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My Little Progress:Technology Isn't...
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TS: I can't really believe your story Anon, buildings with over a 100 levels? Flying boats bigger than Ponyville? And yet there's no magic in your world? Please.
>Growing tired of Twilight's berating, you go out into the world to prove her wrong.

That's the prompt that started it all. So what is thread about? It's about Anon bring human science and inventions to Equestria and a disbelieving Twilight.

Thread Story List.

previous thread:
Ok Anons I'm back. And you know what that means?
It's CYOA time!

We know that anon just entered a city. We know that there is a large pink bubble around it.

So now I ask you

What will anon do?
He is in the city with his bag. There is a castle in the distance to his right. And what looks like a bug with four legs in front of him.
What will he do?
he goes to the city
he tries to squish the bug
Scream at the bug because your absolutley terrified of bugs
How is he moving his arms?
>that picture.
I don't know how to feel.
Magical cure for ALS?
Go to the castle
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>Be Anon.
>Twilight thinks you're lying to her.
>You pick up purple pone
>Drag her to Applejack's while she whines the whole way.
>You sit both of them down, and tell Applejack about your technology.
>Twiggy says he's lying.
>Applejack is honesty.
>Applejack says he's not lying.
>Twilight explodes.
>Problem solved.
Best green ever
I love Lie Detector Apple pone
New app, Applejack.exe
^^this 100%
Isn't Applejack being a living lie detector just fanon?
She can't lie at least, but she can tell half truths. They didn't want to use her in MMM because it would of ruined the plot.
Page 9? BUMP
Stayin alive
Samefag here.

Did I just break the thread? Surely someone else saw this fanon plot-hole before I did, right?
Writefag pls.
I'm pretty sure others have noted that in previous threads.As for the lack of activity I guess there's just not a lot to talk about right now
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Previously on: http://pastebin.com/HuM8TczH

>You've seen enough.
>Anonymous did nothing wrong.
>His technology is pretty interesting, and the fact that his world's machinery runs without magic makes it even more incredible.
>No wonder many earth ponies and diamond dogs live in his small village.
>Since magic isn't accesible to all Equestrians, they rely on the human's technology to have an equal surviving.
>It reminds you of the fights and battles the three races used to have more than a thousand moons ago.
>You also noticed that even if Anonymous is a good leader, his lack of experience in politics and diplomacy could bring him and his ponies a bad time.
>You'll make sure to help him out if he needs some assistance.
>Your horn glows and you teleport out of his mind.
"Rest well Anonymous, you deserve it..."

>Many hours later.
>"YOU DID WHAT?!" Your sister yells.
"Dear sister! I can explain!"
>"You're supposed to check that everypony has good dreams Luna! You're not supposed to snoop in their memories."
"It was a request from Mythic Crown!"
>"Then you'd...wait, what did you say?"
"I said that Mythic Crown asked me to check the human's memories..."
>"Why did you agree if I forbid him to do so?" Celestia says before stomping her hoof.
"I...I didn't know you forbid such thing! If I had known about your stance I would've respected the human's space."
>Celestia sighs.
>"Mythic Crown has gone too far this time, he's disobeyed my orders for the last time...what did you tell him about the human's world?"
"Well...there was this strange metal thing that made lots of noise, it resembled our carriages...but they had wheels made of a black thing. And-"
>"Enough...you told him everything right?"
"Yes...including his -ehem- relationship with that mare was."
>"Oh dear...the wise ponies won't like that considering how 'conservative' they are."
"Are you telling me that you approve the human's relationship with that mare?!"
>Celestia rolls her eyes.
>"We'll talk about that later."
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245 KB, 931x1024

>Three days later, back in Nova Rohan.
>You're now Laika.
>You took over the town's responsibilities whie Anon was gone.
"Come on now ponies, don't be sad, the human will arrive soon!"
>"You said that yesterday, and the day before..." Silk Ribbon says.
>You sigh.
"He said that it wouldn't take much, maybe he's busy with all that paperwork."
>"OH LOOK! There they are!" Thunder Soul yells while pointing at something in the sky.
>You wiggle your tail.
>It's Anon, the two pegasi, the wimpy and bossy mare...and a few newcomers?
>The big wagon lands in the middle of town.
>["Well, here we are, welcome to Nova Rohan!"]
>You count fifteen newcomers, ten of them are male and the rest are female.
>Anon jumps out of the wagon and helps Moondancer.
>He turns his head around his shoulder.
>"Laika! Hey!"
>He comes closer and gives you a hug...much to that pony with the big glasses displeasure.
"You finally came, we missed you a lot...even you Moondancer."
"Who are all these ponies?"
>"It's a long story. I see you took care of the town...well done Laika!" He says while petting your head.
>You absolutely love when he does that.
>"Moony, call for a meeting...I'll introduce the newcomers to the rest of the town."
>"You got it Anon."
>"Oh, and Laika, I got a few surprises for you and your pack."
"You do? How delightful! Thanks a lot human!"
>You give him a big hug and then you lick his cheek.
>"H-hey! Cut it out!" Moondancer says in a jealous tone.
>You stick out your tongue at the weak mare.

>You're now Anonymous.
"Is everypony here? Yeah I think..."
>"So? How did things go with Celestia Anon?" Silver Ribbon asks.
"Moondancer and I had a great talk with Princess Celestia, and she looked to be interested in your well being, so she's coming here to pay us a visit and to judge whether she gives us total control of this valley or not."

>"Best Princess!" A stallion shouts from the crowd.
>"That's not Princess Cadance! Pleb!" Another stallion replies.
"Alright alright...now's not the time for opinions; she also said that she'd send some aid in the mean time, and by that she meant helping us with doctors and other qualified engineers and scientists from her academy."
>The townsponies whisper between each other.
"Does that matter? Anyways...let's give them a warm welcome."
>They all step up and stand next to you.
"Let me introduce you to Dr. Heartbeat and his students...they'll check up on us if we feel sick or if we get hurt, no more cheap potions for us when we can get actual medical science to help us out."
>The ponies cheer and stomp their hooves on the ground.
"Next, we got the Flange sisters: Socket Weld, Ring Type and Lap Joint, three cute...-ehem- engineers that couldn't stand the harassment of their coworkers. I assure you girls that things will be different over here."
>They let out relieved sighs.
>"Yeah right..." Aegis says while grooming his mane and checking his breath.
"Up next, the scientists led by researcher Perfect Measure. They'll learn from our magicless technology and they'll help us develop more."
>The awkward unicorn raises her hoof to say hi.
>She's welcomed by a warm greeting.
"Well, that's everypony. It's up to you to make them feel welcome. Moony, could you handle them a copy of the laws?"
>"Sure Anon!"
"Alright. Let's get to work...Princess Celestia will be here in three days. She'll drop her royal jewels when she sees this place."
>The ponies cheer loudly.
"Shh! Remember! The Tatzlwurms haven't left yet!"
>This is going to be though.
>At least Celestia is willing to help you out.
>"Best Princess!" A stallion shouts from the crowd.
>"That's not Princess Cadance! Pleb!" Another stallion replies.
Dont ever stop writing.
Sweet more LP! Your writing is like a drug I just can't get enough of
This was also kek for me too
>"Alright. Let's get to work...Princess Celestia will be here in three days. She'll drop her royal jewels when she sees this place."
Can Laika join Anon's herd. There arn't too many Diamond dog stories.
Are there?
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File: image.jpg (169 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"That's not princess cadence! Pleb!"
File: 1381541042002.jpg (297 KB, 1000x1250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bumparoni and cheese. Maybe even a changeling/changelings have a chance in LP's town.
“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Some waves of energy that are given by nature can be imitated.
Maybe he can find an alternative form of energy that satifies the changelings.
Sadly its probably a terahertz band that we still cant replicate yet

So just give them some sunshine?
bump it like it's hot
Hugs and sunshine.
So that's the power of love
File: 1449523906912.gif (29 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 500x281
not quite.

Terahertz radiation occupies a middle ground between microwaves and infrared light waves known as the terahertz gap, where technology for its generation and manipulation is in its infancy.

That's only up to 3 THz. Sun's a blackbody, so I'm still going with sunshine and hugs.
File: 1449916952295.gif (4 MB, 297x126) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 297x126
I'll show you Twilight I'll show everyone
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>"E-excuse me Mr. Anonymous? Did you say Tatzlwurms?" Perfect Measure asks.
"Uhh yeah...it's a little problem we have. Don't worry though, it's only temporary."
>"What do you mean?"
"This pack of diamond dogs have taught us a lot of things about the wild life in this valley. They warned us about many dangerous species that tend to come on certain periods of time. On the bright side, they'll leave soon."
>Moondancer comes to aid you.
>"It's nothing serious Dr. Measure, we have things under control."
>The Flange sisters take a look around.
>"Well, it seems like it, I can't believe no one has ever set hoof in this place. It barely seems dangerous to be honest."
"Don't worry about that, when we arrived here this place was completely different. We've made it completely secure. And just to prevent some risks we've taken extreme measures like suspending all noise-related work such as mining and construction."
>"I've read about Tatzlwurms back in high school, there's not many information about them. All we know from explorers is that they are quite big!" Ring Type says.
>"And I've done some research as well. Those creatures are fascinating, I wish I could have a live specimen to study."
"Trust me, you wouldn't like to have one of those things less than five feet away from you."
"Unit of measure from my world...nevermind then. If you need something you can look for me at my house. I'll be sure to provide you with info, material, anything you want okay?"
>The Flange Sisters nod, so do the scientists.
>"Erhm...Mr. Human?"
"Yes Dr. Heartbeat?"
>"Do we...have to check up on those diamond dogs as well?"
"Of course! I think Ryzhik over there is not feeling so well. Could you please check him out?"
>"It's just...we know nothing about diamond dogs."
"Well, now's the perfect time to study and learn about them don't you think Dr. Heartbeat? Princess Celestia said many good things about you, that's why she decided to hire you...if she trusts you then I do as well."
File: large.png (266 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"R-right, we'll do the best we can...my students will learn so much."
"That's the spirit!"
>Huh, would you look at that.
>You gotta give ponies credit.
>They are all capable of working, organizing, following orders and taking care of each other.
>Something humanity barely does.
>You love how strong your small village is growing.
>And how they got over their differences with the pack of diamond dogs.
>If this doesn't impress Princess Celestia nothing will.
"Flange sisters, could you come over here?"
>"What do you need Mr. Human?" The three of them say at the same time.
"My name is Anonymous, you can all call me Anon."
>"Whoopsie...sorry then, Anon. What do you need?" Socket Weld asks.
"Princess Celestia told me the three of you could build anything written on a blueprint, isn't that right?"
>"Yep! She also told us about your designs, we're looking forward to work together Anon."
"That's great! I sure could use a hand...or rather hoof to build many things that have been sittin' on my desk for months."
>"We still can't believe your technology runs without magic. How is such thing even possible?"
"You'll see. For now let us invite you all to have dinner with us. Katya made dinner for all of you. We can work on the designs tomorrow."

>Later that night.
>You're well tucked in bed, petting Moondancer's mane.
>"I can't believe we've come this far...isn't Celestia amazing Anon?"
"Yeah I guess..."
>"Is something in your mind Anon?"
"I dunno Moony, why is she helping us so much? Does she want something from us?"
>"Of course not Anon! She's a generous pony. Why are you so worried? Aren't the rulers of your world generous?"
>"Why not?"
"It's...kinda hard to explain Moony. Earth's society is so different from Equestria's."
>"I see...well, promise me one thing, don't be like your world's leaders, please?"
"Okay, I promise."
>Moondancer giggles before giving you a kiss on the cheek.
>"Good, now sleep well, we have lots of stuff to do tomorrow okay?"

Keep in the knowledge of the feeling of love.
We know that scientifically explained, love is a chemical reaction.
We know for a fact that every being in Equestria can capture, store and transmit magic, being the ones that have more Harmony within them the ones that can control it, leaving the variable of capacity to the unknown.

The brain produce waves of energy but only within the body and to certain degreed.
Maybe he can analyze the brain-waves of the ponies and other living beings that can love and mirror the experiment with the changelings to know how they work.

Finding a way to make chemical reaction to generate certain kind of energy, or imitating the waves that the ponies produce when they feel love or some other emotions.

Dominating the chemical expecter of the changelings.

What i want to see if he is capable of stablishing a pony changeling agreetment is, How is he going to treat when the changelings start to make their homes of organic material.

Some agencies tend to degrade the structures of certain buildings.
Thanks for the Christmas update LP you rock
File: large.png (323 KB, 1144x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>The next morning.
>After having a great breakfast with Moondancer you decided to work on your projects, this time with more ponies involved.
>"Wooow." The Flange sisters say at the same time, surprised at all the blueprints you've worked on since your days in Canterlot.
"Yeah, that's how a refrigerator from my world works..." you say while doing some calculations on a notebook. "no magic involed whatsoever."
>You really miss your Texas Instruments calculator.
>The scientists are impressed as well.
>"These are great...you're very determined to prove Princess Twilight wrong aren't you?"
"I think I already have, but now that I'm in charge of many lives here I'll see how far this can go, maybe we can be like Manehattan in two hundred years, or maybe less like twenty five."
>"And how do you plan to do such thing?"
"We won't be able to grow unless the rest of Equestria is aware of our existance. And I plan to come up, with your help of course, with inventions that were common in my world."
>"Like what?"
"Say, how do you ponies communicate with a relative or a friend that lives far away?"
>"With letters of course! There is no other way..." Perfect Measure says.
"What if I told you there's an invention from my world called a 'telephone' that allows you to talk to anypony even if they live very far away?"
>"Like? Letters that erase themselves?"
"No, that's called 'chat', telephones allow you to speak in one end and hear the other's voice."
>They all open their eyes.
>"Come on Anon, don't joke..."
"I'm serious. Look."
>You start drawing a telephone on a blueprint.
"This is how it works..."
>The ponies look interested.
"It could be used for lots of stuff, for work, to catch up with your relatives, you can even order food to be delivered at your home."
>"That sounds neat!"
"If just one guy from my world could make one by himself a hundred years ago why shouldn't we try?"
>Perfect Measure nods.
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79 KB, 541x527
Keep going.
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Should we make this thread a bi-weekly thing?
And give writefags some time to write green?
I would rather have writefags posting when they got something to post instead of having to wait and maybe forget about the thread
If this thread survives,
I may attempt a greentext of this stuff.
can't garuntee anything until tomorrow night.
Hey PC Engi glad to see your back
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File: 1446500130278.jpg (13 KB, 208x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who the fuck is PC Engi?
Is he a new greenfag? And why the fuck is he tripfagging?
I demand an autistic answer!
He wrote for one of the previous threads but dropped the story because writing long stories on 4chan is a pain.

Well if you lookeda t the pastebin you would see:

Inactive stories

>PC Engi
-No availible pastebin-

So I going to go out on a limb and say hes and old friend
Actually, not so damn edgy. But seems more or less like a video game being novelized if you ask me.
I found his old pastebin from a thread where he picked his name. http://pastebin.com/u/the4chanwrtiefeg
I was there for that birthing moment. But he reused the endings a couple of times.
I was trying to give it a more VG-Like approach, since some games do immerse you by giving you a gradual lift into the new world. I went on a limb there and made it AiE like with Tech, since tech was the main focus.

Did you literally think I'd save that story after seeing how Decrepid it became? I felt shame after having to drop it due to a long night. Trying many new approaches leaves you, well, hindered, sometimes, when your mind tries to rush some parts but keep others stable.

You must be the ass I added on Steam.

Also, this Anon gets the fact t is a pain to write long stories on 4chan when there's a 2000 Char Limit.
But now, to quell my idiocy, would anyone like me to make an attempt at a new story or continue on the old one? Which can be ripped from Desu.


>New: 0


I'd like to have people reading so I can improve if they point anything out
Well do you have a basic idea for what the new story would be about? I kind of want to hear it before I vote on either new or old
File: 1447009284419.jpg (526 KB, 960x1380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
526 KB, 960x1380
Well, say Twi is unaware of just how advaned humans are. Star-Trek-Ish. Think JJ Abrams Design Style with TNG Sounds, Scape, and Uniforms (Because THOSE redshirts never died.) and at a sort of uneasy time in space (Enterprise-like)

Honestly, it's up to all you other faggots.
Vote now!

And in the meanwhile,
fuck it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QTAmpo5ztY

>New: 1

>Old: 0
Alright let's go new then



Well, seeing as this thread remains dead most of the time,
Might as well do it.
>You still held your rank close. You and your crew had been here for months. The body of your ship left in the polar cap, where you returned each night by Transport from your recovering ship.
>"Anon, C'mon, You kept blabbering about your technological superiority, when are you going to show me?" Twilight said as you pulled a small, round object from your pocket.
"Just hold on. I'll get to the point." You mutter as it opens, a soft beep escaping as you spoke. "Ensign Rager?" You said.
>"Anon, what is-?" You put your finger to Twilight's lips, hushing her as your Ensign replied back.
>"Captain, you called?" A female voice let on as you looked to Twilight.
"Yes, I did. I've decided to reveal my purpose and true identity to these local inhabitants. Two to beam aboard, including the Quadruped beside me.
>"Alright sir." However, Twilight stared in you at horror as you nodded to her.
"Prepare to be amazed. Energize," you said through the Comm Device as you closed it, only to find yourself aboard the USS Corona, in a brightly lit Transporter Room, as another human stood infront of you, smiling as she held your bright red uniform in her hands, your 4 complete buttons and one empty circle suggesting a high rank as you sighed.
>"Captain, I see you brought along the one you spoke so fondly of. Is it true that this Equine exhibits intelligence like her whole species?"
"Yes, indeed so. Grab her the custom made Civilian clothes I had made for her." you say as you grab your uniform.
>"Anon!" Twilight says as you hush her.
"Just follow Ensign Rager and I'll get back to you soon. Until then, you two are to remain here until I return."
>Twilight merely gives a groan as Ensign Rager smiles.
>"Let me guess, you're shocked to see what he is a part of?" The african-american human spoke as Twilight nodded.
>"I just wished he told me sooner." Twilight let out with a rub of her face.
Here's an Idea of the starship I find suitable, except... Well, older styled. http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/scans/nebula1.htm

"Well, not telling until we feel a culture can accept it /is/ Prime Directive." Rager spoke calmly as the you returned, dressed in your Red and Black Federation uniform.
"Alright, miss Twilight, come with me please." you say as the door remains open, your smile not easing Twilight's tension as she follows you, and the two of you walk.
>"Anon, well, 'Captain Anonymous,' I have a question. Why didn't you tell me any of this?" Twilight asked you as you stepped into the turboshaft lift, and promptly said 'bridge,' which triggered it's carrying of you and your friend to the bridge.
"Twilight, I couldn't. Prime Directive prevents me from doing to, and by taking my oath to Starfleet, I couldn't allow you to see us until I found your people, or at least you, were ready."
>"But you lied to me! We're friends, friends don't lie to eachother, regardless of Duty!" Twilight seemed enraged, but you tried to keep your calm.
"Twilight, listen, It was only to keep you and your species from coming to harm by getting anxious, or even war-bred if a new race emerged with superior technology.
>"So this underground hall is Technology?" She said as the door opened.
"No." You sad as you stepped onto the bridge, your crew greeting you. Navigator Ensign Ricky, Luitenant Birch, Luitenant Riley, and your First Officer, Keyser.
>"Is this the one pony you kept talking of? The intelligent one?" Keyser said standing up, hs face cleanly shaved, his hair short-cut like a militarist from the old days of Earth Warfare.
"Yes, this is the one called Twilight. I have brought her on board to finally show her who I am and what I do." You say as your crew all looked, and waved, wishing a silent warm welcome to our guest. "What's Engineering have to say about out Status? I heard last night we'd be leaving this frozen land."
Enjoying it?
>"Well, Engineering has everything ready. The whole thing should be set aside soon."
"What about the Klingon Ship detected on the edge of this Solar System?"
>"That's what we're worried about. We think the current Klingon Civil War will bring a few of them here to try and raid us. Our ship was probed from a good distance away, so it's possible to say we may be the next target. Current speed puts it at around 12 hours."
"Understood. Have we power to the weapons yet?"
>"Weapons??" Twilight said in shock as you sighed, rubbing your forehead.
>"Engineering reports Phasers and Photon Torpedoes are available and have been fully restored. Also says we can't push Warp 8 or over a good while, at least 24 hours."
"Well, I can live with that, but having no sort of warp at high speed is better than no weapons."
>"Well captain, Engineering says we can lift out of this batch of Ice. They wait for your order."
"We'll get to that later. Meanwhile, I have to talk to my friend in my ready room"

Gotta head off this isn't my laptop, so needless to say, I won't be back until later tonight, maybe. Please, don't let this thread de.
File: Miranda1.jpg (23 KB, 725x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 725x355

>except... Well, older styled.
The in media res start feels a bit disorienting at first, but i kind of helps convey how Twilight must be feeling about the situation. All together I'm looking forward to see how this goes.
I don't think he means Miranda Class, he may mean Ambassador Class, Enterprise C. Episode Yesterdays Enterprise
P 9 bump
Well, for one, I got a shit-tier laptop running. HP 2000 with... God... an AMD Vision E-300 with only dual core... No multiple thread support... and only runs IE on WIndows 8... Plz Nons, by me leptup for shiz.
No seriously though, this thing is shit. I must endure.
Wait, my Trip's different. Lemme fix that.
But one last post before I go change my settings. Again.
>As you and Twilight sat inside the small room, adorned with two chairs infront of a glimmering table of Mahogany, you couldn't help but stare at your table. You were afraid and a bit worried, yes, but you had one shiny thing infront of you that bugged your mind.
"Ma-hogany..." you muttered as Twilight raised a brow.
>"What, Anon?" Twilight asked as her voice sounded a bit confused.
"Oh, yes, right," you mutter as you look Twilight in the eyes.
>"Why did you lie to me?" She asked, up front and personal now that she was alone in your ready room and out of a crowd view.
"I did it in best interest for you and your people... Well, ponies..."
>"We could have handled it!"
"No you couldn't have. Your race has trouble adapting to new ways of life, and we had some crew members manufacture cloaks with the help of our Klingon Allies. We read of your wars over differences, and decided to approach with a singular being. And I will say, I was shunted out, but one good voice can't speak for a whole culture."
>"Why can't I?!" Twilight shouted, standing up in anger as she was on your desk, her face in your, angered breathing audible as you kept your calm, as any captain would.
"Because you can't possibly /be/ a billion of your race. You aren't a whole populous of your inhabitants, and they still refuse to change to many new ways of life. Your magic is merely mental bondings that have grown to affect aspects of the Universe that are usually incorrigible. Trust me, when I say, it'd end in war either between the Federation and Equestria, or a Civil War between your race. And we can't risk violating the Prime Directive in choice for our emotions, nor can we perpetually avoid what has happened now."
>"You mean, you befriended me just to see our species?" Twilight said shakily.
Gonna go fix settings now.
On the topic of technology, think we can get some kind of Alien Swarm-esque scenario up in here?

*For those of whom do not know what this faggot means*
Hive Minding (What I assume you mean, because, well Win8 IE, fuck my life.) would be un-doable. But now that I risked Crash to watch, it's still not doable. A little too edgy for me. I work mainly in politics and shit. Plain old gunfights and shit are... Just out of my league.
Well, I'm not only referring to you mate. I'm just throwing an idea for anyone to use.
Also, did ANYONE get the Mahogany Refference? At all?
"I befriended you because I felt I could trust you."
>"Did you? Or did you want to examine me and my 'species' to see how we'd react?!"
"Shut up! I did not want this, if anything, I did this to show my will to protect a young species such as yours! I don't care about the precious princesses, or the music, I care about the safety of you and your friends, so you and your people can grow up in an un-devastated world!"
>You shouted at her with passion, you truly did have a friendship with her. However, she backed down. Your emotions were in the way. You had to calm yourself. And you did. Sighing and returning to your leaned-back position, you heard your door chime.
>"Sir? We heard shouts. Something wrong?" First Officer Keyser was standing, his poise high as he nodded, and left, the door automatically closing.
>"Why did you bring me here then?"
"So you can be the cataloguer of these events. When the USS Corona goes, I want this first contact between us to be documented as peaceful, because in the current state of the ship, we'll probably fall victim to the Klingon onslaught that is onward..."
"A race of war-bred humanoids, whose culture is based on Honor and Valor."
>"Oh, I think I understand."
"Listen, the Corona is scheduled to leave the surface in two hours. I need to speak with your authorities. The Queens and the Chancelors."
>"Well, I can have the princesses meet you at the castle." Twilight said, sighing. She had some feelings she hadn't let shown yet.
"Alright," you quickly tap your desk's computer, initiating a call to the Transporter Room. "Ensign Rager. Locate the nearest Castle structure, on a mountainside, and beam me and our guest to the entrance."
>"Aye, Sir." Your ensign said as she nodded, and walked out, proceeding to the Turboshaft. However, Commander Keyser stopped you.
mahogany doors mahogany floors
>"Sir," He muttered, "I heard the conversation. Do you not enjoy Starfleet?"
"No," you say softly, "I wanted a peaceful life, one of harmony, not so much technology..."
>"Sir, if we do survive, you can be listed as missing."
"No, that's be directly disregarding my duty. I... Think I may have a plan."
>"Well?" Commander Keyser asked curiously.
"I can be down on the planet afterwards, but a guard must attack me. I want the instruments rigged to say I'm dead, and... Well, let's say this. Being four years out of the academy, I've never been happier to disregard it..."
>"I can bet. Captain, I can also do you one. Regulation 619. A captain must recede his position if he is emotionally unstable. You'll be listed as K.I.A defending a new being from attack, and... the instruments will conclude."
"But not until AFTER the Klingons arrive." You said that, keeping it first priority. Protect Eequs. But you had one more ulterior motive.
And her name was
>"Understood." You could tell Keyser was happy to be on the ship and to help you. You had ultimately hatched this plan not only for yourself, but your First Officer as well, knowing that gaining a starship command would be his greatest achievement.
>"Captain Anonymous, Godspeed." Keyser said as you nodded with a smile, and began to make your way to the transporter room."

>Time passes...

"Princess, I must Digress! Your people- I mean, Ponies, must not assist in this defense unless we fail!"
>"I refuse to have that! This is our world and our home, I won't let it fall to-" Celestia was interrupted as Luna spoke.
>"Perhaps Captain Anonymous is right. We shouldn't intervene unless his ship is destroyed, of which case, it nullifies his duty to the Prime Directive."
"Exactly, as well as the fact no race should be brought into any wars with the Federation unless they /wish/ to fight with us!"
>"We do, even if we aren't part of your federation." Celestia said as Twilight sighed.
>"Celestia, I think it's best we let them do what they can before we become involved in this..." The room went a deafening amount of quiet for a minute as Celestia merely nodded.
>"Very well. However, you are to initiate an unwanted First Contact with us, if that's what you wish, as we can change."
"I'll be sure to note that it wasn't mean of either party when First Contact was established." You mutter as you check your watch. Thirty Minutes until lift-off.
>"Captain Anonymous, I have a question. Will we be able to watch your battle from the ground?" Celestia asked solemnly.
"When they arrive, it should be night. You should be able to see us as we defend your home. We can't let a race fall after this long here, seeing your potential. Now, if you'll excuse me," you quickly reached into your pocket, and pulled out your communicator
>"Wait, I wish to request I am in the battle with them, Celestia," Twilight proclaimed, staring Celestia right in the eyes, as Celestia shook her head.
>"It's too dangerous."
>"Princess Celestia, I can do this, alright?" Twilight said as even Luna and Cadence shook their heads.
"I have to object. Your primary role is here, on your home world. I have to protect it, to ensure your race is preserved."
>"Thank you, Captain..." Celestia said as Twilight stared in horror at being denied any more moments with her dearest friend, Anonymous.
"Anonymous to Rager, Engage!" Twilight flung herself to you in a last-ditch effort to come with, but by that time, you were already gone from her view, and phased onto the Corona.
>"Anon..." Twilight said, practically breaking down in the chambers as Celestia walked over, offering her wing to the young princess as you began to prepare to leaving the Biosphere with your crew.
>"Ready in engineering, sir," the head engineer, Quencorr announced over the comms as you nodded.
"Aft Thrusters, fire. Lift us from this ice and let's be done with this." You ordered as the ship shook for a split second, only to feel like gravity was growing. You and your crew had hoped for this moment for a month, roughly about, as night began to bask upon the cities below.
>"Sir" your Tactical officer, Riley, had seemed to panic in his voice as you looked ahead. "Ship is an old Klingong K'tinga class Star Ship, Outfitted with newer weapons and warp core. However, the cloak unit isn't functioning. Readings show that they have one aboard but the power is shut off from it completely."
"Noted." You respond as a beeping signaled a hail, as your tactical officer stated the obvious incoming hail. "Just open the channel."
>However, on your screen, you didn't see a normal Klingon. You saw what looked to be dishonorables who bore no Klingon Medals or Sashes.
>"Captain Anonymous of the USS Corona, you will not interfere with our plans to harvest the resources below. I am Captain Chor'kah, of the Warship D'Kan, and you will leave immediately."
"Afraid I can't do that," You mutter to the Klingon. "You'll be threatening a peaceful, young species on the planet. And it is our duty to protect it. So, either you divert your course and find another plant, or we will destroy you protecting this world."
>"I see you defend the weak. You should let them die, but oh well, your trash head was bound to go anyways. Cha'quk!"
>With that, the transmission ended as Riley began to panic.
>"The D'Kan is powering up disruptors, and raising her shields."
"Riley, Red Alert, Raise Shields, full power to phasers!"
>"Aye sir!" Riley shouts as the Klaxon blares across the ship, signaling battle status, as you sit in your chair, chaos unfolding, as your First Officer had begun to contemplate whether he and the crew would make it out of this alive.
Meanwhile, on the surface...
>"Luna, what's the matter...?" Celestia asked as she seemed to look up, horrified of what's happening to the two parties.
>"I can hear their thoughts like I can our dreams... Their minds are all panicking, but... They've begun to fight, the humans have... They're losing. They've already lost half of whatever their shields are and have casualties... So the thoughts tell me..."
>"What about Captain Anonymous...?" Twilight asked worriedly as Luna looked over to Twilight.
>"He's worried about you Twilight, all of us... He's afraid he'll fail his crew and..." Luna began to pant. "He's passionate, his emotions in these thoughts, they're too strong, ponies I can read perfectly but... This isn't a dream, and they're not ready for this..."

>Back on the USS Corona...

>"Medical Team, to Engineering, heavy casualties!" The Comm Links rang as the danger sirens were blaring, and Riley stood at his post, bleeding from the shoulder. The bridge was in dismay, science station destroyed, viewer going into a flurry, and many panels and floorings, cracked. You were at the battle station, firing phasers at their engineering sections, but the power wasn't strong enough.
>"Engineering to Bridge, we've to shut down the warp core! She'll breach if we keep her on!"
"Do NOT shut down that core! We cannot let those criminals destroy this world!" You were afraid for Twilight, scared of what Might happen. God forbid anything to happen to her before if happened to you. However, preparing the last Photon torpedo spread, the ship went Dark...
>"Picard," subspace Audio piped in. "You've lost... Surrender, and prepare to be boarded..." Captain Chor'kah spoke in huffs and puffs.
"Never, we will die defending them..." However, your mind already knew one thing. You failed, and your friends and their race were going to suffer because of you...

Back on the plant's surface...
Oh my god... I accidentally said Picard...
I ruined this shit, oh no...
God dammit Engi! Although, this is top fucking kek if you take it out of context.
>Somewhere on the planet, a pony has just yelled out about saying Picard.
It was always too late.
>"He's lost... He needs our help..." Luna muttered as Celestia looked upward.
>"Will they really harm my subjects...?" Celestia said nervously.
>"Yes... Captain Anonymous already concluded that..." Luna said somberly.
>There was a deep, dark silence for a second until Celestia looked at her fellow princesses, standing amidst the castle balcony, she decided to do something she never had before.
>"What I am about to do is to never be spoken of, for I do this to protect my subjects..." With that, Celestia's horn began to glow, but extremely bright, unlike her normal magic usage, but soon, there was a flash from her horn as she panted.

Back on the Corona...

>"Captain! High-Intensity gas discharge from the local star! It's bearing 232 Mark 110!"
"Right for the Klingon Ship..." You mutter. Whatever had happened, you had to take advantage now. "Engineering, give me enough power for a boosted Photon Torpedo, targeted directly for the D'Kan's engineering section..." You spoke in huffs as a command flew by your cracked panel.
>Encoded Transmission.
>Photon Torpedoes ready in Thirty Seconds. Shields will be on line five seconds after. Warp Core contained for moment.
>Stand By.
>With that, you sighed, wiping your forehead as the gas discharge drew closer.
>Encoded Message.
>Fire when Ready. Torpedo loaded and armed.
"Mr. Riley, prepare engineering. We're going to have one last go." With that, you pressed the launch sequence for the forward Photon Torpedo launcher, and soon, it left, and for what was only two seconds, seemed like eternity as it slammed in the D'Kan's side, sending the lights flickering as you quickly raised the shields back up, and put on the ship-wide broadcast.
"All hands, brace for impact. Engineering, prepare for immediate heating of the hull!" With that, your closed your eyes and held close to your station as the gas discharge began to hit the Klingon ship, sending it spiraling as it melted, but not with one last effort from the captain.
>"Disruptor inbound to the bri-" Kablam.
A massive chunk of metal shot out, with shrapnel spewing around the bridge. You felt funny as you smiled in your victory.
>"Captain Anonymous!" You heard your First Officer shout as you turned to see him, only to look down and see a small rod of metal in your rib, bleeding profusely.
"Well, fuck my man meats..." You mutter as you fall down, now aware of the pain as your hands cushion your fall, and you begin to have trouble breathing. Everything seemed to haze around you, and merely began to fade to black.

In your unconscious state, you see and feel nothing. You don't dream. But, suddenly, you hear noise.
>The cardiovascular monitor. Working fine. And as it sounded, so was your hear and blood.
>"He's come to, Twilight." You hear a familiar, highly proud voice speak as you turn your head. Sick bay wasn't that hard of a place to realize you were in, but this had to be a hallucination.
>"Captain..." Twilight says as she puts her hooves to the bio bed, and stares at you.
"Just call me Anon..." You mutter as your first officer smirks in the corner.
>"You're officially dead, Captain. Your body was sent out in space at the nearest star." You hear him say as you slowly sit up, rubbing your head.
"How long was I out?"
>"Medical staff had you under for two hours, and an extra one just to make sure everything worked right after the hole punching."
"Fine, and... I'm dead now?" You asked as Twilight looked at Commander Keyser. She was curious.
>"You're listed as such. Enjoy your life at peace. Starfleet already approved my command of the Starship if you were ever to leave."
"Good..." You mutter as you slowly stand up, and look to Twilight, who had tears flowing as you then tightly hugged her, her only response being to hug back.
>"Thank you, Anon... For saving every one of us..."
"Don't thank me... The Corona lost some great crew members, myself not included..." You say as Keyser smiles, handing you civilian clothes.
>"Here you are sir, good as new. Site to Site transport is ready to put you and your two friends down to the planet."
"Thank you commander Keyser. Or, should I say Captain?"
>"I can't replace you, but I can sure try to fill in."
"Good luck. Also, be aware, the Ready Room does have some belongings that I would like to be properly handed off."
>"Noted. Now, shall we beam you down?"
>"Just a second sir. Anon," Twilight said as you looked at her in response.
"Yes?" You asked calmly.
>"Why /did/ you save us and try so hard, risking your life...? Was it really to protect all of us...?"
>"Well, yes... But the other fact is I can never let a friend be harmed... Especially not my best friend..." You say, hugging Twi as you then get a throat-clearing from Keyser.
>"Shall we let you do this in peace?"
"Oh, yes," you say embarrassed at the little scene. "Ready."
>"Alright. Rager, three to beam down. Energize"
"Godspeed," you said to Captain Keyser just as you were phased into the Canterlot Castle, once again Standing in the royal chambers as Twilight looked up at you and Celestia trotted past you slowly.
>"You will not be forgotten for this, Captain Anonymous... You saved our planet... And our race... And for that we welcome you here..."
"Thank you, Princess..." You say as Twilight nervously puts her hoof on your hand.
>You knew what she wanted, and you gave it right to her, as you grasped her hoof gently, and held it, turning around to walk out of the castle with your dearest friend, set for a life of peace, tranquility, and friends you couldn't find in any other part of the galaxy.
Or in the universe, for that fact.
Clearly those Klingons must be confused and think all bald captains are Picard
And that ends the shitpost spree.
If'n anything else, I suggest you block my name in the filter to prevent my shit from contaminating your head, and now I will leave you all to peace.
Drawfags, begin working on a comic for this, Pretty fucking please.

Believe it or not, I just had a sort of Star Trek Marathon not too long ago, and having the best ties with TNG, I was always thinking of Anon as Picard, except, well, younger, and more unstable in some cases. It popped in my head and I never checked it.
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I do think this was a good story PC Engi
That damn photo... Is it sad to say I love you for that?
Anyways... Any hints or suggestions of how I can improve for future reference...?
All together I think your story is well written.

Things that could use some work on would be stuff like the transition phrases such as "Back on the Corona..." being formatted differently from one another, by that I mean sometimes they're greentext sometimes they're not.

Another thing to look out for would be instances where you mistype a word but the mistyped word is now a different word so it doesn't get picked up on in spell check.

Back on the >plant's< surface...
"No." You >sad< as you stepped onto the bridge

My only gripe with the story is that it feels like the 2nd half of a story and feels a bit rushed because of that.
Well if I had my,Red Baby laptop back. I could've done this way better. Right now, I'm on mobile, Fuck tripcodes, and 2, Its a Windows,8 laptop with... a 1.2 GHZ processor, 2,core... it,has real bad lag. And only,runs IE due to... AMD Vision E 300... gross...

But all that was duly noted, I'll try to revise a new,story with THAT in mind.
Waaaah! Daddy didn't buy me something better! Waaah!
Nah, pop's a mentally ill Fuck that I left long ago for calm life in Maple Syrup Land. It was my upgrade to Win10, the most unstable OS to date, and I was left with my Old laptop from 2 years ago to run.

Needless to say, having a good bout of power and water management only costs me around 2 Elizabeths. Rent is manageable on Weekly Pay as a PC Technician.
I don't think I've ever heard someone refer to 20 dollar bills as Elizabeths.
It's the old 100 dollar bill up here. We had the bills switched up. Now Canada (Or so rumor says) is trying to switch to Plastic Currency/Credits.
But Robert Borden has been on the 100 since the 1970's. The last time the queen was on the 100 she was on every bill. Also when you say plastic are you talking about the polymer bills that we switched to a few years ago?
You WriteF_fag, bad grammar on >>25900142
Go ahead and join your brother in the lack of Autocorrect.
>is trying to switch to Plastic Currency/Credits.

The end of private sale. The government and google and amazon and et al must be able to trace everything we buy/sell. Orwell is spinning in is grave.
Where did you hear about this?
why do I have to hear it anywhere, besides what >>25902564 said? it's a common trend, how often do you use cash anymore? The real reason is so the government can nail for taxes. I don't want to talk about this shit anymore because I hate taxes, people, jews they're not people and just about everything else.
A Prompt for stories that come after the Prompt:

>You just built a city of 5000 earth ponies (and growing every day by mass exodus) without any Unicorn nor Pegasus magic.

>Twilot tried to sabotage your project several times until Sun horse found out and declared that she was disappoint in her student.

>Her stance changed when you signed New Earth's declaration of independence and set up a border.

>There was a very brief war where your Earth-Pony-rigged shot-guns decimated an invasion from Equestria's royal guard.

>Despite that, you extended an act of good-will and offered to trade with them under your government's strict control.

>By your economists' projections, Equestria will become completely reliant on New Earth's food in 6 months.

>Equestria will run out of resources to sell you in 6 years.

Seriously, I stared at the prompt I made for 20 minutes, and there was nothing. What ideas are there to go off this? Anon's already won.
It's a shit prompt. Literally all the story would be is 'anon won and now revels in his victory'.
Have a movie war between Star Wars rip off characters and Anon's trekkies; the conflict was which side of the universe was better.
... I didn't even have good politics in my story,
and yet it made more sense than that. I mean, the kingdom of Equestria would not accept control over trade, one, and two, would have no reason to form from Exodus, as, guess what, sun horse and twalot are ruling. Third, you'd have little to no able resources to build an Earth City with each and every government having control over resources. You'd have to tax your own people and even then it'd be a struggle of time to accompany that many ponies.
Plus, to start, why would the Earth Ponies separate from Equestria to begin with?!
It makes no fucking sense.

I agree.

The one that came from Sector 001, Earth. Fuck you, Trekfag forever.
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Ill be here LP.
I will be here.
That brief talk about money got me wondering, as there ever been a story with Anon trying to get Equestria to adopt paper money instead of coins?
Page 9 bump
It'd probably just read like Making Money- Now With Horses!
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>tfw still here
Now that you mention Making Money, I think the Discworld books starring Moist Von Lipwig would serve as good inspiration for stories in this thread
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you still here?
In that case, take this. It's dangerous to lurk alone
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Bump! In the name of science!
did somebody say science?
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p.9 bump
File: 1449391963482.gif (963 KB, 400x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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man celestia is adorable in that gif
File: large.jpg (60 KB, 816x979) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Is there anything else we should try building?"
"Moondancer and I have drawn dozens of blueprints based on my memories. You can find them all here in that barrel."
>You point at a barrel full of blueprints.
"There are several designs we can use to guide ourselves, am I glad you are all here."
>The three cute engineers get some designs out of the barrel.
>"Wow! A windmill!"
"Yep, based on the drawings from Canterlot's library; these windmills have slight modifications though, they can provide us with electric energy."
>You point at the single light bulb in the ceiling that illuminates the room.
>"Impressive..." Perfect Measure says as she's done reading the design of the light bulb, "however...a better conductive material could be used for the filament. And perhaps the efficiency could be much better if we modify the coil and-"
>She barely knows about this stuff and she's giving you shit about your designs?
"Uhh...well, keep in mind I had nothing better to work with, but I'm looking forward to see what improvements you can make out of these designs."
>Perfect Measure gets a ruler and a compass out of her bag and starts making lots of corrections.
>The Flange sisters wag their tails in a seductive way while looking at different blueprints.
>Jeez, no wonder why their coworkers kept harassing them.
>"Say Anon, what's this?"
>It's the design for the lever rifle.
>You snatch the blueprint from Ring Type's magic field.
"It's a prototype design for...defense, yeah; defense."
>Starry Sun, one of Perfect Measure's colleagues perks up his ears.
"But now's not the time for that. That comes later. Let's keep priorities straight."
>"I still see no point in building a bunch of junk ponies have already invented..." Starry Sun says using an arrogant tone.
"Think of all the ponies who have no access to magic alright? Dodge Junction almost dies of thirst because no unicorn or pegasus live there."
>"Boo hoo, earth ponies always brag about their strength."
Woo more LP!
Also wow Starry Sun in just 5 lines I already hate him. Good job with that LP (not sarcasm).
Yeah, I have a new person to love to hate
>"Boo hoo, so dozens of lives almost perished do to negligence and having no sufficient emergency reserve. Earth ponies always brag about their strength? Why couldn't they just pound the ground until water comes up?"

That's what I got from that statement.
That's what I got too and it makes me hope he loses his ability to use magic
I think he's a spy for the shitlord in canterlot. Feed him to the tatzyl worms

"Dodge Junction is a town full of Earth Ponies! If they can't get their hooves on a rain cloud then their strength was useless in that case."
>"So what? Why is it always our fault whenever those ponies can't solve their problems?"
"Well, that's exactly the point of building a town like this, if magic really has that much influence the ponies and other species of this world then I want to help everyone feel like they are the same, knowing that no pegasi has to provide them with water or that unicorns don't resort to magic to help...or harm others."
>Starry Sun scoffs.
>"Please...there's a hierarchy everypony has to follow, even if they might not like it; but that's how it is. Earth Ponies work hard, but when they can't do their part it's always up to us to fix their screw ups."
>The Flange sisters gasp at Starry Sun's cruel comment.
>"That's not very nice..."
>You squint.
"Things are not the same when you can't use your magic. I know many unicorns that have easy lives thanks to the gift of magic, but have you ever done actual work?"
>"Of course I have you-"
"Let me see your hooves."
>"My what?"
"Your hooves!"
>Starry Sun raises his hooves.
"Just as I thought...soft as a foal's hoof. Well look at THESE hands!"
>You show the unicorn your hands, covered in calluses.
"These are the hands of a working man! I bet you have never worked a STINKING day...in your STINKING LITTLE LIFE!..."
>He feels offended by your words.
>"Hey! I attended Celestia's...
"School for Gifted Unicorns right?"
"Jeez...the same school SHE attended."
>You let out a sigh.
"Just like in my world...assholes like you feel like pushing everypony around because of your status or education. Let me tell you something...in Nova Rohan things will be different."
>You turn around and walk to the door.
"Before I go, I don't want to hear you talking shit again...but if you do then you're free to leave whenever you want."
>You walk out the room.
>Why is it always our fault whenever those ponies can't solve their problems?
>Earth Ponies work hard, but when they can't do their part it's always up to us to fix their screw ups

By that logic, it is your fault. Earth ponies can't grow their crops if they don't get rain supplied by pegasi, which their factories run on unicorn magic. You want them to solve their problems, but don't have any way to solve it themselves since most of their technology is suited to either pegasi or unicorns.

Basically, he said earth ponies should die because they can't do the same things as him.
>"Before I go, I don't want to hear you talking shit again...but if you do then you're free to leave whenever you want."
Rekt morally
Yeah, fuck this guy-stallion-asshat.
In b4 asshat steals plans and runs
I'm expecting Celestia seeing that he's planning to build weapons. The question is, will she see it as a tool for self defense or, which the ponies back at Canterlot might think, tools of war.

The guns are effective against monsters, but if others get one of these weapons, they can cause a lot of destruction.

Also, yeah, I'm also half expecting that the same ponies are trying to make magic versions of human inventions, which are hunks of junks compared to the ones Anon makes.
I'm going to combine these two ideas

Steals the lever rifle plans.
Brings the plans to Mythic Crown.
They build one and see how deadly they are.
Mythic and the others star fear mongering to gain support to put Anon down.
File: large.png (679 KB, 1257x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"Man, who the hell does he think he is?" you say under your breath.
>You let out a sigh and walk down the main street, just to be stopped by Bass Strings carrying her violin, a sheet with music notes written on it and a colored cloth.
>"Hey Anon! I've been wanting to talk to you. Moondancer said you'd be in your shed working with the unicorns."
"Oh, hey Bass! Well here I am."
>You notice something in her saddlebags.
"What do you have there?"
>"Oh nothing...nothing but the new flag and anthem I've composed!"
"That's great! May I see them?"
>"Phew~ I'm glad you said that since you didn't like the previous ones..." she says in a sad tone.
>You let out an awkward chuckle.
"Come on Bass, it's not like I didn't like it...I only explained why we couldn't adopt them as our anthem."
>She lets out a charming giggle.
>"I know Anon, but I'm sure you'll like this one...let me show you the flag first."
>She grabs the cloth in her saddlebags with her teeth and shows it to you.
>"Ta Da! What do you think?"
>Its design resembles...North Korea's flag
"Err...Bass Strings?"
>"Wait, let me sing the anthem for you," she says before grabbing her violin and clearing her throat first.

>Let morning shine on the rivers and mountains of this land,
>Eight thousand miles abundant with natural wealth.
>This is my beautiful fatherland
>With a history of strong willed people,
>The glory of wise ponies and dogs.
>Brought up in a brilliant human culture.
>Devoting our bodies and minds to this valley,
>Let the Way be obeyed.

>Embracing the atmosphere of the Valley of Abundance,
>Nest for the spirit of labour,
>The firm will, bonded with truth,
>Will go forth to all the world.
>The country established by the will of the ponies,
>Breasting the raging waves with soaring strength.
>Glorifying forever Nova Rohan, limitlessly rich and strong,
>Let the Way be shone.

>She lets out a proud sigh.
>"What do you think?"
>"What do you think?"
File: omgplzno.gif (1 MB, 250x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 250x187
Could this be a sign?
First the Soviet Union, now it's North Korea. What's next? Is she gonna play the anthem of East Germany?
she's gotta be fucking with us. watch next song will be either ISIS or the Ugandan national anthem.
my guess is it will be China or Vietnam or Cuba
File: puppy.png (107 KB, 348x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 348x448

>You'll have to break her innocent heart once again.
"Well...you did a great job Bass, but I'm afraid we can't adopt these designs either."
>"W-why not?!"
"Once again, it resembles the flag and anthem of the country that hated mine."
>"Grrr! Not again! Maybe your country has an awful anthem in the first place and you are jealous of those countries!"
"Ohhh tell me you didn't go there..."
>Bass Strings shuts her mouth with her hooves in a rather cute way.
>"I'm sorry Anon, I'm sure your country's anthem is beautiful!"
>You sigh.
"It's cool Bassy, you didn't mean it."
>She lets out a cute giggle.
"Another reason we can't adopt that anthem and flag is because we are not communists."
>"Communism? What's that Anon?"
"Well, it's...uhh. Evil and-"
>"You've said that already Anon," Bass Strings says as she raises an eyebrow, "but what's communism in the first place?"
"Just compose another anthem okay?"
>"Okay Anon. The next one will make you drop your pants! I promise!"
"I'll be here waiting for it, but if that's what you want just make sure that Moondancer isn't nearby."
>Bass Strings' cheeks go as red as a tomato.
>"Whoa umm...I-I didn't mean it like that...Gotta go bye!"
>Bass Strings quickly runs to her home and slams the door.
>You let out a chuckle.
>You love to mess around with your citizens.

>As soon as you turn around you feel teeth biting your rear.
"Argh! Ryzhik!"
>You grab the puppy, Katya's little brother and put him on the ground.
"I told you not to do that, what's going on?"
>"Laika and my sister said that they saw something weird floating on the ocean a couple of miles away from the coastline, they told me to come here and warn you."
"The coastline? Another monster planning to attack?"
>The puppy nods.
"Well then, you gather some ponies and dogs to help and I'll go get my weapons."
>"I wanna help!"
>You let out a chuckle.
"Nah, stay here buddy, we'll handle this," you say as you pet his little head.
Monster on the coastline eh?
File: 1.jpg (63 KB, 852x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 852x480

>You turn around once again and you feel your rear getting bitten again.
>He growls.
>You sigh.
>Fucking stubborn kid.
"Forget it...I'll get my guns first and then we'll gather some muscle."
>Ryzhik doesn't release you.
>You shrug and walk back to your home whistling a tune you love to whistle while working.

>"Where is the human?" Laika asks with annoyance.
"Here I am...Katya, could you please get your brother off me?"
>"Whoops! Sorry Anon!"
>You sigh.
>Katya grabs Ryzhik and gets him off your rear.
"Thank you. Now, where's the threat?"
>Laika points at a very distant object floating on water.
>Katya, Ryzhik and the help you brought giggle.
"What's the matter?"
>Katya shakes her head, containing her laughter.
>Laika looks at everyone.
>"Everyone! What's the matter with you? This is no laughing-"
>You turn around and Laika shuts up.
>"Oh my..." she mutters as a blush appears on her face.
"Not you too Laika," you say before grabbing a pair of binoculars from your backpack.
>You can see a strange thing floating on the water, fortunately you can use the binoculars Silk Ribbon lent you to see what the threat is.
>Katya, Ryzhik and the guys you brought want to laugh.
"I don't know what's so funny to you guys...if a dangerous monster is swimming out there we can kiss our butts goodbye."
>Everyone but Laika laughs when you mention the word butt.
>You sigh.
"Laika? What are you staring at?"
>"Err...at nothing Anon, what's that thing floating on the ocean anyways?"
"It looks like...a boat, and it has ponies inside it!"
>"A boat?!" Everyone present loudly yell at the same time.
"Shh! Have you lost your mind?! You don't want a Manticore to crawl up on us and kill us right?"
>"Whoops, sorry Anon..."
"The ponies in the boat aren't moving, in fact they look, tired?"
>"They are probably sick or thirsty, we should help them out!" Katya says.
"But how? The ocean is filled with-"
>Laika jumps into the ocean.
it's a landing party
Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.
File: Laika molests Anon.png (106 KB, 313x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Laika molests Anon.png
106 KB, 313x368

"Come back Laika!"
"You crazy bitch, what the hell are you doing?"
>Celestia warned you that this ocean is the home of many dangerous species.
>You aim your gun at Laika and keep track of her as she swims her way to the boat.
>A two headed shark jumps right at Laika.
>"Watch out Laika!" Katya yells.
>You shoot your rifle and fortunately hit the shark in its right side.
>You're starting to hate Equestria's wild life.
>Laika swims even faster.
>All of a sudden, Laika is lifted in the air by what it appears to be a sea serpent.
>You reload and shoot again.
>This time you missed.
>Laika cries for help.
>You aim at the sea serpent again and shoot.
>The bullet travels through the sea serpent, but it just shrugs it off.
"W-what the?!"
>"Help her Anon!"
>You reload and shoot the gun again.
>This time the bullet penetrates the serpent's eye.
>The serpent releases Laika and swims away from her.
>The dogs cheer.
>You let out a relieved sigh.
>Laika quickly gets inside the boat and uses her powerful arms to bring the ponies inside to safety.
>She finally arrives to the coastline, exhausted.
>The dogs check up on the ponies, while you check up on Laika.
>She's heavily panting.
"Laika! Laika...are you okay?"
>She nods.
"You were amazing back there, don't ever do it again okay?"
>She giggles.
>"It's okay sweet cheeks, thanks for saving me and stuff."
"...Sweet cheeks?"
>Laika giggles and asks you to come closer to her.
>When you do, she whispers in your ear.
>"Ryzhik ruined your pants dummy..."
>Using a paw, she feels up your exposed butt.
>Laika giggles once again.
>This bitch is after your bones.
>You'd say something, but you kind of enjoyed it.
"What is it Katya?"
>"These ponies are really...weird."
>You stand up and check on the boat.
>It's a bunch of tall mares.
>They don't look like the regular mares.
>One of them mumbles something in a foreign language.
>She faints.
Looks like some Saddle Arabians have joined the party.
File: 1442482826502.png (338 KB, 967x1064) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
338 KB, 967x1064

>Many hours later.
"Are they gonna be okay doc?"
>"Yes, the worst part has already passed...they were severely dehydrated so we administered some serum into them."
"And what about Laika?"
>"A few hours of well deserved rest should fix her up, don't worry about her."
"Thank goodness...what do you know about these ponies doc?"
>"Those mares? They are from Saddle Arabia. A very exotic place with some...estrict laws towards mares."
"Oh no..."
>"Oh look, one of them woke up already."
>She tires to open her eyes.
>The doctor pushes you outside the room.
>"Maybe she shouldn't see you right now Anonymous, you don't want to scare the poor thing."
"Yeah...you're probably right doc. Keep me up to date with the newcomers alright?"
>The doctor nods.
>You exit the little hospital and head back to your place.
>What a day.
>This valley is hard to conquer, but you won't give up.
>Moondancer is waiting at the hospital's main door.
"Hey Moony..."
>"How are the ponies you and the dogs brought in?"
"According to the doc they are okay, why?"
>She lets out a relieved sigh.
>"Thank goodness, all that effort that Laika girl did was worth it. And I'm glad that everyone is okay."
"Yeah, and to think you don't like poor Laika."
>Moondancer neighs.
>"I have my reasons...by the way, those scientists and engineers Celestia lent us are impressed with your designs, they are fascinated with that phone concept you talked about earlier in the morning."
>You grin.
"That's great! At this rate I'll probably live to see the day I'll use a computer again."
>To shitpost of course.
>Yeah, the concept of electronics is kind of new to them, only high class unicorns are allowed to study it."
"Speaking of which Moony, I kind of talked about this to the newcomers, one of them gave me trouble."
>"Starry Sun?"
"Yeah, how did you-"
>"According to Perfect Measure nopony likes him...I wonder why Celestia sent him along with the rest."
>You shrug.
File: large.png (137 KB, 981x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137 KB, 981x1024

>"Anyways...you know how to deal with difficult people right Anon?"
"Well, I had to work with those kind of people back in Earth, so I guess knocking up some sense in his snobby skull won't be so hard."
>Moondancer nods.
>"It's getting late Anon, we should go home...and you should totally put on a new pair of pants."
"I got a better idea Moony, why don't we head home and you take off my pants huh?"
>She lets out a dirty giggle.
>"I like how that sounds...let's go then, I can't wait to try on that lingerie we bought in Canterlot."
"Aww yes..."

>Not so far away from there.
>"So Mythic Crown was right...the human designed weapons," Starry Sun says under his breath while looking at your private blueprints, "these belong to Equestria now..."
>He stuffs the blueprints in his saddlebags and teleports out of your home.
he just sold state secrets to a foreign power

He can be executed for treason now...

>>"Okay Anon. The next one will make you drop your pants! I promise!"
>>Everyone but Laika laughs when you mention the word butt.
I'm guessing Ryzhik got a good bite in

>>"According to Perfect Measure nopony likes him...I wonder why Celestia sent him along with the rest."
Good question >_>

>"I got a better idea Moony, why don't we head home and you take off my pants huh?"
>>She lets out a dirty giggle.
>>"I like how that sounds...let's go then, I can't wait to try on that lingerie we bought in Canterlot."
>"Aww yes..."
Awww ye---wait, Anon beat me to it..

>>"So Mythic Crown was right...the human designed weapons," Starry Sun says under his breath while looking at your private blueprints, "these belong to Equestria now..."
>>He stuffs the blueprints in his saddlebags and teleports out of your home.
That son of a bitch :| No offense to any Diamond Dogs lurking

Keep it up LP, this stuff is awesome! (and captivating!)
inb4 finds out Celestia didn't put him on the roster for the Equestrian scientists.

I hope Anonland immediately threatens war unless they have his head for espionage. I hate villains like him. They make me frustrated, and I hate being frustrated. Please kill them as soon as possible.
Wouldn't an execution harm Anon's reputation?
a more fitting punishment chop off his horn
Not if there was a tribunal.
File: OhFug.png (195 KB, 619x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195 KB, 619x707
>Starry Sun
>Kill him.

I have a more /mlp/ friendly idea for his punishment
File: Captureffff.png (172 KB, 468x602) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 468x602
Fist him to death?

Or Make him suffocate on dildos/dick?

If it were me,

"Celestia, I regret to inform you that we will be cutting all ties with Equestria. Your treachery has earned you a closed border with Nova Rohan."

Hold Celestia accountable, whether or not she's guilty. Those was her ponies she sent, after all.

"If you wish to reopen borders with us, then we demand you extradite the spy known as "Starry Sun" who took the blueprints from us, so that he can stand trial for the crime of high treason. We also demand that you immediately return the stolen blueprints to us."

Give her an out, but have a high demand.

"If you do not comply, and continue to grant asylum to the spy, it will be considered an act of war by Nova Rohan."

Deliver an ultimatum, to put on the pressure.

"I'm very sorry it's come to this. I don't want bloodshed any more than you do. But our laws are clear. And your spy has violated them."

Reinforce your character and her position, make it seem like you're in the right.
File: 1451343264440.jpg (59 KB, 583x574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 583x574
In my sick mind, all of them

But it wouldn't fit in the story.
If you threaten war, then those blueprints he stole might see some use. If it is a war of attricion, then Anon will definately lose. What Anon should do is copyright them. If anyone else tries to make something similar, he can sue him.
>he can sue him.

Implying Murican style court system even exists in crayon horse land.

You're missing the point. Celestia wants a good relationship with Anon. She won't go to war over something like this, especially if the political axe is over her head. It'll damage her reputation, and make her look like a greedy queen who bullied a nation into submission to her own people. And in the international community, it'll make her look like a tyrant and a warmonger. It doesn't matter whether or not Nova Rohan can win the war, what matters is the reasoning behind the war. It's inadvisable to her very character to go to war over this.
File: large.jpg (126 KB, 668x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126 KB, 668x1024

>Minutes later...
>"I'm not so sure about this Anon..."
>You laugh.
"Come on...don't be so shy; you said you'd give this a chance..."
>"Yeah, but why? Am I not hot enough?"
>Moondancer and her low self-steem.
>Good job Twilight.
"You are pretty hot already Moony, but lingerie enhances your beauty even more...let's just say it's a preference of mine."
>"O-okay, if that's what makes you happy..."
"Don't worry, if there's something you'd like to try one day just let me know okay?"
>She nods and keeps putting on the remaining accesories.
>"I'll keep that in mind, I hope the things that turn me on aren't too weird for you."
>Moondancer takes off her sweater and throws it to the nearest corner of the room before turning around.
>"L-like it?"
"Love it..."
>Moondancer jumps on the bed and waits for you to fondle her.
>"Please be gentle..."

>In that same moment, outside of your window.
>"Disgusting ape...he's taking advantage of the pretty mare with the broken glasses." Starry Sun mutters, "the only good thing in this dump."
>He takes a notebook and quill out of his saddlebags and writes something on it.
>["Dear Mythic Crown.
>So far, the human has not developed any form of weaponry or any other device that might endanger Equestria. While he was away with those disgusting diamond dogs I searched his home hoping to find some evidence that might prove his guilt and confirm your suspicions. But the only thing I found was designs. He's very determined to make everypony equal...you must not let this happen, unicorns won't have the same power over the other species if the human makes more progress. I hope you decide to accompany Princess Celestia to her meeting with the human, this way we can let her know what the human is doing over here.
>P.D. I want to know if you have placed the two thousand bits in my apartment. I don't do this for free you know."]
>You take another look inside.
>What a slut.
File: large.png (369 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
369 KB, 768x1024

>The next morning.
>Moondancer wakes you up by kissing your neck.
>"Good morning handsome~"
>You smirk.
"Morning babe..."
>She lets out a giggle.
>"You were amazing Anon...you must be some sort of perv if a bunch of clothes made you feel different."
>You chuckle.
"See? Don't be afraid of trying new things Moony. You'll never know if you like them or not. Besides, you ponies are naked all the time so the lingerie you wore made me feel a bit funny."
>"We should take a shower Anon, Princess Celestia comes tomorrow to visit us so we have to make sure everything is perfect."
"You're right Moony, let's shower together."
>"You're a big perv, did you know that?"
>You laugh.
"ME? Come on Moony, don't forget about that time I heard you moaning my name back when we met and you let me live in your Canterlot home; back when you used your hoof to...you know."
>Moondancer's face goes all red.
>"...Why didn't you enter to my room in that instant then?"
"I dunno, I thought it'd be awkward and that you'd kick me out of your house."
>Moondancer giggles.
>"You're right, that's what I would've done."
"Alright Moony, let's shower and then check up on the town to see if everyone has done their part for tomorrow."
>"Okay Anon..."
Unf is right.
Though Starry and Mythic really killed my boner.
Adorable morning after is adorable though
File: dat math.png (265 KB, 710x548) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dat math.png
265 KB, 710x548

>After enjoying a relaxing shower with Moondancer you both enjoy a delicious breakfast.
>When you're done, you put on your clothes and walk downstairs.
>"You know where to go Anon, I'll check up on the farms, the buildings and the pumps."
"Okay sweetie, I'll see you in the evening okay?"
>You both share a kiss before going on your way.

"Welcome Princess Celest? What's up with that banner?"
>"We couldn't fit it all in..." Aegis and Thunder Soul say.
"Take it down and try again, we don't want to be in bad terms with Princess Celestia. Everything must be perfect."
>"You got it Anon!"
>You feel a hoof tugging your shirt.
>"What do you think about the decoration Anon?" Silk Ribbon asks.
>You look around and approve her hard work.
"Looks great Silky! Keep it up!"
>She gives you a smile and keeps working.
>"Anon! What do you think of this anthem?" Bass Strings asks before clearing her throat.
>"Oh Nova Rohan we pledge our hearts to you, as fateful, as deep, as true; Nova Rohan we love you!"
>"...So? What do you think?"
"That's it? It's way better than the other ones, but I'm sure that a mare with a musical talent like yours can make it longer."
>She smiles.
>"I knew you'd like it so far! I'll keep working on it!"
>She prances happily back to her home.
>You find Laika's dad sitting on the sidewalk eating an apple.
"Hey Pops...where's your daughter?"
>"I think she's doing inventory of the minerals we've got left sonny."
"Thanks Pops."

>Minutes later.
>"...thirty-eight, thirty nine-"
>"Anon? Hi! What do you need?"
"Me? Nothing...say, weren't you supposed to be resting like the doctor ordered?"
>"I'm fine," she says with a laugh, "you worry too much Anon. I'm as strong as a rock."
"I'm well aware of that. But you must know your limits, I was worried sick over you."
>She hugs you.
>"Awww...even if you are an ape from another world you worry more about us than that Celestia ever did. Thank you so much!"
>You hug her back.
Can't wait see how the meeting with Celestia is gonna go down. Also Laika is really adorable in this.
I hope Anon knew about Da Vinci's planned mistakes in their blueprints.
I can see that idea possibly backfiring though. Mythic Crown could potentially defend the theft with Starry Sun seeing some inconsistencies in the plans and sending them back to Canterlot for testing. With the unicorns in Canterlot then testing faulty guns that are either dangerous to the user or highly ineffective. With their results they could further argue that they are not safe at all at should be forcefully brought back to equestria for their safety (and where they could keep a close eye on them to stop them from trying to level the playing fields with unicorns).
He has the plans for the rifle... but what about the ammunition? does said plans include the mixing instructions for the propellant?
Also, would we be using blackpowder or nitrocellulose?
I would guess black powder for now. Nitrocellulose is bit more complicated, and I would imagine it would require them to be decently set up first before they could produce it in meaningful quantities.
plant fibre soaked in nitric acid... not any more difficult than black powder
i would love to see anon finding out that the plans where stolen and all the dogs help anon to track down who did it, catching him, and showing celestia the crime that was committed
I would love to see the ponies trying to figure out the blueprint of a rifle without any point of reference for fire weapons.

>"So what weapon did we manage to steal from the human?"
>"Looks like some sort of fancy folding club"
>"By Celestia!... Thats genius! no wonder what's his face wanted to steal it, but what about the little pointy things?"
>"We are working under the assumption that they are suppositories"
I giggled
It's not necessarily the production of nitrocellulose itself that makes it more complicated. What I'm talking about is how they will produce the materials to make both nitrocellulose and to store it.
Squeeze a shit tonne of lemons onto a shitload of plants. Put it in bottles.
Problem solved.
File: large.png (34 KB, 500x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 500x800

"By the way Laika, I haven't had the chance to give you this..."
>She releases you and you get a present from your backpack.
>"A gift for moi?" She says, "aw you little human, you shouldn't have..."
"Come on, open it!"
>Laika tears the box apart and gets the contents.
>"What are these?"
"Clothes! I bought clothes for you and your pack as well, while I was in Canterlot; custom made, very expensive. What do you think?"
>"...I love them! How did you know purple was my favorite color?"
"Lucky guess, this way you won't have to wear that tiny old jacket."
>"Did you bring clothes for the ponies as well?"
"We did, ha. I bought a bunch of clothes and all I used to pay was a fire ruby..."
>"I'll never understand what ponies do with those gems."
"Me neither, I prefer them over currency, carrying bits can get annoying if you don't have pockets."
>"What are these?"
"Undergarments...those go under the actual clothes."
>She tries on the bra first, and then the panties.
>Oh yes.
>"Wow...they fit very well!" She says as she tries on the purple sweater next, "How did you guess my size correc..."
>She catches you giving her a not-so-innocent look.
"Oh, um...l-lucky guess?"
>Laika smirks.
>"I guess you're not used to see others without clothes right?" She says with a laugh.
>You shrug, feeling embarrassed.
>She slaps you on the back.
>"It's okay human, I'm just messing with you! Besides, who can even resist starin' at a body like this?" She says while modeling in a seductive way.
>You gulp.
"Anyways...I should check up on those Saddle Arabians."
>"I'll go with you."
That is insane. That would require them to have an absolutely gigantic resource base if they went that way.
They say dogs are man's best friend. With the way Laika's relationship with Anon is going it might a friends with benefits deal.
File: large.png (169 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 700x700

>Minutes later.
"What's up doc?"
>"Hey Anonymous, you came to see the mares right? They are all okay."
"Thank goodness."
>"One of them speaks Equestrian, and I was able to explain what happened yesterday. She wishes to meet the 'kind souls' that saved her and the others."
"Well, that's great. How did she react when you told her about me?"
>"She didn't know what to say."
"Typical...well, do you know why was she inside that boat?"
>"She fled from her country, she's just as tired as the other mares of the constant abuses they keep getting from their husbands."
>You sigh.
"It's weird, Equestria and Earth aren't that different...I'll talk with that mare. What's her name?"
"Pretty weird name, but then again you ponies have names based on objects and colors..."
>You knock on the door.
"H-hi," you call from the other side, "may I come in?"
>"Come in..." she replies with a soothing, yet thick middle eastern accent.
>You open the door and find a beautiful mare looking outside the window.
>When she notices you, she gasps and takes a couple of steps back.
"Hey, don't be afraid. I'm not gonna hurt you."
>"W-what are you?"
"I'm a human being, this is not my home world, Princess Twilight Sparkle brought me here by accident, my name's Anonymous."
>She calms down.
>"Oh, so you were the one that saved all of us..."
"Technically it wasn't me, it was-"
>Laika enters the room.
>"A-A diamond dog?"
"Yep...her name is Laika. She swam to your boat and brought you to safety even when the ocean was infested with dangerous creatures."
>She can't believe it.
>Then, she looks out the window.
>"Is this Equestria?"
>You and Laika chuckle.
"Nope, welcome to Nova Rohan!"
>>"Is this Equestria?"
>>You and Laika chuckle.
>"Nope, welcome to Nova Rohan!"
That was surprisingly heartwarming.
File: aa4.png (10 KB, 405x344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 405x344
Why do I have this foreboding feeling that Starry Sun is going to try and rape Moony........
Crap now I got that feeling too. I can just picture his slimy smug face as tells her how much better a unicorn is compared to "some dirty ape"
I was thinking about that anon, but I am. Why would you put that thought into my head.
File: 1398285276585.jpg (47 KB, 279x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 279x304
Just have bad feeling about it.
If it does happen, I'll be sure to send a pack of feral niggers to culturally enrich LP
R63 Trixie aka starry sun will be eaten by a tatzyl worm
>will be violated then eaten by a tatzyl worm
It's never done.
File: large.jpg (65 KB, 549x761) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 549x761

>A couple of hours later.
>"So that's how this town came to be...I'm sorry about what happened with Princess Twilight Mr. Anonymous."
"Don't be, and please, just call me Anon. Now that you know about our rather (brief) story of our town, why don't you tell us more about yourself."
>Insaf lets out a sigh.
>"Well, as I said earlier my friends and I decided to escape from Hoofuf, a city near the ocean...because of a movement that promised to bring the 'old practices' back and to restore the old Saddle Arabian empire...and those who don't submit to their will meet their doom."
>Not even Equestria is safe from those extremists.
>She starts to tear up.
>"I was forced to marry a stallion way older than me, and when I expressed my father that I didn't want to marry him he hit me."
>You sigh.
>Only an asshole would hit an exotic beauty like her.
>"We got lost at sea, and we thought we'd die for sure...and it would've been for the best actually," Insaf cries, "it would've been a nightmare to keep enduring that hell."
"Don't say those things Insaf, Laika here risked her life for your and your friends' safety."
>"Yes, I am thankful for your kindness. We all are."
"It seems you've all been through a lot, were you going someplace else?"
>"Not really...we just wanted to get away from everything. We didn't know where would we even land."
"That's not good. Why don't you stay here? Our town is made up of the three pony races and diamond dogs."
>"Y-you'd let us stay here? Wouldn't that bring problems to your town? Those extremists can be-"
>You scoff.
"We have problems of our own, but we've been able to face them alright, isn't that right Laika?"
>She nods.
>"Well, I-I don't know what to say...thank you! Thank you so much!"
>Insaf gives you a hug.
"You're welcome Insaf; If those pricks feel like keep bothering you or your friends don't worry, we'll give them a...'warm welcome'."
>"Y-you'd let us stay here?
You have to go back....
File: large.png (178 KB, 658x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 658x1024

>You're now Moondancer.
>And you're done supervising today's activities.
>You check the last thing in your checklist.
"La la la~"
>All of a sudden you hear a pony clearing his throat behind you.
>You turn around and find Starry Sun, looking a bit nervous.
"Hello. Can I help you?"
>"Hey, Moondancer right?"
>You nod.
>"Can I ask you a couple of questions?"
"I don't see why not."
>You keep on writing notes on your checklist.
>"I've heard that this place used to be filled with monsters. How did you dealt with them when you first arrived here?"
"My boyfriend and some of our Dodge Junction friends took care of that issue..."
>"Yeah, but how?"
"Anon worked on a project while we were away okay? Defending our lives was his priority."
>"How? Using weird blueprints or was his face enough to scare the monsters away?"
>You squint.
"He did something important, and his invention was crucial to save not only our friends' lives, but mine as well. So I'll have to ask you to be respectful towards him, he's the founder of this place after all."
>"Yeah, but what's with the no-magic policy nonsense he keeps spewing huh?"
"He never said anything about-"
>"You're not even using your magic to write on that checklist! For Celestia's sake, you're a unicorn! Why do you let that ape to control your mind like that?"
"Excuse me?! He has never established such thing as a-no magic policy! If I don't want to use my magic then that's my problem."
>"It's obvious that the world of that ape isn't like ours, look at that couple! Don't tell me that it's natural!"
>You turn around and find Vasily hugging and kissing his marefriend.
"What's wrong with that? A diamond dog loves a pony...big deal."
>"Princess Luna won't like this, nor will the wise ponies."
"So what? Article No. 3 of our Constitution states that no one shall be discriminated!"
>"Unbelievable...you have laws and stuff? You're actually willing to lose a good future in Canterlot for a dump in the middle of nowhere?"
>you have laws and stuff?
Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, huh Starry?
File: bpenfld%20print.jpg (164 KB, 1493x1202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 1493x1202

"I already have what I never had in Canterlot. And I'm pretty much happy here, do you know why? Because I don't have to deal with snobs on a daily basis..."
>He scoffs.
>"A mare with this much that potential, wasted on some ape's selfish desire to build a country for the unequal; what a shame."
>You slam your hoof on the ground.
"Anon isn't selfish, if he were he wouldn't have given those poor diamond dogs a home; or water to Dodge Junction, or a pump for his farmer friend. All he wants to do is help, but jerks like you keep disparaging his work."
>You turn around.
"You're free to leave Nova Rohan whenever you want, but you'll have to do it by yourself...if you can survive the Badlands."
>You walk away from him.
>"That won't be necessary!" He shouts, "tomorrow will be the day the true intentions of that ape will be revealed!"
>You stop on your tracks.
"What are you talking about?"
>"The human is developing technology for war isn't that right?"
>You stay silent.
>"All those strange noises I heard yesterday coming from the Coastline. The ponies told me they belonged to a certain 'weapon' tell me, what is this weapon?"
"Where did you get that blueprint?!
>"Answer me!"
"...It's for defense only, I've already told you!"
>"One stallion named Thunder Soul bragged how him and Anon killed lots of monsters that could turn invisible."
"Those monsters were dangerous! Anon almost dies because of them!"
>"And then he went on a killing spree to make sure those monsters never came back...just because he felt like it. Now Moondancer, how does that make you feel? Knowing that one day he could decide what lives or what doesn't under the pretext of 'protecting his citizens'."
"He has priorities!"
>"Riiiight....the hospital is not finished, neither is the fire station, many buildings are not finished yet. What is he doing then? Technology that could murder ponies?"
>You frown.
>"I could tell the Princesses about this...but I'll let it slide under one condition."
no one has made twi a little more reasonable

if in character, i bet Twilight just said "MAKE YOUR OWN CITY THEN!" out of anger but when she realizes that anon is ACTUALLY going for it, goes full friendship mode and tries to dissuade anon from going for it. saying its not worth it and she's willing to just drop what she said put it all behind them
>>"I could tell the Princesses about this...but I'll let it slide under one condition."
:| Bring it asshole. Nothing to "let slide".
God, I know that it would just confirm his opinion, but I'd love to just give him a shot straight to the horn. Not through the head, but just something to crack that face-wang he keeps thinking makes him better than every other race.
moondancer's logic is perfectly reasonable, even if he where to present the blueprints, he committed theft and was not part of the ponies celestia sent to Nova Rohan, he has done so many wrong things even if he where to present the blueprints, anon has a good reason for everything that he is doing, and Starry Sun could basically be put under arrest for what he has done
i fucked that up a bit, but i hope the message is clear enough
File: GUAAAAARBAGE DAY.gif (426 KB, 493x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
426 KB, 493x259
Actually, that's a good point.
Arrest him, take back the blueprints he stole, then deport him back into Equestrian territory (read: The Badlands) for violating the law.

Okay maybe not the Badlands. Celestia might not take kindly to that.
>"suck my dick moondancer"
Holy shit is Starry Sun just charging straight towards the asshole of the year award to win it at the last moment
File: puny-god-o.gif (864 KB, 314x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
864 KB, 314x177
time for moondancer to go full hulk on his ass
I think Westley from "Princess Bride" knows of suitable punishment for this filth.

File: I like you.gif (133 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I like you.gif
133 KB, 300x168
>just saw this movie again recently
what a good movie, and that quote fits quite nicely right now
File: 1408116753139.jpg (42 KB, 500x738) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 500x738

I want to fucking deck him in his cunt face.
We all do buddy, we all do.
I'm hoping Moondancer at least kicks his teeth in
It's for self defense.
Dammit, Moonie, arrest him for espionage!

Is nova Rohan becoming Anon's whorehouse?
No arrest him for blackmail and espionage. He will be locked away for even longer
How do you picture Anon's friends? Is Laika taller than him? Are the Flange sisters hotter than the other mares?
I picture the flange sisters as fetish fodder like Aloe, Vera and Lotus
Is Laika taller than him?
I like my ponies little, so I assume Anon's the tallest thing in town. DDogs come closer to humans, but still shorter.

>Are the Flange sisters hotter than the other mares?
Depends, are they identical triplets?
You know what to do
File: large (2).jpg (123 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (2).jpg
123 KB, 768x1024
I don't know about looking hotter but I imagine the flange sisters looking like pony versions of rosie the riveter
>Hey moondancer I stole these things illegally and i'm justifying my position using the idea that Anon made a gun on his own in dodge junction nearly a year before he found the land we're building.

>Can you believe that? He made a gun nearly a year before he traveled across a dangerous land to find a place he didn't even know existed but might be infested with monsters.

>That's insane, to make a gun, before completing several multi-story buildings of which he has no part in the construction.

>I bet the author is lazy enough to make you dumb enough to suck my dick.
Those badly developed villains, man. I liked it when Twilight was the bad guy. At least we have sympathy with her mania.
Relax buddy
We have a pack of feral niggers ready to enrich LP if anything like that happens to our Moony
>only 200%
You aren't mad enough anon.
File: 4cd.gif (147 KB, 600x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 600x375

I'll get there sooner or later and we'll have to see what LP posts. But for now my jimmies are calm.
File: large.png (272 KB, 756x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"All you have to do is-"
>You grit your teeth and snatch the blueprint from him using your magic.
>You teleport the blueprint to a secret place and then aim your horn at Starry Sun.
>"W-wait! Don't do it!"
>Before he gets the chance to say anything else you cast a level 30 spell on him.
>You just sealed him in a big crystal.
"And stay there you big jerk!"
>["Moondancer! Let me out! This is not funny!"] He begs.
>The Townsfolk noticed the powerful magic you just released.
>"Moondancer? What happened?" Vasily asks.
>"Yeah...what's going on?" Other villagers asks.
"It seems that we got our hooves and paws on our first criminal..."
>Some mares gasp.
>"What did he do?" Silk Ribbon asks.
"He was trying to grab our plans...he works as a spy, loyal to Equestria."
>"What plans?"
"Anon's rifle of course...apparently his weapon is a threat to Equestria, when the only thing Anon has done is keep us safe from those monsters."
>["You bitch!"]
>Vasily squints and throws a punch to the crystal seal, scaring Starry Sun.
>"Hehehe...little, little pony." Vasily says in a demeaning way.
>Ponies start mumbling between each other.
>"...Why would Princess Celestia send a spy?"
>"I thought she and Anon were in good terms."
>"Is she toying with us?"
>This Starry guy has planted a seed of doubt in the minds of your citizens.
>But you're sure Celestia isn't involved.
"Vasily, Boris? Could you please take this jerk to the podium? Meeting in 20 minutes everyone! I'll notify Anon about what happened..."
>"As you wish Moondancer." The diamond dogs say.
Fuck yeah motherfucker. Moondancer doesn't negotiate with spies.

>20 minutes later.
>You're now Anonymous.
>You let out a sigh when you take another glance at the trapped pony standing by your side.
>["Let me out!"]
"Come on Starry Sun, knock it off..." you try to say in a calmed manner.
>["You'll regret this ape!"]
>"Be quiet!" Laika yells at him.
>But he refused to stay silent.
"Sheesh, Moony? Could you please do something about him?"
>Moondancer giggles.
>"Sure baby, watch this!"
>Moondancer casts another spell.
>"I made the crystal soundproof."
>The ponies cheer.
>Starry Sun casts a spell and shoots a laser beam at the crystal, but the crystal absorbed it.
"I'm gonna saw off your fucking horn if you don't knock that shit off!"
>He stays still.
"Thank you...boy am I glad he's frozen in there and that we're out here."
>"What's that? You can't say anything either? That's right sucker!" Moondancer teases him.
"Alright that's enough dear. Before we get to the bottom of this I'd like to make another announcement. Newcomers arrived yesterday."
>The citizens pay attention.
"Laika and Katya spotted a boat in the middle of the ocean. Turns out that some Saddle Arabian mares were fortunate enough to flee their country in one piece. They washed up in our coastlines and we brought them to the hospital. The Doc and his students took care of them and according to him the worst part has passed. Let me introduce to you your new neighbors."
>Insaf and her friends walk up to the podium.
>They are pretty shy.
>The stallions cheer and wolf-whistle at them.
>"10 outta 10!"
>"What a bunch of cuties!"
>"Muh di-" Thunder Soul briefly says before Silk Ribbon slaps him.
>You want to agree with your citizens, but both Laika and Moondancer leer at you.
"Uhh...alright ponies, now's not the time for that."
>"I see your citizens are very friendly Anon," Insaf says feeling flattered.
>The other mares giggle in a cute way because they don't understand what the stallions are saying.
Well memed, writefriend.
Thank you logic
>>The other mares giggle in a cute way because they don't understand what the stallions are saying.

And Super Bairam plays in the distance
I can't wait to see how Starry's gonna be punished
we're gonna crank the life suck up to 50
ah yes the sound of ultimate suffering coming from him would be music to my ears
>You are Luna.
>You recoil in pain when you try to sit down.

“Of course, the wound.”

>”Are you okay, Princess?”

“Quite alright, Armor. Though I shan’t be sitting for some time. I trust that you won’t object should I lay while we speak?”

>You lay down on your bedroll, resting on your side.
>The side without the superfluous hole in it.
>The two other ponies in your sparse tent sit on the ground.

>”The Crystal Empire has placed a great deal of trust in Equestria on this mission. While we will still consider you our allies should this explanation prove unsatisfactory, I reserve the right to withdraw immediately.”

>”As the princess of friendship, I will… why exactly am I here anyway? It’s not like we brought the friendship army or anything. *GASP!* Am I supposed to have a friendship army?”

“There will be no sanctions or ill will should Crystal forces choose to withdraw. Equestria recognises that the Crystal Empire has no obligation to participate. Twilight, you were brought as part of a show of force. This is a hostile foreign party within Equestria’s borders. It is important that the other nations know that we are taking this invasion seriously, lest they be emboldened. There may be consequences should you depart as it might be perceived as dissent within the crown.”

>”Princess, I hardly think that my actions could spark a war with a foreign nation.”


>All three fell silent at the comment, a harsh blush spreading across Twilight’s face as she averted her gaze.

>You allow the noise from without the tent to dominate for a moment before continuing.

“Right. First, a question. There is no correct answer to this question. Imagine you have a trolley travelling down a rail. It is set to crash, which would kill the five ponies aboard-”

>”Princess Celestia had me study ethics heavily when I was her student. I would switch the track. inaction is no less a choice than action, so I pick the lesser evil.”
“Interesting. Armor, are you familiar with the problem?”

>”All officers in Celestia’s military study ethics. I would switch. The action which leads to the best possible outcome cannot be considered immoral regardless of norms. The action which leads to the worst possible outcome is always immoral.”

“I too would switch. The ultimate goal of ethics and morality is always to minimise suffering and maximise joy. All else is irrelevant. So we are in agreement then, that it is ethical to be cruel should it prevent a greater wrong and it is unethical to stand on principle should it lead to a great enough evil?”

>Both visitors nodded slowly.

“Then I’ve little doubt you will stand with me, for we are here to switch the rails. Last time sister and I fought apes, we sought to uphold all the virtues that pony kind holds dear. We offered mercy despite the great costs we suffered in battle. They were allowed to keep their lives, their dignity, and their autonomy. All they had to do was leave Equestria. Now for the meat of the issue, if you will excuse my poor attempt at humor.”

>”I don’t get it.”

>”Neither do I…”

“Gryphon figure of speech. Tell me, what does pony taste like?”

>Twilight sheepishly licked her own leg as a look of understanding struck Shining’s face.


“Interesting. I’ve been told that we are lean, and somewhat dry with a note of sweetness and little gaminess. Whatever that means.”

>”They never left, did they.”

“Indeed not, Shining Armor. We thought they had at first, but ponies kept disappearing along the borderlands. We of course took the situation very seriously, but even then it took years and thousands of missing ponies before we found the problem. By the time we’d found the apes they were well established, this time in a small clearing in the woods. Not as well as the first time yet still far too dangerous.”
>”Wait, I’m not sure I follow. Were… were they EATING us?”

“Not immediately. Apes are- were weaker than ponies, even weaker than unicorns. They built their fortifications far more quickly with the help of slaves. When we sought to end the madness, they rode their captives into battle, whipping and beating them into action. Anypony who was injured while serving their slavers was rewarded with the butcher’s blade.”

>”That’s… I hate to say it, but that’s brilliant.”


>”It is! They secured food, a workforce, and a strategic advantage all in one! There’s no good way to attack that!”

“Indeed. It also ruined the morale of our forces. Kill the ones who you sought to liberate, or be killed yourself. It is not an easy choice, and in the end, precious few of the captives survived the conflict. I have made far more mistakes than I care to admit, perhaps more than can ever be forgiven. It is safe to say that offering an ape mercy is the most costly error in my long life. When we finally broke their defenses and stormed their camp, we slaughtered them all and burnt it to the ground. We refused to make the same mistake twice.”

>”How many?”

“I do not know, Twilight. Even to this day we have no clue how many lives were lost because we sought to be kind. I now regret it, but at the time none of us could muster the will sort through the bone piles in their camp. An unknown amount of ponies, likely thousands, lay in a mass grave.”

>You try to roll over so that you may face away from them.
>The pain of your wound prevents this, allowing them to see the tears beginning to escape your eyes.
>The damn beasts… costing you your citizens, your health, and now your pride.
>”Princess… you had no way of knowing. It’s not your fault.”

>”She’s right, princess. You did the right thing. Nopony can blame you for how things turned out”

“Don’t you see?I failed them! They died because of me!”


“Out! Get out!”

>You call upon your magic to push them.
>The confused ponies offer no resistance as you remove them from your presence.
>All alone in your tent, you quietly cry yourself to sleep.

>Now you’re Twilight Sparkle.

“Are you sure it’s okay to leave her like that?”

>”She’s old, Twi. She’s suffered more than we can understand. This one thing won’t break her.”

“I dunno. She broke before…”

>”True, but this is an old wound. She lived through it when it was fresh. Besides, we’ve got work to do.”

“Right! What exactly? I’ve never really studied war…”

>”Well, I’m going to go adress my troops and relay what we just learned. They deserve to know why they’re fighting. You should do the sa- no, the other forces aren’t yours to command. Leave that to the other princesses.”

“One of whom is crying her eyes out, while the other is unconcious.”

>”They have a command structure to handle this. Don’t worry too much about it.”

“So what, I just stay around and be useless? Shiney, I want to help! What can I do that’s useful?”

>”Well, we need a battle plan. One that doesn’t expose anypony to that weapon. It shattered a massive shield spell and downed princess Celestia in the blink of an eye, a direct assault is not an option.”

>Shining Armor begins trotting toward his own encampment as he speaks, not waiting for a reply.

“But how? And how can we know that they don’t have another trick ready? We have no idea how that weapon works, and everything we’ve been told about these things suggests that they won’t take a fair fight! How do you fight a cheater?”

>No, you aren’t prepared for this!
>You’ve never studied military history!
>How are you supposed to plan an attack without references?
>You need libraries, archives!
>You don’t know what’s worked before, what’s failed…
>You don’t know ANYTHING!
>No, you need guidance.

“Princess Celestia! HEEELP!”

>You gallop back to the medical tent, ignoring the objections of the medics standing around the entrance.
>You burst in to see Celestia sitting up, a pained expression plastered on her face.

“Princess, you’re awake!”

>”Ah, excellent. Twilight, I need your help.”

>She wheezes out the words, extreme pain and a shortness of breath

>”Could you escort me around the camp and keep those quacks at bay?”

“You mean the medics?”

>”Yes. THEM. It was getting quite tiring, chasing them out all the time.”

>You give her a confused look, before nodding.
>Not enough to keep them out if they really try, but it should get the idea across.

>”Good *ah!* now maybe I can get something done.”

>Princess Celestia fumbles as she tries to stand, legs giving out as a surge of pain runs through her body.

“PRINCESS! You shouldn’t be doing anything, you need to rest!”

>”Not you too, Twilight…”

“Me too? Wait, is this why you kicked the medics out?”

>“Yes! I can’t laze about all day, I need to help tend to the wounded!”

“You’re both fine.”

>”Both? Just two? I need a battle report.”

“No fatalities on either side, two friendly wounded. Yourself and Princess Luna. The apes are using a high powered projectile weapon, which broke our shielding and brought you down in a single blow. We called a full retreat before anypony could be killed, Luna was hit while levitating you to safety.”

>”No! How is she faring?”

“Physically? Far better than you. Though I think the stress might be getting to her.”
>”Yes, it *gah* it might. She used to bury her sorrow in her rage. I’m not sure how she will handle this now. I’d best go speak to her.”

“You’re wounded, you need to rest!”

>”She’s wounded, I need to comfort her!”

“You can’t walk to her tent!”

>”Then carry me!”

>You can’t remember the last time you saw her like this.
>There wasn’t even this much fire in her eyes when she was staring down Chrysalis.

“You’re not going to rest until you see her, are you.”

>Celestia shook her head vigorously before trying, and failing, to stand again.

“But you’re in no condition to go anywhere. Massive blood loss, a punctured lung, ruptured kidneys, shredded intestines. A normal pony would be dead.”

>”I am not a normal pony.

>With a fierce grunt, she tries again to rise to her hooves.
>And she succeeds!

>”She’s not just my sister, Twilight. She’s also my best friend. For most of my life, she’s been my only friend. I’m going to live, and I’m going to go see my sister.”

>You let out a deep sigh before gently grabbing her with your magic.

“I’ll bring you there, if you advise me.”

>”Set up an encampment for a prolonged siege, organise heavily armed resource convoys, monitor the enemy and disrupt their supply lines if possible. Gather as much information as possible, even seemingly insignificant details. Most importantly, do not expose anypony to their weapons. We need to fight from absolute safety, or we’ll have a bloodbath on our hooves.”

“How did you- never mind.”
>How do you fight a cheater?”
First time I've heard a convincing answer to that question.
>The short trek to the other tent was taking far longer than it should.
>The extreme care with which you were handling your passenger forced you to calculate every step.
>And it didn’t help that you were constantly being barraged by questions.
>Apparently yelling ‘“she’ll be fine” didn’t get the message across.
>You finally reach Luna’s tent, finding her asleep within.
>Pained whimpers occasionally escape her muzzle.

>”Set me down next to her, please.”

>You gently lay your charge by her sister.
>Celestia recoils in pain as her weight is shifted to the ground.

>”Thank you, Twilight. You may leave now.

>Celestia slowly sidles up until she’s touching her sleeping sister.
>She places a wing over the sleeping mare.

>”Shhh… It’s okay, I’m here.”

>Another quick whimper, followed by calm and steady breathing.

That's what I've got for now. Snuck it in before new year! If you live to the east of me, what's wrong with you? Get your act together!

Sorry about the long gap between updates. A bunch of people invaded my home so I didn't really have time to write. Pastebin at http://pastebin.com/3Mt5iYBQ will be updated in a couple minutes.

Hopefully this satisfies everyone who was complaining about Celestia being out of character. We have a more detailed history, and the reasoning behind her actions, even if they didn't come from the horse's mouth.
Reminds me of something I heard somewhere.
"There is no such thing as an unfair fight; always cheat, always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose."
I like this!
I'm surprised I didn't think of this earlier. Any unicorn whose special talent isn't magic can't really do anything more than levitate and just levitation would be enough to stop him from going anywhere.

I wonder what their reaction is going to be when they see that they have only been fighting one human. I almost forgot about this green, thanks for updating!
I wonder what their reaction is going to be when this whole thing can actually be resolved in a diplomatic way. Boy will they feel stupid.
I don't know, has it been established yet that they speak the same language or does Anon only hear horse noises when ponies speak?

Also, bit surprised that Discord isn't involved yet for either side.
It's never come up in the story yet, but they couldn't communicate if they tried. At least, not at the moment. Anon can't speak or write any of the native languages, and his body language is quite alien to the ponies.

I plan on touching on that down the line, I'm just not sure when.
Beat me to it. Well played.
Wait. Horses were their primary labour source, primary food source, and their weapons?
Mongols in Equestria?
This argument is only sound when you have perfect information about the situation at hand.

The scope of the trolly problem isn't to decide what's utilitarian or not but to highlight how quickly the difficulty of the situation ramps up when you move onto the problem where you are presented with the choice to kill one man by pushing him onto the trolly tracks in order to save four men.

So Luna is essentially waisting their time and their reasoning is still retarded. They still have no idea what they're dealing with and their information is centuries out of date.
Yes, they have incomplete information. Tough. That may be a valid criticism in academia, but in the real world we never have perfect information. And excuse me for not copying the entire Wikipedia article on the trolley problem. The problem itself isn't particularly important to the story. What matters most is the reasoning behind their answer.
"Inaction is no less a choice than action." Twilight feels that any negative outcome should she not participate will be her fault, so she is getting involved to try and ensure that history doesn't repeat. "The action that leads to the best possible outcome cannot be considered immoral..." Shining's philosophy is very utilitarian and he believes that social norms are only a guideline. Since he was a soldier, I think it's fair to assume that he feels violence is entirely justifiable given the right context.
Luna was there, and she's obviously still carrying some psychological baggage. She could have just belched and there would be plenty enough reason to explain her actions.

And yes, their data is old. They've been given no reason to believe it's wrong. A creature that is recognized as extremely violent and dangerous is in their borders uninvited, and is heavily armed. Should they have just given Sombra a pass since it had been so long?

I'm trying to stay open to criticism, but you have failed to sway me with that post.
i want to see anon do things that the "apes" didnt do, in order to make the ponies doubt their knowledge and actions against anon, eventually leading to a peaceful resolve, then again this is your story so its up to you to decide how to finish it, feel free to ignore me if you already have a direction for the story to go, after all i am nothing more than a text message, not a cop.
I've never had this much audience interaction, so I'm not sure how to behave here. For now I'm erring on the side of caution and keeping spoilers to myself. That said, all reasonable suggestions and requests will be considered.
>eventually leading to a peaceful resolve
Its probably my HFY talking, but I don't want that, at least not without significant damage done in between.
i was getting my fill of HFY with the /war/ thread, but then it died suddenly and without a trace, and only 1 or 2 stories where ever finished, conflict is fine, even enjoyable, but i have been reading many stories with sad/bittersweet endings and while they where enjoyable, i have been looking for a story with a happy ending, even if this story doesnt, as long as the ending isnt outright bullshit, and the writer is happy with what they wrote, i'll still enjoy it all the same
sorry about that little rant, i'll go away now
happy new year everyone!

i already said some of the things i would like to see, but write the story how you feel is best in your opinion, its your story after all, you should have fun writing it
File: crowd.png (55 KB, 521x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 521x268

>Some mares frown at all the attention and praise the Saddle Arabians are getting.
"Well...I was going to ask you to give them a warm welcome, but it seems that such thing won't be necessary. Now let's get onto the next order of business..."
>Insaf and the other mares take a seat.
"Princess Celestia will arrive tomorrow and I guess you all know what that means."
>They all start talking to the ponies and dogs next to each other.
>"Should we tell her that if she spies on us once again we'll retaliate?" Silk Ribbon asks.
"What?! No!"
>"I don't think Celestia sent this idiot to spy on us," Moondancer says.
>"Was it Princess Luna then?"
"I don't know, but we should stop making assumptions or else we'll start our relationship with the Princesses with the wrong foot/paw/hoof you know?"
>Most citizens agree.
"As you all know, we really need more ponies to lend us a hoof. And if Celestia lets the rest of Equestria know about our existance then we'll get more and more visitors, and probably ponies that might want to invest in our tech, or maybe they'll trade or buy our resources."
>"But how are we gonna make that possible?"
"Guys, we live in the freakin' Valley of Abundance; everything is here! Honestly, I can say that this is the best place in Equestria to live."
>All the citizens cheer.
"Trust me on this one, by the time we're indexed to Equestria's regions our little village will become a city even greater than Manehattan."
>The citizens cheer louder this time.
"So, you all know your roles; tomorrow we'll receive Celestia with our arms open and you'll let her know how your lives have improved when you got here."
>They all agree.
"Be honest, I don't want her to think that I'm making you say that to her okay?"
>Some ponies laugh.
>"Don't worry Anon, we're happy here thanks to your hard work, that's the truth," Bass Strings says before giving you a wink.
"Gee, thanks Bassy..."
>The crowd starts cheering.
>"Anon...Anon...ANON! ANON!"
>You smile.
>"Anon...Anon...ANON! ANON!"
something about this feels wrong
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"A'ight, thanks for that my friends, remember to keep the noise down."
>"When will Princess Celestia arrive?" Laika asks.
"At Noon...so we have lots of time to set up the tables for brunch, and to show her around. The decorations look amazing, you did an amazing job Silky!"
>"Oh you~" Silk Ribbon says in a flattered way.
"Well, now that I see you all are in a great mood now it's time to talk about our first criminal."
>They all look at Starry Sun and immediately throw rocks at the crystal.
>He also receives a few insults.
"Let's see...theft, conspiracy, espionage, sabotage. Jeez Sun; get your act together. If you were in Earth some governments would've done unspeakable things to you already."
>Your country is not an exception.
>"What should we do to him?"
>Moondancer disables the soundproof spell.
>"Uhh, I don't know, maybe send him back to Canterlot and let Celestia take care of him?" Ring Type suggests.
>They all look at her and give her the best 'are you shitting me?' look.
>"Wait a sec, what if all the unicorns are into this as well?!"
>"N-no! He did everything on his own!" Perfect Measure yelps, "we were all working on Anon's projects!"
>"Yes!" Socket Weld says, "my sisters and I were working on that motor he built a lot of time ago."
"Really? And how did that go?"
>"We got it to work again!"
>Moondancer sighs.
>"I believe their story, all the unicorns spent all day in the shed working on that while I checked on them. So did the doc and his students, they kept an eye out for the Saddle Arabians..."
>Perfect Measure lets out a relieved sigh.
>"Y-yes, while the Flange sisters worked on the motors my team and I removed all the magic based devices from the appliances Anonymous bought in Canterlot as requested."
>What a great team.
>"The only pony that was missing was Starry Sun...we didn't see him the whole day."
"I think I've heard enough. Laika, Vasily...help me carry the spy to the area filled with Manticores. "
>The ponies gasp.
File: Untitled.png (2 MB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1366x768
to me it feels right, it reminds me of this standing ovation
>"I think I've heard enough. Laika, Vasily...help me carry the spy to the area filled with Manticores. "
>>The ponies gasp.
Give him a demonstration of who he's messing with? Or is he just trying to make him soil himself?
I don't know what would be more intimidating to him: an area of living manticores or of manticore corpses to show how dangerous they themselves are.
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46 KB, 449x450

"Moondancer, could you please bring me my gun?"
>"Err...sure," she says before teleporting your weapon and box full of ammo right into your hands
"Meeting adjourned..."
>The diamond dogs grab the crystal and lift it with their big arms.
>The ponies start whispering to each other.
>"W-what are you going to do with him Anon?" Silk Ribbon asks.
"If he wishes to know more about my weapon I'll show him the reason why I built it in the first place..."
>Some ponies and dogs join you.
>Maybe they want to make sure you give Starry Sun a proper punishment.
>Or maybe they want you to either kill him or spare him.

>Minutes later.
>You and your companions arrive to a cliff.
"Throw him..."
>"Anon?" Laika says.
"Trust me Laika, he'll be fine."
>Vasily doesn't hesitate and throws the crystal into the cliff.
>Of course, the unicorn was screaming all the time, but you couldn't hear anything.
>Some stallions cheer.
>"Yeah, that'll teach him some respect!" Thunder Soul says.
>"How long until the manticores appear?" Vasily asks.
"Destroy the crystal..."
"Do what I say, trust me."
>Moondancer casts a spell which melts the crystal, leaving Starry Sun exposed against the threats that live down there.
"Moondancer, disable his magic."
"Your magic is stronger than his, just do it."
>She looks a bit disappointed after hearing your cold words.
"Trust me Moony..."
>Moondancer casts the spell anyways, it travels directly to Sun's horn.
>He tries to teleport out of there, but fails.
>Everybody present hear a menacing roar in the distance.
"There we go..."
>You count up to seven manticores crawling up to Starry Sun.
>"Anon! Stop this madness!" Moondancer says.
>"There's too many of them!" Silk Ribbon yells.
>Starry Sun desperately raises his hooves, begging for mercy.
>You grab your rifle and take aim.
Damn that is stone cold shit, I love it.
He better hope all that noise his rifle makes doesn't wake up the Tatzlwurms- otherwise he'll be running out of ammo faster than a sweat-shop can press it.
I didn't even think of that, not to mention Celestia reaction if she hears about this
Psssh, she sat back and let Twilight get thrown into tons of perils for the sake of her learning and growing or being lazy herself

If Starry Sun survives without physical harm, and if the Tatzlwurm doesn't become a problem from this, then I'm sure she'd have little room to talk.

That said, fuck I'm for the idea, but now paranoid about worms.
>and if the Tatzlwurm doesn't become a problem from this
I didn't even think of that.
All that screaming and shooting, I'd be surprised if it didn't attract them.
She might still give Anon some amount of shit for being so reckless in his punishment
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"Only the dead fight fair."
If it's worth fighting for, it's worth fighting dirty for.
— Murphy's Laws of Military Operations
Unknown page number bump
Page 8 rescue maneuvers have been deployed.
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>The first manticore jumps at Starry Sun, and you take your first shot.
>The lifeless manticore falls on its knees just by mere inches in front of Starry Sun, while the others decide to flank him.
>You reload your rifle and shoot again at the second manticore.
>A third manticore dashes at Starry Sun, this time it using its scorpion tail.
>You shoot at the manticore's tail, making it useless.
>The damaged scorpion tail leaks some poison out of the bullet hole you just made.
"Hey Starry? Are ya still alive?"
"I'll take that as a yes; you better get away from that poison ; it could kill you in a matter of seconds..."
>The manticore winces in pain, but since it still wants to eat Starry Sun it uses its tail to throw poison at Starry Sun.
>A fourth manticore comes near
"See Starry? These monsters don't know when to stop, defend yourself!"
>Starry Sun tries to cast a spell, but Moondancer's magic disabled it.
>["I can't!"]
>You laugh.
"See? Your magic spoiled you, this valley is not an appropiate place for you."
>["Alright alright! You win! Let me out!"]
>"Keep crying baby!" Vasily and Thunder Soul laugh.
>Low blow Vasily.
>"Anon! Get him out! What if the Manticores get him?" Some mares beg.
"Girls relax. If he dared to spy in my country he'd be dead already...when I'm done with him he'll never dare to cross somepony again."
>You make sure to kill the remaining manticores using nothing but your fine and reliable weapon.
"Filthy animals...alright Moondancer I think he, get him out."
>Moondancer sighs and teleports him out of the cliff.
>Starry Sun lands on the hard ground crying his eyeballs out.
>The stallions and diamond dogs laugh.
>"What a baby! I think he pissed himself!"
>"Go back crying to momma; males work here!"
>"What about us?" Silk Ribbon asks.
>"You're ten times more of a male than this coward is Silky," Thunder Soul says.
>You reload your rifle..
"Starry Sun, are you alright?"
>"See Starry? These monsters don't know when to stop, defend yourself!"
>>Starry Sun tries to cast a spell, but Moondancer's magic disabled it.
>>["I can't!"]
>>You laugh.
>"See? Your magic spoiled you, this valley is not an appropiate place for you."
Anon's logic is flawed here.
By that same logic, if you put Anon in that same position and take his gun away, you could say technology has spoiled him.
enjoy the story for what it is man stop over analyzing
How about you go fuck yourself instead?
how bout you go do your homework. Isn't it past your bedtime?
File: how butthurt.jpg (850 KB, 1214x1239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
how butthurt.jpg
850 KB, 1214x1239
i feel the point that he was trying to make was that he just stood there crying, yeah if anon where in that situation he might not have the same confidence in fighting those manticores, but i would like to think that he would have tried to do anything, climbing a tree. the side of the wall, even grabbing a rock and throwing it at their faces, anything in order to survive, but even without any weapons and/or tech he wouldn't just stand there, starry sun didnt do anything, couldnt do anything he has never been without his magic so he didnt know what to do in order to survive, not even the thought of running crossed his mind.
and yet the majority of the population of the town of Nova Rohan dont have magic on which to depend so even a regular pony/Pegasus or even a diamond dog would have done anything in order to survive, and have done so since they got there, and ponies like starry sun continue to look down upon them for not having magic, if he was indeed so superior to non magic individuals why did he just stood there doing nothing.
i would like to think this was the point of this event
Well you're not wrong. But that is not the point exactly. Wording-wise, yes you could literally say the same in your reversed situation.

But in this case, Anon demonstrated the need for his weapons, and what it is like to be a hornless species that Starry is so fond of considering beneath himself.

Starry cannot hope to make the reverse argument, since unlike Anon's guns that someone can obtain, you can't just "get" a horn and magic.

This isn't about who is equipped or how helpless they are without, this is a case of "Hey Starry, see what it's like for the rest of us? This is why we need the things we need and your magic prevents you from understanding us."

His magic doesn't spoil him the way Anon's technology does. His magic prevents him from empathizing for those born without.

Anon's guns are empowering others and himself. Take away Anon's gun and throw him in a pit if you WANT revenge, but know that there would be no lesson for Anon to learn from it. Since his guns are born from empathy and necessity.

Taking Starry's magic is like showing the rich what it's like to be in poverty. Taking Anon's gun is like taking a bottle from a baby.

Now say if somewhere down the line, Anon loses the ability to empathize, or think his weapons make him the better species and person. THEN stripping him of his gun and throwing him into a pit would be the appropriate parallel to teach him a lesson.
File: large.png (220 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220 KB, 1024x1024

>He stands up.
>"I...I'm sorry okay? I'll never do it again!"
>You put on a smug grin.
"What do you think guys? Did he learn his lesson?"
>"I'd say he'll never act dumb again," Laika says.
"Okay, apology accepted. Moondancer, be a dear and lock him in again."
>"Don't you think he had enough Anon?"
"Yeah, he'll need his 'safe space' just until Celestia arrives. Then she'll take care of him."
>Moondancer sighs once again.
>"I hope you don't do this again Anon, I'm kind of disappointed of you."
"What? Babe, come on-"
>"Come on Moondancer, Anon did what he had to. Be glad he wasn't like Celestia or Luna in the middle ages," Thunder Soul says.
>Moondancer seals Starry Sun in another crystal.
>"I cant believe you Anon...how could you be so cruel?"
"Moony? I-"
>"Don't call me Moony!" Moondancer shouts at you, then she looks at the stallions and dogs, "You guys could've stopped him but no! You kept encouraging this...this savagery! Laws exist for a reason! I can't believe you all...I'm going home."
>Moondancer teleports out of sight.
>You are all speechless.
"...Gee, I feel like shit now."
>"You can say that again buddy," Boris says.
>"Come on Anon...don't give yourself a hard time."
>"Yeah, any other king before the Princesses would've had his head on a plate."
>"Maybe Moondancer was right. Maybe we kind of overdid it."
>"It was Anon's idea!" Silk Ribbon says.
>"Don't try to pin this on Anon Silk Ribbon!" Laika says in your defense, "we're all guilty here."
>Laika whimpers when she sees you doubting of your actions.
>"Don't let that weak pony make you feel bad Anon, you're our leader and you have to do what you have to do."
"Yeah I guess Laika...but-"
>"No buts Anon, my grandpa would've stoned the traitor...he used to rule the underground with an iron fist, and thanks to him our lives were well preserved, he used to say: 'in this world it's kill or be killed'."
>She kisses your cheek.
>"Be strong Anon. For all of us."
Can't say I like that "kill or be killed" philosophy, but certainly can't say Moondancer is being entirely rational.
Well, needlessly endangering a prisoner is pretty reckless. I can see that as you could have just held the guy until the princess arrived and explained what happened. No need for a potentially fatal show of force, even if it was to prove a point of what beings with no magic had to deal with.
Moondancer is being pretty unreasonable here. I highly doubt there are written laws in this place about espionage, so her complaint is unfounded. This guy got off light for what he attempted to do and I will be really disappointed if Anon caves in and apologizes when he did nothing wrong.

Unrelated, when and why did this place become Nova Rohan? I read the pastebin and noticed it used to be Nova Roma, which actually made sense and sounds better.
We might have to revise some laws.
Anon's top priority should be finding some evidence to prove to the princess that Mythic Crown operates behind their back.
Or a way to make Starry Sun confess.
>Or a way to make Starry Sun confess.
Small room, no windows, one lightbulb.
Starry Sun is strapped to a chair or something, and Anon sits across from him, oiling his gun.
I think he meant confessing to Celestia.
File: large.png (446 KB, 1280x802) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
446 KB, 1280x802

>You let out a sigh.
"You're right...she'll forgive me later."
>You squint at Starry Sun.
"And as for you Starry; I think it won't have to waste another minute of my time trying to explain the importance of developing technology for those who have no access to magic or flying."
>"I understand now...as I said, I'm sorry."
>You let out a sigh.
"Get this guy to the town. It's been a rough day...tomorrow will be the most important day for our little town, yet huge country."
>Your ponies cheer.
>"How do you plan to calm Moondancer down Anon? You don't want her to throw a tantrum in front of Celestia do you?" Thunder Soul says.
"I'll handle this; you see this isn't the first time she's been angry at me," you say with a smug grin, "besides; Moony wasn't thinking straight, she let her feelings get the best of her like any other girl, take Princess Twilight Estrogen for example."
>The guys laugh.
>"I find that comment offensive Anon..." Silk Ribbon says.
"Silky...I'm just kidding," you say while caressing her chin, "besides, you're one of the most level-headed and smartest mares in Nova Rohan. One day I'll let you take care of important things when we get to the top."
>"Aww Anon, thank you," she says before smiling at your flattering comment.
>Always works.
>Vasily and Boris carry the prisoner once again.
>A bunch of noises are heard down the cliff.
>You take a look and find some insect-like monsters with large legs throwing acid at the corpses of the dead manticores.
>Absolutely disgusting.
>"What are those?"
"I don't know, but those can't be good...Man this valley gives me the heebie-jeebies sometimes."
>All of a sudden, you feel something crawling underground.
>The dogs feel an inmense fear.
>"Anon! We have to go!" Laika yells.
"Uh oh...you heard the lady! Back to the town!"
>A Tatzlwurm, even bigger than the one you saw emerges from the earth and eats the dead manticores along with the insects.
File: lood.png (125 KB, 376x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 376x558

>Everyone runs away from the tatzlwurm as fast as possible.
>Laika lifts you and places you on her back.
>"Hold tight Anon!"
>You do as told.
>"...n-not there."
>You grabbed her breasts by accident.
>Laika keeps running as fast as she can.
>A few more meters and you'll be home safe and sound.
>This time, the Tatzlwurm ignored all of you, and decided to eat the monsters you killed instead.
>You feel a little relieved.
>"Looks like we're out of trouble," Laika says in a calmed manner.
>Vasily and Boris arrive with the prisoner seconds later.
>So do the rest of the ponies that came with you.
>"Boy was that close!" Thunder Soul says.
>"Yeah...I think I understand you diamond dogs more and more every day, living in the same place as those things? No thanks."
>Vasily smirks.
>"Yeah, I bet you ponies couldn't stand one day in the underground, but neither do us, we just got used to it."
>Everyone laughs.
>"We better go home, it's getting late and we all need to sleep since tomorrow's the big day," Silk Ribbon suggests.
>"Where do you want us to place down the unicorn Anon?"
"Place him next to the fountain in the middle of town, he needs some time alone....we'll have to build a jail one of these days."
>"Alright, you're the boss..."
>Everypony leaves to their homes, leaving you alone with Laika.
"Good job back there doll."
>Laika giggles before lifting you by your feet with one paw and turning you upside down.
"Whoa! What the-?!"
>"Do you really have to flirt with every female in town Anon?"
>You let out an awkward chuckle.
>"My dad wouldn't approve you hitting on me especially when you have marefriend...but I'll allow it, hot stuff."
>She releases you and you land on your back.
"Oof...your love hurts sometimes Laika."
>"You better return to your home and talk to your marefriend before we both do something we'll regret okay? My dad must be worried sick over me."
"A'ight, good night Laika."
>She turns around and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek.
At least Laika appears to be okay with the whole polygamy thing
Nah, she's just teasing Anon, deep down her heart she wants him to rut her all the day
I'm pretty sure dogs don't technically rut but I see what you mean
Would you tap that? I would
Heh heh. Boobs.
I'm changing my name starting next post to match the name on the paste. Hopefully I do it right, I've never namefagged before this.

Continuing from >>25951660

>You are Anonymous.
>You are exhausted.
>Not sleepy or anything, you’ve been getting plenty of rest since your turret was field tested.
>No, you’re emotionally exhausted.
>You’ve never had to work this hard in your life, and that’s saying something!
>You were born and raised on a siphon station orbiting Jupiter, not like those spoiled rich brats down on Earth.
>No, you had to climb your way to the top, working up to 20 hours a week!
>But this is a whole new level of labour.
>The petrochemical plant is way more complicated than you’d expected.
>It took WEEKS to build.
>Granted, they were local weeks, you haven’t been keeping track of earth time.
>Filtering out the impurities, separating the different chemicals, compressing the gases…
>It would have been much faster if you’d just vented the gases into the atmosphere.
>But you barely found any petroleum.
>Just one tiny well, and it’s really far away.
>You’re not sure how far you’ll have to go to secure more, and there’s no way you have enough hooked up to suit your needs.
>So you wound up building to harvest EVERYTHING.
>It’s so big...
>You’ve seen space stations smaller than this.
>Entire space stations!
>Building this behemoth almost killed you.
>No, literally. You were almost crushed by a falling girder.
>Your own damn fault for shoddy welding, really.
>But it still gave you a good scare.
>Drilling was no better.
>Damn near died AGAIN when you struck oil.
>How were you supposed to know that those wells were often full of toxic gas?
>You know, OTHER than the massive databanks grafted to your brain.
>Luckily, you’d already capped the well before you passed out.
>No doubt you’d be dead by now if the sulphur gases hadn’t stopped coming.
“Heh. I suspected I was the most dangerous thing on the planet, but I didn’t know I was my own biggest threat.

>You nearly collapse in laughter
>It’s not funny, and you KNOW it’s not funny.
>Even still, you can’t help but laugh.
>Maybe the stress is getting to you…
>Being on a hostile world with only crude tools to work with is nothing unusual for humanity.
>You know that in the grand scheme of things, you are way better off than anyone could have imagined for the vast majority of human history.
>But it’s still frightening.
>Even having been so poor growing up, you’d never actually been in any real danger.
>There’s really no reason for a human to be in a dangerous environment back around Sol.
>Worried about getting crushed? Get a robot to do it.
>Worried about toxic gases? Get a robot to do it.
>Worried about a paper cut? You get the idea.
>Being in actual danger, almost dying TWICE in such a short time span…
>It’s only just now sinking in that there is no safety net here.
>It’s pass/fail in the most primal way possible.
>As if that wasn’t enough reason to ramp up automation, the scope of your projects is getting way out of hand.
>No way a single superhuman could be expected to do everything you’ve got planned.
>Nearly ten kilometers to the nearest well you could find, just a tiny little thing.
>Laying all that pipe took FOREVER.
>At least you could spare the resources to build yourself a wagon.
>Actually carrying around that much piping…
>You knew it was heavy, but you didn’t know it was THAT heavy.
>And your gun’s battery pack was easy enough to repurpose to make an arc welder.
>Having to recharge it so often was a major pain, but it was better than the alternative.
>Riveting is much less exciting than the figure of speech would suggest.
>The boredom was almost as bad as the actual work.
>But it’s done now!
>Well, the hard part at least.
>You’re not DOING anything with the oil yet, just stockpiling.
>But you know just what you’re going to use it for.
>Robots fix everything!
>And now you’ve got everything you need.
>You can make the frames, you’ve got the wiring, you’ve plastics, you can easily make lubricant, you can make the circ-


>You CAN’T make microchips, you’ve already used all your semiconductors.
>And you can’t make batteries.
>But you’ve got water, sulphur, conductors…
>With some lead, you could make batteries.
>Primitive ones, but better than nothing.
>They’d be an acceptable stopgap while you secured the resources to make a proper battery.
>And you can make carbon circuits!
>Superbrain, inform me!
>No, this is not good.
>They corrode when exposed to air?
>You basically need to make them in a vacuum clean room?
>Sure, you can build one easy enough, but you’d have to open it.
>Going in and out every time you wanted to collect the chips, or drop off more materials.
>Not to mention you wouldn’t be able to use your printer for anything else without cleaning it afterward.
>No wonder you were sent with silicon chips.
>Yeah, you need a clean room for that too, but not to the same degree!
>The air filters on your ship are more than enough for that purpose.
>Turns out the crude designs still have some uses.
>Great, you need to go prospecting again.
>Lead and silicates.
>Shouldn’t be too hard. You’d stumbled on those already.
>You kinda wish you’d made note of where they were now, but such is life.
>Then you need something to dope the silicon.
>You’ve got no idea how hard that will be, but at least you’ve got more options on this one.
>Back out into the badlands you go.
>But first, some tunes.
>With the well practiced exertion of will, you trigger the implants in the auditory centers of your brain.
>It’s the final countdown!

“I really should have loaded more than one song on this thing.”
>You are Celestia.
>You can’t help but be amused by your current situation.
>Twilight summoned YOU for once!
>Sure, it wasn’t an order or anything.
>But she HAD sent a courier asking for your presence.
>For most of her life, Twilight was at your constant beck and call.
>For most of YOUR life, you never answered to anypony.
>Even before Luna’s… departure, she never told you to do anything in an official manner.
>Oh sure, she asked you for all sorts of stuff over the years, but she never called you for business.
>And so here you were, brushing off the concerned ponies crowding around you as you limped towards one of the ramshackle buildings that had been erected in the past few weeks.
>Much had been done, and you’d barely participated.
>This meeting you were being summoned to was likely to update you on recent events.
>To your shame, you’d barely been keeping track of what was happening.
>You just didn’t have any energy since you were wounded.
>Moving the sun was about all you could do with your day.
>The wounds were much more serious than you’d thought.
>Apparently, the projectiles caused a traumatic shock wave while tearing through your body, so the damage wasn’t limited to where you’d been hit.
>And then the infection set in.
>You weren’t worried though, it was already starting to clear up.
>The doctors were satisfied with casting their disinfection spells twice per day now.
>But you were still sleeping far more than you wanted to.
>And the analgesic spells only made you sleepier.
>You’d tried going without, but the pain was sapping your energy anyway.
>So you’d been forced to delegate nearly everything to your former student.
>And you’re glad you did!
>Considering the terrain and distance from any major cities, they’d done an admiral job of constructing the base.
>The water convoys were like clockwork, and nopony was hungry despite the lack of nearby grasses.
>And while the structures weren’t about the win any awards for design, there were only a hooffull of tents left.
>You would have felt more comfortable with some walls, but you’d been reassured that they weren’t necessary.
>The destructive force of that weapon would easily punch through palisades, and it would take much much longer to get stone walls in place.
>And strangely enough, you didn’t want to obstruct enemy mobility either.
>The soldiers had been littering the no-pony’s land with pit traps.
>If the apes tried to charge your position, the fight would be won.
>You normally didn’t approve of such methods.
>The brutality of pit traps had never seemed necessary before.
>But you couldn’t help but appreciate the irony of using ape inventions to fight apes.
>Wait, you’re here.
>How long have you been standing at the doorway, thinking?
>So tired…
>You push open the door and allow yourself into the war room.
>Twilight, Luna, and Shining Armor are all standing around a large table, covered by a map.
>They all greet you as you make your way to the table.
>You take a moment to examine the map.
>Something’s wrong...

“What’s that a map of?”

>”’Tis the enemy base. To scale, though not topographical I’m afraid.

“Whoever made it made a mistake, Luna. There’s no way that’s right.”

>”But sister, I made it myself! I have spent days scrying to capture every detail!”



>”I said-”

“I know what you said, but what’s that huge structure in the middle? That wasn’t there before! And what are all those tanks laying about? Some of those tanks are bigger than this building! How could they make all that so quickly?”
>”Apes work far more quickly than we remember.”

“Their supply lines must be on par with our own! To think, they could gather that much timber in such a short time.”


>Your eyes shoot wide open as you slowly turn your head to Twilight.


>“Steel. They’re using it for pretty much everything, and have a seemingly inexhaustible supply. I’ve checked some references, and I’m pretty sure that they’re matching Equestria’s steel production down there.”

>The rows of massive furnaces…
>The line of ore marching in from beyond the horizon…
>Could it really rival your entire nation’s industry?
>Although Twilight would be the kind of pony to check such a thing.
>She does tend to exaggerate when excited, but even so...

>”They’re also processing a massive amount of copper, though we’re not sure why just yet. They seem to be totally uninterested in bronze.”

>”Your highness, this things is so far above and beyond what we were warned of. We need to throw out all assumptions of their capabilities.”

>The idea that these ones might be worse is nearly beyond belief.
>But Shining Armor is one of the best military minds you’ve ever had in your service.
>He studies and prepares nearly as well as his sister.
>You’ve no doubt that he’s learned everything he could about the previous fights.
>You already know that he’s been pressing both yourself and Luna for details.
>If he says your information is unreliable...

>”I know I wasn’t there the first time, but from what I’ve gathered this one is totally different.”
>”Indeed. When I scry, I can clearly see that its proportions are wrong. It seems to have the strength of ten earth pony stallions, it goes days without sleeping, and it seems to be able to cut and fuse metal at will. All of this machinery, all this piping! Not a single rivet. No bolts. Nothing but a faint seam where two become one. And its magic! We can’t sense any, yet the machines work on their own! The thought of maintaining so many come to life spells, you or I MIGHT have the power to do it, but I cannot fathom how anypony would be able to control them all.”

>”We’ve had no luck formulating a battle plan. There are just too many unknowns. We don’t even know how many unknowns there are.”

>If Shining Armor can’t think of an approach, you might be in serious trouble.
>You wouldn’t be surprised if he knew all of the tactics that had been used throughout recorded history.
>And not just pony history.

>”But we may be in luck. Their mining operations seem to be totally undefended. We’ve already deployed strike teams to the ones we’ve located, mostly illusionists and earth ponies. We had to contract out to the stage magician’s guild to get the illusionists, but I think it was worthwhile.”


>”They have a small force of illusory ponies marching in front of them to draw attention. If the fakes are attacked, the team is to withdraw immediately. I don’t trust that the outposts are so vulnerable, it’s obviously a trap. Even so, we can’t be paralyzed by fear.”

>And that’s why Shining Armor is the best.
>Your reply is preempted as Twilight begins to speak.
>”And I asked that we send mostly earth pony soldiers. They are all hauling wagons with quick release harnesses in case they need to retreat. That way, they can bring back some of the machinery so we can inspect it more closely. The drills themselves are surely too cumbersome to bring back, but there are a lot of other things that I’d love to get my hooves on.”

>It seems… safe.
>Could it possibly work?
>Could you actually execute an attack without risking ANY lives?
>No, you mustn’t let your guard down.
>There are surely risks you are overlooking.
>But Shining Armor is right, you need to act eventually.
>All you can do for now is hope.

“Very well. Please keep me posted. Now, do we have any explanation for their incredible abilities?”

>”Maybe? Kinda?”

>You can tell Twilight is reluctant to explain.
>Perhaps she fears that she will cause you undue stress?
>She HAS been trying to minimise the burden upon Luna and yourself while you heal.
>No, she’s the one who asked you to this meeting, bringing your attention to the new structures.
>If she was trying to keep you from worrying, there’s no way she would drag your attention to such troubling news.
>She’s uncertain.

“Don’t worry, Twilight. It’s okay to be wrong so long as we don’t risk any lives.

>”Well… the last time, there was only one kind of ape, right?”

“What do you mean?”

>”They were all mostly the same? But this one looks different. Maybe this is their version of an alicorn.”

>But it makes a strange kind of sense.

>”When I became an alicorn, you told me that we represent the strengths of all the other tribes. We’re still ponies, just more so. This one seems to be an exaggeration of an ape in every way, right? It seems to just be… more.”
>”When we faced them all those years ago, there were three things that amazed us. Their endurance, their resilience, and their trickery. We know nothing of this one’s resilience or trickery, but its endurance isn’t that much greater than the ones from before. It still sleeps, it still pauses its toil, it still walks rather than running. What amazes us about this one is its strength, and its strange magic. Perhaps there are other tribes of apes which excel in these regards, and we now face the culmination of their might.”

>Wait… there’s something wrong about the way she spoke.
>Not just now, either. Ever since you got here.

>”Luna, why do you keep saying ‘it’?

>Twilight averts her gaze.
>Shining Armor is suddenly VERY interested in the map.
>Luna visibly swallowed before speaking.

>”After dozens of hours of watchful scrying, I am relatively certain…”

>She’s scared.
>They all are.
>What could it be?
>Is there a super ape, commanding a massive army of others?
>Could you possibly be outnumbered?
>It might explain how they were able to work so fast.

>”Sister. We face but a single foe.”

>That look on her face.
>She seems so serious.
>You had no idea your sister was such a great actor!

“Oh, good one you three. You got me. I should have caught on when you started talking about alicorn apes.”

>”’Tis no jest!”

“Sure, sure. Now, are there any serious orders of business? I’m still quite tired, so if there is nothing further I wish to depart.”

>”Princess, Shiney’s had lookouts watching the perimeter for several days, and we’ve only ever heard reports of one ape at a time.”

“Lookouts? With high powered projectile weapons of an unknown nature? That’s far riskier than I would have expected from you.”

>”Pegasi hiding behind clouds. The skies are almost always clear here so we had to deploy decoy clouds too. Just to be safe.”
“And that makes it less suspicious?”

>”No, but it makes it extremely likely that they’ll attack the wrong one, giving the lookouts a chance to withdraw.”

>He’s GOOD.

“Okay, so they’re sleeping in shifts, and hiding within their structures. You could hide countless apes within that giant metal box, and the lookouts would never know. They could have built it from within, and since they are wearing such heavy armor we wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from each other.”

>”Sister, it’s stopped wearing that armor while within its camp. Likely due to the heat. Unless they all look exactly the same, I’ve only seen the one.”

“Well, the last batch they all looked pretty similar!”

>But still.

>”I suspect that I would have spotted the other ones while they were laying the foundation of the building. Unless it multiplied inside the building AFTER it was finished. Tia, there is but one! POSSIBLY another within the weapon.”

“This joke is going too far. There is no way a single ape could do all that in such a short time!”


>Twilight slammed her hooves on the table as she yelled.

>”Now tell us, do you honestly believe that both your sister and EVERY SINGLE PEGASUS IN THE CRYSTAL ARMY is mistaken? Or perhaps lying? Or do you just not want it to be true?”

>You honestly can’t remember Twilight ever being anywhere near this angry at you.
>And you’re absolutely certain she’d never scolded you in such a manner!

>”I’m surprised at you. You taught me better than this! How disappointed would you be if I’d refused to face facts?”

>She’s right…
>But still, both possibilities seem totally impossible.

“Luna.Twilight. Armor. I am sorry.”

>”What? Oh, no! I didn’t mean t-”
“Do not apologise for being right. Never apologise for being right. I am sorry that I doubted you. All of you. You saw what you saw. I still doubt there’s only one down there, it may be a trick of some sort, but for now we need to seriously consider the possibility. Now, what does it mean if there is only one?”

>”It means that it is far more capable than the ones we battled centuries ago.”

>Not a great revelation, but it is important to keep in mind.

>”It means capturing it would be an even bigger boon than I’d thought.”


>”Yes, I know it’s dangerous. But if the opportunity presents itself, we could learn so much! Imagine if EVERYPONY could fuse metal like that! All I’m saying is that we’re here to ensure the wellbeing of other ponies, not to get revenge. If killing it is necessary, then so be it. But violence isn’t the goal.”

“We… would need to know a great deal more about its limitations before we could attempt such a thing. If it can manipulate metal so easily, what of stone? What cage could we hold it in? If we can discover some way to ensure it isn’t a threat, then I will agree with you.”

>Twilight gives a satisfied nod at this.
>She seems to accept your conditions.
>That’s reassuring.
>Wait, why is it reassuring?
>Why should you want assurance?
>”Even if we can’t capture it, a dissection could prove useful. We should try not to damage it too heavily if do need to use lethal force.”

>You barely hear the words.
>You’re too busy thinking of your recent actions.
>Ordering your soldiers abandon their supplies was stupid.
>Charging the enemy without doing any reconnaissance was stupid.
>Ignoring the words of your only family, your most prized student, and your most trusted general?
>Very stupid.
>It’s good to know you are still capable of making good choices…
>But why are you struggling so much to keep a level head?
>Are you too emotionally invested?
>Now there’s a troubling thought.
>Luna had the same experiences as you.
>Who’s to say she can think critically?
>You may be totally reliable on the remaining two ponies to be the voices of reason.
>True, they are brilliant, but they are also young and inexperienced.

“But! My decision is not final. If you’ve any important input, please do say. Any further information on the matter must be considered carefully.”

>Just in case.
>You need to be careful with every decision.
>Otherwise, the apes won’t need to trick you.

“Shining Armor, your thoughts? What does it mean for us if one ape is that dangerous?”

>”It means that I REALLY hope it doesn’t have friends.

>You are Anonymous.
>You really wish you had a friend.
>You are so lonely.
>True, you’d always been a loner.
>But you weren’t a shut in.
>You had to deal with humans all the time, even if only in passing.
>Out here though, the closest thing you had to social interaction was when those horses were trying to kick you to death.
>So here you are, sorting through your slag heaps, hoping that one of your mines dug up some arsenic.
>You need an n-type dopant, after all.
>And you’re not picky about what kind either!
>You’re not trying to make any especially good chips.
>You could make do with pretty much any serviceable dopant.
>But despite your low standards, you’re running out of options.
>You’re pretty sure you’ve got no antimony, and you know you’ve got no lithium.
>The only real source of phosphorus you’ve clued in to takes well over a day to get on on foot when you’re NOT hauling heavy mining equipment.
>And you’re not counting on seeing any bismuth any time soon.
>You’re pretty sure that a tiny little bit of arsenic is all you need to get robots online.
>But it looks like you’re out of luck.


“How many trips would it take to set up some mining?”

>Fuel, drill, generators, water…
>Too many.
>And even then, you’d need to get the ore back to base.
>You’re not sure how much more running you can do.
>Your muscles are keeping up okay, but you’ve got so many blisters…
>You really wish you had some augmented skin in some way.
>And it’s so hot!
>No, there has to be a better way.
>A train would be good.
>But without robots to build it for you?
>Your hands are already in rough shape.
>Some leather gloves would have been pretty damn nice when you were making the refinery.
>But instead, you have rashes and cuts.
>Some of them are pretty deep, too.
>You really hope they don’t get infected.
>Yeah, you’ve got some first aid supplies, but you need to make them last.
>Making a train would be a literal pain all on its own.
>But laying all that track?
>Screw that, you’re trying to SAVE on labour.
>How did people get around before trains?
>Oh right, horses.
>You sorta doubt the local horses would be willing to give you a lift.
>You really wish you had a car.

“Why don’t I have a car again?”
>Right. No ceramics, no spark plug.
>There’s nothing stopping you from making an electric car.
>Yeah you’ve only got lead-acid batteries, unless you are willing to completely strip your ship’s power grid.
>And you aren’t.
>Not going to be great range on your car...
>And you’ve got no roads, so it would be a rough ride.
>But walking is for losers!
>Yeah! Let the car carry all the heavy mining equipment for you!
>You’re done doing physical labor!
>And you’ll have an air conditioner, too!
>You’ve got no good refrigerant, but you’re breathing a bad one.
>It’ll do!

“And I can mount a proper gun on it. And rocket launchers. And a flamethrower!”

>Maybe just the gun for now.

That's it. Don't get used to updates being this long. This was originally two updates, but I was too lazy to proof read the first one, and by the time I was interested in working on it again I had some time to write more.

If you're not sure how Anon got back from his latest trip into the badlands so quickly, he was supposed to have finished it up during the time skip before the meeting. I'm not sure if that was clear enough, but all my attempts to make it clearer wound up being really clumsy. Paste at http://pastebin.com/3Mt5iYBQ is updated.
>Some leather gloves would have been pretty damn nice when you were making the refinery.
>Oh right, horses.
>You sorta doubt the local horses would be willing to give you a lift.

>acquire horses
>force them to work
>they refuse?
>acquire leather
I enjoy your work greatly.
I'm surprised they haven't thought of doing distance attacks. Clouds hide ponies, so the alicorns can fly into the skies and blast Anon with magic. Plus, with scrying spells, they can just fling rocks with pretty reliable accuracy. If it doesn't hit him, it would deal with the turret and other machinery.

Although, a quick solution probably wouldn't make a very good story.
This was a pretty good update. From Anon talking about life on earth, Celestia releasing she is too emotionally involved to think clearly, and even though Anon is producing so much and yet he's still incredibly limited by his lack of available resources. It has me really looking forward to future updates.
>>Right. No ceramics, no spark plug.
Diesel, dumbass
>Flying boats bigger than Ponyville?
What is she referring to?
See? The first batch of apes knew what was up.

You might be the most supportive person in my life right now. Not even joking.

Not so loud!
You're right of course. About everything. I could argue that they're scared so they're worried more about their safety than their offensive capabilities, and I'd be right. Both real equines and ponies from the show are easily spooked. But unfortunately Shining knows that they can't win by defending. The only reason they haven't set up catapults or cannons on their side of the hill is because storytelling. They likely won't attack from their clouds until some major changes occur since the cloud defense is one of obscurity. If they start raining death down from a cloud it would be pretty obvious where to shoot, and they're still largely in the dark about Anon's offensive capabilities. I do intend to have them get their act together soon, and I actually wanted for that to start earlier in the story, but what seems like a minor detail in my head winds up being 3k words when written. Both sides need to reach a certain point before any meaningful interaction can occur between them, and both sides need to have their actions explained purely based on what they know, not what I know.

tl;dr I'm a crybaby and writing is hard.

You might be the second most supportive person in my life right now. Not even joking.

Oops. Yeah, that would work too. My bad. For now just pretend that electric cars are more common than diesel in his time, so he thought of them first.
That's what the chips in his brain should have told him.
I assumed he has to activate them.
Also, don't they weird him out?
well that and the ceramic is probably the easiest part. Rocks are everywhere. Maud sheds a single tear.
He does, and they do. The ones that only cause hallucinations (video and audio playing without screen or speakers) don't because it's pretty much indistinguishable from his actual senses, but the artificial memories feel wrong. They are easy to search, but they won't help him unless he actively checks.

I dropped the ball on this one. Right now I'm trying to decide if I should rewrite what's in the paste, or just proceed. Maybe have him think of diesel later and feel like an idiot.

Half true. If he was just starting out, they would be, but he's already got everything he needs for diesel or electric. Unless I'm missing another critical component which is entirely possible, I am NOT a gearhead. I don't even own an automobile.
Well, electric car is more economic, if less powerful.
>Maybe have him think of diesel later and feel like an idiot.
Im ok with that.
>more economic, if less powerful.
horribly ill conceived statement. Electric is great for efficiency in transients, but gasoline engines are more efficient at steady state (hence hybrids) As for constructing an electric motor vehicle.. theyre dead simple. Motor, axle, one gear ratio. If youre starting from scratch, the problem comes with insulating the motor windings (phenolic resin) and thickness is important. you want high density windings. powering is the pain. DC is easier but far less efficient and gets hot. simple would be a resistor to bleed off power but that's wasteful. you would want PWM control, or an AC frequency drive. As for powerful..... diesel locomotives run fuel only to run an alternator... about 1.5MW. all the driving is done electrically.

I had a point in there some where but I got carried away and forgot what it was. Also this is 4chin so noone cares. Just call me faggot and move on.
Thanks for educating me, I guess.
What about parts getting used up and needing replacements? I guess it wouldn't be a concern in this scenario tho, not doing it long-term.
This is the guy who should have written that part!
I had no idea trains were electric, but now that I've done the slightest bit of research into it is makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the heads up, because trains are definitely going to be a part of this.

My apologies in advance, I'm not going to go too in depth in the inner workings of the car. Again, I don't know enough about them. I do SOME reading into all the machines I describe just to make sure I'm not totally wrong, but I'm not looking to make every update a research project. Just know that it's going to have to be pretty crude since it can't have any computation power at all. The power control will have to be strictly mechanical and operator controlled. Likely by connecting/disconnecting batteries (which would be bad for a number of reasons. Inconvenient, poor connections since the wiring couldn't be soldered on, non-uniform draining etc.) or with a variable resistor (which would overheat if it stayed at low torque for too long). Either way, it's going to be a lousy car. Anon will be pretty eager to upgrade.

Lousy car, eager to upgrade. Repairs won't be a major concern.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm out for now.
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>You take a look at your home and just find a single light turned on.
>Moondancer was pretty upset back there.
>But you didn't do anything wrong, right?
>Man, how the hell did you get into this mess?
>Politics and law are utter and complete bullshit.
>What would've happened if you didn't open your mouth and tried to play the wiseguy in front of Twilight?
>You think more about this whole experience.
>This valley would have remained unexplored.
>Dodge Junction would've suffered something awful thanks to that dreaded drought.
>You wouldn't have made wonderful friends.
>Moondancer would have stayed at that old library in Canterlot.
>And you would've been an annoyance for Twilight.
>You've quite made an impact in this world!
>Your existance here is as valid as any other species in Equestria.
>Or perhaps you're just getting too conceited?
>You're trying your best to be a leader, but at what cost?
>Maybe you're risking everyone's lives too much.
>You better seek for some guidance when it comes to justice.
>Princess Celestia might help.
>But for now, you'll have to talk to Moondancer and see why she got all emotional back there.
>Maybe she's right, maybe not.
>But you don't want to lose the trust of the first pony that backed you up.
>see why she got all emotional back there.
Maybe because you're treatment of Starry while justified and done in a really cool manner comes across as the work of a sadist.
File: large.png (550 KB, 724x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Minutes later?
>She doesn't answer back.
>You climb up the stairs and walk to her room.
>You knock on her door.
>["What do you want?"]
"I...I just wanted to talk."
>She opens the door.
>"Be quick, I'm busy."
>You notice lots of papers on her desk.
"Doing what?"
>"Writing more laws obviously, because someone thought torturing a pony and almost getting him eaten by monsters was a great idea!"
>Her sarcasm drives you nuts sometimes.
"Err...about that Moondancer, I didn't mean to hurt him; I just wanted to-"
>"Teach him a lesson? What kind of lesson was that? Show our friends your lack of mercy? That Nova Rohan should get rid of those who can't adapt?"
"Gee...I really screwed up didn't I?"
>Moondancer throws her notebooks at your face.
"But you know that ain't the truth."
>"I know!" She shouts in a frustrated way, "it's just...when you laughed like a madman at Starry's misery I swear I couldn't recognize you."
"What do you mean?"
>"It's like you were a totally different person, then it hit me...you abused your power. You promised to me you would never do that!"
"I...I what?"
>"You jerk! You've told many things about human history when we lived in Canterlot, and to be honest, while I found some things fascinating I found the others just horrid."
>She tears up a bit.
>"Everytime I see you using your weapon I feel that you could end up doing something horrible like the humans in Earth do, and you wouldn't even notice or care."
"Moony, please...it's not like that."
>She turns around.
"Well? How do you suggest protecting the town from those freaking things?!"
>"...You don't have to do it."
>"Please, I just want you to keep developing more technology, technology for good! L-Laika and her pack can watch out for monster attacks, they are very strong after all."
"Moony, you don't know what you're talking about."
>You get on your knees to meet her at eye level.
"We almost get gobbled by a Tatzlwurm on our way back to town."
>little horse with a knot in her panties writes laws
what is the process of ratifying them?
Now that I think about it isn't writing and unilaterally ratifying laws even more abusive? Doesn't that completely subvert the whole point of a government?
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"That's right...all of us would've died if we didn't run for our lives. Laika and the dogs were too afraid to fight."
>You let out a sigh.
"We've lived here for quite a long time, and we've faced lots of dangers because of those monsters. They are real threats, they can't be reasoned with, nor they can leave us alone."
>Moondancer looks at the floor.
"Remember when Twilight dropped by to check up on us for the first time?"
>She nods.
"Well, I remember that I was going to die and that you couldn't heal me, have you forgotten about that?"
>"No...I haven't."
"I know self defense is a concept hard to grasp Moondancer, but trust me, if I didn't use that weapon we would all be dead by now."
>"I understand Anon..."
"Now, about that guy. Yesterday he stated that the other races are nothing but screw-ups, I know that some unicorns have their horns shoved so far up their butt and consider the others...inferior."
>Moondancer stays silent.
"I know that the elite is almost always composed by those unicorns, they feel entitled to everything Equestria has to offer, yet they give almost nothing back. Remember Dodge Junction's drought problem?"
>She sighs.
>"Yes, was the situation the same back in your world?"
>You laugh.
"What do you think?"
>She lets out a giggle.
"There was this saying back home; men in denim built this land, men in suits destroyed it."
>You invite Moondancer to take a look at the town, illuminated by its own light. Ponies and diamond dogs talking to each other.
"See what we've accomplished so far? No magic schmagic involved, nor ponies avoiding their work because they don't feel like they should get their hooves dirty, unlike that Starry Sun guy..."
>You look at Moondancer's hooves.
"You have worked for a better future Moony...and if it weren't for you I would have not succeeded."
>Moondancer sheds some happy tears before giving you a hug.
>"Ohhh Anon~"
>You hug Moondancer back.
"I'll be more careful from now on Moony, I promise."
Phew, I thought they were gonna brake up or something.
File: large.png (648 KB, 1247x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
648 KB, 1247x1024

>"And I promise to not get emotional again for these though decisions."
>You smile at her and hug her again.
>"But seriously though, we need more laws and to build a political system that works."
>You sigh.
"Oh Moondancer..."

>The next morning.
>Miles away from Nova Rohan.
>You're now Twilight Sparkle.
"Come on...why won't you work?!"
>You've been working in your private laboratory for eighteen hours straight.
"Not now Spike! I'm working!"
>"W-what are you doing to our fridge?"
"I'm reverse-engineering it."
>Spike lets out a sigh when he notices the ice magic container outside the .
>"Do you mind explaining why?"
"The last week I had to go to Dodge Junction to celebrate its 125th anniversary. Don't you remember?"
>"You asked me to stay at the castle to clean..."
"Oopsie, my bad...the thing is, Dodge Junction changed so much since the last time I went there with Applejack."
>You grit your teeth.
"Because of Anon's inventions! The mayor said that many Earth Ponies decided to move there because somehow, life was much easier for them over there...his technology can't be superior to ours right?"
>Spike shakes his head.
>"But, that didn't answer my question..."
"What question?!"
>"What are you doing to our fridge!?"
"I'm trying to figure out how it should work without a magic cooling system!"
>Spike sighs.
>"Could we at least have some breakfast first? Maybe you should get some sleep."
"There! That should do the trick!"
>You plug the refrigerator to the electrical outlet.
>"Did it work?"
>You begin to tear up.
"WAAAH! It didn't work!"
>Spike shakes his head and pats your back.
>"There there Twilight, don't be sad...many geniuses failed lots of times while working on their theories."
>You wipe away your tears and pat Spike's head.
"I know Spike, it's just...if Anon did it, wht can't I?"
>"I don't know...maybe he worked a lot with machines back in his world?"

>You sigh.
>"Don't give yourself a hard time Twi. Anon's world is completely different from ours! Can you imagine a world where clouds can't be reached by pegasi to make them rain?" Spike says with a laugh, "I wouldn't like to live there!"http://s.4cdn.org/image/title/208.gif
>You laugh as well.
"You're right Spike, although I have to give Anon some credit. according to some ponies in Dodge Junction the fridges don't require to be filled with ice magic every month."
>"It's okay Twi, if Anon can make a simple fridge thing anything better than him!"
"Aww thanks Spike..."
>"By the way, can we have breakfast now? I'm kind of hungr...urk."
"What's wrong?"
>Spike burps a magical letter, sent by Princess Celestia."
>It's been a while since you received one of these.
>"I'll never get used to that...say Twilight, why don't you invent a better way to send mail that doesn't involve me?"
>You giggle.
"Let's see...huh."
>You read Celestia's letter.
>"What does it say?"
>You let out a gasp.
"She says she's going to take care of some royal business and she wants me to accompany her!"
>"Where is she going?"
"I don't know, the letter doesn't specify where, but she tells me to come as soon as possible, oh no, it must be something really important! What time is it Spike?"
>"8 o'clock. Maybe you should take a shower first."
"Great idea! Could you please prepare me a saddlebag with some-"
>"I know I know....parchments, quills, your books, am I missing something?"
"No, it seems you have everything under control. Oh, how exciting! I really miss talking with Princess Celestia, this'll be just like in the old times."
>"She probably wants you to be more involved in politics a bit more Twi, you're a princess after all."
"I know I know...but still, I'll spend some quality time with her! This will be amazing! She probably wants us to go to Saddle Arabia, or maybe-"
This storyline is very interesting.
Buuuuut, you know, you could afford to be a little more liberal with the future tech. This is H+ Anon building a wormhole generator over here. The idea that he can build a massive refinery AND mining operation - by hand - in a few weeks - but still has to rely on bodged together lead acid batteries is creating an unfortunate sort of narrative dissonance for me, the reader.
You know, just throw around some "nano-" this and "gravity fluctuated-" that or something.

But otherwise, pretty top shelf. Honestly, it's my favorite story in the thread.
It's probably why some people said it reminds them of Factorio, watch a LP or two and you might see why.
Please keep going, I want to see Twilight's reaction when she goes back to Anon's country.

>"It's okay Twi, if Anon can make a simple fridge thing anything better than him!"

I think you mean Twilight could build anything better than Anon, or something.

Same guy who wrote >>25968752
I wasn't trying to criticize you, I was just offering ideas. I'm really enjoying what's going on so far. I'm still wondering if this will end in bloodshed or friendship. Or neither.
Science bump
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Pic vaguely related bump.
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can't wait to see how this goes
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>throwing a bigoted, blackmailing spy to a literal pride of lion-bat-scorpions is morally sound.
>anons actually believe this.
I wish to join the supportive person group. Where can I deposit my support? And do you take debit or credit? Keep up the good work :^)

I know what he did was justified, but I hope he actually seriously considers not doing that again. Maybe just removing magic and putting him in timeout, or have him try to work rather than the manticore pit. I dunno. I'm growing a tad worried about Anon's golden tongue in the last post or two. He seems like he's justifying his actions, but not really seeing that he did anything that could be perceived as wrong.

Again, a few posts ago I knew why it was necessary and such, but now that he's talking to someone who cares about him and his moral compass, I'm not 100% sure about what he's taking away from the experience. Maybe at least a "next time we won't go so far" kind of thing. Or I'm reading too much into it.

Also, laughing inside at Twilight failing with the fridge.

Spikes a pretty cool bro.
You're right, here in America things would have been done differently. First we'd torture him for a few years (during which time he may or may not die from hypothermia) force him to take his meals rectally, and THEN we would have thrown him into a group of manticores. The lil fucker got off too easy for my tastes
We've been over this Moonie, go to bed.
>"It's okay Twi, if Anon can make a simple fridge thing anything better than him!"
I feel like you forgot to add a few words here
No wonder most of your police officers behave like sociopaths compared to those of other countries; your entire justice system and mentality is based on violence and vengeance.

Moondancer pls
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page 9 bump
Behold the pinnacle of effective arguments
Its beautiful, isn't it?
I can't wait to see her go apeshit crazy when she gets to Nova Rohan
Like a couple of retards slap fighting.
We would all watch that with pride and place bets on the bigger one.
Hey someone's gotta bet on the smaller one, if only for the longshot odds.
hockey helmets not allowed, all windows within a 100m radius must be coated with applebitter, and a 2 slap penalty for each chromosome beyond 47.
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>mfw CloneAnon is dead
>mfw I will never find out what happens with the boomstick
I feel the same way about Ecanon
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>Celestia's courtyard. 10:00 A.M.
"Nova Rohan?"
>"Yes my dear Twilight, I'm supposed to meet someone there in a couple of hours so."
"Excuse me Princess Celestia, but I've never heard of such place."
>Princess Celestia giggles.
>"That's why I invited you to come with us. I'm sure that you'll have another fascinating experience about friendship, just like you did with Yakyakistan's delegates."
"Wait, us?"
>"My dear sister Luna and the wise ponies are coming along as well. I'm sorry if I couldn't write the letter on time."
"Don't worry Princess Celestia. If you think that I should come with you it must be for good."
>Royal guards from both princesses arrive with each respective carriage, and a third one for the wise ponies."
>"Hop in Twilight," Princess Celestia says in her calm voice.
>When you do, Celestia orders her pegasi guards to move, this time using a strong voice. Not usual from her.
>You take off within seconds.
>Princess Luna's carriage follows behind, and so does the carriage with the wise ponies.
>You wonder where Nova Rohan is, and why you've never heard of it before.

>Two hours later.
>You talked with your mentor all the trip.
>You don't get a chance to do so anyways, so you decided to spend some quality time with her.
>"Here we are Twilight. Remember, we are on a diplomatic mission."
>The royal guards descend and in a matter of seconds, they expertly land on this soil that is...strangely familiar.
>One guard sounds his trumpet, making an announcement.
>You look around.
>Isn't this...
>Oh no.
>"Welcome to Nova Rohan your Highnesses!"
>When he notices you, his smile disappears.
>"Oh...hey Twi."
>One of Anon's citizens guides the others to play some instruments to celebrate your arrival.
>"Isn't this delightful? Princess Celestia asks.
"Yes...yes it is."