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I want to rape pinkie pie.
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I want to rape pinkie pie.
She'll rape you first.
File: 666.gif (1 MB, 260x146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to rap pinkie pie
Kill yourself
impossible, she would like it way to much, and would know what you planned to do before you got a chance to make a move
Surprise sex is her favorite kind of sex.
>You slowly push open Pinkie's bedroom door
>It makes a slight creak and you hesitate for a bit
>She doesn't respond, so you push it open just enough to sneak in
>You tiptoe over to her bed
>There's a rustling in the corner, but when you turn to look you see nothing
>You take a deep breath and grab the covers
>You yank the covers aside
>There's no Pinkie, just a pile of basketballs
>Something pounces down on you from behind
>You fall onto the bed on your back, Pinkie on top of you
>Heeey Nonny~! What were you up to?"
>You have no idea what to say
>"You know, you don't have to sneak in..."
>She leans in real close, whispering in your ear
>"You could have just asked~"
>She quickly pulls a cupcake out of her nightstand drawer and stuffs it in your mouth
>She giggles watching you trying to choke it down
>"Teehee, how do you like special 'Night Time Party Cupcake' recipe?"
>Wait, special night time party cupca-
>In almost an instant, you drift off to sleep against your will

>You wake up in Pinkie's bed, still night time
>You can't remember much, but...
>Wait, did you really do it last night? Did you really rape Pinkie
>...if you did, why are YOUR arms tied to the bedposts?
>And why are your pants still down?
>Pinkie climbs up onto the bed over you
>"Ready for the REAL party, Nonny~?"

Press START to continue

man i miss topf
Start you nigga
File: image.jpg (89 KB, 700x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 700x525
"Hey Pinkie... what's going on?"
>"You tell me, you were the one planning something funny last night~"
>You try to budge, but she's got you tied down pretty good
>Don't worry Nonny, I won't stray too far from your little plan."
>And with that, she crawls down so her face is at your crotch
>She somehow manages to unbutton and unzip your pants with her mouth
>She notices how surprised you are
>"Yeah... I practiced."
>She pulls your pants down with her front hooves
>Well this is awkward....
>You don't even have a boner
>"Come on Nonny... just relax and have fun, like I do."
>She presses her soft muzzle against your crotch
>Yeah... yeah, that's working for you
>Before the dong finishes expanding, she opens her mouth and takes your half-erect member into her mouth
>Once you're fully hard she starts brushing her tongue against your dick
>She presses her hooves down on your waist and starts bobbing her head up and down
>With each movement you feel her soft fur brushing you on the outside, and the warm wet tongue rubbing you inside her mouth
>You feel yourself reaching you limit already
>You dick is throbbing in her mouth, about to release
>When she abruptly pulls out
>She lingers her face over your crotch, her hot breath actually feels good against you
>"Silly Nonny... the party can't end just yet."
>She crawls up to meet your face with hers
>Your dick brushes through her soft fur, down her torso and between her back legs
>"Time to have some REAL fun~"
More please anon <3
>She presses her soft pussy down on you
>The sound of you gasping at the sudden move gets a giggle out of her
>Her hips start slowly grinding against you
>Her bristly fur scrubs you and you feel her get more and more damp
>Both yours and her breath gets heavier
>The pressure of her pressing down on you, the warmth pf her pussy against you
>It makes you wish you could be inside her at this moment
>You start to press your hips up against hers, trying to slide inside her
>She catches on pretty quick
>"Nonny, what are you trying to pull there?"
"Umm... n-nothing."
>She smiles lewdly down at you
>"Admit it... you want to be inside, don't you"
>Well, she caught you. Nothing to hide now
>"Well, maybe I'll let you just this once..."
>She leans in real close, her face almost against yours
>"...maybe in you beg for it."
>She really knows how to get under your skin
>You never expected to be on this end of the situation... not that you're complaining
>You try to think of a way to 'beg for it' that won't release too much spaghetti
"Pinkie... please..."
>She boops your noose with her hoof
>"Please whaaat~?""
"P-lease.... let me fuck you."
>She bursts into laughter
>So much for minimal spaghetti
>"HAHAHA! S-sorry Nonny, it's just.. you sounded so silly!"
>She wipes a tear from her eye and manages to regain her composure, save for the occasional giggle
>You'd think that would have killed your boner, but...
>Damn, you actually want it more than ever
>"Don't worry, I always keep my promises~"
>She lifts her back legs up enough for your dick to stand up
>With her hoof she holds you in place as she slowly slides down...
>And down...
>And down.....
>You're all the way inside her
>She holds her body still for a moment, though her pussy twitches and squeezes down on you
>You feel your whole body tingle as the warmth of her insides wraps around your dick
>She starts bouncing her ass up and down
>Her soft, squishy plot presses against your hips with each bounce
>Her body is warm and her bristly fur almost tickles to the touch
>Her voice slipping out in the form of an occasional quiet moan
>You start thrusting against her
>She gasps at the first push, and she presses her hooves down on your chest

Anyone still lurking?
Fapping m8, yes
Lurking and fapping anon
File: 137782.jpg (67 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"H-hey... did I give you permission to move?"
>She stops moving her ass, but her body is shaking
>She leans down and kisses you, forcing her tongue into your mouth
>The two of you tongue wrestle in your mouth for a moment before she pulls away
>"You know how it works, if you want it you gotta beg!"
>This girl.... really, REALLY knows how to get to you
"Pinkie, please... I want to fuck you harder. I want to be your sex slave."
>A little off-scrpt there aren't you?
>Reel it in before she starts laughing again

>To your surprise, she doesn't find it funny... she finds it hot.
>Another kiss, her tongue once again forcing its way into your mouth
>Her ass is bouncing on you harder than before
>You feel like your hips are going to be crushed, in a good way
>You push yourself into her with each thrust
>Her breath gets heavier, and you can feel it against your face... smells like cupcakes
>Her hoof reaches out, looking for your hand
>Once she finds it, you grasp her hoof firmly
>She breaks the kiss, but doesn't pull too far away from your face
>You can better hear her moans, and you notice she calls out your name more than you thought
>She begins to tighten up a lot more, and you feel it in your whole body
>Along with the pleasure surging through your whole body, you can feel your cock squeezed harder
>It slides in and out with ease as she gets wetter and wetter
>That was more than a moan, she was practically screaming
>She might be close... you and her both
>"Umff... y-yes..."
>She reaches her other hoof for your hand and you grasp it tightly
>One last squeeze, one last thrust, one last push
>She screams out your name as you release your load deep inside her
>Her body twitches for a minute, unable to move or speak
>Se plops down on top of you
Oh fuck this is g8 m8
Please continue
>She slowly unties each hand, and once you're free you embrace her
>She puts her hooves around you as best as she can
>The two of you lay together for almost an hour
"So Pinkie... you okay?"
>"...yeah, I think so."
>She giggles, and you can't help but smile
>She nuzzles your neck, then pulls away
>"Nonny, you should probably head back home. It'd be weird to be caught like this"
"Yeah, you're probably right."
>"Especially for you, trying to sneak into my room~"
>Another boop on the nose
>You get up and head out the door

>As you walkout the front door of Sugarcube Corner, she calls back to you
>"Hey Nonny! Wait up!"
>You turn around just in time for her to tackle you
>she throws her hooves around you and kisses your cheek
>She whispers in your ear
>"Leave your door unlocked in case I want to have some more fun~"
>You stand there in silence as she heads inside, waves to you, blows you a kiss, and shuts the door
>You're drained for the night
>You probably shouldn't leave your doors unlocked like she said

>You'll do it anyways
Can we look forward to a cont. of this?
Done for now, it's getting late. If you want me to continue keep it bumped and I'll check in later tonight. This was my first time writing a "not >no hooves" story, hope you all enjoyed it

Here's a pastebin for you guys
>Keep it bumped
Will do anon.

>CAPTCHA: Ebropone
Boop lets turn this into a pinkie thread until writefriend gets back
Joke's on you, she'll turn it into reverse rape.
Pinkie pie is best pone
It's not rape if she wants it.
Oops, left my trip on.

>inb4 tyrone's guide
Close enough
Can we stop having this thread its making me want to do terrible things to funny pink.
Goos you are of becoming corrupted. Welcome to /mlp/.
No I'm plenty corrupt already its just the things I want to do to pink laughter are outside of even my comfort zone.
Anon I think you're worried about the wrong thing, you should be worried about what pink laughter would do to you.
Why would I be worried about that, I'd literally be down for anything, you have no idea how much I sexualize pink balloon flank
Please hurry writefriend, running out of Pinkie to bump with
i want all of you horsefuckers to die in a fire

it could happen
lel bait
File: 319.jpg (59 KB, 600x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 600x382
christ i'm hard
There are other reasons, but damn, I didn't realize happiness could be sexy until Ponk.
God damn I'm tired af but need this cont
File: 1356366493624.gif (3 MB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 400x400
I can take over for a bit.
go ahead
how can one pony be this sexy and cute

>you will never hear her call you "nonny"
File: 1413613881915.png (229 KB, 559x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 559x331
That'd be great, thanks

>pic related, mfw
Pink sex pls
File: 1413901236682.png (30 KB, 244x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This'll be my last bump for the night, I'm an ausfag and it's 2:30am, I need some sleep.

Keep the thread alive until writefriend comes back, anons.
File: fsp.png (615 KB, 1082x709) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
615 KB, 1082x709
File: 1367638057759.png (310 KB, 1100x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
310 KB, 1100x1000
Writefag here, I'm not kill. I've got some stuff to do in the real world (you know, the place with the people and the sounds and stuff). I'll update later today, sorry for the wait

Here's some Pink Ponk to keep things going
nigga bump
File: 1356367593877.jpg (91 KB, 800x567) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1356365944512.gif (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
File: 1356368390726.gif (882 KB, 413x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
882 KB, 413x448
File: 1.jpg (69 KB, 1136x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Implying she wouldn't rape you first. She is probably the hardest pony to rape aside from alicorns.
Are you me?
File: 1356367605029.png (162 KB, 900x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this gif, but slower
File: 1356401303956.gif (357 KB, 638x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Plz return based writefag.
File: 1356399352316.gif (240 KB, 375x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 375x332
Love this story. Please write for >>20248778 any time.
File: pinkie4.png (554 KB, 562x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1568465423.jpg (37 KB, 359x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How does one rape the willing?
File: 1413414139048.png (83 KB, 700x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 700x456
Okay, go time

>You wake up the next morning in your own home
>Pinkie is cuddling up next to you
>She came back but not for sex... at least none that you can remember
>Does she sell those cupcakes at the shop? Does she use them on customers?
>... eh, whatever. It was fun anyways
>You get out bed trying not to wake her
>You grab some clothes from your closet
>Just a t-shirt and jeans, nothing special going on today
>"Where you going, Nonny?"
>She sits up in the bed, yawning and rubbing her eyes
"Just gonna take a shower. You can see yourself out whenever you-"
>"I'll join you!"
>She hops out of bed and bounces over to your side
"Pinkie, I appreciate it, but I don't think-"
>"Come on Nonny, it'll be fun!"
>She turns around to face you, a serious look on her face
>"Or do you want me to tell everypony about what you tried to do to me last night?"
>She slams her hoof on the ground
>Is she trying to blackmail you?
>It'd work much better if she could stop giggling
>You give in
"Alright Pinkie, come on."
>You head to the bahtroom, her bouncing behind you
Yawn* Good morning Pinkie Pie
Omg pleaze do more i dont get how these people are gods at storytelling but they are
I'm new and I suck cock

lurk more you faggot
>The two of you walk into the bathroom, and she closes the door behind her
>And locks it
>You put your fresh clothes on top of the sink and turn on the shower
>You turn your back to Pinkie as you start undressing
>She gasps when you take your shirt off
>You look back and see her eagerly awaiting to see you naked
>Not surprising since you're the only human in this pony world, and the only one who wears clothing on a daily basis
>They all insist on you going naked, saying it's perfectly normal
>...but none more so than little Pink Ponk here
>You slowly undo your pants and drop them to the ground
>She giggles and tries to cover her face, blushing bright red
>Maybe this is your chance to get her back for 'raping' you last night
>You turn around suddenly as you pull your boxers down
>Your dick is only inches from her face
"Well Pinkie, are you ready?"
>You were going to grab her and pull her into the shower
>But she's already pushing you in
>The water was still cold, but Pinkie blocks your only way out
>You start to shiver
>"You look cold Nonny, maybe I should warm you up~"
>She embraces you with her hooves
>Despite the water being cold, her wet fur is as warm as her body
>She backs you up against the wall of the shower
>"Hey Nonny..."
>She says it in the most seductive voice she can
>The water has heated up so you can't expect a cold shower to scare off your boner
>She leans her face real close to your crotch, close enough for you to feel her breath
>Tickling out of fucking nowhere
Ponk...my fucking kryptonite
>You struggle trying to keep still, but let's face it, if there were an Olympic tickling team she'd be captain
>As you would expect from all your struggling, you slip and fall down
>"NONNY! A-are you okay?"
>You don't respond, you just struggle trying to pick yourself up
>Your silence seems to worry her
>She puts a hoof on your shoulder
>"No no no, don't move, just relax!"
>She starts to panic
>"Should I get you anything? Should I call Twilight? Maybe she knows what to-"
>You put a finger to her lips to calm her down
>.... and to keep her from bringing Twilight
>Her eyes begin to water
>You prop yourself up on your elbows
"Listen Pinkie, don't worry about it. I'm okay"
>"I'm sorry Nonny... I didn't mean to-"
"I know, it's okay."
>She wipes her eyes, her bubbly smile and giggle are back
"Come on, help me up. I still have to actually wash myself."
>In case you forgot, showers are for cleaning yourself, not for horsey tickle attacks
>She puts a hoof on your chest and gently pushes down
>"No no, don't worry about it. I'll clean you."
>She grabs the bottle of body wash in her mouth
>She squirts out a glob into her front hooves, throws the bottle aside, and starts rubbing you down
Well I certainly wasn't expecting that.
>Starts rubbing you down
Oh, can't wait to see where this is going.
>>20286285 i know what you mean wink wink
>She scrubs your whole body, the soap foaming up in her hooves
>She's extra gentle while washing your face
>She scrubs down your chest. down your stomach, down your legs
>Her hooves feel soft, almost soothing against your body
>You close your eyes and relax....
>"Hey Nonny, are you sure you're okay after that fall?"
"Yeah, why?"
>"It looks a little swollen right here."
>You open your eyes to see her pointing right at your erect penis
>....seriously, how did you not see that coming
>Hey Nonny~ You wanna do it again don't you~"
>She giggles as she says that
"To be honest, I don't think I can really move right now."
>You meant it as a joke, but then again you are pretty sore
>She presses your dick gently between her front hooves
>The soap has been all washed off
>She begins stroking you slowly
>You lean back and relax, just enjoying the moment
>Except for the whole 'in pain' thing
>As your breathing gets heavier, she strokes you faster
>A quiet moan slips out of you, and she giggles
>"You're so cute sometimes, Nonny."
>You can't help but chuckle yourself
>She leans down, bringing her face closer to your crotch
>Gimme a heads up before hand, okay?"
>She gives you a wink (with her eye)
>You know exactly what that means
File: Pinkie Pie(8).jpg (105 KB, 900x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pinkie Pie(8).jpg
105 KB, 900x770
Me likey.
U r telling me. temp over 9000 in here right now
File: Swag.png (159 KB, 906x881) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 906x881
Also i meant 2 include this pic
>She opens her mouth and takes your head in
>Her warm tongue gently strokes back and forth
>You can feel every little bump of her tongue
>You reach out and stroke her mane, and she giggles again
>She takes you deeper into her mouth, about half way
>With every stroke of her tongue you feel yourself twitch
>It's not long before you realize you're at your limit
>... oh yeah, give her a heads up
"Pinkie.... I think I'm about to cum."
>As soon as you say that she pulls you out of her mouth
>Pinkie pls
>She smiles
>"No reason, I just love playing with you"
>She lets out a deep, heavy breath on your dick, and you feel the warmth through your whole body
>You lose control
>"It's so much fun teasing you Non-mmPh"
>You wait for the perfect moment to push her back down on your dick
>All you did was push down
>But she starts bobbing her head up and down completely on her own
>The more she gets into it, the sloppier she gets
>An occasional slurping sound slips out, and she even has to gasp for breath
>You pull your hand away from her head and lean back, enjoying the moment
>She lets out a quiet groan and pulls out again
>She looks up at you with a seductive look in her eyes
>A combined look of lewdness and desire... how you imagined you looked when she made you beg
>You put your hand back on her head and push her down
>Once again, she gets into it, taking you all the way to the base in her mouth
>You put the other hand on her head
>She lets out a moan, not of disappointment, but in pleasure
>You tense up and clench your fists
>She seems to enjoy the slight pull of her mane
>As you approach the big moment, you call out her name
"Pinkie... I'm almost there..."
>You almost expect her to pull out again...
>But no
>Instead she presses her face against your body, stroking your cock with her tongue
>She moans out loudly as you tug on her mane, and release your load down her throat
>She holds her face against your crotch until you're done releasing
>Then she very slowly pulls out
>When she pulls out, she leaves her mouth open
>Her mouth full of your cum, she hadn't swallowed any of it
>She wanted you to see
>It starts to drip out, but she wipes it up with her hoof
>She closes her mouth and swallows a few times, then licks the excess off her hoof
>Not a single drop wasted
>She finishes cleaning you, and you shampoo her whole body
>Save for a few giggles from her, the two of you do so in silence
>She got really ticklish when you started scrubbing her
You dry off, turn off the shower, and you get dressed
>"Hey Nonny, I gotta be at Sugarcube Corner for work in a bit... care to walk me there?"
"Of course, Pinkie."
>You ruffle her already puffy mane, and she smiles bigger than you've ever seen

>You reach your destination, and wave goodbye
>"I have some shopping to do later on."
"Let me guess, you want me to join you?"
>She nods excitedly
>"Meet me here later this afternoon!"
"Gotcha, see you later."
>You wave goodbye as she heads inside
>You should have asked her if she sells those 'special cupcakes'.
>You'll get around to it
File: 1363821664785.jpg (196 KB, 1287x722) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
196 KB, 1287x722
No idea what happened to my name there...

Anyways, done for the night, pastebin updated. Don't worry I'll be back tomorrow. I leave you with this:

>Anon and Pinkie going shopping
>Can these two really be trusted to behave in public?
Wow its still such a great story cant wait till 2 morrow
Will do my best to stay up again and keep thread bumped.

This story is fucking glorious
I get turned on, no boner,ive heard of other storys like these still no boner is this normal???
yeah dude just cross your arms... no one will be able to tell you a raging hard on if cross your arms!
So im not normal???:(
>dat writing
Jesus are you russian or something?
Jesus is not russian........or is he
My new head canon.
All i know is that im turned on without a boner i could be gifted.......yay??
I probably cant comprehend what dream i am going 2 have 2 night after reading this;)
File: ydrtfghj.png (169 KB, 732x703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 732x703
This isnt fair idont know about 25% of all of your abreviations and this is one of then can som1 plz explain 2 me this 1
Pregency test.
I think its negative.
Where are you from? These things are pretty common.
File: images-2.jpg (9 KB, 229x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 229x220
Ur moms vag im your brother idiot
something seems fishy
Can be blame Dwight from The Office?
2006-2008blame bieber. 2009-20?? Blame obama i live by this code
Obama is a witch
We must burn him
I don't think I have any more sfw pinkie, oh well
File: 1356367152241.gif (604 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
604 KB, 800x450
File: Upstairs.jpg (108 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 640x360
Horny bump
File: 1356378892727.jpg (69 KB, 879x908) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 879x908
File: Cool_bow_rainbow.png (23 KB, 256x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 256x389
I just gonna chill till next part is written and dont fight guys it makes me wish i could kick all of you
god shut the fuck up you nigger, and take that name off unless you actually contribute content
Wow jist wow man ive heard this so many times im not offended good try tho
It's shit, kill yourself
Nothing is shit here exept your tastless comment which bore me they lack description of almost amy kind so I cant care sorry
It's shit, kill yourself
Im not listening 2 you now u had your chance
It's shit, kill yourself
Stfu kill urself plz
It's shit, kill yourself
You know a thread is good if you have your own based shitposter.
Hey i baked u a pie Me:o boy what flavor Him:pinkie flavor (air guitar)
File: 1356369048309.jpg (150 KB, 800x759) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 800x759
Less arguing, more pink.
File: 1356395838975.png (166 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 500x500
Muh nigga
File: excellent disguise.jpg (137 KB, 1018x838) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
excellent disguise.jpg
137 KB, 1018x838
I Dont see reason in why people start fighting 4 no reason
IKR? It is So mean :((
And wtf does jej mean

pot xex
Does somebody have a large enough iq 2 actualy tell me plainly
File: 1356507302417.gif (327 KB, 2000x1250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327 KB, 2000x1250
Simply and plainy yes
File: chew.gif (621 KB, 455x491) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
621 KB, 455x491
File: 1356367445227.jpg (25 KB, 320x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 320x245
Based writefig plz return.
File: 1356399099677.png (1 MB, 1078x872) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1078x872
Last bump.

Silly willy Anon!

"Snuggle with a Struggle" is one of my favorite games! Now let's dispense with the warm-up and REALLY get down to business!!
Wtf is the writer im now sad
It's been a long day for writefag but not too long for you lovely people

>Later that afternoon
>You walk into Sugarcube Corner
>Pinkie is behind the counter
>"Oh, hey! I was just finishing up, gimme just a minute."
>You patiently wait
>You ntoice a box of cupcakes on the counter
>They each have different color frosting, and are arranged to resemble a rainbow
>Of course
>Two of the blues seem darker than the rest. It reminds you of....
>They're her 'special night-time' cupcakes
>Someone's having fun tonight
>She walks back in and notices you eyeballnig the cupcakes
>She closes the box and ties it shut with a big red ribbon
"So you really do sell those special night-time cupcakes?"
>She blushes and turns away
>"Sorry Nonny, those arent for you."
>She walks up to you
>"...but I'd gladly make a batch just for you~"
>She gives you a wink
>No idea how to respond there....
>"Come on Nonny, we gotta get going before all the shops close!"
>She grabs your arm and drags you out the door
HE REMEMBERED US :) also this phrase is not meant 2 b offensive but TASTE THE RAINBOW MUTHA FUQA
>She drags you all over the marketplace
>You run from shop to shop, getting all sorts of groceries
>Ever since you introduced Equestria to spaghetti there have been more and more pasta stands
>...speaking of which, you're running low
>You try to stop, but Pinkie pulls you away
>"Come on Nonny, the lettuce shop is about to close!"
"Maybe if you hadn't spent an hour arguing with the tomato lady we'd have more tim-"
>You stumble over yourself, struggling to keep up
>You make it there in time and she buys her lettuce
>After haggling down the shopkeeper to half price
>It's time consuming but damn she's good

>After a long afternoon of running around the two of you finally stop to relax
>The two of you find a bench to sit down and rest
>You take her saddlebags off her back and set them on the floor
>You sit on the bench, and she hops up on it, resting her head on your lap
>You can feel her shivering
>Well it is getting late...
"You okay Pinkie?"
>"Yeah, I was just in such a hurry I forgot to grab my sweater."
>You sigh deeply.... you're too nice of a guy
>You take your jacket off and cover her up
>"T-thanks Nonny..."
>She pulls the jacket over her head
"You okay?"
>No response
>After a moment she pokes her head out
>"It smells like you... I like it."
>You pet her soft mane, and she relaxes her head back on your leg
>"Hey Nonny... you trust me, right?"
>You wonder what she means by that
"Yeah, I guess. Why?"
>She looks around, then smiles up at you
>The slides a hoof down your pants
As a Dashfag, I'm not at all offended, I'm a little flattered
"Pinkie, what are you doing?!"
>"Don't worry Nonny, no one's looking, I checked."
"Yeah, but what if someone does-"
>"You trust me.... right?"
>You sigh and nod your head
>Then don't worry, it'll be fine."
>It's not much, but you relax a little, enough to enjoy the situation
>You let out a deep breath as she starts rubbing up and down
>Your lap, and half her body, covered by your jacket, so you're not in plain view
>Then again, the bench is out in the middle of the marketplace
>Most of the shops are closed, there's only a few lingering ponies and shop owners, but still
>Her hoof is gently pressed against you as she strokes you in your pants
>She giggles, realizing how nervous you are
>She gives you a lewd smile, and tucks her head under the jacket
"W-whoah, Pinkie, what are you-"
>You get your answer when you feel her tongue against your head
>Your boner was peeking out the top of your pants giving her easy access
>Imagine how much trouble you'd be in if you were caught
>You'd probably be punished harder seeing as how you're not one of them
>.... the thought kind of makes it hotter
>You put your hand where you're sure her head is, and you whisper out her name
>Wait a sec. This isn't good
>You start shaking her head
"Pinkie, Pinkie."
>She thinks you're trying to push her head down
"Pinkie stop. Someone's coming!"
>She lunges her head out from under the jacket and giggles... if only you could be so carefree as her
>"Hey Pinkie, hey Anon. What're y'all doin out here this time of day?"
oh nothing AJ, just giving Nonny some head
File: 1412531119874.jpg (19 KB, 527x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1297563247421.jpg (30 KB, 376x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Blame this Anon

"H-hey Applejack, w-what are you up to?"
>Stuttering is the universal sign of totally not suspicious, right?
>"Oh nuthin, just finished closin' up shop for today. How about you two?"
>Gotta think of something
>It doesn't help that her hoof is still stroking you under the jacket
>"Oh nothing AJ, just giving Nonny some head"
>Did- did she really just say that?
>Applebutt just stares at you blankly, and quite frankly you can't do more than return the stare
>She bursts into an uncontrollable, snorty laugh
>You an AJ join her
>"Okay, well I gotta get back to the farm, y'all take care now."
>And with that, she trots off

>The two of you sit in silence for a while
>You finally decide to speak up
"That was a close call, Pinkie."
>"Yeah, but you gotta admit, it was pretty fun!"
>Can't argue there
>"Besides, I told you you could trust me right?"
"Yeah, you're right. Still... you need to be punished."
>You pull the jacket over to cover her butt without revealing your lap
>"Nonny, what are you do-"
>You reach over and give her flank a squeeze
Pinkie Pie Rape (or Rapes) Thread - 10/20/2014

Just to make it easier to search for later.
I was the 1 who the rainbow dash comments and i would like 2 say WHOA i like were this is going
>"H-hey Nonny! What are you-"
>You put a finger to her lips to keep her quiet
"Wouldn't want someone to hear us, now would we?"
>She nods her head 'no', unable to speak
>Her face is blushing bright red
>You slide your hand down that round, soft ass of hers and between her legs
>You press your index and middle fingers against her without inserting them
>"Mmh... Nonny.."
>The hoof in your pants begins to tremble, and her body starts to fidget
>One by one, the last few shops close down, and lights go out
>You continue to rub your fingers against her
>Once the last light goes dark, she whispers something
>"I-I.. think that's the last one"
>You smile down to her
"You know what that means?"
>"I-It's just you and me now, Nonny-YY!"
>She makes a sudden squeal as you push your fingers inside her
>She doesn't say anything after, she just shudders
>You curl up your fingers and rub her insides
>She quivers more and more at your touch, whatever you're doing you're doing right
>She undoes your pants to let your cock out
>Her other hoof starts stroking you, both moving faster than before
>You'd push her into a blowjob, but she just got her hooves moving at a steady rhythm
>Let's not ruin this feeling
>You feel her tighten around your fingers
>"Nonny... please..."
"What is it?"
>She pulls away from your hands, climbs down from the bench and lays in the grass on her back
>Her arms are stretched out for you, she wants you on top of her
>Without giving a second though you pounce on top of her
Im must b starving bcuz i really am "craving" this story
>As soon as you get yourself comfortable, you find your way inside her
>With one quick thrust, you push your whole dick inside her
>She gasps loudly, slurring out your name
>Shaking and trembling the whole time she does so
>You push yourself in and out of her, your pelvis pushing against hers
>The feel of her fur against your skin is soft and incredibly warm
>Her pussy is wet enough for you to easily slide in and out, but tight enough to cling to you with each pull
>Between your heavy breathing and her gasping and moaning, it's a miracle all of Ponyville doesn't hear you
>Not to mention all the lewd noises from between her legs
>You can feel her squeezing down, her warm insides clenching down on your cock
>It's as if she's sucking you back in every time you pull out
>"Nonny... Nonny... NONNY!!!"
>She starts thrusting her hips against you as she screams out your name
>You run your fingers through her coat, from her legs up to her hooves
>...for some reason, you feel the need to hold her down
>Her face changes when you start to hold her down... the same look when you forced her head down in the shower
>She actually likes this
>A lot.
>You slam your hips against her harder and faster
>Her hot pussy twitches with each thrust
>You're getting there.... just a little more...
>Just as you start to release inside her, your body suddenly jerks out
>You blow the rest of your load all over little Pinkie Pie's chest
>You lay down in the grass next to her
>She makes no effort to wipe your seed from her chest
>The two of you lay in silence, save for some heavy breathing, staring upp at the stars

>Of course this moment can't last very long
>You see a light approaching
"Shit. Pinkie, do you see where we can hide?"
>"No, but I got a plan."
>She grabs the jacket from the bench and puts it on
>At least she's covered the evidence... which is the most you can do now
>As the light gets closer, it calls out to you
>"....Pinkie Pie? Anonymous?"
>Only one pony still calls you by your full name
"Hello Twilight."
>She shines that horn light of her right in your eyes
>"What are you two doing out so late?"
>"Oh nothing, Nonny took me out shopping a while ago, and we stopped to relax, and we kinda fell asleep."
>She adds a little giggle at the end. Nice touch.
"Yeah, what she said."
>She gives you a look
>Purple Smart doesn't believe you.... but she believes Pinkie
>"Okay, well be careful. You should head home soon Pinkie..."
>She shoots a sharp glare at you
"... You too Anonymous."
>With that, she turns her back and trots away

>You walk Pinkie back to Sugarcube Corner
"Keep the jacket for now. I'll be fine."
>"Thanks, Nonny."
>She leans in and kisses your cheek, and slowly closes the door.
>You should probably head home too
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That's all for tonight guys, more tomorrow. Pastebin updated, keep bumped, yadda yadda yadda

What to expect tomorrow:
>Pinkie and Anon on a romantic, not-for-sexual date
>Absolutely no non-consensual sex here
>Definitely no rape cupcakes involved

>....well, let's not make any promises

Night y'all
>implying bump
File: Pony is for party.jpg (133 KB, 1750x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pony is for party.jpg
133 KB, 1750x1920
Can't wait for the romantic not-for-sexual date

Writefag, you do Gods work.

Seriously though, I agree with >>20283814
you should write for the Pinks threads, you are a deity level Ponks writer.

Again, holy fucking shit I love this story.
Why would you want to rape anyone? How would it be satisfying?
>"If you are not going to rape me, anon. I'm going to rape you... Now run. I like myself a good challenge."
I'm a Dashfag,but this was really good and you really captured pinkie well.

> You strip off your pants and lay butt naked on the ground...
> In the middle of marketplace.
> With everyone staring.
> Lyra just stares at you with mixed emotions.
> Most likely lust and embarrassment.
"What are you waiting for?" You yell. "TAKE ME NOW!"
> Lyra shrugs her pony shoulders and hops on.
> She rides you like there is no 'next episode'
> It was glorious.
> So glorious that every other mare in Ponyville is waiting in line for their 'turn'
> You fuck them all well into next 'season'
Just 1 thing what in the flying faq is going on XD just wow its like i found family

Oh god, what have I done.
My name is still Zombacous from aboce and smartaz but my little faq up cousin said" o look im 13" and im NOT so about felt like ripping his neck but i didnt so ya im still alive and guy right above me u made a montser and id hate 2 b banned again so i took measures
Im gonna go get some coffeee and go to work soon cya

Just a little heads up, if someone reports just one of your trips then all of your trips will be banned.

Oh and for the love of God, please oh please write in coherent English. I feel like I'm losing brain cells reading your posts.
Dude when i came here i heard the rules of 4chan is 2 post excatly as you typed it
>flying faq
feel free to kill yourself anytime.
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>It's been a few days since that night at the marketplace
>You and her haven't really had sex since then
>Maybe pony is no longer for sexual...
>Nah, you'll get around to it

>You're sitting at home watching some stupid crap on t.v.
>You'd change it but you can't find the remote
>Who the hell put the channel on 'Discovery Family' anyways?
>The phone rings, and you're more than happy to get up
"Hello, this is Anonym-"
>"Nonny! What are you doing?"
>Oh, it's Pinkie
>They really need to get caller I.D. out here
"Not really, I was just-"
>"Come down to Sugercube Corner!"
>She hangs up
>You know, it'd be nice of her to ASK if you had plans today
>....not that you did, but still
>You turn of the t.v. and head out

>You get to Sugarcube Corner
>Pinkie pokes her head out from the kitchen
>"In here!"
>You walk through into the kitchen and say hi to-
>Holy shit this kitchen is a mess
>"Great! You're just in time!"
"In time for what?"
Here we go! time for the murderous Twist!

>"Hi. . .did thomebody thay my name?"
get out twist
proof that ginger ponies have no soul either, especially with a name as "Murderous Twist"
Peppermint was just a front for her dark passenger.
Lolololololololol im dyin
File: 1403135890596.jpg (172 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 800x800
>murderous twist

>In time for wha-mmH!"
>You're interrupted by a cupcake shoved in your mouth
>Yeah, you know where this is going
>You sit down so you don't hit your head when you pass out

>You wake up tied down on the counter
>Oh boy, here we go
>"Hey Nonny... you awake?"
>yeah bby now git dat booty redy for this dick
>"Nonny, did you know that there are some places where people eat the flesh of dead animals?"
>This is... kinda hot. You guess.
>"Guess what the secret ingredient in my 'special night-time party' cupcakes is~"
>You thought they tasted extra bacon-y
>"Of course, I hadn't had a really good batch since Rainbow Dash ran out..."
>Wait, what?
>"... and I thought 'Hey, I've never tried a recipe with ~human~ before, and sice you're the only one I figured you were my only chance~"
>At first you were confused
>But it all makes sense when you hear the sound of a starting-up chainsaw
"Pinkie, you mean to tell me you've been slaughtering other ponies and baking them into cupcakes?"
>"Sure am~"
"Does... does anyone know?"
>She rolls her eyes
>"Of course, silly. All of Ponyville knows. They're my best-selling recipe!"
"You're... yuo're all insane! How could you all allow this! There's no way this could happen!"
>"Hey now, Nonny..."
>She strokes your hair
>"It could happen..."
>"...only on the Hub."

This is not the real story btw, but just couldn't help it
You can't rape the willing

>"Our picnic, silly!"
"You didn't say anything about a picnic today"
>"Well then it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?"
"Well, uhh..."
>She's got you... kinda
>"I mean, if you're busy it's okay... I get it."
>She seems a little disappointed
>And to be honest, you have absolutely nothing going on
"Nah, I got nothing. Just surprised is all."
>"Then... that means..."
>She turns around, smiling bigger than usual, and starts hopping up and down
>"The surprise picnic was a success!!!"
>She hands you the picnic basket, which is much heavier than you expected
>"Come on, let's go!"
"Wait, you mean right now? As in, right now right?"
>"Yeah let's go!"
>She runs out the door, and you slowly follow behind
>Just as you step outside she runs back in
>"Forgot something!"
>Just as quick as she went in, she comes back out
>Carrying that cupcake box with the red ribbon
>The box with the 'special night-time party' cupcakes
>.... this will be a fun picnic
File: 1412650465726.gif (2 MB, 500x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x290

Prepare for party.
File: Pinkie approved.png (146 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pinkie approved.png
146 KB, 894x894
plz hurry my boner is dying
>She walks you all the way across Ponyville
>The two of you pass by... oh god.
>"Hey there Twilight! What are you up to today?"
>"Oh nothing. Just doing some... research. How about you?"
>"Nonny and I are headed out on a picnic!"
>"A picnic, huh? Well I'd love to join you, but..."
>She glares over at you
>"I have a lot of work to do"
>Her gaze could blow a hole in a brick wall
>She slowly turns around and walks away
>"Okay, bye Twilight!!!"
>Pinkie continues waving long after Twilight is gone
>You don't even offer her a tip of the fedora
"Pinkie... maybe we should get going before it gets late."
>"Omigosh you're right!"
>She grabs your arm and drags you along

>The journey goes on for longer than you thought you could handle
>You end up on the outskirts of town in a small field on the edge of a forest
>"Here's the spot! You like~?"
"It IS pretty nice out here."
>She smiles proudly
>You put the basket down and she puts the box of cupcakes
>You almost ask if a whole dozen is too much for just the two of you
>But then you remember.... you're here with Pinkie
>You lay out the blanket and sit down, and she sits next to you
>The two of you share a decent, although over-sized lunch
>As much as you miss meat, she makes a delicious veggie sandwich
>You burst into laughter when she takes out the sealed pitcher of pink lemonade
>She joins you in the laughter
>The laughing slowly dies down, mostly because you're both out of breath

>You both finish eating and pack up
"Hey Pinkie, the sun's going down, maybe we should head back soon."
>She's a little disappointed
>"But we haven't even had any cupcakes yet!"
"Don't worry, we can eat them when we get back."
>"Aww, but that's no fun."
>She unties the red ribbon and opens the box
>"Come on~ just one?"
>You give her a smile and a pat on the head
"Alright, just one. Only for you Pinkie."
>She happily presents the box to you
>Wait a sec....
>You recognize that ribbon
"Aren't these the one's with the 'special' cupcakes you made few nights ago?"
>"Don't worry Nonny, I made these fresh earlier today."
>That's not what troubles you
>What troubles you is that they all look the same
>"What's the matter Nonny? Do they look bad?"
"No no, its not that. It's just... you sure there aren't any special cupcakes in here?"
>She giggles, trying to hide her blushing face
>"Relax Nonny, they're normal cupcakes!"
>She grabs one and eats it in one bite... even the paper cup with it
>"See? Just fine!"
>...okay, you're convinced
>You're about to take a bite as she falls over onto the blanket
>You laugh it off, assuming she's joking
>No response
>You poke her belly
>No response....
>You slide a finger between her legs
>No response.....
>She's completely unconscious
Oh my
nominate you to be this boards king man keep it up!
>Writing a Pinkie rape story while watching SVU

Everybody's gettin raped
I laughed WAY more than i should have on the svu thing
>"Can you guess which play we two are g onna play ?!? I will give you a hint: It starts with R and ends on APE !"
>She just accidentally ate one of her own rape cupcakes
>At least, she's acting like it
>You roll her over onto her back
>Her legs spread open on their own
"Hey Pinkie... if you really are unconscious, then you can't really fight back..."
>You lean over her and whisper in her ear
"...no matter what I do."
>No response
>You honestly had no idea what you were going to do, you just wanted a reaction
>Maybe... you've never done this before, but you'll have to figure it out eventually
>You lower your face between her legs, your nerves almost getting the better of you
>You pull yourself together
>Then you slowly drag your tongue along her pussy
>..... still no response
>She is REALLY unconscious
>If you wanted to, you could totally rape her right here and now....

>You look around
>It's getting dark, and there's no one around
>You pull your pants down and take them off
>You lay down on top of her and press yourself against her
>She feels damp, but that's probably just your saliva
>You run your fingers through her coat, up her chest and down
>A cold breeze blows through
>You cling to her but it doesn't help much
>So you take your shirt off and press your whole body down on her
>You can feel her warm body directly against you, a soothing relief from the cold
>Her bristly coat brushing against your body
>The breeze dies down, but you don't want to leave the warmth of her body
>Speaking of warmth, the whole time your dick is rubbing against her pussy
>You dont' want to hold back anymore
>You spread her legs wider, and push until you're inside
So much for "no rape" XD
oh man I hope there's butt stuff
I am all about that butt stuff
>As you first penetrate her, her legs twitch and she takes a sudden sharp breath
>... but she doesn't wake, so you keep pushing
>Her body gives up a lot of resistance, but you make it all the way inside
>You hold still for a moment
>It's less wet and much more tight, natural given the situation
>Almost too hard to even move
>You reach down and look for that right spot
>..... yup, that's her clit
>She may be unconscious, but she can still feel it
>Her pussy quivers the more you rub her clit
>It gets easier to pull out as she gets wetter
>Once you're able to slide in and out, you rest your hands on her shoulders and start thrusting
>As you push in, her body slides on the grass
>The harder you thrust, the more she slides
>...that's gonna burn when she wakes up
>Even in her sleep, she starts breathing heavier, and her insides twitch and tighten as you push
>As it gets easier for you to slide in and out, you start doing it harder
>Maybe a little too hard
>Damn, she's waking up. Gotta think fast....
>The cupcakes
>You reach for the box and grab a cupcake out
>"Nonny... what are you mmH-"
>You hold the cupcake in her mouth, trying not to choke her
>She doesn't bite it, she just licks all the frosting off
>Her head turns away when all the frosting is gone
>Then she closes her eyes and drifts back into unconsciousness
>So it's in the frosting....
>Either way, now you know you have 10 more cupcakes worth of time with her
I coulda sworn i was in the deli isle but its so HOT
cannot emphasize enough
>>She doesn't bite it, she just licks all the frosting off
>So it's in the frosting

...Why do I get the feeling that Ponk is knocking herself out on purpose?
>You roll her over onto her stomach, she's surprisingly light
>You also help turn her head to the side so she can still breathe
>She quietly snores every once in a while
>She's so cute you can't tell if you should be raping her or pinching her cheeks and snuggling her
>You can do both, right?
>You grab her from behind and hug her tightly, burying your face in her mane
>Then you adjust yourself to shove your cock into her
>Something about fucking her from behind feels so much better
>Maybe it's the feel of your hips slamming against her soft fluffy rump
>Or maybe it's the deliciously sweet smell of her hair
>Or maybe it makes the rape feel more real
>Cause the drugged, unconscious body isn't enough apparently
>You thrust harder, making a loud slapping sound that echoes through the field
>Her breath gets heavier, the occasional snore mixed in with loud pants and gasps
>You grab her mane and start pulling, not that she feels it, it just makes things more fun
>You're sure she'd enjoy it anyways
>....what else would she enjoy?
>You spread her flank and gaze at her butthole
>You've never really seen it before because her ass is so round and perky and perfect in every way
>You gently press your pinky finger (lel) against her little hole
>It gives up quite a bit of resistance, but you eventually force your finger in her
>As it penetrates her backside, she lets out a sudden gasp
>Even without her consciousness, her body responds
>The deeper you push your finger, the tighter her pussy gets
>You can feel your own finger inside her against your dick
>You wiggle your finger in her asshole, and it makes her pussy twitch violently
>Oh God
>The moment sneaks up on you
>With a sudden, hard thrust, you push yourself to release your load deep inside her
File: 1396478093839.jpg (365 KB, 2200x1931) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
365 KB, 2200x1931
Butt stuff, a little here but not much. Soon, though, soon

Really? Huh, it's almost like she's deliberately fulfilling his rape fetish as well as her own desire to BE raped
File: 1405181578683.gif (2 MB, 400x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x312

Who'd of thought.

I know right? It's so weird.
Can I has a Prego Pie?
How long before the show goes under and Andrea libman is starving on the street and /mlp/ can crowdsource the funds for her to voice act all of our wildest panka pone related sex fantasises?
File: 1396517990494.jpg (125 KB, 450x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 450x315

Never. She'll easily get a new gig before she has to deal with us.
>You roll over onto the ground next to her
>The sky is dark, only illuminated by the moon
>You really should be getting home, but you're exhausted
>There's no way you could carry yourself, let alone a pony
>You pull the blanket over yourselves
>The little mare next to you lets out a quiet groan, she's waking up
>She puts a hoof around you and nuzzles your neck
>You put an arm around her and close your eyes
>You shouldn't be sleeping out like this, but you'll be fine, right?

>You wake up the next morning next to her in the field
>You're in the same position you were last night, cuddling with Pinkie
>You don't want to wake her, so you just lay there
>Not that that it's all that bad
>"mmm... Nonny, is that you? Where are we?"
"Still here at the picnic site?"
>She rubs her eyes
>"I have to get to Sugarcube Corner for work!"
>She tries to get up, but her legs give out
"Here, maybe I should walk you there."

>You pack up the blanket, grab the basket, then cradle her in your arms and walk home
>"Geez Nonny, what did you do last night, I could barely walk!"
"Sorry, I may have gotten a little carried away-"
>She kisses your cheek
>"Hey Nonny?"
"Yeah Pinkie?"
>"You should play with my butt more often~"

>You say nothing until you get her back to Sugarcube Corner
>"See you later Nonny! Feel free to stop by!"
>She waves energetically as you turn around and head home
>After a night outside in the grass, you could really use a shower
>....and an actual bed
Done for tonight, see you all tomorrow. Pastebin updated

What to expect tomorrow:
No idea. Open to suggestions
Whatever it is, there will be butt stuff
Gimme more LinkieBumBum
Maybe an encouter that ALMOSTS gets them caught by twilight or rainbow dash but even closer this time somehow and butt stuff ;)
And your doing absolutely perfect :) hope u can make more just as good and maybe a part where one of them gets severely injured maybe
File: Oh the Iron E.jpg (69 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh the Iron E.jpg
69 KB, 600x600
So we have had Ignorant Apple Jack, and Asshole Purple Smart. What's next? Jealous Rarity?
Jealous Rarity?


I love how Rarity can say absolute bullshit like that with a straight face.
she has no shame

She doesn't need it.
bump for more
Bump for Days.
And next time some of them might even join them :)
>The crickets were chirping and the sun was setting
>the streets of ponyville were silent and its inhabitants were sleeping
>You carefully walked along the streets, constantly stopping to see if anyone was following you
>thankfully, no one was there
>Soon you arrived at your destination, sugarcube corner
>the building cast a long shadow upon the streets, smothering you in its darkness
>without wasting a second, you hopped on to the gutter and began to ascend towards a single, open window
>as you got closer to the window, the wind started to pick up and tore the fedora off of your green head, tipping as it did so
>cutting your losses, you continued towards the window and finally reached it
>you lift your muscular frame through the window and land with a soft thud on the wooden floor
>your eyes darted around the pitch black room, straining to see anything that was in the abyss
>eventually your eyes adjusted to the dark and you caught sight of a bed
>the sheets raised and lowered rhythmically and a gentle snore filled the room
>it was time
>creeping towards the bed, you cautiously pulled out a bundle of rope from your back pocket and brought it to your chest
>as you got closer, you caught a glimpse of a tuft of fuzzy, pink hair bouncing around as its owner rolled over
>a wicked smile crept upon your face

first time writefagging, should i continue?
File: 1412567764229.jpg (24 KB, 307x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 307x449

take it to livejournal, fag

Keep going Anon. All writefags have to start somewhere.

>You carefully approach the sleeping figure and brandish your rope
>stopping at the side of the bed, you whisk away the covers, leaving behind a naked, sleeping pinkie pie
>you get to work with the rope, weaving it between her limbs and tightening it around her pudgy thighs
>after a few minutes, her eyes start to flutter open but its already too late, shes covered in intricate weaves and knots, ones that even applejack would be impressed by
>panic fills her eyes as she opens her mouth to shout out but you quickly shove a gag in her mouth
>you are rewarded with the muffled moans and screams of a helpless pinkie pie
>you stand back to admire you handiwork, taking a good look at what the mare possessed
>but wait, something was missing, or more precisely... someone
>spinning around, you walk towards the door and out into the creaky hallway
>you head towards a door and open it swiftly, making sure that it made no sound
>glancing over the room you see two foals sleeping blissfully in their little cots
>you had no plans for them so you quickly closed the door
>walking further down the hallway, you quietly open another door and find yourself in the room of Mr and Mrs Cake
>your eyes lay upon Mrs Cakes' sleeping form, taking in the view of her extremely large rear
>everything was almost complete
>Dash a whore
Well i guess theres enough room 4 2 writefags so keep going
File: Jolly Cooperation.jpg (7 KB, 240x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Jolly Cooperation.jpg
7 KB, 240x210
Double Wtritefags? it's time for some Jolly Co-Operation!

>creeping over to Mrs Cake, you once again get out your rope and get to work on her bulky body
>the rope slid between her limbs and body, leaving the chubby mare completely vunerable
>you retrive yet another gag and place it in her mouth, tying it strongly so that no sound could escape her mouth
>happy with your work, you pick up the suprisingly still sleeping Cake and carry her back to pinkie's room, making sure not to wake her husband
>you had plans for him later
>you feel Mrs Cake stirring on your shoulder so you hurry up and place her down on the bed next to the still struggling pinkie pie
>by now, Mrs Cake was wide awake and trying to escape her binds but just like pinkie, she was well and truly stuck
>the 2 mares squirmed infront of you, desperate to escape, but all they succeded in doing was tightening the ropes surrounding them, lodging themselves between every crack in their bodies
>oh what a sight it was
>you stood there a minute, watching the various attempts by the mares to escape, all of course failing
>over time, their coats were covered in a thick layer of sweat and a musty smell filled the room, yet they still continued to struggle and rubbed themselves up against almost anything they could see, including each other
>little nonny was beyond erect at this point and throbbed as you continued to watch the 2 sweaty, desperate mares rub all over each other, moaning as they did so
>their gags were covered in spit as they drooled everywhere, creating a slippery, glistening mess wherever they went
>it was all too much
>you need relief
>you need satisfaction

>you take a few menacing steps towards them, trying to make it as dramatic as possible which succeded in making the mares freeze in place
>their eyes were wide open, their breaths were heavy and ragged and their coats were drenched in sweat
>upon closer examination, you see a sticky mess between each mares thick thighs, squelching as they wriggled about
>slowly, you inch your head closer and closer towards pinkie pies sticky, puffy cunt, breathing in the sweet aromas that the virgin mare was producing
>pinkie clamped her eyes shut, preparing herself for the inevitable things that would happen to her but the longer she braced for, the more she realised that nothing was happening
>suddenly, she feels something come out from beneath her and opens her eyes quickly to see what was happening
>her eyes lay upon the massive whip in your hand
>she braced
>"woops, i almost forgot this!" you exclaim, waving the whip around in the air
>you sprint out of the room and back into Mr Cakes room, locking the door behind you frantically
>you slash the whip through the air, making a loud crack that forces Mr Cake out of his peaceful slumber
>he stares up at you with fear and screams the mother of all screams
>"NO, NOT AGAIN!" he screams as you run after him, slinging your whip at him as he desperately tries to escape

The End
>not tying up Mr. Cake and raping his wife in front of him while he watches helplessly
>not marking him with your seed and claiming him as your own afterwards

I'm super duper unsatisfied.
Sooprise Bump Sechs!
File: michael-rosen-o.gif (3 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 320x240
Sweet Celestia, I can confirmed it looked like a fountain.
Thank you very much, Anonymous writefag.
My nigga
My nigga
can't rape me if i want it though.,
File: 1413850324331.jpg (84 KB, 600x677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 600x677
File: 63e5103.jpg (13 KB, 600x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 600x377
Holding out for this story to turn to pussy eating/facesitting/ass worship
Pinkie Pie butt worship, no matter the cost!

+1 internet if anyone gets my reference.
What happened to OP writefag? I thought he was going to keep writing today?
Hey guys, writing today's update. Expect it all to be posted in around 2-3 hours.
Poll time. which of the mane 6 (excluding pinkie) should have a threesome with pinkie and anon?
Most votes win
Book horse
hi guys writefag here lol u got trolled im not updating story today
Queen Chrysalis disguised as Flutters Kappa
Twilight, since she seems to hate you

I want Applejack or Rarity... please make it so.

Applepie or Marshmallow Pie. Choose one.
>excluding pinkie
>Poll time. which of the mane 6 (excluding pinkie) should have a threesome with pinkie and anon?
>should have a threesome with pinkie and anon?
>with pinkie and anon?
>with pinkie

No Mirror Pool.
You lost me.
File: File.png (10 KB, 931x81) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 931x81
I want to Violently rape pinkie pie in all of her holes, and maybe make a few new ones. What, you thought this spoiler would be something cute, didn't you?
What's wrong with Pinkie Pie having a threesome with Pinkie Pie and Anon?
Nothing, I just didn't think that the Mirror Pool would be involved :X

Never ask that question. Unless people say stop, the answer is always yes. Even then, the answer is fuck you, I'm continuing anyway. Don't be needy and beg for permission to continue. This is 4chan, you do what the fuck you want.
twilight so we can find out why she holds a grudge against anon
It doesn't have to be; Pinkie Pie keeps spare Pinkie Pies all over Ponyville in case of Pinkie Pie-related emergencies.
Lol, now that's something I'd like to see then.

Anon X Pinkie X Pinkie

File: pinkies2.webm (1 MB, 1080x606) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1080x606

Until Twilight murders them!

So what, it'll be an ____ X ____ X Pinkie story then?
Double the Pinkie, double the FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN

Dead Anon X Dead Pinkie Clone X Pinkie

Not really my fetish but I would read it.
File: necrophilia.jpg (112 KB, 600x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 600x750
i'm just going to drop this here...
>mane 6
why not maud?
Yeah i actually did think it would be a cute spoiler, but yours works too.
File: notrape.jpg (35 KB, 600x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 600x350
Yes E>
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