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Between the Seasons part 1 (finale)
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It's been a while, but I'm finally back to writing this.
Last thread from long, long ago: http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/S18178245#p18178245
>You are up all night with the mane 6.
>The determination has never been higher for any of you as you work vigorously to discover how to travel to the world of the studio they call Hasbro.
>That's it, that was the name.
>You can't imagine why you had trouble remembering the name of the studio.
>You know that if you can remember their name, then they can remember yours with no effort.
>After all of the times they passed into Equestria, controlled everyone's movements and added their own voices and sounds to make a TV show, you better believe they will remember your name.
>If they can come here, then you can make it over there.
>Submission is not an option.
>There must be success.
>More success to add onto what has happened so far.
>The time has come where you have grown into a new Spike.
>You finally started to mature into a bold, winged dragon.
>And finally managed to kick things off with Rarity.
>And finally get to go on an adventure of your own.
>In addition to this, you can fly.
>Little by little, you grow a bit more.
>Working every ounce of hope and effort into the progress you're currently making.
>You feel ecstatic, eager to show your creators how much you've changed.
>How proud they would be to see their little purple dragon growing naturally, without the assistance of their studio tools.
>You wonder if this studio is populated by cartoons as well.
>Looks like you'll just have to wait until you reach the other side and find out for yourself.
>It's really kind of silly isn't it?
>All this time, you all have been speaking silently through captions.
>Hasbro has not come back for the 5th season of the show yet.
>Instead, they have been absent.
>Paying attention elsewhere.
>Where have they been?
>Would they just abandon you? And why, if they did?
>No one simply stops working on a TV show they put so much into.
>One can only hope they're just late.
>Behind the curve.
>But there's no way you or any of the mane 6 can have a way of knowing.
>Alone in the dark, with no answer from your creators.
>Can someone come back and verify that the show goes on?
>The show must go on.
>What could that studio be working on that attracts all the effort away from their most popular project?
>This couldn't have been intended.
>They would have come back to size you down again.
>You just have a gripping sensation that they never wanted you to grow.
>They wanted to keep you tamed, under their control.
>They were sure to stay disciplined about that.
>But they've been gone.
>Are you only growing rampant because the shepherds have abandoned the flock?
>Is this the end?
>Have the new projects taken over?
>This is why you must chip in to help the mane 6 find the studio.
>Travel between dimensions.
>Into new universes.
>New worlds.
This looks interesting.
Please continue.
>There are no tasks for you to complete at the moment.
>Being the only two who can physically use magic, Twilight and Rarity begin testing dimension altering processes on randomly chosen objects that had been found throughout the castle.
>The other four girls wait in their chairs, watching the experiments taking place.
>You sit in yours, barely able to fit into it.
>Each of the chairs are reserved for each carrier of the six Elements of Harmony.
>It's an amazing setup, thriving within a castle with an amazing layout.
>The 7 of you crunch the time in as much as you can, trying to crack the code of the studio.
>The goal: to independently travel to another dimension or universe.
>You are now able to make objects disappear.
>Not disappear as in become invisible, but disappear as in enter an inter-dimensional realm.
>Sit in your chairs surrounding the star symbol in the middle of the conference room.
>Twilight or Rarity would levitate each object to the center of the circle and begin to offset it inward from all directions with their magic.
>They don't push on the object with force, but offset it as to where it exists.
>It's almost like pushing all the sides of a 2-dimensional object on a flat surface in a 3-Dimensional universe until it bends upwards.
>Its interior and most surfaces fade from existence, making only fractions of the surface of the object visible.
>It's so thin, it's transparent.
>The object is also smaller.
>If the magic releases it at this stage, the object bounces back to its original state.
>But if the pushing is continued during the hollow stage, the object would instantaneously disappear into thin air while just under half its original size.
>The remaining space leaves the magic force field to finish closing without effort until it bumps into itself and won't continue shrinking.
>The objects are bent through the 4th dimension, and possibly back into the 3rd dimension, but in another universe.
>None of you are able to retrieve them.
>You have no idea where they went, so you can't grasp the objects with magic and send them back.
>A one way ticket to nowhere.
>You eventually run out of objects to test on.
>Upon finding nothing else to use, Rainbow Dash makes a suggestion.
>["How about you send one of us over?"] She proposes.
>["Are you crazy? We don't know what's on the other end!"] Argues Twilight. ["In fact, we don't even know if there is another end! We could have just erased all of those things from existence."]
>["Well we can't just quit. Maybe we could find an alternative?"] Suggests Rarity.
>Twilight thinks for a moment.
["Well the studio can move us into an image on a screen in their world and edit us with tools, but we're still here while they record our controlled movements."] You point out. ["Doesn't that mean they are viewing this whole wold itself through those screens and have a way to stay in their world? They could do this while somehow reaching over the border and have a connection system in between, so they're not trapped on either end."]
>["That makes sense."] Pinkie says.
>["So what you're saying is, we should tie a rope or something around whoever goes to the other end so we can pull them back over to here?"] Rainbow Dash asks.
["Actually, yes. That's what I was going at."] You verify.
>You all take a few seconds to look at each other, seeing if anyone else has a better Idea.
>["Okay."] Twilight finally compromises. ["But, we should test this on one of the objects first."]
>Everyone agrees.
>["But we have nothing else to use. It's all already been used up."] Points out Fluttershy.
>Everyone pauses in realization that she's right.
>Applejack takes off her hat.
>["Ah reckon we haven't used this yet."] She declares, holding the hat high into the air.
>You all stare at her in shock.
>["But Applejack! That's your hat! You can't possibly have such a notion to risk losing something that you've had for so long!"] Rarity protests.
>["It's alright, Rarity. Ah know what ah'm doing."] Assures Applejack.
>She then gently tosses it into the center of the circle of chairs.
>["Do y'all wan't me to go get the rope?"]
>["We'll it looks as though the storm isn't over Ponyville anymore. But it is late."] Says Twilight.
>["It's fine, Twilight. Ah'll be quick. Ah know exactly where to look at my place to find some rope."]
>["Okay."] Twilight answers.
>Applejack stands up.
>["Ah'll be right back, y'all."] She proclaims.
>After Applejack temporarily leaves, the rest of you begin frantically searching for at least one more object.
>Looking for anything.
>Your plan is to hide it somewhere, and then once Applejack returns with the rope, you all can pretend spontaneously find it as though you had overlooked it before.
>Giving up one of your closest belongings for scientific research is a bold move, but none of you want Applejack to lose her hat.
>She's had it ever since the show itself had started.
>It would be weird to see her never wear her hat again.
>And the return of the studio does not hold a higher importance than what makes a character a character.
>Even if it means being stuck with only captions and their word sound for the rest of eternity.
>You and Twilight decided to search the library again.
>This time you are searching for unneeded books, since you are practically looking for anything.
>Last time, you only searched for loose objects, not any books.
>Upon looking through the castle's library, you and Twilight find a book that no one had really noticed.
>The cover reads: ["Words can Speak Louder than Actions. By Lord Enessess."]
>Twilight opens the book, only to find nothing but blank pages.
["Well, that's odd."] You say to Twilight.
>["It is."] Twilight responds. ["I guess we can use this."]
>The two of you head back over to the conference room.
>The others eventually return as well, empty hooved.
>["Alright, girls This is what Spike and I were able to find."] Announces Twilight.
>["You're sacrificing a book? That's very unlikely of you, Twilight."] Answers Rarity.
>["It's okay, the book is blank. See?"] Twilight flips through the wordless pages.
>["That's a weird book. But it'll do."] Concludes Rainbow Dash.
>You all await Applejack's return.
I gotta go eat right now. Be back soon to finish this up.
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>Eventually hear a knock on the main door.
>Twilight opens it to find Applejack with a coiled rope in her mouth.
>As she directs her to the conference room, the rest of you point out the strange book that hasn't been used yet.
>It rests on top of Applejack's hat.
>Of course, seeing the alternative to an unnecessary sacrifice, Applejack chooses to keep her hat and let the book be used.
>The rope is tied around the book.
>Twilight and Rarity begin offsetting the book just like all of the other objects.
>The rest of you leave your chairs and hold onto the rope in a line.
>You, being the strongest and the only one who can establish a really firm grip, take your place in the back of the line as you hold the other end of the rope.
>The loop of rope is also within the shrinking force field.
>Magical tug of war.
>The entire book eventually disappears, but not the entire rope.
>The portion of the rope in the force field accompanies the book wherever it went, but the rest is still in Equestria.
>The seemingly severed end of the rope does not fall to the ground, it is held up in place by an unseen force.
>An invisible portal.
>You all have just created an invisible portal through the 4th dimension and into another universe.
>["Thank Celestia! It worked!"] Twilight silently cheers.
>["Awesome! Now all we have to do is pull it out and it's safe for one of us to go in!"] Exclaims Rainbow Dash.
>You all begin to pull out.
>Will the book remain in good condition?
>Since the book doesn't weigh much at all, pulling it out takes little to no effort.
>You all watch in amazement as the book gradually appears out of thin air.
>Practically being printed back into existence.
>Back into Equestria.
>Not like it has any words, anyway.
>The book lands onto the floor with a silent thud.
>It is in perfect condition.
>The rope is completely intact; it is impossible to visualize the border between the part that stayed in Equestria and the part that went through the portal.
>The test worked perfectly.
>["Yes! The book's okay!"] Twilight comments as she picks up the book and holds it close to her.
>["Ah thought ya didn't care fer that thing."] Questions Applejack.
>["A book is still a book."] Twilight answers. ["Even if there's nothing to read but the title."]
>You feel a bit intrigued by the nature of this book.
>It's theme is centered around the use of words, yet when you open the book, there are no words to be found.
>Is the book's theme really about irony?
>The name of the author catches your attention.
>Who is Lord Enessess?
>This so called Lord must be from some far away land.
>How else would none of you have heard of him?
>Your train of thought is halted by Twilight's next caption.
>["Alright. Now that we know it's safe, one of us has to go through."] She reveals.
>You all look at each other, internally deciding who you want to draft for the experiment.
>Who to step into the unknown.
>For science.
D-don't stop.
>["Hasn't Pinkie already done this kind of thing before?"] Asks Rainbow Dash.
>You all look over to her.
>["Yeah, but I only made it to the credits. I'm always bumped back to here once they finish."] Pinkie Pie answers.
>["Ah reckon this is a new thing for all of us. If ya ask me, ah don't think there'll be any floatin' credits on the other side of whatever we just created."] Claims Applejack.
>You make your decision.
["I'll go."] You declare.
>Everyone appears to gasp.
>["You? Are you sure, Spike?"] Asks Twilight.
>You feel a cold feeling on the inside.
>Trying to pull you out of this burning sensation that you are the one who must be the first to explore the unknown.
>But the strive overpowers the fear.
>Nod, slowly and boldly.
>There's no doubt that you looked insanely heroic while doing so.
>Especially considering how much you've grown in the past three and a half days.
>You are becoming the hero.
>But more achievements are needed for this to be officially confirmed.
>You know what you're doing.
>Twilight nods to you in acceptance.
>["Okay."] She solemnly projects.
>You begin to smile a little.
>It's a bit forced, but nonetheless, comforting.
>After a brief moment of inaction, you stand.
>You have been sitting next to Twilight's chair.
>Glance over at Rarity.
>She is gazing at you with a with an uneasy aspect.
>She appears to be in a state of shock, nearing tears.
>Overwhelming concern.
>She springs up and gallops over to you.
>["Be careful, darling!"] She warns as she embraces you.
>Hug back, realizing the danger you're about to face.
>You really don't want to let go.
>It's as though she'll be the last thing you'll ever feel, if you don't make it back alive.
>The rest of the ponies look at you two.
>Surrounding you.
>["Come on, already. We don't have all day."] Urges Twilight.
>Rarity lets go of you.
>You instantly feel cold.
>Released into the winter of science.
>It doesn't take long for you to get the rope around yourself.
>You tighten it.
>Extra tight to make sure you'll be able to come back.
>And you tighten it a third time for Rarity.
>There's no way you're taking any chances of slipping free.
>You are coming back.
>Stand in the center of the 6 chairs in the conference room.
>Isolated on a round stage, into the spotlight of inter-dimensional exploration.
>Surrounded by striking emptiness, before a circle of chairs.
>And then, your friends.
>It's time.
>Twilight and Rarity wrap their magic around you.
>It's so electrifying.
>You can even distinguish the difference between which half is Twilight and which half is Rarity.
>Twilight's is an aura that firmly wraps around you in a protective manner.
>Shielding you, like a guardian.
>A guardian who has been teaching you and watching over you since you had been hatched.
>Hatched out of an egg from the mystery dragons that are your parents.
>This guardian takes this protective position much better than any dragon could.
>Providing affection, not like that of a lover, but that of a guardian.
>Rarity's magic feels more magnetic.
>Attracting and clinging to you, as though you are the guardian.
>An aura of somepony that needs you in their life.
>Someone who sees an echo of their soul in you, an impact.
>A different kind of affection than that of a guardian.
>The affection of a lover.
>It is at this moment in which you confirm that you have won her feelings; her heart.
>Despite being a dragon, you made something desirable out of yourself.
>The magic offsets you inwards.
>You don't appear to change at all, but instead, the environment around you stretches outward.
>Your surroundings warp, somehow opening holes.
>Out of the holes spawn the same color patterns and shapes of everything outside of them.
>As though your surroundings had an infinite amount of copies of themselves in tiny pockets.
>Suddenly the conference room disappears.
>A completely different environment surrounds you.
>You see mountains of twisted metal and other strange objects.
>It appears to be nighttime.
>It suddenly occurs to you that you can't breathe.
>Something is wrapped tightly around your neck.
>Suffocating you.
>You see a caption:
>["Over here, guys! I swear there's random stuff appearing out of nowhere."]
>You have no idea who it is.
>You try to claw off what is suffocating you.
>A leash.
>As you try to work your claws under it, you notice something else.
>They feel pudgier and furrier.
>You faintly recognize this feeling.
>["Oh my gosh! It's another dog!"] You see the caption out of the corner of your eye.
>The claws you used to have are now paws.
>You're a dog.
>You only have seconds until suffocation.
>Feel yourself get tackled to the ground.
>["He's choking! He's choking!"] Says another caption.
>Teeth can be felt gnawing at your collar.
>["Hurry, boy! We're gonna lose him!"] Says the first caption.
>["*muffled*: I'm trying! I'm trying."] Says the second.
>The collar is freed from your neck after a couple more seconds.
>Gasp repetitively in silence.
>You survey your surrounding.
>It becomes apparent to you that you're in a junkyard.
>Like a whip, the chain leash that was connected to the now broken collar that suffocated you is pulled into thin air.
>Into nothingness.
>You look to your left.
>Beside you stands a dark red dog.
>It's a rather large dog, and probably a full grown golden retriever (minus the gold).
>You look at your own form.
>Wouldn't you know it, you are exactly the same size as this dog.
>A bit furrier, but the same size.
>You appear to be a siberian husky.
>["Wait a minute, I think I recognize you."] Says the red dog.
>You look at him, questionably.
>["You're… Spike! I do remember you!"]
>You immediately recognize him.
["…Garble?"] You silently blurt out.
>You can't believe he's a dog.
>["Wait, a minute. You know who this is, boy?"] Says another caption.
>Spin around.
>You find a large, pale and gray man with large arms standing in the moonlight.
>He's wearing a red vest with a white t-shirt and blue jeans.
>He looks about in his mid 20's.
>It's clearly Rover.
>["Yeah, I know him. He's from that other universe I told you about."] Garble answers.
>["The one you came from?"] Asks Rover.
>["Yes. I told you it's real! I think there's another version of you there where you're a dog."]
>["Me? Ha! That's hilarious."]
>["It's true! You, Fido and Spot are all have to be dogs over there! And I get to be a dragon!"]
>What on earth is happening here?
>["Hey Fido! Are you hearing this? Garble's telling us that there's a parallel universe where we have to be dogs and he's not."] Rover calls to his friend.
>Parallel universe.
>It's already starting to make sense as to where you are.
>An even larger man appears, this one is slightly more blueish skin and more reddish hair than Rover.
>It's Fido.
>You can't believe what you're seeing.
>["Ah. Quite an imagination that poochie's got, eh? Did you put something in his dog food again?"] Fido responds.
>You decide to interject.
["No, it's true! I just came here from Equestria!"] You point out.
>["Equestria?"] Rover turns to Garble. ["Isn't that what you called that so-called parallel universe?"]
>Garble nods.
>Rover widens his eyes in shocking realization.
>["That must be the place the studio made before we all came along."] Fido interjects.
>There is a brief pause.
>["You know what this means, right, Fido?"] Rover points out.
>Fido nods, barely noticeably.
>You turn to them.
["What does it mean?"]
>["The mirror."] Fido explains. ["From the movie? You were there, right?"]
>They're reading your thoughts like a book.
["For the movie? Yeah, I was here."]
>["What was it like? I never got to be a part of it!"] Garble complains.
>He has a hopeful look in his eyes.
["Well, I didn't get to do much."] You reveal. ["I wasn't a very important character… yet."]
>It dawns on you that you have come a long way.
["Where can I find the mirror?"] You ask.
>["It's in the school, just a few blocks from here."] Discloses Rover. ["I'm not exactly sure where, but I am absolutely sure that it can't be anywhere else."]
>You squint a little bit, internally analyzing the possible challenge that could be faced.
["Have any of you figured out how to go through the mirror?"]
>["I did once,"] Garble reveals, ["After the end of the production of one of the most recent episodes, I kind of snuck into Canterlot. I just wanted to ask Princess Celestia if she could recommend to the studio for me to start having roles again. I just didn't want to feel left out anymore."]
>You raise your eyebrows in subtle surprise, but stinging empathy.
>This situation is all too familiar to you.
>["I was just rummaging through some stuff in this big room, and then I tripped. I knocked over a few things, which made all these sparkling lights and stuff start flying everywhere. I then fell into the mirror, and then here I was. I still can't figure out how to get back. But the Studio would end me if they find me here. So I have to lay low anyway."]
>Could the mirror still be there?
["Alright."] You sigh. ["I got an Idea. If I can find that mirror and pass through it, I could finally make it back to Equestria. I just came from there."]
>["Go on…"] Rover says.
["I can tell the others back there that I came here, and I can come back so you can make it back to Equestria, Garble."]
>["Is it worth it? I've noticed that the Studio's been focusing a lot more of their attention over here nowadays. And they didn't even pay much attention to me even when Equestria was the only universe for us to live in."] Garble explains. ["For example, they've left us text to speech mechanisms from some kind of typing program or something. This allows us to be able to speak with sound. It's not here right now, though."]
>Raise your eyebrows.
["You mean sound sound?"]
File: 1403447350206.jpg (89 KB, 2400x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 2400x1600
["Oh, sorry. Back in Equestria, we consider silent captions to be word sound and everything else sound sound."]
>["Oh, that's clever… I guess."]
>Maybe you can obtain something like this.
["Well I should hurry. My friends still don't know whether I'm alive or not. What's the fastest way to the school?"]
>["Right down that road. Just go a few blocks and you should reach the school in no time."] Fido reveals, pointing down a street.
["Thanks. You guys have been a big help. I… um guess I should get going, then."]
>Rover nods to you.
>["Good luck… friend?"] He says.
["Thanks. And yes, we can be friends if you want. Just because we're against eachother in the eyes of the studio doesn't mean we can't be friends in reality."]
>Garble turns to you.
>["It was… nice meeting you again, Spike."]
["Same back to you, Garble. I promise I'll make it back to Equestria and come back for you."]
>["Thanks. I guess I'll see you again soon."]
["Soon."] You conclude before nodding the other dogs off and turning to the street.
>With a jolt of your legs, you bolt down the street.
>Short reunion, but you'll see them again.
>The street lights become passing blurs as your intense running speed kick in.
>You never imagined dogs to be this fast.
>Getting around as one of these things should be no problem in a town like this.
>Right over a fence.
>It shocks you how easy it was to get so high and far into the air.
>Race around the alleyways with striking velocity and agility.
>This terrain is nothing but a playground for you.
>Nothing stands in your way.
>Rush past houses, pushing them behind you with your sleek, but built physique.
>Your only thought is to make it back to Equestria.
>There's no way of telling how long it's been.
>And how long it will be.
>The distance is nothing.
>Finally, you make it to the school.
>It took less than 5 minutes.
>That's the good news.
>But as you approach the school, a wave of bad news hits you upon your cursed arrival.
>In front of the school, you see three girls holding onto eachother, crying slightly.
>Their skin is all the same light blue color.
>Immediately recognize one.
>Rainbow Dash.
>There are two more.
>One with a darker blue ponytail and another with magenta and purple hair.
>You've never seen either of them before.
>But there's no time to question it.
>Trot up to them all, hoping at least Rainbow Dash will recognize you.
>The crying cannot be heard as you approach them.
>The three of them notice you almost instantly.
>["S-spike? I thought you were just in the school? What were you doing out in the streets?"] Rainbow Dash asks you, wiping tears from her face.
["Rainbow! Are you the Equestrian one or from here?"] You interrogate, low on time.
>["From here. But you didn't answer me. What were you doing in the streets?"]
["No, no no. I came here from Equestria. Don't you remember me?"]
>Her eyes become wide.
>["WHAT? But… you've been gone!"]
>["That's what I thought!"] Says the one with the magenta and purple hair. ["Didn't you tell us that?"]
["Wait, gone?"] You question.
>["Yes. The studio drafted Equestrian Twilight to come back here for the second movie."] Says Rainbow Dash.
["There's a SECOND movie?"]
>That's what the other dogs were talking about.
>They were referring to some second movie, which makes sense since the first one had been so long ago.
>["Yes, there is. They made a human twilight, too. And since you disappeared months ago, they had to make two more Spikes! We thought you were gone after we were secretly told what actually happened to you. The studio thinks their computers just glitched."]
["Oh… wha… whoa…"]
>So much to take in all at once.
>["At least something good happened."] Dash mutters to herself.
>But you can see the caption.
>Something happened over here.
["So, are there any new villains in this new movie?"]
>The third light blue girl speaks up.
>["Um… yeah. I'm actually one of them."] She answers you.
["One… of?"]
>["There's three of them."] Dash explains.
>["Yeah. I'm Sonata Dusk. It's, um, nice to meet you. Probably not the best time for this, but why not?"] Sonata greets you.
["Hi, I'm the real Spike."] You turn to the second girl. ["What's your name?"]
>["Mystery Mint. I'm kind of a background character with very few lines."] She answers you.
>Aside their hair, they're both the same colors as Rainbow Dash.
>In both the light blue skin and purple eyes.
["So why is this a weird time? What's going on around here?"]
>["It's been horrible, Spike! They're going to delete the mirror! It gets destroyed in the movie and the studio is going to delete it because they no longer have a use for it. And that's not the only thing."]
["Oh my Celestia! What else?"]
>["They've been thinking about deleting me and the other two Dazzlings, too!"] Sonata adds.
["The other villains? But why?"]
>["We might not ever be used agin! I heard that they were going to do this with every character that isn't going to be used anymore."] Sonata continues.
>["So ,with that happening, the three of us decided to try to do something about it. Since we all kind of look alike, we wanted to be like sisters or something. We wanted to convince the studio to make some kind of spin off with us all being related to eachother. This way, Sonata would be able to stay, meaning the other two Dazzlings would need to stay because they're all supposed to be a group."] Dash explains.
["And it didn't work?"]
Holy fuck this is getting good.
>["Our plan backfired."] Mint joins in. ["Our idea was rejected in a heartbeat, and the studio saw that they made us all look similar without realizing it. They recently said they're going to proceed to delete Sonata, or at least change her colors so she looks different whether she likes it or not. They ignore me since I'm a background character."]
["What? Why? The studio's our saviors and creators! I don't understand why they would do something like this. This isn't like them!"]
>["You did get here from equestria, right?"] Sonata asks you.
["Yes. I'm trying to find the mirror so I can get back. That's why I'm here!"]
>["Maybe you can sneak in there and find out if they deleted it yet."] She says.
>Please don't let this be true.
["You mean… they might have already deleted it?! It's my only way back!"]
>["We don't know yet. You need to talk to Twilight and her new human counterpart for any kind of answer."] Rainbow says to you. ["They're the only two who could know. We three have been hiding from the studio since the whole deletion thing."]
["I don't know what's going on with our creators. They would never delete or change the things they love. We… are the things they love, right?"]
>["Oh, I just realized! How am I going to ever see Sunset again! The studio's keeping their eyes on her all the time, now. If they see me, I'm a goner."] Sonata says with a worried look on her face.
>She's still silent, but you can tell that if there was sound, her voice (whatever it is supposed to sound like by whoever voices her) would be shaky and contorting.
>You can match that kind of tone with the look in her eyes.
["Sunset? She's still around?"]
>["Sunset and Sonata have become really close friends since production on the second movie started. But they can't see eachother since all of this started up. Ever since she found out that the studio's planning to delete Sonata and her friends, Sunset has been really distraught. She's taking it pretty hard."] Rainbow Dash reveals.
>All of these things you're suddenly hearing are striking you right in the heart.
>You've been gone for months, there is another Twilight, these new characters are desperately trying to hold their lives together in the face of the studio and the mirror's most likely gone forever.
>Why do these things happen?
>The pain and anticipation inside of you amplifies to staggering amounts.
>You could burst at any second.
>The mane 6 must have been so heartbroken that you've been gone for so long.
>It took too long for you to transfer over to here.
>There's definitely some kind of a time warp involved in traveling through dimensions.
>Or something like that.
>All you know is that you need to find the mirror and find it now.
["Where's Twilight?"] You ask, anxious to know.
>["She's most likely in the school. She likes to stay there when the studio's not around."] Dash tells you.
["I need to go there. Maybe I can help you all with your problem."]
>["Please do."] Sonata begs you, now in tears again. ["I don't want to lose my life! It was so short. I… I just don't want this to happen."]
>Look over to the school, the lone symbol of hope.
>Now is the time to buckle down.
>Now is the time to be upset.
>No longer can you let these things spiral out of control.
>Look back to the three sky-blue girls.
>Reveal to them the plan you are forming as these events are taking place.
["Look, the studio won't know my whereabouts. They don't know I'm still alive. I can just sneak in there with worry of being deleted."]
>["Oh, my gosh… this is perfect. If you can be reunited with Twilight, she'll know that there's a way to make another portal to and from Equestria, whatever it may be."] Dash estimates.
>["Please. Go there now. You're the string of hope one can only pray for!"] Mystery Mint conveys as she lets Sonata rest on her shoulder.
>You feel a surge of courage within you.
>This is it; your adventure.
["I shall. You can count on me to help you. I promise I'll be back."] You declare.
>["Thank you, Spike. I'm so happy to finally see you again."] Responds Rainbow Dash. ["Goodbye for now… and good luck."]
>She smiles.
>A tear creeps out of her eye and rolls down her face.
>She wipes it away, probably hoping you didn't notice, and then helps Mint try to comfort Sonata.
>Sonata, Rainbow and Mystery Mint are all the same color skin and eyes.
How did I not notice this?
File: EpicCanterlot.png (2 MB, 2024x1265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2024x1265
>These are hard times.
>Slowly turn away.
>The three wave to you as you trot away.
>Nod back to them.
>Then, you approach the school.
>You haven't even been here for 20 minutes, and your adventure has already spawned two tasks.
>And they will be completed.
>Whatever the cost.
>The school looms over you as you walk up to the front doors.
>They're wide open, due to some event happening in the building.
>You stand in the shadow of the building for a few seconds, absorbing the tension that floats thick in the air.
>It's time to go.

To be Continued.
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/EtpDQXQy
Sorry to end this so soon, but this just happened to be the finale to the entire chapter.
I'm not sure if anyone remembers this story, but I started it back in June and got sidetracked for a while.
I'm brainstorming for the next part, which should come sometime soon. Where do you Anons think I should take this story? I'm open to discuss it.
That was so good. Why won't you continue it now? This story can go places.
I guess I could try to start the next part now, but it doesn't look like there's anyone else here right now. Are you the only one here?
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