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>"A-a-anon, please! Stop h-hitting...
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>"A-a-anon, please! Stop h-hitting me!"
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>"jesus, you're such a glutton for punishment, sunny" you say as you make her throw haymakers at herself
Where's the green of sunset being a lady boy and anon cornholing the crap out of him/she
Stop bitching about it then
It puts the pony on its head or it gets the hose again.
She hasn't said the safety word yet so Im sure shes just into the Role Playing.
I want to abuse her and slap her so hard.
With my dick

>Sunset cowers in the corner while you fill up another glass of whiskey.
>Her constant whimpering and sniffling pisses you off even more.
>A drip of blood (whether hers or yours you aren't sure) drips off your knuckle and into the glass as your hand passes over it.
>With a shaky grip you bring it to your lips and take a si-
>Whiskey gets all over, a shooting, stabbing pain rocking through the cut in your mouth where you've bitten your cheeks and tounge in anger.
>In a reaction, and a little spite, ypou hurl the empty glass at the puddle of tears.
>She hollers again as the glass connects with the top of her head, and her sobbing starts anew.

I can continue, but I gotta move to my laptop (on mobile)
im back

>"A-a-anon, please! Stop h-hitting me!"
>This situation is completely fucked.
>In one week, youve lost your job.
>The upside down label of the whiskey bottle fills your vision.
>Managed to wreck both cars.
>The searing pain is worth it in the end.
"Been succesfully sued by an angry bitch who couldnt look decent with all the plastic in the world."
>Another chug of whiskey.
"Fuggin, fuggin blew all the savings on a bad investment scam."
>Unknown to you, Sunset stands up and approaches cautiously.
"Ah... *HUC* even the hawz is gettin foreclosed"
>Sunset gently wraps her arms around you and leads you to the couch.
"I even...hit muh girlfriend. Thu oooonly person who'd put up wivv meh."
>Its your turn to cry now, and you bury your face in her jacket, sobbing like an injured baby.
>Sunset rubs your back, shushing you like a mother would.
>"Its okay, its been rough for both of us."
>You dont even register it, instead start mumbling in between heaving hiccups and racking sobs.

how am i doing?

>You are Sunset, and right now youre caring for a drunken asshole.
*sigh* A drunken asshole you may be, but youre my drunk asshole.
>Even if hes hit you.
>thrown things at you.
>Made you bleed and cry.
>What hes doing to himself is worse.
>The vibrating coming from your chest begins to actally bcome coherent.
>Andlike that it becomes another mess of jumbled words and tears.
>You do the only thing you can think of to console him in this situation: continue to pet his head and whisper reassurances that everything will be okay.
>Even though it wont.
>Pretty soon you'll be homeless, jobless, moneyless.
>Its bad, but still, your world isnt the one that just came crashing down.
>You look down to your fiancee, though how much longer that will be youre not sure.
>As it is, hes looking at everything you are, but his reputation is tarnished, hes looking at possible jailtime, and undoubtedly hes worried about losing the only person left in his life.
"What are we going to do?"

___Move forward an hour and a half___

>Youre driving back to canterlot.
>A four hour drive, in a rental car no less, with your passed out asshole in the back snoring like a bear.
>At least the police were nice, and listened when you asked them not to arrest him.
>A ray from a streetlight glints off your engagement ring, and you wonder for a few seconds how much money itll fetch at a pawn shop.
"Hopefully enough to eat for awhile..."
"I know baby, I know."
>Youre pretty sure those girls still live in canterlot, but would they recognise you?
>Dumb question, would they let you stay at their places?
>For a little bit?
>You try to put yourself in their positions.
"Probably not... I cant even say i didnt deserve this."
>Anon on the other hand...
>Hes a social pariah, a serious dick withanger issues, and he hates the world in general, but he has a heart of gold.
>He really DOESNT deserve this.
>You dont really deserve him...
>A glance into the rearview mirror shows him still sleeping. sorta.
"I wonder if thisd have even happened to you if youd never pulled me off the sidewalk."
>Probably not.
>You pull onto the interstate and it begins to rain.

"This is the address then?"
>The facescroll app says 14633 trotter lane.
>Thats it then...
>You step out of the car and shuffle through a small puddle.
>Approaching the big house makes it seem so moch more imposing than looking at it from the street.
>Victorian with a white paint job and royal blue shutters.
>You swallow your hesitation and knock.
>Through the patter of the sprinkling around you, its obvious someone is walking up to the door.
>The door opens and there stands a very attractive (if pale) lady with gorgeous hair.
>Upon seeing you, her nose scrunches up in disgust.
>"Its you..."
"Hello Rarity... can i maybe-"
>"You can turn around and walk off. youre not welcome here."
>She slams the door shut, and you hesitate a second before spinning on your heel and getting back in the car.
"Cant say that wasnt unexpected. Oh well."
>The car sparks to life, and you pull off to try the Rainbow girls house.
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yeah seriously anon stop, you hit like a little bitch anyway.

>The engine dies, and you throw the keys onto the dashboard.
"Fuck... six for six."
>Two slammed doors, two straight up nos, one who acted like they werent home, and one who really wasnt home.
>Youll try tomorrow...
>But it seems pointless.
>Anon is snuggled up in the back still, wrapped up in the only blanket youve got.
"Day two sleeping in the car I guess..."
>The seat leans back, though youre careful not to go so far back as to bother him.
>You take off your leather jacket and wrap up in it, then try to huddle in on yourself as the cold starts creeping in'
>Its not easy, but eventually you manage to pass off into a shallow sleep

Ill write more tonight and post tomorrow if the thread is still bumped.rate, give tips, leave suggestions.
I got you G.
here comes yet another eqg general

>Hes a social pariah, a serious dick withanger issues, and he hates the world in general, but he has a heart of gold.

the normal human in the abnormal world
No, it's 'stop hitting ON me'. And my answer is no.
It's not a general unless it keeps coming back, especially if it gains more stories.

It IS another prompt thread though.

But even then, there's no point in hating on that, because they've been part of the board culture since the board was founded and without them there'd be a lot more shitpost threads clogging up the catalogue.
I wrote one a while back but never finished it
Maybe you should try dodging.
You asked me to teach you how to defend yourself!
Damnit. Now I have to add "Martial Arts Anon" to the list of prompts I want to write. Good goin'.
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 635x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 635x454
>Martial Arts Anon
>Sunset finds out about it
>spend time together
>"Show me your moves~"
>Anon interprets this as a request for training her
Not the angle I'd take it at, but nice line.
You're the write fag
I'm the ideas guy
Anyone can be a writefag. I just started doing it to see if I could and now I have multiple prompts sitting around that I want to take a stab at.

It's not for everybody, but it doesn't hurt to try it. Most people would be surprised at what they can accomplish.
Damn, homies got that 'I am master of my domain' face goin on like he's deep in zen masturbatory concentration.
Stacy then proceeds to aid the boy in his activity
You wanted to learn how to fight so toughen up

"What? Oh, shit! Yeah, sorry, couldn't hear you for some reason."
>You are Anon, and out of the blue, Sunset just asked you to pummel the shit out of her until she said to stop.
>Not knowing the reason why, but figuring that she'd open up about it when ready, you indulged her wish.
>Though you might have gone slightly overboard.
"Aw hell, lemme get some of the medical supplies--"
>"N-no, it's fine! I'm just a bit more bruised than planned, that's all!"
"Well, alright, though I do wish you'd let me in on why you had me beat the shit outta you."
>"Sorry, but I don't want to involve you anymore than I already have, and I don't want you getting hurt too."
"Oh, yeah, THAT'S not going to arouse my curiosity or anything. Look, just...be careful, alright?"
>"...I'll try."

Guess who?

>You wake up before Sunset.
>Unfortunately, you wake up with one of-
>No scratch that, the absolute worst hangover you’ve ever experienced.
>You cant pull the blanket from over your head, otherwise the dawns first rays blind you and drill into your head with the fury of a million angry chimps armed with out-of-tune violins.
>In fact, just peeking over at Sunsets brightly colored hair causes… you…to…
>You throw the blanket off of you and grunt in pain as the light burns you a new asshole.
>She’s worth it though, and you have to inspect.
>The longer you stare at her, shivering like she is, the more you realize how bad for her you are.
>Her right eye is swollen shut.
>There are bruises all over her.
>Good lord, the bump on her head reminds you of the kinds Wile E. Coyote might get.
“And I did that…”
>You whisper, and you can see your breath.

“I….I know what I gotta do…”
>Rubbing your temples and breathing deep seems to clear your mind.
>The blanket somehow has magically tucked her in, next you can remember, and she isn’t shivering anymore.
>You blink, and it seems to take an eternity for your eyelids to close and reopen.
>When they do, a pen and piece of scrap paper written all over sits nicely on the dash.
>Again, you blink, again it seems to take forever.
>Now you’re stumbling down the sidewalk, unsure of where to head really.
>You’re pretty numb, both inside and out.
>Numb from the cold, winter is not kind to those who wear sleeveless shirts.
>Numb from the exhaustion, because sleeping for a solid day and some change doesn’t work the same in a car you guess.
>Numb from the stress, as this is the pinnacle of the worst week of your life.
>But mainly numb from the loss.
>Oh sure, who gives a rats ass you don’t have the mansion, or the practice, or the cars?
>That shits material.
>No, you havent felt this kind of loss since mamma Mous died so long ago.
>You lost Sunset.
>Whats worse is you lost her to your own angry stupidity.
>But, in all of this numbness, you’ve reached a sort of nirvana, the eye of the storm.
>Because youre so numb, nothing actually matters.
>Yeah, she matters actually.
>In fact, its been awhile, but youre pretty sure this is canterlot.
>And if this is canterlot, that means you’ve got at least one ace to play.
>So youre giving it to her.
>Where is the old high school?
>That old bitch is still kicking, youre sure of it.
>As stubborn as she is.

>Its not quite as cold now asit was when you fell asleep.
>Man, someone is blowing your phone up for real.
"Whatch it be the collecters to tell me theyre taking the rental too."
>Anon is really rubbing off on you, and his cynicism is infectious.
>You pull the blanket back far enough to grab your cell out of the passenger seat.
>The screen lights up, and you have five new messages from unknown numbers.
>Upon further inspectin, the texts seem to be from the girls last night.
>Thats odd, just yesterday they wanted nothing to do with you, but these texts are inviting you to stay at their places.
>Even if they arent warm, the thought is ecstatic.
>You rip the blanket off your head and turn to the back.
"Anon! Wake up! I got-"
>Hes not in the back...
>A few fingers play with the material of the blanket, and then you remember that he had the blanket last night.
>A slight pang of panic runs through you, but you dismiss it as paranoia.
>He probably went to get coffee...
"Heh... yeah coffee. he'll be back any minute with a cup of three cream and sugar, and a black cup for him. thats all."
>In fact, right down the road there is a McLafferty's, you'd be willing to bet hes there right now.
>You stare for awhile, until you notice your name backwards on the windshield.
>Thats not right.
>You reach up onto the dash and pull down a note, and your heart stops.
>Mild panic turns into a frantic hysteria as you skip to the last line.
>"I love you Sunny, thats why im leaving. it was great, bye."
>You can think of only one thing to do.
The key gets rammed into the ignition and the car hops to life.
>Before the ac can kick in, youre already tearing off towards the nearest person who will help.

>The car slides as you peel into trotter lane.
>Skid marks show where you stomped on the breaks, and you throw yourself out of the car.
>ENgine still running and everything.
>At the door, you have to stop yourself from punching it, and instead settle for ringing the bell.
>Rarity comes to the door, and the look on her face betrays her statement to come in and have some coffee.
>You walk inand maintain composure long enough to sit down before freaking out.
"Rarity, look, let me start by saying thank you, but I have no clue where Anon is, could you help me find him!?"
>Rarity is looking out the window, but turns to you.
>"I would were it in my power to do so darling, but Im afraid I was told not to."
"Rarity, I know he put you up to this, and i thank you and him and every diety in the heavens for it bu he's like to do something stupid! He could het hurt or lost, without me he might even fall into depressio PLEASE!"
>By now youre on your knees tugging at her skirt.
>Her hard features turn soft, like pity, and she takes a deep breath.
>"You mean before he does anything stupider?"
>Rarity bends down and helps you up, sitting you back in the chair.
>"Dear, its all over the news, the worlds most wealthy plastic surgeon sued by the worlds wealthiest actress."
>She pulls out a cloth and dabs your face, shooing the tear trails.
>"I mean, hes been in two wrecks, lost his house, darling you two are all over the news."
>She leaves and comes back with a mug of coffee for both of you, setting the creamer and suger next to yours.
>"And i dont mean to be a bitch, but honestly, the way you look, I dont think id let him stay here regardless of what Luna said."
"Thats not fair, he lost his temper Rarity. Neither of us can say we're without mistake. How would you react to your entire universe coming to a dead stop?"
>She ponders for a bit before answering.
>"I suppose thats a fair point, but still, he hit a lady out of pure anger."

>Rarity refocuses on the young highschool girl who just came down the stairs.
>"Sweety, could you please run outside and turn that car off before it burns through too much gas?"
>Rarity turnsback to you.
>"Anyways, it does no good to argue about it. Ill look into finding him for you, but please dont get your hopes up dear. finish your coffee and meet me upstairs please."
>A few minutes pass by where all you do is sip the caffine juice.
>Finally, you set the empty mug down and walk up the stairs to the sound of running water.
>Rarity steps out of what youd assume is a bathroom with a towel.
>"Here darling, this is your towel. I ran you a bath, feel free to use whatever is in there. Get cleaned up. When youre done, I would like to talk, but after that you can rest."
>She heads back down the stairs and leaves you alone.
>On the toilet is a folded up robe, you guess shes letting you use it too.
"A generous soul... and I dont deserve it."
>You peel out of the clothes youve been wearing and hang the jacket up on the rack before stepping in.
>Dirt and blood is already coming off in the water, and the hot soapy water stings all your little scratches.
>It absolute bliss.
>Physically, you feel great right now.
>Mentally though, youre still a wreck, knowing what Rarity wants to talk about when youre done.
>You lean back in the tub and allow your head to fall onto a rest with a deep sigh.
"Where the hell are you Anon?"

Ill be back in a few hours boys, keep the thread bumped.
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>You have her in the corner, wailing on her.
>"It's not fair! I canmt fight back!"
>With one last hit, you knock her out.
>The score comes up; 13:2.
>She throws the controller, crying.
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Jesus Christ. This is blatant, unfiltered Autism right here.
You should all kill yourselfs.
Suicide pls :^)
Ah, then you must be raw autism.
Remind me again, how much money did you have to give to your mother to not abort you?

I imagine a mom being 8 months pregnant being amazed that $100 dollar bills are being shoved out of her vagina.
this is like, 5th grade humor
I guess this guy>>25956289
was right

File: Untitled.png (264 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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/mlp/ retard got BTFO
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 300x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that one kid
Nice photoshop, faggot.
>i-it must be photoshop!
>y-yeah! f-f-faggot!
Damn /mlp/ getting desperate
File: image.jpg (681 KB, 3984x2957) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
681 KB, 3984x2957
I don't know why you're even here m8, like are going through that teenage phase where you literally need attention every 10 seconds or cut yourself or something?
Or are you doing your ebin trollin with your buttbuddy?
Either way, brush your teeth, the both of you.
File: BTFO AGAIN.png (193 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Trying this hard.
>those two emo kids who don't talk to anybody else and end up on cringe compilations
Now how do you say "fuck off and end your miserable shitposting life" in the most polite way possible?
It's really funny to see Horsetards getting this angry because someone gave there opinion on the internet!
Are seriously this mad that people agree with me? and all you can do is retort with ad hominem and call it fake wow, sad.
File: stop.jpg (172 KB, 650x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 650x650
You're all a bunch of fucking idiots.
Every single damn one of you.
No, it's just that you stick out so blatantly from literally everyone on this board couldn't imagine anyone seriously agreeing with you.
File: 1448911889331.png (143 KB, 546x1194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 546x1194
... What did I miss on this thread? This place seems to have turned into a battleground.
That one /b/tard is swallowing sand and acting like a retard and I'm playing with him.
Really? it kind of looks like he baited you pretty good...
Didn't you read the filename of the original picture?
File: SexyPicard.jpg (32 KB, 518x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 518x479
Bah. Best to just let him keep spurting off.
Like my favorite character once said,
>"Sometimes you just have to bow to the absurd."
Yes G, I'm just really fucking bored while I wait for this writefriend.

I see youre on the board too.

but oh wait, thats just to make fun of us isnt it?

Either way youre an irredeemable virgin autist faggot. so shut yourmouth and enjoy my green.

ironic because you are actually the absurd
liking cartoon horses and all
File: 69e.png (121 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 625x626
Speaking of which before I fuck off, does anyone have that picture of Picard with the Anon head?
I had it but lost it.

Nice try.

>Captcha: 666
>says the irredeemable virgin autist faggot
Well I mean, he's not an attention whore so.. Eat ass.
okay. I kek'd

you're still a cum guzzler though, desu senpai.
Thread derailed boys, easy target, let's move out.

>"So let me get this straight, of all the things you couldve called in, you simply wantme to make a call to the girls about sheltering the girl who almost overthrew the school?
>You light another cigarette and puff on it.
"Yeah, sounds about right."
>Luna looks at you in a mixture of amazement and disgust.
>"I see your sense of humor hasnt changed in the fifteen years since you went to the high school."
>This chick...
"You couldve expelled me at any point you know, and found some other schmuck to swoop in and make sure every one had a happy ending."
>She snorts and takes a shot, ordering the bartender to bring another round.
>"Unfortunately my sister wouldnt allow it. The way I see it, though, we should have, considering it wasnt much of a happy ending."
"Yeah yeah, quit your bitching. Whats happened happened, all im worried about is Sunset."
>You watch the aging woman throw back her tenth shot of the night.
>She really is quite attractive, even in her age.
>Kinda like a wine, if wine was such a shithead.
>"If you care for her so much, why the hell are you at a bar? You ditched her awithout a house or car to call her own, shes got no money, and to top it off you've even beat her. Oh yeah, youre terrific at showing you care."
>You swallow some smoke and cough it up.
>When you recover, youre tearing up.
"How *cough* how did you know?"
>She simply laughs and throws another back.
>"You were never hard to read Anonymous, only hard to deal with. And it shows on your fists, the way your knuckles are raw."
>You look down.
"So youre right.... buy me a shot? Imma need one or two if we keep this up."

>"Can you promise not to knockme out if i do?"
>You drag on the cig again, talking and exhaling smoke at the same time.
"Im more like to knock you out now without. youre such a cranky old woman yknow that?"
>"Hahahahaha! Its only noon Anonymous, we can do this all day and Id be fine with it. Church, bring me another, and three for him."
>Jesus, this lady has had twelve shots, three in the last five minutes, and she doesnt even look fazed.
"Man, you must be pickled every goddamn day to hold your liquor like that."
>"Perks to owning your own bar and having nothing better to do."
>You lean back and let the cinnamon whiskey roll down the back of your throat, watching a fan lazily turning round.
>Wonder what youre doing Sunny...

>"So, thats why I'd be more than willing to help you out, but i would appreciate an apology, as would the others im sure."
>Guess you gotta, not like youre complaining though.
"Rarity, I'm sorry i tried to take control of the school when were younger. Looking back on it now, Im not sure what Id have done if id even succeeded."
>Rarity smiles.
>"And Im sorry youre in the situation youre in darling, it should befall no one."

Looking back on my own shit, I see some timeline errors. Ignore it for now, Ill revise later.

>"Now, hows about we start looking for Anon?"
>Thatd be nice.
"Yes please, Im worried sick for him."
>Shepulls her phone out and dials a few numbers, each time saying the same thing.
>"Yes, yes, are you busy dear? Can we meet at the Moondoe on gallop? Of course. We'll be there in ten, see you there darling."
>She stands and motions for you to follow, grabbing some keys on the way out the door.
>In the garage is a really nice sports car, kinda like Anon was fond of, and you take your spot in the passenger seat.
>You pull out of the drive and drive off.
>On the way, you pass the old highschool, seeing where you and Anon first met out by the old statue.
>Suddenly, youre taken by old memories...

>You are to weak to stand, but even if you could youd just lie here on the chard concrete anyway.
>It was an absolute shame, how close you were, and those girls took it all from you.
>Stripped you of your powers and had you expelled, to which campus security was more than happy to show you the door.
>No, right now its just you, wallowing in a puddle of tears and exhaustion.
>That is, until someone taps you with their foot.
>"Hey, get up. You cant just lay there."
>You dont care, too far gone to even communicate.
>"I said hey."
>You get kicked again, though its not malicious.
>"Are you even alive? If you dont get up i gotta move you."
>Soon after, strong arms scoop you up and you bury your head into this mans shoulder to keep him from seeing you cry.
>Cause we cant have the terrible Sunset doing something shes infamous for causng.
>Boy, what irony thatd be.
>Anyways, you arent too sure how much time passes, but when you finally take stock of the situation you find yourself walking towards an old van.
>Youre set down in the back seat, and this kid drives you home.
>"Look, you dont really look like youre in good shape, but i cant exactly take you to the hospitl either can I?
>"So I'll just take care of you at my place. My name is Anonymous, by the way, but just call me Anon..."
>You say nothing,mainly because youre so. damn. tired
>Instead you just stare out the window with a slacked jaw.
>"*ahem* Well, were here. pardon the mess, im not used to company."
>Anon picks you up again with little trouble, though it is a bit of a challenge to open the door it seems.
>As he stumbles through the apartment in the darkness, you can hear him kick around a few cans of something, and you finally pass out on his bed as he tucks you in.

>"Darling! Wake up, its not really the time to daydream."
"huh....oh...were here."
>Rarity steps out, and you follow her.
>Together, you walk into a dimly lit bar and sit down next to an old, familiar face.
"Pricipal Luna..."

Ill write more offline and come back later tonight or early tomorrow. see you then boys.

care to leave any advice or criticism?
S' not bad thus far. I'd recommend proof-reading before you post a part though. Make sure you get rid of obvious mistakes.

It's also a tad difficult to follow with the constant jumping around. Smoother transitions would be much appreciated.
I like it. Mind creating a pastebin?

Mostly just the suggestions >>25958120 pointed out, other than that it feels pretty nice.
I wasn't hitting you; I was hitting ON you!
File: image.jpg (58 KB, 765x756) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 765x756
This gives me an idea for a green.

but not here.

or now.
You told me to show you my fetish
double dubs demand stories
I'll stop when you have finished ALL the eggs
>Sunset tells you her fetish
>she moans every time you push, slap, spank or hit her
>you can't differentiate between her moans of pleasure and of agony anymore
>one day >prompt
>not because it's hurting her
>she can only cum as often
>Why did you even try it? We both know you are terrible at Mortal Kombat.
Hey boys, real quick update. Something came up, I won't be able to post until probably late tomorrow. If not then definitely the day after. Something came up in the family.

Its not so bad as to keep me from writing offline though, so I'll at least have something to dump, but bear with me.

Explain, what would be a smoother transition to you?


There you go buddy.

Also, how do trip codes work and do I need one?
You came at me with a knife! You stabbed me in the fucking shoulder and wouldn't stop yelling about how I didn't spend enough time with you!
...Ah hell, I can't stay mad at you. Cone here and give me a hug.
Why are you hitting yourself?
Why are you hitting yourself?
Why are you hitting yourself?
A little "you are" transition would be nice. Or in the case of the daydream, Sunset closing her eyes would've been better than just kind of cutting to the dream.
Not until you eat all the eggs.
plz no riparino
7 billion years later
I take images from wherever, be it Tumblr, 44chan, whatever.
Before bed bump.
Or maybe your fetish is harsh rape roleplay instead and her fetish is being hit, making it a win-win.
Either way, maximum unf. We need a second writefag.
Sorry about that. I am color blind. I thought you were a nigger.
Stop crying, just deal with the fact that my frieza clan guy is beating your sayian chick, badly!
Last week in some Galaxy, idk
Yeah that's right, we're still here
Holy crap, okay, I'll dump what i got because you are still here, but im still going over what ive been doing offline.

Jesus, I feel like a let down on this, thanks for being patient. Means a lot, but now i got my shit together ill be more ion top.

"Principal Luna..."
>"Ah,miss Sunset. You havent had to call me that in quite a while. Dont start again, if you will."
>The blue woman leans back in her chair and tips a glass of beer back into her mouth.
>In one go the entire glass is drained, and she slams it into the bar.
>Nothing left but foam.
>"Sides, its not like you ever respected the title."
>Rarity takes a seat next to her, and you follow suit.
>You note that she seems to be well in control of her faculties given the overpowering smell of alcohol emanating from her.
"Luna, we came to find Anon..."
>Luna cocks a graying eyebrow.
>"Well obviously, however, I'm going to assume the others are on their way now. Id rather not repeat myself, so take a drink and wait with me."
>Now really isnt the time for booze, in your opinion.
"But we need t-"
>"I SAID, wait. Your friends will be walking in..."
>She points lazily behind her towards the door, still watching a UFC fight on the bar tv.
>"riiiiiiight about...."
>No sooner has the word "now" left her lips than Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack walk through the door together.
>They spot your little group and sit down next to you, apparently already up to speed.
>Luna sets another empty glass down and spins her chair to face the far wall.
>"Well, I wont lie to you. he was here. Asked me to make sure Sunset had a place to stay, so I obliged."
>There is a pause where all she does is stare at the fan.
>In fact, she seems to zone out...
>Luna starts talking so suddenly and loudly it startles you.
>"But, I went to use the old ladies room and when I came back he was gone. Don't know where he went really, But maybe i can point you in the right direction."
>She jumps up, everyone in the room paying her attention save the bartender, fiddling with a glass under the bar.
>Despite all the alcohol you've seen her drink, she walks as though it doesnt even affect her, and gracefully makes her way to a far door.
>She disappears behind it, and reemerges with a manila folder.
> The folder takes to the air and lands nearly perfectly on the bar; a throw that would have been challenging for someone sober.
>Or in general really.
>"My guess is he'd be headed for the old foundry. That was his hangout, might even find his little camp. Now if you'll excuse me im getting back to my daydrinking."
>"Thank you miss Luna, if you hear anything please keep us updated."
>You collect the student file and follow the other girls out the door."
"next stop, the old foundry."
>You all pile into the SUV AJ brought and start off.
>Leaning your head on the window, you let out a sigh.
>You think that this is an empty lead, but youre getting desperate.
>Fluttershy puts a hand on your shoulder.
>"Hey, we'll find him. Im sure."
"Thanks, you guys are better to me than I ever was to you."
>"Dont think anything bout it sugarcube, this is something we all owe Anon."

"What does that mean?"
>AppleJack doesnt speak, instead Raibow replies for her.
>"Its nothing big, he did a few favors for us back in school, and we never got around to paying him back"
>That seems really dodgy but these girls are helping, so you decide to ignore it for now.
>No need to add any more layers of shit to the situation.
>... But still, it doesnt put you to ease.
>A few minutes and some reading later, you pull onto a backroad thats horribly maintained.
>At the end of it is a massive, dilapidated building.
>AJ pulls up next to an awfully pink car, and two girls are sitting on the hood.
>Pinkie Pie is waving with fervor, and tackles all her friends with hugs as they get out.
>To your surprise, she even gives you one.
>The girl you remember as Twilight looks up from her tablet.
>"We got your message Rarity, now that we're all her we can look through this place. Try to be careful, it might be decommisioned but a foundry is still a dangerous place."
>Armed with flashlights and determination, the seven of you enter through afallen pair of iron doors.
"Good lord its dark in here..."
>The smell of heavy metals and decay make the air almost oppressive here.
>"Uhhhh, I got an idea... hows about we split up and look around in groups? Cover more ground?"
>Twilight approves of the new idea, and forms three groups.
>"Fluttershy and I will take this section."
>She hold out her tablet with a layout of the foundry floor.
>"Rarity and Apple Jack can take the second floor and you three look here. Look for anything that might look like a nest of somesort."
>Its straightforward and simple.

>Be Anon.
>Your phone gives a little jingle, and you check it to see Luna messaged you.
>"Dont go to your old hangout, sent them on a wild goose chase. Hurry the fuck up."
>You didnt really like the old girl too much but you had mad respect for her.
>"Anon, need you to focus."

>You look up at Shining Armor.
"Keep your panties outta your crack, Luna sent the girls to the foundry."
>"Yeah well I dont like working behind my sisters back like this. Or with you for that matter."
>Boo hoo, go cry somewhere else.
>You punch in your PIN number and deposit the last of all the money you have into Shining Armors account.
>The bankmachine takes a second but confirms the transaction.
"There, do your magic."
>Shining walks up to the thing and presses a few buttons, then it spits out a reciept.
>"There, its all in her name now."
"Thanks. Anyways, now we need to go make sure the lights are on."
>The two of you step out into the daylight and climb into a big pickup.
>Mac is waiting in the passenger, and you sit up in the drivers side while Shining gets in the back.
>The beast roars to life, and you drive to the small apartment you just rented out.
>On the way, Shining is on the phone with the utilities company making sure all the water and power is situated.
>You look over into the mirror when he gets off.
"Look, i might be a fuck head, but I appreciate this guys."
>Mac cocks a brow.
>Shining chuckles a bit.
>"Dont get mushy on me jackass, I prefer you as a fuck head. Just worry about making sure this goes off smoothly."
"You guys are pricks."
>That gets a small laugh from evryone present.
>At the apartment, all the lights work and the water is good.
>Still a shithole but thats section 8 for you.
>Now that its been secured and checked out, its time for the final steps to your plan.
>"So now, we should make our way to the farm."
'Ill message them to meet you there."
>A text later and its all coming into place.

Im trying to wrap this up on account of the real lack of quality. Its shit, dont have to tell me.

Thats not to say ill half ass the last few bits, but assume that from here out we're either at or past halfway.
You thought we'd just let this thread die?
good anon
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Bamping for you Devil
Still alive, still aliiive
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Gonna admit was about to quit it till i read about the mysterious favor anon offerd

Keep going it's still entertaining
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What's the next step in anon's master plan?
Still reading, interested to see where it goes. Go Anon, go!
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Shit, this is a more interesting development than some crappy smut that might have spawned from the setup. I want to see where this leads to.
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>Stop hitting yourself, Stop hitting yourself!
>you will never
still reading
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>"No! You know the rules!"
>"You look very pretty today!"
>"I like your new shampoo!"
>"I appreciate you as a person!"
itt: bump
>undicks zip


Time to get shwifty in here
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