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Age Difference Thread 10
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"Christmas Fiddling" Edition
Previous Thread: >>25780824

Come in here, all you /ss/, loli, MILF, and cougar lovers! Talk about or write about relationships between characters with a big age difference here.

BasedPastebinFucker's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/BasedPastebinFucker

LoreLove's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/LoreLove

Kid Anon and the Spa Ponies: http://pastebin.com/604wKseg

Right and Wrong (Anon x RD): http://pastebin.com/34vUjssQ

Blue and Orange on the Rainbow: http://pastebin.com/LTHRbaVn

Anon x Changelings: http://pastebin.com/JzKpr3yw

KidAnon and Babysitter Fluttershy: http://pastebin.com/LSXpUfUs

Anon x Ginger Snap (filly scout): http://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/24611358/#24621083

Anon x DT: http://pastebin.com/VX9AexTa

The Wonderful Misadventures of Scootaloo and Kid Anon: http://pastebin.com/BAne48b7

White Cream (Twilight Velver x Moondancer): http://pastebin.com/F13LxLWN

Spike x Rarity x Fluttershy Magic Dragon-cock Harem two threads ago (Get a pastebin or something!)

KidAnon's Family Lesson: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JCuAgpY6DhDHmR7oXTB0tFMi0_

The Nightlight - Young Anon x Twilight: http://pastebin.com/KGAwSJH3

Pretty damn violent, you been warned
Parent's Night Out - Child Anon x Cadance:
1: http://pastebin.com/zwC0NpR4
2: http://pastebin.com/h5PL42Ep
3: http://pastebin.com/KSGt3cXy
4: http://pastebin.com/3cYrn5i9
5: http://pastebin.com/etFHephx
6: http://pastebin.com/jmK3Cpat
7: http://pastebin.com/fsW6SPA3

Babs Tease: http://pastebin.com/wr3d5tQR

Too Fast, Too Young: http://pastebin.com/ktSs353f

MA KidAnon: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ8oVIcOiNMfeOsJCpw2lw3ARAhUBOFnhDOrvnDqw9M/edit?usp=sharing
anybody got the Applejack green?
It's not Eddition this time!
We did done done it.
Now to wait for writefags.
After christmas........
It's going to be a slow day.
Good thing I celebrate Christmas on the night of the 24th then, huh?
I'll write some more tommorrow after visiting some with family.
More Yay!
Merry Christmas
The only green we need today would be colts and fillies wrapped up like a present.
For some stallions or mares.
Or Young Adult mares and Stallions for Dilfs and Milfs.
Me too, but I just wont be back from my family until the 27th.
Hope everyone's either had or will have a nice Christmas with good food and great presents!
Merry Christmas, or as we say: God Jul!
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I may have more tody.
Now there's a pone craving the vitamin D.
I should at least try and write something of an update before the day is done, shouldn't I?
If you like. Will post what little I got done of mine later.
Our parents would be proud.
Does anyone have a request?
I was gonna save these characters for another day, but >>25878396 gave me an idea.

"Wakeup! Wakeup! Wakeup! Wakeup!"

What a rough wakeup call for Scribble. Not only was his young niece screaming in his ear, but she was also using his chest as a springboard. He managed to ignore the cries of the filly for a few moments longer, but in the end all mortals have limits.

"Alight! Alright!" he shouted, slowly opening an eye. "Getoff me, and I'll get up!"
Young Melody ceased hopping on her uncle's chest, but still stood upon its firm surface. Even with his glares, she stood firm, until he propped himself up on his forlegs. After she stepped off to his side, he yawned, and rubbed an eye. In hindsight, he though, it was rather stupid to think that he could possibly encourage a child to go back to bed on Christmas day, no matter what he did. A quick glance at the clock told him it was currently seven o'clock exactly in the morning. After groaning, he looked to his niece with sleep-filled eyes.

"Hon, it's seven in the morning. Can't you go back to bed, for like, another hour?"

The energetic filly responded by vigorously shaking her head.

"Nope! Santa came, and I wanna go open my presents!"

With a grunt from Scribble, she bounded off his stomach, and landed less-than-desirably on her hooves.

"Common Uncle Scribble! Let's go!"

Even if he wanted to, he couldn't at the moment. As she rushed out of his room and down the stairs, he stayed in bed, catching his breath. As much as he loved his niece, he wished she was a little less hyper. He knew that she was probably sitting in front of the tree right now though, swishing her tail back and forth as she impatiently waited for him to climb down the stairs. With some effort, he pulled himself out of bed, and hobbled to the living room.

Ah Christmas, what a magical yet stressful time of the year. It had been a few years since the concept was brought to Equestria by Anon, and it was an interesting prospect at that.
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540 KB, 1200x1188
>Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/wr3d5tQR

>>”Well, it would be a shame to spend your birthday alone. You can sleep over here tonight if you want-“

>>”-and he could stay in my room,” Babs blurted out.

>>”Heh, it would be just like when you two were little kids having sleepovers,” reminisced Mrs. Orange.

>>By little kids she meant when you were 6 and Babs was 10. That had been the last true sleepover before she started hanging out with her cousin and her pals. Auntie Orange was actually right, it would probably end up being a lot like that, as Bab’s had used the opportunity to practice kissing on you. The charms of it were lost on you back then.

>>Things continued on a similar note, the Orange’s retelling how Babs used to push you down then run away. Apparently you had failed that test, you were expected to chase her. Crying seemed the more logical course of action for five year old you. Bab’s blushing never subsided during the course of dinner, as her past acts against you were all laid out. The pieces began to fall into place.

>>You were understandably conflicted. On one hand Babs had spent the last seven or so years tormenting you. On the other hand after seeing her sans panties you really, reaally wanted to fuck her. The fact that you were beginning to suspect she had been trying to groom you to fuck her, in her own awkward tomboy way made the suddenly demure older girl irresistible.
Giving presents to each other in the spirit of goodwill? Sounded awesome in concept. But unfortunately, it had managed to turn into a commercialized affair, where everyone was more focused on getting the perfect gift instead of just giving one to a loved one.

It was, however, Melody's first Christmas with him though, so he wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect. Even with the meager salary he got as a writer, he had managed to scrape together enough bits to get his niece everything she wanted.

Sure enough, he saw his niece in front of the tree, impatiently waiting for his arrival. She then glanced over her shoulder, and stood up when she saw him.

"Common Uncle Scribble!" she proclaimed, rushing to his side. "Don't you want to see what Santa brought you?"

Considering Santa wasn't real, he honestly wasn't. However, he wasn't going to let that ruin the magic for her. After taking a brief visit the the coffee pot, he allowed her to tear into her presents while he enjoyed his morning dose of caffeine. Each time she opened a new gift, a twinkle shone bright in her eyes, which elicited a chuckle out of Scribble. When she was halfway through his pile, he began unwrapping his three gifts. First one was a typewriter, complete with an entire package of paper.

"Thanks mom," he mumbled to himself.

The other two gifts weren't too exciting, a new quill and ink set, which he already had two of waiting to be used, as well as a CD from an some no-name band. Judging by the punks featured on the cover, he reasoned that the band played some kind of alternative rock. Joy. What he really needed was some classic jazz, but anything to get the creative juices flowing was fine.

"Uncle Scribble, look!" Melody called suddenly.

He glanced up, and saw his niece proudly holding up the new doll house he bought her. It was what she had wanted the most.

"My parents got me a gift!"
And that's all I got. While not very productive for writing, my Fallout character made some pretty good progress today. Deacon is awesome.
Toaster Liberation Front for the win.
More please from both of you.
Whenever you have the time that is.
I'm interested
Oh boy, here we go again!


>Your brother gets up and opens the fridge door, taking a red plastic container out of it.
>He opens the drawer, then turns his head towards you.
>”Did you eat the last fucking Pop-Tart again?”
“No, PETA broke in and liberated them, saying we were inflicting on the liberty of the gummy bears killed to make the filling.”
>”No need for the sarcasm.”
“No need for the dumb questions.”
>Your brother grabs his lunchbox at the money at the table, then looks at the clock.
>”Is that clock behind?”
>Your brother turns around, scowling at you.
>”Then why the ass did you wake me up at six in the morning?”
“I was up, figured I may as well start getting ready for school, and that includes waking you up.”
>Your brother throws his arms into the air in frustration.
>”Okay, then why were you awake at six in the morning?”
“Snowdrop sent me a message and woke me up.”
>Your brother’s expression changes from anger to smugness faster than you can say “Oh boy, here we go.”
>He spins a chair around and sits on it.
>You thought about kicking from below him, but that’ll probably make things worse.
>”Well, looks like your winning personality finally won over someone.”
>You look at him, unamused.
>”Honestly, I don’t get what she SEES in you!”
>You groan.
“That was almost physically painful to hear.”
>”Well, I guess you were a sight for sore eyes, she probably—“
>You flip your spoon and hit your brother over the head with the handle.
“Hey, only I get to laugh at the disabled.” You say flipping the spoon handle back to your hand. “Now sit the hell down and eat something, you’re always bitching about not being able to eat breakfast.”
>You sit on the bus stop, with your brother next to you.
>”Well, this is bullshit.”
“Yeah, in retrospect we shouldn’t have gone out so early.”
>You check your clock, your brother checking his phone.
>”I have 7:07, you?”
>”Please tell me the bus driver didn’t get pissed drink again…”
>He reclines back in the seat, while you pull out your phone.
>You open Snowdrop’s message to save her number.
>You think about for a second, then decide to text her asking if she’s going to school already.
>If she’s already on her way, then the bus should probably be stopping here soon.
>As you start texting, a car turns around the corner.
>You pay no attention to it, but your brother hits on the side to catch your attention.
>”Is that the Snowdrop you were talking about?”
>You look up from your phone, and manage to catch a glimpse of the people sitting in the car as it passes by.
>Yep, that’s definitely Snowdrop, and who you’re guessing it’s her mom.
“Yeah, that’s her.”
>”Well, shit, if you’re not interested in her—“
>You look at your brother with as much hate as you can manage.
>If looks could kill, he’d have a mildly upset stomach at this point.
>”…Right, got it.”
“Glad we agree.”
>A cold wind passes near the bus stop, making you shiver.
“Okay, as soon as your bus passes, I’m hoping on it too, I’m not waiting another half an hour for mine.”
>”Dude, you can’t do that, Celestia would have your ass.”
“…You do realize who you’re talking to, right?”
>”Point taken.”
>Okay, that was clearly a mistake.
>Your shoe is covered in what you hope is apple juice, your bag is sporting two new holes, and you currently have a pretty serious case of “I can’t hear shit.”
>Never riding the bus full of kids again.
>Still, besides almost having to jump off the bus window, it gave you some time to think about what your brother said.
>While you must admit that Snowdrop is a pretty nice person to be around, you’re not entirely sure you actually like her, or vice versa.
>You been hanging for like a day, at most. I mean, sure, you pretty much told each other life stories on that day, but still.
>Also, she’s, like, twelve.
>That’s kind of important.
>Bah, it doesn’t matter right now.
>You will deal with that when it happens, IF it happens at all.
>Class was, once again, boring.
>Hell, you didn’t even see Babs at all.
>You’d figure she’ll be busting your balls for sticking up for Snow, but she didn’t even pop up.
>Knowing her, that doesn’t mean she’s not going to appear at the end of school to kick your ass, however.
>Yeah, like you’ll let her.
>As you walk down the hall, someone grabs your shoulder to grab your attention.
>You turn around to see…
>Oh God.
“Flash. What do you want?”
>”Hey bro, there was a kid asking for you near the school exit.”
“Yeah, than— Wait, how did this kid look like?”
>”Um, white hair, carries around a notebook, unfocused s—“
“Yeah, I got it. Thanks, Flash!” You say while turning around to look for Snowdrop.
>”Um, yeah. Okay.”
>You round the corner of the hallway, crossing a couple more people telling you a girl was looking for you.
>You’re not exactly hard to describe, but considering Snowdrop doesn’t know how you look like, the only people who can direct her are the handful who actually know your name.
>So, this is how The Nameless One feels.
>You see Snowdrop trying to catch the attention of a couple of people.
“If you keep that up and every single person in the school is gonna know me by the end of the week.” You say, loud enough for Snowdrop to hear.
>She turns around and looks in the direction of your voice.
>”Oh, Anon, I was looking for you.”
“Yeah, I know. Hell, half the school does too.”
>”Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you…”
“Ah, don’t worry about it, it’s not like it’s a big deal.”
>”Oh, that’s, um, that’s good, actually!” Snowdrop says, before swatting the air in front of her. “Um, Anon, could you, maybe, come closer?”
>You do so, thinking she wants to tell you something personal.
“Sure, what do you nee—“
>Your train of thought is interrupted by Snowdrop suddenly hugging you.
>Well, that was certainly unexpected.
>Still, it’s not so bad, and she smells like… something flowery.
>Hey, you’re not a botanist, it’s not like you know this shit.
>Oh, right, she was going to tell you something.
“Um, Snow..?”
>She opens her eyes and suddenly jolts back.
>”Heh, sorry, I got kinda… carried away there.”
“Hey, forget about it.” You say, making your best Rocky Balboa imitation. “Now, what was it that you wanted to tell me?”
>”Remember that yesterday you told me that I should join the art club?”
“Yeah, what happened?”
>”Well, I went and asked if there was anything they could teach me anything. Of course, they thought I was kidding at first, but then I showed them my doodling…”
>Snowdrop takes a step up, as if to add some tension, then smiles and jumps at you to hug you again.
>”They said yes!” She says while breaking the hug. “They said they could teach me how to do tactile painting, and help me get better with my drawings.”
“I… shit, that’s great news, actually! When do you start?”
>”They say I could start today, even though they still don’t have the equipment for tactile painting.”
“That’s great, shame I don’t have anything to do while you’re in there.”
>Snowdrop suddenly drops her smile.
>Oh bollocks.
“Um, something wrong?”
>Stupid question, but still.
>”W-well, I kinda wanted to… um, gooutandcelebratewithyou..?”
>You pause for a moment, before laughing.
“Snow, when I meant “nothing”, I meant that, I can wait if you want to.”
>”Oh, no, no, I wouldn’t want you to have to be out in the cold because of me, and I—“
“Alright, how about this?” You say, interrupting her. “Want to go out and celebrate? My treat.”
>Snowdrop’s whole face goes red at your suggestion.
>”I… s-sure, I’d love to.”
“It’s settled then, see you after school?”
>”Y-yeah, see you.”
>You say your goodbyes to Snowdrop, then start walking towards your classroom.
>Wait, the fuck did you just do?
>Okay, okay, so it’s not technically a date, you’re just going out with her.
>Wait, no, that sounds even worse.
>Goddammit, you’re gonna kick your brother’s ass when you get home.
>Okay, no, calm down. If you start taking things so seriously it’s just going to go badly.
>You’re just going out with a friend, that’s it.
>Speaking of which, she should be coming out any time no—
>”Well, look at what tha cold dragged out!”
>Oh God no.
“Being able to go a full day without seeing your face was too bloody much to ask, was it?”
>”Hey, it isn’t like I wanted to be here.” Says Babs while leaning on the school’s statue. “But, mah cousin’s outta town, and I gotta pick up her little sis because I’m the only one capable of getting’ off their ass, it seems.”
“Man, taking the size of your ass in consideration, I’m surprised you were their first choice.”
>Babs flips you off, before re-accommodating her pants.
>”And what tha hell are you doin’ here, don’t tell me you finally figure out to stop bein’ a lazy fuck.”
“I’m waiting for a friend, a concept I’m not sure you’re entirely familiar with.”
>”Makes sense, I wouldn’t expect you to wait for your little shit of a broth—“
“Don’t finish that sentence if you know what’s good for you.”
>Babs stops, before looking at you.
>”What, is the savior of the freshmen goin’ to kick my ass? How’s that chick doin’, by the way?”
“None of you goddamned business, that’s h—“
>”Um, Anon?” You hear Snowdrop say.
>Oh, fuck my ass.
>Babs can’t help but do anything other than laugh.
>”Well, looks like you finally managed to catch the eye of someone who actually likes you!”
>”Hey, that’s not funny!” Protests Snowdrop.
>”Honestly, I thought you were always quite the eyesore, but I guess that’s not really a problem for her is it?”
>Snowdrop drops her head, and you can see tears beginning to swell up.
>”I’m sure you’ll be the light of her ey—“
>You get up from your seat, and grab Snowdrop by her hand.
“Come on, let’s get out of here.”
>She’s a little surprised, but still follows you anyhow.
>”Aw, what, don’t tell me I‘ve clouded your parade...”
>You clench your fist and start walking faster.
>As you turn around the corner, you let go of Snowdrop hand and punch the nearest tree.
>The second bad decision you made today.
>For some reason, probably because the universe doesn’t completely hate you, you don’t break your hand.
>You lean against the tree, completely forgetting about Snowdrop.
>You bring your other hand to your face and groan, both in frustration and pain.
>You fail to notice Snowdrop getting near to you, who grabs your free hand.
>You look down to her, and see her with an extremely worried look on her face.
>You shake your head, realizing how confused she must be.
“…Sorry about that. I didn’t expect Babs to be this much of a bitch today.”
>Snowdrop looks up to your face and smiles weakly.
>”Don’t worry about it, I’m grateful you didn’t fight her.”
“Shit, was it that obvious?”
>”Anon, I’m blind, not stupid.” She says, looking at your hand. “But please, don’t do that again, I was worried you got hurt.”
>”I mean, you let go of my hand, then I hear a “crack” and you groaning in pain…” She says, looking genuinely worried.
“Hey, come on, I’m a little tougher than that.” You say, trying to light the mood.
>”Yeah…” Snowdrop says, not entirely convinced.
“Look, let’s not this ruin the rest of the evening, okay?” You say, putting your other hand on her shoulder. “I already looked for a café and everything. Let’s just… pretend this didn’t happen.”
>This seems to have worked, as Snowdrop is smiling again.
>”That seems like the best idea.” She says, extending her cane. “Where to?”
>You open the door of Sugarcube Corner, soaking in the heat.
>Snowdrop may like the cold, but you honestly wish you could hate it to death.
>You hold the door open for Snowdrop, who folds her cane before entering.
“I’m gonna order some tea, what do you want?”
>”I’ll just have some ice cream.”
>”Oh, oh, order the strawberry special, trust me on this one!” Screams Pinkie Pie from the back.
“This place sells ice cream on winter?” You ask incredulously.
>”Creamy, creamy goodness will not be stopped by the weather!” Screams Pinkie Pie while striking a pose.
“Right.” You say, before looking around and seeing that all the inside tables are occupied. “Crap, looks like we’re gonna have to eat outside.”
>”Oh, I don’t have a problem with that.” Says Snowdrop.
“Yeah, I know.”
>You walk over to the counter with Snowdrop in tow behind you.
>”Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, may I take your order?” Says the woman behind the register.
“I’ll just have some milk tea, Snowdrop?”
>”I… guess I’ll try the Strawberry Special?”
>You hear Pinkie hollering in victory, before Rainbow Dash hands her over a ten dollar note.
>You turn back to the woman behind the counter.
“Is that normal?”
>You pay for your order, then turn to Snowdrop.
“I’m gonna look for a table, tell me when the stuff is ready, okay?”
>Snowdrop nods, and you turn around and go outside.
>To the freezing cold.
>You clear the snow from the top of a table, followed by the chairs.
>”Hey Anon?” You hear Snowdrop say, poking her head through the door.
“Yeah, give me a second” You say as you tilt a chair to get the rest of the snow out.
>You go inside Sugarcube Corner and grab the tray that has both your tea and Snowdrop’s ice cream.
“Wow, they really went overboard with the foam in this thing.” You say while pushing the door with your shoulder.
>”Oh, sorry, that was my fault, I told them to heat up the milk before pouring it in.”
>You put down the tray on the table and shrug.
“Eh, don’t worry about it. Besides, helps me not to freeze my ass off out here.”
>Snowdrop sits down beside you and starts eating her ice cream, while you grab your tea and let the heat of the cup soak in your hands.
>You take a big gulp, and then look up to Snowdrop, who’s enjoying her ice cream even in this cold.
>”Hey, Anon?”
“Yeah, what is it?”
>Snowdrop fidgets with her spoon a little, before blushing.
>”Thanks for, um… inviting me to this.” She says.
“Ah, don’t mention it, it’s the least I could do to celebrate someone finally listening to me.” You say as a joke.
>Snowdrop chuckles, before turning her head towards you.
>”Oh, and I-I, um…” Snowdrop says while leaning towards you.
>”You… have some foam on your lips.”
“How do you know that?” You say while reaching for your face.
>”Mind if I get it for you?”
>Snowdrop leans in and kisses you, making you jump in surprise.
>Okay, either Babs actually beat the shit out of you and you’re dreaming, or this is actually happening.
>To be completely honest, you’re not sure which one you’d prefer.
>You and Snowdrop stay like this for a couple seconds more, before you put your hand on her shoulder.
>Snowdrop jolts away from you, while blushing furiously and hiding her face behind her hands.
>”Oh goodness, that wasn’t too forward, was it?! I—I asked my mom what to do if you liked someone and she just said to be bold, and, and…pleasedon’tbemadatme!”
>At this point you’re mostly confused.
>You shift your gaze from Snowdrop, to the inside of Sugarcube Corner, then back to Snowdrop.
>”Anon, please say something!”
“…How does your mom only have one kid, again?”
>You shake your head, trying to get your bearings.
“Nothing, just… a non-sequitur.” You say, finally closing your mouth. “I… didn’t expect that to happen today.”
>”Oh, Anon, I’m so sorry, I never shou—“
“Hey, hey, it’s alright, just, you know, warn me first, or something.”
>”Wait, so, you’re not mad at me..?”
“No, only mostly confused.”
And that's it for tonight, kids.
Not exactly on the 25th like I said, but, hey, close enough.
I'll keep writing, but it's like 30 degrees outside, and I don't have an AC in my room.
As she hugged the gift close to her chest, Scribble can't help but laugh.

"See? What did I tell you? Your parents do care about you!"

In all reality, they couldn't care less about the energetic girl. For the first six years of her life, she had lived with her terrible, abusive, druggie parents. There were often times where she wouldn't eat for several days so her parents could afford another hit. Luckily for her, he had found out about the whole ordeal at her surprise birthday party. That no one told him was canceled. Her bony figure was enough to send him into a rage. In a moment, his older brother that he used to look up to and respect, lost all respect Scribble once had for him. She was living with him before the month ended.

That was a year ago. Since then, Melody has been a lot happier, and obviously a lot healthier. But enough of the dreary drab, Scribble thought. The time to test out the typewriter was at hand! Or at least it would've been, had Melody not appeared in front of Scribble.

"Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?" she asked innocently.


"How did you like my gift?"

His face then displays the confusion running through him.

"You got me a gift?"

With a hint of playfulness, Melody puts a hoof to her head and groans.

"Oh yeah, I forgot! I didn't wrap it. Can you give me a little bit, so I can go get it for you?"

"Sure! I'll be waiting right here sweetheart."

With a huge smile, she darts up the stairs, and into Scribble's room. Scribble looked on in even more confusion. Why would she need to go into his room to wrap his gift? But, in all honestly it didn't matter. She was probably gonna use a couple of his utensils to draw him a picture of something. The thought of his ink being wasted made his stomach turn, but he supposed it was all worth it to see her smile.
Oh boy, here we go.
You're giving me some weird feels, man. I've got a four year old step sister who never had a dad.

I like it so far.
This will probably be all for tonight, seeing as I need to go to sleep soon.

Five minutes passed since Melody had left. Then ten. At thirty, Scribble started to worry. When the clock struck eight fifty, he decided to head up the stairs to check things out. As he passed the mirror in the hallway, he stopped to have a brief look at himself. His curly blond hair lay matted against his frayed pale coat, and his emerald eyes looked far duller than what they usually were. After opening his present, he decided, he was going t take a bath.

As he opened his door, he was greeted by the sight of a large, red and green present in the middle of the room. He sighed in relief, realizing now what his niece had "got" him.

"Oh wow!" he cried with a phony voice. "What a HUGE gift! Wherever did my little Melody find the money to buy me such an amazing present? But what's this? She's not here? Well wherever could she be? I don't want to open this without her being here!"


"WELP! I guess I'll just have to open it without her being here, and imagine the look on her face when I see what will most likely be an AMAZING gift!"

He then slowly walked over to the gift, and put an ear to one of the faces of the cube. Although he expected to hear some form of muffled giggling, only silence returned his gesture. With a shrug, he pulled off the top of the box, and peered inside.

Although nothing could prepare him for the sight of his niece bound tightly in wrapping paper, with her crotch poking towards the ceiling.

And her sex fully exposed for his viewing (dis)pleasure.

Despite the look of pure horror on his face he could see the bulges in her cheeks from her smile, and quickly went to remove the wrapping around it.

"Oh my Celestia! Melody, are you alright?! Are you hurt? Who did this-"

"Merry Christmas Uncle Scribble!"
I know this general is mostly about younger characters being with significantly older characters, but do you guys know of any stories about younger characters getting up to shenanigans with similarly young characters? Like, Spike/Sweetie Bell, or Snips/Applebloom, or whatever?
Look in fimfiction groups like foalcon, foalcon (second group) and foalcon punch

Also the first time group
Thanks for the tip.
File: THISISYOURLIFE.png (314 KB, 434x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
314 KB, 434x593
>you will never get this present


>you will never be raped by a blind girl


>>Dinner eventually ended. Being a courteous young man, you offer to do the dishes.

>>”Umm, I’ll, uh, gib Anon a hand,” offered Babs.

>>You both clear the table in silence as Auntie and Uncle Orange head to the reading room or den or wherever it is fancy people do after eating.

>>As you begin placing dishes beneath the warm soapy water, your hand brushes up against hers. You look and and see Babs looking very intensely nonchalant. Like you were playing chess and she didn’t want you to notice she moved her Bishop to set the Queen up for a two move checkmate.

>>Well, two can play at that game. You firmly hook your pinkie around hers.

>>”A-Anon, w-wuts the big idea, whuddya think yer doin?” she stammers.

“Shhhh… just go with it,” you whisper in her ear, as you rub your pinkie against hers.

>>She blushed even more, but didn’t protest. And so you both stand at the white porcelain sink, pinkies hooked together, washing dishes one handed and handing them off to Babs to rinse.
File: 1451079471466.gif (572 KB, 304x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
572 KB, 304x367
>Page 9

For shame horse fuckers
File: Flutterspy.png (407 KB, 543x822) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
407 KB, 543x822
On a scale from 1 to 10, do the colts go to Butterclit to get their cherry's popped?

Everyone knows they go to Rarity's "secret" room when they come of age.
>Rarity gets super wet when the colts penis is small enough to fit completely in her mouth
Just finished a Pipsqueak and Luna story if any of you are interested!

Naw, I don't think anyone here would be interes-OMFGSCREWPLAYINGHARDTOGETGIMME.

Loved your Cloudchaser/Flitter one.
I like loli.
Same author here. Was also thinking of doing a story where Thunderlane and Rainbow Dash do a "sibling swap", so Thunderlane has some fun with Scootaloo and Dash has her way with Rumble. That sound good to anybody?
Yes. Oh my god yes.
Okay. Two votes for.

I want to be careful with this one, because I don't like repeating myself in my stories, and I don't want this to look like my story with Pinkie, Pokey and the Cake twins.

I'm thinking Rumble and Scootaloo have a playdate at Rumble's house, so Dash hangs out with Thunderlane while Scootaloo has fun. During that time, she expresses interest in how cute Rumble is, and her language hints at much more carnal desires. In response, Thunderlane comments on Scootaloo's charms. When they figure out they're on the same page:

"You thinking what I'm thinking?"

And the story goes from there. This one will probably be a little more involved, since Thunderlane wouldn't have any qualms about fucking a little girl the same way Pokey did in "Double Date Playdate". That, and Thunderlane and RD aren't a couple in this one.
File: siblings.png (232 KB, 800x572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
232 KB, 800x572
Nah. This one is better. :P
Do like the actual sister connection there...
Do you know this fanfic?
No, just Sweetie and Rararara are closer than Scoots and Dash. There's more taboo to break.
Hmm...now this is tempting. I like Rumbaloo and SweetieMash (and I don't care what y'all have to say about that!), but having an actual blood relation does give the story a deeper cut. Not to mention those pairings would be kinda irrelevant anyway, given that they're being fucked by the other's older sibling.

Also, Thunderlane's comments about the girl being cute would fit more with Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo, for all her charms, is still kind of boyish, which will be played off as a gag in a future Rumbaloo story I'm doing.

What do you think? Should I keep it with Dash and Scoot or use Rarara and Sweetie?
I dunno, I feel like Dash would be the one that's more probable to say "Hey, your brother's cute, if I let you fuck my half-sister, can I fuck him?"
I always wanted to read a foalcon clopfic where Rumble and Sweetie acciedntally caughts their siblings having sex, they get horny from that, and decide to go to Sweetie's bedroom and do what their siblings did. :P
I do like the doublecest angle with Rara and Sweetie.
Greentext of Anon or an older stallion kissing Sweetie, please.
On the one hand, this.

While this does sound like a good base, it's very identical to my SweetieMash story, difference being that Sweetie found out about sex from one of her sister's books and wanted to try out what she saw with Button.

That being said, I'm angling more towards the story being with Rarity and Sweetie Belle, if only because I have yet to do a story with Rarity fucking a little boy.

Ok, enjoy this



Ever since the finale, I've also been very tempted to make a story with little Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst. Just need to figure out a good plot. A potential for a shota/loli story is one I never want to waste.


Fuck, she look too innocent and cute to fiddle in that pic.
Wait till she gets to high school
Than she will be ready and a bit hate filled. It will be a time for a dick to make her smile.
Which is the exact reason I like going for shota/loli stories for some characters. Then, you have some added innocence on the other side, and it's possible for it to be awkward and exciting and oh so arousing!

She's fucking naked. She probably scape from some pedophiles that rape her daily and need a new home and dad.

Inb4 this end like that VN teaching feel without those scars
This is needed
or she's just a nudist, the only sensible way to be
raising your kids any other way is basically saying "hey that embarrassed feeling most people get when naked? i'm going to make sure you feel that during the frequent occasions in which you have to undress with people around"
Why willingly inflict that on anyone?
Pfff! Fine. I will find much worthy person to write that.
I actually like it more where an anon turns an naive and innocent high or middle school into a slutty one. Still naive but just starts loving sex because of anon manipulating them to loving it. They won't know what he is doing or they just let him do whatever because they don't know it's wrong. Doesn't have to be Anon, could be any random male character from Equestria Girls.
Same scenario goes for a stallion on filly.
That xmas picture is so hot
Virals coming back tomorrow, having a Babs Seed Story and we got fucking amazing green of a filly being wrapped for christmas! I love the writers here.
I prefer a much more casual and open minded attitude towards sex. Slutty anything just bothers me, and I don't care how much of a virgin that makes me sound.

Children take a rather lax approach to nudity, unless they're taught otherwise by their folks. If not, they start associating it with embarrassment towards the onset of puberty. I like finding that like middle ground between the two in my stories.
i neeed this !
File: 1451174472438.png (4 MB, 2791x2433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 2791x2433
Hey guys! I'm back from visiting the family!
I'll be continuing writing tomorrow, or I should say "later today" considering it's way past midnight right now over here.

Hope you've had a good time these past days!
I've missed you guys.

Also, been loving these greens that have popped out, both the Babs and Snowdrop ones are great, the gift-wrapped filly green as well!

Here, have a filly-fiddler Lyra pic.
File: so lewd.png (213 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
so lewd.png
213 KB, 1000x1000
Also, this part made me think about this pic.
D-don't look if you don't like l-lewd!
Sorry I didn't wrote anything today, this place feels like the fucking cabin of a steam train.
I'll try and write something tomorrow, even if it's just a simple paragraph.
Yes! We await your green! I love you!
And others .>>25896351
What I want to do is incorporate the fact that they both use magic. Maybe Starlight accidentally undresses Sunburst with a spell. Sunburst demands Starlight strip naked to make up for it, and the plot goes from there. What do you think?
I love you too.
Imma boop ya!
Filly Fiddling on the Roof.
Dammit, this was meant for >>25896387
So whats the agegender of the cmc anyways?
I miss filly fiddler twilight
good night bump
There's green of a filly being wrapped as a present? Where?

Scribble stopped suddenly, shocked by his niece's words. There was no way that his sweet, innocent niece would ever do something like this.

"How do you like your gift?" she asks.

"My... gift? Sweetie, what are you-"

"I want you to do to me what those ponies do in your magazines!"

A blush quickly spread across Scribble's face, as he recalled all the times he had left his pornos out without a second thought. And there were far more than there probably should've been.

"S-sweetie. Pumpkin. I don't... you shouldn't-"

The mere sight of her beautiful, yet curious ruby eyes was enough to silence him for a good ten seconds.

"Shouldn't what?"

No matter how good with words he was, there was no way Scribble was going to be able to explain his case with a dry throat. That was going to stop him from trying, after a couple of gulps.

"Do this. I don't want this."

"So then why do you have those magnetizes if you don't want to do what's in them?"

This kid...

"Well I don't want to do those kinds of things... to you."

"Why?" she asked with a voice filled with pain. "Am I not pretty enough?"

The redness in Scribble's cheeks reddened, and he knew there was no "right" answer to this question.

"N-no! It's not that!" he stammered, deciding to chose the answer that would cause less damage. "It's just that-"

"So then why don't you want to do that with me?"

Melody's pout nearly broke whatever will Scribble had built up, but he managed to stay strong.

"It's because that kind of stuff is for adults."


"Because they understand the physical implications of the act."

"Well I think it looks like fun. And isn't that understanding enough?"

The stallion couldn't help but chuckle at his niece's innocence before responding.
File: 20025448.gif (309 KB, 297x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 297x199
>Viral is back
I've been trying to come up with a witty response to this for the past half an hour.

And I have desperately failed.

Although that was a fun thread to lurk in.

"Well," he began. "There's more to it than that-"

"Like what Uncle Scribble?"

Her eyes... so pleading and so big... nearly drove him to give her a physical example right then and there. The curiosity of a child was both a beautiful, yet incredibly cute thing. And Melody's was no different. In fact, it made her ever so slightly more tantalizing to his genitals. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach, realizing that he was actually contemplating having sex with his young niece. Now, this wasn't a common desire for Scribble, by any means. He was more than happy dating a mare his own age. However, something about his niece was turning him on. Quite a bit. He tried focusing on disgusting, non-sexual thoughts for a moment before continuing.

"Well for starters, that's how babies are made."

He watched in silence as her eyes went wide, suppressing a small smile as he watched her mind work. He somewhat missed the joys of being a child. Discovering the world and whatever secrets one could for the first time was a feeling not a whole lot of adults got to experience.

"Is it really?" she asked in wonder. "OK, what else?"

"Well, it's also an expression of love between two ponies."

"So then we could do it?"

"Wait what?"

"I love you, and you love me right."

Oh no, this was not the way Scribble wanted this conversation to go.

"Well I do, but this love is different-"

"Different? How so?"

Good lord this kid loves to interrupt, Scribble thought. She was also incredibly persistent. He began to think of a way to describe the love between a husband and wife, as his niece's growingly impatient eyes watched him.

Although it is quite difficult to explain that type of love, when one has never experienced it themselves.
Glad you like my Babs one. I love DQ. I always keep the Dazzling thread open too.. I post green on there too sometimes.
File: index.jpg (914 KB, 1380x3357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
914 KB, 1380x3357
Something from 'Twilight Time'


>>Finally after the last dish was rinsed Babs calmly dried off her hands, reached way back, and slapped you right on your ass. The crack echoed through the house. You and Babs were on pins as needles as you wondered whether he parents heard it.

“What the Jesus Fuck Babs!”

>>”Dats for geddin too big for your britches!”

>>She glanced back down at your britches before the blushing came back, then stormed out of the kitchen.

>>You rub your ass as you ponder the events of the last few hours. Nothing left but to go grab your clothes from your apartment for the sleepover.

>>As you step from the kitchen you are ambushed from the side! Something soft and girl shaped has grabbed you! Anon uses struggle! It’s ineffective! As a pair of lips circle around your earlobe, tongue darting in and out, you find yourself paralyzed. Your eye twitches involuntarily and your mouth hangs open.

>>”Not so tough now, are ya?” whispers Babs. “You’re MY toy, ya got dat, champ?”

>>You nod meekly as she strokes you through your pants. As she speeds up, she stares directly into your eyes. She hears you whimper as you get close, then the shit eating grin returns. She stops.

>>”You cum when I say you can cum, capisce?”

“Everything except capisc-“

>>You are cut off as her soft lips press against yours.
File: iJZ1c28.gif (368 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
368 KB, 500x375
>>Pic related
File: large.png (2 MB, 1280x973) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1280x973

>>The kiss is short, but sweet. The now much more chipper Babs walks off whistling the theme to the Andy Griffith show, leaving you with an incredibly painful boner. You lick your lips, tasting the orange glazed chicken she had for dinner.

>>More inner conflict. You aren’t sure which Babs you like more, the cute blushing girl that’s dripping wet putty over any physical contact or the dominant bully that gives you hand jobs in the kitchen while biting your ear.

>>Tented pants in tow, you make your way across the hall to pick up your things. A couple pairs of socks, some undies of the tighty whitey persuasion, a ninja turtles t shirt, pants, and your super comfy blue flannel pajamas all go into your trusty army rucksack.
File: 166389.jpg (254 KB, 1200x771) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254 KB, 1200x771

>>Your toothbrush and various other small things go in the pouch. Your stuffed bunny rabbit gets strapped to the molle webbing.

>>Returning to Bab’s apartment you find her parents cuddled up sitting on the couch watching news on TV.

>>”If you want to get changed for bed we’re all gonna watch a movie.”

>>You find Bab’s room unoccupied and quickly change into your pajamas. Grabbing your toothbrush, you head to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

>>As you open the door to the bathroom, a sight greets you. Babs is on the toilet, her white panties and white pink heart pajama pants down by her ankles. You both stare for a few seconds, her eyes wide with shock. A smile is painted wide across your face as you shut the door behind you.
More please

>>”D-dammit Anon!”

“You should keep it down Babs, you don’t want your parents to come in here, do you?”

>>You quickly toothpaste up and begin brushing, then turn back around to Babs.

>>The fluorescent lights here are much better than they were in your living room. She ineffectually tugging her pajama top down to try to cover herself, but it does no good. You can clearly see her smooth, tanned lips, along with the small trickle of residual liquid. Babs is blushing furiously as you stare. Finally she sighs.

>>“Fine, you want a show, do ya?”

>>Babs leans back and spreads her legs to give you a clear view of her everything. She smiles triumphantly as your instaboner clearly pushes your pajamas out. Perhaps you should have worn those undies you packed, if only so you could be present in polite company.

>>You forget to move the toothbrush as her right hand drifts down between her legs. Her eyes never leave you as her fingers gently circle the hood of her clit. She licks her lips as she notices the small growing spot of precum becoming visible on your pajamas.

>>”Maybe ya should take dat out unless you want ta make a mess a yerself…”

>>Running her finger up and down her damp slit, she pauses to reach up and lick her index finger before pushing it slowly past her lips, then back out. You can hear the quiet pop as it leaves her lips. Jesus, you were gonna ruin these pajama bottoms with all the precum.
Welp, that's gonna be it for now. Gotta do stuff.

>Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/wr3d5tQR
I'm likin where this is goin.
File: bump.gif (134 KB, 495x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 495x313
>>Sexiest fillies reporting for booty.
>Sexiest fillies

Where? The only sexy filly I see there is Silver Spoon.
Oh come on, there are a matched set. If you fuck SS you know DT's gonna show up to eat out her creampie.
File: Dagissad.jpg (79 KB, 847x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 847x470
I find the lack of DT love disturbing. And Silver Spoon can't get enough monkey dick to equal her hotness.

It's not much, and it's not to lewd yet, but it's something I decided to work on after >>25900411 posted second best filly.

I'm gonna hold off on posting it here until I get my Christmas special finished. Also, MA Anon is still a thing, I just want to finish this Christmas special before I get back to work on it.
Here senpai, these are a few I found on short notice.
Maybe they'll hold you over until some writefag comes along makes something new?

Woot, awesome. Spooning Silver is one of the hottest clopfics ever, love Darfs stuff. The only one hotter is the one where Twilight casts a bimbo spell on herself twice, specifically the 3rd chapter where she fucks Spike.

All these links make me wish Fimfiction allowed humanized foalcon. I'd even settle for anthro and change my stories accordingly if they allowed them!

It's just incredibly stupid they don't allow this one thing, amongst the ton of other things that they allow. There's even an incest folder for the Shipping group, for fuck's sake!

...I just want my stories to get noticed.
File: assfart dickpiss.gif (161 KB, 450x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
assfart dickpiss.gif
161 KB, 450x250
Try ArchiveOfOurOwn. There are a few human foalcon stories. For example:


Just use the search to search for character names or go to the MLP category

Like derpibooru, they can't allow lolicon because the location of the server. They want, but they can't allow lolicon
That's actually my account, but thank you for linking it!

I could've sworn it was the other way around. The servers are located in a place where it's not illegal, they just don't want it.
Oh, nice. Please do take up my suggestion to write more nice human foalcon smut.
I want a greentext of rarity using/selling for a night her sister to obtain something from a prestigious stallion from canterlot(or that stallion blackmailed rarity to get one night with sweetie belle).

Bonus points: sweetie get raped by multiple stallion that night
So far so good! Can't wait till those tiny horses get molested!
There was a story about that. Just not the multiple stallion part. Sweetie dies at the end.
it was. It really was.
Any green today?

Link to that green pls
No viral story, filly christmas green, babs green or other green.
feels bad mang.
Oh, right, that was what I was forgetting.
Give me a minute.
Also requesting a link
Nothing is happening.
Where is my senpai?
To be honest, I kinda wrote myself into a corner with the whole "Surprise kiss" thing.
That's what I get for wanting to use something that cliched, I guess.
Sorry for making thouse rusty wheels turn anon it was just shitposting

Nice green even tho im not into this perverting ponis stuff
>Implying I didn't enjoy the shitpost

"W-well... this love is formed over the course of a long time-"

"Like ours! Right Uncle Scribble?"

Just when he thought his blush couldn't deepen any more, his body decided to surprise him. He began subconsciously moving his lips around, on occasion forcing his teeth together or licking them.

"Kind of," he started cautiously. "But this love isn't formed between relatives. This love is special because it makes you feel like you're with a family member, but it's better in a way."

"Like how?"

After taking a deep breath, he takes a moment to think of an explanation, and soon realizes that he can't fight facts any more. There is no excuse he can give to his niece to not have sex with her. Outside of physical defects in the children, but that would imply that the two of them would have children. And that inbreeding would occur for a couple more generations, seeing as they wouldn't show up for a while. But still, she was a bit on the young side for sex. It had only been a few months since she had gotten her cutie mark. That combined with the fact that her tiny body would probably crumble if he stuck his wang inside her made for an interesting choice for Scribble.

"Uncle Scribble?" Melody asked after a few minutes. "Are you OK?"

It had suddenly occurred to Scribble that he had been pacing across his room, and he had left his tiny niece wrapped up in a box for however long he had been thinking. With a roll of his eyes, he finally made a decision.

"Pumpkin, the sad truth is, I don't really know what I'm talking about here. I've never fallen in love before. Not to the degree I'm talking about. But... I do really enjoy your 'gift'. And I think I'm gonna take you up on your offer."

He watched her tiny face light up for a moment, before he spoke again.

"BUT. We're doing this my way. Starting off slow, making sure you're comfortable. Then we can move onto the heavier stuff."
Horse shlong inside a filly?

I hope she does yoga or some streatching
He's gonna ravage this ass
File: 1444358780714.png (268 KB, 584x546) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268 KB, 584x546
Is Kid Anon in MA Universe kill?


Her eagerness was overwhelming. In fact it almost made him turn back. But at the same time, it made her strangely more attractive. After sighing, Scribble lifted his young niece out of the box, and onto the bed. Her helpless position tempted Scribble to erase any trace of innocence she currently held. But he managed to resist his urges, and instead stuck his tongue out. He tentatively took a swipe at her sex, sending a shiver up her spine. For a moment, he factored in his inexperience in his approach, but he realized that his niece had no prior expectations. With another swipe, he finally realized that he was licking the pussy of a girl who was essentially a daughter to him. By law, she was a daughter to him. One aspect was absolutely sick at the mere concept, but another part guiltily enjoyed the feeling. Pushing both feelings aside, he helped himself another tongueful of innocence, much to his niece's visual pleasure.

"How's that feeling pumpkin?"

For a moment, Melody couldn't even respond, her breath was so heavy.

"It feels... really good," she described.

Good, he thought. He continued to wet her slit, enjoying each little moan or gasp coming from his young niece. Until eventually, she stood up.

"I wanna try that!" she exclaimed.

In the process, she had managed to knock Scribble over, allowing Melody a full view of his member. In one motion, she managed to engulf a good forth of his shaft, eliciting a gasp from him. Although her body forced her to stop at it's current positioning, seeing as Scribble's dick had managed to nearly touch the back of her throat from that small distance. She quickly squinted an eye, and lowered her body to where it was nearly touching the bed. With a little bit of effort, she managed to push another fourth of it into her body, before she stopped again.
Oh boy, here we go again.

>”Oh, that’s… that’s good, yes.”
>Snowdrop seats back down and you recline back in your seat.
>You both sit in uncomfortable silence, trying to figure out what to do next.
>”Hey Anon?” Snowdrop finally pipes up. “You’re truly not mad at me? I mean, we only know each other for a couple of days, and I—“
”Kid, listen.” You interrupt. “What’s done’s done, okay? What matters is what you do now.”
>Snowdrop looks in your direction again.
“Now, I gotta ask, are you sure you like me?”
“And do you want to try to make this work?”
>”Yes.” She says, more convinced this time.
“Good, because I would have been disappointed if you said no.”
>Snowdrop blushes deeply.
>”W-what do you mean?”
“I mean, shit, you make me wait an hour in freezing weather, make me not fight Babs, pull that surprise kiss crap, and then blue ball me?” You say, before taking a sip of your tea. “Hell, I may even have made you pay for that thing, who knows.”
>Snowdrop looks at you in surprise, then drops her head and laughs, before looking at you again.
>”Well, I was never one to do things the easy way, you know?”
>You let out a small chuckle.
“Yeah, I realized.” You say before looking inside Sugarcube Corner again. “You think anyone noticed?”
>”Anon, you already paid, we could take the tray and they wouldn’t even notice.”
>Snowdrop finished her ice cream and puts the bowl down.
>After much consideration, you decided you will not take the tray after all.
>You stand up and stretch your legs, then walk over to Snowdrop, who’s doing the same.
>You offer your hand, but she clings into your arm instead.
>”Thanks for not being mad at me, Anon.”
“Snow, you didn’t do anything wrong. Impulsive, yes, but not wrong.”
>Snowdrop hugs your arm tighter.
>”I know, but I still feel kind of bad about it.”
>You shrug, before coming up with something.
“Alright, how about this, next time we go out, you’ll pay and we’ll call it even, deal?”
>Snowdrop unglues her face from your arm and looks up to you.
>”Well… okay, yeah, I can do that.” She says with a smile.
“Alright, let’s get home; I’ll rather not have to be out in this weather more than what I have to
>The walk home was pretty uneventful, mostly consisting of you and Snowdrop talking about unimportant stuff and you complaining about the weather again.
>You get to Snowdrop’s house, and help her up the porch’s stairs.
“Don’t want you to forget the number of steps again, now do we?”
>Snowdrop blushes in embarrassment.
>”Yeah, that was a pretty dumb excuse.”
>Snowdrop rings the doorbell then turns to you.
>”Anon, I…” She says, while blushing. “T-thanks for sticking with me today.”
“Ah, don’t mention it. Oh, and by the way…”
>”Yes, what is it—“
>Snowdrop is interrupted by you kissing her this time.
“Now we’re even.”
>Snowdrop blushes even more, before smiling and then hugging you.
>The door to her house opens, with the same woman who was driving the car standing in the doorway.
>”You must be Anon, right?” She says.
>Snowdrop tenses, then breaks the hug.
“Yeah, nice to meet you.” You say while offering your hand for a handshake.
>”Likewise.” She says, accepting it. “Come now, Snowdrop, I don’t want you to catch a cold.”
>”Coming!” Snowdrop says while walking inside her house, but she stops and turns to where you’re standing. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then?”
“As long as I don’t sleep in, yeah.” You say as a joke. “See ya, Snow.”
>Her mother waves you goodbye, and you turn around to go back to your house.
>As you turn the corner, you see your brother leaning against the wall with the smuggest expression he can manage.
“If I hear one goddamned word from you, I will bitchslap you with a fucking piano.”

Goddammit, I forgot to put the name.
Anyhow, that's all I have for tonight. Sorry for the lack of content lately, but between family visiting, and living in a city that somehow can have 60 km/h winds and 40° C weather, along with 70% humidity all at the same time has really put a damper in my productivity.
Lucky bastard. I wish I had weather like yours, its in the mid 70s where am at, and with fucking thunderstorms.
Wow 40c with high winds and humidity? That sounds absolutely terrible. Enjoying a good -18C with no winds. Cold yes but quite comfy inside or when outside with the right gear.
Yeah, it's absolute bullshit.
The worst part is that I live on the top floor, so I get sun all fucking day.
It's useful on winter, but hell on summer.
Hermano, 4 people literally died here cause of the storms.
No no, the creator would be fine with loli, especially since the servers are in the US. It's the mods that are living in the UK, and they have to follow laws there.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (91 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
maxresdefault (1).jpg
91 KB, 1920x1080
I just want you to know I've been picturing Anon as a combination of The Mask and elephant man Mask from the Cher movie. So a big giant green face.

Also I read the moms voice as the one from Snowblind.
This. He also fucks a blind girl.
File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am really enjoying the story, Orange.
oh shit, i remember that!

shit gave me feels man.
File: ridemdirty.gif (477 KB, 354x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
477 KB, 354x495
Apple horse is best at popping cherry colts (and kidAnon.)

>>She contemplates her finger, and glances back at your erect member. Just as quickly, she closes her knees and pulls her panties and pajama bottoms back up.

>>”Shows ova, squirt. Ya get tha picture now? A'hm da boss.”

>>She gives her fingers another lick before lightly rubbing them across your lips, then disappearing out the bathroom door.

>>You lick your lips. A slightly salty taste, maybe the sour hint of sweat, and a faint wisp of Bab’s body wash are totally overpowered by the mint from the toothpaste. You’d have to try it from the source. At least a couple more times. To see if you liked it. For science.
File: AppleShota.png (1 MB, 1397x5462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1397x5462
Like this?
File: 1417597350829.gif (3 MB, 854x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 854x480
That butt and those thighs were meant to educate young boys on the ways of love.
I have to say that I'm really loving this Babs tease greentext
File: 1450885705729.jpg (75 KB, 596x516) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 596x516
I need a green of Applejack.
File: 1447633660787.png (199 KB, 301x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 301x377
Yay validation! Glad people are enjoying it.
Then the answer is simple: Kill the modmans.
Then... get moderators that live in the US?
I mean, they're not trying to figure out cold fusion here.
File: 1418785779281.png (1 MB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1600x1200
Sexiest filly. Don't you just want to rub your hands through her coat?
The mods on Derpibooru should be replaced anyway. These people suck at their job and are way too emotional when making decisions.
My stuff fails Fimfiction regularly. It's annoying. I just want to write about sex dungeon master Night Light passing the mantle to Shining, who fucks the CMC.
File: 1450921149044.gif (1 MB, 768x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 768x430
File: 1448298563903.jpg (113 KB, 1100x849) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 1100x849

File: image.jpg (89 KB, 768x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 768x1040
Child Anon tryna get with Button's mother when?
>Buttons mom has gotta see my dong
No, it just reminded me of that. Didn't mean to >imply.

But I'm sure something will happen.
That makes me sad panda.

Never, Hasbro kill button mom
Well, shit, I just broke the internet adapter on my computer, and I don't have any spares around.
Sorry guys, I don't think there'll be any updates tonight.
You know what's worse? No Orange and No Viral.
At least we have the christmas filly story.
True, but it is still a heavy loss, when we lose a writefag.
Didn't Viral say something about writing the story still? He just won't be on for a few days after the 27th?
I'm still here, I'm just having some complications.
We are going to die with Bumps, aren't we?
Give a couple days until I fix the internet thing, I'll still be working on it, I just won't be able to post it.
Not if I have anything to say about it.

With a little more effort, she managed to slide her body backwards until she popped off Scribble's dick. A small trail of saliva still joined her mouth and his member for a moment, before her body's quivers release the two. She only manages to speak after taking a few shuddery breathes.

"OK... maybe I don't want to do that," she states

Scribble can't contain his slight chuckle, before he is silenced by his niece's tender tongue. After ministering a few licks to her flesh loli, she boops it with her nose.

"I have been wrong before though."

She then manages to force herself back onto his member, where she pauses for a second. Her face suddenly lights up, and she pushes herself back on her hooves. As she manages to pull herself halfway back, she leans forward again. She continues to rock herself for a good couple of minutes, before she pulls off completely. After allowing herself a minute to breathe, she pushes herself back onto his member. It was certainly the most interesting blowjob Scribble had ever received. While most chicks managed to get his wang a little further down, he had never been this far inside a woman before. He could swear, his tip was touching the top of her stomach. Just so long as it wasn't taking a swim in stomach acid he was fine. As he observed his niece, he noticed a huge bulge trailing down the entirety of her throat. He couldn't help but cringe as he thought of the discomfort she had to be going through. With a smile of determination, he picked her up, and swung her around. As her sex was exposed to him yet again, he realized he was a bit too tall to eat her out comfortably. He reasoned with himself though, thinking that she was doing the same for him.
I though about writing up a combined art/story site just for fun to use for anyone. It's not that hard to do. Especially if you don't use PHP like every other pony site. Fuck that abomination.

Though the problems I have with it are that a server costs money, I suck at advertising it, and I have such a lazy moderating style that I would probably tell anyone who complains about the content to go kill themselves.

Hey, TiberiusPonificus here. I'm having a bit of writer's block and I need help if anyone's read "A Lesson In Adult Manners".

I want to rewrite it because I felt that things moved a little too quickly in the second part, and it became kinda disjointed. I also felt that Scootaloo and Applebloom were a little too eager to get naked. The way I have it right now is:

>Button undresses first. Sweetie Belle is mesmerized by the sight of his dick and gets distracted when her door knocks.
>Sweetie rushes Button into her wardrobe before Applebloom and Scootaloo come in.
>Bloom and Scoot chat Belle up until Scoot finds Button's clothes on the floor. While trying to explain, Button sneezes and reveals his location.
>Sweetie explains that she wanted to try what she saw in Rarity's book.

I wanted to have Bloom and Scoot strip Sweetie Belle because they want to see what the big deal is, but that feels OOC. What do you think?
Cutie mark in whatever the "big deal is", unless they aren't blank flanks in this one?
Hey bud, it's asf. Haven't talked to ya since the double date playdate story
I've kinda skipped cutie marks altogether with this human AU. Since I've already posted them, incorporating them now would seem weird. The "big deal" is what being naked has to do with being a couple.

Were you there when I first posted it in a thread? I'm afraid I don't recognize the name.
I'll have more latter today.

Stuff came up that requires my attention.
Carry on my son.
Oh shit, 4chan working again?
As it ever did

>>Reluctantly rinsing your mouth out, you head to the living room. Babs is sitting on the loveseat underneath a fleece blanket, her parents on the couch all snuggled up.

>>You consider sitting with her parents in order to make an echo in the Force, but you don’t really need any more Kreia points so you scooch up next to Babs. She thoughtfully lets you under the blanket to snuggle up next to her.

>>The Oranges make an OMGTHATSSOCUTE face at you both. They might have refrained if they had noticed Bab's hand almost immediately go down your pajama bottoms. Luckily the fleece blanket hid everything from their prying eyes.
>>no one would ever know
File: Sweetie butt.gif (53 KB, 500x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sweetie butt.gif
53 KB, 500x444
Oh, can we get a Coloratura sucking a DILF manager's dick?
Or her being a filly fiddler, she did love the charities and seeing the fillies and colts.
Could also do one of her and filly Applejack experimenting at Camp Friendship. You tend to figure yourself out in places like that.
That's not really age difference. Though hot.

>Pastebin update: http://pastebin.com/wr3d5tQR

>>If your penis could talk, it would likely be very upset at the way its been treated. You wonder if too many hard to soft resets are bad for it without "ejecting" first.

>>Awoken for the fifth time today with no relief in site, it’s a little bit wary. Babs isn’t doing anything really special, just softly stroking your partly chubbed penis from the head, all the way down the shaft, and back up again. The precum is eeeverywhere. At this rate you were gonna need an IV to replace your precious fluids.

>>You realize this is the first time Babs has actually touched your dick directly. Looking over, half her face in buried under the blanket, her eyes half lidded and looking away in embarrassment, the blush creeping up around her eyes.

>>Welp, diamonds. Making a choice, you reach under the blanket and hold her hand.

>>This does have the unfortunate side effect of removing it from your dick. You snuggle up tightly against her, your head buried up against the crook of her neck. She seems confused at first, but quickly relaxes into the snuggle. Your firmly intertwine your fingers with hers as she leans her head against yours and just enjoy the movie as a couple.

>>Sneaking a glance at the Oranges, it looks like they are cuddling up too. It almost looks like they are playing rock paper scissors under the… Oh. So that’s where Babs got it. Without making any furtive movements, you carefully return your eyes to the tv and your attentions to Babs.
O-oh Babs! I-I've never talked to you before!

H-how are you?

I'm doing OK. Hands are covered in a clear viscous fluid though.
Twinkleshine blushed brightly as Spike told her that he accidentally saw her girlhood. She certainly didn't mean to expose herself to the boy, it's just that she preferred not to wear panties under her nightgown. Still, the thought of Spike seeing her most private area excited her a little. It made her feel a bit naughty, and gave her an idea.

"Show me yours." She said abruptly. Spike jumped, both from the suddenness of her speaking and in disbelief at what she was asking.

"W-what?" He squeaked, not quite believing what he was hearing.

"Well, you saw my privates. I think it's only fair that I see yours." Twinkleshine explained.

Spike thought about what she said. Realizing she had a point, he reached down for his pajama bottoms, wrapping his thumbs and index fingers around the waistband. Twinkleshine leaned forward, waiting to see a boy's cock for the first time.
I posted the review on explicit pony fiction archive

How was this?0
Continue. Also use >greentext for exposition in the future.. Double also, whos Twinkleshine?

The pink haired unicorn in amending fences.
>>Hush now little sister
>>I know you liked this Colt
>>But big sis wants to try him out
>>Before you get your go
>>There's no need to worry
>>You can have him when I'm through
>>But always remember Apple
>>I'm gonna fuck you too.
Well thread, what music would you listen to if you had a chance to get with either a Milf, Dilf, Filly or Colt?
A live album, so people would clap every five minutes.
In all seriousness, though, probably the first playlist with more than five songs that I find in my phone. Big chance that it'll be the Ace Combat 2 soundtrack, considering it's the only album that's actually labeled in that thing.
electro or techno that sounds upbeat like a montage.
Quick update before I get back to writing.

I haven't really been working on my story today, primarily because I'm not exactly sure how. I'm trying to properly balance pacing, lewdness, and keeping things relatively happy all at once.

I'll be honest, I didn't quite expect things to go they way they are when I took up this story. In draft, things have gotten really dark because of the way I've described Scribble's thoughts, and I've had to redo large chunks because it got way too heavy, even for me.

If I may ask, how many of you are actually reading the story? I ask because I'm kind of missing MA Anon while writing this, and if there's no interest, I'll drop this and go back to work on MA Anon.

I'm still gonna work on both, regardless, but I also want to entertain you lot.
Keep going, I want to read more.
No one else wants to say anything?

If it was milf or dilf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxEaKXGs5cc

We are, it's just slow with the other writers missing. What about you work on MA Anon for now, give you time think of a good way to redo the work.
Nah, it's not a matter of re-doing anything. Right now it's a matter of continuing without fucking up the pace.
Do what feels comfortable then. Do you have any music you listen to?
Basically this >>25927991
To help pass the time as we wait.
I primarily listen to 80's rock in my free time. Either that or Power Metal. Occasionally I'll put on Zebrahead for shits and giggles because I detest Hard Rock and Zebrahead is one of the few bands I can stomach.

But, going to the question right quick.

With a MILF, I'd put on some smooth jazz (heavy on the brass, but not cheesy). I'd work slowly and gently with my fingers until the sax solo begins, then roughen things up a bit.

With a filly, I guess I'd put on something bubbly. Like, not the kiddie songs you hear in today's children CDs, but still happy. Probably played on the piano with a harmonica and acoustic guitar as secondaries.
What kind of happy bubbly music? Any examples?
And yeah, I agree with ya on the smooth jazz thing. Timing is key.
I don't exactly know why, but the first example that immediately comes to mind is "Piano Man".

So maybe something like that, just a little faster with a slightly higher pitch.
This is me, for the record.

So after a bit of a struggle, he managed to crane his neck downwards, giving himself unfiltered access to her sex. With a single swipe, he managed to make the girl yelp. Or rather, gurgle, seeing as her mouth was somewhat occupied. As the vibrations rippled over his dick, Scribble could not help but moan into his niece's box. He then pulled himself further forward, and rolled his tongue inwards. The small dick-filled mare gargled once again, as Scribble plunged his wet muscle into he niethers. He could almost see Melody's eyes roll back in his mind, and allowed himself a moment's pause while the mare took her own. After one too many moments challenged Scribble's patience, he pulled his head backwards, before thrusting it forward again. The new sensation of being tongue-fucked greatly excited Melody, in far more ways than just physically. Her Uncle's magazine had illistraited quite a few different positions and techniques for use, but nothing came close to this. The idea that there was more out there to desvover was quite the thrilling concept.

Meanwhile, Scribble was working hard to make sure his niece's first time would be amongst her best. While he was not very experienced in the art of lovemaking, he had picked up a few things here and there from his last girlfriend. Including tongue-fucking. He began to feel the girl's arousal drip from her winking citrorus every time his tongue would pull away from her sex, which he then proceeded to drink. Ocasionally, he would tilt his head upwards, as not to allow a single drop of the fluid to go to waste. The girl had completely stopped working on his shaft at this point, but it was of no concern to him. Somehow, he took comfort in knowing that she was the one feeling the pleasure.
Not that Scribble was totally unconcerned about his own pleasure, far from it. But he always one to care for other's well-being before his own. In many ways, this paid off, especially during sex. Other times, it bent him over and ramed him. But regardless of the outcome, Scribble often felt glad when he allowed someone else to take his pleasure.

And clearly it was paying off here. The stallion began to feel the girl's heartbeat increase as she lay on his torso, so he pulled her off his cock. The satisfying "pop" she made almost made him force the mare back on, but he resisted the urge once again. As he set her back down, he removed his tongue from within her, and aligned his horn with her hole. With a shriek from her, he thrust it into her cave, relishing the feeling of her marecum as it began to flow from within her

As each wave of the mare's first orgasm pulled over her, Scribble closed his eyes, and waited for the inevitable torrent of marecum. Soon enough, he felt his eyes bathe in the liquid, and grimaced as it filled his snout. After around ten seconds of holding his breath, Melody's finish came to a finish, which allowed Scribble to snort her pleasure out of his nostrils. After a few huffs through his nose, he took a deep whiff of the air, and caught a full blast of her musty scent. The pheromones hidden in the rancid odor made the situation bearable though. He took a quick swipe at his upper snout, flinching slightly as the taste of stale hay hit his palate. He allowed his body to shutter in response, but nothing further.

"O-oh... O-oh my-" he heard Melody exclaim.

"How did you like that, baby girl?" he asked, as he pulled her onto his chest.

She rolled over onto her stomach, before nuzzling herself into her Uncle's unkempt chest fuzz.

"I loved it Uncle Scribble..."
Chuckling to himself, he wrapped an arm around the white mare, and closed his eyes to catch some sleep.

"Can we do more fun stuff?" she asked excitedly.

His eyes quickly shot open, and he looked over to his niece. There she was, looking at him with wide eyes, still very much film of life. He was absolutly flabbergasted. Not thirty seconds had passed since her world-shattering orgasm, and she wanted to move onto faze two. Perhaps the energy of children extended beyond hyperactivity. He shook whatever tiredness he had aquired from his performance away, and sat up. After blinking twice, he shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure. We can. But I need to grab something first."

Melody, now with eyed alight, began nodding vigorously. As Scribble headed for his bathroom, she began hopping in place on his bed, which made the stallion chuckle. She was so full of life, and was just so adorable, that it made the idea of banging her almost unpalatable.


With his magic, the writer propped open his medicine cabinet, and grabbed the lube out from the top shelf. He opened the cap as he headed back into the main part of his bedroom, and gave it a quick little squeeze for fun. He watched as a small fountain of lubricant sprung from the cap, and smiled to himself. Hopefully, he figured, it would be enough to allow him to fit into his niece. As he sat on the bed, he offered the bottle to the mare.

"Wanna help me lube up?"

She took the plastic from his grip, and looked at him puzzledly.

"Just squirt a bit into your hooves," he explained. "And then rub those all over my private part."

She looked at his long member in amazement, before squirting a generous amount of lube into her hooves. She then, very gingerly, began applying it to Scribble's shaft, much to his obvious pleasure. He couldn't even watch the tiny mare rub him down, seeing as his body had forced him to admire his ceiling.
Awaiting penetration.
Missed me?

>Surprisingly, you didn’t sleep in.
>Even more surprisingly, your brother didn’t say anything about you and Snowdrop getting together.
>Saves you the trouble of finding a piano.
>Although knowing him, he’s probably going to tell everyone in school.
>Wonder if Vinyl would give you a discount if you tell her what you’re going to use it for.
>As you ponder if an electronic keyboard counts as one, you hear someone walking towards the bus station.
>You turn around to see Snowdrop strolling down the street.
“Hey, Snow!” You say, trying to get her attention.
>Snowdrop stops on her tracks, then walks faster.
>She sits down next to you, and then hugs you.
>”Good morning, Anon.” She says without breaking the hug.
>You wrap your arm around her, then pull her closer to you.
>”Nice to see you too.”
>You stay like this for almost a minute, before a thought occurs to you.
“Wait, doesn’t your mom usually drive you to school?”
>Snowdrop breaks the hug to look towards you.
>”Yeah, but she had to leave for work early again.” Snowdrop says with a sad expression in her face.
“That’s happening a lot lately?”
>Snowdrop lies back on the bus stop’s seat.
>”Yeah, her work’s been taking a lot out of her. Some days she’s barely in the house, and I have no one to talk to.”
“Yeah, I know how you feel.”
>”How so?” Inquires Snowdrop.
“Well, both my parents work ten hour shifts.” You explain. “They leave at six in the morning, come back at four in the afternoon, and they usually go to bed around ten.”
>”Oh, that’s quite the busy schedule.”
“Yeah, no kidding. We can only do stuff on the weekends, but good luck getting my brother to get off his ass.”
“I mean, shit, I’m no better, but at least I do other stuff. Like using the computer, very important.”
>Snowdrop chuckles a little.
>”Me and my mom usually just talk, or listen to some audiobooks.” Snowdrop turns her head towards the ground. “Whenever she’s not busy, that is.”
“I imagine it gets pretty lonely in there.”
>Well, that didn’t help.
>Alright, think fast, chucklenuts.
“Hey, you can always give me a call if you’re bored.”
>Snowdrop looks towards you again.
>”Uh… r-really?”
“Yeah. I mean, shit, I’m not doing anything most of the time.”
>”O-oh, okay, I’ll, um, remember that.”
>Worked like a charm.
>Before you can say anything else, you see the bus round approaching the stop.
“Hey, Snow—“
>”Yeah, I heard it.”
And a little preview of the next next, next, next, etc. part.

>Snowdrop rolls down her panties, giving you a small peek at her ass.
>"It's a good thing I wear a skirt, huh?" She says, while holding her underwear on her hand.
>You'll say "It's always the quiet ones", but that's not really appropriate in her case.
You two keep it up! Loving the green.
File: 4563qhq.png (94 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 1000x1000
Please update
Oh hey, I still have this thing.
We really miss viral YEEPZ and Orange
Even though Orange and YEEPZ are going to update later tonight. EST
File: d3d.gif (2 MB, 300x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x223
Is... is there any more of this?
None that I have found.
File: 1417040966388.jpg (58 KB, 700x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 700x415
File: TRAITOR!!!.png (76 KB, 853x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 853x1024
>Pic related just for shit and giggles.
Is that Rei from Hokuto no Ken or that guy that looks suspiciously similar to him from Souten no Ken?
Maybe some drum and bass for the fillies and some oldies music for milfs.
Anything Rob Zombie. With strobelights and smoke machines. I like to put on a show when I fuck horses, old or young.
File: 1450754490304.jpg (35 KB, 725x291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 725x291
Hey guys, I've really missed you as well, my beautiful lovelies.
I'm sorry for the quiet lately, my stupid neck has been acting up and is almost constantly stiff and aching (on Christmas eve, after me and the family finished opening our presents, I got the mother of all migraines thanks to my neck and had to go to bed while the rest of the family got to enjoy each other's company).
And these last few days I've felt so damn tired and achy, so my writing has been very slow.

I'll also be going away again during New Years, going to meet up with some friends I haven't seen in a while and play some board games.
I might have access to a computer during that time, if so I'll keep trying to work on my green, but I can't promise anything.
If I can't get ahold of a computer, I hope you'll be patient with me, even though you've already been saints in that department so far.

If I don't see you until then, then Happy New Years to all of you, you beautiful, wonderful people that I love so dear!
Hope all of you will have a great one!

I'd probably go with some type of rock or metal (probably rock), since those are the genres I listen to the most.
Though I've thought for a long time that it'd be pretty funny to have sex in rhythm with the Ghostbusters theme.
I miss MAnon.
Sick, and have a road trip tomorrow. May be able to sit down and write the day after that.
>pg 9

Shame. Shaaaaaame!
>>Fluttershy pegs human little brother Angel.

File: 136_1_!_2_3+2-a.png (2 MB, 1573x1573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1573x1573
Just noticed your green. I really like it

Don't stop, please. Or I will cut you

My Hype and my Boner are at 300%

I was testing animu style, but I think I'm gonna do some blue Snowdrop as EqG style, just for you.
If you have access to a computer, then keep it locked since you are going to be at someone else's place. Write than lock. You don't want them seeing what you write?
I was planning to, at the very least, get to the sex scene tonight.
Soooo... I'm back writing more Scoots x Kid Anon story after exploring ghost pone some. Glad to see this thread is still going strong. I have a lot of reading to catch up on itt since I've been away for maybe three or four weeks.

Anyway I'll be posting more of "The Wonderful Misadventures of Scootaloo and Kid Anon" now.
If you would like to read the story from the beginning here is the pastebin. http://pastebin.com/BAne48b7

>Then a bright and blurry light from above you.
>You struggle to open your eyes more, but it feels like your ripping apart your eyelids from all the built up crud.
>Fighting harder against the condensed sleepiness you persevere and succeed in bringing your eyes to bear on the white light.
>Then an explosion of pain in your skull as the light assaults your senses, forcing you snap your eyes shut.
>A little groan escapes your lips as you feel the headache build.
>You want to bring an arm up to rub away the sleeps and shield your eyes from the luminous onslaught.
>However as you go to move your arm, you feel as if it is restrained, tucked tight against your body, held in place by some well tucked sheets.
>You renew your efforts, wiggling your right arm up your side… but you feel weak, like the act of just moving your arm is a great struggle.
>But after a few moments struggle you achieve a minor victory, your arm is free of its cotton constraints.
>Weakly, like a wet noodle, you flail your arm across your face, and proceed to rub your eyes into your sleeve.
>The fabric feels coarser than your normal shirt, but that doesn’t concern you.
>What does concern you is where the heck are you… and how did you get here… and where was Scoots?
>Your eyes are still closed, you don’t want to make this headache worse.
>You scrunch your face in concentration, remembering the last things you could.
>Boarding through town… Scoots wings… Those spray painted rocks… That hill…
>It’s all rushing back to you, how you raced her down the hill, how she jumped over the rocks, how you hit them… how time seemed to slow down before impact… how you felt weightless flying forward… and the overwhelming blackness that overtook you.
>It felt like all that was just a minute ago…
>But also so… long… ago…
>You need to know where you are.
>Covering your eyes with your arm, you gingerly peek them open.
>You just see your arm, but that’s the plan.
>Raising your arm just a little, you let your eyes adjust.
>It’s still very bright, but with the shade your arm is casting, you’re able to blink the room into focus after a few seconds.
>Your head is propped a little forward on a pillow, so you only get a view of the far wall and ceiling.
>Just a blank beige wall and white ceiling.
>You shut your eyes again, bringing your arm to your side.
>That snapshot didn’t do much to tell you where you are, just that you’re not in your bedroom… but you could have told that by the stiffer bed and rougher sheets.
>If you had to guess, you’d say a hospital… but your head hurt too much for guessing.
>But you were still determined to understand your surroundings.
>With a great effort you dig your heels into the bedsheets, and using your arms for leverage, you force yourself up against the backboard so you can sit up.
>With each motion you feel your muscles cramp and complain like they had been awoken from a deep slumber.
>Another long groan as you made the final push, and there you were, sitting up in bed, feeling like a sack of jelly, eyes still closed against the light.
>’Alright now… it’s now or never’ you thought to yourself.
>Raising a hand above your eyes, you hesitate for only a second before opening them.
>Bright, bright light greets you…
>But after a few seconds the dazzling effect wears off, and you see a spacious and sparsely furnished room come into view.
>The walls are dull, and there is a door on the far side with a little window at the top.
>You turn your head to the left, observing only a counter top with a sink, a few boxes on the counter, some cabinets above, and even further to the left there was an IV stand.
>Bags at the top of the stand lead into a tube that ran down, under the covers… and right into the back of your left hand.
>This was new, and the thought of something being in the back of your hand freaked you out.
>suppressing your anxiety, you looked at your hand, flexing it.
>It felt weird, but it didn’t hurt.
>’Oook… I wonder what kind of horse medicine their pumping into me…’
>The thought passes through your mind, but is quickly pushed out as you hear a little snore from the right.
>Rolling your head, you hear a few cracks in your neck, as your vision shifts to the right.
>Your heart skips a beat at the sight.
>It’s Scootaloo, slumped over a table, her head in her forearm, softly snoozing away.
>Her mane looks frazzled, like she hadn’t taken care of it in a while, and her body looked worse for wear too.
>A few feathers were sticking in odd directions, and her coat didn’t look as vibrant as you remember.
>To her side there is a few books, all fiction, mostly Daring Do novels with a few other titles mixed in.
>One directly in front of her was open, maybe a third of the way through.
>She looks like a peaceful wreck, little snores emanating from her slumped form as her back raises and falls in a gentle rhythm.
>You smile at the sight, nothing could have made you feel better than seeing your best friend by your side… except maybe seeing your adoptive mother again too.
>You sigh, rolling your head back to center, and staring up.
>You see the source of your discontent taunting you from above.
>That damn light, wreaking havoc on your fragile mind.
>You squint your eyes, and bring a hand to your forehead, rubbing in slow circles.
>Your face feels greasy, but as you work your hand further up your head you’re greeted with an odd, unexpected, texture.
>Cloth bandages, wrapped tight around your skull.
>Starting at the top of your forehead and covering the entire top of your head, you felt a little like a mummy as your hand explored further up and behind your skull.
>You groaned some more, additional pain sinking into your head as your hand brushed over the top of your skull.
>You’d had enough of that, and again opened your eyes to explore the room some more.
>Further on your right was a heart rate monitor, oscillating in a predictable, slow manner.
>Wires ran from it to a little strap around your wrist.
>And further in front of you, next to the door was two switches.
>Those, those were the key to doing away with the pain that plagued your head.
>Those were your new target.
>And you would turn those off even if it was the last thing you did.
>Mustering all your strength you push yourself forward.
>You bring an arm to your side, and start working the sheets out of the side of the bed.
>After a minute you’ve removed the sheets, but your arms feel exhausted.
>You can see that you’re wearing a hospital gown, but it’s been obviously altered for your form with some arm holes cut out, and sleeves quickly stitched on where your arms should be.
>Ignoring the burning sensation in your arms you swing your legs over the left side of the bed.
>Grabbing hold of the IV stand you look over the side of the bed.
>Maybe six inches between your bare feet and the cold tile floor.
>You grimace, but steel yourself; this was a battle for your very existence.
>The light must be shut off.
>You push off with your right arm, and let your feet slap against the floor.
>You try to support yourself against the IV stand, but your legs are too weak to support you, and your arm is no match for gravity.
“Oooofff… Owww”
>You collapse into a pile of scrawny body parts, tubes, and wires next to the bed.
>As you lie on the floor, the warmth of your bed replaced by the chilly tiles and air, you hear a stirring from across the room.
>The rhythmic snores are interrupted by a snorting sound followed by a long ‘ughhhhhhh’ like sound.
>”Uhhhhh A-anon” A whisper from across the room.
>You gulp, and whisper a reply.
>”Anon!” Her enthusiasm is apparent, even though it was just a whisper.
>You hear a rustling from across the room, and hooves falling on the tiles.
>”W-where are you?”
>You try to adjust yourself so your sitting with your back propped against the bed frame.
“Ummm over here.” You’re still whispering, even though you don’t know why, but Scoots started it.
>You here soft hoofsteps falling, growing nearer, and in a second Scoots is rounding the corner of the bed, a wide smile on her face.
>”Anon…” She whispers, staring at you for a second, tears forming in her purple eyes.
>You give her a weak smile.
>Next thing you know she’s next to you, hugging you, and burying her face in your shoulder.
>You shift to your side, wrapping your arms around her, resting your head on top of hers.
>”I-I-I d-didn’t know! I didn’t know t-the r-rocks… t-that they would… would b-be there! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” she was trailing off, shudders wracking her body.
>She was sobbing into your shoulder uncontrollably.
>You held her, you didn’t blame her, you just wanted her comfort… and she wanted yours.
“It’s not your fault… I’m not mad… I’m just… tired.” You whisper into her ear, a yawn punctuating your sentence.
>She nuzzles her tear soaked face into your shoulder before looking up to you, red puffy eyes looking into your tired, baggy, eyes.
>You smile at her, and pull her head against your chest, stroking her frazzled mane.
>You feel weird… that you’re so tired even though you must have been sleeping for a while.
>You let out a yawn, as Scoots sniffles away her emotional state.
>But your head is still throbbing, and you know your mission must be accomplished… but maybe with a little help.
>”*Sniff* Yah Anon?”
“The light… It’s killing me…”
>”T-the doctors *sniff* don’t like it when I turn it off…”
“C-can you please?”
>”Heh… like I wouldn’t have done it… but first you need to get back in bed.”
>You struggle to support yourself on your legs, pushing yourself up against the bedframe, working your way up the bed.
>You feel Scoots hop up the bed, and feel a hoof tap your shoulder.
>”Need a hoof bro?”
“k-kinda…” You blushed, embarrassed you were struggling so much to just get into bed.
>You raise a hand, and take hold of her hoof.
>With a mighty yank, Scoots hauls you up onto the bed.
>Flopping around a little, you find your way back under the warm covers, and shiver away the chill of the floor.
“Thanks Scoots.” You give her a red-faced smile.
>”It helps that you’re a lot lighter, you know…”
>It was true, you could feel your ribs protruding, and your arms looked like they had less meat on them too.
>’How long have I been out for…’
>”Now one more thing.”
>With a final sniff, Scoots hops off the end of the bed, and hits the light switch.
>To your relief the room is flooded with darkness save for a gentle glow emanating from the little window atop the door.
>You feel the bed bounce as Scoots hops up.
>You flip open the covers, scooting over to make room for her.
>She crawls in next to you snuggling into your side.
>You throw the covers overtop the two of you, as you return her snuggle.
“Thank you Scootaloo… for everything” You whisper into her ear.
>”It’s… n-nothing Anon” Her voice hitched a little.
>You wrap an arm around her, pressing into her half for comfort, half for heat.
“How long…?”
>She shudders, but relaxes in your arm.
>”Three weeks…”
“You look like it~” Rubbing your face against hers a little, feeling her greasy mane between your fingers.
>”Aaanoooon~” She fake whines.
>Her warm breath tickles your cheek, and you can’t help yourself.
>Your head drifts lower; she senses your desire, and moves her head upwards.
>Your lips brush against one another, like old friends reunited after years apart.
>You push your head forward a little, locking lips.
>She sucks a little on your lower lip, as you take in the soft texture of hers.
>You suck against her upper lip, and feel a little dryness and chapping… like she had been breathing conditioned air for a while.
>’Three weeks… She’s been here three weeks with me…’
>Your hand drifts further down the back of her head, along her back, until it was resting overtop one of her wings.
>You felt a few feathers sticking up, and you shift them back in line with the rest.
>Scoots wiggles a little as you work her feathers, pulling you closer, shifting the angle of her head.
>She has a sweet musk about her, nothing offensive to the senses, but you could tell she hadn’t taken very good care of herself the past few weeks.
>The kiss comes to an end, your lips pulling away from each other as you rest your forehead against hers.
>Your headache is still present, but it’s subsiding thanks to the dark.
>Scoots warmth is washing over your fragile body, and you feel a comfort overtaking you.
>She rubs a hoof along your side as you hold her.
>You close your eyes, and you feel as if you’re floating in a warm sea.
>You nuzzle into her, and she shivers a little… thinking her own thoughts.
>”I… I thought I lost you…”
>Her whisper sounds scared and small.
>”They said… they said you might not make it at first…”
>Now you’re shivering, pulling her closer.
>”T-the r-rock was in… in your head.”
“The bandages…” You whispered, pulling an arm to feel your wrapped head again.
>You felt something wet against your cheek.
>You bring the hand away from your head, and wipe a tear away from Scoot’s clenched shut eyes.
>You didn’t want to think about any of what your body had endured… You just wanted to be close to Scoots… and to sleep.
>You rest your arm around Scoot’s head, and bring your face back to hers, again locking lips, preventing her from continuing.
>She melts into your embrace, sticking her tongue against your lips, wanting more.
>You part your lips, letting her tongue slide against yours as you work your soft member into her mouth.
>Your tongues lazily play for a few moments, spiraling around each other, interlocking, and feeling each other’s texture.
>You can feel a tear wet your lip, having traveled down the side of Scoot’s face.
>The salty taste juxtaposes the sweeter flavors of her mouth as your tongues interlock.
>You scratch behind her ear, eliciting a little moan from the purple maned filly.
>Breaking the gentle embrace, you nuzzle into her some more.
>Regardless of the foreign bed, the bandages wrapped around your head, and your weakened state… everything just feels right with Scoots by your side.
“Scoots… I love you…” a soft whisper in the still room.
>She shudders, snuggling into you more.
>”I love you too Anon… I love you so much~”
>You stroke her back, a shudder runs through you as you process her words… and how scared she must have been these last few weeks.
>All you can do is hold her and reassure her.
“I’d never leave you… no little rock could do that…”
>”Heh… don’t joke about that” She shivers again.
“I won’t… but I’m serious…”
>”Thank you for staying.”
“Thank you for waiting.”
>You feel sleep overtaking you.
>Today had been an exhausting day, even if all you did was move like three feet.
>You knew Scoots would be there for you, always.
>You felt safe, comfortable, and happier than you’d felt in a while.
>You felt love.
>And you felt loved.
>You drifted to sleep snuggled up against the orange filly that saved you…
Anyway I don't know if anyone was looking for updates to this but I made some anyway. I hope y'all enjoy, and I'll be back later to read more. Just being kicked out of Starbucks now cuz their closed. Night y'all, and happy New Year!
This is for the fillies and colts.
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I really, REALLY, need more MILF x Young Adult greens.
This thread should be called /ss/ or /foalcon/ by now.
Everyone's coming back tonight.

The small groans Scribble made, combined with his sudden tenses, prompted Melody to explore more. She then began running her hoof on the underside of his dick, and jumped back slightly when it twitched. She couldn't help but giggle, and poke the phallic object a few times in response.

"Uncle Scribble! You're pee pee is dancing!" she exclaimed.

"That's just it's way of saying hello darling," he groaned. "It's telling you that you're doing a good job."

"Can you make it dance again?" she asked breathlessly.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Scribble began flexing his cock, much to Melody's amusement. She didn't even notice her mouth drop open in wonder, as she busied herself by studying the long object. She almost took it in her mouth again, but she didn't want to taste whatever coated it. So instead, she satisfied her curiosity by manually making it move. As her expression returned to a more neutral one, she began poking at the head of his penis, before she started to stroke it with both hooves at its sides. She watched as every muscle in her Uncle's body contracted, before he scurried away from her. With her hooves still in front of her, she looked to her Uncle, confusion riddling her face.

"Uncle Scribble, why'd you move away?"

"Because," he began , panting. "That area of my body is incredibly sensitive. I've never really had it touched like that before."

"So... did I do bad?"

"No, no. Quite the contrary in fact. It felt way too good."


The two then sat in silence, save Scribble's breathing, until he managed to get himself under grips.

"Let's move on then. I think I'm plenty lubed up now."

Melody nodded, and then fell onto her back to expose her sex.

"Uncle Scribble, what was that liquid for?"

"That was lube honey. It will allow me to fit inside you easier."
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Ideas? Scenarios? Someone might make one if you actually contribute a bit.
Basically, make a prompt or suggestion on what characters and situation.
I might just do that after all is said and done with MA Anon.

"Course, that could be a while...

"Why do you need to fit inside me easier?"

Scribble merely closed his eyes and rolled them, as he lined himself up with his niece's box.

"Because my penis is nearly as long as your body sweetie. I dony want to hurt you any more than nessicary?"

"Nessicary?" the mare puzzled worriedly. "Y-you mean I'm going to be hurt?"

"Unfortunately yes. At the start at least. You see, there's a little flap of flesh in the way that prevents me from fully pushing into you. It's called your 'hymen'. I need to tear it to fully experience you."

"W-why is it there if it's just going to hurt me?"

Scribble gives a brief shrug before answering.

"Most likely to keep bacteria out. Wouldn't want you getting sick now would we?"

Even with this explanation, Melody still had her doubts about the whole ordeal. Scribble soon noticed this, and bent down to kiss his niece on the forehead.

"If you're feeling uncomfortable about this, we can always stop."

"NO!" Melody cried. "I want to make you feel good! I want to repay you for how nice you've been to me! If I feel a little pain in the process..."

She takes a moment to gulp down her fears before continuing.

"Then I'll feel a little pain!"

Through a tired face, Scribble couldn't help but smile, as he bent down and locked lips with his niece. The sudden gesture shocked the filly, but she soon overcame it, and returned his passion. Shock returned to her once again though, when Scribble eased his tongue into her mouth. She naturally put up some resistance at the start, but soon allowed herself to relax as his tongue began exploring deeper into her mouth.

After several moments, he broke the kiss, and looked into the mare's eyes.

"Here we go," he exclaimed.

Bit i have the imagination and talent equal to a Brit.

Fuck it, might as well.

This prompt will be cliche as fuck:

>Set 5 years after the death of Night Light
>Anon is 21, Velvet is 42
>Both of them are sadfucks and antisocial
>Twilights tries to get both of them to be friends (Twilight actually likes Anon, just for shit and gigs)
>"Gee, we are too similar
>More Shenanigans
>"B-but im more than 20 years older than you"
>Sappy shit and Shenanigans
>Lewd things
>The end
Slowly, but firmly, he eased himself into her young pussy. When he finally reached the barrier sepperating him and his pleasure, he sighed a little to himself.

"Brace yourself sweetie," he warned. "This is gonna hurt."

And with one small thrust, he tore her innocence, and sent pain flying through her body. She gave a somewhat long cry of pain, before her voice softened to small sobs and pants. After tightly wrapping his arms around her, Scribble began whispering reassurances into his niece's ear. She finally managed to quell her voice after several minutes, and looked up at her uncle with pleading eyes.

She was ready.

The stallion pulled his hips backwards until his shaft hit the entrance of her cave. With a light thrust, he slid the near entirety of his member back into her, and only stopped when he noticed the large bulge that had formed in her stomach. Satisfied with his length inside, he pulled our yet again, and allowed himself a little more power in his second thrust. He then wrapped her legs around his neck for slightly better leverage, and began to thrust more rapidly. Nothing too extreme to start out, but quick enough to satisfy the both of them. He began to admire the slapping sound their flesh made as they collided, and soon focused entirely on that. Melody was clearly enjoying herself, seeing as her tongue had been completely freed from her mouth. Scribble watched as a small strand of drool tricked off of it and down her neck, only to fly off with another one of his thrusts. Jr dared not change his position, fearing that he would screw up in the process. The few times he had engaged in intercourse in the past were usually dominated by his partner. To be in control for the first time in his life... was an exciting prospect for Scribble. And not one he wanted to give up.

Finally, after a minute or so of thrusting, Scribble emptied his load into his niece, relishing in the pleasure of each wave of his orgasm.
>”T-the r-rock was in… in your head.”
"Punished Anon -- A Horsefucking Legend."
It's good to see you're back.

>As you board the bus, you notice that it’s not the same bus driver from last time.
>Thank fuck.
>You turn around to look at Snowdrop, and see her climbing the last step.
>You sit down in the first empty row you find, with Snowdrop walking past you.
“Hey, I already sat here.”
>Snowdrop stops walking, then turns at you.
>”Oh sorry, just… force of habit, I suppose.”
>Snowdrop sits next to you, then puts her cane in her bag.
“Looks like Babs missed the bus.” You say while looking around. “Good.”
>Snowdrop looks towards you for a moment, before grabbing your hand.
>”Anon, can I ask you something? It may be a little personal.”
“Uh… sure, I guess?”
>”Did anything happen between you and Babs?”
>Oh boy.
“I’m serious, she just kinda showed up one day and—“
>”I’m blind, Anon, not stupid.” Snowdrop says, while frowning. “People don’t hate each other like that just because.”
>You sigh, then lie back in your seat.
“Babs and I knew each other for a long while. Hell, we even dated for a while.”
>”Oh. Didn’t see that coming.” Snowdrop says.
“Yeah, I know.”
>”How did you two became friends anyways?” Inquires Snowdrop. “Um, if you don’t mind me asking, that is.”
“Nah, it’s alright. I never have anyone to talk to about this anyways.” You say, while shrugging. “Well, I didn’t have too many friends in middle school, surprising; I know. After all, who could resist my charms?” You say sarcastically. “Anyways, Babs being, well, Babs, mostly just punched the crap of everybody. I just was the one that stuck around after getting his ass kicked.”
>”And what happened after that?”
“I guess puberty happened, and we just went for the person who we liked most. I guess being the only two kids with weird accents helped us to stick together, or maybe it was because we were the only ones that dealt with each other’s shit, I don’t know.”
>Snowdrop grips your hand tighter.
>”I can’t imagine what must have happened that drove you apart like that.”
“Me neither.”
>Snowdrop looks at your direction with a confused look on her face.
>”What do you mean?”
“I mean, I don’t know what happened either.” You say before sighing. “Her parents had to go back to Manhattan, and I lost track of her. Once they moved back I thought she’d be happy to see me, but she wouldn’t even give me the time of day.”
>Snowdrop opens her mouth to say something, but then just looks at you sadly.
>”I’m… sorry that happened, Anon.”
“Nah, don’t worry about it.” You say while shuffling her hair. “Honestly, sometimes I think it was for the best, you put two people who don’t give a fuck together, something’s bound to go wrong sooner than later.”
>Snowdrop lets go of your arm, then hugs you.
>”I promise I won’t be going anywhere, Anon.”
“…Thanks, Snow.”
>You step out of the bus, followed by Snowdrop.
>As you enter the school, you catch Snowdrop’s attention.
“Hey, are you planning to do anything after school?”
>”No, why?”
“Well, I thought maybe we could go to the park, since weather’s been improving a little lately.”
>Snowdrop seems a little disappointed at the last part, but still seems to like the idea.
>”Sure, I’d love to.” She says, while smiling. “Same as yesterday?”
“Yeah, I’ll be waiting outside school. Hopefully, I won’t break my hand this time…”
>Both you and Snowdrop say your goodbyes, then walk to class.
>Bet you won’t guess how class went.
>If you say boring, then congratulations.
>You were wrong.
>Not only Babs was in school, but she was also pissed about you ignoring her yesterday.
>Chairs were flung, a fire extinguisher got used, and a window was almost broken.
>Fun times.
>Still, you’re not going to let that ruin your evening.
>You check your clock, it’s almost 14:00, Snowdrop should be coming out soon.
>Right on cue; you see her walk out of the school, her cane in one hand and her notebook in the other.
“Hey, Snowdrop! Over here!” You say to guide her towards you.
>She raises her head towards you, then starts walking faster towards you, before stopping in front of you and looking up towards your face.
>”Shall we get going?” She says with a smile.
>You’re walking towards the park, with Snowdrop hooked on your arm.
“So, how’s art class treating you?”
>Snowdrop looks up towards you.
>”Oh, it’s been great, they finally received the tactile painting stuff, and I’ve been doing a lot of sketches in my free time.” She excitedly says. “Here, let me show you!”
>Snowdrop opens her notebook and start going through the pages, before stopping and turning the book towards you.
>You sit down in a nearby bench and start going through Snowdrop drawings.
>You notice her lines getting much smoother, along with her drawings getting more detailed.
“Wow, you certainly got better at this.” You say while flipping through the pages.
>”Thanks Anon, it means a lot.”
>Snowdrop shuffles in her seat a little, before shaking your shoulder.
>”Hey, Anon?”
You close the notebook and look at her.
>”I wanted to… say thanks for convincing me to join the art club.”
“Ah, don’t mention it.”
>”No, I’m serious. Thanks to you, I finally found something I truly think I can do all by myself.” She says while looking to you with a shaky smile, before hugging you. “For that, I’m truly thankful.”
>She nuzzles her head against you, and you cup her cheek in your hand and raise her head.
“Hey, hey, it’s alright, Snow.”
>The first thing that comes to your mind it’s “No tears, only dreams now.”
>Luckily, you manage to avoid saying stupid shit long enough to not ruin the moment.
>You were thinking about what to say, but that thought was interrupted by Snowdrop kissing you.
>She seems to really like to do that.
>Still, you’re not complaining.
>You let go of Snowdrop cheek and start tracing her shoulder, all the way down to her hand.
>You keep going down, until you’re touching her inner tight.
>This makes her jump a little, and breaks the kiss.
>”Anon…” She says, slightly flustered and blushing profusely.
>You take your hand away from your leg, and clench it.
“S-sorry, I got kinda carried away there.”
>Snowdrop looks away from you, then looks up again, blushing even more furiously this time.
>”Y-you know, I know of a place around here where no one ever goes to.”
>wait what
“Snow, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”
>Snowdrop takes a deep breath and opens her mouth to say something.
>”W-what if I told you I do want to?” She says while looking at you with half-lidded eyes.
>Okay, that’s cheating.
“Oh, come on, how am I supposed to say no to that face?”
>Snowdrop chuckles, before standing up and grabbing your hand.
>”That was the idea, after all.”
>You stand up and follow Snowdrop through the park, all the way to a storage shed.
>”Here we are.” She says while letting go of your hand.
“A shed?” You ask.
>Snowdrop turns to you.
>”I used to go here all the time when I was younger to read when I got sick of being in my house.” She explains. “It’s pretty much my second home at this point.”
>You walk towards the shed, examining the structure.
>Concrete walls, a solid metal door, and some slit windows.
>This thing may be even more sturdy that your house.
>You inspect the door, and find it locked by a combination padlock.
“Shit, it’s closed.”
>Snowdrop walks towards the shed, then grabs the padlock from her hands.
>She tries a couple combinations, and then it unlocks.
>”They use three different passwords, if they even change it all.” She explains as she opens the door. “After you.”
>You go inside the shed and realize that Snowdrop really meant what she said.
>The shed has a small box full of books, and there’s a small concrete block covered by a blanket.
>Snowdrop closes the door, then takes a deep breath before sitting in the block and unzipping her jacket.
>”W-well?” She says, trying to play it cool.
>You sit next to her, and pull her into a kiss.
>You can feel her heart beating against her chest hard.
“Hey, Snow…” You say, breaking the kiss. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
>”Absolutely.” She says. “Y-You made me feel like I actually mattered to someone… I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.” She says while pulling you into a kiss again.
>You unzip your own jacket and throw it away.
>Snowdrop grabs you by the shoulder, and you use this opportunity to slip a hand under her shirt, making her gasp in surprise.
>You start playing with her nipples, making her arc her back and moan.
>Not to be undone, however, she uses her free hand to undo your belt and undone your zipper.
>You’d be surprised with how fast she did it, if you weren’t preoccupied with her stroking your member equally as fast.
>You break the kiss and groan a little.
>”Bloody hell, Snow, slow down.” You protest.
>”O-oh, sorry, I got carried away there.” She says, before smearing the precum in her fingertips. “Let me make it up to you…”

>Snowdrop rolls down her panties, giving you a small peek at her ass.
>"It's a good thing I wear a skirt, huh?" She says, while holding her underwear on her hand.
>You'll say "It's always the quiet ones", but that's not really appropriate in her case.
>She grabs her bag and sticks the panties in there, before sitting in front of you.
>She puts her hand on your chest to use as support, and starts grinding on your dick.
>You grab her by the hips to help guide her, and use your other hands to pull her into a kiss.
>Snowdrop moans into you, as she keeps grinding, covering your member in her juices.
>She breaks off the kiss, and raises her hips, lining her entrance with the head of your penis.
>”Anon…I—I…” She says between pants.
“I know, Snow.”
>Snowdrop nods, then looks down.
>”D--does that look slippery enough to you?”
“Yeah, it’ll be fine.”
>Snowdrop leans against you, bringing her chest parallel to yours.
>She starts inserting the head of your dick slowly, before it suddenly goes halfway in.
>Snowdrop whines, then grabs a hold of your shirt.
>You take the arm that’s supporting you both and wrap it around her, trying to calm her down.
>Snowdrop breaths deeply a couple times, then lets go of your shirt.
>”T-that went in faster than I expected…”
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
>”Y-yeah, I’ll be fine.” She says while leaning back a little. “Here we go.” She mutters to herself, while raising her hips.
>Snowdrop tries to hilt herself in you, but stops halfway in, not being used to the sensation.
>She repositions herself, and then starts slowly lowering herself on your dick.
>As you hilt inside her, you let out a small sigh, and Snowdrop moans.
>She raises her hips again, then lowers herself, eliciting a small moan from her.
>As she’s bouncing in top of you, you roll up her shirt, and begin playing with her breasts.
>You massage her nipples in circles, making Snowdrop shiver in pleasure.
>She brings her hands from your chest to your shoulder, then starts picking up the pace, slapping her hips against yours.
>You can feel her heart beating faster, as she approaches orgasm.
>Snowdrop arches forward, trying to get as much leverage as she can.
>With one last thrust, Snowdrop takes as much of your dick as she can, as she clamps down on you.
>As she orgasms, you start thrusting from beneath trying to reach your own, making her yelp in surprise.
>You finally reach your limit, and cum inside her, making her let out a long, low moan before she falls in top of you.
>You both stay like this for a couple seconds, before Snowdrop wraps her arms towards you.
>”T-thanks Anon.” She says while snuggling in top of you. “That was… wonderful.”
“You’re welcome, kid.” You say, before a thought passes over you. “Hey, I just realiz—“
>”Don’t worry about that.” Says Snowdrop. “It’s a safe day, so it’s alright.”
>Well, that’s a tremendous relief.
>You pull out of Snowdrop, then sit upright.
“Come on; let’s get you cleaned up before someone comes in here.”
>Snowdrop jolts from your chest, bushing deeply.
>”O-oh, right, I wouldn’t want someone to see us like this.” She says, while rolling down her shirt.
“Do you have any tissues or something around here?”
>”I think there’s some inside that closet over there.”
>Lo and behold, there’s an open packet of tissues in there.
>You toss it to Snowdrop, who begins cleaning herself up.
>”Anon, what I said back there, I… really mean that.”
“Hey, if you’re worrying about that...” You say while picking up your jacket from the floor. “… Don’t. I do too.”
>Snowdrop smiles and blushes, then looks away from you.
“Now, come on. Let’s get out of here before—“
>Just as you say that, the keeper of the park enters the shed, looking for God knows what.
>He just stares at the both of you in confusion.
>You lift your eyes from the book Snowdrop is holding and look up to him with the best annoyed expression you can manage.
And that's all for tonight, folks.
When he had finally ceased his climax, he pulled out of his panting niece, and fell beside her breathlessly. However, he quickly he realized that he just ejaculated straight into her womb, and he wasn't sure if she was at the age of pregnancy yet. He began to panic, until Melody curled up a top him in bed.

"Did you enjoy your present?" she breathed.

"I loved it," he responded. "Did you enjoy giving it to me?"

He felt her nod, which was all he needed. Feeling overall satisfied, he placed a foreleg over top her body, and drew her closer to him. As he rolled onto his side, she rolled into his chest, and nuzzled further into him.

"I love you Uncle Scribble," she sighed.

"I love you too kiddo."


And with that, my little Christmas special is complete. Hope it was enjoyable and satisfying for you lot. I hope this ending, and the actual sex, don't feel rushed. It was kinda interesting to write actual horse sex for the first time, given that male stamina is far lower than I gave it credit for, so I had to rely more on foreplay than anything else to deliver the same impact. I hope I was successful in that aspect.

It was also nice to return to form by writing both writing in the third person and without greentext. It was also nice to use a bit more of an expansive vocabulary than I normally do, given that Greentext is a somewhat limiting medium. I enjoy writing in both the second, and third person though, and each one has a specific strength and weakness when compared.

Now, I'll have this compiled and posted to my pastebin sometime in the near future. It's strange to think it'll he my first paste in over a year. Time flies when you abandon shit.

And with this out of the way, I'll be back to working on MA Anon and my other story shortly. For those who care, I've got about half an update written in my Google doc that I'll finish tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm gonna catch some shut eye, seeing as its one o'clock in the morning here.
Cripes mate, people have been wondering where you've been for the past three threads now!

I've had to pick up the slack and make the OPs for these things for Pete's sake! Not that I give a shit. I actually enjoy making the OP for threads.

In all seriousness, good to have you back mate.
Does anyone have links to stories with Lyra and KidAnon or just some human kid, I know there's atleast one.
It'll probably be done sometime "tommorrow" night. Too lazy to compile it tonight.
It was too good that I couldn't take it. to be honest.
I just exploded

Good job, as I said, I'm gonna do some snowdrop for you.

Thanks, I'm enjoying this.
Looking forward to it.
Thanks for revisiting.
The original ending was pretty devastating and I'm soo happy you continued working on it.
There any more of this series? It's freaking awesome.
>page 9
File: hug times.gif (807 KB, 240x135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hug times.gif
807 KB, 240x135
Hey man, I missed you! I thought we lost you!
You damn well better believe we've been looking for updates for your green!
Welcome back!
See all the exclamation marks I'm using!? That's how much I've missed you!

I talked about ideas for Anon X Milf stories a few threads back.
Threw up an idea about a 2-Humans-on-1-Pony-MILF threesome, since I don't think I've ever seen that.
I might use the idea myself, but that will be quite a while since I have other things to write first.

Mein gott...
My dong grew three sizes this morning.
How am I supposed to get anything done with all the blood from my legs going into this morning wood you two have given me?

So glad to see everyone back and working on their greens again.
Except me...
I am fail...

First I was destracted by sexy ghost pone. Decided to take a break from this thread and focus on that one. But now that it died I'll be writing more here. Though I still will finish my story for the ghost thread... eventually.

Work has also been a huge drag. Since I'm home from college and working 60-70 hour weeks I don't get much time to write.

Also I've read a good bit of your latest. It's very cute... dunno how Melody was supposed to have wrapped herself in that very awkward position though. I'll assume filly magic.

It was never my intention to have it end there, but I left it there since it was a workable ending while I took a break. It'll have a good, happy, ending.

Trips and quite a few exclamation marks, you must be serious m8. I'll be back around a bit, but work is gunna keep me from being as regular as I was. I'm enjoying catching up on everyone's stories. Have you been writing anything since Spa Ponies?

Do want!
I've been working on a green about 14 year old femanon getting it on with a stallion.
Haven't gotten very far yet though.
A femanon on stallion story!? All my boners, you have them. Got a link to your pastebin?
Now since we had a christmas story with fillies, we should have a New Years with either Dilfs or Milfs!
I never regretted the double dubs that made that story.
Happy new years, you horsefuckers.
Not New Years yet for some of us. But Happy New Years Anyway
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>pic related in more ways than one.

Happy changing of the calendars to you too!
Don't tempt me.
Maybe after the MAanon story though.
I mean, Tempting YEEPZ.
Do it after your MA story.
Posting some age-diff green here b/c anons in RGRE can't appreciate TRUE ART.

>You are Anon, and you're the happiest you've been since you landed in Equestria.
>You knew about herding, sure; that was probably the first thing that Twilight told you about after you got here.
>Purple horse is the perviest horse, let me tell you.
>So apparently it's socially-acceptable to just find a young, unattached mare and fuck the FUCK out of her.
>Like, wherever you want, too. Middle of the street? Go ahead. Want to fuck in the park where all the children can watch? You bet your life you can. Stuffing Apple Bloom with your cock right in front of Applejack's stall? She gets real turned on over that.
>(btw, you absolutely boned Applejack right after you filled her little sister up with cum)
>(Again, right in the middle of the market.)
>(GOD you love Ponyville)

>So here you are, strolling into Cheerilee's schoolhouse like you own the place.
>It's worth mentioning that you aren't wearing any pants, which lets all the mares out there get a good look at the goods.
>Now you've got a bunch of what, 8-year-old fillies staring down your junk as it bobs and weaves with each step you take?
>One of them even follows the little bead of pre-cum that drips off of the tip of your dick and onto the floor.
>Guess who has an exhibitionist fetish?
>(It's you)
>"Good morning, Mister Anonymous."
>Ahh, Cheerilee.
>Even with your dick at eye-level, she remains polite and professional.
>Wait, no, she's starting to rub her swollen horse-pussy in front of the entire class.
>"Why don't you tell the class why you've decided to visit us today?"
>Smart idea, bubblegum teacher horse.
>Smart, but not one you're going to take.
"Just ignore me, Miss Cheerilee. I'm just here to observe."
>You give your cock a few short pumps to really get the meaning across.
>"Just don't interrupt the foal's learning too much, alright?"
>Oh they'll be learning, alright.
>Learning how to suck your fat cock.
>Smooth, Anon. Smooth.
>You glance around the room, looking for your target, and spot her almost right away.
>Sweetie Belle is paying attention to what Cheerilee has to say, completely ignoring the man waving his penis around.
>Yeah, this shit's normal.
>You fucking LOVE Ponyville.
>You walk up to her without a word and just stand there with your dick pointing at her, not a foot away from her head.
>She just looks up at your face, smiles at you, and goes back to paying attention to class.
>You love it when they resist.
>You take a step closer and poke Sweetie Belle in the cheek with your erection, leaving a string of pre-cum connecting your dick and her face.
>She's blushing, sure, but she's still concentrating on her work.
>Fuck it.
>You gently grab her head and turn it to face you.
>Then you poke her mouth with the meaty head of your penis, and she automatically opens her mouth.
>Once you think she's used to your size, you begin to slowly pump in and out.
>You can only manage a few inches in her tiny mouth, but the loud slurping noises she makes more than makes up for it.
>You're starting to reach the no return, so you pull your slippery cock from her mouth with a wet =pop=.
>She relinquishes it reluctantly.
>Now, for the real fun.
>You pick the tiny horse up and line yourself up with her slit.
>Moisture from her hot sex trails down your shaft, ensuring that your entrance is a smooth one.
>You push yourself in, revelling in the feeling of an unbelievably-tight cunt.
>The loud moaning that Sweetie Belle is making doesn't seem to distract the other fillies, who are diligently writing down everything that Cheerilee is saying.
>To your surprise, you manage to hilt in Sweetie Belle.
>What are you, fucking her lungs?
>But you don't complain.
>In much less time than you would have preferred (god DAMN this tight pussy), you find yourself about to cum.
>You both moan as you fire shot after shot into her sopping wet filly snatch, filling her up to the brim and exploding out around your cock.
>Her notes are splattered with both of your cum.
>oh lord you need a breather.
>Surprisingly, you're still hard.
>As diamonds, actually.
>You can probably continue this at home.
>You walk out of the classroom with Sweetie Belle still impaled on your cock.
"Tell Rarity I said hi, alright?"
>Cheerilee just gives you a smile and a wave goodbye.
>You turn your attention back to the panting, moaning filly grinding her cum-soaked crotch on the base of your cock.
"Now, who wants foals?"
>You don't have a guest bedroom to turn into Sweetie Belle's new room, but you guess that doesn't matter.
>You hope she'll like your king-sized bed.
>You get the feeling that she won't be the only one who will.

It isn't paedophilia if it's a pony
Happy fucking new years horse fuckers!
I've always wanted to do a HiE green with anon (kid or otherwise) landing in Equestria, but a version of it where everyone's human and still follows the same idea of casual nudity. I could do an /ss/, man/girl or boy/girl from there.

Might practice it out on here. What do you think?
I call this one "Bold and Brash"
More like "Belongs in the >>>trash"
Do it faggot! This is a free thread, write what you want, because I (and others) will be lurkin here reading anything that gets posted.
Well it was pretty heavy on the poon... Though it could use an illustration or two for science...
This fic is a metaphor for the bolshevik revolution

Why do you say things you know will hurt me?
The more I think on it, the more I like it being kid!Anon, because I've been on a real /ss/ kick lately. What can I say? I love the idea of being a little boy and getting treated by mature women and getting "sexual discovery" with little girls. Win-win!

>You're Anon, a 9-year-old who's had another bad day at school.
>You can usually deflect the jeers from the other boys, but their words pile up.
>"What kind of boy likes ponies anyway? A wuss, that's who!"
>At least the girls are supportive.
>Kind of.
>You like talking ponies with them, but you can tell they're still keeping their distance.
>Whatever. At least you still have all your pony stuff at home.
>The moment you get home, you plop down on your bed and open up the My Little Pony app on your phone.
>As soon as it loads, a message pops up: "Special Promotion! Today Only!", along with a button labeled "Accept"
>Looks like that karma thing your teacher talked about has got some merit to it.
>With a big smile on your face, you smash the "Accept" with the force of a god.
>Immediately, the screen begins glowing, much brighter than it should.
>Barely managing to look through the light, you feel a sudden rush, between floating and falling.
>The force is too much, and you eventually black out.
>In your room, the light dims on your phone, and it falls on the bed.
>Next to your phone, lay your clothes in a pile.

Next part: Arrival
Try being more descriptive and it's way too convenient that ponies just allow Anon to fuck ponies in the face out of nowhere without punishment or some backlash.
Was this a cocksock thing? Because if it was, it works.
It was absolutely a cocksock thing. I probably should have given a link to the post that started this all.

>>25947634 gives context for face-fucking a filly with no repercussions.

>Regaining consciousness, you open your eyes.
>You find yourself in a humongous...and familiar room.
>Looking up from the solid crystal walls, you find the roots of a giant tree, with little gems hanging from them.
>Is this...Castle Friendship?
>Looking around, you can see the different thrones belonging to the Mane Six.
>You look down to find yourself standing on the table, but that's not all...
>You're also stark naked!
>Even though there's no one around, you quickly cover your crotch, just as you hear the big doors open.
>"That light flew here! It's gotta be in the Map Room!"
>Standing in the doorway is a woman with tanned skin, purple hair (with some lighter streaks) and eyes.
>On her forehead is an oval shaped jewel, the same color as her eyes.
>Like you, she is also completely naked, but doesn't seem as bothered by it as you.
>Looking up and down her body, you notice on her hips a purple star with smaller stars surrounding it.
Reasonable response Anon? Reasonable response Anon.

>You're Anon
>Turns out filly-fooling is pretty common in Equestria
>Like, REALLY common.
>You can just straight-up have sex with a filly right outside her front door while mom and dad watch.
>You don't know how you went six months without knowing this
>Your house, located right by the Everfree, had been made unavailable for you for a few weeks due to a huge spike in terrifying creature sightings.
>The Apples generously invited you to stay on their farm if you agreed to help out a bit.
>Night one was fine.
>Apple Bloom gave your cheek a kiss goodnight, which was cute.
>Night two was another kiss, and you could hear muffled conversation outside your door
>Applejack was asking Apple Bloom "if she was sure"
>Night Three you woke up to your dick being sucked by Apple Bloom.
>You were understandably surprised
>When you screamed (you weren't going to jail for filly-fooling), Applejack came running into the room.
>She was mad at Apple Bloom, but not for the reasons you'd expect.
>It wasn't an issue that she was sucking you off; it was an issue that she hadn't asked for permission first.
>That's about when Applejack turned Apple Bloom around and presented her dribbling slit at you
>"She's unspoiled," she said.
>Then she winked at you.
>Applejack, not Apple Bloom.
>You're no faggot, but sexing up an underage ANYTHING is not cool with you.
>When you asked around town the next day, the pones said that what happened was A-OK.
>Too weird for you.
>You rarely leave your house now.
>At least nothing in the Everfree tries to get you to fuck their children.
Happy new year faggots.

Let's start it off with MAAnon.

>You grab your own chair, and pull it up beside the yellow mare
>As you hike yourself a top it, you notice that she’s staring at you quite intensely, with a little bit of blush from her discovery still lingering
“Alright Fluttershy, just so you know off the bat, this isn’t going to be anything like how Iron Will taught you. I’m not gonna motivate you with speeches, I’m not gonna yell at you until you follow my ideology, I’m going to actively teach you with hands-on methods.”
>”OK. Now when you say hands-on-”
“Yes, forced hugs will be involved. Papa needs his Flutter Butter.”
>”Oh… OK then…”
“I mean, if you don’t want them, you’re gonna have to make me get off you. I don’t just mean with words either. I’m not gonna let you off the hook as easily as I did last night. You gotta break my grip. Understand?”
>”I think so…”
“Good! Because training starts now!”
>You suddenly grasp her around her torso, eliciting a squeak from her
>She doesn’t struggle at all as you pull her in, and flip her around on your lap
>You hold her tightly around her midriff, and wait for her to escape
>She takes a bit longer to make her attempt than you would've liked
>In fact she doesn't make an attempt at all
“Well? Aren't you going to escape?”
>”Honestly, the fact that you're here is still sinking in. It actually feels really nice… being hugged by someone.”
>You sigh, and shake your head happily
“Damnint Shy, you’re supposed to be resisting me. Not allowing me to have my way with you.”
>”I know Anon, but can’t I enjoy things as well?”
>Suddenly, you think of a way to train her with her current level of stubbornness
“You know what, you’re not allowed to enjoy things.”
>You then put her down, which elicits her confusion
“Until you learn to resist everything I do to you, you’re not allowed to enjoy anything.”
Sorry guys, no update tonight.
I'll give you an excuse, but I'll be straight with you; I got back home at like 2 AM and I was too lazy to write anything, sorry.
Yahhhh.... I don't see the metaphor.

I'm digging this so far. Moar perhaps?
Don't worry yourself.
Yeah just worry about thread being alive

>She's definitely no pony, but she has a lot of her same features.
>Is this what Twilight would look like as a human?
>But why is she naked?
>You certainly don't mind the view, though.
>Her breasts are proportionate, her hips look amazing, and...are those purple wings behind her back?
>"Who are you?"
>You take a gulp and try your best to maintain eye contact.
"Um...I'm Anon."
>"Anon, huh? What are you doing here?"
"I...I don't know."
>"Well, why don't I help you?"
>She lifts up her arms and you start to float towards her.
>You are nestled in her arms, your face in her chest, and her hand on your bare butt.
>You've been held like this before, but never while naked.
>Your heart's pounding like crazy, and you can feel your cock growing in your hands.
>"There, now. We'll help figure things out, won't we, Spike?...Spike?"
>From the door, a little boy runs in, green spiked hair, fair skinned, and needless to say, nude.
>Aside from his hair color, another unusual feature about him is his tail, a dragon's like he does in the show.
>"Huff...you know I can't run that fast, Twilight. Who's this guy?"
>Twilight puts you down in front of Spike, who tilts his head as he looks at you.
>"What are you doing? You shy or something? Why are you covering yourself like that?"
"Um...I'm Anon. Why isn't anyone wearing clothes?"
>"Well, it's not like there's anything to get dressed up for."
"Really? You just walk around like that?"
>"Yup! I'm sure you'd like to use your hands. No need to be shy."
>You move your hands back, revealing a raging boner.
>Spike looks to the side, trying his best not to laugh.
"That's not funny!"
>"Oh! Well, why don't we help this?" Twilight says and lifts you back into her arms.
>She gives you a big smile and begins walking out of the main hall with you.
>"The best way I know!"
>I call this one "Bold and Brash"

Sarcasm, my friend. Learn it.
Keep it up!

It's getting late for me, so the good part will have to wait until tomorrow. Got it saved to the clipboard, though, so it's no big deal.

Good night, and Happy New Year, horsepedos!
Here's what I've got so far.
It's not much, but hopefully I'll have more soon.
And Happy New Year to you!
How about a continuation of Filth's Tease story?

Spike visits French Horn, who turns out to be gay and living with his partner.

He came out as gay shortly after graduation.
I was watching that thread. Wish this was a regular prompt
You're that guy who keeps throwing out ideas but never acting on them.
Ignore the name, I often shitpost freely and without remorse.
>The worst namefag in the history of namefags
>Criticizing others

At least you're starting to take off the fucking name.
AJ and Rarity like to swap sisters on the weekends.


>Twilight's room doesn't look any different than it does on the show.
>She quickly sits you down on the bed, while seating herself in front of you.
"What are you gonna do?"
>Twilight bends down and gently grasps your erect boyhood, making you twitch.
>"We're going to fix this the old fashioned way!"
>She opens her mouth and puts her lips around the tip.
>You've heard of this.
>She's giving you a blowjob!
>Her tongue laps across the tiny opening, causing you to moan and throw your head back, unprepared for how good this would feel.
>Your toes curl and you grip the sheets because it just feels so nice.
>You hear footsteps near the door.
>Spike steps in, an annoyed look on his face.
>"Yeesh, Twilight. You just met this kid, and you're already doing this?" he asks.
>Twilight takes her mouth off your cock to speak, making you annoyed that she stopped.
>"This is a token of goodwill," she says. "Besides, I wasn't about to let him walk around with this. You know how embarrassing it is to walk around with one of these."
>"I know," Spike replies, "but so long as you're doing that, can you give me something?"
>"If that's what you wanted, you should've said so in the first place. Get on," Twilight motions for Spike to get on the bed.
>"Alright! Make room, Anon!"
>Without even waiting, Spike jumps onto the bed, sitting himself right next to you.
>As Twilight puts your peen back in her mouth, she directs her hand towards Spike's crotch.
>Spike's dick begins to glow, moving up before appearing to be rubbed by an invisible hand.
>You didn't notice this before, but when Twilight's using her magic, the jewel on her forehead glows.
>Is that her "horn"?
>Spike starts moaning as the rubbing on his cock intensifies, and you can see it getting thicker.
>You've never been one to like boys, but you admit to yourself seeing that is helping your own arousal.

Sorry to take so long. I'll try get out as much as I can, but I've got work today, so be patient.
tfw most of rumble x sweetie nsfw is blowjobs


>"So, Anon, where are you from?" Spike asks when he's lucid enough to speak.
>Conducting yourself, you tell him where your home is.
>"Never heard of it. You must be from outside Equestria!"
>You nod quickly, and are about to tell him the details of how you got here, when your body suddenly gets a jolt.
>You instinctively hold Twilight's head at your crotch, and you feel a quick tingle coming from it.
>At the same time, Spike does the same, and you see a white fluid shoot out from his penis.
>The fluid gets all over Twilight's face, and spunk from your junk flies into her mouth.
>Twilight gasps as she let's go of your cock, a little bit of fluid dripping from her mouth.
>"Phew! You boys had quite a bit!" she says.
>She passes you and Spike a small towel to clean yourselves off.
>Spike helps you clean up, a little strange to have another boy wiping off your penis, but you're still reeling from the fellatio too much to care.
>"Come on, Anon. If you're ready, we'll bring you into town," Twilight tells you.
>Once you're all cleaned up, you're taken to the front doors of Castle Friendship.
>The doors open, and you're greeted with a familiar, yet unfamiliar sight.
>It's Ponyville, no doubt about it!
>But instead of ponies, there's people!
>Naked people.
>Men, women, children, everybody!
>Looking up, you can see other naked people flying around, different colored wings on their backs.
>"Welcome to Ponyville, Anon!" Twilight tells you. "Even if you don't find your way home, I hope you'll like it here!"

Feel like that's a good place to leave off for now. I'll probably do some more tomorrow.
>”Anon, what do you mean?”
“I mean,” you begin with a smile. “You’re gonna have to take your hugs by force.”
>”Hugs by force? Anon, I don’t know if I-”
“You want your hugs, right?”
“Then make me hug you.”
>In confusion, she shakes her head a few times, before sighing in defeat
>”Anon… I want you to pick me up… and hug me.”
“Good for you. Too bad I don’t care.”
>”Common Anon. I really need a hug.”
“Well go hug someone else, because I'm not hugging you.”
>”You give better hugs than anyone else. Plus, your fingers feel really nice when you pet my hair.”
“Too bad, because these hands aren't gonna be petting you any time soon.”
>The look of pure annoyance in her eyes almost made your resolve break
>She was just so damn cute, no matter what she did
>”Anon, hug me.”
“Make me,” you retort slyly
>She scrunches her nose, before leaping atop your lap, and stares deep into your eyes
>Puzzlement filled your body, rendering your mouth useless for several moments
“Fluttershy,” you finally questioned. “What are you doing?”
>”I'm giving you the stare. It's what I've been doing to get my animal friends to do what I want.”
“And that works?”
>She drops her head
>Stay strong Anon, make her want the hug
>When she raises her head again, her face hardens with determination
>With some hesitation, she puts her hooves on your arms, and begins to yank them apart
>You quickly close them tight again, forcing her to try to pry them open
>Five times later, she pushes herself underneath your arms, and tries to force herself into your embrace
>She nearly succeeds, but you manage to force her out before her head pops through
“How about this? Instead of forcing your way in, how about you persuade me to hug you?”
>She pauses for a moment, as she mulls over her argument
>”If you hug me, I will suck your dick.”
“Fluttershy, no!” you scold. “That's not how persuasion works! You have to tell me why I should hug you, and convince me to do so!"
>”Is offering you a blowjob not doing just that?”
“No, that's making me a deal. You need to argue your case, seeing as you can't solve all your problems with violence.”
>”So then why are you teaching me to solve problems with violence?”
“That's just so you learn how to assert yourself. To take the things that you want when they're available to be taken. Honestly, I love giving you hugs. Despite smelling terrible, no offense, you're a really cuddly pony. But at the same time, I can't just give you everything that you want. Otherwise, you're always gonna act secluded and awkward when it comes to getting what you want.”
>”OK… I'm sorry for-”
“Don't apologize,” you interrupt. “You don't need to apologize for every little thing.”
>”I'm sor-”
>”...So… this persuasion thing… I don't really know how to do that.”
>You smile to yourself before continuing
“Just state your claim, and back it up with evidence.”
>”...You should hug me, because I'm a very lonely pony, and I need hugs, and petting, from you.”
“Let's say I'm a sadist, which I am, but that's besides the point. All you've done is just there is given me more reason to to not hug you. So tell me what's in it for me if I hug you.”
>”Well. You said it yourself, I'm a cuddly pony, so you'd be hugging a cuddly pony. That and with me being lonely, if you hugged me, I'd be more willing to…”
>She paused to take a gulp
>”Appease your fetishes…”
“There we go, that's how you persuade. But let's assume I'm not in it for sex, how else is hugging you gonna benefit me?”
>”...I have a decently soft mane, and when you pet it, it might make you feel a little better.”
“Speak in absolutes. A wishy-washy attitude isn't going to get you far.”
>”My mane is really soft. And when you pet it, it'll feel really good in your fingers.”
“There you go,” you say with a smile, before scooping her into your arms
the idea that this just spontaneously happens at puberty is extremely and dangerously false. it's always outside influence. it's just very difficult to avoid outside influence
there are no illegal words in any country. images, sadly, but never words
>no illegal words
There are, however, illegal numbers.
>Consider, computer programs are in binary numbers.
>The DVD drm encryption code CCS, for example, is in binary.
>A binary program, being ones and zeros, can then be converted into a regular base 10 number.
>Windows or CCS is in reality a giant number, and can be expressed as such.
>This means the giant regular number that is Windows 11 or whatever already exists, and can convert backwards into the binary code for the program, even though it hasn't been written yet.
>The US government has ruled the numbers that pertain to certain encryption keys as illegal numbers, CCS's converted base 10 number being one of them.
>This has been Sunny's factoid of the day
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>page 9
File: Starlight.png (2 MB, 2035x2457) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Found this Starlight. She looks small.
Am I tempting anyone with green ideas?
That's true. Nudist colonies kinda blow away that idea.
Missing Viral green, Yeepz green and other green intensifies.
which isn't to say that we don't still suffer from outside influence like any other insular subculture, and it does mainly affect people at puberty.. that time when people are developing their own identity and needs to learn to reject how they were brought up
but they should also EXTRA reject the OUTSIDE world. it's even worse. gotta be an individual but that doesnt mean dumping your upbringing in favor of a faceless mass that hates you.
Ok, lets not talk about nudist colonies for now. Let us make green!
Not It!
Give me a minute.
And by a minute I mean a couple hours.
It's only been 40 mins and thread is at page 8
>A couple of hours later
>You walk past the keeper, with Snowdrop trailing behind.
>You keep walking until you hear a door slam shut.
>You turn around to check if the keeper went inside the shed.
“Yeah, he’s inside, we’re good.”
>Snowdrop reaches for her bag and pulls her panties from it.
>”Do you think he noticed?”
“I’ll be more worried that he noticed that I was trying to read a book in braille. Or that you were holding it upside down.”
>”Hey, I grabbed the first thing I found, we’re lucky one of us wasn’t hit by the box.”
“That would have been awkward to explain.” You say. “We’re testing if the heat retention of books is appropriate enough to be used as isolation. The box in my assistant’s head is a previous, failed experiment, do ignore it.”
>Snowdrop chuckles drily, then looks at you.
>”Yeah, I’m sure that’ll convince him.” She says, before remembering she’s not wearing anything under her skirt. “O-oh, right. Anon, could you give me a hand here?” She says while raising her hand towards you.
>You grab her hand to help her balance while she’s standing on one leg.
>Snowdrop pulls up her underwear, then straightens her skirt.
>”Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it.” You say while looking at you clock.
>You should probably start heading back home now.
”Hey, Snow, do you want to get going? It’s already past three ‘o clock.”
>”Oh, I didn’t realize it was that late. Yeah, we should probably get going.”
>You put your hands in your jacket’s pockets and nudge Snowdrop with your elbow.
>She clings to your arm, and you start walking home.
>”Well, if it isn’t Canterlot High’s favorite couple!”
>You sigh in frustration, and turn around.
“You just had to ruin my evening, did you?”
>”We still have somethings to take care of, ya know.”
>Snowdrop clutches your arm harder, with an annoyed expression in her face.
>”Why do you keep doing this?” Snowdrop says angrily.
>Okay, that’s new.
>Babs looks at you in fake shock for a second, before laughing at Snowdrop.
>”Come on kid, you couldn’t scare Fluttershy.” She says while walking towards you. “As of why? I just feel like it, you got a problem with that?”
>”You expect me to believe you’ll just pick on people because you ‘feel like it’?” Says Snowdrop while letting go of your arm.
>”Hey, that’s tha truth, if you don’t like it, that’s your problem.” Says Babs, while stepping behind Snowdrop. “And besides, Green Goblin over theah— Well, what have we here?”
>Babs reaches into Snowdrop backpack and takes her notebook.
>”Hey, give that back!” Says Snowdrop while turning around and trying to catch Babs.
>Oh, fuck no.
>”I’ll be damned, little mole girl can actually do something else than sit on her ass all day.”
>”Hey!” Protests Snowdrop.
>”I certainly hope this isn’t important, it’ll be a sham—“
>Snowdrop takes a deep breath.
>”Anon said you had to leave for Manhattan when you were younger, right?”
>”Yeah, and the ass never called me back after tha—“
“Wait, I did call you, what the bloody hell are you talking about?”
>”Like shit ya did, you didn’t even pick up when I called ya.”
>Snowdrop turns to you.
>”Anon, did she ever call you?” She asks.
“No, she didn’t.” You thought for a second, trying to remember if she actually did. “All I remember is some random number starting with 914—“ You stop, realizing your own stupidity. “You gotta be sodding kidding me, all of this because I didn’t realize you changed your number?”
>”Maybe if ya picked up from time to time, this wouldn’t have happened!” Babs says angrily.
>”Guys…” Snowdrop says, trying to call both of you down.
”Goddammit, you could of told me you were changing phones, this could have been easily avoided!”
>”I did, but big fuckin’ surprise, ya didn’t even remember!” Babs responds.
>”Guys!” Snowdrop says, more firmly this time.
“Fucking ‘ell, all those years of fighting just because you don’t know how to work a land phone?”
>”You were the only person I could talk to, and ya ignored me!” Babs says.
>Snowdrop turns around to look at Babs.
>Babs realizes what she said, and looks at the ground.
“…Little bit of a Freudian slip there?”
>”Go fuck yerself.” Says Babs while turning around.
>Snowdrop grabs Babs by her shirt, making her turn around to look at her.
>”You can fix this now, don’t waste it.” She says sternly.
>Babs looks at her, then back at you.
>She opens her mouth to say something, but then just looks at you sadly.
>”Do you have anywhere to sit down?” She asks.
>”There’s a bench not too far away from here.” Says Snowdrop.
“I’ll guide you there.” You say, grabbing Snowdrop’s hand.
>You sit down with Babs on the bench, while Snowdrop stands near you.
>Babs sighs, then looks at you.
>”Look, I’ll get tah the point. When I went back to Manhattan, I couldn’t make any friends.” Babs explains. “Either they were pompous dicks, wanted to fight me, or both.”
“I still don’t see how that ties in with me.”
>”Because ya were the only one I could talk to about this shit! My parents don’t pay attention to anythin’, the school obviously said I was the one starting shit—“
“Gee, wonder why.”
>”Anon, please.” Says Snowdrop.
>“…And then I thought ya didn’t care either. I was pissed off, and when we came back here I decided I could get back at ya.”
“But why didn’t you try to call my house directly?”
>”By the time I woulda thought of that, I was already too pissed to do it.” Babs says, sighing. “Look, Anon, I know it may not mean much, but I’m sorry.”
“Eh, way I see it, we both fucked up on this one, so technically speaking, it’s not really anyone’s fault but the phone company’s.” You say as a joke.
>”Gawd, you’re still making those shitty jokes?”
“Hey, where would be now if it weren’t for my flawless sense of humor?”
>”Woulda probably saved us a couple trips to Celestia’s office if ya kept your mouth shut.”
“It’s good to have you back, Babsy. You’re still a pain in the ass, though.”
>”Anon, please, it’s me we’re talking about.” Babs says.
>Snowdrop walks towards the both of you, and then tries to hug the both of you.
>”Tries” being the keyword here.
>She’s happy with just wrapping her arms about your necks for the moment.
>You return the hug, with Babs simply patting her back.
>”Okay, enough lovey sappy bullshit for one day.” Says Babs while pushing Snowdrop of her.
You guys really didn't think we would get out of this one without some plot, now did ya?

Kinda short this time around because, well, plot, I can't just write the first thing that comes to my head, and I was trying to get PCSX2 for once, so I kept getting distracted.

Alright, enough excuses for tonight, tomorrow I'll try and get this thing finally done. Or waste all day playing Fallout 4 and make up a shitty excuse, whatever happens first.
Ya might want to check them for errors later.
It's good, but there are some weird lines.
>“Don’t mention it.” You say while looking at you clock.
>you clock.
There might be others but too tired to point out. Sleep time now.
Worst part is? It should be "watch", not "clock". I'll fix it when I make the pastebin.
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>You're no faggot
>not taking the sweet, unsoiled plot of Apple Bloom
>3 way incoming¿
That would be nice.
> Or her being a filly fiddler, she did love the charities and seeing the fillies and colts.
> Could also do one of her and filly Applejack experimenting at Camp Friendship. You tend to figure yourself out in places like that.

There is a mighty need for this
>This whole fucking thread
The next part has Anon and Babs saying that while they're not fighting anymore, they're actually friends anymore, at least not yet, so, you know.
Later then
Idea for this one. College student Starlight lives with Anon since he is close to their campus. Anon might be 10(+) years older than her.
So how about them bumps?
File: pony2littlegirl.jpg (28 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bump. For the children. Get it?
She pays with her body to stay?
Grants pay for the tuition and classes but Starlight has no money for apartments and their are no jobs around the best college. So She lives with Anon where the rent is sex. And older Anon that maybe in the 30 or 40's.
I meant there is one anon only and he is in his 30's or 40's. That would make a good Dilf story.
Man, slow today.
I know right.
Where the green?
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In like four hours.
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YEEPZ Pony.png
87 KB, 720x720
Being put on hold while I doodle.

I will try to pump some out by tomorrow morning though.
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We shall gladly wait for you.
She flutters off your lap, and hits the floor as you stand up
“Take a seat on the couch.”
>She looks back at you, puzzled.”
>”Wait, why couldn’t I have just stayed on the chair, and you taught me from there?”
“Which would you prefer? The chair, or the couch?”
>”...Point taken.
>Without any further protest, she hops atop the sofa, and awaits your lesson
“Now then,” you begin. “You were talking about this Iron Will fellow the other day. I’ve heard that he teaches seminars on how to be assertive. Mind telling me exactly what he said?”
>”Well. He said that you should take whatever you want, and that anyone who stands in your way needs to be pushed out of your way.”
>You’re blown away by the sheer stupidity of this whole scenario, and by how much of a hack this minotaur was
>By the descriptions you’ve heard, he was the kind of guy that shouted empty promises at people and passed it off as “motivations”
>And Fluttershy just solidified that theory
“Good lord. How that man made a dime off of his seminars is beyond me.”
>With a hand on your forehead, you turn from the yellow mare to collect your thoughts
“Alright Fluttershy, first and foremost I need you to forget everything you’ve learned from that seminar.”
>”I did that the week after I took the seminar.”
>You sigh, and cover your mouth with your hand
“Good. Although a part of me wants you to keep those lessons. Piss-poor waste of your virginity.”
>After a quick rubbing of your hands, you turn around and prepare the lecture
“First and foremost. Asserting yourself. It’s not pushing your way through a crowd, or forcing everyone else to bend to your will. In your case, we’re gonna focus on not putting up with the bullshit that life throws at you. Now I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything here, so believe me when I say you are way too much of a fucking pushover. You cannot allow people to roll over you, and freely take advantage of you the way you do.”
>”I don’t Anon, I don’t think anyone really takes advantage of me-”
“Fluttershy, your pet knocked soap out of your hand to get a sneak peek at your cooter. In the past two days, I have interrupted you more times than Applebloom can count. My mother can’t even remember your name. Face it, you’re a doormat.”
>”I think you’re exaggerating Anon-”
“How much do you pay for carrots?”
>”...Ten bits a bunch.”
“And how much does everyone else pay?”
>”...Five bits....”
“And the point comes full circle. Look, just because we live in a free market society doesn’t mean you need to pay the first vendor’s price. There’s plenty of other people to buy off of.”
>”...Everyone I’ve been to charged me the same price.”
“Then let’s go to the source. Carrot Top is a nice mare, and she won’t jib you on the price.”
>”I never thought of going to Carrot Top,” she says with hope-filled eyes. “Are you sure she’ll give me a fair price?”
“Positive. In fact, let’s go see her right now.”
>The mare’s eyes go wide at your suggestion, and you watch as she seems to sink into the couch
>”G-go to her? You mean… right now?”
“Right now.”
>”A-Anon, I don’t know if I can-”
“Fluttershy, trials by fire are some of the best ways to learn new things. Hell, when I’m pretty much a trial by fire for Twilight.”
>She opens her mouth to speak, but you grab onto a hoof in order to drag her out the door
“Now common, we’ve got a carrot farmer to visit!”

>Twenty minutes later, you and Fluttershy are waiting in front of Carrot Top’s cottage
>She takes a moment to answer the door after your knock though, not that it was any inconvenience
>When the door finally swung open, you noted that everything about the mare oozed tiredness
>From the dark circles that lay beneath her eyes, to the various locks of hair that stood out of line
>”Oh hey Anon!” she greets in her baritone voice. “What can I do for you?”
“Hey ‘Top. I need a favor. My friend here keeps getting screwed over by every vegetable dealer in town when it comes to the prices of fruit, and I was wondering if she could buy off of you.”
>She takes one look at Fluttershy before looking back at you like you're mad
>”For your friend?”
>”And that friend would be…?”
“Fluttershy, yes.”
>She allows herself another glance to Fluttershy before continuing
>”That's odd… I've never seen anyone paling around with Fluttershy before.”
>”I'm trying something new,” Fluttershy intersects. “Instead of following Rainbow Dash around, I'm following Anon around.”
>The mare laughs at what she thought would be a funny joke, but all she succeeds in doing is weirding out Carrot Top
>She gives you a somber look, before you laugh nervously
“She's… she's still a bit awkward socially. Got a few kinks to work out.”
>”Yeah... ‘kinks’,” Carrot Top remarks bitterly
“Yeah… uh hey, Fluttershy! Mind waiting for me over by that house over there for a minute?”
>”Oh… yeah. Sure Anon,” the yellow mare responds in a flat tone
>With her head down, she walks over to the house, sending guilt flying through your system
>But enough pity for now, you've got some ‘splainin to do
“OK, look top,” you whisper. “I know what you're thinking, and Fluttershy doesn't operate that way…”
>Focus on feeling guilt for telling a lie latter, explain now
“The girl’s had some tough times in her life, and she needs a break. That's why I'm here. With various forms of both positive, and negative reinforcement, I'm trying to teach her how to be a better version of herself. And part of THAT lesson, is teaching her how to assert herself. And a part of THAT lesson, is teaching her to not take the first thing life hands her. So please, if you ever do one thing for me ever again, it's help this girl out by giving her fair and honest prices for carrots.”
>’Top’s hard glare soon softens, and she sighs to herself
>”Anon, I think you may be in over your head this time. How in Equestria are you going to teach a grown mare how to behave in public?”
“One way or another, I will. She's got the basic concepts, she just needs to be taught the ‘advanced’ stuff. So… about those prices.”
>The mare’s face then curls into a bright smile
>”Normally, I wouldn't sell to any random pony on the streets. But, if she's not getting the right price from the different dealers around town, I will gladly sell her carrots.”
“Thanks ‘Top. You're awesome, ya know that?”
>”It's not being awesome, it's me having principles. I farm carrots so people can enjoy them. And if people are having a hard time accessing them, well I'll step in and help.”
>You smile, and give the fro’d pony a quick hug before hollering to Fluttershy
“Oi Flutterbutter! ‘Top’s gonna sell to you!”
>The girl’s face lights up, as she scurries over to meet you by your side
>”It'll be three bits for a bunch.”
>”Thee bits?” Fluttershy asks in shock.”I've always had to pay ten bits per bunch?”
>”Ten?” ‘Top replies with wide eyes. “No wonder Anon brought you here! Ten bits is outrageous for carrots! You know what, wait here for a second.”
>She then darts back into her house, and returns with a cleaned bundle of carrots moments later
>She offers them to you, and you take them from her mouth
>”First batch is on me. Everything beyond this is three bits.”
>You hold out the bundle to Fluttershy, who's in too much shock to even take them in her open mouth
>”F-for free?” she asks with a quivering lip
>As ‘Top nods, Fluttershy grabs her in a bone-crushing hug
>”Thank you so much Ms. Top! This… this means so much to me!”
>”Happy. To be. Of. Service,” ‘Top wheezes
>A few moments later, Fluttershy releases the other yellow mare, and happily takes the carrots in her mouth
“Thanks a ton ‘Top. If you ever need a hand gardening, you know where to find me."
>”Don't mention it,”’Top replies in a strained voice
>You watch her cough and sputter for a few moments, before she talks again
>”How's your mom, by the way? Haven't seen her in a couple of days. Did she find a really good book that she can't put down?”
“Nah, she's been super busy dealing with various aspects of ‘studying friendship’. Although she could be better, seeing as she's trying to quit drinking altogether.”
>Both ‘Top and ‘Shy’s mouths drop open, but ‘Top is the first to speak
>”Your mom’s quitting alcohol?”
Yep. She stopped cold-turkey today.”
>”That's just… wow… why is she quitting drinking?”
“She says it's for me. And honestly, I think it's a bit for herself too. Her liver must be as hard as a rock from all those years of abuse, and she's been acting far more bitter to everyone recently. So hopefully this will help her stop being an insufferable bitch to everyone that doesn't know her personally. AKA, everyone but me.”
>”Wow… that's really impressive. Also, I heard that she was visited by Celestia last night.”
“You heard correctly.”
>”Why was that?”
>You shrug your shoulders to mask the fact that you were quickly formulating an excuse
“When you're the personal student of God herself, you get the occasional check-in to see how you're doing. And to make sure you're properly raising your son.”
>”Well if I can give her credit for one thing, it's raising you right. Honestly, you're one of the most well-behaved kids I've seen around this town. It really impresses me.”
>You weren't about to tell her about the numerous ants you've ignited with a magnifying glass, so you just let her gush for a moment
“Yeah. Anyway, thanks again for the Carrots, ‘Top. I'll see ya around.”
Oh boy, it's that time of the night again.

>Snowdrop breaks the hug then looks at the both of you.
>”So, we’re all good now?”
>You turn your head to look at Babs, who does the same.
>”Wait, what.”
“I mean, yeah, we made up, but stuff like this isn’t that easily fixed.”
>”We beat the shit, and I mean the SHIT, out of each othah for years. We’re gonna need couple counselin’ or some shit.”
>”Oh.” Says Snowdrop sadly.
>”Hey, cheer up, I’m sure he’ll eventually come aroun’ and apologize eventually.”
“Yeah, and you’ll start using complete words.”
>You look at Snowdrop, who’s still looking sadly towards the both of you.
>You get up and pull Snowdrop into a hug.
“Hey, come on, we would of gotten in a really serious fight if it weren’t for you, don’t feel bad.”
>”Yeah, he woulda been stuck headfirst into a tree at this point.”
Accidentally separated this from the the last part.

>”No, it’s not that.” Snowdrop says. “It’s just that I thought I could get you to be friends again, but I couldn’t…”
>”Dude, if ya seen the way we treated each othah you’ll be singin’ a different tune.”
>Snowdrop sniffles, then nuzzles her head against you.
>”Maybe, but I can’t help to feel sad anyhow.”
>”Well, I don’t know what else to tell ya.” Says Babs before shrugging. “I’ll offer ya a cigarrete, but I kinda lost my lighter.”
“And, you know, it’s kinda illegal.”
>”Wouldn’t be the first today, now would it?” Says Babs.
>Wait, how did she know?
>Snowdrop raises her head from your chest, and then looks in Babs direction.
>”How did you know about that?”
“A good question, actually.”
>Babs chuckles, then crosses her arms and legs.
>”Because ya just told me.”
>Oh, balls.
>Snowdrop looks at you, then at Babs, then starts crying.
>”Whoa, whoa, I was just messin’ with ya, no need to get that emotional, Gawd.”
>Snowdrop dries her face with her sleeve and looks at her.
>”Do you promise not to tell anyone?”
>”I wasn’t going to, Jaysus. I’m not much of an ass.”
“That’s highly debatable.”
>”Shuddup, Anon.” Says Babs.
“There you go again asking for impossible shit.”
>Babs looks at Snowdrop then points at you.
>“Do ya see the shit I had to put up with?”
>”It’s not that bad when you get to know him.” Says Snowdrop drily.
“Weren’t you supposed to be on my side?”
>”I’m acting as a moderator, Anon, I’m on the side of whoever fits me best. That’s how it works, right?”
>Babs laughs.
>”Ya certainly have your moments, huh?”
>Snowdrop blushes then turns her head away from Babs.
>”Oh, no, I just sometimes say things that I think they’re funny without thinking first.”
>”Shit, sounds like ya two’re made for each othah in that case.” Says Babs while looking at you.
>Snowdrop blushes a deep red, and Babs laughs.
>”Well, I’m pretty beat from the confessin’ and shit, so I’ll leave ya two lovebirds alone.” Says Babs, while getting up from the bench. “Take care of him for me, will ya?”
Goddammit, I did it again.

>”I--I’ll do my best.” Says Snowdrop, still slightly flustered.
“I’m standing right fucking here.” You tell Babs.
>”Yer point being?” She says with a smug smile. “I’ll see ya both later.”
“Yeah, sure.”
>”We’ll see you next week, then.” Says Snowdrop, who finally stopped blushing.
>Babs walks past the both of you, then stop and turns around.
>”Oh, and if he asks to be on top, just don’t.” Babs says before laughing again.
“Goddammit, Babs.” You say as she turns around and walks away from you.
>As she walks out of earshot, Snowdrop turns to you.
>”I feel I overdid it quite a bit back there.”
“Eh, the crying may have been a little overkill, but it worked, didn’t it?” You say while shrugging. “Now, I think we were on the middle of something?”
>You brush against Snowdrop with your hand, and she grabs hold of your arm.
>”Lead the way.
>As you walk towards Snowdrop house she tugs on your sleeve to catch your attention.
>”Anon, could I ask you a... kind of personal question?”
>Oh boy, here we go again.
>”Do you— I mean, could you see yourself ever, um… getting back with Babs?”
>You stop walking, and Snowdrop looks towards you with a worried expression.
>”Um, f-forget I as—“
“What, don’t tell me you’re actually jealous…” You say jokingly.
>”I—No, I’m not jealous!” She says while blushing and trying to look angry at your suggestion. “It’s just… even after all those years, you two treated each other like friends as even if you were still angry.”
>You pat Snowdrop in the head reassuredly.
“Snow, Babs and I were friends for years, even if we didn’t talk to each other… among other things, we would treat each other like we used to when we made up.” You explain. “And besides, she snores like a vacuum cleaner, there’s no way in hell I’m putting up with that again.”
>”I… didn’t expect to hear that last part. Was she really that bad?”
“Goddamn, yes. Sometimes I went to sleep to the couch when I stayed over in her house, Jesus Christ.”
>”Well, that’s… yeah, I don’t know how to respond to that.“
“Snowdrop, look, if you’re worried about me leaving you for Babs, let me ask you this; do you really think I would do that?”
>Snowdrop thinks for a second, before looking away from you.
>”…No.” She says meekly.
“Then why are you worried about it?”
>”I… I guess I was jealous about how you treated each other.”
“Snow, just because I don’t treat you like Babs doesn’t mean I like you less than her. Would you like me to call you a pain in the ass every five minutes?”
“Then you have nothing to worry about.” While kneeling down to be at head level with her. “And besides, if I wanted to get back with Babs, why would I date you?”
>”I… I don’t know, Anon. I’m sorry I brought this up.”
“Hey, if it’s something that was bothering you, you shouldn’t ignore it.”
>”I… suppose so. Thanks, Anon.” She says, smiling weakly.
>Okay, this shit isn’t going to cut it.
“Hey, Snow.”
>”Yes, Ano--?”
>Snowdrop is interrupted by you kissing her.
>She jumps a little, but relaxes after a couple of seconds.
>You trace your hand through the small of her back, stopping at her midsection.
>Snowdrop raises her hands to your face, and cups your face.
>You both stay like this for a couple seconds, before you break the kiss.
“You know, we really have to start telling each other when we’re about to do that.”
>”Y-yeah, we probably should.”
>You stand up and brush Snowdrop’s shoulder with your hand.
“So, is that proof enough for you, or do you want me to do it again?”
>Snowdrop takes your hand and looks at you.
>”Well… maybe I need a little bit more convincing?”
>You chuckle and shake your head.
“At least wait until we’re at your house.”
>You turn around the corner and walk towards Snowdrop’s house.
>You guide her towards the stairs, and wait until she turns around.
>”I… had a lovely evening Anon, thanks for everything.”
“Hey, don’t mention it.” You say, waving your hand. “Now, are you still not convinced, or..?”
>Snowdrop looks towards the sky quizzically for a moment, before turning her head towards you again.
>”I don’t know… how about one more, just In case?”
>You walk towards Snowdrop and wrap your arms around her, kissing her again.
>She wraps, or rather tries, to do the same thing with your midsection.
>You break off the kiss and stay in the hug for a couple more seconds.
“And hey, nobody got surprised this time, that’s an improvement.”
>Snowdrop laughs, then looks at you.
>”Yeah, I guess it is.”
“Well, we can’t stay like this forever; I have to make sure my brother didn’t eat every single thing in the cabinets. Call me if you need anything, okay?”
>”Will do, Anon. See you.”
“See you too.”
>You let go of Snowdrop and turns around to walk towards your house.
>You open the door and realize something’s not quite right.
"It's quiet. Too quiet."
>You always wanted to say that.
“Hey, dude, you here?” You shout.
>”Yeah, why?”
>Well, he’s still here, that’s good.
“Where are the old folks?”
>”They’re out, had a… business meeting or something!” He explains.
“Well, when are they coming back?”
>Wait, they’re out for the weekend and they didn’t even tell you?
“What the fuck, why didn’t they said anything?”
>”They did, but you were out doing fuck knows what and they couldn’t tell you!”
>Well, that’s just swell.
>All weekend stuck in your house taking care of your brother.
>Well, it’s not so bad, you can still do stuff with him.
>Like sitting on your ass all day playing split-screen.
>Does he even have any co-op games?
>You sigh and recline yourself against the wall, before you realize something.
>Maybe you don’t have to spend the weekend alone.
>You dial Snowdrop’s number.
>A couple tones later, a female voice you can’t quite recognize picks up.
>”Yes, how can I help you?” You hear from the other side of the line.
“Uh, yeah, it’s Anon, can I speak wit—“
>”Oh, Anon, it’s Snowdrop’s mother talking, I assume you want to speak to her?”
“Yeah, if it’s not too much of a bother, that is.”
>”Not at all, give me a minute.”
>Smooth sailing so far.
>You hear a couple distant voices, one you can recognize as Snowdrop.
“Hey, Snow?”
>”Oh, Anon, I didn’t expect you to call!”
“Yeah, I know, neither did I.” You say. “Hey, I wanted to ask you something.”
>”Yes, what is it?”
“Well, my parents are out of town, and I’m stuck taking care of my brother. I was wondering if you wanted to spend the weekend here? It’s going to be pretty quiet around here anyways.”
>”Oh, I… I’d love to actually, but I got to ask my mom first, give me a second.”
“Sure, take your time.”
>You hear Snowdrop’s phone be put against the table.
>A couple of minutes later, you hear Snowdrop pick up the phone.
>”She said yes!” She says excitedly.
“Oh, that’s great! So, I’ll see you tomorrow then?”
>”Sure thing… Um, do I bring something over, or..?”
“Besides a toothbrush or a bedspread if you feel like it, nothing, really. Maybe something to eat, I dunno.”
>”Okay then, I’ll see you tomorrow Anon!”
“Looking forward to it, see ya.”
>You hang up and throw your phone in the table.
>You turn around, and lo and behold, your brother is once again looking at you like a smug motherfucker.
>You open your bag and pull a melodica you grabbed from the music classroom.
“Just try me, you fucking donut.”
And that's it for tonight.

Didn't actually finish it like I said I would, but I'm getting there.
It's getting close to 500 replies. Maybe your green will kill it.
I wonder if green from any writer would kill thread.
What will kill it?
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