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Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls and Humanized...
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Welcome to the Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.


Fimfiction Group: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/204505/human-eqg-fingerbang

Thread Resources (Best Stories of 2014 & 2013, Thread Archive and more): http://derpy.me/b783H

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>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history.


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New thread smell
an animal carcass
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Once again, my general gets remade, unbumped as shit.
>this shit is actually allowed to fly
Welcome to Fingerbang.
man, I remember when my best friend would get that close to me all the time. They must be such good friends.

very good friends
Bumping for OP's hopes and dreams
Is that supposed to be Ponka or Flutters?
The filename says pinkie
But that's a pretty shitty pinkie
For your viewing pleasure:
›one writefag leaves for Christmas break
›thread dies twice in less than a week

It is indeed.
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File: Archershy.png (291 KB, 435x436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think Fluttershy is a QT.
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Fluttershy with a bow is cute.
That was such bullshit honestly
She didn't look where she was aiming or anything, how did she hit the target?
a bullshit
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Is Stoker here? He said he would continue An anonymous werewolf in canterlot
first one http://pastebin.com/LVPVNZ7Z
second one http://pastebin.com/miKZk88w

also their are som lewd epilogues but i can't find them
He released an update about them, basically saying that he's still going to finish them.
Eventually. He's still busy with other stuff, like his unfinished Star Wars story.
good to know thanks
also source of SW story please.
Why are we still here, Fingerbang?
Just to suffer?
Every night, I can feel my will to write
and my ideas...
even my imagination

the writefags we've lost
the comrades we've lost
it won't stop hurting...
like they're still here with us but they're really not

you feel it too, don't you?
fingerbang is a lie
said "THE END" and still continues
Merry Christmas from Australia. I'm not sure, but I think I remember a Christmas themed story featuring Sunset, but I think that was from a prompt from another thread.
Happy Hearth's Warming, Fingerbang.

I just finished my first greentext story, "Rising for Sunset," in another thread and since it's human I thought I'd share my pastebin link here for anyone who wants to read it.
Pure. fucking. luck.

or she used the force.
Dump it here bruh we need the green.
The proverb goes: the un-aimed arrow never misses.
What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Merry Christmas!
Merry bumpmas!
Which Equestria Girl do you want to find wrapped up under your tree?
Flash Sentry
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108 KB, 521x600
Hey /fb/ I hope you had a good Christmas. I'll write the normal version of A Childhood Friend. Spoilers: No dead Anon, it's just a story of two horny teens

Previously on A Childhood Friend v1.0 : http://pastebin.com/uVUKQNC4

>Anon chuckles.
>"It's alright Pinks...I know you missed me and everything, but I think you are doing this on purpose."
"Wha-? No I'm not Nonny! I swear!"
>You get off Anon's legs.
>"Hey, I don't mind you resting on my lap...you're pretty soft after all."
>You giggle.
"Aren't you a flatterer Nonny?"
>Anon takes off his shoes and socks.
"What are you doing?"
>"Come on Pinks, don't tell me you forgot that we used to go inside the creek and feel the cold water flowing."
"And don't tell me that you forgot that my mom forbid us to walk inside the creek."
>"Well I don't see your mom."
>You take off your boots and join Anon.
"Brrrr! It's cold!"
>"Yeah...here, hold my hand, I don't want you to slip or someting."
>You hold his hand.
>"Haha, as soft as when we were kids."
>He caresses it using his thumb.
>That brings a smile to your face.
"Oh Nonny."
>Water flows below your knees, bringing a funny feeling.
>Anon bends over and throws some water at you.
>He starts laughing.
"You meanie! I'll teach you some manners..."
>You stomp on the water and get Anon's pants wet.

>Minutes later.
>"That was fun Pinks...sorry if I got you all wet."
"It's okay Nonny...I had fun as well."
>Your blouse is all wet.
"It's no use...I'll have to wring it up."
>You take off your wet jacket.
"Um, Nonny, could you please turn around?"
>"S-sure Pinks..."
"No peeking~ understood?"
>He nods.
>You quickly take off your blouse and wring it.
>"Are you done?"
"Not yet!"
>"Ok ok sheesh."
>Even your bra is wet.
>Your mom is gonna kill you for this.
>You put your blouse on again.
>Anon turns around and takes off his shirt.
"Cool, let me wring mine, I don't want to catch a cold."
>He takes it off in front of you.
That's definitely not meant to be taken literally.

It's about how not aiming for a goal means that you can't fail to reach it.
aww yis
I know, I was just being jocular, as it seemed to match the context of the image. The fact that Jake Lloyd took it on as his motto and proceeded to never act again after Phantom Menace makes it darkly humorous to me.

Nice low quality bump!
Nice low quality dump!
Nice low quality post!
File: large.png (226 KB, 1062x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Whoa, that's a lot of water," he says as he wrings up his t-shirt, "why didn't I bring a towel?"
>"Whoops, hold on Pinkie."
>Anon picks up his dry jacket from the ground and places it on your back.
>"There, now you won't catch a cold."
>You smile.
"Thanks Nonny."
>"We better get going, you know how your worried your mom gets when the sun goes down."
"Okie Doki Loki!"

>Many hours later.
>You're now Anon.
>You're resting in your room, chillin' on your bed and looking at dank memes in your laptop.
>And you had an awesome day today.
>Who would've ever thought that Pinkie Pie could grow up and become a beautiful girl?
>She has a perfect figure.
>A cute face.
>Those blue eyes, those lovely lips.
>Those curves...that you weren't expecting her to have considering how much candy she used to eat.
>Everything about her is perfect.
>Her boobs...
>Of course you took a little peek.
>You were rock hard when you saw her tiny and wet blue bra.
>It happened so fast, and you didn't get caught by her.
"Ahh...Pinkie Pie."
>You've been having funny thoughts about her since you arrived to your home.
>It's weird though.
>You can't be lusting after your tiny and innocent childhood friend!
>She was almost like a sister to you, and like a daughter to your parents.
>Well, now that you have a sister of your own, things between you both could change and get real...naughty.
>All of a sudden you hear a knock on your...window?
>You live on the second floor!
>It's Pinkie Pie!
"Pinkie?!" You quickly say as you run to the window to open it, "how did you get up here?"
>"I'm sorry Nonny...I just climbed up the tree in front of your room."
"Yeah, but why?"
>"It's just...you'll never leave Canterlot again right?"
>You chuckle.
"No Pinks...I'll stay here forever."
"You know...you could've just texted me, or if you really wanted to come here you could've knocked on the door like anyone else would."
>"...Whoopsie, my bad!"
"THE END" is just a lie
That one was a different story m8
Yet another low quality post
Now would be a good time to say

"You're just in time for the party!"
>"Ooh, what kind of party?"
"The party in my pants!"
File: 14512378176670.png (402 KB, 989x1101) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
402 KB, 989x1101
Obvious Sour.
infinite stories
biggest lies
File: 14506522536070.png (542 KB, 1736x1057) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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College bump

One word prompt: room-mates
the sweetest lie
So, was I the only one having trouble with that pussh?
Yet another low quality bump
El bumpo
Guess what
With benefits? :3
File: indigo zap.png (1 MB, 1844x5500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
indigo zap.png
1 MB, 1844x5500
im pretty new around here.could anybody tell me if there are some indigo zap stories? and if so,maybe post 'em?
>im pretty new around here
You will be dissapointed to know that there have been few if any new stories on fingerbang for a long time so you won't find much shadowbolts here
aw shucks.any idea where i may find some?
the "being new" was more related to /mlp/
It's pretty much as >>25913931 said.

Unfortunately, the Shadowbolts mostly have so little characterization that there's just not a lot of material being written about them.

However, also welcome to /mlp, where random prompts appearing out of nowhere sometimes leads to glorious green and people who thought they would never be writers sometimes pluck up the courage to try anyway.
File: gGqswkH - Imgur.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gGqswkH - Imgur.jpg
2 MB, 3264x1952
well,thanks anyways.i guess the hunt starts now.
have a rainbow i drew
that's good
Does this thread ever pick up anymore?
Just let this shitty thread die already
She's too pretty
There were some parts with her in the Bath House thread.
oh yeah?
Go nuts.
Anyone know the status of that /mlp/ VN?
Because it's a cartoon
I like that there can be a centralized thread for human, but I hope no one minds me saying that I'm not surprised that it finally wore out, and here's what I think the reason is:

A lot of writing on /mlp/ comes from just random prompts that people pick up. Those prompts could be actual prompts, or they could be the equivalent of shitposting a random hypothetical. Those stories tend to ride out in the threads that they were born in, or else stories that have lots of fans will make new threads for them. The nature of the board is sort of spontaneous and flash-in-the-pan that way, but this thread is a general. The odds that it will pull in those stories is slim, and therefore most of its life comes from writers who are used to being here or people who have premeditated a story.

tl;dr, the reason that Fingerbang is slowing down is that it isn't drawing very much fresh blood these days. I like it, but its own nature seems to be working against it being a lively thread like it used to be.
why don't we pitch ideas for any wayward writefag who comes across the thread?
not all the time, mind you, but every so often
I hope it's because of the holiday season that there's less stories instead of the thought that this thread is dieing. I really like this thread and look forward to reading more.
Because they wont.
Is there any other kind?
File: 1423756791001.jpg (70 KB, 336x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 336x500
>"Don't you get it Anon!? I HATE you! I think you're a disgusting pervert! Don't you understand that I will NEVER want to go out with you!?"

Happy anniversary.
File: s h ss2.png (191 KB, 616x777) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
s h ss2.png
191 KB, 616x777
>;_;7 -.-7 !_!7

The Holiday Season is pretty much by now.
A year already?
That reminds me of another anniversary...

RIP Slazors, I'll never forget those nights of tallying-up thread statistics to bump the thread, as well as your promise to write that scene at the dinner table.
I've honestly heard worse ideas. I think that /tg/ does this in their writefaggotry doc, listing prompts that there is demand for that haven't been done yet.
I Might Update
>It's the current year!
Bump for ponk story
No you won't
Seriously. It was a hell of a ride...

And my first.
a fucking shit
Well... in the end we never really scored her.
You never forget
Give it time...
Can we please get a cuckold story in here?
One question: what would you expect the cuckolded party to do during the act?
I can see there being a few options: reacting negatively (whether in sadness or anger) the whole way; reacting negatively, but getting into it as the act progresses; being into it from the start; or responding well at the beginning, but slowly realising their mistake throughout the act.
page 10 panic
File: 1421366971930.png (172 KB, 918x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 918x1080

Goos times
File: 1450938766358.gif (2 MB, 235x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 235x240
Good times indeed.
I suddenly find myself with a great need of Dash in those clothes.
Anyone have some recommended stories from this thread? Just finished Homecoming Anon a while ago and wanted something new to read.
Such a lust for humanized ponies!
I'd recommend everything from The Story Man.
File: image.png (796 KB, 1200x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
796 KB, 1200x1200
>The Cuckold Man shilling again
File: 1438573948760.png (264 KB, 500x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264 KB, 500x598
Reminds me of pic related
>You answer the door, expecting your girlfriend to be on the other side. You've been waiting all day for this.
>"Anon... I'm ready for our date now... if that's okay with you."
>In a black dress partially exposing one of her hips and curly hair, Fluttershy waits outside.
"Woah, Flutters."
>"I-I'm sorry, is this too much?"
>She certainly did outclass you for tonight, all you have on is a pair of black jeans, a long sleeve shirt and black sneakers.
"No, you're stunning."
>Fluttershy's soft blush starts to grow around her cheeks.
>"Thanks. I had some trouble getting this dress on since..." She clears her throat. "A-anyway, what are we doing for the night?"
>You worryingly rub the back of your neck, trying to excuse yourself from missing the true point of tonight's main purpose.
"I honestly don't know."
>"Hmm. We could just drive around and think about it on the way."
"That sounds like a good idea."
>"Anon! Who's at the door?" Your father asks from the other room.
"Just my girlfriend. We'll be heading out."
>"Are you sure you don't want to introduce us to her?" He asks once more.
>This wasn't a great time to bring her up, especially on how they usually are.
"I don't think now would be the best time to do so."
>Fluttershy taps your shoulder. "Anon, I wouldn't mind meeting your parents."
"Yeah, but it's something else."
>"I knew I overdid it with this dress." She pouts out.
"Trust me, you did a great job. It's just that my parents are--"
>"Anon?" Your dad asks when standing from the hallway.
>He is still wearing office clothes: a pale blue shirt and black pants. The loose tie is hanging around his neck, along with no more than three undone buttons at the top.
>"I presume that she must be your girlfriend."
>You tap the tip of your right foot on the ground, wondering if it's too late on just leaving when this conversation ends.
"Yes, her name is Fluttershy."
>"It's nice to meet you, sir."
>"Honey, what's going on?" Your mom asks from afar.
>"I think we might have a guest for dinner. How about it?"
"I really don't think we should." You try to speak for both you and her.
>"I would be delighted to dine with all of you." Fluttershy speaks up when walking inside, only to stop right beside you.
>"Wonderful!" Your dad goes back in the hallway. "Put Anon's plate back on, and add another."
>You give a scorn look at Fluttershy, while she seems jittery at the situation.
>"What? They seem nice, aren't they?"
"They are."
>"Then what's the problem?"
"You'll just have to see for yourself."
>You close the door and grab her hand, leading her into the hallway, silently thinking that this night could have been better if you just thought ahead.
>Once you enter the kitchen, your mom - in a white sweater and blue jeans, covered by an apron - is preparing the table.
>"Hi, you must be Fluttershy."
>"Yes, that's me." She speaks in a low tone.
>"Please, have a seat. I'll get the casserole out very soon."
>"You should try it; certainly is something." Your dad sounds as if he's advertising.
>"It's just a simple recipe that anyone can pick up, it's nothing."
>"Not the way you do it." Your father kisses her on the cheek.
>Your desire to sigh is held back when pulling up a chair for Fluttershy.
>"Gentlemen like, Anon?"
>In a silent motion, you mouth the words "don't do this" to your mother.
>"I really would wish you could keep the attitude here at home."
>You grit your teeth when sitting right beside Fluttershy, giggling at your mom's comment.
>At least the casserole is coming out. Maybe if you rush on eating it, that would be a step closer on to leaving.
>But that would cut the "gentlemen" act that your mom made, making you look bad and possibly calling you a pig.
>Looks like you'll just have to go along the pace and expect a relatively small piece for the two of you.
>You hand over your plate to your mom.
>"I notice on how you're not eating enough lately, Anon. I do expect for you to eat the extra bits that I left out." She says when handing it back.
>Half of your plate is filled with her chicken casserole, the rest will be filled with the usual; steaming green beans, carrot slices and other vegetables.
>This might take a while to get through, even with the usual pace that you want to eat at.
>As long that they don't talk to Fluttershy, the both of you should be out of here in fifteen or so minutes.
>"So, Fluttershy." Your mom starts.
>There goes that expectation.
>"What do you usually do?"
>She shuffles in her seat, obviously unnerved by the immediate interest of your parents.
>"Um, I help the little ones. You know, those that couldn't take care of themselves."
>"That's very nice of you to help those that are in need." Your mother replies.
>Both of them smile and nod at each other. You expected a different reaction, but this might go out well.
>"I'm sorry to rush this, but--"
>"We have all of tonight to get the chance to know each other a bit more. But do continue." Your mother interrupts when putting a plate filled with food in front of Fluttershy.
>"O-okay. What do you do?"
>"I'm an architect while my husband teaches students."
>"Ohh, sounds interesting."
>"It's a bunch of lines and numbers. Sort of a pain to get that exact detail for them to do. Precision is a matter of importance."
>"I see." Fluttershy jabs her fork in the green beans sitting on the side. "Mr, Mous, I've never seen you around Canterlot High."
>"That's because I teach at Crystal Prep Academy."
>"O-oh. Why there?"
"He usually says that the pay is much better and the students are 'well behaved' when it's compared to our school."
>"And yet you still don't want to go there, Anon?" Your father asks the same lousy question ever since you moved here.
"No, nothing has changed. I wouldn't go last year, and certainly not this year."
>Your mother and Fluttershy idly watch you 'discussing' this with your father.
>"Why? What does Canterlot High have that we don't?"
"We don't have strict dress codes, the students are a little more friendly, and they certainly don't have anyone like Fluttershy there."
>That might have been a corny thing to say in the end, but it did work. Fluttershy has a smile with a red tint around her cheeks.
>"Hmph." Your father goes back to munching on his slice of the casserole.
>"So how is it at the orphanage you aid?" Your mother questions Fluttershy.
>Wait, did she just assume that Fluttershy works at...
>"Um, orphanage?"
>"Yes, what else did you mean by 'helping out the little ones'?"
>"What I actually do is help out in the local animal shelter."
>"Oh." Your mom plainly says.
>"I must ask; why help them?" You knew that your father's curiosity just got the better of him.
>"These little animals that don't have a home just need some care and love. When I was little, I couldn't bare seeing all the stray dogs and cats left out on the streets; fighting each other for a scrap of food or wandering around in the rain because they don't have anywhere else to go. It just bruised my heart, and still sort of does today. I wanted to start doing this a long time ago, but it would just lead to an argument with my parents. I'm still happy that I've been doing this ever since I started high school, and never wanted to do anything else."
>Your parents look at each other once more, each of them raising an eyebrow.
>"So basically, your dream is to help filthy animals from the streets?" Your dad highlights the main point.
>"W-well, yes." Fluttershy wavering the answer.
"I find it nice of her to help them."
>"Anon, you know how much of a bother those things are." Your father says, making Fluttershy uncomfortable. "Cats lazily roll around the couch or shred the drapes, whereas dogs just shit wherever they want. And birds are no better. Honey, remember when you had one when you were a child?"
>"Yes, I still do. Gosh, what a nightmare he was, always chirping or flapping his wings when I would enter the room. The only time that I ever liked it was when I opened the cage and watched him flew out of the house."
>"D-did he come back?"
>Your mother laughs. "Thank goodness no. However, I did feel guilty when my sister cried for a few days, but the sweet sound of silence was worth it."
>Fluttershy clearly looks agitated in her seat after hearing your mother's experience with a pet bird.
>"What's worse than a house pet is one that you never expected to have. Remember the raccoon infestation we had earlier this year?"
"Dad, let's not talk about that. Can we just eat?"
>"It'll be fast, Anon. For weeks, we had a nest of them living in our attic. Can you believe that we were housing an entire family of them? Anyway, we couldn't take up on the scratching and noises that they made, so we hired an exterminator to fumigate the house and removing them afterwards."
>Clearly knowing on their stance about animals, Fluttershy undoubtedly looks perturbed.
>"I would have let my son take care of them, if only I realized on what he did on summer of this year."
"It's nothing, really."
>"What did Anon do?" Fluttershy sounds genuinely interested.
>"One day, when me and Anon went into the forest to--"
"Dad, DON'T!"
>"What? I just wanted to tell her on how you shot a deer."
>Fluttershy's eyes widen as she starts to tear up.
>"Y... you." She mumbles when looking directly at you.
>"Yup, my own son shot a deer right in the head. A natural hunter, just like his very own father."
>Her tears start to flow when sobbing.
>"Fluttershy, what's--?" She pushes herself away from the table and runs away, leaving your mother's question unanswered.
>You get up and chase her into the living room.
"Fluttershy, it's not what you think."
>"You KILLED a deer! Why?! Is that the reason you decided to help me when the school year came back, so you could try to make things right?!"
"No! I wanted to get to know you better."
>"I wish I did the same to you." She turns around and opens the door, running off into the night.
>She ignores your plea and keeps on running down the street.
>You can hear two sets of footsteps approaching right behind you.
>"A very strange one, wouldn't you agree?" Your father asks.
>You ball your hand into a fist.
>"You're not wrong. It was just a deer, what else--"
"It's more than that!" You shout when turning around. "It was the ENTIRE MEAL! Your insensitive view on animals is what drove her away!"
>"Don't you worry about her, there will be other girls out there." Your father says in a relaxed manner.
"Don't feed me that bullshit, dad!"
>"Anon!" Your mother says in shock.
"I love you guys- I really do, but what happened tonight is unforgivable."
>You grab the car keys sitting on the shelf right beside you.
"There might be other girls out there, but none of them are Fluttershy."
>"Anon, don't you dare walk out that door."
>In a split moment, you did hesitate when your dad said that.
>But if you don't leave, you may as well lose her for good.
>You run outside and enter your car. With no time to waste, you lock the doors and start the engine.
>When you look over your shoulder when leaving the driveway, you see your parents standing in the doorway.
>Your mom is in pure shock, whereas your father has his arms crossed with a fearsome look on his face.
>You drive off, knowing that they are going to do something drastic when you come back.
>You've been driving around for five minutes and no sign of her or where she has gone to. She couldn't have gone home just yet, it would take twenty minutes for her to walk to your house. Your mind starts to wonder off, horrid ideas to what may have happened to her.
>When you turn on the next intersection, you see a familiar pink blur down the street.
>As you drive up, you stop right beside to what you hoped to expect is in fact Fluttershy sitting on a bench.
>She is still crying as she covers her face, refusing to look at the car parked right in front of her.
>You roll down the window, now able to hear her faint weeping.
>She stops and sits still when she hears your voice. She keeps her head down when moving her hands away from her face.
"I'm here or the deer thing?"
>You park the car.
"The deer incident will take a while to explain, but the reason on why I'm here is a bit obvious; I don't want to lose you."
>Fluttershy turns her head to the side, shivering from the cold night.
>"What about the deer?"
>You turn off the engine and sigh when getting out of your car.
>Clearly she doesn't look like moving anytime soon, so you'll have to make the move. You sit beside her on the bench, she reacts to it by sliding away.
"It wasn't intentional."
>"Like hell it wasn't!" She screams when turning around and throwing her hands at you. "How can you expect for me to believe that when you went into a forest in the first place!?"
"I wanted to make my father proud!" You shout out, trying to move her hands away from slapping your face.
>Fluttershy stops the swatting. In case if she does it again, you grab them. They feel ice cold in your warm hands.
"Can you let me explain the whole story, please?"
>She looks at you before slipping her hands away.
>You start to shiver from how cold it is out here.
"Can't we do this somewhere warm, maybe inside my car?"
>"I'm not moving unless you t-tell me on what's going on." She shivers out.
"Okay. Me and my father, we have a distance to one-another. I might be his only son, but that doesn't guarantee his appreciation. I had to earn it, just so that I could feel that something is right between us. It was hard with trying to find a common interest, so what came close was impressing him. When I found out that grades wasn't enough, I needed to try something else."
>She seems to be interested to what you're saying.
>"What did you do?"
"I tried some sports over the years. Soccer, baseball, football, all ended with be dragging the team down or I was just not suited for it. My mom still appreciated that I kept on trying, but my dad wasn't impressed."
>Fluttershy scoots closer to you.
>"Did you try anything else?"
"Actually, yes. There was this one thing back in my old high school, but that's something I'm better off leaving tucked away."
>"Come on, it can't be that bad."
"I joined the theater department and went into a musical."
>She smirks when you mention the musical.
>"I'm sorry but, that's funny."
"It was. Although the performance went well, my father was unamused. As time went on and my parents learned about this city, we decided to move here. When we settled in, I still wanted to impress him."
>"Was there anything else?"
"No, the only thing that came to mind was the gun locker he owned hidden under his bed. When I asked him when we can go shooting, he was surprised."
>"That his own son wanted to become a potential psychopath?"
"I didn't know that he would take me into a forest!" You clear your throat. "I expect something practical like a shooting range, not a deer."
>"Then why didn't you say anything?"
"I silently wished that we wouldn't come across one. For the first few hours, not a single deer came close, not until when the sun started to set and we decided to head back to the truck."
>You blow into your hands.
"Everything seemed fine, until my dad spotted a deer looking around in the distance. He whispered to me that this might be our only chance, so he handed me the rifle."
>"How long did it take for you to shoot it?"
"I didn't wanted to, I truly didn't. But the though about how impressed in the end and his slight nudge on doing so...."
>You rub your arms together.
"I closed my eyes right before I pulled the trigger, hoping that I missed. But the pat on my back and the laugh that my father made proved otherwise. When I opened my eyes, the deer laid there."
>Fluttershy just sits there, she seems emotionless to your story.
"A part of me was happy, but it was consumed by a bitter void later when we dragged it out of the forest. The one thing that I'll never forget was seeing a doe and her young looking at me before running off."
>When you look at her again, woeful by how the deer that you killed had a family of his own.
>You start to have that same pit in your stomach, the same feeling from that very day.
"Later that night, my dad said we can go whenever I want. I never did take up on that offer, and thank goodness he never brought it up after that."
>"I... I'm sorry that you had to go though all of that, Anon. I never knew it would be this powerful to you."
"There was a reason to keep it hidden. Not just for you, but for me as well."
>You rest on the bench.
"But, I guess it would eventually come up."
>She puts a hand on your shoulder.
>"I'm glad that you never went back into the forest, and had the courage to find me."
"Yeah, but my parents will take most of the things that matter to me away, now that I disobeyed them."
>"But not me." She cuddles right beside you.
"No hard feelings, right? You didn't know, and I kept it hidden away?"
>"Yes, Anon. Everything is fine."
>A luxurious sedan pulls up and stops behind your car.
>"Sorry that it took so long, I tried to find something that would..." Rarity comes out, holding a jacket and a skirt. "Um, did I miss something here?"
"Why are you here, Rarity?"
>She crosses her arms. "I should be asking you the same thing."
"I asked first."
>"I called her." Fluttershy says.
>"She needed a ride home and a new set of clothes." Rarity answers.
"New clothes?"
>"It's none of your business. Let's go, Fluttershy."
"Rarity, wait; everything is fine. I'm not mad at Anon anymore."
>She appears to be frustrated when Fluttershy tells her.
>"After what Anon did, you forgive him? How?"
>"Anon, should you tell her?"
"I'm not feeling so hot after saying it, can you?"
>"I'll try."
>"How could you, Fluttershy? Whatever it is, it better be persuading."

>After some time, Fluttershy tells Rarity the whole story.
>Fluttershy almost looks like how you felt when you told her it; queasy and uncomfortable.
>Rarity was on her way, but for now, she seems to be expressionless.
>"I suppose this would be possible, but how are you certain that he didn't make it up?"
>"The way on how he told me wasn't like any other. What is sure that his pain is real, and I can see how he reacts to it."
>Rarity looks to the way you're keeping your anguish in control, by holding your own hands and an upsetting appearance.
>"Alright. It is somewhat genuine, And you're certain that there is no hostility between the two of you?"
>Fluttershy hugs you. "We're fine."
>You hug her back, just to complete it and to rub it in Rarity's face.
>"What is irrefutable is that you need a new set of clothes."
"What's wrong with the way she is? I like her dress."
>"Thank you for complementing my work, but I'm afraid Fluttershy has been experiencing 'issues' with it for the night."
"What kind of issues?"
>"As I said before, it's none of your concern. Here, Fluttershy." She hands over the jacket and skirt to her. "We'll be out here, you can change in the car for some privacy."
>"Um, t-thanks." She walks over to the back and opens the door. "And Rarity, you can go ahead and tell him, it might even us out." She enters the car and closes the door.
>"Hmm, I suppose I could."
"Seriously, what's the issue?"
>"Apparently, the dress Fluttershy wore for tonight has a problem; it's one size too small. To make matters worse is that there was an imperfection around her... anyway, it started to appear and grew over time."
"When did she notice this?"
>"It was before tonight's incident, so right when she was on her way to meet you."
"That explains it. But what's the problem with this 'imperfection'?"
>"Fluttershy didn't notice it until she stopped running away, so it grew when she left your house."
"Huh, what will you do with the dress?"
>"I will have to examine the damage and learn from it. After writing it down in my journal, I'll fix it right up and hold on to it for later."
>Fluttershy comes out of the car with the clothes Rarity advise her to wear. "Much better. Thank you, Rarity."
>"Anytime, Fluttershy. I should go, my family will panic if I stay out any longer."
>They exchange a goodbye hug, along with a waive when she starts to enter her car.
>"How was it with Rarity?"
"It went well, Where was that 'imperfection' she kept on mentioning about?"
>The silver sedan backs away from your car, getting enough room to go around and driving away.
>"I kind of thought she explained it to you."
"She didn't. Rarity basically did the same thing just now."
>"Okay, the tear was right beside my hip and started to show my..." She clears her throught. "Y-you know."
"Oh. Ohhh."
>"Yeah. Can we go now?"
"Sure, you want to grab some food?"
>"That's a good idea."
>Dining at the restaurant went great. For an hour, the two of you talked before and after the meal. Although what annoyed you the most is how will you explain to your parents that you'll still go out with Fluttershy, even though they don't enjoy her.
>That will come later when you get back home, for the rest of the meal, you savored it.
>"I had a great time. Even though we had a fight, it was nice."
>Both of you sit in the car.
"Yeah, I'll drop you off and head home."
>You turn the key in the ignition, but stop when Fluttershy puts a hand on it.
>"You don't have to go in alone."
"I must, I don't want them to hurt you."
>"This is about me. I need to be there, to show them that you're not going to take it, and neither should I."
>She seems persistent, willing to come along.
"If you're sure about this, then let's do it."
>You start the engine and drive out of the parking lot.

>Fluttershy is holding your left hand, while your right hand is on the doorknob.
>She only nods with a small smile. "I'm scared, but ready."
>You open the door, expecting the worst.
>Your mom and dad are sitting on the couch, watching a cop drama on the TV.
>When it turns off the lamp sitting right beside them goes on.
>"Anon, can we have a word with you?"
"Here it goes..." You whisper to Fluttershy.
>As you enter, they keep looking at the blank flat screen.
>You see how upset they are, right before they are overwhelmed by Fluttershy's presence.
>"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Mous."
>"So, you brought her back." Your father says.
"Yes, and we are going to keep on going out, no matter on how much you guys don't appreciate Fluttershy like I do."
>Your father runs his thumb on the remote.
>"We can't deny that you love this girl, but what you did tonight was something that I cannot leave behind."
>He stands up, your mother sits by.
>"And all I have to say is this; I'm proud of you, son."
>He gives you a quick hug.
>"What?" Fluttershy and your mother join along.
>"You finally stand up for yourself. Not just to anyone, but to your own father, and for your own girl. THAT is the kind of son I wanted; one who would stick up for what he truly cares about."
"But, what about the deer? Weren't you proud of me back then?"
>"I was, for a short time. I slowly realized on how you acted that day, including you never asked me to go back."
"You're ashamed of me, aren't you?"
>"No, I'm not. I'm ashamed at how I let you do something you didn't wanted to do, but you pushed that away and still did it for your own father."
>He puts a hand on your shoulder.
>"Son, I know you tried to impress me over the years, but I'm a busy man to appreciate every little thing that you've done. If it makes it any better, I always loved you."
"What about the sports that I failed in, and the musical?"
>"You tried, you really did, but it was something that you didn't enjoy. The musical is another story. If you had fun doing it, I won't stop you from continuing. Although you did a great job on it, even though the cowboy setup did feel a bit off for me, but what do I know about the arts?"
>He slaps your shoulder before sitting back down.
>"But as I said, you do whatever's right, just as long that there isn't too much trouble involved, understand?"
"Yes, sir. I understand."
>"Thank you so much!" Fluttershy hugs the ever living crap out of you.
>"BUT," Your mom jumps in. "There is the matter of your punishment."
>So close.
>"A few days without your PlayBox seems adequate for your actions, wouldn't you agree?"
>"Oh yes. Sorry Anon, but you're still our son. It was brave of you to defy us, but you do not swear and go against your parents."
"I get it. Can I at least drop Fluttershy off?"
>They look at each other before nodding.
>You take Fluttershy outside and enter your car.
>"I can't believe it!"
"Yeah, what a night."

You may continue, anon.

Keep this story going. It's gud.
"I'm more than relieved with everything. Are your parents fine with you coming home this late?"
>"Don't worry about it, they will in town until morning. Do you... want to stay around for a little longer?"
>You shrug your shoulders before starting the car.
"I don't see why not."
>And so, you drive off and stick around with Fluttershy for a few more hours.
>However, you ended up watching something on TV and cuddled together, evidently sleeping on the couch until her parents arrived and kicked you out.
>You drive home and get a slight extension to your grounding, but in a way, it was worth it.
>You still went out with her the next day and continued on doing so for the rest of high school.

The end.


As usual, tarra for now, and I'll see you guys in 2016.
Now this is something good to wake up to on New Years.
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I fucking hate bronies and ponies but love the humanize versions....What the fuck am I doing here
I think you know what you're doing here, faggot.
I'm from /pol/ I'm slowing becoming one...please how do I stop..
Happy New Years lads.
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Is 12 kill?
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Liquid Plasma, is that you man? It feels like it's been so long
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I don't belive you anymore
Do not believe His Lies
What are the chances that Anon gets a slice of pie tonight?
No, coming back after Christmas break.
The country he's in blocked access to 4chan.
Just believe good Anon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLO7tCdBVrA
I'm writing another story right now, but I'll drop by later. I have these stories that need to be written.
>Ponk Story
Based Liquid

Continuing HSR

Not anymore.
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Right now, just 19 hours and 14 minutes long.
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Like the previous one.
Did someone ask for some green?

Previously on FBTMH. http://pastebin.com/NrDyCxj4

>Outside Sugarcube Corner, the place of the party.
>It is 8:30 and the party is already getting off to a great start, even though you haven't been inside yet.
>It is a Pinkie Party so you know it's great.
>Lots of lights is coming from the store, and the music is so loud, that you can feel the ground out here, shaking.
>Looks like Vinyl Scratch is DJing after all.
>A sigh escapes your mouth.
>Maybe you shouldn't have came here.
>It feels like you shouldn't be here. That something is gonna happen.
>Maybe you can talk to Eatos about this.
>You close your eyes, thinking about Eatos, like she told you to.
>After a while, you hear a familiar voice.
>"That was quite fast."
>You open your eyes and see Eatos in front of you.
>She looks at you with a little smile.
>"So. What makes you call me so soon after our last encounter?"
"It's just that, I'm having second thoughts about coming here."
>"Oh, and why is that?"
>You stay silent for a while before speaking.
"I feel like that me being there will cause something and ruin the party..."
>Eatos lets out a soft laugh before speaking.
>"Anonymous. You gotta stop thinking like that. You wanted in there. The girl named Pinkie invited you, and I bet your other friends are waiting for you."
>Nothing comes out your mouth as you look at the ground for a while.
>She breaks the silence.
>"Have fun. Don't worry about what's gonna happen. If something does, you can be sure that your friends and I will be behind you."
>You look up at her, and notice she's wearing an assuring smile.
>A smile appears on your face as well, knowing you can trust her.
"You're right. I'm just thinking negative."
>"That's the spirit. Have fun." She gives you a wave goodbye, but you stop her before she leaves.
"Wait! Eatos! I have one more question."
>"Yes? What is it?"
"You said I had to think about you if I wanted you to appear, right? How come you didn't when I got home this afternoon? I was thinking about you."
>"Did you close your eyes?"
>Really? It's that big of a deal?
>She notices the look and laughs.
>"You have to close your eyes and think about me at the same time. That's the only way I can sense you."
"I understand. I'll keep that in mind."
>"Well if that is all, I'll get going. Now go in and have fun, child."
"Bye Eatos. Thanks again."
>With that, she vanishes.
>Everything is still the same.
>Music going crazy, lights still flashing.
>You take a deep breath before moving.
>Let's do this.

>Inside the party, and it's the way you thought it would be.
>Everyone from school is here.
>You see Lyra and BonBon together as always.
>You always wondered if they were a lesbian couple. They sure look like it.
>A few more scans and you notice more people.
>Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy is here as well.
>No surprise, as they are Pinkie's greatest friends.
>This place is crowded like crazy. Just like how a Pinkie Party should be.
>You look up and see Vinyl doing her thing.
>She notices you and gives you a thumbs up.
>You return the favor and giving her a smile.
>Vinyl's always been friendly with everyone.
>As you keep looking up, you notice someone else is there with her.
>As you guessed, it's Octavia.
>Those two always do music together, and even though their genre is different, they work pretty well.
>Before you can move, a pink fro shrouds your vision.
>"HEY!" Pinkie gives you a bone-crushing hug, lifting you up off your feet.
>This girl got some strength.
"H-hey, Pinks." You can barely breathe, and she catches note of it.
>"Oh. Sorry, Nonny." She giggles and snorts a little. "I'm just so happy you made it! I was afraid you wasn't gonna show with what happened with you, Twilight and Trixie! An-" You stop her fast talking by interrupting.
"Whoa whoa. Sorry for interrupting, but who told you about that?"
>"Dashie and Twilight both did when they came here!"
>You let out a gulp.
"T-they're both here now?"
>"Yes! They are probably in the back somewhere."
"How about Trixie? Is she here too?"
>Pinkie scratches her chin, thinking there's a beard on her face.
>"I think so. I did see her with Sunset a few minutes ago."
>Damn. You were hoping they were a bit late, so you have nothing to worry about for a while, but looks like that plan is down the drain.
>"Anyways!" Pinkie grabs your arm and pulls you, pointing to various places. "Here's the dance floor! There's the food and drinks! The pool is in the back! And finally, the bar!"
"A bar?! Pinkie, how did you get a bar here, let alone the drinks for the bar?!"
>"Silly Nonny! It wouldn't be a party without some happy juice!"
>Really? Happy Juice?
>She is right about that though.
>Too bad you don't really drink like that, so you might stay away from that.
>For now, you'll just grab a bite to eat, so you make your way to the food table, bumping into a lot of people along the way.
>After a bit of a hassle, you reached the food.
>Everything shown is so mouth-watering, that you can't wait to sink your teeth into some food right now.
>Hot Dogs, Burgers, Pizza, Tacos, ect.
>Man, you love the fuck out of Pinkie's parties.
>You don't want to eat too much, so you grab a burger, a taco, and a hot dog.
>Pizza will have to wait, but you'll come back for it later.
>Oh. Can't forget your drink.
>You snag a can of root beer and make your way towards the back to find a seat.
>Luckily, you find an empty table and sit down.
>You start chowing down, starting with the hot dog.
>Greatest hot dog you ever ate, that you ate it in 3 bites.
>As you're about to take a bite of the taco, a tap on your shoulder stops you half way.
>You turn around and see 1/3 of the Dazzlings, Sonata Dusk, wearing a hungry look in her eyes.
"Uh. Yes? May I help you with something, Sonata?" You speak up, breaking her out of her trance.
>"Are you gonna eat that taco? I noticed there was no more on the table and I saw you had one on your plate." Her eyes fixed on the taco the whole time.
>Just as you're about to respond, you see Sonata being pulled away by a girl with puffy orange hair.
>You see Adagio and Sonata talking back and forth, with the last Dazzling, Aria standing by them looking annoyed.
>You manage to hear what they are saying.
>"What are you doing!?" Adagio scowls at the timid blue-haired girl.
>Sonata looks down while rubbing her arm.
>"I just wanted to know if Anon was gonna eat that taco. There was no more left so I thou-" She stops as Aria speaks up.
>"Well of course none was left. You ate more than half of them. I'm surprised that there was a taco left." She messes up Sonata's hair. "You're the worst, Sonata."
>"Am not!" She fixes her hair and slaps Aria on the arm.
>"Are too."
>They are going back and forth, neither of them giving in, until Adagio steps in.
>"Ugh! Will you girls cut the shit!? You're both a bunch of idiots! You two are not making this party any more bearable!" Adagio's voice gets a bit lower. "You know we're hated all over the school, yet you do something stupid."
>Aria grunts and crosses her arms, looking away from Adagio.
>Sonata starts to tear up.
>"Here we go again..." Aria groans as she looks at Sonata's eyes.
>You look at your taco for a while.
>Giving it some thought, you wrap the taco up in a napkin and walk over to the Dazzlings.
>The three girls notices and Adagio puts her hand on her forehead.
>"See what you do? He's probably gonna tell us off now."
>Aria groans.
>"Nice going, Sonata. Now we're gonna get kicked out the party for sure."
>Sonata looks down, depressed at the fact that she thinks she ruined the party for her and her friends.
"Whoa. Relax, Aria. I'm not here to complain or anything."
>They all look at you and Aria is the first to speak.
>"So why are you here, four-eyes?"
"Jeez. That was a little hurtful. And I'm here to give Sonata this." You hold out the taco wrapped in the napkin in front of Sonata. "I'm not much of a taco person anyways."
>Adagio chuckles a bit and Aria just scoffs.
>Sonata's eyes light up brighter than the disco ball on the dance floor.
>"Thank you so much, Anon!" She attacks you with a quick hug and gives a big smile as she accepts the taco.
>Aria gags and Adagio just shakes her head with a small smile.
>"I think I'm gonna be sick. Let's get out of here." Aria begins to walk away and Adagio follows.
>"Hey Aria! Wait for me. You're suppose to be following my lead anyways!" Adagio runs to Aria, leaving Sonata alone.
>Sonata runs after them, but turns back to you.
>"Thanks again, Anon!" She turns back and runs to her friends, taking a bite of the taco.
>With that, they both go back inside.
>You'll have to ask Pinkie on why she invited them in the first place.
>You go back and eat your burger in no time flat.
>After you finish it, you grab your can of root beer and head back in the party.
>Did this place get more crowded? You can barely get through now.
>Everyone is moving to the beat of the music, bumping into you.
>You can barely maintain your balance in this sea of people.
>All the girls are bumping their hips into yours and the guys are bumping you with their arms.
>It's like you're in a pinball machine and you're the ball getting hit around all over the place.
>After a while, you finally make it out alive to the other side of the room.
>You find a seat and sit down, looking at everyone having fun.
>They are all dancing as the music gets more louder by the second.
>After a few seconds of sitting down, you feel a tap on your shoulder.
>You look to the side of the shoulder that was tapped and get surprised on who you see.
>"Hello. Glasses Kid."
>You look at Trixie who is staring you in the face with a half smile, so you decide to joke around with her.
"Hey Trixie. What brings you to this party?"
>She notices that you are fucking with her as she cocks her eyebrow.
>"Ha ha. Very funny. You know Trixie never turns down a party. Even if it is Pinkie's."
"Really? I didn't even know."
>She kicks you lightly in the leg, causing you to flinch a bit.
>"Your sarcasm is highly noticeable." She clears her throat. "Anyways. You mind if we can talk?"
"Uh. Yeah, sure." You say as you rub where she kicked. "Let's go to outside, in the front. Too noisy here."
>Trixie walks off and you stand up to follow her.
>You both step outside and take a few steps away from the party.
"So what you want to talk about?"
>Trixie turns to you, giving you a serious face.
>"I want to pick up what was left at the mall. I didn't get out all I wanted to say since you-know-who interrupted us."
"All you wanted to say? You mean there's more to you liking me?"
>Trixie blushes a little.
>"Yes! Now shut up and let me finish."
"Y-yes ma'am."
>She takes a deep breath and collects herself as she begins to speak.
>"Anon... I don't just like you.." She clenches her fists. "I love you..."
"L-love me?"
>So you was right. She does have the same feelings Twilight has.
>"Yes! Didn't you hear!?"
"Of course I heard, but I don't understand why.."
>"Trixie doesn't understand either, but there's just something about you. Trixie felt like there was no guy that can capture her heart. No one ever had a chance, but when I saw you, everything changed. There's just something that Trixie can't put her finger on."
"I see.. I just don't know what to say.."
"How do you feel about Trixie!?"
>You get startled by Trixie's outburst.
>She's really putting you on the spot right now.
>The look on her face shows a lot of curiousness.
>You let out a sigh, knowing you're trapped into a corner.
"Trixie..." You look straight at her. "To be honest with you, I do have some feelings for you, but there's one thing that's stopping it from growing an-"
>"What!? What's stopping you!?" Trixie interrupts you.
>She gets closer to you, more in your face.
"The thing that's stopping me is," You pause for a while, getting ready for Trixie's reaction. "My feelings for Twilight as well..."
>"Sparkle!?" Trixie's voice gets higher. "Your feelings for her!? How can you have feelings for her!?"
>Everyone is looking at both of you, but Trixie has her eyes fixed on only you and not caring about anything else.
>"Trixie.. It's kind of complicated.."
>She's basically yelling at you now, causing more attention towards you two.
"Trixie, calm down. You're making a scene."
>Trixie is getting angrier by the second.
"It just is. I don't know how to explain it."
>In a swift moment, Trixie's hand connects with your face with such power and a loud sound.
>Everyone gasps as she slapped you.
>You just stand there, turned to the side, feeling the sting of the slap she just gave you.
>"It's not complicated!" She begins speaking again. "You obviously choose the better choice, and that's the Great & Powerful Trixie!"
>You look back at her, holding the side of your face she slapped.
>Sunset runs to Trixie's side.
>"Trixie! Why did you do that!?"
>"Because he fucking pissed me off!"
>"Well that's no reason to slap him!" Sunset turns to you. "Are you okay, Anon?"
"Yeah.. I'm fine, Sunset.."
>Trixie gets more furious by the minute.
"Why are you defending him for!? You're Trixie's friend! Not his!"
>Sunset gets a bit ticked off at Trixie's words and turns to her.
>"Because you had no right to slap him! And he is my friend!"
>"Ugh! Whatever!" Trixie storms off towards Sugarcube Corner to go back inside.
>"Trixie, wait!" Sunset turns back to you. "I'm so sorry, Anon..."
>She runs after Trixie, yelling her name.
>You hold your cheek, watching Sunset running after Trixie and wondering what on earth just happened.
>Multiple people come running to you, including Rainbow Dash.
>"Yo, dude. Are you alright?" Rainbow runs to your side.
"Yeah, I guess I'm alright."
>"Are you sure, darling?" Rarity speaks up. "That smack echoed throughout the yard, that it scared Fluttershy."
>You look over and see Fluttershy hiding behind her hair.
"I'm sorry, Fluttershy. Didn't mean to scare you.
>She shakes her head.
>"Don't be. It wasn't your fault."
>"She's right." It's Trixie's fault. I'm gonna give her a piece of my mind!" Rainbow Dash says as she walk towards Trixie.
>Just as you're about to stop her, Applejack does your job for you.
>"Let me go, AJ!"
>"Whoa there, partner! If you go after her, Yer' just gonna cause more trouble. Beside. If Anon says he's fine, then it's okay. Right, Sugarcube?" She says, turning to you.
"Yeah. Don't worry about it, Dash."
>Rainbow simmers down and Applejack lets go of her.
>"Good." Applejack says. "Now I'm gonna get you an ice pack. Your cheek is redder than my apples."
>That comment causes you to laugh a bit.
"Thanks, Applejack."
>She goes and runs inside.
>The other girls stay by your side, watching Trixie stomp off.

>Everyone is looking at you, because of you slapping Anon.
>But you don't care since he deserved it.
>You kept hearing multiple voices asking Anon if he's alright, but the one you hear the most is your so called friend, Sunset yelling your name.
>She's getting closer by the moment, but you just keep ignoring her.
>You don't wanna hear what she has to say right now.
>"Trixie!" She yells at to you.
"Leave Trixie alone!"
>Sunset grabs you by the shoulder, but you quickly pull it away and turn to her.
>Sunset jumps a bit at your outburst, but she quickly regains her composure and gives you a stern look.
>"Trix. You got to calm down.. What's gotten into you?"
"Nothing! Don't worry about it!"
>You turn away from her, but she goes in front of you and blocks your way.
>"I am gonna worry about it. You're my friend and I want to help in anyway I can."
"Trixie doesn't need anyone's help!"
>"Well you're gonna get it." Sunset grabs your arm and pulls you away from the party.
"LET TRIXIE GO!" You try to break free, but it's no use.
>She has some kind of vice grip on you.
>It's getting a bit frustrating, but there's nothing you can do about it.
>Sunset keeps pulling you, but you keep fighting it as you try to get away.
>She pulls you harder, almost yanking your arm out of it's socket.
>Next thing you know, your back is up against a tree.
>You look around to realize you're in a local park.
>Sunset is standing there, tapping her foot on the ground.
>"Trix. What the hell has gotten into you?" She speaks up.
>You just want to walk past her and leave, but you know she'll just pull you back.
>So you just stay shut and don't answer.
>Sunset takes note of this.
>"So the silent treatment, huh?"
>You lean your back on the tree and you keep silent.
>"Fine." She turns around and begins walking off.
>Just as Sunset is about to leave, she stops and pulls something out of her pocket.
>She waves it around so you can see, with her back towards you.
>As you look carefully, you see that it looks a lot like your phone, but that's impossible because your phone is in your poc-
>You panic as you pat your pockets and don't feel your phone.
>How did she get your phone in the first place?
>Quickly, you run at her, trying to grab your phone, but in a swift motion, she dodges you and you almost fall face first.
>You grab a bit angry and begin to rush her more, but she keeps dodging you so elegantly.
"GIVE IT BACK!" You shout out.
>"Oh, now you want to talk?" Sunset says as she keeps waving your phone in the air.
>A growl escapes your mouth.
>After multiple attempts at getting your phone, it got you nowhere.
>Even though she wasn't looking at you, she dodged all your movements.
>It was like she was dancing on air.
>You finally give up, huffing and puffing.
>Sunset turns back to you with your phone still in hand.
>"Oh, so you're done now?" She says with a cocky smile.
>This irritates you, but you're too tired to chase her again.
"Give... it... back..." you say between breaths.
>You really are out of shape now that you think about it.
>But that's not important right now.
>"Not until you give me the answer to my question."
>Looks like you're gonna have to do what she says.
"It's Anonymous, alright!? I'm in love with the guy!" You shout out.
>Sunset slaps her forehead.
>"Well duh. I already knew that. I mean why did you slap him."
"Because! That loser has feelings for me, but doesn't want to become an item with Trixie!"
>"And why is that?"
"Because he has feelings for, ugh. Sparkle..."
>Sunset laughs a bit, then speaks again.
>"Well I can understand why he doesn't want to become involved with you just yet."
"WELL I DON'T!" You yell at the top of your lungs, that you scared the birds around you.
>Sunset just shakes her head.
>"Trixie. You're so stupid. Do I really have to explain to you?"
>That comment drove you over the edge.
>You go to attack her, but to no prevail.
>She moved so fast and grabbed your wrists.
>You look at your wrists, shocked at what just happened.
>"Why are you so quick to attack when nothing goes your way or when you're angry?" She looks at you with a serious look.
>You begin struggling, trying to break free.
>"Why should I? So you can attack me again?"
>After lots of attempts, you give up and fall on your knees, with tears of rage filling your eyes.
>Sunset takes note and lets go, leaving you on the ground on your knees.
>You begin crying before her, placing your hands on the ground.
>In a few seconds, you begin banging the ground with your fists.
"IT'S NOT FAIR!" You scream out to the heavens.
>Sunset kneels down to you.
>"What's not fair, Trixie?"
"Why can't that loser just be mines!? Why, why, why!?" You keep banging the ground.
>The tears keep flowing out like a waterfall.
>Sunset stops your fists, causing you to look up at her.
>She grabs hold of them and you don't fight back.
>"Lets see how I can answer this." She speaks up. "He doesn't want to be yours yet because he doesn't want to be in a relationship with a girl when he likes another girl."
"W-what do you mean..?" You sniffle through your words.
>She shakes her head and sighs.
>"Let me put it like this. How would you feel if Anon was in a relationship with you, but he always kept thinking about Twilight, and you knew about it?"
>You jump up and start sitting up.
"Trixie would be furious! Trixie should be the only girl on his mind!"
>"Exactly. That's why he doesn't want a relationship with you. Because he'll be thinking about Twilight since he has feelings for her too. You wouldn't want that, would you?"
>Your anger subsides as you look back at the ground.
"I guess I wouldn't... I never thought of it like that.."
>"No shit. You never think straight when you're upset."
"Now Trixie feels terrible.."
>"Glad you finally understand now, Trixie."
>You stand up and wipe away any remaining tears with your arm.
"Thank you, Sunset. For everything."
>"Hey. What are friends for?"
>You let out a little smile.
"You better not tell anyone you saw Trixie like this."
>"Aw, come on. I just have to tell somehow how the Great and Powerful Trixie was on her hands and knees, crying her eyes out." She lets out a tooth-showing grin.
>You can't help but laugh.
"Well, I guess I better apologize to Anonymous. Bye, Sunset."
>Just as you're about to leave, Sunset grabs your arm.
>You look back at her and see her shaking her head.
>"I don't think that's a good idea, Trixie. I can just imagine everyone crowding Anon, asking if he's alright, and if you show your face, you'll receive so much shit for it."
>Now that you think about it, she's probably right.
>Maybe it's best to just go home.
"You're right, Sunset. I'll just go home. Bye. Thanks for being a good friend."
>You turn around and begin walking off, until you hear Sunset yell out to you.
>"Wait, Trix! Why don't you sleep over at my house? I'm sure you could use the company."
>You think about it for a few.
>That's actually not a bad idea.
"Sure. Trixie would love that."
>She wraps her arm around your neck.
>"Sweet. Lets go."
>She hands you back your phone and the both of you walk off, giggling.

And that's it for this update. I know I been away for months, but I'll try my best to bring you more updates for you guys to enjoy.

Fingerbang forever.
Buddy, that's it. This story is finished. Seriously, its been wrapped up. I'm not hiding anymore skeletons in the closet. Really.
More lewd greens please
Stop bumping this shitty thread and let it die already.
I'm working on an episodic story set in a beach-side town and taking place over a week. The story will feature the HuMane Six plus Anon, so I think quite a few tastes will be satisfied.
however the thread is not finished
How does "Roommates with Moondancer" sound? Especially with an emphasis on 'mate'.
Are subtle EqG threads not allowed on /u/ anymore? ;_;
/trash/ exists for a reason, Anon
bump for Fapman
Need stories
I think it's time I brought some quality shit back to this board.

Old works: http://pastebin.com/u/Write_it_Right

I think I'll write some more wardrobe malfunctions. Hit me with some prompts. I might even use 'em.
Rarity's thong snaps. causing her to have to go commando with a mini skirt the whole day at school.
or asks Anon for his boxers/breifs out of pure desperation.
Either of these sound good.
Normally I write the whole thing at once. This time, I'll try posting the story piece by piece. Let's see how it works out.
Back for more Ponk >>25929944


>You both laugh.
"Say Pinks, do your parents know you're here?"
>"Nope, I jumped out of my window and climbed down the tree that is in front of my room, they don't let me wander around the streets this late, you know how they are."
>You raise an eyebrow.
"Sheesh, they really need to cut you some slack."
>Pinkie Pie jumps on your bed.
>"Yeah, but what can I do? They are my parents after all..."
"Yeah, you got that right. I guess your house is still off-limits huh?"
>Pinkie Pie lets out an awkward chuckle.
>"Errm...well, you see Nonny-"
"Let me guess Pinks, you told your dad I moved back here and he didn't like it."
>Pinkie nods in an embarrassed way.
>"Please don't hate him Nonny, he's a nice dad I swear!"
>You chuckle.
"Eh, it'll be fun to make your old man a bit angry some more, remember that time we were playing pirates and you flooded the basement?"
>Pinkie Pie giggles.
>"How could I forget? It was so fun, but my dad had to pay a large water bill after that..."
>You laugh.
"Oh Pinks, it'll be fun to hang out together again..."
>"Yep!...this isn't a dream right Nonny?"
>You smirk and pinch her soft arm.
>"OUCHIE! What was that for?!"
"You're not dreaming Pinks, this is for real."
>Pinkie Pie giggles once she understands why you pinched her.
>"My turn my turn!"
>Pinkie extends her hand and pinches your arm, twisting it.
"AAAGH! Pinkie! That hurt..."
>"Whoops...I'm sorry Nonny!"
"Yeah, yeah, you didn't mean to do that Pinks, but you know what that means? I'm not dreaming either. So this is for real."
"By the way, do you think you could introduce me to some people at school? Your friend Sunset already showed me around."
>Pinkie Pie does a military salute.
>"Affirmative Mayor Anon, I shall introduce you to everyone at school tomorrow!"
>You both laugh.
>"Well, I guess I better get going; I can't wait to show my friends the earrings you gifted me tomorrow!"
Go right ahead.
Yay Ponk!
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>You turn around and open your room's door.
"Alright Pinks, let me show you the ex...Pinkie Pie?"
>Pinkie Pie is nowhere to be found.
>You get your head out of the window and search for Pinkie Pie.
>She's stuck on a tree branch.
>"Umm...little help Nonny?"
"Pinks Pinks Pinks," you say while shaking your head, "you really need to learn how to use the doors."

>The next morning.
>"Here we are kids," your dad says, "your first day...how do you feel?"
"I feel great dad!"
>"So do I," your sister says.
>"I'm glad to hear that, Anon; take care of your sister okay?"
>You nod.
>"And you better listen to your brother ok missy?"
>"Ugh," your sister rolls her eyes before opening the car's door and jumping out.
>Your dad chuckles.
>"Have a good day son, oh; and tell Pinkie I said hi. "
"I will dad, thanks."
>You get out of the car and guide your sister to the main door.
>As you open the school's door, your sister looks at the main hall, looking amazed.
>Many students walk by, no one notices you, not until-
>"NONNY!" Pinkie Pie shouts at you.
>"Oh look, your girlfriend is here already."
>You spot Pinkie, who is accompanied by her friends.
"Yeah, I can see them. Let's say hi to them sis, and please don't embarrass me in front of them okay?"
>"I'll try...."
"Hello everyone!"
>"Hey Nonny...ready for your first day of school?"
"I sure am, by the way let me introduce you girls to my little sister."
>"Aww, she's adorable darling," Rarity says, "what's her name?"
>"Hi! My name is Femanon, are you my brother's new girlfriend?"
>Rarity blushes.
>You let out an awkward chuckle.
"Ehehe...little sisters, you know how they are; can't live with them, can't live without them."
>Everyone laughs.
>"Don't worry darling, I know how you feel. My sister Sweetie Belle is just like your sister."
"Nah, I doubt your sister is a pain in the neck unlike mine."
>"Hey!" Your sister protests.
"Chill sis, I'm just kidding."
File: large.png (51 KB, 612x852) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 612x852

>Rarity giggles.
>She's very cute.
"Well sis, let me also introduce you to Sunset Shimmer-"
>"Hi! Welcome to Canterlot High Femanon."
>"Umm...h-hi Femanon, n-nice to meet you."
"And Applejack."
"Where's your other friend Pinkie? Rainbow Dash?"
>"She probably fell asleep once again after hitting the snooze button."
>Pinkie's friends laugh.
"Sis, your first class will start in a few minutes, according to your schedule your first class is located in classroom 302."
>"Where is it?"
>"It's the fifth door on the right!" Pinkie happily says.
>"Thank you Pinkie," Femaon says, "I'll see you later okay bro?"
"Yeah sis, take care, if you need me gimme a call okay?"
>She nods and walks to her classroom.
>"Aww, your sister is so cute darling."
"She's sweet from time to time. But most of the time she loves to mock her big brother."
>The girls laugh.
>"Hey Nonny, our first class will begin in no time, we better get going."
"A'ight Pinks, see you later girls."
>"Bye darling~" Rarity says in a very refined way.
>"See ya at lunch time Anon!" Applejack says.
>Fluttershy just waves at you.
>And Sunset says her goodbyes as well.
>Aw yeah, first day and everything is going well.
>Come back to /mlp/ after a LONG time
>Prompt threads everywhere.
>Lots of new writefags.
>See NaOH is posting stuff still.
>Think back to the Dash story as being one of the first greentexts that I followed regularly.

Man, it's good to be back.
Wardrobe Malfunction: Rarity

> Rarity's thong snaps, causing her to have to go commando with a mini skirt the whole day at school.


“Fluttershy, you are such a dear, but at times I simply cannot understand why you must be so difficult.”

Two girls stood aside their lockers, as opposite as could be. One clutched her books to her chest, her gaze fixed to the floor. Her shoulders were slumped, her knees knocking together. By all accounts she was as unassuming as a grain of sand on a beach. Beyond her long, flowing pink hair, there was not a single special thing about her. Her outfit was plain: a simple pair of jeans and a thick yellow sweater.

The girl standing beside her was remarkable in every sense of the word. She radiated confidence from every inch of her body. Her straight-backed, hip-cocked pose. Her artfully applied makeup brought out the natural glimmer of her eyes and enhanced the vibrant blush of her pale cheeks. Her lustrous purple hair was done up in a set of marvelous, full-bodied curls that bounced with every bob of her head. And, of course, her outfit put everyone else’s to shame.

Rarity could never stand to be taken lightly, and her wardrobe reflected it. Today her outfit was a positively eye-popping ensemble of baby blue and purple. She wore a sleeveless shirt of thin cotton, embroidered up and down its length with a painstakingly hand-stitched floral pattern that was thickest at the bottom, growing thinner as it reached her bust, and ending at a teasingly low but still tactful neckline. Her shoulders were covered only by a shrug vest of delicate purple cotton that came down to mid-back, barely longer than her curled hair.
If Rarity’s top was a taste of the art of the tease, then her skirt was a study in seduction. At first, it appeared to be as modest as any ordinary skirt, coming down to just above her knees. A second glance, however, and the skirt’s true nature was revealed. It was made of two layers: an outer one of thin, nearly-transparent chiffon, and an inner lining layer of softer polyester. The trick, of course, was that Rarity’s second, partially hidden layer only came halfway down her thighs. Every time she moved her statuesque legs, boys around her did double-takes, wondering if they could really see as much as they thought they had seen.

Rarity knew exactly what she was doing, and she loved every minute of it. Beauty was a virtue. Elegance was authority. Adoration was power. Rarity’s custom outfits mastered all three, and she loved nothing more than a new fashion project.

Fluttershy knew exactly what Rarity was doing, too. And she was very, very nervous about it.

“I… um… I just don’t think I’d be a good fit for your clothes, Rarity.” Fluttershy turned her head to one side, doing her best to let her long bangs cover her face. If Rarity couldn’t see her, she’d be invisible. Hopefully.

“Nonsense, dear. You’d look positively gorgeous. Why, I have just the thing for you sitting on the loom in home economics. You simply must come by and let me make a few adjustments. It won’t take but a minute!”

“I… I have to get to the animal clinic,” Fluttershy mumbled.

“Oh, are you worried about the sick bear that came in the other day?” Rarity smiled. “Applejack said she’d be taking care of him today. I simply won’t take no for an answer! We simply must get you out of those frumpy clothes and into something more flattering for your figure!”

“Um…” Fluttershy shuffled her feet. She was trapped. “I…”

“What she means to say is that she doesn’t want to play dress-up, Rarity. So buzz off and stop asking.”
Rarity gave an only half-exaggerated sigh. She turned around to face the rail-thin, pint-sized powerhouse of the track and field team. She’d been so close to getting Fluttershy to cave. So very, very close- how dare Rainbow Dash have such horrid timing?

“Hmf. Good morning to you, too, Rainbow Dash.” She wouldn’t get another chance when this pest was around. Especially a pest with such horrid fashion sense. Honestly. Spandex shorts? In class? Rarity could even see a set of tell-tale panty lines on Dash’s most unflatteringly flat rear end. There truly was no hope for her figure, her fashion sense or her manners.

“What’s so good about it?” Dash asked, stepping right between Rarity and Fluttershy. “Looks like you didn’t get the hint a few days ago. Stop trying to make ‘Shy into your own little girly girl.”

Dash was so close to Rarity that she could smell the horrid reek of Dash’s sweat. Did she not even have the sense to clean herself properly after P.E.? She stuttered backwards a few steps on pure instinct.

“How rude!” Rarity said. “Rainbow Dash, I am just trying to be friendly.”

“Sheah. Right.” Dash looked back to the girl behind her. “Hey Fluttershy, do you think you’d like it if Rarity made you run around half-naked? Made you wear skirts that came up to here?” She pointed at Rarity’s half-naked thighs, barely visible under her gauzy outer skirt. “Or shirts that came down to here?” She pointed at Rarity’s appreciable and wholly tactful cleavage, enhanced by a simple gem on a chain necklace that rested between her breasts.

“Um… I don’t really think I’d like that.” Fluttershy glanced at Rarity’s cleavage and bit her lip.

“See? She’s not interested.”
Rarity had had enough. “Rainbow Dash, you do not understand the first thing about fashion!” she seethed. “How dare you criticize my outfit, when you yourself are running around showing off the cut of your panties?! It’s positively unladylike, and I will not stand for it!“

Dash glanced over her shoulder. For one slight moment, she opened her mouth and hesitated- but then she looked back at Rarity, pushing those thoughts from her mind. “Yeah? You’d have me running around with one of those thongs, wouldn’t you?”

“As a matter of fact, it would certainly help eliminate those unsightly lines. There are some styles that allow-“

“I knew it!” Dash burst out. “Fluttershy, she wants both of us to wear butt floss!”

“Oh… my.” Fluttershy blushed.

“It is most certainly NOT bu- ahem, that. It’s actually quite comfortable once-“

“Butt floss!” Dash said, reaching up and poking Rarity on the nose. Fluttershy giggled.

“Would you please just listen?!” Rarity said, looking up at the ceiling in exasperation. “I am trying to educate you on the more delicate aspects of a lady’s outfit and you just keep interr-“

Like the clouds parting in a thunderdome match, Dash saw her opening. She struck with all the precision of an athlete in her prime.

Her target? The tiny strip of white elastic peeking out over the top of Rarity’s skirt.

“Butt floss attack! Cavities beware!”

Rarity shrieked as Rainbow Dash seized ahold of the thin strap of her underwear, pulling it up and out of her skirt. Dash tugged so hard on the line of white elastic that bits of her precious, carefully stitched thong rose up her body with it. A moment later and Rarity felt the sharp, stinging pain of her thong digging into her softest, most sensitive places. Even worse, Dash had tugged so hard that the white triangle of the back of her thong had popped out to say hello, flashing the classmates behind her with a clear view of her silken delicates.
“RAINBOW DASH! STOP!” Rarity shouted at the top of her lungs. Her hands instinctively flew to her crotch, trying desperately to relieve the pain between her legs. It did nothing but allow Dash to tug even harder.

Almost imperceptibly in the noise of Rarity’s shrieking, Dash’s laughter, and the surprised gasps of the crowd around them, there was the delicate ripping of silk stitching on one side of Rarity’s thong.

“Gotcha good! Hah!” Dash said, finally releasing Rarity from the turbo-wedgie. “Bet you don’t feel so smart about wearing that now, do you?”

Rarity flushed a fierce red, blushing even deeper than Fluttershy. She quickly stuffed the back of her thong back into the waistband of her skirt, but the rest of the silk undergarment was wedged in places no lady should have to think about in a school hallway.

“Rainbow Dash, I’m going to get you for this!” she swore.

“Go ahead! You know where to find me!” Dash laughed, taking Fluttershy by the arm and leading her away. “I bet it’ll be fun! For me, anyway!”

Rarity could only seethe and try to ignore her poor, aching privates. Of course, if she’d known the full extent of what Dash had done to her underwear, she might have done a little more…
Yep. Next part will deal with Rarity and the chain reaction that Dash started.

Not sure if I should include Anon in this one. If I did, s/he would be watching it unfold before him/her. If not, I'd just go all third-person omniscient and get inside rarity's head as she realizes it's happening.

Thoughts? Requests?
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Haha, 'butt floss'. All right.
Pretty good so far. I like the attention to detail in your descriptions, which fits nicely with Rarity's fastidiousness.
So you're asking if Anon should even be in the story?
Pinkie Pie is top cute.
DESU, this
What the hell, I wrote desu t-b-h DESU, and this changed it into desu. What kind of New Admin's magic is that?
I think it's from people posting "This, to be honest, family" in its shortened form as a reaction to any other post. I'm not sure if it still applies to phrases like any-pony/every-pony (anypony, everypony).
A filter.
this desu senpai
>Today was the day.
>You had it all planned out.
>It took you all month to muster up the courage to ask Fluttershy out on a date.
>You had no idea why you were such a little bitch, it's not like she would ever say no.
>You walked down the hallway straight toward the group of girls.
>Fluttershy's friends, those girls were inseparable.
>You waited for a moment until the group separated to go to their lockers.
>It's a good thing that their lockers weren't all together, meaning that Fluttershy was alone.
>You walked up to Fluttershy with a friendly smile on your face.
"H-hey Fluttershy...Can I ask you something?"
>She looked over to you and her eyes widened with fear.
>"Anon! I don't know what I did to you, I'm sorry! please don't hurt me!"
>She started crying, got on her knees and covered her face with her hands.
>What the hell is going on?
>"I-I'm s-sorry!"
>She was nearly shouting through her tears.
>You were really confused.
>And people were starting to stare.
>You wanted to feel bad for her...but you had no fucking clue what she was so scared of.
"what the hell are you talking about?"
>You bent down and reached out to her.
>Fluttershy swatted your hand, scrambled to her feet, and ran down the hallway, crying.
>You stood there, with complete shock and confusion on your face.
>You decided to ask her friends about it, and Rarity was in your first period class, so it shouldn't be difficult.

this isn't going to be a long one...a few posts. give me a bit.
>You walked into the classroom and set your backpack down on your desk.
>Rarity, was on the other side of the classroom, looking into a small hand mirror and applying lipstick.
>You walked over to her.
"Hey, Rarity...what was wrong with Fluttershy?"
>Rarity smacked her lips together and turned to you.
>"Whatever do you mean, darling?"
"Well...when I went to talk to her she started crying and freaking out...like she was scared of me?"
>Rarity made a scowl.
>"I have no idea, darling...she always seemed to like you...maybe she's just being moody?"
"No..I know moody...she was terrified."
>"Then I'm not sure...if you didn't do anything to upset her...I'll see what I can do."
>You smiled.
"Thanks Rarity."
>You sat down at your desk and began to work on the assignment jotted down on the chalkboard.
>You were still beyond confused, but you felt a little better that Rarity was going to help.
>Before you knew it the lunch bell had rung.
>You were going to get to the bottom of this
>In between classes Rarity had gathered nothing about why Fluttershy seemed so scared.
>So she suggested meeting them in a group and talking it out.
>Seemed simple enough.
>You walked into the lunchroom and headed over to the table Fluttershy and her friends usually sat in.
>You approached and walked into the group.
>Once Fluttershy saw you she hid behind Rainbow Dash.
>Rarity looked over to you, then looked at Fluttershy.
>"Fluttershy, darling...what has gotten into you...Anonymous just wants to talk."
>Fluttershy looked at Rarity
>"No he doesn't...I overheard him and his friends talking about how he was going to hit me."
>All the girls looked over to you with a mix of confusion and disgust.
>You wondered for a moment what she was talking about.
>Then it clicked.
"Oh! No! Fluttershy you misunderstood...no...my friends were talking about...well...heheh...m-me hitting ON you...not me going to hit you."
>There was a silent moment of revelation for the whole group.
>Suddenly Rainbow Dash burst into laughter.
>"That's what this is about!?"
>Fluttershy came out from behind Rainbow Dash.
>"S-so...you weren't going to hit me?"
>You smiled.
"Of course not! why would I do that? I didn't want to hit you...earlier this morning I just wanted to ask you ou..."
>You stopped yourself.
>You just spilled all of your spaghetti without even giving it a second thought.
"Oh...uhh...yeah...so...you want to go out? Dinner and a Movie? something simple to hit it off?"
>Your damage control was like using oil on a fire.
>Fluttershy's face grew deep red as she tried to hide behind her hair.
>She nodded.
>You walked up to her and embraced her.
"I'd never want to hit you...now...pick you up...Saturday at 6?"
>She nodded again.
>That was easier than you thought it would be.

is not the end.
fingerbang never ends.
all is a lie.
is that the joke on this general?

becuase I'm rather new to fingerbang.
u sure about that senpai?
Wardrobe Malfunction: Rarity, Part 2

Today was the day. It had finally happened: The day the teacher said those four magical words.

“Anon, you’re with Rarity.”

Student leadership class was a pretty pointless class overall. Mostly, it was just making sure posters got put up and planning silly events that maybe a couple dozen people took part in. Still, it was a requirement to be part of the student government, and that in turn was a requirement to look good for Princess Celestia’s Royal Guard. You’ve had your eye on the Guard since you were young, and with your grades, sports and knack for numbers, you’re a shoo-in for the Cadets. The only thing left to do was wait and keep an eye on the mail.

Well. There were a few other things to keep an eye on, too.

Rarity was a goddess, plain and simple. In your school Canterlot Academy, an already selective school for already gifted people, she stood out like a diamond in a pan of coal. How many students could say they had their own signature style? Their own web site? Their own fashion label? (Granted, Rarity’s was self-published and in incredibly small numbers, but she brushed it off as beside the point).

Being partnered up with the radiant beauty was one of the perks of the class- and the best part of it was that Rarity was a shameless self-promoted. She loved it when guys stared at her. Hell, she probably took it as a compliment. And there was so much to stare at! Her tantalizing white cleavage, her softly curving legs, her daring outfits that pushed the boundary between inviting and reserved.

Today is no different: her purple double-layered skirt and baby blue top draw the eye to all her best assets, while her shrug vest protects her from showing too much skin and risking the wrath of the dreaded dress code.

“You heard the teacher, Anon,” Rarity says. “Would you be a dear and get me those mannequins? These mascot mock-ups aren’t going to make themselves.”
Rarity magically pieces together the mascot costumes with the practiced speed and efficiency of a seamstress. You can’t help but stare at glowing the blue sapphire necklace that she’s using as a focus for the spell. The glowing gem dangling between her breasts highlights the soft skin around it, threatening to make the white shirt around it go transparent- but Rarity is too smart for that, and she’s picked a shirt that’s just thick enough to keep her bra concealed. Her outfits are all carefully calculated to never show an inch of anything untoward… at least when she’s not flustered or distracted.

You’ve heard the boys talk about the glimpses they’ve gotten of Rarity’s unmentionables. Peeks of elaborate, lacy bras when she leans too far forward. Flashes of silk panties when she bends to pick up her bag. One person even claimed to have seen her Cutie Mark, a girl’s most personal treasure. You know it’s all lies. You’ve probably spent more time in classes with Rarity than any other guy, and she’s always been on her guard. You’ve never seen so much as a peek of anything risqué.

Until today, that is.

As Rarity works her magic on the mannequins, you see that she’s uncharacteristically nervous. She glances left and right every so often. When she sees you close by, she stops and tries to continue working, but it’s obvious she’s uncomfortable with something.

You decide to give her some space and see what happens. “Hey, Rarity, I’m gonna go get some more pink thread. Looks like you’re running low.”

“Oh! Thank you, Anon.” Rarity gives you a nervous smile.

You head across the classroom and busy yourself with the godawful mess of sewing kits, but keep your eyes surreptitiously fixed on Rarity. What you see shocks you.
Rarity reaches back to her slim ass and scratches herself. Vigorously. She picks at her skirt, digging at whatever lies underneath, as if desperate to fix something wedged between her cheeks. It’s the most unladylike thing you’ve ever seen her do, and it’s certainly never something she’d do in class unless it was an emergency.

Rarity glances around again, checking to see if anyone has noticed her spelunking expedition. You keep your head buried in the sewing kit. Believing that she’s still undetected, Rarity does the unthinkable: she reaches back, pulls the elastic waistband of her skirt out, and reaches down into it. You can see her hands moving under the soft fabric of her skirt as she runs her finger down her butt crack and pulls the offending underwear back to a more comfortable position. As she fixes her underwear, she presses it against her skirt, allowing you to clearly see the thin outline of a skimpy thong.

Rarity’s face is flushed from having to fix herself in class, but luckily no one’s noticed but you. She quickly puts her skirt back in order and resumes tailoring the mascot.

You can’t help but grin. That’s definitely the first time the classy Rarity’s done something so bold, so crude, in the middle of a class- and you’re the first to see it. With a new spring in your step, you head back to the table and help Rarity finish the mock-up costume.

“Ahem… Good work, Anon,” Rarity says, though she still sounds somewhat distracted. “Let’s just get this to the commons and be done with it. I need to… deal with something.”

You nod and try to keep the grin from your face. You both lay the mannequin down and grab it: you at the base, Rarity at the head. As Rarity squats down to pick up her end, you try to sneak a peek between her legs, but they’re clenched tight. Of course.
Can you please link your posts?
Oh, right. How many links, and where? Is it just one at the beginning of every text block?
Just link your posts like the other writers do like this guy >>25981593
Ah, shoot. I've been spoiled by writing elsewhere. I'll link it up in the future for convenience's sake. Thanks for the heads-up.

The trip to the commons is slow going. The mannequin is heavy, especially dressed up as it is. Thankfully the hallways are empty. Trying to dodge classmates with it would be a nightmare, especially on the stairwell. On that note…

You try to get the mannequin halfway up the stairs, but it gets wedged in the tight bend where the staircase turns around. Rarity, being the one stuck at the bottom, isn’t amused.

“Come on, Anon. Get down here and push like a big, strong man.”

She’s playing you, but you don’t mind. You squeeze around the stuck mannequin and get right next to Rarity to help her push. Her perfume washes over you as the sweet smell of lilacs and berries. Both you and Rarity push as hard as you can, but the mannequin is wedged tight.

“Push harder!” Rarity says, irritation in her voice. She redoubles her own efforts- and her grip slips, sending her off-balance into the Mannequin’s waiting embrace. One of its arms slips around her waist and its thumb catches on the delicate chiffon of her skirt’s outer layer. Rarity doesn’t notice the catch. She stumbles a few inches backwards to catch her footing, unaware of the fact that the mannequin is tugging her skirt ever so slightly downward.
No prob

You push harder. The mannequin nudges just a few inches, and Rarity’s skirt moves with it. You can see more and more pale white skin of her lower back as her skirt peels downwards, until finally a delicate band of white silk appears. You’re staring right at the top Rarity’s underwear, the most sought-after sight on campus!

Both you and Rarity continue to push. You’re torn: you could push harder and try to pull Rarity’s skirt down even further, or push slowly and get to look for as long as you can.

What kind of choice is that? Go big or go home.

You shove as hard as you can. The mannequin pops free, tugging Rarity’s skirt with it. She shrieks in surprise and embarrassment as her skirt plunges to the floor, baring it all. The white triangle of her thong doesn’t even begin to cover her beautiful behind, and you’ve got a front-row seat.

Rarity’s ass is as beautiful as you imagined it. Smooth, white and flawless. Her cheeks are delicately curved, with just enough jiggle to catch the eye. Her hands fly from the mannequin to her fallen skirt. Rarity drops to a crouch, desperate to retrieve her skirt.

And then something wonderful happened.

As you drink in the sight of Rarity’s nearly bare ass, you see that the left strap of Rarity’s thong is frayed. It’s barely holding on to the silk back of her underwear. In fact, the stitching is undoing itself right before your eyes. Rarity’s sudden crouch causes one stitch to pop, then another. As she tugs her skirt up her legs, the final stich tears free.

Half the waistband of Rarity’s thong snaps in a glorious release of tension. Her thong flops a few inches down her ass, becoming a sorry tail of silk more than anything else. You can’t see Rarity’s front, but you can tell that her underwear is threatening to slide down.

The mannequin crashes down to the stairwell. Time resumes.

Rarity tugs her skirt back up, wearing a luminescent blush that was definitely not all makeup. Despite her exposure, she is surprisingly calm. Composed. In control. At least, that’s what she wants to believe.

“A-A-Anon,” Rarity says, clearing her throat. “Let’s finish this quickly. Very quickly. All right?”

You don’t believe it. Rarity wants to keep on carrying the mannequin to the commons? After her panties broke? After all that’s keeping them from falling down is half a waistband, clenched thighs and Celesita’s grace? Well, you’re not going to complain.


All right, part 2 done. Insert coins/prompts to continue. What happens next?
I was afraid I would never see the end of your story. Glad to see you're still interested in the story
More distractions, unfortunate coincidence and calamity. Perhaps stitching between the inner and outer layers of her skirt partially come undone, or the floral pattern of her blouse has created specific weak points in the fabric, making it that much easier to tear, especially where it is thinnest at the top.
>>Aw yeah, first day and everything is going well.
AND THEN A GIANT METEOR---okay I'll stop now :^)

Enjoying the green NaOH

I don't think we need an Anon, or if you have in in as a throwaway background character like Flash usually is. But your story seems to be pretty self contained just narrarating the characters in focus.


-inserts 61 cent coin-
61 cent coin.
File: mymotivation.gif (529 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
529 KB, 200x200
File: 1404909441641.jpg (65 KB, 337x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 337x456

Sorry Anon, gotta keep it movin'...
Fingerbang is a nice thread
why is it called fingerbang?
File: pibkep pie.jpg (14 KB, 555x555) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pibkep pie.jpg
14 KB, 555x555
TITLE: pibkep the pie
>ur at the pibkep pie’s house
>she said hi unto you
>ur nervous cuz u have a boner
>try to hide it
>but pibkep pie sees it anyway becuz pibkep pie
>anom i saw ur boner tent
>but… but…
>fug my pusi
>no i am an virgil, twilight
>pibkep pie get closer to u
>anom i want you inside of me
>YES u put it in me and give me ur virginity
>but i want to be virgil forever, rarty
>2 bad
>pibkep pie step closer to you again
>anan i want to do the sexuals with ur green bean
>gimme that dick boy
>she leaps over to you and hops on your neat meat
>fuck the pie
oh well

Continue yes or no?
File: 1448221415400.png (73 KB, 502x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 502x503
You fucking satan.
>No i am an virgil, twilight

I want to finger all of the EQG.
All right, good to hear. Looks like this will be the last story I write using Anon and 2nd-person perspective. Time to send him out with a bang.

You and Rarity soldier on carrying the heavy mascot mannequin. Now that you’ve crested the stairwell, it should be smooth sailing to the common area.

Rarity’s becoming more a hindrance than a help, though. She’s shuffling along and trying to keep her thighs tight together. It’s obvious why; if she doesn’t, her busted panties might say hello to the forces of gravity.

But why? Why does Rarity not disappear to the ladies’ room? It’s not like you’re forcing her to stay here. She could take off her panties and not have to deal with the awkward shuffling she’s going through right now. So why…

And then it hits you.

Rarity can’t admit that her handiwork has failed her. Everything she’s ever done has been to build her reputation as the finest couturière in Canterlot Academy. Taking her broken clothes off would be admitting defeat. It would be a humiliation she could never live down, especially if she had to excuse herself in front of you to do it. So she presses on and pretends that everything is fine. After all, she’s the best seamstress, dressmaker, and designer there is. Why should she be worried about a few popped stitches? That happens all the time.

She could even shrug off the fact that her skirt fell down right in front of you. After all, no gentleman would look at a lady in a state of undress. She hadn’t caught you staring at her exposed goodies, either; you had made sure to block her view with a part of the bulky mannequin. For all she knew, you had no idea what had happened in the stairwell.

Progress is slow. Rarity’s pace is positively glacial. She’s frowning ever so slightly, her eyes darting down to her purple skirt every few seconds out of pure reflex. She’s trying to be brave and ignore what’s going on, but there’s no stopping the inevitable.

You hazard a glance at Rarity’s legs. The nearly sheer layer of purple chiffon doesn’t show anything but her pale legs and tantalizingly short lining layer, but you know that patience is a virtue. Rarity can’t move her hands from the mannequin, so she hasn’t been able to hike up her broken panties. It’s only a matter of time now.

“We’re almost there, Rarity,” you say. If you can keep her focused on the destination, she’ll be more likely to hold her nerve and keep going. “Just a little more.”

“Right. Of course. Nearly done! Perfect!” Rarity gives you a smile that’s far, far too wide to be anything but fake. She quickens her pace in anticipation. Just a little… but just enough.

A glimmer of white silk slides out from beneath her skirt. Barely concealed by purple chiffon, the snapped string of her thong’s waistband is staring right at you from between Rarity’s thighs. Rarity takes another step. Her panties slide another few inches. The string lengthens.

Another step. More white silk slides out from beneath her skirt. This time it’s the front of her panties: you can see the soft, delicate silk that until now has been in direct contact with her mound. Another step. Her panties are halfway down her thighs now, and you can see the beginnings of the soft cotton of the thong’s gusset.

Rarity skids to a halt. She can feel the tickle of her panties sliding down her thighs. She knows something’s wrong.

There’s only one thing to do: go big or go home.

You tug on the mannequin. Hard. Rarity’s forced to keep her grip on it, or else she’ll drop its feet right on her toes. She lunges to keep up, and the sudden motion finishes what you started on the stairwell.

Rarity’s panties can hold on no more. The white silk fliess down her right leg as fast as gravity can carry it, catching on Rarity’s shoe. Desperate not to drop the mannequin and waste days of work, Rarity kicks her foot back for balance- and she unknowingly launches her panties high in the air.

The sight is marvelous. Pure, soft silk soaring through the sky. Rarity’s thong is so thin, so insubstantial, it might as well be a cloud. For one sweet moment you can see the front of her panties. Every inch of it bears Rarity’s handiwork. It’s obvious she’s spend hours embroidering the beautiful patterns into the silk, but that’s not what takes your breath away. No, that honor goes to the brilliant blue sapphires sewn all across the top. They’re of the highest quality, not like the common dime-a-dozen sidewalk stones you could find on your way to school. They’re the real deal.

Rarity’s panties flutter down to earth just as gracefully as you’d expect anything Rarity made to do. Blessedly, they land behind a trophy cabinet. Rarity- and no one else, either- has no idea where her panties could have gotten to.

“Sorry,” you say, giving Rarity a sheepish smile. “You okay? You look a little flustered.”

Rarity’s normally calm, composed expression has turned to one of utter confusion. One moment she was struggling to keep her panties up. The next, they had completely vanished! She looked to the left, the right, up, down, everywhere; where had they gone? They couldn’t have disappeared. She had to find them! They were valuable! They were one-of-a-kind! They were HERS!

“I’m fine. Fine! Completely fine!” Rarity gives you another fake smile. “Oh, look! Here’s the spot! Let’s just drop it here!”

Oh, right. I forgot to not:. I've switched to using my actual writing handle, instead of Write it Right. I've done a bunch of stuff elsewhere, might as well take credit for it.
“Sounds good,” you say. “Just set it down gently!”

You’ve got one last trick up your sleeve. If Rarity’s not wearing any panties- and you’re one hundred percent sure that’s the case- then you have to try this. Rarity has the feet of the mannequin- and she hasn’t realized what that means.

The both of you begin changing the mannequin from a horizontal carry to a vertical set-down. “Gently! Be careful!” you remind Rarity. She’s still flustered and eager to get this over with, so she does exactly as you say… which means she’s responsible for lowering the feet. For Rarity, that means getting low to the ground.

Rarity’s eyes go wide as she realizes going to have to squat down.

She struggles to find a way- any way- to gently set the heavy body down, but there’s only one. She has to squat down, and since her arms aren’t long enough to grip the heavy body from a distance, she has to commit the cardinal sin of skirt fashion, right across from a boy.

Rarity takes a deep breath, squats down and spreads her legs.

She prays you don’t notice, but it’s impossible not to. As she sets the feet down on the ground, you have a completely unobstructed view up both layers of her skirt. For the briefest of moments, the sunlight shines between her legs, and you can see everything. Miles of pale white skin. Firm, soft thighs. And at their apex, clean-shaven pink lips. Rarity’s pussy, bared just for you.

But that’s not all.
As your gaze sweeps up her skirt, you catch a glimpse of something blue. Right above her pussy, on the white skin that would normally be covered by her underwear, is the tell-tale glimmer of her Cutie Mark: three blue diamonds, each as brilliant as real gems.

You’re the first to glimpse everything Rarity has. You’ve seen all her most personal, private secrets, even her mark. No wonder she loves gems so much. She’d die of humiliation if it got out that every time she wore a sapphire, it was as if she were baring her Mark to the world.

Her legs snap shut and the moment is over.

“I- I have to go,” Rarity says hurriedly. “I have… something to fix.”

And with that, she practically dashes across the commons, not even bothering to look for her lost panties. Her skirt flutters behind her, flashing dangerous amounts of skin.

You take the time to appreciate the moment, but there’s one thing you have to do. Before anyone else shows up, you rush over to the trophy case and fish around behind it. Just as expected, Rarity’s discarded panties are lying right behind it. They’re just as soft and silky smooth as you dreamed. And, of course, the gems inlaid on the front of the thong are as sparkly and brilliant as they were a minute ago.

You quickly pocket Rarity’s delicates. You’re doing her a favor, really. Better you than some random janitor!



I think I've exhausted this story. I could drag it on, but I leave that to you guys. Feel free to pick up where I left off.

Meanwhile, I have a story about some princesses and a certain cutie mark hunter to work on. Royalty's a royal treat to strip, after all.
Taking art requests.
Delivery time will vary.
a Shit, i repeat, A SHIT
Fluttershy popping out of a shitty sports bra due while trying to keep up with Rainbow Dash, who's off-camera. She's failing miserably and visibly struggling to keep up.

Please don't use a yellow skin tone. No Equestria girls stuff, please. Just straight-up humanization.
Very nice, and a good place to finish as well.
Small typo:
Rarity’s eyes go wide as she realizes going to have to squat down.
Should be a "she" between "realizes" and "going".
My pleasure.
Thanks! I love feedback on my work.

And good catch on the typo. I've fixed it for when I'll eventually put it on my pastebin.
Keeping up?
Just explain. Don't wanna fuck this up for you.
All I'm really looking for is Fluttershy's huge boobs doing what they do best: popping out of things.

"Keeping up" is just me giving context for the scene. All the request is is for Fluttershy jogging, tired, and popping out of her shitty/overly girly/ill-fitting sports bra.
Indigo Zap in a frilly maid costume
Now I have to imagine what other things she could have overheard:

>"But he said he was going to crush me!"
>Rarity laughed in a good-natured way.
>"Oh, you probably misheard him saying he has a crush on you, right Anonymous?"
"Uh... yeah, that's... exactly what I said."
>The group laughs, Fluttershy blushing harder than ever while hiding an unmistakable smile.
>You laugh along nervously.
>They must never know that you actually said that you "want to crush her pussy".
File: 14520116065560.png (166 KB, 396x981) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 396x981
Sweetest senseless bump. Need to stop watching anime...
Bump with continuation of >>25992983 coming up!
File: twiglet.jpg (14 KB, 555x555) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 555x555
>ur the anon and ur a little bit butthurt salty about the time pibkep took your virginia
>go to twiglet
>twigler finds your house and enters to plan how to get back at pibkep the pie
>Anon, I know you love her and all but come on man. she's my friend
No! she razzled my bedazzled and I wanna get back at her
>u get an boner thingking about the moment again
>Anon ur have a boner i can see it because im smart"" twiglit said
>is this the thing pibkep pie was talking about?
>but anom, sex is a beautiful thing, trust me i know about thais, i study anonomy
Twilight i like to stay pure and not have sex ever no maaaaater what
>lol what are you some kind of faggot?
>Twiglet approaches you as you try to push her back
>But no
>but it happens again and twiglet is the vicarious
oh well

part 3 soon
another "THE END" lie
I mean, who wouldn't want to crush her pussy?
File: twiliot.jpg (16 KB, 555x555) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 555x555
>"I really liked that sex anon. ur the best one to fug!
>"It's okay, anan, i have the acess to equestria and you can be the forgiving kind over there where we do magical things!"
>no you will never do this again
"twiglit, i said no nd u sexxed me. I'm calling the cops" you said
>NO DON'T you can come with me to equestria and i'll un sex you using a magical spell
>you go with twiglit cosby into the horse portal and enter the horse world
>but little did you know that pibkep pie has followed you to the horse world

Part 4 electric boogalore soon
File: image.jpg (57 KB, 417x742) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 417x742
>mfw this entire story
You PC, bro?

Someone great once said, "I wanna fingerbang Rarity under the bleachers."

The rest is history...
>"I-I'm sorry Anon, p-please..."
>The young woman sinks into the couch, hiding behind her hair the best she can.
"I am so fucking tired of your shit, Fluttershy! How many times, how many FUCKING TIMES have I told you about this?!"
>The pink-haired girl stumbles over her words.
>"U-uh, w-well, I just, sometimes I, I-I mean..."
"Every fucking week you pull this shit, and every week I tell you to change. You say that you'll change, and what happens? You don't fucking change! I'm am seriously sick of your shit!"
>You angrily pace back in forth in front of your wife.
>When you had first met her she seemed like your dream girl.
>She had everything you wanted in a girl.
>Or so you thought.
>You started dating her, and those first few months seemed like a waking dream.
>When the first problems started to pop up, they seemed small and insignificant.
>Nothing you couldn't handle, nothing the two of you couldn't work out, right?
>Before you knew it, you asked her to marry you.
>She said yes, of course.
>Now, nearly a year on, you can't help but notice every single little flaw in character, every little error she makes.
>And now, after year of you cleaning up after her you'd had enough.
>So here you are, blowing up at the girl you had thought perfect once upon a time.
>"I'm sorry..."
"Sorry doesn't fix anything, Shy."
>She gives a soft whimper.
>You sigh.
"I've had enough of this today. I'll see you later."
>You walk towards the front door, grabbing your coat on the way.
>"What? Wait, Anon! Please don't leave!"
>You ignore her pleas and walk out.
>She doesn't follow.
>The drive does little to calm you.
>You make your way to your favorite bar.
>You waste no time in ordering the strongest liquor they have.
>The haze slowly begins to descend upon you, a welcoming anesthetic to the stresses you carry with you.
>Why did it have to be so hard?
>Why did everything she did infuriate you?
>Are you just short-tempered?
>A part of you wants to say yes, but another part says no.
>A year you've had to deal with this.
>A year you've seen her make mistake after mistake.
>A year spent needing to follow after her, fixing what she broke.
>That payments you needed to make?
>The ones she said she would take care of?
>Late, again.
>Remember how you told her to talk with the agency to clear up some issues they had with your paperwork?
>Sure, she went, but ended up forgetting half what she needed to say and barely managed to stumble through the rest.
>It's like she was scared of people, for crissakes!
>She barely manages to get the groceries right, always getting the wrong stuff, forgetting stuff you needed, buying stuff you didn't.
>And good god, the animals!
>Sometimes you felt she cared for the animals more than she did you!
>It was all enough to drive a man to drink.
>And sure enough, here you were.
>As engrossed as you were in your woes, you don't immediately notice the person sitting next to you.
>"Hey, come here often?"
>The sudden appearance of your companion barely manages to startle you.
>You turn to face the person who so rudely interrupted your brooding.
>And she is something.
>Beautiful golden eyes, like amber.
>Long braided hair, matching her eyes.
>An easy, relaxed smile gracing her finely proportioned face.
>Her clothes weren't exactly the type you'd expect a girl to wear when out on the town, being modest and practical, but it was nice looking nonetheless.
>"See something you like?"
>You must have been staring at her longer than you thought, because she smirks at you.
"Oh, sorry, I'm a little out of it right now."
>She waves her hand dismissively.
>"Don't worry about it, happens to the best of us."
>A few quiet moments pass, you turning back to your drink and her quietly looking at you.
>"Oh, where are my manners, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Lightning Dust."
"I'm Anon. I don't think I've seen you here before. You come here often?"
>"Nah, I'm new in town. Just moved here from Cloudsdale. Job market isn't really looking good over there, you know?"
"Yeah, I heard about that. You found a job yet?"
>"Yup, and a better paying one than the one I had! I have an apartment, all my affairs are in order, only thing left to do is to meet new people."
"I'd say you're doing well on that front."
>She let's out a chuckle.
>"Yeah, I would too."
Oh shit, I have a bad feeling about this.
Nice low quality bump
You guys got any stories with facesitting?
Here you go:
Is dong, is good.
dong is not good
File: sonsat.jpg (18 KB, 555x555) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 555x555
Moar stori coming soon
I'm hoping Fluttershy gets cucked, just to see her reaction
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