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"Hmm. Oh! This article looks interesting:...
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"Hmm. Oh! This article looks interesting: '7 ways to please your special somepony'! I don't have a special somepony, but I'm sure the information could come in useful. After all, I love to make other ponies happy! Let's see..."


"Oh my! I d-didn't expect the instructions to be so l-lewd! Oh no. I better stop reading this magazine. I would be mortified if somepony saw me winking like this! Phew! Boy it's warm in here..."
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1 - Rub his tummy
2 - Tell him he's pretty
3 - Compliment his mane
4 - Let him open the pickle jar instead of you
5 - Caress his ears
6 - Remind him that stallions have done a lot for this world too
7 - Boop
life is good anon
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this is relevant to my interests

>You are anonpony
>You walk into the spa for your scheduled appointment
>You have no idea what it was for but thankfully you put it on your calendar before getting completely smashed on Apple 'Cider'.
"Oh, hey Fluttershy."
>She looks up and her eyes go wide, slamming the magazine back on the table
>"H-hi Anon... um, what are you doing here?"
>You shrug
"I have no idea."
>Fluttershy seems a lot more fearful than usual
"Are you okay, Fluttershy?"
>"Y-yes, it's n-nothing."
>Mindlessly you pick up an old magazine, kinda like the one Fluttershy was just reading
>She snatches the magazine out of your hands and offers another one
"What the hay, Fluttershy? I was going to read that."
>"Oh, n-nothing. There's nothing good in that magazine. At all."
>You can feel the tension rising
>Glad she's here to get it all out
>But what was in that magazine that made her so upset?
"I'd really like to read the magazine I picked out."
>"You wouldn't like it, it's a mare's magazine... from a few months ago."
"Alright, Fluttershy, tell me the truth. Why are you acting all weird? Just let me read the magazine already!"
>Slowly but surely she closes the magazine and hands it to you, scooting as far away from you as possible
"Meteor shower gems... you can see the sparkle in every facet..."
>Every time you turn a page, Fluttershy cringes more and more
>"Fluttershy, time for your massage!"
>You've never seen her dash across the room quite that fast
>Maybe it was because of this article
>'7 ways to please your special somepony'
"Huh. You'd think they'd have that pinned down by no-ooooo how is this allowed in a magazine?!"
>You flip ahead for anything else exciting, but the rest of the magazine is garbage
>No wonder Fluttershy was acting all strange, she had to have been reading this article
>And you're sure she doesn't actually have a 'special somepony'
>And neither do you

>Now I have to date her because some tripfag is following OP's faggotry

>After your hooficure, you wonder where Fluttershy went
>The obvious thing to do would be to go to Fluttershy's house and just explain that it's no big deal
>After all, Hearts and Hooves day was tomorrow
>She'd be just fine with those tips
>You see Pinkie Pie approaching
>By Celestia, she never stops talking
>"Oh, hi, Anon! Nice hooves! And look at all the decorations we put up for tomorrow! I mean, can you believe we're set up a day early? I certainly-"
>You stop Pinkie with a gentle hoof to the mouth
"Can you check on Fluttershy for me? She was at the spa and I just wanted to let her know what happened there was-"
>Pinkie uncovers her mouth and giggles with a hop
>"Somepony has a cruuuuuush! You two would make a cute couple! I'll make sure she knows you'll meet her on Hearts and Hooves day-
>-in the middle of town-
>-with everyone watching!"
"But Pinkie, that's not what-"
>"Oops, I'm almost late to putting all the cupcake stained clothes to Rarity! Bye, Anon!"
>Well, shit
>Maybe you just need to talk to someone a little more down to earth
>Sweet Apple Acres stretches in front of you
>Applejack could sort things out
"Hee-hee-hee! Oh this is simply SCANDALOUS! Anon! You've got to hear this! Ahem. 'Concerns were brought up at the last Stable Summit over the printing of explicit materials in various mare's health magazines. The articles themselves, while accurate in their information, are being scrutinized due to their recent bold departure from the societal norm. In particular, one magazine offered helpful tips on pleasing one's partner, but the instructions and accompanying diagrams were, hee-hee, were deemed explicit if not X-rated! Sources say that blah blah, well you get the picture."

"Sigh. I doubt I'll ever know what was in those naughty, ahem, 'helpful' magazines now. Oh! Perhaps Twilight has a subscription to them! Ooooo! I'll be paying her a visit after the spa for sure! Mmm... Perhaps if she does have them I'll already be relaxed enough to enjoy 'reading' them..."
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Oh dear lord
Two of the worst ponies in one fucking thread


>"So, tell me again what the problem is?"
>You stomp your hoof again and breathe
"Okay, so Fluttershy was reading a magazine with some..."
>You wave your hoof around
"...tips for love. Not that kind of love, the kind that is all... physical?"
>Applejack nods.
>"Ah think I know what you mean, Anon. Go on."
"I figured getting someone to talk to her about how it's not a big deal that she was reading about it. So I asked Pinkie Pie, and now she thinks we should be 'special someponies'."
>"So, tell me again what the problem is?"
>You hoofpalm
"All I wanted to do was let her know that it's okay to read that stuff and we can be just friends. I'm not married to her, for buck's sake."
>Applejack grins and pushes you down, straddling over you
>"Are you sure you don't want a special somepony?"
>She flashes her eyelids and moves her head closer and closer
>All you could do was sweat, this wasn't actually happening, right?
>Just as quickly, she hops off and guffaws
>"Ah reckon maybe you two should have a serious talk. Talk to her about it. And about Pinkie, and how you're not interested."
>Applejack rubs her chin
>"Hmm, you're right, this is a problem."
"Do you have any advice?"
>"I'd go with you to talk with her, but these trees need some bucking. Maybe you could try Rarity? She knows how to fix clothes, maybe she could help get you something nice to boost your confidence."
"Thanks, Applejack."
>Well, at least Applejack was kidding about straddling you
>She's a bit too rough for you

(I am repurposing your Rarity part because I love it anon)

>How the heck does news travel so fast?
>Must be Pinkie
"Look, Rarity, Fluttershy and I actually read that magazine. It's at the spa."
>"Fluttershy? You mean OUR Fluttershy? Oh goodness, she would have fainted if she read any of that."
>Rarity races to the door
>You block the door just in time
"RARITY, LISTEN TO ME. I need to figure out a way to tell Fluttershy we can just be friends. Applejack said you'd be able to hook me up with an outfit to give me a bit of confidence. Just going out there is just going to make the whole thing very awkward."
>Rarity sighs
>"Well, I have some nice suits. But I need a favor from you as well. Pinkie just brought me a bunch of cupcake stained clothes. Clean those for me, and I'll give you one perfectly fit suit."
>"Now, uh, dear, would you mind moving? I have to get that magazine from the spa!"
>You let her go and find the stained clothes
>Of course, if you were a bucking unicorn this would go a hundred times faster
>Time to ruin your hooficure as you begin washing clothes
>At this rate you're not even sure you'll even be able to see Fluttershy before she goes to sleep
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>Finally, you finish the last of the clothes
>Rarity is upstairs doing... something
>Thankfully she finished the suit before heading up
>You let yourself out, feeling DETERMINATION.
>As you head to Fluttershy's, you hear the swooshing wind of clouds being torn to shreds
>A voice comes out from above
>"Hey, Anon!"
>Rainbow Dash. At this point you may as well go see Twilight and read a bucking book about how to kill yourself
>Rainbow lands next to you grabbing your neck and pulling you in for a whisper
>"Word on the street is that you're after Fluttershy for Hearts and Hooves day!"
"Rainbow, I really just wanted to-"
>"And I have some perfect moves that you could use to impress her!"
"That's okay, but I'm really just going to tell her that we can just be friends."
>Rainbow cocks an eyebrow
>"Let me get this straight: first you ask Pinkie to tell her that you want to be her 'special somepony', then you head to Applejack's to reassure you, and finally you end up coming from Rarity's wearing a really nice suit."
"So far you have described my mess of a day perfectly."
>"And you know she's single?"
"I guess?"
>"Anon, you're going to end up impressing her more than rejecting her."
>Maybe Rainbow was right, it all did add up from an outsider perspective
"Okay, Rainbow, you make some good points. But what do I do? I guess we're both single, so how do I tell her that I'm not going to be her special somepony and I really didn't mind her reading some racy material in a magazine in the spa."
>Rainbow Dash puts her arm around you
>"Sometimes you need to be brash. You can't live your life afraid. Show some spirit! Who knows, maybe you'll actually change your mind on the way to her house."
"I don't think that's going to happen."
>"Well, in that case, mind doing me a favor? It'll only take a second. Ask Twilight for the 'Fourth Edition of Daring Do: The Extended Edition'.
>You shake your head. Was it really worth all this trouble?
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Enormous Penis.jpg
63 KB, 600x533
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>Clop, clop, clop
>You knock again
>The door opens
>"Oh, hi Anon! I'll get Twilight for you."
>You look at the sun, setting down, such a blood red light
>Every second counts at this point
>You let yourself in as Twilight comes down the stairs
>"Anon, what a pleasant surprise!"
"Twilight, Rainbow asked me to get a book for her... Uh, the 'Fourth Edition of Daring Do: The Extended Edition'."
>Twilight's eyes light up, as all of the books get resorted and two thin books - no, magazines - land on the table.
"These... aren't books, Twilight."
>She squeals with glee and claps her hooves together
>"Of course not, Anon! That was Rainbow's code we set up a few months ago in case anyone needed any help for Hearts and Hooves day."
>Months ago? How do you even plan for something like that?
>"So, who's the lucky mare you're interested in?"
"Actually, I really just wanted to tell Fluttershy that-"
>"Fluttershy?! Anon, you were right to come ask me for advice."
>She paces around to the magazines on the table
"Look, it's late, I just want to tell her I'm not interested and I don't mind her looking at that... kind... of..."
>You notice that one of the magazines is the exact same one as they had at the spa
>"I think you know what to do with this one."
>She lifts up the other one
>"And this one is for you."
>It's a men's magazine
>In fact, it looks almost exactly the same as the spa magazine, with an article titled '7 Ways to Blow Your Mare's Mind'
"But Twilight, I'm not looking to-"
>She gives you a gentle nudge
>"No one is forcing you to have Fluttershy as your 'special somepony'. But that doesn't mean you can't be friends. Sometimes, friends need to share intimate details to remain friends."
>Twilight made a compelling argument
>You take the magazines and head out
"Thanks, Twilight."
>She responds with a quick nod and closes the door

>Shoot, it was nearly dark. You gallop as fast as possible to Fluttershy's. By the time you reach it, only a single candle remains lit from her window
>You knock frantically
"Fluttershy, it's Anon! I need to talk to you!"
>No response
"Look, Fluttershy, I didn't mean to turn a simple magazine into this whole mess! All I want to do is talk."
>You hear gentle hoofsteps and the door opens
>"Oh, uh... h-hi Anon. I didn't mean to... I mean... well..."
"Can we talk? I know it's late, but I just-"
>"I... just... I don't want anyone to be my 'special somepony' tomorrow."
>You take her hoof into yours, eliciting a gasp
"I know. That's why I'm here. May I come in?"
>She nods nervously and lights a few more candles
>You two have an awkward exchange of pleasantries, but surprisingly Fluttershy is the first one to bring up Hearts and Hooves day
>"You're a very nice stallion, Anon. I just don't... I mean... it would be nice, but I'd just let you down."
>Well that was a surprise. Being so straightforward and somewhat confident.
>You take the mare's magazine and toss it onto the table
>"S-so you found it... I thought maybe..."
>You throw down the stallion's version of the magazine
>"Wha- You mean they make these... tips... for males?"
>With a nod, you touch her hoof with yours
>And you realize in a flash
>Pinkie made other ponies giggle about you two pairing up
>Applejack was honest and true about what she knew you wanted
>Rarity made you look dapper and slick in a suit
>Rainbow Dash remembered a secret password for only the most loyal friends
>And Twilight taught you that friends can still be friends no matter what happens
>You cup Fluttershy's hoof with both of your own
>And the words slide out of your mouth so naturally
"Will you be my special somepony?"
>"But I... would I be good enough...? I mean, I've never..."
>You lock eyes and the fear within seems to dissipate with a small, gentle kiss
Now butt fuck her pussy.
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>As you part, she wraps her hooves around your neck
>"I'm not sure I really want to go out tomorrow... it's very embarrassing and all those ponies"
"I agree. You are so kind that sometimes you lose perspective. We don't have to go anywhere for Hearts and Hooves day."
>You pick up the magazines with a seductive grin.
"Besides, we have some material to work with."
>She giggles, and everything feels good. The elements of harmony ring true, culminating in what could only be described as a magical match made in Cloudsdale
>As the sun rises over Equestria, the both of you wake up and enjoy some snuggle time before going downstairs to make some breakfast
>Pinkie Pie is in the middle of the town, telling everyone that the special couple would be here any minute... any hour... any day?
>You and Fluttershy smile with an entire day to lounge around without big crowds or disturbances
>Will you remain friends or move into a deeper relationship?
>All you care about right now is enjoying the time with Fluttershy. Nothing could be more perfect

The End... For Now
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Bretty cute/10
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>Wow, Anon, you're a real swell guy tonight!
>Huh? Yeah, sure, I can open that pickle jar for you!
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i fucking want more!!!!
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Imagine that Anon is Discord and you will have a soon to be canon story haha cuckolds

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Fluttershy is arguably the hottest pone.

>long lusterous hair
>helpfull and friendly
>she'll adore you if you are very nice to her, since her lack of social skills make it more prominent to her
>wont denie your sxual advances since she's too shy
>is submissive and will kost likely start enjoying it, if you treat her and her body with respect.
>all around cutest

Prove me wrong
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>anon's face slides out from under her right at pussy level
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Fluttershy is made of sex
i cant

I'm baaaaack

>more green on the way
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our writefag is back
I done goofed and lost all the progress I had without saving it. I should be back tomorrow with instant green spaghetti. Sorry about the delay.
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