirts and a plain white t-shirt.
>Good enough.
>You throw the t-shirt on the bed for Lauren before heading downstairs.
>You weren’t lying; you should check on the mares.
>Well, you *should*, however Silver Spoon all-but slips your mind.
>Apple Bloom was scared.
>You don’t know why, but you know she was scared of something.
>When you carried Lauren upstairs, the way the mare looked…
>It was almost the same as when you strapped her into the stand for the first time.
>A part of you expect to find her trembling and terrified in your chair, but the living room is empty.
>With a sigh, you turn off the TV, followed by the lights.
>Electricity rationing may be over, but you can’t beat the habit.
>That’s okay – it’s a good habit to have.
>She’s probably fine; you’re tempted to just go to bed.
>But… Lauren is in your shower.
>You should give her time to finish cleaning up if you don’t want another fight.
>Besides, if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re worried.
>No, if you’re *really* being honest with yourself, you feel guilty.
>Back at Sterling Stables, you ignored what was being done to Silver Spoon, and now…
>You wish you weren’t being honest with yourself.
>It’s probably nothing.
>There aren’t any dogs howling, you’re too far out in the middle of nowhere for a random axe-murderer to slip in…
trips demand it
Either update or fuck off faggot. Nobody fucking cares about your trip if you're not delivering green.
>Though Steffords... nah, not his style.
>You know that niggling voice in the back of your head is nothing, but you can’t make yourself ignore it.
>In the near-dark, you walk quietly towards their rooms.
>There’s a moment when you hesitate – when you ask yourself if Apple Bloom is asleep.
>You don’t want to wake her.
>It’s been a long day.
>You just want to go to bed – so you better get this over with.
>Slowly you open the door on the left and peek in.
>Silver Spoon looks fine.
>As fine as she can be.
>She’s asleep, but you don’t know how long that will last.
>You… don’t *really* have much experience caring for injured people.
>Or ponies.
>Should you put a bell or something on her nightstand?
>So she can get your attention if she needs something?
>She probably couldn’t use one anyway with her legs torn up like that.
>You don’t even know why Lauren put the mare’s glasses on the nightstand, since there’s no way she could put them on by herself.
>No, no bell. Apple Bloom is just one wall away – she’ll hear if Silver Spoon calls out.
>You don’t even know where to find one, anyway.
>Shrugging internally, you shut the door.
>There’s the temptation to do the same with Apple Bloom’s.
>Just peek in, sneak away… you knock.
>If she’s asleep, she won’t –
“Hey, Apple Bloom? Are you okay?”
>”Just fine, sir.”
>She’s lying.

end for tonight
Now would be the right time for AJ to show up, wouldn't it?
If only there were more humans for her to pick off one by one as she got revenge for her family.
Too bad she's still in Equestria or something.
Who the fuck knows.
Probably doing powdered apple off a hooker's ass.

Hopefully I'll get a decent-sized update up tomorrow.
more tonight or later?
File: 1433033261361.jpg (44 KB, 608x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 608x700
Your (you), sir


File: 1452047693312.png (58 KB, 605x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 605x583
Lings canceled due to changeling abuse. Changelings shouldn't have to deal with this kind of torture and captivity
File: 1451689491781.jpg (604 KB, 1456x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
604 KB, 1456x2592
Fuck you.
Squash the bugs!
Squash the bugs!


How does one "Zheartve" a changeling?
You fucking tease.

Still waiting for more.
File: appul18.png (465 KB, 898x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
465 KB, 898x404
Holy shit, I finally got this updated, several threads later.
Tastebox: http://pastebin.com/VHK1Pjtf

>The next morning is quite a picturesque one.
>The birds aren't singing, the sky is overcast, and that third thing still isn't up to snuff.
>Fucking third thing, they should just burn them all.
>However, you haven't seen it yet, so just forget that.
>Right now, you are slowly returning to consciousness from the land of nod.
>You must have fallen asleep at the computer.
>But then you realize you aren't in your normal passed out at the computer position.
>For starters, you're lying on your side in bed, and as far as you're aware you don't sleepwalk.
>And for seconds, you can feel your back is up against something warm and soft, and you can feel a vaguely limb like appendage thrown over you.
>Your just recently reawakening mind takes a bit to put one and one together.
>Let's see, there's only one other sentient being in this building besides you, only one bed... pressed up on a stomach...
>...carry the pi...
>You're currently being spooned by your slave in your own damn bed.
>Well, that's strike three against your competency as a slave master.
>Congratulations, you've won the Decent Human Being Award for Excellency in Not Exploiting Others.
>You feel so happy.
>That's probably just because you're warm and between several soft things.
>Though it does feel like something is fundamentally wrong with this scenario.
>Probably because comfy as shit or no, it is still kinda miffing to be on the receiving end of non-consensual cuddles.
>In your own bed, no less.
>You want some answers.
>So you begin drag your ass out of bed.
>And as you do that, Applejack begins to move as well.
>"Oh, your awake."
>She doesn't sound in the slightest tired, she must have already been awake by the time you came too.
>You turn to look at her and put on your most puzzled tone.
"Wh-why were you sleeping with me?"
File: appul19.png (586 KB, 1280x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
586 KB, 1280x853
>"You want the whole truth and nothin' but the truth?"
"Yes, very much so!"
>She clears her throat before continuing.
>"Well, I saw you sleepin' at your space typewriter or whatever it was, so I thought I'd be nice and get you on the actual bed."
"Yeah, I get that, and, uh, thanks for that anyways, but why did you stay and, erm, get so close?"
>A small and slightly playful grin appears on her face.
"Wait, is this because of the stuff back in the bathroom?"
>"You went straight for my ears, sugarcube. I had to pay you back somehow."
"Uh, alright, it was just some, uh, cuddling, but just please ask me the next time you want to do that."
>"Yeah, now that I think about it, I probably shouldn'ta gone and done it."
>You then remember the stuff you were doing in your private-ish study.
"I should probably, uh, check on the work I was doing before I, well, fell asleep."
>So you leave the room, still in the clothes you wore yesterday, and head for the study.
>As you go through the living room, you notice the TV and DVD player are still on, and shut that shit down post-haste.
>You don't want any monitor burn-in or DVD player burning or whatever.
>The study door opens smoothly, and you head over to the desk and sit down.
>Sat on your wheely chair-that's the technical term, you think-, you check the work you had done the previous night to see how far you had actually gotten.
>You had the list of things you needed to shop for, along with a few notes about the general needs of ponies that you want to keep in mind for the future, written down on the back of an old bit of junk mail advertising the Junk Mail of the Month Club.
>You only made one year-long subscription to that club out of curiosity.
>On a completely coincidental note, you have 12 more of that exact advert.
>Probably doing powdered apple off a hooker's ass.

Is it a pony or human hooker?
carefully also ling incoming
I imagine snorting anything off a fuzzy butt wouldn't be ideal, but I could be wrong.
File: 1451359396787.png (1 MB, 2347x2509) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2347x2509
Wew you return!
>You hear a loud sigh from your bathroom
>Maybe it wasn’t that loud, you live in a small house
>Actually you’ve been thinking of moving
>Maybe Ling will finally help you out if she gets word of your plan
>It would certainly help with hers
>After some time you hear moans and struggling from the bathtub though
>Not something you want to hear from a changeling peeling her skin off
>You hop up from the computer and hurry into the bathroom
>Without even knocking you open the door
>There stands Ling, ass in the air, tail raised, and her pulling at her leg
>It would be sexy if half her body wasn’t crusty and black and the other half fleshy and green
>You stand there for a moment while Ling stands there staring at you from between her legs
>You want over
>Ling flinches and tightens up
>You tug her tail down
>Little anon is not happy
>Brain is happy
>You are concerned
>Ling is confused
>The bathtub is confused
“Ling if you needed help you could have called me”
>You pat her rump to calm her scream
“Ling for gods sake hold still”
>She doesn’t move a muscle as you carefully slide your hand down her leg
>This is really weird
>You squeeze occasionally, hearing a small crunch and Ling grunting
>You carefully pull as you go down her leg, making several passes
>Ling whines and lets out the occasional moan
>“S..stop it!”
>She blurts out, but you don’t stop
File: 1450935335716.png (369 KB, 734x771) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
369 KB, 734x771
>You keep working her leg
>There is a soft crunch and a popping noise as her leg from the knee down separates from the carapace
>You slide it off like a sock
>You chuckle as you pull the hardened carapace off her
>She lets out a strained whining noise, the flesh clinging occasionally to the leg
>You refuse to stop though till its fully off
>She pants looking up at you
>You flash her a grin
>You move over to her front leg, bending over her to get to it
>Ling whimpers out and tries to tug away
>You take grip of her tail
>You start repeating the process of gently tugging and squeezing her leg
>Soon the two of you work in motion with each other and Ling rolls onto her side
>She flutters her wings as you grip the torso of the shell
>You carefully pull and she bites her lip
>If she had her fangs she’d be piercing it
>Her wings, you notice, are attached by a very small joint hidden under the carapace
>How they are durable enough to stand being tugged at you’ll never know
>Ling suddenly moans out and cranes her neck as the large torso portion of her shell starts to slide off
>There is an audible gasp and moan as it tugs free in one quick motion
>She lays there looking up at you
>You are holding half her shell in your arms looking down at her
>Ling slowly smiles and holds her arms out

File: 1432363963555.jpg (24 KB, 317x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 317x379
>tfw no cute and soft changling to hug
I'd be afraid of hurting her if she just got done molting.
shes green and a little wrinkley now, i dunno how cute she could be
well granny smith is cute and she is green and a lot wrinkley
File: remingto.gif (3 MB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 480x360

I'd never deny a hug as sparse as they are
id tease her

then cuddle her

then tease her while cuddling
File: 1401753689220.jpg (121 KB, 768x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 768x768
>Got revenge cuddles from mai waifu
Very jealous.

You post a lot of pics, And I love your story but I'm not too sure on what she looks like.

You said she was 4' tall I assume that is to the top of the head correct? I figure that if it was the top of the rump like they measure real horses she would have a lot of trouble turning around inside.

Also. are her features just like a bigger version of the ponies from the show? or like a more boney real horse.

Crabs and whatnot take on water to swell and split their shells before molting maybe changelings have an instincts to hug one another after molting to squeeze out excess fluid.
naw, it just gets weaker and peals off like an orange peel
Ling managed to fuck it up and only got half it off, hence the bath
I was going to explain ti as the same as a crawfish molting but then i got lazy
File: 1422233570582.gif (270 KB, 452x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270 KB, 452x332
I do love fun facts

I have my next lengthy update, But I desire the others' green before I intrude.
in the mean time, MOAR
I don't think it needs saying, you should continue. Revenge cuddles are adorable.

>>You are concerned
>>Ling is confused
>>The bathtub is confused

Also, >green and wrinkly

So, pic related?
This is both disgusting and adorable.
nuts. I just thought it would have been funny for anon to get a messy surprise
sort of but more pale green and less terrifying
>Its all soda, flowers and shit but no milkshakes
found the molting crawdad (crayfish if you're a yankee. southern stronk)
Yesterday captcha told me to select all coffee and the only second image to choose was a propane canister.
It accepted it though.

You ain't southern enough. It's a crawfish. And why'd you keep one in a fish tank... them's fer eatin.

10 threads of histories consecutive each day full of content and enjoyable dialogue, so as to please every one of our absurd demands for the next updates.

something like that
More tomorrow, I think.
sorry I'm not from alabama Tennessee is better anyway, even if we cant win any games against them
No mention for louisiana, the crawfish capital of the world?


More like Texas.

Also, what >>26023509 said. Since all the stuff they cook here is done cajun style, and like all the crawfish are raised in Louisiana anyway.
>Looks at reply length
>12695/2000 characters
>I've been slowly writing since 8:30 or so

>Still Anon
>You check the clock on your shelf across the room
>You suppose it's a good time as any to get out of bed
>You couldn't go back to sleep anyway
>You need some music to calm your mind
>You walk over and grab your guitar, it's been collecting dust
>You sit on your bed and begin to strum a tune you taught yourself before the war
>You were always a sucker for something meloncholy
>You feel your mind drift away
>You focus on only the notes
>You forget about the world
>You strum the same notes for a few minutes
>The creaking of your door snaps you out of your daydream
>Twilight makes her way toward you
>"Why did you stop?
"You startled me"
>You feel a bit embarrassed that she was listening to you play
>Her eyes drift past you
>"you play piano?"
>You look behind you to the small keyboard standing against your wall
"Yeah, first instrument I learned, parents made me practice a lot when I was In grade school. Thirty minutes a day on weekdays, an hour on saturdays. It felt like forever."
>"To a child, perhaps"
"I'd waste time by placing my fingers on a paperclip and pretend it was a skateboard"
>You gesture with your first two fingers, placing them on your other hand and moving them around
"Mother Was standing behind me and gave me a good whack when I turned around"
>You both share a small laugh
"I thanked them for it later though, they said 'told ya so'"
>You force a small chuckle
>"Can you, play a little more?"
>You look at the guitar for a bit
>You continue strumming and Twilight closes her eyes and rests her chin on your bed
>You play
>Music is good for the soul
>After some time, You finish the loop and set your guitar back on it's stand
"C'mon" You beckon Twilight as she snaps back to reality
"I'll make us some breakfast"
gnod dnapxe
File: coco-wheats.png (168 KB, 250x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 250x400
>You both make your way to the kitchen and you motion Twilight to sit at the table
>You open a small cupboard under the kitchen table
>You had an assortment of cereal, but the moment called for something a bit more extravagant
>You could cook, for the most part
"So Twilight, Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal or Co-Co Wheats?"

>You see her ears perk up at the word "oats"
>"Uh Co-Co wheats?"
>This pony hasn't had a proper breakfast before
>You'll remedy that
>She'll have the creamy hot cereal with the cocoa treat
"You ever have grits? Sorta like that, but chocolatey and way better"
>You try your best to sell yourself
>"One of each, please, I haven't had oats in forever"
>Probably different oats than what she's expecting, but it'll do
>She must be hungrier than you, anyway
>You take out 4 bags of the oatmeal
>Two for each. Single bags are too small a serving for your voracious hunger
>You pour them in two bowls, then grab a small pot and fill it with tap water
>You place the pot on the stove and set the burner to med-high
>You wait for the water to boil
>You and Twi wait in an awkward silence
>You were never good with conversation
"Sooo how'd sleep?"
>You start to rock back and forth from your heels to toes
>"Well, I slept... Well, how about you?
>You divert your eyes to the cieling
"I slept like a baby"
>"Nice, nice"
>'A watched pot never boils, son'
>'Quiet dad'
>Your dad's 'life lessons and metephors' play out in your head
>He was always so wise
>The one man who's respect and love you knew you'd never lose
>But the thought of losing it was your greatest fear
>He hugged you tight when you were drafted
>He wanted to go in your place, but he was too old
>You haven't seen him cry like that before
>The love of a father to his son
>Twi's voice brings you out of your reminiscing
>She points a hoof to the pot, it's starting to boil
>You pour the hot water in the bowls of oatmeal and place it back on the burner
>You give the oatmeal a good stir to mix the water
>You take the box of Co-Co Wheats and pout a generous amount for the two of you
>You stir the pot until the Wheats thicken
>You pour it into the remaining two bowls
>After turning the burner off your have the idea to carry all bowls at once to the table
>You place two on your fore arms and the other in your grips
>Turns out, things right of the stove tend to stay hot for awhile
>You quickly shuffle to the table and set the bowls in their respective places
>Your arms are a bit red, You'll live
>You look before you
>Two sets of bowls on opposite sides of the table, steaming
>The light piercing through the window, casting a warm glow to its contents and onto Twilight
>The little things
>"You alright?" Twi asks with a raised eyebrow, feigning worry
>You know she knows you're alright, but she felt the need to ask
"Nah, it's fine, I'm not known for my ideas"
>You set down after getting a small spoon for yourself
>Assuming Twilight will just use her mouth
>You know, like a normal horse would
>You allow her to take the first bite, she goes for the Co-Co wheats first
"Wait!" You stop her before her mouth touches her food
>She jerks her head back
>"What? What'd I do? Am I not eating it correctly?"
>She looks like countless theories of the cause of her error are playing in her head
"I forgot the milk, s'too hot"
>She looks at you as if you said something stupid
>It wasn't, this is important
>You jog to the fridge, and come back with the milk
>You also get some sugar in a small plasic container
>You pour the sugar in both your wheat bowls and stir
>You apply the milk in all bowls
>You sit back down
"Please, proceed"
>"You sure this time?"
>You nod your head
Pathetic attempt at a football related joke. I apologize
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>Without further ado she samples the Wheats
>You look with slight anticipation
>She raises her head slowly and looks to you
>She swallows and eye pupils grow
>"This... this is" she stammers out
>She realizes what she's doing and her eyes revert to normal
>She resumes eating
>So humble
>"I knew you'd love it"

>You both finish your breakfast and you put the dishes away
>You remember your dentist appointment today
>You check your watch
>It's coming up to 9
>You're appointment's at 10
>It takes a while to get to the place, with little traffic so you should head out now
>Not before brushing your teeth, of course
>You enter the bathroom and start brushing your pearly whites
>Coming out, you find a hairband in the closet and tie your hair in a pony-tail
>Never liked it in front of your eyes much, you try to keep it tucked behing your ears
"Hey, Twilight, I need to make a quick stop at the dentist. It may take a few hours. I'll be back in when I can"
>You slip your shoes on and head for the doors
>You feel hooves climb onto your shoulders
>Your body tenses up and instinct takes over, you forget where you are
>your arm shoots back and pushes the hostile away
>You turn around with your arms out
>You see Twilight on her back rubbing her head
>"Anon! What gives!?"
>You feel immensely guilty and kneel by her, you help her to her hooves
"Christ, I'm sorry, I have a bad thing when It comes from being grabbed from behind"
>You try your best to sound apologetic
>"Sorry, I should've known better. I just thought I'd... share a hug or whatever"
>You look at her
>"You got me clean, filled my belly and gave me a comfy place to sleep. Just thought I'd do something to show my gratitude"
"Twilight. You don't owe me anything. It's nice to have a second voice around"
>'Your forgeting about me' Your mind whispers
>You rub your temples
>You hold your arms out
>She wraps her hooves around your neck once again and you pull her into a tight embrace

>Be Twilight
>You would be lying if you said he wasn't growing on you a bit
>You'd be lying if you said the hug didn't feel nice
>Been a while since you had one that wasn't forced on you
>You notice Anon's hands are shaking a bit

>Be Anon
>You stand back up
>"Anon? Your hands were shaking, You doing alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine, I just really hate the dentist. The noises, people stuffing objects in your mouth, the like"
>You lie to her, well partially
>You really do hate the dentist
>But that's not why your hands were shaking
>Your headache comes back
>You need some music
>You say farewell to Twi and tell her she has the house to herself
>You lock the door
>You step to the pull-around where your car rests
>You turned your car on and plugged in your ipod into the auxiliary
>You pull out the drive-way and push play on the next song
>Mmmmm, Retro-future
>You drive a bit faster, your mind sedated

>It was a long drive, but you arrive with a few minutes to spare
>The doctors call your name rather quickly, Your legs getting tired from bouncing on the floor in the waiting room
>They direct you to the chair, as you've done before
>You lay down, close your eyes and exhale a deep breath
>You feel something tight around your ankles and wrists
>You're quick to open your eyes, you see some dentists tightning belts around them
>You didn't even know these chairs had those
>You're quicker to relay your protests
"You gotta be joking doc, This is taking a bit far, right?"
>"Sorry, Anonymous, but given your past... experiences with us, we'd rather not take chances, or waste the manpower"
>So it took a few larger dentist to hold you down
>It's not like you can help it
>The drills get to you