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Space CYOA Thread #28
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Welcome to Thread # 28. Vacation edition

Current writefags:

Space Horse - Catch up either here
http://anonpone.pineapplecomputing.com/space/21361304#navbar or here

Space Horse's Resource Folder (Character sheet and background stuff.) - https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4eSgXABJTrfb1lMQ0Y1NzAzQzQ&usp=sharing

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When we last left off, We were just getting up and finished hinting at Cobalt's gift.

"Come on, let's get some breakfast."
>Your family and Cobalt all head to the mess, Cobalt taking her time.
>When you get there, you find all but Mich there.
>"Morning guys!"
"Good morning."
>"Morning." Sky says, looking at a data pad.
"You talking to Cerb, Sky?"
>"Yes. why?"
"Ask her what her crew would think about spending a beach day with us."
>"You want our crews to spend time together? that a good idea?" Chaos asks.
>"I met one of the crew when we were on a date, we won't have any trouble. She was on edge about me, but Cerb made it quite clear that she wants no fighting between our crews."
>A stumble alerts you, Mich walking in with a bandaged foreleg.
"Mich, what happened?"
>Mich stays silent, looking slightly crestfallen as he sits down.
>"I can safely say that he does not like changelings."
>"No offence, why are you still here exactly?" Chaos asks.
>"Part of the crew now."
>Surge shrugs, nodding.
>"He is a good fighter, helped us a lot yesterday."

Pastebin for the story will be updated when i can do so.
Don't worry Mich, there will be others. That's part of the fun.

If we just make pleasant introductions when we meet then everything will be fine. If a fight does break out I know we'll win. so yeah just invite them over sky.
Well that stuff happens Mitch but don't worry because we're going on a beach day! And if that doesn't cheer ya up the booze will. We should buy a keg!

I'm sure Cerb's good ponies besides part of the reason of this get together is to patch things up. Besides I don't think those rookies want another lesson in humility so they won't pick a fight.
"I'm sure they won't pick a fight, besides, the whole point of this is to patch thngs up. If we make nice they will see we mean nothing bad. And don't worry Mich, it happens. There will be more."
>"I know. Hopefully they won't show off their cutlery to me though."
"Look on the bright side, we are going to the beach! and if that doesn't cheer you up, some booze will."
>Chaos smiles, nodding.
>"Can't argue with the great healer! The bottle makes everything better."
"We should probably get a keg."
>"And dip into the supply of whisky we have. Still got plenty of that."
>Angel hums, looking at Hunter.
>"Hunter, hold out your leg for daddy."
>Hunter looks up and does as instructed, Angel looking at his leg.
"Everything okay?"
>"Yep. Just getting a size for a floaties, possibly a life jacket."
>"Well, Cerb says she will meet us at wherever we go." Sky says.
Let's get an inner tube as well. We also need to buy some sand castle buckets so we can build things with hunter.

His little mind will flip when he sees the ocean.

i kind of want to know what exactly happened but we'll ask about that later. I guess when we're done eating we should get a few things and head for the beach. They can meet us there. The same one we went with cobalt before.

We also get to wear our swimsuit again
Well what are we standing around for let's do some shopping! We should pick up a grill too so we can do some cooking.

err...I think he means the guy pulled a knife on him.
That's obvious anon.

What I'm asking is for a story of the beginning and end of this encounter.

how did mich break the news to him? how did he react?
did he just say I'm a changeling and then he ran away only to come back with a knife? was he already holding a knife? why did he pull out a knife.
I don't expect to get an answer for any of these. I was just thinking "well that's a bit excessive. i guess he REALLY didn't like changelings."

I wonder if he hates himself now since he did something he never thought himself doing since he's an apparent changeling hater.
Don't worry anon i'm sure mich is made of tougher stuff and probably doesn't hate himself.
But if he does we can just do what every other quest dos when a character feels and and hug him till the hurt stop.

But i'm a bit worry if it will made things harder for him integrating into this different style of living. Running around disguised everywhere won't help him much in getting ponies to trust him. I figured that's why we don't do it when we go walking around.
talking about the pony anon hating himself anon, not mich.

mich should be fine and probably learned a valuable lesson.

"walk around as a changeling from now on so ponies know from the start."
Oh, oops.
Well so why are you worried about how the other dude feels?

Think hes going to come back with some basic bitch thugs because his butt got bug fucked. Or vice versa. I think mich might be a bottom.
“How about Joy Bringer? Since everyone on the crew is such a happy pony. There's also flank kicker. Because we kick a lot of flank.”
>”Meh, I think we should go for something badass sounding, y’know what I mean?”
>True brings the Cordoba down to land on the research station’s one landing pad, a crew of mechanics immediately rushing outside to repair the damage to your ship.
>You get a call over the radio, a mare speaking, “Cordoba, we were told to hand over all of our remaining research gems to you as well as offering you a choice of payment.”
“Alright, what’ve you got for us?”
>”You can either have your payment in credits or ship upgrades. Silver told us to offer 10,000 credits, prototype hull plating or a nanobot repair module. If you’d like to know any more about them then just let me know. Or tell me which one you’d like so our technicians can install it.”
A bad ass name? how about the dagger? firestorm? tornado?

Tell me about that prototype hull and the nanobot repair module.
"Good! let's do some shoping and then go! Hunter is going to loose his little mind at the ocean."
>You look at the little changeling, smiling.
"You will see soon."
>You all finish up your food and head out to buy supplies after, buying a grill, beach toys, and some safety devices for Hunter.
>Once your crew is together, you have Angel pilot the ship to Cauler, your crew excited for the beach time.
>When you all arrive, you head to your quarters and pull on your green swimsuit, heading to the cargo bay after.
>When you get there, you see your crew getting the other beach supplies, Angel getting a life jacket on Hunter.
>"Shoot cap, you pull it off well." Fixer says.
>She circles you and nods, wearing a skimpy purple swimuit.
>Angel looks over to you, grinning and getting a little bit of lust as he checks you out.
>"Hey Vex! What food should we buy for that grill?" Surge asks.
hay burgers and meat burgers, along with buns and condiments like ketchup,mustard, relish and mayo.
we could also get some hot dogs. We'll also need some chips and dip.

tell fixer she doesn't look so bad herself.

Let's give angel a little hip shake
"Hay and meat burgers! Hotdogs, Buns, and chips with dip too! Also any condiments we need!"
>You look to Fixer, smiling at her.
"You are looking good too Fixer, nice outfit."
>You get walking, passing by Angel.
>He looks back up and you give your hips a shake, winking at him.
"Better hurry up! We don't want to leave you behind."
>You walk outside, giving your hips an extra sway as you do.
>As you feel more lust from Angel, you look to see Cobalt outside, the mare in the same red swimsuit as before.
"Ready Cobalt?"
>She looks to you and smiles, nodding.
>You all head to the same beach spot when ready, bringing everything needed with you.
>When you get there, Hunter freezes, looking awestruck by the vast ocean.
Doesn't it look nice hunter? We're going to swim in that and play. That's also all salt water so don't think about drinking any of it, that would be bad for you.
Who wants to learn how to swim with mommy!
"Isn't it amazing Hunter? We all get to swim and play in it!"
>'It is huge!'
"It is. Just don't drink that water, it's not safe. Now, do you want to learn how to swim with mommy?"
>Hunter nods, looking excited.
>Your crew begins dropping off the beach things, setting some things up as you drop off the grill
>Sky walks over last, bringing all the food and setting it by the grill.
"Any idea when Cerb and her crew will get here?"
>Sky shrugs, looking at you.
>"Not sure, i gave her the exact location and-"
>Sky is tackled into the sand by a white blur, catching you by surprise.
>You look you see Sky under Cerb, the two of them sloply making out untill Cerb breaks it and looks down at Sky.
>"Miss me? My brave griffion~"
>"Yes." Sky says, purring.
>Cerb giggles, giving Sky a nuzzle before getting off of him.
>She looks at you, brushing her mint mane out of her face.
>"Hello Vex, howwwwww."
>Cerb whistles pointing to your ring.
>"Lucky, lucky! Guess you are doing good then."
Yeah I'm doing pretty well. Hello Cerb, how have you been? I suppose your crew isn't that far behind. We'll wait to make introductions then.
>In a playful manner.
Luck has nothing to do with it i'm just hot. Well ok hot and lucky.

Good to see you're taking care of our fluffy friend here.

Let's introduce Hunter.
"Please, luck has nothng to do with it. I'm just that hot. ...Well, okay, hot and lucky."
>Cerb snickers nodding.
"Serously, I'm doing good. What about you Cerb? It's good to see that you are taking care of our fluffy friend here."
>"Oh, it's been good. Little too bussy lately, so this getaway is perfect. And i do try, but you need to tell me if he has been good and has done his job properly."
>You smile, nodding.
"Your crew close by?"
>"Yes just buying some things for themselves."
"Good, introductions soon then. Come, i want you to meet somepony."
>You move to Angel and Hunter, both looking at you as you point towards them.
>"Hey Cerb." Angel says.
"That's the lucky stallion, Angel. And that is our son."
>Cerb gasps, looking at Hunter as he partially hides behind Angel.
>She crouches down, getting eye level with Hunter.
>"He is soooooo cute in his little life jacket! What is his name?"
>"Aweee. Strong name for a strong colt."
>"Cerb!" A voice calls out.
>You turn to see Cerb's crew, all of them standing together.
>"There they are. Come on."
>Cerb leads you to her crew, your crew gathering around as they approach, A very light grey pegasus stallion pressing against the griffon.
>"Okay! The other unicorn with the cigar is Astray."
>The unicorn nods, taking a puff of her cigar.
>"The two lovers are Silver and Snow." Cerb says, pointing to the grey pegasus and griffon.
>"Uhh, hi..." Silver says.
>"And the burgundy pegasus is Spice."
Hello, I'm vex. I'm sure you already know sky.
Tell your crew to line up. Then start telling the other crew their names. Hope you like the food we got. Hope you brought a beach ball and a volley ball too.
"Hello, I'm Vex. I'm sure you all already know Sky."
>"Ehh, kinda..." Silver says, the stallion smiling. "Only Astray has really met him."
"Come on, let's get everypony aquatinted then. we can eat at somepoint too, we bought food."
>"Awee, thank you." Cerb says.
>You walk to your crew, Chaos looking around and smiling at you.
>"Net is set up Vex. Oh hey! Cerb and her crew?"
"Yes. everypony line up!"
>You begin listing names, both sides greeting each other with Snow being extra silent and glaring at Chaos and Angel.
>Cerb leans towards you when you are done, levitating a swinsuit Astray gave her.
>"Snow seems like a stick in the mud and a problem, but don't mind his attitude, Silver and i have him behaving."
I'll take your word for it though if a problem arises I hope you're able to take care of it. Nice swimsuit by the way. Now let's start teaching hunter how to swim. Let's get him comfortable with the water.

Let's also have him experience that thing when you're standing where the water reaches and then when it pulls back you sink into the sand a little.

Then we can eat and play in the sand building things.
It'll be his own fault if he dosnt have fun but the booze should take care of his attitude.

Let's start teaching hunter how to swim and then we can start cooking.
"You will handle it if he gets out of control, right?"
>"Trust me, if i don't, Silver will. Our griffon has a huge soft spot since Silver confessed to him."
"Oh really? Well, if anything, it will be his fault that he doesn't indulge in the alcohol and have a good time. Nice swimsuit by the way."
>"It will. At least Silver is okay with your crew, that should help. And thanks, i wana get Sky all wound up."
>You nod, smiling.
"I'm going to play with my son, call me if you need me."
>"Alright, i'll see if we can't get a friendly game going. Tell me what it is like to have a kid at some point."
>Cerb walks off, moving a sway and kissing Sky.
>You turn and move to Hunter and Angel, smiling at your family.
>"Swimming time?" Angel asks
"Swimming time. Come on Hunter, stand by the shore with mommy and daddy."
>You all move to the shore, the waves splashing and pulling at your hooves.
>You look and see Hunter shiver, the little changeling looking at the ocean.
>"Scared?" Angel asks.
>Hunter nods, looking wide eyed at the water.
>"It's okay, mommy and daddy are here for you. We always are." Angel says As he pats Hunter on the back.
Let's go into the water first and show him that there's nothing to be afraid of. Other then it being cold at first.

Then Angel can come out to the water. Afterwards we stand somewhere and wait for hunter to come to us.
>You smile at Hunter, looking down at him.
"Don't be afraid Hunter. watch mommy."
>You walk into the water, smiling back at Hunter as you skink up to your stomach.
"It's safe."
>"Mommy and daddy are right here, nothng bad willl happen." Angel says.
>Hunter nods, looking nervous.
>Hunter steps into the water, still looking scared as he does.
>'It's cold!'
"I know... but come to mommy."
>Hunter moves to yoy, quickly getting to his belly.
>Hunter floants to you, splashing wildly as he swims to your legs.
>"There ya go!" Angel says, watching Hunter grab onto you.
Ask what he thinks of the water now.
The water is supposed to be cold at first hunter but you'll get used to it.
Soon he'll learn to like the cold when he's out on the beach and starts feeling hot.
have a good night.
"It will be a little cold at first, but you will get used to it. What do you think of the water now? do you like it?"
>Hunter smiles up at you, kicking his small legs out into the water.
>'It is fun! i like it."
>"Alright, let's have some fun then." Angel says.
>He moves away, turning back to you and Hunter.
>"Swim to daddy, then back to mommy."
>Hunter carefully lets go of you, splashing about again as his jacket keeps him afloat.
>"Like this Hunter!" Angel says, making a swiming motion.
>Hunter splashes less and begins moving more, heading to Angel and back to you.
>"Builder and an athlete? Sweet Luna, what doesn't he do?" Angel says, laughing.
Survey the beach real quick and see how the others are doing.
"Keep going Hunter!"
>You look to the beach, seeing how things are going.
>You first see Cobalt sitting by the shore, smiling as she sits in the sun and waves at you.
>You give a wave back, smilibg as you look at the others.
>Fixer and Astray both work at the grill. Snow, Silver, and Mich talking by them.
>Lastly, you see the rest of the crews playing by the volleyball net, Surge being the judge with Sky and Cerb on one team, Chaos and Spice on the other.
>"Guess things are going alright." Angel says.
That's good to hear I was kinda worried things might go south. But then again we only just got here

Show hunter how to do a backstroke.
Transform into a mermaid pony and surprise angel with your tail.
You have to try and not have fun when you're at a beach get together like this.

We need to use splash attack on angel.
"Well, you do need to try to not have fun at a place like this. But it is good to see everypony getting along."
>You look at Hunter, smiling.
"Watch mommy Hunter, try to swim like this."
>You do a backstroke, moving away from Angel and into deeper water as Hunter tries to copy you.
>You take a deep breath and dive under, quickly pulling the bottom half of your swimsuit and tucking it into the top part that goes around your chest.
>You think of a story you once saw, mimicking a mermaid pony and giving yourself a tail, your upper half looking like the unicorn you transformed into for Angel.
>You surface and swim to Angel, keeping your tail hidden as a little fatigue sets in.
>You circle him from behind, calling his name.
>Angel turns and blinks a few times, looking suprised.
>"Vex? Wait... is that a tail?"
>You respond with a splash, using your tail to fling water at Angel.
>Angel growls with a smile and pounces onto you, taking you both under.
>You both resurface next to each other, Angel laughing as Hunter swims.
>He runs a hoof along your body, going to where your flank would be and touching your tail.
>"Is there anything you can't make look good?"
Maybe a diamond dog, then again I've never tried.

Tell hunter not to go too far out and to stay near the shore. Let's just swim until we're hungry. Wanna race angel and find out who the better swimmer is?
would it be cheating to use our tail?
Careful angel you know what happens to ponies who fall for the siren's song. They get taken back to their lair.
>sexy wink
"Be careful Angel... you know what happens to ponies that fall for the siren's song."
>You circle around him once, wrapping your body around his as you get face to face again.
"They get taken back to their lair."
>You wink at him, Angel getting a grin and lust.
>"I hope it's close then."
>You slowly pull away, keeping pressed against Angel for as long as you can.
>You look towards Hunter, seeing him drift away a little.
"Hunter! Stay near the shore please."
>You bring Hunter back a little and keep swimming, having a small race with Angel.
>Eventually your nose catches a sent, the smell of cooked meat making you look to the shore.
>You see Astray working the grill as Fixer sets up condiments and toppings, ponies already lining up.
>"Looks like food is ready. Come on Hunter!" Angel says.
>You dive under and transform back, putting the other half or your swimsuit back on.
>You all swim to the shore and walk to the group, sand sticking to your hooves as you trot to the grill.
>"mmm." Cobalt hums, biting into a meat burger as she sits in the sand.
>"What you guys want?" Astray asks, a smile on her face.
A burger with ketchup and mustard for us.
Hunter can have the same.
Hope there's some with melted cheese on it.
“How about something like Firestorm?”
>You shrug and tap the comms button.
“Can you tell us about both upgrades?”
>”Of course,” She clears her throat, “The nanobot repair module detects when your ship is damaged and releases swarms of nanobots to perform repairs. They repair slowly but can save you money and might even save your life. The hull plating is a special composite we’ve designed, it’s equivalent to heavy armor but is much lighter. It also performs well against directed energy weapons. So which one would you like?”
Nanomachines, son! (They're reusable, right?)
We're the captain of the ship so really we can name it anything we'd like.

The nanomachies sound better in the long run.
"Two meat burgers with cheese please."
>"A hay burger." Angel says.
>"got it."
>Astray flips some burgers and sets your family up, leaving you to put what you want on it.
>After getting some ketchup and mustard for you and Hunter, you both sit down.
>You bite into the burger as Angel sits down, smiling at the taste.
>"That good?" Angel asks
>Cerb and Sky sit down with you, both of them smiling.
>"Looks like things are slowly smoothibg over." Cerb says.
"It does, hopefully it stays that way."
>You take another bite, seeing Cerb make Sky purr with a few nuzzles.
>As they both go to eat, Cerb stops and laughs, pointing a hoof.
>"Oh he is just so cute." Cerb says.
>You look down to Hunter, seeing the little changeling's mouth covered in ketchup and mustered, some if it dripping onto his chest.
Do you like your food hunter? wait for him to finish eating and then get a napkin and start cleaning him up.
>You nod, smiling.
"He is. Enjoying your food Hunter?"
>Hunter nods, taking another bite of his burger.
>You all continue eating, Hunter making a bit more of a mess as time goes on.
>When you all finish, you clean Hunter up, smiling at him after.
"There, all clean."
>Hunter smiles up at you, chittering a little.
>'Thank you mommy.'
>"So Vex, just curious, where are you and your crew going after the beach?" Cerb asks. "I know we have plenty of time to do more and have more fun, buuuuuuuut....."
>She leans against Sky, batting her eyelashes at him.
After the beach we were just going to stay at trident. Don't really have any plans other then just staying at home relaxing. Just make sure that sky is back with us tomorrow.
Cobalt got a head injury during a mission so we're going to be taking it easy for a while. We should be staying at trident for the next two days unless we take up a shipping job.

So you two should have plenty of time for all the fun and "fun" you want.
"We don't really have any plans. Cobalt got a head injury from a mission, so we are taking some time off to stay at home and relax. So you two have plenty of time for fun... And "fun"."
>Cerb claps her hooves together, pulling Sky into a hug.
"Just make sure to bring him back to Trident tomorrow."
>"I prommise you, he will be back safe and sound."
>Sky purrs loudly, mouthing the words "Thank you" to you as Cerb nuzzles him.
>You nod and smile, feeling lust and some love between them.
>"Aww Sky." Angel says in a teasing tone.
>"Shush. Can you really blame me?" Sky says, purring still.
>Angel nuzzles you and gives you a kiss, smiling after.
>"Nope, i know exactly how you feel."
Give angel a nuzzle and a kiss back. We should relax and stare at the waves cuddling with him after we're done building sand castles with hunter.
Have fun playing with your giant kitten Cerb.
>You give Angel a nuzzle and kiss back, smiling at him.
"Come on, let's build a sand castle with Hunter."
>"Sure! Come on Hunter." Angel says.
>When you all get up, you look at Cerb and smile.
"Have fun playing with your giant kitten Cerb."
>"Oh we will have plenty of fun." She says, nuzzling Sky's chest. "Come on Sky, let's go and get wet."
>You grab the buckets and shovels, meeting Angel and Hunter at the Shore as Cerb and Sky run for the water.
>You look around at the others as you set down the supplies, seeing both the crews now play at the net or in the water.
>Cobalt walks up to you and your family, smiling.
>"Sandcastle time?" She asks.
"Yes. Sandcastle time."
>"Think we should let the little builder do it on his own?" Angel asks.
Well if he wants too, sure. Let's see what he can make.
Yeah, hunter can play on his own. Let his imagination soar.
I want to build a moat and fill it up with ocean water, make a castle with towers and a wall around it and finally a little castle in the center.
We should go visit sunflower tomorrow.
"Yeah, let's let him build on his own and let his imagination soar."
>"Let's each make our own then." Angel says.
>You grab a bucket and shovel, setting yourself up.
>You start with four towers, setting a fifth in the middle before you start building walls.
>You look up to see Hunter watching you before he gets working, smiling as he starts his castle.
>Once you get the walls built, you use the shovel to carefully carve a moat. Fill your bucket with water and pouring it into the moat.
>You smile at your work, looking to the others.
>Hunter has built a large two story castle from eight buckets of sand, having dug a moat just like you.
>Cobalt has made a large three story tower with three buckets at the base, carefully placeing her shovel as a flag at the top.
>Lastly you look over to Angel, seeing him stare in annoyance at a pile of very wet sand.
>He looks over at you, a slightly grumpy expression oh his face.
>"I vastly prefer the building kits."
Good job hunter.
Really nice job Cobalt.
Looks like you added too much water there Angel.

How about we try making a pyramid? We just need to add a little more sand and then just shape it like at triangle.
Then we can try practicing hunters telekinesis by throwing the beach ball around.
We need our camera so we can take a picture with hunter and his castle.
good night bump
Welp it's official, Hunter is definitely a builder.
"I think you used too much water there Angel. And, i think we can confirm that Hunter is a builder."
>Angel looks at Hunter's castle and whistles, nodding.
>"Nice job Hunter."
"Very good Hunter. You too Cobalt, yours looks great."
>"Thanks. yours looks great too, i love the walls."
>"Let's get a picture." Angel says, trotting off.
>He comes back with the camera and takes a picture, Hunter beaming as he sits by his castel.
>You move on to playing beachball with your group, having Hunter use his magic to play.
>Hunter is only able to flick the ball up so far, the ball bouncing and rolling the rest of the way.
>You take a break to servey the crews at some point, seeing most of them play in the water.
>Cerb and Sky walk over to you, both of them soaked and dripping.
>Cerb sits down, smiling at Sky.
>"Sky, could you please crab me a drink?"
>"Sure." Sky says, walking off with a smile.
>Cerb looks to the crews, smiling at you after.
>"I think it is safe to say that things have smoothed over."
>She looks to Cobalt, Angel, and Hunter after, watching them play.
>"Tell me, what is it like having a kid?"
Kids are pretty nice. They're fun to talk to and watch over. If you think he looks cute in his life jacket then you should see him in his sweater. Seeing them grow and learn is also great
>You smile, looking at your family.
"Honestly? it's great, having a kid is the best. It's fun to teach them, talk to them, play with them, watch them grow. It's very much worth it."
>You grab the camera with your magic, beinging it to you.
"And if you think he is cute in his little life jacket, you should see him in his sweater."
>You show Cerb a picture of Hunter, Cerb laighing softly.
>"Aweeee, he is so cute!"
>Sky flys back, landing next to Cerb with a drink.
>"Thank you Sky.~"
>"You're welcome."
>You watch Hunter play more, seeing his magic begin to falter as he does.
Let's tell hunter to just use his hooves from now on if he still wants to play. He wouldn't want to use up all his energy.
Tell Cerb that that you just feel really lucky to have the family you have because growing up this wasn't a thing you were ever suppose think was possible.
>Start to mom sob again.
"I'm really just happy to have my own family... i only dreamed of having a life like this."
>You can feel yourself choke up slightly, smiling as You watch Hunter use his magic more.
"He is growing up and learning so fast... Use your hooves Hunter! don't use up all your energy!"
>Angel stops the ball, smiling.
>"Actually, time for a break. go sit with mommy. You too Cobalt."
>As they both move to you, Angel begins walking away.
>"I'll be back!"
>You watch him go as Cobalt and Hunter both sit, Cobalt smiling.
"Do you like the beach Hunter?"
>Hunter nods at you chittering happily.
>"How you feeling Cobalt? Head hurting?" Sky asks.
>"A little. I just feel really slow, like i couldn't sleep right."
>"Concussion?" Cerb asks.
>"Ahhh, those are not fun. I slipped once and had one."
>Angel trots back, grinning with a box on his back.
"What's that?"
>"Something nice for us. It's time Hunter got one i think."
>Angel opens up the box when he sets it down, revealing some soft-serve icecream.
>"Here ya go Hunter." Angel says, giving Hunter a cone.
>Hunter smiles and holds the icecream, leaning in and taking a big bite out of the top.
>Angel laughs, Hunter's face getting a slightly pained look on it.
>"Not like that silly!"
You're supposed to lick it Hunter. Get some ice cream for yourself. Offer some to Cerb.
>You smile at Hunter, laughing.
"You are supposed to lick it Hunter, watch."
>You pick up a cone and give it a lick, Cobalt and Angel each grabbing one.
>You look to Cerb after hunter starts eatin his ice cream properly, smiling.
"Have some!"
>Cerb smiles and nods, both her and Sky grabbing a cone.
>"Thanks Angel." She says.
>"Yeah, thanks."
>You all happily eat the icecream, your being finished just before Cobalt and Hunter.
>Angel snickers, looking at you.
>"Hold still."
>Angel leans in and gives your fangs and lips a few licks, giving you a peck after.
>"Full." Hunter says.
>You look to Hunter and see that he was unable to finish the rest of his icecream, the little changeling looking a little sleepy.
Looks like it's time for bed hunter. Did you have a fun day playing at the beach? Let's pick him up and then bring him to the ship.
"It's okay Hunter. Come on, let's get you to the ship for bed."
>Hunter nods, letting out a yawn.
>You pick Hubter up with your magic and set him on your back, walking back to the ship with Angel.
>After getting aboard and bavigateing the halls, you stop and give Hunter a small wash to get the sand out of his hooves.
>Angel pulls the covers back as you levitate Hunter onto the bed, tucking Hunter in after.
>Angel Hugs Hunter, smiling at him.
>"Sleep well Hunter."
>"Love you daddy."
>"Love you too kiddo."
>You move next to Hunter, giving his forehead a kiss.
"Love you Hunter."
>"Love you mommy." Hunter says with a yawn.
>He closes his eyes, pulling his manticore close and nuzzling against the pillow.
Let's leave the room and let him sleep. We can relax at the beach and cuddle with angel and looking at the star lit sky and listening to the waves on a towel.
>You motion to Angel, both of you exiting the room quietly.
>"So, what now?" he asks, nuzzleing you.
"Beach, i wana watch the sun set and look at the stars."
>Angel nods, pressing against you as you both walk.
>You both head back to the beach and grab some of the alcohol you bought, setting up a towel to lay on.
>You both sit and drink, watching as the sun sets and makes the sky flash in a variety of warm colours.
>You both lay down as the stars begin to come out, the crews shouting and laughing as they play a game in the distance.
>A slight chill in the air makes you snuggle close to Angel, both your hooves wrapped around each other as the stars twinkle.
"It's so pretty."
>"I know, stars do look better form planet side."
>Angel rubs your shoulder, love coming from him.
>"They don't look as good as my lovely wife-to-be though."
>You smile at him, giving his chest a soft thump as you look at his blue eyes.
"You are just sucking up to me."
>"Maybe, but i know you love it."
>Angel props himself up so he is partially over you and gives you a kiss, smiling down at you after.
>"I love you."
>He goes in and gives another kiss, making it much deeper and holding you tightly as he presses his tongue against yours.
Let's tell angel we love him back and you're happy he decided to come onto your ship. where should we get married? this beach? Does angel have a lot of cousins and uncles or aunt's to invite?
>You hold the kiss, wrestling Angel's tongue back with yours and smiling up at him when he breaks it.
"I love you too Angel."
>You hold his foreleg when he lays back beside you, stroking his hoof.
"Where do you want to get married? Here maybe?"
>Angel smiles, shrugging.
>"Possibly... maybe a field of wild flowers instead. Where we first met is hardly a good location."
"Yeah, in the mines is a bad place. Do you have a lot of family you want to invite?"
>"Kinda, but i figure we would do close friends and familly. Ma, cotton, and a few uncles and aunts in addition to the crew."
>You nod, smiling at him still.
"I'm so happy you decided to come aboard my ship."
>Angel pulls his hoof away and grabs onto yours, the two of you holding hooves.
>"I am too... it was the best decision i ever made, and i would do anything to make it all happen again. Anything to be with my sexy, beautiful, kind, gorgeous, caring, soft, curvy, petty mare."
damn, all those adjectives could make a girl blush.
stop it angel. you silly love struck pony.

tell angel he's handsome, strong, thoughtful, caring and lucky stallion.
he's lucky cause he get's to be with all dis.
>You giggle, nuzzling against his chest
"You are one lovestruck stallion, Angel. A handsome, caring, thoughtful, and strong love struck stallion."
>You look up at him, grinning.
"Lucky too."
>"How so?" Angel asks, grinning back.
"Lucky that you get to be will all of this."
>You wink and pull back, twisting and stretching to show off your body.
>Angel lets go of your hooves and grabs onto you, groping your flank.
>"I guess that is very true, you are one sexy mare."
>He playfully tugs at the lower part of your swimsuit, almost threatening to pull it off.
>"Ohhh... you are such a bad influence to me. All these devious thoughts keep poking into my head now thanks to you. I should add naughty to the list of features you have."
That just adds to our charm and how about you turn those thoughts into actions. Bite angel.
Look for a secluded location on the beach that noone is going too.

time for some exhibition!
"It just adds to my charm... But how about we make those thoughts into actions?"
>You bite Angel's neck, making him groan.
>Angel pulls your swimsuit down and reaches between your legs, rubbing your marehood as his lust grows.
>"Oh yes... Just want i was thinkng."
>He deeply kisses you, running his free hoof along your body as his other hoof keeps playing with your marehood and spreads a wetness along your legs.
>You break the kiss, panting slightly.
"Wait, Let's hide somewhere."
>Angel nods, pulling up your swimsuit.
>You both get up and run off, taking the towel with you.
>Useing the moonlight, the both of you find a little hiding spot behing some rocks.
"Alright, this will- Ahhh!~"
>You are interrupted by Angel, the stallion pushing your tail aside and licking your marehood.
>"Goddess this taste it addicting."
>You laps at your marehood again, pushing his tongue into you.
Lay out the towel and tell angel to hold on. Lay on your back and then tell him to continue.
"Angel, wait!"
>You giggle and lift up your back hoof, shaking off the lower half of the swimsuit that Angel pulled down again.
>You lay out the towel, laying on it and smiling back at Angel.
"Go ahead."
>Angel pushes your hind legs appart and resumes his licking, his lust rising as he laps away.
"Mmmh! Angel!~"
>You moan and put your hooves on Angel's head, running your hooves through his mane.
>Angel pushes his tongue into you again, running it along your inner walls and making you moan loudly.
>It isn't long before Angel brings you to an orgasm, your body shaking as he keeps licking.
>Angel moves up and kisses you again, a hoof making you shiver as he keeps playing with your marehood.
>He pulls his hoof away and puts it against your mouth and nose, plenty of your juices on his hoof.
>"This does not count as your anything you want. How do you want to do this sexy mare? Though i would like a little warm up, i'm in a mood to really play."
We could tell him to lay on his back and give him a hoofjob. After that we can sit on and ride him.
>You lick his hoof, tasting some of your juices.
"Lay on your back."
>Angel lays next to you on the towel, smiling.
>You reach a hoof down and play with his sack, feeling the large orbs inside as his semi-erect member stands
>You move over and kiss Angel as you give him a hoofjob, the both of you making out as Angel once again reaches down and rubs your marehood.
>"Ohhh, Vex..." Angel groans.
>He moves and bites your neck hard, making you gasp and moan.
>You begin teasing Angel a little, slowly stroking as you use his precum as lube.
>Angel bucks at your hoof as you stroke, groaning loudly.
>You stop and climb on top of him, Angel's hooves on your hips as he aligns with you.
>You slam down onto Angel, moaning loudly as you bounce up and down onto him.
>Angel thrusts into you in sync with you coming down onto him, penetrating very deeply into you.
>The both of you wildly go at it, panting and moaning through the sneaky act.
>You once again reach your climax, Angel still thrusting away at you as you gently lower to his chest.
>Angel moans again, giving you another kiss.
>"Close..." He says, giving you a lustfull grin as he pants. "Idea... Face, flank, or inside?"
Do it inside so that we can fall on top of angel afterwards and shower him in kisses.
We need to enjoy it as long as we can while we don't get pregnant.
Let's get back to the others when we're done.
On the face so we can wipe it on the towle later. I wouldn't want the others to notice me dripping.
>You lift yourself up again and get moving again, droping onto Angel harder.
>Angel keeps his thrusts in sync with you, feeling like he is reaching places he couldn't quite reach before.
>Angel groans loudly and holds you in place, calling your name again.
>You get a feeling of pure joy as you feel Angel fill you up, his hot cum warming your insides.
>You collapse onto him, kissing his face and neck as you both pant.
>Angen gently rubs your back as you shower him with kisses love and lust radiating from him.
"I love you.
>"I love you too."
>You both lay there and kiss, eventually getting up.
>You wipe down your hindquarters a bit, cleaning off some of Angel's cum with the towel before pulling your swimsuit back on.
>You both trot back to the crews, finding them sitting down at the same spot and playing a game.
>You feel a little more of Angel's cum leaking out of you and spreading around your folds with each step you take, your swimsuit helping keep the evidience hidden along with your tail.
>"There you two are!" Chaos says. "Where did ya go?"
>"Romantic midnight stroll. can't say no to the mare." Angel says, nuzzling you
We should go to the ship and get some sleep
>You nuzzle Angel back, smiling at him.
"Come, let's go back to the ship and sleep."
>"We will back things up and be there soon Vex." Chaos says.
>"See you sometime tomorrow Vex." Sky says.
"See you Sky."
>You and Angel go back to the ship, bringing the towel with you.
>You slip out of your swimsuit and hop into the shower, Angel taking the evidince of your deeds to the washer on the ship.
>After the quick shower, you both hop into bed without waking Hunter and cuddle to sleep.
>You are woken up suddenly by a small clatter, making you lift your head.
>Looking around, you don't see Hunter in the bed. More noise coming from the bathroom.
Check the bathroom.
>You squirm your way out of Angel's hooves, making him groan a little.
>Gently getting off of the bed you move to the bathroom, hearing a more quiet clatter from the bathroom.
>You peak around the corner and then walk in, finding the source of the noise.
>A little light grey colt with a light brown mane sits on the counter, fixing some knocked over bottles.
>Though he sits turned away from you, you can see the earthpony colt's face and blueish eyes thanks to the mirror.
>You go unnoticed as the colt looks over the side of the counter and hops down onto the closed toilet, then hopping to the floor and looking behind the toilet.
I think he's planning to surprise us later? Or he can do it now.
I think we should back away from the door. Call out hunter and see if he comes out like that or not.
>You smile and back away, silently moving away from the bathroom and back to the bed.
"Hunter? are you okay?"
"What was that noise?"
>'Stuff falling.'
>You take a few steps to the bathroom again, making them louder then normal.
"Is everything okay Hunter?"
>'Yes mommy. Please wait.'
>You hear a little more noise, then see a shodow come from the doorway.
>Hunter peeks out as a pony, smiling as he comes into full view.
>"Mommy!" He says, trotting up and hugging you.
Hunter? Is that you? You've transformed! Poke and prod hunter to see how good of a transformation it is. Good job hunter, wait till daddy sees.
Grab the camera so we can have a photo of hunter's first full transformation.
"Hunter? is that you?"
>Hunter nods, beaming at you still.
"Oh wow Hunter."
>You hug Hunter, feeling his body as you do.
>Hunter's coat and mane both feel natural, the little hairs moving as you brush against them.
>You pull away, smiling at Hunter as he looks up at you.
"Great job Hunter, you transformed. Hold still for mommy."
>You move and grab the camera, taking a quick picture of the colt.
>Angel groans and stirs, giving a yawn as his hoof reaches across the bed.
>He pats around, lifting his head and looking at you.
>Hunter tries to hop up onto the bed, pulling himself up as his hooves dangle.
>"Daddy!" Hunter says as he jumps onto Angel.
>Hunter nuzzles Angel as you take a picture of both of them, Angel gasping.
>"Wait, what? Hunter?"
>Angel laughs, looking at Hunter with a smile.
>Angel holds up a hoof, looking at it and Hunter.
>"Did... did you mimic me Hunter?" Angel asks, sounding a little choked up.
>Hunter nods, hugging and nuzzling Angel more.
>"Same as daddy!"
It's just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Join in the hug pile.
>You smile as Angel laughs, feeling a huge amout of happiness from him.
>You climb onto the bed and join in in the cuddle pile, nuzzleing Hunter and Angel
>"Hunter, i'm so proud of you."
"Me too, you did such a good job Hunter. When did you lean to do this?"
>'I practiced when i was alone.'
"Well, good job for practicing on your own!"
>Hunter smiles, his smile looking a little weak.
>"Tired... Feed?" Hunter asks, looking at Angel.
>"Go right ahead. You deserve it Hunter."
>In a flash of green, Hunter returns to normal and begins to feed on Angel.
>When he finishes, Hunter chitters and nuzzles you both.
>"Love you mommy and daddy!"
>"We love you too Hunter, very much."
Hunter is a little cutie. Ask him if he would like to show the crew what he can do.
>You nuzzle Hunter again, smiling at him.
"Want to show the crew what you can do Hunter?"
>Hunter nods, hopping off of Angel.
>"Come on, i could use a coffee." Angel says, giving a yawn.
>You all get up and head to the mess, finding Mich, Chaos, Surge and Charon.
>"Nah Mich, that's mare's clothing." Chaos snickers
>"Shut it. it said unisex.
>"Kinda odd, but i would be one to talk." Surge says.
>"Good morning Vex. Angel. Hunter." Charon says.
>"Good morning."
"Morning! you guys won't beleive what we got treated to this morning."
>"What is it?" Chaos asks.
>You look to Hunter, smiling.
"Go on Hunter, show off to the crew."
>Hunter nods and makes his horn glow, changing into the little colt he was earlier.
>"Woah!" Chaos says, smiling.
>"Impressive!" Charon says, looking down at Hunter.
>"Ha! he looks like Angel!" Surge says.
>"Nah! it's me! Uncle Chaos. Right Hunter?"
>"No! Just like daddy!" Hunter says, smiling as he hugs Angel's leg
>Chaos laughs, nodding
>"Guess i'm wrong then. You must have made quite the impression Angel, good job, pa would be proud."
>"Think so?"
>"Know so."
>"Very impressive Hunter. Did you practice in your free time?" Mich asks.
>Hunter nods, Mich smiling back.
So wait was was that about Mich in lady's clothing?

I will be so pleased if I find out mich is a trap or crossdresser. that could lead to all kinds of fun.
Let's see if there are any easy transport jobs we can do.
>You check for shipping jobs on the planet as Chaos teases Mich, seeing if anything is needing to be trasported.
>There is two jobs avaliable, both shipping food to stations that is worth a total of 2000 credits.
"Wait a second, what is this about mare's clothing?"
>Mich rolls his eyes, Chaos snickering
>"I'm telling ya..."
>"Still is more suited for a mare."
>"And so what if it is more for a mare? I wanted to wear it because i liked how it looked and bought it for that reason."
"What is this about?"
>"Something Chaos saw me buy, now he won't stop taking to me about it. A pair of shorts that is very formfitting."
>"And totaly something for a maaaarrrrre."
>"Shut it."
>"Come on, admit it, it looks paticulary feminine."
Accept both jobs. Let's see these shorts for ourselves and then read it's description.
If you can work an outfit why not buy it, that's what I always say. You'll have to let me see your new outfit sometime mitch. but until then...Let's get chaos ready for his new dress.

Use the gender change spell on chao.
>You accept both the jobs, looking back to Mich.
"Well, if you can pull it off, why not wear it? you will need to show me sometime Mich."
>"Well... i could go and get them now."
"Why not? let me be the judge."
"But first.... before you go, let's get Chaos ready for his new dress."
>You fire your gender change spell at Chaos, seeing his eyes widen just as the spell hits him.
>Chaos gasps as she flinches back, looking at you after.
>She looks exactly like Angel did as a mare, her mane being much shorter though.
>"Vex, what wa-"
>Chaos's eyes go wide as she gives a very feminine scream. Angel, Mich, and Surge laughing as Charon stares in shock.
>"oh-ho-ho-ho wow... you deserve that. i'll be back."
>Chaos hyperventilates as Mich takes off, looking to you.
>"Vex! Change me back!"
"Why? We need you ready for your dress."
>"Just change me back! I am not comfortable with this!." Chaos pouts.
"Let me think about it..."
>Chaos wimpers and pouts more, shifting around as Mich comes back.
>"Alright, what is the verdict?"
>You move around to the side of Mich, looking at the shorts.
>They are a tight fitting pair of denim shorts, the legs part of it being cut a little short but not incredibly short.
>You move to the back of Mich, seeing a very noticible curve in his flanks thanks to the shorts, a bit of a bluge present too.
>"That looks like it might be a little constricting down there." Angel says.
>"Snug, but not constricting. It feels really nice honestly." Mich says, moving around in his shorts.
It's almost like you're wearing nothing at all.

Yeah I guess those shorts could be considered unisex. Leaning towards mare though because of how tight they look. Anyway we have some things to deliver.

Tell Chaos to calm down. It's not that bad is it? Let's change chaos back after he takes a deep breath.
Well when you have an nice gun ya show it off when you go to the gunshow, ya know what I mean.
You won't be able to get the stallions off of you with that on Mich. You have great taste.

Change Chaos back before he has a panic attack. I think he'll stop throwing stones from inside his glass house for a while.
"I'd say they are unisex, but definitely leaning a little bit towards mare with how tight they look."
>"It is why i bought them, i wanted them to be form fitting."
"Well, i think they look great. You pull it off well, and will definately turn heads with that."
>"Thanks." Mich says, smiling.
>He moves and sits down, continuing to eat with a smile.
"Angel, we have a small delivery to make. Could you get us loaded and going when you are done?"
>Angel shrigs and gets up, smiling.
>"Not too hungry, i'll go ahead and get us on our way now."
"Thank you."
>You turn to Chaos, seeing her fidget.
"Clam down Chaos, is it really that bad?"
>"No. Yes! I don't know! this feels weird!"
"What about it?"
>"I-I feel all vlunerable. Naked. Girly!"
>"Come on Chaos, you don't look that bad as a mare, you should see yourself." Surge says.
>"Shut up! Don't say things like that!" Chaos says with a blush.
"Alright, just clam down and i'll change you back."
>Chaos takes a deep breath and you hit her with the spell, seeing him change back to normal.
>"Thanks. And sorry, i need to check to see if I'm fully me." Chaos says, walking off.
>Surge and Mich snicker, Mich looking at you.
>"So Vex, any other clothing suggestions? You have been out here longer so you must have seen some things. I'm open to anything really, proving to Chaos that it was unisex clothing was to just get him to quiet down."
Get a hat. Hats are great.
Careful mich I might actually try to get you into a skirt unless of course you into that.

But anyway you look like a ascot man to me. How about a ascot?
Mix these two together!
Get a ascot and a gatsby hat.
"Hmmm, how about an ascot? An ascot and... A gatsby hat!"
>"A what hat?" Mich asks.
>You search the hat up on the data pad, giving it to Mich.
>"Ohh, kinda like a news colt hat. Interesting. " Charon says, walking out of the room
>Mich looks throughtfull, nodding.
>"I like what i picture... might need a shirt and see what they have."
>Surge laughs, looking at Mich.
>"Not in the way Chaos ment it, But do you like dressing up Mich?"
>"Yeah, kinda... The hive lacks any real personal fun and creativity at times. Think you'd wana come with me to do some shopping Vex? i like your line of thought and would like more suggestions and oppinions. Unless you are busy and wana do other things, doesn't mater."
"Careful Mich, i might suggest a skirt for you. Unless you are into that."
>Mich pauses and shrugs, smiling slyly.
>"I did say how much i like to make stallions blush. Depends, i certainly could pull it off, but would wana see how i look."
>"What makes you say that?" Surge asks.
>"Changeling tricks."
Yeah mich, get your individuality on.
If it won't take long then we can go shopping with mich. We might be able to find something for ourselves.
The first rule of survival outside the hive is to become eye candy. Lust is the next best thing to love and easier to get too.

Heck yeah we'll go shopping with you mich!
Momma could use a new jacket.
We can even bring Charon along too. We need her something other then a doctor's lab coat to wear.
Maybe a sweater.
>You look at Surge, nodding.
"Rule one of surviving out here as a changeling it to make yourself look appealing to somepony. you need lust or love, and lust is easy to get."
>You look back to Mich, smiling.
"Sure! We can go after we do the shipping and get back to trident. We can maybe also take Charon too. And good for you Mich! embrace that individuality!"
>"Sweet. Thanks Vex."
>You all eat and head to the bridge after, staying for the journey.
>The shipping jobs go by quickly, both destinations being on the way to Trident.
>You leave Hunter with Angel and grab Mich when you dock at Trident, Inviting Charon along.
>"So then... where to first?" Mich asks, seeming to relax and sway a tiny bit as he walks.
Let's look for a place that sells hats. We also need to get a pair of sunglasses for ourselves later. Then we can look at some clothes.
We should get some snacks while we're out. Whos up for honey dipped pretzels?
We could also just walk around until we see something interesting.
"Hats first. let's also get a snack at some point."
>"How about on the way back?"
"Sure. come on."
>You all head out and look for a store that sells hats.
>You come across clothing store that has some variety, beginning to look around.
>Sweaters and hoodies ranging from small to baggy, leather jackets, skirts that are short and long. A few button up dress shirts, golf shirts, undergarments and a few stockings and socks that range in length.
>You stop looking around when you find some ascots, seeing many of them in many colours.
>Feeling a tap on your shoulder, you see Mich whearing that hat you suggested.
>"How's this?" He asks, pointing to the brown cap.
Hmm it looks nice but I wonder if i'll go with the pants maybe if it's a lighter shade to go with the diem or perhaps contrast would be nice because it'll draw attention to your head if it's darker. Ask Charon what she thinks.
"Hmmm... It looks nice, but i wonder if a lighter colour would do."
>You spot and grab Charon, as she looks at a cozy looking hoodie.
"What do you think Charon? A lighter colour?"
>Charon hums, nodding.
>"Yes, some thing not as dark, but keep the brown. The hat alredy does make you look much more approachable. You should get something that pops or matches in colour."
>Mich starts to get a big smile on his face, nodding.
>"Well, looks like Vex found the ascots. Give me a moment."
>Mich trots off, Charon giggling.
>"I think he likes being dressed up by us." Charon says.
>Mich trots back, now having a lighter brown cap.
>"There. i'll need to try it all on at once when we are done."
>Mich looks at the ascots, holding a blue one that matches his eyes.
>"See anything good Vex? What about something you would like?"
I think I would like a leather jacket and perhaps a new sweater something with a turtleneck maybe in a tan color like mocha.
Ask Charon what she might want.
"Don't know... possibly a leather jacket. and maybe a sweater with a turtle neck, preferably in tan or mocha..."
>"Oh! i found that just the thing you are looking for earlier Vex. Hang on." Charon says.
>She trots off and quickly comes back, Mich looking at multiple ascots.
>Charon gives you a tan turtleneck, smiling.
>"These feel very cozy, i think this should be your size.
"Thanks Charon."
>"You are welcome. Having trouble Mich?"
>"Kinda... i feel like a need a shirt or something. Maybe start a second outfit to give me a better idea."
>You smile, looking back to Charon.
"What about you Charon? Find something you like?"
>"Yes, a hoodie to be lazy in would be nice. I kinda want a scarf too, i get cold flashes at times."
Alright then,both of you find something you like.
I think Charon would look good with a red scarf.
Maybe a grey hoodie? Or a blue one.
"Go on you two, find something you both like!"
>"Alright." Mich says, giving a shrug.
>You follow Charon, looking at scarves with her.
"Try a red one."
>Charon grabs and ties a red scare around her, smiling.
"How is it?"
>"I do like it, it's soft."
>"Alright you two, button up shirt or not?" Mich asks.
>You turn and look at Mich, seeing him have a white buttion up shirt with a bright blue ascot untucked at the top, the first two buttions at the top of the shirt undone.
>'I'm just gonna ask Vex, you probably know exactly why i chose those shorts, how curvy was my flank?'
With or without sleeves? With looks a little off to me with the shorts. Without is better.
The shorts made your flank considerably more curvy.
I like the shirt in fact it makes me want to see what it would look like with a vest. But It works with or without.

Also yes your bum gets extra curvy in the shorts.
But I don't think you typically wear a button up shirt with shorts. Especially with fuck me shorts like those.
"Do one without sleeves, it would look better with those shorts."
>"Yes, i think so too! I do like how you kept the top undone." Charon says.
>"Thanks. I'll have a look."
'Mich, those shorts made your flank considerably more curvy'
>'Considerably?' Mich asks, Waking away to the buttion up shirts again.
>Mich keeps quiet, grabbing the sleeveless shirt and looking around.
'What are you thinking Mich?'
>'I'm thinking of a second outfit. Something that will make stallions heads turn if i can do this right. Don't worry, i'll finish up and then we can all go.'
Take as long as you need mich, noone is board could still go for a snack though.

Soooo about that skirt.
We can wait.
'Go ahead Mich, take as long as you need, we are hardly bored. Could use that snack though.'
>'still, won't take long.'
>You smile, looking over at Mich for a second.
'sooooo, about that skirt.'
>You look over at Mich again, seeing him grab a skirt.
>'I'm getting one in red, maybe i'll dress up at the ship and let you see.'
>Mich looks over at you with a sly smile.
>"You know what, pick a scarf out Vex, I want to buy you a gift." Charon says.
are there any with black and green stripes? I think that would be nice. Others might disagree.
I think would enjoy that. I wish we hired you sooner mich. Also I'd like my scarf in violet.
'I would love to see Mich, i wish i had you aboard my ship sooner.'
>'Then i'll be sure to give a show.'
"Is there one that has black and green stripes? or violet?"
>"Let's look."
>You and Charon both go looking through the scarves, finding the violet one you want.
> As you try your scarf on, Mich comes back with a smile, a tiny chitter coming from him as he carries a bag
>"Well, i'm set!"
>"Did you get what you want Mich?"
>"Yep. How about you two? That snack is sounding like a good idea."
Yeah we're done. Let's buy what we got and then go eat something.
"Yeah, let's go grab a bite."
>All of you pay for your clothes and head to the markets, Mich wearing his new hat.
>You each split up and get a little treat each, Charon settling for a berry muffin while Mich has a small funnel cake.
>You all dig in and eat your treats, you having honey dipped pretzels.
>When you all finish, Mich sighs and grins.
"Happy Mich?"
>"Yeah, Very. This was really fun, i honestly can't wait to see what i'll look like with everything on. And the best part is Chaos will probably keep his mouth shut when i wear what i want around the ship."
>Charon giggles, nodding.
>"It was amusing to see the look on his face from that spell."
There are a lot of fun things that we can do Mich. Wait till you go to a theme park and try cotton candy or go down a water slide.

You had a pretty funny look on your face too Charon. It was like you couldn't believe what you had just seen. What was going through your mind at that moment when you got to see cute little chaos?
Let's also be honest, he was a very nice looking mare.
If anything Chaos will be too busy trying to keep his hooves off himself when he sees mich in that skirt to make jokes. I so hope he mistakes mich for us, I'll have to catch his reaction on camera.
"Just you wait Mich, this is just the beginning of fun things that are avaliable. And yeah, it was very funny to see the look on Chaos's face. Yours too Charon, what was going through your head when you saw cute little Chaos?"
>"I just couldn't comprehend that he changed so dramatically, it was a shock. I'm suprised that you have that spell, and quite curious on it's functionality. I'm sure once word spreads on the ship, you will have ponies lined up to try out that spell. Or, at least Fixer."
>"I wouldn't blame them for wanting to, it's a fun experience. That's the fun thing about changelings, we know what it is like to be both genders."
>"I'm sure Chaos won't want to though."
>"He might, i bet he only freaked out due to the sudden change. I'm sure the he, or somepony, will want to see what he looks like as a Mare at some point."
"We can all agree that Chaos was a good looking mare though, right?"
>"Oh yes! too bad he was so panicked about the change, he would have liked what he saw i bet."
>You giggle, looking at Mich.
"Depending on how Mich dresses, he could fool Chaos into thinking it is me."
>"Well i could minic your voice, that would help too."
>Mich grins, looking excited.
>"That aside, nothing else we wana do for now? I'm itching to try my stuff on and see what combos i like most."
Alright, let's go back to the ship. You wanna try being male Charon?
Prepare to see a disappointed cobalt when she finds out that we went clothes shopping without her.
though that would be a good opportunity to present her collar to her wouldn't it?
Yeah let's go back home.
Now we can be sweater buddies with Hunter!
We're going to be extra comfty now.
"Sure, let's go back."
>You all go trotting back, carrying your new things.
>You look to Charon along the way, smiling.
"Just curious Charon, would you like to try being male?"
>Charon seems to pause at your words, turning with a smile and nodding.
>"It would add a nice perspective and be quite an experience! Sure, i wouldn't mind."
>You get to the ship, seeing Angel and Chaos play hoofball with Hunter as Cobalt watches.
>"Hi captain!" Cobalt says.
>The game stops as Hunter turns and runs to you, giving your leg a hug.
"Hello Hunter."
>"Get anything good?" Angel asks.
"Yes, i did. we all did."
>"You guys went shopping?" Cobalt asks, sounding sad.
>"Yes. Sorry Cobalt, maybe we should have grabbed you." Charon says.
>Cobalt shrugs, ears drooping only slightly as she smiles.
>"No, it's okay. There is next time and it was my fault anyways, it's what i get for sleeping in."
Actually you're in recovery right now so getting some needed rest isn't a bad thing. come with me to my room, I have something to show you.
charon you come along too.
"You are in recovery now Cobalt, So i much prefer that you do get your needed rest."
>"That is true Cobalt, your recovery is priority over a few bits of clothing."
>Cobalt nods, smiling still.
>"I know."
>"How about this? tomorrow you will wake you to a very special tea."
>Cobalt perks up a little, nodding.
"How about you come along with me to my room? i have something to show you. You come too Charon."
>Both mares nod and you leave The boys to their game, headding up to your quarters.
>You all arrive and you set your things down, turning to the mares.
>"So, what did you want to show me?" Cobalt asks, looking curious.
>"I have the same question, through i think i know what it is already." Charon says with a smile
Go the the room and take out the collar place it on Cobalt.

Well doctor I just got a new pet but sadly she's gravely ill and I have no idea how to help her. Think you could help me out. I'd love to have a professional opinion.
>You smile and go to your closet, finding Cobalt's collar.
"Cobalt, come here please."
>As cobalt walk over to you, you undo the leash from the collar with your magic and set it up so you can put it around Cobalt.
>When Cobalt is close enough, you quickly put the collar to her neck and do it up, Cobalt gasping and blushing when she sees the collar.
>Once you finish feeding and tightening the collar, you look to Charon and see a look of amusement and suprise as Cobalt feels her collar with a hoof.
"You see doctor, i got a pet recently and she is very ill, could you help me out and give me advice on how to care for her? I'd love a professional opinion."
>Cobalt's blush keeps getting worse, Charon now giggling with a small blush herself.
>"Well, i was wrong, i was thinking you were going to show that spell to us. And though this raises questions, i suppose i could give some advice. I'm no expert on pets, but i can asume that the manor of care would be the same. If you can give her medicine, make sure she takes it. If not, love and attention always helps a sickness of any kind. And as a good owner, i'm sure you will do as such."
No, I was still going to do yours next. Get some energy from Cobalt. Use the gender change spell on Charon.
Oh, she already knows about the spell.

Speaking of which doctor i think I might need a demonstration how to properly administer her medicine. But gasp you're lacking your equipment.
>Use gender change spell on Charon.

"Oh don't worry, i was getting to that. Cobalt already knows about that spell anyways. Hold still please Cobalt, just need a little energy."
>You feed off of Cobalt a little, turning to Charon and hitting her with the spell after.
>Charon stands with a much larger build, his mane now shorter and muzzle much broader.
>"My..." Charon says, his voice being very smooth.
>Charon examines himself, checking over every feature.
>"My, my... increased mass, deeper voice... A "package". This is quite interesting."
>You grin, looking at the zebra stallion.
"Charon, it seems you now have the equipment to administer medicine to Cobalt, do you think you could give me a proper demonstration?"
>Charon blushes along with Cobalt, Cobalt fidgeting.
>"While i appreciate the offer, i feel it would be... unprofessional. My interests in this is both scientific and for my own curiosity. The "medicine" you speak of is not hard to administrate and can be done in a number of ways. Internally and externally."
>Charon looks to Cobalt, smiling.
>"Besides, i hear pets love all attention or training from their owner, and love to make sure they make them happy. And we have yet to hear any of her opinion on your claim to her, what are your thoughts Cobalt? have anything to say?"
>Cobalt smiles, blushing nonstop as she feels her collar.
>"I-i love it. Thank you Vex."
Kiss Cobalt. Glad she likes it. Ask Charon how long she would like to be a male for. Would she like to go out somewhere or something? If not then change her back.
Aww, thanks for playing along at least. Guess we'll have to appease our nymphomania another way.
Give cobalt ao swift pat on the butt.

Ask Charon if she wants to be changed back now or later.
I wonder if Charon's package is disagreeing with him about his professionalism.
"Glad you like it Cobalt."
>You kiss Cobalt, Seeing her blush and smile as she hides her face from Charon a little.
>You look to Charon, smiling.
"Thanks for playing along Charon, I'll just need to please my desires in other ways."
>You give Cobalt a swift pat on her flank, feeling her lust rise as she squeaks.
>"What do you mean play along? I'm being serious. If your pet is ill, you better take care of her. Should i find out you are not careing for your pet Vex, i will need to abide by my oath and have her taken away from you."
>Charon gives you a wink, a smile on his face.
>"So you better not shirk your responsibilities as an owner."
>You smile back, nodding
"How long would you like to be like that Charon?"
>Charon looks throughfull, smiling at you after.
>"How about untill later today? I have buisness with both you and Mich, so it can wait untill then. I'm waiting on the arrival of a delivery, so all of it can wait untill i need to talk to the both of you."
>He laughs, looking to the door.
>"It will be quite the amuseing sight to some of the crew. I suppose i better leave you two alone, from what i hear, A pet's training starts on day one.
You would be correct in that assumption. See you later Charon. Close the when she leaves. Now let's try to decide what the first thing our pet needs to learn is.
How about sitting and then offering her hoof to you?
Remember to call her a good filly.
Play with Cobalt's ponut and see if she likes it. And work her to the edge with our hooves while she says embarrassing things about how much she loves her place and wants her master.

Get her to beg for it.
"You are right. I'll see you later Charon."
>"Bye, don't tug on that leash too hard."
>As Charon leaves, you go and close the door behind him, locking it for now.
>You turn to Cobalt, smiling at her.
"Alright, time for training! Cobalt, Sit!"
>Cobalt blushes and sits, smiling as you walk up to her and hold out your hoof.
"Good girl. Hoof."
>Cobalt giggles and gives you her hoof.
"Good girl Cobalt. Stand up now."
>Cobalt stands watching as you circle around her.
>Cobalt's blush gets worse as you lift her tail and expose her, putting a hoof to her marehood.
>She shivers as you run your hoof along her slit and up to her other hole, whimpering as you make her lust rise by prodding her hole.
"Do you like being my pet?"
>Cobalt nods and whimpers more, traces of wetness beginning to show as you go back to her marehood for a moment.
"Say it. I want to hear it from you."
>"I-i like being your p-pet." Cobalt says, looking embarrassed
"How much?"
>"I love it."
"Love what?"
>"I love being your p-pet Vex." Cobalt whimpers.
Start licking your pet as a reward.
>You lean in and give Cobalt's marehood a slow lick, continuing to prod her other hole with a hoof.
>Cobalt whimpers and moans as you reward her, lapping away at her now wet marehood.
>As you keep licking, Cobalt lowers the front of her body to the ground, keeping her flank in the air as her list rises more and more.
>"Vex..." She moans.
>You stop licking, still prodding with your hoof.
"Does my pet like her reward for beging good?"
"Does she like serving me? Does my pet want meoe rewards?"
>Cobalt nods, whimpering as you keep teasing her.
>"I want more rewards from you Vex." She says, looking embarassed from what she is saying.
Become male, mount Cobalt. Fuck for a bit, now that you're covered in her juices you start prodding her other hole. Go slow at first.
>You transform into a unicorn stallion, pulling your hoof away from Cobalt as you feel your member grow.
>You put your hooves on her flank and prod her marehood with your member, teasing Cobalt before you push into her.
>Cobalt moans as you finish mounting her, making more noise as you pull out and push back into her tight marehood.
>You build up to a moderate pace, Cobalt panting and moaning as you thrust away.
>After a few minuites, you pull out of Cobalt and adjust yourself, now prodding above her marehood.
>"V-Vex that's! I never..." Cobalt says, giving a whimper.
"Shhh, Hold still."
>You push into Cobalt, Cobalt whimpering and shuddering as you very slowly go deeper into her very tight hole.
>Once you push all the way into Cobalt, you hold still a moment before pulling out slowly.
>Cobalt moans as you continue your slow paced thrusts, both her panting and lust increasing.
Starting to enjoy it pet? Give her flank a light smack. Tell Cobalt that you really like this hole as well. It's time to go a little faster now.
Stop trusting and tell her she hurt her master's feelings that lack of trust back she'll have to beg to get us to start again and tell her master exactly where she wants it and how badly she needs it.
>You give Cobalt a light spank, getting a lust filled noise from her.
"Do you like this pet? You are nice and tight back there, i love it.
>"Yes.~" Cobalt says.
"That's too bad..."
>You stop thrusting and pull yourself out almost all the way, only keeping the tip of you in Cobalt.
"I'm hurt by the lack of trust you had for me. If you want any more, you better tell your master what you want, where you want it, and how badly you need it."
>Cobalt looks back at you, her face red.
>"I... i want..." She says before trailling off.
"Guess it's time to stop."
>"No! i want you to keep having sex with me, just like you were."
>You shift a little, teasing Cobalt.
"You want your master to keep fucking your ass?"
>"Yes! Please fuck my ass master!" Cobalt says, looking very embarassed.
>You start moving again, getting back to the same pace as before before going a little faster.
>Cobalt moans and pants as you thrust away, quivering now and again.
>Cobalt moans and shakes as she reaches her climax, your own limit quickly approaching.
cum inside cobalt. Tell that she's going to be a great pet and we'll be "training" her regularly. Give her a deep kiss.
>You keep thrusting, Cobalt moaning still as you keep your pace.
>With one last thrust, you cum inside of Cobalt and hold her tight gainst you, the both of you panting.
>Slowly and gently, you pull out of Cobalt and see cum leak out of her when you do.
>You move next to her and smile, laying next to her.
"You are going to be a great pet Cobalt, be ready for regular "training" from your master."
>Cobalt smiles and nods, lowering her flank to the ground.
>You turn her head to you and give Cobalt a deep kiss, Cobalt melting against you.
>You break the kiss and Cobalt cuddles against you, a smile on her face.
>"Thank you Vex."
>She lifts her head, looking at you.
>"S-so umm... Fixer said that she has rules from her masters... do... i have rules too? Also, i want to ask. I know it's crowded but..."
>Cobalt nuzzles your chest, smiling.
>"Can i sleep here?"
Of course you'll have rules. One rule is that she has to wear her collar around the ship though not outside it, so you'll be doing that too.

Another rule fixer has is to bend over and lift her tail whenever we enter her room but yours will be whenever we sit on your bed you need to be ready to lick or suck.
And of course you can sleep here.
So who thinks it would be a good idea to have a day where fixer can be put on "relief duty" and can be used by anyone on the crew for 12 hours where they only have to put a tally on her flank when they're done? Or maybe that's too much.

When we're done cuddling with Cobalt we can go and chill with Angel.
Let's name our ship the Cloudkicker, and get someone to paint radical nose art of a batpony mare on it.
Now who's gonna model for it - Cambiare, or genderbent us?
"Of corse you will have rules. Rule one is that you must always wear that collar when on the ship. Rule two is that whenever i set on a bed, you must be ready to suck or lick. I may add more, and i expect you to be a good pet and follow them."
>Cobalt nods, blushing and smiling.
>"I will."
"And of corse you can sleep here."
>Cobalt smiles wider, looking very happy.
>"Thank you Vex."
>You both nuzzle and cuddle for a little longer, Cobalt smiling happily.
>Cobalt lifts her head and looks at her flank at one point, blushing again.
>"I should probaly wash up." She says before looking at you again.
>Cobalt gives you a deep kiss, and you feel love, lust, and happieness coming from her.
>"Thank you Vex, i'll clean up and listen to the rules. ...am i really okay to sleep here form now on?"
Only if you promise to always give angel and me a kiss good night.
we should probably ask angel first.
Besides we already have three ponies sleeping here.
"I'll check with Angel, though i bet if you promise a kiss goodnight to each of us, he will agree."
>Cobalt nods, smiling.
>"I'll clean myself now. See you soon." Cobalt says, giving you a nuzzle.
"i'll see you, my good pet."
>Cobalt gives you a kiss before you go, headding to your shower after.
>You change back and wander the ship, searching for your family.
>You stumble across Angel and Hunter in the war room, both of them watching TV with Chaos and Sky.
"Hey Sky, when did you get back?"
>"About half an hour ago. Cerb says hello and thanks for letting me stay."
Glad you both had fun. Ask what they're watching. Ask angel to come outside the room for a minute. Let's tell him that cobalt asked to sleep in the same room with us and you think it's fine.

Hunter can just sleep on us.
cuddle puddles all day.
"Glad you had fun Sky."
>Hunter gets a big grin on his face, Angel snickering as they both watch the TV.
>You look at the projection, seeing cartoon characters construct some crazy contraption.
"What are you guys watching?"
>"An old catroon show me and Chaos watched, good short little family fun skits."
>You watch as a character with a huge moustache opens a door, triggering the contraption and kicking him a fair fistance from a building.
>You smile, turning back to Angel.
"Angel, mind comeung with me for a moment?"
>Angel nods and gets up, giving Hunter a quick nuzzle before stepping out with you.
>"What's up pretty mare?"
"Cobalt wants to sleep with us from now on. It may get a little crowded, and i think it is fine, but wanted to ask you if it was alright. Hunter can sleep on us if anything."
>Angel looks thoughtful before nodding and smiling.
>"Sure, can't see why we wouldn't want our special mare around. Besides, Hunter isn't that big yet. By the time it gets too crowded and we don't have enough room, we will probably have Hunter sleep in his own room."
Knew that's what you'd pick. give him a kiss. Cobalt will be pleased. Let's watch an episode or two. After that let's go to read surges profile.
Speaking of profiles has charon examined Mich?

Ask Sydney to talk to charon and ask them this question.
"I figure you would pick that, Cobalt will be happy."
>You give Angel a kiss, Angel smiling at you after.
"I'll be there in a second, just need to have Sidney talk to Charon for me."
>"Alright, see you in a second."
>When Angel walks away, you call out for Sidney, having her appear.
>"How may i help, captain Vex?"
"Could you ask Charon if Mich has been examined?"
>"Records do indicate that he has received evaluation, i shall confirm."
>Sindey remains still for a few seconds, looking up at you and smiling after.
>"I can confirm that Mich has been evaluated."
"Thank you."
>You head back into the war room and sit down next to Hunter, giving him a small nuzzle.
>You watch the show and laugh with the crew, Hunter seeming very happy as he watches the show.
>After a few episodes, you give both Angel and Hunter a nuzzle before taking off to the medical room.
>You arrive to see Charon working away at some papers, writing on some of them.
>He looks up and smiles, nodding at you.
>"Hello Vex, here to look at the profiles?"
"Yes, i wanted to look at Surge's, maybe Mich too."
>"That's fine, go head."
>You look through the files, finding Surge's and seeing that Cobalt's is missing.
"Charon, Cobalt's file isn't here."
>"Yes, sorry. I'm updateing her profile right now."
>You open Surge's file, reading it over.
>Energy Surge: Confirmed lack of vision in one eye* Standard treatment for crew member death: Comfort and support. *Magical incident cause of blindness in eye.
"Do you update the profiles often Charon?"
>"Yes, if anything big or noteworthy happens i usualy do. I'v had to update yours three times, your recent clam of Cobalt has me doing so for both of you."
>Charon turns, giving you a knowing grin.
>"Have fun with your pet?"
Oh yes. It very nice that she's very eager to learn and please.
Let's read our own profile. Let's also ask charon if they made any noteworthy or interesting DICKcoverys with their new form. what a crappy joke.
I'm curious about the new additions to fixers now too.
Wow three rewrites.
Am I that manic?

Also ask what she wanted us and mich for.
>You smile at Charon, nodding.
"Oh yes, she is so eager to learn and please. It's very nice. How are you liking the body? Make any discoveries?"
>Charon nods, smiling.
>"It is suprisingly enjoyable. I was curious as how how far the changes went and took a sample. Judge as you may, espicaly since you offered me some fun, but i wanted to see if the product was functional. Turns out the spell causes a full gender change on all levels, i was shocked that i was able to produce fertile seed and had higher testosterone levels."
>You give a nod.
"Really? Also, three times you updated my profile? Am i that manic?"
>Charon laughs, shaking his head.
>"No, you just got married, adopted a child, and acquired a special lover. I had to add and change based on those moments. Go ahead and have a look, just keep in mind that those are merely suggestions based on predictions."
"I will. but before i do, what did you want me and Mich for?"
>"Venom extraction. i want to make antidotes for Changeling Venom. The information Mich gave me about how leathal male changeling venom is prompted me to do so."
>You put Surge's profile back, grabbing your own.
>Vex: Genetic mod found. No other noteworthy instances. Standard treatment for crew member death: comfort and support* ** *** *Death of Angel Flight (Husband): Advanced treatment: increased support, physical reassurance and confort, and antidepressants. **Death of Hunter (Adopted child): Maximum treatment advised: Antidepressants, constant verbal comunication and physical comfort, suicide watch. ***Death of Cobalt: Advanced treatment: increased support and antidepressants.
Sounds about right.
Let's take a small look at michs and then we'll be done. If Charon wants that changeling venom sample we can give it to her now. Will we be doing it the same way they collect snake venom?
I wonder if charon has a medical record about HERSELF
Oh silly charon, pretty much half the ponies on this ship are our lover in one way or another. We just don't get to screw them as often. Everyone can sleep in the captn's quarter if they just ask.

Or did she mean a different kind of lover because we're kinda for lack of a better word detached when it comes to physical intimacy it's kinda comes with being a love collector. This whole time I felt Cobalt was more of a mistresses or bff or sister who you have sex with but without the incest.
I don't want to lead her on if she expects us to buy another ring.
Page 10 bump from your friendly neighborhood cyoa
"Actually charon, this sounds about right."
>"Good! most ponies feel a little odd knowing they would be put on suicide watch."
>You nod, putting your file back and grabbing Mich's
"So, for the venom, will you be extracting it like you would a snake? and i could give you mine now."
>"That would be great. And from what i studied, changelings can secrete venom at will. Give me a moment"
>As Charon puts Cobalt's file away, you read Mich's
>Mich: No noteworthy instances. Standard treatment for crew member death: Support and comfort.
>"Here we go," Charon says, "open wide Vex."
>You open your mouth and Charon places two vials on your fangs.
>"Go ahead and keep going until i say to stop"
>You begin pushing out your venom, waiting for a but untill Charon tells you to stop.
>"There, all done. Thank you Vex."
>Charon snickers after she walks away, turning to you.
>"Forgive me, but i have taped into my sense of humour."
>Charon brings you a bowl of candy, giving you a pat on the head.
>"For being such a good paitent, go ahead and have a lollipop."
>vex's eyes widened
Really!? I want cherry, no green apple,....can I have both?
when did we turn her back into a mare?
>You open your eyes wide, smiling up at Charon.
"Really? i want cherry! No, wait, green apple!"
>Charon laughs, shaking his head at you.
"... Charon? Can i please have both?"
>Charin shakes his head, grinning.
>"No. one and one only."
>You fake a pout and grab one that is cherry flavored, Charon taking the bowl of candy away.
>"I'll get Mich in here while i am at it, get his venom and make a antidote for both as soon as i can. Unless you need anything else Vex, you are free to go, i have what i need from you."
>Charon looks to his hoof, smiling.
>"I suppose it's time my little adventure ended too. Would you mind using that spell again Vex?"
Early morning mistype
You can always just ask again or stay in this form a little longer if you really want to.
Anyway let's change her back and enjoy our lollipop. Let's go relax with our family or find Cobolt and tell her the good news.
"You can always ask to change again, or stay like this a little long if you want to."
>Charon smiles and nods, putting his hoof back to the floor.
>"I may, but for now, i would like to return to my old self."
>You nod and cast the spell, watching as Charon looks back over her body.
>"Ahhh, thank you Vex."
"No problem Charon, i'll see you around."
>You leave as you suck on your lollipop, giving a search for your family again.
>You catch a sent and look into the mess hall, seeing Hunter sitting with Surge and Chaos as Angel cooks.
>"Alright, now you fold it like this and bend the wings back." Chaos says to Hunter. "And there you go, paper airplane! Hey Vex."
Hello. Ask what angel is making.
"Hey, Chaos. What are you copking Angel?"
>"Trying my hoof at grilled cheese..."
>You walk over to Angel, watching as he flips a sandwich on a pan.
>The one side of the sandwitch is now golden brown, Angel nodding.
"It looks good!"
>"Hopefully it is, i bet Hunter is hungry from the smell."
>You watch Angel cook, seeing him lift and put the sandwich on a plate before cutting it in half before bringing it to Hunter.
>"Alright Hunter, how did daddy do?"
>Hunter stops colouring his paper airplane and lifts a slice with his magic, taking a bite.
>Hunter smiles as he chews, looking very happy.
>"Guess i did good." Angel says with a laugh.
>"Mmm, what smells good?"
>You look up to see Cobalt trot in, a smile on her face as her collar makes the same tiny noise as Fixer's
>Angel looks at you with a suspicious smile, pointing a hoof at Cobalt.
Nod at angel and wink.
It's grilled cheese that angel made.
>You nod and wink at Angel, looking at Cobalt after.
"It's grilled cheese that Angel made."
>"It smells really good, now i want some."
>"Guess we will talk later." Angel Whispers to you.
>Cobalt walks over to the ridge Chaos, watching her with a grin before he gets up and grabs a food package.
>"So then, what shall we do once Hunter finishes his food?"
>You hear a clink and look to Hunter, His plate clean as he pushes it away.
>"Sweet Celestia Hunter, did you taste it?" Angel says, chuckling after.
He must have been really hungry. How much bread and cheese do we have? We should try to make one.
"Guess he was hungry. How much bread and cheese do we have? I want to try making him one."
>"Plenty. And it looks like Cobalt found it." Angel says.
>You look and see Cobalt pulling out some bread, smiling at you when she sets it down.
>"Hunter first, i don't mind waiting."
"Thanks Cobalt."
>You get to work, cutting up some cheese and buttering the bread as the pan warms up.
>Once everything is ready, you put the sandwich together and put it on the pan, the butter sizzling.
>"So how you feeling Cobalt? your head okay? No headaches?" Chaos asks.
>"Yes, it's alright, Everything just feels a little dizzy at times. Sorry i turned down the game of volleyball."
>"Please, you are recovering, we can play again at another time."
>You flip the sandwich, seeing that is it a nice golden brown like Angel's was.
>"Yes, that's true. Besides, it was fun building sandcastles."
>"I saw that. Hunter a little builder Angel?"
>"Yep, he loves it."
>"Guess i know what to get him as a gift."
>You finish up the sandwich and serve it to Hunter, smiling at him as he takes a bite.
>Hunter smiles up at you, nodding.
>'Thank you mommy. Tell daddy thank you too please.'
Hunter says thank you for the sandwich. Now let's make another one for Cobalt and then Angel if he'd like one.
"You're welcome Hunter, gald you liked it. Hunter says thank you to you Angel."
>"You are welcome Hunter." Angel says with a smile.
>You move back to the stove, looking towards your crew.
>"I'll cook for you Cobalt, would you like one too Angel?"
>"Sure! I'd love to have some of my mare's cooking."
>"Thank you Vex!" Cobalt says.
>You smile and get to work, cooking the sandwiches to perfection.
>You bring the plates over to Cobalt and Angel, Angel grinning as Cobalt bounces in her seat.
>"Smells great Vex."
>Both of them dig in, Angel nodding as he chews and swallows.
>"It's great Vex! Thanks."
>"Thank you Vex!" Cobalt says, hugging you.
You're both welcome. It's been awhile since we ate too so let's make one for ourselves and then eat. After that we can cuddle on the couch.
That or look at some weapon mods on our data pad and think about what to get.
"You are both welcome."
>You give Cobalt a hug back, smiling after.
"Let me cook some food for myself and then we can all watch more shows after.
>"Sounds good to me." Angel says.
>You quickly cook yourself some food and sit down with the others, grabbing a data pad.
>You open up a list of mods for your weapons as you eat, seeing what is avaliable.
>Tri-barrel Plasma rifle additional barrels (Fire rate increase): 4000 credits
>Super heated plasma module (Increased damage and decreased heat efficiency): 5000 credits
>Shotgun silencer: 2000 credits
>Shotgun shell conversion kit(Increased damage): 3000 credits
>Shotgun accelerator(Increased range and damage): 6000 credits
>You reach for another bite of your sandwich to find that there is none left, you being the one who finished it.
>Angel laughs, smiling at you.
>"I'll get us a bowl of Chips to share, see younin the war room."
>You smile and set the data pad down for now, getting up and headding to the war room with Hunter and Cobalt.
>All of you sit down and wait for Angel when you get to the war room, Hunter and Cobalt both nuzzling you as they lay on either side of you.
>Angel returns with a few sodas and a bowl of mixed chips and pretzels, laughing softly as you all cuddle.
>"So, any preference as to what we watch?"
Let's watch something funny. Are there any more episodes of that funny guard show? Other then that though don't really have a preference.
"How about more of Gem?"
>"I'd say yes, but if memory serves me, we are about near a point that would be a little too adult for Hunter."
"Ah. Well anything funny is fine by me."
>"Alright then, i have an idea. There's a movie we would all like."
>"What is it?"
>"My Family Vacation. It's pretty funny."
"Alright, let's watch it."
>Angel puts the movie on, sitting next to hunter so the little changeling is between the both of you.
>You all smile and laugh at the stallion's disastrous vacation, the movie being very entertaining.
>Time goes by quickly and the movie ends, Angel looking at you and Cobalt.
>"Good movie right?"
"It was pretty funny."
>"a little scary too, I don't know how i would handle finding the pilots of a plane knocked out."
>"Shhh." Angel says.
>You look over and down at Hunter, Seeing him asleep against you.
>"Figures he would be tired, he was using his magic today like crazy."
Maybe I should have waited till he was a little older before I taught him.
Then again it'll mean he'll be really good at it. Let's take him to bed.
"I do wonder if i taught him too early. but then again, he will have better use of it in the long run and be skilled in magic."
>"Yeah, he will be just fine i bet. He just loves using his abilities."
"Come on, let's get him to bed."
>Cobalt gets up, putting her empty can in the bowl.
>"I'll cleen up the mess."
"Thanks Cobalt."
>You and Angel bring Hunter to your room, gently tucking him into bed.
>Hunter stirs for a moment as you finish tucking him in, the little changeling falling back to sleep almost instantly.
>Angel sighs quietly as he looks down at Hunter, looking to you after.
>"You know what? We need a family photo. think we could get one tomorrow? I bet ma would love us for it."
Thats a great idea.

Get angel a turtleneck sweater to match the rest of the family.
Yeah sure. After we do a delivery tomorrow we'll go right to the colony.
Should Cobalt be included too? I kinda want to see his mom's reaction.
she's a close family friend so yeah she should be included.
"You know what? that's a great idea. We can-"
>Hunter stirs at your voice, causing you to fall silent.
>"Outside." Angel whispers with a smile.
>You both go outside of your quarters and into the hall, Angel looking at you.
>"You were saying?"
"We should go and get a huge family picture with everypony in it. Your mother, Cotton, everypony."
>Angel nods, smiling.
>"I was thinking just our family, but yeah, that sounds even better."
"We need to get you a sweater though, i bought one, so we all need to match."
>Angel nods, smiling.
>"Sounds like a plan."
"Shall we include Cobalt in both pictures too? I think we should."
>"Of corse, Cobalt is plenty close to the family, it's the reason why she get's the title of aunt. If anything we will take another picture of just you, me, and Hunter."
>Angel gives you a sly smile, bumping his flank against you.
>"Speaking of Cobalt, that's quite the fashion accessory she has now."
It goes really well with her coat too doesn't it? And she looks so cute with it!

She said she wanted to try what fixer was doing (that's the way I remember it) and be our "pet" except to be gentler and not hit her so I decided to get her a collar to cement it.
Well spanking ass is the exception of course.
"I know, it goes with her coat really well. She is so cute with it."
>Angel nods, smiling.
>"True, maybe we shoud get some pictures of her with it on. Where did she get it from?"
"From me. She seemed to be interested in what Fixer was doing, and in being our pet, so i bought and collared her to cement it. Though she wants to avoid the hitting Fixer gets, spanking is an exception."
>Angel nods.
>"That's understandable, i couldn't see Cobalt wanting anything like the slap you gave Fixer. But still, Cobalt seems like she would be a good little pet."
>Angel looks down the hall, grining and turning back to you.
>"So then, assuming she has one, shall we grab a our pet's leash and lead her back to bed? or does she know about her new sleeping spot?"
I don't think we have one, that will be something we'll get later.
Let's go tell her!
I'm sure there's some excess rope or some-such we could use laying around the ship if we're desperate.

we may actually be in luck!

Speaking of improvising from things around the ship, I just had a flash of inspiration. Next time we get around to talking to Fixer, I've gotta pitch an idea at her. (If I'm not mistaken, it'll boost our defense game by a couple margins.)
"There is, give me a second."
>You head back into your room and grab Cobalt's leash, bringing it with you as you and Angel search for her.
>With the help of Sidney, you get Cobalt's location and head to her room, keeping her leash hidden as you enter.
>"Hey Cobalt." Angel says
>Cobalt looks up as she lays on her bed, smiling.
>"Hi Angel, hi Vex, i thought you two were going to bed with Hunter."
"Well, we were, but we come to tell you something important."
>"What is it?"
>"Where you will be sleeping from now on. With us in our bed."
>Cobalt gasps and smiles, looking happy.
>"Really? Angel said it's okay to sleep in your bed?"
Yup but there is one thing. This is what you have to come to bed on.
>hold up the leash.

Can't just have a pet running around on the ship. without her leash .
Ask Angel if he would like to do the honors. Can't have all of the fun ourselves.
Yep. Didn't take any convincing either. Now are you ready to go to bed?
cobalt better be ready to get cuddled.
"Yep! He said yes right away. Are you ready for bed now cobalt?"
>Cobalt gets off her bed, nodding.
"Good! But... there is one thing."
>"The kisses I'm supposed to give?" Cobalt asks, "I plan to give them at morning and at night."
"No, but that's good. You see, we can't have a pet roaming the ship all by herself."
>You hold up the leash with your magic, smiling as you approach a now blushing Cobalt.
"So we have a solution to get you to your new bed."
>You clip the leash onto Cobalt's collar, smiling at her after.
"Come on Cobalt."
>You give the leash a tiny tug, Cobalt now following you as you lead her.
>"Awee, she looks so cute. We definitely should get a picture of you walking her sometime."
>Cobalt looks around as you lead her through the halls, blushing the entire way to your room.
>When you get to your room, you quietly climb onto your bed while still holding the leash, looking back to Cobalt and patting the bed.
"Come on Cobalt, up, up."
>Cobalt listend and climbs onto the bed, sitting down with a blush.
Give everyone a kiss goodnight and head to dreamland.
>You give Cobalt a kiss beckoning Angel over and giving him one too.
"Come on, time for bed."
>Cobalt kiss you back and gives Angel one too, all of you climbing into bed
>Cobalt nuzzles into your chest and Angel hugs her from behind, sandwiching the mare between the both of you.
>It's not long before you fall asleep, Cobalt's leash still wraped around your hoof.
>You stir and slowly awake, giving a small groan.
>You turn your head and look at Hunter, giving him a smile.
"Good morning Hunter."
>You set your head back down and look at Cobalt and Angel, seeing both of them in the same position that you all fell asleep in, Cobalt smiling as she sleeps against your chest.
>Hunter puts his hooves on your side and climbs into you, looking down at Cobalt.
>'Why is aunt Cobalt here mommy?'
Well Aunt Cobalt was really lonely and wanted to stay in the same bed as mommy and daddy so we let her.
"Aunt cobalt said she was feeling lonely and wanted tonstay in the same bed as mommy and daddy, so we let her."
>Hunter nods, smiling.
>You give Hunter a nuzzle, hearing Angel groan as you do.
>Angel yawns and lifts his head, smiling at you and Hunter.
>"Good morning you two." Angel whispers.
>"Hi daddy." Hunter says quietly.
>Angel looks at Cobalt, smiling.
>"Looks like somepony is still asleep, Think we should wake her?"
Naw, let her sleep. It's breakfast time.
Let's give her a kiss
>You lean in and give Cobalt a kiss on the cheek, Cobalt staying fast asleep.
"Let's let her sleep, she will find us she she awakes, it's breakfast time for us."
>With the help of your magic, you help Angel get free of Cobalt without waking her, doing the same for yourself and getting your hoof free of Cobalt's leash.
>You all make your way down to the mess, finding Fixer, Chaos, Surge, and Charon.
"Morning everypony."
>"Good morning."
>You sit down with Hunter as Angel gets some food, Fixer getting up and sitting next to you.
>Fixer grins up at you, not saying anything.
"Yes Fixer?"
>"Have i ever told you what a cool and awesome mare you are cap? Just the best and most amazing captain? a saint amongst sinners?"
Thank fixer for all the compliments. Give her a hug.
my experience though says she did something or is trying to ask us for something. Or maybe she's being legitimate.
"Aww, thank you Fixer."
>You give her a hug, Fixer returning it.
>You look down at her when you let go, givin Fixer a suspicious look.
"Now, what did you do, or what do you want?"
>Fixer hangs her head as Surge laughs, Surge shaking his head.
>"Told you."
>"Can you blame me for trying?"
>Fixer looks up at you, back to smiling.
>"While i did mean everything i said, you caught me red hoofed. Word around the ship is that Chaos got a huge surprise yesterday. and i gotta say good on ya, i thought that was Cobalt screaming."
>Chaos groans, shaking his head.
>"Yeah, he did scream pretty good."
>"I was alarmed, shocked, and surprised. I therefore say my reaction was reasonable."
>"Anyways, what i wana ask is, What does a pony need to do to get you to use that spell on them?"
I suppose they just have to ask or we feel like it at the time. Why? You wanna be transformed?
"I suppose they just need to ask, Or if i feel like doing so at the time, Why? Do you want to be transformed?"
>Fixer grins widely, nodding her head.
>"Do i ever! This is a once in a lifetime experience we are talking here!"
>Chaos sighs and shakes his head, smiling at Fixer.
>"You just want to have a stallion's body to mess around don't you?"
>"Just because it is part of my top three reasons doesn't mean it is my main reason. I wana see what i look like! Surge was saying how good looking of a mare you were."
>Chaos hangs his head, sighing.
>"Stop saying that."
>"Why are you so bothered by it Chaos? you really were good looking, aren't you a little curious?" Surge asks.
>"Yes, but the whole thing feels weird to me, i can't shake this feeling about it."
>Angel puts down a meal package for you, also setting down Hunter's breakfast.
>"Well, this is something i just gotta do. So what do you say Vex? think you can hit me with that spell at some point?" Fixer asks.
I'll do it after breakfast. Also where is the please?
What kinda Cap'n would I be if I denied my crew the chance to meet their would be Johnson.

Seeing how I seem to be handing out sex changes like candy anybody else got a request? Surge you up? I kinda wonder if I'll make your haircut cooler.
Wonder if boy fixer will be as cute as girl fixer. Be responsible fixer!
No touching rule still applies, let's see if she/he can resist.
"Well, where is the please?"
>"Right! Please can you hit me with that spell?"
>You smile and nod at Fixer, getting your meal open.
"After breakfast then. While i am at it, Anypony else want to get changed? You up for it Surge? I kinda wonder if it would make your haircut look cooler."
>Surge shrugs and nods, Fixer going back to Chaos.
>"Sure. Though i doubt it will, Nopony ever liked it."
"Anypony else?"
>"Nah." Sky says.
>"I'm okay." Chaos says.
>You all continue eating. hoofsteps coming from the hall as you get to the last bit of your food.
>You look and see Cobalt walk in, the bat pony unhooked from her leash and smiling.
>"Good morning everypony!"
>"Morning Cobalt."
>"Good morning Cobalt. How about that tea i promised you? You will love it." Charon says.
>"Yes please."
>Cobalt sits next to you, a snall blush to her face.
>"Ooooh! nice collar Cobalt! that colour looks cute on you." Fixer says.
Good morning Cobalt. Let's eat and get a quick look at any available jobs.
"Good morning Cobalt, sleep well?"
>Cobalt nods and smiles at you.
>"Good morning captain. And yes, very very well."
>"Feeling better?" Sky asks
>"Yes a little, i still feel off, but much better then when i woke up from being knocked out."
"That's good Cobalt, I'm gladd to hear that you are feeling better."
>You take the last bite of your food, grabbing a data pad to see what jobs are avaliable.
>Ammunition shipping: 3000 credts.
>Animal capture: 2000 credits.
>Colony defence: 5000 credits.
>Smuggler ship destruction: 5000 credts.
I want to know about this ammunition shipping and animal capture.
Is that colony defense the same one from before? Let's check these three.
Animal capture sounds fine, that and the shipping job. Perhaps the smuggler ship too. What do they think they're smuggling?
>You check all the jobs, seeing exactly what each is about.
>The shipping job is a simple mix up in cargo, the ammunition to be shipped to the intended destination.
>The animal capture job is asking that several wild animals be captured for legal study and preservation.
>You check the colony defence job next, seeing that is is at a diffrent location.
>A colony is about to come under dangerous attack from the Frontier Federation, the Federation proclaming that the colony is their property.
>Lastly you check the smuggeler ship job, seeing that a known drug smuggler has been sighted and is wanted eliminated.
>You look up to see Cobalt holding a mug, a huge smile on her face.
>"That is amazing Charon! what's in it?"
>"It's a secret." Charon says with a wink.
....This is probably just my dirty mind but something has me worried and turned on that Charon put something weird in that tea.
That shipping job is easy and we can do.
Depending on what the creatures are we could just levitate them and then put them in cages. Anything big like those beast on the winter world though we'll need tranquilizers.
I also want to defend the colony because I love being a pain in the federations side.
>You accept the three jobs, briefly looking over them again.
>"Soooo... Please Vex?" Fixer asks.
>You look up to the tiny mare and see her smiling, giving a nod.
"I said i would. You ready too Surge?"
>Surge nods, both him and Fixer getting up.
>"Can we get a mirrior? may as well see how we look." Surge says.
>"I'll go get one, wait for me please" Charon says, walking off.
>She comes back and puts a mirror down, Fixer looking excited.
>"Ready Cap!"
>"You are way too excited for this..."
>You hit both of them with the spell, seeing the results.
>The tiny pegasus stallion flies up and does a midair flip, grinning like mad.
>"This is so COOL!" Fixer says, landing and looking over his now broader body.
>"Wow..." Surge says, the part of her mane that covers her eye now a bit longer.
>She picks up a mirror, brushing part of her mane behind her ear and smiling shyly at herself.
>"Wow... i like this."
>"You do look pretty Surge." Cobalt says.
>A feeling of lust grabs your attention, Fixer looking between his legs.
>"Oh sweet..." He says with a grin.
Do nothing. I wanna see what he does.
You look good surge.
We have some missions today. Before we go I want to get a tank shield for Sky.
Wow. Surge you look like one of those post-modern models now but with less crappy clothing. I knew the feeling about the hair was right.

Fixer please control yourself. No one wants to see your landing gear sticking out mid-flight. You have permission to take it too your room. Just don't hurt yourself.
>Fixer keeps looking between his legs, grinning still as you turn to Surge.
"Wow Surge, you look good, Like a post moderen model with less crappy clothing. i knew the feeling about the hair was right."
>"A model? Really?"
>Surge shifts her body, smiling.
>"I can't believe i'm saying it... but i feel hot, sexy even."
>You turn and watch as Fixer reaches between his hind legs with a prodding forehoof, curiosity and excitement on his face.
>"Oh wow it's real!"
>"Fixer please, there is a child in the room." Charon says.
>"Right. sorry." He says, looking up with the same smile on his face. "I will be back in... whenever!"
>The short stallion trots off, lust coming from him still.
"We do have some work today everypony. Angel, could you load a cargo shipment up while i take care of other things?"
>"Sure thing Vex, just say when we need to go."
let's run to the store.
Yes go to the store. We need more stuff that blows up maybe a rpg.
"I'll Be back soon."
>"If you end up buying stuff Vex, keep a look out for grenades for the launcher. we still need some from when we used them all up." Chaos says.
"I will, thanks."
>Hunter stops you and gives you a hug, smiling at you after.
>"Love you mommy."
"I love you too Hunter."
>You give him a hug back and leave the ship, heading into the markets.
>You look around, seeing the diffrwnt weapon stores like before, some for guns and explosives, others for shields and armor.
>You stop and get a check on the price for the grenades Chaos's launcher uses, Seeing that the proce for a box of ammunition is 4000 credits.
>You head to another store in search of shields, seeing the shields and prices.
>Shield: 8000 credits
>Quick shield: 9000 credits
>Tank shield:10000 credits
Get the tank shield and get the grenades. Let's get back to the ship and then we can deliver this package.

when are we supposed to defend that colony? I think we can hunt the animals for last. Speaking of let's buy some tranquilizers if we don't have those on hand. give hunter a kiss when we next see him.
maybe we should buy a candy. if we can.
up up
>You buy the tank shield, headding oit and buying more ger ades while you are at it.
>You also check for tranquilizer rounds, finding some for a sniper rifle for 1000 credits.
>after getting back to the ship, you store the items away in the armory and head up to the bridge.
>Most of the crew is on the bridge, Fixer spinning in a chair next to Chaos.
>"Hey cap! I put the shield back in the armory." he says.
"Thanks Fixer. Angel, can you get us going please?"
>"Sure thing."
>You quickly check when the attack could happen on the clolony, the job saying that ships could arrive within three hours.
>You look up and see Hunter with Angel, giving a smile.
"Hunter, come to mommy please."
>Hunter turns and gets off of Angel, moving to you.
>You pick him up and give him a big hug, also giving him a kiss on the cheek.
>Hunter chitters softly and hugs you back, nuzzling too.
>"Love my mommy."

Alright guys, time to blog.
Starting the 11th my term begins, and as such posting will be less often and slightly more difficult depending what is going on. I will try my hardest to do evening updates or run on weekends for you guys, i will try to give you guys saturday-sunday at least and will try to possibly do wensday-sunday evening posts.
However, given that i do not know how possible any of this will be, i present an alternate option so Space Vex does not go without some level of ending. The CYOA will continue to the 10th and will be wraped up there. You and the crew will go on to complete any personal missions and get a good ending telling what happend to their lives during and after being under your command.
I know it is not the best and it is a little sudden, but i can not leave you guys without some ending or option. You guys have been great, fun, enduring, forgiving, and loyal. I thank you guys for making the past 7ish months some of the most fun i'v ever had, and hopefully we can continue on and make this even more fun.
I'm alright with that sudden ending. It's not ideal but it's an ending. I really wanted to find cobalts ship and kill rune too. and that slave mission.

Let's tell hunter we love him too. Poke him in the belly. now let's deliver these packages and fight the federation.
I'm cool with a sudden ending. I really wanted to get to know mich and surge a lot more but I'd hate for this to become more of a burden on you then it is fun.

Besides epilogs and endings just make more space to do things you couldn't do earlier. Also it might be fun to work off the endings made if you ever desiced to come back to this. Come on, who wouldn't want play as adult hunter later on. That would be awesome.

Or something new altogether. Either way this has been really fun!
"I love you too Hunter."
>You poke Hunter's belly, making him chitter again.
>"He's so cute." Cobalt says.
"He is. let's get this done and get to defending that colony."
>The journey goes fairly quickly, your ship arriving at the station and dropping off the ammo.
>You immediately take off after reciving the payment, beginning to head out to the destination of the colony attack.
>As the journey goes, Surge approaches you.
>"Hey Vex, as much as i like this, mind changing me back? i don't think i could manage a fight like this." she says.
>"Leave me as i am thanks, i wana enjoy this as much as i can" Fixer says.
>"You are wanting to stay like that forever aren't you?" Chaos says
>"Nah, this is fun, but nothing beats being a mare. Why? Gonna dump me if i stay as a stallion?"
>Chaos rolls his eyes, shaking his head.
>"More like a colt."
>Fixer darts in and locks lips with Chaos, Chaos freezing in surprise as the two stallions kiss.
>Chaos looks away in embarassment after Fixer pulls away, The small stallion laughing.
>"I am such a dead pony after today."

You would go on to complete Cobalt's request as that counts as a personal mission, you will just miss the main ending of taking Rune down, so no worries there.

And again this is a choice, i will try to do more if you guys want me to and will never be burdened by this amazing adventure, i just can't garentee the ammout if posts i will be able to produce, nor keep a solid schedule at times. Should you guys want me to, i will gladly try and dedicate my sundays to this or my evenings for wensday to sunday.

regardless, to know you guys had fun honestly makes me happy as can be.

>Play as Hunter.

That honestly was an idea i had, i wanted to continue the Vex bloodline and or start a new adventure. I honestly am curious on how you guys would do as a slaver or a pirate. Would you be morally grey or full tilt bad? Would you keep a slave or become the most famous drug runner in history?
Chaos will make you pay later when you're a mare or maybe he won't.

Let's get to the colony then and do the same thing we did on the last one. Or are we just going to wait on our ship like we did that hydra battle?

I wouldn't mind trying to resume the adventure and seeing if it can work. though i would understand if you end up becoming more busy then you thought you'd be and just saying "i'm going to call it here." in that case you can just post the ending
"Careful Fixer. And sure thing Surge, Here."
>You cast your magic again and feel a little fatigued, Surge returning to his old self.
>"You should start a fee Vex. Or atleast some energy for each time you use that thing."
>Time goes on as you travel through space, getting closer to the destination.
>"Oh Goddess!" Chaos shouts.
"What is it Chaos?"
>"Federation cruiser with three frigets escorting it! They are sendung dripships and invading a colony!"
>You look forward, seeing group of ships fly towards a planet.
>"Vex this is our destination! They must have guessed wrong on the arrival time."
I won't lie this bothers me a bit.
We're going to need some backup.
Who can we contact? Might need to call in that favor from Cerb.
Can't believe this is only going to be 5000 credits.

Vex's bloodline sounds a bit cooler then playing the moral gray-line at the moment. Mainly because we haven't really made a accomplishments of notice yet. We could be legendary merc status at this point, im but not really sure. All I know is that we'er the most badass mom ever.

But whatever you want to do is cool with me OP.
Well shit. This is bad.

Let's fire from far away and once they start sending ships after us we run and then fight those. When we win we go after the rest when they're more manageable.
Fuck it. Call cerb. We'll need to get to the ground fast and it will take too long if we're busy fighting space side just to get there. If we could take out that cruiser maybe they might give up on ground but I doubt it.
"Sky, please tell me you can call Cerb right now. We need her help."
>"I can try."
"Alright. Angel, shoot at them with the laser, we need to draw the frigates away."
>"You got it."
>Angel fires the laser at the ships, hitting their shields.
>The frigates scramble all three of them headding for you.
>"Here they come."
>"Vex, Cerb is on her way, she will try to be here soon."
Then we just need to hold out until she get's here. For now we just shoot and run and dodge. Chip away at them as much as we can.
Ask Sidney if it can send a message to the colony. They need to know they're going to have to hold out until we get there, while we're locked in space combat.
“As long as they’re re-usable the nanomachines seem better in the long run.”
>”They are re-usable sir. Our technicians will install the module as soon as they’re done patching up your ship. Have a nice day.” She cuts off contact.
>True reclines in the co-pilots seat, putting her hooves up on the console, “I bet Rivet’ll be happy, less work for him.”
Now he can finally find time to do.. something. Does true know any of rivets hobbies? Ask true if she wants to see a dentist since one of her teeth was knocked out.

Also what kind of name would be cool? Something that strikes fear? something that makes us sound reliable? Do you just want to name the ship true? and I don't mean " true's bucket of death"
“What does he even do when he’s not working anyway?”
>”I dunno, I’ve noticed him wander off whenever we set down somewhere. I’m not sure where he goes though.”
“I’ll have to ask him, you wanna go see a dentist about that tooth?”
>”Nah, I can put it back in myself.”
“I’d ask how but I’m not sure I want to know.”
>”Oh it’s simple, I need a pair of pliers, superblue and enough alcohol to kill a small dog. Speaking of which, we should do something fun. It’d be nice to have a chance to unwind”
That does not sound like a good idea at all and I think it would be better for you if you went to a dentist.
We could go to a theme park? We can gocart? we can go to a snow planet and ski/ snow board.
Nuh-uh, the least of the benefits I can offer my crew is dental. We will see a real dentist... and maybe get our teeth changed too. Teeth records are the surest way to ID someone.

Side quest added: Follow Rivet on shore leave.

Bringing up 'Cloudkicker' as the name again, as a testament to our piloting skills.
>The blue stallion appears, nodding to you.
"Can you send a message to the colony? Tell them that they just need to
hold out while we take on the ships?"
>"I'll do it!" Sky says.
>You turn to Angel, looking out at the incoming ships.
"We need to keep them busy untill Cerb arrives, just chip away at them and dodge for now!"
>You hold onto Hunter, the little changeling hugging you.
>Angel puts the ship in reverse, opening fire with the lasers again.
>The lasers hit the first frigate's shields as they all advance, your beam cannons firing when they get into range.
>The ships shields hold as they open fire back, beams and a pair of lasers frim the second frigate hitting your ship.
>"Shields at 80!"
>Your ship sends another voley of shots at the first frigate, their shields looking weak.
>"One last time!" Angel says, firing the laser.
>The laser hits the shield and punches through, baddly cutting up the first frigate ships weapons as they all open fire again.
>"Shields at 70!"
Alright, things are under control until shields are at 30. Let's hope that cerb shows up soon. Let's just keep doing what we're doing but if we have to let's swirl to the left and make sure that we use that ship we're passing as a kind of cover.

“No True, the least I can do for you guys is offer dental.”
>”C’mon cap’n, I’ve done it plenty of times before.”
“Nope. You’re going to a dentist and that’s final. What do you think of renaming the ship to ‘Cloudkicker’?”
>”Hey I like that one! What do you think Fizzy?”
>”It’s nice I guess?” She shrugs, “I’ve never been too good with names.”
“That sounds like a good idea True, where could we go though? A snowy place could be fun, we could go skiing?”
>”Meh, I never liked the snow. As long as they have a bar then I don’t give a fuck where we go.”
We could rent a cabin, find a fancyish hotel with a bar and you can just stay there the whole time instead of going out in the snow. how does that sound to you?
"Keep at it! We are only in danger if our shields get to 30%!"
>"Got it!"
>All the guns fire on the damaged frigate, the ship breaking into chunks after an explosion.
>Angel moves on to the next ship, more shots hitting your shield.
>"Shields at 58%!"
>"Take this!"
>The beam cannons fire again, the lasers following and hitting shields as your ship receives more fire.
>"Hey Vex! You called?"
>A grey and black ship zooms by as a rapid speed, two missiles coming from it as if flys between the frigates.
>The missiles detonate before hitting in an electric show, the shields of the two frigates flickering as they shut down.
Hey cerb! Glad you can make it. You don't mind helping me wipe all these guys out do you?

Let's go on the offensive and also fire on the ship that cerb just attacked.
Dang, someone remind me to ask her where she got thoses. That would make these skirmishes way faster. Thanks Cerb let's take these punks out.
little bump
"Glad you could make it Cerb! you don't mind helping us out do you?"
>"Sure! Just call us debt free for the credits we owe you, and hand the griffon over!" Cerb says with a laugh.
>You shake your head, looking at Angel.
"Open fire! destroy them!"
>The laser cuts through one of the frigates, the beams firing at the other one and destroying it after the laser finishes firing.
>With one last shot, the beam cannons destroy the last frigate, leaving only the cruiser.
>"There we go!"
"Cerb, got any more of those missles?"
>"Yes, don't know how much damage they would do against a cruiser's shields though. You are the big, bad, powerhouse in in this fight Vex. What is the plan?"
They fire from a distance while we get in close afterwards and fire at them. When we're running away they fire again.
"Fire from a distance while we get in close. Hit them again when we start moving away."
>"You got it!"
>"Full speed ahead!" Angel shouts.
>You ships begin headding for the cruiser, Cerb's ship stopping and launching another missile.
>"Shield buster away Vex!"
>You watch as the missle speeds by and detonates near the cruiser, the shield on it flickering.
>"Well it's doing something." Chaos says.
"Open fire!"
>Your ship fires all it's weapons, doing so in sequence as to avoid power problems.
>Your shots hit, but the shield holds strong and protects the cruiser from any damage.
>The cruser opens fire with seceral weapons as you go by, most of them hitting your shields as you attack again and complete your run.
>"Shields at 22%!"
>You watch on the display as Cerb's ship fires another missle, the same result happening.
>The shields flicker and an explosion happens on the ship, the shield dropping.
>"Ha! Overloaded their shield generator!" Sky says.
>"That's why i hate shields." Fixer says.
>The ship begins slowly moving, trying to move in the opposite direction you are going.
Turn the ship around and finish them off.
Oh, no they don't.
Aim for their engines.
Maybe we can get them to call back their forces in exchange for they're lives. There has to be someone in there who isn't a total tool.
"Angel, turn us around and blast their engines!"
>"Yes, Vex!"
>Angel tuens the ship around and cuts at the engiens with the lasers, badly damaging them.
>The ship looses speed as yours keeps it in front, slowing to a bear stop.
>You open the comunications and hail the ship.
"Attention Federation cruiser! You are offered your lives if you pull back all your forces now! This is your ONLY chance."
>There is silence as the ship does nothing, Angel giving a displeased sigh.
>"Can't you guys just give up for once?"
>The communications come to life, a stallion's voice coming through.
>"We surrender, we will pull our forces back."
>You look to the display, seeing the drop ships appear and fly towards the cruiser.
Well then they're alive. Let's talk to the colony and ask how they are. I guess we'll just wait here till alliance ships arrive and they can arrest these guys or something. Thanks for helping us Cerb.
Well that was unexpected. With these guys you'd almost think suicide was a tactic of theirs. At least someone there cares about their crew.

Still we should we should stay and wait for alliance to take them in. Maybe they'll give us some extra cash for terrorists.

Tell Sky to send a message to the colony and see how they're doing.
>You put out a call, contacting the proper authorities.
>Within a few minutes, ships arrive and begin raiding the Federation ship.
>"I can't believe they surrendered." Chaos says.
"I'm just as suprised. Sky, send a message asking how the colony is."
>"Will do."
>You open up the commubications, hailing Cerb.
"Thanks for the help Cerb, i appreciate it."
>"Like i said, call us debt free and we are good. Also give us a location for where you will be docking, I'm terrible for doing so, but i can't help but go out of my way for Sky."
>"You hear that Sky? better do like Angel and buy her something really special"
>Sky rolls his eyes, looking to you.
>"The colony is okay,. lots of ponies hurt and things destroyed, but okay."
Perhaps we should land then and have charon do what she can. Alright cerb, you don't owe us anymore.
Don't worry Cerb you can all play with your kitten all you want after we're done working. We'll more than likely be docking back at trident again.
"Yeah, don't worry, you don't owe us any more."
>"Good! And don't worry, we will still come to help if we can."
"Good. And we will likely dock at Trident, so don't worry, you can play with your kitten soon."
>Cerb laughs as Sky's feathers puff up a little, Sky looking away.
>"Well then, hopefully you are done soon. Speaking of getting things done, we have our own job to do."
"Alright then, bye Cerb."
>"See ya Vex. And since i know he can hear me. Bye Sky.~"
>Sky sighs, trying and failing to hold back a smile.
>"Bye Cerby."
>"Awwwwwwe!" Chaos shouts."
>You turn to Charon as the transmission ends.
"Charon, would you be able to help the ponies down there if we landed?"
>"Yes, though i am sure that the colony has a hospital of sorts that would be better equipted to handle multiple ponies."
Let's ask the colony if they have enough doctors to treat their wounded and if they do then we'll just take our payment and leave.
Let's go hunt down some fuzzy animal next. Hopefully it'll be easier than last time.
>You quickly check with the colony if they have enough doctors, the colony sending a message that they have things under control.
>After reciving payment, you and your crew head to the next destination and chat along the way.
>When you arrive at the forest planet, Fixer turns to you.
>"So what we doing here cap? infiltration? there some hidden base around here?"
"No, we are hunting animals. Our job here is to try and capture wild animals alive, i bought some tranquilizers for sniper rifles."
>"What kind of animals?"
>You check the job description, finding no specific detail of what animals you are to bring back.
"It doesn't say."
>"So we just capture whatever we see then?" Chaos asks.
>"It could be good target practice for us snipers, could test our reaction time." Mich says.
Time for a cobalt vs mich sniper battle! Both of you will go out and look for creatures. You can also pick one buddy to take with you in case things get bad/ could use the back up. radio in what you see and then we'll tell you if you can take the shot or not though.
"How about you two have a sniper battle then? Both of you will go out and radio for creatures, calling me to confirm weather you should shoot or not. You both can even take a buddy incase things get messy if you want."
>"I say that we should avoid the buddy system for this." Mich says.
>"Why?" Sky asks.
>"No offence Sky, you hardly look like the sneaky type. And i know that miss, or mister, i-can't-stop-looking-between-my-legs over there isn't the quiet type."
>"Come on... this is interesting." Fixer says.
>"Why not somepony else then?" Chaos asks.
>"You guys would make too much noise running around trying keep up with us as we fly, i bet these animals would run at the sound of stomping hooves."
>"Good point."
"Alright then, just call if something happens."
>"Okay captain!"
>The both of them trot out, Angel getting up and stretching.
>"Why don't you grab your building kit Hunter? I'm gonna grab a snack, anypony want anything?"
I want a hug and kiss. Maybe some of whatever you're having too.
I could use a cup of love if you have some angel.

Ask surge if he would like the spell book for that spell in case he wants to change back? Not like we need it anymore.

Speaking of which we should probably share our spells now that we're not the only magic user.
"A hug, a kiss, a cup of love, and whatever you are having."
>Angel smiles, snickering.
>"I'd like a food package if you don't ming Angel." Charon says.
>"Me too."
>"I'll just grab one for everypony." Angel says.
>He walks up to you and gives you a big kiss, giving you a hug and nuzzle after.
>You hug and nuzzle him back, letting him go and looking to Surge.
"Surge, would you like my spell book for that gender spell? or some of my other spells?"
>Surge smiles, giving a nod.
>"Sure actually, why not? Just show me too them or bring them to me when you can."
"I will."
>You wait for a few miniuites, Hunter and Angel coming back at the same time.
>Angel gives out some food packages, giving you yours last and giving you a very deep kiss.
>"Plenty more love where that come from." he says with a wink.
>The communications come to life suddenly, Cobalt speaking.
>"I found some animals captian, small ones like that space squirrel and larger ones like dogs."
>"Hey Vex, found something, thing is like the size of a bear with big claws." Mich says before you can answer.
Go after the dog Cobalt since I assume space squirrels are common.
How far away are you from it mich? Make sure you're up a tree before you shoot it. And then fly away. I'm not even sure where we'll hold these things.
Just give surge the books we have from our room. It's not like we're doing much other than waiting for mich and cobalt right now. He can look at them at his own time.

Then talk to sky about where we might put these animals. We really should have bought some cages.
maybe we can just keep them tranquilized? or maybe we should just keep them in a barrier?
"Go for the dog Cobalt. Mich, make sure you are up a tree before you shoot it."
>"Got it."
>You give Angel a quick kiss, smiling at him.
"I'll be back."
>You head to ykur quarters and gather up all your spell books, bringing them to the bridge.
>You set them down infront of Surge, Surge smiling.
>"Nice collection, thanks Vex."
"You are wellcome. So Sky, any idea on how we could contain these animals? I may have forgotten that part."
>Sky nods, smiling.
>"We could just keep them in a cargo container, empty out the food and medical containers we have and poke a few holes in it for now. Then just get the containers back and put everything back after."
>"We could also use the compound in the tranquillizers to keep them asleep. Or even your venom Vex." Charon says.
The container should do for most of them, if there's any that are particularly dangerous or seem like they're going to injure themselves we can tranq them again and keep them knocked out.
"We can do both. The containers for most of them, and anything that is too big or dangerous we can just keep knocked out. We should probably do that too if they could be a danger to themselves."
>"I'll get to work then." Sky says.
>As sky walks off, you open your meal package and dig in.
>Time goes faster as you eat, Mich calling in again.
>"Hey Vex, found some dogs, a bunch of other creatres that are the size of Fixer too, shall i grab them too?"
>"Captian, i found a few birds, should i- Ah!"
>There is a breif moment of silence before Cobalt answers, a small giggle in her voice.
>"I'm fine, one of the birds landed next to me. He's very friendly!"
Get a creature that's the size of fixer since cobalt already found a dog.
is he cobalt? what makes him friendly? is he letting you pet him?
"Cobalt already foubd a dog Mich, so go ahead and get the ones that are the size of Fixer."
>"Got it."
"And is he Cobalt? What makes him friendly? is he letting you pet him?"
>"Yes, and he's rubbing his head against me."
>"What's it like Cobalt?" Charon asks.
>"I don't know... it's like a phoenix or a falcon, but with another pair of feathered wings under the first pair. It looks really pretty too."
I guess you should just. pick him up and bring him to the ship cobalt. If it even let's you that is.
I think mich wins because of that big bear thing he got.
"See if you can bring it back i guess. If it let's you."
>"I'll try."
>Time goes on as you confirm more animals, Mich coming back first with a few.
>He levitates the giant bear creature into the cargo bay, setting down a pair of boar like creatures and something along the lines of a cat
>"Wow Mich, that ting is big." Sky says.
>"Yeah, little too big if you ask me."
>You spot Cobalt as she trots up, a smile on her face as she brings in the dog, a strange stalky creature, and what looks like an oversized rabbit.
>A four winged bird lands next to her, giving a screech before it preens itself.
>"He just followed me everywhere!"
What a strange bird you managed to find. Well let's go see if they want these animals. If they don't we can just put them back on the planet where we found them.
"What an odd bird you found Cobalt. Come on, let's get these animals in the crates and see if the contractor wants them."
>It takes a long time to get the aninals safely in the crates, but you and your crew are eventually able to.
>You all fly back when you are able to, Cobalt staying in the cargo bay with the bird.
>You send out a message when you arrive at Trident, a group of ponies meeting you when you finish docking.
>The ponies accept all of the animals and give you your payment, all waving as they leave.
"Well, that was easy." Cobalt says with a smile.
>"It was, kinda fun too." Mich says.
>"Ahh, but who won?" Fixer asks.
did the ponies comment on what the rarest or best animal they got? Whoever got that is the winner of the competition. If they didn't say anything and just took all of them then I guess mich wins because he got that bear.

he also wins in getting the most creatures. I'm not counting the bird for cobalt because it followed her around and she didn't really "capture" it.
"Honestly? Mich does. For two reasons."
>"Mich not only brought back that bear, but by technicality brought back the most. I'm sorry Cobalt, but that bird followed you around, you didn't capture it."
>Cobalt nods, smiling.
>"That is fair."
>"Hey Vex."
>You turn and look at Surge, the stallion smiling.
>"I'm done with your books, want me to put them back?"
I'm impressed you went through them so quickly. We would appreciate if you put it back.
We can take the rest of the day off. We made tons of money today. We just need to buy two more shields and then everyone should be fine in battle.
Wow, that was really fast. You can just leave them some place in my room. Welp I guess we're off duty for the rest of the day.
"Wow surge, really? already?"
>"I like to read. And it does help that Blitz was a very complex spell, not to say that gender one wasn't. Also i knew three already, so there is that."
"Alright then. Yes, just put them in my quarters."
>"Okay, thanks again."
>You look arout at your crew, smiling.
>"We are done for the day everypony! go have fun."
>Some of your crew goes their own way, Sky approaching you.
>"Quick question Vex. I know we are cool and all, but your ship your rules, Is it okay of Cerb ends up sleeping here?"
Oh yeah, sure it's no big deal to me.
Just no drunk ponies in the armory and be sure to clean up any messes you make.
It should be fine. Thanks for asking Sky. Now if no one needs anything we're going to get some donuts. We should also make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. Do we have pancake mix?
"Sure she can Sky, Just clean up any messes you make and no drunk ponies in the armory. Thank you for asking."
>"Yeah, that's kinda an ovbious one. But thanks."
"Anypony else need anything? also, does any pony know if we have pancake mix?"
>"I don't think we do, time to go shoping?" Angel asks.
"Yes, let's get a box and go for donuts."
>Angel grabs Hunter and you all go out, grabbing a few boxes of pancake mix before you head to a donut shop.
>Angel lifts Hunter up and onto his back, letting him see into the glass case.
>"See anything you like?" Angel asks.
>Hunter just looks on, smiling at the sweet treats.
Aww yeah, tomorrow we're having pancakes.wait for hunter to pick. Then let's get some chocolate for ourselves. Then we go back to the ship and relax. We can browse our data pad for any interesting news in the galaxy.
I wonder if fixer is up to anything crazy right now.
>You wait for Hunter, The little changeling choosing a powered donut.
>You get a chocolate and Angel gets the same cream filled one as before, all of you heading back to the ship.
>Once you store the pancake mix away, you all sit down, Angel watching Hunter as he builds while you read the news.
>At the top of recent articles and reports is your ship making efforts to save the colony from attack, Cerb's ship also being mentioned in helping.
>The next report links to yours, the report being about the sudden advance in the Federation's territory and army capacity.
>The rest you read about is about new child help programs and family aid solutions, the later less interesting articles being about usless products ans gadgets.
>"Hey Vex." Angel says.
"Yes Angel?"
>"Wana do that photo thing with everypony tomorrow instead? kinda late now that the crew, especially Sky, is off doing their own thing."
Oh boy we're being talked about. Oh no the federation got good. Yeah let's do it tomorrow. It's time for ANOTHER day off!
Sure I don't see why not.
In fact done we need to schedule a appointment?

I want to talk to Charon about starting up hunter's education. I think it's about time he starts learning stuff so he can keep up in school.
"Well, i suppose we could take tomorrow off."
>Angel shakes his head, smiling.
>"Only if you want to. We could always go after a few jobs, it's just that i dont think we wana pull everypony away from their own free time or loved ones for a road trip to take a photo."
>You nod, setting the data pad down.
"We should probably tell your mother in advance anyways, we can't just keep stopping by."
>"I can give her a call. I bet Hunter would love to see Cotton again."
"Speaking of Hunter, I'll be back, i want to talk to Charon about Hunter's education."
>"Alright, we will just be here."
>You walk off, giving Angel a peck as you go to the medical room.
>When you arrive you don't find Charon there, Sidney giving her location when you ask.
>You head to the crew rooms, feeling lust in the air from Fixer's room and hearing laughter from one of the open doors.
>You poke in and fine Mich, Surge, And Charon. Charon and Surge being ender swapped again.
>"Come on, Flex!" Mich says to Charon.
>"I can't it's too-"
>Charon stops as she sees you, everypony turning and looking at you.
>Mich snickers as Charon and Surge both look away in embarrassment, all of them grinning.
>"Caught red hoofed."
Ask what exactly is happening here.
Who's feeling the lust?
Oh please don't stop on my account.What are you guys up too? Enjoying your new bodys?

Fixer is feeling the lust because he's jerking it...again.

The others i'm not sure what they're really doing but I guess Charon is flexing his muscles or something and giving Surge and Mich a show.
Oh, you're right. We should knock and tell him not to hurt himself
We should also throw in a box of tissues and air fresher.
"Oh no! Don't stop on my account, please do continue! What you guys up to? Enjoying your new bodies?"
>"Not as much as somepony." Mich says with a grin.
>"Yes, we are giving some fun." Charon says, the stallion giving a small laugh.
>"We may just like how we look all changed up, so we decided to get together and show off. Mich... i honestly don't know why he is here." Surge says as she looks at Mich.
>"For the show, looking at clothes is only fun for so long, but somepony won't flex!"
>"Fine!" Charon says.
>The zebra stallion flexes and shows off his mussels, Mich smiling as he watches.
>"Happy?" Charon asks.
>"don't know... do it again."
>Charon sticks his tongue out at Mich, grinning after.
>"Surge's turn."
>"You said you felt sexy as a mare, so show off to us! Do a dance sexy mare!"
>"I'm sorry, did you need something Vex?" Surge asks.
It can wait for after the dance. come on, we're waiting.
What I need is to go out and buy a pole if they're going to be some dances in here from not on.

Come on surge so me what ya got.
"What i need to do right now is buy a pole if there will be dancing in this room from now on. Come on Surge, show us what you got!"
"Come on Surge, even the captain wants to see!"
>Surge sighs, nodding.
>She awkwardly moves her body, looking both nervous and embarrassed.
>"Just relax Surge, you are fine. Take a deep breath." Charon says.
>Surge does as instructed, looking a little more relaxed as she does.
>"There ya go sexy mare, look at you!" Mich says.
>Surge gets a grin, beginning to go from awkward movements to smooth sways.
>She moves her hips and takes steps back and forth, turning and streching her body now and again as she gets into the dance.
>She turn around a little as she dances, swaying her flank and swishing her tail about with a blush.
>"Damn Surge, you can work it."
clap. Well that was fun. Anyway charon I have something to ask you. I think we should start hunter's education soon. You said you were checking out and finding fun learning games?
Goddess how I Love bonding with my crew.

Sadly as much i'd love to stay for lap dances I need to borrow the doctor for a second. I'll return him real quick.
>You clap your hooves together, smiling.
"Godess, i love monding with my crew."
>"This is really fun!" Surge says.
>You stand up, grinning.
"As much as i want to stay for a lap dance, i do have brief business with the doctor."
>"You can always stay! If Surge doesn't do it, i could." Mich says with a grin.
>You and Charon step outside, the stallion smiling with a small blush.
>"How may i help Vex?"
"I wanted to talk to you about Hunter's education, i think we should start it soon. You mentioned having fun playing some learning games?"
>Charon nods, smiling.
>"Yes, there are a few that the orphanage provided us. There are plenty of electronic books and games for Hunter to learn with, the one that i got stuck playing for an extended time having every kind of schooling there is. It is adaptive too, it quickly changed the addition math questions to multiplication on me when i started breezing through them. I think it would be perfect for Hunter once he plays one of the more basic ones and gets a grasp on how it all works."
Thats fantastic do you think you could help me get him started now?
Well that's good news. How far did you manage to get in the game?
We should get him started on reading.
Oh, we're also taking a break tomorrow because I would like to take a photo of the entire crew.
hunter is going to love the wonderful world of reading. You get to learn a lot of things from reading.
"That's great! how far did you get in the game?"
>Charon pauses, smiling.
>"I may have beat it... the story made me want to rescue all the robots."
"It was that engaging?"
"Well then, that's good. Do you think you could help me get him started now? By the way, Angel and i did buy Hunter a electronic book for hin to read on. Also, before i forget, we have tomorrow off so we can all take photos of the crew."
>The stallion nods, smiling.
>"We can get Hunter started whenever you want. I have a perfect reading, spelling, and pronunciation program just for him."
Well then great. Let's go back to our family and tell angel the good news. Enjoy a lap dance for me Charon.
"Great! Thank you Charon, de me a favour and enjoy a lap dance for me.
>Charon laughs, smiling.
"You are welcome Vex."
>You head back to the mess, finding Hunter and Angel there still.
>Angel looks up from Hunter's drawing with a smile, sitting up straight.
"Good news, Charon has a learning program for Hunter all ready to go."
>"That's great!"
>Angel pats Hunter on his head, smiling.
>"Hear that Hunter? You will be learning soon, then you can teach yourself and learn more magic!"
What's hunter drawing this time? Would he like to see a little bit of what he's going to learn from?
>You move over and sit down, looking down at the pile of papers.
"What are you drawing this time Hunter?"
>"Beach!" He says.
>Angel laughs, moving one of the papers over.
>"So far he's drawn his castle, the ocean with us in it, and the box of icecream."
>You pick up the picture of the softserve icecream, smiling at Hunter after.
"It looks great Hunter!"
>Hunter smiles at you, looking very happy.
"Hunter, would you like to see what you will be doing for learning?"
>"Yes." Hunter says, nodding with a curious look on his face.
Did charon mention if these games would be on a data pad or a terminal or something else? Tell hunter to keep drawing for a bit then while we go ask charon if we can try one of these learning programs now.
we could just use Sydney but I want to know if they're up to more shenanigans.
"Okay, just give mommy a second to go get it. Keep drawing till mommy gets back."
>Hunter nods and you turn and take off, walking back to the crew quarters.
>You feel lust in the air from the room as you approach, Charon and Surge being the source.
>"I'm serious, i was even when Vex was here. Now, do you want one?"
>"Umm..." Surge says, being a stallion again.
>"I'll take that as a yes. Both of you stay here, i gotta look the part."
>Mich turns with a smile, stopping and smiling at you.
>"Hey Vex! just in time, we are about to get that dance on."
"Oh really? Charon, quick question. What can we use that program on? Hunter wants a taste of what is to come in the world of learning."
>"Anything will do, the basic spelling and alphabet one is just in the desk drawer under my computer."
>"Aww, and here i thought you were coming to the party Vex."
Maybe later when I'm done and hunter is asleep, that way angel can be here too. If you aren't all done by then.
Now let's go see that learning program.
Just wait till the kid's asleep and i'll show you guys how to really party. Unless you guys have tuckered yourself out by then.
"Maybe later when Hunter is asleep, that way Angel can join in too. Hopefully you aren't all done by then, that way i can show you how to really party."
>"If that is the case, I'll wait and suprise all of you." Mich says with a grin. "Besides, how about we all crack a drink open to really make it a party before we start? It would be more fun."
>"Sure." Surge says.
>"A little bit of socal drinking never hurt."
"Have fun. Go ahead and start the dance if it get's too late."
>"Will do Vex." Mich says.
>You leave them alone and go to the medical room, searching and finding the learning game for spelling.
>You head back and grab a data pad when you arrive, loading the game onto the data pad.
>Hunter moves over to you when you call him, smiling up at you.
>Angel sits next to you as you prop the data pad up, the game giving a cartoony introduction that Hunter watches.
>After the intro, the game goves a few options as to what activity should be started, the activities being Reading, Rhyming, Spelling, Alphabet, and Pronunciation.
Start with the alphabet.
then we get to pronunciation and spelling.
>You start Hunter off with the alphabet, letting the game go through the letters as it teaches Hunter how each letter is said and what words it starts with.
>'It's just like talking.'
"It is just like talking Hunter, pay attention and you will learn a lot."
>Hunter sits and pays attention with a smile, repeating how each letter sounds as he learns the alphabet.
>After going through it a few times, you choose pronunciation, the game becoming interactive.
>It gives a few objects, naming them and having Hunter select the ones that start with a certain sound.
>Hunter smiles as he works on his C's and selects a carriage, a cat, and a computer.
>"Enjoying the game Hunter?"
>Hunter nods as he jeeps his eyes on the screen, the game giving the pronunciation for D and displaying more images.
We should let him do this for an hour and then we can stop. He can get back to this tomorrow. Before or after we get those photos.
Ask Angel if he's called his mom yet. Then we can get to that
And then its party time! Grab the Mezcal and don't forget the worm. Mamma wants to trip to night!
"Angel, have you called your mother yet?"
>"Yeah, i gave her a call, she says we can stop by any time tomorrow."
"Good, thank you."
>You watch as Hunter plays with the game more, yawning after a bit.
"Alright Hunter, that's enough for now. Come, let's get you to bed."
>Hunter shakes his head, playing with the data pad still.
>"Come on Hunter, Don't you want to be rested up for when you see Cotton tomorrow?"
>Hunter turns with a suprised look on his face, nodding the getting away from the data pad.
>You shut everything down and bring Hunter upstairs, finding Cobalt setting up an extra pillow.
>"Oh! bedtime?"
"For Hunter, yes."
>"I'll get out of here then, sleep well Hunter!"
>When Cobalt walks off, you get Hunter into bed and say goodnight before you tuck him in.
>Hunter quickly falls asleep, Angel picking up Cobalt's collar and setting it by your book shelf before you both exit the room.
Hey angel and cobalt, wanna come to a little crew get together?
>You spot Cobalt as she walks down the hall, calling out to her.
>She turns and smiles, trotting up to you.
>You look to Angel and her, smiling.
>"You two wana join in on a crew get together? Charon, Surge, and Mich should be having fun drinking already."
>"Sure." Angel says, smiling.
>"I'll come!"
"Great, lets go."
>You all head to the crew quarters, you leading Angel and Cobalt to the same room as earlier.
>Both Mich and Surge laugh, Charon still as a stallion and holding his head in his hooves.
"You okay Charon?"
>He looks up, grinning.
>"I maaaaaaaay have drank a little more then i orogionally intended."
>"You gonna be okay?" Angel asks with a smile.
>"Oh yes, I'm just starting to feel the effects and an stuck smiling."
>"Well then, pass me a bottle, it sounds like we need to catch up." Angel says.
>Surge magically lifts the three of you a bottle, Mich smiling.
>'Should i get changed into proper attire?'
Why yes you should. Let's have a drink while we wait. would you like any cobalt?
'Go right ahead.'
>Mich stands up trotting off.
>"Be right back!"
"Pass me a drink please Surge. Cobalt? You want one too?"
>Surge gives you both a drink, Charon doing something with a bottle.
>"Here, to get you guys up to speed a little faster." He says, passing out shots of whiskey.
>You all down them, Cobalt giving a small cough.
"You okay Cobalt?"
>"Yes, i'm fine."
>It's not long before the sound of hoofsteps come from the entrance of the room, Mich walking in.
>You turn and see the changeling looking very feminine, taking long and sway filled strides as he walks past you into the centre of the room.
>Mich is wearing a short skirt and shirt, socks going up his legs, leaving a small gap between them and a pair of tight panties that are barley seen under the skirt.
>"Woah Mich. Save for the voice, you uh... look like a mare." Surge says.
>"Seriously. Chaos might start again if he sees that." Angel says.
>Mich snickers, a sly grin on his face.
>"Who gets the first dance?"
>"Dance?" Angel asks.
>"Surge is giving every pony a lap dance." Charon says.
>Angel stares wide eyed as surge, a blush to his face.
>"Better yet, everypony gets to touch back. Who is first?"
We're captain so we should get the first lap dance. Then everyone else can have a turn. Remember to smack that ass.
Get that juicy candy ass over here, Mich!
I need to make sure that skirt is fitting ok.
"Captain first. So get that candy ass of yours over here Mich! I need to see if that skirt is fitting okay."
>Mich turns so his frank is pointed at you, looking back and govig a wink.
>"Yes captain!"
>Mich strides over to you, a slurty grin on his face.
>He then turns and presses his flank into your hips, running and grinding his rear against you.
>"Dows it fit?"
>You put your hooves against his legs, running them up the opening of the skirt and against the soft panties.
"I think so."
>You give Mich'a flank a smack, Mich giving a suprised noise and others laughing a little.
>"Vex! You are such a bad mare." Mich says, laughing.
>He turns and climbs ontop on you, sitting on your lap and leaning back slightly as he wraps his hooves around the back of your neck.
>"All for you captain." He says with a wink.
>Mich grinds against you more, his sack being felt through the panties he is wearing.
>He leans in for a hug as he grinds still, giving you a pair of bedroom eyes as he keeps his face an inch from yours as you feel up his curvy body.
>The dance goes on and Mich moves onto the next pony, preforming the smae act.
>Lust builds in the room as each pony gets a dance, Cobalt mostly blushing and glancing around at hers.
>"This is so unprofessional of me... But fuck it." Charon says as his dance finishes, taking another drink.
>"Your turn Angel." Mich says, approaching him.
>"You know, i think i'm alright."
>"Oh stop being so nervous!" Mich says.
>Mich gets on top of Angel, pressing against him as Angel's lust rises slightly.
>"C-come on Mich."
>"Is he always this way?" Mich asks you with a smile, turning back to Angel after and grinding against him. "Relax. Explore. Nopony is judging you, just have fun with it."
Just give the dance a try angel. Then when it's over you can at least say you gave it a chance and it wasn't for you.
I'll give you one after too.
Oh, he's not nervous. I know what his problem is. Angel just wants a dance from his personal cuddle bug, ain't right.

Get up, give Angel dance, and show mich how you really get a rise out of a pony.
"I bet he just want's his own cuddle bug to do it. Just give it a shot Angel, I promise i'll give you one after."
>Angel looks to you, then back to Mich with a sigh.
>"Alright, i'll give it a try."
>"That's the spirit. Come on Angel, explore! live a little." Mich says.
>Mich gets really close and gives Angel a small nuzzle, grinding against him more.
>Angel sighs again and relaxes, putting his hooves on Mich's hips.
>"There ya go."
>Mich keeps grinding as Angel's lust builds a little more, Angel's hooves now wandering.
>His hooves find their way to Mich's legs, eventually reaching up the skirt and feeling Mich's flanks.
>Mich lets out a lusty sounding sigh, Angel's lust going up more when he does.
>"Not so bad right? kinda fun?" Mich asks.
>"Yeah, kinda."
>'He's gettin a little hard Vex. You really sould help him explore his options, I think he likes feeling what i got under this skirt, with his hooves and stomach.'
>Mich looks back at you, smiling and hugging Angel.
>"I don't think i can let go of this handsome stallion of your's Vex, He's too fun."
Ha. That's pretty funny Mich but you're gonna have to try your charms on another stallion. Angel couldn't give up on all of this.
Anyway move on to charon. It's my turn.
Play your cards right Mich and I might just invite you over for some fun. I can assure you angel has plenty of stallion to go around.
'Play your card's right Mich, and i may invite you over to have some fun. Angel has plenty of stallion to go around.'
>'Please do, my room is always open. Who knows? maybe we can get him to see what it is like to have a stallion.'
>You shake your head, smiling at Mich and gesturing to yourself
"Nice try Mich, but Angel couldn't give all this up for anything. Now it's my turn."
>Mich nods with a sigh and get's off of Angel, taking a seat.
>You get up and walk to Angel, Angel smiling as you do.
>You take the same position as Mich, grinding agaisnt Angel with your bare body.
>You can feel how right Mich was, Angel's member slightly poking out as his lust beins to quickly to rise.
>"Sexy mare." Angel says, giving you a kiss.
>Cobalt stands up, giving a yawn.
>"Sorry everypony, i think i'm dine for the night. Have fun!"
Have a good night Cobalt. We should be joining you soon.
Let's finish our dance with Angel and then we can stay a little while longer.
Offer a dance for anybody else who wants one and do at least one double pony lap dance with mich.
"Night Cobalt!"
>You keep up your dance as Cobalt goes, Angel's lust keeping up.
>Eventually, you finish up your dance on Angel, smiling to the others.
"So? who wans a dance from the captian?
>"I may have one before i go" Charon says, a drunk smile on his face.
>"I'd like one." Surge adds.
>You take another big drink, moving to Charon next.
>You dance and grind against him, getting Charon's lust up high and keeping it there for several miniutes before moving onto Surge.
>You can feel the buzz of alcohol as time goes on and you all drink more, Surge giving off plenty of lust by the time you finish dancing for him.
>The alcohol blurs the events on how Angel got to be the one getting the doubble lap dance, Surge watching with a smile as you all drunkenly have fun.
>You and Mich grind against Angel for quite some time, the fron of Mich's skirt atanding up slightly.
>Angel's lust stays high as he feels up the both of you, Surge's lust also staying up through the event.
>'How about a surprise double kiss to end it? Any longer and we all will be here for the night.'
Or given all the rock hard ponies around her we could just finish them off with special treat instead.

Give angel's member a good lick.
Kisses area good.
'Kisses are good, but I'm going to add to that.'
>You kiss Angel as you get off his left hind leg, lowering yourself to his stallionhood.
>Angel grins, Mich watching you with a snile as he contunues to grind against Angel.
>You wink at him, then run your tongue along his slightly erect member before taking him into your mouth and beginning to suck.
>"Lucky, lucky, Angel. I can see why you like her so much. The damn love bugs always had is beat when it came to giving." Mich says.
>You feel a hoof rubbing your head, looking up at Angel and seeing him and Mich very close.
>"Doesn't mean i can't try and keep up."
>Mich kisses Angel multipule times, the both of them drunkenly making out as you suck Angel.
>Time blurs with the alcohol, Angel keeping his hoof on your head as you suck
>Angel groans loudly, quickly filling your mouth with his cum as he holds you in place.
>You swallow it all and suck just a little more, Angel being clean when you let go of him.
That was good. We could do surge too if he isn't already passed out or jacking off.

If he's good let Mich handle the shaft this time.

And if the doctor is still around she/he can just watch and blame himself for his "professionalism" later.
>You turn and look to Surge, seeing him begin to stroke his erect member.
"I think Surge could use some help Mich."
>"That he could, switch spots?"
>You both move over to Surge, the unicorn stallion putting his hooves beside him and grinning somewhat shyly.
>You get up on Surge and begin grinding again, Mich already playing with his stallionhood.
>Mich begins to suck as you kiss Surge, a hoof rubbing against your flank and goving a spank as you do.
>It isn't long before Surge shutters and moans, a softer moan coming from Mich.
>Mich lets go of Surge's stallionhood and goes back for a lick, smiling up after.
>"Pent up were we? when's the last time you did anything Surge?"
>"I don't know..."
>Surge pants, looking tired.
>"Thank Goddess this is my room, i'm spent."
Mich you're the brother I never knew I wished I wanted. Hell for all I know you might actually be if we were born around the same time...I don't know if im drunk but ya know what, From now on your hunter's skirt wearing dirty other uncle.

Now if you excuse me, I got to get my stallion to bed...and maybe in a shower. Booze smell is getting kinda bad.

I'll catch you guys later.
Oh uh there was also this photo we were planning on taking together and I wanted to get the whole crew together. But we might also be too hungover later so maybe never mind...goodnight.

>Go back to bed drunk but fail horribly and just sleep on the couch.
>You smile and give Mich a hug, nuzzling him a little.
"Mich, you are the brother i wish i had. then again, we could be depending on when we were hatched."
>"Ha, maybe. I can be if i get to keep enjoying moments like this."
>You smile stupidly up at him.
"I am probably very drunk, but from now on, you are Hunter's skirt wearing and dirty other uncle."
>Mich nods his head, laughing.
>"Try extremely drunk."
"I need to get my stallion to bed, possibly a shower too. We may be doing some photo stuff tomorrow, but i have no idea with how hungover we may be. Goodnight you two."
>"You gonna be okay to get back Vex?" Surge asks.
"Yes yes, don't worry."
>Moving to Angel and nuzzling him, you get him to stand up and walk with you.
>You both heavily lean against each other as you go down the long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, sleepy, and dark hall.
>You open your eyes slowly, a marginal spinning felling present as you wake up.
>Slowly taking in your sorroundings, you see you are in the war room and on the makeshift couch, Angel being the little spoon as he sleeps in your hooves.
Ugh too much lust...too much alcohol...bathroom.

Head to bathroom then check on hunter and cobalt.
>You quietly grunt, using your magic to move away from Angel without waking him.
>Once free, you set a blanket on him and head into the hall.
>You go to the crew bathrooms and take care of buisness, splashing your face with some water and drinking some too after.
>You clear your throat as you look in the mirror, feeling slightly refreshed as a small headache pains you.
>Turning around and exiting the bathroom, you head to your quarters at a slow pace.
>You open the door to your quarters and find both Cobalt and Hubter still asleep, Hunter shifting a little.
Close the door and let them sleep. We should now make pancakes.
>You quietly close the door and head to the mess, remembering the pancakes you bought.
>None of the crew is in the mess when you arrive, only you being awake currently.
>With some noise, you find a pan and follow the instructions for the pancakes.
>One by one the pancakes start pileing up, humming a tune as you make more.
>Hoofsteps sound and you turn to see Mich, the stallion not wearing any clothes.
>"Morning Vex."
>Mich chuckkles, smiling at you as he sits down.
>"Not feeling good? Memory fuzzy at all?"
Felt pretty bad when I woke up but it's passing. I can remember somethings.
"I felt pretty bad when i woke up, but it is passing. My memory is a little fuzzy, but i remember some things."
>Mich nods, smiling.
>"Well, it was a fun night. I tell ya, you are lucky, Angel is really packin'."
>You nod, continuing to make the pancakes.
>As you finish more pancakes, more hoofsteps sound from down the hall.
>Charon, Surge, and Angel all walk in, Angel stumbling over and kissing you.
>"Godess that smells good. i love you.
Wait till you taste them. if anyone wants some then just help yourself. Set some aside for hunter and yourself. And cobalt. So 12.
Hope we have syrup or whipped cream. We should try making some chocolate chip pancakes later. I just remembered that we also need to make some for cerb too.
thanks senpai
"Just wait till you taste them."
>"I'm sure they are great."
>You bring the first plate of pancakes to the table, your crew smiling happily.
>"Thanks Vex."
>"Thank you captain."
"You are all very welcome."
>You go back to making pancakes, smiling as you do.
>"So... does anypony temember last night? ...i kinda don't remember everything." Charon says, her voice sounding nervous. "Also, thanks for turning me back Surge."
>"You left after Vex gave you a dance, saying word for word "Fuck it" at one point."
>"Ahh, now i remember. What happened after i left?"
>Angel clears his throat, pausing.
>"What kinda things?"
>"Thing things."
>You hear more steps as you finish the pancakes, the rest of the crew and Hunter showing up.
>"Mornig Vex." Chaos says.
>"There she is." Cobalt says.
>"Mommy!" Hunter shouts, running and hugging your leg.
>"Ohhh, pancakes!" Cerb says, Sky's wing wrapped around her.
we're feeding a lot of hungry ponies today.
Good morning hunter. I hope you slept well. Want to flip a pancake? Do it when you see bubbles.
We had lots of fun. Lets leave it at that Charon.
hope hunter likes our pancakes.
"Good morning Hunter. did you sleep well?"
>Hunter nods, smiling at you.
"Good, here, let's make a pancake."
>You help set Hunter up, teaching him how to make a pancake as the crew eats.
>When finished, you bring the pancake to the table for Hunter to eat and sit down to eat too.
>Charon leans over, whispering.
>"What did happen last night?"
"Lots of fun was had Charon, lets leave it at that."
>"I know, but... i was relatively behaved right?"
>"Oh my gosh Vex, this is posibly the best panckaes i ever had. And i'm not trying to suck up to you." Cerb says.
>"Seriously, thanks Vex, these are great." Surge says.
Thanks Cerb. You were pretty well behaved Charon. You didn't do anything particularly outrageous.
Whisper and tell her she got a dance from vex and mich and squeezed a few butts so she doesn't have to worry. We made sure to let her leave before the party got really started.
"Thank you Cerb, you too Surge."
>You lean towards Charon and whisper.
"Don't worry Charon you were pretty well behaved. You got a dance from me and Mich, squeezed a few flanks, and left before the real party started."
>"ahh, i see." Charon whispers back, a slight blush to her face.
>You all eat untill full, Most of the crew happily sitting and chatting.
>Cerb looks to a watch she has and sighs, Sky curled around her and purring.
>"Sorry Sky." She says, smiling at him.
>"Yes, big job today. I need to go Vex, have a good day and be safe everypony."
We're going to be resting today so if possible you might be able to come back to sky after your job is done. Stay safe cerb. Let's go visit sunflower now.
Let's also tell sky he has a tank shield now.
I wonder if we should get a tie or something for hunter.
We should get angel to buy a turtleneck sweater to wear, so he can wear a sweater with Vex and Hunter in the photo.
Good night.
"We are off today Cerb, so you may be able to come back to Sky as soon as your job is done."
>Cerb smiles, nuzzling Sky.
>"I hope so."
>Both her and Sky get up, beginning to walk away.
"Stay safe Cerb."
>"No promises." She says, giving a wink.
>When they go, you look to Angel.
"Angel, can we go get you a turtleneck before we go to your mothers?"
>Angel nods.
>"Sure, we need to wait a moment for Sky anyways. Any colour in specific?
Our's is already a different color then hunter's so it doesn't matter. Whatever he wants.
"No, whatever you like, mines already plenty different from Hunter's sweater."
>"Alright then, i'll be back."
>Angel gets up and gives you and Hunter a hug, leaving the mess after.
>"By the way cap, mind hitting me with that spell again? couldn't find you when i was going to bed." Fixer asks.
>"I got it." Surge says, hitting him with the spell.
>The small mare looks down at her body, nodding.
>"Gonna miss ya Fixer junior."
>"You named it?" Chaos asks, smiling with a look of disbelief.
>"What? And you didn't name yours? call it something different? Because i got one! "The destroyer"."
>Chaos shakes his head, smiling.
>"You are in enough trouble as is, so you should keep quiet before you get into more."
>You all wait around for a bit, finishing up any pancakes as Sky and Angel both get back.
>"How's this?" Angel asks, wearing a white turtleneck with two dark blue lines that go up the sleeves and across the chest and back.
It looks nice. You found a good one.
"It looks great Angel, you choose a good one. Come on, let's head to your mothers."
>"Sure thing."
>You all head to the bridge and have the Artemis take off, headding to the colony.
>The trip is short and easy, you and the crew arriving at the colony safely.
>You pull on your turtle neck and grab the camera when landed, Cobalt and Fixer being without their collars as you all step onto land.
>You set out and head for Angel's house, Sunflower opening the door with a smile.
>"Hello everypony! Cotton!"
>"Hey ma."
"Hello Sunflower."
>Cotton arrives at the door, dashing out and hugging Hunter.
>"Hi Hunter!"
>"Hi Cotton!"
>Cotton jumps back in suprise, smiling.
>"He knows my name!"
>"Yep, Hunter has been learning a lot lately." Angel says.
>"So good to hear. How is everything in the world of adventure?"
It's going pretty well. It's exciting and frightening. We've met some interesting ponies along the way. Had to deal with some not so sweet ponies too.
I've had a bit...too much adventure for my own good as of late. You'd think when take out a cruiser here and defend a colony there a pony would become jaded but we've been sweating a few times recently.

It makes me really treasure the nice delivery jobs. Be we made some new friends as of late so I guess that makes it worth it.
"It's been good and exciteing. Things may have gotten a little bit too adventurous lately, have been sweating a few times, but that's the way it is. we at least get to meet good ponies and make good friends, so it makes dealing with the not so sweet ponies worth it."
>Sunflower nods, smiling.
>"It would i suppose. Just remember thay you always have a place to call home."
>You nod and smile, Sunflower motioning you inside.
>"Now come on in! There are some new faces i see. There are a few treats for before or after the pictures, and..."
>Sunflower looks down at Hunter, smiling.
>"I do believe there is a surprise for somepony."
Do we need a blindfold? Let's see what the surprise is
"Oh? do we need a blindfold?"
>"No, not at all."
>You all head inside, Sunflower turning to Cotton.
>"Go on and get it."
>Cotton nods, running off.
>One by one you all sit down, some of the crew needing to use the floor.
>"Quite crowded, i see some new faces."
"Oh, yes. This is Mich and Surge. Mich and Surge, this is Sunflower, Angel's and Chaos's mother."
>"Nice to meet you."
>"Nice to meet you both too."
>Cotton comes back, carrying a wrapped gift box and giving it to Hunter.
>"Go ahead and open it!"
>Hunter smiles and examines the box, looking at it from all angels and gently prying at the paper.
>"You're supposed to tear it off silly!" Cotton says.
>There is a small laughter as Hunter actually begins ripping the gift open, getting to the box inside.
>The gift inside is a small portable electronic game, a few games coming with it.
>Hunter looks a little confused but smiles, showing it to you.
"It's a video game Hunter, like the one Fixer let you play!"
>Hunter grins widely, Hugging Cotton with a chitter.
>"Thank you!"
>"Glad you like it Hunter!"
>"Cotton was insistent about getting him something, and even did extra chores to get the money together for a gift. I figure it may be a little advanced, but she was so stubborn about it." Sunflower says
That was really nice of you cotton. Thank you. We need to give her a big hug. And a good gift the next time we're here.
I ask hunter if he thinks he can transform into cotton for them.
"That was really nice of you Cotton, thank you."
>You hold out your hooves, Cotton moving to you when Hunter is done and hugging you.
>You look at Hunter as you hug Cotton, smiling.
'How about you show Cotton your ability to transform? try to copy her Hunter.'
>You let go of Cotton, Hunter calling her.
>When she turn's Hunter transforms, mimicking the earth pony filly perfectly.
>Cotton gasps, moving to and feeling Hunter.
>"He's exactly like me!"
"Yes. Hunter has been learning his abilities and magic, he is getting very good at it."
>"Oh my gosh, i don't think i could tell the two of you apart!" Sunflower says.
>The two kids chase each other to the point where you can't tell them appart, one of them tickling the other.
I'm pretty sure it's cotton that's tickling hunter right now. Really though we just have to say "we're leaving" and then hunter will come running after us. That and he shouldn't be able to maintain that transformation for long.
So while the kids play how about we relax and pick a spot to take a photo. unless they already have somewhere in mind?
heh, yes he's picked it up really quickly he could even copy her voice too if he's really trying.

Have fun but don't wear yourself out too much hunter or you won't have any energy to keep playing.
"He has gotten quite good at it, if he is really trying, he could do her voice too!"
>You smile down at them, wayching them roll around.
"Easy Hunter, you can't play if you use up all your energy being transformed."
>The bottom Cotton nods, changing back into Hunter.
>"Come on Hunter! I have some things to show you!"
>The two kids take off, Sunflower smiling as they go.
>"It's so good to see her up and about like that."
>You nod, looking to Angel then Sunflower.
"Know any good places for a photo? or do you have a spot in mind?"
>Sunflower nods, smiling.
>"I have a few ideas, definitely one on the couch and on the grass would be nice."
>"There's also a field of flowers near here, or the local park." Angel says.
>"If we are getting a crew photo too, how about we have the Artemis in the background?" Chaos suggests.
>"Ahh, we have yet to see that mighty ship of yours. Both the boys say it is quite the beauty."
We have a lot of pictures to take. Alright. How about we take one on the couch. Then the grass. Then the field of flowers and finally the Artemis so that we can let you walk around the inside of the ship.
I hope her and cotton think the ship is cool.
"How about we do the couch, grass, field, and Artemis? that way we get tons of photos and you can see the ship."
>"That sounds great."
>"I'll hold the camera and take pictures for you Vex." Sky says.
"Thank you Sky."
>You gather Hunter and Cotton, beginning to take photos on the couch.
>You get a few photos, getting just your family, your family and Cobalt, the entire family, and a picture with just Sunflower with both the younger kids.
>You do the same outside, moving to the field of flowers shortly after.
>Angel nudges you as you all walk through the field of red, yellow, and blue flowers, smiling at you.
>"Call me cheesy, but how about a place like this for our ceremony?"
You're cheesy angel. But also right.
Ugh angel is just looking for a way to make us blush...and its working. Do the thing!

After that show Cotton the ship.
>Your face burns slightly as you smile at Angel.
"You are cheesy Angel. But you are also right, this place is nice. Come on, lets get the photos done.
>You get into position and have the photos get taken, going to your ship in no time.
>"Wow!" Cotton says when you arrive at your ship.
>"My, it looks like wuite the ship." Sunflower says, looking up at the Artemis.
>"Yep, she is a rough and tough ship." Chaos says.
>You set up the camera on a tiner and get your crew and yourself into position, getting all of them along with both Sunflower and Cotton in the picture.
>You then give Sunflower and Cotton a tour of the ship, making it similar to when you broght the school aboard your ship.
>"This ship is so cool!" Cotton says.
>"I agree. It's lovely to see how homey some parts of it are, i guess the rumors of ships being like a family are true." Sunflower says.
There are rumors like that? Well then I'm glad we confirm them to be true. Tell sunflower that if she ever wants to go on a vacation then to give us a call. We'll pick her up.
Heh, yeah we're all pretty close.
>sniff around a bit to make sure there aren't any awkward smells from how "close" your crew gets.

Ask Cotton if this is the kind of stuff she wants to do when she's older.
“We could rent a cabin or something or go to a hotel? You could stay at the bar that way.”
>”That works for me, you gonna run it by the others?”
“Yeah I’ll check in on them in a bit, you got any ideas for what we can do about Ember?”
>”Well I do have one idea… It’s a little bit suicidal though.”
“Tell me anyway it could be a useful last resort.”
>”Well, I looked over that bounty and from the way it was worded she seems like the sort of pony who’s easy to piss off. I was thinking-”
>True is cut off by Dex climbing up to the cockpit, “Try not to strain yourself True.”
>”Piss off birdbrain! I’m trying to tell the cap’n about my awesome plan! Anyway, I was thinking we should try to piss Ember off and then call her out. We could make Ember come to us!”
>”And then they turn up with everything they’ve got. We’re one ship True,” Dex shakes his head, “We’d be fucked.”
>”Nuh-uh! We have friends we can call to help! We can ask Silver if she’d back us up.”
Alright, we'll ask silver if she can spare the ships and they aren't already doing something important. If they are then we can also wait to do this calling out and face them in space combat. I guess we can send a message now.
Hell yeah we're going to a ski resort!
Let's ask Dex now that he's here.
We should also look up a dentist for true. There are a lot of things to do.
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So it's just hit me. I started the very first Space thread one year ago today. On the one hand I'm bloody proud I've made it this far. On the other I'm disappointed that I haven't got as far as I'd hoped I would. Thanks for sticking with me so far.
Happy first anniversary guys.
Sorry I'm shit
Congrats on the one year anniversary. I can understand you being busy. But I also think and hope that you update more regularly.
“I’ll give Silver a call then. Dex? Can you sort out a dentist for True’s tooth?”
>”Sure, I’ll check where the nearest dentist is.”
>You open comms and call Silver getting a response within a minute or so.
>”Hey Flicker, thanks for helping me out with that job, have you been payed yet?”
“Yeah, we’re just getting our upgrade installed now, I was hoping you could do me a favour?”
>”That depends on the favour? What do you need?”
“We’ve got a huge bounty on our head and True has a plan to take out the pony who put the bounty out. We need a few ships to back us up.”
>”I might be able to help... “ You hear her rummaging around for something in the background and muttering under her breath, “Tell you what, let me call you back about that. I might be able to send a few of our security teams your way. You need anything else?”
Just secure some gems for us in the future. Of course we'll pay for them/ do whatever work you need.
It's always time for fun.
"Well then i'm glad we can confirm those rumors to be true. and yes, i suppose we are all close."
>You take a few snifs, finding no trace of how "close" you or your crew are.
"Just remember, you can give us a call and we can take you on a vacation, and not the dangerous type."
>Sunflower nods, smiling.
>"I would love to take you up on that offer, it's hard to go to any interrsting places."
>You look to Cotton, smiling at the little filly.
"Would you like to do thigs like this in the future Cotton?"
>"Yes! maybe. It seems so cool!"
>"You have been quite the insparation to her Vex, she wants to be like you and her brothers, always asking about you and the boys to see if they called."

And quite the journey it has been! hopefully when everything on my end is over, Space and CYOA will still be around and we may be able to continue. Or have Hunter pick up the torch.
“Just secure gems for us in the future. Obviously we’ll pay for them or work for them.”
>”I can manage that. I’ll call you back in a little bit Flicker, good luck.” She hangs up.
>True grins and punches you in the shoulder, “This is gonna be fuckin’ awesome cap’n! You think we’ll deal with Ember first or go on that vacation?”
>“Wait, what vacation?” Dex asks as he helps Star down from the gunner’s position above.
>”We’re going on vacation? Where?” Star slides up next to True’s chair, pecking her on the cheek.
“We don’t know where exactly, just somewhere snowy with a bar.”
>”That sounds pretty fun, I haven’t been skiing in years,” Dex taps his terminal a few times, “we’re about halfway between Harmony and the nearest colony. Harmony’s our best bet for a decent dentist but there might be one at the colony. Where do you wanna try Flicker?”
Let's ask cotton what kind of things she thinks we do and then confirm or deny them.
Let's go to harmony. We need a decent dentist.
"Well, what kind if thing do you think we do Cotton?"
>Cotton smiles beightly at you.
>"Save ponies, fight bad guys, make friends, save ponies from monsters, blow up astroids, and go to pretty places!"
>"Well we do most of that, don't know about pretty places when we are working though" Fixer says.
"That is true, we do a bit of all of those."
>"A bit of shipping too." Chaos says.
>"Quite the wide range of work then? either way, it's good to hear that you all help ponies."
>"Like superheroes!" Cotton says.
>Sunflower looks at you, smiling.
>"So, what are your plans for today? i was unsure on how long you would be staying at the colony."
A bit of shipping? We do a lot of it and it's our go to job.
Don't really have anything planned today. I was just going to stay at the colony for the day. Or maybe you would like to come and visit trident? We can buy you something nice.
"Not really, we were going to stay here at the colony. But, we all could go on a trip to Trident, and i could maybe get you something nice."
>Cotton gasps, Sunflower smiling
>"Oh please, now it would seem like i'm taking advantage of my daughter in law!"
>"Can we please go mom? Please?" Cotton asks junping up and down.
>Sunflower looks at you, shakibg her head.
>"Last time she was even off planet was four years ago, and that was for a doctor's trip. I don't know Cotton, it is Vex's ship, so you should ask her."
>"Please Vex?"
>"I'd just need to grab her medicine for her dose and we would be good to go."
Yeah sure. It'll be fun. We'll wait. Then we can go shopping for anything you want. I don't mind spending some credits.
"Sure. We will wait and then we can go and have some fun."
>Sunflower nods and you help direct her out of the ship, waiting for her to return.
>When she does return, you lead her and Cotton to the bridge and take off for Trident.
>When landed at the station, you all head to the shopping area and buy some things, Sunflower just getting a simple flower pot while Cotton gets a stuffed animal.
>The day goes on and you all enjoy the sights and sounds of the station, even stopping at the amusement park for a little fun.
>It is only later in the day that you return to the colony, dropping off Sunflower and Cotton before saying goodbye and returning to the Artemis.
>Angel nudges you again on the way back, smiling at you before looking to the same field of flowers that you werenin earlier.
>"So then, to add to my earlier suggestion, how about atop that hill there?"
>You shake your head at Angel, feeling your face burn.
"Now you just may be pushing your luck... but it does sound lovely."
>Angel nods, giving you a peck.
>"Love you pretty mare."
"Love you too handsome stallion."

>And that is how your new life bacame to be the most wonderfull experience you ever had, worth all the pain and trouble of leaving the hive.
>The friends you made, the lives you saved, and the family you found made every day worth living.
>You went on with your mercenary life and only years later decided to settle down with Angel. Using the genetic mod to become pregnant on your wedding night.
>You kept your gear and ship hidden away, always waiting for you to use it again as your crew found their own ways in life while keeping in contact with you.
>Things become nice and slow when you settled down, And though you had three kids to take care of and lived a relaxed life, you always caught whispers about the mercenaries that fought for others and showed mercy whenever they could. Ponies always keeping an eye out for the ship known as the Artemis, and it's group of mercenaries.

Not the way i wanted thigs to end... but it is time.

This is not goodbye, i do hope to return and possibly do more for all you wonderfull people! But for now, i can not continue the story. i will poke in every so often if people have questions and to keep up with Space in general, hopefully being able to do more at some point.

Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity and for sticking around for this long.
It was a lot of fun space bug. Thank you for all that you have written. My only regret is that I didn't get to shoot rune.
My only regret is not being able to bone every crew member on the ship. including a threesome with sky and cerb.
Thanks for all the fun Space bug!

Hope you come back sometime.
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