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Bully Sunset
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So yesterday there was a thread for bully Sunset and I kinda started to write a thing and no one stopped me and now it died.

So I thought I'd remake one. Mean Sunset thread, feel free to post what you got.
reposting the story.
again, i'm not too sure. if it's shit tell me so.

>Sunset is leaning against the wall, a lit cigarette in hand.
>Smoke fills the air around her, creeping into your lungs.
>Normally, you would keep a safe distance from her, especially during breaks when she signaled the desire to be left alone like this.
>You turned a corner too sharp and just found yourself in front of her this time though, nearly running into her.
>She takes a drag from her cig, inhaling deep into her lungs.
>After a second she exhales again, blowing smoke into your face.
>”What do you want?”
>What did you want?
>To be honest, more than anything you want this moment to end.
>To get a few meters of safety space between you two.
>Say something, Anon.
>Tell her you wanted to talk to her.
>Fuck, are you crazy, what do you even want to say to her then?
>Tell her smoking is prohibited on school grounds.
>You shut your mouth!
>Tell her...
>”Hey! Fuck do you want, Fag?”
>Your internal ramblings are cut off.
>Act! Now!
“C-can I bum one?”
>You point at her cigarette.
>Fuck! What? Why?
>Sunset sighs, produces a pack of smokes, taps the bottom to make a single one stand out and holds it up to your face.
>You hesitate for a moment but a look at Sunset's face tells you she's not joking.
>She's actually staring at you, eyes cold.
>Like she's warning you not to disregard her sudden and unusual sign of generosity.
>A bit shaky, you close your teeth around the cigarette sticking out and pull it back.
>That's how the cool guys do it, right?
>Why have you gotten yourself into this kind of situation?
>You don't even smoke.
>You're still standing across from her, a bit closer than you'd like to.
>She, leaned against the wall casually, you, standing stiffly, afraid to breathe, cigarette in your mouth.
>”You're gonna light it, Fag?”
>This was all a horrible mistake.
“I... I don't have a lighter.”
>Another sight, more annoyed this time.
>Sunset moves her hand into her coat pocket.
>A small part of you thinks she's finally had enough of you now.
>She'll be pulling out a combat knife, quickly stabbing you in the chest so she can go back to smoking undisturbed.
>You wouldn't have too much of a problem with that.
>At least if you were dead, this moment would finally be over.
>Instead, she pulls out a black Zippo lighter, sharply snapping it open in front of your face.
>You didn't just flinch, did you?
>A move of her thumb ignites the flame.
>As confident as you can, you light your cig and immediately take a deep drag.
>And proceed to cough your lungs out.
>”What the fuck are you doing?”
>Only coughing.
>Fucking hell, why do people do this to themselves?
>”Bitch, are you telling me i wasted a fucking smoke on your ass for nothing now?”
>Her eyes are cold, her stare is deadly.
>You're just able to catch your breath again.
“I'm sorry.”
>”Fucking fag.”
>Her voice has an amused tone to it now, paired with a shark smile on her lips.
>”Pick it up!”
>A blow lands on your sternum, not hard enough to cause any real damage, yet it still takes the air out of you.
>You drop on your knees, grasping for air.
>Sunset stands above you, arms folded across her chest with a sly grin still.
>”Did I stutter, bitch? Pick it up!”
>You fumble around on the ground for the cigarette you dropped in you coughing fit, the tip still glowing.
>”Finish it!”
>Her tone is commanding, her eyes unfaltering.
>Something tells you not to fuck around here.
>Shakily, you pull the cig to your lips again and take another drag, careful not to inhale too deep and keeping the smoke mostly in your mouth.
>”Properly, Bitch!”
>A kick to your bent-over form assures you that Sunset is not easily deceived here.
>Hastily, as to not incur more of her wrath, you take long, deep drags until the cigarette is spent, trying your hardest not to cough again.
>Once you're finished you rise up again, slowly.
>Sunset grins at you.
>”Say thank you, fag.”
“T-thank you, Sunset.”
>”You're welcome, Pussy.”
>Your mouth tastes like something had crawled in and died in there.
>”Here's your reward.”
>What? This can't be good.
“Sunset, I...”
>A quick glare makes your words falter.
>She's got you now.
>But she's smiling.
>”Close your eyes, open your mouth.”
>You blush slightly, but know better than to protest by now.
>You do as you're commanded, awaiting your fate.
>You can feel both of her hands on the sides of your face.
>She drags your face down in front of hers and spits in your mouth.
>When you open your eyes again you see Sunset's back walking away from you.
>Seems she's had enough of playing with you and is leaving towards her next class.
>So should you, probably.
>You can still taste her spit, mixed with the cigarette.
>What are you, gay?
>Okay, under normal circumstances a girl’s saliva in your mouth wouldn’t be THAT bad of a deal.
>This however, is fucking disgusting.
>So why do you have a chubby, fag?

>You go through the rest of your afternoon classes without any unusual incidents, just making sure you’re careful around any corners and keeping a lookout for a certain red and yellow striped hairdo.
>Final bell.
>You swipe your things off your desk and into your bag.
>No sense in sticking around any longer than necessary today.
>You don’t want to risk running into HER again.
>You leave the room and make your way through the halls and out of the main school building.
>Outside, you head straight for the nearest gate and towards your home.
>Your mouth still feels violated and Sunset’s bullying will give you stuff to think about for the rest of day at the least.
>You can only hope this was a one-time punishment for invading her personal space and she won’t try to hunt you down in the future.
>You could probably…
>”Hey Faggot!”
>Fuck! Why?
>You keep walking forward, not wanting to acknowledge her.
>”Don’t make me call again.”
>You stop.
>This day just won’t end.
>You can see red and yellow invading your vision from the left.
>Sunset walks around you and looks into your eyes coldly.
>You look back.
>You might be a beta fag who got bullied by a girl, but at least you’re not cowering in fear or running away from her.
“What do you want now, my lunch money?”
>Backhand slap to your face.
>This girl does not fuck around.
>Your cheek burns, partly from Sunset’s slap, partly from embarrassment.
“Sunset, I’d just like to go home.”
>She grins mischievously at you.
>It dawns on you that you won’t easily get out of this anymore.
>That simple misstep changed not only your day, but probably your foreseeable future at school.
>”Give me your number.”
>You prepare for another slap or maybe even a kick in the nuts, but nothing comes.
>Instead, the girl just continues to stares at you.
>Fuck this, you don’t even care anymore, you just want to go home at this point.
>You start to go through the digits of your phone number with a bored voice while Sunset quickly pulls out a glittery pink smartphone and taps them in.
>”Thanks, Gayboy. Be sure to answer quickly when I call or message you, got that?”
>You nod.
>”See you tomorrow then.”
>She moves to pass you and leave in the direction of the school again, but not before quickly sidestepping directly in front of you.
>Her face is inches before you, her hand finds its way to your crotch, squeezing with just a bit of force.
>Enough to make you gasp with a bit of pain and a tiny bit of excitement.
>As quickly as she invaded your space, she leaves again, walking away from you for good this time.
>You’re still in a bit of pain but finally begin making your way home for the day.
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continuing from yesterday

>Later that day.
>You’re lying on your bed, staring up at the ceiling.
>The Sun had set a while ago, letting darkness envelop your room.
>What a fucked up day…
>You let the events of the past hours play out in your head again.
>What have you gotten yourself into?
>Well, to be fair, it’s not like she’s going to physically harm you.
>A bit of pushing around you can take.
>You could do without the crotch grab though, that was kind of mean.
>Also kind of hot.
>Anonymous: sub-bitch.
>Oh man…
>As far as you know, you’re not really into getting dominated by girls, but apparently your teenage brain seems to think it’s supposed to hop onto every opportunity it’s presented with.
>But why you? Was it just a sudden whim of her?
>You’ve seen her get rough with other students before, but as far as you know, she always lost interest after a bit.
>Maybe you’re just a good target.
>It’s not like you’re a total friendless outcast, but you’re definitely on the edge of Canterlot High’s social circle.
>You have a couple of friends and acquaintances, so you usually don’t have to eat your lunch alone, but after a day of school you generally don’t feel the need to go out and socialize a lot.
>You’d rather spend the time in your apartment you’re lucky enough to have.
>Your family lives a bit out of town, so they helped you rent a cheap place in the city for better access to school.
>Your phone buzzes, ripping you from your train of thought.
>Oh come on, didn’t she have enough for one day?
>Better check it.
>You’d be lying if you said you weren’t scared of her.
>Not in a “You have to find a different school”-kind of way, but you’d rather she didn’t know of your existence.
>Does she even know your name?
>You check your phone for more humiliations and mean nicknames.
>1 new message from: MOM.
>Well, look at you getting all paranoid.
It's shit. Don't even try.
>You read your mom’s text which is asking if everything is alright and if you wanted to come home for a weekend soon.
>A generic reply later you finally stand up and make your way to the kitchen.
>Deciding there’s no sense in brooding over what happened again and again, you start throwing some ingredients together to make yourself dinner.
>The rest of the day plays out without further atypical incidents and you finally collapse on your bed and drift to sleep.

>Whoever invented alarm clocks needs to be shot.
>You roll out of your bed and begin your usual morning routine, consisting of at least a hot shower and a bowl of cereal.
>A look towards your phone reveals no missed calls or messages during the night.
>That’s a good sign, right?
>Thirty minutes later and you are on your way to school. To HER.

>You spot her hair from some distance away, her slender frame leaning against the fence next to the main gate.
>It’s not at all unusual for Sunset to be found here before classes, smoke in hand and waiting for either her friends or some unfortunate soul who would be her plaything for the day.
>Anonymous: unfortunate soul, pleased to meet you.
>You’re nearing the gate, looks like she still hasn’t spotted you because she’s still preoccupied with her cigarette.
>You keep on walking and by now you’re almost side to side with her.
>Still no response.
>Should you greet her?
>Fuck no, what are you, friends?
>Just keep walking, if she’s not saying anything you should be good to go, right?
>You pass through the gate unmolested and continue to the school building.
>A small part of you wants to turn around at look, but your voice of reason fortunately stops you.
>Don’t turn around, it can only get worse.
I also like sarcasm
>Luckily, you don’t share any of your morning classes with Sunset and you can’t spot her leather jacket or intimidating hairdo in the halls either.
>Apart from being a bit more skittish and that one time someone tapped your shoulder and you jumped into a nearby guy from surprise, the morning goes pretty normal.
>Before you can think too much, the bell rings for lunch.
>A part of you wishes she would have done something by now so you’d know where you stand.
>This waiting is almost worse.
>Still, you head for the cafeteria and sit somewhere around your usual spot, making small talk with the usual people.
>Nothing too serious but it passes the time.
>Then you see her.
>Red, yellow and scary looking, heading towards your table.
>This isn’t right, she’s normally sitting way over on the other side of the room.
>She’s looking at you.
>You’ve come to terms with your humiliation and you don’t have THAT much of a reputation to begin with, but did she seriously plan to do this during lunch?
>In front of everyone?
>Her long steps quickly let her close the distance to your table.
>Everyone else around you doesn’t seem to take any notice, or maybe they just don’t want to acknowledge anything going on.
>She’s almost in front of you now, staring at you with cold eyes.
>You really wish you were not her right now.
“Sunset, look…”
>You begin, but Sunset… just passes you, averting her eyes at the last moment.
>Some people are looking at you who’s staring at the spot she was just in like a retard.
>You can feel a slight blush coming on.
>Just act like nothing happened.
>You continue eating, not daring to turn around and look to where Sunset has gone to.
>Maybe she did let go of you after all.
>Maybe you’re a bit to passive for her tastes.
>Maybe she has pity on you.
>The phone vibrating in your pocket interrupts your wishful thinking.
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do it.jpg
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>Ok Anon, no sudden movements.
>You stealthily pull your phone from your pocket.
>Maybe it’s your mom again.
>Of course it’s not your mom, stupid.
>1 new message from: [NUMBER]
>She never did give you her number, but this has to be her.
>You open the text.
>”Don’t be so afraid, pussy! Your next period is gym class, right? So is mine! Meet me at the benches after everyone’s changed. DON’T make me wait!”
>You save the number in your phone for future clarification; no doubt about who it belongs to now.
>A quick look around and you spot sunset to your back right, smiling deviously at you before going back to her conversation with some other girls close to her.
>You’re really not looking forward to meeting her in gym class.
>Since the beginning of time, school locker rooms served as a prime hunting ground for jocks and bullies.
>But what choice do you have?
>Even though Sunset is pretty fit, you guess you’re above her in pure physical strength.
>But this isn’t a fight.
>This is a play for power.
>And she is so much more powerful than you are.

>The lunch break is coming to an end and students begin filing out of the cafeteria, heading towards their afternoon classes.
>You take your tray away and start heading out and up the hill towards the gym hall.
>Your classmates swarm around you, engaged in conversations or fiddling with their phones.
>You respond to a couple of “Hi, Anon!” and before you know, you’re in the boy’s locker room changing into your gym clothes.
>Since its autumn and some of the exercises are outdoors, you opt for long sweatpants and a sweatshirt.
>The other guys begin walking out with varying degrees of enthusiasm, while you sit down on one of the benches.
>You don’t really want to go out and meet her.
>What does she want?
>What could she even do?
>It’s a class after all, and the coach will be watching and expecting you to not slack around and talk up some girl.
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Anyone have the pastebin of the other bully Sunset story? It was done in two parts and had her warming up to Anon.
do you mean the one that wasn't in greentext form from the last thread? i don't think any pastebin was made but it's in the thread. >>25954674

>No sense in waiting any longer.
>You leave the room and walk into the gym hall.
>It’s pretty spacious with a high ceiling and room enough for at least 3 gym classes simultaneously.
>Some mats and benches are placed in distinctive ways announcing some of today’s exercises.
>The boys are swarming around your gym coach, the girls around his female counterpart.
>One side of the hall features an elevated tribune of sorts with benches accessible through the corridors branching from the hall.
>Beneath it, at some benches on ground level, you spot Sunset at the far end of the hall.
>She sees you too.
>Of course.
>You make your way over, not too slow as to not let her wait too much.
>Not too hastily either so you won’t attract attention.
>Still, you can feel some eyes on you, especially from the female part of the class.
>Once you’re within normal talking range, she greets you with a stern tone.
>”Took you long enough, faggot! Did you WANT to make me wait for you?”
>Oh shit, she sounds angry.
“Sorry Sunset, I was just…”
>”Shut up!”
>You swear if this wasn’t in class, she would have slapped you again.
>”Okay, here’s the deal: you will find a way to cut class and meet me in the girl’s locker room. If you tell ANYBODY where you’re going you’ll wish you hadn’t.”
>With that, she leaves, making her way to one of the exits towards the corridors.
>T-the girl’s locker room?
>You can’t help the blush starting to spread on your face.
>Tales have been told of this room, but no male student ever went in and lived to tell the tale.
>Sweat starts forming on your forehead.
>This had to be a joke, right?
>You quickly spin around, looking towards the swarm of students.
>No unusual amounts of looks or stifled laughter, everyone is pretty much preoccupied with each other or themselves.
Isn't everyone already terrified of Sunset? Just tell them you've been chosen and they'll let you slip by the teacher out of fear for her.
>Only the coach seems to be directly looking at you, even pointing at you and making a “come here”-gesture.
>Apparently gym teachers don’t want students to just stand around at the side looking at nothing, who would have guessed?
>You jog over to him.
>How are you supposed to cut class?
>How was Sunset even able to just leave like that?
>Surely her reach at school hasn’t spread as far as the faculty, right?
>”Anonymous, nice of you to join us.”
>Maybe you could just ask for help among the students, tell them you’re Sunset’s newest plaything and have them set up some sort of distraction while you slip out.
>It’s not like you’re actively hated and Sunset is feared by most guys anyways.
>No, that wouldn’t work; the coach knows you by name and will most likely notice you missing during the period.
>”Anon, are you alright?”
>Oh, you are so far from alright.
>”You were kind of spacing out there, everything okay?”
“Actually Coach, I’m not feeling too hot right now, must be the weather or something.”
>”The weather, huh?”
“Yes, I’m very sorry, but would it be okay if I sat down for a while?”
>The teacher looks at you, concern on his face.
>You try to look as much “under the weather” as you can.
>”Alright, Anon. Go sit on the upper benches at the back, call me if you’re feeling worse.”
“Yes, sir. Thank you.”
>You turn to leave towards the corridor exits.
>”And Anon.”
>You turn your head back to look at him again.
>”No funny business!”
>There will be nothing funny about what’s coming, that’s for sure.

if anyone is following, expect updates to stop or at least slow down for now, horse divegrass started
any feedback?
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Fuck you, keep writing faggot.
>You exit the main hall and walk towards the corridor with the changing rooms, gambling on your coach not specifically looking for you on the upper benches.
>Passing the boy’s room, you keep going and find yourself in front of the next door.
>”Changing Room (f)” is printed on a plate next to it.
>This is bad.
>Really bad.
>If anyone finds you in there, your school life will be over.
>You’ll be marked a pervert, a sexual deviant, you could even be expelled.
>Stuff like that tends to get taken seriously.
>You’d be lying saying you’re not curious as to what’s in there.
>You swallow nervously, wiping a bit of sweat from your forehead with your sleeve.
>And you knock on the door.
>Why the fuck are you knocking?
>…Nothing happens.
>No response, no one opening the door for you, no sounds from behind the door you could hear.
>Shit, here goes nothing.
>With shaky hands you grab the handle and slowly push open the door.
>Anonymous, inside the girl’s locker room.
>Pulling the door close again behind you, you look around, adjusting to the dim light of the overhead fluorescent lamps.
>You don’t really want to be in here, but now that you are, might as well take in the sensations, right?
>It looks a lot like the room you know, some clothes around the benches, the rest probably stored in the lockers.
>It smells mostly of perfume and body spray, not a bad odor at all.
>You slowly make your way forward from the door, keeping a lookout for Sunset or anyone else for that matter.
>Shit, what if she got you in here and is now getting the coach to bust you?
>This whole thing can only end badly.
>Suddenly you hear a noise around the corner of a few lockers and Sunset finally steps into your view, a shark smile on her lips.
>”Well, well, looks like you actually came.”
>As if you had a choice.
>”Maybe you’re not a faggot after all.”
>She steps towards you, still wearing her gym clothes from before, although you just now get a chance to look at them properly.
>Black, tight fitting yoga pants and an equally tight runner’s jacket.
>Even though she’s making your life hell, you have to admit how… hot she is.
>Her pants hug around wide hips and a plump ass and cute, firm breasts poke out under her jacket.
>”Maybe you’re more of a pervert, sneaking into the girl’s changing room, hoping to steal a few items? Maybe trying to surprise some late straggler?”
>She’s still coming closer, only stopping once she’s literally face to face with you.
>Is it getting hot in here?
>”Kneel down!”
>She grins at you ominously.
>When you don’t comply, she kicks your shin hard enough to make you topple over onto your knees.
>You are now on eye level with her hips.
>And her crotch.
“What do you want?”
>Sunset sharply turns away from you.
>”I want YOU to be quiet, pervert.”
>She moves to a nearby locker and opens it with a sharp metal noise.
>Something tells you it’s not hers, but these things don’t exactly have individual locks.
>”Let’s seeeee…”
>She digs around the locker, her back towards you.
>Turning back around, she produces a pair of…
>If they could even be called panties.
>They’re hot pink and just a few scraps of fabric really.
>Why would they be here?
>Why would someone change their underwear for gym?
>As if she was able to read your mind, she answers.
>”Some girls like to put on something a little sturdier for P.E.”
>So what is she doing with them?
>”Open your mouth you pervert.”
>Your eyes go wide.
>Her smile looks like it could split her skull in half.
>You comply, slowly opening your mouth.
>She quickly crumples the thong into a ball and puts it in your mouth, effectively gagging you.
File: 1451536723016.jpg (132 KB, 1492x962) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 1492x962
Oh yeah
Don't you fucking quit
Go on, continue, moar, etc.
Opening another tap so I can pass the wait time, but don't keep us waiting dude.

This is fucking 10/10
thanks for the feedback, currently writing still.
i wanna push the scene out as one once i finished so hold tight a little longer
>The sensation is overwhelming.
>A sweet, soft scent is coming from the fabric.
>Sunset is bending down towards your eye level, pushing your mouth as closed as it can be around the impromptu gag.
>You can’t help but get a boner at this point.
>Sunset seems to notice, her eyes darting down towards your crotch.
>”Ohhhh, so you ARE a pervert! Do panties get you off?”
>Not specifically, as far as you know, but you just got a girl’s skimpy thong pushed into your mouth, probably minutes after it’s been worn.
>That’ll do it for you.
>Sunset pushes her foot into your crotch, not softly and caressing, but hard and probing.
>That’s all that gets out of your mouth, residues of a moan of surprise and sheer stimulation on your dick.
>Your arms hang loosely down your sides, you’re too afraid to do anything else with them.
>What is even happening right now?
>You’d take getting her spit in your mouth any day over this, it’s so embarrassing.
>Your cheeks are flushed and you’re starting to sweat quite a bit.
>Sunset seems not entirely unaffected too though, getting a light shade of pink on her face, her lips still curled in a devilish grin.
>She leans down, putting her lips so close to your ear you can feel her hot breath.
>”What do you want to do right now?”
>She whispers in your ear, making your boner twitch with excitement.
>”Be honest with me, pussy!”
>She breathes the last word, sending a shiver down your spine.
>”You want to take it out, don’t you? You want to pleasure yourself right here in the girl’s locker room, in front of me, don’t you?”
>You nod your head yes.
>Sunset straightens out again, looking down on you.
>”Do it!”
>Her tone is commanding now, nothing left of the sweet voice caressing your ear moments ago.
>You hesitate for a second.
>Are you really going to do it?
>Fuck it, you’ve done this much, might as well go with it now.
>You shudder at the thought of what Sunset would do to you if you just got up and left now.
>You hook your thumbs into the elastic of your sweatpants and boxers, pulling both down a couple of inches in a quick move.
>You boner springs free and bounces a couple of times, ready for attention.
>Sunset breaks out into laughter.
>”Pfahahah, that’s it, huh?!”
>As far as you’re concerned, your dick is pretty average; you’re actually content with it.
>She stifles her laughter and looks down on it.
>You haven’t moved an inch after pulling down, still afraid of doing anything wrong.
>”Go ahead, stroke it you fucking pervert!”
>There are no breaks left, you do as you’re instructed and begin fapping with your right.
>Sunset is staring into your eyes with wicked enjoyment.
>You pick up speed.
>She steps a bit closer, and leans down and over you as if to get a closer look.
>With both her hands, she holds back her hair behind her ears and spits a big strand of saliva on your dick.
>She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and smiles at you again.
>You pick up the pace again, ignoring the wet slapping sounds now coming forth because of Sunset’s spit.
>A couple of minutes pass and, despite your best efforts, you can’t finish.
>You wish you could just cum now, to finally be free on Sunset’s manic gazes in your eyes and on your cock.
>Sunset seems to notice too.
>”What’s the matter? Can’t cum? I thought you perverts were all quick shots anyway. Maybe you’re a homo after all.”
>You stare back at her, eyes fixed on her hips, trying to find a little added stimulation.
>”Maybe you need some more help; the panties seemed to have worked well enough.”
>Is she going to steal another thong for you?
>Sunset turns around, presenting her ass to you.
>It’s round and plump, her hips curving down into thick thighs with a small gap beneath her crotch.
>She bends forwards just a little bit, emphasizing the curves.
>Wait, what’s happening?
>Hooking her thumbs into her waistband, she pulls her tight pants down over her ass cheeks.
>Two black strings of cloth present themselves to you, one going round her waist, one through her ass crack.
>At the interception on her lower back, a small metal heart serves as a connector between the strings.
>You don’t have eyes for her thong though, fighting to soak in as much of her practically naked ass as possible.
>Stroking as fast as you can, you’re still not feeling an orgasm coming on.
>She looks back disappointedly.
>”Still not good enough for you, faggot? Fucking wet noodle you got there.”
>She sighs, turns around to face you again and completely takes her pants off now.
>No way.
>She’s not…
>Her thumbs hook into her panties now.
>”You touch me, you die! Nod if you understand!”
>Her tone is sharp and commanding; you quickly nod as to not let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass in front of you.
>Her face is sporting a healthy blush now, but she still looks at you with green eyes and a wide smile…
>And pulls her thong down in a swift motion, stepping out of it in the process.
>And just like that, your bully is standing in front you; legs slightly apart, naked from the waist down save for her light pink sneaker socks, offering a perfect view of her crotch.
>A neatly trimmed strip of hair, red and yellow, is sitting on top of her pussy.
>Her lower lips are round and puffy and look incredibly inviting.
>Before you can get any stupid ideas, she takes her thong in both hands and spreads it out, pushing the only scrap of cloth on it into your face.
>You inhale deeply, taking in her scent and her warmth.
>”Fucking pervert.”
>You can feel it coming now and begin stroking even faster.
>Sunset seems to notice you’re finally getting close and with one swift motion, she pulls back her panties, straightens out and kicks you in the dick with her right foot.
>Pain shoots through your body, yet it only serves as further stimulation at this point.
>You let out streak after streak of your cum, rolling on your side in the process with both hands on your pulsating dick.
>Panting, you look up to her, a satisfied smile on her lips.
>The kick was not as hard as it could have been, but you’ll be feeling it for at least a couple of hours for sure.
>Sunset bends down and wipes your cum from the floor with her panties, collecting the thick globs with the scrap of cloth.
>While you’re still lying down from pain and exhaustion, she puts the now soaked thong back on and her pants afterwards.
>”Don’t worry, I’m on the pill, retard.”
>The look on your face must have betrayed your thoughts.
>”That one you can keep.”
>She points toward your mouth and you slowly pull the pink panties out of it.
“Thanks, I guess?”
>”You’re very welcome, slut.”
>And with that, she moves around you and leaves the room through the only door.
>Holy shit.
>You look around.
>Nothing really indicates what happened here; only a couple of wet spots are left over thanks to Sunset’s cleanup.
>You put the wet thong into your pocket as it would be too suspicious leaving it.
>Get out of here, retard!
>Hastily, you get up and leave, sprinting towards the upper benches, dick hurting like hell.
>Sitting down, you look over the still ongoing P.E. lesson.
>Everything seems to be normal.
>Sunset is nowhere to be found.
>You drift into thought and before you know, the bell rings signaling the end of the period and with that, the end of the day.
>You move down towards the locker room, change into your normal clothes and quickly take your leave through the main door of the gym.
>Students are walking around you again, chatting and joking with each other.
>”Alright, who of you sluts has taken The Great And Powerful Trixie’s panties.”
>You turn around and see Trixie addressing a group of other girls, blushing and holding down her skirt with her hands.
>It barely goes to the mid of her thighs.
>Quickly turning back, you begin to make your way home.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed and i didn't fuck up the grammar too bad.
Fucking check 'em
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618 KB, 2081x1263
And now we wait
anyone have any wild ideas? I haven't really though about how to continue.

also is it okay? not fishing for compliments, i swear. i'd just like to get an idea, seems like there's not a lot of feedback and i'd like to know if that's good or bad
I've never been one for femdom, but that was good. Not outstanding, but good.
A winrar is you.

As for ideas, you could have anon flip the tables on her somehow. Maybe blackmail? I dunno
>Sunset abuses Anon
>Anon gets pretty mad after a while
>Senset tries to take over the school
>Sunset fails
>Sunset is broken
>Anon still pretty mad at her
>At this point...
Help her or abuse her

Would be pretty nice if someone would connect these two plots in one big story
Perhaps you could try and explore why Sunset did that to Anon. You can have Anon be curious and try and figure it out. Of course, Sunset is on to him. A good moment is Anon discovering something that reveals something about Sunset (a secret, a clue to how she feels, her future plans, etc, whatever works for your story) and conviniently Sunset is right there to notice, and takes Anon somewhere to punish, just like earlier him.
i like the concept of bully sunset
and I like your story

>wild ideas
sunset hasn't that many friends and boys are scared of her but she thinks anon isn't that much afraid of her cause he asked for a cigarett one time.
And now she wants anon to like her and does stupid shit to him?
I dont know where you wantet this story to aim but I think this would be a good main plot...

but thats just some germfag's oppinion

go write your story like you think it would be the best
File: 1425917248895.gif (2 MB, 700x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 700x394
all of my unf...
I'd like to hear about a big dick Anon fucking a bully sunset.
File: myningen.jpg (94 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 960x540
As long as you keep going I'm on board
Like >>25970506 said I'd prefer you just wrote what you wanted, but if I had to give a suggestion add more stuff like stealing from other girls or taunting them while she messes with Anon
File: image.png (223 KB, 554x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thread is dead.
File: 1444687943744.png (703 KB, 3151x5608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
703 KB, 3151x5608
No, silly.
more please.
Don't you die on me yet
bumping with this cutie
File: 1450790306556.jpg (68 KB, 479x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 479x370
Please someone at least cap what we have so far, we need to preserve this
File: Sexy GIF.gif (4 MB, 576x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sexy GIF.gif
4 MB, 576x324
It's dead, Jim.

You need to let go
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Uh-uhhh fuck that
>You sit in your kitchen, enjoying the peace and tranquility of your own apartment.
>And you just now get a chance to finally relax and fully process what happened today.
>Did you really rub one out in front of Sunset today?
>In the changing room during P.E.?
>While she showed you her exposed pussy?
>Holy Shit.
>You have to admit, despite the humiliation and the pain still throbbing in your penis, it was kind of worth it.
>Sunset is pretty hot and you bet she could be pretty cute too, if she wasn’t so mean.
>Imagine if she was a regular girl; she’d make a pretty nice catch you guess.
>You wouldn’t mind being able to call her your friend.
>Even your girlfriend?
>What are you doing?
>Are you actually developing feelings for your bully?
>Because that’s what she is, a mean person bent on inflicting pain and gaining power.
>She wants nothing more than to hurt others and secure her position as queen bee of the school.
>Or does she?
>While pondering more about your oncoming Stockholm syndrome, you fix yourself some dinner and begin mindlessly chewing on your pasta.
>Tomorrow is Friday.
>You enjoy the thought of having two undisturbed days to yourself after tomorrow; no mean, fiery-haired girl to keep you on edge all the time.
>Maybe you could try and talk to her.
>A real talk, not a back-and-forth of insults and indifference.
>Ask her why she is how she is, why she thinks she has to do all these things.
>You chuckle to yourself.
>Anonymous: savior of pained girls, liberator of the bullies.
>Like this was some sort of romance novel or something.
>You’d like to pay her back for her insults too, somehow.
>But let’s be honest, you’re not really in a position of power regarding Sunset.
>Or anyone, for that matter.
>You distract your thoughts with homework and internet for the rest of the day, filling your mind with a bit of useful stuff and a lot of useless stuff.
>Your last thoughts before falling asleep are of Sunset.
>Her hair.
>Her mean behavior.
>Her privates.
>It sure would be nice.

>The next morning comes way too soon and forces you to get up and into your daily routine again.
>The fact that it’s a Friday only slightly lessens your frustration.
>During your scrubbing in the shower, you take the time for a careful checkup on your dong.
>One… Two…
>Everything seems to be there and in place.
>No visible bruises, no odd discoloration; looks like you’ll be fine.
>The residual pain has been replaced with a dull sensation.
>As far as the medical expertise of a high schooler goes, you should still be able to have a functioning sex life and have children one day.
>After finishing the shower and your breakfast, you once again begin the trek to school.
>Again, you spot Sunset at the gate, cigarette in hand, only this time she’s not alone.
>A small group of girls surrounds her, chatting and laughing.
>Sunset herself is engaged in a conversation with one of them, smiling and talking excitedly.
>Good, she’s distracted.
>You will just be able to slip past the gate and onwards to the school building.
>Looks like you need to learn to shut up your inner monologue.
>With a start you turn your head sideways to the handful of girls, finding Sunset looking back at you and beckoning you to come over.
>You turn fully and slowly slouch towards the group, coming to a stand next to Sunset.
>She smiles at you, while the other girls look you over with varying degrees of interest.
>Some you know, some you don’t.
>Oh what fresh hell is this?
“Good morning?”
>You say to no one in particular, eliciting a couple of small nods and worded responses.
>Sunset speaks.
>”Good morning! Girls, this Anon.”
>She knows your name, look at that.
>You might find that interesting if you weren’t so shocked at her actually using it instead of some form of insulting slur.

i won't have time to write more for the next couple of hours at least, sorry.
It's a prank bro
Find a nickname and pastebin this so I can find it again if this thread dies prematurely pls
Good "gentle" femdom is so hard to find and I really like this one so far.

I don't have many suggestions as to where to go with this, I'm totally fine with what you're doing right now, I only want a good ending (duh) and I'll keep reading if you keep the weeb spergshit out of it. (Which you did until now, I'm just bashing on all the fuckin stories ruined by "hurr durr anon then defends sunset/whatevercharacter against this evil blue haired girl and sunset goes daisuki anon thanks for protecting me blablabla)
You can make her show weak points but you shouldn't end up showing her WEAK, is what I'm getting at.
And take your time friend, don't rush an ending you won't like in the end.
i'm trying to avoid the cliche you talk about too.
File: get_exited.png (35 KB, 283x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 283x218
Holy shit I didn't expect this thread to,still be going when I woke up, fuck yeah man keep going
>So what are you doing here?
>So far Sunset never seemed to value an audience while interacting with you.
>Looking at her, you recall a few mental images of yesterday.
>Are you blushing?
>”Anon, these are some of my friends.”
>She makes a graceful circular gesture towards the others.
>You recognize Trixie among them.
>Nice girl, if a bit cocky.
>Hopefully she’ll never find out where her panties went yesterday.
>”As I told you all, Anon here has been trying to court me for the past couple days.”
>You what now?
>Your shocked look doesn’t go unnoticed.
>”What, this guy? I don’t believe it.”
>A girl in the front speaks up.
>You don’t know her by name, but you recognize the face.
>Seems she’s on the right track, doubting Sunsets claim.
>Turning her head inquisitively, she musters you.
>Good thing you’re not blushing, right?
>”What do you like about her?”
>The question is direct, penetrating; no way for you to mumble your way out of this.
>Glancing sideways to Sunset, you can see her smiling.
>No need for her to say anything, you’re perfectly clear on what she expects.
>What awaits you, should you fail her here.
“I really like her hair, I guess.”
>You try your best not to sound too monotone, to actually convey a bit of a boy who has a crush on this girl.
>It comes surprisingly easy, that might be weird.
“And I like being around her.”
>Carful now, don’t lay it on too thick.
“It doesn’t hurt that she’s very pretty.”
>That draws out some snickering from the herd of girls, but despite your Hollywood-worthy performance, the one in front remains unconvinced.
>She looks to Sunset, who still just gently smiles.
>Not the malicious kind of smile usually thrown your way.
>Almost… cute.
>”So is he your new boyfriend then or what?”
>It’s starting to make sense now.
>You heard about a boyfriend before, a little while ago.
>Some blue-haired guy.
>He seems to have been quite popular, then kind of lost the spotlight.
>Maybe THIS is how Sunset gets her “boyfriends”.
>Certainly no normal dude would be insane enough to ask her out or something, right?
>You got abused for days for stumbling in front of her accidentally; you shudder to think what such a poor soul has to endure.
>But where does this leave you?
>”I don’t know Anon, are you?”
>Again the look on her face lets you guess the expected answer.
“I… don’t think so?”
>This is starting to get embarrassing.
>Feels like you’re her love-struck toy and you’re pretty sure that’s the way she wants it to look.
>”I’m trying to see if he’s serious about it first.”
>You’re not.
>”Well, how about a little kiss?”
>A little what now?
>Sunset didn’t expect that and the look she throws the girl lets her shrink a bit in fear.
>Still, she’s committed now, quickly flashing a smile again.
>The girls look to her, then you.
>“Well Anon, how about it?”
>This can only be some sort of trap.
>No thanks.
>This is not good.
>You’re not some kissless Betamax sure, but kissing Sunset?
>Right now?
>Right here?
>Without a proper plan?
>Before you can continue your internal rambling, Sunset grabs your face with both her hands and a wicked smile.
>And presses her lips onto yours.
>You try to move as little as possible, too scared of any wrong movement.
>Sunset is actually moving her lips though, slowly loosening up your own.
>The kiss turns a little more energetic, lips mashing against lips, fighting for dominance.
>You try to make it look convincing, like you want this to happen.
>Like this is pleasurable.
>Like you’re losing yourself in Sunset’s warm and wet tug-of-war.
>It comes surprisingly easy.
>Her hands are still on your head, holding you tightly.
>No chance to escape, even if you wanted to.
>Even if you wanted to?
>This can’t be good.
>You can’t enjoy this.
>One thing is clear though: Kissing Sunset feels pretty good.
>In a desperate attempt to look like more than a human chew toy, you raise your arms from your sides and place them on her generous hips.
>A sharp pain brings you out of your trance and ends the kiss.
>A coppery sweet taste fills your mouth.
>Looking around, no one seems to have noticed that Sunset just bit your lower lip.
>Hard enough to draw blood.
>She smiles devilishly at you and licks her lips.
>Ignoring the throbbing pain in your lip, you look sideways towards the doubting girl.
>She seems convinced enough.
>So do the others.
>Sunset speaks up.
>”Well, looks like it’s about time to head to class.”
>General approval is shown and the group starts to dissipate.
>”Anon was kind enough to invite me for pizza this evening; I don’t suppose any of you would like to tag long?”
>She can’t be serious; no way you’ll spend time after school with her.
>And spend money on her.
>And her friends.
>Lucky for you, they all seem to politely decline as they start to head towards the school.
>Sunset is the last to pass you, getting close and whispering in your ear.
>”I’m starting to think you really enjoy the taste of my spit. See you tonight, faggot.”
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 500x500
that's it for today. tomorrow my normal life schedule resumes and that includes work, so i won't be able to write much. probably best if i write some stuff out and make a thread once i have something to post. feel free to use this thread for other stories or pics. otherwise, that's it for now.

pastebin for those interested:
I hope you'll do just that and not leave us high and dry m8 coz I really want to read more of this story.
Sweet in public and dominant in private is pretty much my ideal girl.
bump for the bump god!
For the quads!
Alright time to bump this shit.
I couldn't think of a clever thing to say
File: image.gif (417 KB, 480x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
417 KB, 480x197
Stayin alive
File: 1443462036082.png (2 MB, 1100x2595) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1100x2595
Guys, let it die, there's no writefag around.
File: 20150515_125741.jpg (1 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 4128x2322
Please don't die on me
The drowning didn't kill her, Australia as a whole did.
She just sent her to australia
Breath, darn you!
Ya knobs, makin meh do all the wurk
better bump that shit
What's left of me
What's left of me
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625 KB, 1024x768
File: image.jpg (85 KB, 589x869) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 589x869
Still waiting for writelad, idk, here's Daniel Craig
Huh. Wonder how much he got paid for that?
You guys are so mean. After I told you that I had work, you kept the thread alive to make me feel guilty about not writing more.
>The school day is once again filled with boring classes and uneventful breaks in between.
>After this morning’s impromptu make-out session, Sunset seems to be content to just leave you alone to stew in your thoughts.
>She couldn’t have planned for things to go this way.
>Your lip is still hurting, but at least the bleeding stopped sometime during first period math.
>The amount of physical pain this girls has inflicted on you is starting to worry you.
>What if things escalated?
>Would she actually harm you in a permanent way?
>You wouldn’t put it beneath her.
>On the other hand…
>That kiss was pretty nice.
>You recall your thoughts about how she was a nice person underneath possibly.
>Why can’t your life be some sort of Anime?
>Your bully would soon find herself in a desperate situation ONLY you could help her out of.
>She would be eternally grateful and the two of you could live your lives in peace and harmony.
>Kissing scene.
>Roll credits.
>The ring of the final bell brings you out of your fantasy and back into the classroom.
>School is over for the day.
>For the week.
>Strange how time flies when you have something nice to think about.
>When did Sunset Shimmer become “something nice to think about” for you?
>You’ll really have to watch out for this Stockholm thing.

>Back to the problem at hand.
>Somehow, Sunset had managed to get herself invited for pizza.
>By you.
>Via herself.
>With you?
>You know, like a… date.
>Under normal circumstances, you would be quite excited about taking a girl out for dinner.
>The way things were currently headed though, nothing is thrilling about this at all.
>You’re only sweating because you’re nervous and scared of prospective physical and emotional pain.
>And she’ll probably find a way to spit at you again.
>Like her saliva contained some sort of mind-altering drug she was using to forcefully bind you too her.
>Girls don’t work that way, do they?
>Or maybe they do.
You'd think we'd just let you die?
File: why.png (650 KB, 772x719) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
650 KB, 772x719
Don't be sad writefriend, we didn't mean it. We love you! Just toil over your keyboard and give us that yummy yummy green.
>On your way back home, you start to wonder about the technicalities of the evening at hand.
>What are you even supposed to do?
>Although you actually know of a good pizza place reasonably close, you have no idea where Sunset lives.
>Are you supposed to pick her up?
>And when?
>Looks like you have no other choice.
>You could just wait and see how things play out but honestly, you’d like to plan ahead a bit.
>Get some idea about what’s going to happen.
>Still walking homewards, you pull out your phone and start typing.
>You have her number saved now, so this is probably the easiest way.
“Hello Sunset, what am I supposed to do concerning tonight?”
>God, that sounds horrible; couldn’t you have found some way to make it sound less submissive?
>Almost immediately, a reply announces itself to you with a buzz and a blinking LED on your phone.
>”I don’t know, be very nice to me and maybe I won’t crush you under my boot :)”
>Well that’s interesting and slightly disturbing, but still no help to you.
“I mean am I supposed to pick you up or something?”
>”Looks like we’ll make a gentleman out of you after all :)”
>You can tell she’s enjoying this.
“There’s a place I know, but I have no idea if it’s convenient for you.”
>”Let’s meet at 7 at the entrance to the park.”
>A look to your wrist reveals it’s 4pm.
>And you know the place she’s talking about.
>In reasonable walking distance of your home and the pizza place.
>You can work with that.
>Enough time to get a bit of rest and a shower too.
>Not like this is an ACTUAL date though.
>But you know, better look presentable.
>So you brush your teeth, shave, find some aftershave and put on your fancier t-shirt.
>6:30pm and you’re ready to break some hearts.
>Or in this case, break your spine.
>You leave your apartment.
>Once last check for keys and wallet and you’re good to go.
>The brisk evening air of autumn blows in your face as you start walking towards the meeting spot.
I wanted to bully sunset, not get bullied by her.

Femdom is a meh fetish
>You know, it’ll be nice not to go for pizza alone for once.
>And maybe Sunset only wants your money this time, not your blood.
>Or your cum.
>The oncoming blush helps against the wind in your face at least.
>All in all, above average chances for at least a partially successful evening.
>You arrive at the park faster than you would’ve thought.
>Well, better early than late.
>You sit on a nearby bench that offers a clear view of the entrance.
>Red and yellow leafs rustle in the wind around you.
>Some are beginning to fall down, forming colorful flecks on the well-trimmed grass.
>The color reminds you of something, but you can’t quite place it.
>Feels happy though.
>You begin to succumb to the peace and quiet of the park and the long shadows of the trees in the setting sun.
>Drowsily you look at your watch again.
>She should be here any minute now, assuming she’s the punctual type.
>”Yo fuckface!”
>You jump at the sudden noise behind you and scramble to your feet quickly.
>Looks like Sunset snuck up behind you.
>You should have known.
>Shouldn’t have dropped your guard.
>You can’t help letting out a slight chuckle at the realization of your own carelessness.
>Also you’re kind of relieved that it wasn’t some mugger.
>It was only Sunset, grinning smugly after she was able to startle you.
>You’re not even mad.
>She’s wearing a red and yellow scarf over a light brown jacket.
>Her hair is a vibrant as ever, even in the dimming evening light.
“Good evening.”
>She doesn’t even sound malicious.
>”How about we get going quickly, I’m super hungry.”
“Sure, let’s go.”
>You begin walking next to each other, leaving the park behind and entering the city streets again.
>It’s quiet in this part of town, not much traffic apart from the occasional car and pedestrian.
>Both of you are quiet.
>Not exactly a comfortable silence, but at least it’s better than getting insulted.
File: 1451742831064s.jpg (3 KB, 125x115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x115
You sound insecure, friend.
>After a while, Sunsets pulls out a fresh pack of cigarettes and begins ripping off the plastic.
>Successfully unraveling her treat, she pulls one out and proceeds to light it in her mouth with her intimidating metal abomination of a lighter.
>She must have noticed your sideward glances, holding the pack in front of you expectantly.
>Images of your last experience with a cigarette flash to mind.
>Her face is pretty expressionless.
“No thanks.”
>With a sigh she takes the burning smoke out of her mouth and sticks it yours before lighting another one for herself.
>It tastes kind of… fruity?
>Must be her lipstick.
>You’re beginning to think your spit theory wasn’t so far off after all.
>Inhaling the hot smoke, you actually manage to hold it in and exhale again without coughing.
>Hey, you’re getting better at this.
>Sunset is slowly corrupting you.
>You’re entering more busy streets again, signs and Lamps shining down on you.
“Oh, that’s it.”
>You point towards a nearby entrance, a neon sign of a pizza and the corresponding letters above the door.
>Despite the vibrant coloring, it seems easily overlooked amongst the surrounding lamps and streetlights.
>”Looks kinda shabby.”
“Yeah but only from the outside. And the inside. Don’t worry, the pizza’s A-Okay.”
>Both of you finish your smokes and enter the brightness and warmth of the shop.
>It’s empty, save for the owner.
>He’s wearing a white uniform and is currently bent over the counter busily reading the paper.
>At the sound of the doorbell he looks up and greets you, a smile curling his lips under his signature moustache.
>”Ahh Anon! Long time no see!”
“Sup, Joe.”
>”Can’t stay away from my pizza forever, huh?”
“It’s not my fault you make’em so good.”
>The tall man laughs a long, gravel paved laugh before his eyes fall on Sunset.
>”And who is this beautiful young lady?”
“This is Sunset. Sunset – Joe.”
>”Nice to meet you.”
>Sunset sounds polite and charming.
>Maybe she’s just schizophrenic.
>”HA! I like her! I knew you had it in you after all, Anon!”
>Sure, make it cliché.
>Make it embarrassing.
>Sunset chuckles at your obvious uneasiness.
>”So, take your time and tell me what you want, eh?”
>With than, he goes back to his paper and leaves you to decide on your food.
>Surprisingly quick, Sunset turns toward you and places her order.
>”I’ll take a large pineapple, breadsticks, garlic bread, some onion rings and a large coke. Don’t take too long.”
>She turns sharply and leaves towards a table around the corner.
>You just stand there and look at the spot she was just in.
>Heart attack much?
>No way she could eat all that food, look at the size of her.
>And pineapple pizza?
>Looks like she wants to milk this for all she can.
>Still, no sense in keeping her waiting, you guess.
>You walk over to Joe and begin placing your order, throwing in a large salami and a coke for yourself because you’re a boring guy.
>He takes your order with a smile and proceeds to write everything down.
>After you’re finished, he nods and turns around to start the magical process of preparing delicious food.
>You walk around the corner and hang your coat next to Sunset’s.
>And sit down at the table across from her.

That's it for today. As always, a little feedback is appreciated. Don't know if i can write tomorrow.
Also on a personal note, I feel the need to point out that pineapple pizza is delicious and everyone disliking it clearly doesn't know what's good.
I'm lovin this, it reminds me of that greentext I wrote where anon has sex with Vinyl scratch, and ends up liking her. Can't wait for more.
So this is a corruption fic?
i'm not sure. it's not like i have it all laid out at this point.

also general question: sex scenes or nah?
File: 1353852372755.png (509 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
509 KB, 800x600
The more sex scenes the better. We're here for the feels AND the lewd.
You're doing god's work anon.

Also footsies now, and foot worship when?
File: 1437608738908.gif (36 KB, 517x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 517x500
Really enjoying it so far, it's really sweet while SS still feels like a bully.
Doki doki material right there.
I guess you should plan on where you want this to end and then write the hows to get there, will be easier for you IMO.

Did you write anything before this?

gibe pls
File: image.gif (1 MB, 500x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x255
As long as there's proper buildup and it makes sense...
>Doki doki

Will it make you panic?
File: file.png (147 KB, 370x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 370x332
Plz make it a corruption fic cause humiliation a shit
Just don't corrupt lil anon pls k?
I guess the numbers have decided...
File: image.jpg (96 KB, 955x595) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 955x595
Im still going to read it snd fap to it, but i mean eh, im more of a dom.
File: 1440728045119.gif (2 MB, 300x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x266
Make your own green then, because we want to be bullied here.
File: 1451148365874.jpg (131 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 720x540
Thread will live
Taking drawing requests.
Stick around a while for the results.
Alright, check you guys later
Feed us more papa
Why does this picture remind me of the Clone Wars cartoon so much?
The good original or the bad new one?
i fucking love this image.
The old one was still shit. Take off your nostalgia goggles.
worst pony gtfo
Nah, just watched it the other day. Still good. It was made by the same guy who did Samurai Jack, how could it not be?
I posted it on the wrong thread, Sorry anons.
you still have bad taste
How can I have bad taste when i've got a sunny thread open as well?
Dont you die on me, thread!
>Sunset is looking out the window, propping her head up with one hand.
>Seems like she’s drifted away a bit.
>Following her gaze, you too take a moment to enjoy the calming atmosphere of the street outside.
>The sun has finally set, giving way to a clear night’s sky and the background light and noise of the world behind the windowpane.
>A few random passersby walk from side to side and from time to time, the shining headlights of a car roll past.
>You can’t quite describe the feeling, but you remember reading about it on the internet once.

>Before you get lost in your thoughts, you turn back to the girl sitting across from you.
>Now might be a good time to talk to her.
>The two of you are alone, so you might have a chance to see the Sunset you desperately hope exists under the cold shell you’ve already gotten quite familiar with.
>You clear your throat of its sudden dryness and start with the first thing that comes to mind.
“So, I’m guessing you like pizza?”
>Sunset turns to look at you.
>She looks calm, almost a bit sad that you ripped her away from her daydreaming.
>”Maybe I do. What’s it to you?”
“Nothing, I just thought maybe we could talk a little.”
>You could see this going both ways right now.
>She could accept your offer and its implications, maybe letting you see a different side of her.
>Or she could proceed with the usual ways of inflicting pain on you.
>A few seconds pass.
>”Well yeah, I do like pizza. I don’t get it as often as I’d like though, I guess.”

I'll have to leave you with just this appetizer because I really can't write any more today, sorry. Also it feels stupid to basically have this thread up just for this one thing with 10 posts of "bump" in between. I'm thinking of somewhere to integrate this except the fingerbang thread, but I don't know. Is Sunset Sunday still a thing?
I don't mind if you move it to fingerbang but I have trouble keeping track of stuff on that thread a lot. If a few writefags had some ideas or one post prompts to keep this thread going, that could work.
Whoops I misread that as you thinking About putting it on fingerbang.
I'm on it, don't expect too much tho

But if you end up posting this on a general, be sure to update the pastebin coz there's no way I can follow a story on one of those things.
rewrite the fic to be about Aria and move it to /dzg/
kek fag
or just move it to /dzg/
I could use a prompt or a preset to start going guys, kinda don't want to do the same story as this one
Alright alright
Help her by letting her abuse you to raise her self esteem
So, she's so hungry, she could eat like an Octorok?
>You're new in town, you just moved here due to your father's work.
>It's the first day of school and you're ready to spill spaghettis all over the floor.
>You'd thought you'd be used to it by now, you change schools every year or so but nope, you still feel like a kissless virgin in front of a naked Nathalie Dormer.
>Not that you weren't a kissless virgin uh...
>You still liked to think of yourself as somewhat sociable, making friends wasn't too hard for you, but keeping them was obviously harder.
>And you ended up with nerdy hobbies like playing video games and shitposting all day long because of that.
>Or watching shows "made for kids", but that's just the plebs opinion... Right?

>You stand in front of the entrance, you didn't bring more than a couple looks on your way there.
Okay, you can do it, you're a big boii now...
>You soon find your class, first period was math, shouldn't be too hard you guess.
>You take one last breath before knocking and getting a "Come in" in response.
>You open the door and take your first steps inside, the band of your backpack always in your right hand, trying to seem cool.
"I'm a new student, I've been assig-"
>"What?! I can't believe they gave me ANOTHER student.." The teacher grumbles to no one in particular before standing up.
"U-uh well th-" The old guy interrupts you once again, walking towards you.
>"Yeah yeah, whatever I'm too old for this shit, Imma give them a piece of my mind, I got 30 kids while this bitch only has 20?" he says pointing to the wall on your right. "She must be sucking it good, heck I hope she even swallows." He's not shouting but he's clearly angry about this.
>You don't know what to say or what to do, you didn't expect your first contact with your new classmates to be this eccentric. And your new math teacher to be from a fucking anime. Fuckin japan, weebs spreading everywhere.
>Your eyes go left to right, trying to scan the room for ideas of what to do, stepping out of your teacher's way before he reaches the door.
>"Just introduce yourself and take a seat, I need to speak with the old lady." Before stepping out he turns to the class "And don't you little shits start making a mess again, you hear?!" Pointing an accusatory finger to the group of girls in the back. He then proceeds out of the class and slams the door.
Well, that was something, holy shit.
>Every eyes of the class turns to you instantly. You raise a hand in a hello sign to start your introduction.
"U-uh, Hi, I'm the new guy. My nam-" Before you can even end your sentence, you hear the group in the back burst with laughter.
>"Did you hear that?? HAHA HOLY FUCK!" One of the girl screams at the group.
>Before you can start your introduction again, any eyes that were on you before the uproar is now either on another classmate or on a phone. You lower your hand, understanding that no one gives a fuck about you or your name.
Well that could've been worse.
>You eye the class for any free seats and spot two, right next to each other in the back, not too far from the group pointed by the teacher, and make your way there, picking the one furthest from the dubious group.
>You start unpacking and sit down before one of the girls calls for you.
>"You really shouldn't sit the-" Before one of the other girls interrupts her by placing her hand on her mouth and starts whispering something in her ear.
>"Oh!" They both starts giggling, giving you a mischievous look "Nevermind."
What the fuck was that? Why shouldn't I sit there? Is there a problem with the seat or something?
>You start looking around, pressing in your seat, testing its sturdiness but nothing seems out of place.
Okay, maybe I should take the other seat.
>Right before standing up you hear the door slamming open.

Okay, Bullying starts right after this, but don't expect me to write fast (Not native english, don't hesitate to point stupid grammatical errors.)
And I can't for the love of Larson write shorts (Unless they're about futa-purplesmart enjoying your ass while saying she loves her new toy, you.)

>(Unless they're about futa-purplesmart enjoying your ass while saying she loves her new toy, you.)

Tell me more.
File: image.png (734 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
734 KB, 1024x768
bumpity bump bump
File: image.png (163 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163 KB, 1024x768
To keep from making this a bump fest, lets talk. Aside from the fetishizing of it, what does being bullied really offer anyone here?
An excuse to cap everybody
I'm not sure if the bullying is what interests me or if I'm just more interested in an interesting story with a deeper character complex. Not normally someone that follows these threads, yet here i am.
Fishy niggas think they eating off of hooks
Say you eating but we see you getting cooked
File: 1439936809460.jpg (1 MB, 2672x1825) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2672x1825
Sorry, I don't really cap my stuff (since they were kinda short, first of 2 posts and another one of just one.)
Maybe someone somewhere capped it who knows.

>So, what does this *insert genereic fetish here* brings you aside from the fetish aspect?
What does fucking horses offer you m8? You can't procreate with it.

Okay I should have a bit more time to write today.
>The room goes silent for a couple seconds, all eyes on the person entering.
>Once it turns out it's just another student, everyone goes back to whatever they were doing.
>But the group on your right, with one of the girl just bringing the others attention to who came in, then they all eye you at the same time and starts smirking or giggling.
>A chill runs up your back, you don't know what's going to happen, but it can't be good.
>Before your train of thought stops and you can resume changing seats, the girl that just came in already stood right beside you.
>She had red hair with streaks of gold going past her shoulders and was wearing a black leather jacket, a real biker one with spikes and all this shit. Not something you would expect on a girl, or anywhere else than in an 80's movie really.
>She was an easy 9 out of 10.
>You kept eyeing her for a couple seconds, gulping when your eyes crossed. She kept her eyes on yours, crossing her arms and not saying a word or making a sound, her glare now intensifying. She wasn't happy about something.
"Uh, hi? My name'-" Interrupted once again.
"I don't care, that's my seat. Beat it."
>It took you a second to process the information while trying to understand why there was so much venom in her response.
"S-sorry, I wa-*Slap*" Every eyes that weren't already on you now clearly were. All activity in the class stopped instantly, the only sounds you could hear were the chuckling girls on your right, and a couple phones taking pics.
Why did she do that?
>You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself, it's a girl. You can't hit her, right?
"Hey! I didn-*Slap*" Another slap, right where the first one hit. She clearly used more strength on this one.
>Your hand found your left cheek, still burning.
>"I told you to beat it!" She nearly shouted.
Who the fuck does she think she is?!
>You turn to her, your eyes instantly finding her own, trying to be clear about the fact you're not fucking around anymore, before standing up.
"YOU BITC-*SLAP*" This one was strong enough to push your ass back on the seat.
Driven by anger and not even thinking about anything anymore, you turn your head towards her.
>This one was just as strong as the last one, but directed to your right cheek.
>Another couple seconds pass. A tear forms up in your left eye, caused by the pain, the rage or even fear, you're not sure.
You gulp loudly.
Before long, the door opens once again, the teacher entering and closing the door behind him.
"Only one year left... fucking bitch..." He grumbles, loudly enough for you to hear before he looks up and his eyes instantly finds bacon hair.
"What's happening there? Just get your ass on a seat so we can get started..."
>You turn your head towards your bully once again, but this once slowly, and lightly trembling.
>She doesn't slap you this time. She doesn't do anything else, she just keeps her bluish green eyes on you, smirking down on you. He stare unmoving, knowing she won.
This round is yours fucking bitch....
>You don't say anything either, not wanting to bring anymore attention you pick your bag and your stuff and stand up, your head still lowered, trying not to look her way, no reasons to boost her ego even more.
>Unfortunately, the only free seat is the one right next to the right. You'll have to do with this for now...
>The lesson starts the moment you both sit down.
Push her shit in
Okay I think I'm going to go with anon trying to fight back at first but giving up. And falling for her, because I can't get sex without love, sorry.
Don't give up put the bully down and then take when she comes back. Fuck giving up
File: 1368928874264.png (1 MB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1500x1500
tfw you can get off work a bit early so you think you can write lots of fictional-cartoon-horse-girlXgeneric-self-insert-marysue-guy bully fanfiction but then your bike gets a flat tire on the way home so you have to turn around and walk to a bike shop, find out it's closed, walk to another bike shop and then walk back home in like -8°C weather

i like your story, keep going
File: image.gif (74 KB, 460x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 460x258
Don't stop
Don't stop, there's so much to be found
Is Anon about to slap a bitch?
That's not the manly way to do it, anon.
You can't hit a girl though. I guess we could bludgeon her with a chair leg but that's a little overboard.
Where's that beautiful twat with an update?
>The rest of the day goes without much happening.
>Other than your heart skipping a beat every time you saw movement coming from your left, at least.
>But she didn't do so much as look your way after the first period incident.
>You also did your best making yourself invisible. No need to lose your shit and get in trouble in your first day because of a random wench with daddy issues.
>You tried introducing yourself to a couple groups during lunch break, with various degrees of success.
>Obviously, you couldn't get to join the cool guys club, yet at least. You ended up eating with two guys a bit younger than you, they fortunately were talking about tech stuff, and you joined in on the conversation easily enough.
>They were called Snips and Snails, the first short and fat and the last tall and thin. What a great couple they made.
>But it was a start, it was enough to get some information about bacon hair.
>Her name is Sunset Shimmer. They told me she used to rule over the school over a year ago, using blackmail and other shady methods, even on teachers and was treated like a princess. You really didn't want to appear on her blacklist, or you could say bye bye to any social interactions and could even end up with "extra homework" which generally resulted on you not passing your marks.
>But then something happened. She didn't get crowned princess of the last ball and since then, she lost her influence. She's not even trying to get it back, it seems like she just gave up on it. She's still a bitch to anyone who so much as look at her tho.
>It means you're lucky you didn't cross ex-SS' path. Or so they said anyway.
File: 1435188275266.gif (2 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 640x360
>Last bell ringing, meaning it's finally time to go home. You fake using your phone, taking quick glances to your left, waiting for your scourge to finally get up and out of the room, at which point you pack your own things and get to your locker.
Fucking fuck....
>She's there. She's everywhere. Her locker is the one RIGHT next to yours.
>There's hundreds of lockers in the halls. And you end up right next to hers. Lady luck is fucking with you hard today.
>Well fuck it, you're not going to live in fear because of a girl.
>You walk to your locker, open it and start minding your business, doing your best to ignore her and act as if everything was normal. It would even feel like any other day. Except for your heart rate that is. And your eyes jerking her way, scanning her every movements to try and intercept any danger coming your way.
>*SLAM* You gasp, turning and giving her your full attention when she slams her locker shut.
>Only then she seems to notice you, lifting her gaze and finding yours. Recognizing you. Acknowledging your presence.
>A second pass, her expression still neutral, still looking at you.
She's so fuckin hot, sad she has a bipolar disor-
>Your body reacts instinctively, the smallest gasp escaping your lungs and your hands and arms readying itself for any incoming blow, but nothing comes. She just readjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder.
>She's taken aback for half a second, surprised by your reaction, but then she give a simple snicker before smirking at you, once again, having seemingly found what she wanted to see in your eyes. Your fear.
>She does a 180 and walks away. Still snickering softly. But right before escaping your field of view, she turns her head to get a last look at your miserable form. A smirk still printed on her face. Before leaving for good.
>It's over. Your pride as a man may be in shambles, but you're in one piece.
File: 1436360736909.png (241 KB, 912x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241 KB, 912x1200
Now that there's some background I'll try to get some lewd in asap.
But I'd still like some feedback, other than "SLAP THE BITCH"
I know it's a bit slow, but bear with me. Or write your own green.
Hey! We're still waiting. Been about 36 years now.
>"And so the story was never updated"
>"I never saw anon again"
>The miracle never happen, because a miracle, is something that doesn't exist
Slap? No, but I think a spanking is in order.
This, She needs to be punished.
File: YNGBMD.gif (3 MB, 811x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 811x593
>What do you get when you cross a centipede with a parrot?

a walkie talky
>still no Sunset bully and big dick Anon story

Would be cool to see the bully's reaction to a massive cock on Anon.
I feel like there needs to be more relation development before smut
>Seems like Sunset is willing to talk to you, at least that’s the impression you’re getting.
>You figure it’s best to just see where the conversation goes and not try to force it somewhere.
“But you never had pizza here, right?”
>”No, I never heard of this place before.”
>Her tone remains condescending, but at least she’s talking.
>And not ending every statement with a derogatory slur questioning your sexuality.
>Part of you hopes that you can earn some points by exploiting Joe’s delicious pizza.
>As if on cue, he steps around the corner and places your drinks on the table between you.
“Thanks, Joe.”
>”Anytime, kid. Make sure to get your friend a refill if she runs out. On the house.”
>With a wink, he disappears again.
>Always looking out for you, this guy.
>You raise the glass to your lips and take a long sip.
>Sunset mirrors your action, although she doesn’t reciprocate the toast.
>She looks at you expectantly.
>You take a second to make sure you really want to say this.
“If you’re kinda into pizza, why order the worst possible kind? I mean pineapple?”
>Better prepare for a kick to the shin under the table or something.
>Sunset’s expression turns into a sly smile.
>”Well that’s something a tasteless fag like you couldn’t possibly understand, pineapple pizza is actually the BEST kind of pizza there is.”
“Now that’s bullshit.”
>”Really? Clearly you’re even dumber than you look. The Sweetness and juiciness of the pineapple is a perfect contrast to the flavor and spiciness of the sauce. The cheese also works wonders to complement it.”
>You remain unconvinced.
“Pineapple slices have way too much juice though. The pizza always ends up a soppy mess.”
>”Not if it’s done right. Let’s see what this chef of yours can deliver.”
>Damn, she’s actually pretty passionate about this.
>So she DOES possess an emotional range other than condescending and angry.
>Hopefully, Joe won’t fail you now.
File: 1445259109503.png (353 KB, 987x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353 KB, 987x720
Oh hell yes...
Ayy, your back
sorry about yesterday. as i said, my bike had a flat tire. all fixed now though.
Ay man, no worries, I'm just glad your back
>All this pizza banter has actually made you quite hungry.
>Shouldn’t be too long now though.
>As far as you can tell, no one else has entered the shop since you came in, so Joe shouldn’t have any problem getting the food done in a reasonable time.
>Again, as if he could read your thoughts, he steps around the corner, arms full with two plates of pizza and the million sides Sunset ordered.
>My God, you had forgotten.
>He puts the large plates in front of you and places the various smaller baskets between them.
>Everything looks and smells delicious.
>”Well, I hope you’ll enjoy everything. If you need anything else, just come to the counter.”
“Thanks again, Joe.”
>”Thank you.”
>With that, he leaves.
>Both you and Sunset sport a nice smile now at the prospect of the hot food.
>”Don’t even THINK about touching any of my sides!”
“Yeah, yeah.”
>Not like a whole pizza wasn’t enough for you anyway.
>You take your first slice and proceed to bite a big chunk out of it.
>Sunset is starting too, cautiously taking a bite.
>”Mhm, not bad.”
>She swallows her food and looks over the many dishes set on the table.
>”Not bad at all…”

>10 minutes later.
>The both of you are well into your meals by now.
>Contrary to your expectations, Sunset keeps up with you surprisingly well, generally being on the same slice as you while still gulping down sides from time to time.
>Girl eats like a fat man.
>That might be worrisome.
>For now, you’re just happy she’s enjoying the food though.
>Now might be a good time to try and talk about something more daring.
“I goffta afk though…”
>Anonymous: conversation specialist with a mouth full of pizza.
>You swallow.
“I gotta ask. Why did you invite yourself to pizza with me?”
>Sunset looks at you over the piece of garlic bread she’s holding.
>You can’t really place her expression.
>It’s not angry, it’s not malicious.
>It’s not a smug smile either.
>She looks calm and alert.
“Look, I know we’re not friends, I know this isn’t some sort of date, and yet you told people it was.”
>You hope this isn’t overstepping the boundaries of your relationship with her right now.
“I’d just like some context here.”
>She’s still looking at you.
>If you didn’t know any batter, you’d almost think she looks… sad.
>A big bite of pizza later, she speaks.
>”You like me, don’t you Anon?”
>She’s still looking serious and resolute in her choice of words.
>”I know who I am. Better yet, I LIKE who I am. I like being on top of the food chain at school, I like being the center of attention in a group.”
>She’s breaking character.
>”I like being someone.”
>Fair enough so far.
>Careful not to push the limits, you opt for staying on the passive side of the conversation.
>”And being someone relies on you either being respected or feared. I chose the latter.”
>She’s not saying this like she’s sad about it.
>She’s saying it smiling.
>”I kinda like putting people in their places.”
>Well that’s a weird thing to admit, but you guess it comes rather natural to some people.
>And really, who are you to judge.
>”However, some things are expected of me to maintain the queen bee-status.”
>Her smile picks up again.
“Like having some kind of a boy toy.”
>”Exactly! Most of the fags at school wouldn’t dare approach me, so from time to time I gotta take matters into my own hands.”
>Well lucky you.
>”You’re resilient and you like me. You’re afraid, but you’re not scared. You’ll do fine.”
>Sunset is grinning again, reaching for some more food and devouring it with gusto.
>Still, for a moment there, the girl you hoped to find flashed though.
>Well, this could have gone worse.
>The two of you walk side by side again, each holding a smoke between your fingers.
>Dinner was delicious, yet slightly expensive.
>Sunset actually ate every single thing she ordered; where does that girl put all that food?
>Of course you paid for everything, and with all the extra stuff, it was kind of on the pricey side.
>Joe helped you out by giving you a little discount though.
>Always looking out for you.
>On the plus side, now you know where you stand, concerning Sunset.
>At least you know better than this morning, anyway.
>As someone kind of resembling her boyfriend, maybe you’d even get some liberties.
>Can’t hurt your reputation either, right?
>Then again, look at that blue haired guy no one gives two shits about anymore.
>A hit in the shoulder brings you back out of your thoughts.
>”Don’t drift off like a weirdo all the time.”
>You take a drag of the cig and let your eyes wander around the street you’re currently walking on.
>Looks familiar.
“Where are we going anyway?”
>”To your home.”
>Wait what?
“You know where I live?”
>Don’t panic.
“Okay… So why are we going there?”
>”We’re going to fuck like a couple of horny teenagers!”
“Come again?”
>She looks at you with lidded eyes, licking her lips with her tongue.
>Man, kind of hot for late autumn today, right?
>The image of a sweating man wiping his forehead with a towel flashes to your mind.
>Sunset can’t keep a straight face though.
>”Pffahaha! Man you sure a gullible, aren’t you? Look at that blush!”
>Oh shaddap.
>”Don’t worry, I’m not after your tiny dick tonight. Just thought you could offer me a drink or something. Since you live alone.”
>Well this is going well.
>Sure, you got some stuff back home, but do you really want to spend that on her?
>You get the feeling that Sunset could be a mean drunk.
That's it for today. I'm not 100% happy with all the dialogue and character development, but there you go. I'm trying not to get lost in endless internal monologue and scene setup all the time. As you might be able to tell, writing dialogue is a lot harder for me.
Also I'm trying to give people the story they want, and that requires Sunset or Anon to break character at some point. It can't just be "Anon is passive and Sunset is mean" in a dozen different setups. Hope I took a step in the right direction.
I'm still enjoying.
Write the story you want to write, not what people want.
If people got always exactly what they want, there would be no tension.
Not saying that you should make a truck run over Sunset and kill her, though.
File: 1413834637434.png (164 KB, 404x678) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 404x678
>Not saying that you should make a truck run over Sunset and kill her, though.
now that you say that, it does sound tempting. would save me work too.
Writefag pls, anon deserves to get his dick wet.
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 459x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 459x294
>pls no
I second that. I actually look forward to each new post. Just enjoy what you do.
The dialogue seems fine, to me at least. Also yeah what that other anon said, write the story you want. I'm content with you just providing something to read.
File: 1449586601234.jpg (8 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 275x183
(Pointless comment made for the sole purpose of keeping this thread alive)
(Reply to pointless comment pointing out pointlessness)
(Reply to reply to pointless comment pointing out wrongness whilst involving Rainbow Dash for some reason)
File: image.png (542 KB, 560x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
542 KB, 560x560
(Reply to reply to reply to pointless comment involving stupid pun with pic of Carlos)
(Negative reply to reply to reply to reply to pointless comment going into detail of how you should kill yourself to purify the gene pool)
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File: HaveAPussySir.jpg (98 KB, 1198x830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 1198x830

What better excuse to write a new one then?
File: 1420333146552.gif (211 KB, 480x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Really enjoying this story.
Carry on man, good work so far!
>Be Anon after school
>Sunset has been bullying you for the last few weeks
>So you went to your parents for help
>DadAnon told you to stop being a pussy
>MomAnon gave you the keys to the old beat up car your parents have been trying to sell
>"Maybe you should start driving home from school, Anon."
>"And make sure you pay attention to your surroundings, it'd be terrible if you accidentally ran over that bully"
>"In stormy weather like we've been having though, anything could happen."
>You have the best parents
File: image.png (1 MB, 1278x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1278x718
File: image.jpg (54 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck off, retard.
File: image.jpg (170 KB, 1354x1060) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Be wary, there is currently a reckless person in close proximity
File: 1443962972114.png (539 KB, 644x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
539 KB, 644x644
This thread, is dying.

We need to save it somehow. And I've got an idea that just might work.

It goes like this: we start off with 3 words. Then, somebody adds another three words, and so on and so on. I'll start.

>Dear Princess Celestia,
today was a
shit-tastically bad day.
Pinkie wanted me
to fuck her
In the bellybutton
because I'm awesome.
And I just
Hope too
“Well, here we are.”
>You step aside and allow Sunset to enter the sanctuary that is your home.
>It’s warm and cozy; a nice place to come home to.
>Closing the door behind the two of you, you take off your shoes and hang up your coat.
>Sunset in mirroring your actions, getting rid of her coat, scarf and shoes.
>She’s wearing red and yellow sneaker socks matching her hair.
>Kind of cute, really.
>Her legs and hips are wrapped in a tastefully tight jeans and a dark hooded jacket completes the outfit.
>Sure, you saw all that at the pizza place already, but now is the first time you take a moment to appreciate her look.
>Stop staring you idiot.
>Luckily, the girl in question is currently preoccupied with strutting through your apartment and going through various cupboards and closets like she owns the place.
>This girl.
“Looking for something?”
>”Not really…”
>She’s absentmindedly talking to you while taking an inquisitive look under your bed.
>”Just trying to see what kind of freak you are.”
>Good thing you’re the kind of freak that doesn’t let any evidence lying around.
>So you just let her work herself out while getting two glasses and an assortment of drinks from the kitchen.
>After setting everything up on your living room table, you plop down on the sofa and patiently wait for her to return from your bedroom.
“Find anything?”
>Judging from the look on her face, she didn’t.
>You can’t really decide if that’s good or bad though.
>A part of you thinks she’d like you better if you were a little more predictable.
>A little more standardized.
>Sitting down next to you, Sunset starts looking over the various bottles set up in front of her.
>You found some juice, coke, some other soft-drinks and a bit of Whiskey and Rum.
>No fancy stuff, just good enough to be mixed with something sugary and make teenager-friendly highball beverages.
>You’re still not entirely happy with Sunset getting a pick at your storage, but it’s not like you have much of a choice.
File: image.png (254 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254 KB, 1280x720
He's back...
So is my boner
>”Pour me some Rum and Coke, will you?”
>With a gromble, you take the two glasses and proceed to pour in a base of alcohol.
>Filling up with coke, you hand her a glass and keep the other close for your own personal stress relief.
>”Cheers, Anon!”
>So now she wants to toast, huh?
>You clink glasses with her.
>”To us!”
>You both take a big sip and let the numbingly sweet beverage run down your throats.
>Okay… so what to do now?
“Wanna watch some TV?
>”Yeah, why not.”
>You stretch across the table for the remote and turn on the TV.
>Flicking through some channels, you try to find something suitable for the situation and the mood.
>”Oh, stop! Go back to that one.”
>You switch back to what Sunset wants to watch.
>A cartoon.
>A girly, brightly colored cartoon with talking animals.
>Please no.
>”Oh I love this episode.”
“Please no.”
>”Shush Anon, you don’t know what you’re missing.”
>A bright smile is flashed your way.
>Looks like you’ll need more alcohol soon.

>Time passes, and the two of you continue to sit on your couch, watch cartoons and drink your booze.
>Looks like you both have a nice buzz going on by now.
>You have to say, it’s not entirely unpleasant.
>Sunset is holding up her end, giggling like a… well, a girl, and occasionally explaining some background information for you so you can follow the story better.
>The show is kind of funny actually.
>Kind of cute too.
>Maybe you could look it up on the internet sometime, see if there’s some episodes to download.
“So you like cartoons?”
>You grab the glasses for another refill.
>”Yep. I watch’em a lot. This one’s my favorite though.”
>Her smile takes on a hint of a melancholic note.
>”It reminds me of something.”
“Of what?”
>She nods after taking her now refilled glass from you.
>Looking at the dark liquid inside, she answers to no one in particular.
>”Of a time long ago.”
File: 1399430132090.png (65 KB, 260x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 260x263
tfw you see a typo the second you post

i mean "grumble", obviously
“A time long ago?”
>What is this, some sort of fairytale?
>”Yeah. A time when things used to be easier.”
>You still don’t get it, but then again, you know next to nothing about Sunset’s personal life.
>Or her past.
>Or even where she lives.
>Shaking her head, she gives you a smile.
>”Let’s not talk about the past right now.”
“Alright, I guess.”
>Her cheeks are a visible shade of red by now, as are your own, you assume.
>Seems like alcohol takes the edge off her personality a bit.
>That might be useful information for the future.
>If you could just keep her loaded for an entire school day…
>”I’m gonna use your bathroom Anon.”
>Sunset gets to her feet beside you and, not without a slight wobble, starts walking towards the door.
“Yeah sure. It’s…”
>”I know where it is, stupid.”
>She looks over her shoulder and giggles at you.
>And with that, she enters the bathroom and locks the door behind her.
>You take this break to clean up some empty bottles from the table.
>You’ve gone through some soda and juice, most of the rum is gone too.
>Looks like you drank more than you thought.
>A look towards the clock on the wall reveals it’s 23:30.
>Well, it’s Friday so who cares anyway.
>If Sunset wasn’t here, you’d probably just sit around in your underwear and watch some shit or play videogames.
>Might as well spend the evening with her.
>The sound of running water from the bathroom announces Sunset’s imminent return, so you try your best not to look too drunk and sit back on the sofa.
>The bathroom door opens and out steps a grinning Sunset.
>She has taken off her jacket, revealing a kind of tight-fitting shirt beneath.
>She walks back over, still not entirely stable on her feet, and plops down next to you again.
>Much closer to you than before.
>She’s leaning against you, basically.
>You’re doing your best focusing on the cartoons still flashing on your TV.
>What is this, some kind of marathon?
>Licking her lips, she leans in even closer and begins whispering in your ear.
>”You remember the other day in the changing room, don’t you?”
>Her tone is playful, but also demanding.
>You nod; embarrassment and arousal filling your mind at the memory of your impromptu jerk-off session.
>You can feel her breasts pushing up against your arm.
>Good thing your face was already kind of flushed to begin with.
>”You know, while you had plenty of fun…”
>You open your mouth to voice your objections, but a quick hand towards your crotch shuts you up.
>Why must you always be betrayed by your own boner?
>Squeezing it curiously, Sunset chuckles slightly into your ear.
>”While YOU pervert had plenty of fun, I never even got to start, let alone finish.”
>You gulp.
>”So technically, you owe me one.”
>With that, she gently but firmly pushes you down off the sofa and onto your knees while standing up herself.
>With one swift motion, she takes off her shirt and lets her firm breasts spring free.
>No bra, huh?
>They’re cute and perky, with small pink nipples that poke out, begging for attention.
>The view from below makes her tits seem all the more juicy and round, even though they’re probably small enough to fit into your hands comfortably.
>Man you’d like to try and grab them.
>Fuck it.
>You raise your hands towards Sunset’s breasts, only to be slapped away with some force.
>”Take of my pants!”
>She’s not asking now, she’s commanding.
>With some hesitation, you lay your hands on the button of her jeans, fumbling to get it undone.
>Finally overcoming the obstacle, you slowly tug down the zipper.
>Radiating warmth greets your hands from beneath the fabric.
>She’s not wearing panties either, the slut.
>With a cunning grin down towards you, Sunset sways her wide hips a bit, helping you pull her pants down to her thighs.
>On your knees again.
>In front of Sunset Shimmer.
>At eye level with her more than inviting pussy.
>Your own pants are starting to get uncomfortably tight.
>Her red and yellow landing strip of pubic hair is still there, sitting atop her puffy lips.
>They’re just a tiny bit parted, revealing a moist glistening between them.
>”Enjoying the view?”
>Your voice comes out dry and throaty as you pull her pants further down her juicy thighs and towards her ankles.
>She steps out of it and wiggles her foot, commanding you to take off her socks too.
>And that’s it.
>The harsh girl is standing in your living room, completely naked, cheeks red.
>You do your best to take in the sights.
>Breasts, thighs, hips; everything looks delicious and perfectly curvy.
>”Take off your pants, I wanna see it.”
>She’s sitting back down; her legs spread just enough to still allow you a view of her privates.
>More quickly than you intended to, you stand up and strip off your pants and boxers.
>Your boner is painfully waiting for attention.
>Sunset seems to notice too, giving a small laugh.
>”Good. Now listen, since you’re one up, you’re not allowed to touch yourself!”
>Wait what?
>No way you can do that.
“Sunset, please don’t do this.”
>”Do a good job, and maybe I’ll allow you to.”
>She’s skidding towards the edge of the sofa, spreading her legs wide.
>One of her hands wanders towards her crotch.
>With her index and middle finger, she spreads her outer lips apart, giving you a view of pink flesh and inviting warm wetness.
>”Now lick me, faggot!”
Lets do this
>You oblige.
>Leaning forward, you put your lips on hers and begin sticking your tongue into her waiting folds.
>Just a little bit.
>The smell and taste is overwhelming.
>Sweet, a bit musky and very feminine.
>It’s driving you wild
>Seems like you did something right.
>Getting bolder, you begin exploring Sunset’s pussy.
>What happens when you lick here?
>What happens when you slightly bite down on this part?
>What does this thing do?
>The answer in most cases is: eliciting cute moans and groaning from the girl suddenly not so dominant anymore.
>You decide to go deeper and start what you can only describe as tongue-fucking her slit.
>”Oh God! Don’t you dare stop!”
>You wouldn’t think of it.
>Even though your boner is throbbing and dying for attention, you’re having way too much fun trying to see what kind of sounds you can still tickle out of her.
>Every time you brush against her clit, she’s shaking a bit, curling her fingers into the cushions of your couch.
>You can’t take it anymore.
>Your right hand wanders towards your shaft in a desperate attempt to get some release yourself.
>”What the fuck are you doing?”
>Seems like she’s still aware enough to keep you under control.
>With one foot, she forcefully pushes your hand away from your dick, brushing over it ever so lightly.
>The sensation alone sends a shiver up your spine.
>”Make me cum and we’ll talk about it.”
>With newfound vigor, you grab the back of her knees and raise up her legs while keeping them spread.
>Sunset is now fully on her back, her plump ass cheeks exposed to you at the edge of the couch.
>You begin licking and biting at her lips again, making Sunset shift and turn and moan in pleasure.
>Her folds are getting wetter too.
>In a sudden moment of braveness, you drop down a bit and give a small experimental lick to her asshole.
>”Oh shit, yesss…”
>Pulling back, you decide to take your hands to help too.
>You drop her legs again and proceed to push two fingers into her pussy.
>No sense in being careful now.
>You’re met with little resistance, only feeling her muscles clamping down on the foreign objects.
>You pull out and roughly push back in again.
>And again.
>And again.
>Picking up the pace, you take your other hand to caress her leg and start gently biting the inside of her thigh.
>”Ughhh! I’m so close. Faster.”
>Pumping in and out of her with your fingers, more and more liquid splashes on your hand with each thrust.
>The lewd sounds of wet flesh are picking up.
>This is it.
>With a final grunt, Sunset curls back and digs into the cushions, her pussy clamping and thighs shaking.
>After a couple of seconds, she goes limp.
>You withdraw your hands and begin to lick her fluids off of your fingers.
>You are the pussy master!
>Well, best not to get too cocky now.
>Speaking of cock, yours is still hurting and throbbing and leaking precum.
>As far as you can tell, that was an orgasm on her part, so you should be good to go, right?
>Sunset is still lying on her back, panting.
>With your hand still wet from her snatch, you begin stroking at a fast pace.
>The sound is quire peculiar, so no wonder Sunset picks up on it.
>”Are you stroking yourself?”
>You won’t stop now, doesn’t matter what she says.
>”That’s fine, go ahead.”
>She’s propping up on her elbows, looking at you.
>”Want some help with that?”
>You can feel you’re only maybe half a minute away from coming.
“Sure. But hurry.”
>>With one swift motion, she takes off her shirt and lets her firm breasts spring free.
>She has two of them.
File: image.jpg (278 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278 KB, 1920x1080
>Sunset quickly gets upright again and slides down towards you.
>The two of you are sitting closely in front of each other on the floor now.
>Her hands grab your shaft and with a surprising amount of force, she begins stroking furiously.
>And plants her lips on yours in a wet kiss.
>The sensation of her slender hands on your dick and her tongue forcefully trying to push its way into your mouth are too much.
>With a grunt, you begin spraying hot, sticky cum over her belly and thighs.
>She keeps pumping, milking you for everything you’ve got.
>After a few seconds, you break the kiss and collapse on your back.
>Holy shit.
>From what you can still see of her, Sunset is licking her hands clean of your cum, not unlike you did earlier.
“Sunset. That was great.”
>”Of course it was. You got to put your hands on the sexiest girl in school.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
>You can’t find the energy to argue.
>Or do anything else than lie here on the floor, for that matter.
“I’m sorry, I’m kind of spent.”
>”No worries, quickshot.”
>With a grin, Sunset picks up a blanket from the couch and throws it at you.
>After that, she quickly puts her clothes back on and moves towards the door.
>Is she leaving?
>Just like that?
“What are you doing?”
>”Going home. What, you think I want to spend my night at some single guy’s apartment?”
“You could sleep in my bed, I’ll stay here.”
>”No thanks.”
>She’s putting on her shoes.
>Looks like she’s actually going.
“Are you okay to get home alone? Where do you actually live?”
>”Are you starting to get protective of me?”
>With that, she steps out the door and pulls it closed behind her.
>After everything that happened tonight, that quick exit didn’t really feel right.
>You’d have liked it for her to stay over.
>While brooding over her sudden leave, sleep overcomes you.
>You dream of red haired girls with shark smiles and sunless eyes, ripping away your flesh with sharp fangs and pointy teeth.
>What is she doing to you?
that's it for now.

is that not the right way to say that? i mean she DOES have two breasts, no? i'm not a native speaker.
Damn, this is getting good.
Yes, she does have two. I was making reference to a short-lived meme from a thread made just after the first film came out.
Really wish I had a screencap of it.
why would you browse /mlp/ in a library you cuck, slap that nigger beside you too.
person to your left to a picture of you and posted it on /po/
Pastebin this f@m, please.
what's this about /pol/?
it's in the thread, but here you go. updated too.

File: 1413834170024.png (62 KB, 600x602) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 600x602
shit I just found the /pol/ thread.
am I famous now?
thank you
Give a brohoof to the polack and say you cant stump the trump
not the guy from the photo. the guy writing the story

i hope every possible visitor from /pol/ enjoys my story. feel free to leave feedback.
I read grumble anyways
/pol/ here. please kindly take some time out on this wonderful weekend to gather the things you hold precious, burn them, then kill yourselves.
File: 1449536985588.png (386 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
386 KB, 600x600
>going to 4chan in public
>Taking pics of strange men in the library.
reality hit you in the face like a ton of bricks
hey faggot in shorts in the library, get a photo of the /pol/ack sitting beside you
So you didn't like it? what if i made it a little more /pol/? Hold up I can do this:

>Loud thumps wake you from your slumber.
>Someone is pounding at the door.
>Before you can even get up, or get your brain to process the information correctly, the sound of splintering wood and crunching metal informs you that your door has just been kicked down.
>So this is how you'll die, huh?
>In a home invasion, right after getting your nut busted by no other than Sunset Shimmer.
>There's worse ways to go, really.
>Maybe /pol/ was right.
>You should have invested in some sort of home defense.
>Well, too late for that now, you'll just lie here and wait for your fate to resolve.
>"Yo, faggot!"
>It can't be.
>It's Sunset.
>With a shit eating grin, the girl steps around the corner and into your living room.
>Seems like she donned a black hat with a shiny skull attached at the very front and drew a crude black mustache at the top of her lip in permanent marker.
>The look is peculiar, but kind of cute, really.
>A red armband with a white dot and black symbol completes the look.
"What the fuck is up with you?"
>"It's happening, Kamerade!"
"What's happening, and why is it happening in my living room?"
>A quick glance at the clock.
"At 3am."
>She just smiles at you.
>Stepping closer, she pulls out a second cap from behind her back and puts it on top of your head.
>"Wir gehen Juden jagen!"
>Even though you didn't quite get everything, you feel the answer rise up inside you.
File: image.png (236 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236 KB, 1024x768
>How many kids with ADD does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Let's go ride bikes!
File: image.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 1280x720
Guys look, an update!
File: y.jpg (27 KB, 393x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 393x352
Why would you do that to me? Like, you know how I feel...
get this lint
File: 1452363999992.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4032x3024
File: image.jpg (110 KB, 1277x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 1277x720
You know I do love a little bully sunset.
>"You little shit, I'll wipe the floor with you."
"Yeah right you can. Know what I won't even use my hands this time."
>Sunset's at it again, she really thinks she can take your place as hoolgian boss.
>As a girl she gets to bring a weapon.
>You look at the iron pipe she's managed to scrounge up .
"Don't yah think that a wee bit overkill."
>You don't actually mind she's gonna need all the help she's got.
>"Say goodbye to you kneecaps chucklehead."
>You didn't even say go yet.
>She makes a low cleave with the pipe which you.
"Nothing like a good ole game of jump pipe to get the blood flowin."
>You jog behind her and hit her with a sweep kick.
>She ends up face first.
"Are you done with your foolishness?"
>She answers with a swing to your side.
>You just make it by ducking.
"Do you wanna have a bad time?"
>"Why won't you stand still!"
>She attack with a flurry of swings.
>And you begin humming megalovania.
>You never lash out but you stick your foot out just right.
>She goes flying over your foot.
>But she catches herself.
"Sunset never turn your back to the enemy."
>You do a jumping crescent kick rightist to the back of her head.
"hmmm! hmhmmh hmhmhmmmm!"
>Right when you where getting to the good part of the song.
>She's still standing.
>"It's gonna take a lot more than your weak kicks to put me down."
>She growls.
"NAannanananna!! anananana!"
>volicalizing the guitar solo you kick you foot into her puss puss.
"You didn't tell me honor mode or not, so i thought I'd end this."
>She does an ahego face then passes out.
"hmhmhmmh hmhmhmhmmmh hmmmmm hmmmhm nanananannananananana nenenenenenenenenen mammanejnenenenananan dundunnudnduundnudundundununddnudunudud dodododododooddoodododododododododododooddooddoododododododododododoodododododododoododododododoodododoododododood"
>You bow to your imaginary crowd
"Next time Sunset, I'll hum
death by glamour."
>You turn and walk into the night.
>Browsing /mlp/ in public.
Shameful, autistic faggot.
>What noise annoys an oyster?

A noisy noise annoys an oyster
File: 1452022030163.jpg (64 KB, 640x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 640x383
>You wake up with the autumn sun’s cold light forcing its way into your eyes.
>Blinking, you take a moment to take in your surroundings.
>You’re on your living room floor, covered in a blanket, empty bottles and two glasses on the table beside you.
>The memories of last night begin creeping back to you.
>With a groan, you get yourself upright and make for the bathroom.
>While doing your morning routine, you take the time to reflect on the evening.
>All in all, not the worst way to spend a Friday.
>Only Sunset’s quick exit still leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
>As far as you can tell, she had just as much fun as you did.
>So why the hurry?
>You pop a painkiller, crunching the pill in your mouth and letting the bitter taste bloom on your tongue.
>That should take care of the headache.
>Exiting the bathroom, you put on some fresh clothes and sit down at your computer.
>After checking some usual sites and finding a download for the first season of last night’s cartoon, your look falls on your phone sitting on your desk.
>No messages or missed calls.
>Fuck it, might as well check in on Sunset.
“Hey, everything alright?”
>It takes a few minutes until the familiar chime announces a reply.
>”Certainly. Why would you ask?”
>Unusually nonthreatening in its wording, but maybe she just woke up and can’t be bothered to insult you yet.
“I was just wondering about your sudden leave yesterday.”
>Another few minutes pass.
>”I just wanted to get home. Stop making a deal out of it.”
>Something about the phrasing doesn’t sound right.
>A bit too deflective.
>A bit too defensive.
“Are you sure you’re alright?”
>This time the reply comes faster, almost immediately.
>”Of course I’m fucking sure, now stop asking that, fucker!”
>Well, that certainly sounds more like you know her.
>But still.
“Would it be okay if we met? Maybe I could come over to you?”
“Okay, so how about we meet at the park again? Same spot as yesterday.”
>Another longer pause.
>Maybe you pushed too far now.
>Maybe she snapped.
>While thinking about how she’d be able to kill you in school on Monday without leaving traces, your phone chimes again.
>You pick it up, still wondering if a high school girl could get her hands on any dangerous weapons.
>Or maybe anthrax.
>This one probably could.
>”Fine, I’ll be there in 30.”
>Looks like you won’t die after all.
>You grab your keys, wallet and phone and store them in their respective pockets of your coat and pants.
>One pair of shoes later and you’re on your way towards the park again, meeting Sunset.
>The air is chilly, the sun’s rays only marginally able to warm it up at this time of the year.

>After a brisk walk to the park, you find Sunset sitting on a bench, absentmindedly puffing away at a cigarette.
>The color of her hair makes her blend in well with the falling leaves, like she was specifically chosen to sit there and accentuate the nature.
>Yeah, you’re definitely starting to fall for this girl.
>But seriously, what did you expect?
>Sunset jerks her head towards you, slightly startled by your sudden presence.
>You briefly remember your last encounter at this bench with her.
>Quid pro quo, missy.
>Her expression and tone don’t tell you much about her state of mind.
>She seems slightly annoyed, but not really angry.
>Or sad.
>”So what now?”
>You sit down on the bench beside her and let your gaze wander around the park.
>Its quiet and peaceful again, trees softly moving with the wind.
>Really a nice spot.
>Might as well speak your mind here.
“You know, somehow you seem different.”
>”What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Dunno. It’s just a feeling. I mean we’re kind of getting to know each other better, you’re less insulting…”
>Your voice trails off.
>It’s really hard to put this into words.
>On one hand, Sunset seems more affectionate to you, on the other, she’s trying her best to keep you down and away.
>Not the way a pretend couple is supposed to work, is it?
>Sunset’s annoyed voice gets you to focus back on her.
>”Okay, here’s the deal.”
>You look at her curiously.
>Seems like she’s going to tell you what’s up after all.
>”I told you I like commanding people around, yes?”
>”And being the biggest fish in the tank?”
>”That relies on power, and that relies on me being the toughest bitch around.”
>You chuckle slightly at her choice of words, but continue to listen to her explanation.
>”As you’ve noticed, I started to behave differently around you. I’m starting to become…”
>You can see her trying out different ways to phrase this in her head.
>”…vulnerable around you.”
>Hold up.
>Is this some weird way of saying she’s developing feelings for you?
>You’re cut off by her raised voice, a bit of anger now coming across with it.
>”So from now on, you’ll stay away from me and I’ll stay away from you, you got that, faggot?”
>No way.
>Sure, she still can make your life hell, but you really don’t want to lose your connection with her.
>You found something beneath her shell and you don’t want to let go of that.
>”I won’t say I’m sorry.”
>Neither will you.
>An angry slap connects with your cheek.
>She spits out the word, her form standing above you.
>”Why do you let yourself get put under so much? It’s like you enjoy it, like you revel in it!”
“I don’t enjoy it.”
>Sunset looks at you.
>Glares at you.
“I don’t enjoy it, but if that’s the only way to interact with you, I’ll take it.”
>That showed her.
>She’s visibly deflating, sinking back on the bench next to you.
>She’s not angry; she’s not crying either, she just sits back down, her expression void of emotions.
>”I can’t have that.”
>Her words are quiet now; calm.
“Why? Why do you think you can only survive if you’re spiteful of everyone?”
>”Because it’s the only way I can fit in. It’s the only role I know how to play.”
“That can’t be true. What about when you’re with your parents?”
>”My parents aren’t here.”
>Oh shit, nice misstep, idiot.
“Sunset, I’m sorry…”
>”They’re not dead you fruit.”
>Well, at least she’s got some spirit back.
>”They’re just… not here.”
>What’s that supposed to mean?
“Where do you come from, Sunset?”
>She smiles at you, her mind obviously drifting to her home.
>”I come from a very happy place. A place very, very far away.”
>How far could it be?
>She doesn’t even sound foreign to you.
>”A place I had to leave because I fucked up.”
>You don’t quite get it, but you don’t really care either.
>”And before I knew what really happened, I was here. And I started climbing up. And I was good at it.”
>She smiles at you
>”I AM good at it.”
>You’re not really sure what to say.
>It doesn’t feel like you need to save her, like you need to rescue her from herself.
>But you don’t want her to push you out of her life again either.
“Doesn’t that get lonely sometimes?”
>That, you can work with.
>You open your arms and close them around Sunset, giving her a tight hug.
>After a moment’s hesitation, she returns the gesture, squeezing you back tightly with her own arms.
>Maybe this is good enough.
>Maybe a bit of companionship will do you both good.
>Maybe in time, you can help her learn a new role.
>Make her open up to more people.
>For now, hugging a warm Sunset to your chest is all you want to do though.

File: 1407153403263.png (145 KB, 650x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 650x365
So yeah, that’s it.
I hope the ending is somewhat satisfactory. I tried to avoid the clichés, but you can only do so much when you have these sorts of characters and want to do a “happy” ending. To paraphrase that one TV show: every monkey can pop out a beginning. Endings are hard. I had to finish this today.

Pastebin for those interested again:
you didn't even poke her in the pooper...
File: image.jpg (188 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 960x720
That was beautiful, your a special person for not getting too caught up in sex, and that is a good thing
so, if thats the end, is there actually a story which goes on, I mean like:

>Sunset bullys Anon
> [Anon gets mad at Sunset] or [falls in love with Sunset]
Anon's story ends here
>Sunset tries to take over the school
>Sunset is devastated
>Anon's turn now
>crush or help her
as one story probably not. however there's so many sunset stories out there you could probably frankenstein it out of them. they basically all cover the same aspects.
>there are so many sunset stories out there

I must have shit luck finding them then
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