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Stop your Waifu from taking over the world?
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Alright /mlp, say for a moment, your Waifu, took over the entire Equestrian world, she rules it undisputed.

No resistances, no forces of good fighting against her, no.

Shes gone full edgelord, that's right, your Waifu sold her soul to Lucifer and blows up puppy orphanages in her spare time, giving herself entirely to the darkside.

And with that power, she's taken over the world.

Even if it's implausible, like Applejack or someone taking over, just, have an open mind here.

Would you have the heart to stop her? Would you try and win her back to the good side?
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>the good side
>not supporting your waifu's reign of terror
Fuck off, moralfag; I welcome our edgy overlord
Ok, but how would you execute such a sophisticated plan?
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>implying I would want to stop her
Ha, you wish!
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Not him, but it seems like cuddling them would be the best way to go about cuddling them.
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>implying you wouldn't join her in a global purge
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Important question that will change my answer:
Will her hair be bouncy or straight if she goes evil?
Aw shit, again?
I'd have to stop and reform her as soon as possible, otherwise she's gonna feel that suffering all over again.
No more pain.
>implying there's any objectively "good" or "bad" side
I didn't even think about the fact that for some waifus this already happened. Your devotion to your hooveless waifu is admirable, anon.
Two things will happen

If she rejects me as she turns I will try to remind her with mementos we made together. If that doesn't work I will remind her of her roots and the family she will be leaving behind, but if she is too far gone to return... Then she is no longer the pony I once loved. I will make her notice me by thwarting her plans; even to go as far as to sabotage them, and then when she deems me enough of a threat to send troops to stop me I will force her to kill me by her own hooves. Shattering what little love I still had for her, because if her lust for power is greater than our love; then I wouldn't want to be in love anymore.


She does take me with her and I go defending her tooth and nail.
If she is her complete regular self that's just evil, like she hasn't sacrificed her real values, then I would still love her, and of course, even support her in whatever shit she's doing.

I'll be her trusted number two who also habbens to get bonus cuddles and sexitimes.
I'll be her assistant, best friend, sex toy, the one to provide her with the occasional reality/sanity check and be happy to do it because I love her.

There would probably be a point where I seriously question the shit she does though, and in fact, find some of her actions to be very unattractive. It is then when I would have to speak up.

For example, I would not like Pinkievil to blow up puppies at all.
I'll voice my disapproval, and assuming she does in fact treasure me, her husbando, she'll compromise.
Blow up old people and enslave the enemies and torture the formal royals known as Celestia and Luna, and burn the forests, but for the love of god, don't blow up puppies, and other cool shit.

We'll most likely have to compromise; both take one for the team every once in a while.
I'll wince while she beheads a pony I thought was her best friend, and she'll groan when I ask if I can play in the crystal empire before she vaporizes it.

In the end, as long as she's her real, fun-loving self I grew close to, the one I am comfortable in being with forever, I'll be happy to take this criminal journey with her.

You would too.
There's a point where you say fuck it, and basically ride or die for your niggas. In this case, your special pone.
>tfw waifu is limestone
Dont think i d be able to win her back, and even if i tecnically did she wouldnt simply change overnight....unless i died trying and she cared for me for some reason then yea
/autism mode
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Thread replies: 15
Thread images: 10
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