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Pineapple Archive:
“So what, just basically shoot good and listen to you and I’ll be fine?”
>”Yeah, pretty much I guess. There shouldn’t be many guards actually inside the building, but obviously keep a sharp eye out either way. Good thing you’ve got bat vision right?”
“Yeah… it’s great. I love everything being too bright”
"Well you wont have to worry, should be pretty dim in the mansion"
>One of Shade’s assistants trots up behind him, mumbling something into his ear as you watch on
>A second later Shade nods and waves him off
>His hoof pushes the radio set and gun towards you, pulling out another couple magazines as well
>”They just told me that we’re ready to go, so we better get a move on”
“Wait, I’m not even a bat yet”
>”Well you can transform in the car, don’t worry the windows are tinted. But we’ve got to get moving so you got any last second questions?”
yeah, the radios have been tested before right? What frequency are we going to be talking in?
"I'm trying to think of something really stupid so I can piss you off, but nothing's coming to mind. Give me a bit."
What's a 'car'?
I think that's an energy drink, right?
this works
"I'm trying to think of something really stupid so I can piss you off, but nothing's coming to mind. Give me a bit."
>He just raises an eyebrow in curiosity
“Oh wait, why does your waifu have a stupi-“
>”Ok that’s enough of that, if you were actually a fan you wouldn’t be asking that. But seriously, any hell questions?”
“Yeah, what the hell is a car?”
>”It’s what the kids are calling chariots these days I think”
“Shade you’re like 30, you’re not hip anymore”
>”Hey, I’m still cool alright”
>He’s more out of touch with reality than you imagined
>Picking up one of the small radios you curiously handle it a bit
“So these have been tested right?”
>”Of course! I test all of my equipment”
“Well what frequency will we be on?”
>”The exact frequency of your echolocation”
“I’ve never used mine for your information”
>”Must be why you ended up in those boxes. But they’re set to channel 4”
>As you play with them a little more Shade finally stands up, beckoning you to follow
>Scooping your equipment into your bag you follow along
>Going through a few hallways you eventually end up on a loading dock, a couple chariots running outside
>”Me and you will go in this one. The others will take the lead vehicle”
>Getting in you slide into the back seat with Shade, the other bats taking their spots up front
>And soon enough you’re off, trailing the other chariot
>It takes a while but eventually the city lights are replaced with the gently rolling hills of the country side, the roads getting smaller and less congested on every turn
>”So Gar, here’s the deal. We need to do a couple things when we’re inside. One of us has to go into the basement and disable the fuse box to kill the lights. There shouldn’t be any bat ponies inside, so we’ll have an advantage with our vision. The other one of us has to clear the first story and keep an eye out for the one in the basement. Which task do you want?”
Fuse box, whichever makes me have to kill less ponies.
fuse box, you'd be better at clearing a floor than me and frankly we both have a better chance of getting out alive with you watching me than vica versa.
“I’ll go for the fusebox. Whatever makes me have to kill less ponies”
>”That’s as good a reason as any I suppose”
“Well, let’s be honest. You’re better at clearing a floor than I will be. Plus I’m pretty sure we have a better chance of surviving if you’re watching me”
>”Fair enough”
>the rest of the trip goes by quietly, Shade mostly looking out the window while you just nervously twiddle your hooves
>Well, except for you turning into bat half way down the road
>The headaches that come with it seem to be getting less painful every time in happens at least
>After another good half hour of driving the chariot eventually takes a turn down a small road, leading off into a wooded area
>Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, it stops, pulling off into a small clearing
>”Alright, let’s get on out”
>Grabbing your gear you do as he says, the other bats coming out of their vehicle as well
>Following Shade you walk about 50 yards through the woods, coming upon the tree line
“I’m guessing that’s it?”
>”Yup, that’s it”
>A tall, almost castle looking structure lays across a small field, a few of the many windows shinning in the darkness
“So what’s the plan?”
>He lifts off into the air and flies across the grass, beckoning you to follow
>Rolling your eyes you oblige
>Thought he’d have a cool spy trick to get across
>Landing next to him you find yourself hugging the outside wall of the massive structure
>”Alright, I think we’re good”
“What? What are you talking about?”
>Shade leaps into the air again, spilling through a small window that he opened
>Soon his head pops out
>”I mean get in here you fool”
“I thought you’d have a more unorthodox way of getting in!”
>”Yeah well this is it, come on!”
>He disappears back inside, you flapping your wings and crawling through the same window a moment later
>Touching down on the floor you find yourself in a dim tiled room, what appears to be a huge kitchen
>”Follow me”
>Shade takes you around a few turns, carefully poking his muzzle around each one
>Eventually you stop at a ransom door with a draft coming up from beneath it
>”This should be the basement”
>Cracking the wooden door open slowly you find a long staircase going down into a dim basement
>”Fuse box is down there somewhere, but I don’t know exactly. Just radio me if something goes wrong”
>With that, he pulls out his guns and scampers off into the black hallway
>Perking an ear up before you take a step you hear a low rustling, but whether it's from a machine or something alive you can’t tell
>Taking a couple steps down the staircase, you notice a dim light shining somewhere from down there, looking like it's pouring out from the left from another smaller room down there
use all of your sneak, look for the lightswitch for that room, sneak over to the lightswitch and check whats in the room.

stick to the shadows!
Keep up the hearing and sneak towards the light.

Peek in the room and look for ponies.
>Time to stealth it up
>Slowly navigating each individual step you practically hold your breath, each one barely creaking but sounding like a car wreck in your ears
>But even through it you keep on listening, trying to detect more movements
>Finally you reach the bottom of the staircase, pausing briefly to check out the basement lay out
>Looks like it goes back I little ways, open doorways branching off from each side of the stone hallway, but only one has a light emerging from it
>Second on the left, exactly the room the rustling is coming from
>Pulling out your gun you move over to it on your tippy hooves, trying to remain as silent as possible
>Reaching the cold stone wall you barely peek around it, eyes looking this way and that
>It looks like a medium sized storage room, a few shelves here, a cabinet there
>No fuse box, but there’s a lightswitch right next to the door frame
>However what grabs your attention the most is the earth pony stallion sitting at the far end of the room, back turned towards you
>You can't stop a weapon near him, but he's messing with something else
>Fiddling away diligently which some tool which makes a racketing sound, he appears to be trying to repair something
>You think you hear him mutter a curse under his breath as it proceeds to hit whatever he's working on a couple times with the tool
We can glide to the light switch and then turn it off. Then we can fight him in the dark.
Do we have a shot at his head right now?
aww, I don't really want to kill the help.

Look for something we can hit him with then turn off the lights and fly in silently, knock him out find that fusebox.
>You eye the back of his head, knowing how easy it’s be to just blast him in it
>But he really doesn’t look like a threat. Probably just some poor guy who was hired to repair various junk
>Maybe you could just knock him out
>Looking around the room you spot a metal pipe leaning against the wall, the perfect length to bash a head with
>The stallion grunts again, placing his tool down before leaning back in his chair, stretching his hooves
>Well, now’s as good of a time as any
>Taking a jump you glide the short distance to the light switch, flicking the light off
>Immediately the room is plunged into total darkness, you can hear the pony crambling as he falls out of his chair
>”Wh-what the hell?”
>Looking back to him your enhanced night vision can make him out nervously walking forward, a hoof out trying to find the wall
>Picking up the pipe you flap your wings once more, heading right for him
>His ear suddenly flicks in your direction, head turning at the last second
>That’s when your pipe smacks him right on the top of it
>The stallion lets out a pained grunt but quickly collapses into a heap
>One of his rear legs twitches a couple times but goes still
>Watching as his chest gently rises and falls a couple times you figure that he’ll be alright and drag him back into the corner
>Leaving the room you continue on your way, albeit slower in the dark basement
>You poke your head in this room and that, but only find more storage or other useless items
>But then you see it, perched on a wall
“Shade? Shade you there?”
>Static comes in few a few moments, but soon his hush voice breaks over the line
>”Yeah, what’s up?”
“I think I found it”
>”Ok good. Just cut the wires extending from it, that’ll do the trick”
>Doing as he says you pull out the rubber handled knife he put in your bag, slicing away
>After a few sparks they give way, the wires fraying as they’re cut
“Did that work?”
>”Did just trick. Come on back up”
>Placing the knife away you trot on back into the hallway
>Only to be met with a distressed groan
>Looking back down the hallway you spy the stallion that you knocked out slowly crawling up the stairs, nearing the top of the staircase as he slugs up them
hey mate, I suggest you stay in the basement. Things are about to get loud.
be impressed that he managed to crawl to the stairs in the dark, then stop him.
Dude, stay in the basement. You won't get hurt down here.
Apply full nelson and butt-fuck him.
actually choke his neck blocking the blood to the brain 10 seconds so he survives.
>Fuck it up
>He dies
>Later found out he had a family and impregnate wife
Dude, I don't think fucking his wife will help us feel better about ourselves.
Says you
>implying every bad guy we have killed didn't have a family waiting for them back home.
>implying Gar is stupid enough so he fucks up counting to ten.

But if you guys want to reason with him first and save thhis as last resort I have no trouble, I just wanted to post the butt-fucking part while giving an option.
>Damn, that’s actually kind of impressive considering the blow to the head he took
>Well, better stop him before Shade finds him
>Leaping into the air you swoop down the hallway, gently touching down on the staircase behind him
>Even in his state he seems to recognize that somepony is behind him, rolling onto his back as he desperately tries to back up
“Mate. I think you better sty down in the basement. It’s going to get ugly upstairs”
>”Woah man, s-stay away!”
>He kicks at you with his hind hooves but he’s much too out of it to land a hit
“Hey just calm down. If you stay here you won’t get hurt”
>”Crew you! J-just back up!”
>Having enough of this you stand over him, slipping your hooves around his neck as he tries to resist
“Sorry you made me do this”
>Tightening you feel him gasping for air, his eyes bugging out
>Weakly he grabs your hooves, trying to get you to stop
>”O-okay…I… qu- “
>Quickly loosening he gasps, hacking a couple time
“You’ll stay here?”
>”Yes, just… just don’t knock me out again”
“Fair enough. Got any rope around here?”
>His eyes bug out with fear for a moment but he controls himself, probably realizing the other option
>Slowly he nods, pointing down to a room
>”There’s a coil in there”
“Alright. Come on, let’s get you taken care of”
>A few minutes later you quietly trot back up the stairs, the stallion tied tightly to a chair back in the room and gagged
>Hey, at least you still remember how to tie a knot from Colt Scouts
>Creaking the door open again you look through the black house, listening carefully, but hearing nothing in the still mansion
>that is until Shade drops from the ceiling, wind from his wings rushing across your face
“Shade! What the hell man I could have shot you”
>”Dude what have you been doing? I’ve been waiting for you and we’re kind of crunched for time because they’ll come looking for why the lights aren’t working soon”
I had to tie up a pony. Now let's hurry this up.
The basement wasnt empty so I had to go on a sneaky mission. Don't worry, it's all taken care of now.

If we were that crunched for time, why didnt you call?
“Why didn’t you radio me?”
>”I’ve been trying! Check your head set”
>Taking the earpiece off you examine it, twisting a knob
>Looks like it got knocked to the wrong channel, probably while you were wrestling that guy up into the chair
“We good?”
>”Yeah, I can hear you through it. Now what were you doing?”
“Basement wasn’t empty, but don’t worry I took care of it”
“Tied up a pony”
>”Gar! We don’t have time to tie up ponies. If they get in your way you blast them, got it?”
“Sure whatever, but let’s get going”
>He rolls his slit eyes before telling you to move
>Making your way to the stair case he slowly move up it, gun at the ready while you follow
>Even with your life on the line, you can’t help but admire the expensive piece
>It’s made white marble stairs, along with some carved hardwood railings which end in detailed carvings of a ponies head
>Reaching the second level you step off it even though it leads up to the third as well
>This story appears to branch off into two opposite hallways, each going off into the dark distance, their blood red rugs following them
>”Alright, here’s the deal. I’ll go one way, you go the other. This level should have the hallways circling around and linking up, so we’ll meet each other hallway”
“Got it”
>”Look for anything that might be a bedroom. Our target is a red unicorn stallion, light brown mane, with a brass bell cutie mark. You see him, you take him out”
“Yeah yeah, I understand”
>”Good. Keep a good eye out”
>Shade takes a couple of cautious steps forward, but soon trots along silently off into the hallway, his hooves not even making a sound
>Guess you’ve got the other one
Start walking and looking in rooms.
So yeah, internet gave out before I could post the second half. So that'll be up in a minute
>Moving down the hallway you keep a sharp eye open, taking in all the surroundings
>About every ten yards there’s a set of doors on either side of the hallway, and every few lengths there appears to be a double doored room on alternating sides
>Down the entire length between the doors are podium with various objects on top of them. Plants, vases, busts, various rich pony stuff
>Stopping at random doors you attempt to open them, but find that most are locked
>However you managed to poke your snout into a couple, finding a guest room and a bathroom along the way
>You can tell that the hallway curves, especially by looking at how the paintings and gas lamps appear on the white walls, but it’s such a subtle curve that it almost gives it an endless feeling
>Unless it suddenly turns at one point, this is one big damn level
>Trotting down a little further you attempt to open up another door to find it locked, settling for the one directly across from it instead
>What you find behind it is a staircase heading up into the blackness, so dark that even your bat eyes can’t see the end of it
>Just as you go to shut the door your ears perk up
>Hooves steps are coming down the hallway in the direction you were walking
>They sound a bit distant, but they're definitely getting closer
Grab some cover in the darkness and watch with gun pointed in their direction.
Whisper through the radio that we can here someone moving and that there is a stairway going up over here. Then hide in the stairway door, waiting for the target to pass.

Which way did the hallway curve? is it possible our route and shades route merge into one big path around the floor?
>Accidentally shoot Shade as he comes around the corner
“Hey Shade, I hear hoosteps”
>”They shouldn’t be mine, we shouldn’t be that close by now”
“Well they’re coming down the hallway right now”
>”Yeah that probably isn’t me. Just lay low for now, don’t start popping off shots unless it’s necessary”
>Looking back down the hallway You think you can hear voices mumbling, the hoof steps now clearly from more than once pony
>And then a beam of light hit’s the wall, obviously from a flashlight
>Turning around you nearly dive back through the stairway door, frantically yet quietly closing it
>Taking a few stps back you aim the gun right at the door, holding your breath
>”-eah, lights are still out. We’re going to check on the fusebox now”
>”You sure rats didn’t get to it again?”
>”Maybe, but no chances. We already notified Caltrop that it isn’t a normal outage, and he’s on the way back to his room, said he might as well turn in for the night”
>”Hey at least we get the rest of the night off right?”
>”Maybe. He said he wants a couple guards outside his door just in case”
>”Yeah. But hey, I can show you the 'secret' passage when we go on up an-“
>That’s all you can make out before the clipping of the hooves dims in the distance, their voices too far to distinguish
inform shade of the existence of a secret passage. There are also guard in front of his door.
should you follow them?
Go to the basement door and follow them when they come out.
>"Secret passage".
Shit could be useful.
Follow them and listen closely to their conversation.

Does that means that if we wait a little there will be less guards by the end of the shift?
Pausing here
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Velvet Violate.jpg
55 KB, 1038x1099
So when are you introducing Floral's sister?
Well considering that I found the deviant art that she came from today I'll have to clear it with their rightful owner :^)
No, it's totally cool for you to use her, o3o can't wait to see what you do with her!
File: velvet.png (928 KB, 698x898) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
928 KB, 698x898
This mission is considerably more difficult.
At least we haven't killed a pony yet
tell that to Kanjiclub
secret passage bump
speedy board
I want to slowly pour applesauce onto Gar.
'Doing random slightly malicious things to Gar anon' we need to talk. Your wants are getting out of hand
I want to replace Gar's toothpaste with spackle
>Secret passage? You aren’t the brightest pony but that sounds like it is relevant to your current interests
“Hey Shade, you there?”
>”Yeah, what happened?”
“Uh, a couple of ponies walked on by, said that there’s a secret passage or something, and that the guy’s going to have a guard or two outside his door tonight”
>”A secret passage?”
“That’s what they said. You want me to follow them?”
>”…Yeah. See what they have to say but be careful alright?”
“Pretty sure I don’t need reminding on that. But where are you?”
>”I’m still sweeping the second floor. Haven’t seen anything worthwhile yet. But keep me posted”
“Got it”
>Creaking the door back open you cautiously look down both sides of the eerie hallway
>As soon as you determine that it’s clear you hop on out and close the door once more
>Moving back the way you came you keep your ears on a swivel, trying to pick up any clue of the ponies
>It’s only when you make it back to your starting position do you hear the clip of their hooves heading down the staircase
>Eventually you can the light’s railing ahead of the from their flashlights, their dim outlines moving casually along
>Waiting until they’re a little ways past the stair case you extend you r wings and glide down it without a sound, landing a decent distance behind them, watching as they head down the hallway to the basement door
>”So what? We have to stand outside his door the entire freaking night? Why us?”
>”Dude it’s not that bad. After a while you can just lay against the wall and catch a nap. How’s he gonna know?”
>”Yeah, I guess you’re rig-“
>”The door’s unlocked”
>”Well Grind always locks it after he’s done down there”
>”Maybe he just forgot. Besides, he’s probably on his way home by now”
>”Yeah, but… I don’t know. Something seems off”
>You duck back behind the corner as the pony turns, a beam of light illuminating the doorway you were in
>”Quit fooling around. Let’s check the box”
>The shimmering light disappears, replaced with the clipping of hooves as the descend into the basement
Well, we weren't doing a pacifist run anyway. Get our guns, hide, wait for them to come down, and pop pop watch them bitches drop.
uh, don't we need them to find the passage?
Time to grab a pipe or something again. Attack from above.
but anon, pacifist run gets more points.
Don't you want that S rank?
good news: they wont see the tied up guy unless they sweep over him with their flashlight.
Bad news: the tied up guy is probably going to wiggle around and make some noise.
Good news: their immediate focus on the tied up guy might make for a decent distraction.

Get our pipe and bust someone over the head the same way as before, but keep our gun handy because we might need it if the 2 on 1 gets out of control. Try to keep one alive to learn about the passage, but if push comes to shove don't risk it.

Ideally we can knock them both out, but we should be prepared for things to go wrong.
>Great, if they’re onto you they might discover the pony you tied up
>Can’t risk that now can you?
>Waiting until they walk a bit of a distance away from the stairs you once more glide down it touching down gently
>”Dude I’m not liking the looks of this”
>”Shut up, find the box”
>Their flashlight beams sweep across the cold hallway as they trot cautiously along, ears folded back in nervousness
>”Wait… you hear something?”
>They both stop, ear rotating around
>One of their beams crosses into the room you hid the pony in
>”Oh my god! Grind!”
>One of them nearly their flashlight in shock, but a second later they snap out of it, rushing into the room
>Here’s your chance now that Grind is making a distraction
>Diving into the room you silently pick up the pipe, swooping in behind them as they shine their lights on the tied up stallion
>Letting your hoof fall you here a loud crack as it makes contact with one of their heads
>As he drops like a bag of bricks you swing at the next one, making contact
>But he appears to have had enough time to react, the pipe only glancing him as he yelps
>Swinging again you hit him in the ribs as he backs up, your foe still trying to scramble away
>But that’s when you see his hoof dive into his bag, frantically digging around
>Without thinking you drop the pipe, hoof wrapping around the grip of your pistol
>In a flash you raise it just as you catch a glimpse of a silver object coming out of his bag, a wide eyed look on the stallion’s face
>Two cracks latter and he lays on the floor, grasping his chest and screaming in pain
>A pool of blood begins to form under him as he struggles senselessly, gritting his teeth as he grunts
Well now we need to find some rags to use as makeshift bandages and gag him.
Ask him about the hidden entrance.
secure whatever it was that he was trying to pull. bandage him, if he thinks we're trying to save him he might be more co-operative even if he's a dead man.
Yeah, let's try to help him out.
Get some thick cloth, tie up all but one leg, and remind him that if he doesn't keep pressure on the wound he'll die.
>His struggling eventually grows weaker, legs no longer kicking around
>For now he just holds the wound on his chest, breathing with apparent forced effort
>Just to be sure you move to his side, searching for the object that he pulled out
>You spy a silver pistol and pick it up, just in case he tries something funny
>Turning around you find the pony you hit with the pipe groaning on the floor, eyes shut as he holds his head in pain
>Grabbing his saddle bag he struggles a little, but you soon pull it off and start slicing it into pieces
>Turning back to the bleed pony you pull back his hooves which offer you almost no resistance, finding a decent amount of blood trickling from his coat underneath
>Trying to remember basic first aid you wrap the sliced saddle rags around his chest, trying to tighten them enough to control the bleeding
>”What… are you doing?”
>You tie another knot, looking causally down at him as he says it to find his eyes still squeezed tightly shut
“I’m saving you. But you have to do something for me”
>The stallion remains silent, but you’re pretty sure he’s just catching his breath instead of being defiant
“I need to know where that secret passage is. The one the lead’s to your boss’s bed room”
>”I don’t… I don’t know about a passage”
>As you tighten another knot her struggles a bit more, a pained moan erupting from his throat
keep an eye on the other guy.
Do we know any magic that can help? cauterize the wound maybe?

ask the tied up erf pony if he has any first aid advice.
I heard you talking. Please tell me.

Keep an eye on the other one. Don't want to get blindsided. If he gets up, just point the gun at him and tell him to stay down.
Oh? you don't know anything about a secret passage? or was it the other guy that's on the floor. Was this the same voice from earlier?
update shade on the radio.
Tell him we knocked out one and shot the other and are trying to get information on the passage.

He'll probably assume we killed the guy, but we wouldn't be lying.
>”Gar? Gar are you k? What’s going on down there?”
“It’s alright, I just had a little run in”
>”What happened?”
“I knocked one out and shot the other, just give me a minute I’m trying to get info on the passage”
>”Well hurry up, I’m almost done up here”
>Signing off you try to address your victim again
“Hey, I heard you talking about it, so there’s no need to lie. So please, just tell me”
“I, I don’t know.. I don’t know…”
>Looking back down at the wound blood continues to pour out, the stallion’s breathing getting weaker
>This isn’t working
>Getting back on your hooves you eye his partner who still seems to be a bit out of it as you walk to the pony you tied to the chair
>Removing his gag he inhales a huge breath
“Your friend isn’t looking to good, you know anything about first aid?”
>”M-man I just fix machines! I’m not doctor!”
“Well anything could help! He’s dying”
>”Um… You could cauterize the wound? That might stop the bleeding but there’s nothing around here that you could use to-“
>You immediately tune him out focusing your magic on the wounded stallion’s chest
>Soon a glow starts to form under the rags, smoke starting to appear
>Then, a flame bursts forth
>An ear piercing scream hits you as your patient finds the strength to thrash around, word’s not even forming through his shrieks
>But you continues to hold the flame on his wound, knowing that you’re in too far to stop
>After a few more seconds your magic dissipates, the flame disappearing
>Before you lays a gasping pony, tears freely pouring from his eyes as he cries, sick looking burn on his now furless chest
>But the bleeding has stopped
>”H-hey! Leave the kid alone!”
>Snapping your head back you find the other stallion trying to get to his hooves, a wild look in his eyes
>”He doesn’t know anything ok! Just please, please leave him alone!”
are we a bat that can use fire magic? sweet.
How about you tell me about the secret passage?
Holy shit, Gar can use fire magic without a horn? What skill!
We can still use magic as a bat with no horn?
Are we still a bad pony for burning him if it might have saved his life?
He was shot, I'm trying to keep him alive.
But if you care for his well being maybe you can help me? Tell me about this passage and i'll let you carry your friend out. We'll be long gone by the time you get him to a doctor on hoof.
Clearly we're a dragonbat.
Hold him at gunpoint and explain the you stopped the bleeding by cauterizing the wound.
Shades magic is pretty shit if his own transformation was anything to go by, so its not surprising some unicorn features still work.

bat dick probably would have melted off eventually.
It's time to spook them with our bat-unicorn powers.
yeah, Shade couldn't even hold his unicorn form for a couple hours, and even then he was half bat
>Shades threat might be one big bluff
>You try to listen to him, but he sounds like he’s miles away due to something else on your mind
>Did you just… use magic as a bat?
>What the fuck Shade. Although with his “unicorn” form from this morning you’re not surprised
>You’ll have to have a talk about his shoddy ass magic after you make it out of here
>The sound of the pony trying to rise snaps you out of your mental route however, and you flick the gun up and aim it towards him
“That’s far enough, just stay where you are”
>”Just take it easy man. I don’t know what he did to you but did you have to fucking burn him?”
“I cauterized his wound to save him for your information”
>He continues to glare at you with poisonous eyes, but his gaze eventually shifts to his fallen friend
>You keep your gaze on him, watching to see if he’ll make a move
>The room descends into silence, so quiet a pin could drop
>”Is nobody going to question why the fucking bat just used magic?! I mean what the fu-“
>You reach up and swiftly cram the gag back in the tied stallion’s mouth, his hind legs kicking as he frantically mumbles
“Now, listen up. I don’t want to hurt any of you, but if you care for your friend you’ll tell me what I need”
>He still gives you a dangerous stare, nostrils flaring as he snorts
>”Alright. What do you want?”
“A secret passage, I know there’s one here. Where is it?”
>He remains silent but you can tell that he’s mulling over the question
“Look, that’s all I want to know. Tell me and I’ll let you carry your friend out of here. We’ll be long out of your mane by the time you get him to a doctor”
>The unicorn’s eyes shift back and forth between you and his hurt friend, indecision in his expression
>But finally he sighs
>”Ok look. There’s a staircase behind a door on the second floor hallway. It leads up to storage room and dead ends. There’s a secret door behind an old storage shelf, it’ll pull out on a slide”
“You sure about that?”
>”Yes! Just go look and see, you just have to slide the shelf and it’s there. Leads to the next level and his bedroom’s in the hallway. Large double doored room, you can’t miss it”
radio shade. tell him what you just heard and he can confirm it.
Remember, we don't need to tell shade about our ascent into baticornhood.
he'll find out at our coronation.
>Gar's parents watch, horrified, as their son Gar transforms from a purebred unicorn into a big-bootied baticorn princess.
Considering that they booted us out for insulting their bat friend, probably not.
>"Look honey, our son's so tolerant that he even BECAME a batpony!"
>Hey, that sounds like the staircase you hid in
>Taking a couple steps back you keep the gun fixed on him, but speak into the radio
“Shade, I think I got what we’re looking for”
>”Go on”
“Second floor, there’s a door the leads to a staircase. At the top of it is a storage room”
>”And where’s the door?”
“Should be right past a bathroom, there’s a podium with a unicorn bust next to it”
>”Give me a minute. I’ll see if I can’t find it”
>As the radio cuts off you survey all of your handiwork
>The tied stallion still looks at you with freaked out eyes, probably from your little magic show
>The one that you’re holding at gun point sits silently, but doesn’t take his eyes off his shot companion
>And finally your burn victim seems to be in a state of shock, appearing unconscious, but finally seeming like he’s breathing naturally
>You’re not sure how much time has gone by, but eventually static comes over the radio again
>”Gar. Gar you there?”
“Yeah, go ahead”
>”I’m in the storage room. What exactly am I looking for?”
“Old shelf unit, should slide to the side on some rails”
>You wait patiently as rustling can be heard over the channel
>”Hey, there’s another passageway behind it. We’ve got what we need Gar! Get here as fast as you can”
Well see ya.
Alright, ill walk you to the door.

Your friend isn't bleeding anymore but that doesn't mean he's safe. Small caliber rounds love to bounce around inside. You can try to betray me and stick around to warn your boss but your friend will probably die if you delay getting him treatment. So I advice you get him to a hospital and look for new work in the morning.
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No survivors
this isn't a plane
It's Scorch, you dope.
Shade gets a cool edgy nickname, so do we.

It was our name back when we did the breezie mission.
>All the ponies in the room look at you, all with curious eyes
“I’ll walk you all to the door”
>”… What?”
“Shade. Tell your guys outside that three ponies will be walking out the front door. They’re carrying a wounded pony”
>”Come again?”
“Three ponies are about to walk out the front door. Tell the rest of them not to open fire”
>“Gar what are you talking about? We don’t have time for this, get up here now”
“Well what about these guys?”
>”You’ve got a gun, use it! Now get up here!”
>”Gar? Ga-“
>You momentarily switch the head set off
“You all follow me. Now”
>”Uh… How’s he supposed to follow?”
>Rolling your eyes you flick out your knife, slicing the ropes off you the stallion in the chair and removing the gag
“You two pick him up. Follow me and you can all just get out of here now”
>The two conscious ponies briefly look to each other but quickly nod
>After painfully slow progress you manage to lead the ponies to the front door, the wounded one slung around them
>As you open it up you beckon them to leave, but they look around nervously
“There’s ponies out there, but they won’t shoot. Don’t do anything stupid and you’re free to go”
>”Hey. Despite you knocking me and my friend out, then shooting him… then burning him alive. Thank you”
“It alright. But get to a hospital and worry about all this latter”
>Them both hike the unconscious pony on their backs a little more, causing him to groan
“Oh, and uh. Search for some different work in the morning”
>Without another word the two of them silently nod, walking slowly off into the night
>Waiting a couple minutes the disappear from view, heading off on the trail that leads to the road
>Flying as fast as you can you eventually end up on the second level again, swiftly running up the staircase to the storage room
>”Stop! Who’s th- oh. Gar”
>You give him a nervous smile
>”Gar. What the hell? Do you know how critical it is that we get moving?”
“Shade it’s fine, we’ve still got ti-“
>”You’re not getting it are you? I swore I heard that you burned a pony in the basement with magic. Is that true?”
how the fuck did he hear that?
we don't have time for this shade. Let's move.
This, how the fuck.
“How the hell did you hear that?”
>”Gar, the radios are always passively on. I could hear you shooting”
“Well, so what if I did? We don’t have time for this, you said so yourself”
>You take a step forward but he places a hoof on your chest
>”Gar, if you could use magic that means morning is coming. You’re starting to gain more unicorn qualities”
“So what?”
>”So that means that you’ll begin to lose your bat qualities as time goes on!”
>He gives you a confused look, one that signals ‘are you fucking serious?’
>”That means no wings for fly, no night vision, no echolocation. You’ll be lost in the fucking dark if we get separated!”
“… Oh”
>”Yeah, oh. Now before you start to lose your bat features we need to move”
>Slowly Shade begins to walk through the hidden doorway, up a flight of spiral stairs
>You two go round and round for what seems like ever, but Shade insist that you don’t fly in case of ambush
>Finally, panting, you reach the top, standing on a landing before another door
>Creeping through it you come out on another level, while although similar to the second floor is much more decorated with art, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
>Shade and you keep an eye out, slowly wandering down the hallway in the darkness
>But as time goes on, things seem to be getting more dark than usual, almost like your vision is slowly degrading
>Reaching a corner Shade hunkers down, flagging you over
>”Peak around this and tell me what you see, I’ll watch our back”
>Doing as he says you poke your little snout around, eyeing up the situation
>About 20 yards away at the end of the hallways stands an impressive set of carved double doors, a large painted portrait of a pony hanging above them
>But what grabs your attention even more so are the two stallions sitting on either side of it, rifles in their arms
>The unicorn off to the left seems to be snoring away, the pegasus opposite of him scuffing a hoof on the ground, lazily looking at the floor
Two guards, one asleep.
There is a pegasus and a unicorn guarding the door shade.
>Ducking your head back around the corner you tap Shade on the shoulder, getting him to look up
“There’s two guard, a pegasus and a unicorn. Unicorn is asleep”
>”Any weapons?”
“Uh, two rifles? I don’t know much about guns”
>”Rifles huh?”
>He rubs his chin a bit in thought
>”Any cover along the way?”
“Um, a couple podiums I think”
>”Ok here’s the plan. We charge down that hallway, both of us sticking to a wall. You run in there, you run in there hard to close the gap so their rifles loose effectiveness. If it’s at all possible we can take them out before they fire because as soon as one of their guns go off whoever’s in that bedroom is going to know we’re coming. Got it?”
“Y-yeah, I think”
>”Ok. You take the left wall.. One, two… three!”
>Scrambling up Shade’s already in the hallway by the time you turn the corner, charging towards them
>You sprint towards them as well, raising your gun
>Only when you two close the distance by half does the pegasus look up, snapping into reality
>He raises his rifle at first but cracking fills your ears, the stallion slumping over on the ground
>Out of the corner of your eye Shade is perched behind the podium firing way
>Open the first guard falling to the floor the other snaps out of his sleep, ducking as a bullet impacts the wall behind him
>You start popping off rounds, watching as the graze on by him or impact the floor
>How the fuck does Shade make it look so easy?
>Half a second later the guard clutches his stomach, both you and Shade continuing to fire
>But then you practically go blind, your ears ringing as a huge flash bursts from his weapon
>It impacts somewhere way behind both of you but as he drops dead from another few shots the damage is done
>Making it to the end of the hallway Shade quickly blasts both of them in the head, dropping his magazine and reloading as you take a cue and reload as well
>”Gar, look at me. They know we’re about to come in, that rifle made sure of it. You don’t stop shooting until every living thing in that room is dead, you understand?”
“I understand”
>Shade doesn’t even warn you as he turns and kicks open the doors, the wood splintering as they fly open
>Immediately you both rush into the elegant bedroom, a huge bed at the far wall surrounded by various furniture all around within
>Oh and the pony shooting at you two
>Ducking behind a couch you watch Shade take cover as well, popping off a few shots before a bullet ricocheting by causes him to duck
>He points a hoof which you follow
>A second pony flees out of the room off to your side, sprinting through a side door
>”Stop them Gar!”
>After he shouts the command to you Shade gets up and continues firing at the shadowy pony across the room
light a fire in front of them so they stop running.
Fuck. Run after them and shoot, then.

And don't pull a big brother and forget that we have wings.
Do we really want to set the house on fire?
The time for stealth is long gone anyways.
Not really about stealth. It's more about not wanting to be in a burning building.
I'm assuming it can easily be taken out though I guess you're right and it's best not to take chances.
I wanted to do something that would give us time to catch up to them and make them slow down.
>Digging your hooves into the carpet you launch off, sprinting across the room as a round goes whizzing by, smashing into the wall behind you
>Paying no mind to the constant blasts and cracks behind you your hooves nearly trip over themselves as your adrenaline fueled body rockets out the door, ending up in another hallway
>Although you only catch glance you witness their outline galloping around a corner a good distance in front of you
>For a brief second you consider sparking a fire in front of them to make them halt, but maybe burning the place down it’s such a good idea, electing a much more conventional tactic
>Jumping off the ground you take to the air, wings flapping as hard as they can
>But as you continue to flap you feel strained, each wing beat feeling more strenuous than the last, each second your body moving slower
>It almost feels like your wings are getting smaller
>Reaching the corner you land, partially exhausted but nonetheless making up for precious lost time
>Jumping around you raise your gun, the clipping of hooves filling your ears
>But it the growing darkness you can only barely make out their outline, squinting as you eye them
>Even with your failing night vision it’s enough, your gun raised for the shot
>Clicking your hoof against the trigger you fire until the slide locks back, the echoes of the shots dissipating as you stand there
>You could have sworn you heard a scream
>Dropping the mag you insert another, smacking the slide forward again as you cautiously walk into the blackness
>After a few yards you spot something on the fine blue carpet before you
>Looking further on you see a trail of blood trailing down the hallway
>Cautiously following it you turn another corner after a few second, but another few steps and the trail cuts off
>Leading right to a door
Let's confirm the kill and see if that's the bell pony.
open the door but dont stand in the doorway, expect the person inside to shoot at the door as soon as it opens.
>Placing a hoof gently on the door knob you stand up on your hind hooves, moving out of the doorway and against the hallway wall
>Checking your pistol one last time you take a deep breath, holding in it for a brief moment before exhaling
>Time to end this
>Twisting the knob the door is thrown open, your hoof shooting back out of the doorframe and to your gun
>As you stand there weapon at the ready, no bullets come cracking out from the room as you expected
>Waiting another minute you finally decide to peek your head into the door, gun barely rounding the frame with it
>You don’t find the crime lord that Shade described inside, instead you find something much different
>A mare clutches her leg with a hoof, blood trickling out from around it as she takes shallow breaths, her chest heaving
>Her other hoof raises up into the air slightly in surrender, her wide, teary eyes gazing at you with the unmistakable look of primal terror
Fuck, I dunno if we can do this. She may be screwing him, but she's no drug lord.
check cutie mark.
when shade said dont stop shooting until everyone is dead, i imagine that was a 'dont hesitate and get us killed' thing. That doesn't really apply anymore, she doesnt seem to be a threat.

make sure she's unarmed and then ask who she is.
Where is him?
Answer me
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>Were ids him XDDDDD
>Finnfag returns
The drug lord is a stallion, no need.

If there were only two ponies in the room, and this one is the mare, that means the one Shade's shooting at is the drug baron. Let's help Shade finish him off and then return to the mare if we're able.
Pausing for tonight
I just wanted to make sure they don't have some kind of transformation spell like we do.
Kill her, she saw your face.
Do it
I agree with this one.

Shade must have gotten his mark by now and since we can't see as well anymore, going back to Shade would probably be a bad idea.
we should eat more carrots
should we also ask for her name and give a light threat?
>you ever date a drug lord again and I'll hit you, or something
could ask shade on his opinion on the matter.
if he has something to say he'll say it. Radios always on remember?
>Borderline retarded CYOA filled with autistic batfags and shitty memes
n-no u
if she had a mango cutie mark what do you think we should do?
Eat her out
>Keeping your gun trained on your you crane your neck over and get a glimpse of her cutie mark
>It appears to be a coffee mug or some other type of cup. Definitely not similar to the drug lord’s
“You armed?”
>She continues to stare at you, lips quivering
“I said, are you armed?”
>Her hoof raises up slightly off her leg to show you, a bit more blood streaming out of the wound which she quickly grabs again, cringing
“Well what’s your name?”
>”It’s G-glaze”
“Alright. Well Glaze, you need to tell me where the drug lord is?”
“Don’t act stupid. The stallion who owns this mansion”
>”He’s still in the bedroom….”
>Taking a moment to listen to the radio you just hear a bit of rustling, the gunfire all but stopped
>Guess Shade’s go it taken care of
“Hey Shade, you good back there?”
>”Yeah, sorry! But everything’s fine back here, he’s been taken out”
>Upon hearing that the mares gasps a bit, her body tensing up
>”How are you holding up?”
“I’m alright. I caught up to that pony”
>”And? Did you take them out?”
they're not the primary target so you see no need to exterminate them.
Why? What did she do?
How the hell did she hear the radio that's in our ear and tuned to the frequency of echolocation?
pretty sure he was joking about the echolocation
They're out of the way.
“They’re… out of the way”
>”So you killed them, right?”
“Uh, I shot them. But I’ve got them at gun point now”
>”Well take care of them and get back here, we’ve got to get moving”
“Shade it’s just a mare, she’s not the primary target”
>”Yeah well I’ve had to blast mares before too”
“Dude! She didn’t do anything, I don’t see why you want me to shoot them”
>”It’s already bad enough that you let those other guys go. More witnesses is more trouble Gar”
“Well I don’t think she’s going to give us any trouble”
>There’s a pause over the radio, the sound of something being dragged for a few seconds
>”Look, I’m not in the witness taking business, and I’m telling you that it only leads to bad news. But it’s your call, just hurry up and get back here”
>The mare continues to peer at you with teary eyes, her breath being held
>”L-look sir, I didn’t do anything, honest! I don’t even know what’s going on”
That unfortunately doesn't matter. But I have an easy way to solve this. Tell me your full name and where you live. If I think you're lying I'll shoot you.

After that just promise that you didn't see anything and it happened too fast. You were were left for dead. Understand?
And that's what you'll tell the police, if they ask, got it?
>You sigh, shaking your head a bit
>Deep down you really want to trust her, but if they were in a relationship she might try to get back at you somehow
“Well… that’s what you’re going to tell the police when they ask, got it?”
“You tell them that you don’t know what happened, everything just happened too fast and you were left for dead”
>”I, s-sure, if that’s what you want me to say”
“And where do you live?”
>”I don’t really see what tha-“
“Tell me.”
>”I live back in Baltimare, ok? 39 Velvet road, I promise”
>You continue to examine her as she stares back, looking a little more relaxed know that you aren’t threatening her so much anymore
>After a little observation, you figure that she’s telling the truth
>“Why do you ask? You’re not… not gonna come back for me are you?”
“Only if you decide to make something of it. But I’m going to leave you now. Remember what I told you?”
>”That I don’t know anything?”
“Good. Just stay here until the police arrive, ok?”
>She gently nods, going back to cringing at her wound
>Backing away slowly you eventually turn and trot down the hallway, trying to find your way back
>As the minutes go by you can definitely tell that your night vision is getting worse, at this rate you might not be able to see in the pitch dark soon
>But after a bit more traveling you make your way back into the bedroom, spying Shade messing with the lock to safe
“Dude what are doing? You said that we had to hurry up”
>”Patience Gar, patience. I’ almost into this”
“Forget about the money, my bat abilities are going away”
>”Hang on, we’re going to make this look like a botched robbery, at least give the police a false narrative”
>Leaving him to his work you survey the rest of the room
>Multiple shell casings are scattered on the floor, and you’re able to spy a bullet hole or two in random places
>Shifting your gaze you spot the body in the corner of the room, flopped over on its back looking up at the ceiling
>Looks like Shade put a few shots into his chest
>Snapping back to Shade you find him glaring into the now open safe with huge eyes, and you can’t blame him
>Piles of riches are within, from stacks of bits, to gold and silver bars, precious stones, jewelry, and plenty of other antiques and valuable trinkets
>Taking a minute to snap out of his awed state Shade eventually reaches a hoof in, pulling out a rather large jewel
>”Geez… Go ahead and help yourself if you want anything Gar, but make it quick”
>As he says that he drops the glistening stone into his bag, stepping away from the vault
I don't think we would be able to sell the silver or gold bars. Or the jewels and stones. Ponies will ask where they came from.
We could take some bits though.
Snatch bits, small gems, jewelry, and watches. Big stuff will be impossible to sell off.

Don't spend more than a few seconds skimming off the top.
Take exactly one gold bar.
Don't bother with the bars. Bits are best, jewelry's okay, gems are iffy

Also see if there's a katana we could nab.
Shade would have already snatched that shit up
Maybe snag something we can give to Ast a few years down the line.
>As your partner backs out of the way you walk up to the safe, which is just a bit higher than yourself
>Your eyes scan the many riches, wondering how just one safe could hold so much
>There’s got to be at least a hundred thousand bits in here alone
>Reaching forward you grab stacks of the money, thrusting them into your saddle bag with glee
>You’re gonna be rich!
>Cramming another stack into place you stand on the tips of your hooves, checking out the top shelf before going lower
>Although all of those gold and silver bars look kick ass, you know that stuff like that is probably serial numbered and bale to be tracked
>Same thing with larger stuff like medallions and watches, they’re just too unique not to get ponies questioning where you obtained them
>However you do take a moment to snatch some of the smaller gems, including a tin of what looks like assorted rubies, emeralds, and sapphires
>”Come on, come on! No need to be TOO greedy”
>He’s right, you’ve grab plenty enough and time’s ticking by
>Although necklace looks pretty fly
>Snatching up that last bit of look you back away, fawning over your new wealth
>Shade grabs an arm full of the stuff in the safe however, dropping a bit of it on the floor
“What are you doing?”
>”Drop a little here, a little there. Make it seem like we were trying to get more out”
>Soon enough your both cautiously on your way, still keeping an eye out for enemies, but Shade’s men outside reassure him that there’s nothing waiting around from what they can see
>But the time you get back to the second story Shade has taken the lead, your night vision degrading significantly
>Finally approaching the front door Shade opens it slowly dropping a couple more valuables along the outside
>”Alright, they said the coast is clear. Let’s head on out to the cars”
>Sticking close behind him you two trudge your way through the field and into the forest, the chariots starting up as you near
>Gravel crackling under the wheels, they move on out, you slumped into the chair next to Shade, another bat pony driving
>”You know, you did good Gar, damn good”
“Thanks I guess”
>”How’d you feel about the whole thing? I assume you thought it was worth it considering you’ve been starring at all that stuff you stole since the moment we got in the chariot”
>He just doesn't understand, this is more cash than you've ever seen in your life!
>Plus you think you've got Ast's birthday presents covered for the next couple years
Tell Shade that it was just on the car ride here we turned. Maybe his voodoo isn't as foolproof as he thinks?
I don't feel good about it if that's what you're wondering. I'm glad that nothing went terribly wrong and I came out of it ok.
We didn't have to kill anyone this time. That's a plus.
Hey, could you drop me off at my apartment? I don't want to walk home and get stopped by cops with all this stuff on me.
“If you’re asking if I feel good about it, the answer is no”
>”Well why not? Nothing went wrong and you were able to snag some cash, sounds pretty nice to me”
“Because I don’t like hurting ponies Shade. Yeah nothing went terribly wrong, but don’t think for a second that I felt ok with it”
>He looks out the window for a second, tapping a hoof in his lap
>”Hey, at least you didn’t kill anypony this time”
“Yeah… I guess”
>You grow silent as the car crawls along the gravel trail, winding through the rows upon rows of trees
>He looks up for examining his loot
“It’s only been a couple hours since I turned into a bat”
>”Yeah so?”
“I usually don’t start reverting into a unicorn this early”
>He gives you a perplexed look, peering down at the floor silently
>”Huh, that’s weird… Maybe it’s just a fluke you know? Sometimes the times that you’re a bit can fluctuate slightly”
“Well this is wearing off a good hour before it usually does”
>”Look, I wouldn’t worry about it ok? Like I said, it can fluctuate”
>He doesn’t sound too convinced in himself
>Before you can retort your body jerks forward, the chariot lurching to a halt
>The driver and passenger are yelling and gesturing, one of them pulling out his gun
>Looking over Shade’s hoof is already sticking out the window, aiming his weapon at ponies in the road, caught in the headlights
>”Get out of the road, now!”
>Although it’s hard to see from your position it appears as though one of the ponies is dragging another off to the side
>However one approaches the chariot, a hoof up in surrender
>Although Shade yells at him to stop he walks right up to the door, despite a pistol being pointed directly in his face
>It’s the stallion that you tied to the chair
>”Please, we don’t want any trouble, but we need a ride to a hospital or something”
>”We can do nothing for you, now back up and get out of the road”
>His mouth opens in protest, but then you see his eyes fall upon you, a relieved expression crawling onto his face
>”H-hey you!”
>His hoof raises up, pointing right at you, Shade looking like he almost pulled the trigger in response
>”The colt you shot, he’s dying! Please tell them to give us a lift, we just need to get near a hospital! Please!”
>Shade turns and gives you a scowl, his unpleased look quite obvious
>”Please, we won’t give you trouble... Just talk to them”
just the colt gets a ride and he'll be blindfolded.
If they really want to come we can just put them in the back of our trunk. At least one of them.
Shade? Please?
We should our balls on his face to blindfold him.
Big sweaty bat balls are not blindfolds anon
Shade needs to stop being such a fucking edgelord.
But then he can't properly emulate his animes, Anon.
We can take him, you'll have to catch up on hoof. sorry but he's less conscious than you and we got to look out for our men. We'll drop him off at the door to the ER.
>Your eyes shift from the begging pony to Shade who still holds the gun directly in his face
“Shade. Please”
>He doesn’t respond, just looking back and glaring at the pony outside his window
>”Just the kid”
>The stallion’s face perks up, relieved eyes peering back to Shade
>”And make it quick. We’ll drop him off at the first hospital we come to”
>”But who’s going to carry him to the door?”
>”He will”
>Shade points to you without looking back
>”Well stop a short distance away, and he’ll take him to the door. Promise”
>He gives you another nervous look
“Sorry, but we’ve got to look out for ourselves too. You’ll have to catch up on hoof”
>”I understand…”
>Turning her flags the other pony over, carrying their fallen friend to the side of your door which opens
>Carefully pulling him inside her lays across yours and Shade’s laps, the young stallion’s head resting on you
>The driver looks back, speaking up in an annoyed tone
>”Is he ready to go?”
“Yeah, he’s good. Let’s get on out of here”
>The chariot lurches immediately, tires spinning without another word
>In the back window you can see the other two ponies just starring on, getting further into the dark distance before disappearing
>”Tell the lead car to head on back to the warehouse. We’ve got some baggage to take care of”
>”Got it”
>After a little while the chariot turns back onto a real road, heading back towards the city
>But you can’t really pay attention as the knocked out pony’s head lays in your lap, the stallion wheezing every few minutes
>”I can’t believe we’re actually doing this…”
>Shifting your gaze you find Shade just glaring out the window, a pissed air about him
we just need to drop him off at the hospital and it'll be over.
let's leave our money in the car and we can pick it up later.
we're going to say we heard a shot and when we looked we saw this pony on the ground. must have been a mugging. Then we leave.

don't want the hospital to report a chariot driving off at high speed.
Yeah, let's make sure Shade and us leave separately.
He's just a kid Shade. If I could change so could he, he deserves that chance.
>He doesn’t respond
“Shade, he’s just a kid. Doesn’t look a day out of high school”
>”And? He would have tried to kill us just the same”
“… Remember how you said that you could feel my scale tipping, that I was becoming a good pony?”
>He just continues to look out the window, the city lights beginning to appear over the horizon
“Well if I can change, he can change. And he deserves that chance”
>He continues to remain stotic, the only motion being the pony’s hind hooves gently twitching every so often
>But then he lets out a sigh, orange eyes shifting their gaze to you
>”I’m still not happy about all this. But maybe you’re right, maybe the colt dose deserve a chance”
>He shifts his view to the wounded stallion’s face, eyes not so filled with annoyance anymore
>The remaining ride into the city is quiet enough, the labored breathing of the pony in your lap the only noise in the chariot
>Getting off the highway your vehicle goes a few blocks inside the concrete jungle, twisting down various roads
>”We’re coming up on a hospital now, only 3 blocks ahead”
>The fur on your belly tickles as the pony coughs a couple times, sucking in air
“Hang on kid, you’ll be alright”
>”Alright, pull into this alley here, now”
>Immediately the chariot swifts and trails down an alleyway, coming to a stop a good distance in
“So what’s the plan, me and you carr-“
>”No, you carry. I stay here”
>”You’re still disguised, but I can’t go waltzing up into a hospital. Can’t risk my face being on a video recording”
“So then what? I just take him in the ER and drop him off?”
>”Yeah, come up with a quick backstory and casually walk out as they get him. Come back here and we’ll drive on out”
>Opening our door you step out, Shade trotting around and helping get the pony onto your back
>A minute later and you set off down the sidewalk, heading for the hospital
>Although it’s a short walk plenty of passersbys gasp as you go on by, several offering to help
>But you decline, you’re almost there anyway
>Walking up to the door of the ER it slides upon, lobby music filling your ears
>A row of ponies with various injuries sits against the wall
>”Oh god!”
>A nurse quickly trots from behind the desk to your side
>”Somepony get a stretcher, now!”
>She moves to your side, examining your passenger
>”Sir, what happened? We need to know!”
Just say we think he was mugged.
I think he was mugged. I don't know him.
mugged, shot several times. looked like a low caliber weapon. I left the oven on though, so... see ya.
He was mugged, and he was bleeding out. I panicked and tried to close the wound with fire, but I don't know if it helped.
I found him on the ground, I don't know what happened.
I think he was shot, probably mugged.
As soon as he's put on the stretcher we run out of here.
Not run, casual walk
"My mango sense is tingling! My people need me"
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How exciting. Let's leave when no one is looking at us. Or at least when we think no one is looking at us.
so what should we buy with all our money?
a single bumper car
It's been a long night.
“I think he was mugged or something, I just found him this way”
>”Do you know him?”
“No, like I said I just found him like this. I think he was shot a couple of times”
>”W-well just hold him there. Hurry up with that stretcher!”
>You patiently wait, your back starting to shake a little from the weight on top of it
>But a pair of double doors swing upon, a couple of ponies in scrubs rushing out alongside a wheeled stretcher, making a byline towards you
>One of them comes up beside you, placing a hoof on the stallion
>”Sir, we just need you to gently lower yourself, and help us nudge him onto this. Ok?”
“You got it”
>Following his directions you bend down, the nurses placing him onto it
>The heavy weight removed from your back up stretch a bit, watching as they secure him onto it
>Might be a good time to walk out
>Casually backing up you begin to make for the doorway, beginning to turn around
>But the mare’s voice calls out to you again
>”Oh sir, please take a seat over there. The police will be here soon to get your story”
I have places to be. Just tell them what I told you. I found him in an alley to the south. Walk a little quicker.
Tell her that you are just heading outside real quick for a quick cigarette to calm your nerves and you will be right back
“Uh, well actually I-“
>”Sir it won’t take long we promise, but it’s mandatory. They’ll just get all of your contact details and ask you some questions”
“Well… that sounds alright to me. But do you mind if I step out for a sec?”
“Yeah, I know that you’re not allowed to smoke in here, but I really need to light a cig. It’s… been a stressful night”
>”Oh sure, but please don’t do it near the door, don’t want that smoke hanging around as ponies come in”
“Oh trust me, that won’t be a problem”
>Stepping as casually as possible outside you move a little ways from the door fumbling around as if looking for a lighter or something
>Leaning up against the wall you watch as another pony gets rushed in through the entrance, another pony trialing in after them
>And after that, the coast looks clear
>Taking a look over your shoulder one last time to trot off into the night
>Walking as fast as you can without seeming suspicious you eventually turn back into the alleyway, the chariot still there
>Opening the door you get inside, sliding back next to Shade
>”You drop him off?”
“Yeah. He’ll be fine”
>”Good. Anyway, morning is approaching fast, it’s almost 5 AM. You want us to just take you home?”
“If it’s not too much trouble”
>Shade obliges, the chariot backing out of the alley and back onto the road, driving off for home
>Although it’s a relatively short ride you can feel yourself becoming less and less bat like by the minute
>Your night vision has all but disappeared, wings shrinking into little nubs
>Your horn is almost fully restored as well
>Pulling onto your street the chariot glides up to the apartment complex, parking
>”Well, guess that’s that. You did good tonight Gar but stay sharp”
“Will do”
>”And uh… You want a hoodie or something to cover up those wing nubs and ear tufts?”
At the rate it's been going I almost figure I'd be a unicorn again by now.
I think we can chance it since no one should be up at this time or at least not want to talk or look at us.
Hoodie's probably more suspicious than some ear fuzz.
we can wear it to cover the wings and just keep the hood down. then we just look like unicorn gar.
You have a hoodie just lying around? Way to challenge stereotypes, Shade.
“You just have a hoodie just lying around? Way to challenge stereotypes, Shade”
>”I’ll have you know that it was a gift from my grandmother. Now do you want it or not?”
“Eh, I’ll be fine. I’m almost a unicorn by now, plus I think trotting in with my hood up is a little more suspicious than a bit of ear fuzz”
>”Suit yourself. Just stay out of trouble, ok?”
“Shade, come on. This is Gar Iceon we’re talking about”
>”Yeah, I know…”
>As you open the chariot door and step out Shade hands you off your saddle bags, heavy with the loot contained within
>Bidding him goodnight the chariot slowly pulls away, driving off into the night
>Moving inside you find the desk employee snoring away, newspaper across their chest as they sleep propped back in the chair
>Walking on by you get to the stair well and move up, pulling out your key as you enter your hallway
>Unlocking the door you move inside in a swift motion, shutting and locking it behind you
>Damn it feels good to be home
How long do we have until work?
Put our money in the safe. Now go to bed and get some sleep. Set your alarm
nap time.
>Walking further into the dark home you flick on a lamp, looking over at the clock ticking away
>It’s 5:12 AM, about three hours until you have to get up for work
>Guess you’ll be crawling into bed, should get at least a little sleep before work
>Turning off the light you yawn, sleepily walking into your bedroom
>Taking a moment to twist the dial around on the safe you crank it open, pouring your loot onto the floor before it
>Man, you really hit the freaking jackpot. You’ll have to count it all tomorrow
>Placing the stacks of cash snugly inside you finish by gently storing the gems and jewelry next to it, closing the steel door and spinning the lock
>At this rate you’ll need a bigger safe
>Slugging your way into bed you crawl up under the blanket, sighing contently as you lay your head on the pillow
>Setting the alarm, your eyes happily shut, begging for rest
>An incessant beeping fills your ears
>Is it really morning already? It feels like you just shut your eyes
>Without looking you throw your hoof at the nightstand, slamming the alarm which suddenly ceases
>Groaning you crack open your eyes, sitting up a little in bed
>However you don’t roll out of bed just yet, as you feel a tiny bit of weight on your chest
>Looking down you discover the breezies curled up on your tuft, sleeping away
Magic them off of our floof and tuck them in.
Then go heavy on the coffee.
d'aww. look at the little cuties. Let's make some breakfast. Also we're going out tonight AGAIN. We need to have food out for them.
>TFW can't keep breezies
Thank god.
>But you’ve got to get the day started
>Powering up your horn you encompass them in magic, hoisting them into the air before gently placing them onto the bed by your side
>Wriggling out of the blankets you place your hooves on the floor, turning to carefully placing the edge of the blanket over the breezies to tuck them in, their little heads poking out with tiny smiles
>If you were a mare or gay you’d be dawwwing over this
>Trotting on out you head straight for the kitchen, getting the coffee going immediately
>Going to need plenty of it. You already feel fatigued
>While the coffee was being brewed you decided to take a shower
>It’s been a couple of days since your last one, and you cannot afford to be a stinky pony on the job
>Casually tossing the towel onto the floor you stretch your legs and back, popping a few joints before checking to see if your drink is ready
>In addition to the coffee being done, you spot Kessy and Stagle waiting for you on the kitchen table
>”Gar! You’re back!”
“Yeah, I’m back alright”
>”We woke up in the middle of the night and you were just in bed, and you looked a little cold so we figured that we’d snuggle up on you”
“You sure that you weren’t the ones who were cold?”
>Pouring yourself a large cup, you pull a chair back and sit down, taking a refreshing sip
>”So uh, a pony called and left a message last night. Said he’d stop by tonight”
Name of hyposome?
Dammit. Check the message. pretty sure it's rocker. Call rocker and leave a message that you have a plan tonight. Remember that marefriend you mentioned? Well you have to go out and meet her parents.
thought Ast said that her parents didn't have a day set up for us to visit yet?
>tfw no breezie secretaries
>“Oh trust me I’m looking forward to it. Is there a certain time they wanted to do this?”
>”I’ll give them a call and ask tonight, tell you what they say tomorrow”
She had to ask them after work, I don't think it's tonight
Well that was yesterday and they wanted to meet us as soon as possible so I assumed that to mean today ast would say "yeah we can go out tonight after work."
I'm probably just jumping the gun you're right.
“Name of Hypostome?”
>”No, I think he said Rocker. But he said that he’d take you up on your offer to hang out here”
>Well, you wouldn’t have a problem with that, except you’re not sure if Ast wants you to meet her parents tonight
>But then again she doesn’t know what day they want to over, and you can always call him if you have to cancel
“Thanks for letting me know. You two are pretty good secretaries if I must say so myself”
>”Really? I mean, we try our best. Want us to do your taxes?”
“Uh… I think I’ll hold off on that”
>After gulping down a few cups of coffee you bid the breezies farewell, heading off to the store
>It’s somewhat of a cool morning out, a few pedestrians sporting light jackets, but most go bare bodied such as yourself
>Arriving at the store a few minutes ahead of opening you see Ast’s bright and smiling face at the counter, making a byline for that beautiful mare
>But a stallion’s face soon fills your vision
>”Gar, do you have a minute?”
“Sure boss, what’s up?”
>”Just follow me back to my office”
>This, doesn’t sound good
>Doing as he says you trot along behind him, entering his office before he shuts the door behind both of you
>Soon he takes his seat, giving you an odd look for a second as he stares
>”So… How have things been going?”
“Uh, everything’s fine boss, no complaints here”
>”Good, good…"
>He continues to stare at you with neutral, unnerving eyes, the only sound in the room is the clicking of the small fan on the ceiling
"Tell me Gar, do you have a brother?”
“Well I have an older brother but he-“
>”Is your brother a bat pony?”
No, he's a pegasus. Why?
Uh, no. It'd be news to me if I did.
Where'd this question come from?
Are you implying my dad is a cuck? you little shit
pretty sure our boss could kick our ass
Nope, pegasus. Less handsome version of me really. Odd choice in hair too.
Hey, I'll have you know that his hair's rock solid.
“Uh, well that’d be news to me because he’s a pegasus”
>”A pegasus?”
“W-well genetics can be a weird thing you know, b-but I swear that my genes are 100 percent unicorn! And my pare-“
>”So, he’s definitely not a bat pony?”
“Nope, straight pegasus. Kind of less handsome version of me to be honest, his hair cut is a bit weird. But why do you ask?”
>”Well I just wanted to make sure that your parents didn’t raise a bat pony or-“
“Are you calling my dad a cuck? Why yo-“
>”Calm down Gar, I know that just because you have odd preferences doesn’t mean that your father shares the same outlook”
>”Anyway, I’m trying to get to the point. You remember that break in that we had?”
>”Remember how I said the bat pony was a bit peculiar? Had white fur?”
“I uh, think I recall you saying that”
>”Well the police stopped by the store before we opened up, said they think they found our suspect again”
“Well that’s great! Right?”
>”Maybe. But they showed me some footage of the guy, he was hanging outside of a hospital. They think he might have shot a pony because he ran after dropping him off”
“Oh. Well I hope they get him”
“As do I. But would you mind taking a look at this picture?”
>He pulls out a paper, sliding it towards you on the desk
>There you are clear as day in bat form loitering outside the hospital
>”He’s strange bat indeed. With this better footage from the hospital you can see his white fur, the yellow mane…. the flame cutie mark”
>”You recognize this pony Gar? Because I don’t want to point any hooves, but he looks a little similar to one of my employees. Are you sure that you don’t have any bat pony relatives? Maybe a cousin, an uncle... anypony?”
I don't know what to tell you, boss.
maybe the cutie mark is just painted on with make up?
I'm sure I don't have any bat pony relatives.
If i have one I've never been told about him. Hell, If i had one i'd beat him upside the head for robbing my store of all places.
I... got nothing.
I mean, he looks like, but y'know, a bat.
I don't know anyone like that.
Have we thrown those dank buds out of our apartment yet? We might want to before we get investigated by the police.
Also all the jewelry in our safe.
but... we just got rich
Yeah, but it places us at the crime scene.
we're rich enough to get a safety deposit box and they're much harder to 'oops, door was open and we thought we smelled something/heard something' search.
We should store our loot in Nightlights mango vault.
How would this story have gone if Shade had targeted Rocker instead of Gar?
“I… don’t know what to tell you boss. I honestly don’t know of any bat pony relatives, and even if I did I’d kick their ass for breaking into my place of work”
>”And you’re a hundred percent sure of this?”
>You pick up the photo again, pretending to closely examine it
“I mean, he certainly looks like he has a resemblance, you know, but a bat… I don’t know anypony like that”
>You boss leans back in his chair, scratching his chin in contemplation
“Are the police sure that he didn’t just paint on a fake cutie mark or something?”
>”It’s a possibility I suppose. But if you say that you know nothing, then get on out of here. Sorry to bother you”
“It’s not a problem boss, I’m glad I could help clear that up”
>”Well keep an eye out around town, our guy is just one of hundreds of sleazy ponies in this town”
“Will do boss. Thanks for understanding”
>Standing up you walk to the door, opening it up and exiting the office
Pausing here
Now, that's a story for another time

We definitely need to lay low for a while. It wouldn't surprise me if the cops are still going to talk to us, and possibly Ast or Nightlight as well.
I don't really think this is something I can react to other then saying ."alright. It's time to get to work.

what's our brother doing right now?
Said he was heading to Canterlot to fight a sake or something with a group of ponies. Sometimes you suspect he's on drugs
Who's more stupid? Us or our brother?
Might be a better question for our parents
wait for our stars to go down
we own no stars
>you're both very special boys in your own way
File: 1446884482759.png (288 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You boys do realize that you're reading a phone book?
>"DIMMER, Light G. 240 Atlantic Avenue, 623-9128"
>Just one more, then it's bed time
>Oh! Do one from the business section!
>"If you're a good little colt at the party tomorrow, I'll read you the local ads!"
Continuing to show everyone that this CYOA is filled with autists.
Let's find ast and see what she has to say about her parents meeting.
>I told my dad we kissed. He says you're a dead pony
>"Yes hello police? I shot that pony and I robbed ponemart please talk me to jail right now."
looks like helping that pony was a bad move on out part.
>Well, guess the boss is onto you
>And the police too
>Might be time to make sure that there’s nothing in the apartment that could lead to you getting evicted
>Maybe you could rent a safety deposit box to keep all the stolen gems and jewelry in? Anything to get them out of the house
>The breezies will have to be told not to open up for officers, and to hide if they ever come over
>… Did you forget to throw those dank budz out that you bought the other week?
>As you try to make a mental checklist of things that need to be done you don’t even notice the small mare approaching you
>”Hey Gar!”
“Oh! H-hey Ast?”
>”What’d the boss want you for? He didn’t look pleased…”
He wanted to know if I had a brother that was a bat. I told him no.
They found more footage of the pony who broke into the store. Apparently it's a batpony who looks like me. Like a lot like me.
We need to make sure the Breezies open the door for police officers. We can get them to say we were home on the day of the drug raid.
I agree. If we get the evidence out of our apartment, I'd much rather get the misdemeanor of keeping breezies over anything else.
>Sir, you do realize that trafficking endangered species is an automatic felony, right?
Then it's a good thing we're not trafficking.

That white imposter bat that looks like me is stirring up trouble again.
So the police looked up the security footage of the hospital, linked it with the store robbery a week or so ago AND got this information to our boss before we got to work?

Police in Baltimare on on fucking point.
Probably best that we ask Shade for advice.
To be fair how many white furred blonde maned bat ponies could their be?
“My bat pony imposter is starting up trouble again”
“You remember that break in we had? A blonde manned white furred bat pony was responsible”
>”Oh. We what’d the boss want?”
“Apparently the police said that he was hanging around a hospital last night”
>”And, they think he’s you… or something?”
“Well, no. But he looks like me. A LOT like me. So the boss just asked me if I had any bat pony relatives because he looks so similar”
>”OH, well I hope they find this imposter soon. Don’t want him being mistaken for you”
“Yeah, you’re telling me”
>”Such a shame. I know a pony as sweet as you would NEVER do anything illegal”
>She shakes her head and huffs in an annoyed manner
“But moving on from bat ponies, did you call your parents last night?”
>Her eyes light up in an excited manner
>”Yes! I had a chat to them about you”
“And what’d they say?”
>”They said that us visiting tomorrow night would be great! A-and I know it’s short notice, but tomorrow is Friday, so it’s not like we’d have to get up for work in the morning”
Don't think I have anything planned, so that sounds good.
Tomorrow night? That should be fine. We can hang out with rocker tonight then.
>Shade tries to figure out what went wrong with the curse, and why we reverted so early.
>He tries to give it more power.
>Gar turns starts turning into a bat pony in the middle of hanging out with Rocker.
I'm imagining Shade looking intently at a whiteboard with a crude sketch of Gar and an arrow pointing to bat Gar, trying to figure out where things went wrong
When do we have to help Hype with his date again?
“Tomorrow night huh? Well, I don’t think I have anything planned”
>”So you’ll come?”
“Sure! I see no reason why not”
>She closes her eyes, sitting down briefly as her front hooves clap
>Well, looks like she’s really looking forward to this
>After her little squee finishes she opens her eyes again, coughing a bit as she blushes in embarrassment
>”I-I mean, great! We can go back to my apartment after work and head out from there”
“Hey, that sounds like a plan to me. I’m really looking forward to meeting your parents, both of them”
>On the inside all you’re looking forward to is making it out alive
>Freaking earth ponies
>”Well I’m glad you’re so willing to meet them, some stallions are afraid to meet a mares parent’s, you know? especially their father”
>Ast giggles, a hoof to her mouth
>”But I’m sure that they’ll just love you, even daddy!”
You hope so.
I'm actually terrified but yeah, I hope so.
File: Shade is a derp.png (253 KB, 1600x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shade is a derp.png
253 KB, 1600x1500

"I just don't understand. My plan was flawless!"
10 out of fucking 10
>Maybe it needs more bat
“I’m a bit terrified, but yeah, I really hope so”
>”Terrified? Oh don’t be silly Gar, he’ll like you, I can feel it!”
“If you say so…”
>”Hey, don’t worry about it, no need to psych yourself out. Just act like a proper gentlecolt and you’ll be fine”
“I’ll break out my best tie, just for the occasion in that case”
>”See? That’s the spirit!”
>Both of your heads turn as the creaking of the office door sounds, your boss trotting out
>”Well, we should probably get to work. We can talk about this later”
“You bet she can. See you on break!”
>Bending down a bit you give her a quick hug, trotting off into the aisles to do your job
>Patrolling down the produce section, you hear the slipping of hooves coming around the corner
>Stopping, you wait patiently to see who the pony is, only to have a tease of a pegasus fill your vision
“Hey Floral, what’s up?”
>”Oh Shade is such a cutie, you know that right? Look!”
>She turns around, lifting up a hind hoof into the air
>”It’s that just adorable? He painted my hooves for me!”
>Looking at her glossy hoof it's painted with a yellowish polish
>A small mango is present on it
Well that was nice of him.
Though I have to know, what else did you two do last night?
Cool. When did he do it?
Reminder that Shade was legitimately shoved up Floral's ass the entire way she walked home
“Cool! That was very nice of him huh?”
>”I’ll say, it’s so hard to find a stallion these days willing to do that while a mare can just kick back and relax”
“The mango is cute”
>”I know right? He spent like half an hour painting that thing!”
“Well I’m glad you two are getting along so well. Though I must know, what else did you to do last night?”
>”Oh you know, stuff”
“What kind of stuff?”
>”The Floral Special. I give it to all the new stallions”
>Her lips curl into a dangerous grin, eyebrows wiggling a bit
“Floral Special huh? What’s that involve?”
>”Usually a missing pony alert”
>”But trust me, stallions LOVE it… Well, after they stop struggling of course~”
“Y-you know, I think I forgot to do the thing in the aisle so-“
>”Well slow down there honey…”
>As you go to turn away her sleek body darts around you, tail brushing against your chest as she does
>Before you can blink her smug face is right in front of you again
>”Heard you were going to visit Ast’s parents?”
“Yup. Tomorrow”
>”Well lucky for you, you’ve got an amazing friend who likes to get involved in other pony’s business!”
>She strikes a sultry little pose at her comment
>”I gave Ast a call last night and brought up the subject of her parents, see what I could get out of her. Apparently her dad is a massive hoofball fan, forgets about everything if it’s brought up in a conversation”
was a team mentioned? Did he used to play hoofball? Does he have a favorite player?
Nice work Floral. Anything else you could get?
>This sounds like good news. You might be able to whip out something hoofball related if a conversation starts to go south
>”Yup. Said she absolutely loves it”
“Well geez, tell me everything! Does he have a favorite team? A favorite player maybe?”
>”Uh, can’t help you with the player, but she said that he basically worships the Tigers”
“Tigers huh?”
>”Yeah. Apparently they’re a pretty mediocre team, but you know how stallions can get about sports”
“Well did he play hoofball at all?”
>”Yeah, he was part of the defensive line on his college’s team. Ast told me that he was pretty good at it too”
“Nice work Floral! Anything else you could get out of her?”
>”Um… well her mom really likes to dance, and has starred in a couple of musicals before. Other than that, all I could get from her was that she REALLY likes cats”
>Guess that’s where Ast gets it from
“Well I appreciate the info Floral, I really do. Is there any way I can repay you?”
>”Oh trust me, that dream last night was enough~”
>She gives you wink before trotting off to do her job
>Speaking of job, you should probably go do yours
>… After that flustered blush goes away
>Time seems to move by pretty quickly today, ponies moving in and out of the store without incident
>Although you’re relieved that it’s been an easy day, especially with your fatigue, you still kind of wish that you could use this sweet taser
>Moving to the front of the store, you lazily look over to the counter, yawning a bit
>Ast seems to be watching a clock, counting down
>”Four... three… two… One!”
>She immediately rips off her apron
>”Break time!”
Wonder what she's so happy about. Guess she must be really hungry.
I could use a lunch break too.
>Trotting up stealthily you take her side while she carefully folds the uniform
“Well, what might you be so happy about?”
>”If you must know I’m a little hungry”
>Both of you look on curiously as her stomach growls quiet noticeably
>”Uh… heh. So yeah”
“Lucky for you, I think that I’m ready for a lunch brunch too”
>”Great! Let’s go get a bite to eat”
“Anywhere and particular you want to go?”
>”Nah, let’s just walk around until we find something”
>You remove your utility belt in a hurry, throwing it into the cabinet behind the counter with Ast’s apron before locking it
>Not wasting another second in the store you and your marefriend depart in search of sustenance
>Happily trotting down the sidewalks, the search for a proper eater begins
“So, the register been busy today?”
>”Eh, somewhat. Actually seems to be more ponies shopping lately”
“Wonder why that is?”
>”Well we’ve had a lot of sales out of the hardware department lately, a lot of spray paint and wood. I blame those protests personally”
“You even know what’s going on with those things?”
>”I have no idea, but I don’t really care. If they want to go tear up city hall then that’s their problem”
“Well, I-“
>The unmistakable sound of a radio crackling causes your ears to swivel, head soon following
>Across the street are two police stallions, both of them looking at you intently
>One of them seems to be fiddling with his radio as his eyes follow you
Let's just keep going and if they stop us, they stop us.
Nothing else to do other then to keep walking.
Don't suppose we could guide those fine police stallions to where the paper towels are?
Floral may be a sex fiend, but would she cheat on Shade? I mean he painted a mango on her hoof, they're basically married
Didn't she grab Shade from out of the aisle before she even knew he was Shade?
I think she knew it was him, slut probably never forgets the scent of a stallion
File: 1451711724517.png (191 KB, 1000x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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his unicorn form sucked
We're a unicorn. We're fine.
Two people think we can disguise ourselves as a bat already.
But thankfully, most people seem to think that's impossible.

Unfortunately, that one griffoness did see us as a bat.
Who suspects?
So no one then.
File: 1452307872913.png (173 KB, 1600x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173 KB, 1600x1500
It's time for plan B. Gar infiltrates the Alicorn Tetrarchy, gains their trust, fucks them silly, and convinces them to get rid of drugs and make anime real. It's simple.
>Special OC becomes best friends with canon princesses
>Alicorn bat
Pure autism at its finest.
But Anon, the alicorns are dead.
the little Gar doodles are adorable
Let's ask shade when we'll be done with this bat crap. Didn't we only need to kill two dudes?
Did you not pay attention to the diagram?
We aren't even in our final form yet
It looks like a bump is required.
We only have to blow up the warehouse next and we're done.
File: Qt_Gars.png (98 KB, 1600x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 1600x1500

Now with two Gars, one of them can finally embrace Nightlight as the true waifu.
Oh shit, they're multiplying
File: 1443504334524.png (68 KB, 572x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Unfortunately no Urban tonight
File: 1451117513513.jpg (139 KB, 819x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1447377166568.jpg (95 KB, 1429x1003) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1431028433081.jpg (60 KB, 727x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Also requesting Shade edit of >pic related
So I don't recall us ever going to the store and getting the mango shampoo throught the duration of the quest...

So did Gar just have mango shampoo chilling in his bathroom back when he was super anti-bat?
It would seem kind of out of place amongst all the unicorn supremacy stuff he had, and he HAD to know about how bats are obsessed with mangos.
There doesn't seem to be a reason for him to have ever purchased anything like that prior to the quest beginning and Gar's curse making him have a greater appreciation for fruit.

Was Gar secretly a bat-fag in denial all along?
Mango smell good fag
Gar didn't spend more than 5 seconds looking at the shampoo bottle, like most guys.

Thought it smelled good so he bought it.
Probably guaranteed to get mares clinging to him. He didn't read the disclaimer that it only applied to bat mares
Shade judges everyone, but will he ever judge himself?
I don't think that he sleeps very well at night. Or at least I hope that he doesn't.

When you've killed that many ponies, some of whom weren't doing anything wrong besides being in his way, how could you?
Is his life, his cause, or his freedom really worth that much more than everyone he's killed?
bup to page 1
good night bump
Bats don't sleep at night :^)
Bump for Floral being a qt pegasus.
There are many things we need to do.
Like getting the breezies to covertly 'dispose' of our budz?
>This shit is dank as fuck Kessy
dude weed lmao
File: 1451245594235.gif (144 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Well, not much more that you can do besides keep walking
>If they stop you then they stop you, but speeding up your pace is just going to make you look suspicious
>Moving along but keeping them in the corner of their eye you watch as they eventually give you a final look before trotting away
>Eh, you didn’t really have much to fear from the police anyway, you’re a white male unicorn after all
>Continuing on your journey Asy eventually wanders over to a small restaurant, urging you to follow
>After glancing over the menus both of you are presented with meals a short while later, Ast with a salad and you with a large bowl of soup
>As you greedily eat away spoonful by spoonful Ast raises a hoof, munching her mouthful quickly before speaking
>”You’ll love the area my parents live, it’s got some nice scenery. Lots of cliffs, forest, even a lake!”
“Really? It’s not too far away is it?”
>”Oh no, not really. Maybe like a three hour drive inland, nothing too far”
“Well that sounds lovel-“
>You pause as you notice your soup rippling
>Bending down you examine the bowl, your snout mere centimeters away
>Another ripple rocks the soup, followed by another, and another
>Soon the spoon is shaking as well, making a soft clanging noise
>What the hell is this?
>Then the noise reaches you ears
>Looking up suddenly you peer through the diner’s glass storefront, several bats coming into view
>But those bats are followed by bats, which are in turn followed by bats
>Soon the entire street seems to be one long stream of bat ponies, marching along like a parade
>”Bat lives matter! Bar lives matter! Bat lives matter!”
>You nearly hold your ears to drown out the incessant chants of social justice
>”Hm. Wonder what that’s all about?”
I guess they're trying to say that bat lives matter. They might be part of that city hall thing that's happening since they're heading in that direction.
Leave. We need to leave. One thing can set of the bats into an aggressive horde and despite how awesome we are, we can't take all of them. We must flee for Ast's safety.
Don't pay them any mind, they'll go away soon
>Your first reaction is to dive across the table and grab Ast, leading her away to safety
>With these bats you know that they’re only one incredibly minor perceived injustice away from turning into a rampaging hoard
>But after the initial shock of seeing so many bat ponies you force yourself to calm down, repressing the urge to flee
“Oh. Well, I guess they’re trying to that bat lives matter”
>”Well duh. But shouldn’t they say that all lives matter?”
“For the love of god don’t tell them that”
>”Huh? Why?”
“Never mind. But it looks like they’re marching off towards town hall, probably off to join the protest there. But don’t pay them any mind, they’ll go away soon”
>Sure enough not a minute later the march petters outs, the last few bats trotting on by
>”You know Gar, I’m proud of you. Not even a week ago you would have ran away or hid under the table seeing something like that”
>Leaning forward she gives you a quick peck on the cheek across the table
>"It still surprises me that you've changed so much"
I've learned a lot Ast. Like how tasty a mango is.
“Hey, I’ve learned a lot Ast”
>”Really now? Tell me, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far?”
>Well, you have learned that not all bats are bad ponies, and some can be really good friends
>Also that hating ponies for their race leads to nothing but misery
“Mangoes are pretty tasty”
>She gives you a playfully disappointed look, placing her hooves at her sides in mockery
>”Gar, you really are something else, aren’t you?”
“I try Ast, I try”
>Paying for your lunches after finishing up you and her complete the day at work, going about your jobs
>Even though the boss seemed suspicious to you just this morning he didn’t seem to be holding anything against you throughout the rest of the shift, even coming out to tell you that not a single product has been stolen from the store the past couple of days
>You always knew you were made to keep certain ponies in line
>As the shift ended Ast and Floral bid you farewell, Floral taking to the sky and Ast trotting off for home, no doubt to feed that malicious fur ball she calls a cat
>Opening up your apartment door after the dull walk home you shut it behind you, sighing as you’ve done so many times before
>Another day at work down
>"Gar, message for you!"
>The breezies flutter in, hovering before you in little business suits
"What the... where did you get those?"
>"Well, as your new secretaries, we hold ourselves to dress professionally for professional work"
"But that doesn't explain wh-"
>Kessy hold a hoof up to silence you as she hovers, flipping upon a note book
>"At 6:02 PM a Mr. Rocker called and left a brief message that he would be visiting your place of residence soon, his stated business being to "'hang out' with one Mr. Iceon"
Well thank you, Miss Kessy. Seems to be in order.

While we're thinking about it, might want to get rid of the dank budz. Dumpster should do.
What handy little guys. We better put drinks our or something. Maybe call rocker and say we got his message and looking forward to hanging out.
“Well, thank you Miss Kessy. Everything seems to be in order”
>”Hey! I helped too!”
“And you to Mr. Stagle. You were both very helpful today”
>They both light up with excited faces, giggling to each other for a moment before cutting suddenly, their serious faces returning
>”Will that be all for you Mr. Iceon?”
“Should be. I think you two have earned the rest of the night off”
>The quickly buzz off, Stagle loosening his tie as he buzzes along
>Crazy little things
“Well, first thing’s first…”
>Trotting into your bedroom you unlock your safe, hoof reaching past the stacks of bits and stolen gems
>Grabbing the small baggie behind your gun you pull out the dank budz that you’ve been saving, walking out of the room with them
“Sorry guys, but I think it’s time that we moved on from each other”
>Moving I into the kitchen you open up the window, placing your hooves on the counter as you look out of it
>Lightening up your horn you hover the bag outside the window, moving it through the air across the alleyway
>And strait into a dumpster
“Well, that takes care of that”
>Shutting the window you get onto other business
>Opening up the fridge next to you a case of beer catches your eye, which is quickly pulled out
>Can’t have a friend over without offering refreshing beverages
>As you place the box on the table you grip the phone in your magic across the room, bringing it over to you
>Quickly punching in the digits you wait as it rings
“Heeeey, Rocker. It’s Gar”
>”Oh hey. What’s up?”
“Well, I got your message, and I just wanted to let you know I’m back home”
>”Oh great, I was actually just about to leave”
“Good, good. I’m looking forward to seeing you”
>”Same. But I’ve got to get going, see you in a few minutes, ok?”
“Got ya, bye”
>The phone clicks, the conversation over
Well then I guess we just wait. Let's read that foals book.
>Heading back into the living room you plop onto the couch, propping your hooves up on the coffee table
>Guess you’ll just wait for him to get here
>As you lay there relaxing you suddenly remember something
>You forgot to read that foal’s book you rented from the library
>Grabbing your saddle bags across the room with magic you deposit them into your lap, retrieving the book a moment later
>The Filly that Could
>You’ve never finished a book before, but you’re damn well going to complete this one
>”Chapter one: Puppy was lying in her room one day wandering where…”
>20 minutes later you book slides off your lap, falling onto the floor
“…What… the fuck?”
>That… that couldn’t have been a foal’s book, right?
>Pushing the thoughts of what you just read out of your head you sit up, placing the book back in the saddle bag
>At least you finished it?
>Knocking on the door pulls you away from your thoughts and you excitedly run to it
>Unlocking everything the door swings open, a familiar face at the door, brown eyes meeting yours
>”H-hey Gar”
Hello Rocker. Come in and make yourself at home. Wanna drink?
>Little Filly That Could

Gar will probably be leery of books now.
“Hey Rocker! Come on inside, make yourself at home”
>His face brightens up a little, smile not so sheepish anymore
>As he does trotting on by you’re quit to shut the door behind his cropped tail, following him into the living room
“You want a drink or something?”
>”Yeah, yeah that’d be nice”
“Hang on a sec, I’ll go get the case”
>He can’t help but hide his smile as you go and retrieve the case of beer, setting it on the table
>In no time he encompasses a can in his green magic, cracking it open before taking a drink as you go and open up one for yourself as well
>As you lower the can you notice your friend looking around with confused eyes at your walls
>”So, I uh… see you did some decorating”
“Yup. Thought I’d try something new”
>”Seems to be a lot of things missing”
“Well, you know. All those flags and things took up so much room. I figured that a more minimalist approach would do the place some good”
>He places down his beer on the table scooting a little as he turns to you
>”Gar, do you think that you’re maybe g-“
>”Hi there!”
>The tiny voice is soon followed up with familiar breezies zooming over to the couch, excitedly buzzing in front of you and Rocker
>”Are you Rocker?”
>Your friend slowly turns to look at you, a perplexed expression on his face
>”Uh, Gar… I think you need to call an exterminator”
Nah, that's the back up plan. This is stagle. A breezie. He's staying for a bit because he isn't able to go home.
These guys? Nah, they just got lost in the last breezie migration and I'm letting them crash here until they can join the next one.
“On these guys? Nah… That’s the backup plan”
>”Well what the heck is this thing doing here?”
“Well this here is Stagle”
>You point to him, Stagle giving Rocker a smile and wave
“He’s a breezie, and he’s just crashing here for a while”
>”But why?”
“He can’t exactly go home right now, waiting on the next migration wave to move through to rejoin them”
>”And… you’re just letting it stay here?”
“Well, I mean he got lost so it’s not like he had anywhere else to go”
>Rocker’s confused expression doesn’t really change, but his body seems to have tightened up a bit, posture straightening
>”So you’re telling me that just because it was lost you let it in here? Gar do yo- Oh god there’s more”
>Kessy pops out of nowhere, causing Rockr to jump a bit when she appears infront of his face
>”Hey there, I’m Kessy, Gar’s secretary”
>Rocker looks to you and raises an eyebrow
“O-okay she’s not really my secretary but sh-“
>”Gar. We really need to talk.”
>You look at the breezies, waving a hoof to which the buzz away out of the room
>”This is going too far. You need to really come back to reality. First you turn into a bat lover, now you’re opening your home to whatever freaking bugs fly in? What’s next, you marry a zebra?”
You're already in a relationship. Why would you want to marry a zebra? Also what reality would that be rocker? You have a bad memory because I even said that i didn't love bats, I said I didn't hate them anymore. That means I don't care for them. Or were you just not listening?
Do you see me at rally's or telling bats to come into my house whenever they feel like? what's the real problem rocker?
Well that would depend on their personality and stuff. Already in a relationship anyways.
I don't know any Zebras. Rocker, this isn't some phase i'm in where i've got some silly crush on Nightlight, I'm trying to turn my life around. Hell, letting go of all that hate is pretty much the only reason my unicorn girlfriend gave me the time of day.

I don't love all bats, but I certainly give them a chance and these little guys were in a rough spot, they eat a salads worth of food a month and take up less space than a shoebox, it costs me nothing to help them, so why not help?
Up we go.
Probably not marry, but if they were a nice person, I'd hang out with them.

Just because someone's stripy or leathery doesn't mean they're an asshole.
Stop fighting it Rocker, embrace the new point of view, skub your horn up and go say hi to that cute bat mare.
Rocker, what has a Breezie ever done to you or anyone you know? Have you even seen one before?
why rocker? You know anyone that's looking?
>inb4 a breezie killed his father
Big zebra butt
Rocker you crazy
*Laugh track*
Of all the things to be racist against...
did he also forget that we're dating a unicorn?
Come on Res, we need our fix of convincing racists to be batfags by way of glorious ass.
What happened to you rocker? You used to be cool.
I'm still cool!
“Why, you know anypony who’s looking?”
“Come on man, you already know that I’m in a relationship, with a unicorn I might add. But if they were a cool zebra I’d probably be friends with them”
>”See? That’s the problem. They’re almost as bad as bats and you just don’t care”
“Well who cares if they’re stripped, or have fangs, or whatever? If they’re nice than there’s no a problem”
>”There you go talking like a bat lover again, maybe if you weren’t listening yo-“
“No, maybe YOU weren’t listening. I told you earlier that I wasn’t a bat lover, just that I realized that not all bats are bad and some are really cool friends”
>He crosses his arms in annoyance, giving you a scowl
“And what have breezies ever done to you? Have you even seen one until today?”
“Then what’s the problem? They eat about a salad’s worth a food of month and don’t even take up a shoebox worth of space, so why not help them out of a rough spot?”
>”Because, it’s a bug Gar! You’re letting pests into your home!”
“They aren’t pests… well except when they find toothpicks”
>”Oh yes they are, just like bats. You can befriend them all you want but at the end of the day all those tufted eared rats will be thinking about is eating fruit and having illegitimate foals”
I don't think anyone THINKS about having illegitimate foals, that just happens. Rocker, you like eating fruit don't you? What do you think about at the end of the day?
See Rocker, the thing about stereotypes isn't that they're not true, it's just that it's only one part of a bigger story.

When you get so caught up in seeing the bats that are having illegitimate foals, robbing stores, and shooting people, you don't see the bats that aren't doing that stuff. The ones that are nice people who write stories, hold down a steady job, and don't want to see anyone get hurt.
Have you ever met a bat?
tbf every bat we have met has been obsessed with mangoes.
You ever tasted a mango though? Can't really blame them.
Yeah well, maybe mangoes shouldn't have been so delicious.
Do we have any mangoes lefr in the crate? Have him confront the food of the gods and tell us it isn't delicious.
I adore this idea.
“Rocker, I’m pretty sure that nopony thinks about having illegitimate foals, it just kind of happens”
>”Seems to just kind of happen a lot…”
“Well what do you think about at the end of the day, huh?”
>”Well, not that!”
“Then what?”
>”We’re not talking about this”
“Ok, fine. But ll you’re thinking about is stereotypes, and that’s a tiny little piece of a bigger story”
>”Oh really now?”
“Yeah. When you get all worked up about bats robbing stores, shooting ponies, and living off of welfare, you don’t see the bats that are just normal citizens, bats that just hold a steady job, write nice stories, and don’t want to see anypoy get hurt”
>”Well there’s sure a hell of a lot more bats doing those things than unicorns”
“Look, I know. But there’s some bad unicorns out there, trust me”
>”I know that, but bats are just programmed to be the way they are. They’ll always be this way”
“Rocker, have you ever met a bat before?”
>”Yeah, and all they wanted were mangoes and drugs”
“… Ok the mango part may be true, they do love them. But ponies don’t go overboard with it ike you’re suggesting”
>Rocker merely gives you a flat face, pointing across the room
>Your still very full mango crate rests against the wall
“W-well that was a gift. But hey, you like fruit don’t you?”
>”I guess”
“Well here, try this!”
>You grab a mango out of the crate with your magic, hovering it before him
>Rocker’s muzzle immediately scrunches up, hooves folding in annoyance as he looks away
>”I don’t want a god damn mango”
Dude, trust me on this one.
Just eat the fucking fruit.
Take a bite and then tell me what you think. You're not afraid of a fruit are you?
Hey I'm not a bat and if i'm your example of going overboard then you cant blame the bats for it any more than the unicorns.

But trust me on this. One bite. Take one bite and tell me that you would never want more.
“Just eat the fucking fruit”
>He turns the other way, still pouting like a foal that just got grounded
“Dude, just trust me on this one”
>”I don’t wanna”
“Come on man, you’re acting like a grumpy colt”
>”I just don’t feel like it ok”
>You sigh, holding the fruit even closer to his scrunched snout
“Just one bite, ok? Then tell me that you don’t want more”
>”Then I’m going to turn into a mango lover like you”
“Rocker, I’m not even a bat and if I’m your example of going overboard then you can’t blame bats any more than unicorns”
>Your friend rolls his eyes, snatching the mango in a hoof
>”Ok ok, fine. If it will get you off my back”
>He peers down at the fruit, sniffing at it gently
>But slowly, it raises up to his muzzle, you looking on with excited eyes
>Soon his mouth opens, taking a cautious bite before pulling back
>Chewing lightly a few times, he swallows, turning to you methodically
>”It… it was alright. I g-guess”
>Your lips curl into a smug grin as you watch his eyes glaze over
Thanks for trying it. I'll just take it back.
I bet Nightlight tastes like mangoes.
We know that her ass smells like them.
n-not canon...
you know it's not going to happen right? nightlight isn't going to want to go out with the pony that was staring at her menacingly.
yeah, there's no way that a pony who became friends with, close confidants to, and showed arousal towards a horrible racist could ever want to go out with a... oh...
Of course an ass that heavenly smells nice
She gave us a second chance after a police officer dropped our entire racist life story on her.
wasn't that because we just pulled her out of a mob that would have stomped on her?
>Implying her ass wouldn't have shielded her
>You continue to looks on satisfied as you tongue snakes out and slowly licks his lips, collecting the juice on his velvety fur
>Afterwards all he can do is sturdily grin, unable to hide his satisfaction
“Thanks for trying it. I’ll just take it back no-“
>As you reach for it Rocker quickly yanks it away, a wild look in his eyes
>”I-I mean… I might as well finish it right?”
“Yeah… yeah you’re right. Go ahead and have it”
>A pleased look returns to his face, wasting no time to take another bite greedily
>Watching from the other end of the couch the mango becomes progressively ravaged, soon only a messy core remaining
>Rocker licks his chops before chewing on the soon bare core, looking like something out of a nature documentary
“So… you like the taste?”
>He doesn’t even look up as he licks the core once more
“You know, I heard that Nightlight tastes like mangoes…”
>As the words leave you mouth Rocker freezes, eyes shrinking to pinpricks
>The core slides out of his hooves dropping on the floor
>”Alright…I see what’s going on here. You’re trying to turn me into a god damn bat lover!”
>He breaks out of his post mango haze, pointing an accusing hoof to you\
>"I knew it! I fucking knew it!"
Calm down dude, I was just poking fun. I know you're not into that kind of stuff.

Hey you can't deny that there are ASSpects to them that are enjoyable.
nightlight is cool tho, she likes to read and stuff.
Oh learn to take a joke. You don't have to turn into a 'bat lover' to still be my friend, as long as you leave my other friends be. That said, Nightlight is a good example of a bat thats worth giving a chance. If you ever took the time to sit down and just talk to her I think you'd see she doesn't deserve to be hated.
“Hey you can't deny that there are ASSpects to them to her are enjoyable”
>He gasps a little, beads of sweat forming on his face
>You playfully nudge him a couple times in the ribs with your elbow, his hoof swinging trying to bat you away as you pull it back
>You starts to get huffy, ears folding against his head
“Clam down dude, learn to take a joke”
>”But you aren’t joking! That’s the thing!”
>Rocker’s head slowly shakes, muttering to himself
>”I knew it was a mistake to come here. You really are lost…”
>Waiting a second you decide to scoots over, trying to be be friendly, placing a hoof on his shoulder
“Come on man, just learn to take a little joke”
>”It’s not a joke…”
“And even if it wasn’t, you don't have to turn into a 'bat lover' to still be my friend, as long as you leave my other friends be”
>Staying silent for a second your friend finally looks to you with slightly misty eyes
>”You mean it?”
“Of course! We’ll always be friends Rocker”
“Well… thanks Gar. I’m sorry for being a jerk”
“It’s alright man. But you should atleast know that Nightlight is very cool, and doesn’t deserve the hate”
>He sits there quietly, ears finally perking up slowly
“She’s a very intelligent pony. If you ever got the chance to sit down and talk to her I’m sure that you’d see that she’s definitely not a stereotype… In fact, she’s one of the bats that is worth giving a chance t-“
>”Can… can we just drop this? Please? I’m sorry for making a fuss over it”
Fine. Anyway. What would you like to talk about? What have you been doing since the last time I've spoken to you?
Am I gonna have to keep escorting Nightlight home all the time because she worries when she sees you stalking her?
Sure, hows life been the last week? I've been swamped.
>You lean in close, eyes narrowing
“Am I going to have to keep escorting Nightlight home all the time because she worries when she sees you stalking her?”
>”No! Ok, I’m done, I swear. I’ll tell the guys that I’m done”
“You promise?”
>”Yes, just please… let’s drop this”
>You continue to stare at him, reading his features
>He genuinely seems regretful; ears still swept back, eyes cast downwards
>Honestly looks like a dog that know it’s in trouble
>Accepting his apology you lean back, becoming clam once again
>Rocker cautiously grabs his half full can again, downing the beer before opening up another without pause
>You do the same. After all, what’s some bro time without booze?
“So, what’s on your mind? Anything been going on since I last talked to you?”
>”Oh, not much… Work’s been the same old, they want me to go off to another dig site next month”
“Hey that sounds pretty cool. Archeology seems a lot more lively than being a store manager”
>”Eh, it has its ups and downs”
>He takes another swig of beer before continuing
>”How you been doing?”
“Oh, pretty bust at work. Been swamped actually”
>”What, with the manger job”
“Uh, yeeeeah… but just life in general”
>Damn you Shade, you can’t even talk about the only cool things you’ve ever done
>Finishing your beer Rocker grabs yet another
“How are you and that mare? She’s at your job, right?”
Pretty good. She wants me to meet her parents tomorrow night, though.
We're great. I'm actually going to be meeting her parents tomorrow. Kind of nervous because I heard that her dad is very protective of her. Beat up a guy for singing out her window once.

rocker, tell me everything you know about hoofball.

He really doesn't like deaf people.
>rocker, tell me everything you know about hoofball.
This. Rocker might be our saviour.
“We’re doing pretty good actually”
>Placing your can down you take a more somber mood
“But I have to meet her parents tomorrow night”
>”Oh, rough dude. Will it really be that bad?”
“Her father beat up a colt for singing outside her window once…”
>”Damn. Well good luck with that, look forward to visiting you in the hospital”
“Very funny. But tell me, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about hoofball would you?”
>”Hoofball? I mean yeah, I watch it. You’ve watched it with me before”
“I-I know but… I kind of just do that as a status symbol with the guys, know?”
>”So you don’t know much about it?”
“I know that when they do a dance in the end zone they get fined”
>“That’s… a start. But what do you want to know?”
“Everything. Ast’s dad is a huge fan, I need to know the ins and outs”
>”Well then…”
>Rocker gets up and rummages through his bags, pulling out a pen and paper
>”Let’s get started”
>45 minutes later Rocker drops the pen, pushing the stack of papers to you
>”That should be everything you need to hold a conversation”
>He leans back, downing a beer at a job well done
>Picking up the stack you flip through it, seeing rules, fouls, plays, and formations within the paper folds
I owe you one, buddy.
Pay him in mangos. Thank him for helping you.
Thanks, you might have saved my hide. If you need anything let me know.
now we just need to read this before tomorrow.
We all know how much Gar loves to read.
This one's gotta be safe right? We watched him write it.
what the fuck was that anyway? think someone put the wrong book there? Or is this considered appropriate for foals
Colorblind's not safe reading for anyone.
It will never be safe
Nightlight's ass smells
really good
Nightlight's ass smells
Like ass
File: 1451301634087.png (592 KB, 1024x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
592 KB, 1024x1200
What's he thinking right now?
>"I wish my bro was here right now"
>One asscheek per bro
>Still too much ass
“Thanks man, you might have just saved my hide”
>”It’s no problem really, just glad to help”
“You want some mangoes for all your work?”
>”Nah, but maybe later. One was enough for now”
“Well if you need anything just let me know”
>Rocker places a hoof on his chin in thought
>”Well, there is one thing…”
“What’s that?”
>”Go fetch some more booze”
>As he says that he finishes yet another can, looking to you expectedly afterwards
“Alright I’ll go grab a little more. But we’re not getting TOO crazy, ok?”
>”Oh sure, we won’t get wasted, promise”
>As you get up to get more alcohol from the kitchen Rocker waits excitedly for the rinks
>Hey, if you avoided getting wanted with Pen then there’s no need to worry about Rocker
>You’ll just have a tiny bit more, that’s it
>Cracking upon your eyes you nearly shut them again, the bright lights annoying them
>But after a minute you slowly sit up, eyes squinted as you look at your off balance world
>Oh man, what happened?
>You were with Rocker, and then-
>Wait, Rocker
“Rocker… Rockeeeee…. buddy?”
>Getting onto your shaky hooves you search for your lost friend
>Only to spy a pair of familiar hooves hanging out of your mango crate
check crate. is he dead?
Another poor soul addicted the wonderous drug that is mangos
>Figures. You knew he wouldn’t last long under the allure that is mango
>Although you fear that you’ve created yet another addict
>You take your time walking over, the world looking kind of squiggly and shifty, your hooves almost falling out from under you a couple times
>But even though you nearly walked sideways for the last stretch you make it to the crate, putting your hooves on the wooden edge to make sure you don’t lose it
>Better make sure he’s not dead like a good friend
“Rocker, buddy? You ok?”
>Touching on of his hind hooves you note that it’s still warm
>He’s either alive or you were just barely too late
>Finally peeking over the box you find your friend splayed out, multiple mangoes, both eaten and unmolested covering his form
>His eyes are shut, tongue flopped out of his mouth. You also note that his stomach looks pretty pudgy, further evidence that he engorged himself
>But even with his bulged belly, you can recognize the gentle rise and fall of his chest
“Dude… dude. Wake up…”
>He mumbles a bit to himself, rear hoof twitching
“Come on man jus’… just up you know?”
>”I’m a good batty…”
>”Gaaaar… We need more mangoes…”
You've had enough mangos for awhile rocker. You're cut off.
This is an intervention
This is nothing, you should see Nightlights vault. Anyway I think you've had enough for now.

Try to pull him out of the box while we still have untouched mangoes left.
No :^)

YES! This is disturbing to people outside of the mlp community, I do not want to see that sort of thing. It is unacceptable.
You've triggered me for the last time
i think it's just some random guy who wants to fuck a horse instead of someone who watches mlp. People wanted to fuck animals before the show came on you know
Have you ever tried fucking a horse? Maybe you'd like it. Google 'best mare pack ever torrent' and see if you can successfully fap to it.
Why do you assume that the people in this thread have a leash on some random anon?
>Have you ever tried fucking a horse? Maybe you'd like it.
I am not having this discussion with you.

>Why do you assume that the people in this thread have a leash on some random anon?
I dont. I was thinking maybe it will spark a discussion among you where you come to the conclusion that posting horse porn in the other sections is wrong.
Then you're preaching to the choir.
Does /pol/ like bat ponies?
>I don't. I was thinking maybe it will spark a discussion among you where you come to the conclusion that posting horse porn in the other sections is wrong.
How new are you where you'd think that any board on this site could collectively agree on something and then somehow enforce it?

It's not like /pol/ is any more effective a containment board.
>I dont. I was thinking maybe it will spark a discussion among you where you come to the conclusion that posting horse porn in the other sections is wrong.
Because that's how 4chan works.
File: Velvet Violate.jpg (62 KB, 1038x1099) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Velvet Violate.jpg
62 KB, 1038x1099
How does this make you feel?

Well, why would it make me feel anything? Whatever it is, it is not very spectacular. A cartoon horse.
And now?
“Rocker, this is an intervention”
>”We neeeeeed them”
“I don’ think so. You’ve had enough mangoes for a while. You’re being cut off”
“Yes. Now come on”
>You nearly fall over as you stand up, grabbing a hold of your friend
>Yanking back you e eventually get him to sit up, straining as you work half his body out of the crate
>With another tug his body slides out like a slug, his rear hooves still propped up at the top of the crate
>”It’s not fair”
“It had to be done Rocker”
>”But they were beautiful…”
“These? Oh these are nothing special really, you should see Nightlight’s vault”
>His eyes fly open, looking around frantically
>”N-nightlight has a vault?”
>He pushes off with his hooves, slowly crawling towards the door
>”Come on, we have to visit her!”
rocker no. It's too early (late?) to go to her house right now. You have to wait until I come back from ast's parents house.


I am done with horses for today. I have said what I came here to say.
>He pushes off with his hooves, slowly crawling towards the door
Drawfags pls.
We're not running over to her house in the middle of the night. Wait a few days and if you're a good colt I'll think about it.
“Rocker, we’re not running over to her house in the middle of the night”
>”B-but I need it”
“Dude it’s like 11 o’clock. She’s probably getting ready for bed”
>”S-she’ll open it up, she’s a nice pony! You said you yourself!”
“No is no and that’s final. Besides, we’re… we’re fucking wasted”
>”Not true, look I can stand”
>Placing his hooves one at a time under his body he begins to slowly raises, legs jiggling like jello
>But somehow he miraculously stands, holding himself there without tipping over
>”See? Now let’s go visit Ms. Batty”
“I doubt she’d want two drunk unicorns showing up at her doorstep right now”
>”But Gar!”
>He groggily trots over, almost falling to the floor
>”I need it…”
>As he desperately grabs you by the shoulders and lightly shakes you realize that you got him into this mess, and it’s your responsibility to help him
“Hey, how about this? When I get back from Ast’s house I’ll take you to meet her”
>”But that’s so far away! I need her now!”
“Well we’re not walking over there and that’s final”
>He lets go of you, standing there with a pondering face
>You can almost see the gears turning in his head
>”Oh! You’ve got a phone!”
>He blows past you, running as fast as he can to the kitchen
“Rocker no!”
>But it’s too late, his little tail disappearing around the corner
>Tripping on your own carpet you eventually make it to the kitchen, peering in
>Rocker stands there, the phone upside down against his ear
>”Hey, you know her number or- Oh wait, I got her! Heeeeey there sweet cheeks, how’d you ike a little company from Rocker tonight”
>”-Please hang up and try again, or stay on the line for more options”
>He looks to you with glazed over eyes, the kind that only excessive alcohol can produced, a confused look on his muzzle
>”Nightlight sounds weird man, but she totally wants this”
Rocker if you don't put that phone down I'm not taking you. Now get on the couch and close your eyes. You need to sleep and clear your head.
Nah dude, I've got work tomorrow and I didn't get much sleep last night.

I'm going to bed and so should you.
I've had a better idea. take the phone. pretend to talk to nightlight. say she should have a clear shedule the day after tomorrow.
“Rocker, if you don’t hang the phone up I’m not talking to you. Know come on before you make a fool out of yourself”
>”Gar, she’s totally into it, just listen”
>All you can hear is a monotonous dial tone coming from the phone
>”She’s ‘EEEE’ing’! Even I know that means that a bat mares is pleased”
“Rocker come on, I’ve got work tomorrow and I didn’t get much sleep last night”
“No buts. Now go lie on the couch and close your eyes. You need to clear your head”
>”You’re just jealous that you aint getting huge bat ass”
>Sighing, you roll your eyes
>You need to change tactics
“Well can I speak with her? She is my friend after all”
>”Hang on baby, Gar wants to talk”
>He passes over the phone which you invert right side up, noticing him wink as he backs up
>”Put in a good word for me”
>Nodding, you start talking to ‘Nightlight’
“Hello? Oh hey Nightlight!... No, I’m fine. How about you?”
>Peering over your friend looks on nervously, looking like he’s about to start sweating
“Oh that’s hilarious. You ate ALL those mangoes?”
>Rocker lets out a pitiful whine, ears folding against his head
>”T-tell her that I’m a nice stallion. A-AND I’m strong!”
“Huh? Oh that was just Rocker… You what? Well he REALLY wants to meet you. What’s that? Your schedule will be cleared in a couple days? Well I’ll tell him. Night Nightlight!”
>Casually hanging up the phone you turn to your friend, looking like he’s about to piss out of nervousness
“Well… she said that she doesn’t have anything going on a couple nights from now”
>He does an excited little dance in his drunken state, kind of like a dog that knows dinner is ready”
>”Can I borrow some of your horn skub?”
Only if you go to sleep.
What the fuck is horn skub? Sure. What are friends for rocker. Now go to sleep.
of course buddy, do you think i'd let you go in unskubbed?
“Of course you can borrow it buddy, what are friends for?”
>”You mean it?”
“Sure do, it’s not proper for a stallion to go on a date with his horn unskubbed”
>”You’re the best Gar”
“I know. But you have to go one thing for me”
>”Oh sure anything!”
“Go. To. Sleep.”
>It takes a second, but something in his brain finally clicks and he nods
>Escorting him out of the kitchen and turning off the light he jumps up on the couch, hoovies in the air
>”Got any blankets?”
“Sure, hold on”
>Going to your closet you dig through all the hidden racist paraphernalia and pull out any extra warm one
>Only the finest for your friend
>Trotting back you through it over the awaiting pony, his hooves fumbling with it as he gets tucked in
>After a satisfied sigh he settles down, closing his eyes
>”Night Gar”
“Night Rocker”
>Clicking off the light to move back to your room, groggily crawling into bed
>Tonight was weird. You got Rocker to go from racist to wanting Nightlight’s ass in only a few hours
>Well, and her mangoes too
>And drunken Rocker might not have made clear decisions, but at least on some level he wanted those plump cheeks
>Sighing at a job well done you nuzzle down into your bed, closing your eyes
>You need a good night’s rest…
Done for tonight, any questions?
How normie is too normie?
Where is the mare with a mango cutie mark?

Did shade unintentionally bring floral to the dream because of the deep impact she had on him?

How far into that book is nightlight right now?

how did the "little filly that could" end up in the foals section?

does ast dad freak out when he heard that she was dating someone?
Never enough normie
There's probably one out there
Shade was so traumatized over what he experienced that He made Floral appear
Past the title
Because ponies like Gar just throw books wherever
You'll have to find that one out for yourself
1:She's a vampire who lives in ponyville.
We must sex her
it's time to get on a train to ponyville
>Because ponies like Gar just throw books wherever
whoa, we left the books to be properly sorted by the librarian.
File: Mango.png (268 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Looks like good wife material. Gar should paint her ponut with his pure seed
File: dindu nuffin.png (175 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dindu nuffin.png
175 KB, 600x600
But Anon, she'll suck his blood.
Is a horn skubber like a brush?
Because I looked up skubber but >picrelated for sure isnt that.
File: image.jpg (352 KB, 1440x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352 KB, 1440x960
It's a cream.
It's a polish.
Last for Nightlight a qt.

Also please for the love of god let us lock our door so that Rocker doesn't drunkenly come visit in the middle of the night and find Bat Gar.
File: 1450853565894.png (121 KB, 1383x938) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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