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"Umm, Anon...I know this is a really...
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"Umm, Anon...I know this is a really weird thing to ask, but these human boobs are becoming kind of a problem. Could you please take me bra shopping?

Also I have no money."
Lrn2 shoplift, nerd.
I'm so unbelievably beta that not only will I pay for them for you, I'll also drop them off at your house should you meet any Alpha Flash Thundercock and leave me holding a bag of lacy b-cups.
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I sent her thru the magic mirror with no bra.

Or panties
No Twilight, you must learn to live like the indiginous African folk, and walk around with exposed breast and clitori.
"Well, alright. I'll come with you. And since you don't know much about bras, I'll have to watch you try them all on to be sure that you get it right."

>"But Anon, without panties, how can I hold all these cliTORi?"
Tell me you at least know your body's measures.
We use hands to measure cup size on this planet. Let me show you...
you don't even have breasts. why do you want a bra?
>tfw she'd take this shirt seriously.
You have five girlfriends. Why are you asking me??
Speaking of Rainbow Rocks, did Derpy made another appearance at the end credits like the last movie? If so, is there a screenshot?
writefags pls
If you want it so bad, write it yourself.
you didn't count sunset shimmer !
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What boobs? All I see are Mosquito bites.
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>You sigh
"Why can't you go with Rarity, or one of your other friends? They might already have one you can use."
>"They are all too busy. And besides, it would feel weird asking them for something like this."
"So, it would be weird to ask some of your closest friends, but not weird to ask someone you barely know? And a guy, at that?"
>You caught her
>She's now twirling her hair between her fingers awkwardly
>"Well....you see...."
>This is going to be good
>"...none of them...haaaave a CAR! Yes! That's it! They don't have a car and can't take me to get one! Yep!"
>She's giving you a really fake, nervous smile. A few drops of sweat start rolling down her face
>Let's consider our options here
>1) Tell her no, and feel like a douche for not helping her
>2) Tell her yes, and bring her to the mall to buy her a bra...
>...and maybe see her try it on....
>Fuck it.
"Sure. We can go after school, if it's that important to you.
>Her face lights up once those words leave your mouth
>"Yes! Thank you so much! Ohh, I can't wait until after school!"
>As she's about to continue thanking you, the bell goes off in it's usual impolite manor
"Well, better get to class. See you after school?"
>"Wouldn't miss it, Anon"
>As she turns to walk away, you could swear you saw her give you a quick wink
>Did she?...
>No way.
>As you walk to your next class, you can't stop thinking about what you just agree'd to
"I can't believe I just agree'd to that..."
>As you turn the corner, you could swear you hear chuckling coming from one of the art rooms.
>It sounded like a group of girls...
Go on?
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I was waiting for someone to ask.

>You pause as you pass by the room
>It sounds like a whole conversation is going on between a group of girls
>One of them sounds like...Twilight?
>You didn't know her friends all too well, but you assumed the others were them
>You step a bit closer, trying to keep your presence as indiscriminate as possible
>You stop next to some lockers to the right of the Art room and pull out your phone
>This way, no one will think you're being suspicious
>You lean in, listening to the conversation inside
>A higher, regal voice says "So he actually said he would take you to buy a bra?"
>"Yes, should he have said no?" says Twilight
>"Oh, but of course! What kind of guy takes a girl he barely knows bra shopping?"
>A girl with a think southern accent replies "Ah creep, that's who."
>A bit more chuckling follows after this.
>A very soft-spoken girl says "I still can't believe you did that! I mean, I could've never done anything like go up to a guy and ask him to buy me a bra..."
>A higher pitched, squeaky voice replies "Well, that's because you don't have the guts! Right Twi?"
>"Hey, Rainbow! Don't be soo mean to her!" The regal voice says.
>You hear slight whimpering, probably from the soft-spoken one
>"I don't know, girls. I mean, he didn't seem all that bad. He was probably just trying to help..." Twilight says.
>"I'll tell ya what he was tryin' to help! He was tryin' ta help 'emself right inta your pants!"
>That was from the southern girl. You could tell she didn't have the best view on you
>At this point, they just continue insulting you behind your back.
>You've just about had enough, when you hear the whimpering stop,
>"I can't stand to listen to this. I'm leaving"
>Before you have time to react, the door opens up and out steps a girl wearing a green skirt, white shirt, and long pink hair
Well consider this an order.
Continue please
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>You look up from your phone just in time to see her eyes turn into pinpricks
>She backs up, right into the the lockers on the other side of the door with a loud *THUD*
>A few people stop to see what the sound was
>"What is it, darling?" The regal voice says as you hear her footsteps get closer to her paralyzed friend
>This does not look good
>She pokes her head through the door and looks in your direction
>It took her a split second to glance you over, starting at your legs, and working her way up to your face
>When her eyes met yours, her pale skin somehow got even whiter (is that possible?)
>She let out a rather loud gasp, attracting the attention of her friends in the room
>You needed to leave. Fast.
>As you turn to start leaving, you see a quick flash of lavender. This must be your little prankster
>You pick up the pace, putting as much distance between you and them
>"Anon, wait!" Twilight says behind you
"Fuck off."
>This sure got her attention, and her friends, and everyone around you. All eyes were on you as you made your way down the hall
>Unfortunately for you, her friends didn't take too kindly to that remark...
>The sounds of angry footsteps grow louder behind you
>All the sudden, a cyan girl with rainbow hair (WTF?) was blocking your way
>Not that you would have a problem with this, normally, but she looked pretty pissed
>"What the fuck was that for, asshole?"
>She was the one who made fun of the quiet girl. You could tell she was not the most kind-hearted of the group
"Bite me."
>"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
>The hell? Was this middle school or something?
>Not wanting to force your way around Ms. Clever, you turn to head the opposite way...
>...and you remember why you weren't going this way
>Three girls, one in a flannel shirt, one with poofy pink hair, and one with curly purple hair were all standing there
>Quite the large crowd was forming to see what was going on
>Fuck me.
Dear writefag, please continue.
Looks interesting so far. Proceed
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>You were caught between a rock and a hard place
>If you tried to force your way through, you would be seen trying to beat up a girl, and would probably be suspended
>If you talked, they would bring up the arrangement with Twilight
>Fuck me. With a tire iron. Hard.
>"What's the big idea?" the rainbow-haired one says, shoving you towards the three girls behind you
>"Well? What the fuck is your problem?!"
"My problem? The fuck is MY problem?" you say, glaring towards her
>If her facial expressions were any indication, she didn't take too kindly to this
>"Yeah! Your problem telling Twilight to fuck off. What, you think it's fun to hurt other people's feelings?"
>You had no other option but to get her riled up, and see where that went
"Says the girl who called her friend gutless"
>You would think she had Ebola with how quick her eyes turned red
>"What? An asshole and an eavesdropper?"
>Before you knew it, she landed a solid punch right to your gut
>After you could catch your breath, you reply
"What the FUCK you fucking BITCH?"
>"What'dya just call 'er?" You hear behind you
>You were shoved from behind into a set of lockers, once again removing any air you had in your lungs, and then cutting off any more as she puts her forearm right on your neck
>That's right, she had friends behind her
>...great plan...
>"Y'all wanna say that, one more time?" the southern girl says
>This girl was much bigger than her rainbow companion, and you actually felt threatened
>"STOOOOP!" You hear twilight shout as she comes running up to your little circle
>"Y'all didn't hear what he said!" The southern girl replies, shoving her arm deeper into your windpipe
>Fuck, that was starting to hurt
>"I don't care, Applejack! Let him go!" Twilight says.
>Applejack gives you a stare that could shake foundations, but reluctantly removes her forearm, allowing you precious air
>You look up just in time to see a cyan fist connect with your eye
Anon's such a fucking beta.
and what would you do? Fight them off?
Twilight would never talk to you again.
Don't care. Twilight would understand.
How was any of that beta? Do you even know what beta is?
Like she'd believe you over her 5 closest friends.
Would she? Let's find out!

>The cartoons were right, you were seeing stars out of your left eye
>Out of your right, you only saw red
>"He called me a bitch! He asking for me to beat the shit out of him!"
>"I don't care! He's had enough" Twilight said, pulling Rainbow away from you
>This left her gut in an open position
>With the speed of very slow lightning, you lunged at her, planting a solid hit square in her stomach
>She screamed as she buckled over in pain, putting an arm on her gut
>...okay, new plan...get away, fast
>You think this, as the surrounding group starts enclosing on you, coming to the defense of the girl you just punched
>As you quickly get up, trying to outrun the crowd, someone grabs you by the collar of your shirt
>Without thinking, you whip around with your arm extended as your fist connects with somone's jaw
>You'd hoped it was someone else from the crowd, but as your luck has obviously run out at this point, it was none other than Applejack
>She stumbles back, a hand to where you just nailed her
>You saw a trickle of blood...
>Objective updated: Don't die.
>You were surrounded by the mob of angry students
>Everywhere you looked, someone looked about ready to kill you
>Especially Applejack, who looked like she wouldn't kill you, but make you suffer horrifying gruesome injuries until your body gave out
>There was no talking your way out, nor did you stand even the smallest chance of fighting through the crowd
>You broke into a smile as you see a taller figure walking among the crowds, with bright, multicolored hair, right next to a slightly shorter figure with dark blue hair
>...you just might make it out alive
Oh shit.
rewind time
dont do that
File: this.jpg (2 KB, 137x59) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Too late!

As the figures get closer, you briefly think you are going to actually make it out of this alive...
>...that was, until a lavender boot connects hard with your crotch
>....words cannot describe the shear pain that traveled through your body like a tsunami
>You dropped to your knees, then for good measure, you collapse completely
>You glance upwards at your attacker to have it be none other than Twilight herself, staring down at your with a fiery passion to see to it you don't ever have kids
>You feel her kicking your back, but you barely feel it after having your body go numb from the first blow
>Well, except for your crotch. It was no where near numb. It was burning with the fire of 1000 suns
>Finally, taking their sweet time, Celestia and Luna find their way to the front of the crowd
>If you survived, you would make sure to get them a map for next time
>"Stop this! Right now!" Celestia booms
>They practically had to pull Twilight away from you as she seemed determined to cause as much internal bleeding as possible
>"All of you. My office. Now."
>Her voice didn't do justice to how pissed she was, seeing one girl hunched over in pain, one covering up a bleeding cut, and one more kicking a collapsed boy on the ground with a passion as if it were her special talent or something
>"Anonymous, that means you too"
"Give...me...a second...here" you manage to choke out between the gasps
>"No. Now"
>Fuck, bitch? Do you not see me in horrifying pain?
>As you try to stand up, you find the ground much more comforting for your condition, and you make it all of a few inches
>"I don't have all day, Anonymous..."
>If you made it out to the end of the day, you would be sure to report this to someone
>...not like anyone would take your side on this...
>After a few seconds, you gather enough strength to find your footing, and you slowly start making your way through the screaming crowd, guarded by your principles
>You were a beta
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Forgot picture
Hah. Excellent job writefriend.
is this story going to end with a school shooting?
Only if Canterlot High is based out of Seattle
The mane 6 bullying anon is my new fetish
File: 1394752780143.jpg (10 KB, 214x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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go full bender
You know, of all the ways I pictured this story going,
this was not one of them.
>mfw it turns out like http://pastebin.com/3dtkn4Rm
>inb4 anon passes out and wakes up in a creepy place
File: 1390501748048.gif (995 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Full Blender?

Don't know if that's good or not

>After a few moments, you made it to her office
>You have a feeling this would be your sanctuary for probably a while
>Oh wait, the people who want to kill you most were here as well
>This was reassured by the daggers that struck your body from their eyes the minute you stepped in the room.
>You knew, if Celestia wasn't right behind you, they would be picking your teeth up off the floor
>As you looked for a place to sit, you noticed there were only two chairs. One had Twilight in it, the other had all of their bags
>Oh, I see how it is
>You could swear you saw something moving in Twilight's bag, but you were probably just hallucinating, the pain in your crotch still present
>Celestia walks over behind her desk, sits, and then gives you all a quick glance
>"Do you know why I've called you in here?"
>Twilight and her friends all look to eachother, dumbfounded
>You, having no one to look to that wouldn't want to kill you, simply shrug
>After a moment of silence, Celestia stands up from her chair, and looks toward Twilight and co.
>All of you, wait in the office. I will get each of your stories individually.
>Applejack was the first to protest. "BUT HE--"
>"No buts. Leave."
>They all start to leave begrudgingly, Rainbow giving you an angry bump on her way to the door
>Celestia seemed not to notice. Not a good sign.
>"Now, Anonymous. Why don't you tell me what brought you to assault two girls in my school?"

I plan on finishing this part of the story, then heading to bed. If anyone wants me to continue, just say so, and I will pick it up tomorrow.

Also, should I start a pastebin or something?
bender bending rodriguez
>Walk up to a scene of a guy getting kicked in the back while he writhes on the ground
>"Anonymous, why were you assaulting those girls?"

Fuck feminists. Fuck them all to hell.
Please do continue when you can
I need moar
I like it but I feel bad because I thought this was gonna be a cute twi x anon fic
so much this
>Should I start a pastebin?
Absolutely. Not a sarcastic or pandering answer, just telling you how it is. You started a story, it now has a little following, you need to keep it safe.
I actually have an idea that might cause this to turn out. Be patient, Anon

>You start explaining what happened, starting with the bra question
>This caused her to raise an eyebrow questionably, but she didn't interrupt you
>She was, occasionally, taking notes though
>After you finish. She looks at you dead in the eyes
>"Your story has been noted. Sit in the office while I discuss with the other"
"Ma'am, I don't believe that's such a good idea with Twilight and her friends out there"
>"Don't worry about them. Now go."
>Reluctantly, you go out into the office
>There were plenty of chairs out there, but most were taken up by girls and bags
>However, they seemed to have missed one.
>Riiiiight next to Applejack, holding tissues to her face
>You stand in the corner while she calls in Applejack next, then purple hair, then pink
>Soon enough, there was only one left
>As she gets up, you spot her looking over towards you as you sit against the wall
>However, you don't feel her staring at you, thinking of how to torture your soul
>You look up, and you see something in her eyes...
>...regret? Sorrow?
>Before you get an idea of what her eyes are telling you, she quickly looks away, and steps into Celestia's office.
>She was in there far longer than any of her counterparts, who a few found entertainment throwing balls of paper at you
>After what feels like hours, you hear to door open, but Twilight doesn't step out.
>Instead, it's Celestia
>"Anonymous. Please come in."

Doing that now
This. If Celestia doesn't understand his side, I actually won't be able to read this story from the intense rage I'd feel. Choose your path with some realism, BetaAnon.
File: 1397089171833.png (191 KB, 768x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 768x432
Pastebin Made

Thank you BetaAnon
thank you writefriend
>You get up, deliberately not making any sudden movements
>As you walk towards the door, you feel like your feet were made out of lead
>Celestia points her hand towards the door, as if to tell you silently to hurry up
>You walk in, and she swiftly closes the door behind you
>You look over to the lavender girl who started this all with a simple joke
>She looked as if she'd been...crying?
>"Anonymous, have a seat."
>Oh shit, she's playing the damsel role
>You would be lucky to not be expelled. You know how the system worked from years of studying on 16chan
>"I have listened to everyone's side of the story. While there are some...discrepancies, most of it lines up with eachother"
>Considering you were 6 vs. 1, you were afraid what "lining up" would mean
>"Twilight tried to play a joke on you by asking you to go bra shopping with her..."
>That brought out a not-so-subtle cringe from Twilight
>"Then, you overheard her and her friends talking amongst eachother from the hallway."
"They were talking about me. About how Twilight was playing a joke on me."
>"I see. Is this true, Twilight?"
>All you hear is a whimper, and a small nod of her head. She couldn't even face you
>She jots down something on her notepad, then continues
>"Well, they were talking about you, and making fun of you. That was when Fluttershy left and saw you standing there"
>Wow, her name didn't lie
>"After that, Rarity saw you, then Twilight. She tried to stop you, but you told her to 'fuck off'?"
>"After that, you were walking away when Rainbow Dash stopped you, asking what that was about?"
"More specifically, 'What the fuck was that about, asshole?' "
>"I see, to which you replied 'Bite me' "
>"From there, she shoved you back, you insulted Fluttershy?"
"Actually, she had insulted Fluttershy during the conversation in the room. I merely called her out on it"
>Again with the eyebrow raising

Continuting. Don't worry
Now keep writing faggot
Thank mr skelethal.
but really, thanks writefag
>"Well, after that, you had called her a bitch, which then prompted Appleja-"
"Wait. I called her a bitch after she punched me in the face?"
>You could tell there were some...missing information from the girls' stories.
>"She punched you in the face?"
"Why do you think I have this black eye?"
>"I see. Well, you called her a bitch, then that's when Applejack joined in, by shoving you up against a locker"
"And choking me."
>"Choking you?"
>You point to the red mark on your neck from where her forearm had found it
>"And that's when Twilight stepped in?"
>You look over to Twilight. A part of you forgot she was there. She hadn't said much besides the occasional whimper
>"Twilight, why did you step in?"
>Both of you were looking at Twilight now as she tried to come up with a sentence
>"It was...well...I...uh..." she replied
>"Spit it out, Twilight". Clearly, Celestia was not pleased with her either
>"It was my fault. I shouldn't have accepted the joke! I didn't mean for it to turn out like this! Just a little harmless fun!" She was starting to get hysterical as her ability to form coherent sentences faded
>"It w-was....Rainbow...s-she had...said...that I-I was...too w-weak...to...do i-it!"
>You dislike for this Rainbow chick was increasing by the minute
>Celestia let's out a long sigh
>"Look, Anon. I can see that you were mostly acting in self defense. But that still does not draw away from the fact that you assaulted two girls today, even drawing blood."
"Because they assaulted me! They threw the first punch!"
>"I understand, and they will be punished accordingly. However..."
>How did you know you would not like where this is giong...
>"Twilight here is supposed to be the 'princess of friendship' so her friends say. You, young man, seem to need a lesson in that."
"I'm sorry, but I'm not following where you're going with this..."

One more post, then I'm out. Bear with me, I have an idea, but it's execution is tricky...
You're leaving as soon as it gets interesting. Why does everyone do this
Oh boy.
>but it's execution is tricky...
Please don't rush it then. I've seen to many good ideas go bad because of rushed execution. Keep up the good work.
>Inb4 friendship with benefits.
I do not like where this story seems to be going.
>"You will receive the standard one-week suspension, as usual. But..."
>"When you return, you will spend your lunch period, your study halls, and one hour after school every day with Twilight learning how to be a proper friend."
>She's gotta be joking
>Friendship lessons? That's something straight out of a cartoon!
>There's no way Twilight would go for this
"But, Ms. Celestia? Isn't that unfair to Twilight and her friends?"
>"Twilight is the one who suggested the idea, actually."
>You look over, and you see her looking at everything but you or Celestia. Again, she starts playing with her hair nervously
>Damn, if you weren't pissed that she robbed you of bearing offspring, you would say that's pretty cute
>"As for her friends, they are who you have to be friends with"
>This is the part that the host of the TV show usually pops out. I just have to wait....
>No host. She's serious
"You can't be serious. They want to KILL me!"
>"Well, then, it's your job to get them to like you, and Twilight here is going to help you do that."
>She gave the slightest smirk to Twilight, who was now glancing over in your direction, as if seeing if you were going to react violently
"I'm not going to be the one to tell them that"
>"Don't worry, I've taken care of that. I will be discussing their punishment once we are done."
"And what punishment, besides being friends with me, will that be?"
>"Applejack and Rarity will be receiving the same punishment as you. One week suspension."
>At least that's...fair?
>You didn't know. As long as they were away from you, that's all that mattered
>For now...anyway.
>"Now, go out into the office. I call in the others to discuss their punishments."
"What about Twilight?"
>"What about her?"
"You saw what she did. She doesn't get a punishment?
>"Me and her have already discussed her punishment, and it is fitting."
>You're not buying it, but at risk of her making you take dance lessons as well, you drop it.
I'm no expert writer. I had an idea, and I'm just going with it. I'm open to change if enough people think I fucked up.

That's it for tonight. I gotta get going. If the thread is here tomorrow afternoon, I wlil continue! Thank's for reading!
Man, I expected to perve on Twilight in a department store changing room, not.... whatever this is.
It's very good for a writer that isn't experienced. I think the last bit seemed a little... weird? I don't know how to describe it but your writing style appeared to change. May just be me though

Overall, 7/10 so far
Look forward to seeing you continue
>First time writefag
All right, going on that scale this is a solid 9/10 story. Also, did you mean Dash when you said "Applejack and Rarity"?

Looking forward to more.
I don't like this story.
This is not a simple fap story like i expected, but something that end in what could bloom into a full-blown relationship, maybe more.
My heart have a hard time dealing with it.

Why can't she be real.
Oh shit. Yes, that.
And thanks!

Thanks! Looking forward to continuing!

It started like that, I swear!
It's ok. The whole you need friendship lessons could have used a little more work because it came out a little forced. Other than that, good work. I'm liking your pacing, kudos on that.
Only thing I don't like is the "friendship lessons" part. It really doesn't fit the setting. Personally would have preferred if you kept it between Twi and anon with the other 5 serving the plot in the background.
The point was for Twilight to teach Anon about friendship. I threw in the others as like a "test" for Celestia to see what he had learned.
No... I get the point... I just don't like it. As >>20325093 said it's totally forced in there and makes little sense.
But, how do you get to the conclusion of someone needing friendship lessons because he acted in self defense?Seems kinda odd if you ask me.
Anyway, that is not really that important because I assume it's only the excuse for getting a proper setting for future relationships and interactions. I'm looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.
Great stuff m8.
What about Dash? She's the real aggressor of the group. She gets 2 weeks.
I promised writefag I'd keep thread alive for him, and I will not fail
Nice numbers
No, but Derpy is in the movie, and you DO still want to watch the end credits (which got cut from the TV broadcast but which will be there on the blu-ray.)
The problem I have with this is mostly the fact that the punishment doesn't make sense on any level.
I expect stories to not be akin to reality, rather to have some sort of human decency.

IDK, I'm expecting too much.
Yeah I don't really get it either Anon is the one who gets the prank pulled on him, Anon is the one who gets assaulted, and he's the one who needs friendship lessons? He did virtually nothing to suggest he isn't a good friend; why would he be expected to try to befriend people who were doing nothing but victimizing him?

That said your writing style is great and I think this story has a lot of potential, you should definitely continue it. It's just the treatment of Anon is pretty illogical. It would actually make more sense if the friendship lesson was for the girls
Perhaps Celestia is going to give them the same speech.
>"You girls need a good lesson in friendship. Let's see if Twilight can teach you both how to get along with .... Anonymous."
>"But he's a faggot!"

Lesson is actually for the girls however Celestia's plan is that they wouldn't do it unless she told them it was for anon.

Celestia is, in fact, quite the aged, wise being (I would hope).

We need to repair what doesn't make sense writefag, pls understand. You're doing well otherwise, good form, good descriptions.

Just the flow isn't... right?
Anon informs that the idea isn't very well thought out and that he may as well take the suspension alone (with extention) or he could take his leave and apply for another school, since that's the way of the world. This upsets Twilight a somewhat surprises the principle.

Anon takes the suspension, as do Applejack and RD. Twilight is still on for that spanking session though. Plus, she really does need to go bra shopping, so Celestia takes her instead, where they discuss things. They bump in to Anon at the mall, however and just as quickly part ways without a word. Celestia has continued words with Twilight, sorting an exchange of messages between herself and her own counterpart as a means to benefit each other's lives.

Anon ends up leaving Canterlot High for elsewhere, regardless, due to another unreported incident once he got back. The story then focuses on Twilight for some time before shifting around the school and then ending with Anon with an interesting cluffhanger.
I agree, anon should be forced to do community service with the girls cleaning the school or something for a week. Much more realistice.
She was right fucking there.
Bitch, this isn't your story and wrotefag is doing fine. Now if YOU want to put yourself in the line of fire and try your own hand at writing, be my guest.
I'm not the main writefag for this thread or the guy that you're responding to, but I am a writefag for another thread. And as a writefag, I can say that at least some writefags enjoy hearing reader opinions and story ideas relating to how their story's going so far. A writefag might have a main idea that they want to roll with, but seeing other ideas can give them more stuff to work with (they might play the ideas straight, or twist them around and/or subvert them).

So if Anon over there wants to spout off story ideas, let him. Worst case scenario, the author gives zero fucks and just ignores it while the idea-proposer gives the thread a free bump.
Don't speak for other people, makes you come off as an insufferable, and ignorant twat.

No craftsman, artisan, artist or author would have any business if they weren't to appease the masses. That being said, criticism is a valuable commodity when creating something, and is used to better oneself.

So please, kindly fuck off, while I ride thine mother into the night.

BTW writefag. You really are doing well. Just a small thing that really isn't THAT bad, just would be nice if it was appeased.
Trips and dubs confirm >>20327190 is a faget.
True, your story is great... Just saw something that seemed off
> Take it up with the head of the board
> Celestia gets fired
> Many laughs were had
Eh, if that happened I'd just stop going to school until I was put into juvi.
>"Applejack and Rarity will be receiving the same punishment as you.
Wtf did Rarity do? It was Dash who was being top cunt.
File: 1390369821342.gif (241 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241 KB, 500x375
Think it was a mistake.
I shall cup them with my hands for you. Problem solved.
File: ruseman.png (112 KB, 500x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 500x477
spike bump
6 bump
roboethical bump
writefag, come home!
File: 1407192232417.jpg (74 KB, 731x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 731x508
File: 1311666964223.jpg (27 KB, 429x410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 429x410
And the story had such a good start, now I'm disappointed.
File: 1402773819921.png (57 KB, 300x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 300x177
Triple dubs demands writefag return
Get the fuck on it writefag
Justice bump
You where pants dont you?
Bras are overrated.
Should be ready to write in 30 min to an hour. I have a few ideas on where the story can go. Remember the end goal is still Twi x Anon
File: bg_twix.png (83 KB, 279x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 279x298
Twix Anon is my favorite character.

captcha: was eenbanon
Sorry, Eenb Anon, you just don't cut it anymore.
aw yisss
this is different. everyone wears pants. but if you're an A cup. why wear a bra?
File: 1407632833275.jpg (54 KB, 624x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 624x448
>why wear a bra?
File: 1390970259691.png (6 KB, 299x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 299x276
Alright, I think some clarification is in order. Apparently, not everything I was thinking in my head made it onto the story.

As far as the friendship lessons go, there was a bit of explaining on Celestia's part that was missing. Pretty much, how she's seen Anon all alone at lunch, in the halls, etc, and she's trying to use this fight as an excuse to get him some friends because she pity's him. If that makes any sense.

With the girls' punishments, I was thinking they would get the week suspension. I saw the idea posted before of having them all do community service, and honestly, I *could* make that work with the same ending, but it wouldn't be as fun. Also, it was supposed to be "Applejack and Rainbow Dash" instead of "Applejack and Rarity". My bad.

Give me a few more minutes, and then, SHOWTIME!
Still feels forced.
Ok, it's a stretch and still need some polishing but it's satisfactory. Liking forward to the next posts, writefriend.
Revealing Celestia's motives is why it seems a bit dumb to me. Her saying "you're all doing community service" with the idea of helping make them friends makes sense. Her flat out saying "I want you to make friends with them" is a bit... crass, and frankly, outside her juristriction.
File: 1410564108543 (1).gif (2 MB, 680x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1410564108543 (1).gif
2 MB, 680x383
>You and Twilight stand up from your seats and make your way to the door
>She's still avoiding eye contact with you
>Meh. She'll get over it
>As you make your way back to the office chairs, Twi's friends rush over to her to ask her what happened
>Before she has time to explain, however...
>"Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, please come in."
>They all look to Twilight, who just quicky mutters out "I-I'm fine. You better go"
>They all walk past you, Applejack still thinking of ways of dismembering you, and Rainbow gives you another angry shove with her shoulder
>Seriously? This girl just doesn't give it up
>You and Twilight sit at practically opposite ends of the room, facing the same direction.
>You say nothing, as you're both trying to listen to the conversation inside as it grows more heated
>It sounds like Rainbow isn't liking what she hears when Celestia mentioned something about her sports...
>You glance over to Twilight, the look of guilt on her face still present
>"L-Listen, I-"
>She's cut off by the sound of something being thrown in Celestia's office
>"AAANNNOOOONNNN!!!" You hear Rainbow scream
>And you thought you were done getting the shit kicked out of you...
>Rainbow comes bursting out of the room, being poorly restrained by Applejack and who you assume is Pinkie Pie
>Not risking another little brawl, you take her advice, and bolt out of the room
>Before you leave, you hear what sounds like Celestia shouting, Applejack struggling to contain her friend, Twilight breaking out into tears, and....
>You couldn't stop to comprehend what was going on in that office
>As far as you were concerned, you were done for the day...
>...and for the rest of the week...

Still going by a loose idea in my head. If it really starts to become shit (more than it already is), call me out on it.

Let's poll and see!

File: 1411786265397.gif (202 KB, 500x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
202 KB, 500x229
I'll give the poll until 8PM EST
very sneaky, anon, I trust your implications are the obviously implied ones?
I'm a fellow ogre if you catch a whiff of my ogrely onion stench
>Anon, I am so PUMPED for this interview!
>"S-sure, no prob." You say stifling your laughter
>punished for defending himself
>people who assaulted him get the same punishment as him
>is told he needs "friendship lessons" from one of the people who assaulted him (and her friends, two of whom also assaulted him)

angry/10, would pipebomb Celestias car
Definitely continue with friendship lessons. Isn't community service for things that happen outside of school. I'd also say this isn't TOO big.
You better continue this shit though Beta. I'm liking it.
File: continue.jpg (183 KB, 1696x1036) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 1696x1036
Well, it appears that we will continue with friendship lessons.

Here goes nothing...
Agreed. The writing is decent quality but everything is so infuriatingly unrealistic and feministically idealistic that I am having a hard time reading it.
>Remember the end goal is still Twi x Anon
I don't know about Anon, but if somebody kicked me in the balls for no reason, I'd probably take them off my "people I want anything to do with" list.

>for no reason
Anon did use the peace part Twi negotiated for him to hit RD. The ball-kicking is justified.

Less justified is the continued kicking at him when he was down, however.
File: 9.jpg (18 KB, 349x241) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 349x241
That I cant take however. For me thats the final straw.
I don't recall him ever agreeing to any kind of truce.
Violent psycho who punched him in the eye less than 10 seconds ago is open? Into the gut it goes.

Besides, if there was any sort of truce, it started when Twilight convinced AJ to back off, meaning RD violated it first.
>Anon did use the peace part Twi negotiated for him to hit RD. The ball-kicking is justified.
Didn't Dash dock him in the eye just after Applejack stopped choking him because Twilight made her do it? Rainbow Cunt was as always being a Cunt and chimped out when Anon called her on it.
Yeah, but rather than just push Twi out of the way and make it clear he's not stopping, he takes advantage of her making Dash stop. That's cuntish behaviour.

Just checked, and apparently, yes. Dash remains Top Cunt.
File: topcunt.png (6 KB, 508x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 508x533
I didn't intend for Celestia to be a feminazi, I was just going with the flow. I see how she's coming across that way, but by personal experiences, that's how I believe the situation would've played out. I don't like it, either

Pic related

>As you wake up, you seriously consider all the different excuses you can use to get out of going to school
"Oh, wait. First day of 'friendship lessons'."
>Damn. If you missed it, you would probably be in some sort of trouble with Celestia
>How she ended up in a principal position is a mystery no one can answer
>As you get ready to leave, the events of the prior week start to replay themselves
>Everything from Twilight's question, to punching RD in the gut, to having her attempt murder for something Celestia said
>Mental note: ask Twilight during your 'friendship lesson' about what exactly happened after you scurried away
>Now, before you left, there was something you were supposed to grab....
>What was it again?...
>Eh. Must've not been that important.
>As much as you liked having your first period free to catch up on homework, you had a feeling your appreciation for it would diminish quickly...
>So would your grades, without a proper time to do homework the day it's due.
>As you consider how badly you procrastinate, you spot a familiar girl with a purple skirt sitting at a table all by herself
>Hmm, and she thinks I need friendship lessons...
>Joking aside, you decide to just get this over with, and you start in the direction of your new tutor...
>Upon getting closer to her, you get a reminder in your crotch of just exactly what she did last week...
>...and then you remember what you forgot...
>...you weren't sporting a cup...
oh goodie, it feels just like middleschool again.

whats next femminist higher- oh wait that happened already.

oh maybe "equal punishment" because we just got hit in the nuts.
i hate school systems...
File: 1411862581989.png (156 KB, 270x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 270x312
>Well, hopefully you won't need it
>You make it to the table just as Twilight puts down her book to see you
>"Oh, Anon. I didn't think you would show up..."
"What makes you think that?"
>"Well, the way you left the other day, we all thought that you would have gone to another school"
"It wasn't that bad...was it?"
>"Well, we couldn't get Rainbow calmed down until we could assure her that you were long gone"
>Oh yeah, that crazy cunt was about to kill you
"Yeah, what happened that made her soo pissed?"
>"Well...Celestia might've...on top of the suspension...stopped her from playing any sport for the rest of the season..."
>How much did kevlar vests cost? You might need one...
"Oh shit"
>"Yeah. Needless to say, she got a bit extra suspension time for breaking Celestia's prized trophy"
>Trophy? For what? 'Worst Principal 2014'?
"That must've been that loud bang we heard..."
"By the way, you were about to tell me something?"
>"I...uh...what? When?"
"Right before RD came bursting from the office. You were like 'Anon, listen' "
>She looks around nervously
>"I don't remember that! Nope! Must've coughed or something..."
"I'm pretty sure you said someth-"
>"OH! Would you look at the time! Class is almost over! Better get going so I can get to my next class early! See you at lunch!!"
>You glance to the clock to see that it was only 5min into the class, but when you glanced back, there wasn't a trace of your study guide.
>You could feel it, she was hiding something...
>"You don't say!"
>You glance upwards, and find that a familiar pink girl with some of the poofiest hair was now occupying Twilight's seat
"But...how did you-"
>"Know what you were going to say? That's easy!"
>She leans in closer, and whispers
>"I can read faces!", followed by a similar giggle that you heard back at the office a week ago
>"I would LOVE to explain, but I gotta prepare an ambush! See ya soon!"
>And just like she came, she was gone
This story makes me happy.

you should just make the ending anon x pinkie instead

fuck everyone else
Anon should just kick Twilight in the balls and switch schools.
>that strawpoll
>ebin femshep lezzuns :^DDDD
Rigged or newfag central here.
This is a school principal here. One of the job requirements is an IQ under 80
I would urge all writefags to avoid becoming the next Shwartzanigger.
He thought himself as being diversifying; going against the grain - like Merriwhether/Price.
Whilst it may be nice for the mentally ill who enjoy feeling mad, it is greatly appreciated for you to keep your cast in check and behavingand reacting as expected.

E.g. Cupcakes Pinkie is more believable and socially accepted as a possibility than Rainbow Dash being maximum overcunt or Pinkie being lelsorandumb.
It's called "Friendship is Magic" for a reason.
Just enjoy it.
File: 1412382682201.gif (616 KB, 175x170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
616 KB, 175x170
Taken into consideration.


>As you plow through the rest of your homework, you can't stop thinking about what Pinkie said
>Also, you could swear that when she was here, something smelled like...cotton candy?
>you didn't have time to bother with the aroma, you had a week's worth of homework to get done. You just needed to focus and hurr-
>FUCK! How is it the end of the period already?!?!
>After you hastily throw your things into your bag, you take off down the hallway
>You needed to make it to your next class, but first; you needed an excuse as to why none of the work was done
>Dog ate it? You didn't have a dog...
>...he didn't know that...
>Still, that was stupid
>Caught on fire?
>Used before
>Went missing?
>....might work...
>"How about getting ambushed?!" a high-pitched voice said behind you
>And just like that, you could smell the cotton candy again
>As you turn around, you realize that you're right in front of that very same art room, only this time the door open and the lights are off, rendering the room pitch black
>"Ah like that idea, Pinks" said a southern voice, coming from the room you've come to dread
>Now, you had more reasons for that feeling...
>Before you knew it, you were shoved into the darkness as your moth started to taste like duct tape
I wonder how many people are aware that the platypus, despite being a mammal, actually produces venom. The venom is chiefly a defensive measure, and one that causes extreme pain.
or you know, just dont be one-note.
pinkie can be lol if shes still humanly written.
dash can be an overcunt, if its being used as overconfidence.
getting past those walls, is what makes character.
"dash is a cunt, because she hasnt been beat. yet."
now youve made me fear duckbeaver!
Can AJ please get drugs planted in her locker or get hit by a car or something? Or have her head held over a lit Bunsen burner until her flesh gets 3rd degree burns and she begs for it to stop, before the person holding her holds her eye up to it until it gets burned to a small riasin size and then he shoves it right up against her brain and it finally kills her? So.etbing like that?
Quick perry bit me im melting

People have committed suicide as an alternative to living through the pain of platypus venom many a time
I SO wish but i dont think thatl happen
im beta, and even i think thats too far.
for now...

It'd be a real shame if Anon happened to be Italian and happened to have a couple older cousins making their way in the family business who happened to hear about the trouble Anon's been having and happened to be going by AJ's farm one night...
Love the story but its......like.....um.....it just makes me me furious what keeps hapenning 2 anon cuz if i was him id b like 2 stressed 2 sleep almost
>duct tape

Yeah a real shame eh, bada bing!
File: 1414220535443s.jpg (2 KB, 125x84) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x84
quick KinkyBetaAnon!
File: 1391733840663.png (28 KB, 500x518) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 500x518
Only cause he got dubs

>Great, first you get the shit (and sperm) kicked out of you
>Then you get suspended
>Now duct-taped to a chair?
>If only you had Italian cousins...
>You were shaken back to reality as a rather annoyed looking Applejack plants a steel-towed boot right in your shin
>"Y'all do wise to listen when ah'm talkin to ya"
>Had you been ignoring her while you were dreaming about what your cousins would do right now?
>You guess so, the pain in your shin not going away quickly
>"Now, are ya gonna listen, or do ah have ta teach ya some proper manners?"
"Depends on how far you plannin' on going with that duct tape."
>Little did they know, you had a kink for this kind of thing
>Little did you know, your shin could, in fact, hurt more with another strong kick
>"Good. Now, ah hear ya have to do some 'studyin' with Twi. That correct?"
"I plead the third"
>She looks at you, puzzled
>"Ya mean the fifth?"
"No, the third."
>"Ya refuse ta house troops in yer house?"
"I have very few principles, but I stick to them."
>Apparently, your little southern friend didn't take too kindly to your little joke, as made apparent by the swift punch to your gut
>"That one's fer Rainbow Dash. If she wus here, ya bet y'all be in a worl' of hurt"
>Dammit anon, your sarcasm is going to get you killed some day...
>...maybe someday soon...

I'm having too much fun with this...
I think we're being needlessly violent here...

...not that that's a bad thing.

dont stop
File: 1406406485938.gif (1 MB, 330x248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 330x248

It's getting better. Keep going.
wow, havn't seen that pic in awhile.

Old shit.
I never thought I could hate the Main 6. But I guess I was wrong.

If this goes the kinky route... I don't think I would mind at all. Nope. My boner is just waiting for this.
Fuck me, Anon needs a friend.

Maybe his friend should give him a call.

On his phone.

In his pocket.
Please tell me you have some kind of revenge planned for for the Cunt Bunch. Otherwise I'm leaving now
Who you gonna call?
Beating someone that can't fight back? That's low. Proceed.
File: 1410569108308.png (255 KB, 1400x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 1400x1050
I like this idea...

I do, and it's gonna be sweet

>After a quick gasp for air, you decide to step away from the sarcasm for a bit
"Alright! Yes! Jesus christ, take a joke why don't ya"
>"Studyin' what, 'xactly?"
"The magic of friendship" you reply, putting extra emphasis on 'friendship'
>"Now Anon, I'm tryin' ta be serious here. What. Are. Ya. Studyin'?"
>"He's telling the truth, Applejack!" You hear pinkie say
>She must be somewhere behind you, monitoring you with a watchful eye, waiting for you to try something
>You turn around and see...that...she somehow wrapped most of her arms in the tape
>Hmm, you must not be the only one with that fetish
>"Pinkie! Would'ya cut it out! Ah'm tryin' ta be serious here!"
>Then, out of nowhere, a slight buzzing starts emitting from your front pocket
>"Well well, what'cha got there?"
"That would be a phone. Most people have them nowadays."
>"She goes to wind up another kick, but then, as if a light-bulb goes off in her head, she puts her foot down
>"Well, ah guess I'll just have ta see who it is, then."
"Go ahead. Tell me if you find anything you like in there."
>One swift kick later, and you were robbed of your phone
>Dammit Anon, I thought we were were going to stay away from the sarcasm!
>"Ahem. 'Anon, why did I see Applejack and Pinkie pull you into a closet?' From Twilight"
"Well, now. It appears we have a witness to this kidnapping..."
>Wait, how did she get your phone number?
>...don't question it. She's helping.
>"Unless ya want me to send some not-so-fun things to your new tutor, ah suggest ya listen up, and listen reel good to whut I have ta say..."
>Shit, she's got you by your sore balls here
"I'm listening."
File: XzibitShades.jpg (177 KB, 744x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 744x481
>I do
[Waiting Intensifies]

I don't know why I decided to post this. It's from a /b/read ~2011. I made the original shoop and someone else added the lens flare
This better be revenge coming from Don Linguine himself and the entire Italian-American Mafia. Or something just as equally as brutal.

Wait, why are we rolling with the Mafia theme?
File: spaghetti niggers.png (64 KB, 847x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spaghetti niggers.png
64 KB, 847x647

Because Italians know a little something about revenge

>Be a real shame if AJ were to suffer a "horrendous workplace accident" while feeding her pigs late one night. Damn shame.
Wish my life was this exciting.

But no, irl the sarcastic smart kid just gets not talked to.

No one ever kidnaps me then lets me belittle their kidnapping techniques.

Life is suffering.
>I'm having too much fun with this...

You're not the only one, writefriend. (I thought your characterization of Celestia was spot-on. Gives no fuck for anything but her own idea of what will bring peace, and leaves dealing with the consequences to the students. Totally not feminazi, but 100% bureauplot.)
File: 1410571267771.jpg (453 KB, 1650x1276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
453 KB, 1650x1276
>"Ah can see yer not really the nicest one around, especially to people ya really shouldn't be messin' with"
"Gee, thanks"
>She leans in close to your face, you see a small scar on her lower chin that hasn't fully healed yet.
>Oh yeah, that was you!
>"Ah mean it. Now shut yer trap and listen"
>You oblige, for now
>"Twilight, on the other hand, act'lly cares about 'er friends. She's nice. Too nice ta be wastin' 'er time on a pointless soul like you."
>Ouch. That one actually hurt
>When you made it out of here, you would see that you would get to know the sweet taste of revenge...
>"Ah know Celestia's not gonna back down from her...'punishment'. She's not like that...but, that doesn't mean ya have to try and ruin her life 'cause ya don't agree with it"
"Are you saying I'm trying to ruin her life?"
>She really doesn't like you at all, does she?
>"Well, ah know yer a creep, n' I reckon that's what creeps do. So..."
>You couldn't predict how this was going to end at all!
>"The way ah see it, ya can either play nice n' all, or ah'll make ya regret ever swingin' yer arm at me"
"Oh, so that's what this is about. You're still upset over a little cut?"
>"Do ya have any idea what'l happen ta ya if ah tell mah family ya gave me it?"
>You've heard of her brother, Big Macintosh before. His name was an understatement, as the guy towered over everyone in the school. That, and being point guard on the football team made him quite formidable
>She sees a look of fear flash over your face
>"Exactly. We got 'erselves a deal, Anon?"
"I'd shake your hand, but then you'd have to take the duct-tape off and I would lose my boner. We don't want that now, do we?"
>"Ah'll take that as a yes..." She says, right before giving your gut one more hard hit, "Asshole"
>Fuck, what was it with this girl and pot-shots? Did she want to make you throw up?
>"Pinkie, set our friend free, would ya?"
>"Okie dokie lokie!" She says, a bit too eager
>"And 'ave some fun, while yer at it"
I swear, someone better get their comeuppance soon...
Realty though.
It's abit out of character.
and this situation could just be solved with few thousand "Fuck offs, I'm tired"
Which part, Applejack?
all the mane 6 being tsundere abusers.

Good concept but it feels like some discord man 6 type shit.
File: 098.png (140 KB, 847x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140 KB, 847x466
>"And 'ave some fun, while yer at it"

Again, it feels somewhat forced and illogical that AJ would be accusing anon of trying to ruin Twilight's life when he did literally nothing but be given a punishment by the principle. If I was him I'd feel like I was taking crazy pills by now.
>Point guard
D'ohohohohoh, you joker you
If Anon doesn't sell Angerjack up the river for assaulting him (and I'm sure there'll be marks), I'ma be very pissed.
No, because you're half dead Twilight, clinging to life in right coma now, move out and let this dream land go.
I'm just writing her in a defensive stance. She doesn't want to see her friends get upset because she is forced to be with someone who she believes to be an asshole. The "ruining lives" part might've been a bit too much, though. I'll give you that...
don't know what exactly
is smoking, AJ being aan angry dumbass southern-fried retard is the most sensical part of this story. The only thing OOC for her is that she's part of the story in a meaningful way
anon is a fucking beta pussy. reading this makes we wanna punch that guy myself ... does he have any kind of selfrespect?
File: shots.jpg (77 KB, 792x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 792x445

sick burn
don't worry, he's only pretending to be beta so AJ won't destroy his balls. He'll car bomb her and the rest of the Cunt Bunch later
File: 1406228579945.png (129 KB, 366x335) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 366x335
He was blindsided and tied to a chair you stupid nigger, not much you could do at that point.
implying he wasnt a pussy before.

also, isnt this supposed to be in the US? where is his dads gun to make him feel strong and superior?

>car bomb
>not going full Hostel after this shit

If I was anon it would be half past school shooting o'clock right now
Apparently he doesn't have a dad, or else he wouldn't be such a pussy.
Is Canterlot high in Seattle?
File: 1408535656282.gif (497 KB, 145x147) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
497 KB, 145x147
I don't know why you seem to think acting like a hard-ass in a situation like that would make it better; and why the fuck would someone bring a gun just because some cunt is throwing a bitch fit.
Wouldn't it be more sensible to just hold a grudge and whenever applejack or rainbow are in trouble just fuck them over? All these reactions demanding for immediate retribution.
anger leads to typos

You tell us, writefag
File: 1400338233055.jpg (8 KB, 265x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 265x200
the problem is that anon seems to be fine to be in a school run over by what seems to be feminazis.

overall the principal seems to be fine that students are violent towards each other and keep on being that way after "sanctions" have been issued... report that whole shithole and let them get eaten by media is what i recommend.
I think writefag resorted to a bit too much violence early on. If AJ was about half as violent as she's been to this point, things would seem more like school bullying and less like Superbitch Guantanamo.
are you trying to imply that this sin't standard for public schools in 2014? I'm in colege so I don't have any first-hand experience with 1944+70 high schools but my understanding is that this is legit, especially in the Age of the SJW
I hadn't noticed that. Kek.

Btw, give the writefriend some margin with the characterization. Remember this are the Mane6 as teenagers. Teenagers do stupid shit. Don't stretch it too Much though, writefriend. There's only so much you can stretch a character before she stops being that character.
File: 1386986866627.jpg (91 KB, 750x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 750x1000
I see where you're coming from and agree for the most part, but after he gets tied up it becomes less about being fine with feminazis and more about survival. Picking your fights is very important, and someone of Big Mac's size could easily overpower someone as small as anon is implied to be.
File: 1411475960373.gif (862 KB, 517x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
862 KB, 517x619
>"With pleasure, Applejack!"
>Pinkie comes around to face you as Applejack leaves, giving you two some...privacy...
"Oh, don't tell me you're in on this too"
>You say this, as you see her pull something metallic from...somewhere...
>As you eye the metal in her hand, your mind comes up with anything it could be
>No way. There's no fucking way she would have a knife on he-
>Your train of thought was cut off (ba dum tsst) by the familiar sound of a blade clicking open
>For an instant, you could say you were actually scared you might die
>"Hehe, don't be silly! I'm just here to help!"
>She reaches down and cuts the tape from your wrists and legs, freeing you from your entrapment
>"Better?" She says, a beaming grin on her face
"Wait, so you're not going to torture me?"
>"Of course not, silly! Why would I do that?!" She starts giggling at the thought
"Well, I don't know, but you just stood there as Applejack threatened my life!"
>"Well, that's Applejack! She can fly off the handle, but she's usually pretty nice once you get to know her!"
>At this point, you take her word for it, but you don't ever want to get to know someone like her.
"Uh huh, and beating up people is just her way of showing affection or some bullshit?"
>"Hehe, nope! That's Twilight's thing!"
>"Anon, can I ask you something?" She says, adopting a more serious look on her face
"Go ahead, I guess..."

I have another idea. Bear with me here...

(Also, I don't know about you, but I enjoy when Pinkie's not always just randumb with no character)
>I enjoy when Pinkie's not always just randumb with no character

Welcome to the club
Yeah, this is good. You're writing them well.
Please tell me someone is pastebinning this.
kink-pie! kinky-pie!
I may be beta, but I'm not a manlet, so maybe your mileage varies.

I enjoy it too.
This is getting kind of stupid. Fucking abduction? Assault? Death threats?

Either Anon needs to man the fuck up, and call his Italian cousin, or take the situation to the police.
>Not man the fuck up and shut down all of canter lot highs internet.

Jeesus anon do you even irl?
>man the fuck up
>take the situation to the police.
Pick one
It would be much more interesting for anon to handle this himself. Italian cousin or the police just sound so dumb.
Mafia Heir Anon has taken too much shit from these lousy mooks.
Applejack wants to make this a family matter? Let's make it a family matter. Badabing badaboom, oh, looks like your fuckin house burned down. Ain't that a shame?
police! police!
and kinky-pie...
and ice cream...
File: 1400647622051.jpg (74 KB, 569x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 569x500
>OR take the situation to the police.
Wow i thought it would get worse but like regular show its anything but
To be brutally honest, there isn't many ways for Anon to handle this himself that will improve his situation.

He COULD apologize, take the shit, and work to improve relations with them.

Alternatively, Anon could turn out to actually be decently strong, and, oh, I don't know, maybe win a fight against Big Mac.

please tell me at least SOME of you fags lift
File: hqdefault.jpg (21 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 480x360
File: 1396591655195.png (37 KB, 627x411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 627x411
>"Do you like Twilight, Anon?"
>"Well, do you?"
"I mean, she's seems really nice when she's not robbing me of having offspring..."
>"That was a moment of rage. I'm sure you can look past that"
"Can I? She really went all out on that"
>"Listen, Anon. I think she likes you. Like, 'like' likes you"
>Well, that might explain the weird behavior.
>"Anon, Twilight is one of my closest friends. I want to see her happy, so I need you to promise me something."
"You want me to promise not to hurt her?"
>"Anon, I'm being serious. I need you to pinkie promise me this"
"I can't control what Twilight feels, Pinkie."
>"No, but you can play a part in it. Pleeeeeeease?"
"I don't know..."
>"Please PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease"
>Holy hell, if this continues, you just might use her knife on yourself
"Alright! I pinkie promise"
>"Yay! Thank you soooooo much Anon!"
>She runs and gives you a jumping hug, launching herself into you with pure excitement.
>You hear the bell ringing again outside the hall
>My god, you've been in here an entire period?
>"Gotta go! Don't forget our promise!"
"I won't"
>She quickly runs out of the room, leaving you standing in the now empty art room, next to a chair covered in duct tape
>I guess not all of Twi's friends are psychopaths...
>You think about what you just promised her
>"Promise not to hurt her"
>Would hurting her friends hurt her?
>You ponder this for a moment, but you stop when you remember...
>...you have a certain southern girl that requires a bit more attention from you...

It's official. There's a point that we should've stopped, and we've clearly passed it.

File: unnamed.jpg (31 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 500x333
Wait. Does anon have his phone back, or does AJ still have it?
Wow, I'm reading this, and even I can point out where I was a fucking idiot. That's bad...

Excellent question. One I didn't consider actually, Shit.
File: 1411442527121[1].jpg (99 KB, 420x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 420x500
What will happen next?
Wait i dont know what "point" you mean what did we pass
It's not important for the overall story anyway.
File: 1388245351222.jpg (59 KB, 500x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 500x409
>strength=fighting skill
mfw /fit/fags actually believe this
no wait, thats too far.
Not even /fit/.

In a contest against a man like Big Mac, who is large, slow, but very stong, you would need to be able to match or subvert his strength. Given Anon probably isn't an MMA fighter, he'd need strength to win the fight, rather than skill which he, in all likelihood, would not have.
Hmm. Should you date the girl that kicked you in the nuts and continued to kick you while you were down? Decisions decisions.
But if AJ still has his phone, it could become important to the story
Now to keep Twilight in the friendzone and see ViolenceJack and TopCunt punished.
mmm delicious friendzoned twily.
I hate to say this, guys, but i think imma have to call it for tonight. Seems like a good enough note to end on.

If the thread is still here tomorrow, I will continue it there. If not, I guess I'll make a new one :P

Thanks for reading!
>1 year in BJJ, Muai tai (however the fuck you spell that), or Taekwando
>easily beat a barnyard brawler like Big Mac no matter how weak you are compared to him
Justb because Mac is strong doesn't mean he has a fuckign exoskeleton over his weak points
Well, but how you apply strength can really make a difference. Even a little force can fuck up some parts of a body of well applied. Granted, average Joe anon, even knowing what he's doing would need an awful lot of luck to pull that shit on a fight and the best chance would be a preemptive attack. But, it's possible, I guess.
So far, the story has been very interesting and enjoyable. I like where you're going with it. Sleep well tonight.
Lift or not, writefag has yet to mention anon knowing martial arts of any variety, so it's a safe assumption that he has no idea how to fight.
>What!? Beta Anon is evolving!
>Hold B to cancel
>Beta Anon evolved into Alpha Nofucks!
Umm.... Bump?
i know its late but.
what is this betaanon wearing?
classic jeans hoodie combo with sneakers?
seriously, fuck school.

Even college.
Hate to agree, but agree.
i mean, i like the education.
well, what little that was useful to real life.
but why are kids and teens so hateful to eachother?
are we just born hateful?
>Held B
Beta Anon stays beta, anon.
I love the education. But the fucking double social and gender standards are beyond comprehension for any sane individual.
amen brother, it sucks shit.
im just glad im graduated.
no more of that shit to deal with.
atleast until employment...
Oh goodie.
... You FUCKING ASSHO- wait, anybody have a rarecandy?
>Missingno/Infinite 6th item cheat
Help is on the way.
Why... Doesn't he just immediately go to the principal again with this. jezus.

> Pinkie being more level headed than AJ
>Be 19
>College freshman
>Taking mandatory new student seminar class
>Female black teacher
>Talking about relationships and how they require le hard work and commitment
>"What kind of man doesn't work hard to support his partner in a relationship" or something to that effect
>"How you gonna put up with that? And more importantly how you gonna give up the goods to someone like that"
>"And I'm not just talking about guys who do this either. It's a two-way street. Girls who bring nothing to the table are just as bad. I think 50/50 is a nice way to go"
>Best College teacher, any year
>teachers who try to give life advice to people who will fail regardless

Jesus; kick him in the balls, punch him in the throat. Be done with it.
double dubs of truth.
What happens if the thread dies overnight?
It dies in the real world too.
Gotta keep alive, need to know where this goes...
You're doing god's work Anon
bumpin with steam
It's like the whole React Reasonably shitstorm, but lamer. You guys really can't resist such obvious b8.
>Anon is tortured
>Almost loses offspring
>Is told to play along with it
Bumpity bump, hopin dash's cunt gonna die!
Yeah, Anon getting punished for self defense is a load of shit, especially when he wasnt the aggressor.

I want nothing more than to see him walk into Celestias office and get AJs shit slapped. I mean at this fucking point, one could consider his life to be in serious danger after being attacked, three times, and one of them being him kidnapped and taped to a fucking chair, whilst put under the threat of death were he to come out.

Fuck Twilight, fuck the mane six, if theyre going to try and kill you, fuck them, and fuck their lives. The pussy aint worth it if it means your sticking your dick in crazy as all hell.

Oh, and fuck people who think introverts are just lonely people in need of friends.

Writefag could turn this into one of those rare Anon VS [main character] stories.

Eternal prestige if he pulls it off.
So instead of a masturbation fantasy, we have a revenge fantasy?

I can dig it.
Canterlot could have one of those zero tolerance policies on fighting where both parties are in trouble. It's bullshit but it happens.
w-why not both?
he breaks aj and dashs spirits, leads twi on while keeping her friended. and pinkie, well i got nothing there.
Ponks, Rara and yellowquiet have done nothing wrong. They deserve happiness in their lives and less cuntish friends.
When will be the next update?
This story's making me want to punch a goddamn hole in the wall. Not just because Anon's being a wimp, but how everyone's hyper-aggressive and out of character to make Anon seem even wimpier. Like AJ suddenly being an angry redneck despite being the most level headed anti-redneck around and also how she threatened Anon with Mac despite him being shown in the movies and he's not really tall or muscular at all. And the fact that is still on the Twilight romance track is still pretty infuriating.
agreed, hell pinkie helped us out of the bondage.
she even hinted at it almost like a warning.
or maybe im just feeling a bit Stockholm like.
welcome back to american middle school.
i had that in High School.
never put your kids in a Pennsylvania Public School.
I masturbate to revenge daily
it just feels like a victimization policy.
"dont defend yourself, instead take the beating, then tell someone, then watch as they get a bullshit punishment since no one can attest to seeing the beating"
"defend yourself and get punished because you dont want to be a victim"
democracy inaction.
Oh no superior Anon is here! Listen to what he's saying guys, he knows what he's talking about even without any firsthand experience!
It's the pussification of America, Anon. Soon, we'll be Sweden 2.0. Hell, some states already are.
This is one of the many reasons why so many other countries hate America. Everyone in America acts like they're tough and think they can do anything because they live in a "free country", when in reality, everyone is just destroying themselves while other countries around the world sit back and laugh.
File: me laughing.jpg (7 KB, 150x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
me laughing.jpg
7 KB, 150x225

>Mosquito bites

gj anon you've beaten up the 'main' 6 prepare to get FRIENDSHIP BLASTED (well probably kicked in the balls first but you get the gist of it, but we're proud of you anyway for putting top cunt in her place)
>freedom to defend yourself is bad
>people defending themselves is the same as "everyone destroying themselves"
>Everyone in America acts like they're tough and think they can do anything because they live in a "free country" because we believe in defending ourselves against personal attackers

I really hope you're a buttblasted American progreesive liberal "omg gaiz Europe iz way butter" asshole because if people from other countries actually think this way it means that the US is hated on because we're the only non-autistic one, and that'd be really bad if every country except one was severely autistic
when the fuck is Beta returning,
File: 1397062913193.png (1 MB, 680x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 680x383
Can't write right now, but I can in a few hours.

Dude, America is pretty autistic. You seriously cant just deny that. As a stupid American even i can see that the USA is going down the toilet.
Hurry the fuck up, I WANT MY GOD DAMN FIX!!!!
It's cool, at least I have confirmation, I can be happy with this
for now]/spoiler]
Good picture. Not sure why its such a large size though.
File: best moment evar.jpg (8 KB, 221x153) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
best moment evar.jpg
8 KB, 221x153

>anon pays bulk biceps to beat the shit out of big mac and then anon will stand over big macs now crumpled up paper like body

can i have some links for any Anon vs main character sometimes i get tired of having to read anon fuck 9/10th's of equestria's population and wouldn't mind seeing him against a pony instead of fucking it
>i get tired of having to read anon fuck 9/10th's of equestria's population

What the fuck is wrong with you?
Its ok we'll wait :) but if you back out on us ill find you and blast you
File: 1374382383289.gif (742 KB, 478x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
742 KB, 478x268
Life support bump
Bump for writefag.
File: derp 2.jpg (4 KB, 195x147) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
derp 2.jpg
4 KB, 195x147

/mlp/ is whats wrong with me LOOK AT WHAT IVE BECOME
>ive read so many bloody paste bins that i no longer care for clop / mare vag help me anon HELP ME
bumpin' for later
I never clopped in the first place just love 2 read
You should get on that.
File: The Ride 1.jpg (45 KB, 300x318) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Ride 1.jpg
45 KB, 300x318

There's no help for you, anon. The ride never ends.
File: heavy.jpg (13 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 480x360
I'm back. I'm black. Deal with it.

I'd say it's about time to seek revenge on Applecunt...
Let's go naby
I love you
File: dis gon b gud.gif (2 MB, 348x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dis gon b gud.gif
2 MB, 348x190
ready the hyped missiles!
File: 1396537956040.png (138 KB, 1333x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 1333x1000
>You step outside of the unused art room
>You couldn't let her get away with kidnapping and threats...
>But how?....
>A bit too much...
>Not enough...
>And then, an idea comes to your head...
>The internet would have an answer!
>You just needed to do a quick search on your phone...
>Your prior captor must still have it
>As you make your way through the halls, your eyes peeled for any sign of her, you continue thinking of your revenge
>It had to be something good....
>Something that would shake her to the core...
>And just like that, she appears in your vision, talking to Pinkie and Twilight
"Let's just get this over with..."
>You make your way up to the group, a neutral expression on your face
>Pinkie's the first to notice you
>"Hi Nonny!"
>The others are quick to turn to face you
>"Hi, Anonymous!" Twilight says, cheerfully
"Hey Twilight." You reply back with a slightly upbeat way to please your aggressor, who is now eyeing you suspiciously
>Fuckin' bitch. You didn't even do anything...
>"Are we still on for lunch? Celestia's rules..."
"That's the plan."
>"Great! See you then!"
>Twi and Pinkie pie head off to their next class, leaving you alone with Applecunt
>You face her, still wearing your neutral face
"I need my phone back." You say neutrally
>"Ya know, manners include askin' politely..."
"Fine. Please return the stolen property you have that belongs to me"
>"Better. Keep workin' on it" She says, a sly grin on her face.
>It's like she enjoys pissing you off
>She shoves a hand into her bag, and pulls out a phone which she is quick to toss your way
>"Not mah phone"
>She turns to head off, still not bothering to look in your direction.
>Oh, you can't wait for this...
>Speaking of which, it's time to start research!
>Now that you've got your phone back, there's no time to waste!
>You turn your phone on, and notice something off
>Since when did your lock screen have 3 apples on it...
lets Aiden Pierce this shit BA.
Apparently AJ is a hacker.
I wonder if applejack has nudes of herself.
File: 1412290605662.gif (2 MB, 400x219) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x219
File: image.jpg (14 KB, 198x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 198x301
>the ballad of gay tony
File: Moving goalposts.jpg (29 KB, 300x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Moving goalposts.jpg
29 KB, 300x240
Thinking the same thing
AJ has no respect.
Wait does this mean she put a pic of her butt on your wallpaper 0_0
File: 1365842666275.jpg (26 KB, 251x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 251x298
>EG humans
>cutie marks
anon has applejack phone?
Pic related is what you see

Dis nigga gets it
Anon:fuck she probably saw my porn
Anon's phone should still be safe FOR NOW. What he needs to do is send anything he can find to his email account and then tell applejack she gave her his phone.

>anon tries to make use of phone to get revenge on applejack
>AJ goes full snitch and calls the cops, claims anon stole her phone
>anon gets convicted of grand larceny and becomes a felon depending on jurisdiction
>gets raped in prison and kills self while mane 6 laugh about him being a beta creep
>bad end
Exactly. This is probably a test/trap. Give it back to AJ, but make sure it's in front of her friends so they see.
>"Not mah phone."
>It's her phone.
It's not hers anymore
now to download sooo much porn.
File: 1270686506995.gif (11 KB, 501x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 501x585
Also at this point anon should just wear a recording device on his person at all times; he would have these girls for aggravated assault, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment, grand larceny, and probably some other charges a good lawyer could drum up

Mane 6 wouldn't see the light of day for a long time, and when they got out theyd be destitute after court fees and paying out after being sued for emotional damages

>Anon's face when he isn't Italian but Jewish, and his lawyer cousins find out about the trouble he's been having
or anon is friends with a jewish kid that has a lawyer father.
File: 1412388039515.png (396 KB, 838x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
396 KB, 838x456
>Well now, this just got interesting...
>You are now in possession of Applejack's phone
>Your revenge just got a whole lot easier...
>This has to be a setup
>There's no way she could have mistaken her phone for yours
>I mean, she's definitely not the brightest, but she can't be that dumb...
>...still...when were you going to get an opportunity like this?
>You had to take advantage of this before it slipped from your grasp
>Turning the phone back on, you are pleased to see that she has no password on it
>Quickly, you navigate to the "Contacts" app
>You only needed two numbers...
>Big Macintosh
>And Home
>After you copy these down onto a sheet of paper, you put the phone back to sleep, and resume your hunt for Applefuck
>The phone starts vibrating, signaling an incoming call
>Curiosity get's the better of you, and you check to see who's calling...
>'Incoming Call: Twilight Sparkle'
>It's not going to stay ringing for very long...
>With that opportunity missed, you continue to your next class

>You stand around, nervously waiting for Applejack
>She whispered to you to wait up for her while you and Pinkie went to your next class
>She's not answering her phone, which isn't a good sign
>What if she was beating up Anon again?
>You really needed to talk to her about that...
>"Hey Twi! Mighty nice of ya to wait fer me"
"What was that all about?"
>"Oh, nottin. Don'cha worry 'bout it"
"I tried to call you, but you didn't answer..." You say, a hint of worry in your tone
>"Hmm, let me check mah phone"
>You see her looking through her bag for her phone, but instead pulls out some old blackberry
"Applejack, don't you have an iPhone?"
>"Ah do..." She says, followed by an exasperated huff
>You couldn't really make it out, but you swear you hear her whisper to herself "Anon..."
File: 1414220930613s.jpg (2 KB, 118x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 118x125
So you take applejacks phone and you could say your an IWITNESS lolloollol
File: 1412197576644.jpg (106 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 720x720
Anon should call twilight and tell her "Oh hey Twilight, Applejack have my phone and I have hers, she might try something , she isn't stupid enough to give me her phone after the beating in art classroom isn't she?"
>Twi face when Aplejack is enough stupid.
I am sure Aplejack will try some move against Anon, revenge can wait
My jokes are boss and please writefag keep going
> i get tired of having to read anon fuck 9/10th's of equestria's population
>only 9/10th's
Shit, who did we miss?

Whoever it is I bet they feel really shitty about themselves
This thread feels like neotorare anon just gets beat the duck up on and the instigators win. Everything goes against him. It is both frustrating and ridiculous to read, but I can't stop. Not sure what would be suitable short of going full on Hannibal Lecter at this point.

Or y'know, taking the evidence of your bruised leg and applejack's phone straight to the principle or the police. Also her still having your phone. And pinkie needs to go down too for this, she is completely complicit. The only one of the 6 who doesn't deserve to get severely punished is shy so far.
Anon better find Applebully quick, orrr, call Twilight back and tell her he has Applebutt's phone. Either way, he needs to give her phone back quick.

>mane 6 minus Fluttershy goes to jail
>turns out fluttershy was only so shy because she was constantly surrounded by her psychotic rage-filled bitchy friends
>owes anon a huge debt of gratitude for freeing her from them, lets anon convince her to go on a date and ultimately take the D
>becomes more confident over time due to freedom from shitty friends and newfound sexual liberation/relationship with anon
>anon and fluttershy live happily ever after while mane 5 get raped in prison by dikes
GG good end

I'd be okay with this.
>raped in prison by dikes

Everybody gets what they deserve.
I actually kinda like this...

Probably won't write it, though

File: 465.jpg (141 KB, 490x442) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 490x442

Well I'm gonna keep suggesting endings; eventually you'll have to go with one of them. ItalianAnon, JewAnon, FelonAnon, PinkAnon, FlutterAnon... you'll cave eventually.

or be a good writer and surprise us with something better

The game is afoot
>Having a name like Twilight sparkle
>AJ, PP, FS, RD, Principle Celestia
>Only offset by the friendship part
god damn it,
how about an info end.

>anon comes across diamond tiaras...*insert phone or laptop here* and its filled with blackmail on all of the students and faculty.
>anon copies the data to his phone, sends it somewhere safe, and uses it as a bargaining chip.
>every unknown scandel, every little secret, every little thing that could get anyone to think twice.
>anon then deletes everything on pinkie and twilight since pinkies nice to him and twi, well shes naive.
>we can teach her tho.
>with hard liquor, and rock and roll.
>and dick, he needs love too.
>and our penis. since dick will be busy with one of the girls.
Boopity bomp.
File: 1390353854015.gif (347 KB, 678x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347 KB, 678x470
>As you make your way to your next class, you get a burning feeling in your pocket where Applejack's phone was
>You needed to do something...but what?
>Hmm, that vibration was different, must be a text
>You take the phone out of your pocket and your suspicions are confirmed
>'1 New Text: Rainbow Dash'
>"Hey, you speak with Anon yet?"
>Since she read your text, it's only fair you read hers. Circle of life, bitches
>Now, to respond...
"Yeah, I duct-taped him to a chair. Why?"
>She was quick to respond
"I had to make sure he listened"
>"Still, we need him on our side for this to work"
>Hmm, what's this?
>If that's true, Applejackass was doing a piss poor job of it...
>Still, you needed to find out what "this" was
"Remind me again what we're trying to do? I think I might've got lost"
>Hopefully she bought it
>"How could you have forgotten? We just talked about it the other day! Unless..."
>Shit, this was bad
>'Incoming Call: Rainbow Dash'
>Quickly, you hit "Deny with Text"
"In class. Can't call"
>"It's inbetween periods"
"I'm here early"
>"Whatever. When you're done, could you Applejack's phone back? Thanks."


>"Thanks for lettin' me use yer phone, Twi"
"No problem! Just needed to tell Rainbow you didn't have it?"
>"Yeah, she was supposed to text me somethin' today. Wouldn't want Anon knowin' 'bout it"
"Speaking of Anon..."
>"Come on now, don't go startin' this again..."
"Applejack, you need to be nicer to him. You keep hurting him and it has to stop."
>"Twilight, i'm only doin' this ta help ya"
"And dragging him into the closet was 'helping me'?"
>"I didn't do anythin' too bad ta him..."
"Applejack, I saw the duct tape..."
>"...now y'all listen. That guy's a gen-u-ine creep if I ever saw one"
"I still need to help him. Celestia's orders."
>"Fine. We'll talk 'bout this later"
"Fine. And he's not a creep."
Keep going, you glorious man.
just make him say
"the reason im hesitant of this friendship crap, is cause you bitches keep bittin me. why? i want friends too? "
"i mean, we cant all be perfects like you..."
"but its fine, who would want to hang out, with a, with a loser like me."
do it, bitches love to pity guys.

please don't stop writefriend, thoroughly enjoying this.

Should've used a more subtle question like "how do you figure?" to get RD to start talking about it without raising suspicions
any reason for the disagreement?
Becauase poster was a faggot. Any otger questions you have?
yes, are you a beta as well?
File: 1410227455842.jpg (59 KB, 419x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck all this I would have gone to the principal with the phone and explain what happened and texts.
File: get three coffins.png (177 KB, 320x462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
get three coffins.png
177 KB, 320x462
This writefag has engaged me and lit an ember in me! I feel the fury one feels when they see injustice done and the wicked unpunished!

I need to see this ending. It is a must for me. I need to see Anon ruin AJ, RD, and Twilight. And maybe get Pinkie committed.

Or Anon could just call the fucking cops, which may be the ballsiest thing he could do. You know, go to an authority higher than Worst Principal Celestia.

Or fuck, I dunno, go all Eastwood on 'em. That would be neat. Bonus points if it's the Back to the Future 3 Eastwood

You know, they say that when setting out for revenge you should first dig two graves- one for the target, and one big one for whatever motherfuckers get in your way.
I'm enjoying writefag's story, but I feel the constant need to remind myself that he is writing them WAY ooc.
I wanna see how Anon breaks all of them slowly, making them nothing but shells of what they used to be
File: hallway.png (321 KB, 854x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 854x473
>You're doomed.
>No question.
>If Rainbow Dash knew, then Applejack must've figured out her blunder by now
>And that means she might know that you've text RD from her phone
>Even in the midst of your own demise, you can't help but wonder what Rainbow meant by "need him on our side for this to work"
>You were soo lost in thought, you weren't even looking where you were going
>Or who you were about to slam into
>You and AJ walked silently towards your next class
>You both had it together, Chemistry
>It was easy for you, but your friend needed a bit more attention to pass
>Anon wasn't the only one you would be tutoring
>Speaking of which, you still couldn't believe Celestia took you up on that
>You mentioned the idea to her without much thought, just something you thought of then and there
>You didn't think she would actually consider it, much less go through with it
>I mean, you still felt sorta bad for him. One kick was enough, but you were just so aghast by him taking that shot on RD, you lost control
>Not something that happens often, but by god, when it does, everything goes to hell
>This really didn't help your chances with him, but maybe if this friendship thing works out good...
>And if you can get AJ to stop taping him to chairs...
Anon POV-
>God dammit Anon, you needed to look where you were going. You just took out that girl
>It takes you a second, but the force of your realization of who you just knocked down hit you like a ton of bricks
"Oh shit! I'm sorry, Twilight!"
>Wait, if that's her, then she might be with...
>"What n' tarnation! Anon!"
>Great. Just the girl you didn't want to run into
>Ignoring her, you get down to Twilight's level to help her pick up her pile of books and papers that now occupied a good section of the hallway
"I really didn't see you there. My bad..."
>"No, it's fine! I wasn't paying attention either, ahehe" She replies
>You both stand up to a rather annoyed looking Applejack
I wasn't trying to say that America is good, or even decent, but that anon was literally trying to use some of the only good thing about the US to attack it.
File: 1413583294742.png (93 KB, 205x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 205x213
One must build trust before they can be let in. Walls break easier from the inside...

Yeah, that's also my problem with it; the characters are all so ooc it almost questions the point of the story being about them in the first place. The story is intriguing but as far as MLP relatedness goes they're only the characters we know by name.
I never claimed I was a good writer...

I'm surprised I made it this far...
Actually, now I can only imagine Anon as Marty McFly. And RD is Biff.
Didn't say you were bad. Just need to remind myself not to hate AJ.
>that hand
dear god.
File: 1409954957301.jpg (32 KB, 483x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 483x439
I guess characters are a reflection of the author...

I personally don't care for AJ too much...
One writer will make you hate AJ. One writer will make you love her. Another won't use her. No two writers will write a character the same way.
southerners are just quick to defend and offend.
but get em nice and happy with ya, and they melt like butter.
warm, tasty, apple flavored...Apple bottomed...shapely butter.
This is just a thought, but if I were anon and I really wanted to get back at AJ and RD, I would use Twilight's feeling for me against them. apologize and make yourself seem as innocent as possible in front of Twilight, become completely nonaggressive towards AJ and RD. they would either be too stubborn to stop hating you, or they would begin to believe it themselves. if they continue to hate you tell twilight and eventually this would create a rift between them, then start feeding Twilight half-truths that paint Rd and AJ in a bad light. once you separate her from them talk her into sleeping with you, once she passes out, place a nicotine patch on her arm while she sleeps and remove it before she wakes up. rinse and repeat until she associates the nicotine with being in your presence, effectively making her addicted to you. when she isn't with you she will begin having withdrawals that make her have mood swings and create an even larger rift between her and her friends. divide and conquer.
>Implying Anon would even consider Appleass at this point.

No, we're too far gone.
This is an even better plan than my idea!

>drugging women to make them chemically addicted to you

This may be one of the most autistic things I have read on 4chan.

I've been here for 6 years.
Was going to say abusive, but your comment fits the site better.
File: 1414207889514.jpg (55 KB, 416x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 416x700
>tfw writefriend is kill
Why not both?
File: 1412602492820.jpg (33 KB, 600x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 600x287
Sometimes, I just take a step back, and think to myself "How did this story get this far?"
And then I keep writing and making it worse...
Not yet, but after this post, yes. So sad.

"What wus THAT all 'bout, Anon?" AJ asks
"What? It was an accident!"
>It seriously was, and now you're gonna have to deal with this bullshit...
>"Like hell it was! Y'all just shoved her!"
>"Applejack, it WAS an accident. We weren't looking where we were going. He even helped me pick my books up"
>Twilight looks at you with a thankful smile, while Applejack just rolls her eyes annoyed
>"Alright, alright. Speakin' of accidents, I would like mah phone back"
>She looks to you and holds out her hand
"I'm sorry, but that's not how you ask politely." You say, a smug grin forming on your face
>She looks at you with a disapproving glare
>"May. Ah. Please. Have. Mah. Phone. Back" She says, putting extra emphasis wherever possible
>You pull out her phone, but quickly pull it away as she tries to grab it
"Ah ah ah, I believe you have mine as well. You'll get yours when I get mine."
>Without a word, she grabs her bag and produces one Blackberry,
>"Ah think yer mom called. Ah took the liberty of telling her y'all couldn't care less."
>You can't believe she looked smug for saying that
>Well, two can play at that game
"Are you sure it wasn't your mom setting up our next date?"
>Her face turned pale, then blood red
>Even Twilight dawned a look of horror and disgust after your comment
>"Just 'cause I don't wanna get arrested fer murder, imma pretend you didn't just say that..."
>Applejack storms off, giving you quite the forceful shove, dropping your phone on the ground and retrieving hers from your hand
>Twilight, still looking aghast, leans in closer
>"Anon, why would you say such a thing?"
"What? Did you hear what she said?"
>"You don't know? Her parents died years ago"
>You were building a rifle to aim at her, and you think you just found your ammo...
File: 1409058193433.png (265 KB, 714x897) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265 KB, 714x897
That's gonna be it for tonight, guys. Sawwy again! We might have to start a new thread soon...
...nope. Pretty sure that would not work.

And you're either an awful person or just capable of producing awful things in your mind hole.

G'night m8. You've earned it.
>place a nicotine patch on her arm while she sleeps and remove it before she wakes up.
While the idea behind this is potentially useable, the actual practice of applying and removing the patch without her knowledge would actually be quite difficult.

You can't always know when she has fallen into a deep enough sleep, and more importantly, you definitely have no way of knowing when she'll wake up. People wake up randomly in the middle of night all of the time. The last thing you want is to put the patch on and have her wake up to take a piss and notice it. Having her find out that you've been drugging her will put you in an even worse position than if you had done nothing at all.

What I'm saying is, you should pick a substance with multiple application methods. Drug her using a discrete method, such as slipping it into her food, but have the other dosing methods available in case you can't drug her with your normal method without being caught. It also makes it easier to throw off suspicions, since someone who thinks you've got one method won't be watching as closely for a third or fourth method. And having her friends accuse you of doing something horrible, and then proving them wrong in front of her, is a great way to further widen that rift between them.

Versatility is your friend. Never rely on just one method, especially when it can backfire so easily. Pretty soon you too can drag the girl of your dreams into an abusive relationship where she can't live without you, but still feels dead and alone whenever she's with you.
I've seen that posted here before. Not those exact words, but using the idea of nicotine patches to get someone addicted to having sex with you. Fucked up.
OHHH shit. Anon better apologize or not only is he dead, he's a grade A douche as well.
jesus fuck m8, makin fun of er dead mum
dont apologize, just let it stick.
tell aj shes better without them, without anyone, it makes her stronger.
isolate her from her friends, or, try to distance her from them. just subtly enough that she seems colder, more independent.
then, you move on to her, you take her out to a gun range, get her angry, give her some rounds, and watch her empty it into a target, repeat, but instead, use painful suggestions, how her friends think shes crazy or something.
then, you make yourself look like a kind caring guy, get her to trust you.
then, get into her pants, and finally.
you have apple support.

not the product, if im not clear enough here...
the girl.
you're right, versatility is always best... but that was just the concept.
I am great at coming up with absolutely fucked up stuff, but I would never do this to someone, and especially not Twilight. I may be fucked up but I'm not THAT fucked up.
could still use nicotine. give her gum while hanging out, use nicotine powder in food you prepare for her, and the patch for when she sleeps... if she ever discovers the patch, come up with some kind of bullshit about how it's good for her and how she shouldn't tell her friends....
Well, It seems the two extremes here are do the "right" thing and apologize to to RD and AJ, attempt to sleep with Twi.

Or, the fun way, fuck more with cuntbags and nicotine up Twi.
File: 198.jpg (88 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 894x894

>parents are dead
>make jokes about peoples parents
>get mad when they do the same to you

Glass houses, bitch.
can we just combine these two somehow?
and just fuck up everyone.
True enough. I don't really know how nicotine powder would taste though, or how strong the taste would be. It might be somewhat hard to mask the flavor, though I suppose you don't need to add too much. The addiction doesn't have to be cripplingly strong, just strong enough that she knows she feels better when she's around you and miserable when she isn't.

I don't think drugging Twi is a serious suggestion, though it'd certainly take this story in an interesting direction.
File: q2.gif (27 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 200x200
What if we find some way to expose to the rest of her friends just how much of a cunt AJ is? subtle queues, find ways to get her upset with the humane 6. when she's pissed everyone off, anon swoops in as a nice guy supreme gentleman and protects twilight from AJ's cunt smell. This turns the humane 5 against AJ as she is ostracized and you become the new member of the humane 6. And Twilight's senpai.
lets do it.
lets drug twiliy!
Why don't we just continue being Beta, and have Celestia spy on Applejack because of the bruises there are going to be goddamn everywhere.

Then we can throw spaghetti under her feet while we scoop up twalit and go make book forts together.
The problem with that is we already know AJ and RD are planning something. And we don't know what it is, and who else might be involved. It's far too risky to try to turn everyone against one person when we don't know how the alliances will play out.

Rather than trying to manage five different people, the plan to turn Twi against her former friends is safer and easier because we only need to be focus on what Twi thinks.
but anon, thats not fun.
>>You were building a rifle to aim at her, and you think you just found your ammo...

So let me get this straight: of all the legitimate, respectable, effective tactics Anon could use to get back at his oppressors, which include but are not limited to: going to Celestia, going to the police, using social manipulation to isolate AJ and RD from the rest of their friends, and tying the mane 6 up, dousing them in gasoline, and burning them alive, the brilliant tactic Anon has decided to use is to: make fun of AJ's dead parents?

What the fuck is wrong with this kid?
Playtapus. Deadly beta of the wild
Just strap in and enjoy this ride that the writefag has been generous enough to give us
I don't even give a fuck that AJ is mad, she deserves it entirely.
>What the fuck is wrong with this kid?
He's beta

Writefag should thank us; we're spurring his career as a wildly successful world-renowned author. Without us he never would have gathered the motivation and confidence to become a good writer, he owes everything he will have to us. It begins here. Just like the gypsy woman said.

We are here to support while others complain.. Writefag will deliver greatness. We just have to wait
Fuck that noise, I'm just here waiting for the part where they bang.
Some people actually enjoy a good read. While others just want to get straight the fuck scenes
>good read
>fuck scenes
Some of us are still waiting for both.
But anon this is the punishment of today's school system. 'Two parties get into a fight, both parties get suspended' it dosent matter who started it.
File: 4b3.jpg (46 KB, 432x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im usually a fag for apples, but holy shit you have no idea how much i want to see anon destroying her spirit by making fun of her dead parents
>Violence Jack.
That was great afternoon well spent.
>infuriatingly unrealistic
Clearly you have never had a female principal in your school, most women cannot handle authority.
File: new profile pic.jpg (33 KB, 640x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
new profile pic.jpg
33 KB, 640x627

Nigga, either you'reblind or retarded. More than likely both.
Nice b8 biting technique.
"What? Did you hear what she said?"
>"You don't know? Her parents died years ago"

>You were building a rifle to aim at her, and you think you just found your ammo...
Don't sink to Topcunts level, Anon will not be able to be experience.
File: 1413725955921.jpg (10 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 500x375
File: big book of magic.jpg (234 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
big book of magic.jpg
234 KB, 800x800
Here's a short list of things Anon needs to remember on his journey to REVENGE:
1: There is always a higher authority. If the principal fails to protect you from harm, go to the police.
2: If the principal gave an unfair punishment, explain the situation (IN FULL) to your parents. Shit, if there's one thing that makes those in Academia sweat it's parents going full Ultra-Bitch mode on them and threatening to sue.
3: There is a plot against you! Do not trust any of them! Go nowhere with them! Beyond the required hours you need to spend with them, become a fucking ghost! They can't hurt you if they can't find you!
4: Start wearing a fucking wire, or carrying around a tape recorder because holy shit these bitches be wack.
6: If Applejack tries to sick her brother on you, just talk him down and tell him everything. He's usually represented as reasonable and level headed. He might just turn around and scold Applejack for bringing shame to their famiry.

File: 1413829153129.png (2 KB, 270x81) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 270x81
I await the delicious revenge.
Im so mad I think my hearts in BATTERS hahahalolololol
this pls
Seriously. THIS.
There is also the school board
Let Pinkie keep her knife, she's helped you with it so far and there's no reason to get on her bad side (if she even has one). Tell Big Mac straight away and he'll call Applejack off. Once she sees sense, it'll be that much easier to get the rest off your back. Problem solved and you didn't have to deal with the authorities or anyone's parents, both of which are unreliable factors at best.
File: nigger.jpg (13 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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