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Ponies arouse to Anon's physique
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Ponies Arouse to Anon's physique #2
Last Thread: >>20494118

The last thread was a great success, but we need a little room to breathe!

Anon's really built himself up thanks to hard work and a good diet, and all the mares are taking notice.
That's a lot of horse.
All Equestria is a stage, yet anon beith the only player
I guess i'll repost my greentext
captcha: feared
>You are Anon, currently living in the quiant little town of Ponyville
>You're currently packing up equipment to go to the gym once again
>After living in Equestria for a while, you finally decided to lose all the weight you gained over the years
>You signed up for a gym membership, and have been going for over a year now
>You've lost a lot of weight, and you can actually see your abs
>Holy shit right?
>Not wanting to lose your gains, you continue going almost every day
>You still feel as if you can do better
>After putting on your shorts, you head out the door
>The gym is a simple 10 minute walk from where you live
>You notice ponies staring at you, and once you make contact with their eyes, they quickly turn their head away
>That's probably nothing
>You're pulled out of your thoughts at the sudden yelling
>You turn your head to see a pink blur barreling down at you
>You do a sick backflip and dodge the blur
>Just kidding, it smashes into you a mach like speed and you fall flat on your ass
>"Hey Nonny! Are you going to the gym again?"
>Pinkie is sitting on your lap, directly in front of your face
>You can feel people staring at you two
>In embarrassment, you quickly stand up
>Pinkie rolls over onto the ground
"Yeah, I was just on my way."
>You feel a pain in your ass
>You rub it in protest
>You look behind you to see a pony laying down in a puddle, in a spasm
>Must have tripped into it
>hasn't it been 3 days since it rained?
>Nah, you're crazy.
>"Oh hey, I have a super cool idea! I could join you! We could be fitness buddies!"
"But you don't have a gym membership"
>"There's a 3 day trial. Now come on, can I join you?"
>She looks up at you with her big blue eyes, waiting for an answer
>Damnit, you really don't like working with a partner
>Being watched and all
>But she's doing her puppy dog face
>Damn you, you adorable bastard.
"Alright, fine."
>"Alright! Comeoncomeon! Let's go!"
>She takes off running in the direction of the gym
"Wait no, slow down!"
>It's too late, she's off
>Fuck, cardio's gonna kill your gains
>Fuck it, you take off running after her

>A couple minutes later, you arrive the gym entrance with a bored looking Pinkie leaning against a wall
>"You are SO slow Nonny."
>Those pet names just add insult to injury
"Just... Come on"
>"Okie Dokie Lokie!"
>You and Pinkie walk inside the gym
>You see many ponies running on treadmills, lifting weights and doing other miscellaneous exercises
>One big white buff one is injecting something into his upper leg
>Note to yourself: Avoid that guy
>"What do we do first?" She inquires, "There are so many options here."
"I usually start with a short warm-up before I use any equipment"
>"Oh, okay! Lead the way!"
>I have to exercise with this pink energetic hyper horse
>Not how I wanted to spend this day
>You lead her to a small room with nothing but mats on the floor, a couple punching bags and mirrors on the 2 red and white walls perpendicular to wall with the door
>A bench also lays next to the door
>You enter the room and set your bag on the bench, noticing there is no one else in the room
>Pinkie happily hops in behind you
>She stares at a thermostat for a couple seconds before turning to you
>"So, what do you do first?"
"I always start off with a couple of quick stretches."
>"Well go on then."
>During your stretches, you notice Pinkie just sitting there watching you.
>Her big blue piercing unblinking eyes watching you.
>Making you quite uncomfortable.
"Are you planning to join in?"
>She continues to sit there, not replying or even acknowledging you said anything
>Great, she's just here to watch
>Even better.
>Slightly annoyed, you continue on.
>You turn your mind away from here, and purely focus on your warm-up
>After finishing your final stretch, you look down to find Pinkie has moved from her spot
>You scan over the room to see her standing next to the thermostat
"What are you doing?"
>She jumps slightly, then turns her head towards you with a smile.
>"You seemed a little warm, so I turned on the AC"
"Oh, thank you."
>You smile at her kindness and concern for your well being.
>Even if you don't feel that warm
>But why would she lie?
>"So what's next?"
File: 1398146997749.jpg (84 KB, 512x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 512x382
i can already tell this is gonna be a good thread
"Nothing too extreme, just situps and push-ups, 100 of each."
>You lay on your back and get into proper position.
>"Is there anyway I can help?"
"Yeah, actually. Come sit on me."
>Suddenly her face gets beet red.
>"Y-you want me to...-to s-sit on you?" She barely stutters out
"Uh... Yeah. Come over here."
>She practically sprints over to you and stands over your head
>She starts to lower herself...
"What are you doing? I need you on my stomach."
>"O-oh... Of course! Right!"
>Her stuttering disappears and face turns to normal as she places herself on your stomach, just above your legs.
>"Ready when you are captain!"
>You begin, bringing yourself up slightly then down
>Bitches jelly of your proper sit up form
>You feel yourself starting to get warm and sweaty
>You don't usually sweat this early
>You see Pinkie's face start to get red again.
>She starts to squirm a bit on your body
>She bites her lip and starts moving forward and backward slightly
>You see her gasping for breath
>She looks on the verge of explosion
"Hey, you okay?"
>"ooaahh... I'm just... Fine..." She barely manages to spout that out
>You place her off of you
>Jeez, you're sweating a lot
>Your shirt is sticking to your skin with sweat, and you have a particularly large wet spot on the lower part of your shirt
>Pinkie must be covered in your sweat
>You'll apologise later
>You sit up, take off your shirt and throw it to the side.
>A gasp is very audibly heard from Pinkie
>You see liquid all over her lower body
"Ah, crap. I think all that's my fault" You say as you point to the wetness of her lower body
>"Oh, like you wouldn't believe." She says, in a strange voice.
>Great, she's mocking you.
>And she's going to let you take all the blame
>And man, you're sweating far too much, you're absolutely drenched
>Regardless, you roll over on your stomach and get into push-up position.
>You see Pinkie roll over as well, and you think she's going to join you in exercise
>She instead, just puts her hooves below her chin to support her head
>She smiles at you, with half open exhausted eyes
>"Please, go ahead."
>How'd she even get that tired?
>You're focusing on the wrong thing here.
>You begin your push-ups.
>You stop for a moment and look at her.
>"You're really strong..."
>Her face is once again blushed
>"Ooooh Anon, go faster~"
>Finally, some encouragement!
>You thought she was going to mock you all day
>One hoof disappeares behind her as she lays her head on the ground
>"A-Anon! You're so good at this! A-ah~!"
"Damn right I'm good at doing this... 65..."
>"Don't you dare stop anon!"
>I don't plan to.
>"Riggidty Raggidty and I need your Dongamus Kongamus..."
>"Don't stop!"
>Why does she always have to be so weird?
>"Faster! Yes! Faster!"
>Her tongue is hanging out
>It really is hot in here
>We'll need some water after this
>"Almost there! Keep going! Faster! Faster!"
>"AAAAAAAAaaauu..." She starts mumbling incoherently.
"Wow, you were really pumped about this."
>You overlook her sweat wet body
"You need to calm down a bit. You're as sweaty as I am. Especially down there..."
>This heat is seriously messing with you
>You glance at the thermostat
"That's why it's so god damn hot in here."
>You turn it down to a suitable temperature
>Just then, the door opens up.
>Standing in the doorway is Rarity, wearing sweatbands.
>"Oh, this room is occupied?"
>You see her eyes glance over the downed Pinkie, and widen as she see's you.
>"Well, you could grind meat on those bad boys..."
Do ponies grind meat? Should I replace it with cheese? Ah, who cares.
>Pinke is just starting to get up, her legs shaking
>"Was it good for you too?"
"What do you mean?"
>"I mean... You're really strong I bet."
"Hell yeah I am."
>She smirks
>"Could you lift me?"
>You walk over to her and grab her by the scruff of the neck, lifting her up to face level.
"Hah, too easy."
>Rarity trots over to you
>"Anonymous, I had no idea you were this muscular."
"Heh, I have been pushing myself really hard lately."
>You punch your abs with your free hand
"Though I doubt I'm completely fit. I'm just above average, I'd say.
>"Well I say you look positively fabulous..."
>She walks around you, eyeing every part of your body
>"And you look very strong..."
"Well, strong enough to lift a little horse."
>You say as you look at Pinkie
>"Oh yeah?" Pinkie replies, "Can you lift 2 ponies?"
>"3 ponies?"
>"How about 4 ponies, all on a weight bar?"
"Without a doubt."
>"If your so confident, how about we make this interesting?" Rarity chimes in with.
"Do you mean..."
>"A bet!" Pinkie yells in your ear, which staggers you a bit
>After the ringing subsides, you set her down on the ground.
>"A little wager. If you can lift 4 ponies on those little weight bars, you win the wager."
"This sounds interesting."
>"If we win, then we get to..." She stops to eye your body, "...'experiment', on your body."
>I bet Twilight set her up to this.
"And if I win?"
>"You can set your own terms."
>Thinking for a bit, your mind draws a blank.
"How about... everyone involved gives me 20 bits?"
>"Aw, come on Nonny, that's so boring." She leans on my leg, "Can't you think of anything better?"
>"I have to agree with her Anonymous."
"Uhm... ah..."
>They're staring at you intently
"If I win, you both have to..."
>They lean in closer
"You both have to be my..."
>They lean in even closer
"be my..."
>Pinkie leans in too much and falls flat on her face
"Be my slaves. For a month."
"Er... Was that too much?
>"Oh no dear... In fact, I'd say it's just perfect. Wouldn't you agree Pinkie?"
>Pinkie picks herself up off the ground
>"I think it's the best idea he's ever had."
"So it's a bet."
>That went a lot better than expected.
"So... Where are we going to get the ponies to be the weights?"
>"Darling, did you already forget about the rest of our friends?"
>You kind of did
>"Okay! I'll get Rainbow and Applejack!" Pinkie proclaims.
>"Alright, I'll get Twilight and Fluttershy" Rarity adds.
"And I'll... Wait here."
>They then race off to find their friends.
>This will be fun.

>Be Pinkie
>Anon agreed to the wager!
>Rarity is so smart.
>You're racing to Rainbows cloud house this very moment
>You're so excited to see what'll happen
>No matter the outcome, this'll be so fun!
>Riggity Raggety Roo, I'm coming for you!

That's part 1
And my first attempt at Writefaggotry
pls post more this is gud
File: 2xJVmQF.gif (1 MB, 580x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 580x325
It's just as good the second time. kek

Riggity Raggety Roo, I'm RiggyRag, and so can you!

People... don't... talk... like... this, and uh in in dialogue we don't actually write out the uh repetitions or the non verbal sounds.

Dialogue is written to be read. You have every descriptive word in the English language available to you. There is never a good reason to put an ellipsis in speech.
In terms of
"Just... Come on"
You're right, but in use like this
"If I win, you both have to..."
>They lean in closer
"You both have to be my..."
>They lean in even closer
"be my..."
I feel like they're kind of needed
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Update for no one in particular

I'm the anon who in the last thread wanted to get fit for my waifu.
Today I had my first real run I think it went well and hopefully I will be just like this anon soon
Keep going, don't stop.
Alright, i'll improve it for my next part
Thanks for the feedback
I saw the finished version of this but you said you were going to fix rara and apples, right?

I'm off to bed, but if you finish by tomorrow afternoon I'll be waiting to color it.
May great gains come to you.
I would like to try my hand at writting a thing for you guys... your threads are neat
go for it.
Go ahead, I tried writing a thing, and people seem to enjoy it a bit.
Worst case scenario, you learn from the experience

You are incorrect.

That little, ugly piece of punctuation doesn't tell the reader anything. It conveys no tone, no description, no emotion. You are awkwardly skipping past golden opportunities to show me what is going on in the scene by lazily indicating that there is some pause of indistinct length and indeterminate meaning. There's a reason the ellipsis is equated with the writing of teenagers. It's the cheap crutch of a writer trying to direct the delivery of an actor. That simply is not the writer's job.

My advice is to swing purple. You can make anything happen; you can tell us anything you want about the scene. Play with that, and let the creative punctuation rot.
Oh it was completed, but I need to fix it up.
Hey man, do it up! I'd love to hear what you have for us. :D
Hey Anon
I believe in you. Even when you don't believe in yourself, I believe in you. If you ever need motivation, just remember Anon didn't get /fit/ in a day, he worked for it. But don't kill yourself, and have fun with it. I'll be rooting you on from my little spot of the internet.

alright i will try to write something...
A singles only tear thank you riggy
I'll be patiently waiting.

...and I'll be looking forward to reading whatever you come up with by tomorrow. Take your time, friend.
Oh god do I hate this iPhones auto correct
Do you draw the different ponies in different layers?
Yeah. If I were drawing a legitimate picture, each pony would have several layers to them, but because they are just doodles, each pony has their own layer.

Like an onion?
It would help the colouring if you posted a version that maintains the layering
File: 1410367990838.jpg (11 KB, 200x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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More like an ogre
nice dubs
>Be anon

>You have been living in equestria ever since some turn of destiny landed you here.

>Ponyville is a great town and shit, even though most ponies dont really have a direct relationship with you.

>Most of them mostly know you as "The human that works in Carousel boutique"

>You like keeping to yourself, beyond some of pinkie parties and ponyville many events. Its not a bad life at all

>You even got to work with one of the most refined ponies in the whole town

>But there is always a guy that screws up things for you... or a pony in this case.

>Caramel... the sand coated pony always seemed to have something against you, specially against rarity

>You payed it no heed tho, trying to make you look bad in the eyes of rarity didnt really amount to anything

>Most of the time, Caramel's cunning plans backfired horribly given enough time

>One day, you were happily working in the boutique... Rarity happily strotted around, waving a duster around in prepartion for the day

>Every once in a while she looked at the counter, and telekinetically lifted a sweer from a bowl and moved it into her mouth.

>You made yourself busy with counting the bits in the cashier and making some quick ammends to the books where the white coated one keep her accounting.

>But your concentration snapped from the numbers when rarity slammed her hoof in the counter, her face blue and her movements frantic as she pointed to her throat, where a noticeable bulge was located

>With Rarity asphyxiating, you had to make do with what you could, and ran around the counter and quickly improvised the heimlich maneuver by holding Rarity in a tight hug and pressing your hands against her stomach

>She fought back, as she didnt understand what was going on, causing the ink you were using for your work to roll over and stain the counter whilst the book and several hundred bits fell to the ground

>You heard the opening of the door...
here we go
>... and with the ringing of the bell, Caramel announced his presence with a hearty "hello rarity!..."

>But as he did, his happiness and confidence went to murdering rage in a snap second as he saw you struggling erratically with rarity in your arms.

>He charged you with a "Dont you touch her!" and headbutted your knee... in turn you kicked him in the snout, causing him to bleed and fall to the floor

>The maneuver finally worked, and Rarity spat out a yellow piece of sweet... and started breathing heavily...

>When you turned to see where Caramel was, but the pony was nowhere to be seen, and only a few drops of blood going out of the store hinted at his whereabouts

>Once rarity had calmed down just a little bit she hugged you, hard, you could only imagine this much pressure coming from a mother and son before he is about to go join the army.

>"darling... im so sorry for kicking you"

>You smile, petting the mane of the fashion pony, but as you grip that purple mane the door rings again... perhaps the incident could be cleared now that things were more calm

>and for the next three weeks, they were anything but that...

>Caramel had ran off to the office of mayor mare, and came back with some of the local law enforcement

>the scene didnt help you, Caramel has hurt and rarity had several bruises from your "attack". the sand coated pony account of you attacking rarity, and then convincing her of lying to the guards when you discovered them didnt help you

>He being old time friends with the judge of your case neither did.

>Even with the "overwhelming" evidence, with Twilight blessing you got a mid security cell in the canterlot castle Dungeon

>6 months...well...

>With nothing better to do, and with twilight help, you could arrange to get a diet that consistedly mostly in nuts, soy and water...

>And for 6 months, you did nothing but push ups, squats, dibs, abdominals...

>And nothing but letting your hatred of Caramel fester during 6 months
It's all ogre
dat prison training though
Now all Anon needs is tats to finalize the bad boy look.
>inb4 windmill of friendship tatoos.
File: 1404436084476.gif (443 KB, 550x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
443 KB, 550x400
I Need MORE!
>First day of freedoom... a new dawn for a new anon, and it couldnt start any better, as the princess of the stars had arranged to take you personally to ponyville

>Twilight was the first one to see you outside of the cell where you had been rotting for 6 months

>She had scheduled this time specifically to see you, since her new princess duties often pulled her away... but she couldnt let you go alone this day

>You couldnt even believe what happened when she looked at you.

>Her eyes seemed unable to comprehend how much a being could change just for being 6 months on jail.

>Your body had went through a complete metamorphosis as your muscles slowly hardened into steely sinew.

>As you could first see you in a mirror, you could realize the extent of your training.

>Bruce lee had nothing on you

>There is a big difference between the muscle people get from lifting to look swole and the one people get from lifting their own weight several thousands times in day.

>everything looked firm, strong and you could feel like you could easily ram yourself against a wall and knock it down.

>but nothing was as firm as twilight grasp when she asked to touch you... she looked at you differently, as if you were a different person from the flabby guy that went into the dungeon...

>You werent to show off... but when she said "your arm looks as thick as my chest anon!", you couldnt keep yourself from lifting her and easily carry her around a little before letting her down.

>she seemed to drool a little too...

>not to waste time, both of you went to the train station, and spent the travel with twilight asking you about how you went from average joe to destroyer of worlds in such a short time

>and an explanation about proteins and exercise later, you arrived at ponyville again.

>Twilight had arranged with the rest of the group, pinkie and AJ had prepared a big welcome party in sweet apple acres, but had decided to keep it to only the six of them
Soy increases estrogen if taking over a period of time in case you didn't know.
File: 1407996138883.gif (148 KB, 300x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 300x320
Dude, I'm really into reading and all that

And I can tell you, you need to look elsewhere for quality literature
I have a mini-library of that stuff
This here is different but VERY much still enjoyable

What I just read was extremely interesting

Just enjoy the story and don't be such a 'hardcore-critique guy' you won't be able to enjoy anything by being that guy

Instead, why don't you write a story.
You'll be given free reign to write however you want to

OH MY BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that's been refuted.
File: Remove.jpg (112 KB, 566x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 566x800
Caramel, you make glorious remove.
Boy I hope so, that's a good alternative.
If someone put me in prison on a lie, I'd kill them when I got out.
Then you'd have a real reason to go to prison! Yay!
Not if they can't find the body.
>But on arrival to the farm, There could only be found five of them... and spike

>Twilight seemed to keep closer to you for some reason, and constantly tried to grab your arm.

>You didnt know what to do really, you werent social before, and 6 months in almost complete solitude but a few guards and a mouse didnt help you either.

>You kind of just let her do it to avoid awkwards situations, once there, everyone got happy to see you.

>"Howdy pardner! you look different, a little like big mac!"

>"oh..uhm, hi anon... you look...well..."

>"You look sooo awesome!, can you throw me as hard as you can into the sky?"

>Pinkie just tried to make you raise your arm to try and climb to it "oh, does it hurt? this so awesome, you are big like AJ brother, but, in two legs!"

>You still were unsure about all the attention, but you had managed yourself well, mostly allow them to play around with you...
>but at the back of your mind, and as a grim reminder of why you were there in the first place... was the lack of a certain white coat

>It was an all around good welcome, everyone congratulated you into your new looks or tried to rub against you for some odd reason

>Spike had asked you to try and get him to be like that one day

>The sun started going down, and you had something better to do in this moment...

>And after a few final "let me touch you" or "hey anon, can you lift me again?" stunts for the ponies around you, you departed towards the Carousel boutique

>The way there was probably the most resentful, hate fueled pace that you could keep... but as if you could break some invisible chains with your new found strenght... your pace quickly turned from a slow stroll... to a jog... and to a run until you reached the sign that marked the entrance to town.

>It was late afternoon, the streets were a little empty, but what little ponies were around town looked at you in a mix of terror and awe

It can increase your strogen, but it also a very good protein source.

The estrogen intake would be balanced with the additional exercise, which is proven to increase your testosterone
>"You look sooo awesome!, can you throw me as hard as you can into the sky?"
Yep, that's Dash alright.
Continue, you glorious faggot.
>Maybe they thought that you were a real criminal and that rarity was not safe with you around these parts

>Maybe Rarity did her best to keep your reputation from being soiled by the lies of one bastard and the technicalities of the legal system

>Maybe both...

>As you turned around a corner, you saw a more familiar face in a corner of your eye... she had, as usual, a bottle of wine in the hoof, and a few dozen in her stomach

>"We know anon... do what comes natural"

>said the one with a cutiemark of grapes and strawberries, as she greeted you from her place, before downing the last of her bottle in honor of your return...

>But by the time the last drop of wine went down her gullet, you were already approaching carousel boutique...

>The place was closed as it would be expected, you knocked a few times... but there was no response, a few harder knocks... but still no answer

>you kicked the door frame, the sturdy building absorbing the impact... you sit down in front of the door... and a voice comes from inside... a sweet, calming, and elegant voice

>"... you wont leave until i let you in right?"

>you confirmed the "fears" of the white coated one before she allowed you to go inside...

>after that, there where no words, no actions, just a dense atmosphere that could probably be cut with a knife if somebody would have liked a slice...

>And then, the purple maned pony just jumped into the arms of the muscular man

>and you hugged back... half crushing her under strenght... she didnt complain, but very tactfully said

>..."your thighs are...hard..and nice... what happened to you"

>the joking demeanor of the mare's statement disarmed the situation... just as the bell in the door made a few ringing sounds as it was usual when somebody stepped inside the door...
gotta work on your english yo
It's a hell of a lot easier to find people these days. Ya freak.
>Once the sand coated one stood in the middle of the door, 6 months of rage simply exploded on his face.

>in less than the brink of an eye you had grabbed him by the neck, slammed him against the counter of the store with a powerful thud, as the wood of the furniture complained under the combined weight of a full grown pony and your arm pressing against his throat painfully

>Caramel couldnt speak, but you could see true horror in his eyes as he let out a little squeak as you raised your free arm, your hand clenched into a fist and slowly aimed right in the middle of his eyes...

>A few tears formed in the eyes of the pony as vindication was about to happen in the worst way possible for him...

> And your fist made its mark... the counter. it was easily an inch tick and you still managed to crack it side to side with a powerful "crunch"

>You slowly softened your grasp... and Caramel could slowly limp away, unharmed...at least in his body.

>Rarity hugged you from behind, kissing your nape as she tried to comfort you, as you simply stayed against the counter, both arms supporting your weight at the destroyed piece of furniture


hope you guys liked it... how much cocks do i suck?
You'd be surprised how many people get away with murder.
you suck 2.3 out of 10 cocks per week. That's almost half the normal amount!
Well, that story just kinda ... made a fart noise, fell out and plopped onto the floor there at the end, huh?
I agree with>>20584220
You could have done a lot more with this

yeah, it was a bit rushed, and i didnt use half the ideas i wanted, thanks for the feedback, its actually the only way i can get better
Goodnight bump. I'll continue this tomorrow.
Don't let this die.
i thought it was good for a first try
This thread won't die. The last one nearly broke damn near 500 posts.
thred is ded
Cus we all moved here silly goose.
Okay, Edges McGee.

captcha: seriously
Nigger that was a statement, as in it's truth, as in a lot of murderers get away with murder.
Okay, Freddy Edge.
File: 245763465765487.jpg (92 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Very well ...
No one gets murdered ever!

hurhdurh so not true lol what do you think this is fucking ponyville omg
File: Stupid Sexy Anon.png (201 KB, 1323x1465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Stupid Sexy Anon.png
201 KB, 1323x1465
Ah this thread always puts a smile on my face, anywho have some screencaps of the last threads stories that were completed.
And riggys little masterpiece, very much enjoyed this one.
File: Firefighter.png (32 KB, 837x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 837x475
and a final super short one that just had to be capped for the giggles it gave me, there were a few other stories in the previous thread I began capping but they weren't finished so I am holding off on posting my caps until they finish, please keep it up writefags you make my day.
I love this one, it's really well done.
You should namefag at this point.
E-D-M-O-N-D, that's my name
Oh hey it's been capped!
You can also find it on pastebin if you prefer it:

Thanks for cappin' it Anon!
Your welcome Riggy, I enjoyed it and just felt it had to be capped.
that fat cunt outweights 3 ponies
Now this is something I can attempt to write to. It seems fun.
Badda bump badda bump badda bump bump bump
Be happy. In two weeks, you'll be surprised at how much further you'll be able to run. I guarantee you it.
Man working out your back is hard.
I do stiff legged deadlifts, cable and dumbell rows, and lat pulldowns/ wide grip pullups but you can look on here and find something else that you may like instead: http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/finder/lookup/filter/
Yeah I've been really trying to get my traps up.
I've heard that farmer walks(i think that the name) work good.
Welcome to /mlpfit/

Where the ponies are imaginary, but the gains are real.
See not all of us are fat, sweaty neckbeards.
Anon needs to work on his fucking form before he takes a trip to snap city.
Just so you are aware (I'm the guy who agreed with you and has the exact same motivation as you) cardio isn't great for gains...If you're gonna do it and want gains, I'd say do it 2-3 days a week max otherwise it will start to interfere with your muscular gains. I would also say to not try this at a high intensity. You can use HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) as a substitute for "leg day" and squats, it will work just as good. My advise (if you're cutting first to get definition and then your bulking) keep doing you're running but I'd suggest now is a good time to work on your endurance rather than your strength and power - about 60% of max weight and high reps I'd say. And after that, you can start bulking and getting those real gains started - more 75-90% max weight or do what me and my friends do since there isn't a real "agreed" upon number of reps, you can do a quick warm-up, go to 12 reps, increase weight and do 10 reps, increase weight and do 8 reps, increase weight and do 6 reps, now go to you're max weight and go on til failure. Just a little thing or two about what I do and some advice, whether it's wanted or not.
File: 33ljlee.png (90 KB, 347x658) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bumpy bump bump bump
File: 1354405105398.jpg (897 KB, 1936x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
897 KB, 1936x2592
Gains are only real in equestria, we in mobility scooters now
I'm currently writing the next part
Stay tuned
Thanks, I won't use any ellipsis's in my work.
Well, this is kinda good, assuming you were running a bit too fast.
Try slower running speed but with no walking at all. Some practise and 10-15 km of running won't be a problem for you.
File: wink.jpg (36 KB, 572x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm 3 screen pages worth of text and I haven't even gotten to the part where the ponies arrive yet for the challenge
That's so purple a king is trying to dye his clothes in it.
Should I tone it down a bit?
It's mostly just about the gym and how it doesn't fit Anon very well, and how ponies are using it
Just trying to develop the gym a bit, but I suppose that's not the purpose.
There's nothing wrong with a little exposition and world building.
True, but I may want to shorten it regardless
It's your choice ultimately, just saying that there's nothing wrong with taking a few posts to detail your world a little. Wish you luck writefriend
Holy fuck i've been working on this for 2 and a half hours
This does not feel like 2 and half hours of quality work
One and a half
Still though
G'night guys
Don't worry about it man, no one is time-keeping
I didn't mean it was bad. I just made a joke about the colour purple.
File: 1415691153791.png (384 KB, 646x753) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
384 KB, 646x753
I work at target and this offends and enrages me.

The sight of these things makes me sick. It's now a "disability" to be a self-indulgent, disgusting fat fuck who can't even walk.
Almost done
This is definitely better than part one, but it won't be riggy levels
File: 1410375224771.jpg (23 KB, 398x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 398x500
Don't count yourself short man. I'm sure it'll be great. :D
Alright, i'm done, I just need to do some editing and I'll post it.
This took 4 hours.
Jesus fuck
It better be worth it
Character count: 21340
Also namefag, because.
>You are Anonymous once again.
>That's your name, don't wear it out
>You are currently sitting on a bench in the warm-up room
>You redressed into clean clothes
>You put on your extra tight pair of shorts specially for this challenge issued to you
>There is only one problem
>You are currently waiting for Pinkie and Rarity to return with their other friends
>You glance at the clock for the tenth time and figure if you're going to wait, you might as well exercise.
>Packing up and leaving, you meet up with a familiar green mint coloured pony at the entrance.
>"You finished with this room?"
"Yeah, go ahead Lyra."
>She gives a big smile
>"Thanks Anon!" And she playfully hugs your leg
>Entering back into the main gym, you scan the white brick room for something to do
>The gym had many different types of machines, weights and such to use
>Barbells and Dumbells, Inflatable and Medicine exercise balls, Dipping bars, etc
>You wonder how the ponies even use some of these
>"Hey, Anon!"
>You turn to find not Pinkie and Rarity, but some pony with an orange coat and white hair
"Do I know you?"
>"I'm Trick Fist, I overheard some ponies that were talking about how strong you look."
>Trick Fist?
>How about we test that out?"
>Great, more challenges
>But you're not one to turn down a challenge
>It'll also be a good test of strength
"Test it out on what?"
>"The pull down machine right over there." He points with a hoof
>You follow him to the equipment in question
>Pic related
>He puts the weight too two from the maximum, then sits on the bench
>His hoofs reach up and grab onto the handle
>He pushes down with all his little might
>His face contorts as he strains to push it all the way down
>His face turns red through his coat, and his breathing gets rapid as he continuesly moves his hoofs up and down
>Eventually, he finishes and gets off the bench
>"Let's see you b-beat that." The orange pony said, out of breath
>It must have weighed a lot for him.
>You have used these before, but never in this gym, or Equestria in general
>You sit on the bench, back straight and feet flat on the floor
>Well, flat as they can go
>The bench is so close to the ground you're practically in the fetal position
>And even sitting, your head is above the machine itself
"Well this isn't going to work."
>"What do you mean?"
>You get off the machine, and in the process slightly move it
>Oh, it's not attached to the floor
>"What? Can't do it?"
"Hold on a minute, keep your fur on."
>Curious to see if what you're thinking would work, you squat down and grab the arm and base of the machine
>You stand up, and with a grunt you lift it right off the ground
"Hey, this isn't that heavy."
>You could easily do what that orange pony did
>Speaking of which, you see him staring at you, mouth agape
>You also notice many other ponies stopping what they were doing to look at you
>Keeping eye contact with the ponies, you slowly put down the machine
>You rub the back of your head in embarrasement, and hear several splashes
>The gym has a leaking problem?
>This place needs a renovation
>You slowly back up, then break off into a sprint into another part of the gym
>They must have thought you looked like a monster
>Damn, that was near the entrance too
>You're going to have a wait until closing time to leave now
>Not like you can leave anyway
>Why are they taking so long?
>Regardless, you decide to walk around and see what you can exercise with
>All the good exercise machines that you can use are taken
>And most of them aren't even using them right
>A pegasus has their back legs wrapped around the chin-up bar so that they're upside down
>And then they're spinning their body in circles
>You can clearly see them smiling too, as if they know what they're doing
>A unicorn on a barbell has only their back legs on it, is on the opposite side of where they lift the barbells, and it doing some sort of weird planking thing
>They're not even doing any kind of pushup, they're just kind of sit standing there motionless with their front legs holding up their upper body, stiff as a board.
>One is using the leg press machine with their head
>Goodbye spine
>And skull
>Another is sleeping on the inflatable exercise ball
>Absolutely disgusting
>You're just about to lose faith in this gym when you hear a familiar voice
>This time you were ready
>You brace yourself as a pink blur smashes into you
>It was like she was shot out of a cannon
>You start falling back, but you swings your hands forward and gain your balance
>She attached herself to your body, her hoofs wrapping around your chest
>This time you didn't attract any attention, everyone else focused up in their own exercises
>This is going a lot better than last time
>"Well, you two look positively adorable with each other" A mocking voice comments
Forgot pic
>Fucking Rainbow Dash
>You see the whole posey walk up to you
>Rarity, Rainbow, Flutters, Twilight, Applejack
>You feel as if someone whispered in your ear 'unoriginality'
>Stupid ghosts, you don't even belong here
>"Oh, I'm so excited for this!" Twilight squees as she clops her hooves against the matted floor
>"I wonder if you're stronger than Mr. Bear?"
>"Ah'd say he could lift less than Big Mac with a broken hoof."
>They seem so conflicted about this
>Mom and Dad, please stop fighting
>Pinkie slowly slides off your body until she hit the floor
>She smiles and stifles a giggle
>"Oops, I fell on my rump."
>Bad horse
>Imagine if she acted like that all the time around you?
>Dirty dirty horse.
"So what took you guys so long?"
>"First of all, girls, not guys, and we had to take the time to explain the situation before they agreed to come with us" Rarity explained
"That was a lot more simple than I expected."
>"Anonymous, please have more faith in me that I wouldn't purposely make a gentleman wait."
>So posh.
>Shouldn't it be the other way around?
>Save it for the other general m8
>"Ah reckon we should get going."
"Right, the bet. How much did Rarity tell you about it?"
>"Alright girls, please follow me."
>Rarity starts walking and everyone including you follow behind
"You seem to know this place fairly well."
>"I'm actually a fitness teacher here on my free days."
>You learn something new everyday
>You all stop for a moment to let a group of playing colts hop by on exercise balls
>God damn parents not watching their kids
>Wait, you never got an answer to your question
>You turn your head to face the rest of the main 6
"So, how much did Rarity and Pinkie tell you about the bet?"
>"Oh wow Rarity, I didn't know that! What do you teach ponies here?"
>Pinkie just cut you off!
>They're avoiding the question
>Why are they avoiding the question?
>"I teach ponies about proper form, and gym etiquette."
>You look at the pony who was previously using the leg press with their head, now laying limp on the floor
>She's fucking useless at teaching
>"How often do you teach here?" Twilight asks
>Glad someone else is speaking for once
>"I'd say once every month, give or take."
>That makes sense, I guess she isn't a fake
>The paramedics seem to have arrived
>Turns out the pony that was using the leg press had survived
>The paramedics took him out as he was mumbling something about getting swole
>Pour soul
>Rainbow dash starts flying next to you
>"So Pinkie was telling me about your change."
"My change?"
>"Yeah, you know," Rainbow said as she poked your chest, "Your muscles."
>Is it really that much of a surprise to everyone?
"There's not much to say about it, I've just been working out pretty hard lately."
>"My ass that's all it is, you're built like a rock." She says as she pokes your chest some more
>You blush at that remark
"I'm not quite that muscular, you're just exaggerating."
>Rainbow Dash smiles
>"Don't try to hide anything from me Anon!" She says as she starts poking you more aggressively
>You quicken your pace to get away from the Rainbow horses assault of pokes
>"You can't run from me Anon!"
>God damn, how far away is this weight set?
>"Darlings, we're here."
>You walk over to the bar rack and grab a suitable bar
>You lay in on the ground in front of the ponies
"Alright, 4 of you, get on."
>Everyone but Rarity races for the bar
>Rainbow gets there first, and sits in the middle
>Pinkie jumps and tackles Rainbow, now in the middle with her
>Twilight tactically flashes everyone and gets on the end
>Fluttershy, while blinded, accidentally stumbles onto the other end of the bar
>Applejack, not so lucky, accidentally smashes into a wall
>"The lucky volunteers have been chosen." Rarity says
>Applejack, after gaining back her eyesight, turns to Rarity.
>"No fair! They cheated!"
>"Snooze ya lose Jacky!" Pinkie says
>Applejack, defeated, sits a couple feet away from the bar
>You look over the ponies on the bar and instantly see a problem, but ignore it.
"Alright, let's test this out."
>You squat down and grab the bar that's free from pony butt, and quickly lift it up to your shoulders
>In the sudden movement, all of them fall off the bar and onto the floor except for Rainbow, who catches herself mid-air.
"I kind of saw this coming."
>"Smooth moves Anon." Rainbow says.
"How was this my fault?"
>"Dear, you did say you saw this coming."
>Shit, they got you there
"So how is this going to work?"
>You hope they take the bait
>"I think I have an idea." Twilight says.
>Hell yeah, subject officially changed
>"If you get into your standing position, then we can get Rainbow and Fluttershy to lift us onto the bar."
"That's a terrible idea."
>"But if they set me and Pinkie in the middle, and they sit on the ends at the same time, it would be perfectly balanced."
"I'm pretty sure that's not a good idea."
>"Oh that's fine dear, don't do it if you want to forfeit." Rarity says smugly
"Fine, let's just get this over with."
>Frustrated, you take off your shirt and throw it to the side
>Don't want to get it ruined with sweat
>Just in case right?
>I should get this manager a plumbers number
>Gotta fix this leak problem
>"Oh my Celestia, what other secrets are you hiding from me?"
>You look at the ponies standing next to you
>You don't know who said it
>Rainbow is biting her lip, Twilight rapidily taking notes, Fluttershy is hiding behind her hair, Rarity is fanning herself, Pinkie is hopping up and down really fast, and Applejack is bleeding through her nose.
>"M-Muh apple!"
>That can't be good
>A short while later, they all return to normal
>This has been a strange day
>You get into standing position, place the bar behind your head on your shoulders, and Rainbow and Fluttershy grab Twilight
>They place Twilight directly behind your head, laying on the length of the bar
>You don't feel much weight added
File: 1410470096982.png (1 MB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 750x750
this gun be gud
This is a disturbing amount of silence
>"That looks like a fun spot to be!"
>Pinkie briskly jumps up onto your head to the pole on top of Twilight
>And by that, you mean she rockets up you and kicks you in face
>God damnit Pinkie
>She lays on top of Twilight opposite horizontally to her.
>Face on butt, butt on face.
>Sucks to be Twilight
>Strangely, she doesn't object.
>You start to feel it a bit
>They're small, and they don't weigh nearly as much as ponies from your world, but they aren't exactly light
>Still though, four can't be that bad
>Fluttershy and Rainbow fly to opposite ends of the bar, Fluttershy on your right and Rainbow on your left
>Suprisingly, they sit on the bar completely synchronized
>And surprisingly, they weight a lot
>It weighs as much as an average barbell though, nothing you can't handle.
"Hah? Is that it?"
>"Well, you lasted the first part. Surprising."
>Asshole fitness Rarity is showing
>Wait, what?
"Wait, what? First part?"
>"Of course Nonny, you have to do 200 squats now."
"That wasn't apart of the deal!"
>"Did you think all you'd have to do is hold 4 ponies? There has to be an actual challenge."
>Rarity has you there, you did think it was a little easy
"No, it doesn't work like that!"
>"Oh I see, you can't do it?"
>Rainbow you fucking shit
>"I guess we wasted our time on a all talk no show kind of guy."
"God damnit, fine!"
>Rarity smiles
>"Thank you Rainbow"
>That asshole can really push your buttons
>This is bad, you've done squats with a barbell before, but never 200 of them
>Then again, you haven't tried in a while
>This could be your chance to put your muscles to the test
>"Anon? Would you like to start?"
>You don't have time for your thoughts it seems
"I'm not planning to lose this bet."
>Rarity smiles again.
>"Things don't always go according to plan."
>You grunt, and start the first squat.
>You've made a terrible mistake
>You tight shorts make a visible bulge when you squat down
>You hope no one notices
>That would be too embarrasing.
"2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,"
>"Woohoo, go Nonny!"
>You're glad you get some support.
"11, 12, 13, 14, 15,"
>"Hey, look at his muscles bulging." Rainbow points out.
>Just ignore it.
"16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30"
"Heh, you might as well give up now."
>"Wouldn't bother me any if I did~" Rarity replies
>She's trying to throw you off
>She won't get any tricks off on you
>"Silly Anon, trix are for kids, why would you have any?"
"31, 32, 33, 34, 35"
>"W-wow, it feels like i'm flying" You hear from fluttershy
"Yeah, if only there was a way to do that, huh?"
>Sarcasm wins again
>Gotta focus on my set or I'll never finish it
"36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50"
>"Just a quarter of the way Anonymous, don't give up yet."
>Thanks Twili-
>"Or do, because winning the bet would be so fun!"
>Oh, okay.
>Now you're mad.
"51, 52, 53... 70, 71, 72, 73"
"74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85."
>You're starting to sweat quite a bit
>Rarity brings up a moist towel to your forehead and wipes off the sweat
"Why are you h-helping me?"
>Shit, you're running out of breath
>She brings up a water bottle to your mouth, and you take a sip
>"We did bring up this 200 squatting thing out of nowhere, so it's only fair."
>At least they admit it.
>She winks
>"No problem"
"86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100!"
>"Congratulations, half way there! You're doing very well"
>Shit, for a moment there you thought you were done
>This is a Twilotta shit
>200 squats is insane
>You're still doing better than you thought
>You notice Twilight starting to rub her legs against the pole back and forth
>"Really well, unf!~"
>From 110, to 120, to 130, you start sweating really aggressively
>You're making constant grunts and are breathing heavily
"C-come on, gotta give it my all"
>You notice every time you grunt Rarity flushes red
>You look and see it happens to your passengers as well
>You look down and see nothing
>Where'd Applejack go?
>Glancing around, you see a blond tail sticking out from behind a pillar
>Various grunts and moans are coming from there as well
"Applejack, wh-hatcha doin?"
>Explains all the liquid
"140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145"
>Rarity appears to be bouncing on your water bottle, while staring between your legs
>Oh shit, she may have noticed your bulge
>That's awkward
>wouldn't bouncing on a water bottle would be very uncomfortable
>You feel liquid dripping on your neck
>It feels thicker than sweat
>You look up, and notice something weird
>Both Rainbow and Fluttershy have changed positions
>They used to be sitting facing the same way as you, but now they're sitting facing you, with the pole between they're legs
>They are going back and forth on the pole
>"We're keeping a constant balance." Rainbow says, and ends with a toothy smile
>Is that how it works?
>You don't want to fight it right now anyway
Quality takes a tad bit of a dip from here on in
>Twilight is also rubbing against the pole with closed eyes, but that's nothing new
>What is new, is Twilights horn seems to be missing!
>At least that's what it looks like, because Pinkie is sitting on where it should be
>I doubt Twilight stabbed her, there's no blood
"Twilight, you're horn is gone."
>"Rest in p-piece, it's g-gone to a better place." Pinkie mumbles
>Twilight suddenly jerks her head up and makes Pinkie gasp in what you think is surprise
>"Aa-ah! A much better place!~"
>You have to finish this soon, I think they're getting heat stroke
>Why else would they be acting so weird?
"146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160"
>"Oh Anon! You're so good at this!"
"I practice a lot."
>"A-ah, I can tell"
"161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170"
"I think I know why you guys love this so much."
>"What?" Rarity sits up from shock
"You guys love a hard work out, right?"
>"O-oh." Rarity relaxes
"You love the idea of me working this pole."
>"Mhm, very much~."
"171, 172, 173, 174, 175"
"You like the thought of being my objects for personal use"
>They do seem to enjoy being my weights.
>"Yes, we all want to be yours."
"176, 177, 178, 179, 180."
>You strain at the last one, grunting quite audibly
"HHHHaaah! You love seeing me strain to please you!"
>They really like to watch me exercise, I don't want to disapoint them
>"Anon, nothing gets by you does it?"
"181, 182"
>"How hard will you try to please us?"
>She's bouncing on that water bottle even harder
"I'll keep trying to please you until I pass out!"
>I might at this rate, she hasn't given me water in a while
>"Oh you kinky dog~"
>Before you can question that, she stops bouncing and with a moan removes the water bottle from under here and magics it to your lips
>The second your come in contact with the tip, you taste something strange
>Whatever, you need the sweet life nectar that is water
>After a couple sips, you feel rejuvinated once more
>She places the water bottle behind her again and starts bouncing
"183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190"
>You start moaning in muscle pain
"Aaaugh! I'm so close!"
>"S-so am I!"
>Silly Rainbow, you aren't the one lifting
>"P-please go faster."
"I'll go as fast as I can Fluttershy."
>She meeps
"191, 192"
>Your muscles groan in protest
"193, 194"
>Your muscles feel aflame
>"Almost there Nonny! You're so amazing!"
"195, 196"
>"This scientific investigation is a complete success. I hope more are this fun."
"197, 198"
>Holy shit you can do it
>Rainbow is panting pretty hard
"Get ready to lose the bet!"
>You summon your last bit of strength
>Unfortunately, your shorts had taken one too many squats
>They rip in half, displaying your junk for all to see
>Right in the middle of your last squat, muscles bulging and sweat covering your body
>You then feel a splash come from above you that absolutely showers you in slippery liquid
>The water bottle Rarity was bouncing on must have broken, because a bunch of liquid shot out from her too
>The sheer amount of liquid makes you lose your balance and you trip
>You fall flat on your ass and let go of the bar
>The ponies fall off and roll on the ground in a spasm
>They seriously need to fix that leaking problem
>Can you sue?
>You should sue.
>You like the thought of being my objects for personal use
>"Wahaahaa! You won the bet!"
"Just barely."
>"Well, a deals a deal. Pinkie, get up. We have a wager to fulfill."
>That's the first bet you've even won
>Ma would be so proud
>Applejack staggers back from the pillar she was exercising behind with a tired but happy look on her face
>"That made me one happy mare. Here ya'll go Anon, ya won."
>"W-wait! Applejack, don't!
>She hands you a bag
>A bag full of bits
>20 bits.
>You remember your first bet idea
>You stare accusingly at Rarity
"There was a reason you avoided my question earlier, isn't there?"
>She attempts speech, but no words come out
>She knows she messed up
>"Anon, you won the bet!"
>Twilight, done her spasm, walks up to you and hands you a bag of bits
>Then Fluttershy
>Then Rainbow, with a wink
>"We should do this again Anon."
>The other ponies leave leaving only you, Rarity and Pinkie together.
>You look between the two of them
"You didn't tell them what the actual wager was?
The remaining bit is juuust long enough so I can't fit it into one post
2 small posts it is
Comes into play in part 3
>They continue to stand there, avoiding eye contact
>"We," Rarity pauses, "We didn't want to share you."
"Too share me?"
>"You're really handsome and sexy you know."
>You're handsome? And sexy?
"What are you talking about?"
>"Did you really not notice all the attention you were getting?"
>You think back to all your previous encounters today
>It hits you like a brick
>Of course!
"Like when Lyra hugged my leg!"
>How could you have missed something so obvious?
"But that's the only thing."
>"You're blind as a bat."
>You stare at the bits in your hand for a brief moment
>Now you know they think your attractive
>Really attractive
>You gain a confidence boost from learning this fact
>And come up with the perfect plan
"Is that anyway to talk," You put your face in front of Raritys and smirk, "Too your new master?"
>Rarity looks shocked, and Pinkie chimes in
"You didn't forget the original bet did you?"
>You smile, and toss the bags in your hand up and down
"You will be my servants for the next month."
>You drop the bags, then pull the ponies close to you in a three-way bear hug
"And too make up for your lying and your insults," You get close and whisper to them, "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you."
Will there be a part 3?
You decide!

In the end, this wasn't going to go anywhere if I didn't make Anon realize they were gushing over him.
So he kind of changed suddenly
Keyword there being suddenly
Anyway, this is my days work
now I need to get something to eat
Yeah do a part 3! This is good.
File: image.jpg (39 KB, 386x635) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't you dare stop here anon, we need a part three
>>Curious to see if what you're thinking would work, you squat down and grab the arm and base of the machine
>>You stand up, and with a grunt you lift it right off the ground
>"Hey, this isn't that heavy."
I'm not sure I understand this reaction
I'm pretty sure that was a positive reaction.
Yes, yes continue.
>"Too share me?"

>And too make up for your lying
will you bump with a drawing again?
Based MM is based.

I enjoyed it :D
What do you mean?
you did that first doubles dictates what you draw.
Do people want more of that? I'll do it if you're all requesting it.
considering your drawings resulted in greentext it couldn't hurt.
File: 1411475960373.gif (862 KB, 517x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh, okay.
Come one, come all! Place your bets and roll those bumps because it's time for Riggy's Drawfag Lottery~!
*children cheering*

Alrighty folks, here's the rules:
Dubs gets to choose one pony doing something (within reason) with Anon

Trips gets to choose two ponies

Quads gets the mane 6

Quints gets a drawing and a greentext written all about them!

So let's get bumpin'!
Rolling with my previous bet for Anon doing squats while Twilight is mirin' dat bulge.
I shouldn't roll again
I got both last time
TIL MM is a wizard
that animation :o
I can only think of Anon trying to convince Celestia to let him ride her non-sexually, with Celestia getting a completely different message.
Have Anon pay Luna a visit, or vice versa. the reason doesn't matter; I trust your judgment.
Once more
Rerolling. Might as well.
Twilight giving anon a full body examination for science
Rolling one last time.
Keep them bumps a commin'! We still haven't got a winner!
Rolling for a background pony/ponies. Maybe Vinyl or something.

captcha: dustlc HORSE
hey what is the name of that risk-like-game that people play on here
you conquer land based upon the numbers of your post
File: n317331.jpg (24 KB, 316x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 316x500
This but with Anon and Rarity
>pic related
Aw shoot I missed some fun rolling.
Eh guess the idea of Anon ending up thighfrigglefragging Spitfire as a training for joining the groundbased part of the wonderbolts will have to wait, eh?
Rainbow Dash and Muscle anon in a weird flying device (that makes use of his physique) in a race!
re-rolling for these
pretty sure a winner was picked already.

see >>20598786
File: 796532.gif (625 KB, 400x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
625 KB, 400x150
awwww, damn
oh well
File: disko.gif (2 MB, 400x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x220
Waiting on pic related
Rollin on dis shit
Sexy butt stuff with Celestia
Anon lifting some several hundred points worth of weight with Dash right next to him trying to do the same about to pop a blood vessel.
Mates, the roll has been won already.
Here you go! A shitty drawing from a shitty artist!
File: 6ZIDULq.png (215 KB, 313x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 313x750
Pretty good riggy.
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 225x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 225x224
This pleases Daddy Nig Nig
now we needs color...
Forgot the signature, haha
File: Snuggles.gif (148 KB, 640x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 640x423
I was looking all day yesterday for gyms and I found one that I am going to buy a years membership outright and go from there for gains but that will take me two weeks to save that cash so right now running is all I can do since you know poorfag n all.
Nice dubs also I know im not the best but I am just getting off the couch to do this so I have a bit more energy and can last longer in the gym.

Thanks for the kind words anons also going out for another run in 20 lets see how I go.
also great art as always riggy
Rollin for this. Please
Running Anon!

I was thinking about you today. Keep up the intensity, I went running and lifting today myself. You're an inspiration to us all.

Thanks fellas!
I applaud your conviction but if moneys tight you can
get a good work out at home.
Jog around the block and such.
I bought a set of dumbbells today for about 20 bucks.
You can do all kind of good exercises for free at home until you can afford the gym stuff.

Running anon huh?
haha might have to namefag it up when I post here as much as that makes me a giant flamming faggot.
Might have to look into that tomorrow ehn im out and about also shit costs a fuck ton more down here in the land of aus

Anywho im off for a run will be back in 45ish
People don't really mind as much on /mlp/ haha
This article has some good advice IMO for anons looking to get /fit/ or just healthier in general.

Build Muscle + Lose Fat = pic related>>20592764

It's not as hard as it's been made to believe
Eat better food, lower your caloric intake, and burn more than you take in as much as you can.

Imma take a stab and say most of us here are you adults 20+ish, get a protein supplement
at our age that's just pure energy for us to burn.
I went from beer-belly to decently fit in about 3 months.
Pretty fit as it is, never was skinny or fat. Always had decent muscles. It's only the past couple months I've started building up.
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 185x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 185x272
I develop a small gut around this time of year
YaY for fucking Winter Months....
My job got me into better shape but I'e gotten use to
it so I got the weights to get back on track.
Not aiming for weight lifting steroid freak,
just built like a brick-shit house.
I feel it's an obligation to bring back what it means a looks like to be a Man again.
Honestly, we've been sissified to the point it's embarrassing.
If all goes as planned I can give Thor a run for his money, already got the long golden blonde hair and full beard, just need the body.
File: 1411137980349.png (71 KB, 473x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 473x472
Im back and what a beautiful day it is here my run went longer than I thought cause 10 min into the run my iPhone app died so had to restart it.

But good news is I got 4.28 km in 25 min this is NOT inc the 10 from the start so I practically equaled my best in 25 min not 30 and I would have gotten better if the meter didnt die.

But still dripping like a dropbear drips deadly mucus onto its victims
File: good-job-dawg.jpg (70 KB, 552x552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 552x552
Just keep at it Anon, no pain no gain.
Try to increase your distance and time in realistic increments for maximum results.
Maximum results implies he has to stop huffing petrol.
File: 1414751103657.gif (946 KB, 720x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
946 KB, 720x405
I just wish I knew how far I had run with the extra 10 min stupid app fucking everything up.

I only noticed it after doing around 5 min of jogging after my warm up and wondering why my phone wasnt talking to me over the music and it turns out my ass cheeks shut the app off so had to restart it minus the warm up shit

This Anon is muh niggah
File: 1410221472721.jpg (21 KB, 375x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 375x353
But how will I achieve the absolute peak of euphoria anon?
Honestly, just run until you can't run anymore.
By shocking the body like that you burn more calories/fat and
kick your muscles into over-drive which repairs them, which builds them and so on.

Don't worry so much about how far you run,
worry about pushing yourself until you're ready to drop.

Here's some exercise music for you
Thanks mate and yeah I will admit I felt like death at the end but I always feel better after also one of the songs I listen to when runnin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diYS8jyOcFc
went I used to work at GW my boss and co workers used to play there albums for the kiddies on games night in the middle of the shopping center
What ever gets the blood flowing friend,
Find your limit, break it, set new limit, rinse and repeat.
You'll be amazed at how much better you feel after you stick to it for a while.
Speeds never really been my thing, my body-type is
built for strength and endurance.
well im a runner but I need to build some muscle so I can get myself looking fucking awesome

I wounder when the next bit of Riggy green will be here
Soon I hope.

Get a protein supplement, something you can make a shake with.
Drink one in the morning and one before bed.
And one after a hard workout.

Protein=Muscle, it's that simple.
You can get a jug for as cheap as $11 bucks online.
File: lashless.jpg (40 KB, 442x663) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 442x663
I love this thread
Did somebody say greentext?
nigga you fucking better I need it
if you would, please
>Applejack and rainbow dash
Running competition, but oh no anon never does cardio
File: 1414038085386.gif (764 KB, 480x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
764 KB, 480x272
pls yes
Oof, you got dubs but the lotto was already won.

I'm busy working on a greentext for this thread atm: >>20598271

but maybe I can find a little time
File: smile.jpg (127 KB, 1024x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 1024x640
>mfw I'm lurking both threads
You're doing good on both fronts IMO, keep it up!
Do you have a pastebin writefag?
File: Prinkie Proo.png (164 KB, 703x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Prinkie Proo.png
164 KB, 703x1024
We need more bumps.

Let's go for another...

That's right folks, you too can have a custom made drawing that is mediocre at best! All you need to do is roll dubs, trips,quads, or even Quints to get one!

This round's theme is: Action!
Dubs gets you one pony with Anon
Trips gets you two ponies
Quads gets the Mane 6
Quints gets a custom picture with the mane 6 and a custom greentext written all about them!

Let's get rollin'!
Rolling for Anon Racing moobutt
Hm. if I get it, perhaps Anon and Derpy playing king kong, Anon is king kong, derpy is the damsel but gets confused and thus challenge anon kong to a duel?

I am out of ideas, yes.
Rolling for marshmellow butt
hm, action? how about Anon and lets say Chrysalis in a heated wrestling match? very very heated indeed...
Rollin' for AJ + AB, whom is too young get turned on by Anon.
Anon doing a dynamic entry into his own surprise party.
This is too much fun. I want to join in too.

Capt.FalcAnon fighting a Pinkiedorf in Super Smash Bros.
Anon ripping his shirt off, hulk-style in front of Lyra. Ammount of sploosh is as much as you think you can get away with and still post.
Warboss AnOrk throwing Pink pony at Purple pony, to see which pony is runtiest pony.
Anon wrestlin' gummy as pinkie is wearing a tophat and a monacle holding a wad of cash with a cigar in her mouth
Anon going hat shopping with Fluttershy and Angel

because why not
Rerollin' once while i try to ply another idea from my brain
Anon throwing a hotdog at twilight
eh another reroll
and since i got trips, make rarity be mortified next to him
Man if I get it again
Anon giving Rainbow bear hug
lol damn off by one. Congrats to the anon tho
Goddamn i'm on a roll here
Make include errything you'd have on a tasty one, and goddamn said hotdog best be meaty as fuck
Does that mean he gets 3 ponies?
I am not RiggyRag
I was just announcing his accomplishment
WINNAH, Your request of a hotdog being thrown at Twilight while Rarity watches will be created in a little while!

For now, please enjoy this soothing music:
>save it for the other general
mfw im reading the other general now,
>the waiting for the ramification of the story on reversed genders begins
File: 1413933432923.gif (835 KB, 280x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
835 KB, 280x189
>rarity as fitness teacher
Anon thanks raggyman
I wanted to explore that idea more, perhaps a scene with Rarity "training" Anon, but I couldn't find any place to put it
Perhaps I could make a short side story about that?
Dood we should duo write a greentext. Like you write one entry, then I write the next and so on.

I wonder where it'd go.
I like that it makes a lot of sense, of course Rarara would be the one of the mane 6 (other than AJ) who would take the best care of her physique; so she's probably well suited to teach a fitness class.
I'm not sure, our writing styles are quite different, and it's not the best idea to have constant changing styles.
Breaks the flow a bit, unless we had proper communication
oh what a lot of us would do to get some personal training with rarity in tight yoga pants eh?
Not rainbow?
I DID say other than AJ, and I'm talking about overall fitness. RD likely focuses on endurance, bodybuilding, etc. Rarity likely focuses on overall fitness, staying in shape in other words.
This would work best with Anon attracted to Rarity and jumping at getting the chance to train with her, but not realizing how attractive he is to her
Aw man, I'm getting ideas
Then they both go complaining to Twilight or ponks that the other isnt picking up on the very clear signals (or maybe in some cases, scents) the other is sending out, and make her promise not to tell.
I am currently writing the /fit/ness teacher Rarity story
Keeping with the trend, I'll write a story about this too sometime later
Yo Anon did ya know that if your in a college you might luck out as they a ton of sport equipment to lift on?

Yesterday I managed to do 3 sets of 15 on the leg press at 70lbs the one with the spine and glutes at 180lbs, the one that you lift upwards with both hands at around 120 for the same amount and then worked on my triceps at I think 70 lbs as well.

Also whats that thing called where you pull back from the handles that are in front of you? Did that at like 80lbs but I wimped out on the huge over hang bar thing as it was too tall for me to reach it...

Not sure how well I'm doing in terms of progress though...
Has there been a story where anon is working out, when one of the ponies decide to tease him a little, while giving Little Anon a workout too.. Involcing a lot of tongue and lips and sucking.
Riggy you done finalizing that pic yet?
Not yet. Today has been uber busy. I have 3 finals i've been working on on top of a greentext and 2 pictures.

They'll be done by the end of the night though
File: hamereally.jpg (30 KB, 530x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 530x353
Advise anon is BACK! hey.
I'm quite lucky, in that I am still in my education for another couple years(ish) and I have a pretty god damn decent gym there (it's also free) so I kinda lucked out.I've also got my mate, who's a fucking beast in the gym to help me out. I've found that it's a real good encouragement that keeps me going more and helps me get the gains I'm looking for. (Apart from core, abdominal, waifu is the only reason I'm doing that, but I am getting good results, I'm seeing a six-pack(pic-related, yes I'm still skinny) and I couldn't be happier) Keep with this gym stuff and may there be two waifu's so no sharing is needed
Jesus Christ! Where are the bumps?
Fuck IT!!! Name fagging
Also, a little add on...Riggy, still love your work in here, the previous one and the twilimom one! Keep up the good work!
Time for Part 1 of new story:>>20606694

>"Class, pay close attention."
>You are Anon
>You're in Equestria, magic shit happened, and you've been living here for 2 years now
>You are currently in the ponyville gym, which you've been going to for nearly a year now
>Since your beer gut was getting disgusted looks from the locals, you finally decided to shape up
>You've lost a lot of weight, but you keep getting strange looks
>You must still be a bit chubby
>That makes sense
>Anyway, you are once again observing Raritys' fitness class secretly from the doorway
>Her back is to you while the class is facing your
>Surprisingly, no one comments on you
>Shortly after you got a membership here, you learned Rarity teaches a class every week
>"Place your hoofs forward, lower your head, stick your behind in the air and arch your back"
>You've been attracted to Raritys' regal posture, her stylized looks and smart, elegant and fashionable attitude ever since you first set your eyes on her
>Her curves and grace are rivaled only by that of the Princesses
>None of the other ponies even came close to her level of beauty
>Unfortunately for you, she only went after the higher class horses, the kind you find in the capital, Canterlot
>Not like you had much chance anyway, everytime she graces you with her presence you spill spaghetti everywhere
>Sometimes literally
>That was the last time you invited her over for a "friends" dinner
>"Now arch your back so your chest protrudes forwards, like so."
>She's really skilled at what she does
>She isn't wearing anything other than some sweatbands on her forhead and front legs
>You look at the clock in the room and notice the time
>Crap, you've been watching her for nearly 10 minutes now
>That's 10 minutes you have lost to get gains
>You quickly retreat from the doorway into the main room
>You trip over a dumbell someone left on the floor right outside the door, and fall flat on your face
"Agh, shit!"
>You pick yourself up from the ground
>However left that there shall burn in horse hell for all eternity
>It's like normal hell, only with horses instead of ponies
>A true damnation
>You examine your body for damage
>Your nose took the blunt of the damage, and it hurts to touch
>"Darling, are you okay?
>You turn to see Rarity standing in the doorway, looking concerned
"O-oh hey." You draw out the 'e' on the hey for a good 3 seconds
>She appears to be waiting for you to say something else
>Oh right
"I'm fine, don't worry."
>You smile awkwardly
>"Are you sure? Your nose is bleeding."
>You wipe under your nose with your hand to see a small amount of blood
>Ruh roh
>You wipe the blood off on your shorts
"Don't worry, it's not that much blood."
>"Oh, thank heavens."
>She walks up to you and brushes against your leg
>"I wouldn't want *anything* to happen to you."
>That's your Rarity, always concerned for your well-being
Damn you MM!!!!!!!! I need sleeeeeeep...
oh well, I trust you guys to keep this thread alive, and I guess I can read one more...
"Well, I'm fine."
>You sit in awkward silence for a couple seconds
"D-don't you, I mean, you have a class to teach, right?"
>"We just finished up, it was a short class today."
>This is a golden opportunity
>You can get to know her! You can get close with her.
>Don't mess this up!
"Alri-, I mean, that's cool."
"Well, I wouldn't want to keep you from your busy schedule"
"I'll just get out of your gorgeous hair"
>She puts a hoof to her mouth and giggles at your 'compliment'
>You know, suicide is always an option
>"Anon, how come you've never come to any of my classes?"
>Think quick!
"I don't like exercising with other people."
>Good save.
>"Oh, so you're more of a personal fitness trainer kind of stallion?"
>Oh right, horses
"Yeah, one on one or alone is how I work best."
>Alright, spaghetti has been to a minimum
>"How would you like a little personal training from yours truely?"
"I mean, I wouldn't want to impose."
>She gives a light laugh
>"Such a gentlecolt. Please, I insist, you won't be imposing at all."
>Rarity eyes your body up and down
>"Not at all" She says softly
"I can't today-because I need to finish my sets." You object
>"That's fine, I'll be available tomorrow as well."
"Well, if you insist, I-I guess I can make the time."
>Oh thank god, it was only the garlic bread
>"Lovely! Tomorrow at 11:00?"
"Sure, it's a date"
>Wait, what did you say?
>Rarity bursts out laughing
>Apparently suicide is the only option
>She walks up to your side, raises her tail and brushes against your hand
>"See you tomorrow" She says sultry
>Is she making fun of you?
>No, that's not like her
>I guess she just thought it was a joke
>There's only one way to find out
>You'll come back at 11:00
>You're scared, and excited at the same time

What will happen next part?
Does Rarity really want to exercise with Anon?
Will Anon find out Raritys true intentions?
Is this cliche?
Are these answers completely obvious?

Well, I have 2 stories currently running. I didn't quite expect this when I started writing
Just means it's more chance to hone my skills as a writer.
I think I lost my sides completely with the spaghetti metaphors. And I just got a new pair too...
oh my
Loved it all...
Well G'night guys
File: explosive laughter.png (65 KB, 449x1197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
explosive laughter.png
65 KB, 449x1197
That broke me you glorious faggot.
Worst part is I'm actually making spaghetti for dinner tonight.
seconding for glorious parmesan.
Please tell me there is a pastebin for his stuff. I'm on my phone, saving stuff is a hassle.
I don't have one yet
I quickly make one
Jesus christ my homework took a bat and smashed my teeth in.

So here you go! Twilight getting rekt by a huge sausage while Rarity watches!

Did you know: This is a terrible picture?
So, anon's throwing a hot dog down a hallway there?
For some reason Rarity is the most detailed thing in that picture
Trust me, after I had back to back labs and a group thing, I really didn't have time to dwell on it. So this one is a bit rougher than most. Sorry about that.
Oh boy, random people finding the pastes
That's sure to have tons of good reactions
By the way, don't expect anything new on here. There's nothing in the paste that isn't on this thread.
Pffft fuck you.
>You're at the gym ready to get your sweat on.
>Pinkie pops up beside you as you stretch, happy as usual.
>"Hey Annie! Ready for a good workout??"
"You know it."
>"Me too! I ate extra cupcakes for even more energy. Watcha working out?"
"Shoulder day for me."
>She stands there with that mile wide smile.
>You try to go back to stretching, but...
>"Know what my favorite day is?"
>Pinkie, please...
"Please don't..."
>"Do ya?"
"Come don't make me sa-"
"...Is it leg day?"
>....damn it
Alternate scene
Inspired by something
I feel like adding this because I barely did anything with this water bottle thing, it could have been a lot better.
>"Oh you kinky dog~"
>You begin to question that, but she cuts you off
>"Close your eyes and open your mouth wide, please."
>You obey
>You stand up straight, close your eyes and open your mouth
>You stick your tongue out
>"Weay whe oo are"
>Probably should haven't said that with your tongue out
>You are Rarity
>Your marehood is burning at the sight of Anon lifting
>He asked you for some water, and you have the perfect idea how to give it to him
>You quickly get a ladder and set it next to Anon
>It thumps against the matted floor beneath you
"Shh, be patient dear. And keep your eyes closed."
>He stops talking and you quickly climb the ladder
>"Whatcha doing Rarity?" Rainbow asks
>"Rarity?" You hear from Fluttershy
>The other 2 on the bar are too preoccupied with Anon to notice you
>You give them a wink then take a swig of the water
>With a small amount of water in your mouth, you lean over Anon's wide open mouth and then open your mouth
Captcha: ayyylif that
>Water mixed with saliva slowly drips out of your mouth into Anon
>You take another swig and do it again
>Rainbow and Fluttershy watch in awe
"Is it to your liking dear?"
>He puts his tongue back in to talk
>"It's weirdly warm, but strangely tasty."
>You shudder
>"You sound kind of close."
"It's just your imagination."
>"Mmm, give me more please."
>You blush profusely at how much he enjoys it
>Rainbow leans over, still on the bar, and whispers in your ear
>"Psst. Let me try it."
>You nod, and she motions for Fluttershy to slowly move forward as to not distrupt the balance
>They gasp while they slide the pole against their quivering marehoods
>"Hey, are my weights moving?"
"Eyes closed, mouth open!"
>Anon follows your orders without hesitation
>It's getting you hotter
>Rainbow finally gets close enough, so you give her the bottle and she takes a swig
>She leans over a lot closer than you are, then opens her mouth
>Rainbow sticks her tongue out and allows the saliva mixed water to slowly slide down her tongue into Anon's mouth
>She's close enough that their tongues are practically touching
>Without having to go mouth to mouth, you're allowed a lot closer view of the action
>The second the mixed liquid comes in contact with his tongue, he starts swishing it around and swallows it greedily
>You start rubbing yourself furiously
>Your hoof feels better than it ever has, you start bucking your hips against it in attempt to fill it
>Your hoof is far too big unfortunately, and it only makes you want it more
>That's when the tip of Rainbows tongue makes contact with the tip of Anons tongue
>Time slows, as you see his eyes loosen, just about to pop open
>Thinking fast, you cast your magic in hope it works
>You are Anon
>You were being fed some warm water when you felt something brush against your tongue
>Your eyes immediately pop open, and at the same time you hear the distinct popping and aura of magic
>Above your mouth is your water bottle held up by magic, where it should be
>That explains the magic
>Both of your end weights are on their proper sides, with Rainbows leaning down with her tongue sticking out
>And below you is Rarity, covering her lower quarters with her forelegs and sweating profusely
>You clearly see her forcing a fake smile
>You can't hide anything from me tiny horse
>Behind her lays a tipped over ladder
"Where'd that ladder come from?"
>"Oh that silly old thing, it's been there forever! You don't have to ask about that, it's nothing at all."
>Her mouth and nose scrunch up while her eyes dart around the room
"All right, if you say so."
>You decide not to question it.
>She removes the water bottle from your mouth
>She sits back where she was sitting before, watching you from a fair distance
>She places the water bottle behind her again and starts bouncing

Alternate scene end
RiggyRag delivers.

Thanks mate
added to pastebin
heh Ifirst thought she was gonna keep it in her marehood, then squeeze it so a stream spurted out onto anon. this is better. and also more arousing.
That reminds me of piss
and I don't really like piss
oh yeah didnt think of that. Just found it more funny than watersports-eque
Anon oh I love you
Hm, has there been a fit/muscular femanon story? getting glances from the cute little stallions and mares?
Are you planning any more greentexts for this 'general'?
It's been kind of a me-fest in here
Don't think so yet
You guys want more Riggy greentext?
Hell yeah
I m-mean if you're not too busy with Twimom or anything, b-baka
greentext is always good.
Shining Armour gets jealous when Cadence flirts with Anon: Anon is oblivious and tries to flirt with Luna, who is oblivious.

Celestia just watches from the sideline, grinning.
Those human quads, unf-
Alright, this'll be an idea I was thinking about before. It'll be shorter than my last one, and a lot less deep, but it'll be fun while it lasts yeah? Also it won't get updated quite as often, I am working on another greentext on another thread.

>Why is it that you can never get your chainmail on right?
>You'd think human armor would be easier to make, but it never fits right.
>It bunches in the back and feels tight on the arms.
>You hate the stuff.
>The sun reflects off your partner's helmet into your eyes.
>You raise your glove to block it out.
>Being tall can be a pain sometimes.
>Sure, you get to look all omnious and intimidating as a guard, but you gotta duck every buckin' place you go.
>About 6 months ago you started your duty as a guard
>No training, nothing. It sounded like a sweet deal.
>You get paid to stand around and make sure there isn't any funny business
>But it's so damn boring.
>Who in wide wide Equestria would attack Princess Luna or Celestia, the strongest beings on the planet.
>Word is they were once regarded as godesses, they were that frikken powerful.
>Why the hell do you need to guard this ridiculous beings?
>It doesn't make any sense.
>The wistle sounds and the guard shift is over
>Thank Celestia, this armor is hot s hell.
>You waste no time going to the barracks at the side of the castle.
>You just want to take a nice shower and rest for tomorrow.
>As you approach the showers you notice the immense line that has formed.
>This is common during the summer, but the line is longer than you've ever seen before, especially for the outdoor showers.
>The indoor one must have gotten clogged again
>You bet it was Hairy Gauntlet, that overgrown dog.
>You shake your head out of depression
>You just want to cool down.
>For a second you think about hopping the fence and going to the garden.
>There's no guards there, seeing as how it is so close to the barracks
>And almost nopony goes there during the day.
>Yeah, okay. This could work.
Which thread is that?
>but you gotta duck every buckin' place you go.
Twimom thread
This one: >>20598271

Thanks, gonna check it out.
I'm going to bed for the night
Before I got though, which one do you want me to continue?
This one:>>20596657
Or this one: >>20608048
I vote for first one.
KEK I posted in the wrong thread. I am wayyy too tired for this stuff.
riggy you better keep posting green or I will have hurt feelings
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