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ITT experiences you've had with the fandom.
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ITT experiences you've had with the fandom.

>First day of senior year
>Standing in overcrowded hallway during lunch shift
>Talking with my friend about something, I don't even remember
>New girl (9.5/10) standing next to us
>Hears us talking and decides to join conversation
>First thing out of her mouth is a spaghetti flood of biblical proportions
>She knows literally nobody yet

>Fast forward 2 weeks
>Wear RD shirt from Walmart (idgaf if people know I'm a horsefucker)
>New girl starts talking to me about MLP
>Says she hasn't watched since season 3
>Invite her and other friends to watch some episodes
>Watch season 5 premiere
>Other friends almost cringe to death
>Stop and play video games instead
>Other friends leave after a while
>New girl still here
>Ask her what she wants to do now
>"Can we watch more My Little Pony?"
Only real experience I've had is a guy who's a straight up "brony" about it. Merch, playing pony musicians out loud, 9/10 of his online handles reference MLP, the works. Only thing he's seemingly missing is the clop bit, but even then I'm just assuming he's nowhere near sperg enough to expose that.

He's my friend though, and enough of a fan for both of us, I don't even have to say anything. Just being around him is enough to assume I like the show too.
It's refreshing to see someone on this board who is fine with actual bronies like that. This is one of the most genuine posts I've ever seen.

*tips fedora*
One time I started posting on an image board after getting into the show, the people were all assholes and douchebags but sometimes it's pretty decent
Heh, yeah I've heard reddit has it's moments.
The best times of my life so far have been spent with people from this fandom. The friends, the laughs, the interactions, all sharing the one common facilitation of conventions. If it weren't for the fandom I wouldn't be even a small fraction of how happy I am now.

For an actual experience, not at a convention, when I walk around the campus of my university, always showing off my power level from the front and back (t-shirt and messenger bag), I oftentimes get shout-outs from random passer-bys. One time I was on the edge of being late to a lecture (one of those only-door-in-front-of-room-so-everyone-glares-at-you-when-you-walk-in-late style lectures), walking supafast to the lecture hall through the "free speech alley" we have at our university and passed a group of like 4 black female students. After I was about 50 feet infront of them, all 4 of them called out simultaneously, loud enough to be heard at least 1000 feet away, some variation of "OH MY GOD, YOU THERE WITH THE PONY BACKPACK, I LOVE YOUUUUU!" Still walking fast, I swiveled around to wave at them and managed to turn around at the right moment just to collide directly into a lightpost. After a bit of laughing and cursing I arrived on time.
Leddit can be helpful if you look in the right place, if we're being honest.
My best friend/lead guitarist has always kinda been on the fence with this stuff, but I started doing a project with /mlp/ plays and went and asked if he'd help me.
>"You want me to what?"
"I want you to help me with a death metal piece about my little pony"
>"death metal"
>"about magical ponies"
>"fuck yeah I'll help you"
Met a guy in Oki who was making a ponified "Why can't I hold all these limes".

Should've got his info, or something, I guess.
The only male brony i met in person was the one i converted. I've met 2 pegasisters who were both russian during my second year of uni.
Let's hear it.
I made small talk with a girl at work, and didn't end up opening up to her until she brought up mlp.

Fast forward, one of my best friends, and one of the reasons I haven't killed myself. Kinda promised her not to, kinda regret it, but its for the best. So I guess the show literally saved my life.
Some of my college friends were fans of the show, which I found out after I started watching it. I even went with a couple of girl friends of mine on runs to McDonald's to get some of the toys when that was a thing.
Also, a couple of other people that I knew started watching the show after I talked about it.

Randomly at conventions, I see people who are part of the fandom. I'm very lucky that none of them were grognards or horsefuckers.
Like most things in /mlp/ plays, it's far from finished
Thread replies: 14
Thread images: 2
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