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Anon in Pone Prison #29 Merry Hearthswarming...
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Anon has finally been brought to justice. Justice means no dessert and going to bed early.
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May have missed some pastebins. My apologies if I did.
Holy shit, got a little worried when I couldn't find the old one. Bump.
Figured I'd pick up the mantle once more. Been several threads since I did this. I can't do any green cause I have a Christmas party right after work. But I'll be back

Be Yarn Feather
>How is that possible?!
>…He is going to hurt himself!
>What should you do!?
>You turn to look at Jenny who is deep sleeping
“J-Jenny! W-wake up! Please!”
>You call her out loudly and the giraffe reacts slowly
>”Mmmnn… is it lunch already?” Jenny said as she yawned with her eyes mid closed half, raised in the bed
“Jenny! Pancho! Flying! Ceiling! Look!”
>”What? Uh… Pancho what?”
>She lazily looked at the ceiling; Jenny soon spotted Pancho in midair
>”Oh, Pancho is flying”
>She then lied back in bed
>What? What’s that reaction! Pancho is-
>”Wait, Pancho is flying?” Jenny said surprised taking notice “I thought he…”
“He doesn’t have wings! I know right?”
>”I… wasn’t going to say that… but yeah… how is he flying? …Let me talk with him”
>Jenny got up from her bed and got his head in position near Pancho
>”Pancho? You alright?”
>Pancho was now staring at both of you, moving slowly from left to right
>”Is it something the matter? You need water? Are you hungry?”
>Still no answer…
>You started to shiver and so did Jenny
>”Maybe he is… walking sleeping? Or I don’t know, this is weird”
>You looked with concern at Jenny as the room got quiet by mere seconds, until you could hear a muffled voice coming from Pancho
>Your hearth sinks as he answered and Jenny eyes went wide
>…Why? Why didn’t you get happy like last time?
>…no, there is something wrong here. Last time Pancho was speaking with a different voice, another accent… but maybe
>Maybe he has different voices? Maybe is because he is tired? Maybe he’s walking sleep like Jenny said!
>”Pancho… talked…”
>Well for some reason Jenny wasn’t as much excited as you were the first time…

“He’s shy… maybe you were right and he was sleeping walking, I mean is no big deal! My cats do that all the time”
>Jenny stopped mid sentence as Pancho was levitating back to the bed
>He tenderly stops and settles in a comfy position
>There was a blue aura surrounding him for a second, and when you blinked it was gone
>All what is left are his sounds of snoring
>You look at Jenny who couldn’t stop shivering
“…Now what do we do?”
>”Now we tell Anon about this…”
>But what if… what if Anon knew that Pancho could fly? They could say we are silly to think he couldn’t…
“What if Pancho can fly without wings… what if he has, I don’t know… magic or something? I mean, didn’t you see that blue aura surrounded him?”
>”I don’t know Yarn, but I really have a bad feeling about all this, the ambient isn’t helping a bit…”
>Maybe she is right, or isn’t
>Only one who can answer our questions is Anon
>And he is in the tour with the warden… it could take a big time for him to get back
>Well… at least we can ask Pancho some stuff since he talked… maybe he feels more comfortable with us!
>You two were too concerned for Pancho that you two couldn’t sleep, so Jenny brought some tea from his fridge with some hay and lettuce sandwiches
>Maybe a good lunch could calm you, well, for both of you

Be Short Fuse
“What… do I need to do?”
^Good that you accepted my teaching. Better take notes dear. First you’ll need two participants, it works with more than three but the usual is two.
“Participants? You don’t need ingredients?”
^Oh no, no! Only ingredients you’ll need are milk, eggs and two sausages, but not like you think.
>Sausages? What kind of pie uses sausages? Ew….
+Umm… I… I don’t think this is a good idea… can’t we have cuddles instead?
^Oh but we are going to have cuddles after and during this!
>Well… whatever gets you cuddles is good you guess
^And that’s correct! Alright, I’ll be Anon and Devil shoulder will be you, ‘Shorty’!
>The fact that your conscience is calling you like the nickname Anon gave you concerns you…
^Look carefully and take notes if you want, the first step is to start like this!
>Angel shoulder glared at Devil shoulder, he tried to don’t stare back but Angel shoulder forced him to look at him, then he started to kiss Devil shoulder. Devil shoulder tried to back off but Angel shoulder was pushing him; you could clearly see their tongues fighting one against the other…
>You didn’t know tongues were used to kiss…
>Did your Angel shoulder want you to see this!? They need to stop!
>…But you can’t stop them
>Or maybe you don’t want to?
>You bite your lip as they continue kissing slowly; you could hear both of their whimpers
>Angel shoulder stopped kissing Devil shoulder; a trail of saliva was visible between them. They were heavily panting
>Devil shoulder then looked at you, not in signal to help you, but with an embarrassed look
^Hah… What? It turns you that someone is watching?

>Angel shoulder then kissed Devil shoulder’s neck and licked it
+Hnng… Ah….
>Devil shoulder didn’t tried to back off this time
>You slowly grab part of your neck with your right hoof. It was suddenly itching…
> Angel shoulder turned to look at you while he held with his two hooves your Devil shoulder
^What? Starting to remember something? Maybe a… wet dream? You lewd warden with lewd thoughts.
>Angel shoulder started to bit the ear of Devil shoulder playfully
+Aaaaah~ N-not the ear…
>Devil shoulder said with one eye closed looking at Angel shoulder with a furious blush in his face
^Such girly dirty moans, I’m going to punish you harder than Anon did to Shorty
>And then they started to kiss again, and you stared. You just stared at your conscience making out…
>Well, what else could you do? You can’t join them…
>Eh, isn’t not like you want… you want to stop them! …not like someone is watching this besides you
>They once again stopped kissing and angel shoulder looked at you
^You want to join? Eh… maybe in your dreams. If you know what I am saying.
>Angel shoulder then liked his lips seductively
>Devil shoulder nuzzled with Angel shoulder, and he nuzzled back
^A threesome… would be fun. Now you… you better conjure a pillow and start biting it…
>Devil shoulder lied on the floor and conjured a pillow, which he grabbed and was about to bit as Angel shoulder commanded
+P-please be gentle!
^Hmm… maybe we could start giving ourselves a warm before we start…
>You weren’t hidden it anymore. You were curious as to what was going to happen next
>Angel shoulder started to lick Devil shoulder’s belly while slowly going to his face again, going deeply into a kiss. You could see both of them moving their bottom parts, wiggling their butts
>But why? You couldn’t see clearly… and you really wanted to see now…

Be Anonymous
>”Aww… our balls touched!” a yellow stallion with white mane said
>”Wasn’t that the point of the game?” another stallion, this one with brown skin and gray mane said
>”No, we are playing polo! Not pool!”
>And you are… or were listening to those ponies trying to play polo
>Heh… ponies playing polo; you figured they would play like in your world, one riding the other
>Hell that would be cute
>But well, you were sitting in a bench in the park
>Taking the sun and feeling the breeze of the desert meanwhile you waited for Shorty
>You weren’t getting bored, but soon you’ll be if you don’t find something better to do than to listening to silly ponies doing silly things

Eh I'm having connection problems and also helping with a party here in my street.
So... that's everything for the moment.
And here is pic which drawfriend made for the chapter.
bump. the fuck is everyone doing, why are we at page 10 again?
Well I did my thing
And i'm busy with my posada/party thing
I can't write with my cousin yelling at my ear tho
Later i'm gonna post in a row I guess
Well that's one down, but I am wondering where everyone else is.
Did you check the kitchen?
I had stuff n' things to do. New green coming within the hour, though.
>She makes a comment on the bed
>"A strange material... Not as soft as cloud, and yet I cannot say it is inferior. What is it?"
"Memory foam. It's essentially elastic material interwoven with soft fabric, if memory serves."
>Pure bullshit, you had no fucking idea
>But you couldn't afford to appear ignorant on anything from Earth
>You had a princess to impress
>"An interesting idea..."
>She ceases her rolling, stretches out, and pats the spot next to her
>"You needn't stand, Anon."
>You're only too happy to accept
>You flop onto the bed, and Luna scoots in close, laying a hoof and wing across you
>This is nice
>You wrap an arm around her in return, and you both just lay like that for a while
>She eventually breaks the comfortable silence
>"May I see more?"
"You hardly need to ask at this point, Luna. What do you want to see?"
>"Your kin and friends, for one. For you to wish to return home for their sake, you must love them a great deal. Additionally... I have enjoyed everything you've shown me so far, but... I want to see more of /you/, Anon. More of the tale that is your life, not merely the backdrops to it. "
>...you don't deserve this
>This interest, this earnest affection
>But you can't find the steel in yourself to say no
>Not after taking a look into those teal eyes
>Plus, you honestly don't want to see her sad anymore
>Not after that shit you read in the encyclopedia
>Nothing for it then, but you will have to make some...
"Alright. What would you like to see first?"
>"Whatever you wish to show me first."
>You were hoping she'd put some thought into that question, so you could have more time to think
>Let's lead off with your parents
>You shut your eyes, but rather than change the whole scene, you just summon up a person
>Or rather the image of that person
>Your dad, or his younger self at least, to keep up the illusion
>You take after him a great deal
>Luna notices too
>"Would this be your father?"
"It is."
>"The resemblance is apparent."
>You chuckle
>You wish you could show her his 5 brothers
>The family resemblance was crazy
>"What realm does he preside over?"
>There's what you were afraid of
>Still, you were somewhat prepared
"He presides over space."
>Luna looks back at you, awed
>"As in, the void? The realm of stars?"
"Ah, no. As in, perceived space. For example, the lack thereof between you and I."
>You give her a little squeeze
>She giggles
>You elaborate a little
"My father could move several thousand pounds of matter from one point to another."
>Luna's eyes widen
>You knew that much weight would be a big deal, considering the reaction you got in the weight room earlier
>It wasn't exactly a lie, either
>He worked as a truck driver now, hauling freight
>You just took inspiration from that
>"T-truly? In an instant?"
>Not really, but the truth wasn't as impressive
>"And your mother?"
>You conjure up her image too, next to your dad's
"She is among the humans that create things, like Faust."
>Your mom's the head of graphic & web design at an insurance company
>Luna perks up at that
>"Did she create a world like ours?"
>Do webpages count?
"Yes, but less complex. She also made some of the paintings you saw around the house."
>Luna examines your mom with new appreciation
>"What about you?"
>She's been working up to this question
>Here it is, Anon
>The big one
>What should you-
>Before you can finish your thought, the dream starts rumbling
>Luna's still looking at you expectantly
>You shoot her a grin
"Next time!"
>She pouts
>You know just the thing to cheer her up, though
"Don't be like that, I have something else for you."
>"Oh? What?"
>You lean in and lock lips
>She squeaks, paralyzed for a moment, then melts into you
>You run a hand up her belly as you break the kiss, smiling down at her blushing face
"See you tonight, Luna."
>Back in your cell
>Luna still likes you, and massive dream battles were had
>10/10 night
>Check phone
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Damn negro if you dig your hole any deeper you're going to end up in China.
But we need to go deeper.

Done for now.
Holy dicks I'm so baked. Enjoy this green stuff.

>Soon enough you leave the room with your new changeling pal and Ary.
>You still have no idea how many rooms you have left, but a quick glance down the hall told you that you still had plenty of them left.
>Ary just looks at your new friend wearily.
>"I hope you know what you're doing, Anon."
"I don't, actually, but I'm sure I'll find out."
>She gives a worried look.
>You wave it off.
"I can promise you that I care as much about my well being as you do."
>She puts on a deadpan look.
"Well it's true."
>Her face softens, and she walks up and hugs your side.
>"Keep an eye on it, okay?"
"Like a hawk."
>She nods and slowly walks away.
>The new member to your party sticks by your side and watches you knock and walk into the room.
>Immediately you see that no body's there.
>You shrug and open the bathroom door.
>Immediately, you see a mare sitting in the shower.
>She turns and presses her backside against the glass, then slowly turns around and screams.
>You yelp and slam the door.
>Y-you didn't mean to do th-that...
>Almost immediately after, a the mare comes out, wrapped in a towel and scowling at you.
>"W-why were you spying on me?!"
>She backs you against the wall.
>The changeling just watches.
"I-I didn't do it on purpose! I swear!"
>"Likely story! Why'd you do it, huh?! And..."
>She leans into your ear.
>"Did you want a better look?"
>You feel the heat of the shower beside her.
>You look to the sides.
>This mare is crazy seductive.
"N-no thanks!!"
>She rubs your leg with a hoof.
>"You sure about that, big guy?"
>You quickly nod.
>She softly pouts, and winks.
>"Well, then... When you change your mind... You know where to find me."
>She caresses your cheek.
>"Unless... You want me to find you."
>She gets off and slowly walks back towards the shower, moving her hips back and forth and flicking her tail.
>...You'll just pretend you didn't see that...
>Big guy
I know right?

I'm definitely not looking forward to the crash, it's gonna be catastrophic.
>In fact, as far as you're concerned, this room doesn't exist.
>You silently walk out of there with the changeling in tow.
>"...Those were some interesting emotions back there-"
"Sh-shut up."
>It's not like you did anything on purpose.
>You walk into the next room and see a bookfort sitting across the room.
>This mare is pink and green-haired, aside from the blue, grey-haired one in the room before this one.
>She just looks at you, peering over a small stack of books with her hooves on the edge.
>She slowly sets out a sign in front of it.
>'All humans welcome'
>You sigh and just check the bathroom.
>The fort got closer.
>You don't know how, but it did.
>You cautiously watch it, then check the nightstand.
>-How did that thing MOVE?
>And you know it did.
>It wasn't huddling you in the corner of the wall when you first came in here.
>You just don't get how the whole thing is able to move so dang quickly.
>You step over to the closet and pretend to scan it.
>You watch through your peripherals and jump as soon as you see it moving.
>The mare stops, and you see her eyes barely peeking over the books.
>Before you can say anything, you're magic-ed over to the fort and put inside.
>It's small and cramped as shit.
>The mare leans over and tries to kiss you.
"Nope, NOPE! Christ, why are you ponies so persistent and WEIRD about this shit?!"
>You lean back and destroy a wall of the fort, sending loads of hardcovers to your face.
>You see the changeling just watching you again.
>"A-aw, come on, just a LITTLE kiss! Please?"
>You pick the bug-pony up and leave the room.
>"...How are you ANNOYED by so much affection? Just a quarter of your love could feed a hive for months!"
>You look down at the changeling and frown.
"Not only am I with Aryanne, but all the ponies here are so... FORWARD. There's more to love than just wanting someone THAT way, if you can even call it love."
>It nods, but doesn't look satisfied by your explanation.
'Aight, I guess I'll cut this off here.

I'm reeaally stoned right now. Writing's gettin' difficult fast.
How do ponies live with the knowledge that at any point they or their friends or family could be abducted and replaced with a changeling?

Also good
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Cookies bump
Drunk af no bump
>A pony's muzzle breaches the surface of the pond
>Followed by an entire pony
>Why were you concerned for the fish first?
>Well this pony did stalk and terrify you
>The pony shakes herself off
>It looks like a pegasus
>Well it /was/ flying
>And now it’s shivering
>Oh yeah that's right its pretty cold out here isn't it
>"Are you alright?"
"You ATTACKED me with your smoke dragon!"
>Aww the poor thing must be freezing
>You move to go help her
>Let’s put out this cigarette first
>She's had a bad reaction to it
>You kneel down in front of the shivering and, if you could see in this light more than likely, crying pony
>"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't even know you were there, I swear"
>The little pony is still dripping wet
>Mainly cuz she's still got her suit on
"Well I don't trust you!"
>"But you need my help"
>She looks down at herself, shivering, and at the far, far away nice and toasty facility
"Sadly I may"
>Let’s find out if a pony’s blush can work as a light?
>"Well you need to strip out of those clothes to begin with"
>Yes it can apparently, lol nah you just being hyperbolic
"W-why must I do that"
>"The clothes retain a lot of water, they keep you wetter and colder for longer"
"But what am I supposed to wear?"
>You take off your shirt
>"Here you can wrap yourself up in this"
>She give a harrumph
"Fine, but only because I don't want to get a cold!"
>She pulls off her cloths and you offer your shirt
>She goes to take it but a sprained ankle has her stumbling to the ground

Late night short update cuz you fools need something
>You rush over and help her up
>These pegasi really are light
>And is something wrong with her wings?
>She looks up at you
"I may need your help more than I thought"
>Her sprained ankle prevented her from walking properly
>And an apparently scratched wing obtained from falling had her stop flying
>Looks like you're on pony carrying duty for now
>You dry the pony off with your shirt and bundle it up
>With the now slowly warming pony in your arms you trudge off toward the living area
>Don't forget her cloths
>By the time you reach the door the pony is a bundle of warmth once again
>She's a grey pony, like a storm cloud, with shiny silver hair
>"Where to mare'am"
>Lol u so phuny
"Take your first left, past two corridors go right then it's the third door to the right from there"
>Straight to the point then
>It's the Guard lounge
>That would make the pony you rescued from following you a guard
>Lol you made a guard strip down
>You toss her wet cloths on the nearby bench
"Can you take me over to locker three"
>You move over to the correct locker and lower the pony in front of it
>A hoof peaks out from the bundle and twists away at the combination
>The locker squeaks open and she draws out a fresh guards uniform
"Can you please put me on that couch over there"
>You comply and put the little mare on the couch
>She wriggles out of your now damp shirt
>To reveal something odd
>Das no pegasus is it?
>In place of the usual soft feathered wings of a pegasus are the leathery wings of a bat
>You'd thought her wings had felt strange earlier
>"You're not a pegasus are you?"
>Her head peaks through her guard uniform (little blue shirt with belt for baton)
"I guess I'm the first bat pony you've seen, just like your the first scaleless dragon I've seen"
>"Sorry to disappoint but I'm not a dragon. I'd be the first human you've ever seen"
"You're not a dragon? but I saw you make fire and breath smoke when I was checking on you"
>Yeah for sure, checking on you
>Some call it stalking but you say walking just extremely close behind
>"I was just having a smoke"
"See you must be a dragon, they say that all the time!"
>She points an accusational hoof at you
>You throw your hands up in defeat
>"Sure I'm a scaleless dragon whatever"
>You look back at her
>"You called yourself a bat pony?"
*Nod* *nod*
"mmhmm, technically I'm a pegasus who's been blessed by Luna to have an affinity for the night"
>"and who is Luna?"
>The mare looks at you in concern
"How do you not know who Princess Luna is! What are you an alien?"
>Your cover's blown. ABORT! ABORT!
>"Absolutly not, I'm a scaleless dragon"
>She give an amused smile
>Excellent cover has been saved
"Well Luna is the Princess of the night, she raises and lowers the moon and watches over all the sleeping ponies"
>A princess who raises and lowers the moon?
>Sounds more like a smart pony who's good at scamming fools
>"And why have you been blessed by Luna?"
>You're looked at like a child
"Because, you silly dragon, Luna can't watch everypony at once. So she gifts her closest guards the gift of the night"
>She shakes out her wings to give you a better view of this 'gift'
"We bat ponies can also stay up much later than normal ponies"
"Now please have a seat inmate, I'm sorry for yelling at you before I don't think you attacked me on purpose"
>You take a seat next to the bat pony
"May I have your name inmate?"
>"Anonymous, but you can call me anon"
"Anon. The name suits you. I'm Silver linings"
>Looking down at Silver Linings you can see the small red scratch on her wing and recall her injuries
>"Did you want to see the nurse for your wing and hoof?"
>The bat pony inspects herself and pokes at her ankle
"I think I should but I wouldn't want to wake up Nurse Soft Cotton"
>"Don't worry about it, I have a way to make sure she wont be upset
>A fluff rubbing way
That's it btw
waiting for more
Gud stuff, m8.
only 12 here boop
You know, I can't help but notice, even though there was a few repeated words, it looks like I use a bit more details here than in my regular writing...

I oughta write high more often.

Also bump.
Where's your pastbin?

I made it just for you bby
I tried searching it but I got a bunch of random pastebins that weren't yours
Witnessed. It works for me
That's why you use
the fucking
page 8 lovely lady bumps
Good, next thread we'll add you in the OP
So, anyone is planning to do a christmas/hearts warming one shot?
>Anon is in pony prison for hugging princess pony
>Christmas morning he gets new cellmate
>Santa was arrested for breaking into everyone's house
Dunno why, but that last line reminds me of Red Dwarf, where the crew gets to the galaxy where time flows backwards. There muggings are people forcing money into your wallet, but where firemen are bastards taking people into burning building and where Santa is a depraved creature stealing presents from children.
>anon snuggles with windigos
>They can no longer create cold weather
>ponies experience their first hearths warming eve in summer conditions, no warming required this year
>You are Anon.
>Today is Hearth's Warming Eve, the pony-land version of the 24th.
>And it's snowing like a motherfucker.
>You take your red scarf off, and re-wrap it to cover your face as you walk.
>After placing your hands in your pockets, you continue crunching through the snow-covered roads of Ponyville.
>The wind howling by is the only noise heard besides your footsteps.
>Though some houses' windows are still lit, the majority of ponies here are asleep.
>You seem to be the only one brave enough to trudge through the snow at this hour.
>And, though your watch didn't work very well here, you were sure it was about one in the morning.
>Still early, by your standards.
>You take a moment to yawn.
>Because even though you've switched to an all-vegan diet, experienced a massive culture shock, and lost every single bit of technology you used to have, your sleeping pattern was not to change.
>And since then, you have already accepted your destiny as a nocturnal internet-dweller, even when no internet to dwell on was available.
>You pull a black beanie from your pocket and hastily put it on.
>And, in order to maintain your other-worldly neckbeard status, you needed a little bit of help that only one special drink could provide.
>A small smile crosses your face just as you catch sight of your second home.
>The Ponyville Cafe.
>You push forward through the snow and quickly enter, a small bell alerting your presence to everyone inside.
>The rather bored-looking mare and her guard perks up and turns to you.
>The guard tips her hat down at you, offering a friendly grin.
>The other pony brushes a lock of brown hair away from her face and smiles.
>"Ah, there's my favorite customer! Anonymous, how've ya been?"
>You push down your scarf and start warming your hands as you walk towards the counter.
>She softly laughs.
>"Yep, it's winter, alright. Everfree Forest still brings the worst chills our way."
>You nod.
"Definitely worse than the stuff I dealt with back home, that's for sure."
>She replies with a small nod of her own.
>"And it just seems to get colder every year."
>You nod again.
>"-And what better way to warm up than a nice cup of coffee, huh?"
>You sharply exhale through your nose.
"Screw a cup- I could down a whole gallon right now."
>She laughs.
>"So, that the usual, then?"
"You know it."
>She nods and puts a brown apron from the counter on.
>"It'll be just a minute."
>You nod again, then retreat back to your favorite spot- a two seated-table sitting beside a window.
>The one with the best view, for sure.
>You prop your head up with an elbow and stare outside.
>You focus on a single streetlight, watching the flakes quickly whizz past the bulb.
>A soft sigh escapes your lips.
>Things haven't really changed here, have they?
>You take a long, deep breath.
>Though you're an alien, thrown into a completely different universe, things didn't really CHANGE.
>You take a moment to think.
>You're still pretty lonely.
>You still have no job.
>And, your 'friendships' still revolve around one-sided business owners, who enjoy taking your money more than they do actually talking to you.
>Hell, the only big, noticeable change here is that you're skinnier.
>And even then, you haven't done much to improve on that development.
>You sigh again.
>Your thoughts are cut off by a mug being placed on the table.
>You get a small smile in return, then she walks back towards the counter.
>You glance at the empty tables around you.
>If she wanted to, she could easily strike up a conversation with you.
>Nobody comes here in this weather but you.
>Your eyes trail over to the mug before you.
>There's a small, wrapped candy cane taped to its side.
>You ignore it, and take a small sip of your cappuccino.
>You can feel it making its way to warm up your insides.
>Still shirtless you roam the eerie blue corridors giving an injured bat pony a piggy back
>To your surprise you see a light coming from under Soft Cotton's door
>You gently knock
>A very flustered and notably poofy Soft Cotton emerges dreary eyed
"Oh good evening anon"
>That sly smile creeps on her face as she stares widely at your exposed man sized chest
"I was just thinking of you"
>That cheeky pony
>She was definitely a lot more forthcoming than Shear
>Must be that aggressive pegasi personality
>"It's good to see you again, I wish under better circumstances tho"
>Silver Linings pipes up from your shoulders at that
"I've got a couple booboos doc"
>Soft Cotton registers Silver Linings
"Ahhh Silver, you've been flying in the dark again I see"
>Silver Linings gives an indignant huff
"I'm too good at night flying to crash and you know that!"
"Anon here accidentally knocked me out of a tree when I was, uh, making sure he was staying out of trouble"
>Soft Cotton just shakes her head
"Sure sure, just come in"
>You go in and put Silver Linings down on the bed for Soft Cotton to examine
>She's clearly familiar with such situations
>Going to a cabinet next to her bed she withdraws a band-aid and bandage then moves to her fridge to get an ice pack
>The band-aid is applied to her scratched wing and the ice pack wrapped to her ankle with the bandage
"Now I want you to stay off that hoof until tomorrow Silver Linings"
"That means I want you to take the night off"
>Silver is quick to argue but Soft Cotton cuts her off with a raised hoof
"Now, now Silver you know as much as I that the prison doesn't have any nocturnal prisoners currently, technically you should be on holidays"
>Silver quickly points a hoof at you
"What about Anon he's not asleep yet!"
>Both adorable mares look up at you
"She's right anon, what are you still doing up?"
>"I could ask you the same question Soft Cotton"
>She smiles at you
"I already told you what I was doing anon"
>Was she actually thinking of you?
"Speaking of I expect payment for services this late"
>The mares chest fluff explodes out
>Much to Silver Linings embarrassment you move your hand in and give Soft Cotton a good firm rub
>Who's a good pony?
>Soft Cotton is! yes she is!
>You end your rubs and Soft Cotton looks back at you
"So how about it anon why are you still awake?"
>"I just usually go to bed around midnight, does that make me nocturnal here or something?"
"Well you stay up late enough to qualify, but you're awake during the day for too long, so no I guess not"
>You're just an anomaly then
"Good new Silver, Anon here is up long enough for you to have some company tonight"
>Silver Linings doesn't seem to mind
"I need him to move around anyway"
>Soft Cotton shakes her head
"You can fly you know, that scrape isn't too bad"
>Silver Blanches
"No way! I've heard stories of bat ponies who get cuts on their wings that tear right through when they fly!"
>That actually sound really painful
"Fair enough, now may you both please leave my quarters, I would actually enjoy /some/ sleep"
>With that you pick up your new pony friend and head for the door
>"Thanks Soft Cotton, see you tomorrow"

That's it once more, very busy with the Christmases and moving of houses and the such
But more importantly I've almost cracked 35k words of stoner wisdom
>You stare at the empty seat in front of you, mindlessly sipping from the mug in your possession.
>And before you know it, it's empty.
>Your eyes linger on the mug for a moment.
>You sigh for a third time, then grab the small candy cane attached to its side.
>You slowly tear the wrapping open and start sucking on the bottom of it.
>You re-focus on the seat.
>It always reminds you how alone you are here.
>Because if being the only human here was one thing, there was also the lack of female attention you had to deal with.
>And even in a world where they outnumber guys sixteen to one, you've yet to get the chance at finding someone special for yourself.
>And you're not picky.
>Species became a small factor when you noticed the extent of your crippling loneliness.
>And, Mass Effect also helped convince you that it was alright.
>But, just as in your home in the Milky Way, you had very little acknowledgement from the opposite sex.
>And just knowing that, hurts.
>But you try not to let it control you.
>Because friends don't make the world go 'round.
>Though, it does help you keep up with it.
>Your mind reels back, and you right yourself.
>Your eyes trail to the mug for another second, then you grab it and stand.
>You unconsciously walk towards the counter, and hand the mug to the pony.
>You pull the candy cane from your mouth and look at her.
"Thanks for the coff-"
>She cuts you off with a gasp.
>She cowers and covers her head with her hooves.
>"D-don't h-hurt m-me!!"
>You get tackled by the guard pony beside you.
>Before you can say anything, you're flipped around, and cuffs are put on you.
>"Thought you could try and rob THIS store, huh?!"
"W-what are you talking about?"
>"You sick fiend. I never expected this from you."
>Your candy cane is viciously pulled from your hands.
>"You're going to be put away for a LOOONG time for something like this, Anonymous.:
"I-I don't understand. W-what did I do?"

'Aight, I'm done.
Wasn't expecting that. Kek'd.
Alright, you got me. I was expecting a really long and developed story about Anon living his new life. With the serious tone of the whole thing, the end really blindsided me.

kinda bummed out
The picture gave away the ending
Still good though.
Figured I didn't leave enough details in there to show why Anon gets arrested. That damn character limit, man. Shoulda spoiler we it, though.
Candycanes are deadly poison to ponies, even one touch to the skin would mean certain doom
Durnk, while I'd be inclined to agree with you, it was given to him with the coffee. I don't quite think that the ponies would give out lethal poison with their coffee so freely.
Unless the server wanted Anon dead.
Santa put it there to remind Anon of home.
Santa is basically like a christmas wizard.
And planned a fake arrest if he didn't die, in order to rid him from the town.
Goddamn it, I wasn't expecting that.
Sweet niggerdicks, this thread's pretty slow today. It's a Saturday, guys, what are you doing?
-I mean Sunday, holy shit, I think I caught a mild case of autism..
Uh... It's Monday, Anon...
You slept too long.
his point still stands though.
Original Draw Friend here, m'bored. Who wants more Cookies?
Me! Mememe!
Alriiiiiiight, any suggestions, besides some l-lewd emergency churro action?
Her in a pail of cream? With a cookie on her head.
Cookies standing bravely with a non-lewd emergency churro in her mouth, while her fellow guards cower behind her.
working on it

will get to this soon.
I eagerly await a horse in dairy with baked goods upon her head.
humanity restored
How so, Anon?
Wrong thread m8
SiE is here
>It just looks at you, waiting for more.
"...I-I dunno. It's complicated for me, I guess... I'm sorry I don't just see physical attraction as love. More lust, if anything..."
>It stares blankly at you, as if cataloguing what you just said.
>You feel a soft tap on your arm and turn.
>Ary's there, holding your phone in her hoof.
>"This thing of yours made a few noises and shook a little bit in your shirt. I'm not sure what's wrong with it..."
>You grab the phone from her hoof and get a cute smile from her.
>It's a big jump from the soul-crushing glare she had while holding that knife earlier.
>...You sure know how to pick 'em, Anon.
>And thankfully, you don't mean that in an ironic way.
>You picked the best pony in the whole damn prison, here.
>You clutch the phone in your hand and use the other to wrap Aryanne in a big hug.
"Goddamn, I love you."
>She squeaks in response and nuzzles you with a big smile on her face.
>The Changeling immediately starts spitting and wiping its tongue.
>You both pause and look at it.
>It retreats a few feet away and just stares at you two.
>You just turn back and resume snuggling your loving pony companion.
>She giggles in response, and gently pushes herself away.
>"C-come on, Anon, I'm the warden! I have to remain professional!"
"So, letting an inmate carry you around in his arms the first day is professional, huh?"
>She blushes, and stays quiet.
>You take that as an open opportunity to boop her on the nose with yours.
>Her blush deepens immensely.
>"W-w- A-Anon! That's..."
>She pauses for a moment, then focuses back on you.
>"I-if you w-w-want..."
>Wait, what?
>What did you just do?
>She simply pecks your cheek, then quickly hops off and starts speed-walking towards her room.
>Well, whatever it is, it certainly got her riled up...
>You quickly shake your thoughts away and look at your phone.
>Your eyes instantly widen in shock.
>Your jaw hangs open.
>Your heart stops.
>...You got a text.
>You blankly stare at the word 'Mom' plastered on the front screen, then quickly unlock it.
>It opens over to the text she sent you.
>It's three words.
>And you can tell that it probably took a while to write.
>It takes all but a second to decipher.
>'Come home, please.'
>You can only stare at the words for a moment.
>Then you viciously write out a response.
'I'll find a way to, mom.'
>You hit send.
>You hold your breath in anticipation.
>You try again.
"Fuck YOU!"
>You ignore the zero bars at the top of your phone's screen and hit send again.
>You practically crush the thing in your grip and launch it into the floor.
>It shatters and breaks pieces out everywhere.
>Your anger quickly fades as you realize what you've just done.
"O-oh, no..."
>You jump over to the floor and start picking up the pieces.
>The more bits of circuitry you see in them, the more you quickly realize how royally you fucked yourself.
>The first way you've found of contacting your mom and possibly getting home, ruined.
>And in record time, too.
>You stare at the bits of glass and electronics resting in your hands.
>You fruitlessly press the power button.
>Nothing happens.
>You run a finger over part of the screen, where just a few seconds ago, you saw a text.
>The Changeling slowly walks over to you.
>"I-I don't know what you are, but I can taste emotions that you aren't even directing at me."
>You feel a small lump forming in your throat.
"A-and what are you tasting, now?"
>It doesn't waste a second.
>"...Tastes like hopelessness. It's reeaally bitter."
>You just nod, and resume staring at the ground before you.
Shit got serious
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holy niggers, we're flying through pages tonight
night bump
hope we make it through tonight
I'll post something after dinner
>Back in the guards lounge
>You're sitting next to a bat pony
>A cup of coffee in your hand
>Not as good as at the cafe but it had a certain kindness to it in that it had been brewed by an adorable tiny horse with bat wings
>BatMare danananananaa BATMARE
>The shirt you left here had dried enough to be put back on
>"So Silver you said you had to be a close personal guard for Luna to become a bat pony earlier"
>"So if you're a personal guard for a princess why work here?"
"I'm part of the newest group of initiates so I don't /actually/ get to guard the princess"
"I work the guards nights shift here instead"
>Sounds boring working here by yourself at night
>"What do you do while you work here?"
>The little mare wriggles around to lay facing toward you
"Well I normally practice my night flying, but on warm nights I like to fly in and out of the waterfalls misty clouds"
>Sounds Rad
"But now I'm off duty and my wings hurt so I can't exactly go flying"
>She directs your attention to a cupboard
"How about you grab a board game from there anon"
>It was less a question more a request
>But you need something to occupy your time as much as her
>Let's see what to pick, what to pick?
>Oh dang son they got settlers of Canterlot
>Time to get yo game on
"Oh that's one of my favourites! good choice anon, there's no way you'll win"
>lol little pony thinks it can take you on and win?
>"We'll see about that miss"
>That bat is good
>You got thrashed
>She got the largest friend group, longest daisy chain and most pie shops
>Along with a few free friendship point cards
>In your defence some of the rules were different to back home
>And trying to decipher what every super friendly thing that replaced the versions words you were familiar with was a pain
"Thanks for the game anon, maybe we could play it again someday?"
>"Sure thing, I think I need some practice at it anyway"
>The small batmare lets out a giggle
"You do a bit"
>A grumble from Slivers stomach reminds you that bat ponies may not have the same eating schedule as everyone else
>"Have you not eaten yet Silver?"
>The mare's head moves side to side
"Not my lunch no, but I wanted to finish this game first"
"It's in the fridge over there can you get it for me please?"
>You got to the fridge to retrieve what she'd got for lunch
>Apparently it's a half eaten sandwich
>From her abject horror that was not the condition she left it in
"I can't believe it! Somepony's eaten my lunch AGAIN!"
>Here come the waterworks
>It starts with just a few drops but before you know it she's curled up sobbing
>There's nothing for it then
>You swoop in and gather her up in a tight hug
>Her sobs quiet down as her hooves tentatively reach their way around your neck completing the hug
>"Shh, shh, it'll be alright, here I've got an idea"
"What is it anon"
>"You'll just have to wait and see"

Sorry but that's it, as we all know things slow down this time of year
This is getting on my nerves. Anon's dialogue should be black, everyone else's should be green. That's how it works. Fix your shit.
You'll find some people have their green with the same syntax I've used but u should know I don't care
PoV character of a segment gets the black text during dialogue. For that bit there, it should be Anon.
Fair point but meh, I can't be bothered going through nearly a hundred pages to remove or add a 'greater than' symbol at each point of speech
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Is there any story where Anon transformed into a mare and goes to a female prison?
Greetings, faggots. Here, have some green.

“Aaaan-ooon, Aaaaan-oooon!” the crowd in the court-yard amplified the chanting.

The ponies are out in hundreds all flailing their hooves frantically as they push and squeeze between each other. Their desire to see Anon rap-battle parole officer Jamin Cookies. Jamin is already out in the court-yard, her shirt strangled with creases and her tie missing, the badge of honour facing toward the ground as it hangs from her shirt. Jamins' eyes glow with a tingle of yellow and orange; a mixed flame. Her smirk grows wide as her eyes shift the crowd for any sign of her opponent.

“Well then, that was easy! It seems my rival isn't attending–“

“Here is the massa'! Mr.Wizzup Anon, better step back!!”

the light-pink horse pounces and flashes numerous unintelligible signs before making a final with her stance; stood up with both hooves extended from her sides. Her frilly, puffy mane energized. Hey, maybe it's the source to all of her energy? The crowd seemed to be beaming with joy from her appearance.

Anonymous approached the circle group of crazed ponies. The sun revealing his black overall jumpsuit with two more ponies and a griffin beside his side, all stride with proud smiles and pride.

“I'm here to win this battle,” Anon adjusted his jumpsuit cuffs. “and to have my reward.” his eyes met the curious gaze of Jamins Cookie, sweat forming from her t-bone and her tail swishing at a rapid-rate. Jamins eyes widened as Anon shoved a pointing finger to her nose. “Not two, not three, not four. . . BUT FIVE PUDDING CUPS!”

some ponies fainted at the sound of that whilst others were licking their lips and rubbing their stomach.

“And to also leave this prison. Early.”

Then, it happened. The beat dropped.

“Aaaargh!” Anon's room mate, Dawn, let out a vocal stretch and yawn.

Anon twisted and turned in his bed with the duvet covering his face.

“Anon?” she called out.
“mmmhmm...” he mumbled.

“Get up dude, it's time for us to get to the cafe–”

“Shut up and just.. mmh.. go. I'll skip.”

“What?!” Dawn hanged from the above bunk-bed, her eyebrows arched and her beak frowning. “You're not skipping today! You haven't eaten much for the past two weeks, not to mention you NEVER touch your pudding cups–”

“WHO CARES ABOUT THOSE STUPID CUPS?!” Anon sat up straight and punched his pillow as his voice roared. “I don't give a fuck about these stupid pudding cups and I don't fucking care about you!”

There was silence.

“Oh Anon, I know ya jus' messing with me. Come on, let's go!” Dawn is now dragging Anon by his collar through the hallway as his arms are cross-folded with a discriminate pout.

“Well, atleast the burger is good.” Anon was muffled temporarily while he was stuffing his face full of meaty goodness.

“The Challengers are practising today, they still need one more pony or griffon on their team.” Cookies tilts her head at Anon while making direct eye contact. And he stared back into the eyes of the guard who seems to be lost in the moment of tranquillity as Anon's eyes slightly widen overtime.

“Hey, I know!–“ Cookies raises her hoof with a beaming smile.

“No.” Anon quickly retorts.

“D'aww, do you even know what I was going to say?”

“Yes,” he wiped his mouth dry with his neatly kept napkin. “and I'm not interested.” Anon pulls the two pudding cups aside and slides them across the table to Dawn.

“How come, Anonymous? You've only been here for a month and yet you show signs of something. . . strange. You refuse to partake in any activity we suggest, you refuse to change your diet to increase your lifespan and you certainly refuse to have your puddings, which by the way, skip one more time today and we'll be force feeding you it.”

>can't be fucking serious.

“I'm starting to think you're...” Anon raises his eyebrow as Cookies pulls a face only a mother could love. “y-your..” well, whatever she's about to say, hopefully it's good. All these cliffhangers are making you tired. “yo-you're depressed!”

>No shit.

“Well, you could be right.” Anon tapped onto his temple, contemplating to be, or not to be.

“Well then, it's a good thing you're here! Because only ONE thing will cure depression!” Dawn and Cookies announce in unison. Scary shit!

“Dare I ask, what is the resolution?”

“Depression isn't neat, it can be beat...” two of the pones nod their heads while wearing big smiles.

Anon covered his ears immediately with no hesitation. What is this utter-bullshit? Seriously, how can people even take this seriously? If this is all the pones have to try and squash depression then they're never going to do it. Ofcourse, why would they? They're completely oblivious to everything around them! As Cookies turned her back Dawn and Anon slipped away smoothly.

“So you're not going to do it?” Dawn stretched out her wing and pulled Anon close to her and smiled.

“Nope.” he rolled his eyes.

“Why not? Seems like it could be fun.”

“Dawn, remember that one time I participated in the event of City-Troit baseball?”

Anon shunted the ground with the edge of the wooden 24 inch bat. His head tilted forward and his eyes squinted. Anonymous' jumpsuit sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and his grip enhanced as both of his hands join together like he is ready for the big play.

“I'm ready, gimme your best shot!”

The pitcher's cap slightly curved down to their snout, casting a shadow over their eyes. Their mischievous smile arose before locking their hoof back and tossing it toward Anon.

He swung!


The ball rolled on the ground. Anon looked over his shoulder to find an unfortunate pony who was behind him with their helmet caved in from the hit. Seems like their eyes are too busy noticing how many stars there are in Uranus.


Dawn rolled on the floor squawking. Unable to contain her intelligible laughter, pounding the ground with her talon as she struggles to catch a break.

“Damnit, Dawn! That wasn't funny! I-it's not like I'm smiling 'cause I think it's funny.” Anon covered his mouth with his hand as Dawn looked up to him, giggling repeatedly.

“Is that so, huh?”

“Yeah! You're stupid laugh is making me smile!”

“Heh. Oh you. Well Anon, if you don't want to partake in the activities, that's your loss. I need to go practice anyway!” still beaming with a smile of laughter Dawn strides away.

If there's anything Anon noticed, it is definitely the way her luxurious hips sway from left to right as her curved butt follows motion, her tail regularly showing him a tight-awaiting passage and her inexperienced slit.



“Tonight on Daring Doo's Adventure, part six!” the TV echoed.

Anon rolls his eyes and continues to suckle on the straw leading to his drink while lightly tapping on his stomach as it were a bongo. Laying on his side as the TV continued to ramble. He changed his position to being upside down with his back against the wall still slurping.

“Cell block Orange, you're locked up for the night. Have a good one. And remember, if you need any assistance at all just press the buzzer,” a light-hearted giggle was made vocal followed by lip-smacking.

Damn, it's already night time?

“Stoooop iiit~”

“ Fucking hell, I hate this place. It's full of love, appreciation and talented ponies and alike. Why can't I be one of them to join the ranks of being a skilled baseball player instead of smacking a pone over the head by accident? When will anyone start to take me seriously?”

“ 'night, Anon.” Dawn shuffled her pillow before laying to rest for the night.

“Dawn, can I ask you something before you go to sleep?”

“Sure, what's up?”

“Do you,” Anonymous put down his drink “ya'know, think I could be abit better at baseball?”

“Sure you can.”

Suddenly his eyes widened! He felt the temperature rise in his stomach like a volcano erupting. This strange alien sensation is quickly followed by a change in his pulse. He gasped before clenching his fist with an iron grip and raised it in the air, he's claiming a land!

“That's it! From tomorrow on-wards, I WILL become one of the skilled players! No more messing around, no more staying in my room and shying away from reality! Time to get sticky!” a wide grin sneaked it's way onto his face and his heart fluttered.

Like a table flip, the night became day fast.

“Alright Cell block Orange, come get your breakfest~” the speaker announced.

Anon pushed himself up, wiping his brow and eyes. Letting out a very manly vain yawn and stretch. His eyes stare back at himself in the mirror. “It's cold today,” he stroked his hair. “but whose complaining? Not me!” Anon zipped up his jumpsuit and turned around to find a very confused Dawn.

“Anon.. you're–”

“Up? Yeah, I figured what's the point of staying in this little room and wasting my shitty time away, eh.”

“... Really?” Dawn jumped down onto the ground. “I'm glad! Come on, let's grab some grub.”

Time to make a change. And that time is today.

“Yo, I'd like two meat burgers and give me the spiciest potato you can serve.”Anon beamed a quick smile as his tray was filled with all assortment of delicious meaty treaties aswell as the standard two pudding cup and a carved potato stuffed with...

“Yours Truly™! It's our most beloved hotsauce to date.” the mare let out a wink as the next trey moved to take his place. “ enjoy~”

Anon rolled his eyes, scrunched his mouth slightly and shook his head. Whatever, he needed to get through the day seeing it as a struggle and a grind. He needs to grind to earn his rank, and he knows how he'll do that.

“So which baseball team needs a player today?” Anon asked as he took a regrettable large bite into the potato.

“The Hawkins team, my team, needs a player. Our best member is currently in the infirmary.” Anon noticed how Dawn's brow becoming quizzical.

“I'll replace'em! I mean...” Anon scratched the back of his head and lowered his posture slightly. “uh, yeah.. I-I will!” he beamed a forceful smile to Dawn.

Her tail swished and she grinned and let out a yelp as she grasped Anonymous in her tight warm cuddly grip.

“Thanks, Anon! It'll be great to have you on our team!”

“Anon, try this on for size.” Dawn launched the scratched to hell helmet, lobbing it like a bowling ball!

“ARK!” Anonymous landed on his ass, gripping onto the helmet to halt it like a comet.

“You smartass, don't try to kill me with it!” angst flowed through Anon's breath.

“Haha.” Dawn giggled, grabbing multiple equipment from the storage room.

Anon tilted the helmet forward, the visor casting a shadow on his eyes and nose. The 24inch bat in his hand and Dawn on the other side of him as they both walk out of the building. Their rivals scrunch their scout and bashing their hooves together. Except for the pitcher, looks like she has shit herself with those large shell-shocked eyes staring into the void.

“She's puny, we'll win this.” Anon said with a sly grin.

“I'll be rootin' for you.” Dawn broke away to the sidelines.

Anonymous held up his bat and bashed the earthly ground beneath him, dust particles wildly blew against the bat.

The pitcher pulled her hoof back and her nerves are starting to show. Her posture is leaning far too much to the back as she tries to balance herself out by hopping consistently on the spot. From a mile away you could see her chest moving up and down as though she is running a marathon.

“The hell is she doin'?” her coach gritted his teeth.

“Looks like she's afraid.” Dawn smiled at their eye contact. “And rightfully so.”

She threw!

The baseball is launched with a steady propelling speed of 50!

Anonymous swung the bat and motioned with his entire body “Ha!”. His feet twisted in sync with the quick motion.

The ball thunder-clapped the bat and ricocheted against the bat and a gust of wind followed the balls path as it rode the skies and climbing in altitude at a steady velocity. The pony in the sturdy guard tower swiped his hat off as his jaw is locked open.

“Heh, nice shot.” Dawn clapped.

“Hooool..” the pitcher swiped her hat off of her head as her jaw was bolted open. “...ly crap.”

Dawn beamed with an energetic smile. Her heart fluttered and her wings twitched when Anon made the shot, a slight blush arose on her cheeks. Giggling uncontrollably as Anonymous is hoisted in the air by his baseball team and carried out of the pitch with praise of greatness.

“Urgh, I hate showers,” Anonymous quickly rinses his head as his muscles flexed around his neck. “They're a necessary evil, though.”
Running the scruffy and ragged towel on his face and over his head, Anon clinched his fist and pouted as he remembers the events not so long ago.

“That wasn't good enough, I need to do better! I need to evolve and enhance faster and better, right now I'll never get anywhere if I stay like this!” It was a mental-fight for Anonymous.

Thats it from me. I always love these threads, pretty cool. Cheers, guys.
where's the green?
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I remember when this thread started. I remember when Cookies didn't even have her own OC yet. I remember what this thread was BEFORE IT WAS A GODDAMN GENERAL.

You guys ruined it. I still have fond memories of those 5-6 post greens that never needed more than an entire thread to tell the story.

The point was, we kept it short, we kept it hilarious. This is just TL;DR.

Sorry guise.

Thanks for the salt.
I wrote those first few post, and Cookies wasn't even in those until Mythd popped in. So maybe you should get your facts straight before you whine like a bitch.

Eh, I don't usually write in green anymore. It has a blinding effect for me.
Well no one here remembers your bitch ass anymore. Goodbye, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, fuckboy.
I've actually got a bit of that written out, but wasn't sure whether to post it in the AnonFilly or this thread.
And I still need to finish my current story.
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Don't make me strip search you, Anon.
File: 1436961220773.gif (922 KB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Right ahead of ya.
Still waiting on Cookies 'n cream wearing cookie and in cream.
>good night bump
Working on it
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can't waaaiiit
>Still be anon
>You've slinked your way along the eerie lit corridors until you found the big set of doors you were looking for
>Pony still in arms you push your way through
>To the cafeteria
>As you'd thought the doors were unlocked
>You grope about at the wall looking for a light switch but before you can find one they come on themselves
>Stupid magic
>Silver stirs at the change in surrounding
"Why are we in the cafeteria Anon? They don't serve food past dinner. We shouldn't even be here"
>They might not but you could
>"Don't worry I've got a plan"
>You sit Silver on the counter and hop over into the kitchen
"ANON what are you DOING!"
>You smile back at her shock
>"I'm making you an omelette"
>They ate egg right?
>Judging by all the eggs stored in the fridge marked PONY they do
"But anon you can't use the ovens or cooking equipment without training in proper safety and furth-
>You put your hand up
>"I've been working with fire and knives since I was a kid, I don't need a safety course in their use"
"B-but, but, but!"
>"But nothin'"
"Well I find it hard to believe anypony would let a child near knives or FIRE"
>"Don't believe it then"
>She grumpily crosses her hooves
"You at least need to get permission from somepony!"
>"You're a pony, that'll work"
>She quits her meagre fight with a sigh at your infuriating logic
>Its omelette time
Soz I'm cooked
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Check bump
Reposting a post from before I took my long-ass break for school, followed by new stuff! I'll mark the start of the new stuff so you all can just skim and skip to that if you remember where I was at

Be Anon
>Be in your cell with your girls
>They are all crowded around you on the bed
"Alright girls, we're going to go kick some ass in a few minutes but first there are a few things I want to do. Vintl, you know how you can't cuss anymore?"
>Vintl nods sadly
>You beam her a grin
>Time to see if the placebo affect can overcome magic
"Well, you can't curse with words you already knew but maybe... Just maybe, you can say /new/ curses"
>Vintl tilts her head at you
>"What. do. you. mean.?"
>You raise your finger
"There is a human cuss that I haven't heard here yet, so I don't think it exists here. Come in close, I don't feel right saying it too loudly"
>Vintl frowns
>"You've. never. been. afraid. to. cuss. before...."
>You nod
"Yeah, because those words weren't this one. Come over please"
>Vintl smiles and nods happily
>Once she settles on your shoulder, you lean your head over and cup your hand in front of your mouth to hide it from the other girls
>She leans in eagerly
>You whisper a gibberish word in her ear and pull away
"That word can be used anywhere in a sentence. Try it out!"
>Vintl screws her eyes shut in concentration
>She blinks in surprise and tries again
>You hide a smile and pretend to sigh
"Damn, looks like you can't say it... but it looks like you can use regular curses if you try saying that word instead!"
>Vintl beams and giggles
>"Fuck. fuck. fuckity. fuck. fuck.! Fuck. a. duck.! Bastard. son. of. a. bitch.! THIS. IS. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.!"
>Vintl jumps up off your shoulder and vigorously hugs your ear
>"Thank. you.!"
>You nod slowly, careful not to make her lose her grip
"My pleasure"
>You smile broadly at the rest of your girls
"I also made you all portraits!"
Whoops, forgot my name!

>You reach into your pocket to pull out the neatly folded pieces of paper...
>...But find nothing
>You must have dropped them during your escape

Be The Warden
>Be carefully traveling through an underground tunnel
>You found some papers earlier, but couldn't really look at them in the cramped space and with your torch in your mouth
>Maybe they're a map that leads to burried treasure?
>...Probably not
>The last time you found a treasure map, you found Sandy's secret eyepatch stash
>You round a corner and squint down the tunnel
>That... looks like light!
>You're almost to the end of the tunnel!
>Breaking into a canter, you quickly make it to the opening
>It takes a few attempts, but you manage to pull yourself into the room above the tunnel
>...This looks like the timeout room
>You glance around
>Crayons, papers....
>You pull out the papers from earlier to confirm your suspicions
>These works of art confirm that the worst-case scenario has happened!
>Anon tunneled out of timeout!
>That's it, you're upgrading him to Red status!
>You bang on the room's door
"Open up! Anon has escaped!"
>Someone shuffles around outside
>"Nice try, Anon! You can't fool me!"
>You don't have time for this!
>Anon needs to be punished!

Be Spinnerette
>Anon pulls his hands out of his pockets and sighs
>"Sorry girls, looks like I lost the pictures I drew for you all during my escape..."
>Feygl smiles warmly
>"It's okay, I'm sure they were great"
>Amber nods
>"And it's the thought that counts"
>Anon smiles weakly
>"Yeah... but still, sorry"
>No one is speaking
>Now is the perfect time to ask Anon about your hive
>Your belly is instantly filled to the brim with butterflies
>And not the happy, pretty kind
>These are the kind of butterflies that could scoop up a pony and carry it away
>These butterflies simply did not appreciate being in your belly, and wanted out!
"H-Hey Anon?"
>Oh no
>Oh sweet hivemother, he's looking at you
>"Yeah, Spinny?"
>Your belly is doing flips
"I was hoping..."
>The butterflies /really/ don't like your belly flipping like that
>He smiles warmly at you
>You take a deep breath
>Here goes nothing!
"...Could I start a hive? They could help protect the herd and I really /really/ want one! You wouldn't have to worry, changelings reach maturity really quickly so it wouldn't take much work, and I can handle it all on my own if you want and..."
>The butterflies are frozen
>You feel cold
>Anon is just looking at you
>Oh please say something!
>Please say yes!
>Sandy wraps you in a wing, the physical contact surprising you and making you jump
>"Please Anon? Let her form a hive?"
>Anon takes a deep breath, nodding slowly
>"I... guess it would be alright. Especially if it will help keep everyone safe! But... This seems like a family decision... girls?"
>Feygl shrugs
>"Sure, why not"
>Happy nods slowly
>"While having a changeling hive around would normally make me really nervous... I trust you"
>Amber nods and smiles
>"Changelings produce numerous rare components for alchemy that I simply could not afford, I'm fine with it as long as I can get some samples every now and again"
>Libele smiles sweetly
>"I won't stop you from being happy"
>Vintl stamps her tiny hoof against Anon's shoulder
>"Don't. be. a. faggot., Anon."
>Anon lets out a chuckle
>"Well... I guess that settles it!"
>The butterflies are gone and forgotten in an instant and you rush at Anon
"Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you all!"
>Anon chuckles again, wrapping an arm around you
>Your body reflexively coats your mouth with pure love and emotion as you crane your neck to give Anon a big kiss
>Once Vintl recovers from being knocked off Anon's shoulder, she starts cheering you on
Start of new content! Woo! Fresh off the keyboard!


Be Bright Spear
>This is quite lovely, actually
>Hill Stony organized a picnic for everyone to celebrate the victory over Anon
>You are thoroughly enjoying yourself
>Hill Stony may be a doody head, but he really knows how to organize a party
>you shoot him a glance
"How'd you even manage to get this stuff?"
>Hill smirks at your patronizingly
>"I pulled some favors, paid a few bribes, and made some of it myself"
>You raise an eyebrow
"Really? Never saw you as the cooking type"
>Hill snorts
>"Please, cooking is beneath me. I made the cider"
>Rust downs another massive swig
>"This stuff is great! More please!"
>Hill levitates a large jug over to Rust
>Rust takes the jug appreciatively
>"Thank you kindly!"
>Hill nods curtly
>"Of course. Today is a day to celebrate!"
>Everyone cheers, from Tick-Tick to Rust, a chorus of voices ring out proudly

Be Amber
>O-Oh no!
>What's happening?!
>The elements are /really/ boiling over in Anon now!
>It... It looks like they're...
>That isn't possible!
>It shouldn't be possible!
>Is it even possible?!
>The elements are supposed to cancel eachother out, not...
>Anon groans and pushes Spinny away
>"W-What's happening to me?"
>You try to swallow nervously, but your throat is dry
"The elements inside you... are... are..."
>Anon frowns in discomfort
>"...Are what? Damn, this feels /weird/..."
>You focus hard, trying to pick out the elements' individual movements... and failing
"They're... dancing? fusing? mating? I just don't know! I'm sorry!"
>Spinny's eyes go wide with fear
>"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you Anon! Are you okay? Please be okay!"
>Anon leans back with a grimace
>"I'm...fine, I think. I'm..."
>Anon groans and suddenly arches his back, falling off the bed...
>...And through the floor
>The gasps of surprise are drowned out by the sound of tearing carpet
>Vintl quickly buzzes over and inspects the floor where Anon was swallowed up
>The carpet is torn, and the concrete underneath has countless little swirls and eddies, as if a river's surface had been petrified
>Vintl angrily paws at the floor
>"Fuck. you. floor!. Give. back. Anon.! NOW.!"
>Libele shakes her head slowly
>"That didn't just happen... /What/ just happened?"
>Co and Patty share a frown while Spinny begins to hyperventilate
>Feygl leans over to you
>"You can control the elements, do something!"
>Your mouth opens and closes wordlessly
>The raw elemental power growing and changing in Anon makes him shine like a lighthouse to your elementally-attuned eyes
>Despite the increasing number of rock layers between you and Anon, you can still clearly see him...
>You need to save him!
>He's falling farther with every passing second!
>Shaking off your shock, you take a deep breath and try to block out the sounds of the other girls panicking
>Calling out to the elements for aid, you try to summon an earth elemental to catch Anon and bring him back to the surface...
>It's no use! The elements aren't responding!
>You quickly try the other three elemental kingdoms, desparately searching for aid
>...to no avail
>No response from /any/ of the elemental kingdoms!
>It's almost as if every one of the infinite elementals are focused on something else
>You turn to Co and Patty
"Honorable ancestors, please do something! Save Anon!"
>Co starts to move, but stops himself quickly and shakes his head
>"Anon has too much of a head start, and he's falling too fast. We can't catch him"
>Patty frowns at her husband
>"He's... right, but he could have said it nicely!... sorry dears, but Anon is just too far gone. Don't worry though! The elements have him, and they don't seem to want to hurt him! Quite the opposite, really!"
>Patty beams a matronly smile around the room
>You bite your lip and turn your gaze back towards the distant beacon of Anon's falling form
>Everything will be alright
>You have to believe that
>The elements wouldn't hurt Anon!

Be Anon
>You can see into forever.
>Each heartbeat is a wave crashing into shore.
>Skin... made of molten fire.
>You feel lighter than air...
>... and heavier than lead.
>Another natural cavern flashes by as you continue your descent.
>You're falling faster now.
>It's okay.
>You don't mind.
>While you did feel a twinge of pain early on, you don't feel any pain now.
>You continue to fall.
>Oh hey, this cavern is the size of the entire prison.
>And it's full of crystals.
>Must be a giant geode.
>It looks almost like you're flying through space.

Be Rust
>This party is GRATE!
>You take a breath and focus
>This party is G-R-E-A-T
>That's the word
>You laugh raucously at your success at remembering a word and take another deep swig of cider
>As soon as you drain the mug, you toss it aside and reach for another
>You can't help but giggle into your new mug at how pretty the broken mug looks
>A mighty force suddenly takes your chest, and the prison's park reverberates with the sound of your belch
>Now THAT was great!
>You fall over laughing, spilling cider all over yourself and everything else in the immediate area
>Tick-Tick nearly drowns

Be Hill Stony
>That idiot it wasting your cider
>...No matter
>There is plenty to go around, even with that buffoon spilling half of it all
>You unwrap a hard candy and toss the wrapper onto a slowly growing loose pile of discarded wrappers
>You sigh with pleasure as the sweet treat hits your tongue
>What a glorious day!
>The sun is shining brightly, not a cloud in sight, the temperature is a /perfect/ twenty one degrees celsius, seventy degrees fahrenheit
>You couldn't have designed a better day for a party
>...Okay, that's not true
>You're sure you could find some way to improve this day
>After all, Celestia made today and nobody is perfect
>Except for you

>You're perfect
>You're beautiful
>You're the smartest unicorn who ever lived!

Be Anon
>As nice as this whole experience is, you must admit...
>The magma is a little toasty.
>And the scenery is a little more boring.
>Everything is bright orange down here.
>When will you stop falling?
>...Doesn't matter.
>The feeling of immense, overwhelming pressure is countered by the feeling that you're on the edge of space.
>Overall, a net neutral.
>Oh, are you slowing down?
>You are.

Be Vintl
>The girls are all huddled around the tear in the carpet, surrounding you
>You smack your hoof into the floor again, slowly deepening a small scratch in the cement
"Why. aren't. any. of. you. helping. me.?! This. would. be. a. hell. of. a. lot. easier. if. you. faggots. all. got. off. your. lazy. asses. and. helped. me. dig.!"
>You glare around at the traitors surrounding you
>Spinny continues to shake uselessly, while Sandy comforts her
>Libele is wrapping everyone in a big hug... when she should be putting her claws to good use for once and helping you dig!
>Feygl isn't helping at all either, but worst of all is Amber
>She still isn't using her powers to help Anon!
>You growl and turn your attention back to the scratch
>If no one else is going to do anything to save Anon, it's all up to you!

Be Tick-Tick
>This party is pretty good
>Except for Rust
>Now you're soggy and sticky because of him!
>You try to wipe some of the excess cider out of your coat with a paper towel, not bothering to find a trash can or recycling bin for the messy paper
>It wouldn't be so bad if you could get drunk...
>Curse your ancestry!
>It can be so annoying that Dik-Diks don't drink!
>You sigh and shake yourself off
>You'll smell like apples for days...
>...Still, there are worse things to smell like
>And besides, an apple sounds good right about now anyway...
>Reaching for an apple, you drop the last paper towel on the ground

Be Amber Ember
>You can't see Anon anymore
>He's gone...
>But you know he's still alive
>He's okay
>The elements won't hurt him
>Vintl is still scratching away at the ground...
>You sigh shakily
>Doesn't she see it's useless to try digging?
>Anon is... or at least, /was/, falling through the earth as if there was nothing there
>Even with everyone helping, it'd take years to get even a tiny fraction of the way to Anon...
>You squeeze the girls sitting beside you
>Anon will come through, he'll make it
>He always does!

Be Anon
>At least things aren't orange anymore.
>It's all white-hot.
>And you're falling slower.
>Much slower.
>...are you stopping?
>...Yes, yes you are.
>The molten iron and nickel fall away underneath you, and you are gently lowered into an open area.
>As your feet touch the ground, the weight of the situation begins to hit you
>You just fell
>Through the planet
>And now you're in a room
>Made of blue and white crystals
>And there's an Alicorn
>And here you thought between Sparkle and the wonder twins, you'd already met every alicorn
>She smiles reassuringly at you
>Why are Alicorns always female?
>She has the same coat as Sparkle, but her hair is all Luna...
>Except instead of stars, there are gems and flecks of precious metals flickering in her mane
>The Alicorn takes a step forward
>"Hello my child, this must all be rather... exciting"
>Whatever you were expecting her to say, it wasn't that
>Well, that was lame
"What happened to me?"
>Much better
>The Alicorn nods toward a large bowl shaped screen, which shows you standing beside the Alicorn
>You turn your head to try and find the camera...
>Flat crystal wall
>You turn back to the screen
>Something is definitely off about you...
>The Alicorn distracts you before your addled mind can catch the obvious difference
>"I have watched you for quite a long time. I used my children to summon you, my child. You have great potential"
>You smile politely
"Thank you?... Excuse me, but could you send me back to my girls please? Who are you, anyway?"
>The Alicorn tilts her head
>"All in due time, my child. First, I have a request to make of you. My name is Gaia. I already know your name, Anon"
>You tilt your head slightly
"Gaia? As in mother earth?"
>The Alicorn nods and smiles
"Alright... what's your request?"
>The Alicorn sighs as a series of images flash across the screen
>"I need a champion. I cannot leave this place. As Celestia and Luna control the Sun and Moon, I control the planet. I constructed this facility so that I could relax without dropping the world... but this facility can't run for more than a few seconds without me to power it. I need someone to walk the surface in my stead"
>You frown
"Does this mean I have to become a hippy?"
>Gaia giggles softly
>"No, you may act as you please in your free time"
>You nod
"So I can still eat meat and take showers?"
>Gaia nods again
"Alright... so what would my duties entail?"
>Gaia smiles softly
>"Protect my interests. Serve as my voice in court. That sort of thing. You will be granted the power to see that my will is done."
>You nod
"What do I get out of it?"
>Gaia smirks
>"There are many benefits to serving a god. I /am/ the planet. You will never want for wealth or food, and you'll be able to take care of Hill Stony however you please"
>You give her a toothy grin
"Alright... What have I got to lose? Sign me up"
>Gaia smiles
>"Good, I'm glad that you have agreed! Now go, my child, the power is already within you"
>You frown
"Wait, what do you mean the power is alre-"
>Before you can finish the sentence, you are rocketed upward through the crystal ceiling and into the core of the planet speeding toward the mantle and crust

I'm going to try and finish this up within the next day or two, and then I'll officially stop writing for a while. Sorry for the long, long delay all!
hype lurk

Did anon just become CAPTAIN PLANET!?
I guess that make the girls his planeteers
>Captain Planon in Prison
>He-Non in AiE
Which cartoon hero is next, and for what general?
I just read a One punch man one-post in Anonfilly


>had to do 14 capchas to post this+ zoom out to read them/click complete

>The doors bolted shut in the orange cell block and even though many ponies had enjoyed their >hard-work and effort for the day, Anonymous' victory with the home-run has left many ponies still >chanting praises.

“Goodnight Cell block Orange, and sleep tight. Nice work, Anonymous!” the loud speaker announced.

>“I am a idiot,” Anon smothered himself with his raggy and worn pillow. “They're just being nice to >me when in fact, I need to get better. At this moment I haven't done anything worthwhile or great. >It was just luck on the field. I don't deserve all this praise.” feeling a lump in his throat and >hugging his pillow tightly as he sniffles as quiet as he could.

“Goodnight, Anon. Nice job~” Dawn still giggled and smiled at the thought of Anon's home-run.

>“Y-yea,” He turned onto his side and shut his eyes. “Yeah. Night.”

“Are you alright, An–”

>“I'm fine!” he cleared his throat. “I'm fine.” he silently drifted off.

>Dawn stretched out her wings and rubbed her eyes. She sat down with her baseball team, >noticeably with her best team member back from the infirmary.

>“Hey, Khaz. You're back from the infirmary, how was it?”

“Yea'. I am, Coach. It was sorta fine.” Khaz poked a hoof at his burger bun.

>“What's up?”

“Well...” his eyes squinted as both of his hooves knocked into eachother in a slow rhythm. “I ran into...”

>“Tell me you didn't.” the only pony Dawn could ever remember being psychopathic enough to >rap-battle against inmates and use their own guards to play in baseball just to mess with the inmate >getting released early or capping more penalties to their sentence.

“Yea'.” Khaz nodded his head. “Parole officer Jamin Cookies.”

>The entire table gasped as one pony face-planted the table before hopping away with tears in his >eyes.

“Fantastic. Looks like we have another member out to the infirmary, Coach!”

>Dawn rolled her eyes and chuckled.

“Jamin said she's interested in the hooman.”

>“She fucking what?!” Flipping her tray out of the way and hammering both of her talons onto the >table with clenched fists of fury. “Rrrrgh, I'll have that cow know,” her cheeks were blushing a >slight crimson and her tail lowered itself significantly to be touching the floor and her chest is >puffed out to ward off any competition. “she won't get to Anonymous, he's mine and I'll knock her >out!”

“She's interested in rap-battling him.” Khaz brushed his hair backwards.

>“Oh.. I-I..” Dawn cleared her throat and closed her eyes, grinning. “I knew that. So she's interested >in rap-battling Anonymous and possibly baseball?” Dawn glanced behind herself, the two guard >ponies bobbing their heads along with a beat and rapping along.

>”Sounds like it. From what I heard about yesterday, she won't stand a chance.” Khaz beamed a smile.

. . .

>“Hey, Cookies!” Dawn waved and smiled.

“Oh, hiya, Dawn. What's up?”

>“Have you seen A-an-..” her cheeks blushed. “Anonymous today?”

“Hm? No. I presume he's still in the cell block. He hasn't come out all day and it's already noon.”

>Dawn plucked out a loose feather as she paced with angst down the hallway. Scratching her throat >and clenching her teeth. Her tail wildly snapping at random.

>“I need to do something about this. He's been isolating himself.” She puffed up her cheeks and >stormed the cell, bashing the door open. “Anonymous!”

>Anon's body twitched as he groaned and twists in his bed.

>“Come on, get up. We need you for the game tonight.”

“I..” he buried his face in the pillow. “don't care.”

>“What? You did awesome yesterday, remember hitting the baseball out of the grounds? You got a >home-run first time!”

“ 'nt care.” was all he could muster from his breath.

>Dawn stomped her way to Anon and grabbed him by his collar and pulled him out of bed. He >gripped onto her talons and shunted her away from him, she fell backwards onto the TV, knocking >it off balance and smashing it's lenses on the concrete ground.

“Will you stop it already?! It isn't funny and it isn't cute when you keep doing that, just back off!”

>“Anon, why are you being like this? What's wrong–”

“I don't care about the fucking game! It means nothing,” he inhaled deeply, clenching his fists. “NOTHING to me! It was pure luck I got a homerun yesterday. It isn't a sign that I have potential it isn't a sign I am good at something, it's just luck!” Anon closed the distance between them both, his nose shoving onto her beak and his pout as stern as ever. “LUCK!”

>Dawn twitched and instinctively clawed Anon's stomach squealing as both of her palms pushed his >chest away from herself. Anonymous gripped onto her talon and yanked, pulling her back into his >distance and sending a jaw-breakingly concrete punch to her face. She cowered on the ground and >uncontrollably crying.

>Cookies opened the parole officers' door and nodded at Jamin.

“Jamin, heard about Anon?”

“Ye'.” Jamin Cookies looked up with a pout. “It's a shame. But I always figured tha' there is sumthin'bout that pony.”

>Khaz peered into the infirmary. “Is she here?” the nurse nodded at him and continued to wrap her >up in a bandage. “There you are, hon. It'll take a couple of weeks to heal but it'll be fine.”

“The hell happened, Coach?” he plopped onto the side of Dawn's bed.

>“Just... had a disagreement, that's all, Khaz.”

“Nononononononono, what happened? This looks like more then a–”

>“Khaz!” she plucked another loose feather from her wing. “you're sweet. But really it was just a >disagreement that's all.”

. . .

>“Anonymous. Remember what we spoke about, when you were returning from the Crystal Empire >with the princesses?” Celestia smiled.

“I.. doo~” Anon chuckled, biting away at his icecream. “I very much do remember, Celestia. You said the power of positive emotion and negativeness emotion can be the deciding factor for many outcomes and experiences.”

>“Right! And if you're surrounded by ponies who constantly tell you something isn't possible, it is >out of your reach and it simply isn't fathomable to preform. What should you do?”

“Tell them to go to hell and reach for the moon?”

“Thy basturd!” Luna puffed her cheeks out.
>Seems she's a little sensitive to that still, heh.


>“No, not really. You will come across some trials that are too much for yourself to handle at that >moment in time. You won't always have the experience to comprehend complexity when you're >challenged with it. But that doesn't mean you give up, it simply means you need to be taught on a l>ower scale of weight first.”


>“But there will be some trials that are impossible.” She fluttered her wings as the sun began >brightening and gazing inside from the window. “But those are too far and few.”

“Like bending space and reality?”


“So, how does having a positive attitude help me with this?”

>“If you deem many things hard, impossible or you have a negative outlook on them, such as the >hardwork which defines the type of character you are. It simply can leave you with nothing to >practice on or to partake with in life.”


>“Discord. While he has made a continuous effort to appreciate affection and praise, his longing >outlook on both of these things is what ultimately ruled these two simple things, as petty.”

“And in return he was a very miserable or he failed to see how he could improve?”

>“Exactly. Positivity is what pushes us forward. Negativity is what chains us and locks us back into the ground.”

>Anonymous opened his eyes and lets out an exasperated sigh. Rubbing both of his temples as he >rises from his knees and nods his head. A smile creeps onto his face as he looks up to the painting >of Celestia infront of himself.

“Yeah, sure. I'm locked up in Segregation. It was stupid what I done, wasn't it? And it was no one else but my own fault. You told me already that if I keep thinking things are shit, they will be shit. But I guess I never took it seriously, I thought it was all made up bullshit and you were pretending. But I guess you're not.” Anon turned and stared at the broken reflection in the mirror. “I'm not a underachiever in the sense of being great or healthy. I am a beautiful creature, right? And that's what I am. I have remorse for what I did and I don't want to spend time crying about what I could've done. Instead, I want to make things right.” he lets out a sigh and returned to kneeling once more and peacefully closing his eyes. “Starting with a routine.”

Night guys.
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Soarin stole 40 pies! He stole forty pies! That's as many as four 10s, and that's terrible!
The creature of myth(d) is back
The grandmaster returns! Hyped as fuck
All hail Mythd, for he has returned!
oh fuck bump!
I'll bump your rumps for 50 bucks.
>Hop out of bed, reflecting on that dream you just had
>You gotta work on your self-control
>As fucking ravishing as Luna is, every little display of affection will only make it worse when you have to leave
>Or when your throne of lies crumbles on itself, whichever happens first
>And if you don't come up with a solid story on what your "domain" as a god is, it's gonna be the latter
>Get cleaned up and ready
>There's a knock on the door
"Ay, Brass. Come in."
>In he comes
>"Good morning Anon. All set?"
"Yup. Let's go eat."
>As you walk over, you ask him a question
"Hey, what do you know about Discord?"
>"About as much as anyone else. He's the god of chaos, and up until a few years ago he was a huge threat to Equestria."
>Sounds pretty metal, if he's anything like the chaos gods you've heard of
>But you doubt that
>This is soft, cuddly pony land
>"Yup. He claims to be reformed now. Hangs out with the Elements of Harmony, or so the rumors go."
"But why, though? Can he really be trusted? From what I read in that encyclopedia it sounded like he really got a kick out of making life suck for ponies."
>"Couldn't tell you, wasn't there. Maybe the powers of harmony finally got to him. Either way, the princesses seem to believe that he's genuinely turned over a new leaf."
>...well, if they say so
>It's none of your business anyways
>The pair of you arrive at the cafeteria and get in line, chatting it up still
"So do you have to follow me around the whole time I'm here?"
>"Not necessarily. Warden just wanted me to follow you around until you got settled. Which you are, but as long as I'm following you around, I can get out of doing real work for a while!"
>You both chuckle
"What about all that paperwork you had to do the other day? You just get an underling to do it for you?"
>"Nope, it's already done! And that was all I had to do for the week, too."
>That's an easy job if you can do a week's worth of work in a single night
>You're struck with an idea
Ayy, you back!
>After you get your food and grab a seat, you begin pitching it
"Hey Brass, do prisoners ever get to go outside the prison? Like, on a trip into town?"
>"Sometimes! Only the ones with good behavior, though."
>You're getting in on this
>You haven't seen much of this place aside from the Day Court, the road to the prison, and the prison itself
"Can I go on the next one?"
>Brass raises a hoof to his chin, scratching
>"...I don't think so. Usually it's only oranges and grays allowed out of the prison. Also, you've got violence and p-public indecency on your record."
>But you've been on your best behavior ever since!
"C'mon, Brass! Can't you vouch for me? Actually, can't we just get Warden to approve the whole thing? She thinks I'm cool, right?"
>Before you can get your answer, he's interrupted
>"Hey, Anon!"
>It's the weights club!
"Morning, guys!"
>There's not quite enough space at one table, so you put two together
>Steel Eye pats you on the back as he takes the other seat next to you
>"Ready to pump some iron?! We're excited to see what you can do today!"
"Hell yeah, dude! Let's do it."
>You get some odd looks before you remember that no one understands what that means
"Human phrase. It means 'heck yeah!'"
>Everybody's all smiles again
>Gotta remember to check the language
>One of the griffons pipes up
>"That's another thing bro. Where are humans from?"
>Q&A time
>You spend breakfast answering questions about yourself between bites of food
>Eventually everybody finishes up and you start walking to the weight room
>"One more thing, Anon. What are you in for?"
>Aw fug
>It's Steel Magnolia asking
>The crime that got you in here is embarrassing, if anything
>You'll just tell her-
>"He got in for wearing socks in public, then got his sentence extended for assaulting guards."
>Goddammit Brass!
>Incredulous laughter everywhere
>You turn and glare at your chaperone, who just gives you a raised eyrbow and a troll smile
>This little mofo right here
I never really left, just lurked while trying to figure out how to progress the plot
"Was that really necessary?"
>"Brass thinks for a moment
>"Oh, I forgot! He didn't just wear socks in /any/ old public place, no sir! He showed up in Day Court wearing them!"
>Incredulous laughter intensifies, some whoops go up
>You'll get him for this
>Sand Stone chimes in
>"Must've been trying to impress the princess, eh Anon? Had a petition you really needed to win? Hahahaha!"
>Someone else calls from the back of the group
>"She says that, but she wants to see you in socks too, big guy!"
>Sand Stone turns beet red, whirling to face the group
>"Who said that?!"
>You can't help but join in the laughter too, this time
>These guys seem like fun, now that you're "in"
>Arrive at the weight room
>You're actually pretty excited
>Even if you can't go too high in weight, it'l feel good to work out again
>Everybody files into the room and drifts among the machines, getting right to it
>You follow the minotaurs, since the equipment they use fits you best
"What are you guys doing today?"
>Their legs look like they're mostly bone...
>You keep your doubts to yourself for now, but you get the feeling that this will be weird to watch
>Steel Eye goes first
>Everything looks normal so far
>Squat rack looks the same as the ones you've seen back on Earth
>The bar looks the same as the one on the bench, which felt like a standard 45-pounder
>...It's gonna be the stance
>You just know it
>He gets in under it, and lifts off
>Trap stands behind him to spot
>Squares up, and...
>He goes down into the first rep
>You were right about the stance
>Shit's weird man
>Although, it makes sense given that they have an entirely different leg structure
>He finishes his set
>Trap and Magnolia finish theirs, with you spotting Magnolia
>Your turn
>"How much do you want Anon?"
>"Load 135, for now."
>They don't have much weight, so you'll keep it light
>Yet despite your best efforts, you still get an awed look
>"Right off the bat? Anon, you gotta warm up!"
"It's fine, guys."

Go ahead. There'll be even more tomorrow.
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>I can't get the christmas/hearth's warming one shot on time
>Slow as fuck with updates
Well, at least i'm not the center of attention right now.. heh...
>They look at each other for a second, but do as you say
>You get in, and lift the bar off the rack
>No problems so far
>Set your stance, and get started
>First set goes by with no problems, and you return the bar to its resting place
>Turn around to see a hyped-looking trio of minotaurs behind you
>Trap speaks up
>"That was awesome, man! A plate right off the bat! How do you do it?"
"Chocolate milk and hyper-regeneration!"
>Trap looks at Eye and Magnolia
>"We gotta start drinking chocolate milk!"
>Wait, do minotaurs drink cow milk, or...?
>Your eyes drift to Magnolia's prodigious chest
>Down, junior
>Think of Luna
>That just made it worse
>It takes a couple minutes, but you manage to get your partial chub under control before the next set
>Crank that one out too
>You up weight as you continue sets, much to the accolade of your fellows
>Other club members gather to watch as you lift off with 185 for your third
>Apparently the maximum weight they had
>You'll make a petition or something for more when you get the chance
>Crank out your final set, to cheers
>Feelin' like a boss
>You step out from under the bar
"You guys done?"
>Magnolia responds
>"Yep! Leg press next!"
>Again, how
>You go to remove your weight from the bar
>Still feeling pumped from all the attention, you remove all the weight from the end at once
>Bar to the chin
>The difference in weight on the ends was too much
>You drop the weights on reflex, one of them striking your toes
>You immediately fall to one knee, barely containing the vitriolic stream of curses from flowing out of your mouth
>The room is suddenly chaos
>"Anon hurt himself! Call the nurse!!"
>"Human down!"
>"Did he break his foot?!"
>"That looked so painful! His poor chin!"
>You find yourself on a stretcher, being carried by Brass and another guard before you can even get a handle on what's going on
>A few of the weights club members are running along with you, panicking all the way
I forgive you Wand.
If you can forgive me for being slow as a sloth with the editing.

Done for the night. I'll try and post a little more tomorrow. There's gonna be plot advancement. Swear.
If the editing is in a google doc, I can help with it in a bit. Just finishing up what will be the last real update.

I /might/ do some one shots with this story when I have time, but this will probably be the end
Same, mate. I'm always happy to help.
Teenie tiny gripe but they probs shouldn't understand the use of 'heck' either considering it's a euphemism for hell developed in the late 1800's when swearing was considered tantamount to blasphemy. But like I said its a tiny issue only cuz I let my word autism get the better of me this time, enjoying the story so far especially with anons steadily self dug grave of lies
Don't know if it's relevant since the pansy-pony setting of this thread varies from the show a lot, but the ponies in the show definitely know heck, with most of it coming from Applejack.
Fair nough
bumps for cuddles and cute prison sex

Be Amber Ember
>Something isn't right
>...Actually, something isn't... wrong?
>The elements feel...
>As if all this time, they've been missing a piece...
>...And now they're complete
>Whatever is going on down there with Anon must be related to this shift in the elements
>You're sure of it...
>And... there's something else
>You can see an elementally charged form speeding up through the rock
>Everyone looks up at you, and even Vintl pauses her scratching to spare a glance at you
"Something is coming... Straight from under us! Everyone, back up!"
>After a momentary delay, the girls make a space around the tear in the carpet
>Vintl floats up to your shoulder and turns to peer cautiously at the floor
>"Is. Anon. coming. back.?"
>You bite your lip and shrug, almost throwing Vintl off
"I can't be sure, but if it is him then... He's changed"
>Happy bites her lip and Feygl clicks her beak
>Sandy furls and unfurls her wings nervously
>"What do you mean? He's still Anon, right?"
>Spinny tilts her head and then her expression brightens considerably
>"It's him! I can sense him!"
>Everyone quickly turns their attention back to the blemish on the floor with baited breath

Be Anon
>You're almost to the surface!
>You can practically taste the fresh air
>It'll be one hell of a relief, especially after hitting that pocket of sulfur on the way up...
>You reach upward, eager to see real light again...
>And burst forth from the floor, into...
>The exact same room you came from!
>Glancing down, you notice the one tear in the carpet
>Gaia has great aim
>You float back down to let your feet touch the ground and your girls dogpile onto you
>As one, they shout your name crying or cheering
>Feygl moves her beak close to your ear, rubbing her head against yours affectionately
>"Are you okay Anon?"
>You nod, returning her rub and answering her question
>There are too many squeezing limbs for you to get enough oxygen to provide an audible answer
>The girls slowly let their death-grip hugs loosen and give you a few inches of space
>When you finally get enough room to breath again, Co swoops in and frowns
>"Seriously, Anon?"
>You frown and tilt your head
>Co sighs
>"You know how to make an entrance, I'll give you that, but of all the elemental characters you could have turned into..."
>You blink in confusion
>Libele gently squeezes your arm
>"You've... changed. A little. Kind of."
>Sandy nods
>"I like your new colors!"
>New colors?
>Wait, what?
"Wait, what?"
>Vintl hops up and down on your shoulder
>"You. may. look. different. but. we. all. still. love. you.!"
>You smile uncertainly at Vintl
"What are you all talking about?"
>Co points at you
>"You look like you walked straight out of the cartoons, kid"
>Gaia mentioned you had new powers
>And now you're colored differently?
>You try to get a look at yourself, but the layer of females prevents you from seeing anything to tip you off
"So... I look like a cartoon character?"
>Co nods
>"That's right, 'hero'"
"So that rules out sandman or clayface... Did I become Metamorpho? the Avatar? Firestorm?..."
>You take a nervous gulp
>Co shakes his head again
>"No, no one that cool"
>You're lamer than Aquaman?
>But who could possibly be lamer than Aquaman?
>Co starts to idly hum a tune
>Dear god no
"Did that bitch turn me into Captain Planet?!"
>Co smirks
>"By your powers combined..."
>You shake your head
"But doesn't... he... need the four elements to combine in order to appear?"
>Amber turns her head to stare at the floor
>"Well... actually... you've been absorbing the elements for a while now...remember?"
>Damn, she's right
>"But I only absorbed the elements right? Captain Planet needs the four elements... plus... 'heart'..."
>You turn to look at Spinny
>That bug loves you too much for your own good
>....oh well
>Maybe you can shave your head and pretend to be someone cool like the Silver Surfer
>Patty smiles at you
>"At least you're back in one piece, dearie"
>You nod
"Yeah... you're right"
>You pass your gaze around your herd
"Sorry for scaring you girls... but I'm fine, and I'm not mad at any of you. I am mad at Hill. You know, I'd say it's long past time for me to pay him a visit..."

Be Hill Stony
>Be watching one of your spies retreat back into the prison's main building
>Apparently Anon escaped
>You're looking forward to gloating at that fool
>With a smile on your lips, you take a sip of milk
>You haven't touched the cider yet, you want your head clear when you cement your victory
>As you move to take a bite of cookie, you are interrupted by a thunderclap
>Startled by the sound, you drop your cookie and look up
>Where did all those clouds come from?
>And... is that Anon?!
>Why is he silver now?
>"Hello, Hill"
>You gulp
>How is he flying?!
>He doesn't have wings!
>And there is no corona of magic...
>"So, what's new with you? I became an elemental demigod. That means I control the elements, and right now..."
>Your jaw drops open as you gawk at the flying human
>His eyes narrow
>"...You're experiencing the element of surprise"
>You lick your lips nervously
>Anon grins
>"Gaia, mother earth herself chose me."
>He glances around at the detritious caused by the party
>"I'd pick up that trash if I were you"
>You glance around
>Your minions are all frozen with fear!
>Those IDIOTS!
"Come on, we can take him if we fight together!"
>Anon laughs
>"I don't think so"
>He claps his hands and another bolt of lightning crashes into the earth as the clouds release their payloads
>The rain instantly makes your mane cling to your skin uncomfortably
>As if he wasn't overpowered before...
>This is just unfair!
>"Sorry to rain on your parade, but you can't win"
>You turn desparately toward the main building
"Guards! Guards! Help! HELP!"
>You sigh in relief as a pair of guards run out of the building, rushing toward you
>You're saved!
>The guards slow and peer curiously, and a little fearfully, up at Anon
>The first guard steps forward
>"What's going on?"
>Anon floats down to the guards
>"These inmates hurt my girls. They're mine"
>The second guard nervously shakes his head
>"Sorry, they're our inmates! We can't let you hurt them!"
>Anon smiles
>"Your jurisdiction is this prison. Mine is the whole planet. I'd say I have authority here"
>The guards shuffle their hooves and share an uncertain glance
>Anon rubs his chin thoughtfully
>"Tell you what... Compromise: You can discipline the others, but their leader, Hill Stony, is mine. Deal? Good"
>Before the guards can offer a coherent response, Anon whirls around in the air to face you
>"I have a very... /special/ punishment in mind for you"
>You glance around desparately for help
>Your minions!
>They're gone!
>They've all abandoned you while you were watching Anon interact with the guards!
>Wait, not all of them...
>Rust is passed out under a tree
>You turn back towards Anon, mind racing
>You stumble back in surprise
>This interaction is not going as you imagined

Be Anon
>This is fun!
>You can fly!
>You can summon lightning!
>The world just seems to open up to your will!
>And now you have Hill Stony at your mercy
>This'll be good
>You glance around
"All your allies Argon"
>You must have inherited Planet's tendency to pun
>Oh well
>One of the guards clears his throat nervously
>"What will you do with this inmate?"
>You smile
>Hill's eyes go wide as you raise your arms and a shell of rock and dirt forms a bubble around him
>You lower your hands and the bubble starts to sink into the ground
>You turn and flash the guards a smile
"Don't worry, He'll survive. I'll be sure to check up on him Periodically"
>With a flourish, you dive after the bubble and maneuver to lead it toward a small natural cavern under the prison...

Be Hill Stony
>Be in an underground cell made of solid stone
>It's been days since you were taken here
>Days spent in pitch blackness without so much as a coloring book to entertain yourself with
>Anon will PAY for this!
>You'll come up with an escape plan and...
>A small bubble of green fire emerges from the ceiling of the cavern, throwing precious light into the cave as it descends to the cavern's floor
>You raise your nose haughtily as Anon and his bug step out of the fiery bubble
>Anon smiles as he surveys the numerous stalagmites and stalagtites
>"Damn Spinny, you didn't waste /any/ time!"
>The insect blushes
>Anon's chuckle grates against your brain like nails on chalkboard
>"It's okay, I'm only teasing. They're ready?"
>Spinnerette nods, with a grin too wide to be natural
>"Yes! Well, almost. All they need is a pheromone signal..."
>Anon turns toward you and grins
>"Good evening, Hill. This will be one of the last times we get to see eachother, so I thought I should fill you in on current events. I have diplomatic immunity, and so do all of my girls. We have the option of leaving this prison soon and moving to the capital"
>That will... make your revenge more difficult
>No matter
>You'll have him, in time
>Anon walks up to your cell
>"...But we aren't leaving. We rather like it here, and Spinny already decided that this is where she wants to start her hive"
>You snarl at the silvery human
"Why are you bothering me with this?"
>Anon gives you a toothy grin
>"Because you're about to become part of the family. Spinny, do it"
>The bug screws her eyes shut and, after a few seconds, begins buzzing her wings
>Anon spreads his arms wide as the small spires of rock around the cavern begin to move and quake
>Your eyes go wide as they all begin to open at one end, unfolding like a mash paper
>Anon spins around, surveying the cavern
>"Good evening kids! I'm your daddy! This is your mommy, and this guy in the little room..."
>Anon turns to you, a glint in his eye
>"...Is 'Uncle Stony'"
>Buzzing fills the cavern as.... shapes like spiders with tails emerge from the stalag-no, eggs- that litter the cavern's floor, walls, and ceiling
>Anon's gaze softens as he looks at the vile brood and their queen
>"Awww... honey, they have your eyes!"
>Anon picks one of the flat larvae up and tickles its underside, spewing baby-babble at the weird monstrosity
>You reel back in horror as the thing glows with a sickly green light as it absorbs the love
>The things crawl, hop, and glide their way toward Anon
>He just laughs as they try to smother him
>"Kids, kids! Please! That tickles!"
>Spinnerette begins pulling orbs from a gooey pile in the far corner of the cavern, passing them to the bug-spawn
>The spiderling-like creatures bite into the orbs with overlarge fangs, noisily sucking out the contents
>They're /feeding/...
>You glance nervously at the pile of orbs
>There are too many broodlings
>That pile can't possibly last more than a few days
>Dear Luna... What will happen to you when that pile runs out?

Be Anon
>They're so cute!
>In a Cthulu-meets-Alien-meets-kittens kind of way
>You hug Spinny as you survey the many changeling larvae scrambling around the cavern
>You'll need to get Happy down here at some point to give them all check-ups
>But for now... You're happy to hug your bug with one arm and hold one of your buglets in the other
>Smiling warmly at the squirming being, it clicks in a decidedly giggly way
>You lean back against the cavern wall and watch as some of the faster eaters have already begun to play and tumble among their siblings
>...Just look at those little legs scurry!
>And how gracefully they glide!
>You couldn't be more prou-
>You move to rush over, but the broodling quickly flips itself back to its feet and begins scurrying back toward the wall to get back on the ceiling
>Spinny laughs softly
>"Don't worry dear... Changelings are bouncy. Thank you again! Thank you so much for letting me do this! I'm so happy!"
>Spinny presses herself against you tightly as you settle yourself back into your seat
>You grimace as the little broodling falls off the ceiling again
>Spinny rubs her head against your shoulder
>You turn and beam a grin at her, and she blushes and pulls her head away
>You tilt your head, smiling
"For what?"
>Spinny smiles awkwardly
>"...I don't know. Thank you, I love you"
>You give her a squeeze
"I love you too... say, what do you want to name them?"
>Spinny tilts her head and bites her lip in thought
>"...I'm not sure. Why don't you start? I'll help when names pop into my head"
>You nod, turning back to see your failing acrobat land heavily on what you can only assume is his head
>You point at the terrible tumbler
"Let's call our aspiring gymnist over there... 'Dennis'"
>Minutes turn to hours as you spend the day with Spinny, naming your children and occasionally accidentally renaming them as Hill tries to avoid drawing attention to himself
>As the day comes to a close, you give your cuddlebug a squeeze and consider what's next on the agenda...
>Today was Spinny's date day

>Tomorrow is another double date with Amber and Feygl
>You'll have to leave for a day after that so you can do 'captain planet' stuff...
>But you've promised to bring Vintl a souvenir from the capital, so she shouldn't be too upset that you've postponed her date day a little
>And the day after that?
>A picnic with all the girls: Amber Ember, Libele, Feygl, Spinny, Happy, Vintl, and Sandy
>You smile
>You've got a busy week ahead of you
>And you wouldn't have it any other way

And that does it for me. Thanks for the ride, folks! Sorry if the ending seems a bit tacked on or rushed, but I promised I wouldn't die without finishing this story first and this week is basically the last time I'll have enough free time to finish this. I'm happy that I can leave the thread in capable, good hands. Keep up the great work everyone!

As always, everyone is free to use my characters to create their own stories and one shots.
The entire story was leading up to Captain fucking Planet? Fuck you. Hang yourself with your own forgotten plot threads.
>Forces himself to complete story
> Story ends in Captain Planet
was this part of your master plan?
This whole ending took a bit to sink in for me. Having a hearty chuckle anyways. Happy Holidays, senpai.
>And that does it for me. Thanks for the ride, folks! Sorry if the ending seems a bit tacked on or rushed, but I promised I wouldn't die without finishing this story first and this week is basically the last time I'll have enough free time to finish this. I'm happy that I can leave the thread in capable, good hands. Keep up the great work everyone!

You're leaving us for good?
Heh, I've loved the story, but if you're going to round off the end with that and rubber-stamp it since you're not feeling it anymore, I'm going to take the liberty of cutting it off at Anon going into solitary and cauterizing it there for myself. Never been a fan of the "changelings operate exactly like insects and lay hundreds of eggs" idea either.
Changelings usually lay just under a dozen eggs. They then stick them in their leg holes and surround them with adhesive goo to keep them in place.
And to keep it all warm, thigh high socks.
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I mean if you just left the captain planet shit out and he whooped the guys ass, then the epilogue happened that would have been fine.
It really came out of left field too.

But i still luv u bae, i dont know where you are going to leave us, but best of luck and merry christmas fgt
To make it more anon friendly. I imagine anon with a poor captain planet drawn over it
Ending wasn't too bad considering it had to be ended asap
When I first started, I had no clue how to end it. After Anon absorbed the first element, I knew. This ending has been sitting on the back burner forever and a day, and if I had had the time I would have fleshed it out and lead into it a bit better. If I'd known beforehand how my life would fill out, I would've paced the entire green better.

On the bright side, this is marginally better than the intentionally disapointing ending It was all a dream

That's just fine, I completely understand

Thank you

Yup, wouldn't be surprised if this is the last time I get on /mlp/. If I hadn't promised to stamp an ending on, I would've left a few months ago.
But why leave senpai? You are reason for thread!
Reason for why I am write
He said he could make some One shots
He's not leaving
This isn't a good bye
Is just an "until next time"

Yeah ending was a bit rushed, and I never expected the Captain Planet thing, but the story was a good ride and I enjoyed it.
I still prefer the Cookies n' Cream more tho, but this story is good too!
Merry Christmas m8
Merry Christmas, faggots,
can't say i'm too pleased with the end of mythd's story, but i'm glad he returned to us and at least gave us an ending. i'm sad to see him go as he was the first story in this thread that i read. Truly, this is the end of an era
happy hanukkah
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I waited for this.
aw shit

i missed the end of mythds story when he posted it
Merry Christmas
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Aww man, fucking jealous.

Why does he get an army horrifying yet adorable alien-changeling spawn?
We are born for shit
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Look out! Captain Salty is in the prowl!

>Minutes were passing and you couldn’t see something to do
>Some ponies and griffons were passing by your bench, giving you a look and continuing with their walk
>At least is better than your first day on Equestria, everyone were crazy to see a new creature back then
>Maybe taking a walk through the park could burn some time
>Yeah you got nothing to lose
>You stand up from your bench and start heading the way some ponies and griffons are walking
>They must be walking in circles around the park
>You start jogging behind two griffons talking
>You weren’t able to listen to what they were talking about, not that you care though
>Suddenly something takes your attention
>Some ponies were going around a stallion sitting in a bench, evading him for some reason…
>It was an earth unicorn. He had a white body with black hair, wearing a hat and a magnifying glass as cutie mark. Wait, was he smoking?
>Maybe that was the reason most of the ponies were evading him
>Curiosity took the best of you and you stopped walking and sat in the bench he was sitting
>He gave you an exhausted look as reply, one that said ‘I don’t care’ or ‘Go away’
>Then he turned to look at the sky and started smoking again
“Well, talk about a grumpy pony. Aren’t you going to say hi?”
>”Hi” he greeted you, but not leaving his glance at the sky
>Well at least he isn’t ignoring you at all
>But if you don’t start a topic, he is going to have a reason to ignore you
>Uh… what to talk about?
“Why are you smocking?”
>Shit, that was too direct Anon, too direct
>”I’m not smocking” was his only reply
>Nigga you can’t lie, that shit is producing smoke
“Then… what’s that stick?”
>”A lollipop”
>U wot m8
“And why there is smoke from the tip?”
>”I’m licking the lollipop so fast it’s making smoke”

>Brb asking for a phone and calling bullshit
“I don’t believe that”
>Using his left hoof, the stallion removed the stick from his mouth, which was indeed a lollipop after all…
>He looked right to you and showed the lollipop
>”See? Lollipop. Smoking is only the slower yet faster way to stop existing. And I don’t want that, not yet”
>Whoa, deep much? What’s with this pony? Most of the creatures you meet so far were kind and fun, but this one is acting like if something was bothering him
“Wanna have a little chat? I’m waiting the warden and I’m bored”
>”Suit yourself”
>Whoa this pony is kind of rude
>You like him, makes you remember of humanity back on Earth
“I’m Anonymous, most of the time I get called Anon, feel free to call me like that”
>”Silver Pie” was his only answer. No nickname, no description, just that
>Wonder how much time it’ll get until things get awkward between you two
“So… what are you here for?”
>Okay, maybe that wasn’t a good topic to speak of, but there is nothing else you can think of
>”I lost a case. The darn griffon which was guilty bribe some guards in order to set himself innocent and the blame went for me, the detective”
>Must be obvious his profession was detective for his cutie mark, but damn. You can’t believe ponies can be that fishy over here
>One could though by one look that everything here is cute and fun
“And how much are you up for that?”
>”My sentence was 4 weeks, this is my last week here”
>Seems like he isn’t going to ask about you
>Well let’s be courteous and say it before he asks
“Well, I’m here for… a misunderstanding”
>”That’s what all they say”

“Heh, sure. I tried to help some ponies in a street who were trying to move some boxes, they didn’t want my help but I ignored them and started helping, then they started panicking about something with the box I had in my hands and things went downhill… and when I say that, is the true, I stolen a cart to get away from the guards but… it got worst. In summary, I’m here for stealing, breaking property and swearing in public”
>”And everything for a mistake, uh? You sure have bad luck”
>Yeah… most bad luck for disappearing from your world and appearing in this one
>Was that bad luck? Or good luck?
>You had a good life back in Earth, you couldn’t complain. Maybe a bit, you were about to get a job in a cruise
>Then you frowned from your memories back in Earth
>Your life right now is okay? Good? Neat? Isn’t?
>At least you got a cute warden to cuddle with
>”What’s with that frown?” Silver Pie said seeing as you didn’t ask anything more
“What’s with yours?” you reply with a cold tone
>”I’m always frowning” He answered
>”You wouldn’t understand”
>Sure, as if you weren’t to understand anything these ponies talked about every time
>Must be something related to the prison or his job
>Yeah that could be
“Just tell me, I’m grown enough to know about most of the stuff everyone talks about”
>He then started to look at the sky once again, getting a bit melodramatic
>”Have you lost someone important in your life?”
>Silence started to take place in the bench, the only sound heard were the gallops of the ponies and steps of the griffons in the park
>Damn… you weren’t expecting that
>And as a matter of fact…
“Maybe, I don’t know”
>”You’re lying”
“Why would I lie?”
>”Most of the creatures in Equestria that lost someone close to them suffer anguish, anxiety, depression and other stuff. You lost someone? You don’t look like it happened”

>Well in something he is right, it didn’t happen and at the same time it happened. You were away from home, in a land of magical creatures. You didn’t know if you could even be alive anymore, maybe you died and this is the afterlife
“You’re right. But I’m not from here; I’m from… another place”
>”How’s that? Are you from the badlands? Or someplace more far, far away?”
>What to answer? Another place, dimension or world? Let’s… go with world
“I’m not from here; I’m from another world called ‘Earth’. And… that’s why maybe you think I’m lying, our kind is strong when something like that happens, if we lose someone we get sad, but as the time goes we forgot the sadness, still… I don’t know if I have lost someone or… they have lost me”
>That called the attention of Silver Pie, who was now looking at you and not the sky anymore
>”How so? If you say that you’re from other world, can’t you go back? There is always a way”
>You didn’t know and that’s what you were doing, after… getting stuck in this ‘prison’
>Still not complaining!
“I don’t know how I came here, and I don’t know how I can go back, maybe I’m not from another world and this is some kind of afterlife for me, which could make sense because everything here is cute and not dangerous like Earth”
>”What’s so different with your world about ours? They have wars? Violence? A bad law?”
>Or he is really an expert detective or he randomly guessed
“…Most of that, yes. You sure are a detective, uh?”
>Silver Pie expression didn’t change
>”Is just logical that your world, or maybe dimension, is different than ours. I was just going by the obvious clues”
>Everything went silent again, you were thinking. Deep thinking
>All those bad thoughts you had in the first days of your ‘new’ life in Equestria were coming back

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m already dead. If this is just all a dream and I’m… deep sleeping. All this prison seems too good to be true; prisons in my world were more… dangerous. What if… what if I’m dead and this is just the afterlife, like I said? Or… maybe I’m in a coma? Hell I’m getting edgy…”
>Shit, you were thinking out loud…
>Silver Pie face didn’t show any sign of change
>” If you feel alive, feel like it. Live your life better than yesterday, do something with it, sometimes looking back is the wrong thing to do, move on your life. If you feel happy, then you’re happy. Get friends, get a job, get some distraction. But do something that isn’t thinking like that”
>That is true…
>Heck yeah is true; you shouldn’t give a damn about it
>What if you can’t go back? You still got a thousand opportunities to do here
>New world, new goals!
>Even you could start a pony family here
>…that’s going to be kind of hard though
>Can male ponies get pregnant?
>Maybe cuddling their bellies is the way to get them pregnant and Shorty is already pregnant with your baby!
>Nah, that’s silly
>Is impossible for pony males to get pregnant
>But whatever, maybe one day you’ll get the opportunity to go back to your world. Maybe not, who cares? Enjoy life like Silver Pie said
>Hey the Anon who doesn’t give a fuck is back
“Thanks for the advice Silver Pie, I think I needed that. I could even invite you some beer later as a thanks… eh, or something alcoholic, I don’t know what in this world is the same as in my world”
>”Alcohol kills neurons” Silver said with his same cold tone

>”…But some cider shouldn’t be that bad, I know a place here in the prison who has better percentage of alcohol in cider than those weak punches with 1% of alcohol” he said giving you a smile, the first he ever gave you
>So cider it is, that could be good
>Silver Pie stand from the bench and invited you for a walk around the park
>You accepted and followed him. You two started talking about your jobs and other stuff meanwhile walking
>He never talked about who he lost though
>Not that you want to ask

And Christmas update.
I hope you guys have a merry christmas.
Cheers from México!
How is everyone doing?
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Glad I was here to witness the end. I've read a whole lot of greentext, but yours, and this thread in particular, got me into writing my own. I'm glad you managed to finish it, even if it was a rush job. Come back and see us sometime.

Doing alright. Plotting out some green. Also, swear on me mum, I'll edit more of yours soon.
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I'm doing fine, thanks for asking

Drink more
>Be Brass Badge, sitting outside the nurse's office sometime later
>Most of the members of the weightlifting club are with you, worrying themselves silly
>They don't know Anon like you do
>Certainly, that looked like it really hurt
>But considering what he really is you're sure that he'll be up and walking again before Luna raises the moon
>You can't help but shudder a little bit
>Something like that would normally leave a grown pony bedridden for days
>The nurse, Caring Touch, comes out
>She's a nice young mare. Just a few years out of Canterlot University
"Overseer, he's ready for visitors."
>A few members of the club make to enter, but you cut them off
"You'll all just make more commotion. Head back to the weight room, I'll be by with an update on how he's feeling."
>There's a bit of discontent, but they give in under your unflinching stare
>Just another skill you've honed over years in the guard
>You turn and head inside, following after
>Part of what you said was true
>The other part was that you knew they'd be freaked out by how well Anon is no doubt taking this
>And as the nurse pulls back the curtain from his bed, you can see that you were right
>"Hey Brass."
"Hey Anon. How do you feel?"
>"Pretty stupid, to hurt myself like that. But fine otherwise."
"Glad to hear, pal. How long until he can be released, Nurse Touch?"
>Caring Touch, glances between you and Anon, then speaks
>"May I talk to you privately, Overseer Badge?"
>You don't like when ponies address you like that, it sounds kinda goofy
>But you nod, and follow over to her desk after she redraws the curtain around Anon
>"Sir, what am I dealing with?"
>...oh boy
>"What makes you ask that?"
>"He didn't shed a single tear this whole time, sir. Not one. Tears are perfectly natural and to be expected when somepony goes through something like that, but he... He just asked when he could leave. Polite as you please. He even tried to walk on his injured foot! What is he?"
>You consider your response
"He's what's called a human nurse. They're incredibly durable by nature. What you just described is normal behavior for him."
>Caring Touch just looks at the floor, mulling over what she just heard
>"Perhaps, but... I'd like to keep him in the infirmary for a day."
>That's not too bad
>You won't get to hang out with Anon for a day, but it'll be alright
"That's fine, Nurse. I'll come by tomorrow to collect him."
>She nods
>"Thank you sir. He's in capable hooves."
>She turns and heads back over towards your charge's bed
>Well, he's technically your charge, but it feels weird to refer to an elder deity as a subordinate figure
>She draws back the curtain
"Hey Anon, the nurse says-"
>"I'm in for the rest of the day, right? The curtain doesn't really shut out noise."
>Well then
"Yep. Don't worry, you'll be brought meals. I'll come by and get you tomorrow morning."
>"Sounds good, Brass. Sorry to worry you. Also, what do you think? About that thing I asked about?"
"I think you're right. If we can get Warden to agree, you'll be able to come."
>"Sweet! Can we go ask when I get out?"
"Definitely. Until then, just rest."
>"Will do. See you later!"
"See ya!"
>You depart from the nurse's office
>It'll feel weird to go back to your normal schedule, but it's only for today anyway
>Let's go check up on the on-duty guards!

>You've got a set of sore toes, a sore chin, and a bruised ego, so you must be Anon
>It was kind of humiliating to be brought here on a stretcher
>Certainly, you were aware that these ponies had crazy low tolerance for pain from your conversations with Brass, but this was kinda ridiculous
>After Brass left, the nurse spent a while talking to you, saying stuff about how it was okay to cry and you shouldn't try to act tough in front of others
>You just nodded along, and she eventually gave up, accepting that you were fine
>You think
>She left the curtain open when she went back to her desk, and she keeps looking over at you
>Shit's awkward
>Eventually, she speaks
>"I'll be stepping out for a moment, Anonymous. Don't try to walk."
>You weren't planning to
"I won't, Nurse Touch."
>She nods approvingly, and leaves
>You lay back in your bed, and start thinking
>You have to come up with a good backstory to tell Luna tonight
>What would be a good "dominion?"
>Currently, you're considered super strong and resistant to magic
>Those don't really lend themselves to any specific thing to have control over...
>Maybe you can say you'r a god of conflict or something? That kind of fits
>Maybe offer to beat up some villains while you're here?
>That might work, actually
>"It might, yeah. But there aren't many baddies you can whoop on that would really set you apart, know what I mean?"
>You nearly jump out of your skin
"Who said that?!"
>You look around the room, trying to find the source of the voice
>"Why, I'm right here!"
>The speaker appears out of nowhere, floating in midair
>What are you even looking at right now?
>The... thing just smiles
>"You already know who I am, kid! You just don't know that you know. And /I/..."
>He puts his face right in front of yours, and jabs your chest with a single clawed digit
>"...know all about you."
>You already know him?
>How could-
"Are you Discord?"
>Fucking confetti everywhere, all of a sudden
>"Ring-a-ding-ding! Correct! Gotta say, I've loved the way you've handled things so far. Worming your way into the hearts of both princesses, sowing the seeds of a massive internal conflict the likes of which haven't been seen since Nightmare Moon's insurrection... And you haven't even been here a week! Ever considered a job in the chaos industry?"
>He hands you a business card
>An actual business card
>It just says:
>Primeval Chaos Spirit
>Now available for parties!
>You aren't quite able to express the panic you feel right now
>Internal conflict? Is Celestia going to fight Luna over you?
>And he claims to know /all/ about you
That's it for tonight. Happy holiday of your choice, and I'll be back soon.
Writing update to post when I get back in January. Been stupid bored otherwise because I left my tablet and can't work over the holidays which lost me a lot of bank. Birthday's tomorrow and no plans. I don't have much of a life other than lift, git gud, and commissions.
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>For a month and a half Anonymous was practising his pitching and catching skills, throwing the >ball against the wall and diving to catch it just to repeat the process once more. Throwing the ball >faster, it became a projectile once it bounced off the wall and many times it has landed hits on >Anonymous, bruising him from the repeated punishment. But did his practising stop there?


>Instead he went onto challenge himself with spider-climbing on the corners and crunching his abs. >For 2 weeks everyday he was challenging himself to lift his own body weight and ordering larger and larger meals. With the exception of Sunday where he watches the ponies gathering around to witness Princess Celestia bringing up the sun.

“Hey, Anonymous.” Cookies opens the food hatchet, pushing through a tray.

>“Morning, Cookies.” Anonymous picked up his tray, closely observing it. “Why is there a book on >my tray?”

“It's a little story for you. You'll be released from segregation in a couple of minutes.”

>“Hm..” Anon looked up and saw the walls are clearly detached from the roof, big enough to snake >through the gap and steal some donuts. “Uh..huh..” looks like she hasn't caught on yet.

“Cookies! Our donuts are still going missing. And.. the shocking sausage is back!”

>Shocking Sausage?

>Anonymous begins eating from his tray and flipping the book, reading every sentence in each >chapter–

“ 'Ay, wise-guy!” a voice croaked.

>“What the?” Anon looked under his bed, under the sheets and even behind the Celestia picture. >“Where is that voice coming from?”

“You dumbass, I'm over here!”

>Anon turned to the tray and saw two sausages hopping.

“I'm fucking dreaming.”

“Ay, tha's the spirit, kid.”

>“And who is that other... sausage?”

“Oh gee, mister! You smell like a pumpkin nickel!”

“Junior, shut it.” the sausage lunched itself onto Anon's shoulder, hopping closer to him. “Ay, I heard it and I seen it, kid.”

>“You heard what? The shocking sausage?”

“What? No! I AM THE SHOCKING SAUSAGE!” a well deserved slap later… “One of the princesses has landed herself in this prison. Word is, she's here to help ya, kid.”

“Oh wiz-whiskers! This is gunna be good.”

“Damn right, son! A pink frilly pony with balloons.”


Merry Christmas, Anons!
the feels when the family doesn't gather around to rejoice
>It was an earth unicorn.
This is why you don't drink and write.

Did I reply to myself? God i'm not drinking in new year.
Holy shit that is fucking hilarious
Well, he told me to drink more so I think he's practicing what he was preaching.
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i like your silly squishy little ponies
File: pinkie_arrested.png (220 KB, 1700x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Later you both sit on the counter together
>You made Silver two omelettes and yourself one
>She's still all grumbly but she did show some surprise when you managed the whole thing without hurting yourself
>There's a bite then a sigh of deliciousness
>"You like it?"
"Anon this is amazing! How'd you make it so delicious so quickly?"
>The hell is she on about?
>"The normal way"
>She shovels more omelette into her muzzle and through a mushy mouthful speaks again
"But I never saw you stop to put love into it, the most important and un-secret ingredient"
>"And this makes it take longer to cook? How does that work exactly?"
>You get that look again
>The one you've had so often today
>The 'am I speaking to a child' look
"Because anon, putting loving into your food takes time and effort!"
>Does the application of love actually affect the taste of food?
>Considering the world you reside in you wouldn't be surprised if it did
>Wonder what dadanon’s cooking would taste like, he always use to joke that hatred was his secret ingredient
>"I guess I just put love in while I work, no additional step required"
>She stops chewing and goes blank
"That's GENIUS ANON I've never heard of such an idea!"
"Ponies could save so much time"
"You should tell the warden about it in her cooking club"
>Did you just casually revolutionise cooking in this world?
>Well you are a pretty smart guy
>You mean S-M-A-R-T
>"I'll be sure to mention it to her"
>Silver pats her satisfied stomach
>Damn you haven't even started
>But you've got strategy
>Folding the omelette over, and over again, you eventually end up with an omelette cone
>It promptly finds itself being slowly stuffed in your mouth
>In its now more manageable form you get it all in there
>That’s what she said
>Lol ur so fucking hilarious
>But nah for real this shit is actually delicious
>A hoof pokes your knee and Silver Linings looks at you morosely
"I'm sorry for breaking down earlier anon, it's just somepony has been eating my lunch for the past week"
"I finally got overwhelmed by it, it’s unfortunate that you were here to see. A guard pony should be tougher"
>Let’s tussle that hair, it’s puts a smile on all the mares so far, why not her?
*tussle* *tussle*
>She leans into your palm to more forcefully feel your hand’s movement on her head, extracting as much pleasure as possible
>It was adorable how they all leaned in like that
>"It wasn’t that unfortunate I was here was it? You did get an omelette out of it and a new friend"
>That has her happy again
"You consider us friends?”
>”You haven’t given me a reason not to”
“Thanks Anon"
>”You know you don't have to thank people for being friends with you”
>She awkwardly plays with her empty plate
“ha, I guess not. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, you’re just awfully kind, especially for a red suit”
>”It’s just common decency Silver don’t worry about it. You will make me uncomfortable if you keep apologising to me when you’ve done nothing wrong though”
>A guard apologising to a prisoner? Back home you’d expect something more along the lines of a guard smashing a prisoner's skull against the wall
>Especially if they’d caught them out of their cell at night in the damned cafeteria
“Oh. I’m sorry Anon. whoops, I’m Sorry. No Sorry, I mean Sorry… Sorry I’m just going to stop talking now”
>Silver cowers down, hoofs on face to hide her embarrassment
>"So why haven't you found the guard responsible for eating your food?"
"I'm asleep during their lunch time"
>A thought occurs
>"By why eat your sandwich? I thought the guards got fed with the inmates"
"They do, but I can’t exactly ask why they’re eating my food too, like I said, I’m asleep"
>You’re feeling annoyed
>"So if the other guards get fed here, why do you have to make and bring your own food?"
>Not to even get to eat it either
"Well I’m awake for breakfast, er, dinner and I can go to the cafeteria then., but you can’t expect the cook pony to be up all night just for me”
“To be fair they actually give me a few bits to buy food up at the Canterlot night life cafes, clubs or restaurants"
"But most are too fancy for a guard pony to get in or too rowdy for me to go by myself"
>"I'd go with you if I weren't in prison"
"Thank you Anon"
>Cute blushing batmare
>You mentally note to yourself your new objective while in prison. To find and punish who ever would be so cruel to such a sweet girl; sandwich thief, watch your back
>Silver disturbs your thoughts
"You know your bedtime is coming up soon Anon"
>She's right, it's hit 11
>"Don't worry you've still got a hour with me"
"I know, I was just wondering how I was going to get around once you're in bed"
>"Soft Cotton did say you could fly"
>She stretches out her wings
"But what if it tears?"
>There's genuine fear and concern in her voice
>"Here let me take a look at it"
>When she just gives you a pouty face and doesn't move you take matters into your own hands (literally) and grab her wing yourself to gently inspect the nurses work
>She twitches at your grasp but doesn't withdraw
>These membranous wings feel all kind of smooth, probs to reduce drag
>You gently peel back the band-aid.
>The inflammatory response has died down, removing the angry red patch, leaving the scratch more or less unnoticeable
>You gently rub over the injury with your thumb
>Silver stops fussing and her wings slowly extend out and up
>Feels almost like they're throbbing
>You remove your hands
>"Looks like your wings really are fine"
>No longer tranced Silver is trying valiantly to push her wings back down
"I guess I may have been a bit paranoid"
>Wings successfully back down she looks to you wide eyed
"You're still going to carry me right?"
>Why would you ever chose to not have that in your arms
>She gives a smile to warm your cold and dying heart
>Silver hesitantly begins to speak
"Y-you know Anon. Seeing how I can fly and all do you want to see a few of my flying tricks?"
>"Fuck yeah sounds awesome"
>Something about pegasus flight was super cool
>She just looks annoyed with you
"INMATE! You are not to use such language!"
>Shit forgot she was a guard
>But from the sly grin on her face you’re not in real trouble
"But I can forgive it as enthusiasm to see my skills!"
>You were carrying Silver outside when you pass the gardening Club’s room
>You've got an idea for tomorrow
>A way to help Silver with her sandwich situation
>"Hey Silver"
>The bat pony stirs in your arms, head emerging from your chest
"Yes anon?"
>"I'll make you lunch again tomorrow night, but can you make another sandwich as usual?"
>Her face lights up at the mention of another one of your delicious meals
"Sure thing Anon"
>Finger pyramid of evil contemplation
>Once outside she springs from your arms and begins diving through the air
"Come on Anon I want to show you something"
>You jog along to keep up with the twirling bat
>Swirling and diving around in the sky you notice an odd shimmering trail behind her
>It looks as if you could see the night's sky inside the trail f
>Suddenly she dives straight up a few hundred meters in the air then flips over, rocketing to the earth
>The trail behind her doubles in length as she speeds towards the ground
>You begin sprinting towards her out of fear something had gone wrong
>Out of nowhere she somehow performs a perfect right angle turn and speeds towards the glimmering white rainbow
>How did she do that and not have all her bones and organs tear out her arse?
>She dives through the rainbow from underneath
>To your surprise rather than acting like a rainbow it acts as if it were a liquid
>Whiteness splashes up and ripples out through the air like a wave
>The trail behind Silver has merged into the the Rainbow and is quickly spreading through it
>Before your eyes the rainbow has turned from white to an ethereal shimmer of darkness
>Looking into it is like a picture of the universe
>Even stranger it's actually darkening the region of space around it
>This is so fucked up, you're not on acid are you?
>But where had Silver gone?
>A pony shoots high above you, covered in glowing white rainbow
>Somehow she stops herself mid flight
>All the rainbow goop comes flying off her bursting in the sky like watery fireworks
>They ripple across the sky in waves of awesome power
>Sweet fucking christ that was amazing!
>She pulls up beside you
"I've never seen anything so fantastic in my whole life! I-I’m fuckng speechless"
>Though you have a feeling you'll be thinking that a lot more often while living here
>You can't see her face well enough in the dark but you know she's blushing
>"But how long does the rainbow stay like that and how did you do that?"
"It doesn't last very long, look"
>A hoof points you to the far corner of the darkbow
>The whiteness has begun to creep back up the rainbow
"And I could only do it because the rainbow was bleached"
"It's something only night flyers can do"
>She proudly pats at her chest
>"You certainly are a great pony Silver"
>That's right, switch that pride to embarrassment
"T-thank you anon"
>You spend the next half hour watching Silver Linings do various spins flips and barrel rolls
>Mad trix bruh
>You're sure to complement her every time she gives you a glance to confirm the end of her trick
>Each time she drastically slows down
>Those chest tufts must have massive drag
>From what your book said on pegasi that probably isn't good for keeping her ego in check
>But it feels good to make these coloured equines happy, and good is what you need right now
>Once finished the mare falls from the sky into your waiting arms, looks like that's all she’s got in her for tonight
“Can you take me back to the guard room before you leave Anon?”
>”Sure thing”
>You shouldn't mention this to anyone but it requires a will stronger than your own to say no to these stupidly adorable things
>2min l8r in guard room
>"I was wondering Silver do you guards also live in the prison?"
"We do have rooms but most ponies just stay at their homes when their shifts over"
"I myself have a small apartment up in Canterlot"
>The corners of her mouth droop down
"But the room the gave me here was sadly better"
>Man that hits you right in the feels
>It is sad when you find out your normal life is worse than living in prison
>You can relate to this bat a lot more
>"Thanks for the fun night Silver, I'm happy I met you"
>Now let's get out of here before /you/ start blushing
>Before you leave the batmare has a request
"Anon, would you please scratch my chest?"
>You'd been giving a lot of those out today
>Man did that make you a whorse here?
>But you just couldn't say no to a pony in need
>Much to her delight you give some good hard scratchies and rubbies
>It looks like she's fallen asleep with her tongue lolling about the place
>In the end your rubbing hand is the only thing keeping her up
>You take your hand away and she stumbles into awareness
>"I'll see you tomorrow Silver"
"I can't wait anon"
>You leave the mare, chest fluff still ruffled from your hands
>Back in your room
>There's a vague scent of lavender and strawberries in the air
>Smells great
>You switch on your bedside lamp
>The scene before you is...
>Your bed has been ransacked
>Your magically soft pillow is gone
>However, asleep just across the room is Shear
>Who has somehow gathered her entire blanket upon herself
>She's also got your pillow
>And by the look of it she's managed to worm her way into the pillow's case
>It's all just so adorable
>Yet annoying
>No pillow for anon tonight
>Don't forget you have to get up early to see Soft Cotton before breakfast
>Actually how the fuck were you going to get up early?
>No phone as an alarm
>Well shit, that's a problem for future anon
>Night night anon
>Silver Linings
>Anon has just left after giving you the best night of your life
>At least since you've been working here
>You're so glad he's in prison
>Not in a mean way, no not at all!
>It may have been a rocky start but Anon showed genuine remorse over having attacked you
>And after that he'd been nothing but helpful and kind
>As a bonus he thinks your flying skills are awesome!
>You lightly place your hoof on the ground
>Still hurts too much to walk properly
>It had been Anon who'd risked the fury of a sleepy pony to get you medical attention
>Lucky Soft Cotton had been awake
>Even better it was in Soft Cottons room that you learnt anon was...
>Liberal, with his scratchies and rubs
>You'd already taken advantage of that
>But how many other ponies know? You'd hate to share
>Although nopony but yourself and anons up this late
>It's more the fear of missing out on rub opportunities while /you're/ asleep and he's not
>He didn't seem to know much, even for somepony far away
>You weren't looking at his smarts tho
>He could lift you up like nothing and carry you all night
>The room is still a mess from you and anon
>Settlers of Canterlot strewn about the place
>Half eaten sandwich in the sink
>Anon's coffee cup
>Black, no sugar
>You could respect that but ew, so bitter
>It's left the whole room smelling of it too
>Welp let's get to cleaning up
>You'll just have to fly and keep your hoof tucked away
>While cleaning your thoughts drift back to anon
>His scent is still in your nostrils
>Definitely the best part of the evening
>Getting carried around, wriggling your way into anon's chest
>His grasp felt loving
>No wonder he could make those omelettes so tasty
>Better not forget to make that sandwich
>Why would he want you to do that?
>He even said he was going to make you lunch again
>He was a mystery that one
>A mystery that seems to make your heart flutter
>That's no good, you've only known him for an afternoon
>What would mapone and papone think
>Ack you can't just sit here thinking or you'll die
>You've still got a few hours before bedtime
>You'll be sure to visit the Nut Cafe later
>Sometimes there were even other ponies there who couldn't sleep or had tweaked on too much caffeine
>They always had things to talk about
>Cleaning away with thoughts of anon on the mind you have an idea
>You must speak with Princess Luna, it's about time you asked her for one of these
>You continue cleaning away, the rest of your night planned

K I'm off to weed my garden, shits looking hectic
Welcome back and Merry late Christmas
>hatred is my secret ingredient
That one got a chuckle out
holy shit I just realised Anon has finished his first day at Perpetual Rainbows Rehabilitation Centre

Birthday bump
Ayy, happy birthday, m8!
Happy birthday, Wand!
He might be referring to mine. Would be neato if we were birthday buddies though.

Update after my DnD session later tonight.
Then happy birthday!
Thanks, mate.
Is your birthday too?
I mean, mine is 27
If so, Happy birthday m8
How good is DnD? I'm curious

Thanks mates
Mine's 26, but time zones have me confused. Almost birthday buds.

Pen and Paper games in general are pretty damn fun. I love everything about them. The strategy aspect with fighting, the RP, being able to make characters you like, being able to draw up those characters, and just general tomfoolery. If you're asking system-wise I much prefer Rogue Trader. It's a lot more complex and you get to be mother fucking space pirates that aim to give xeno a bad day. Plus space ship battles.
I used to play Deathwatch with a small group of friends, it was awesome playing as a space marine.
Sadly though, when the GM of the group moved to another city, we were too few to keep playing RPGs (and we didn't feel comfortable playing with people we didn't know).

It's too bad, since I think the GM owned Rogue Trader as well and I was really interested in giving that game a try.
I had even planned out a character, a seneschal who was like a badass grampa space butler.

I miss rpg night.

Also, a late happy birthday to you, m8!
And to you >>25898191 too, happy birthday!
File: hue.png (1 MB, 956x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 956x1280
>a seneschal who was like a badass grampa space butler.
That sounds fucking metal. Right now I'm playing a sanctioned Ork doc in a group of Umies. He's been banned form heal checks forever and his Gretchin followers always end up being more likable in the party. Drew the fucker up a little bit ago.

tfw just need to proof the update. Takes forever for me to do.
I was also the doc of my group as well, an apothecary.
I was also the "smart guy", focusing more on skills instead of stats. By the end of our games, it was virtually impossible for me to fail a heal check unless it was a critical failure.
And since I was a Dark Angel, I was naturally an ill-tempered, paranoid bastard, I even got the "Paranoid" trait. It helped our party many times, yet every time I tried to warn them whenever I got a bad feeling, they just kept calling me paranoid and moved on.
Our Kill Team also got a reputation for always ending our missions with a massive explosion, but we got results.
Kek, I think all but one in our party has paranoid, and for good reason. Every fucking session we each roll at least a hand full of 90's and get 3-5 nat 100's. I don't know what we did but the dice gods are unhappy.
I though it was pretty funny that even though my guy was so paranoid and also the most ruthless of the team, he was the one who gained the least amount of insanity points.

Kek, I know the feeling. In one session, our dice rolls were so bad the Librarian of the group jokingly asked if the dice were loaded (most of us were newbs and didn't own many dice, so we often borrowed the GM's since he had hundreds of them).

I used to have insanely good luck when it came to rolling damage though. Remember unloading on a Tau Commander in a Crisis Suit with a bolter for 60 accumulated damage (though that didn't kill him. It did make him eject out of his battlesuit though... down a 30 meter long drop straight down)
My personal favorite though was in a 1-on-1 fight with an ork nob. Was engaged in melee with him, pulled out my bolt pistol (since my knife wasn't doing much good), rolled 5 Righteous Fury's in a row on one shot, did over 50 damage. Bye bye, ribcage. Bye bye, nob.

Now I really miss rpg night. Le sigh.
>5 Righteous Fury's in a row
By the gods.
Last session we fucked a boss in half a turn because both players that could move each rolled RF 3 times in a row. It's really fucking overpowered. The first one had a 25 ballistic and used a net gun on a DEldar with stupid equipment too so even if he survived he wouldn't be able to dodge.

If you stat it, they will kill it.
It's always fun (for the players at least, not so much for the GM) whenever you completely pancake a boss encounter.
Our biggest one was while investigating a smuggling operation dealing in xeno-tech out of a space station.
We finally came face-to-face with the leader, just a regular human and his two ogryn bodyguards, but they were decked out in some pretty powerful alien gear the GM gave them so they would present a challenge for us.
Right before the fight, our Librarian and de facto leader trades quips with him about how his smuggling days are over.
Smuggler smugly answers with a cocky "Is it?"
Roll for initiative.
Librarian goes first.
Casts Smite.
All enemies hit.
Instant kill on all three of them.
GM facepalms.
The rest of us laugh.
Turns out that was just the penultimate boss fight, the next one giving us more trouble, but we got out with all of us still alive.
But not before blowing up the space station, of course.
That's fucking great. That's probably the best part about RT for me. Fights can either go completely your way or you all suffer horribly and have to throw fate points to not die. Not to mention being thorough is always top keks. Just blow everything the fuck up and go home.
Yeah. Sometimes in Deathwatch you could sometimes feel a bit overpowered, not only are you playing as genetically enhanced super soldiers, but are considered elite even among other space marines.
But there were still a few close calls. We were almost butchered by a horde of genesteelers, and our Librarian lost an arm to a brood lord, and he also accidentally summoned a daemon prince when his powers went on the fritz (he tended to switch between being our greatest asset to our biggest liability depending on how the dice rolled. I put a stop to that daemon though with another RF to the head from my trusty bolt pistol).
And I just love how bleak and depressing the universe is.
My apothecary had to execute quite a number of beings (human or otherwise) in cold blood, even the more noble Space Wolf and Blood Angel on the team had to join in on the dirty work sometimes.
Welcome to DnD general, kids.
Eh, it's at least something to bump the thread with while we wait.
I'm out of stories about it anyway.
File: 1450155420325.png (154 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 600x600
Go ahead, be the police. You can't un-cuddle yourself
this is fuckin' cool
tfw fell asleep all day.

>Wishing morning had come much later, you sluggishly get to your feet.
>Even more so, you wish you didn’t have to leave at all.
>An idea strikes you.
>”Hardy?” you call out.
>She stumbles into the room, a cup of what smells strongly of cocoa floating right beside her.
>She looks bedraggled, hair slightly strewn about and bags in her eyes.
>”Morning, Anon. Are you feeling okay?” she drones.
>”Terrific,” you answer in much the same manner, before yawning.
>You open your mouth to say something else but you stop yourself.
>This horse is a fucking doctor and will be able to tell sooner or later if you fake it.
>Taking notice of your hesitation she looks to you briefly before as she sets the mug down on a vacant hospital bed. “Is something wrong?”
>You slowly, rub at the back of your neck. ”Can I stay here longer?”
>”Anon, I’m not going to make an injured pony leave the hospital,” she giggles as she removes covers from some of the beds, tossing them in the hamper, presumably for washing.
>”I mean... when I get better.”
>She stops and turns to you with a slight grimace.
>”You actually want to stay here? Usually others dread being around here for longer than necessary.” She chuckles as she dumps the contents in a disposable needle box into a small trashcan with her magic. “I can’t imagine why.”
>Perhaps you can stand to make yourself look a little more vulnerable.
>”Can’t you cover for me? I might get sent right back anyways. I know they’re out for me,” you beg, starting to lose your composure.
>Her eyes lay blankly at you for a moment.
>”Who? Anon, you might want to take that up with the guards.”
>”P-pudding,” you say defensively, thinking back to her teasing remark from last night.
>She frowns in confusion.
>“Three of my puddings for one safe night here. That’s all I ask.”
>”That’s… a tempting offer, but I’ll have to refuse.”
>You frown.
>”However, It might be nice to have company. Three days, Anon. And when you get visitors, you need to act the part.” She winks at you.
>”Better than nothing,” you say, laying back down.
>Admittedly, she’s a lot more chill than she lets on. Definitely more down to earth, so to speak.
>She was probably just excited about studying you the first time you met.
>Well, aside from those drawings on the wall.
>You’re surprised she didn’t try anything last night.
>”Ohh by the way, I took that blood sample from you while you were sleeping.”
>Spoke too soon.
>Still, it’s frighteningly impressive.
>You are anything but a heavy sleeper.
>She looks up at your wry expression and smirks.
>”I know you inmates dread getting your blood drawn but by the end of this we’ll be living it big.”
>Alternatively, she’ll be living it big while the big mean human is behind bars for God knows how long.
>”I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you somehow, I promise.”
>Somehow you doubt that.
>A light knock interrupts the both of you.
>You hastily shake your head and mouth the word “no.”
>Thankfully, she seems to get the message and leaves with a nod.
>It’s time to think about how you’re going to progress here.
>Everyone saw how much of a bitch you were and you’ll need to be even more vigilant.
>A day passes.
>Apparently Hardy’s idea of keeping her company has been chilling on the hospital beds reading books.
>You always imagined your death would be more violent than boredom.
>With a sigh, you pick up the next book.
>”Dragons. Cool.” you mumble, devoid of any kind of emotion.
>While non-stop reading in bed is dull, it is a nice change of pace from all the excitement you’ve been having.
>”Wonder how fire breathing works...”
>You begin to hear someone calling for Hardy in the office but the both of you shrug it off.
>The door swings open, slamming into the wall behind it, causing you and Hardy to jump up.
>”W-Warden, Anon is still still in critical condition!”
>There is a moment of silence as the three of you exchange glances.
>Hardy, takes that as her cue to slip out of the room.
>”Good, you’re awake. How are you feeling, dear?” Warden asks, turning towards you.
>Her demeanor overall still seems to tick you off.
>The knowing look of a mother. Not a good mother, more like one that was never around but still thought she knew best for you, all topped off with a pinch of condescendence.
>It feels too familiar.
>You keep your eyes glued to the book.
>You don’t respond, instead you turn another page. Something about gasses and the flint and pyrite they store in their gizzard.
>“I’ve some good news and concerning news.”
>Seems they eat also eat rare gemstones they collect, as some birds will eat rocks to aid in digestion. Only instead of using it to grind seeds, they’ll use it to grind bones of anyone that gets near their hoard or young.
>”I was informed of how, exactly you got your injury.”
>It’s amazing how such a grand beast can fly at all, but with pectoral muscles like those...
>”Normally you would get time out for two whole days for something like that, but I think you’ve learned your lesson, hmm?”
>They’re usually solidarity but will migrate in massive numbers during mating season.
>”I won’t let you off the hook next time though. I expect you to be on your best behavior from now on.”
>They grow as their greed rises? Perhaps this wasn’t originally in English.
>”Anonymous, are you listening?”
>The translation is wrong and the sentence got mixed up. Makes sense and older dragon would be more territorial.
>Warden huffs and continues anyway.
>”The good news is that Hardy sent her findings to me, who then sent them to the princess. She is coming to see you tomorrow morning.”
>The book drops to your lap causing her to grin widely for the wrong reason.
>Your blood starts to simmer at the news.
>”She wanted to apologize in person. You were wrongly accused for everything but... assault, and even that was provoked.”
>No fucking shit.
>”If you’re lucky she might wave everything off.”
>You want to explode at her, but you bite your tongue.
>Apologize personally and wave it all off like it never happened? She just wants you to keep your mouth shut.
>Throwing an alien into a prison all alone alone and without a fair trial.
>Politically, that won’t do her any favors.
>Celesia made a big mistake and right now you could have her by the metaphorical balls.
>Of course, you would have to get information; See how far you can push her before you really piss her off and she decides to silence you other unsavory ways.
>You set the book down with the others and stand up, all the while fighting a grin off your face.
>It would have to be done as soon as possible.
>”A-anonymous, the doctor said you’re in critical condition, you-”
>You grab your shoes and leave in a brisk pace, slamming the door in the frustrated mare’s face.
That's all for now. I need more sleep and more proofing.

Sounds like a fun campaign overall, Mine is still in it's earlier stages, hopefully it turns out to be just as fucking metal. As long as I don't Party kill trying to heal them, that is.
File: Vicodanius 2.jpg (926 KB, 1049x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Vicodanius 2.jpg
926 KB, 1049x1400
Kek, just be careful which soft piece of them you stick them with the syringe and make sure it isn't filled with squig piss or something.
Forgot to mention how boss your Ork doc looks >>25900451
I did a pic of my Apothecary as well when I played.
(Forgive the lined paper and quality, drew it in the notepad I was using while playing and I didn't have a scanner or anything to upload it on the computer, so I had to use my phone. He also might look a little weird, was my first time drawing a space marine.)
Thanks, mate. Not bad, keep at it.
tfw I miss painting really bad. Can't wait to go home in a week so I can get back to painting characters for jew shekels.
File: 1356933465982.gif (112 KB, 434x434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 434x434
From which writefag you want some green?
File: 1417434989667.gif (78 KB, 249x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 249x249
Is the Cookies n' Cream green done?
Or the picture? The one of her in a bucket of cream with a cookie on her head?
These. Drawfriend needs to pull through, or at least notify us that our hopes are crushed.

Also, green in an hour or so.
>You attempt put up your facade
"I-I'm not certain what you mean about-"
>"Ah-ah-ah. Don't even start. I wasn't kidding. I'm well aware of the extent of your powers..."
>He gives you a little grin as he narrows his eyes
>".../or lack thereof./"
>Is he going to burn you? Blackmail you into doing something? What's his angle?
>"Hey now, c'mon! I know that came out a little threatening, but honestly, you can't just freak out over every little thing. Honestly, you remind me of Twilight Sparkle."
>"Someone who'd be pretty darn keen to meet you, if she knew you were here. Celery and Loony have been keeping you a pretty closely guarded secret, but it's only a matter of time until word gets out."
>He looks around, as if noticing for the first time where it is the both of you are
>"Ah, but this is no place for a good conversation. Here..."
>He snaps his fingers
>"Step into my office!"
>Holy shit, just when you thought you were finally getting used to how bizarre this place is
>You have no idea how to describe what's going on around you
>This entire space reminds you of those old drawings of mobius strips and Klein bottles
>It's like an M.C. Escher painting
>You're seated in a chair, in front of a desk behind which sits Discord
>"Much better. Chocolate milk?"
"Uh, sure."
>He snaps his fingers again, and you have something in your hand
>It's chocolate milk, but...
>There's no glass.
>There's space between your fingers and the milk where the glass should be, but it just isn't there
>"Here ya go!"
>He leans forward with a pitcher and pours the glass in around your milk
>Just ask him what he wants, Anon
"So if you know that it's all a lie, what do you want with me?"
>Please to don't say it's to expose you
>"You may not be a god, but I need your help anyway, m'boy."
>You take a sip of your milk
>Damn, that's delicious!
>Discord continues
>>Everyone saw how much of a bitch you were and you’ll need to be even more vigilant.
rip anon
>>They’re usually solidarity but will migrate in massive numbers
>"Strange as it sounds, I need your help. Equestria's got a problem that friendship can't fix."
>Friendship? What?
"Are you talking about the Elements of Harmony? The six mares that Celestia sends to do stuff?"
>"Glad you've done your homework. And yes. They won't be able to handle this one alone."
"We've already established that I'm kind of useless, though. And you don't seem to be lacking in the power department yourself. You're pals with them now, right? What do you need me for?"
>Discord chuckles, then elaborates
>"Have you considered /why/ it's so nice here? /Why/ everything's so stinking cuddly and cute, and why armed conflict consists solely of pillow fights and pie-throwing?"
"Because Faust made it that way, right? I've got questions about that, on a side note."
>"Hold your questions 'til the end. And correct. Now, tell me something else. Where do you think all the negative emotions go? Ponies are sapient, just the same as you and I. So why don't they slaughter their fellow equine over silly things the same way your people do?"
>Red flag
>How the fuck does he know that?
"How the hell do you-"
>"Anonymous, please. I am chaos embodied. And what did your science classes tell you about chaos? Perhaps a little more precisely, what /is/ chaos?"
>You are officially freaked out
>Yeah, he said he knew all about you, but this is insane!
"It's... the ability of simple systems without inherently chaotic mechanisms to produce irregular results...?"
>Another crooked smile
>"Correct again, my good bald ape! And since you know that, you must also know that I exist, well, everywhere. Including your home dimension."
>Jesus fucking Christ
>He literally /is/ what you were pretending to be
>You shakily take another drink from your glass
>"Aw, don't be scared. You're gonna have a neat part to play in what's to come. I'd know, I brought you here!"
>Your mind goes blank for a moment
"You what?"
>"I. Brought. You. Here. And I can return you."
>Your mind goes blank
Gotta take a break for the night. I know my updates are painfully short, but I'm trying to work out how to make this next bit not suck. I have the entire plot mostly worked out after that.
Well that's a hell of a fucking reveal, friendo.

And I already don't trust him. Especially hearing about that fucker being on Earth as well.
H-how rude!
I-it's not /that/ thick... Is it, Anon?
Guards are sleeping, post boops
File: large.png (110 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is a sfw board, anon.
File: le gasp.png (89 KB, 947x764) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
le gasp.png
89 KB, 947x764
It could be worse
She looks so happy getting booped.
File: itsbeentoolong.png (461 KB, 700x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
461 KB, 700x525
>Be Cookies
>You're sitting at the bedside of the... what did Honey Heart say?
>Anon the hyooman
>Warden found him on the table with an empty mug in his hands...
>Poor pony
>Finding him like that put a dent in her enthusiasm
>How long has he been like this?
>Almost 20 threads
>There weren't even prisoners from when he came in still here!
>"Cookies, You don't have to spend your spare time in here every day"
>Someone says, startling you
>You turn and face the voice
"Nurse Honey Heart!"
>You squeak
"You startled me!"
>"He's been in this coma for almost 20 threads..."
>It has been a long time...
>And you had baked him a cake!
>With Warden's help, of course
>But now he may never enjoy cake again...
>Tears start to form in your eyes
>You glance at the clock
>You'll have to go back to work soon
>Honey Heart takes notice
>"You know, I heard that there's a new tough inmate that arrived today."
>She says with a grin
>"Maybe too tough for you..."
"Too tough for me?! Nonsense!"
>You bolt upright
"I'll show that inmate who's boss!"

>Be Nurse Honey Heart
>You think the new prisoner is just what she needs right now
>She feels really bad since the last time she saw him she made him grumpy!
>You hope he wakes up soon
>If he stays in this state any longer, you don't think he'll stay here
>He might get transferred somewhere else
>That could mean ponies experimenting on him...
>You hated thinking about that kind of thing
>But really, what can you do?
>You check that the IV is full and that nothing's out of place
"*sigh*. Get well soon..."
>You'll be here again in the morning
>As you leave, you take another glance at him
>Still laying there, still as stone
>You steel your nerves
>That inmate you mentioned to Cookies has already given a few ponies some ouchies
>As you leave the room and close the door, you can hear their cries from your office...
"This is going to be a long day..."
>Back in the room, a lone human is laying in a bed
>The nurse pony shuts the door
>A hand twitches
>His eyes start moving
>Someone is coming from comatose to REM sleep...

I'm not dead
but I did forget most of what i was doing... so new direction
I did go and read the past threads. I want more SCP anon
File: 1443050207965s.jpg (3 KB, 125x93) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x93
my based nigga
>SCP anon
I didn't even know I wanted this, but holy shit do I want this
Please do, I missed your work
File: based.png (2 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x1080
What is this?
An image for Antman?
File: 1447577491885.png (159 KB, 842x949) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 842x949
you, bend over
And another innocent gets booped due to inactivity from the guards.
File: why.jpg (13 KB, 500x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 500x259
y u do dis 2 inscents?
Still no content.
Another boop.
Please stop this madness I shall post for you soon child
Very well, I'll stop... for now.
But if I don't see content soon, I'll have to move to more... extreme tactics.
>filename related
>It's a brand new day!
>And you've woken up in comfortable bliss
>Mildly horny, comfortable bliss
>Completely entangled in anon's pillow
>Guess that makes you Krystal Shear
>That also means you fell asleep
>Having stolen anon's pillow
>You don't remember crawling /into/ the pillow case tho
>You spy anon still sleeping across the room, pillowless
>When did the universe turn to pure embarrassment?
>You scramble your way out of bed and grab anons pillow in your muzzle
>It's looking worse for wear
>And has the slight smell of a very naughty pony
>Why did you fall asleep?
>Gently you place the pillow over anons face
>That'll do right? He'll never know you took it in the first place
>Even if he had come back to see it gone
>You need to pee
>And the morning chill wasn't helping
>You rush into the bathroom to relieve yourself
>Flushing away your morning business you catch yourself in the mirror
>Looking good hair, looking good
>Is there a brush in here?
>There is, one resides upon the shelf near the bath
>Sadly it's giant hight
>Not little pony size
>You have to stand on your hind legs and jump up trying to knock the brush down with a hoof
>Why did anon have to be asleep still? He could get this for you
>You spy yourself out the corner of your eye standing in the mirror
>Your belly exposed for the world to see
>Thoughts of anon have brought back your earlier horniness
>Maybe? You did just see anon asleep so you've got privacy
>A hoof tentatively lowers itself
>Softly you begin to stroke yourself
>You close your eyes
>mmh yeah, that's right Anon keep going
>Your body feels like it’s moving on its own now
>You open your eyes and see yourself in the mirror again
>Hoof gently rubbing your tummy
>You dirty pony, rubbing yourself in the mirror
>Dang why has that left you feeling even more horny
>A knock at the bathroom door has you reeling
"Are you okay in there?"
>You need to regain your composure
>"I'm fine anon thank you"
>You wake up to the smell of lavender and strawberries
>And with a pillow on your face
>So anon yee be
>You remove the pillow
>It's the thought that counts right?
>Sadly it looks like Shear has left quite the drool stain on it
>Going to have to wash this or find out where to get new ones
>The clock on the wall puts it at 6am
>Looks like you've got some time to get ready to see the Nurse
>Shear isn't in her bed so she must be already up, probably what woke you up in the first place
>She should work as an alarm so long as she keeps getting up early
>What was that?
>Sounds like it's coming from the bathroom
*Clop* *Clip*
>It very well may be the sounds of a small pony jumping up and down on bathroom tiles
>You should check that out
>Flopping your body out of bed you shuffle to the bathroom door
*Continued silence*
*Knock* *Knock*
>From through the door are the distinct sounds of a horse in distress
>That can't be good
>"Are you okay in there?"
>A ponies breath later you get your reply
"I'm fine anon, thank you"
>The door bursts open and out strides the little mare
>Lol nice hair day
>"So how'd you sleep?"
>From her face the answer would be embarrassingly
"I'm sorry for taking your pillow anon, I-i, I just couldn't sleep. I needed something to hold"
>That's fair, you never use to be able to sleep without your stuffed animals
>When you were a kid a that was
>"It's fine for now but you know, try not to steal my pillow again"
>She gives a pony salute
"Yes anon! Thank you anon!"
>She scurries off to her bed diving under the covers like a mischievous child
>Looks like it's shitin' time
>You perform the ritual
>You don't need a shave as of yet
>It's lucky you've got your razor with you tho
>That's right you've got a razor blade in prison
>They were very lenient with things here but you doubt they'd tolerate this
>As for shower, the bath had one in it
>Helpful if you're in a rush
>Can't be taking hour long baths when you're needed now can you
>You leave the bathroom and dress yourself
>Leaving your towel on until you'd pulled up your briefs
>Gotta show some decency in front of your friends
>"Alright Shear I'm going to see Nurse Soft Cotton now"
>Gotta be the thousandth time already and you've only been here a day
>"I'll catch you at breakfast"
>Shear remains sitting in her bed
"Can you get the brush from on top of the shelf in the bathroom before you go?"
>You gladly comply before leaving
>Really should take everything in high places down
>To accommodate the little folk
>On your way out you grab your pillow to toss in the wash
>Bam you're at the Nurse's office
>Hopefully for the only time today
>The door opens before you have a chance to knock
"Anon I've been waiting for you"
>You don't doubt it coming from her
>"Good morning Soft Cotton"
"It will be"
>You go in and wait for the doctors orders
>A few medical devices have been laid out on the table
>Most you recognise
>Stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure pump
>Others you cannot, and assume to be pony specific
>Some clasping device and a padded muzzle
>You're sure its purpose is benign
>It looks like Soft cottons ready as she speaks up
"Alright anon, this will just be a basic check up to get a few vitals to help us understand your species and yourself"
"Now then"
>She licks her lips
"I will need you to strip down"
>You have nothing to hide but,
>The looks Soft Cotton's giving you are worrying
>And uncomfortable
>You shouldn't have given out all those pats you hussy
>Welp let’s get this over with
>You strip down
>As you get to your briefs Soft Cotton has become very interested
>You begin pulling them down
>As you reach the point of no return Soft Cotton speaks up
"By the way anon I may have forgotten to mention a stallion doesn't /have/ to remove their undergarments"
>Sure she did
>Your briefs pulled back up Soft Cotton gets to work having had her fun with you
>A few minutes of pokes and prods later you've been given a clean bill of health
"Now anon I'm afraid we're at everyponies least favourite part"
>Clean bill of health be damned it’s cancer and you know it
"I need to take a blood sample to test for disease or malnutrition"
>Oh good, not cancer
>"Go ahead Doc stab me up, I'm a brave boy"
"Well you have to be the bravest creature I've ever met anon, I need to strap most ponies down if I even bring a needle into the room"
>For this more delicate task you note she's switched to using her wings
>In it goes and away your precious life fluid drains
>Soft Cotton gives you an impressed look
"You weren't kidding anon, I thought you may have been bluffing but you didn't even make a sound"
>Das right you can deal with mad pain
>Soft Cotton is presenting a lolly pop
>Hell yeah
>"Thanks Soft Cotton"
>You start pulling on your cloths only to be interrupted by Soft Cotton
>Her chest fluff is back out
"B-before you finish up there anon why not pay me first?"
>You really shouldn't be giving this one any more scratches
>Especially half dressed
>And yet you must, those massive pony eyes demand it
>Just a quick one
>You begin tussling the pegasus' chest hair
>It's softer than last night
>And it looks like she's brushed it
>Alright that's enough
>"Thanks Cotton, you're a great medical pony"
>She just keeps her eyes closed and mumbles a thanks
>You finish dressing and leave the room
>Were you sexually harassed by a pony at the start of all that?
>We'll bury that one down deep
>Oh well to BREAKFAST!
Yay, this green has made me rethink my dastardly ways!
No more non-consensual boops, promise.

The ponies in your green are super cute, even when they're being perverts.
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Hey guys, I promise a kind of long update next week or when I feel better, I got sick and is bugging me.
I'm having some blocks or whatever the thing was called when you don't get ideas to continue a story, I feel like i'm making the tour damn long.
Well, I'll lurk the thread for a while until I get ideas to continue.
Pic related, new character to the kindergarden part.
Happy new year folks.
p.10 bump
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I farted in this letter

Is better than that
I prefer turtles don't hibernate
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Good thing tank is a tortise.
another year in prison
Another day, another snuggle
This thread is fucking shit, kill yourselves faggots.
Circlejerk about a stupid prompt
this one seems a little salty...
Did someone order some salt?
Butt boop.
Consensual boops
Nothing of the sort.
Forced smiles bump
>Be Ano in pony prison
>Apparently it's illegal to not smile here
>you were bumrushed by ponies in silly roman cosplay and put in here
>Also they put this giant head bracy thing on you that forces you to smile
>You do not like these ponies.
There will be a lot of boop if guards will not return
So I spent 4 days in the hospital. I come home, and every thread has saged... Except for this one.
My god, this really is bump general, isn't it?
Would YOU like to make content?
No, because I have several large staples in my abdomen. Otherwise, believe me, I'd be right on it.
Holy shit another bump bump.
Music Bump?
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I want to wish you a happy 2016 you fucking lovable faggots.

I stopped lurking this thread until pic related happened, which reminded me of a one shot story I read here.

Glad to see this is still alive
I thought that was a worm at first and was like wtf...
>You are Anon and you are in prison.
>Every day you wake up with different mare cuddling with you.
>Yesterday you were traded for a lollipop.
>Unconsentual cuddles is >rape here.
>You're a prison bitch.
>Everything turned out better than expected.
Another post for bump general
I'll post something later when I'm less sober
>less sober
cant wait
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>You push open the door and enter the cafeteria
>Shear and Platinum are already at the table
>They haven't started eating so they either just sat down or were waiting for you
>They take note of your appearance and wave
>Let’s get some dank ass food
>Looks like they've got pancakes and waffles
>It also looks like a herd of bug ponies are getting their food too
>You're given a pudding cup and you saunter over to the group
>Let’s see if yesterday wasn't just a fluke
>And if Honey Cakes’ plan has any clout
>Purple one was the leader as you recall
>You move up to her, flipping your pudding cup in the air and catching it
>"Chytera was it?"
>She stares angrily at you
>Her sisters all have glares plastered on their faces
>Better do this fast before you aggravate them to attack
"Yes Anonymous the human, 'tis I"
"But why test your luck twice, you should feel HONOURED I let my sisters leave you be yesterday"
>"Exactly why I'm here, I wanted to give you this as thanks"
>You present the pudding cup along with your compassion and kindness
>Her eyes widen and she begins stammering
"T-Thank you h-human"
>And is it just your eyes or did her stomach swell a little?
>Chytera regain her composure and stand up tall
>Or tall-ish or whatever, tall for her
"An unexpected gift, thank you Anonymous, however I must refuse"
"But I do insist you share it with one of my sisters"
>Hmm, interesting
>If what you read in that book last night was true you have some idea as to what that sneaky Changeling was trying
>Lucky it also benefits your goals too
>You move to the nearest sister
>"I'd like to thank you for leaving me be yesterday, please take this as thanks"
>You present the pudding cup again
>Same reaction
>Wide eyed stammering and staggering
>You could swear her stomach expanded too
>That more or less confirms what you think is happening, was happening
>Like Chytera she refuse and moves you on to the next sister
>Before you know it you've gone through all the bug ponies, each looking considerably happier than before you arrived
>Chytera awkwardly rubs the back of her head
"Thank you again Anonymous"
>”Please, call me Anon”
“Very well, Anon”
>The group lethargically walks away
>And straight out the door, didn’t even take their food
>Guess they're full
>You turn to go to your friends only to realise everyone was looking at you in silence
>Must be the first time they'd seen anyone actually /approach/ the group
>And subsequently be let go alive
>They didn't give a shit last night tho wtf?
>Well they did crowd around you last time hiding you from view
>As you go to sit down a murmur ripples through the crowd
>You begin eating smiling to your friends and ignoring everyone else
>Eventually the whispers die down and the ruckus of the cafeteria returns
>Platinum is the first to say something
"So what was that all about Anon?"
>"The Warden want's me to befriend those Changelings so they can be reformed"
>"I was just testing my luck and some ideas"
>Confused looks
"By showing them your pudding cup?"
>"No, no that would be the opposite of a befriending attempt, showing off something usually only causes jealousy"
>"I was /offering/ them my pudding cup as a gesture of kindness, you know show them I care"
>Speaking of Shear seems to have forgotten her pudding cup
>"Did you not remember your pudding Shear?"
>Small shake of a pony's head
>You toss your cup to Shear
>And judging by Platinum's snickers you've been had in some way
>The little pony opens up her mouth for the first time since you sat down and spits out a glistening clean pudding cup
>That cheeky pony
>She stuffs the whole cup in her mouth and spits it out, as clean as the other
>"You have a terrifying gift"
>That earns you a big chocolatey smile
>A noise from behind
>Jesus Christ you've had a heart attack
>It was The Warden again
>That ghostly silent, could creep up on death itself, pony
>"You need a bell around your neck Warden"
>From her unamused face she's heard that one all too often
"What did you do to the changeling sister? They looked almost happy after talking with you"
>You give a pouty face and a mock sad voice
>"Straight to business Warden? No small talk for Anon?"
>Much to Honey Cakes annoyance you manage to garner a few giggle from the girls
"Can you please just tell me anon? You've made huge progress in mere seconds"
>You give a smirk
>"Alright Warden"
>"It's an ancient piece of knowledge from my land of origin"
>"It's origin unknown, power, infinite!"
>Honey Cakes leans in entranced by your supposed mystic knowledge
>You've got her hook, line and sinker
"What is it anon!?"
>"If you keep a man full, you keep a man happy"
>You said ancient piece of knowledge from unknown origin
>But you actually meant a helpful hint into a man’s heart from sisanon's girly magazines
>But you know it’s fine if they think you have some mystical ancient knowledges
>Honey Cakes has a hoof to her chin, muttering as she thinks
"Man happy..hmm, keep a man full?"
>She suddenly looks up angrily
>Looks like you haven't fooled her
"You know anon that sounds an awful lot like something I've read before"
"Keep a mare full and you keep a mare happy"
>God damn why was that one of the few things in common with your world
>"Pray tell Warden where exactly did you read that?"
>In coming blushies
"N-nowhere. I mean a science book, yeah that"
>Yeah a science book
>You'd be embarrassed if someone knew you read your sister's entirely unmanly silly frufru magazine
>Cuz guys who liked things for girls are /massive faggots/
>Although over here it would seem there's some slight gender reversal occurring
>So Honey Cakes must have been reading some bucks magazine on how to pick up mares
"No matter where I've read it what you did was nothing special Anon!"
>"And yet Honey, it worked"
>You give that pony an appreciative pat on the head
>Feeling her mane reminds you of something
>There's a plate of delicious pancakes and waffles with all the syrups behind you
>"Are we done here Warden"
>She's still out of it from your pats
>You've gotta have magic fingers
"I, uh yeah anon, we're done I guess"
>Away she goes
>And is swiftly replaced by the librarian pony from last night
>She doesn't have to say anything, you know what she wants
>Reaching into your pocket you take out the Pudding you had saved from yesterday's dinner and toss it to her
>Catching it in her telekinesis she happily walks off
>And away go your pancakes, next go your waffles
>Shear may be a demon at eating pudding but you could match her with your various cake disks eating skills
>You could also keep your face clean
>Kind of unfair in the fact that you did have hands
>You let out a satisfied burp
>Followed by Shear, face dripping in syrup
>You just want to give those happy cheeks a big ol' smooch and have a taste
>Bringing up the rear is Platinum
>She has to be eating in a manner too civilised for a typical minotaur
>Or you're racist
>Or specist
>After wiping down her face Shear is ready for action
"So Anon you will be joining me in Gardening club this morning?"
>Oh indeed you would
>How else could you get what you need for Silver
>"Of course I'll be be there! wouldn't miss it for the world"
>hehe lol u did miss the world
>Aw :( sad now

>”What about you Platinum?”
>She finally finishes eating and replies
“Sorry guys but plants aren't my thing. Besides I've got dancing practice!
>”Platinum you dance?”
“Duh! It keeps me loose and limber! It’s good for practising balance and reaction time too”
“Really anon, why wouldn't I dance?”
>”Sorry, you make a good point. I just didn't peg you as the type. You any good?”
>Platinum looks almost offended at that
“Any good? Anon I’ve been doing this almost my entire life. My father made me do it when I told him I wanted to be a guard, so am I any good? I’m the BEST!”
>She emphasises her little speech by thumping a fist to her chest
>”Well I have no doubt you are. We’d love to see you dancing sometime, right Shear”
>Your little ponis friend gives an enthusiastic nod
“I’d love to see you in action. So much more peaceful than fighting”
>Platinum slowly nods thinking away
“Well we have a recital coming up in the theatre room, you can come and watch then”
>As you're all finishing up Soft Cotton enters the room
>When she passes your group she begins what you’d call a pony versions of a strut and her tuft puffs up
>As does Shear's, if not a little angrily
>Silly ponies
>You poke Shear back into existence
>”Come on guys let’s break camp”
>Blank faces
>”It means let’s go”

I din't grammar or spelling check these but fuuuuuck you! lickspittle
Page 9 bumparoo
nice thumbnail
Did I do that? Like did I actually I havr no idea whats happening. What the hell r u talking bout willis
He wants more, I think.
Did /mlp/ become a red board or something?
I just blew through this story in a day.

My eyes burn.

Captain fucking Planet. You silly nigger.
posession of page 10 - 15 minutes in timeout
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bump. Live damn you!
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>91 posters
>Slow thread
>No ideas for writefags or new stories
And then there is my story which I don't think anyone is waiting an update for
Where did everyone go?
At least Zew is here