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A cumtastic adventure
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>*gluk* *gluk* *gluk*

Current writefag: Crossroad
Let's start off the new thread with a discussion, Who else would be addicted to cum and why? Also, would any cum do or only Anon's?
Is that Lilith?
I'm not sure who else would be, possibly it's those with horns only?

Also this story reminds me of Love, Sweat, and Tears and it's sequel. Very similar premise.
File: Lilith BL2.jpg (60 KB, 638x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lilith BL2.jpg
60 KB, 638x638
Would that, by any chance, be a rule 34.2 version of this Lilith?
>using my drawing as OP pic
shit op, thanks. Only second time i ever have that happening.

Sorry for being inactive people, custom pc cables and LoE have been taking all day, and it's currently 4:30 am. I'll get drawing!

captcha: atata
what the fuck, captcha?

Fuck your complementary trap, this is still a chick! Can't you leave me at least some fap material for one last load before all women wear dicks?

Oh no. No where close.
My apologies.

Ah, is it just an OC?

Yes. And he is hot.
I thought it was a herm/futa
File: twicap.jpg (2 MB, 2172x3580) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2172x3580
Finished my drawing
>pic rel8ed
This thread is now dedicated to gangsta hoars.

For those new to this thread, see the previous thread;
File: 2mad.png (12 KB, 100x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 100x100
>tfw i forgot to remove reference twi
I was wondering about that.
Last thread became An Hero. I want to trip code to have an identity here. Just so people can be like "I remember you!"
Tripcodes only if you're posting green or art.
Zajice's oc Lilith is a futa. Lilith from Borderlands, to my knowledge, is strictly female.

I thought that was supposed to be RD. Welp, gotta go change that tag now.

What are you talking about? If you're not contributing, don't bother with a name/trip.
I think you're in the wrong board, let alone wrong thread.
Would Scootaloo drink cum. Would she like a Cum Omlette *Because she's a chicken?
Trixie, because she thinks its what keeps her sexy voice sexier and her coat shining.

Rarity prefers cum baths to keep her mane and coat in that pristine perfect condition.
Not sure how anyone would get addicted to cum. Unless they had it associated it with pleasure or lack of pain. As an example: pleasuring a pony to the edge until they drink the semen, then giving them the orgasm they were denied when they do drink it.
I want Seth to go to bed.
Wrong thread, sorry.
Another example: Constantly causing pain of some kind over time, while presenting the option of drinking cum to make the pain stop. Then when they do, the source of pain stops.
No seth here, not even a big trixiefag

But I do think she would be likely to swallow as much stalion cum as she can, often being in gloryhole stalls just waiting for her nasty kinky fill enjoying the stallions never really knowing such a strong and beautiful magician as the powerful Trixie was the one who willingly drained their balls.
maybe it could be treated as a form of nymphomania?
Try feeding her through her other end.
But that's the compulsive desire to participate in sex acts, not specifically cum drinking.
page 9 bump
>Anon sucking on Twilight's horn until she gets off
File: large.jpg (53 KB, 994x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yes please, sometime, somewhere do this.
File: image.jpg (82 KB, 600x504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that pic
Muh dick
Good day anons
Expect updates this afternoon euro time since I'm most probably busy in the evening.
Good job mate
Could you remove the reference, so I can save it?
Already on the list. Maybe in the next clop scene? Who knows? First some cuddles and feels.
Welcome back, hope you had a good day. will there be more mind-imagery by the ways of words about twilight pigging out? because I crave more cute induced heart failures
Thanks, I had a pretty good day so far.
And yes, she is eating hayburgers later after all. Gonna start writing in an hour or so.
File: twicaplowres.jpg (490 KB, 1000x1648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
490 KB, 1000x1648
Good morning, anons.
>pic rel8ed, fixed drawing
i'd wish a proper drawfag would join us.
I wouldn't keep your hopes up
we already have oneYou
though in every thread, other drawfags are usually waaaay ahead of me. Only really a matter of time, here.
I've got a friend who's a drawfag, just like him you have too keep practicing, you'll get better and better over time.
m8 the only way for you to stay ahead of everyone else is to keep practicing and all that
I believe in you anon, you can be the best drawfag on this board if you keep at it <3
File: Confused Twilight.png (270 KB, 590x652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Confused Twilight.png
270 KB, 590x652
>You are Twilight Sparkle and you are still sitting in anon's kitchen.
>Wow... that kiss rippled from your horntip through your whole body.
>Perhaps you can ask him later to do it again...
>Would he be comfortable to suck on it?
>Oh this would be so hot.
>That was always a fantasy of yours
>But your former coltfriends, as few as they may be, weren't pleased when you asked them to do it.
>Silver Lining even laughed at you and asked if he looked like a colt cuddler.
>He said other things too, but you don't want to remember them.
>Stallions can be assholes.
>”You should be grateful that I even put up with a boring librarian like you!”
>You shake your head and suppress some tears.
>Anon is different.
>Even if he wouldn't like to do it, he wouldn't insult you like that.
>He is nice.
>He cares for you.
>Regaining your composure, you get up and grab the pan and the bowl with the whisked eggs, using your magic.
>The pan is beyond rescuing, but anon and you could still eat the eggs tomorrow morning.
>So you put the pan into the fridge and throw the mix away.
>Wait, what?
>Calm down, Sparkles.
>This was in the past.
>What's important now is the present.
>And the future... your future with anon.
>You inhale and exhale deeply a few times, your hoof following your breathing.
>Just like Cadence taught you.
“Ok... all better now.”
>You wrap the grated cheese in some foil and lay it in the fridge.
>The pan joins the eggs in the thrash can.
But anon... you are a proper drawfag
I like your style, just keep practicing mate.
Haha, thanks anons. If i had time, i would. Although for now, building computers and college is taking up too much of my time for practice, and i only drawfag a little to entertain myself every once in a while.
>Somewhat satisfied with your cleaning, you leave the kitchen and enter anon's living room.
>He said that you should pick a movie while he was away.
>You still don't understand how a whole film fits onto such a small disk.
>To be honest you don't understand most of the stuff that came with anon, when he arrived in equestria.
>Like his magic picture box he called television.
>Ah his arrival, what a magical and strange day.
>Anon claims that he doesn't remember it any more.
>Fluttershy found him on the edge of the Whitetail forest, covered with burns and his stuff scattered around him.
>He was unconscious for nearly a week.
>His “electronics”, how he likes to call them. didn't work without electricity.
>But you managed to get them working again with a fusion crystal, that you charged with a lightning spell.
>He was so happy when you showed him the crystal and explained what it was for.
>Maybe a bit too happy since he grabbed it with his bare hands and nearly electrocuted himself.
>You giggle.
>After some care and burn ointment, he found a way to hook them up to the fusion crystal.
>It now floats in a grounding bubble, safely next to his TV.
>You turn your head around and scan the shelf with his movies.
>A particular night-blue box caught your eye.
“The last Unicorn...”
>This sounds interesting.
>Reading the text on the back, you decide that this would be the right flick for tonight.
Okay I'm off now. I may start writing again later tonight, depending on how long I'm away and how drunk I are then.
Stay fresh.
>thrash can

File: why not.jpg (36 KB, 331x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
why not.jpg
36 KB, 331x480
>last unicorn
>impending drama intensifies

keep at it you glorious bastard.
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>Page 9
>new general/repeating thread
And the cancer continues
Yo I'm back.
I rewrote the last two parts the last to parts for the pastebin, since I wasn't happy with them. Check them out.
Going to start writing again in a few, so stay tuned.
It's been a bit too long since her last cum drink.
Maybe for you since I write so goddamn slow, but for anon and twi maybe two hours have passed since he came inside her
But don't worry, I didn't forget about clop. Its either going to happen when they go to bed or the mornign after.
For us yeah it's been days, but story wise it has only been a few hours at most so it would make sense. Sometimes what you want is not what you need.
>when they go to bed or wake up
pls write pls write pls write pls write pls write
Archive of the previous thread if anyone's interested in making a screencap of the first part.
I'm also waiting for my fix. But he should take his time.
>You put the Deeveedee next to the television and think what else you could need.
>Maybe a blanket?
>It is quite warm today but...
“Cuddling isn't the same without a blanket!” you state.
>Humming a happy tune, you walk to anon's cabinet and pull a blanket out of it.
>You lay it neatly folded on the couch.
“Hmm what else...”
>There are still cookies left, even after your snack attack, so you won't need any other snacks.
>An idea comes to your mind.
>Maybe some wine?
>Sharing a bottle of wine and watching a movie together, while the two of you cuddle under a blanket.
>It's so romantic, you could squee.
>So you do.
>Now you just have to hope anon has a bottle in his house.
>After a short search through his kitchen you finally found one, hidden behind a box of cornflakes.
>You blow the dust from the label.
>Quite a fancy one at that.
“Domaine Romanêigh.”
>Sounds expensive... like something Rarity would buy.
“I will just ask him if its OK to drink this.” you say to yourself.
>Floating the bottle back to the living room, you put it on the coffee-table, along with two glasses.
>You would light some candles but you don't know where anon keeps them.
>But this should do nicely.
>Did you forget something?
>No, you don't think so.
>You climb on the sofa and take a look at the clock.
>Anon should be back any minute now.
>”Aaahhh! I can't wait!”
>This is going to be the best night of your life.
>Somehow this sounds familiar.
>>This is going to be the best night of your life.
>>Somehow this sounds familiar.
Oh god.
Last update for tonight.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads I even corrected most of my mistakes there!.
As always feel free to leave critique and suggestions how to improve the story.
Too cheesy?
>>This is going to be the best night of your life.
>Somehow this sounds familiar.

Incoming tears and sadness.
Just wait and see. You may also want to prepare your feels.
File: 1421447337526.jpg (176 KB, 1600x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 1600x1600
I await the feels good sir, keep at it, I've been enjoying this story greatly.
File: 80.png (12 KB, 80x69) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 80x69
>This is going to be the best night of your life.
>Somehow this sounds familiar.

I'm primed and ready to feel,sir.
page 9 bump
The thread goes bump in the night.
File: image.jpg (78 KB, 1260x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 1260x251
You all fucked up.
New Band Name
Page 10 bump
Bump for the night
>A cumtastic adventure
I don't get it, what's feels - inducing about this aside from the fact that it's probably not going to happen?
The Grand Galloping Gala was The Best Night Ever.
Except it wasn't.
And then it turned out to be a pretty good night after all.

It's the "wasn't" part that worries me.
Holy shit, it's been so long since I saw that episode I complete forgot about that.
I need to go rewatch the show.
Le ebin new maymay
Just got done reading the whole story and catching up.

Jesus Christ these feels man...i wasn't sure if I should be erect or in tears...or both.

It was more tears.
>>21561359 >>21559432 >>21554492
>what is hiding a thread
>hide cancer
Won't remove it
You cut away cancer at the first sight of it
I saw the full size version of this pic, and I just wonder: Why the hell would they put their tits there? It doesn't look right at all.
Can you link the full pic?
Well have a seat there and let me tell you something. You see, this may be cancer, but you're not really doing anything about it. You're just sitting there complaining instead of trying to improve board quality, which is also cancer. You're also showing how such a simple thing as a thread on an imageboard website on the internet can upset you, which is sad. You have really two options here that could actually solve these problems of yours.

1. Make a thread that will produce content and/or an interesting discussion.
2. Stop being so sensitive and learn to control yourself so that you don't have to announce every single time something upsets or displeases you.

Now run along little one and enjoy yourself while you're here.
File: Crying Bookhorse.png (211 KB, 1134x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Crying Bookhorse.png
211 KB, 1134x1024
>Fifteen more minutes pass.
>The hayburger restaurant isn't too far away from his house... he should be back by now.
>You start to worry, your hooves nervously pawing the soft fabric of the couch..
>What if something happened to him?
>Ponyville is a safe town, isn’t it?
>Nothing does ever happen here...
“Aargh! This place is a magnet for disasters!”
>Panic begins to well up in your stomach.
>And the proximity of the Everfree forest doesn't make it better.
>All kinds of dark and bloodthirsty creatures leave their bone ridden caves at night, in search for prey.
>Nononono... stop agitating yourself!
>Everything will be fine.
>You are sure of that.
>The clocks strikes eight.
“If he isn't here in five minutes, I start looking for him!”
>Just as you finished your sentence, the front door opens and anon enters through it.
>Carrying two large paper bags under his arms.
>You jump off the couch and run towards him.
>He puts the bags on the cupboard next to the door and kneels down, his arms open.
>You leap into his embrace.
>Feeling him so close and smelling his scent again, calms you down instantly.
“You're back...”
>”Twi... what’s the matter? Did something happen?”
>His hand slowly runs through your mane.
>You look up into his eyes and shake your head.
“N-No.. I was just worried that something happened to you... You were away for so long!”
>He kisses your forehead.
>”Sorry Twilight. I just had to wait in line. Some crazy blue unicorn mare didn't stop yelling at the poor clerk, demanding a “great and plentiful” refill. And she didn't leave, until she got it. She even wanted to talk to the manager.”
>This elicits a laugh from you.
“Yeah. I know her. She can be quite troublesome.”
>You rest your head on his shoulder.
“I'm just glad you're back.”
>”Hey Twi.”
>”Don't work yourself up so much, ok? It's not good for you.”
>Anon boops you on the muzzle.
>”I'm really touched that you care for me, but don't fill your cute little head with dark thoughts.”
>He presses you closer to his chest.
>”I rather see you smiling when I come home.”
>You can feel tears start to form in your eyes.
“I-I won't...”
>He and you enjoy the embrace for a few moments more.
>Anon breaks it and wipes a tear from your face, stroking your cheek..
>”Wanna eat something now? I brought your favourite!” he says, beaming you a smile.
>You smile back and nod.
Today's updates are going to happen slower then usual, since I'm not feeling all too well. Enjoy anyways.
Personally speaking, I'm okay with this. I enjoy the cuteness more than the clop in this story, so it's no trouble anyway.

And get well soon, buddy.

captcha: ofhen
>demanding a “great and plentiful” refill
I giggled.
>Now sitting at the kitchen table, anon spreads the food on it.
>Four hayburgers with haybacon and cheese, along with two bags of fries.
>And is this...
>It is!
>Your favourite!
>The Hayonator! With onions, lettuce, tomatoes and three different kinds of cheese.
>The smell invades your nostrils and your mouth begins to water.
>You can almost taste the secret sauce.
>A shudder runs down your spine.
>Anon chuckles and pulls the soda cans from the bag.
>Putting one next to you, he sits down again.
>He claps his hands together.
>“Let's begin then! Before it gets cold.”
>This snaps you back to reality and you give him a slight nod.
>”Bon appêtit!”
”Bon appêtit!”
>You pull the hayonator to you and float it out if it's box.
>Oh Celestia yes... It's been so long since you had one of these.
>It's so big, so fatty, so unhealthy… so perfect.
>You are tempted to devour it as fast as you can. But...
>Anon is directly looking at you, a smile on his face.
>So you just take a small bite. Chewing carefully.
>Don't want to embarrass yourself in front of him again.
>This time there will be no vegetables to save your sorry flank.
>The taste washes over your tongue like wave of greasy bliss.
>Everything blends together perfectly, The haypatty, the veggies and of course the secret sauce.
>It gives just the perfect hint of spiciness to the composition.
“So good...” you moan.
>He giggles.
>”Glad to hear that.”
>He takes a bite out of his own burger.
>”You know, normally I don't like hay. But when it's deep-fried and put in a bun, with some sauce and lettuce, it's actually pretty tasty.”
>You swallow.
“Did you have hayburgers on your planet too?”
>”Yep. But we didn't use hay for the patties.”
>He winces, like he just said something wrong.
File: Guilty pleasure.png (369 KB, 749x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Guilty pleasure.png
369 KB, 749x1024
“What did your people use then? I can't think of anything better than deep-fried hay.”
>You smile and take another bite, slightly bigger this time.
>Contenance Sparkle.
>”Eh you see... How do I put this. You know Molly, right?”
“The cow? Yes. She is quite nice. Always lends out books about birdwatching.”
>You take a sip of your soda.
“Why? Are they made out of milk or cheese?”
>Anon winces again. His fingers nervously twitching.
>”No... They are made out... of … Molly.”
>You know that anon used to eat meat back on his planet, his canines are proof of this.
>Does it bother you?
>No. Not really.
>Consuming the flesh of other living beings is a taboo in equestria.
>Gryphon’s are... tolerated. But still their eating habits are frowned upon.
>But it's not his fault that he is a carnivore, or strictly speaking, an omnivore.
>You put your hoof on his hand to reassure him..
“It's okay. I'm not bothered by it.”
>He seems relieved.
>”Thanks Twi. I know this is frowned upon here. Some ponies already gave me the stink-eye when they saw my teeth.”
“You should know best, that I'm quite glad you have these.”
>Anon chuckles.
>”Yeah you're right. Pretty kinky for a pony to have a biting fetish.”
>Your cheeks burn up.
File: Blushlight Sparkle.png (483 KB, 1280x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blushlight Sparkle.png
483 KB, 1280x636
“Y-Yeah it's quite rare... and I didn't even know that I had it before … today.”
>Fiddling with your hooves you take another bite out of your burger.
>He mockingly throws his arms up in shock.
>“Oh the humanity! I corrupted the innocent librarian with my dangerous teeth and nails! What would your parents think?!”
>You shake your head, but you can't suppress to laugh at his silliness.
“Firstly it's: “Oh the equinity!” and secondly...”
>”You ponies and your horse puns.” he says, finishing his first burger.
“I'm sure that my paren'ts won't think that you are planning on eating me any time soon, once they get to know you and see how nice you are.”
>”Oh but I am planning on eating you.”
>His lips form a devious grin.
>”Out, that is.”
>He gives you a wink.
“Oh you!”
>You grab a few fries and throw them at him.
Sorry if everything takes so long. I know that some anons want to see some clop soon, so I tried to speed up things by cutting some stuff. But somehow I can't bring myself to do it, I doesn't feel right to me, dunno.
take your time, if it feels right, then do it. Its your story after all
Yeah but still...
Maybe I'm going to write a quick Rainbow intermissiion in which she fantasizes about Anon, since she has nothing better to do.
Maybe anon can be a prison guard or something.
To be honest 'm in the mood to write some clop.
>secret sauce
I know it's nothing kinky yet, but I can't help myself with the idea that thinking about the secret sauce will make Twerklight suffer withdrawals again and ask Anon for more of his sauce

>You pull the hayonator to you and float it out if it's box.
It should be "out of its box" and not "out if it's box". No apostrophe when using the possessive pronoun, in the 3rd singular person, that refers to objects.
>He winces, like he just said something wrong.
I'm not sure about it myself, but I think it should be "as if he said something wrong". Anyone can confirm?
I'm gonna be namefagging for these spellchecks for the Pastebin version, so you'll know who to insult

>”Oh but I am planning on eating you.”
>”Out, that is.”
Oh goodness, we're in for another treat in no time!

You're still not feeling well? Take some rest, buddy. The story itself has started literally 10 days ago, I'm sure the anons can wait an hour or two more.
Thanks! I will correct the mistakes on the pastebin,
I've started to wonder where my spellcheck minion has run off to :^)
And eh I'm feeling ok right now. Maybe I overdid it a bit yesterday.
>To be honest 'm in the mood to write some clop.
Then write some, yo, you never know, maybe drawings will emerge from it.
Sounds good. I will just finish the eating scene so I can start tomorrow with the movie and cuddling stuff. also feels
Feelings from below today

Feelings from the heart tomorrow

You're sadistic, Cross.

And I'm okay with that.
File: Born_to_feel.jpg (32 KB, 428x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 428x500
>I've never seen TLU
>Seen it today for reference
>feels set to defcon 2
>I'm ready
File: Unsure cute Twi.png (830 KB, 1200x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Unsure cute Twi.png
830 KB, 1200x800
>After a few relentless potato-based artillery strikes, you cease your fire.
>Laughing you two shake hooves and hands respectively.
>Peace returned to the kitchen soon after.
>”Let's finish our food, ok? It starting to get cold already.”
>You nod and get to business.
>Aww. It's really a bit cold.
>And if you keep eating at this slow speed, the rest of the burgers will be ice cold by then.
>Maybe you can slowly increase your pace without him noticing.
>He seems pretty engrossed with his food...
>Okay then.
>You take a few quick bites and check if he saw something.
>No. His eyes are still on his food.
>He reaches for his can and you seize the opportunity.
>With three more bites, the hayonator is no more.
>Victory at all levels.
>At least you thought so... Anon is staring at you, his can in his hand and a grin on his face.
>”Got. Ya. “
>He points at you.
>“I knew, I just had to wait.”
>You can feel your face getting hotter.
>Anon leans forward and ruffles your mane.
>Just like he did countless other times this day.
>”Twi, really. You don't have to be embarrassed around me. Just be you, ok?”
>Wow. You really don't deserve him.
>”I will even cast the first stone.”
>He grabs another burger, along with a handful of fries and shoves all of it into his mouth.
File: Twi pigging out.jpg (137 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi pigging out.jpg
137 KB, 1920x1080
>He swallows hard.
>”Phew. This one was pretty dry.”
>How could you be so lucky?
>Pushing the two remaining burgers towards you, he smiles reassuringly.
>”Come on.”
>This goes completely against everything you know.
>All your books, and Rarity, told you to act as proper as possible around the stallion you wanted to woo.
>But anon is different, isn't he? He isn't even a stallion.
>Hesitating you levitate the food to your face.
>”Come on.”
>You close your eyes.
>Screw it.
>With five big chomps, you devour the greasy treats. Splattering ketchup and lettuce all over the table.
>”Woohoo! Go Twilight!” anon cheers.
>After a few seconds of chewing, you swallow.
>They really were a bit dry.
>Gulping the rest of your soda down, you open your eyes again.
>Only to see anon, smiling softly
>”See? Wasn't that hard, was it?”
>You shake your head.
>His hand reaches forward again to scratch behind your ear.
>You coo.
>”Don't distort yourself around me. I won't think any less of you, just because you enjoy your food a bit much.”
>The hot feeling in your cheeks returns.
>Shyly you look at the floor.
“T-Thanks....It's just that...with my former colt-....”
>You don't feel quite ready to talk with anon about your former experiences with stallions.
“Let's talk about that some other time, okay?”
>”Whenever you are ready”
File: Hehe.png (99 KB, 762x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 762x700
>You smile at him.
>He gets up and begins to collect the wrappers and bags, throwing them into the trash can.
>”Did you already decide on what movie you want to watch?”
“Yes. I put it next to the teevee.”
>Grabbing a wet towel he wipes the table with it.
>”I will just clean up here a bit. How about you already cuddle up on the couch? I will join you in a few.”
>You hop of your chair and walk over to nuzzle his leg.
“Thanks for everything.”
>Anon kneels down and cups your chin in his hand.
>Gently he plants a kiss on your lips.
>Your mouth opens to let his tongue enter.
>Slowly it teases your own tongue out, inviting it to dance.
So this concludes the eating scene. Tonorrow is movie and cuddle time.
Will start on the Rainbow thing in about one hour.
This is some quality shit man, keep it up.
File: Swearing Rainbow.png (108 KB, 417x553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Swearing Rainbow.png
108 KB, 417x553
>You are now Rainbow Dash.
>And there are two things you can't believe right now.
>The first thing is that this bitch BonBon called the guards on you.
>You are so going to show her what seagulls do to statues, when you get out. That’s for sure.
>The other thing is that you are still sitting in this bucking cell.
>Why hasn't anon come by already and talked with the guards?
>Usually the guards hang a notice at the regarding pony's, or in this case humans, house when something happens.
>Maybe they forgot this time?
>Or maybe he is still busy getting blown by Twilight.
>By Celestia's beard, those two performed a pretty hot show.
>This was easily your best self achieved orgasm.
>You wonder what else they are going to do or already have done.
>Just thinking about all the possible scenarios gets you going again.
>Eh might as well masturbate again, its not like you have anything better to do.
>They don't even have books here.
>But better make sure that you don't get disturbed.
>Don't want to give the guards the impression that they can join the fun.
“Hey!” you yell.
>No answer.
>The door to your cell opens.
>”Be quiet!” the guard hisses.
>”What do you want?”
“I'm going to bed soon, or whatever you guys like to call this hard bench, so please don't disturb me any more tonight, okay? Once someone wakes me, I have trouble finding sleep again.”
>You give him the puppy eyes.
>Better hope this works.
>He sighes.
>”Okay. I will instruct the night-guard of this.”
>The guard turns around to leave.
“Wait !”
>Stopping in his tracks, he sighs again.
“Could you bring me a glass of water, and maybe a small lamp? I can't sleep when it's pitch black and the ceiling lamp is too bright.”
>”How old are you? Five?”
>You glare at him.
“I can't help it, ok?!”
>”We don't have lamps, since inmates tend to set the cells on fire, but I might find a flashlight somewhere. Will this suffice?”
>Uhhh perfect.
“This will do nicely. Thanks.”
>”No problem.”
>The guard leaves and closes the door behind him.
>Your lips form a grin.
File: 1395607214603.jpg (51 KB, 760x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 760x700
>This is going to be so good.
>Nothing is better than a nice and intense orgasm right before you go to sleep.
>A few minutes pass and the guard returns.
>Floating in his magical grip are a glass of water, the flashlight and a thin cloth.
>He levitates the three things into your cell.
>”Here you go. You can lay the cloth over the torch, if it's too bright for you.”
>Aww how sweet of him.
>You beam him a smile and he nods in return.
>”Good night.”
“Good night!” you chirp.
>The door closes again.
>Taking the flashlight into your hooves, you inspect your lover for tonight closer.
>It's not as big as anon's but it will do.
>You hop onto the bench and lie down on your back.
>Now you need a setting... masturbation is twice as enjoyable with a good fantasy.
>You think for a bit, your left hoof already caressing your teats.
>Ponyfeathers... you can't think of anything.
>This cell is an imagination killer!
>Or.... you take a look around.
>Or maybe it isn't.
>You close your eyes and indulge in the fantasy you just created,
Expect anonguard X rainbowprisoner clop in about an hour.
How about a story with the MILFs/mature mares?
File: 1395613844004.png (184 KB, 758x888) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184 KB, 758x888
>You are still Rainbow Dash.
>But this time you have cool scars all over your body from all the fighting you did.
>Also you are currently sitting in the isolation cell of the Trottingham high security prison.
>One guard threw your food on the ground and you couldn't let this sit on you.
>What would the other prisoners think of you?
>They would think that you are weak, and this would mean the death of you.
>So you bucked his fucking face in!
>He won't be able to eat any solid food for a while, that’s for sure.
>You laugh deeply and menacingly.
>Yeah just like a real criminal.
>The door to your cell opens and the light is switched on.
>You have to shield your eyes from the incoming light.
>After a few seconds your eyes adjust to the sudden brightness.
>Ughh its the strange monkey guard.
>You hate him, he always looks creepily at you.
>”Well, well, well... who do we have here?”
>He steps closer to your cell.
“What do you want, you two legged freak?!”
>Shaking his head, he strikes his baton against one of the iron bars.
>”No need to get so passive-aggressive Dashie.”
>He kneels down.
>”I just heard, what you did to my buddy Hard Lesson.”
>His baton points at you.
>”That wasn't really nice, his whole face is ruined now... poor lad.”
>You back up a bit.
File: 1395610093379.jpg (1 MB, 3000x2120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3000x2120
“This asshole had it coming!”
>”Oh, I know.”
>He laughs.
>”I know what he did to you and the other prisoners. I just couldn't do anything about it, since he is, well was, higher ranked than me.”
>The monkey stands up again.
>”To be honest I, and the other guards, are pretty glad that you smashed his head in. Opened his position, you know. And guess who got it?”
>A bit dumbfounded of his sudden openness and friendliness, you shakily point a hoof at him.
>He never was like this... Be careful Rainbow, he has something planned.
>His grin grows wider.
“Y-You want something! Why are you here?!”
>Another laugh.
>”Oh you are a quick one. Yeah... I'm here for something.”
>He kneels down again to face you.
>”I'm here to propose you a small deal.”
>His eyes glare at you, piercing a hole through your head.
>”I know you don't like the isolation cell. It's so small and so narrow, you can't walk around propely
let alone fly. So how about we make a deal. You give me something, and I give you something. Your normal cell back and more time in the flying cage, to be exact.”
>More flying time!? You could finally stretch your wings properly again.... But...
>This sounds good... too good. What might he want?
>You sit down on your haunches.
“And what do you want in return?” you say, shooting him an angry glare.
>He leans his head sideways. The grin still on his face.
File: Shy Dashie.jpg (557 KB, 2757x2467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shy Dashie.jpg
557 KB, 2757x2467
>”You heard me right. I want you.”
>Retreating to the back wall you take a defensive stance.
“N-Never! If you want some flank go to the whorehouse or something!
>The monkey guard shakes his head.
>”But I don't want some filthy whorse, I want you and your tight little ass there.”
>No words manage to leave your mouth, you are too shocked.
>”You can either stay here for three more weeks, alone in the dark, or you just accept my offer and feel the wind in your mane again. Your decision.”
>”Ok then. Have it your way.”
>He rises again and turns around to leave.
>His hand is already on the door handle.
“No! Wait!”
>He looks back to you.
>You can't believe you are doing this...
“I will do it...” you say, defeated.
>The turning of a lock can be heard.
“And you promise that I will get my old cell back and more flying time?”
>The monkey chuckles.
>”Of course. That's the difference between me and Hard Lesson. I'm not here to make your life more miserable than it already is. And my new position opened new possibilities to handle things. If you catch my drift.”
>You nod.
>”Good girl.”
>He opens the door to your cell and steps inside. His form now towering before yours.

>tfw anongaurd uses Dash's wings against her
>tfw Dashie can't resist that offer

>tfw intense clop incumming

>mfw submissive Dashie is my fetish

>mfw I actually have a face

It's really happening this time, r-right guys?
File: 1411337018158.gif (1006 KB, 312x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1006 KB, 312x213
File: 1396305769482.jpg (1 MB, 1087x1537) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1087x1537
>At least this will be over soon, if he is like any other stallion.
>Kneeling down he takes your face in his hand and plants a rough kiss on your lips.
>His tongue pries your mouth open and invades it.
>Exploring every inch of your mouth it finally finds what it was looking for.
>Your own tongue.
>You try to evade his but its no use.
>Complying you let him have his prize.
>It sloppily and greedily snakes around and you try to match its movements.
>You feel a warm feeling building up in your lower abdomen.
>After a good minute he breaks the kiss and looks into your eyes.
>His face still sporting this smug grin of his.
>”Wasn't this nice?”
>A click can be heard as he unbuckles his pants.
>They fall down to his ankles revealing his already erect member.
>You gulp.
>It looks so different from a stallion...
>He grabs the back of your head and forces you closer to it.
>”Come on now. Don't be shy,”
File: 1395610875622.jpg (536 KB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
536 KB, 2000x1500
>Hesitantly you open your mouth and take the tip of his penis into it.
>You start to suck on it, which makes him inhale sharply.
>”That's the stuff, Dashie. Go on.”
>Your tongue travels down his shaft, lubricating it with your saliva.
>Feeling the pressure on the back of your head increase, you move your head further down.
>He's now nearly hilted and you have to suppress your gag reflex.
>In an effort to increase his arousal, your tongue now coils up and down his cock. Squeezing and massaging it.
>You begin to bob your head up and down, sucking on his glance every time you reach the tip..
>Why hasn't he cum yet?
>His breathing starts to get faster and shallower.
>Increasing the pace of your bobbing you use the tips of your wings to tickle and caress his balls.
>Another sharp inhale and he grabs your head on either side.
>You can feel his cock sliding in and out of your threat at a rapid speed, as he fucks your mouth.
>Tears start to form in your eyes and your nose begins to run.
>At the last possible moment he pulls out and lets loose.
>He grunts and several thick strings of his cum land on your snout, mane and face.
>Your tongue betrays you as it licks around your muzzle, trying to lap us much of his seed as possible.
File: 1395614398846.png (941 KB, 900x1154) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
941 KB, 900x1154
>Exhausted and out of breath you collapse onto the floor.
>Out of the corner of your eye you can see him remove his shirt.
>Isn't he finished? Didn't he get what he wanted?
>He bows down.
>”You did good Dashie. But don't think we are finished yet.”
>You shake your head.
“Yes we are! You got what you wanted, now leave me alone.”
>His gaze wanders around your cowering form.
>”Oh my!”
>He scoops something up and holds it in front of your face.
>It's …your own arousal.
>”Somepony got exited!” he states with a chuckle.
>One hand travels along your side and gropes your flank.
>”You enjoyed this? Didn’t you?”
>This fucking smug grin returns.
>Ashamed you look away.
>”If you want more, you just have to say it.”
>Anon's fingers trace your cutie mark.
>You don't want this.
>Then why are you so bucking turned on right now?!
>”Come on.”
>You feel his hot breath on your ear.
>”Say it.”
>He gives it a slight nibble.
>His hand moves around your thigh, now hovering mere millimetres above your soaked marehood.
>”I can give you so much more...”
>You shudder.
>A finger flicks your clit.
>Another nibble.
>”You're so close...”
>You can't take it any more.
“Fuck me!”
>”Good girl.”

Based writefag.
File: 1416204378112.jpg (9 KB, 177x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 177x278
preemptive bump
good night from central europe
This is goodnight for me. I have a test in the morning - the pones can wait.

I hope we have more content when I get home tomorrow.
File: 1395563212159.jpg (303 KB, 1200x1130) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303 KB, 1200x1130
>He grabs you by your hips and turns you on your back. Your hind legs spread wide.
>”You're going to enjoy this, believe me.”
>The tip of his cock teases your winking entrance. Your clit desperately trying to draw it in.
“Just do it already...”
>”Don't worry, you won't have too wait much longer. Just one more thing.”
>He reaches behind him.
>H-His baton?
>You inhale sharply as you feel it's length rubbing against your lower lips. Lubricating it with your nectar.
“W...What are you up to?!”
>His finger shushes you.
>”This should be enough. Don't want to hurt you.”
“Hurt me?”
>He doesn’t answer you.
>Something presses against your black ring.
>No... he wouldn't.
>”This is it, Dashie.”
>He strokes your cheek.
>”Just say it one more time.”
>Buck it...
“Fuck me...please.” you whisper.
>”Good girl.”
>Saying these words he thrusts his hips into yours, his cock sliding into you.
>At the same the baton is forced into your rectum.
>A immense wave of pleasure ripples through your body and you climax nearly instantaneously
>Your head jolts back and you feel your vagina spasm and contracting around his dick.
>”You already came?”
>He pulls out a bit.
>”I'm far away from it, you better don't pass out Dashie.”
>Grabbing your front hooves he plunges back in again.
>The pace of his thrusting is getting faster and faster.
>Each time he hilts against your sensitive lips, another rush of ecstasy rocks your body and you scream out.
>Your tongue is lolling out and your eyes nearly rolled into their sockets.
>His breathing is getting faster again.
>Looks like he is close.
>He steadies your face and kisses you again.
>This time more gentle.
>Your tongue intertwines with anon's and you moan into his mouth.
>He breaks the kiss.
>”I'm cumming soon, Dashie.”
>You focus your gaze on his face and nod.
“Innnuuaahhh.... Inside me! Everything!”
>Your pussy is clamping down on and milking his cock so hard now, he nearly cant pull back any more.
>With one final thrust his whole body shudders and he releases inside you.
>You feel spurt after spurt of his hot seed hitting your womb.
>The world goes black.
Okay this is it for tonight.
I hope you all enjoyed it. I will conclude this tomorrow.
Good night mates.
I love you based CrossRoads. Goodnight.
>I will conclude this tomorrow
Godspeed writefriend, may we see more of you soon.
And then before Dashie goes to sleep after that fantasy the real guard outside yells "hey! you better clean up after yourself before you go to sleep, no need to leave the cell stinking of yourself like that!" And then it turns out she wasnt as quiet as she thought and the guard had just been standing there awkwardly having to listen to her moan about weird monkey dick.
bump for cute twie
This is fucking amazing, crossroads
bump for based crossroads.
bump for hungry twi
>not just looking at the filename
>Original link in source

Holy shit, fucking this.

>>He winces, like he just said something wrong.
>I'm not sure about it myself, but I think it should be "as if he said something wrong". Anyone can confirm?
Pretty sure you can do either.

I wouldn't hate this

>”I'm far away from it, you better don't pass out Dashie.”
Correct it to 'you better not'
Also, Muh dick
>eating hay
>Dash fantasizing about Anon
>Realizes she can't fantasize about anything but Anon
>Thinks she's addicted to his cum now after drinking it from Twilight's bottle
>Enlists Pinkie's help in tying Anon down and getting her "fix" personally
>Ponka accidentally drinks some
>Under some pretense or another, (Panko accidentally gets some in the punch because lolrandom?) all of mane 6 are convinced they're addicted to Anon's cum
>Twilight finally reveals that Anon's cum was never actually addictive, she was just lying in order to make him have sex with her, and they're all suffering mass hysteria, and need to GET OF HER BOYFRIEND.
>>Twilight finally reveals that Anon's cum was never actually addictive, she was just lying in order to make him have sex with her, and they're all suffering mass hysteria, and need to GET OF HER BOYFRIEND.
Well.....If they are addicted to his cum of course they need to.
>year 1000 after lunas banishment
>not eating hay
>You're awake again.
>By Luna's glorious full moon... did you pass out?
>Looks like it.
>Reaching for your glass of water, you gulp it down.
>Wow... You've to correct yourself.
>THIS was the best and most intense masturbation session you ever had.
>Like you said before... a nice fantasy makes it twice as good.
>You wipe the sweat of your face and take a look around.
>There is quite a large puddle beneath your bench.
>The bench itself is also pretty drenched.
>Better open the small window.
>You'll just wait for the stench to air out a bit, and then ask for more water.
>It's already drying.
>Curling up on the dry end of the bench, you yawn.
>You feel so relaxed and satisfied right now.
>Just a small nap and then you will call the guard...
>Your eyelids fall down and the world goes black again.
This concludes her fantasy. I uploaded it to pastebin, where I also fleshed it out a bit more. Check it out! http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
gonna be interesting to see which way the guards react. or if they already checked up on her or heard her.
They will certainly not forget about this "incident" when they talk to anon about rainbow.
just to be sure
>You are now purple, cute and horned again.
>And you are sitting on anon's sofa, the blanket draped across your shoulders, waiting for him.
>To kill some time, you rearrange the items on the coffee-table.
>You are so absorbed in your readjustments that you didn't notice anon sneaking into living room.
>The bottle goes there and … perfect.
>All of a sudden something pokes into your sides and you whinny in surprise.
>Jolting you head around you see anon with a goofy smirk on his face.
>”Did... Did you just whinny?”
“No.. I didn't.” you say embarrassed, the pillows suddenly becoming very interesting.
>”Aww, come on.”
>He leaps over the backrest and plops down next to you.
>Pulling you onto his lap, he begins to lazily rub your back.
>”Don't be embarrassed. I thought it sounded very cute. In fact almost everything you do is adorable.”
>Don't blush... don't blush...
>Its no use. You can already feel it creeping up your face.
>He chuckles and leans down to plant a kiss on your snout.
>”So what movie did you choose?”
>You float it over to anon.
“The last Unicorn.”
File: Cute curious Twi.jpg (97 KB, 825x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cute curious Twi.jpg
97 KB, 825x770
>He grabs it out of your magical grip.
>”Good choice I've seen it countless times as a child.”
>You look up to him.
“If you don't want to watch it, we surely will find something else.”
>”Nah. It's alright. It's been a while since I've watched this bitter-sweet piece of animation.”
>Huh bitter-sweet?
“There are sad cartoons?”
>He nods.
>”Yeah. Quite a few, at least on earth. If you are still interested in this genre after tonight, we can watch Grave of the Fireflies next time. That's a real tear-jerker.”
>You lean your head onto his stomach.
“The title alone sounds already really sad.”
>”Mmhhmm... it's fuc... really depressing.”
“What's it about?”
>He strokes your cheek.
>”Mostly showing the atrocities of war from the perspective of a child.”
>Anon told you a bit about his world, but never went to deep into its history.
>You only know that there were many wars.
>Something that is completely unknown to Equestria.
>Grabbing the remote, he boops you on the muzzle to get your attention.
>”Mind putting the dvd in and turning the tv on?” he says, smiling.
“Of course not.”
Rewatching a few scenes from the last unicorn now, so I know what I'm writing about.
File: 1417749438524.png (66 KB, 183x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 183x275
>actually caring enough to watch a movie just that you can write about it
You really are based.
File: Twi shrug.png (28 KB, 945x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi shrug.png
28 KB, 945x945
Heh thanks.
And deciding on which scnenes to include is really fucking diffiicult... there are too many good scenes.

>Anon pulls the blanket over your two bodies, tucking you both in nice and comfy.
>Snuggling closer to his chest, he presses something on the remote to skip the advertisements.
>With a quick spell you turn the lights off.
>Now it's perfect.
>He scratches behind your ear and whispers a soft “Thank you” into it.
>Just as you were to ask him about the wine, he reaches forward and uncorks it.
>Filling the two glasses about one third of their height, he hands you one.
>You grab it with your magic and clink glasses with him.
>”To us.”
>Your cheeks burn up again.
“To us.”
>Taking a small sip of the wine, you take your time to relish the taste of it on your tongue.
>It's good.
>You are not a connoisseur like Rarity.
>Smiling, you give him a nod to show that you like it.
>He returns the smile and starts the movie.
Quick update, since I'm still figuring out how to include the movie into the story properly.
Well, I don't want to put too much pressure on you, but if you would possibly taken your time, and detailed anons/Twilights reactions, on most of the scenes, should it take day or seven to write, that could be really something.
I know a lot people are waiting for clop, it could be really long, and you have your pace, which only you should decide.
Just I thought it has so much potential to alter/twist/influence their relationship.
Or Im just overthinking stuff like usual ... oh well.
I thought about that too... but I thinkI will focus on some key scenes like the side-show caravan, the bandits, the transformation and such things. With some bits of reactions to other scenes thrown here and there.
It would simply take too much time, rewatches of the movie and rereads of summaries.
Clopwise you guys have the rainbow fantasy I wrote yesterday. That should keep you satisfied for a while atleast I hope so
Eh back to writing.
Or... or... just thought that you don't need to include all the scenes "now", but if in the future in your story, Anon/Twi run into some ethical, existencional or identity questions, you can reference it as flashback, if needed. thus you can just detail sevreal most important parts now, without worrying about "not covering enough"
I think I found a good middle ground now. I found a good german summary of the plot, which I will summarise again a bit in my head and work the outcome part for part into the story.
Your idea is neat though, I will keep it in my head for the future.
File: Oh my ....jpg (280 KB, 914x873) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh my ....jpg
280 KB, 914x873
>The movie begins with two humans, who appear to be hunters, riding through a forest.
>Are these horses on what they ride on?
>Anon never told you that humans do this.
>”Before you ask, yes they are riding on horses. And no I'm not going to ride you, at least not outside of my bedroom.”
>He winks at you.
“O-Ok” you stammer out, taking another sip to hide your blush.
>You focus your attention back to the movie.
>The two humans are arguing with each other. One states that a unicorn must be nearby since the forest here seems magical, while the other is sceptical and claims that there are no more unicorns left in the world.
>They leave the clearing and the camera shifts to a white mare.
>She looks so different from you... her snout is much longer, as well as her legs.
>Her eyes are a beautiful blue colour, like sapphires, and her mane is light blue.
>It reminds you a lot of freshly fallen snow.
>She is also a lot broader than you, barrel-wise, but still breathtakingly gorgeous.
>”That's the classical human depiction of a unicorn.” you hear anon whispering.
>A butterfly approaches the unicorn and she asks him if he has ever seen another unicorn.
>He tells her that a fiery Red Bull has taken them all away and flies away singing.
“Oh no...”
>Anon presses you closer to him, his hand idly running over the coat on your shoulder.
>Hesitant the unicorn decides to leave the forest she calls home and search for her kin.
Is this ok so?
Looks good, keep going
File: Lil' Sparkle Cute.png (91 KB, 897x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lil' Sparkle Cute.png
91 KB, 897x468
>The next few scenes show her running through the beautiful drawn landscape.
>You are engrossed by the quality of the animation and art.
>Worlds better than what they produce here in equestria, where cartoons are merely a thing for foals.
>She comes to a series of farmlands where a old farmer tries to tame her.
>Apparently he does not recognize her as an unicorn, since he cannot see her horn, which angers her greatly.
>You float your glass over to your lips and drink from it.
>It's nearly empty now, so you fill it again.
>Oh looks like you missed a bit.
>She's sleeping now and what seems like a caravan comes along, led by an ugly old hag.
>”Mommy Fortuna.” anon whispers.
>”She's a witch.”
>To be honest you could tell, but you wonder what she's going to do.
>The witch talks to her hunchbacked henchman and puts a spell on the white unicorn to keep her sleeping.
>Then they put her in a cage.
“H-How mean!”
>Be careful Sparkles. The alcohol is already making an impact on you.
>Anon chuckles.
>His hand runs down your spine, massaging around it in small circles.
>Aahh... feels heavenly.
>You shudder a bit.
>In the next scene the lackey, who's called Ruhk, shows a group of spectators what the caravan has to offer.
>Introducing them one by one to the witches abominations.
>Those are some really horrible things.
>Lastly he shows them the unicorn, who has a fake horn on her head so the group can actually see it.
>You feel sorry for her and take another sip.
File: 1410330760380.png (62 KB, 477x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 477x363
good work, keep going
Twilight keeps drinking. Odds are she's a lightweight and is already starting to feel it...odds are she's gonna get a tad buzzed and get all rubby rubby on Anon.
drunk sex is best sex.
File: I'm listening ....png (173 KB, 1024x787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I'm listening ....png
173 KB, 1024x787
>A thin human male with brown hair and a pretty big nose, dressed in a blue robe and hat approaches her.
“Hah! He looks like you dressed as Trixie!” you state, giggling.
>He pouts.
>”My nose is not /that/ big... And who is Trixie?”
“She's the mare you met, who demanded the great and plentiful refill.”
>”Ah I see. I'll give you that.”
>Snickering again you stretch your fore-legs over his thighs and turn your attention back to the movie.
>It feels nice being so close to him.
>Apparently the thin one's name is Schmendrick, and he can see her real horn.
“Is he a magician?”
>Anon nods.
>Uhhh... magic humans.
>Lets drink to that!
>He asks the unicorn to point out the other creatures, and she reveals their true form to him
>But the creepy bird thing is seemingly also a magical being.
>It's name is Ceaeno.
>Schmendrick uses his magic to free the mare who in return frees all the poor animals.
>Even the harpy.
>Who promptly attacks the unicorn.
“Zap her!”
>Anon gives you light pat on the head.
>”She can't use magic like you, Twi.”
“But she's an unicorn!”
>”Yeah but a non-equestrian unicorn.”
>A bit in disbelief, you nod.
File: Sitting bookhorse.png (142 KB, 834x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sitting bookhorse.png
142 KB, 834x958
>Fortuna comes outside to investigate the commotion, along with her lackey and Ceaeno turns her attention from the unicorn to them.
>You wince and press your body closer to his as she brutally kills both of them.
>Another thing you would never see in an equestrian cartoon...
>Schmendrick an the white mare seize the opportunity and escape.
>You see the witch one last time as she states that the harpy will always know that she got caged by her.
God, sorry for being inactive. Stress and shit, getting ready for gaming college, and it's fucking hard. I'll see if i can draw some lewd scenes soon!
No problem mate. Some stuff is more important than pone.
Looking forward to it.
File: pandeAMEX61.jpg (3 KB, 150x113) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 150x113
>Grave of the Fireflies

"Although I justified my actions, thinking it was the only appropriate course of action at that time... I as best human shall bear responsibility and submit myself to the scrutiny and reprimand of My Little Human history."
>The next scenes show Schmendrick accompanying the pearl-coloured mare in her quest to find the other unicorns and he tells her what he knows about the Red Bull.
>It's owned by king Haggard, though his very existence is shrouded in mystery.
>Now its really getting interesting.
>You wonder if something romantic between them will happen.
>Just like with you and anon..
>He takes a drink and you clink glasses again with him.
>The clopping of hooves can be heard.
>Something is happening.
>A group of very dangerous looking humans rides down the road.
>The unicorn manages to hide in time but they capture poor Schmendrick.
“He's going to be fine, or...?”
>Anon pets your mane instead of answering your question.
>They take him back to their camp where he meets their leader, Captain Cully, and his maid Molly.
>In an desperate attempt to escape, Schmendrick casts a powerful illusion spell.
>Summoning a green clothed man and his followers.
>”That's Robin Hood, a famous legendary thief. Who steals from the rich and gives it to the poor.”
“How nice of him!”
>You lift your glass.
“To Robin Hood!”
>”To Robin Hood!” anon says, chuckling.
>Taking a rather big gulp, you feel a hiccup incoming but you successfully manage to suppress it.
>Intimidated by Schmendrick's magic, Captain Cully catches him again and ties the magician to a nearby tree.
File: Its Not Evil.png (170 KB, 490x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Its Not Evil.png
170 KB, 490x590
>He tries to free himself with magic, but accidentally brings the tree to life.
>The tree is rather well endowed, breast-wise.
>You giggle like a schoolfilly.
>She falls in love with Schmendrick and nearly smothers him to death with her assets.
>Luckily the unicorn arrives in time and saves him with her own magic.
“Shee! She can do magic too!”
>”I never said that she doesn't have magic. But she can't shoot laser beams out of her horn.”
“For what ish magic good if you can't shhood lasers...” you say wiggling one hoof to emphasize your point.
>He laughs and ruffles your mane.
>”Getting a little buzzed here, eh?”
“Am not...”
>You turn your attention back to the film.
>The bandit's captains maid joins the scene.
>Apparently she can see the unicorn for what she really is too, and begins to cry.
>She curses the mare for coming to her as an old woman rather than a young maid.
>That’s sad...
>A few tears start to form in your eyes.
File: Alexander.png (84 KB, 764x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 764x718
Heh nice.
So thats it for today. Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Did you enjoy the movie part so far, or is too boring/slow or whatever?
As always feel free to leave critique and suggestions on how to improve the story.
It's amazing man!, not too slow, not too fast I would say.
I enjoyed it. It's nice to read some sweet stuff every now and then. I think the movie scene is paced fine, not too rushed and not too slow.

Also, buzzed Twilight. Called it.
Okay then. i will continue at this pace for the rest of the film, tomorrow.
Also buzzed Twi is cute Twi.
Any Twi is cute Twi
File: yVN05h.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
What the actual fuck? Who made that, and is there more?
Andywilson92 on youtube. He has a whole fucking series parodying the Simpsons, called Snospis Eht. Very surreal, and has one of my favorite animation styles (intentionally shitty/bizarre). He has a few videos with ponies, but only a passing reference, really.

Was going to post this anyway, figured I'd save a post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFnOf9200rc

Wise words were spoken on this day.
page 9 bump
File: 1422120851857.jpg (61 KB, 366x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 366x380
>Grave of the Fireflies
File: feelsbadman.gif (47 KB, 580x606) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 580x606
>grave of the fireflies
>where cartoons are merely a thing for foals.
Anon could theoretically be a head producer and brainstormer for animations of all kinds, considering all the cartoons he's watched over the years.
>intentionally shitty
Just like your taste.
Brap for tolot
Bumping for some feels
I haven't seen this film... My usual source of feels is the Iron Giant, so if we use that as a benchmark, where is this?
Likely a whole lot more fucked up.
It's about a war story told by the point of view of kids.
Oi mates.
Gonna start writing in a few, stay tuned.
Pretty fucking depressing animated drama. Based on a semi-autobiographical novel. I highly recommend you watch you it some time.
Its... Interesting.

Some say its about the travesties of war, others say, as here>>21591189

I say its a coming to age story.

Its about growing up and coming into your own in being your own man.

About realizing that sometimes, a part about being a man is realizing when to bite the bullet and just deal with the suck.

And realizing that your actions can have huge consequences, and that its better to be a humble but alive man than to be a proud but dead one.

All laid out with WW2 Japan post Hellfire, as a backdrop for the actions of the characters and the source of their strife.
>Molly joins the group in their quest, much to the disapproval of Schmendrick.
>The party continues their journey.
>You are still fascinated by how beautiful the unicorn mare is, despite her different form.
>She's only a drawing...but still...
>Why can't you be like her?
>The glass finds it's way back to your lips.
>Urgh.. it's empty.
>Floating the bottle over to you, anon grabs it mid-flight.
>”Don't you think, you should slow down a bit?” he says, with a concerned look on his face.
“I can handle myshelf! Itsh not like that I have to go shomewhere else today.”
>You point a hoof towards the door.
“Alsho I don't get the chance to just relax and drink a bit often... with Shpike always home and shuch things.”
>He sighs.
>”I guess you're right. But please don't overdo it, okay?”
>You nod and beam him a smile.
>He fills your glass again.
“Thanks anon.”
>”No problem, Twi.”
>Turning on your side, your head resting on his lap, you shift your attention to the TV again.
>A castle is now in sight of the group.
File: Twi's bookfort.jpg (127 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi's bookfort.jpg
127 KB, 600x600
“Ish this Haggards castle?”
>Suddenly they are attacked by the Red Bull, who ignores the two humans and attempts to herd the unicorn towards the castle.
>Urged by Molly to do something, Schmendrick uses a great deal of magic to transform the unicorn into a human girl.
>The bull is confused by her new form and retreats.
>Even her human form is gorgeous.
>Skin pale as the moon and hair golden as the sun.
>Are all human females so pretty?
>The maid and the unicorn are equally upset about the magicians decision to turn her mortal.
>”I can feel this body dying all around me.” the now transformed mare says.
“Poor filly...”
>Anon puts a hand on your hoof and squeezes it, running his thumb over the thin fur there.
>Nevertheless they continue to the dreary castle and are welcomed into Haggard's decrepit hall.
File: Twilights big book.jpg (735 KB, 2137x2826) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilights big book.jpg
735 KB, 2137x2826
>They intoduce themselves as Haggard's new magician and cook, accompanied by the Lady Amalthea.
>Fitting name for such a beautiful creature.
>Haggard is intrigued by Schmendrick's potential to please him, so he dismisses his current mage, who's name is Mabruk.
>Mabruk laughs at him and tells the king the he just let walk doom right through his front door.
>King Haggard as well as his adopted son, Lir, show interest in Amalthea.
>And who could blame them?
>Her beauty is so dazzling, that any male would fall for her
>Unlike yours.
>Another gulp of wine flows down your throat.
>But she ignores their advances and spends her days wandering through the castle.
>Slowly forgetting what she really is and what she is here for.
>This brings memories of your first encounter with discord back.
>Your friends too forgot who they really were...
>These were dark days.
>Schmendrick and Molly realize that they are losing time and that Amalthea is becoming more and more human.
>So they do their best to discover where the lair of the Red Bull is, while still keeping the king entertained, so he doesn’t grow suspicious.
>In the next scene Molly finally finds out that the lair is located at the base of an old clock, from a cat that only speaks in riddles; while Amalthea and Lir fall in love with each other.
File: Worried Bookhorse.png (334 KB, 1600x1747) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Worried Bookhorse.png
334 KB, 1600x1747
>You groan.
>You hoped that Schmendrick would be her love interest.
>Anon continues to pet your side as he silently sips from his wine.
>Haggard suspects her of her true nature.
>Apparently he once saw a unicorn and it gave him such joy that he sought to keep it for himself.
>So he commissioned the Red Bull to gather up all the unicorns of the world and drive them into the sea below his castle, so that he may look upon them every day.
“Bastard!” you state angrily.
I wonder what Anon is thinking about right now...
We will come to that when the movie is over.
I think Anon's thinking why hasn't Twilight asked for her fix yet when she said she could go without it throughout the entire day.
Because the addiction was clearly just a lie designed to get into his pants repeatedly.
But Rainbow doesn't know that, and totally gargled his spunk earlier...
File: Corious Twi.png (369 KB, 1842x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Corious Twi.png
369 KB, 1842x1500
>”He will get what he deserves, Twi.”
>You groan again and anon looks at you.
>”Is something the matter, Twi? You seem tense.”
“N-No... maybe it'sh the alcohol.” you murmur, avoiding his eyes.
>Rising your glass again, you take another sip of the dark red liquid in it.
>He stays silent, but you can still feel his gaze on you.
>The maid tells Schmendrick that she knows where the Bull's lair is and thy gather Amalthea and head to the old clock in the main hall.
>Uh... is this a crowned skeleton across the clock?
>And it speaks too?
>Even creepier.
>It laughs at their failed attempts to open the lair.
>The cat told Molly before that she should get a bottle of wine but she couldn't find one, so she just filled a bottle with water.
>Schmendrick feigns turning the water into wine and this peaks the skeleton's interest.
>It offers them the secret to enter the beast's lair in trade for the “wine”; now an empty bottle.
>They agree and hand over the glass vessel.
>The skeleton tells them that they just need to walk right through the clock, before gulping down the invisible liquid.
File: Unsure bookhorse.png (86 KB, 757x605) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Unsure bookhorse.png
86 KB, 757x605
>At least your wine is real, and you decide to utilize this fact right now.
>Anon stopped his petting, seems he is too engrossed in the movie.
>So you gently poke him with your horn and he starts rubbing your your back again.
>Ahhh.. nice.
>However, when he catches sight of Amalthea, he recognizes her as an unicorn and cries out to Haggard.
>The king runs down the hall and swings his sword at Schmendrick, just as Molly and the transformed mare enter the real between the clock and the lair.
>The magician follows quickly and Haggard destroys the portal.
Taking a break now. The movie is always over, then feels will happen and after that clop.
She got her fix twice on this day already. The latone maybe three or four hours ago. But don't worry she will feel it again sometime soon.
It's okay do what ya must also those dash bits inc that impreg fetish
>Nigga status is now at level "muh" I repeat nigga status is at level "muh"
You should write just a bit of that in the preg general you would be loved long time.
Impregnation is a major fetish of mine, and cumming inside rainbow dash is obligatory anyways.
Never visited the preg generals though. I find pregnant mares cute but not sexy dem rubbable bellies. Maybe I will visit them some time and write them a one shot.
Going to start writing again now, stay tuned.
You n me both brother always needs more impreg of top cunt/best pone
File: Twily Dumb Face.png (152 KB, 900x876) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twily Dumb Face.png
152 KB, 900x876
>The kings adopted son follows them too, as they search the lair for an exit.
>Schmendrick explains to him the whole situation, but he doesn't care who or what Amalthea is, he loves her anyway.
>Aww... how cute.
>Inspired by his words, Amalthea claims that she wants to remain human and die with him.
>But much to your surprise the prince objects.
>”I know when things should happen, and what should happen is that Amalthea continues her quest and save the unicorns. Even if that means that she must become one again. Unable to return my love.” Lyr states, a determined look on his face.
>You hear anon quietly repeating his words.
>Somehow this makes you smile.
>Suddenly the Red Bull appears and recognizes the pale lady for what she really is.
>Schmendrick manages to transform her back into an unicorn and she leads the Bull out of its lair, onto the beach.
>With the magician unable to do anything, Lir steps forward but is trampled by the bull.
“No!” you scream out.
>Anon presses you closer to him.
>Enraged the unicorn turns to face the bull.
>It's intimidated by her sudden fierceness and is pushed back into the sea, where a large wave appears.
>Hundreds of unicorns emerge out of the foam.
>Your can only watch in awe, mouth agape.
>They envelope the Bull in sea water before storming the beach, towards the castle.
>Releasing it from it's rocky base.
>Haggard tumbles to his death into the sea.
>”I knew you were the last!” he shouts, before the waters engulfs him.
„Sherves him right... ashhole...“
>Anon chuckles.
>Feeling that the movie is nearing it's end, you decide that your wine should share the same fate.
>So you gulp the rest down.
>Maybe a bit too fast .... your head starts spinning.
>Well it spins faster than before.
>Now you really have to concentrate on the movie if you want to know how it ends.
>Amalthea returns to Molly and Schmendrick and revives Lir with her magic, before saying her farewells and departs.
>No... this can't end like this.
>Didn't she at least retain some of her feelings and emotions?
>The remaining trio returns to the countryside where Lir says his goodbyes, before leaving to find his own way.
>Schmendrick asks Molly to go with him and she agrees.
>They set up a camp and go to sleep.
>You thought this was the end but much to your relief the unicorn returns.
>She expresses her thanks to Schmendrick, even if she is the first unicorn to feel the sting of mortality and the pain of regret,
>He apologizes but she tells him that she also learned love, and that thanks to him there are unicorns in the world again.
>For that, she is grateful even if she must feel regret for leaving.
>The film ends with her returning to her forest as Molly and Schmendrick look on after her.
>The last Unicorn.
>>Wow... that was just …
>You wipe a tear from your eye.
Here comes them feels.
So this ends the movie scene. I hope you all enjoyed it. Also this was the last update for today.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
I hope I didn't bore you too much. Tomorrow we return to the "regular" story. Feels inbound and maybe clop, depending on fast I write.
sorry again for being so fucking slow on drawfagging, still pretty busy. Put "Sleeping twi//CrossRoads" on top of my to-do list for tomorrow.
>sleeping twi
as in, "draw sleeping twi under blankets, possibly on Anon's leg".
Nice. Looking forward to it.
>dundu status
made me giggle
R ya 'avin eh gigle m8?
There's no particular reason that I do this. I just go on the threads, see what's there, and, no matter how long ago a reply was posted, I just say bump. There's no purpose to it all! Here I am, sitting on my ass, only to bump threads. Why, some may ask. Why is it that I do this? Well, I have no answer for them. It's as if I was asked a math question in class, but wasn't paying attention. I choke, I look around... and no one helps me. They can't - they don't have the mental capacity to comprehend the uselessness of my actions. It eludes them! Right over their fucking heads. But ya know what? It doesn't matter. I’m a shameless faggot that just lurks these threads because I have no other ambition in life than to waste my once precious time on a website filled with others just like me. No life. No house. No gf. Shame is put upon us by normalfags who go outside and do ratarded things. Even my mom told me to become An Hero. But, there is hope. Even as small as it is, I have hope. Hope that the writefag isn’t died, that the goy keeps shilling, that OP delivers, that my waifu is not a shit, that my J-list account doesn’t get hacked, that niggers stop nigging, that the banana poster will be saved. But there’s one final form – the perfect form – that the thread will stay alive. I’ve found my purpose, my reason to live. Let’s keep the threads going, for it’s our final resting place until sage is upon us.

Also, bump
File: download.jpg (6 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 200x200

bomp for toilot spakl
File: Carlos.png (159 KB, 425x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 425x276
One could say that you finally found your special talent
File: CoolStoryBro.gif (914 KB, 275x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
914 KB, 275x198
Getting real tired of your shit Carlos
Based yurofags, please keep this thread alive.

Your truly,

Ps: Bump.
Based bump
Bookhoers is like my 4th favorite pone.

But this story is really good.
thanks cross roads
>that picture

>best pone
>Not Twi or AJ
I honestly used to not like Twi at all. But going back and re-watching the show (and this story of course) has really made me like her a whole lot more. I'd say she's number 2 if not my best pone now.
File: applause.gif (39 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 480x360
That was beautiful.
File: 6ad.png (1 MB, 3036x2440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3036x2440
>mfw I posted static gif
I've noticed a number of those. Why does that happen?
Idk about others,
but this time It was just my lazy ass, googling react gif then save-and-post
was just a static preview img. Better check that next time.
File: Fat Feels.gif (16 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fat Feels.gif
16 KB, 633x758
Good morning from Georgia, /mlp/. I wonder when the writefag will be back for us. I do find it strange, though, that s/he can write so much - basically all day long - and do nothing else. Does s/he even have a job?

Eh, whatever. Everyone knows the rules. Pone is above and beyond everything else in life.

In a hour or so I will start writing again,
Also I'm from europe, maybe this answers your question.
But yeah, writefagging and maybe one ot two hours of gaming are how I spent my freetime in the last days. Writing is fun.

Wie lange haben Sie geschrieben ? Sie tun gut , wenn Sie gerade erst begonnen .
Väldigt hypad inför detta!
Perustu kirjoitus homo :^)

Reading "based writfag" in another language is hilarious.


Meine erste wirkliche Geschichte, ausser einigen sehr kurzen Oneshots
Okay google translate gave me this ...
Very hyped before this!
Based on the writing gay :^) I don't know hot to feel about this one :^)
Anyways I kek'd

Dies ist Ihre erste Geschichte !? Süßer Jesus , weiterzumachen. Das ist außergewöhnlich gut - sogar besser als "professionell" Schreib Reisig , würde ich sagen .

Oh mien gott!
I'm going to go wash some dishes. When I get back, there should be some more story.

Dubs demands it.

I'm a fucking god. I tried to aim for 511, too.

win- fucking- rar.

Be back inn 45 mins!
Thanks mate.
Pic related
Shlach Li Malach!
File: Drunklight Sparkle.png (275 KB, 901x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Drunklight Sparkle.png
275 KB, 901x1000
>The credits roll and you flick the lights back on.
>But the TV's power button won't stand still..
>Come on, you stupid thing!
>You manage to focus your magic into a thin beam and hit it with it.
>At last the screen goes black.
“Hah! Lashers, what would I do without shem?!”
>Snickering anon pulls you onto his lap again.
>”Yeah, but be careful Twi. It's the only one I have.”
“What are you? The Lasher police?” you say, trying to look stern.
>Apparently this didn't work, since he laughs again.
>”Oh Twilight...”
>He runs his hand through your mane.
>”But say...”
>You lean into his touch.
>”Did you like the movie?”
>Like? You bucking loved it.
>You roll onto your back to face him.
“It wash the best movie I ever shaw in my life!”
>Pointing a hoof at his face, you continue.
“Everything was jusht sho beat- … byut- …
“Yeah ecshactly!”
File: Sadlight Sparkle.png (1 MB, 6238x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sadlight Sparkle.png
1 MB, 6238x4000
>Feeling that you are not being pet, you grab one of his hands and put it on your belly.
>Chuckling, he complies and begins to rub it.
“Ahhh... nishe. Where wash I?”
>”You just wanted to tell me what you liked about the movie.”
“Right! Everyshing wash perfect!”
>”What was your favourite part?”
>You think for a bit, scratching your chin.
>Wait how do you do that with a hoof?!
>Moving it closer to your face to inspect it, anon snaps his fingers.
>”Twi, focus.”
“Ah right. Shorry. I shink the part where all the unicornsh emerged from the shea! It wash just so epic to look at!”
>To emphasize your point, you begin to re-enact the scene with your hooves.
>You even try to make cool sea and battle noises.
>Anon's smile grows wider and wider.
“Ah yesh! And of courshe the animatshion and the art itshelf. Everything was sho pretty, especially the unicorn.”
>Oh yeah Amalthea, the beautiful and desirable...
>Your hooves come back down and all the joy and excitement you just felt, fade.
>You grow silent, your head turned away from him.
>And with that, his smile is gone too.
>”Twilight? Does something bother you?”
>He cups your cheek, and moves your face gently to meet your eyes.
>”You were just so happy and excited a second ago and now...”
“Anon...” you interrupt him.
“Can I ashk you a question?”
>”Of course”
>You take a deep breath.
“Do you think I'm pretty?”
File: ....png (1 MB, 1131x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1131x707
A friend of mine just called and he needs helü exterminating some beers. So I have to go now.
Sorry mates.
But I will try to update later again tonight, since I don't have to work tomorrow.
Sorry again.
Ooooh cliffhanger. You dastardly devil you.

You write a cute drunk Twi
Incoming feels
"Do you think I'm pretty?"

Here's my personal take on this story so far (I've been here since the first thread, so I have a Ph.D in this field, according to 4chan logic)

Ok, so the question "Do you think I'm pretty?" is a great spot to start off some clop. Anon could just answer the question through actions. But the problem I see here is that this story is about Twilight having a DEPENDENCE on his jizz, yet almost a full day has passed and Twilight hasn't had the addiciton-type urge to have sex with him. If it's an addiction, it should maybe seem that way with her getting uncomfortable and itchy and all of those other symptoms of withdrawal. She should, somehow, beg and plead anon for sex, or even rape him. (Definition of rape in this context: have sex without his consent to do so)

That's not to say that I know more than you on how the story should or shouldn't be, but I'm starting to feel that this story is going farther and farther away from it's original purpose.
She's still in the early stages of addiction; she doesn't necessarily need to shoot up every couple of hours.
It's actually only been a few hours and still the same night. Try and read all the posts instead of just the story posts.
Where is writefag?
Killing Beers is hard work.

Let's hope his liver isn't kill.
bumpin' with quick drawing.
File: Give me money.png (377 KB, 761x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Give me money.png
377 KB, 761x494
Yo I'm back mates.
Like this anon >>21606130 said she is still in theearly stages of her addiction. Also only a few hours have passed since anon came inside her.
Maybe it's my fault for not making this clear. But please keep in mind that my story's pace is a lot slower than usual greentexts. I plan on tackling her addiction in greater detail on the next story day.
Another thing is that this is my first writefagging attempt that I pretty much write on the fly so making a few mistakes pace or storywise is natural.
But I appreciate your input, thanks.
I'm going to sober up a bit now, and then start writing again.
Cute/10 good job mate.

It's been an hour.

Writefag will deliver, r-right you guys?
Writefag is still writing... but I really can't concentrate right now.
i will finish the part that I'm working on and then post it. After that I will probably go to bed. My head is fucking killing me.
Eh nah sorry mates. If Im going to write this in my state right no, it would turn out utterly shitty.
I really want to give you guys some green, but I can't.
I'm going to bed now and get my head clear again.
See you tomorrow.
Whatever floats your purely metaphorical boat, dude.

It's ok.

We, as the 4chan community, can totally respect your time, and will have no anger towards you for not writing tonight. We have compassion, tolerance, and understanding for all individuals and their feelings. Have a good sleep, writefriend.

See you tomorrow.
page 9 bump

Feel better soon, writefriend, we'll wait for ya
Page 9 bump
File: 1414373906520.jpg (18 KB, 532x465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 532x465
You fucking Judas! You betrayed us!

Nah, I'm just fucking with you. I appreciate that you are willing to delay your story in order to perfect it rather than release it early and have it turn out terribly.
But she was never actually dependant on it, it was all psychosomatic. She just wanted Anon and didn;t realise it.
Now she's got him, she doesn;t get the cravings any more.
File: 1359053049999.gif (268 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268 KB, 600x600
But now she has other reasons to crave the hot monkey dick.
What if Twi goes baby crazy now wanting her own little anonsatyr
So basically she was in heat and she never realized it.
Greetings from germany.
I'm fully rested and ready to start writing again. Thank you for your patience.
Just preparing dinner now and then I will molest my keyboard full force, so you guys get something to read.
Stay tuned
I'm gonna go against my personal protocol and post long before it's needed. It's good to see ya back and I know I speak for most of us when I say: Can't wait to read more of your green.
File: Bate behind desk.png (27 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bate behind desk.png
27 KB, 400x400
These gets never fail to amaze me
Ma eurofag nigger. I live in southern Denmark.
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File: 4444.png (727 KB, 1060x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
727 KB, 1060x800
Four fours
>Anon lifts you up and places you back on his lap again, so that you properly sit on your haunches.
>Your face directly opposite of his.
>His hands hold both your front hooves, lightly squeezing them.
>”Of course I think you are pretty. Why would you think otherwise?”
“What if I told you, shat you are the very firsht po- pershon to tell me sho?”
>”Then I wouldn't believe it.” he says, a soft smile on his face.
“It's true shough...”
>He opens his mouth again but you shush him.
>He nods.
“I'm now going to tell you shomeshing that I never told anypony before.”
>You take another deep breath.
“Remember when I told you shat I never have been treated wiff sho much care and love before today?”
>Another nod.
>Your eyes begin to water.
“Shats because my other coltfriendsh didn't give two fucks about me.”
>Bad memories begin to flood your brain and the tears now run freely down your cheeks.
>Anon leans forward to hug you, but you block him.
“N-No! * hic * Pleashe listen... before I'm * hic * too worked up to finish...”
>You wipe your snout with a hoof and continue.
“Before you, I had two … No shree other coltfriendsh.”
>Three faces appear before your inner eye and you shake your head to make them go away.
“The firsht one wash only a high-school romance, shough. I think hish name was Comet Flash or shomething. We just kissed.. nothing sherious. But he broke up wiff me after two weeks... dunno why.”
>”That must have hit you pretty hard...”
File: Crylight Sparkle.png (162 KB, 900x888) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Crylight Sparkle.png
162 KB, 900x888
“Nah... I mean I wash shad for a while, but I didn't love him.”
>He was nice. You still wonder why he ended your relationship.
“My shecond relationship was wiff a shtudy colleague back when I lived in the princess’s cashtle. Hish name was Astral Breeze... he shtudied magic too.”
>Your head droops.
“We inshtantly hit off. He wash smart, cute and even shared shome of my intereshts...we were happy for a few weeksh... but...”
“He pushed me too shleep with him. I didn't feel ready at the time and I told him shat. And he got really angry...”
>His words resonate in your head.
“He called me a shtuck up bitch and shat I should be thankful shat he * hic * even showed interesht in a boring and ugly pony like me.”
>More and more tears begin to flow.
“Shat was too much for me. I screamed at him and he just laughed...Shocked I ran back to my room... I didn't * hic * leave it for a week.”
>Anon squeezes your hooves firmer.
“Later I found out from a maid, shat he never really liked me... he jusht wanted my body...”
>Wiping your snout again, you take a deep breath and go on.
“I...I lost trust in shtallions after that … at leasht until he showed up...”
>Just thinking of him brings back visions of pain and despair.
>You bury your head in his chest to hide your tears.
>He embraces you. His hands rubbing your back.
>For a while you just cry into his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.
God damnit shit like this is not good for my mental health.

Good writing, still cant believe this is your first writefagging.
oh and forget to say, dont you dare stop
File: Ascendence.jpg (226 KB, 1340x834) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
226 KB, 1340x834
>You look up from his chest.
>”If you want to stop, it's okay. I don't want-”
“No... I want to tell you shis.” you interrupt him.
>He presses you closer to him, his hand massaging your withers.
>It helps you calm down a bit.
>Floating a napkin over to blow your nose, you continue.
“H-His name wash Silver Lining. I met him shortly after I moved to Ponyville. He ushed to have a shmall shop here. Selling magic parchment, quillsh and ink.”
>You throw the napkin on the coffee-table
“I bought all my stuff shat I needed for writing spellsh there... Almosht everyday I came by and each time we talked for a bit before I left.”
>Anon nods.
“He was alwaysh soh nice to me, even gave me shmall presents from time to time. Weeks passed and our talks became flirtier... and one day he ashked me out. I wash overjoyed shat such a handshome and nice stallion showed interest in me, espeshially after shis whole thing with Astral Breeze.”
>How could you be so naive?
“So of courshe, I said yes.”
File: Whats that, Anon.png (725 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Whats that, Anon.png
725 KB, 1920x1080
>Tears start to form in your eyes again.
“Everything was jusht perfect... He took me on romantic dates and made me feel speshial. I wash finally able trust a shtallion again, or at least I thought sho.”
>You take another deep breath.
“It wash after our sixth or seventh date, he walked me home like every other time, when he ashked me if I want to shpend the night with him...”
>Memories of this awful night begin to well up in your head.
“I wash hesitant at firsht... but I gave in, since I thought shat I finally found somepony who I can trust... who ish right for me.”
>You lock your hooves around your boyfriends neck, just to feel him closer.
“I led him up to my room, nervoush but alsho happy. We made out for a bit. I felt so loved and deshired... when I felt ready I told him shat this was my first time.”
>The recollection becomes clearer.
“He kissed me again and shaid that he would be gentle, but...”
>Your whole body begins to tremble.
Sorry for the wait but this takes me a surprisingly long time to write.
It's all good Cross, take your time.
no trouble man, take the time you need. We're all thankful that you're even writing to begin with.
oh no this is going to be like >>21615628
said isnt it.
It probably is.
Feels bomb incoming. Obliteration of the heart imminent.
actually hoping it wont be too severe. or rather that it was more like, she regrets it but not like she said stop and he then forced himself on her. that might feel a bit to much imo
well, the fact that she already gave herself to anon, means it didn't have any fatal long-term traumatic effect. It can be really painful memory though.
I realized that, just hits a bit to close to home I guess.
no nothing that happened to me, but people near me that I care about.
File: born_to_feel_.jpg (225 KB, 775x1032) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 775x1032
Then be strong with what may be incoming.
Bringing feels to defcon one.
Nearly finished it. Also I dropped her slur, because it's annoying to write. But she is still buzzed, so don't worry.
File: Desperate Twi.png (75 KB, 687x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Desperate Twi.png
75 KB, 687x750
“His face took on a weird and hungry expression... he said that I should turn around. I was a bit scared, but I complied. Then...”
>The trembling gets harder and tears flow down your cheek again. You hold him tighter.
“He mounted me and pushed himself in. Without warning me or even caring if I was ready.”
>Every moment of this night play out before your inner eye. Chipping away your will to go on.
“I screamed and begged him to go slower, but he ignored me and just kept going at his pace...It was so incredible painful...”
>You see anon opening his mouth but no words come out. You only feel his embrace getting stronger.
“After what felt like an eternity, he finished inside me and dismounted. He said that he had something to do in the morning and left me there. Confused, scared and in terrible pain.”
>Every moment of this night plays out as clearly in your head as the movie you watched before.
>Chipping away on your will to go on.
>But you have come so far.
>It feels nice to finally talk about it. It hurts too. But in a good way.
“The next day he visited me and apologized... it was only the alcohol, he said. And I stupid thing believed him.”
>”Twi... I-”
>You shush him again.
“I'm almost finished... bear with me.”
>Your voice has lost all emotion.
>You feel him nod against your shoulder.
“Things got worse from there. He showed me the cold shoulder more and more, until he just showed up to sleep with me. And one day...”
File: Hugs.jpg (9 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 300x168
>Your stomach cramps up. But you ignore the pain.
“I confronted him. Told him what I felt and more importantly how I felt. I wasn't prepared for his reaction.”
>Pausing for a bit to gather will and strength, you continue.
“He hit me. Screamed at me what an useless whorse I am and that I should be thanking him for even putting up with me in the first place.”
>The cramps subside.
“He just continued to shout at me, and when he pushed me around I charged up a spell to fight him off. But the sight of my glowing horn made him even angrier and he hit me again.”
>You lean back a bit and point at a scar on your muzzle.
“Luckily Rainbow Dash was nearby and heard the commotion in my house. She charged through the window and knocked him off me.”
>Anon is trembling now as well. His face full of mixed emotions.
“She beat him pretty much to a pulp and turned him in afterwards. I never saw him again.”
>He looks into your eyes.
>”A-And you never talked about this?”
>You shake your head.
“I was ashamed and scared what others might think.”
>Anon presses you closer to him and buries his face in your neck.
>It's getting wet.
>Is he crying?
>”Twilight... I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of that.”
>He moves his head back again. His eyes red and wet streaks on his cheeks.
>”You are an incredible beautiful and smart mare. And I promise to make you feel like this everyday.”
>Your eyes tear up again and you rest your head on his shoulder, pressing him as close to you as your hooves allow.
>For a few moments, the two of you just sat there in each others embrace, crying.
>Knowing that the one you held, truly cared about you.
>And that sometimes the darkest of nights bring the most glorious of dawns.
End Part 4.
bird horse is good horse
So this concludes part 4.
I will make a small time skip to the next morning for part 5.
Clop might happen there.
Also this was the last update for tonight. Writing this tired me out somehow.
Pastebin is updated.
And as always leave critique and suggestions on how to improve the story.
thank you


as for clop, unless its a break back to RD being a raunchy prisoner or something Idont think clop would be any of their minds right now. might feel a bit to jarring.
Something to lighten the mood perhaps.
Not related to the story but still, something ReiDuran just posted on his tumblr.
I was promised addictive semen ingestion, not this feelsy gay shit.
It's ok.
>I will make a small time skip to the next morning for part 5.

It's perfectly feasible to have an emotional evening, sleep through the night, and be horny in the morning. I've been in that exact kind of situation before.

Not that I'm against more raunchy RD, quite the opposite.
Yeah you're right. I will think of something. Like this >>21616781 for example.
But fastfood twice in a row? Thats unhealthy!
What I wanted to ask:
Was her confession part good? Was it feelsy enough, or even feelsy at all?
Don't worry. Like I said yesterday. I will tacke the addiction in greater detail tomorrow. Thats how I wanted to start the clop scene.
I will keep this post in mind
It was cliche. Something Id save for a thread that isnt fetish based.
ah whoops I missed that part. nevermind then.
Feelsier or heavier than I might've been ready for or wanted, but still handled well. no need to change anything afaic
Ok then.
I just reread it and yeah, I fell a bit into the cliche trap. But too late to change it now. If I don't want to rewrite it completely.
Also I decided on how to continue from this point. roughly
If I don't make any greater changes to my plan, I would say that im at the 60-70% mark now.
Thanks for all your input, good night guys.
>Was her confession part good? Was it feelsy enough, or even feelsy at all?
Mate, you made me hanging at the part where she tells Anon about her last fiancee. I was constantly telling myself "please no rape or beatings" at every sentence until she explicitely stated it, and now I just want to hug and cuddle PurpleSmart so bad. Of course it was feelsy.

Damn, I haven't been able to use my computer up until yesterday and now I have a lot of posts to check for your pastebin. This is gonna be a long reply, so I'll just directly write the correction. Let's get this over with:

>”Let's finish our food, ok? It's starting to get cold already.”

>”I will just clean up here a bit. How about you already cuddle up on the couch? I will join you in a few seconds.”
>You hop off your chair and walk over to nuzzle his leg.

>“Y-You want something? Why are you here?!”
>”I know you don't like the isolation cell. It's so small and so narrow, you can't walk around properly, let alone fly.

>You can feel his cock sliding in and out of your throat at a rapid speed, as he fucks your mouth.
>Your tongue betrays you as it licks around your muzzle, trying to lap as much of his seed as possible.

>”Don't worry, you won't have to wait much longer. Just one more thing.”

>An immense wave of pleasure ripples through your body and you climax nearly instantaneously
>Your head jolts back and you feel your vagina spasm and contract around his dick.

>You wipe the sweat off your face and take a look around.

>“If you don't want to watch it, we could surely find something else.”

Fuck, accidentally clicked another page in the favourites bar and lost all the shit I was writing. Gonna continue tomorrow.
Anyway, good story so far, congrats and good night.
I hope the yurofags don't let this thread die tonight.
dinosaur island's got this thread covered tonight, sleep well mate
But it's 2am in euroland.
The whole idea that Twilight's record of both her boyfriends being ridiculously terrible to the point of actual physical abuse just seems rather far stretched.

I get this is a more cynical interpretation of Equestria but Jesus Christ. This is the fucking mare that Takes down NMM and suddenly she's ass over tea kettle over a bad relationship?

I'm assuming that all of that happened before all that shit

Also, me personally, I tend to not include NMM and other things when dealing with GreenTextAnon stories in general. I really don't know why, but I do.
the ausfags can keep this thread alive. it's only 10:20 here in the west.
Ausfag reporting and bumpin
page 9 bump
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3 MB, 220x124
Needs less Twilight and more Celestia and Luna.
Just letting anons know, there is nothing stopping anyone from making another story. Cum drinking/addiction is the theme.
File: 1122367758150.jpg (13 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 400x400
>Day electrical on earth
>You were working on high powered electronics in your fully stocked home workshop
>You flip the switch to to star testing your latest creation
>There was a sudden bright flash and a tremendous bang
>The whole building seemed to shake
>It takes a second for you to recover
"Well, looks like I added the magic smoke too quickly"
>You laugh at your own joke as you pull pieces of transistor out of your arms
>During cleanup you notice something strange out of the corner of your eye
>Light is pouring through the window
"Huh, Have I really been up all night? It was 10pm last time I checked"
>Looking at the clock on the wall, it reads 1am
>Maybe the battery died you think to yourself as you pull out you phone
>1am, no service
>Now you are starting to get worried
>There is now way they would both fail simultaneously, you think to yourself as you rush to the window
>The sight that greets you is both very different and all too familiar
>Everything is bright and colorful, seeming almost over-saturated
>The buildings that dot the landscape are of vaguely medieval architecture, but several are of a much newer design
>You try and rationalize what you are seeing, but keep coming up blank
"I must have been knocked out in the the explosion or something"
>You attempt to verify this, trying various techniques you learned while studying lucid dreaming
>All signs point to reality
>You pace back and forth while your analytical mind tries wrap itself around its current predicament
>Movement outside the window catches your eye and you rush over to check
>Six improbably colored quadrupeds are standing in a line about 30 meters away
>Six quadrupeds you know better than most humans
>Six PONIES that you have obsessed over for more than four years
>Your brain just accepts if fate
>"I dont know how we did it pal, but we traveled to equestria"
"I guess this time the smoke really was magic"
>You plan your next actions carefully
"better go greet the disaster prevention squad"
Damn it, I messed up twice in a row.
last line should not have quotes

expect updates to be slow, I constantly scrap lines and start over
I think anon could have spoken the last line too. So its ok
Take your time, but don't think about it too hard. If you need to, write out a rough outline to get the story on paper first. Then work on details afterward. Or don't think about it at all and fix any mistakes when you're done with the story.
>Anon gives Twilight a hornjob
>Anon gets addicted to Twilight's magic cum

Writefriend pls.
they get addicted to each others cum.

eternal 69 as they feed off each other
File: It's time to duel.gif (1 MB, 400x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
It's time to duel.gif
1 MB, 400x220
Hornblowjob is already planned.
Yep take your time. Nice to see someone else write something here too.
Until they fuse together and become Twinon, destroyer of worlds..

What I wanted to ask:
Next clop scene from anons or Twi's perpective? What did you enjoy more?
I prefer Twi's perpective.
its a nice change to see it from bookhorse's perspective. and i'm amazed this is your first time writing.
why not both?
do it from Spikes perspective.
Okay then, Twi's perspective it is.
Will start writing in half a hour or so.
I think this would be a bit confusing. And chances are that I fuck up and anon has suddenly a maregina.
Stop spoiling my ending! No one must know that Twilight secretely was just Spike with a cardboard horn!
>It was spike all along
>Next clop scene from anons or Twi's perpective? What did you enjoy more?
From what I can remember, we've had 2 perspectives from Rantblow Dutch and 2 from Twerklight Strudel, so logically Anon's point-of-view should be the next one.
That being said, I personally prefer Twily's perspective: it's incredibly arousing to read the thoughts of a female that's kinky and innocent at the same time. Shit, how do I explain this better...well, the way she describes what Anon is doing to her is a combination of cuteness and bonerfuel, while Anon's description is bound to be just kinky. For example, Anon's p.o.v. is going to be like this:
>she starts caressing your balls with her magic and you let a light moan come out
>oh god this is heavenly as fuck
Twily's version is usually much more descriptive on what her body is feeling (and she seems to be overflown with a storm of emotions and pleasures whenever Anon does something different to her body).
So personally, Twalot's perspective where she's getting pleased by anon through all means is a must for me and hopefully for many others
Also, honk for anal yes, it was me and hornplay, and maybe caressing her beneath her hooves could be more erogenous than tickly like pic related of this post >>21571649 pretty please
File: Twihooves.jpg (102 KB, 633x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 633x1024
hoof fetish is a good fetish
This is going to be a lenghty clop scene then.
I'm going to write it roughly out today and finish and post it tomorrow in its entirety, if thats okay with you guys. I don't have much time today to write.
That's fine, too bad I can't see the story posted in real time since I'm an ausfag and I need my sleep so I can continue hunting for kangaroos with my machete. Good thing I can just read it later.
Take your time, german friend. Honestly, I'm glad this story is taking so long, because the shorter ones ony last for roughly 2 or 3 days and then they're gone. And it's rare to have such good and lenghty content, so I think the longer the story is the better. Think about it, your first post was from 2 weeks ago, you've kept us hooked for this long into an amazing story and not many threads manage to do this as far as I know. I don't know about the other anons, but I'm glad to come home and find some good content to read instead of spending my days with just videogames and youtube videos as I was doing before finding the previous thread.
TL;DR I literally open my computer to see new updates on your story so yeah the longer the better :^)

I'm sure it is and understandably, but for me it's more about the cuteness of PurpleButt squeaking when you poke her, caress her, bite her lightly and cuddle her underhooves. Not an actual fetish, just some suppressed desire to cuddle a squeaky cute little thing non-sexually. Pic related, for example, is so cuddle-worthy
>tfw I haven't clopped to this story yet but boner keeps popping up
>tfw I'm slowly developing a fetish for pones and haven't realized yet
>tfw my fears are becoming a reality
>a lifetime of clopping is bound to happen
GOD DAMN IT!!! but that won't stop me from reading your beautiful story
File: AJ hoofrub.png (163 KB, 800x664) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
AJ hoofrub.png
163 KB, 800x664
If you are an ausfag you surely have eaten kangaroos before. Is their meat good? I could buy it here too but its fucking expensive.
Oh stop it you flatterer. But I'm glad that you enjoy my story so much.
And just give in, its going to happen sooner or later.
Ponies are just adorable creatures. I'm a sucker for things like them.

I'm off sketching it out then. See you tomorrow guys, keep it bumped.
>And just give in, its going to happen sooner or later.
>Ponies are just adorable creatures.
>pic related
Aww come the fuck on. Why must you do this to me?

see ya tomorrow writefriend

Same here. Little equine creatures that are mutlicolored, have a complex language, and are intelligent with feelings and stuff really caught me - the wrtiting of the show and how well fleshed out most of these characters are is what brought me in.
When they move, do they start to levitate?
sexy bump
File: 1407537225627.png (149 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 640x480
have a bump!
File: 1409788774785.jpg (11 KB, 216x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 216x250
It's an angry kind of feel. A psychotic, trembling kind of feel. I've never had a personal experience of sexual violence, but the thought of someone doing that to another person sends me into a frothing rage. I've always had a strong reaction to it. I even try to avoid looking at a television when action/drama type shows are on, since they commonly use rape as a throwaway plot device. It's a weird cognitive dissonance; wanting to comfort and nurture and reassure a victim, but at the same time wanting to psychotically murder a perpetrator. So yes, feelsy.
I think Crossroads went down this road because that is an actual fantasy for some people. For several years I've had a similar fantasy, except it was between two humans and set in a fictional "mithological ancient world" (fictional as in "it's not related to historical events, it's just greeks and romans in an alternate universe"). The male protagonist would meet a beautiful woman that however has never experienced true love and has even been raped in the past, so it's up to him to make her feel loved and desired during intercourse. It's basically a fantasy about you being the strong hero and her being the helpless maiden and based xroads exploited this fantasy of mine pretty damn well
>you surely have eaten kangaroos before
yep. supposedly it has many health benefits and it's more leaner then other types of meat.
>is their meat good?
it's stronger then most meats though, so it might not be to your tastes.
>it's fucking expensive
it's much cheaper in australia though, mainly because of lack of import costs and possible tax. how much does kangaroo meat cost there anyway? 500g of kanga steak here is $7.50, or 5.16 euros.
Yo anons. I'm back from my bar tour and drunk as fuck so I decided to write some clop for you. I call it "Suddenly: Pinke Rape"
File: Seductive Ponka.jpg (48 KB, 714x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Seductive Ponka.jpg
48 KB, 714x800
>You are Pinkie Pie
>The pinkest and bubbliest mare in all of equestria.
>And you are on your way to a special friend of yours.
>Anon, the greenest and grumpiest human in all of equestria.
>He always avoided your parties for some reason, but today is the day where you will him throw a party he can't decline.
>A party in his pants.
>You always had an eye on him since he arrived in ponyville.
>Maybe it's his lean but muscly form or his strange sense of humor.
>But you are pretty sure it's just the fact that he can't get you knocked up.
>Twilight made some tests and she found out that his genes aren't compatible with ours.
>She said other stuff too, but you zoned out and indulged in fantasies once she mentioned that.
>Oh by Celestia you can't wait to feel his seed inside you.
>Without worrying about the consequences, since it's your estrus week.
>That will make it extra intensive.
>Finally arriving at his front door, you check if you have everything with you.
>Bottle of wine... check.
>Aphrodisiac cupcakes... check.
>Socks... check.
>Nice, you are ready to go.
>You knock and wait.
>A minute passes.
>Is he away?
>It can't be. You stalk... followed him the whole day, he should be home.
>Ehh... always the hard way with him.
>Opening your saddle bag, you search for your lock picks and begin to pick the lock.
>* click *
>Your days at the Neigharian mafia finally pay off.
>You peek inside.
Is it still rape if we want it?
File: 1396270914241.png (165 KB, 466x606) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 466x606
>Hmm the lights are turned off, but you can see a faint glow from his bedroom.
>Tiphooving towards it, you take a look through the keyhole.
>Oh my~
>No wonder he didn't open the door, his hands are pretty busy.
>A devious grin forms on your lips
>You take the socks out of your bag and put them on.
>They are your favourite.
>Red with white stripes.
>Or is it the other way around?
>Doesn't matter, they look sexy on you anyway.
>Hmm will you need the wine?
>You wanted to use it to ease him up a bit, but that won't be necessary anymore.
>No male would reject a mare who is willing to replace his boring masturbation session with the real thing.
>The cupcakes on the other hoof...
>Maybe for round two.
>Putting them aside you take another look through the keyhole.
>He hasn't cum yet.
>Good but also a bit strange, considering he is a male.
>And is this a issue of “Mares rich in plot”?
>Oh, he is in for a treat.
>Your plot is famous for driving stallions wild.
>So how will you take this on...
>Just walk in and pounce at him?
>Why not.
>He will be inside you, before he even realizes what is going on.
>This is technically rape but ehh...
>It's not like you are going to hurt him.
>Just one friend helping another … Yeah.
>You take one deep breath and push the door open.
>His head jolts toward and you see him opening his mouth.
>But it's already too late.
File: 1395976791408.png (232 KB, 1424x968) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
232 KB, 1424x968
>One big leap is all it takes to bump into anon and knock him onto his back.
>Your front hooves on his chest and your marehood hovering mere inches above his erect member.
>Dripping your sweet nectar on it.
“Hi anon! I saw you struggling and thought I'm going to help you out!”
>His face has a shocked and confused expression on it.
>”Pinkie?! What the fuck? Get off me!”
>You shake your head.
“Anon this won't do. I watched you rubbing yourself for over a minute and you didn't cum once yet! This isn’t healthy!”
>”Pinkie st-?!”
“Just relax and enjoy! Auntie Pinkie is going to take care of it!” you interrupt him.
>With that being said you plunge your hips down.
>A wave of pleasure ripples through your body as his penis parts your inner walls.
“Aaaahh.... yes. So full!”
>For a moment you enjoy the sudden fullness.
>You decide to start slow and just let your muscles do the work, massaging his cock from it's base to the glans.
>He lets out a groan.
“Feels good, doesn't it? But this is only stage one. Let me show you stage two.”
>Moving your hips back up again you start to slowly ride him.
“Oh yeah...”
>You look at him. His eyes are shut and his hands idly laying besides him.
>This won't do.
>Anon looks at you.
“Touch me.”
>He nods somewhat hesitantly and you feel his hands wandering along your side, stopping at your hips.
File: Pinkie top unf.jpg (127 KB, 917x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pinkie top unf.jpg
127 KB, 917x1000
>You increase your pace.
>Every time his dick hilts, you press down on it in a circular movement, caressing the entrance of your womb with it's tip.
“Achhh! Yes!”
>Your arousal is getting higher and higher.
>Your hooves give in and you collapse onto anons chest.
>His face directly opposite of yours.
“Are you feeling it too, Mr. Krabs?”.
>You plant a kiss on his lips.
>Your tongue invades his mouth and greedily explores every inch of it.
>Finding his tongue, you gently tease it out of it's hiding place.
>He finally complies and intertwines his with yours.
>After a few seconds you break the kiss and look into his eyes.
“Come on, Nonny. I saw your magazine... grab my butt. I mmhha... know you want to.”
>Slowly moving his hands towards your two jiggly globes, he fondles them for a bit before sinking his fingers into the pliable flesh.
“Ahhh.. Ahh...Yeah!”
>Yes this it!
>Your hips move on their own now.
>Just a little bit more...
“Nonny... mmhaa.. smack them!”
>He pulls his hand back and brings his it down again in a slap.
>He is now moving in unison with you.
>Your marehood contracting harder and harder his dick.
>His hands makes another hard contact with your flank.
>P-Pinkie... I'm close!”
>That is what you were waiting for.
“Achh... Inside me! I want every drop of aaahhh,.. it!”
>He opens his mouth, but you lock it with your lips before anything can come out if it.
>His body tenses up.
>You slam your hips into his one last time and clench up your marehood.
>Anon moans into your mouth and presses his hands deeper into your flank.
>Feeling his seed splashing against your womb brings your own orgasm and satisfies your desire to breed.
>Rocking through you like a sugar high, setting your nerve ends aflame.
>Your upper body jolts back.
“YES! NONNY!” you cry out, and collapse onto him again..
>For a moment the two of you just lie there, out of breath.
>His dick shrinks down and you let it slip out of you.
>You break the silence.
“That was wonderful Nonnon. Thank you”
>He pats your mane.
>”You're welcome, I guess...”
>You get up and hop off his bed.
“Is it okay if I come again tomorrow? I will be in estrus for a while.”
>His face takes a dumbfounded look.
“I will take this as a yes. See ya tomorrow Nonny!”

So tthats it. Had fun writing it. I'm off to bed now, Good night!
that was surprisingly hot. wouldn't mind more of that
>>21632810, etc.
Your "drunk as fuck" writing is significantly better than most people's sober writing.
that image name kek
page 9 bump

>You walk to the door, mentally preparing yourself
>You are about to become the first human to step onto an alien world
>Not only that, but an entirely different universe
>Panicking for a moment, you wonder if you can even survive here
>These thoughts quickly fade as you realize you would be dead if you couldn't
>Opening the door, you step out into the world
"One small step for Anon, one giant leap for horsefuckers"
>cringing slightly at your butchering of Neil's famous quote, you turn to look at what you arrived in
>The workshop looks like it was ripped out of the ground, foundation and all
>It is otherwise intact, scorch marks surround the base
>A thin layer of frost covers the whole building, steaming in the hot afternoon sun
"Just like the deLorean from Back to the Future"
>You turn to the ponies in the distance as Twilight calls out to you
>"What are your intentions here creature?"
>She seems wary, but you detect a hint of curiosity in her face
>Pinkie interrupts her as she begins to say more
>"Don't worry Twily, He looks harmless"
>"I'm sure he'll be our friend"
>RD stops her before she starts rambling
>"Pinkie, this is serious! What if its here to destroy equestria?"
>Applejack shoves a hoof in RD's mouth
>You never thought it would look this funny seeing it in person
>"Hold on sugarcube, don't be jump'n to conclusions now. we should be cautious, but we shouldn't just buck em' under the wagon until we know why he's here"
>While it sure is large, It doesn't seem threatening, besides, with such unique clothing, I don't think it would want to dirty them up
>Silly dress-horse, still thinking about fashion in a potentially dangerous situation
>The mares start bickering amongst themselves as to whether or not you are dangerous
>Flutteryshy takes this chance to slowly slink behind the others to hide from your gaze
>At lest they speak english, that's one barrier down
"Ladies please, I don't know whats happening here, but its no reason to argue"
It wasn't bad, but it's not what I would've done if I were Anon. On the other hand, that's because I'd only have Twi, AJ, RD, or Luna. Milky Way and Lilith would be nice too.

cool m8. Glad you're continuing.
File: For Fun....png (202 KB, 350x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
For Fun....png
202 KB, 350x347
You shoud have seen it before proofread and rewrote it six times
Yeah it was pretty meh. I'm happy with the first part, but the actual clop is really not good.
Some day I'm going to rewrite this a bit to make it better amd then upload it to my pb.
nice to see you continue this.
Happy Hangover day, neat little estrus story you had there.

I am eager to see where this will go, because slightly crazy scientist Anon suddenly having ponies addicted to his juices sounds fun.
Thanks... I just wait for the painkillers to kick in. muh head and then start writing again.
>They freeze mid-argument, stares locking onto you
>Twi speaks to no one in particular
>Looks like he can speak our language, and judging by the voice, male
>You address them once more
"I don't know what's happening. I was up late, putting the final touches on a project I was working on"
"When I went to test it, there was a huge explosion and then I was suddenly here and in the middle of a warm summers day"
"Don't worry, I'm friendly"
>Suddenly a pink blur rushes towards you, followed by a sharp crack
"What the hell? Was that a gunshot?"
>She goes on and on incessantly at an almost incomprehensible pace
>She looks so cute standing there, rambling in excitement at the prospect of a new friend
>You reflexively reach out to scratch behind her ears
>As soon as you begin she ceases all noise
>Her rump plops on the ground and her ears begin to twitch, blank expression on her face
>Worried you did something wrong you quickly pull away
>The blank expression is quickly replaced with one of longing
"Don't stop"
>A blush begins to appear as drool starts to collect at the corner of her mouth
>You are more than happy to oblige
>The rest of the girls rush over
>They all shout in unison
>"What did you do to pinkie?"
>"Relax girls, he's just being friendly"
>She nearly moans in a contentedly lazy voice
>"Mmm, wonderful scratchy friendship"
>In an attempt to break the awkward silence you speak up
"Well now that we know none of us harbor any ill will, why don't we go somewhere more somfortable to discuss things further"
>Bookhorse uneasily clears her throat
>"I guess we could go back to my library and figure things out from there"
"Great! just let me just lock up and we can head there right away"
>Walking back to the door, pinkie stands up with a dejected look on her face
>You think you see a wet spot where she was sitting
>Hands are a powerful thing
This is what I get for writing at nearly 6am
Maybe you should get somfortable and get a nice good night's sleep.
But I like it so far.
>You are still Twilight Sparkle.
>And you just woke up laying on your boyfriends chest, after a night of mixed emotions.
>Anon is still sleeping, his breathing soft and steady.
>He looks cute like this.
>You continue looking at him and think for a bit.
>Mostly about what happened last night.
>Was pouring out your heart really a good idea?
>So soon after he said that you were his marefriend now?
>You sigh.
>Stupid alcohol, it makes you do dumb things.
>Hopefully you didn't fuck up again.
>Suddenly your stomach cramps up.
>Holding it, you turn on your side and curl yourself up, in an attempt to soothe the pain.
>At last the pain subsides.
>By Celestia... that was bad.
>Last night you had a similar cramp, but not as intense as this one.
>You wonder if this is the addiction getting stronger.
>If yes, you really have to find a cure really quick before it gets worse.
>You look at the clock.
>It's half past eight... more than 12 hours have passed since your last... fix.
>Urgh this word.
>Another cramp bodes itself.
>This one is even stronger.
>Tears shoot into your eyes and your mouth gapes open, but no sound comes out.
>Your whole body trembles as the agony reaches it's peak.
>The instant anon sees you holding yourself in terrible pain, he shoots up and cradles you in his arms.
>”Twilight! What is wrong?!”
>”I-I will get help!”
>You hold a hoof up.
“N...No wait... achh... Don't move...”
>He presses your body closer to him, slowly petting your mane.
>His gaze never leaving you.
>This... This helps.
>After a few minutes your muscles relax again.
>Exhausted and out of breath you melt into his embrace.
>”Is the pain gone?” he whispers.
>You nod, that is all you can manage to do right now.
>”Should I carry you to the hospital?”
“No... “
>”Are you sure?”
“Mhhmm. Just stay with me like that for a while.”
>Your voice is quiet.
>You bury your snout into his chest, inhaling his masculine scent.
>It makes you feel safe and protected, but also fills your mind with more primal thoughts.
>They quickly completely override any other cogitations.
>The desire to have his seed inside you grows stronger and stronger.
>Every time you try to fight it, another cramp wells up.
>Defeated, you look up.
>He wipes a streak from your mane out of your face, so he can look into your eyes.
>Beaming you a soft and caring smile.
>”Yes Twilight?”
“I need you.”
wouldnt it be hilarious if those cramps just were bad gas from the fast food and alcohol, and her addiction just Twilight having a bad diet of unhealthy food.
Mhh indeed it would be quite funny.
Try to explain that to anon.
>Twalot asks for anal
>Anon obliges and sticks his dick in her ass
>The fastfood and wine start working in her stomach
>She farts so hard that Anon's dick is pushed right out of her asshole
How dare you mistreat my sides so bad?