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Bug Queen
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I want to play rape her
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a lot of holes to go through

>you wake up in the middle of the night, just to find that Chrysalis is awake too

"I'll guess that you had the same dream as I did".

>"It was not a dream Anon, it was a vision, Luna was letting us know that the time is getting closer", she says in a serious but still scared tone
" We will find a way to keep our kingdom alive" you say while hugging her, but deep inside you know is no easy task
>"you are always so optimistic that is disgusting to me", she says while tears come down her face
>" the three of them are too powerful, two of them where students of celestia herself, don't you remember?"
> you do, you remember it very clearly
> you remember how twilight was your friend, you remember how she took care of starlight glimmer
>you remember how sunset came through the portal
>you remember the three of them being good friends
>You also remember how they became power hungry
> they defeated Celestia and Luna, and took over Equestria
>but they managed to escape, and Luna speaks to you in your dreams, since the Cristal Empire is the only place left for them to attack
>"Anon, I should go and tell our children to prepare and go to another place outside Equestria, somewhere were they haven't..."
>you cut her off
"No, they will not go anywhere, I will defend my children and protect them, no matter what, and this is our home, nobody, NOBODY, not even them are going to take us out from here"
> you say while tears come down from your face
>you hug Chrysalis
"My Queen, the is one option left, the same power that can defeat them, is the same power that once defeated you"
>she steps back, with fear on her face
>she barely manages to speak
>"you...you are pl-planing t-too...."
"To defeat Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer, to save our children, and to protect you my queenI will harness the power of the dark"
>you look at her directly to her eyes, while tears come down your face
"I will become King Sombra".
>Bug pone is best pone
>Inb4 shitposting
This fag
I want to real rape her
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She's so fucking adorable
/bug/ thread?

when we last left our heroes, they had just gotten fallout 4 and could absolutely not be bothered in the slightest to pretend anything else existed for three weeks.

Do you think she'll come back again this year on Hearts & Hooves Day, invading our greenbait threads pretending to be our waifus?
>both of you stay quiet for a moment
>you think about what you just said
>"...I don't know, I don't know if that is a good idea, is way to much evil power for somepony to handle, I know that you are not a pony, but I don't think you could handle it neither". She says as she get closer to you, still shocked for what you said
"There is no other choice, Celestia and Luna have lost their power", you say desperately, " and there is no one else left". Tears keep falling from your face
> you knew Sombra could kill you
>in fact, you had no idea how to get to him
>"Anon", Chrysalis says, cutting your thoughts,
>"...I...I love you...and I don't want to see you die, and that is exactly what sombra will do" she holds her tears back
>"We can still escape, and be safe, we can still be. ToMMHP!!
>You make her to stop talking by kissing her, she is surprised at first, but eventually relaxes
>she wraps her hooves around your neck, and closes her eyes, tears falling down, but somehow they don't feel of sadness
"We will worry about this tomorrow" you say as you lift her up
"For now, lets enjoy our love, for it might be our last time together my Queen".
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the confrontation.png
2 MB, 1915x1075
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>since the Cristal Empire is the only place left

Ah, the luxurious land of Champagne made famous by hip hop "artists"
Do you want to get her legs preggo?
>not Jean-Claude Van Damme
>you wake up earlier that Chrysalis, you look back at her while petting her mane
>she doesn't wake up, but you just hear some small groangs
>you chuckle, you knew she didn't like to be bothered while sleeping
>you slowly get up from the bed, trying to not wake her up,
>you make your way out of the room, to try and think about the situation
>how are you going to become King Sombra?
>can you even do it?
>can you even talk to him?
>you think about who can teach you some more about him, but the only one that comes to your mind is twilight
>that is not a choice
>Cadance, she should know something
>you don't know where Cadance is
>maybe Celestia knows?
>But you don't know where she is neither, you think they might be in their old castle, but you can't go that far
>you can't leave your kingdom
>maybe calling her?
"This is bullshit"
>The only way you can reach her is by dreams, by Luna, but you don't want to be sleeping all day
>you don't want to look like a sleeper
>what if you can't dream?
>you usually had dreams, but what if now failed?
>what if you could never reach Celestia?
>no, you will find a way
>you turn around just to see that Chrysalis is behind you
"Chrissy! Umm...how long have you been awake?"
>"long enough my dear" she says in a sweet tone
>she comes closer to you, and gives you a small kiss in your cheek
>"you know, you don't need to talk to the sisters to know about King Sombra, you can just ask me", she says, still in a sweet voice
>you doubt for a moment, because you knew that it was a very difficult subject
>Sombra had attacked her kingdom in the past, and destroyed most of it
> he killed most of her children, and destroyed most of the land
>the reason why she is still alive is because the two princess saved her
>" its ok, go ahead and ask me" she says, cutting your thoughts
"...where can I find him" you say in a firm, but fragile tone
>she sighs heavily and says
>"in his prision in the middle of our castle".
Did anyone even catch the last thread? Seems like it only lasted a day or so. If nobody has any objection I think I'll just repost the last part of Adapting to Change.
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Go for it
So does that mean this is the new Changeling Thread?
If so, here's a link to the last one.
Adapting to Change

Kalumnia was resting comfortably in front of the fire when Bright Skies entered. His breath was short and uneven as he approached with quiet steps.
Kalumnia looked back at the nervous pegasus and did his best to give him a reassuring smile. Bright Skies shied back at the sight of sharp changeling teeth.
“Don’t be so nervous. I promise it won’t be nearly as bad as you think. In fact, it might even be somewhat pleasant. Come sit with me and we’ll get started.”
With a hard swallow and a nod, Bright Skies moved closer and took a seat. “So… what do you need me to do?”, he asked with thinly veiled fear in his voice.
The changeling closed the distance between them and brought a foreleg around his host. Bright Skies tensed, leaning away slightly as his muzzle came close to his ear. Kalumnia spoke softly with the practiced voice of tender lover. “I was told of a time long ago. It was before the reign of your princesses, when your kind were often victims to war, disease, and the beasts that roamed the land. We were there, following in the wake of tragedy. We would bring closure to the grieving. One last chance to say goodbye to the ones they had lost. And for doing so they would provide us the love we needed.”
Bright Skies shook his head in confusion but avoided looking at the changeling. “I don’t understand. No one I know has died.”
Even without seeing him, Bright Skies could feel Kalumnia’s knowing grin near his cheek. “But still your eyes betray your loss. Your heart is broken and your home smells of sorrow. It was not difficult to put the pieces together.”
Bright Skies’ lip trembled as the dull ache grew in his chest. He clenched his teeth trying to hold back tears he had been avoiding for days.
“Tell me, Bright Skies, what would you give to have one last night to say goodbye?”
The pony coughed, choking on his own stifled sadness. He didn’t want to talk about it. He didn’t want to think about it. For days he had managed to push all of those thoughts aside and now suddenly it was thrown in his face.
Kalumnia waited patiently while Bright Skies fought the well of emotion overflowing in him until he finally gave in. “He… he just left. He found a new job and… He didn’t think it was serious what we had together. I didn’t say anything and then… he was gone.”
Kalumnia pulled Bright Skies close to him in a hug. “Shhhh… Just relax. Close your eyes and think about him. Imagine he’s in this room. Think about how much you still love him.”
Bright Skies nodded and closed his eyes. He thought of the stallion who had left his heart in tatters. That warm smile. The eyes that always seemed just a bit sleepy. Feeling him begin to relax, Kalumnia whispered, “Tell me his name. Tell me what his voice was like. Tell me everything.”
Kalumnia could feel Bright Skies’ love. It flowed from him like the warmth from the fire but the flavor was lost. It was like having a mouth full of food but not being able to taste it. And until it was directed toward him, he could not gain sustenance from it.
“His name… is Dream Light. He… he has a strong firm voice. Deeper than yours but his tone was always welcoming.”
Kalumnia stretched his larynx and did the best he could with what little magic he could muster to alter his voice as he spoke. “Does he sound… like this?”
Bright Skies trembled a bit and clenched his eyes shut against the urge to look. “A… A little deeper.”
“Like… this?”
The pegasus bit his lip and leaned into the changeling. “Y-yes… like that.”
Kalumnia smiled and asked, “How did I used to touch you? Was I firm, or was I gentle.”
“Y-you were always so gentle. You had the softest touch. I always loved the way you would stroke my mane when I was feeling sad. You were always there for me.”
Kalumnia brought his hoof up and very carefully brushed it down the back of Bright Skies’ head. “Like this?”
“Yes… just like that.”
The pony’s love now hung thick in the air like an invisible aroma but still Kalumnia could not savor the taste of it. He gently eased Bright Skies over and nuzzled against his neck as they two of them laid down in front of the fire. “I’m sorry I had to leave.” he said softly in the other stallion’s voice. “You know I love you and if there had been any other way, I would have stayed with you.”
Bright Skies whimpered slightly letting tears flow from his still shut eyes.
“But don’t be sad. I’m here with you now.”
Kalumnia lowered himself onto Bright Skies and closed his eyes. He had performed the act more times than he could count, but still his heart raced. Their lips met and a rush of warmth filled him. Although muted, the flavor was one that he could not describe. Something wonderful and yet tainted with something painful.
He could feel his strength return as the pony beneath him waned. Kalumnia’s hunger drove him to continue to feed. A predator gorging on the kill. He pressed his muzzle harder into Bright Skies letting his slender tongue violate the pony’s mouth.
A soft whimper came from his host’s throat. The sound was enough to snap Kalumnia from his frenzied feeding. He snapped his head back leaving a trail of sickly green mist between their mouths that he quickly slurped from the air.
Eyes wide and shaking, Kalumnia looked down at the limp form below him. He had drunk deeply of his victim but not as much as he had others. And still something pulled inside him. This wretch of a creature had cared for him when he was all but dead and still he gave more. Kalumnia’s lip twitched as he watched the pony’s chest slowly rise and fall. His voice still low but more his own he said darkly, “You should have let me die.”

And that is the end of chapter 2.
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Dark Queen.jpg
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Queen Crysilolth?
>"in his prision in the middle of our castle"

(Chrysalis,) If the time should ever come, when all other hope is lost; If you should find yourself surrounded, with your enemies closing in. Go to the last cell of of the deepest dungeon of this (castle) There lies one of the (Crystal Empire's) darkest legacies. It will be the instrument of your salvation.
My bug folder is still named CQ, for Changeling Queen. I made the folder before they revealed her name as Chrysalis, and I just never got around to changing it.
How long have you loved the cheese bug?
Since I saw Canterlot Wedding.
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luvbug a qt always has been
>you look at her without blinking
>you can't believe what she just said
"In the castle? Why? Why you never told me about this?"
>you try to get angry, but its too much of a shock
>"I know I should have told you, but I just couldn't, it is too much of a pain to bring that up" she says looking at the floor
>"It is confusing, but, even though I want him as far away from me, the I needed him to be close to me, so that way I know that he is still there, imprisioned".
>it makes sense, it was her burden, the only way to be for sure that he has not escaped is by having him as close as possible
"Chryssi...how do I get to him?"
>she slowly stands, and starts to walk slowly towards the center of the castle
>you follow her closely, ocassionaly smiling at her to let her know that everything was going to be alright
>she walks infront of the crystal heart, then turns back at you, tears falling from her face
>"I don't what is going to happen in there, but, no matter what, I will always love you". She says while turning again to the crystal heart
> she uses her magic to open a gate right under the heart, leading to some stairs
>she looks back at you and nods
>you nood back at her, give a long kiss and a hug.
"You will always be my love, Chrysalis, and I promise, that this is going to be ok".
>you smile at her and start going down
>and down
>how many stairs does this place has?
>the light that was coming from the opening of the gate has long been gone, and is now complete darkness
>you make it to the end of the stairs, but you can't see anything
>then slowly, you see two green dots opening slowly
>you realize what this means
>you are eye to eye to one of tge biggest enemies of equestria
> you walk towards him,and stand face to face to him
" Sombra"
>you say with the firmest tone that you have
>you can't see anything, but you can tell that he has an evil smile when he speaks
>"you must be king Anon" he says, without any trace of surprise
>"is a pleasure to meet you, your majesty".
The folder on my laptop here is called "Roachbitch"; but my main folder on my actual desktop is called "Ishtar".

I've liked her since the episode aired, and she remains my favourite villain especially now that I can't count Discord anymore. I liked her looks, her voice, and perhaps most of all the opportunities she added to the show when she and her Changelings were introduced. There's a reason Changelings became a so prevalent in fan content after her episode, they're just really cool creatures, and she's their Queen.

But I don't think it was until sometime in 2013 that I moved from liking her to becoming a "fan" of her, and that's because that's when I started writing a bit about her. Granted, it wasn't good, but it kind of kept me around for the bugroyalty ride ever since.
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>How long have you loved the cheese bug?
I didn't *love* her right away, although she did impress me as a villain.
>motives other than "I just like being an asshole"
>reasonably competent and intelligent

But since I have a thing for creepy, evil girls she quickly grew on me.
Design-wise, she's easily the freakiest character on the show and essentially nightmare fuel when you consider how she's from a world of cute colorful mini-horses.

Also, more recent discussions about what stealthy changelings might be able to pull off as a disciplined organisation has made me think pretty highly of them.
I wanna bugger her bottom
I like that her whole goal is to feed her brood. It's almost sympathetic in a way.
File: 849651847.png (525 KB, 648x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
525 KB, 648x900
Yeah, I liked that too.

She was obviously enjoying fucking up Canterlot, but her main purpose was apparently to fulfill her responsibility as queen. That was a little interesting.
Yay bugpones
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Would you let her go sloppy?
I would.
File: 1398956377359.gif (348 KB, 1000x557) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
348 KB, 1000x557
Sure, I'd let her go sloppy.
And then have sex with her.
File: 1398963460676.png (450 KB, 1072x1879) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1.png (529 KB, 1000x1045) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
529 KB, 1000x1045
No thanks.
this reminds me of kanshipanda's comics.
Chapter 3

Bright Skies woke slowly in the absolute darkness of night. Although warm in his bed, he was far from comfortable. Pain and fatigue wracked his body. The faded memory of what had happened to him carried it's own pain. For a brief moment he had felt the joy of his love’s return before it was consumed.
Groaning he rolled out of bed onto shaky hooves. He knew the room well and had no difficulty navigating in the dark. Beyond the door to his room a faint light still glowed down the hall. The last light of the dying flames in the still lit fireplace. And sitting before it, tending to the ashes was an unfamiliar stallion.
“Hello?” Bright Skies said weakly. “Can I help you?”
The stallion turned to look at him and gave him an impatient look. “Good. You're finally awake. Now I can leave this place.”
Bright Skies struggled with his hazy mind to identify the stranger in his house. He was an orange pegasus, with a brown mane, and green eyes. Eyes that seemed to spark as their gaze met. “Kalumnia?”
The stallion gave a slightly confused look for a moment before saying “Oh. Yes. I’m able to change form again. I thought it would be best to do so incase someone else decided to let themself in.”
Bright Skies nodded and walked into the room. “Oh. I should have known.” he said casually before continuing in a more solemn tone “So… you're going back to your hive then?”
Kalumnia was ready to say yes and leave it at that. He felt Bright Skies already knew far more than any pony should about changelings but something compelled him to tell the truth. “No. I'm not going home.” he said looking back to the dwindling fire. “I can't. The hive has changed and I… I don't belong there anymore.”
Bright Skies took a few steps closer feeling much more comfortable with Kalumnia’s new form. “Where will you go?”
“I don't know.” Kalumnia said with the harsh tone of a troubled soul.
Bright Skies bit his lip edging a bit closer while the changeling’s back was turned. He knew that if Kalumnia left he would again be alone in an empty house. Alone with painful thoughts of abandonment. “You… could stay.” he offered cautiously.
Kalumnia turned again to look at him. “Stay? Here with you?” Bright Skies shrugged and looked to the floor. “Sure. I have the space. And I'm kind of in the market for a new roommate.”
“I… I can’t.” Kalumnia said flatly. “There’s still something out there I need to find. Something I need to do. I’m not really sure what it is yet but if I have any hope of going back home…” He trailed off with a sigh. Wandering the wilderness seemed like the only thing he could do but the thought of again being alone in the vast silence of the world sat uneasily with him.
Still weak and growing cold, Bright Skies forced away what remained of his fear of the changeling and moved to set beside him closer to the fire. His legs shook as he moved and as he began to settle down his knee gave out causing him to fall against Kalumnia.
The changeling grunted and gave him an annoyed look for a second before sighing. “You're still weak. And I suppose you did care for me while I was sick.” He paused as he struggled with his decision. It was foolish at best but he had little desire to return to wandering the cold Equestrian countryside. “As I'm not in any hurry to get anywhere and clearly you need my help… I guess I could stay a little while longer.”
A ripple of green extended up from Kalumnia’s head as his curved horn appeared. Using his magic, he levitated a log from beside the fireplace and set it into the glowing embers to renew the fire before his horn vanished again.
As the fire grew once again bathing the two of them in warmth and light, Bright Skies settled down and laid his head on the floor. Kalumnia’s eyes turned to the sorry sight of the tired pegasus. In a way he was glad he had decided to stay. It was a risk but given all that had happened and all this pony already knew, at least he had someone to talk to now. Without thinking, Kalumnia brought a hoof up and gently brushed it down Bright Skies’ mane.
That's all for now. Not sure where I'm going from here but we'll see what happens.
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Gentlemen, BEHOLD! The story pastebin!



You got a pastebin for your story? I'll add it to the /bug/ story archive.
Not yet, working on it, is the first time I write some green, so I'm kind of nee with this stuff, I'll post the pastebin as soon as I can.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
Did someone say bug queen?
>tfw bought one of those because of Chrysalis in black

Surprisingly good purchase.
File: 1448502973211.png (725 KB, 2400x2743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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she's like a huge adorable bug cat
>"tell me, what is the reason for you to come down to the depths of the castle?" He says, in a pretty calm voice
" I believe that you are aware of what is going on in Equestria"
>"I'm afraid not" he says, you could swear that he is mocking you
>"see, this prision is made that not even light or sound can go through it, so I have no knowledge of the current situation".
>you still look in his eyes, knowing that you have to remember all the pain
"...Twilight Sparkle saved Equestria a long time ago, she fought a pony named Starlight Glimmer, and she was able to succeed."
>King Sombra's eyes not even blink while they stare at yours
"Being the Princess of Friendship, she took care of her, and they became very good friends, just like all of the mane 6. Starlight and Twilight studied together,practicing magic all the time, in fact, they practiced so much, that they where able to open the portal to Earth once again, and bring another pony back from there, Sunset shimmer".
>right after you said that, King Sombra's eyes closed
>you where starting to get a bad feeling about this, but you couldn't just escape now, you needed to finish explaining the situation
"... The three of them where becoming really close, so close, that they started to leave the other ponys behind, and they spent much of their time in the castle of the two sisters."
>still no reaction from Sombra
"In there, they discovered some ancient spells of Starswirl the Bearded, they thought that with the magic of the three of them combined, they could use the spells".
"... And they succeeded, they became powerfull, really powerfull. So much, that they wanted more, nobody could stop them, not even Celestia and Luna, the three of them defeated the two sisters in a heartbeat, and they took control of Equestria. They banished The sisters, and they started to rule, Canterlot, Ponyville, everything..."
"Everything became dark, full of despair, they treated everybody miserably, and to make sure that the Elements of Harmony could never be used, they took captive the ponys that represented them, and froze them with a spell."
>you start to think that Sombra is not interested, but you continue not anymore for him, but sadness has taken all over you, and you talk to yourself now
"...the only place that is missing for them to attack, is the Crystal Empire, where Chrysalis and our family lives. Princess Cadence lives here too, but her and Shining Armor left to look for Celestia and Luna, and we stayed here to protect the kingdom, but...they are too powerful...they could take us down easily...even with Chrysalis magic, they would take us down..."
>you hold back your tears,and raise your voice to make sure that if Sombra wasn't listening before, he will now
"And that is why I am here, Chrysalis hates the idea, but I am here to tell you to give me your power, so that I can defeat Twilight and her friends, and save Equestria."
>no response
>you start to get annoyed by this
>you don't want to beg him, because you know that you are going to look weak, but you need to think of something quick
>you will regret this
>suddenly, a giant explosion of green flames burst in front of you
> you are able to see now
>it takes a few second for your eyes to adjust, but you are able to see the cave that you are in
>is totally empty
>and in front of you in Sombra, surrounded by fiercy flames
> his eyes wide open, and full of wrath and anger
>yep, you knew you were going to regret it
>you wait for what it will be an attack, but for your surprise, the flames slowly fade away, and again, only his eyes are visible
>they do not seen furious, but still with anger
>"...I admire your bravery, but it is foolish, I could care less about Equestria, and if they are so powerful as you say, what makes you think that you can defeat them? Or that I should give you my power for that case?"
>you had no choice now, this will make you look vulnerable, but you had no ther way around
>you didn't wanted to rule Equestria
>you didn't wanted to deteat Twilight
>you were doing this for your family, for your sons and daughters, for your Queen and your love
"...because I will protect my family, no matter what the cost will be, and I will try anything to save them"
>Sombra's eyes stare at you, and slowly start to close again
>"...I accept, on one condition"
"...which is?"
>"that you let me get out from this place."
>your heart stopped
>you knew it was a risk, that it was a huge risk
>what if he lies? What if he tries to attack you?
>what if he allies himself with Twilight
>...what if he hurts your family and and your Queen?
> you wouldn't be able to do anything but watch as he kills your family
>you are no match for him
"...how do I know that you will not try to escape and attack my family?"
>the fear in your voice is obvious
>a small flame appears, strong enought just to see his face, adorned with an evil smile
>"I guess that you are going to have to...Trust me."
> a path of flames light the stairs you came down
> you turn around and start going up
> are you about to let free one of the most evil being in Equestria just because there is a minuscule chance that he might turn good and help you to protect your family?
> you say while turning around to see Sombra
>Suddenly, the flames become stronger, and a giant shadow appears right beside you
>in a flash, you see the shadow at the top of the stairs, and with a giant boom, you see the doors being destroyed into pieces
>your heart stops
>you start to run to the top of the stairs, but it feels like an eternity
>all you can think while going up is about the huge mistake that you had just made
>you finally reach the top, and you see that King Sombra is staring at Chrysalis
>she is staring to, trying to keep clam, but she can't, she is shaking with fear, tears rolling down in her face
>Sombra doesn't looks mad, or sad or anything, he is just...serious
>you stand there on top of the crumbles of the fallen doors, not knowing what to do
>a few moment of silence pass, until Sombra speaks up
>"we meet again, and it is always a pleasure to see you, Queen Chrysalis."

That's about it for today, I will upload more tomorrow, this is my first time making some green, so let me know if the story is actually good, or if it is just a shitty story.
Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon.
bug queen a best
now continuing Bug Bite a bit http://pastebin.com/VDeQCPv6
sorry ive been MIA for a month or so. all i can promise is that i post when possible.

>With a sigh, Kalakcha turns back to his old lieutenant.
>"I'll admit, I would have behaved exactly as you expected."
>He lowers his head.
>"I'm... not sure what to do anymore."
>The lieutenant lowers his head as Kalakcha continues.
>"I must complete my missions, which are not only passed down directly from The Queen, but a promise to this human that I would personally make sure we all left together when you were found."
>He nods in response.
>"I understand, sir. It can't be helped."
>Kalakcha backs up a little.
>"For what it's worth, I'm sorry it has to be this way."
>He turns to look at you.
>"When you are ready, we can fulfill our bargain."
>Celestia turns to you.
>"What exactly was this bargain?"
>You stand up and scratch your neck.
"I'm supposed to escort them all out of Equestria, to wherever their hive is. I'm not sure where it is. I just kind of assumed."
>"It is indeed outside the borders of Equestria."
>Kalakcha responds as he signals his swarm to get ready to depart.
"Is, uh, that guy gonna try to fight, or run or something?"
>Lieutenant shakes his head.
>"There would be no reason. Even if I escaped, it would just bring more of the hive down upon the one I care about."
>Celestia gives you a concerned look.
>"I'm not sure it is wise for you to do this. While some changelings may be an agreeable sort, the hive follows its queen, and she will- may not be as understanding."
>While the changelings talk among themselves, she pulls you close and whispers.
>"To be frank, she's evil. Pure evil."
>You gently push her away from you a bit and talk normally.
"C'mon, you guys said the same thing about that Discord guy and he's pretty fun to hang out with."
>She frowns in frustration.
>"Hm, Anon, this isn't the same thing."
File: 133513564405.png (87 KB, 372x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 372x375
i want to cum inside bug pone many times
File: 133513578732.png (786 KB, 1392x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
786 KB, 1392x1200
File: 133513548204.jpg (257 KB, 600x527) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 600x527
File: 133552595798.png (611 KB, 678x994) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
611 KB, 678x994
Gotta wonder if it would be healthy to kiss that.
you wouldn't do it anyway?
>You shrug.
"Look, I'm supposed to find a way to broker some sort of peace agreement, right? I'm the, uh, that one guy-"
>You nod towards Kalakcha.
"Thanks. I'm one of the diplomats which means this is kinda my job, on top of all those other reasons I'm going. You said it yourself, if there's any chance, we have to try."
>She looks to the side.
>"I did say that, but I do not think you fully grasp what you're volunteering for by going about it in such a straightforward manner."
"I can handle it. Maybe she'll even like me?"
>Kalakcha brushes past your leg.
>"She won't."
>You frown.
"Not helping."
>"Was I supposed to lie? Since your princess mentioned it, I must say I agree with her."
>Celestia looks embarrassed as he continues.
>"Our Queen will not tolerate your presence. It is likely she will drain you and discard you without you ever having a chance to say anything. I understand what you wish to accomplish, but I don't want you to go in with false expectations. I respect you too much to allow that."
>You cross your arms as they begin walking towards your door.
"Respect? I thought we were friends by now."
>The lieutenant scoffs at your remark.
>"Respect from a commander is almost kinship. You're practically an honorary member of the swarm."
>You prop up an eyebrow.
"Oh, neat."
>"Our Queen will still kill you despite this."
>He finishes.
"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Yeah, I'd probably just take the risk.
that's the spirit
>An hour of walking later, your little group of ordinary ponies find themselves at the edge of the border of Canterlot.
>This is the furthest you've ever been.
>After some more convincing, Celestia finally agreed to let you do this yourself and quickly teleported herself away.
>Knowing her, she's going to spy on you in some way.
>Nothing you can do about it; she's at least as stubborn as you, and a lot more clever.
>Living more than a handful of centuries will give you that edge.
>As you look around, you figure you're far enough away from civilization to talk more openly now.
"What do you guys suppose she's gonna want for peace?"
>Kalakcha replies.
>"What do you mean?"
"You know, what are her terms? Her, uh, demands, or whatever."
>"The submission and obedience of all her subjects, which would extend to allies as well."
>You curl your lip.
"Is that all? No wonder you guys don't have any allies."
>"Those who do not agree to the terms are removed."
>You rub your chin thoughtfully for a moment.
"Why would any of you follow a ruler like that?"
>The lieutenant looks down as Kalakcha responds once more.
>"It's not a disagreeable way to live. In return for unshakable loyalty, she makes sure we are always provided for. Is it too much to ask that your subjects trust and obey your commands as ruler?"
"What if you don't want to?"
>He thinks a moment on this, but the lieutenant speaks up first.
>"Then you don't, and you face the consequences of your actions."
>He looks over at his commander.
>"Or you do, and are rewarded."
>You shake your head.
"Seems like it'd be a lot easier to live with a ruler who-"
>This time, Kalakcha cuts you off.
>"Please, do not speak ill of my queen. I understand how you and your princess feel relative to how she rules compared to The Queen. However, you know very little about her, or our past. She has sacrificed more than she asks of us to keep everyone safe and alive."
>You reflect on this in silence for a moment.
>While it's true she may have done some shit to earn their respect in the past, there's no excuse for treating your followers like tools.
"I didn't mean for it to sound like I was insulting her or something. It's possible to talk about shit in a purely theoretical sense, you know."
>Kalakcha doesn't turn to look at you as everyone continues walking, though you note a tinge of annoyance in his voice.
>"We both know there is nothing theoretical about this conversation. For one who does not even show respect to his princess, I do not expect you to understand."
>You prop up an eyebrow.
"Whoa dude, back up a sec. I might not go through all the stupid secret handshakes and other shit, but when did I ever say I don't respect Sunbutt?"
>This time he turns to look at you.
>"That, you just did so again. That's just one example, and there are many more. Don't forget our lunch with those royal guards as well. Not even they respect your leaders-"
"No, wait."
>"And the attitude of subjects towards their leaders-"
>"Is a reflection of that leader's abilities to-"
"Alright, fucking stop."
>You stop walking and grab him by his shoulder so he stops as well.
>His expression hardly changes.
File: 133546799744.jpg (88 KB, 722x1107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 722x1107
File: 133523573969.png (852 KB, 1024x1048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
852 KB, 1024x1048
"You were just on about how I don't get it. Well, guess what? You don't get it, either. She's the leader, but she's not just our leader. She's my friend. Friends fuck with each other for fun because that's what friends do. It has nothing to do with respect or her abilities. As for the guards, they were talking about nobles that whole time, which as far as I'm concerned just means they're rich, and being rich doesn't automatically grant you respect. You gotta earn that shit, no matter who or what you are."
>You cross your arms.
"All it sounds like to me is your queen doesn't think of anyone as her friend. You're just a bunch of pawns."
>His swarm looks shocked and exchange nervous glances.
>Even the lieutenant seems a bit disturbed.
>Kalakcha's eyes narrow on you.
>"You would do well to stop insulting my Queen, human."
>You roll your eyes.
"Or what? You gonna kick my ass? I already beat three of your guys, I think I can handle two more little bugs."
>For what feels like forever, you both merely stare each other down.
>You're the first to break the silence.
"If you're not gonna fucking do anything, then at least keep walking. We're wasting time."
>You hold up a hand palm up in front of you.
>His hooves dig into the ground, but ultimately he turns from you and continues walking.
>The rest of the swarm are on his heels.
>They say nothing and try their best to keep a neutral expression.
>You shove your hands into your pockets and wait for them to gain a little distance before you continue.
>This peace is off to a fantastic start.
>What you would guess is about two hours pass is complete silence, save for the gentle thumping of hooves and feet on the hard soil.
>Your eyes haven't left Kalakcha since your argument.
>You're not sure you could catch them if they bolted from this distance back, but at this point that would suit you just fine.
>You wouldn't even try to catch them again.
>The lieutenant slows down a bit and allows himself to fall away from his group.
>You chuckle.
>Maybe he's gonna be the one who bolts.
>A few moments later, he's fallen far enough behind to be walking side by side with you.
>You don't acknowledge him, nor does he acknowledge you.
>He simply slips in and you walk side by side in silence for a few minutes.
>Eventually, he turns and looks up at you, studying your face.
>You do your best to continue ignoring him, but his staring begins to bother you.
>When you can't take anymore, you look down at him and give him a sarcastic smile.
"Can I help you with something?"
>No sooner do you finish speaking does he start.
>"He cares very deeply about the hive and thinks of our Queen as the embodiment of it. When you insult her, you're insulting everything he cares for."
>You look back up at Kalakcha walking in the distance, still using that regular pony disguise.
>"I wanted you to understand-"
>You don't even look down at him as you speak once more.
"Or maybe you're trying to distract me so your buddies up there can set up some kind of ambush cuz you can't take me in a direct battle, hm?"
>He tilts his head slightly.
>You sigh and look down at him.
"I've had a lot of time to think back here."
>He nods and continues.
>"I wanted you to understand because I can tell he cares about you very deeply as well. I can't imagine how you managed to form such a connection in such a short period of time, but it's there."
>You prop up and eyebrow.
"Are you bullshitting me right now? How would you know that? You haven't even seen us do anything together except argue a while ago."
>He grins a bit and looks forward.
>"I don't need to. I've known the commander longer than anyone. It was no accident we were paired together in the same swarm, and while we don't normally use the term for ourselves, you could probably describe us as close friends."
>You can't help but blurt out a laugh.
"Ya, friends. Is that why you turned him over to some guards to go get tortured? I hope me and you aren't friends."
>His smile fades as he stops walking and looks at the ground.
>Your grin fades as well as you notice and turn back to look at him.
>"Have you ever loved anyone, Anon?"
>Not really.
>You've had a few crushes, but nothing serious.
>You shrug at him.
>"If you were forced to choose between your friends and the one you love, who do you think you would choose?"
>He doesn't wait for you to answer as he continues walking.
>You stand there as he passes by you.
>"It is a choice I hope you never have to make, because it is a choice that destroys you."
>You feel like shit as you quicken your pace and approach the lieutenant.
"Sorry man, I just wasn't thinking when I said that."
>He nods in response, and you continue walking side by side in silence once more.
>The rest of the swarm is still all together and keeping the same pace as ever.
>Kalakcha hasn't even turned to look back at you this whole time even though the others steal glances now and then.
"So, tell me about this girl of yours."
>He doesn't hesitate to respond.
>"I will not. Celestia may know who she is, but that's where the list ends."
>You look away.
"Jesus dude, it's not like I'm gonna go hunt her down, and you can talk about her without mentioning her name."
>He doesn't say anything else for a while.
>"I noticed you couldn't help but give everyone their own name."
>"She insisted I have one, too."
>You grin.
"Oh good, so you already have a name I can call you."
>He looks away.
>"It was a concept I didn't like when she told me everyone needed their own name. I already had a respected title; Swarm Lieutenant Eleven."
"Did you tell her that?"
>You speak sarcastically, but you don't think he got it.
>"No. That information should never be revealed to anyone outside of the hive, and since I couldn't tell her my title, she insisted on giving me my own personal name. After she used it for so long, I began to understand the significance of having a unique identity."
"You mean other than because it's practical?"
>He turns back to look at you.
>"Anyone can hold the title Swarm Lieutenant Eleven, but I will always be me, and therein is the significance of a name. It acknowledges my existence, not my profession."
>You look down at him.
"So what's your name?"
>He looks forward once more and practically glows with pride.
>"Bright Eyes."
>You grin at the silly name, but you can't help but feel happy for him when you see how proud he is to have it.
>At least she's more creative than you.
>References are the bottom of the barrel, and you scrape there quite often.
"That's a pretty cool name, Bright Eyes."
>His eyes close as he looks up slightly and takes a deep breath.
>"It feels great to hear my name."
>You never thought you'd hear someone say that who wasn't a narcissist or attention whore.
"If I keep saying it over and over, would it get awkward?"
>He seems to remember where he is as his eyes shoot open and his expression returns to neutral gear.
"Feel free to call the other swarm members by the names I gave them. It still bothers them, which is fun."
>He actually laughs a bit at what you said.
>"I'm sure my underlings will never like those names, but I have a feeling my commander will grow attached to his."
>You shrug.
"Part of that care thing your spider sense picked up? I'd say we're friends, but I'm beginning to doubt that will count for much once we get there."
>He frowns.
>"You are right. I failed to choose my hive over myself."
>He looks you in the eyes.
>They're full of sorrow.
>"He will not."
>You scratch your neck.
"How can you be so sure, though? He's a bit different now."
>He looks forward at his commander as he speaks.
>"I've known him nearly my entire life, and in all of that time... He never has."
>You look forward as well.
>"Why do you think I was made his lieutenant and he the commander?"
>The thought never really crossed your mind.
>You assumed he was just the better leader.
>That got you wondering, though.
>In a society where the matriarch demands complete control, who would she entrust with other leadership positions?
>A shiver crawls up your spine.
>Maybe you don't know him as well as you think you do.
>Do you?
>You have your doubts that it was all an act the entire time.
"I'm not sure what to think, but I don't think he's going to sell me out or anything. Guess I'll have to see."
>"And you will see."
>He looks back over at you and offers a weak grin.
>"You seem like a decent creature. I'll do what I can to help you, though I fear it will be very little."
>You mock him a bit.
"D'aww, that's sweet. Aren't you already going to be whipped for helping someone else, though? You should pace yourself Jesus."
>"Then we will suffer a bit together, won't we?"
>You give him a couple friendly slaps on the back and nod.
>You're currently feuding with your hubby, but at least you made a new bug friend in the meantime.
>This peace is back on track, kinda.
"How much further is this damn place? The sun's setting soon."
>He looks at the sky before looking at the surroundings.
>"It's usually a quarter-day's flight. This pace is extremely slow compared to that. We will have to stop for the night and continue in the morning. As for distance, I can only tell you when we've reached the halfway point."
"We're not even fucking halfway there?"
>You press your hands into your face and groan.
>Bright gives you an odd look.
>"It is outside of Equestria. How far did you expect that to be?"
>You let your arms flop to your sides.
"I don't fucking know. Ponies are small. I thought their land would be small, too."
>Now that you think about it some more, that's really stupid reasoning.
>"That is a very strange reason to make that assumption."
>Ya, fine.
>Of course, it is still relatively small if you guys can make it to a border from the center in only a couple days of walking.
>That's not even the size of one of your old states.
>"A species size does not determine their territory. Their strength does."
"That's not what I meant, but it doesn't matter. It was a stupid assumption."

anon then came down with a severe case of writers block and committed suicide. he didnt survive.
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Not a cider fan.png
147 KB, 900x846
Good night bump.
Morning bump
So we're all in agreement that Chrysalis is the pony that got Love Poisoned, right?
While I'm not a big fan of the comics, I do sort of like the way they made her origin story. She simply is and she has no tragic or sad background that makes her the way she is. Chrysalis is completely happy with being a jerk.
Oh shit, there was a comic for her BG?
How was it?

Was Fiendship is Magic #5.
the only problem with that is theres zero room for creativity. villains who are villains for the sole purpose of being the villain are a pet peeve of mine. i believe every action needs a motive.
She's a magical evil creature who steals good emotions. Her motive is evil because the ponies are her foodsource. She chooses to act like a bitch about it because it is the more enjoyable way to go about it.
I don't see anyone lamenting about pigs when they eat bacon.
Well the nature of her powers certainly makes it difficult for her not to be evil.
I guess if they weren't sucking ponies dry taking out love and just doing it bit by bit and being nicer about it it wouldn't be as big a deal.
> Page 7
Shit, that didn't take long!
can we just settle that bug butt is a QT and not care about her motives and just worship our probably evil, possibly conflicted, but undeniably sexy insecto-equine queen
I never argued that. Love me some evil bugbutt.
Did anyone ever find that one Poem about Anon and Chrysalis?
He just typed it and it vanished.
File: 856072.png (390 KB, 1024x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
390 KB, 1024x1280
She's basically just a predator being predatory.

Of course it comes naturally to be a bitch. Sympathy for her victims could get in the way of her species thriving.
File: no.gif (670 KB, 266x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
670 KB, 266x199
pls halp nu nuuuu
>"Sympathy? These ponies are our food!"
She's like a vampire. A sexy one
i mean if their source of food is love, then being an asshole is kind of counter productive.
You know, the idea that Chrysalis was attacking Canterlot out of need, rather than want, is kind of a weird one. It's considered to pretty much be canon by a lot of people, but I don't actually think that it's true.
We know that Changelings feed off love (though we lack some details on exactly how that's supposed to work), and that it's the Queen's role to provide that food. But there's never any mention that she had to attack Canterlot in particular, or that they were starving. In fact, Chrysalis seems more focused about the power all of Equastria's love will give her, rather than the love as a nutrient. In terms of how the writers intended her to be, I definitely think that she was supposed to be another powerhungry villain. Sure, she gets something other than power, namely food, in the process, but I don't think feeding was the motive here at all. It was all about power and control.

In the end, you could probably read into it several ways, and I don't particularly care what people think, or how they write about Chrysalis in terms of her goals or her character. We all do that in different ways. But it's interesting to see how the idea that Chrysalis HAD to do this has become so prevalent, perhaps as something we tell ourselves to make her more sympathetic or interesting. A character with a fundamentally predatory nature is perhaps more interesting that just ambition to rule, so the former aspect gets focused.
Or maybe I'm just totally off. I don't know.
Changelings can't eat love directed at them. If you loved a drone it would starve to death. Changelings are suffering.
>Changelings can't eat love directed at them
that hasnt been officially established in the show. in fact, changelings are probably the most ambiguous creatures theyve shown thus far.
>Changelings can't eat love directed at them
I don't see why not.
It seems to me that whenever there's love, they can eat it. Where that love is directed doesn't matter, just that it's love.
Then why would they need to steal it forcibly like Chrysalis did to Shining? She would have been able to have the love given to her disguised as Cadence.
Here is the pastebin for my stpry, the title is King Of The Changelings

I'll keep writing for a while too,

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
>Then why would they need to steal it forcibly like Chrysalis did to Shining?
Because Shining loved Cadence, and not Chrysalis. Hence the disguise.
She did get a lot of love while disguised. That's how she became able to beat Celestia.

But I guess she was more ambitious than that.
Right but the disguise wasn't enough, she had to extract it from him.
which she did. technically the love was directed at her even if it was under false pretense.

Added, if you have a synopsis for your own story, feel free to post it as well.
File: 891239.png (964 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
964 KB, 1920x1080
I agree that I didn't get the impression that she invaded out of desparation and that her people was on the brink of starvation.

It looked more like she decided to go big rather than just try to get by for once. It was a dream of hers, as stated in her song.
So yeah, she was powerhungry.

I don't know about control, though. It seemed more like indulgence, basically the changeling version of gluttony.

But she's undeniably evil if not downright sadistic.
When Canterlot was being torn apart and Twilight could be taunted and mentally tormented in the abandoned mine, she was having the time of her life.
>We know that Changelings feed off love (though we lack some details on exactly how that's supposed to work)
Well, we did see Chysalis feed once.

By zapping Shining Armor in the face with a laser beam.
Was that feeding or just mindfucking him?
that was probably an illusion spell or mind control spell of some kind. my theory is it was basically a magical version of negative reinforcement. when he confirmed he was disagreeing with her, he felt a sharp pain in his head.
She had been doing it regularly, supposedly to help with his headaches, so I assume it was feeding.
The issues is that Changelings are gluttons.
If they were more subtle with their feeding, there's no reason that they couldn't be incorporated into the rest of Equestria.
But they're bugs/locusts, so it isn't surprising.
File: dont go to bed.png (145 KB, 780x463) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dont go to bed.png
145 KB, 780x463
didnt notice all those "clones" in season 1 and 2?
And I assumed she was repeatedly covering inconsistencies of her disguise by mindfucking him.
Also, a way to weaken his shield spell.
>this thread
If bugs are our horses then why did we let two threads prematurely die?

Good night.
>mind control spell of some kind
>when he confirmed he was disagreeing with her, he felt a sharp pain in his head
Just rewatched the scene. You may actually have a point.

He also had the green googly eyes afterwards, like when he was braindead after Chrysalis had revealed herself.
File: 2111813364.png (218 KB, 717x631) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 717x631
It was foreshadowing all along!
File: Cheese legs.jpg (430 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cheese legs.jpg
430 KB, 1280x720
I know, right!?
File: WITNESS ME.png (293 KB, 792x1010) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293 KB, 792x1010
File: 8499.png (115 KB, 1461x896) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115 KB, 1461x896
Fucking cracks me up every time.
So are any of you guys into the Draco In Leather Pants theories about Bughorse?
Where did you get that idea?

The control part is something she says in her song, as well as the whole "First, we take Canterlot. And then, all of Equestria!" line. But yeah, I wouldn't put a lot of weight on it. Just something that popped into my mind.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't feeding, but rather Chrysalis casting a spell on him. She was wearing him out and mindcontrolling him. The love feeding is probably more ambient.

Why integrate when you could just take over, and become much more powerful as a result?
what theories?
Because being evil is bad.
Not really.
I think most of us know that she's evil, we just think it's fun or interesting when she's portrayed as something more sympathetic or even a character with justifiable motives.
I do for example find it fun to write her as a rather incompetent moron, or a nice girl, but I'm not going to claim that's what she actually is.
File: 111819.png (148 KB, 531x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 531x520
The thought of changelings successfully incorporating into society is honestly pretty scary.
I find doppelgangers unnerving, and changelings are basically a mix of that and succubi. Succubi are hot, though.

It can create some pretty eerie scenarios, like an acquaintance or friend of yours suddenly acting strangely and then finding out that the real one is gone or straight up dead.
Or meeting a hot, flirty chick and gettig into a relationship with her, and later find out she's actually a horrific monster in disguise.
>Draco In Leather Pants theories
Theories that say she's not as evil as she seems?

No, but I'm not surprised that they exist.
i like to think she perhaps started doing morally questionable things to help her hive survive, then over time it became more for her pleasure than to survive
File: Fun.png (199 KB, 571x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 571x480
what a beautiful specimen you are. are you a child of Azjol Nerub?
File: TRAIT ME UP.jpg (70 KB, 784x904) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 784x904
So she was corrupted? By herself?

Not sure if that's ironic but it's definitely something.
File: 1447025905803.png (279 KB, 346x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279 KB, 346x427
why did i kek so hard at this?

You either die a hero or live to see yourself become the villain.
File: HSpuDg3.jpg (41 KB, 794x625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 794x625
Because I have a folder FULL of TR8-0R and I don't have anything else to do.
That's "traitor KING" to you, maggot!
Anub'arak and Changelings green when?
File: 524.jpg (45 KB, 680x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 680x422
"Bitch Please,"
File: laughing derpy.gif (1 MB, 355x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
laughing derpy.gif
1 MB, 355x346
Muh Nigg-
Muh sides!
>Anub'arak and Changelings.
Hey guys, how'd my writing turn out?
I'd rather see her and Shining get into a nerd fight over hyperspace hyperwars vs some clever name for warcraft
if youve played fallout 4, there were some minutemen who became a raider group as told by their terminal. they stole because they had to, and then started enjoying it, and then eventually were just full on assholes for fun.
File: My name.png (249 KB, 467x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My name.png
249 KB, 467x351

After that massive dump I made;
it's gonna be a while before I've got more to put up. But rest assured it is coming.
And then so will you.
>implying spacestrife isn't just a isn't just a very obvious ripoff of hyperspace hyperwars
>implying hyperstrife isn't just a isn't just a very obvious ripoff of hyperwars medieval
Snowstorm are a bunch or hacks.
File: 1426836371178.png (217 KB, 819x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love you.
File: loyaty.gif (563 KB, 477x703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
563 KB, 477x703
sorry mate, i just popped in the thread. i appreciate your work.
Nerubians were objectively the best race in Azeroth
Prove me wrong
Protip: you can't
File: file.png (761 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
761 KB, 1024x576
Any time, m8.
File: hes right.jpg (10 KB, 260x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hes right.jpg
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Random pic for fun.
how are changelings named, if at all?
Well, "Chrysalis" would suggest their names are insect-related.
Chrysalis is the name the ponies gave her. You can't pronounce changeling names without a vibrating thorax.
She may look happy on the outside but inside you know she's crying for Shiny to be her king after the wedding incident.
I'd like to think they have slightly more meaningful names than Hrrrrzkh and Shhzrrzrch.

I use Mantid names from World of Warcraft
Nah, she just wants to steal him to teach Cadance a lesson about humiliating a changeling queen.
Well, we naturally don't know, because we don't actually know anything about them. Maybe they have a complex and traditional naming system, or maybe they aren't named at all. We really can't know.

The only named one we know of is Chrysalis herself, but that's perhaps of limited help. Her name isn't even spoken in ACW. She's a Queen, after all.
Do only queens have names? Do queens have the same type of names as regular Changelings? Is Chrysalis her only name? Is she even called Chrysalis among Changelings, or is it what ponies call her? We have no idea.

Now, Chrysalis isn't in English a person's name, it's just a noun. In fact, it's the pupal stage for butterflies.
Now, the name comes to English through Latin chrysallis, which comes from Greek chrysallís, which is again derived from the Greek word for gold, chrysós.
So I'd say that the closest you get is probably going to be insect-related words of Greek origin. But that's really only speculation.

I've always liked the name Aurelia, which is another word that means both golden and chrysalis. Though it's of Latin origin.
I've generally done mixed (faux) Greek and Latin for Changeling royalty when writing, and more normal names for regular changelings, but I honestly don't have a strong preference either way.
I did a bit of thinking on Changeling language while working on some random tables a while back, but nothing especially usable came out of it.
>mixed (faux) Greek and Latin for Changeling royalty, and more normal names for regular changelings
This seems pretty appropriate when the princess sisters have latin names while ordinary ponies just have adjectives and nouns.
Nerub'anon in Equestria when?
Yeah, that was some of the idea. Plus some inspiration from some of the names found in real life royalty.
Because there's always someone out there called things like Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, or Johannes Adam Ferdinand Alois Josef Maria Marco d'Aviano Pius of Liechtenstein. Because monarchs are crazy.

For me, this is the sort of idea that works best with writing. I mean, it's nice to have ideas about Changeling names and language and all that, but writing is probably the only way you're going to actually use it. And I feel like it works great as a way to distinguish between Chrysalis and her drones, and also to set the tone of a story.

So if I have a more serious thing, I can call the Queen "Thesmos Umbraid Chrysalis" (or something less extreme), and the Drone "Vanya" or something pony-like, like "Seafoam" or "Timeofday Shinebright". And I can start stacking titles on Chrysalis if I feel like it, like "Ruler of the Northern Hives, Blood of Umbra, Rightful Heiress of the Changeling Horde, Scourge of The San Palomino Desert, Volunteer Firefighter, and Favourite Deputy". Or something less extreme.
But if it's just a dumb comedy, I'd call the Queen "Chrysalis Aurelia Sanguis Kholé Melas Phlégma Umbra Chiton Thesmós Arche Exélixi Ataraxia Bindle Featherstone Mataxa Argent Peína Aisthesis Albert Sophia III", and the Drone "Bob".
Any of you /bug/ people know some good chrysalis and nightmare moon green? I am in a mood for black coated mares with dragon eyes and fangs tonight.
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Writing for Ik'thik part II has started. Not sure when I'll be ready to start posting, though.
>the place is silent after Sombra spoke
>you can't hide it anymore, you run towards Chrysalis, tearing all the way and hug her
>she hesitates for a moment, but then she reacts and hugs you as well, also crying
>"What do you think that you are doing?" Sombra says, still serious
"Y-you are going to p-pass through me to hurt h-her!"
>you yell, as your emotions take control of you
"Y-you are going to have t-to k-kill me if you want to touch her!"
>you knew could,and easily
>but that doesn't stop you from protecting Chrysalis
>she is your love, your Queen
>you told her once that you were going to protecther with your life
>and you are
>yo close your eyes, and wait for the attack of Sombra
>but it never comes
>you open your eyes again, and Sombra is still there, just...doing nothing
"What are you waiting for?!, Come on an hit me!"
>"you are a fool, but a brave one". Sombra says while taking a seat
>"you know, I may be a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them, I told you I was going to help you if you let me free, you made your part of the deal, and now I will do mine".
>...holy shit
>he was actually going to help
>your plan actually worked
>a giant fire starts surrounding you
>the flames slowly start to wrap around you, and penetrate through your skin
>you can feel the power
>holy crap this is so much magic
>you feel like you are burning, is an agonizing flame, and then Sombra becomes a shadow and guns towards you
>he hits you in the middle of your chest, and the shadow starts to spread to your body now
"Chrysalis! I ARGHH!!, I L-LOVE YOU!!"
>she just stares at you while crying
>is too much for her to see you in pain
>but she stays there
>watching, knowing that jist her presence helps you to endure the pain
>she was always there, she was always loyal to you
>from the smallest things
>she was there even in your dumbest ideas, yes she laughed at you, but she was there, never the less
>she never left you alone
>even when things got really bad in Equestria, she never doubted of you
>in fact, she never even thought about leaving you
>you know that because you suggested that idea to her, to leave the Crystal Empire with the changelings, and you were going to stay to defend the castle
>it was the only time she got mad at you, and slapped you so hard that you started bleeding
>the memory is still fresh in you mind
>"don't you ever say that again! Ever! Never in your life!!" You remember saying that, she was crying too
>she loved you so much
>and she was never going to leave your side, the same way you were never going to leave hers
>Chrysalis shout brought you back to reality
>the shadow was covering your face
>the last image you had before covering your eyes was that of Chrysalis running towards you
>once you couldn't see anything, the pain stopped
>you were just able to listen to your heart beating
>"it is done". You hear Sombra says
>another flame uncovers the shadows
>you are alive
>and...you feel changed
>you look to your body too see if their are any changes, but everything seems fine, exept for your clothes
>you have what resembles a medieval armor, but your body is not fully covered
>you don't have a chestplate, but your shoulders and forearms are covered in metal
>you have a pair of metal boots, and you have the same red coat that Sombra had
>you look back at Chrysalis, and she is surprised as well
>"...Anon? Are you ok?" She says, both surprised and concerned
>"he is" Sombra says from the other side of the room
>he still has his armor on, but he doesn't have the red coat anymore
>"I gave him my powers, he has the same abilities as me now, that does not mean that I am powerless now, I am still able to fight on my own".
>"I still posses the power of the Crystals, but you have the magic now"
>Chrysalis starts walking towards you, as calm as possible
>and slowly she starts hugging you
>"Please..don't you ever scare me like that again...I thought I was going to lose you..."
>you lift her chin, so that your eyes meet hers
"Hey honey, listen to me, have any of my plans ever failed before?"
>"yes" she says, with the most innocent face ever
>"you made a mess when you tried to cut the Crystals in our room, and made a fire when you tried to cook dinner in our aniversary, and you blew part of the castle when you tried to make a sandwich with magic".
>welp, at least this one worked
"Yes, that might be true, but when it comes to protect my family, I will do everything I can, even if it means to pit my life at risk, to make you that you and our children are safe".
>she slowy smiles, and you kiss her
>it was a small kiss, but it meant everything for you
>you slowly stand up and see that Sombra is walking towards you
" King Sombra, I have no words to te-
>please, only refer to me as Sombra, I gave you my title when I gave you my magic, that is why you have my coat and my crown".
>you didn't even notice the crown before
>"I am aware you were king before, but now, you are also my king".
>...holy shit
>"and I would like to make a request to you, I would like to help you defeat those new threats that are surrounding Equestria, you freed me from my prision, the one I was going to spend eternity in, and as a symbol of gratitude, I would like to fight by your side".
>holy crap, you were not expecting this
>before you can say something he faces Chrysalis now
>"but to fight to your side, I need to know that your Queen Chrysalis is okay with it, and if she can forgive me for what I did in the past, and allows me to serve her kingdom now"
>Chrysalis is surprisingly calm
>so calm that you start to paranoid instead
>what if she is still frozen in fear?
>what if she doesn't forgives him?
>what if she-
>before you can think on anything else
>she raises her hoof, and puts it in one of Sombra's shoulder
>"I...forgive you".
>after hearing that, Sombra vows to Chrysalis
>"thank you, my Queen."
>Sombra moves back, and gives you a smile
>more like a smirk actually
>heh, seems like the guy you could have some beers and tell storys about fight
>focus Anon
"Alright, come on Sombra, lets end this once and for all"
>you say as you try to levitate, but you just end up all over the place
>you crash in all the walls, and finally smah yourself to the floor
>damn, this is some powerfull magic
>with all the patience in the world he walks toward you
>"not yet, your body needs to get familiarized with the magic, you need to learn to control it, and even with all that magic, you, or rather we, are still no match to the foes you described."
"What do you mean still no match?! You..
>you were about to says that he conquered the Crystal Empire
>but you remembered that it was Chrysalis Empire he tried to destroy
>close one
>you need to think more before you speak
>" if they where able to take down Celestia and Luna, we are no match for them yet, we need to gather more help."
"Well...what do you have in mind?"
>"do you know if the two sisters are alive?"
>"yes" Chrysalis responds
>"in fact, Princes Cadance and Shinning Armor went to loom for them, because we don't know their location."
>"finding them will not be a problem now, I can get in contact with them via telepathy, and tell them to come.", Sombra says, while looking at the sun
"Great, so that way we can tell them to fight with us."
>"not exactly."
"...What do you mean?"
>"we don't need the sisters, actually we only need Luna."
>as he says that he turns around to you, and he has a smirk on his face
"Or to be more exactly, her alter ego."
>...oh shit
>you knew what he was talking about
>"we need, Nightmare Moon."
Nooooooooooooo lets keep the thread alive
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>you will never eat out sexy bug pone "against your will"
why even have lips and a tongue?
Buggle bump!
>transparent wings
that fucked me up
Bumping 4 bugbutt
> Page 8
You will fucking live, damn you!
theyre always transparent
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gonna see if i cant finish bug bite before i return in a couple weeks. i have a habit of rushing endings to get it done, but im trying not to do that with this one.
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I need to fill my Chrysalis folder more!

Images in this thread aren't enough!

oh and here's an erotic changeling
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>This love tastes weird... It tastes wrong...
Is nobody else going to make some green?
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theres hardly any responses to whats already here.
I guess you are right...I liked the story of anon and sombra, hopefully in the next one
See >>25995781
I guess that's the new thread
Nope. This right here is our bug lovin' home until it dies.
Man there is not much green going on...hey bugfans would you like if I keep the story going? Maybe that way more people comes to the thread.
more green is always better
Now posting the start of the story continuing from http://pastebin.com/SPV2KMQA

Ik'thik the Diplomat

>You are Ik'thik, changeling drone, forward operating scout of the swarm.
>Atleast, that's what you did before a nasty accident brought you into the custody of the sister princesses of Equestria.
>Now, you are prisoner, and personal advisor to pony royalty.
>Twilight Sparkle speaks with you on an academic level, curious about what makes you tick, and how your world outlook differs from her own.
>To Celestia, you are an occasional advisor on matters of court, and an barometer on how various visiting dignitaries are feeling during state functions.
>Luna... You haven't interacted much with Luna.
>Her general operating hours don't mesh up well with yours.
>She has been generally friendly... Never any strong negative emotions coming from her.
>You get plenty of those from the guards.
>At first, you wore a gaudy prison jumpsuit, but Celestia granted you the ability to travel the castle in clothing of your own choice.
>Too many awkward questions from visitors about why some convict pony was seen so often in the castle.
>You were also granted more freedom of movement within the castle.
>Initially, you were kept to your quarters except when called upon by the princess, and 1 hour daily where you were escorted around the castle under armed guard.
>Because of your cooperative behavior, you were granted freedom of movement, except during several hours each day where you were on direct call to the princesses.
>The enchanted shackles you wore kept you bound to the castle anyway.

>All in all, it's an improvement over the deepest dungeons of the castle you were initially held in.
>Especially because of Lavender.
>Your special somepony.
>She loves you, despite the fact that pretty much every other pony looks at you with disgust and hate because of what you are.
>In their eyes, some kind of horrible monster.
>On this afternoon, after having finished your courtly duties, disguised as Pine Fresh, you decided to go pay a visit Lavender while she performs her work.
>Stepping outside into the gardens, there is a distinct chill to the air.
>Spring will be arriving soon, the ponies celebrating Winter Wrap-up.
>On the far side of what must be a well tended garden in better weather, there is a large structure fairly well hidden behind hedges and trees, sunken slightly into the ground.
>The royal garden's maintainance shed.
>You walk to the entrance, down a small ramp, and enter the building.
>Still kinda chilly compared to the castle proper, but definitely better than outside.
>You're still kind of a baby when it comes to cold, though.
>At the very least, Canterlot wasn't as cold as...
>You sigh as you walk towards the sound of equipment being worked on.

>The sound of working brings you to Lavender, working on a large lawn mower.
How you doing today, Lavender?
>She stops working, and looks to you.
>You feel the warm glow of Lavender's love as she smiles.
>"Almost done with getting this thing all ready for heavy use once spring gets here. How was your day?"
Boring. Just stood around the side of the throne room as ponies brought thier various problems to Celestia.
>Lavender steps over to you, and wraps you in a loving embrace.
>"Well, when I'm done with this, I won't have all that much more to do before spring. Then I'll probably be pretty busy again."
It'd be nice if we could do something since your not busy...
>Lavender sighs.
>"We are a bit limited here with the kinda stuff we can do, but I'm sure we can figure something out."
>She pauses for a moment, about to continue her work.
>"Oh, and something odd that happened this morning... Somepony came up and gave me a letter and said to give it to Pine Fresh."
>She nods her head over to a sealed scroll, sitting on a nearby cabinet.
>You use your magic to pick up the scroll, unseal and unroll it.
>To any pony this would appear to be a blank piece of parchment.
>However, to your changeling eyes, it contains a message.

That's it for now. Will make a new pastebin, and add it to the story archive at some point.
>page 7
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Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
I'm about to throw some green in a few minutes, so I you bugfans don't have anything else to do ya'll can check out the story

Good. The approaching get is gonna probably accelerate the board a lot for a short period while people shitpost.
>you stand there in silence, looking at Chrysalis for a moment
>she is stunned and perplexed as much as you
>you turn your attention back to Sombra, who seems to be as calm as baby when it sleeps
>suddenly you feel something slapping your face
>it was Chrysalis hoof, and she is looking at you annoyed
>"get yourself together!" she says whispering, but definitely annoyed
>"you rambling about how difficult the situation is won't change anything!"
>you gather your emotions back, and respond her
"I am sorry my Queen, I will control myself better this time"
>you give a quick kiss in her lips trying to get her in a better mood
>did not help at all
>oh well, it was worth a try
>you turn around to face Sombra, now in a more relaxed way, you respond to him
"I apologize for my attitude, but it just seems rather impossible and illogical to deal with such an evil being as Nightmare moon."
>"Lets not forget that only minutes ago it seemed also impossible and illogical to deal with such an evil being like me."
>damn, he got you this time
"I..I guess that you are right, and it is worth a try"
>Sombra smiles
>"thank you for trusting in me, my King, and already have good news to you, I already localized the two sisters and the other princess as well, the are fine, and they should be here in a few hours."
there is the pastebin for the story, I will throw some more green in another minutes, I will make as much green as I can todayto keep the thread going

your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon

You have a synopsis, or you want me to write one for the pastebin?

Synopsis - Anon, consort of Chrysalis, unseals the power of Sombra, and takes it into himself to fight an evil triumvirate of Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer. Hikinks ensue.

I'm bad at writing synopsis because they tend to end in "hijinks ensue"
Hey the sipnosis is really cool, thanks for that bro,

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
The only thing though is that instead of saying unsealing the power of king sombra, write unsealing the power of the elements of harmony, you'll see why when the story develops some more

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon

Alright. Can do.

Thats why for adding new stories, I like to have the author give me some guidance for the synopsis.
Muh dick
>you find yourself wondering the castle, looking to your children, hugging them, talking to them, all sort of stuff a good father would do
>you made your way to the room in which you and Chrysalis sleep
>even though you were the rulers of the Crystal Empire, you never liked any fancy stuff, so your room was not that fancy
>you had a big bed, three shelfs full of books, a bathroom, and a closet with clothes
>you sit on the bed, thinking of you and Chrysalis, all your memories together
>you look at the door just to see that Chrysalis is there standing looking at you
>"remembering again?"
"Yeah, especially the first time we met, on how you were trying to kill me"
>"I w-was surprised okay? Besides, you said you like to live dangerously..."
>she says almost in a murmur, and her face was starting to turn red
"Its ok Chryssi, I had everything under control anyways."
>you says while you puff your chest, in an kind of macho-man playful voice
>Chrysalis looks at you, with sarcarsm in her eyes and a smirk on her face
>"yeeeaah, because begging for your life is sooo manly." She says as she flies towards you and land on the bed behind your back
>she proceeds to wrap her hooves around you waist and start kissing your cheek
"Hey, it was all a planned, I had a master plan to escape, and begging was part of it."
>Chrysalis can't do anything but laugh at your statement
>she then proceeds to lay on your lap, with her hoove on top of her forehead
>"oh yes my dear, you clearly had a plan, you were all tied up and you know well that you can't break the coccoon, is impossible."
"Oh yeah? Then tell me, how am I still alive then?"
>"I just thought you were cute"
>you then proceed to lift her up an you land yourself on the bed, putting her on top of you
"Oh really? So the Queen of the changelings had a soft spot of a mere mortal like me?"
>Chrysalis does not respond, but she proceeds to kiss you
>your lips lock with hers, and you start playing with her tounge
No problem bruh, I am new to these writefag life and this is my first green to, so thanks for the help and yeah I'll try to make new stories too

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
>your mind goes blank, as the only thing you can do is to enjoy your Queen
>she breaks up the kiss, a small string of saliva is still connecting both of your lips
>she cleans it up before speaking
>"you were saying my dear?"
>she giggles, as she knew that kisses were your weak spot
>"that's what I thought" she says as she start to kiss your neck
"Yeah..wait what?"
>"shhh" she says while putting her hoof on your mouth, you slowly kiss her hoof back, and you proceed to hug her waist
"I love you my Queen"
>you proceed to mutter while your lips are still connected to her hoof
>"I love you too my King" she says while looking at your eyes
"You know, everytime I see your eyes, I can see that mare that was only looking for love, and that has finally found it, and the happiness that comes with it"
>"and when I see your I see...SOMBRA?!"
>she looks clearly surprised now, and you are surprised as well with her answrer
>before you can says anything else, a sharp pain moves across your head
>Chrysalis lifts up from you, and you sit on the bed holding your head, trying to ease the pain
>"my King, The three princesses have arrived, it is time for us to disscuss our ideas" sombra says
>somehow he got inside your head
"Ooouch! Can you at least ease the pain for a moment?"
>"I'm afraid not, is something that your body has to get used to, after a few times you will have no more pain when using telepathy."
>great, now you have a giant headache
>"also" Sombra adds, "I will not tell princess about our idea of invocing nightmare moon, I'll leave that task to you"
"What?! Why?! It was YOUR idea!!"
>"yes, but you are the King, and such an important issue should be only addressed by the king itself, so I'll leave that 'honor' to you."
Some more green in a few minutes

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
Nice ideas

What I had in mind was some kind of "enumeration" like the stormtrooper clone soldier get and after a deed they'd get a nick name. "Chrysalis" would mean she encloses things in cocoons and the comics did show sometng along the lines of. Being insects I thought they'd use more of the voiceless sibilants than English so that it would sound like rasping and crushing leafs (like how insects sound imho tbqh) and they'd also have those funny ejective sounds to make it sound clicky but not actual clicks, they sound african.
>curse you Sombra
>why do I need to tell her? How am I even suppose to do that??
"Sigh...come on Chryssi, all the princesses are here already, we should go outside to meet them."
>"of course." She says
>she starts walking to the door, but once she passed infront of you, you decide to spank her plot
>she lets out an "eep"! as response and she look at you angrily, but with her face completely red
>" A-anon! What was that for?! T-there is no ti..."
>you cut her of with a kiss, and she starts to melt in your arms
>you loved her so much
>you loved everything from her
>as much as you hate it, you break up from the kiss
>she looks at you, with her face still red, but a small smile adorns her face, and her eyes are sparking as they meet yours
"Lets go Chrissy, we can talk about us later"
>you say as you give her another kiss
That's all for today, I will upload some more green tomorrow, I will also stay tunned to any changes of the threads.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
Whoa fuck!
Page 8!
Good night bump.
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Embers of War.png
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wow active threads
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I'll throw some green in another few minutes,

Your friendly write fag BuggyAnon
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How is that head band going through your horn?
It doesn't
Horn goes throu headband.
Some detective work was done and here's the full version.
>you make your way to the main lobby of the castle
>you would get there much faster, but the headache in your head is not helping
>damn telepathy
>once you make it there, you see Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Shinning Armor
>"Anon! Oh my gosh you are ok!"
>Cadance yells as she runs towards to you
>she pulls you in into a tight hug, tears down her face
>you turn your head around to see Chrysalis standing patiently behind you
>if it was any other pony, she would have zapped in jealously, and strike them with her magic
>but not with Cadance, she knew that Cadance is the princess of love, and that her love towards you is not tainted with any desire
>as she Cadance backs up, she stares to the floor, a small blush on her face
>"I...I am sorry hehe, I let my emotions take the better of me this time"
"Is quite fine, I am also really happy to see you Caddy."
>you turn yourself towards Celestia and Luna
"And more than happines, it is an honor to be able to stand infront of both of you once more."
>you say to the sisters as you bow down
>to your surprise, you well both of your sides being squished by the sisters
>they are giving you a hug
>and a really strong one
>damn, is hard to breathe now
>"there is no need of formalities" Celestia says with a few tears falling down her cheek
>"we are family, and we missed you so much" Luna says as her eyes get watery too
>they quickly separate from you, and they look ashamed for what they have done
>"oh Anon! I'm so sorry!" Celestia says
>"I apologi..."
"Its fine its fine, don't worry about it, at least both of you still are strong"
>Shinning Armor walks towards you, slowly, and gives you a hug, its not strong, but rather firm
>"its good to see you Anon, I've missed you, even though we weren't away for long."
"The feeling is mutual my friend, it is always nice to see a familiar face"
>you says while giving him a smile
>"yeah, but tell me how did you contacted us?"
>you turn your head towards Luna, your face looks puzzled
>she look at you with a somewhat ashamed face
>"I am sorry, but I was told that you were supposed to tell us how this came to be." She says, while giving a small smile
>Sombra is making you do all the hard decisions
>wait, where is he anyways?
>you shake your head to clear mind, and you stand up
"There have been changes to our plans, we have found power in a place we never thought we could find it."
>everyone looks at you puzzled
>you try to find a way to put it in better words
>welp, might as well just drop the bomb
>"I have allied to King Sombra, I gave him his freedom in exchange for his help, and he accepted, therefpre he gave me his magic, to use it to stop Twilight."
>everybody stays quiet
>you see Shinning Armor bursting out laughing
>"HAHAHA, oh, oh my...look Anon, you always have a sense of humor even when things are not ok, I'll give you that." He says while cleaning a tear from his face
>then your shadow start making the form of a pony, and she shadow starts talking
>"I am afraid is no subject of comedy, Shinning Armor." Sombra says
>Shinning stands there cold not believing what he is seeing, while the shadow lifts up in the air, and start making Sombra out of thin air
>he then turns at you
>"and please, drop the title of King from my name, remember that that title was given to you
> he then proceeds to start walking towards the sisters,who are jist standing there, by the shock
>even more shocking for them, is the fact that Sombra is kneeling infront of them
>"It is a pleasure to see that both of you are ok, but I can sense that the feeling is not mutual."
>Luna's eyes are simply to surprised, while Celestia's are ragging in anger
>oh boy
"This is not going to be good."
>you murmur to yourself
Sorry that's all for now, I'll make some more green later on tonight and see how the thread goes.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
Thx friendly writefags, am enjoying this thread. This has been a good week for bug plot
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Aww, shit
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Want bug!
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Have an ear-flipped version.
Yeah its about to get real, Celly is gonna go wild.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
Sorry for the typos, there are some mistakes here and there that I didn't notice, my bad for that.
Wow Celestia is scary when shes in heat
trips and dubs confirm >>26008759
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Okay, I've got a little bit to put up.
So looks like it's my turn!
> "Melyrid...? Melyrid! Time to wake up."
> She rolled over with a groan not wanting to get out of bed.
> Suddenly a wave of sunlight hit her face, searing right through her multiple eyelids.
> "Eh-ah!" she blared covering her face.
> "Come on night crawler, you've slept in late enough." Thespid told her.
> Finally Melyrid sat up rubbing her eyes, "You haven't called me that in over a year.".
> Thespid smirked, "That's because you're always up before I am.".
> Melyrid just sat there, staring down at her blanket.

> "Come on. Outta bed already. Me and Agraul are hungry." Thespid said with a smile.
> But Melyrid just sat there with a sad look on her face, then finally asked "Do you remember Tiphiid?".
> Thespid was stunned by the mention of that name, but after last night it wasn't hard to figure out why she was bringing it up.

> Thespid walked over with a sympathetic look, putting her hoof on Melyrid's back to comfort her as she asked "Aw jeez, you're not having those nightmares again, are you?".
> Melyrid just shook her head.
> "Look, it's alright. Omarion said as long as we don't tell any pony about the hive, he doesn't care what we do. He's not gonna bother us anymore. We're perfectly safe here." Thespid said desperately trying to reassure her.
> "I was standing right next to her when it happened." Melyrid said as her eyes started to well up.
> Thespid pulled her close and hugged her in silence, as Melyrid struggled to hold back the tears.
> Agraul came into the room saying "Come on you two, I'm starv--" and suddenly stopped himself when he saw Thespid standing beside the bed hugging Melyrid, who looked like she was about to cry.
> The sight of Thespid amidst an emotionally tender moment, and Melyrid's lack of self control, almost convinced Agraul that he was dreaming.
> "Uh... sorry. I uh... I'll just go wait downstairs."
> "No!" Melyrid abruptly told him, as she lifted her head and wiped her eyes.
> Melyrid climbed out of bed, and Agraul stepped out of her way as she went through the door saying "Just give me a minute and we'll get started.".

> Agraul watched Melyrid as she went down the hall to the stairs, then looked back at Thespid asking "What was that about?".
> Thespid took a deep breath before telling him, "The General's visit brought up some bad memories for her." then she signaled him to come closer and close the door.
> "You were always one of Chrysalis' followers, weren't you?" Thespid asked.
> "Pretty much. Just went with the majority really." he answered.
> "Well, a few years ago there was another minor Queen named Tiphiid. She only had about two dozen followers, but she cared for all of them like they were her children. She and Melyrid were close friends too. This was back when we had just discovered Equestria. In a meeting with all the other Queens, Chrysalis announced her plan to invade Canterlot. Tiphiid and Melyrid objected, suggesting that a more covert infiltration would be safer. Give us a chance to learn more about the ponies here before we started an all out war with them. Tiphiid and Melyrid even suggested opening a dialogue with them, to build a peaceful relationship with Equestria. Then Tiphiid... made the mistake of suggesting that we invite a delegation of ponies to the hive. That's when General Omarion got involved."
Just letting you know I'm not ded. I'm just employed and haven't had time to finish the scene I'm writing yet. I
> Agraul was getting nervous, sensing the downward turn Thespid's story was about to take.
> "What happened?"
> Thespid looked away for a moment, as the memory made her cringe.
> "None of us even knew he was there until it was too late. It was supposed to be a meeting of Queens only. But when Tiphiid mentioned bringing outsiders to the hive..." Thespid's voice cracked, and she had to gulp down her apprehension.

> "General Omarion suddenly came out of nowhere... and crushed her skull like a grape."

> Agraul's jaw dropped, and for a moment he was frozen in shock.
> "He actually murdered a Queen!?"
> Thespid just nodded, trying to keep her nerves under control.
> "I'd heard rumors that even the Queens feared him. But I had no idea he'd ever done anything like that!" Agraul said.
> "Melyrid was standing right next to her when it happened. Even closer than we are now. One second Tiphiid was talking, the next there was a loud crunch, and the General was standing on what was left of her head. Melyrid caught the worst of the splash, and she had nightmares about it for months. Even Chrysalis was horrified. The General said Tiphiid was conspiring to expose the hive and betray us all. And that even Queens weren't above the law. All of us were so shocked and mortified, none of us made a peep until after he was gone. That's when Melyrid completely lost it."

> Agraul took a moment to let Thespid's story sink in, "I just can't believe any Changeling would ever harm a Queen. Much less kill one!".
> "Well you'd better believe it." Thespid told him, "The General's only concern is upholding the law and protecting the hive. And he answers to no one!".
> Thespid got right in Agraul's face as she warned him "Don't ever... EVER... tell any pony anything about the hive Agraul! Tiphiid was a Queen in a room filled with all the other Queens, and even THAT couldn't save her. Having a measly two Queens at your side won't save you. Nothing will save you.".
> At first Agraul was frightened by her serious tone.
> But as Thespid left the room, he realized she was warning him out of concern.
> He'd never seen sympathy or concern for anyone from Thespid before.

> Agraul followed Thespid downstairs and into the secret basement compartment with the mother crystal.
> When he saw it, Agraul couldn't help but notice "Uhh... is it just me, or has that thing gotten bigger?".
> Melyrid nodded, "Indeed it has. Which means it absorbed quite a bit of energy last night. I wouldn't be surprised if we got some repeat customers." she said with a smile.
> Thespid was relieved to see her mood turn around.
> The three of them took their positions, each placing a hoof on the crystal, and began to feed just as they had yesterday.

> As their vision began, Thespid blurted out "Another bedroom? Don't these ponies know they can have sex anywhere?".
> Then Mr. and Mrs. Cake walked in holding hooves, and Mrs. Cake was holding the bag from the store.
> After locking the door, they began kissing slowly for a few minutes.
> Thespid couldn't help but notice Melyrid and Agraul watching them with big dumb smiles on their faces, and just shook her head.
> Finally Mrs. Cake took the bag into the bathroom to get changed, while Mr. Cake turned on the lamp on the nightstand, shut off the main lights, and climbed into bed under the covers.
> "You'd think he was waiting for Hearth's Warming day." Thespid remarked.
> Melyrid and Agraul both shushed her in unison.
> After a few minutes Mrs. Cake emerged from the bathroom wearing her sexy new maids outfit.
> Seeing the big smile on Mr. Cake's face, she asked "You really like it?".
> "Ooooooooh yeah." he said nodding as his smile got bigger.
> Mrs. Cake raised an eyebrow at his goofy smile, then asked him "So what would master like me to do for him tonight?" with her best try at a seductive stare.
> Mr. Cake's smile vanished in the blink of an eye, as both of his opened wide.
> "Uhhh... a... are you serious?" he asked as his head was swimming in disbelief.
> Mrs. Cake gave him a silent nod as she trotted over to the bed, trying to look as sultry as she could possibly manage.
> Mr. Cake bit his lip as she moved in close, then whispered in her ear.

> "What the heck is he whispering for?" Thespid asked, only to be double shushed yet again.

> Mrs. Cake humbly nodded saying "Yes sir Mr. Cake.", then climbed into bed under the covers and laid on top of him.
> She began with a few kisses on either side of his neck, then moved lower kissing his chest.
> As her kisses trailed down his stomach, she slid under the covers.
> A moment later Mr. Cake took a huge gasp, as his head pushed back against his pillow.
> The Changelings could see Mrs. Cake's head slowly bobbing up and down from under the covers.
> Mr. Cake tried his best to keep his voice down as he grunted and moaned, but as he felt her tongue sliding up and down his shaft inside her mouth, he let loose a loud grunt, and promptly covered his mouth with Mrs. Cake's pillow.
> With Mrs. Cake under the blanket, and Mr. Cake covering his face with the pillow, the Changelings couldn't see anything they were doing.
> But they could still feel the energy coming from them.
> All they could see was the lump where Mrs. Cake's head was, bobbing up and down at a steady pace between Mr. Cake's legs.

> "Well this is quite a show we're being treated to." Thespid sarcastically groaned.
> "Focus on their energy." Melyrid told her, "Let everything else fall away, and focus solely on them.".
> They all did exactly that, and the vision of the pillow, the blanket, the bed, and the entire room, faded to black.
> All they could see was Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and her crystal dust laden maid's outfit.

> They could see from her cheeks that Mrs. Cake was sucking quite hard as she lifted her head up.
> Occasionally taking his dick completely out of her mouth to take a breath, and lick the full length of his shaft, slathering it with her saliva.
> It was a strange sight for them watching Mr. Cake, and hearing his moaning muffled by a pillow that they couldn't see.
> Even so, Mr. Cake's noises were fairly loud, despite being muffled.

> Then Agraul's attention was pulled away from them, and he asked "Do you two feel that?".
> They looked at him confused, and he told them "There's someone else here too.".
> All three of them started looking around the black void, until Thespid smirked and pointed out a third pony behind them.
> It was Pinkie Pie, with strawberry flavored body oil smeared on her face, listening to Mr. Cake's moaning through the wall, masturbating.
> "Well surprise, surprise!" Thespid said with a smirk, "Looks like sweet little Pinkie has a dirty side after all.".
> Thespid walked over to get a closer look at Pinkie Pie, while Melyrid and Agraul simply went back to watching Mr. & Mrs. Cake.

> Pinkie Pie was kneeling with her ear against the wall, rubbing her crotch with one hoof, which was covered in body oil.
> "Oh Cup Cake... you are so good at this!" Mr. Cake called out as he put the pillow aside.
> His praise encouraged Mrs. Cake to go faster, which immediately made Mr. Cake grunt as his head lurched forward.
> Pinkie Pie briefly bit her lip as she rubbed herself harder.
> At this point Mr. Cake couldn't resist thrusting his hips up as Mrs. Cake's head came down, trying to hit the back of her throat.
> After having the head of his dick hit her uvula for the third time, Mrs. Cake couldn’t hold back her gag reflex anymore.
> She pulled her mouth off Mr. Cake’s dick completely, and started making loud coughing and heaving noises, which made both Mr. Cake and Pinkie Pie even more aroused.

> Mrs. Cake crawled up from the covers, rubbing her belly on his dick as she asked him "Did you enjoy that master?" doing her best to stay in character.
> Mr. Cake just grabbed her face with both hooves and gave her a long passionate kiss.
> After a moment of silence, he finally let her go saying "Your master is very pleased!".
> Pinkie Pie was listening intently, waiting for the foreplay to end.
> "What would you like next master?" Mrs. Cake asked.
> "Ride me!" he said without hesitation.
> Mrs. Cake pushed off the blanket as she sat up, then began moving her hips into position.
> "No!" Mr. Cake blurted out, "Turn around first! I wanna see that ass bounce!".
> Mrs. Cake was surprised at first, but then smiled saying "Yes master.".

> Pinkie Pie sped up her rubbing slightly in anticipation.
> After Mrs. Cake got herself turned around, she grabbed hold of Mr. Cake's shaft, rubbing the head of his dick back and forth on the lips of her pussy.
> Mr. Cake moaned for a moment, then told her "Master doesn't like being teased."
> "Yes sir!" she said, really getting into her character now.
> Mr. Cake rubbed his hooves on her ass, spreading them open to make it easier for her to get his head in position.
> Once there, Mrs. Cake slowly began lowering herself, easing his head inside.
> Mrs. Cake moaned slightly, while Mr. Cake closed his eyes and clenched his teeth.

> Finally his patience ran out.
> Mr. Cake firmly grabbed hold of her hips under her skirt, and with a sudden pull of his hooves, and a spastic thrust of his pelvis, his cock shot up between the moistened walls of her pussy as far as it could go, slamming against her womb!
> Mrs. Cake couldn't help letting out a sharp scream before covering her mouth.

> Pinkie Pie started rubbing her clitoris, knowing that was the signal that they were about to really go at it!
> While Agraul and Melyrid were focused entirely on watching Mr. & Mrs. Cake, Thespid was standing right over Pinkie Pie, glancing up at the Cakes on occasion.
> "Oh, you're gonna make quite a mess, aren't you Pinkie?" Thespid whispered in her ear, even though she knew it was just an illusion.

> Mrs. Cake's entire body clenched tight at the shock of Mr. Cake's full depth penetration, and she leaned forward trying to lift herself off of him.
> "Master please! Not so hard!" she implored him.
> Mr. Cake lowered his hips and loosened his grip on her ass, watching as the lips of her pussy stretched down as his cock pulled out of her.
> Mr. Cake looked up saying "Cup Cake?" to get her attention.
> She turned her head trying to look back at him.
> "I thought you liked it hard?" he said, right before slamming his cock back inside her exactly as he had before.

> Again Mrs. Cake couldn't help but scream.
> Pinkie Pie rubbed herself harder and faster.
> "You'd better be quiet!" Mr. Cake told her, "Master wouldn't be very happy if you woke up the kids.".
> Mrs. Cake kept her mouth covered with one hoof, and desperately struggled to push her self off of Mr. Cake with the other.
> But between pulling her hips down with his hooves, and thrusting his cock up inside her with his hips, Mrs. Cake was totally at his mercy.

> And it was clear from the villainous toothy smile on his face, that mercy was the one thing Mrs. Cake wouldn't be getting much of from him.
> Mr. Cake continued thrusting his cock full force, all the way into Mrs. Cake's quivering pussy.
> Her hips were trembling as she struggled in vain to relax herself.
> But each thrust of his cock made every muscle in her body seize up like a rock.
> Mr. Cake had the look of a complete sadist, as he watched her ass cheeks and maid's skirt bouncing up and down over his soaking wet shaft.
> The walls of her pussy were squeezing so tight, Mrs. Cake could feel every bulging vein on his dick.
> Despite her best efforts, Mrs. Cake kept letting out high pitched squeals with every impact.
> She finally gave up trying to push off him, and covered her mouth with both hooves, trying to muffle herself as best she could.

> Meanwhile Pinkie Pie kept rubbing herself harder and faster.
> Not only could she hear every sound Mrs. Cake was making, but she could even hear her ass slapping against Mr. Cake faster and faster.
> Mr. Cake's thrusting became so frantic, the headband from her costume fell from her bouncing head.
> Mrs. Cake had been hunched over his hind legs since he started thrusting, but that changed when he pushed his entire lower body up off the bed.
> Mrs. Cake lost her balance and fell back, but Mr. Cake caught her, using his front hooves to arch her back while keeping his hips elevated off the bed.
> Mrs. Cake began flailing her hooves in the air, having been completely lifted into the air with nothing to hold on to!
> Mr. Cake began furiously thrusting his hips up and down as fast as he could!
> Mrs. Cake's ass bounced off his pelvis with each pounding thrust.
> The sensation of such rapid vibrations from deep within her body, combined with her swiftly approaching climax, completely overwhelmed her to the point of losing control of her body, and going completely limp as she bounced on his dick.
> Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her mouth hung open with a long pulsating moan of pleasure.

> Mr. Cake struggled to keep up his strength as he held his wife, splayed open and completely limp, directly above himself.
> All the while maintaining the blindingly rapid beat of his thrusting hips, and keeping both of them balanced as he pushed off the bed with only his shoulders and back hooves.
> "Oh-oh-oh-oh bay-ay-ay-ay-ay-be-e-e-e-e-e-e... do-oh-oh-oh-oh-on't staw-aw-aw-aw-aw-aw-aw-awp!" Mrs. Cake moaned.
> Mr. Cake couldn't keep it up much longer, and summoned up the last of his strength for the home stretch.

> Pinkie Pie was rubbing herself raw trying to keep in beat with Mr. & Mrs. Cake.
> Her hoof slid effortlessly over the lips of her pussy and her clit, all thanks to the strawberry flavored body oil.
> In fact the strawberry smell was getting stronger the more she rubbed.
> The noise they were making had gotten so loud she didn't need to keep her ear to the wall anymore.
> Now she was leaning low with her upper back against the wall, staring at her own slippery pussy as she kept rubbed it like crazy.
> "You like watching yourself, don't you Pinkie?" Thespid whispered sadistically with an evil grin as she stood looking down on her, "Yeah, you like staring at that juicy pink pussy. Watching it gush and spurt your juices all over the place like a fucking sprinkler!".
> Melyrid and Agraul were too focused on Mr. & Mrs. Cake to hear what Thespid was saying, or even look back at her and Pinkie Pie.
> But Thespid was getting enormous pleasure from her up close and personal view of Pinkie Pie's tensed and bright red face, as she was on the verge of an orgasm.

> Mr. Cake starting slowing his thrusts just slightly, in favor of slamming his dick in harder and harder.
> The sight of all those soft white frills on her maid's outfit, bouncing in perfect time with her undulating moans, only tantalized him further.
> It was time.
> Mr. Cake quickly lowered Mrs. Cake’s head beside his own, keeping her back arched, then grabbed tightly onto her hips, as he threw his head back and gave one final hard shove with all his might!
> Pushing as hard as he could, Mr. Cake shot his seed deep inside, and her cervix happily opened, as they both shared a simultaneous orgasm.

> With both of them moaning in perfect unison, Pinkie Pie reached her climax as well, falling over on her side, letting out silent heaving breaths from her open mouth, as she twitched and shuddered on the floor.
> Thespid watched with a sinister smile, as Pinkie Pie's juices began spurting from between her hips.
> Then Thespid leaned in close, just inches from Pinkie Pie's twitching face.
> Then as Pinkie Pie finally opened her eyes staring off into space, Thespid looked her strait in the eye and said "I knew you'd make a mess, you filthy little fucking slut!" with a wide domineering smile.
> Despite having three different ponies having intense near simultaneous orgasms, the Changelings weren't nearly as overwhelmed as they had been before.
> Their earlier experiences had better prepared them.
> But the wave of energy they felt was still massive, and thoroughly fulfilling.

> Mr. Cake slowly lowered his hips back to the bed.
> As he and Mrs. Cake laid together with their lungs heaving for air, she rubbed her hoof on the far side of his face.
> Looking into each others eyes, Mrs. Cake asked "Did I do good master?".
> Mr. Cake couldn't stop heaving even as he smiled, and told her "You did very... VERY... good indeed.".
> The two of them kissed, long and softly, as Mr. Cake wrapped his arms around her.

> Meanwhile Pinkie Pie's orgasm finally passed, and after taking a deep breath, she began to fade from the vision as she got up and quietly walked away.

> Thespid rejoined Melyrid and Agraul asking "How come you two didn't watch Pinkie Pie too?".
> "She's one of our close personal friends." Melyrid told her, "Don't you think it's a little awkward watching one of your friends do that?".
> "Psshhh!" Thespid hissed, "Are you kidding!? It's WAY better than watching strangers.".
> Melyrid just shook her head in silence, and the three of them went back to watching Mr. & Mrs. Cake together.

> "I'm surprised we didn't wake the twins with that noise." Mr. Cake said.
> "Or Pinkie Pie." Mr. Cake added.
> After a moment their eyes widened, and they looked at each other.
> "Do you really think she heard us!?" Mrs. Cake asked.
> "Do you think she'd even tell us of she did?" Mr. Cake asked back.
> "I'd be more surprised if she DIDN'T tell us." she told him.
> Then Mrs. Cake slowly rolled off him, being careful not to pull off of Mr. Cake's still hardened cock too quickly.
> As she left the bed to take off her costume, the two of them began to fade, and the vision ended.
Dayum, that was a lot of green, and I'll throw some more green in the next half hour or so, yay for the green.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
> The Changelings woke in the basement, with the mother crystal still glowing brightly.
> "Damn, that was practically a three-way!" Thespid said with a smile.
> "It's nice to see a couple still so passionate for each other after being together as long as they have." Melyrid remarked.

> "So, everyone ready for another one?" Thespid asked.
> Agraul got a disinterested look on his face, "Actually, that was quite a lot of energy from all three of them. I think that's enough for me.".
> Melyrid nodded, "Yes, I think I'm done as well. What about you Thespid?"
> She thought a moment, then told them "Now that you mention it, yeah, I'm feelin' pretty full too. Although I was curious to see if Carrot Top did anything with all the stuff she bought last night.".

> Melyrid slid her hoof along the surface of the crystal, peering into the images.
> "There's still a couple left in here. Looks like... Sea Swirl...all by herself."
> "Yawn." Thespid said with zero enthusiasm.
> Melyrid looked further, "And then there's... oh no." she said pulling away.
> "It's Cherry Berry and Cherry Pop again."
> All three of them cringed, and Thespid said "Yeah, I don't think any of us are too eager to watch those two go at it again.".
>"No thank you." Agraul added shaking his head.

> "Alright then, I guess that's it for today. I'll have to shave off some crystal dust to counteract it's growth from the extra energy." Melyrid told them, "Which is just as well, considering how much we're going to need for that special order we got yesterday.".
> The three of them went back upstairs as the conversation continued.
> "I'll write up a priority delivery request for our supplier. You two can drop it off at the post office. Then you'll have to go shopping for a kiln that can vulcanize rubber." Melyrid explained.
> "Geez, this is going to be quite a project." Agraul commented.
> Thespid smiled as she nudged him and said "Anything worth doing, is worth doing better than anyone else!".
And so begins day 4 of the grand opening sale!
That's all from me for now, because I still have to write the next part. Hope you're all enjoying these smutty little intermissions from the main plot.

Here's the pastebin for anyone who wants to get caught up on the whole story so far:
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Yaay more green
Tomorrow I'll update the pastebin, but now, its time for some green

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
Props to you for the green, more green is always better
Following that green

>Celestia goes on full attack towards Sombra, the impact is really hard, making Sombra fall on the ground
>Celestia then proceed to beat the hell out of Sombra, magic spells, hoof punches, everything, she is blinded by the rage
>but Sombra is not proposing any response, he is just laying there, taking the beating
"Celestia what the hell?!" STOP!!"
>you yell while envolving Celestia in a green aura
>but you still were not to used to that magic, and the spell is weak, so she breaks from it easily
>she is now looking at you, with nothing but fury in her eyes
>Celestia then proceed to launch a spell at you
>but you repell it, and start running towards her
>"STOP!" Sombra yells, still on the floor
>his scream caught both of your attention
>he manages to stand up, but Celestia was having no mercy towards him before
>there is blood coming out from his mouth and nostrills
>a good part of his armor is full of dents and holes, his left eye is black, he can't even open it, but yet, he has a look of determination
>"Don't get involved in this King Anon." He says, pain is obious on his voice
>"I completely understand Princess Celestia's anger towards me, and homestly, I did not expected less than this."
>he uses a spell that repels everybody away from him, exept Celestia
>then what seems like a bubble is surrounding him and Celestia
>"you were right when you said that I brought pain and misery to your world." Sombra says
>"that is why I have no response towards your actions now, so if you feel in the need of killing me for my actions, please do so Princess, it would be nothing less than an honor."
>Celestia looks at Sombra with both anger and dissapointment, she lets out a scream, and she runs towards Sombra again
>She is not listening
>she hits Sombra, over and over again
>she wraps Sombra in her magic and throws him all around the place, breaking his armor piece by piece as he hits the walls of the bubble
>she finally manages to set him on the floor, just to go on full attack on him again
>you are watching all this cruelty
>you look back at the others, but they are too much in shock to react
>only Shinning Armor look backs at you
>you can't understand his face
>You punch the bubble, and break it into hundreds of pieces
>Celestia looks back at you, still enraged, and starts to run towards you
>just before she hits you, you grab her horn with your right hand, and her neck with the left one
>you concentrate the magic in your arms, and pull down, bringing Celestia to the floor, then you proceed to create some chains to prevent her from moving
>"Anon! Let me go'!! LET ME GO!!" she yells desperately, but you ignore her
>you walk towards Sombra, he lays on the floor, not moving, but still breathing
>this was a really determinated stallion
"Do ..as the plan ..goes." His eyes barely open, but his voice still has determination
>you nood, and as you stand up, Crhysalis started moving towards you, but you signal her to stop
"Take a few steps back my Queen, I really recommend that."
>she looks concerned and scared, but she obeys
>no more time to lose
>you look at Luna, who is looking at her sister, who is still squirming with the chains
"Princess Luna, there is a bigger reason for you to be here, than to just stand there to look at your sister."

Keep up the good green ya'll.

I should have more to post in the morning. For now, I go to sleep.
>She looks at you, with surprise in her eyes
>"what?! You are going to chain her too?!" Celestia yells
"Luna, the reason why I allied with Sombra is because we can't defeat Twilight on our own, that is why we need you."
>Luna still looks confused, probably even more than before
>you sigh heavily, knowing the words that need to come out from you mouth
"To be more specific...we need the other part of you."
>Luna understands, she doesn't to say a word to make that clear
>she knows what you are asking
>she knows you want her to be Nightmare Moon
>and so knows Celestia too
>the look in her eyes changes completely, for anger to sadness and despair
>"anon, have you gone mad?! Y-you, you can't ask that from my sister!!." She says, while tears start to runs through her face
>you just look at Celestia, and then you turn at Luna
>She is shaking in fear, she is not saying it, buy her eyes are begging you not to do it
>"please A-Anon...please, don't make me do that, is too much pain, please! Don't let me go there again!" Luna yells
"Luna...I'm sorry."
>tears come from your eyes as well
>you envelop Luna in the green aura, and move her towards you
>She is not presenting any resistance, but the amount of tears and her face of terror tells you that she is not ok
>"Anon! You can't possibly do this!! Stop! Please stop!! I beg you Anon I beg you!!!" Celestia yells trying with all her might to break the chains
>you put your hand in Luna's chest, your magic ready to open the the gates of nightmares from Luna
>but it is painfull for you as well,
>tears fall for your eyes
>you look at Cadance, but she is hugging Shinning Armor, giving you her back
>Shinning's face is full of pain, as look into his eyes, he decides to close them and look away
>you are not sure if he did it because of fear or dissapointment at you.
File: large.png (482 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
482 KB, 1280x960
Do you think a Honeypot Changeling could be a thing?

Y'know, like those ants that store a shitton of honey-like liquid for the colony, to be milked out later when food is scarce?

Imagine that, but filling up a Changeling with love instead. Muh fetish.
>you look at Chrysalis, tears from her eyes too, but you don't see fear or dissapointment, instead, it looks like acceptance
>"do what you think is correct my King." She says, in a calm voice
>you look at Sombra, still on the floor, but you fully understand what he said
>"do it, only this way we can save Equestria."
>you finally look back at Luna
>she is staring at you with terror and pain
>"please Anon, don't! This power is far too dark! You don't even know if I can survive it!"
>she is right, you don't know
>you don't even know if all this is going to work or not
>Celestia screaming your name cuts your toughts, and you look at her
>despair is in her eyes, fear and horror too
>Celestia is pouring down tears
>and so are you
>you look at Luna once again, and her face is no different from the one of Celestia
>you proceed to close your eyes, and start putting Luna down
>you let go everything, your magic dissipates, your emotions take control of you, and you start sobbing
>the chains that were holding Celestia dissapear, and she starts running
>you assume she will tackle you, but she instead goes to hug Luna, who is sobbing as well
>"my little sister...my little sister...you are ok...you are ok..." Celestia tells Luna, she still can't control her tears
>you fall to your knees, and open your eyes, tears are all over your hands
>you look at Sombra, fully aware that you failed, and his eyes simply stare at you
>he just simply close them, and lays his head in the floor again
>Cadance and Shinning are hugging the princess
>you can't move, this proved too much for you
>but your left arm, you feel something
>is Chrysalis
>she sits on the floor, and lays his head on you
>all you can do now, is cry
Well they are bugs, so actually it wouldn't be surprising is there was a changeling like that, but it wouldn't be Chrysalis though.
That is all for tonight, I will throw some more green tomorrow in the afternoon, until then bugfans.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
Keep this thread alive bumpers!
Get your Australian friends in here if you have to!
qute bug is qute
oldest civilization in Azeroth based on oldest known civilization on Earth
Are there greens with ponies cursed and being turned into changelings and suffer under it?
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Dark Perch.png
355 KB, 1024x1153
Don't you hate how most of the r34 of Chrysalis is anthro hyper duration shit?
How did futa autocorrect to duration?
>not likeing futa Chrysalis

>letting this thread reach page 9
That's a bloody ovipositor you uncultured philistine
Yeah, Chrysalis has a lot of really bad porn, unfortunately.
> A shapeshifter that can transform into any character they want.
> No good porn.

Fucking HOW!?!
Well, if you see it that way, all porn is potentially Chrysalis porn.

>"Ik'thik; Hopefully this message finds you. We lost contact with you in Cloudcrop, and other agents were able to follow up rumors of what might have happened to you."
>"Further rumors led us to believe you were being held in Canterlot castle. An agent spotted one Lavender August, and further observations noted she had a companion which matched a disguise you where known to use."
>"Your Pine Fresh disguise was also observed in the court of Celestia, shackled and kept to the side of the throne room"
>"Should this message come to you, tell Lavender August to say the following to a blue pegasus mare that approaches and asks how her day is; 'The day is altering, buddy'."
>"This will inform the swarm that you are present without you directly interacting with the agent. Further instructions to follow."
>Holy shit.
>Your family has found you.
>"Uhhh... Ik'thik? Is everything alright?"
>You look around the room.
Is there anypony else out here today, Lavender?
>"No... What's wrong?"
It's a letter from... my family.
>"T-they found you?"
Us. They say that should a blue pegasus mare come and ask you how your day is, you should respond 'The day is altering, buddy'.
That'll let them know that it is in fact me here with you.
>"I... Think I can remember that. What do they want?"
They probably want to know what happened. I don't know if there's much they can do for me, but I might be able to do stuff for them, being in the castle all day.

>"Alright... If you let me finish up here maybe we can go have a romantic dinner in the employee cafeteria tonight."
Sounds alright... Also, does that thing run yet?
>Lavender looks back to the lawnmower she was working on.
>"Yeah. Still needs a few little tweaks here and there, but it runs."
Can you start it up?
>"... I guess?"
>Lavender moves over to the lawnmower, and turns it on.
>As she does so, you take the piece of parchment, and using your magic, throw it under the large piece of lawn equipment.
>With a satisfying *grunch*, the letter is torn into thousands of shreds of paper.
>The sound makes lavender jump, and give you a dirty look before she turns the mower off.
What? It's the perfect way to get rid of it.
>Lavender then rolls her eyes.
>"I guess so. Can you atleast sweep it up and toss it over in the refuse pile over there?"
Yes, my love, I can do that for you. I think I'll leave you to your work and go spend some time in the library...
>That's about all you really can do to entertain yourself here in the castle.
>Walking back across the snow covered garden, you arrive back into the castle proper.
>The guard standing just inside gives you a dirty look, and you can feel his disdain for you.
>All the guards know you are some kind of convict paying their pennance working directly for Celestia and Luna.
>A very select few know your true nature.
>Mostly those who guarded you in the depths of the castle, and those who guard your chambers.

>The fellows you stand guard outside your chamber are actually pretty OK ponies.
>Guarding your chambers is one of the easiest, cushiest jobs in the palace.
>They just gotta keep track of the comings and goings of yourself and Lavender, and guard one of the least traveled hallways in the entire place.
>You get generall nice vibes from them, and the occasional short conversations with them are quite pleasant.
>The fellows who were your keepers down in the depths of the castle dungeons...
>They still resent the extra work that came from having to travel down to the depths for the singular prisoner it held.
>Having been relieved from that duty, they work scattered around the palace.
>You know when you pass them in the castle, because the emotions that flow forth from them are particularly bitter and angry compared to the other guards upon seeing you.
>Upon reaching your destination, you step into the large room containing the stacks of the royal library.
>The royal librarian smiles as you step in.
>"Ah, Pine Fresh, how are you today?
>The older unicorn mare smiles, happy to see one of her regulars.
>"Looking for anything in particular, dear?"
No... Just going to spend some time browsing today. Thanks though.
>You nod at her as you continue into the library.
>Paying a visit to the magical theory section, you find the most advanced texts held outside of the secure portions of the library.
>Maybe you can find something new and interesting to learn while waiting for Lavender to finish up her work for the day.

That's all for today
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Gleaming eye.png
2 MB, 1920x1094
Not that I know of, but seems like a pretty interesting idea, I might write some green about it once I finish my current story.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
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622 KB, 1899x1200
I like to think there are more than just one hive and one uses Nerubian naming I came up with a little lexicon of words
Best king of best race >>26014313

best general

best trooper
File: 1439377918670.jpg (27 KB, 300x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright bugfags, I'll write some more green for the story tonight, lets keep the thread alive, and make our bug Queen proud.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
here is the updated pastebin, more green in a few minutes
all hail Queen Chrysalis

your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
>three days have passed since the incident with Luna
>and you have been locked in one of the spare rooms of the castle since then
>nobody put you in there, you did it voluntarily
>it was better to stay away from everypony else,
>you did not even ate anything during those days, you were starving, but you could not move
>the depression was to big
>Celestia's screams of fear still are deep in your mind, and Luna's face still is clearly visible
>it was too much
>you close your eyes for a few minutes, but you quickly fall asleep
"Mmmh, five more minutes."
"Just let me sleep a little bit more."
>the suden screams made you jump out of bed
>you fall on the floor, hitting your head
>well, better get used to my head getting hit
>you groan while opening your eyes
>to your surprise is Celestia
>you still feel embarassed and sad about the whole situation
>so you can't really look at her in the eyes
"Look Celestia, if you are going to hate me for the rest of eternity, I understand, but please, let me sleep 5 more minutes."
>she doesn't answer, but instead, she falls on the floor with you
>"I don't hate you Anon, what you did was...debatable, but I know that you meant good."
>you sigh
>"can you at least explain me the situation, and your plan exactly?"
>you decide to tell her everything
>all that Sombra told you
>she doesn't says anything, even after you stopped talking
>she finally speaks
>"anon, that is a crazy plan."
"Tell me something I don't know."
>"its so crazy...that it might just work.
>you sit up, and look at her, and she sits up as well
>she looks worried, but also kind of determinated about something
>"...I will talk to Luna, because there is a way to separate her from Nightmare moon, BUT, you will have to train your magic, I will not put her through that again until you are completely sure that you can use that magic"
"Consider it done."
Sorry bugfags, that's all for tonight, I will make more Green tomorrow.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
G'nite bump
This thread will live.
Like the immortal life sucking whore that it is!
Good night bumples!
morning bump
oldest civilization of Earth as we know it
Nerubians are proven older than titan influence on Azeroth
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Being nice.jpg
146 KB, 1280x720
Random picture bump!
> Page 9

>You are yourself
>New in equestria
>A bug-horse stands on your way and doesn't attack you
>You show it your mercy and allow it to run away
>It doesn't
>You repeat your speech and make gestures for it to go
>But it doesn't
>Everytime you beg it to just go away and to not put you into a must to slain it it looked more and more flustered and flattered by you
>You turn around and go home
>The bug-horse goes/flies after you
"You can follow me, but I'll call you dogmeat."
>The dodgememet almost exploded from your love
Emergency Bump.
File: IMG_1702.jpg (58 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Where's the Bug Spray?
File: Night Crawler.png (3 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Night Crawler.png
3 MB, 1920x1080
100th image!
woot go you!
The thread might not last that long but if it is still here by tomorrow night I should have something to post.
The thread will survive bruh, we will keep it alive, we the changelings will protect our queen. Yeeeeaaaah
And I'm working on mine as well.
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the perfect crime.png
591 KB, 1280x720
"Who where?"
>You open up your door and lord in heaven, that is the sexiest horse you've ever seen.
>But seriously, she's pretty dang tall compared to your average pony.
>Not as tall as a Princess, but she's getting there.
>This unicorn mare has an acid-green coat and a nice, black mane.
"Can I help you?"
>She looks like she's about to cry, and it's only just now that you notice a few foals hiding behind her.
>"P-please, sir, I need your help. Can my foals and I have a place to stay for the night? It's so cold out, and I don't know where I can go to...."
>Bitch, it is the middle of summer.
>Y'all smell something afoot.
>For example, they looked soaked with water but it hasn't rained in days.
>Second, you can see that one of the foals' disguises has failed, leaving you with a trembling changeling on your doorstep.
>You might could die.
>Then again, when's the last time you had an adventure?
>Or really did anything remotely exciting?
>For you it's just wake up, go to work as a smithy, go home, and go to bed.
>You look back down and the undisguised changeling has gotten bored and is now peeing in your rose bushes.
>Fuck it.
"Sure, come on in. Just make sure to wipe your hooves off before you walk into the carpet. Seems like you were soaked in that storm."
>Will she catch her mistake, or...?
>"Oh, yes, thank you. It sure is... uhm.... oh geez..."
>Nailed it.
"Yeah, those uncontrolled rainclouds sometimes just float on by out of the Everfree."
>You sigh dramatically for effect.
"That's just one of the many risks I take by living so close to the forest's edge."
>You turn back around and smirk at the self-assured look the unicorn mare's got on her face.
>"Yes! Yes, a raincloud just came out of nowhere. Soaked me and my foals right to the chitin."
>There's a brief pause, and then...
>"Bone. Soaked right to the bone."
>Smooth, Chrysalis.
>You call her that because it is very obviously the changeling Queen in disguise.
>This goes on for quite a while.
Yeah, lets throw as much green as we can, I'll dp my best to keep it going, our queen is going to be very proud to see how we honor her.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
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peachy glory.png
788 KB, 3760x2389
Two Weeks Later

>You wake up, once again, with the undisguised changeling cuddling you in her sleep.
>You call her Peachy Glory.
>When your guests first started to live here, Chrysalis seemed so legitimately desperate that you honestly just didn't have the heart to point out that you'd seen through her plans.
>And after the one-week mark, you realized that it would be really awkward to bring it up after all that time, so you just let to slide.
>Chrysalis hasn't noticed it, the undisguised changeling hasn't noticed it, and none of the disguised changelings have noticed it either, so you let sleeping dogs lie.
>Peachy Glory does this tiny adorable yawn and her eyes flutter open.
>"Morning, Daddy."
>Oh, you can't handle this.
>They aren't even your kids but they've got you wrapped around their hooves.
"Morning, Peachy. Sleep well?"
>You give her weird head fin a rubbing, and Peachy Glory purrs like a cat.
"Yeah-huh. Can we go wake up Mommy now?"
"Sure thing."
>Seems these foals have paired you up with Chrysalis.
>Or, "Sherbet Dasher", as she prefers to go by.
>When you go to her room (aka the laundry room), you find her asleep in her natural form.
>"Mommy! Mommy, it's time to get up!"
>Peachy runs onto Chrysalis's bed (aka a pile of unwashed laundry) and nudges her nose with a hoof.
>Chrysalis snorts and slowly opens her eyes, which go wide when she finally spots you.
>Quick as a flash, she turns back into Sherbet Dasher and grins nervously at you.
>>"G-good morning, Anon. Sleep w-well?"
>You just smile and play along.
"Sure did, Sherbet. Want to help me make some breakfast?"
>Chrysalis picks up Peachy by the scruff of her neck and carries her into your kitchen.
>She'll wake up her other foals when she's done pretending to eat.
Should we bugwhorse fuckers invent our own language to use amongst ourselves?
But if we did, I'd suggest a pig-latin version of Klingon.
I got a friend who calls themself a langfag unironically who claims klingon's shit
Lets keep this alive anons, good job so far, seems like Bonermancer will come back tomorrow night, to do my part I will upload some green tomorrow morning too, at make our Queen proud.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
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gnite bump.
Buggle bump
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File: goodnight anon.jpg (151 KB, 755x648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
goodnight anon.jpg
151 KB, 755x648
Good night moon.
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Sweet Celestia the thread is still alive!!!!
Oh you have no idea...

O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose green text and reaction images through the perilous fight,
O'er the catalog we watched, were so gallantly flowing?
And the janitor's red glare, the IWTCIRD bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our thread was still there;
O say does that changeling covered thread yet wave
O'er the land of the faggots and the home of the trolls?
moerning eramp
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Queens rain.gif
4 MB, 500x750
God bless A-mare-ica
>inb4 fags hatin' on best nation
It didn't really hit me, what I was getting myself into until the blindfold went on. By then it was too late.
I went passively with my captors to someplace unknown to me or to anyone who might bother to look for me. But I could hardly complain. This is what I asked for after all. The opportunity of a lifetime. That first huge step that would launch my career.
I was pushed back hard into a sitting position. No words of assurance or even acknowledgement. Just the hushed chatter between the two of them and then silence.
I was tempted then to call out or at least take off the blindfold. Either one I decided would be a bad idea.
It's a tricky thing to be in these situations. Nobility always seems to enjoy the nervous fear of those whom they see as beneath them. In this instance fear was not difficult to express.
It wasn't all too long before a set of hoof falls broke the silence and force my heart into my throat. I knew this was it. The moment I had been waiting for.
Magic aura grazed my cheek as the blindfold was pulled gently from my eyes. Even through my excitement and panic, I still couldn't believe I had managed to get this.
An interview with the changeling queen.
Are changeling the geth of MLP?
>tfw think Chrysalis is hottest pone
>tfw she has the least enjoyable porn
My penis mourns.
File: RD2.jpg (122 KB, 1257x1107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 1257x1107
...D-did this artist do any other work?
must be fucking cold outside
must be fucking in the cold outside
Interview with the queen? That sounds interesting...
Hey anons how's it going, I'm about to make some green in a few to keep up the thread and to continue the story yay
Taking bug requests.
Please make them exciting, new, and different.
Okie doke! Maybe next time.
Chrysalis standing in front of a hive constructed like a Mayan temple pyramid
Has somebody been watching AvP again?
Bright Skies woke before the cold ashes of the fireplace as the sun’s amber light crept across his muzzle. He hadn't expected to fall asleep again so easily. There was still so much he wanted to know about Kalumnia and last night had seemed like the best opportunity to ask.
He lifted his head and felt the blanket slide back. It was the heavy comforter from his bed. With a light sigh he stood up letting the blanket slide to the floor. The house was quiet and while it was warmer than the outside, there was a stale chill to the air. “Kalumnia?” he asked the emptiness but there was no reply.
Bright Skies wandered down the hall glancing first into his own room and then into the room that had just the morning before held the ailing changeling. But Kalumnia was nowhere to be found. A dull ache began to form in his chest and while he was a bit surprised that the absence of his somewhat less than pleasant houseguest would cause him any discomfort, he was more surprised that the feeling had not been there all along.
The sound of a door opening perked the pony’s fallen ears. There was a brief silence and he was unsure that he had heard anything at all before the door latched shut again. Bright Skies turned and rushed to the kitchen stopping abruptly as he came face to face with… himself.
His mouth fell ajar as he watched his own form set down two small containers branded with the logo of the local cafe. In a flash of green the doppelganger became the orange pegasus he had seen the night before.
“You're awake.” Kalumnia said in a matter of fact voice. “I got us some breakfast.”
Bright Skies stood in shock until he could force out only one word. “You…” As he struggled to speak, Kalumnia stared at him with fading patience until he said mockingly “Come on, pony. Use your words.”
“You were me!” Bright Skies finally erupted. “Why were you me?!”
Kalumnia rolled his eyes as he separated the two containers sliding one to the far side of the table while keeping the other for himself. “So the cafe would put our meal on your credit of course.”
Bright Skies could feel his ears get hot as what remained of his sadness fueled growing anger. “Why would you do that?!” he shouted.
Kalumnia opened his container and took in the aroma of his meal. A warm breakfast sandwich. Scrambled eggs, spinach, dried tomatoes, and feta cheese in a sliced bagel. He smiled a bit savoring the smell. Food wasn't entirely necessary for him but there certainly was nothing saying he couldn't enjoy it.
“Well?!” Bright Skies shouted breaking Kalumnia from the enjoyment of his meal. The changeling sighed in annoyance and looked to the angry pegasus in the doorway. “Will you calm down and come eat. You're ruining a perfectly pleasant morning with your shouting. If you must know, I did see some bits in your bedroom. I thought about using those but that would be stealing.”
“It's the same thing!”
“If you say so. Now shutup and eat your breakfast.”
Bright Skies marched up to the table and took a deep breath, preparing for another round of shouting. Kalumnia turned his head and in a momentary flash Bright Skies found himself staring face to face with the changeling’s native form. Fear took hold freezing him in place as the breath he had taken left in a shaking whimper.
Kalumnia gave him a firm glare and spoke in a calm and steady voice. “You're getting worked up over nothing. Now sit and eat.”
Slowly, Bright Skies backed up and did as he was told. It had been so easy to become angry with Kalumnia when he was just another pony. The normal social and physical restrictions seemed to apply. But in his mind, a changeling would be capable of doing any number of horrible things to him with little effort and no consequence.
A long awkward silence hung in the air between them as Bright Skies took a seat and opened his container. “I didn't know what you would like so I got you the same thing.” Kalumnia said in a less cheerful tone than before.
Bright Skies couldn't help but stare at the changeling even as he took the first small bites of his sandwich. He had thought he was already accustomed to seeing the changeling in his home but this instance only served to remind him how deeply the fear of changelings had been driven into him. Still, he managed to muster the will to divert his eyes and state a demand to the dangerous creature at his table. “Don't take my form again. It's… disrespectful.”
Kalumnia didn't look up but replied simply and unapologetically. “I didn't know it would upset you. I won't do it again.”
“I… G-good.” was all Bright Skies could manage to respond. He wasn't exactly sure what he had expected of the changeling. Certainly, he didn't expect him to agree so easily. “I was thinking, “ Kalumnia said suddenly breaking the silent tension, “I might just stay a while longer. Maybe a few weeks or… perhaps until spring. That is if your offer still stands, or course.” Foolishly perhaps, he had thought he had no fear of changelings. But his trepidation proved that fear that is learned over the course of time, even without experience to lend it credence can be hard to break.
He gave a hesitant nod to the changeling as he took another bite of his breakfast. Chewing slowly he weighed his options and finally answered, “Y-yeah… as long as you’d like.”
Kalumnia smiled if only to express his satisfaction with getting his way. “Excellent. If you’re feeling up to it maybe you can show me around town later.”
I was hoping that would have gone farther but that's all I have for now. Good night.
File: 137003677601.png (127 KB, 900x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 900x669

...in b4 Chrysalislover

The character on the left is called 'Chrysalis'.

An EqG-ified version of the Bug Queen, but as a manager-cum-secret agent...? There's an idea for a drawing...!
File: 1448375435641.jpg (88 KB, 1024x777) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 1024x777
>"Ahnawn, come'ere a minute."
>Oh jeez, Chrysalis is drunk again.
>Drunk on the surrounding love, that is.
>Turns out, alcohol has no effect on changelings, but an excess of love imitates booze just fine.
"What is it, Sherbet?"
>"I wanna tell you sumthin'."
>You walk into your living room and by FUCKING GOD is Chrysalis drunk.
>As in, she's laying on the couch and she's completely out of it.
>"C'mere, Anawn. I jus' wannuh tell yuh sumtin, kay?"
>You calmly walk over and try your best not to retch at the smell of drunk hormones.
>You know the type.
>It feels like you want to fuck her right now, if only to get rid of all the pheromones in your brain.
"I'm here, Sherbet."
>"Yer jus' such a good friend, you know that? Yer jus' so good. Why're yew such a good person?"
>Play along, Anon.
>Smile and nod.
>Maybe get some sandwiches and water so that Chrysalis doesn't get a hangover.
"I know, Sherbet."
>Chrysalis starts to tear up, and being the white knight you are, you rush over and hug her.
>"Yer jus' like this great colt, yew know? Yer such a good friend, and I can't imagine a better stallion carin' fer muh changelings, you know?"
>She pats your cheek, and in her drunken haze she slaps you.
>"I jus' think yer so great, okay? Promise me you'll always be here, 'kay?"
"I promise."
>Chrysalis (aka Sherbet whatever her name is) collapses on you and half hugs you, half sobs on your shoulder.
>"Don' ever leave, 'kay? I love you, man. I jus' love you so much, y'know?"
>Tonight was a night of dealing with a very drunk changeling queen.

PS y'all are niggers. True fact. Prove me wrong, darkies.
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499 KB, 1341x1480
Good night buggers!
All hail the bug queen, sorry for not making some green in the past few days, I'll try my best to make some today anons.

Your friendly writefag, BuggyAnon
all those changelings and not one bit of anal. not sure if true AnalplugAnon.

you got anymore or are you going back to rgre?
File: BS4.png (320 KB, 944x531) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
320 KB, 944x531
My turn again!
Have some green!
> After Melyrid was done preparing her special supply order, she gave it to Thespid.
> "Once you've mailed that, start looking for a place where you can buy a kiln for vulcanizing rubber." She told Thespid and Agraul, "Hopefully we won't have to order one, because that would take weeks to ship.".
> "I'll most likely be here all morning, so come let me know if there are any problems." Melyrid said as she sent them off.

> Getting out into the sun, Thespid closed her eyes and took a deep refreshing breath.
> "You know, now that we're not posing as those three florist ponies anymore, I think I'm starting to like it here." Thespid told Agraul with a contented smile, "I kinda thought this whole plan would fall apart after a few days, for one reason or another. But now it seems like everything might actually work out. Crazy, huh?".
> "Yeah." Agraul answered dismissively, having something else on his mind.

> "Um, Thespid."
> "What?"
> Agraul felt a little off about what he was about to say, "Thanks for warning me about the General. I know telling that story couldn't have been easy for you. And I really appreciate your concern.".
> Agraul was certain she would start laying into him for being so sappy.
> But even so, he just had to say it.
> "No problem." Thespid said with a happy nudge, "After all, you're like a little brother to me. An annoying, wimpy, helpless little brother, who occasionally manages to grow a pair just long enough to mouth off at me.".
> Agraul wasn't sure if that was a back hoofed compliment, or a kindhearted insult.
> "But... I AM your little brother." Agraul reminded her.
> Thespid just kept walking in happy silence, completely disregarding what he'd just said.
> As Thespid and Agraul walked to the post office, they couldn't help but notice that no pony seemed surprised by their appearance anymore.
> In fact, they even got a couple friendly waves from Carrot Top and Sea Swirl.
> "Aw damn it." Thespid said in a disappointed tone.
> "What's wrong?" Agraul asked, completely baffled by her sudden negativity.
> "Our novelty has already worn off." Thespid told him, "With every pony talking about us, and probably in no small part due to my intense showboating yesterday, no pony's afraid of us anymore!".
> Agraul felt even more confused, "Uh, isn't that a good thing?".
> "In the long run, yeah." she admitted, "But I was hoping to get at least another day or two of shocked gasps and terrified stares before we started getting friendly with everyone.".
> Agraul frowned at her with an 'Are you serious?' look on his face, "I can't even believe you're complaining about the fact that the ponies here actually like us.".
> "Yeah. I guess I did milk it pretty hard yesterday." Thespid said nodding to herself, "Oh well, at least I had my fun while I had the chance." and smiled with satisfaction.

> After delivering Melyrid's order to the post office, Thespid called out as she spotted Rainbow Dash flying over head.
> Rainbow Dash waved for Thespid to fly up, and Agraul followed her.
> "Whatchya doin' sug--" Thespid suddenly stopped herself from calling her 'Sugar lips', remembering that Agraul was right there, and that Rainbow Dash likely didn't want him knowing the story behind that nickname.
> "...Uh, Rainbow Dash." Thespid said, correcting herself.
> Rainbow Dash smirked at the fact that she actually stopped herself, and replied with "Hey Thespid." instead of calling her 'Bug brain'.
> "I was just setting up for this evening's rain." Rainbow Dash told her, "Just a light drizzle to cool things off over night.".
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