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Starlight GlimMom
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Would you want Starlight Glimmer to be your mommy?
Is she opposed to incest?
All sex is equally moral to her.
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I'd probably develop a huge Oedipus complex if that was the case, so yes.
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>Mompony Thread
I'm fine with cute and non-sexual mompone stuff too, m8.
Bump because I'm writing green
Good feel green or lood?

I hope it's the former.
That depends. Who's my daddy if she's my mommy? Is it that Sunburst faggot?
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No. It's Amon.
Trying for both
Why would a fallen Xel'Naga want to be with a pony?
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I prefer someone with a sunnier disposition
>Sunset Mom
So, a high school dropout because she was knocked up?
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haha, I think so.png
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>no oedipal tendencies
You gay or something, dude.
Bump for green
>"Anon, wake up!"
>Your mom's voice rings from downstairs, and you feel yourself tugged from your dream
>It was a nice dream, too, but it's already fading from memory and you only remember something about a purple unicorn
>It must've been a wet dream, too, because you feel your morning wood against the covers
>You turn your head to the side at your clock
>The snooze button had been smashed and you don't remember doing it
>7:48 AM
>Too early
>School starts at 8:30
>Maybe a quick fap will wake you up
>You reach your teenage hands down
>Wrapping one around your shaft
>Take a look at the closed door
>And close your eyes, thinking of that purple unicorn from the dream
>You imagine her, smiling at you, tugging on your cock with her magic, pulling towards her mouth
>Taking it in, rubbing her tongue over it while she strokes your balls with her magic
>You gasp as you quickly cum, and the exhaustion starts making your eyelids feel heavier
>And you start closing your eyes, pulling the covers in, letting sleep take over
>Your eyes shoot open
>And glance to the side
>8:10 AM
>Oh huh, it felt way longer
>You feel your covers being tugged off, and look over at the open door
>"Anon, it's time for school. We wouldn't want to be late, would we?"
>You pull on your covers and she tugs you out of bed
>Thumping you down on the soft cloud below
>You feel yourself sinking slightly before the familiar tingle of her magic wraps around you
>And you feel the cloud underneath you solidify, feel your weight pushing against it and it against you
>"Get up, breakfast is done."
>She smiles at you
>Something tugs at your mind but you don't know what
>And you get up as she walks away
>You stretch, yawning, taking a look out the open window
>Rainbows, cloud factories, ponies walking around
>You see two birds flying across your window, and you smile
>Pretty sight to wake up to
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This, I fucking hate these mother fuckers.
>You change into your day clothes, check the mirror, and see that you're moderately presentable
>And then you walk out, heading down to the stairs to greet your mom and breakfast
>Her backside is facing you, wiggling as she eyes something idly out the window
>Like she's watching for something
>More of the birds, maybe
"Hey, mom."
>She looks back at you
>Takes a look up and down
>And sighs
>"Did you bru-"
>Her eyebrows are flat as you feel her magic start tugging you be the collar of your shirt
>And the pair of you walk towards the bathroom
>She opens the mirror cabinet, pulls out some toothbrush and paste, wets it
>Slams the mirror
>And holds you in place while she jabs the brush into your mouth
>You feel the soft bristles rub against your gum
>And the gentle tingling of your mother's magic holding your mouth open
>The soft paste spreads around your teeth, and it stings a little
>She starts brushing it, in circles, sighing
>"You have to keep your teeth nice and white, Anon. Everyone has to."
>You nod at her as she moves her brush to your molars
>You open your mouth and she gets on the flats of your back teeth
>There's nothing to do but examine the mirror in front of you
>Your teeth were fairly white, you were certain
>Your mom has a mix of a bored and irritated look on her face
>Something tells you she has a pretty face
>You remember your friends telling you your mom was very pretty
>But you didn't really see that
>You had grown up with her after all
>You furrow your brows
>Wasn't it weird to like your mother in that way?
>She mistakes your expression and gives you a light tap on the head with her magic
>"Anon, every other pony here keeps their teeth clean."
>You sigh and let her work the rest of your teeth
>She levitates a cup up to you
>And you take it, swishing the water around your mouth
>She uses her magic on the insides of your mouth to work it
>And you end up doing nothing
This is way too fetish-y for me.

Not to discourage you, but I don't get the appeal of having Momlight forcibly brushing my teeth.

Also, why Cloudsdale? Why not Our Town?
>"Open, 'non."
>You open your mouth to spit it out, bringing a hand to wipe it before she takes a towel to your face
>And then walks out
>Your breath feels minty fresh
>And you lick your teeth a little at the new polished feeling
>Maybe Mom did know something after all
>You follow her, and check the time on the dining room clock
>Still time before school
>You sit down at the plate before you
>A very simple breakfast and you dig into it, devouring it quickly as your mom looks out the window
>Hooves on the counter, turning her head here and there
>"You're friend's here, you should go out and meet them."
>Hoops always walked with you to school
>And always waits outside the house for some reason
>You're starting to suspect he's only there to swoon over your mom
>And quickly clean up, taking your bag of the floor and walk out
>"Bye, Anon! Have a good-"
"Bye mom!"
>The bright light of the skies above greets you, unhindered by clouds
>All the clouds were at your feet
>Solid ground, and not a single pegasus in flight
>Your mom did always say that special talents shouldn't be used where others could feel bad about not having them
>Like yourself
>A small part of you wonders how the city's kept afloat as you wave over to the colt
>He waves back, and you swear you see a faint red blush on his face
"Heya Hoops."
>His mane obscures his eyes as usual, but you can tell he's looking towards you
>"Hey. Out already?"
"Why? We're gonna be la-"
>"Nevermind, you did your homework?"
>You shake your head and he sighs as you start the newly paved cloud path towards school
>When a blaze of light shudders the ground below
>The force pushes you to the ground, landing you face first
>Hoops keeps his balance, flittering up in panic
>Before remembering the rule, and descending
>You look around for the source
>And see smoke smoldering out the window of your house
>Exactly where your mom stood
just stop
you have the ability
>Something throbs against your head as you stumble up
>"What the hell?"
"What's going on?"
>"Your house, dude!"
>You get on your feet, and you start walking towards the house
>The world feels like it's spinning a bit
>The force didn't take you too hard in the head, did it?
>"Dude, your house!"
>You glance back at him
>He's still sitting back, mouth open, eyes wide
>You open the door, heart racing as the realization that something just happened
>Something that left smoke coming from the blasted out window
>The door opens and you see no one
>Where your mother stood, black soot stains
>The throbbing in your head gets stronger
>And the world feels like it's shifting
>But not
>Actually, things start feeling not there
>The feeling of the ground beneath starts fading away
>And you panic as you wonder if the spell she cast on you is wearing off
>Except you notice everything else fading away
>You turn back, to see the colt in front of you disappear
>It's a slow fade, but very worrying
>Were you dreaming?
>In front of you, all around, whiteness seeping in
>You lose feelings in your hands, feet, then arms and legs
>And soon

>"Anon, wake up!"
>Your mom's voice rings from downstairs, and you feel yourself tugged from your dream
>It was a nice dream, too, but it's already fading from memory and you only remember something about a pink unicorn
>She seemed a little suspiciously like your mom, but you ignore the thought
>Her mane did seem pretty
>Oh great, it was a wet dream
>You turn to the side
>And look at the alarm clock
>7:48 AM
>Something tells you you woke up at exactly this time before
>Oh well, you've woken up hundreds of days
>Some of them were bound to be like this
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>School doesn't start for a bit, so you decide to handle the throbbing morning erection
>You bring your hands down, using your left hand to stroke as your play with your testicles with the other
>And think of that pink unicorn
>How she would go up to you, grinning, her magic pulling your pants down
>Telling you - no, commanding you to get onto the bed
>Where she would get on top of you
>You don't reach the end of the thought before you gasp out, feeling yourself finishing
>You hate it when that happens, she was so close
>That anger doesn't keep you up, however, and you slowly drift off to sleep again
>Waking this time to the beeping of your snoozed alarm clock
>You press it
>More like slam it
>And it finally shuts off
>It's 8:15 AM
>Shit, you're going to be late if you don't get up
>You almost leap off of the bed, heart thumping
>Mom didn't like it when you were late
>She was very strict about that
>She didn't like anyone being late
>At all
>Something lingers in your mind about brushing your teeth
>But you shove it away and run downstairs
>Only to be greeted by the sight of your mother, looking at you
>Something is off
>Because she seems surprised
>And a little shocked
>She regains her composure, bringing a smile to her face
>You know that smile
>The forced one that some of the ponies wear all the time
>Where their eyes don't smile but their mouths do
>"Yes, Anon? Did you brush your teeth?"
>She turns around, and looks out the window, again
>"Good, I made you some breakfast."
>You glance over at the table
>And glance at the time
>"Your friend is outside, Anon."
>Her voice is shaky for some reason
>Maybe your friend finally got on your mom's nerves
>teaches everyone is equal.
>every belief is to be respected as valid.
>every gender and orientation is equally real.
tumblr the mom right here.
>She turns back towards you
>Ocassional glances towards the window
>Worried tone
>This doesn't sound like your mom
>"Do you feel anything...different?"
>You blush
>And start to wonder if she knows about your morning ritual
"W-what do you mean?"
>Not a good time
>You're about to be late
>And you start on the door
>Ready to head out for school
>When she stops you
>It's a gentle hold on your shoulders, you're strong enough to pull away
>But it'd be rude to
>And you glance back at her
"Mom, I'm going to be late!"
>She stares at you, for a few more moments
>Looking you up and down
>At this point you realize she's a little taller
>Oh right
"Mom? Flying?"
>"Oh, yes, of course."
>Her horn lights up
>And like a buoy on water you bob up
>The cloud didn't feel like it solidified around you
>Just parts under you until you were up
>It's always a ticklish experience, and you smile at your obviously distressed mom
"Thanks, mom. Uhm, if you want to talk after school, we can, okay?"
>Her eyes furrow as a sad look enters them
>"Of course, 'non."
>You open the door, and close it, looking back through the window
>And notice her following you with her gaze
"Hey, Anon."
>"Does my mom seem different today?"
>He shrugs
>If he makes a-
>"Want me to check on-"
>You give him a gentle punch on the shoulder
>And he laughs, as you two start moving towards school
>"Did you do your homework?"
>You shrug, and he sighs
>For some reason, as you walk forwards, something stirs
>You turn around, to look at your mom
>And give her a thumbs up
>She returns a smile
>Before a bright light envelops her
>It sucks in the glass
>The furniture
>And then spits it out, sending shockwaves around the area
>Your head falls against the hard cloud underneath
>Right before it hits, your mind is briefly filled with something purple
>When it hits, the strike sends darkness into your vision
>And you feel yourself losing awareness, drifting off into unconsciousness
No. You see, unlike you genetic misfits, I'm grateful to my mother. She was overbearing when raising me, obsessive, depressive, and was a true woman when it came to talking too much and shopping too often. She was a handful, but I wouldn't be who I am without her. That goes for both my parents. I may not be the best person, but at least I'm me, and that's all you can really ask for. No, I would not accept any pony as my parent. I have a mother and a father I wouldn't trade for anything.
>You open your eyes, feeling yourself pulled away from your dream
>It was a nice dream, too, but it's already fading from memory and you only remember something about a pink unicorn
>Very nice purple mane, beautiful eyes
>All you have
>When you fully open your eyes, you jump back a bit
>The morning erection pokes painfully at your shorts and covers as you crawl backwards
>She was right beside you
>And you tried to hide your erection, cupping it in your hands under the cover while she stood there
>"Anon, are you awake?"
>You glance at the clock
>7:48 AM
>"What happened yesterday?"
>There was some sort of desperation in that question
>And it scared you
>You try to recall yesterday's events
"Well, you woke me up, and after eggs and toast, I went to school."
>She nodded, and her expression relaxed a little
"When I came back, I hung out with my friends, and then came back for dinner."
>"What was for dinner?"
>You give her a raised eyebrow
"Mom, you made sphaghetti with vegan balls. It was really good."
>Her eyes widen a bit as you finish your sentence
>Like she just heard the most horrid thing a teenager could go through
"Is something wrong, mom?"
>She steps back, stuttering a little
>This is starting to creep you out
>Is this some trick to try to get you to brush your teeth?
"D-does my breath smell like sphaghetti?"
>You take a palm out, breathing on it
>It smelled putrid, but you didn't brush your teeth last night
>She rushes out of the room
>And you hear her running down the stairs
>This has to be the worst parenting tactic
>Brushing your teeth wasn't even that important
>Was it?
>You get up out of the bed, and glance at the clock
>7:55 AM
>And change into your day attire, getting ready for the day
Is anyone lurking/reading? Feeling sleepy, and want to continue tomorrow, but I'd feel bad stopping at this point if people are reading.

Not discouraging at all, trips. I just got too into it, and hadn't planned for that scene to be so long. It's not even my fetish, but I enjoyed it. And you'll see why it's Cloudsdale soon.
How can you even make a story with this pony, she has ZERO personality still.

Unless you match her personality with before her redemption.
I'm reading it. Continue whenever you want, though. No need to rush it.
No. She'll turn evil once you leave or once you hit your rebellious stage as a teen. She needs a very small trigger to change her from good to evil.
I'm reading, but go get your sleep. Don't deprive yourself because a few Anons up in the morning want to slap you in manacles and extract the green from you.
Thanks, m8s. I'll see ya'll tomorrow.
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I miss you.
>I wouldn't be who I am without her
I'd call that a reason to be resentful, not grateful.
Such a shitty motivation for such a crafty character, her origin reveal made my blood boil.
>>every belief is to be respected as valid.
>literally has a special place in her town for invalid beliefs to be purged
yes the beliefs that get in the way of
>muh equalism
Also where did she learn her magic from Id like to know
Dubs speak truth
I knew it'd be shit ahead of time so I's kept myself sedated with an ample supply of liquor to prepare for the inevitable bomb. Things are surprisingly serene when you combine alcohol with the surrendering of all hope and expectations.

>all beliefs are valid except for beliefs that don't hold that all beliefs are valid
Pretty clear case of self-contradiction on your part. I suggest using the Socratic Method to refine your Glimmer-hate beyond 1st grade levels.
it fits her character perfectly though, since she's the leader of the town of markless equals who still has her cutie mark.
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Doublethink is for the proles, not Big Sister herself.
I thought they were gonna go the path of; doing wrong for the good of the future.

But instead it was over some random fag, what a dissapointment.
I'm currently writing a fic with Glimmer as a main character, and she tells her backstory/motive in that one as well, but not the canon one because I wrote the outline long before the finale was released. Seeing as I'd have to *try* to come up with a worse backstory than the canon one, I don't feel even the tiniest bit bad about contradicting it.
Meh. Why not if she's nice
A noble effort im sure.
That walking bag of mental issues? Fuck no.
Noble perhaps, but reception has been underwhelming since it appeals to a niche audience and I'm not well-known by any stretch of the imagination.

Despite this, I'm going to stick it out to the end, and perhaps even act on my ideas for sequels.
In a village quiet and plain,
there lay a staff of talents bane,
wielded by the mental mare,
and anon her child whos lost... All... Caaaaare
Name? Also im not suprised, there's a lot of mlp fans who will be more than glad to take a shit reason if it means they get a new cool villian.
"The Desert Phoenix" on FimFiction.
Thx m9
No prob farn.
I'm not the greatest guy, but I like who I am compared to a lot of other people I could have been. I'll take what I can get, thank you very much.
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Sugar Belle.png
481 KB, 740x568
>”Anonymous come down for breakfast!”
“Okay Mom!”
>You start putting your scale playset back into its box.
> You and every other filly and colt got one from Starlight.
>She’s not always the nicest, but mom said that as long as you try your best to be the same as everypony else then she’d welcome you fully one day.
>”Anon did you hear me young stallion?”
“I’m coming mom, I just had to put up my scale!”
>She calls you Anon for short, but only when you're both inside.
>Nopony uses nicknames because everypony has to be the same.
>But mom says that she can make that exception for you because it’s what moms do for their kids.
“What’s for breakfast mom?”
>”It’s the same as always, muffins!”
>You love mom’s muffins, they taste the same as air!
>Which is way better than that time you fell face first into the ground and ate dirt.
>You were walking on four legs to be more equal, but your arms got tired.
>Starlight Glimmer said you didn’t have to do it anymore when your mom pleaded, “He can be the example minotaurs can live by when they learn of our true equal friendship!”
>You continue munching on the muffins, but something about them is wrong…
“Mom, these taste different?”
>”Do they? What do they taste like?”
“I dunno, kind of like… when you kiss my forehead maybe…”
>”That’s called sugar Anon, I worked very hard to get some for you. I remember what it was like to have my cutie mark, the treats I used to make…”
>Her eyes are watering up.
>”It’s the best I could do for you. I-I’m happy to live here in Ourtown. If it weren’t for Starlight I would never have you, but… sometimes I wish…”
>”Welcome!” several voices call from outside.
>Mom blinks her tears away and forces a wide grin on her face.
>”Stay here Anonymous just like Starlight told you, I think we have some new visitors.”
>You watch mom leave and continue munching on the muffins
>Sugar is really good!
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So what do Glimmerfags like to see in Glimmer-centric fanfiction?
File: 981046.png (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
>Roman Glimmy
Please let this happen.
Thread replies: 67
Thread images: 23
Thread DB ID: 362649

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