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ITT: How you became a brony.
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ITT: How you became a brony.
>be me
>stumble upon pony video
>think bronies are faggots
>2 years later
>I said "why not" and watched it
>Liked the first 2 episodes
>kept going
>watched Party of One
>turned into a brony
>be me
>Ponies still were not a huge thing
>See them from place to place
>thread on /b/ about trolling in youtube comments
>decide to join
>go to episodes 1-2 of Season 1
>get distracted watching the show
>enjoy it
>Watch every other episode
>Proceed to post ponies everywhere
>found bondage porn of Celestia
>jerked off to it
>hmm, where did that come from
>find show
>enjoy it
>2 years latter i find you faggots
>felt at home the moment i walked in
>play TF2 for hours on end
>bunch of fucking bronies spotuing shit like "Dear Celestia" and posting dumb sprays
>friend is annoyed too
>friend decides he wants to see what the big deal is about finally
>friend turns into brony and pushes me to watch it
>watch first episode
>tell him it's not my kind of show
>continue watching episodes keeping it a secret from friend
>get deeper into the fandom
>friend now spouts pony memes like "20% cooler"
>tease friend about his new interest
>oh god this is actually turning me on, what the fuck
>watch new episodes with ponyfag communities and masturbate to the porn
>2 years pass by
>friend thinks bronies are the scum of the earth now
>still my little secret
I became a ferrari
>be me
>1 month ago
>friend becomes a brony
>I want to troll him with something pony related
>couldn't find anything
>decided to act like the enemy to know the enemy
>watched the a episode to learn about the enemy
>then another
>then the first season without realizing it
>season 2
>John de Lancie as discord
>realize that I am now a brony
>a week later I couldn't find any good porn
>went on R34 and looked up ponies
>that was 3 weeks ago
>fastest life changing experience

>2000 + 11
>On /x/ reading about stupid shit that never happened
>Shitposting pony thread by some queer
>What is
>Ah, but why
>Oh, okay

Thus ends the tale.
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Back to Ponychan with you

You must mean back to /co/

>be me
>Doctor Who just finished their season and is mid-hiatus
>pining for something to watch
>roomie watches ponies but keeps it fairly low-key
>have seen the .MOV series but had no context for any of the characters
>decide to start watching episodes with a cup of mixed vodka
>becomes a habit
>laugh during Bridle Gossip and get hooked
>ponies now fuel my alcoholism
>me being me
>on 4schlong
>someone mentions MLP
>check it out
>like it
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Fuck off, none of us are bronies here

>be me
>young, always been a pervert
>in one of my many escapades into furry porn, come across some pone every now and then
>just smut, dont even realise it's from something
>friend of mine posts on facebook about mlp marathon
>Watch show
>discover hype
>Autism for a few months
>really only into it for the smut at this point

It's funny how you end up back at the reason you ever got into it.

You are still a brony if you like the show. Even if you're putting being a faggot at the forefront of your personality in an attempt to hide it.
>Was a furfaggot
>Saw other furries posting MLP stuff
>Got curious
>Stupid phase for a year
>Realised my autism levels
>Stopped being as autistic
>Stopped being a furry
>Stopped interacting with "the fandom"
>I only watch the show and visit /mlp/ because people here seem to be as cynical and intolerant as I am and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
>Now 20

Slasher science for me
No, bronies are autistic manchildren who worship the show like it's a goddamn religion. We're ponyfags

I fully agree with this anon.
File: 1354748611280.png (865 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
865 KB, 700x700

>Implying it isn't a goddamned religion

You're just the regular kind of fag. You know how Celestia feels about those.
File: this is my jam.png (80 KB, 320x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this is my jam.png
80 KB, 320x316
>be me
>practically live on gamer blogs like Joystiq, Destructoid and kotaku
>find this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egrlzkKa6O8
>and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJbAT1wzS8U
>that looks kinda cool.jpg
>watched eps on youtube
>my little face when

>implying we all weren't bronies once
>Implying it matters
None of us are bronies anymore, and that's the important part
>get more involved in the internet
>hear about bronies. dont think much of it
>more and more ponies on deviantart
>start to get a teency bit annoyed
>decide to see what the fuss is about
>watch "Wonderbolt Academy"

>2 days later i clop for the first time.
>Walking around my house cause the hell not
>hear the weirdest shit from my older brother's room
>go in
>watching colorful cartoon ponies
>wtf is this shit
>turns out he isn't a fan, he just watches it cause why the fuck not
>I end up becoming obsessed, but realized the power level one must hide
>slowly tried to back out
>season 2 finale
>Welcome to Mr. Bones Wild Ride

>fast forward to season 4
>browse /mlp/
>I clop sometimes, power level is mostly secret
>I stopped watching the show, and will probably never will again, hearing how the season ended
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It goes back to Season 3, anon
I blame MAS and RDP.
>be me
>be a /vp/oreon
>bored one day in early 2011
>go to /b/
>find "mods are asleep post ponies" thread
>Wonder what the fuck /b/ is doing with that show
>see tons of "/)" and shit-tons of pics
>Ask fatass coworker what the deal is with /b/ and mlp
>"it's the damnedest thing nowadays. they're called /b/ronies. pretty good show otherwise"
>Decide to check it out
>mfw basic cable so no HUB
>See someone is streaming one Saturday morning
>"Over a Barrel"
>hated episode with a passion. nothing made sense, character motivations were shit. song was shit. apple tree in bed? what the fuck?!
>still unsure what the big deal is
>wait a few weeks, figure that had to be a fluke.
>figure there has to be a reason why this show is popular with men.
>try another stream to give it a second chance
>Party of One
>enjoyed episode immensely
>went back to coworker next day
>he's wearing a pinkie shirt
>tell him i liked it
>shows me his fist
"w-what are you doing, anon?"
>it's called a "bro-hoof", you in?
>was scared he wanted to fist me
>went full autism for about a year, shirts, brohooves in public, almost bought a fedora, went to CG 2012, the whole shebang
>found /mlp/ after a while on ponychan
>learned how to lurk
>lost my autism, lost a bit of weight, still have the merch, rarely flaunt it nowadays
>been watching for 3 years now
>Ponka is best waifu
File: 1400344489172.jpg (125 KB, 450x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 450x315
>be /b/tard
>really a lot into flash animation
>already had been exposed to reaction images
>actually thought they were OCs, really good ones
>come across a pony general
>thought it was cool
>realize it was an actual animated series
>Instant brony
>all the episodes in one night
>next day was the exact same day sonic rainboom aired
>wait for friday
>still waiting for friday to come
>there will never be another friday
>be /co/mrade
>hype for new MLP show
>watch every S1 episode the week it comes out
Get on my level, scrubs.
>Browsing /b/ on weekends because I was an edgy faggot in uni
>Subtle references to ponies everywhere
>Finally see thread where people are posting colourful horses
>Check out thread
>Thread deleted
>New thread pops up
>Get curious and lurk because nothing else was going on
>Find out these colourful horses are banned because they're pissing everyone off
>Next weekend
>Pony threads unbanned
>Lurk to find out what this is
>Find out it's MLP
>People praising it as best new show
>Remember my cousin liked it when we were kids
>It's not new, they must be trolling me
>Hear a couple people call it Friendship is Magic
>Okay, this must be the real name
>Google it
>Links me to the MLP wiki page
>The fuck
>Read about it
>Lurk threads for a while because I liked the colourful horses
>Also only threads where OC is being produced
>Next weekend lurk the threads again
>Someone posts link to first episode on youtube
>Watch it
>Not that great of a story but I want to see how it ends
>Watch second half
>Was okay, not great but okay
>Next weekend lurk pony threads again because /b/ sucks now
>Watch third episode
>Was okay again
>Watch fourth ep because bored
>Holy shit that was great
>This is where most of those macros are coming from too
>Marathon up to episode 9 before bed
>At Flutterguy part have to pause the video because I'm laughing too hard
>Haven't laughed that hard since Futurama
>Oh shit. I like this show. I like this incredibly girly show.
>Be me
>Find out about bronies
>Tell a friend
>We begin making fun of them for some months
>One day get curious about why adults like this
>Watch first 2 chapters

some months later
>Talking to that friend
>Tells me I should make my next project about fandoms
>decide to investigate about Unsullied, Whovians and Bronies
>I should watch some episodes just to see why they like it
>find out about /mlp/
>gradually lose my social life as I'm forced to see this shithole over and over until I became a horsefucker
>watching new hub network channel
>commercial of mlp
>think show is going to be shit
>1 year later
>agreed to watch one episode
>kept watching episode
>became sexually attracted to show
>horse fucker
>Start a few years back
>Little sister is watching the Hub because I ban all things Disney in the house
>Catch one of Spike's episodes
>I like dragons
>Watch episode and really like it
>Go out of my way to "watch" TV with sisters to find the show again
>Don't end up catching it
>Lose interest slightly
>Fast foward a year
>Entering new school and end up at a pep rally
>Looking for friends and find one kid I know from Honors English class
>Talk to him
>Notice all the icons on his ipod are ponies
>He explains that their from mlp
>Intrigue increases
>Friend of new kid comes over
>His ipod has Soviet Dashie as the screensaver
>Intrigue peaks
>Find an episode online and watch
>Watch every single episode that weekend
>Ponies become my inner voice for a good week
>Surprisingly okay with it
>Tell new friends
>Realize I'm called a horsefucker
>Learn about this fandom and soon /mlp/
>Divert a little from /k/
>Becomes nor/mlp/erson over /k/ommando in less than a week

>Now staying for the FR and funny youtube videos
>Actually buys merchandise like a faggot more recently
>Has even converted a few unfortuanate souls and brought them to this website

Where did I go wrong?
>see HUB
>like it for Batman TAS & Transformers
>have breakfast one morning & see mlp fim
>"Lel, that gay ass show I had to sit through when my sister had her tv time?"
>watch opening theme
>peripheral vision begins to blur
>there is only the happy brightly colored smiling characters on the tv screen
>technicolor horses are love, technicolor horses are life
Gtfo newfag
File: 1359538890002.png (73 KB, 298x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 298x301
>see ponies everywhere online
>eventually start watching it
>like it
>have autism brony phase
>find glorious pony porn
>/mlp/ is made
>lurk from time-to-time
>taught the wonders of mare pussy and deepen my level of horsefuckery
>[fandom drama intensifies]
>eventually accept /mlp/ as my home
>the ride never ends
Did we all go through that extreme autistic phase where we were like the bronies we so very hate? /mlp/ curved me of that, but I fear for my life if I never came here.
I know how you feel. When I was a junior and a senior in high school I publicly revealed I watched the show to my classmates.
I cringe hard now that I even considered doing that.
When I first got into the show, I ranted and raved all about tyrantlestia and trollestia to one of my friends

I die from the disease of death every time I think about it.
If it weren't for /mlp/, I'd still be a bro hoofing faggot lol'ing at mlb

If it weren't for /mlp/, I'd still be fapping to humans
/mlp/ is the reason why I cant still get laid
Humans are cliche anyway
I certainly had that initial excitable phase when I began watching the show (even going to mylittlebrony).

I never bought into the whole love and tolerance hugboxing though. So I reckon most who at least somewhat think like that would probably eventually make their way here at some point.

One thing /mlp/ did actually do for me though was show me the sheer levels of hypocrisy and utter faggotry that was beginning to run rampant throughout much of the fandom.
I suppose it was inevitable anyway...
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240 KB, 894x894
>be me
>no real opinions of ponies
>'they exist, so do niggers, not use crying'
>derping on the youtube
>keep seeing this video of strange looking thing, but see ponies in it
>ignore it for while
>months later, watch video, discover discord
>look for more and find eurobeat brony discord
>look for more and learn all about discord as of S2
>fast forward until couple of weeks ago
>semi interested in show, still not enough to be called much
>lurking through 4chan, same shit
>go to /mlp/
>find lots of threads, knew what to expect
>find lots of favorite pony threads
>spent a few days determining favorite
>find thread of that pony
>became writefag on whim and now want to watch more of the show
>realize after word 25,000 I am now a brony
I regret nothing
>Gf tells me about this show she's watching
>Demands that I watch an episode.
>I delay for as long as I can, finding any excuse to avoid technicolor ponies.
>Finally cave and watch an episode.
>Within a month Twilight Sparkle became my waifu.
Are you me?

Also, link to the porn please.
>>Saw my little sister watching my little pony
>> call bronies faggots and trolled their forums
>> went on until February 2014
>>I wondered why bronies like my little pony
>>I tried the show
>> got hooked
>> here I am now a closet brony all my friends and family though still think I hate bronies

Also when I was still trolling bronies I jerked off to the porn.
>mid 2012
>Best bro is a brony.
>Don't really care for the show, just that he doesn't shove p0nes down my throat.
>He does say from time to time that I'll "join the herd."
>Laugh it off.
>Fast forward to later.
>Watching horror movies, can't remember what it was.
>It was decent, I didn't get too spooked.
>Fall asleep at one point.
>Wake up at the scariest part, where I'm sitting on the couch, eyes wide open and paralyzed in fear.
>Flick the TV off and hide under the covers like a pussy.
>Shaking like a lil' bitch.
>Also have an irrational fear of the dark, makes it even more scareier.
>What'll help?
>M-Maybe...funny videos?
>What about MLP?
>Decide to watch the first episode.
>This is actually bretty gud.
>Watch MLP episodes until dawn.
>be me mid 2012
>see a doc called : I, brony on youtube
>think its gay at first but am intrigued
>proceed to watch the episodes
>like it alot
>watch them all up until the end of S2
>become a brony hugbox fag on deviantart
>finally discover the fandom from that
>lurk and learn
>eventually come here after watch a pone thread simuator around may 2012
>been around ever since.

tfw no good VA drama since mandogate

tfw when it will never happen again.
Get over yourself.

How did your began hating my little pony?
Fuck you
Bronies are fucking faggots.
>picked up A Pony for Every Season DVD at Goodwill last week
>Figured what the hell. Let's see what's so great about this shit
>Got to Keep Calm and Flutter On
>Discord is fucking Q from Star Trek:TNG

Now I'm hooked and currently trying to find decent fanfiction.
>some thread on /co/ catches my attention.
>my little pony reboot
>watch first 3 episodes
>holy shit I love pinkie pie

Seriously, my favorite character from season one on.

>Be me
>Wake up
>Turn on FagTronTv
>Remembered that I was watching some movie or whatever on the Hub last night
>It was showing a new episode of "My Little Pony"
>For some reason I recognized it immediately
>Probably because of the ponies
>The episode was "Dragonshy"
>Don't give the show a flick of my time, turn the channel immediately
>Bout a year later
>Watching random Portal 2 videos on Youtube, since I got an addiction to the shit
>Run into a video where Ponka was a core
>Run into another video where it was Rainbow Dash on tank with Groose's theme in the background
>Actually like the shit
>Didn't realize it was pone, tho
>Later that year, run into videos of this guy, a "non-brony", watching MLP videos and commentating over them
>Was like a Cr1tikal sort of thing, but he wasn't Cr1t
>Liked these videos
>Ran into some videos of Molestia
>Found it fucking hot
>Go to the blog on Tumblr and clop for the first time to Molly
>Decide to check this thing out
>Saw a few episodes on the Hub
>Actually liked them
>Only watch random episodes on Hub, however
>Never completed Season 1, or saw Hearth's Warming Eve to this day
>Watch Season 3
>Truly become a "brony"
>Start of season 4
>Discover /mlp/
>Quickly become a writefag and a Horsefucker

And that's my story
File: _20140816_214407.jpg (35 KB, 740x119) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 740x119
During a break from highschool - summer, I think - I had a week or two home alone looking after the livestock while my parents went to our timeshare in Hawaii. Since no one was around to care and electricity's cheaper at night, I adopted pic related sleep cycle.
I cooked a mishmash of rice, cheddar, & meat, and decided to turn off the Judas Priest so I could stimulate one more sense by streaming something on Netflix. I saw FiM on Recently Added, and remembered hearing about it - mostly bitching about the cancerous fans. I figured I'd give it a shot.
Twilight's exasperation at Spike's limited vocabulary when he was taking her letter to Sunbutt in the pilot sold me, since it mirrored 90% of conversations I had in highschool. In retrospect, it wasn't THAT funny, but sleep madness and an energy rush from late night adrenaline + rich food made me giddy at the show. And the ride never stopped... A couple days after I ran out of episodes, I started consuming fan content. The ride hasn't stopped since, though it's taken me until the next season starts to finish the second half of the previous season since 3. Mostly because I hate cringe comedy.
>spring of 2011
>friend convinces me to go back on 4chan
>browse /b/
>ponies everywhere
>blow it off as weebshit
>over time start to find people getting butthurt over cartoon horse hilarious
>decide to join in the fun
>watch episode one just to get an ideea of what to shitpost about
>alright, let's watch episode two
>okay pretty good ending, now onto episode three
>by episode five I started to realize I like the show
>watch all of season 1 over 3 days
Some bronies are weird. They usaly cum inside pony plushies. lawl
>hear about ponies on other sites never thought much about it
>find pony music which I kinda liked
>superponybeat's art if the dress remix made me into a brony______
>binge on season 1 and what ever of what has aired of season 2 at the time. I think I got on the ride 6 episodes into season 2

Been here ever since oh and ponies got me into all kinds of fucked up fetishish... Not that it's a bad thing
Jesus fuck.
>mfw I'm not a fucking horsefucker/clopper
Season three made you a horsefucker? Is that even possible?
First-person Twilight Sparkle stories that balance action and character development well and have sequels that are also worth reading:

Stories about changelings with a political angle:

Entertaining single-chapter story:

Stories that are kind of shit but should be read at least once since other works frequently reference them:

You now have some reading material.
Yeah, that's when I really got into the show and obsessed over it
Season 3 is still my least favorite season. Jesus fucking christ S4 bounced that shit out of the water.
>be me
>2012 in year 12
>a grill is talking about some pony show and insists it's good
>dismissed this as bullshit
>mid 2013, on break from uni, marathoning all of the shows I never watched while I was at school
>ran out of shows
>came across a pony version of 'You're gonna go far kid'
>decided to marathon the show while hammered to laugh at it
>actually enjoyed it and still enjoyed watching it sober the next day
>watch first pony.mov video
>hahahaha that's funny
>well, let's why in 75chan everybody loves ponays
>watch first ep
>wtf this is too cheesy
>week later
>ok let's see another ep
>several episodes later
>omg I love ponays
>I didn't clop until two years later I think
>I'm a special snowflake
yes anon, i'm you

been 3 years since i last saw it
Replace "Party of One" with "Lesson Zero" and you've got it. They're both great, though.
Just wondering if we were brought in by the same porn.
File: mustang2fast.gif (3 MB, 411x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 411x423
>be me
>read OP post
>is ponychan down?
>wtf is this shit
>glad im a ani/mlp/hucker

at least im not a brony
File: image.jpg (721 KB, 4000x3210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
721 KB, 4000x3210
We still call ourselves bronies?

no we just have an influx of bronies atm becuz their boards suck and are slow
File: 424145.jpg (543 KB, 1754x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
543 KB, 1754x1800
>Watch the pony invasion/massacre on /b/ in early '11
>Yeah ok this is just a new form of shitposting cancer-whatever
>Ignore it for the rest of the year including 4chan for a while
>Have somewhat of a life until late 2011 when my buddy brings up horses one day on our lunch break
>I laugh at him and say I don't believe he really likes it
>Says he's serious and that he lurks pony threads and that I should give it a try
>Laugh it off for a couple months
>But one night decide to find an episode
>Accidentally load up S2E1
>Watch as far as the opening sequence
>Not even being caught looking at porn have I slammed my laptop closed as hard than the time "MYLITTLEPONY..." blared through my speakers
>Say fuck it and don't even attempt to continue
>Friend keeps bringing up if I've watched it every now and then seeing if I've actually given it a chance
>Another friend of ours also brings up the pony topic
>Says that he likes it as well and that I really should give it a try
>Says its like an animu
>Something we used to nerd out over years ago
>Can't believe all my friends are into pony
>Around late Jan 2012 Original Pony Friend comes over for a Friday night of drinking and smoking
>Sometime during the night I agree to watch the new episode premiere with him in a few hours
>Episode is starting
>"Huh?! Now, careful Derpy!"
>Friend loses his shit and goes bonkers over the gray pegasus babbling on screen
>He runs to my laptop to fire up 4chan
>Proceed to watch the madness unfurl
>Think to myself this pony shit is serious business
>Decide to give it an honest shot this time
>Start with S1E1
>Took around five or six more episodes for it to really sink in with me
>Friend keeps coming over on the weekend so we can watch the new premieres
>Find a pony stream a couple months later around the last couple episodes of S2
>Get really hooked to the place and community that blossomed around it. /mlp/ too
>Still on this godforsaken ride 2 years later
>No end in sight
>Send halp
Some of us do. I imagine we're getting past our insecurity about the term. Of course, there are also a lot of newfags around, who will hopefully learn to lurk more.

And then there's this faggot. Le kewl txt speek is not a good way to communicate on 4chan, and if you speak in it, you hardly have the right to look down on anyone else.
>be me
> get fucking pist at the sight of the show(also hostile takeover of discovery kids)
> few years past
>hear the word bronie a few times on Enet. the soup
> get curious
>watch things about bronies
> watch episode to see what the hub bub is about
> fall in love with the show
>think how fucked i am if anyone i know finds out
> watch every episode till caught up( s4 ep7? maybe)
>find my self on a hated and stereotyped demographic
>humiliatingly realize hating on people like that is fucking cruel and pointless
>learned the true feeling of tolerance
gif related
>Be me
>Friends get into the show when it first starts
>Witness them go through their autism phase
>Figured I'd probably like the show since I like cartoons and girly shit,yet for some reason I didn't try it.
>Friends all stopped being bronies as fast as they started.
>Fastforward a few years
>Hear new friend talking about season 4 premiere
>Remember mlp exists
>Decide to finally give it a shot
>Holy shit I love it

>mfw I managed to avoid my beyond autism phase
of course fears are irrational anon! thats what makes them so scarry, :3 dont put yourself down just because you fear the unknown face it head on applied directly to the forehead. gotcha :3
>hating people like that is pointless

Wise words. I think you may still be a bit of a faggot, though. Work on your spelling and don't make such a big deal about liking the show.
Nah, I think a lot of people here started calling themselves bronies again in response to the whole tumblr drama where SJWs kept on insisting ponyfans not call themselves "bronies" because the word had become "tainted".

There was also that whole "official pony thread" rebirth that happened a while back when some anons decided they liked the culture more back in the olden days of /b/ and /co/ and wanted to return to that. It didn't last long at all.
>Not even being caught looking at porn have I slammed my laptop closed as hard than the time "MYLITTLEPONY..." blared through my speakers

Sides are now in orbit
File: 1372374213168.jpg (260 KB, 940x529) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 940x529
I wish that thread's influence had lasted. We would probably be wiser for it.
Was a Phoenix Wright fan. Watched Turnabout Storm.
you got a link?
Unfortunately no, but it would be an interesting coincidence, wouldn't it?
I'm tired of faggots like you who think I'm from Ponychan.
I found a place for you >>>/hm/
1. what the fuck anon? what i d to you?
2. didn't make a big deal about the show, it just tough me something most don't bother to learn?
3. i give about 0 fucks on my spelling on 4chan, k?
4. what the fuck?damn
5. 10/10 hurt feelings :(
u mad bro? :3
File: image.jpg (101 KB, 1136x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 1136x640
>be me on bo2
>playing with friend, clan tag "MLP" and has Rainbow Dash emblem
>"the fuck bruh not you too"
>"dude watch the first episodes and come back to me with the same mentality"
>go offline
>search "watch mlp fim episode 1"
>find on dailymotion.com
>nightmare moon, oh no.
>"Hi I'm Twilight Sparkle, what's your name?"
>"I'm flut.."
>"Didn't quite catch that"
>*unintelegible squeal*
>Been watching ponies ever since, waiting on season 5
Worst thing was it doesn't instantly go into sleep mode and the theme kept playing for several more seconds
File: jo5syiu.png (816 KB, 894x698) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
816 KB, 894x698
>be me
>be 2011
>be complete autistic internet gay furry on funnyjunk community
>shudder now even thinking about it
>ponies came up, first hated it, then liked it, etc.
>bought merch, wore 20% cooler t-shirt
>go on /b/ and lurk pone threads
>go on ponychan
>/mlp/ is created, realize my errors and repent
>got other friends to be ponyfags
>/mlp/ made me realize that people can be cynical and deep and like retarded and cute things at the same time, and to live the hypocrisy
>don't even watch the show anymore
>haven't seen an episode since early season 3
>still have steam avatar qt twilight best pone
>feel like I've moved on, but still want to watch all of the episodes one day
>I still go to /mlp/ every single day and keep up with the drama
>/mlp/ feels like a tv channel that I can turn on and be a part of the community and watch from a distance at the same time
>ponies have been in my life for 3 years and they feel common place, but I don't like them as much any more but they still define me
>I only lurk because I am scared that my posts will not benefit anything
>the world would be the same whether I post this or not
>can't remember the last time I posted
It was meant to be useful advice. The word faggot means next to nothing here, don't overreact.

Honestly, it sounds like your best course of action would be to lurk more.

>Knew about MLP for a while.
>Shit watched G1 when I was a kid. Broadcast TV was a bitch.
>Friend discovers MLP:FiM.
>Makes me shotgun the whole series with her over the weekend, season 1-3.
>Only breaks for food/liquor/piss.
>In revenge, show her all the pony.movs and ask Pinkemenia blogs.
>This is the future you chose.
>Birthday comes up, get her Pinke Pie & Derpy vinyl figures.
>Mine comes up, she gets me Vinyl and Rainbow Dash.
>Fuck am I brony now?
>Writefag a Vinyl/Octy/Anon story and a few others on a whim.
>Goddammit the ride never ends.

Living the dream of having a 7/10 fuckbuddy who likes ponies I guess? The only negative is her insomnia, I've seen far far too many sunrises for my liking.
O... thats right. sorry bout that anon. thanks for the advice and reminder if where i am. sorry for jumping the gun
>it me, anon
>mindlessly watching youtube poops
>see a couple with ponies in it
>thinks"it's must be the new baby show on the block"
>pay no mind and more utube poos
>run across trollestia
>kek this must be a extreme version of the ruler
>see molestia, question how the hell come to that depiction of the ruler charter of the show?
>listen to reading of molestia, character sound cool
>watch show, like show, goto to bronycon convections
>now brony
Your sins are forgiven, my child.
Yeah, I did. I don't really regret it that much, but I would act differently now. My friends made fun of me when I talked about it and stopped when I stopped talking about it after I lost interest.
>Also have an irrational fear of the dark, makes it even more scareier.
Giggle at the ghosties!
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 269x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 269x187
>Be me
>Be 2011
>be 16
>It's the night after my birthday, and I had just gotten an ipod touch
>Using youtube app
>Come across a pone video on the featured list
>Watched it, meh.gif it was alright.
>Next week
>decided to look into the pony thing again, watched Applebuck season
>Woah goddamn, that was awesome for a kid's show

That's when the ride started and I haven't been able to get off or slow down since.
>be me
>watch episode of my little sconey to see what the hub-bub is all about
>think it's fucking gay and turn that shit off and call bronies wanky little nerd betas
>2 years later
>watched episode again, didn't like it too much, but it had moments
>too be continued? fuck that, watch the next one
>nice ending
>continue watching more episodes because of a top rament on Lé Reddit saying that the first two eps aren't like the rest of the show
>watch the episode where rarity is icarus
>this flash is crunk, fo shizzle!

>probably would be considered one once i started going on 4skin
>Erf's fluttershit story
>TMPony's reliving the magic
>bumping life into up-and-coming generals
i held it secret like a nasty fart in an elevader full of hot chicks till it past.
mfw i think of if it ever got out
>be me
>may 2011
>osama bin knocked the FUCK OUT
>days later
>find a video by taiwanisntacountry or whatever
>it was made the day of osamas death
>had bluefast saluting against a murican flag
>ask "what anime is this in comments"
>discover horsies
>watch pilot episodes and the gay wet mane sleepover
>became a horsefucker
Oh, and I came to /mlp/ after checking out 4chan's home page a couple weeks after I moved from perusing /tg/'s archives to the board itself. Couple more weeks and I started posting.
File: Untitled.png (2 MB, 1674x987) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1674x987
>October-ish 2011
>Really into Cyanide and Happiness, watched all of the videos and read all the comics
>This video pops up
>What the hell is that green alien dog thing
>More suggested, it's mlp
And you can probably predict the rest.
Forgot link
File: goyreckd.png (48 KB, 424x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 424x487
>mid 2011
"Hey friendo"
>"ayyy lmao"
"I'm tired of this MLP shit. What is the appeal!?"
>"i dunno"
"Lets watch it at the same time, we'll open up skype and determine. I wanna know what all the fuss is about."
>"aight coo"
>first two episodes are awesome
>every episode following is shit
>stockholmes syndrome myself into liking the show looking for the good episodes
After over analysis I found I don't even like the show anymore. Over rated, a step in the right direction for childrens television but definitely not the messiah.
I fucking love the music in the background of this.
Just like when you slam off of porn. I feel for you bro.
I should have a problem with you asking what -anime- in the comments. However you were right for calling it that. Unfortunately you are still a faggot.
>boring as fuck class
>had seen ponies somwhere
>decided to investigate the shit with a smartphöne
>next saturday night
>could not sleep
>"what was that pony shit all about?"
>get phöne and headphönes
>to the Youtuubz
>"mlp fim s1 e1"
>watch the episode
>"meh good enough"
>fast forward a week to saturday
>"wonder how that first episode will end"
>get phöne and headphönes
>watch nine episode in a row that night
>"this shit's worth watching"
And only couple of months ago I remember this hellhole and started lurking.
>muh home.
Fucking casual.
I just don't find ponies attractive at ALL. Cute, not sexy.
>found /b/ thread about them
>spam horse gore, troll thread
>end up thinking the Rainbow one is kind of cute
>start saving all pictures of it before the spam
>eventually gave in to the tripfags and watched the first episodes.
>first episodes turned into the first 11 (all there was out at the time)
>tried to leave ever since
I don't know why, but I wanted to save this post
accidentally uploaded a fuckhuge version. I need sleep
>Be 2010
>Be heavy lurker who would post every now and then
>Turn 17
>Say fuck it I just won't bring it up like a faget and post more
>Ponies come around
>Was lurking /co/ that day
>Ignore first thread as meh.
>Keep seeing the shit.
>Season 1 episode 4 decide to watch that shit
>Think this is pretty good
>Be embarrassed little faget and only watch on phone when i had the channel.
>Episode 6
>Waifu Trixie
>Forever live life as a seth because the faget got famous and "waifu"Trixie
>Start to post more
>Have good times shitposting and just fucking fun as I post more and writefag a bit for giggles

Old T-Trixie fag here.
This thread is archived m8
>smug post and smug twilicorn

I smell a certain faget but I may be wrong. I notice a lot of you twily fags are becoming smug.
It's strange coming back to this board after a year and seeing the culture evolve into some kind of pseudo-Ponychan. I'm saying this board is even more awful than before holy shit there's some straight up autism here and it's not even the hostile kind that I'm used to.
>Be me
>Jan, 2012
>Browsing /b/
>Everything in /b/ is gay
>Funny thread every once in a while
>Been seeing pone threads here and there for awhile
>Ignore them
>More show up
>Starting to get irritated
>Decided to spam a pone thread
>But the radiation was too strong
>End up reading a Flutterrape story
>Start going to pone threads more often
>Eventually go to /mlp/
>Eventually get convinced to watch it
>Thought I was going to die of diabetes
>Somehow survived and like a crack addiction, I needed more
>Watched everything that was available
>Fast-forward to present time
>Spend many an hour drawing pone porn and writing fap material for you fuckers
File: 1403392864692.jpg (321 KB, 3840x2400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 3840x2400
>b8ing this hard.

Anon please.
It's gotten a lot worse over the past month.
Not even joking. I recently came back and I'm seeing terms like Faustard and other shit like that, it's fucking weird. This place is more of a hugbox than I remember it being.

I got bored of the show after season 2
Oh thats just shitposting now. Those who actually take that serious are fucking autist. The ones you miss apparantly. Also show is still good in my opinion. Also you cam during hiatus and summer so its you call to judge.

Just wait till we start getting fagets coming in after season 4 or 5. Then we will hit sanic fandom level.
>be me >early 2013 >find YTP with ponies >I'm interested >watch a couple episodes >dosent click >2013+1 >come across ponies again >this time it clicks >got on the ride around season 4 episode 20
>late 2012
>friend walks in with a twilight sparkle shirt on
>called him gay
>watched apple.mov during lunch early 2013
>decided to research bronies
>found saberspark's brony chronicles
>watches first episode
>baby cakes
>Be me.
>Decide to become a brony.
>Nearly throw up when watching the first episode.( seriously, I did)
>pic somewhat related
Faustard at least has a good excuse for existing. There have been a metric ton of threads about how the show is ruined forever and they only get more common and pointless with each new season, so the term grew in popularity as a way to combat them. I think most people are running out of patience for the doomsaying and arguments that arise when we try to discuss the show, so they're turning to less intellectual methods to pass the time. Of course, the massive increase in the newfag population over the last month or two hasn't helped, and it's made the board much more painfully stupid than usual.
File: .jpg (338 KB, 944x950) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
338 KB, 944x950
>see pony threads on /b/
>wow what a cesspool
>continue thinking like that for months
>one day decided to find out what all the fuss is about
>the show is bretty good, so is fanart
>check out pony threads again
>wow, what a cesspool
Then /mlp/ was created and it was good.
>mid 2011
>friend brings pony toys to lunch at school
>call him a faggot
>july 2012 high as fuck and watching random youtube poops, one has ponies in it
>watch more
>the watch a few episodes of mlp
>end up watching all the episodes within a week
I also was erasing every evidence of pone on my PC and internet history and youtube history for about a month. Then it became too much and nobody seemed to care and I just gave in,
You're fucking wrong faggot, we're horsefuckers, not ponyfags you newfag
File: 1403722377991.png (438 KB, 1002x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
438 KB, 1002x520
>Walk in living room
>Little sister is watching Equestria Girls
>Some how, a spark lights in me, and I'm eager to watch it
>I watch the last half hour of the entire movie
>I later watch the rest of what I didn't see on youtube
>Find out I'm not the only one who likes this
>Become brony
>Pic related when I found out that I became one
>Expose my power levels like an idiot
>Now my friends and my family know
>Find out about /mlp/
>Come on and start shit posting
>I get banned...
>I start lurking for about a month
>Learn that bronies are fucking faggots
>I no longer claim to call myself one
>And here I am now, stuck with you people
Late 2013 to be exact.
File: image.jpg (157 KB, 863x752) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 863x752
>2011 or 12 I don't fucking know
>Become interested in the show due to my friends talking about it
>Say nothing
>During this time I would research games I wanted to buy, such as RD:R and L4D2
>Decide to research mlp
>Watch the first episode
>Had to skip the intro because it made me cringe
>End up watching episode 2, fucking cliffhangers
>Fastforward a little
>One night I couldn't sleep
>mlp comes to mind
>Why the fuck not
>I blow through the first season in a night
>This repeats itself until I'm caught up at the season 3 finale
>I can't fucking stop
>I discover 4chan
>Huh, there's a lot of shit here
>See /mlp/
>Why not
>Lurk for a month
>I'm officially hooked
>pic related
>March or April 2011
>Close friend of mine gushing over pastel talking horses
>I think it's autismal as fuck and mock him for it
>He's a prude so I tell him I masturbate to the 34 to offend him (I didn't at the time)
>He asks me to watch the Sonic Rainboom episode
>I give it a try because why the fuck not
>By the next day I've watched every single episode up to Show Stoppers

And that's the story of how I came to fantasize about cumming all over Celestia's flowing mane.
>be me collage student
>se a legit female wearing pone hat
>walk over decide to talk
>realise that i have known her since the 7th grade
>talk for a few minutes
>she introduces me to fandom
>finish talking
>go back to hotel
>google the brony fandom
"The fuck are these faggots"
>a few weeks later
>decide to watch episode one season one
"I am interested yet highly disturbed"
>continue to watch
>end up watching the entirety of season one and two over a few days
>season 3 begins
>watch bits and pieces of season 3/4
>google furry porn (yes i know im a fagget)
>see sun butts full glory
>i came buckets
>develop fettishes over time
>discover 4chan
>discover /mlp/

So that it thats how a became a horse fucker
Mine's pretty boring
>Friend obsesses over it
>Obsesses more at a con
>Try it out
>Watch all of season 1 and 2 in a week
File: image.jpg (103 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 960x640
>watch shitty ytp
>became a faggot
File: jesusatan.png (17 KB, 189x554) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 189x554
>watching the worst episode makes you a brony
I can't really remember how I got into the show. I remember seeing the threads on /b/ but never really paying attention, and then when the board was created I checked it out just to see if there was really a whole board just for a childrens show. Ended up really liking the animation and characters, and now I'm here.

I own no merch, and I keep my power level buried deep down.
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