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>"So, um, lemme get this straight....
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>"So, um, lemme get this straight. You...are a 'Magipup' fan?"
>"An adult fan"
"Well, look for yourself"
>"Of a show about magical colored talking puppies"
"...who solve problem with the magic of collaboration, yes"
>"A show for kids"
"Eh, I wouldn't exactly define it as such. Sure, I mean, the puppies are cute and extra cuddly. But it discusses many themes kids are probably not able to understand. I mean, in one episode, Party Pup went bonkers cause she thought her fr-"
>"...are you a 'dawg'?"
"Eeeeew, no! 'Dawgs' are retards! I am a Pupper, thank you very much. We're far less cringy and most of all don't even visit Puppychan."
>"...and you fap to them?"
"No, of course not!"
>"ah, ok, pheew..."
"...we call it pawing"
Who is best pup?
"Ha, easy! Party P-"
>"S-she is and you know it!"
>"Wait a second...Fluttershy, you...know this shit?"
"OF COURSE SHE DOESN'T! Only newbs would pick Chromatic Quirk!"
>"S-shut up! A t-thousand times better than P-Party Pup!"
>"...uh, guys, ya'll are making a ruckus in the hall...keep quiet..."
I kinda thought all these "dawgs" or "puppers" whichever you call them, are just flash-mobbing internet trolls. C'mon, you can't be serious, can you?
"...what, we can't like cartoons? Do you want me to go around with a handegg ball in my hands to fulfil your expectations!? HURR DURR TOUCHDOWN!"
>"D-Don't you d-dare! I-It's v-very serious! Ch-chromatic Q-Quirk is a v-very deep character with a c-compl-"
"Oh, shut the fuck up, Fluttercheeks! It's just a living trope! The Token tomboy character!"
"...dear god, you Chromafags still believe that shit? IT'S NOT A HE, IT'S A SHE! For fuck's sake, go check her tag on Puppybooru! NO SANE FANDOM WOULD PRODUCE THAT MUCH PORN FOR A MALE"
>"...o-oh no you don't! H-HE IS A MISUNDERSTOOD NICE G-GUY w-who just happen t-to look a bit g-girly..."
>"Uhm...no, darling...now that I took a good look at the character on my phone, that's clearly a FEMALE dog..."
>"Oh, be quiet, Dash...better be specific on certain matters..."
Lot of stuttering going on in this story here.
well, it's Fluttershy, after all
>>"Uhm...no, darling...now that I took a good look at the character on my phone, that's clearly a FEMALE dog..."
Cadpig is best dog.
>"Now, now, you two. Calm down. If Ah' grasped things right you are fans of two different characters, ain't it?"
"It's not just that Applebutt-"
>"...call me like that one more time, and you'll need a wheelchair for the rest of your life"
"...I m-mean, Applejack...Partyfags and Chromafags are two...how can I say...different approaches at life!"
>"Guys, it's a cartoon"
>"Shh, Dash! Let them talk"
>"A-anon is right! Each character has very different fans, each with their dreams and expectations! F-for example, Chromafags are sensible, lively peo-"
"...I beg to differ..."
>"-ple, while ANNOYING P-Partyfags are usually b-bumbling a....n-not very clever people"
>"Flutters, a cartoon"
"...ooh, sure. And I guess MagipupKid is a wonderful fanfiction!"
>"...magipuwha, darling?"
>"A w-wonderful story of l-love and redemption! It's c-considered the best fanfiction ever written by the Magipup fand-"
"...token Gary Stu stumbles upon a box containing a puppy version of Chromatic Quirk and decides to raise her as if she was his BASTARD daughter. Badly written tearjerk moments follow"
>"Y-you simply a-are unable to understand art, y-you insensible PIG!"
"Flutters, please! Every single scene in that crap ends with somebody crying over trivial stuff!"
"Wanna talk about the spilled milk chapter, huh? The one where Chromatic Quirk drops a glass of milk on the floor and everybody starts crying cause SHE HAS NO HANDS!?"
>"...Sunset, please, say something to them..."
>"Hahahaha...m-magic t-talking animals!! What a silly premise!!"
But Fluttershy doesn't stutter. It's all ohs and ums, but she at least completes the words without falling all over herself like a spergy autist.
It's just a simplification (I can't 'write' a different tone of voice) don't overthink about it.
Go on.
Who is best background pup?
I like Harpia. She's so quirky and loves humans.
>I can't 'write' in a different tone of voice
A writefag who can't into characterization; is anyone surprised?
Checked and I'm out.
"Chromafags are cancer!"
>"N-no! Partyfags are!"
"Shut up! I bet you have your own litter in your room!"
"...easy there, Rd"
>"I'm sorry I screamed, now, will you listen to me? You're all acting, weird, this has no sense! You're shitflinging at each other due to some weird cartoon feud? It has no sense! Not to mention, wasn't your show supposed to be about COLLABORATION? This is not collaborating!"
"...I guess it is..."
>"So, stop acting like complete retards and deal with the fact that YOU happen to like one character and YOU like another one. And that's perfectly fine, cause life loves variety!"
"You're right"
>"Of course I am. I always am."
"Never thought you could be the voice of reason..."
>"Shut up, anon."
>"Well, darlings, that was definitely something. Tee-hee, I wonder what would happen if there was a way to make all you magipup fans meet...it would be a me-"
"Rara, we have conventions"
>"Yeah, w-what do you take us for?"
>"...you have what?"
>"Every year, a-at least 6 to 10 conventions, all around the globe. Where anons meet, talk about their fave episodes and c-characters and sometimes cosplay as them..."
"...ah yes, lovely HickMutt cosplayers..."
>"...w-what about them?"
"Hey, not my fault 75% of them are hot..."
>"Uh uh"
>"You mean, people let you guys meet."
"we pay the rent, of course they do"
>"...and you go around dressed as...puppies?"
>"W-we call them 'dogsonas'..."
>"...this isn't normal"
"Pfff, Dash, please! It's pretty tame compared to other conventions! I mean, you should have seen what happened at PupCon Manehattan!"
>"tee-hee, i-indeed..."
"Remember the litter pit fiasco?"
>"I saved a-all the threads on m-my pc, w-what do you think?"
>"...you are not normal"
>liking lesbian pups
This shit interest me...
Tell me all the names and their counterparts
Oh, it's just a silly prompt. But, judging from what I wrote (and from what people added here and there)...

Chromatic Quirk = RD
Party Pup = PP
HickMutt = AJ
Harpia = Lyra
CadPig = ...no idea.

Feel free to add some more
>Making Fluttershy's stutter th-this b-bad
Watch an episode. She is soft spoken, but not a tard.
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>stuttering makes you a retard
What about when the purple puppy became a princess?
>"T-That's not true! Sure, it wan't one of the best eps, b-but it was a fitting final for a wonderful voyage thru adulthood!"
>"...how can dogs become princesses?"
"Fluttershy, she grew floppy ears all of a sudden! A new pair of working floppy ears RIGHT UNDER HER ORIGINAL ONES!"
>"You are not seeing it under the right light, anon! I-it's a clever way to tell kids that w-who e really are some times lies BENEATH ourselves and-"
"No, it's just sloppy writing. And now our main character is an eldritch abomination with four ears"
>"Four ears?"
"Yup, AJ. Four ears"
>"Oh g-girls! Why can't you see? Anon is just a whinesayer!"
"Oh pleeeeeease! I mean, it's not two ears, and a differently colored fur! FOUR FUCKING EARS!? What kind of animal has four ears!?"
>"W-well, in Borneo it's said to exist a specific type of monk-"
"...rethoric question, sweetie. Calm down. Not to mention, you, of all people, should be the most disgusted by that event!"
"You know what I meant"
"Come on, no need to spill the spaghetti, please..."
>"A-Anon, I swear I have no idea..."
"Ok, ok, just remember you asked for it. The porn, Flutters!"
>"...the what now, darling?"
"Yes, girls! Porn! That's what Puppybooru is all about! WE SPEND TIME LOOKING AT LEWD PICS OF MULTICOLORED TALKING DOGS!"
"And Sassydog, after her weird transformation, has become the most sought porn character. THANKS TO THOSE 2 NEW HOL-"
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Fuck you guys. It wasn't funny when the board pretended to be girls, and neither is this.
>hating pastel colored talking puppies
You're dead inside.
Will chromatic quirk ever prove herself and become a member of the elite trick squad, the red rockets?

What was the name of that retired Red Rocket who tried to frame her?
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first time i hear about it
>Anon went to Fluttershy's place, once, to watch some eps.
>She opened the door while wearing her Chromatic Quirk dogsona
>"I'm not wearing a-any clothes under this, you know..."
"...my dick is conflicted."
What about the show redeeming villains?
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"They are redeeming the wrong ones"
>"Um, lemme guess...Queen Catalys f-fan?"
"Of course! Who else? That boring Dragoncord?"
"Oh dear, Chromafags...you're all similar"
>"Queen Catalys...? Dragoncord...? Guys, this is getting beyond ridiculous"
>"D-dragoncord is a gentledog! He's just weird and misunderstood, l-like Chromatic Quirk!"
"...pff, nice headcanon there. I mean, at least Catalys has sexy prehensile whiskers...and that ass..."
>"OK, ENOUGH YOU TWO! These are information we never asked for!"
>"B-but Dash..."
>"Fluttershy, we're way beyond event horizon! And you....YOU, anon...."
"H-hey, it's my life..."
>"Sugarcube, trust me: give her some time"
"k...thanks AJ"
>"...do not touch me, thanks"

What about that pup who was the leader of a village?
>"I-It's 'MagiPupKid'! MPK!"
"...why do everybody know about Magipup, in this school? What's going on?"
I like how similar it is to this board in how Anon try to talk big about his taste but is just a big jerk.
>In the news, a new mania has swept across the nation: grown men fans of the pluri-awarded show 'Magipup'
>Created by Lawrence Faust, the show narrates the adventures of 6 small colored talking puppies, who live in the magic world of Poundland, and solve their problems by helping each other (thus the tagline "Collaboration is magic")
>It seemed like a show made aptly to cater the interests of little girls. Instead, it ended up attracting the unwarranted attention of adults
>"Yes, Chromatic Quirk is my Petfu. So what? Am I not allowed to love who I want?"
>Peter is 26. Bachelor in Physics.
>He discovered Magipup last year. And nothing was the same anymore
>"I looked at all the girls around me...and none of them was like my Chroma."
>In december, Peter decided to 'marry' his 'petfu', in the form of a drawing on a body pillow (or 'Dakimakura'). And invited his family and all his (two) friends
>His dad disowned him.
>"I don't care what they say, our love is real. Isn't it, Chroma?" *smooch* *smooch*
We need a drawfag doing ALL of these (>>25992313) ASA-NOW!
Omg, 1,000,000X times this.
What about that wild one?
Wolcera? She's from the wild but she's wise.
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I hate that bitch Diapoodle though.
I would totally watch a show about magical coloured talking puppies.

As long as they didn't look retarded.
>"Um...anon, we're just w-watching a cartoon together: no l-lash and no dog treats"
"but...but...I thought..."
>"I'm s-sorry, but you thought it wrong. Now, please. put that rubber bone away..."
"...it...it's not a bone..."
>"Oh dear...p-please, just p-put it away..."
"B-but sweetie..."
>"It's very nice of you t-to call me that, but please...just use 'Fluttershy'..."
>"Oh, d-don't be so sad now...hey, come on, is there something (not lewd) I can do to cheer you up?"
"...I...sniff...want a dogsona, too..."
>"Anon, last time I let you use one of mine, you c...c....you made a mess with your s-seminal fluid..."
"...it turned me on..."
>"Just watch the cartoon, eh?"
Hey, remember when they made those awful Canine Boys movies, where Sassydog had to travel to another world through a magic dog house and ended up in a world where everyone was a Xenomorph?
the only good thing that came out of it was the introduction of SolLight Shine, her lost brother.
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I wanna cum inside Principal Celassie
You mean the one who wanted everyone to be neutered?

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