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Miss Libussa Thread Number 2
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Last thread >>20218865 died

>What's the purpose of this thread?
ITT we post about everyone's favorite Czech pone. We currently have one writefag that's currently active and 3 drawfags that come from time to time

>Can I contribute?
Of course! Drawfags and writefags are always welcome! Lewd stuff is especially welcome

>Is there a pastebin for the writefag's story?
It's here http://pastebin.com/pA19TNjD
czech pone bump
Taking requests, will draw when I get home in a few hours.
severely underrated thread
the story in the previous thread was great
let's just hope that the writefag will keep delivering
What about something less...direct for starters?
Something that would emphasize her beauty. Something seductive yet courteous. A bit spicy perhaps, but not overly obscene.

How does it sound? Up to the challenge?
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Draw her in this pose
>"She is here!"
>"We found her!"
>"Inform Krok about this!"
>You heard these voices all around you
>The guards were coming towards you from all directions
>You just stood there
>It happened too quickly
>Too quickly to even properly think about it
>You couldn't move
>This was not an acceptable option in your head
>You didn't even consider this happening
>"Miss Libussa? Are you alright?" Said one of the guards
"Y-yes... I am alright..." You stuttered, with a blank look on your face
>"Everyone in the castle was getting seriously worried about you, Miss Libussa! Where have you been, Miss Libussa?"
>Miss Libussa...
>It's funny how everyone inside and outside of the castle called you "Miss Libussa"
>Even this guard, whom you have known for years
>"Ah, that's not important right now, Miss Libussa! The important thing is that we found you! There will be time for questions later"
>Ah, yeah, sure
>You /found/ me
>Your personal achievements were much more important
>Much more important than the fact that somebody went missing
>The king will surely praise you for your outstanding devotion
>/This/ is exactly what you hated about everything that happened inside the castle
>Nobody actually cared
>About anything
>Unless it was something that they could personally benefit from
>"Come with us, Miss Libussa, your father is eager to see you!"
Libussa x Twilight
You have to be fucking kidding me.
Libussa x Premysl
bampety bompy bump
>You followed the guards to the castle
>Your father was standing right in front of the main gate
>Surrounded by at least 50 guards
>He was looking into the distance
>He seemed to be lost in his thoughts
>"Duke Krok! We have found her!"
>These words interrupted all of his thoughts, as he looked at the unit of guards surrounding you
>He looked straight into your eyes
>Oh my...
>His eyes were full of tears
>"Libussa... Thank Celestia you're here!"
>He ran towards you and hugged you
>"I...I was getting worried" He stuttered
>You weren't able to move a muscle
>"A-are you alright, my child?"
"Yeah, I'm fine... Totally fine..." You said quietly
>"Where were you? We all got really worried!"
>Oh shit
>Excuse time
"Uhh... I saw how beautiful the night sky was through my window, so I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful evening... There were no guards around, so I thought nobody would notice..."
>Well, that was better than nothing
>You couldn't believe what you just did
>You let your father get dead worried
>Your own father
>And that was all just because you decided that you weren't satisfied with your life
>You weren't even aware of all the risks
>And not just what could have happened to you
>You didn't think of your own family
>Your sisters!
>Were you /that/ stupid?
"Umm... Where are Kazi and Teti?" You innocently asked your father
>"They are in the castle, sleeping safe and soundly. Why do you ask?" He asked, almost rhetorically, as everything he cared about at this moment was that you were here
>At least you didn't screw up /that/ much
"I just wanted to make sure that they were safe too..." You said the first thing that came to your mind
>"Libussa? Why wouldn't they be safe? Is there something I don't know?"
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All I can do for now, today doesn't seem to be one of the days im good at drawing, and those days seem to rarely happen now
Neuro, even when you don't have your day, you never fail to deliver.
The drawing is absolutely lovely
"No...I just-"
>"Listen, I /need/ to know! After tonight, I don't want anything to happen to any of you!"
"I understand that, but I just wa-"
>"I cannot express enough how important this is to me right now! Look, I understand that you might not feel pleasant talking about these stuff, though, but any kind of help would be more than useful"
>This went too far
>You couldn't have possibly led to this
"But really dad, nothing happened. I just went for a walk. Look, I'm sorry for all of this, I really didn't want to cause any fuss. If there were any guards around, I would have told them that I was going out. But there weren' any guards, so I just assumed that everyone was asleep, so I didn't want to disturb anyone"
>Except that you did just the opposite
>He stood there for a moment, not saying anything
>"Look. I realize that those events that happened tonight may disturbed you to the point where you don't want to talk about them. But tonight, I thought about some things. About our family. How much I appreciate everything my family gave to me. And how /I/ didn't give enough to my family. So I decided that some things will change. This being the first thing. Actually, the second"
>The second?
>You understood all this sudden outburst of emotions
>Your father was prone to these
"Uhh... And what's that?"
>He immediately changed his face expression
>Oh no
>You recognized this childish smile of his
>"I'm going to bring every single pony in Czequestria to the castle for examination!"
Writefag here. What do you think of the story so far? I want to know what should I do in order to improve.
write faster :D

It's actually pretty good. Much much better than if they just had sex and nothing more.

I've just wondered where they got fridges in those days.
what the fuck is wrong with you /mlp/, this shit right here is extremely underrated
Thanks. I couldn't write faster, I was busy with my universitry these days. Sorry for that. I'll try to post more often, but I can't promise anything
"/Every/ single pony?"
>"Yes, every single pony will be examined!" He said proudly
>Well, this time he really went too far
>And now you started feeling really stupid
>Your stupidity will cause a massive, nation-wide investigation
>If only you thought out your words before you spoke them
>If only you thought twice before you escaped the castle
>Well, at least you had /something/ nice that came from this evening
>You smiled at the thought of him
>"We will recruit every single guard that is off-duty to go and bring every single pony to the castle for examination! It might take weeks, even months, but that's the only way I can be sure my family is safe and sound!" Your dad continued to describe his "marvelous plan
>Every single pony
"Uh, dad? Exactly what kind of examination is that going to be?"
>"Oh, don't worry. We'll bring them here and just ask them a couple of questions. We'll ask you if you know anything about them too. But here is the trick!" Your father said the last sentence like a child, revealing his big plan to his friends, "They won't know why they are being brought here! They actually won't even know that they will be brought to the castle! And to assure that the rumours won't spread, they'll be brought here by our special guards and we'll have their memory erased by the castle's top class unicorns after the examination"!
>Oh boy
>Looks like your father's adventurous instincts /really/ kicked in
>That means...
>Premysl won't know that he is going to see you in the examination

This is my last post for tonight. Gonna go to sleep The story will start developing much faster tomorrow. Expect more in 6 hours. Sleep is for the weak. Keep the thread alive.
9th page bump. Don't let it die.
>The days went by
>Every day, you had to sit through these meaningless examinations
>It was annoying as hell
>You wished you had never gone out of that castle that night
>Until one day
>"Premysl!" The announcing guard said
>Your heart skipped a beat
>After all these weeks, you almost forgot
>These exhausting, pointless examinations almost sucked out all the happiness that you had from that night
>And now you're finally going to see him
>He clumsily walked into the room, as he didn't know where he was and why was he even brought there
>You couldn't help yourself
>You chuckled
>He was confused
>He was examining the room
>Then he saw you
>At first, he froze
>Everyone reacted similar to that, so nothing was suspicious
>But then, he ran towards you
>If this wasn't an examination, you would have done the same
>But you know that wasn't possible
>Premysl, on the other hand, didn't know that
>Halwfay through, he hit the magical shield
>He fell down to the ground
>He looked desperately at you
>You couldn't speak, as you knew that if you said anything to him he would get in serious trouble
>You just looked at him with the same face expression you had that night before you two kissed
>At that moment, he realized you couldn't do anything about this situation
>"Premysl! What exactly do you think you're doing?" The guard that was monitoring the examination said
>"I...I just-" Premysl was desperate
>"Say no more! You shall be detained for further investigation! Miss Libussa, I hope you understand that we must do absolutely everything we can to make sure you and your family remain safe!"
>Two guards entered the room, taking Premysl out of the room
>You two were looking at each other the whole time
>You silently shed a tear
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images copy.jpg
12 KB, 232x217

dude muh feels
>"Miss Libussa, are you alright?" Asked one of the guards
>You didn't reply
>You couldn't believe what just happened
>"Miss Libussa?"
"Yes, I am... Alright"
>"Good. The suspect will now undergo futher investigation. Don't worry, Miss Libussa, you and your family are and will stay in safe hands."
>All kinds of thoughts rushed through your head
>What will they do to him?
>Will they torture him?
>Is he going to be imprisoned
>But wait, why should he be?
>In the end, he did nothing wrong
>You could just hope that the guards would realize that too
"Could I possibly watch that investigation?" You said, "With your accompaniment, of course"
>You wanted to make sure they let you there
>You simply /had/ to be there
>"Uhhh, yeah, I guess it'll be ok, Miss Libussa. This way, please"
>You followed the guard to another room
>This one was in much darker part of the castle
>You shivered
>The guard opened the door for you
>"You first, Miss Libussa"
>You entered the room
>The next moment, you wished you had never done that
>On the other side of the room, 4 guards were surrounding Premysl
>Just like that night
>Only this time, the guards were actively assaulting him
>All 4 of them
>"What have you done to her? Speak!"
>"I...I..." Premysl was struggling to speak
>You couldn't take any more of that
>You rushed towards them
>"Libussa!" He finally spotted you
>The guards looked at each other with a confused look on their faces
>"So it means you /know/ her, you filthy piece of shit! Miss Libussa, stay out of this! We will protect you from this scum!" He said and proceeded to punch Premysl
>That was it
>You decided to step in
>You were the only one who was able to stop this
>You came even closer
>"Miss Libussa, /please/! I understand-"
"Stop it! He didn't do anything wrong! I command you to stop!"
>Premysl looked at you
>His face filled with hope as you said that
>"Oh my... Looks like this filthy scum brainwashed you into thinking he did nothing wrong! And I know that these kind of people deserve special treatment!" He said and started to torture Premysl even harder than before
>This can't be happening
>You looked down at Premysl
>You were both looking at each other
>Eyes full of tears
File: sad_frog.jpg (7 KB, 316x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw I'll never have sex with Libussa while this plays in the background
>"Don't worry, Miss Libussa. He is being taken to the dungeon. He can't do any harm to you from there"
"B-but he di-"
>"Now, now. Your father has given us clear instructions and he told us to expect such a reaction from you, Miss Libussa"
>There was no point in going on with this
>You had ti find another way to fix this
>You sighed
>It was all your fault
>"Miss Libussa, your father said that if you were to get upset, we should escort you to your bedroom, where you can rest. Now, please follow us." One of the guards said, and started to walk towards the exit
>You didn't move
>"You have to understand that this is all for your good. Please"
>You reluctantly started walking in the direction of your room
>You didn't need no escort
>You knew perfectly well where your room was
>"Miss Libussa, could you," said one of the guards, as he was trying to catch up with you "wait for us?"
>You couldn't have cared less about them
>After all, you /were/ going to your room, so you won't be able to cause any trouble by that
>As you ran through the castle, all you had in mind was the picture of guards beating Premysl
>By the time you reached your room, you were already exhausted from the running
>You threw yourself on the bed and started sobbing into the pillow
>You couldn't handle anything of this anymore
>You won't just let it go
>You /had/ to find a way to fix this
This shit is still alive?
Autism sure is strong in this one
kill urself
btw when it comes to naming pone for Czech Republic what I think of is Bohemia but Libussa is good.

also... bump
I think bohemia is still considered when it comes for Czech pone (although there are two problems: There are two parts of our republic: Bohemia and Moravia. And our community is connected with Slovakian community).

Libussa is pone for Prague and events in Prague.
>You already knew where the dungeon was
>That was easy
>You knew every inch of this place
>But this time you wanted to have a plan
>You wanted to make sure that nothing will go wrong this time
>The guards were probably guarding both the dungeon's entrance /and/ Premysl's cell
>You won't be able to just sneak past them
>If the situation was any different, you would easily be able to do that
>But now you could already imagine dozens of guards around his cell
>You /were/ a unicorn, after all
>A royal unicorn, that is
>Looks like you'll /have/ to use your special abilities once again
>You sighed
>But this was different
>It was for a greater cause
>For justice
>For Premysl
>You walked out of your room
>You knew a few spells that could be useful in this situation
>Mind control?
>There were too many of them
>No way that you could do that one for so long
>You would also have to open the gates
>But you would have to do that spell three times in a row
>Still, it was the most doable option so far
>Let's do this
>You started walking towards the dungeon
>Staying low-profile
>There it is
>Well, you were right
>10 guards in front of the dungeon's gate
>You wanted to get a better view, so you could pull off the spell
>You were trying to avoid the guards' line of sight, though
>You moved inch by inch
>Just a little more
>Go hard or go home
>You focused on the spot inside the dungeon
>Your horn started glowing
>"Miss Libussa! What are you doing there?" The guards said, as you appeared on the other side of the gate
>You immediately recognized Premysl's cell, as it was the only one surrounded by even more guards
>The guards were already opening the gate, but you were already far ahead of them
>As you were reaching Premysl's cell, the other guards spotted you
>"Miss Libussa! We command you to spot right there!"
"I don't think you're the one in command here!" You said, as you used the levitation spell to put the guards out of your way
>Premysl had his good old confused face expression again
>You chuckled
>Another flash and you were inside of his cell
"There is no time for explanation. Just grab my hoof!"
>The guards were already in front of the cell
"Quick! Do it!"
>Luckily, there was a window in the cell
>You focused, this time harder than before
>"Miss Libussa, we DEMA-"
>You two were outside
>"W-what was that all about?" Premysl asked
"I'll explain everything later. Now, run!"
bump: i care edition
Writefag here. Last post for tonight. Gonna write more in 6 hours. Keep the thread alive.
Thread replies: 35
Thread images: 5
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