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It's Sun-day: let us bask in Princess...
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beautiful pony.png
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It's Sun-day: let us bask in Princess Celestia's gentle radiance.

How do you think Celestia is viewed by the other races of Equestria? We've seen a little of both the dragons and the gryphons, and of course the monsters-of-the-week, but there's little that shows (for example) whether they are feared, or admired.
I am seriously in love with a cartoon horse, I can't stop if I wanted to.
I don't think it's a bad thing.
I haven't came to anything but her in ~2 years.
I post this information every couple months.
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Praisin' for the raisin'
I was worried there for a moment.
Equestria's military as we know it has been terribly ineffective in the show so far. I like to think that Celestia was the sole reason Equestria survived for a thousand years. It would only be natural for other sapients to have a mix of fear and grudging respect for the princess.
Teenage dragons, for instance, have little to no respect for her, but apparently they wise up with age. Or maybe they are taught a harsh lesson.
So how do you faggots do it?

Like, seriously. The only reason I haven't offed myself yet is the thought that there may be some form of afterlife in which she exists, which is even less likely than an afterlife in general.
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Anyone got any stories of tsundere celesita?

I think that all races respect her for being a rather kind ruler. If not, they are secretly shit scared of her not raising the sun if they piss her off.
>it's my birthday next week
>i'm making a cake to share
>orange and lemon sponge with lemon icing
>i thought of this thread and laughed a little
i think my brain is broken
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celestial waifu.png
2 MB, 2388x1804
Pretty much the same. You just described the one reason I still keep going.
Besides, I'm sure she wouldn't want you to end your life. That weaver's comic comes to mind.
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Her cheeks are almost burning.
The idea of a more than a thousand years old Sun goddess blushing like a school girl when asked out on a date is immensely cute.
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Can't eat pastries all the time.
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Threadly reminder that you will never be her sunshine.
Commencing praising
Chin up, fuckers.
It's like I'm in some emo thread.
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Ok, so you're serving the sun now. You're her sworn sword, cutting down her foes and being all chivalric.

But what armor are you gonna wear to serve, Anon?
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>"Am I really that chubby, Anonymous?"
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>not wanting pudgy sunbutt
It all goes to the ASSSSSSSSSSSS
No, but some people like to pretend you are to serve their fetishes.

Celestia in the show is the most svelte pone around. I will never understand why people think she should be chubby save for all the cake eating, I suppose
I don't mind meat on ponies (the gotta be huggable and soft) but that's a bit too much.
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I'd rather praise the moon.
Then this is the thread for you, friendo >>19019312

Have fun :)
>Celestia in the show is the most svelte pone around.
Truer words were never spoken.
>praising the moon
What is this hersey?
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Isn't it obvious?
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The only reward you'll ever get for praising the moon is noctis' dick inside your mouth.
Dubs confirm
>Celestia is totally unaffected by the heat
>because, you know, sun pony and all
this is my mild autism
I wanted to request a picture where Anon is sweating his ass off while Celestia smiles contently.
Well, she is the hottest pony around.
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Are there any non-sunfags here?
Or an I the only one...
Something like this, but with Anon instead of Luna?

>non-sunfags in the sunfag thread
Unless you mean something weird by sunfag, then yes, probably.
>Something like this, but with Anon instead of Luna?
But I only come here for green.
Sunfags are people who waifu Celestia.
Soemtimes. I've seen it used specifically for people who follow the whole Solaire thing before (along with sunbro).
They're just sunbros.
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Official Princess Celestia Song
Sanguinious is my hero.
This thread needs more dislestia.
Wicked dubs m8
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chainmail bikini.gif
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Happy Sun-day Sunfriends.
I live in North Dakota.
The natives of this region were Lakota.
Their most sacred ritual was the Sun Dance.
They praised the Sun hundreds of here before MLP and that dark souls game or whatever.

And look at them now, indie fags named their shitty film festival after it and they are all drunken violent animals.

If I were to write a Celestia x Anon story, I'd place it before Luna's return.
File: 1353621356159.jpg (115 KB, 600x852) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That actually sounds neat. You could even set it hundreds of years before Twilight & Co were born. Even though the cast would be like entirely OCs aside from Celestia, it'd be a nice fresh take on the typical AiE Celestia story.

If I were still writing, I'd be tempted to try something like that myself.
They have some form of respect for her since you know, sun raiser and leader of a little pony society, especially the saddlerabians. You don't understand, they NEED that fucking sun's killer heat in order for the desert to continue its hellish temperatures. It's a fine way to exhaust any marching armies heading straight for the saddles' home.
What the actual shit was the artist thinking when they drew her horn?
hmm that sounds interesting. I read one story where anon was there right after Luna's banishment. It had promise but the writer never went anywhere with it.
Which one was it? I know a few like that, but most of those are complete.
That waist looks pretty thin.
Can't recall it was a green text when I saw it and it was a long time ago.
Oh. Okay.

I wrote a story like that for these threads, and was wondering if that was the one you were talking about.
You never know, it may have been. It was just so long ago.
>not Solaire's helm
Sunbutt just took a bullet for you, and now she's dying a horrible, slow death.

There's nothing you can do to save her. You have about 5 minutes. So. What do you do to ease her passing?
You are now imagining an obese /mlp/ anon wearing that.
Is that Zizz?
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TexAnon. Very much Kenshiro inspired.
unless he goes by another name, the artist is Tex i believe.

I heart just melted.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray."
>Time Travel spell
>Would you like a gummy bear?
>It's been in my pocket.
>It's really warm and soft.

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you should try that Voltaire in equestria story. it has that setting and was quite fun.
I will likely deliver later.
I've got a couple things to do today, so I don't know how long it'll be.
I really wanted to prewrite the next part so I'd be ready, but seriously, fuck my attention span.
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692 KB, 1280x1664

Based Chuck. Take your time, we can wait.
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>Teenage dragons, for instance, have little to no respect for her

it's like kids in IRL saying wannabe edgy things about Obama on the internet

or like /pol/
Celestia saved me from hanging myself bro.
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Waiting for the wannabe drawfag from last week t deliver...
>ayy lmao
No, don't bring that annoying shitty forced meme here in sunbutt threads.
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File: 1403329394351.jpg (1 MB, 2582x1951) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2582x1951
I thought he said he was gonna be a month at least

Srsquestion: Suppose Equestria is close to civil war over some issue. Not changeling infiltration, not sentient evil clouds from the moon possessing ponies, not some generic stupid-evil villain. Just normal ponies with legitimate differences leading to them wanting to split the country.

Would sunbutt be willing to put down a rebellion/secession if it meant fighting against her dear little ponies just because they disagree? Or would she hold back and allow them to decide their own fate, even if she knows their choices will lead to ~bad shit~ happening down the line?
Do you like.... sugar cubes?
That's really difficult to say. I think she might warn them of their path, but not rub it in their face at the end and go 'I told ya so!'.
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>pic related
I don't know. I see a large part of what defines Celestia as being willing to do whatever it takes to defend Equestria but I'm not sure how that would extend towards a secession.

I think she'd probably let them go, possibly with an offer of the extension of her protection until they could stand on their own two feet. Then again, according to the journal thingy, Equestria itself used to be more of a loose union of seperate countries in the past, which it is quite clearly not in the present.
Everytime I read this, that little flicker of hope at the bottom of my heart roars into a hearty fire.
File: 1383807037053.jpg (188 KB, 767x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think she'd balance the interests at stake. If the civil war issue would inevitably lead to the destruction of Equestria and ponykind, she'd do whatever it took to stop it, even if that involved a lot of petrifications and banishings to the Moon.

After all, she did that to her own sister.

If it would likely resolve itself eventually, she might watch and wait, and simply influence it through her agents, like Twilight and the M6, basically gently nudging it toward the best possible outcome rather than outright ordering ponies around.
File: praisins.png (560 KB, 767x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well done.
I like the idea that there's a commune of bohemian ponies elsewhere that practise 'democracy' and somehow, despite infighting and bickering and everything else, it shambles onward.

Like, it's a back-of-the-hand joke in the newspapers and everything. 'Local weirdos elect ANOTHER leader, the group have released a statement saying everything is OK and hope she lasts longer than her predecessor (yuk yuk yuk). Anyway, about the cool rock this reporter found-'
Continuation of http://pastebin.com/rTfGGXYG

>A week has passed since your commitment to each other was made
>And you can say that the days after have been positive and much brighter
>You can actually see her trying
>It would be a long shot to expect her to renounce her ways within a week though
>Her old self still shows through from time to time
>But that's okay, just means the two of you have work to do
>And today, the both of you are having a private picnic (Inside the castle of course)
>You were still not permitted to leave without her supervision
>But that was also okay, one step at a time

>You wait for her on the cliche red and white checkerboard blanket as you take in your surroundings
>The sun is especially bright today and rests just on the center of the blue sky
>Only a few stray clouds voyage across the Sun, casting a small shadow over you and the ground
>You're a patient man but you have been waiting for at least thirty minutes. How long was she going to make you wait?
>"Anon. I have arranged the food in a hundred different ways I hope you'll find to your liking."
>Several baskets and various eating utensils are suspended in her magical glow
>She's brought enough food for a family of seven
"Tia, you actually think we'll be able to eat all of that?"
>She looks at you with her giant magenta eyes as she slowly levitates a basket over to you and lifts the lid revealing a the professionally crafted cake
>"Well of you don't want it. I'll be more than happy to eat it all in front of you and watch you beg for just a taste."
>She hovers a piece of cake to your lips and you reach out to bite it
>But you taste nothing
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T-thank you...
>chapter one
>this paste has been removed

I don't know why I expected anything else.
>These are my raisins, mortal.
>Touch even one little wrinkled nugget of sugary dried citrus and I shall incinerate you.
File: 1406924709118.jpg (95 KB, 653x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 653x490
One day...
Or not. Just checked again and the link works this time.

>"Ah, ah, ah. This piece is mine, you get this."
>She passes you a tiny saucer with a carefully crafted slice of cake
>Though incredibly small
>You lock eyes with her
>Challenging her for your right to enjoy the full extent of the cake
>You consider raising the people and leading a march on Canterlot to dethrone the cake hoarding tyrant
>But you digress as she laughs jokingly and slides a more hefty size to you and you take it gratefully
"Should you even be eating all these sweets?"
>She stops mid-bite to stare you down
>"What are you implying?"
"You might get fat."
>She humphs in mock offense
>"Well, if you are here to watch my weight than I suggest, we get more physical."
>She moves the assorted sweets aside and starts stalking towards you
>You back away, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of your capture
>She draws closer, an evil intent assuming the look of a hunter who has just cornered her prey
>"What's wrong? I could use the exercise."
"What? What kind of exercise?"
>She's close enough to be face to face with you and you feel a trickle of sweat roll down from your brow
"Excuse me?"
File: 1407092096087.png (677 KB, 767x1072) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
677 KB, 767x1072
10,000 hours in paint
>You tear through the bushes and hedges of the garden, praying to god you're legs don't give in
>You hear her galloping behind you
>Each hoof step being a crack of thunder
>She pursues you, barreling through staff and tourists
>You're going to have to think fast if you want to even break her line of sight
>You hear her laughter behind you as she gains speed
>You make quick left into the castle, the sound of your leather shoes popping soft echoes
>The sound of Celestia's gold plated hooves send out a crashing chime
>"You won't be able to run for long, my little human~"
>Her words only push you further
>Your will is unbreakable and you feel the need to run as fast and as far as the ends of the earth
>Only you can't
>The two of you tear through the castle like a typhoon of chaos and disorder
>But alas, your fun is snuffed as you run into Luna, Princess of the night
>Your impact barely phases her but you are knock off your feet as soon as you make contact
>You feel you stomach twist in a knot
>Celestia slows her gallop to a canter, and then to a trot
>She approaches the two of you panting and smiling
>Luna observes the trail of destruction following in your wake and gives an impatient stare into the abyss of her sister
>Celestia stares back in nonchalant innocence
standard roman
>"What doth thou think thou art doing?"
>You pick yourself up on your feet and dust yourself off
>"Well, Anon and I were having a picnic. He made some offensive comments, which I won't repeat. He threatened to hold my bakers hostage. I pursued him to make sure nothing happened to the royal staff."
>She offers a playful smile, which Luna doesn't accept
"That's not at all what happened!"
>They both look at you
>Luna's expression unchanging but it takes all of Celestia's poise to not lose her composure
>Luna returns her attention back to her sister
>"As we said previously, we will not pry on your private dealings. But we do ask that thou not run amok like common school children. It's unbecoming of a princess"
>Celestia pouts and sighs
>"Honestly Luna, you're no fun at all. You should get out more often."
>Only now does Luna's expression grow sour
>"Some of us don't have the freedom for antics and pranks. Some of us serve a duty to the state, and we'd like for you to keep that in mind."
>Luna dismisses the both of your existences as she exits the conversation
>You take your side by Celestia and rest an arm on her back
"What's your sister's problem, she's always so moody. Somethin' happen between you two?"
>Celestia sighs and leads you away in the opposite direction of her sister
>"It's a long story Anon, one I've told too many times."
"What about the food we left outside?"
>You ask her while the two of you make your way to your room
>"Someone will take care of it. But it's nice to know you're considerate enough to care."
>She gives you a light kiss on the cheek and you return her affections my scratching the place behind her ear you discovered about a few days ago
>"Well, here we are."
>She opens the door to the room you've grown accustomed to over the past weeks
>You even have your own closest place
>She holds true to giving you everything you wanted
>Not that you require so many material possessions
>And it doesn't help that you are now without your relics from Earth
>But the new life ahead of you could be worth the loss
>You seat yourself on the bed as Celestia moves about the room
>You study her movements
>As always they are graceful and perfect
>But ever so often clumsy and ill calculated
>In her haste she trips over her own hooves and face plants into a wall
>A sight almost too comedic to believe
>You allow a laugh to escape you
>She joins in your laughter sheepishly
>You gotta learn to laugh at yourself, right?
>You lean back and stare at the ceiling
>Her cutiemark carved into the heavy marble above
"Today was a good day."
>Celestia questions your sudden statement
>"What makes you say that?"
>She joins you on the bed as you elaborate further
"We've done literally nothing all day. I'm beginning to get comfortable with all this. Dicking around all day has been appealing to me lately."
>She giggles at your choice of words
>"Hopefully this doesn't become routine. I have a country to maintain."
>You kick your shoes away and you climb to the backboard of the bed
"Yeah but, lounging about just sounds perfect right now."
>"Where are you going with this Anon?"
>Celestia begins to slip off her royal relics and joins you
"Well, you know awhile ago when you told Twilight I didn't like to go to exotic places?"
>She nods in confirmation
"Let's do that. And do nothing all day."
Oh, a story. Sweet.
i want to flick the tips of her wings and annoy her so she has to re-settle them
File: 1406083066262.png (1 MB, 1000x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1000x1400
>"You know I can't do that."
"Why not?"
>You make sure to immediately counter with a question to make sure she doesn't escape
>"Because I have been laying about with you enough as it is and Luna is right, we both have duties we must attend to."
"Then why don't we plan for a vacation later?"
>You push the subject even harder, to her own discomfort
>"No. It's out of the question. I've told you I don't want you outside the castle grounds. We are dropping the subject."
>She kills the lights and rests her head on her pillow, leaving you in the dark
"You still don't trust me. Even after I promised I wouldn't go anywhere, you're still caging me up like a bird!"
>You raise your voice at her, hoping that it'd go a lot further than her ears
>"It's not a matter of my trust in you. It's a matter of my trust in the other mares."
"Then we can go in privacy! Dammit you crazy horse! Is it too much to ask that we can spend a day outside these walls?"
>She lifts her head from her pillow to look at your shadowed face
>"Yes. It -is- too much."
"Are you serious? After everything I said. After everything you've taken from me, you won't give me this? This is what I'm talking about. This is what you're going to have to fucking get over if you want to make this whole thing work."
>Silence falls over the two of you for a few moments
>You can see her purple eyes glow in the setting sun
>You stare back at her hoping she's having an internal war with herself
>She finally brakes the silence with a sigh
>"Fine. If it's that important to you than we can go on this little adventure of yours. Goodnight."
>She rests her head back onto her pillow and turns away from you. defeated
>Score 1 for Anon, you consider the road ahead to be difficult but you are willing to blaze it for the mare you begin to grow feelings for
>Genuine feelings this time
>You fall asleep to her quiet snores and the thoughts of tomorrow
File: 689772.png (462 KB, 1599x1381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
462 KB, 1599x1381
>"Anon....Anon wake up."
>Your sleep is interrupted by Celestia's prodding
>"Anon...I think someone is outside our door.."
>You begrudgingly wipe the sleep from your eyes and rise out of bed
"What? Aren't you like, an all powerful Sun goddess? Why don't you take care of it."
>You attempt to fall back into the lulls of sleep, but it doesn't take you as you're pushed out of bed
>"Anon, go check outside. It could be a spider!"
"I'm pretty sure you can't hear spiders from the other side of a door."
>You say flatly as you rise to your feet
>"Well, if it isn't a spider, it could be a variety of things nasty things."
"Don't you have gaurds?"
>"It could be a monster."
"Call the guards."
>"It could be someone here to steal you away from me!"
"I doubt it."
>"Go check!"
>You're lifted from your feet and the feeling of weightlessness takes you as you're thrown across the room and out the door, only to land ontop of your favorite purple pony princess
>Twilight lays beneath you, dizzy and confused, just like yourself
"Twilight, what the hell are you doing here?"
>Twilight recovers from her daze and remembers everything up until the point of your collision
>"Oh hi Anon! I just came to see how things are going between the two of you."
"At 3 in the morning?"
>Twilight blushes as you push yourself off of her
>"Yes well, a good friend must be ever diligent!"
>"Anon? Who is it!?"
>You peek inside the darkroom to see Celestia with the sheets nearly covering her face
>You deny her an answer and crack the door slightly, focusing back on Twilight's intrusion
"What are you really here for?"
>"Oh! I also came to give you this."
>She cranes her neck backwards to mouth her saddle bag, pulling a thin book from it
>"Tadaa! A complete guide to the yandere!"

Weren't you in an old Sunday thread? I remember you posted half of this, what happened?
"Guide to the what?"
>"The yandere. It's a characteristic popularized in Neighpan. It categorizes mares in the archetype of being completely devoted, loving, and kind, whilst being a deranged lunatic."
>A lunatic wouldn't wake you in the middle of the night to go and check if there was a spider outside
"Twilight, what exactly is this for?"
>"It's to help you with the Princess, Anon. Duh, that's why I brought it?"
>You skim through the pages: "If your friends and family suddenly vanish than you are neglecting your yandere and enabling such consequences."
>Although you appreciate Twilight's kind gesture, you hand the book back to her
"Yeah, thanks Twilight, but I don't think this will be useful. I've got things under control."
>Twilight looks disappointed
>She -did- research everything about your predicament so it wouldn't be too much if you accepted her gift
"Fine, I'll take the damn book. Now get out, Tia thinks you're a spider or something and I'd like to get back to bed."
>"Really? Last time she thought I was a bear."
>"Well, I should go Anon."
"Last time?"
>"Make sure the two of you come to visit, I'd like to see your friendship grow first hoof."
>Twilight is gone in a flash of purple
>You let out a groan as you walk back inside to your Sun horse in waiting.
>"What was it?"
>She says worriedly
>You climb back into bed, exhausted, and when she asks again, you don't answer
A lot of complications came up with family.
This must be from the pony obsession thread.
I saw it posted there, to which I was actually flattered. But originally it was posted about some a month ago in a stalker Celestia thread
>>"Really? Last time she thought I was a bear."

Is Celestia Stephen Colbert?
Bump for cake
I remember that I was there I never saw an ending to this and I was bummed out
Clean up the little details and this can be used as Sunpraising thread OP pic
You must eat proper food before cake.
File: 1349530518211.jpg (202 KB, 945x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
202 KB, 945x945
>The next day you rise and perform your morning ritual
>Today instead of laying about like an urchin you're invited to spend the day with your Princess in Day Court
>So far, it's been nothing but small criminal sentences and city planning
>The most boring hours of your life
>In between her appointments you ask her for to skip out on work and spend time together
>Her answer is always a stern No
>You think to yourself that it's a good sign that she still cares about her kingdom and balances it between you and her duties
>At least you're not the total center of her life
>Around 6 o'clock a large family of six plead an audience with the Princess
>They look tired and sickly
>They say they are without a home, little to no money, and not knowing where the next meal will come from
>All the homeless shelters were closed down due to her little stunt of isolating you from the world
>But without a second thought Celestia is practically throwing houses at them
>It's time like these that you see her in her most natural state
>A kind and benevolent ruler who would give up the vast luxuries and lavishes of her life to help another
>You can hardly believe that this is the same mare who caused you so much strife
>But all that's in the past
>The poor family weep tears of joy and praise their kind ruler for her generosity
>Celestia merely smiles and takes the compliments with stride and sends them on their marry way
>She notices your staring before you do
>She has her muzzle buried in documentations and the like
>But she still finds the time to cater to your curiosity
Nothing, just, that was a pretty nice thing you did. How come you didn't give me a home when you burned it down?"
>You're joking but she takes the question in absolute seriousness
>"I've told you before. It was to prove to you that my love was all that you needed. What are you going to say next? You want another house? If so I would be more than happy to construct one inside the castle."
>Touchy subject
File: celestia-cake.webm (766 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
766 KB, 1920x1080

>Implying cake is not the most proper of all foods.
>you will never mount Pinkie on top of the Cakes' latest masterpiece
>Celestia will never calmly eat around you both
"Inside the castle?"
>She ignores your prodding, tending to her advisers and delegates
>It was late in the after noon and the Sun had just began to sink behind the horizon
>This makes you wonder where the Sun retreats at the end of the day
>Does it provide for the other countries of the world? Or is Equestria and it's surrounding kingdoms the only nations that inhabit the globe?
>You make not to research the astrology later
>But for now it was time to retire
>The transition from night and day causes the stainglass pictures to dance in an array of colors
>From the giant double doors Luna makes her entrance
>Greeting her sister, and hardly acknowledging your existence, as always
>But you've learned to care little about that fact
>Today was as boring as ever
>This morning Celestia insisted you attend Day-Court to avoid other 'mishaps' like with the kitchen mare
>That event was fading from your mind however
>Instead of retiring into your bedchambers as usual, Celestia saw fit for the two of you to take a stroll -outside- the castle
>To explore the lively nocturnal city of Canterlot, she says
>Pinkie falls back and jerks in release, delicate sponge layers and flavours smooshing into her coat
>you grab a leg and a hip and follow
>Celestia puts down her fork and sighs
>Pinkie's tail twitches aside, part of you leaking from her onto the remnants of the cake
>Celestia expertly scrapes what's left onto her plate and happily takes a bite
my 30th birthday is coming in a week and a half. it's becomingly increasingly difficult to find reason to go on going through the motions of 'living'. But I persist, for her.

You'll reach her, anon. One day.
>The nightly city of Canterlot buzzes brightly with street attractions and performers
>You find yourself nostalgic for your old life, but also somewhat content with your new one
>The two of you are accompanied by four palace guards in their signature golden armor, reflecting the city's lights
"You know, this doesn't count as our vacation."
>You make sure to get the point across before she tries to insinuate the opposite
>"Of course it doesn't my love. I just thought you deserved a small reward for being so well behaved today~"
>She nuzzles you as the two of you walk through town, gaining small glances here and there, but it's to be expected
>You turn inwards into a park where a small ensemble plays away for the nightgoers
>You recognize some of them, especially the grey mare bearing the cello but you don't make a move of greeting for fear of distracting her from her work
>Also the mare walking closer and closer to you with each step
>"Tonight is quite lively. Come, lets take a seat."
>She practically pulls you down next to her, assuming a guard dog over you
>You figure it to be her 'asserting her dominance'
"Why exactly are we stopping here?"
>You rest on her back as she cranes her neck to lay her head on your lap
>"It'll all be clear soon."
>Whatever that means
>You notice the music begin to die down a bit as the moon reaches it's peak
>The lanterns in the park dim and ponies began to gather, staying a safe distance away from your part of course
"What's going on? Tia, you planning something?"
>Her hoof makes contact with your lips as a single sparkle beams into the air and explodes in an erratic display of colors and hues
>After the initial burst a multitude follow in it's wake to paint the night sky a wonderful rainbow
>How could you forget about Canterlot's fireworks?
>You've seen them countless times, they even kept you up at night
>But never had they been more beautiful than they are right now
>The dazzling lights casted shadows over the grassy fields
>The various 'Ooo's and 'Ahh's filled the air
>A certain ripple of colors depicting Sunhorse and you with hearts caused you to stiffen at all the stares
>But Celestia just sat and smiled, at peace with the special moment you two were sharing
>No matter how many ponies bared witness
>The pounding sounds of the explosions became rhythmic and you began to doze off into a sleep-like state
>Not fully awake, but not fully sleep either
>Celestia took it as a sign for your nearing departure from the park and so she levitated you onto her back as she arose
>"Enjoy the rest of the show my little ponies." she says as she turns with her small convoy of guards
>The sea of ponies part as the two of you make your way into the castle walls
>In your current state, you feel some sort of connection with Celestia
>As you sit atop he back you can feel every muscle from her legs to her hunches, to the slight haze of her breath
>That confirmed it, the sneaking suspicion that you loved this crazy mare was deadlocked into the billions of neurons in your brain
Pretty good.
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There's a pretty big thread about the "Reflections" arc, and how it's shitty.

Anybody else lurking it?

Lurking? No. Shitposting in it? Yes.
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Yes ma'am.jpg
329 KB, 850x1100
File: Heather Breckel 12.jpg (101 KB, 504x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Heather Breckel 12.jpg
101 KB, 504x556
So. I never really read it. But from what I've seen of it I actually like it. I could care less about the shipping of shitty execution. I just got to see more content for Sunbutt. Besides, pic relate is glorious
If you're done, would you mind posting a pastebin link for this update?
I've seen it, but it's filled with the same drama as before so I don't care. If you think it was good, whatever. Most anons know it was shit.
Sure thing, just let me get it together. Though the story is far from done. I'll just be doing them with small bursts at a time
I'm ashamed to admit it took me 2 years of poneponeing to realize sunbutts coat is a ever so slightly tinged pink
>bared witness

This would be "bore witness." Present tense is "bear witness."

Sorry for just a lame spelling correction.
Don't worry about it. I appreciate when people point out errors
>Come, lets take a seat.
I assume you mean "let's" in this case.
A bit yes, it sells better. That's why Cadence is all pink and shit. Anyway I consider her coat to be pure white.
I'd say its coloured pearl/same as the inside of an oyster shell.
File: 1379759606550.png (267 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
267 KB, 900x900
>yfw you realize Hasbro wanted her completely pink and we only have based Faust to thank for her pristine, white coat
File: image.jpg (410 KB, 1024x1640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410 KB, 1024x1640
Full steel plate armor, hot dipped in silver and inlayed with gold, with ridiculously large shoulder plate emblazoned with the mark of the sun. As my weapon, I wield a Maul, forged in the fires under the canterlot mountains and crested by a set of gems, also arranged in her mark!
>Long Live Celestia!
>Long Live the sun!
>yes I've thought this through
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Eh, Celestia sucks.
I'd rather waifu Belarus.
>There was an uncomfortable silence in the locker room.
>None of the competitors spoke to one another, which left an uncomfortable tension in the air.
>Stonewall occasionally eyed you stoically.
>He never trembled in fear, unlike Lark.
>He never offered kind words, unlike Star.
>He was one who showed no weakness.
>And you were to face him in under two hours.
>But that didn't bother you right now.
>You were still mulling over Star.
>The batpony himself lie still on the bench next to you, staring at the picture of his family again.
>It didn't help your thoughts right now to see him doing this.
>Surely, you would think of something to do to, at the very least, help him.
>Maybe you and Polo could travel home with him to care for his brother.
>You both weren't very knowledgeable in medicine, but it was the thought that counted, wasn't it?
>It was your best hope.
>You stewed in your thoughts, feeling a bit frustrated.
>Why did Star have to be so friendly?
>You never asked for this drama. You never even expected to make any friends in all of this.
>You just wanted to kiss a pony princess.
>And if you hadn't befriended Star, and never learned of his brother, you wouldn't have to worry about it.
>You would have won this competition and walked away guilt-free.
>Or would you?
>What you didn't know didn't hurt you, but Star would know.
>He will be going home to an expectant family.
>You don't remember much of your own family, but you were sure the burden was a difficult one to carry.
>And what about the other competitors?
>Miracle Crop was here to promote his farm, but wouldn't the prize money be a necessity as well?
>And Moses, who promised his pack that he would bring back gems. What will befall him once he returns home?
>Every action has a consequence, but you never thought winning this competition would cause any negative ones.
>It was a necessary evil, you had figured.
>But you don't want any "necessary evils".
>You wanted it to work out well for these friends you had made.
"I need a walk," you suddenly announced.
>You awkwardly stood up from your seat and shuffled out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded Polo.
>Hopefully moving around would clear your mind and give you an answer.
>You heard the door shut behind you, and you stalked the halls of the arena alone.

>"Sister, is it almost time to retrieve our final competitors?"
>Luna's excitement could be sensed from the tone of her voice.
"Almost, Luna. We have about an hour left until the match begins."
>Her giddy movements caused you to giggle.
>It had been a long time since you had seen Luna this excited, and you were always open to seeing your younger sister happy.
>"Our competitors have provided such a fierce battle for us!" she shouted. "Oddly enough, I had always thought the pure, physical strength exhibited by these challengers was nonexistant among our subjects." She paused, and smiled. "I am relieved to find myself disproved, however."
"There's no need to doubt our subjects, Luna. I'm sure if you were to lower your expectations, they may surprise you in various ways."
>Your sister nodded at your words.
>"They all have much potential, don't they?"
"They do, all in their own little ways. This competition has shown us that some of them have already discovered their abilities. It makes me proud to see how far our subjects have come."
>Alongside that, you were glad to provide the ponies of Ponyville with such fiery entertainment.
>It had been a while since you yourself felt tense and excited about something at the same time.
>The last time was when you attended the cake tasting.
>That was a fantastic day for you.
>The VIP lounge you and your sister stayed in was quiet for a moment, before you heard the lunar pony clear her throat.
>"So, Celestia," pondered Luna, "where did the idea of getting to kiss us come from?"
>You let out a few chuckles after hearing her ask.
File: 2nhpxkn.png (2 MB, 881x1021) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 881x1021
So basically the armor is pic related with the sun instead of the griffons?
"Oh, I suppose it was just a last minute rendition the ponies here made for more incentive to sign up."
>Luna giggles herself.
>"It was quite the morning when I received a letter asking if I was okay with kissing the winner of a competiton."
"But you agreed to it, didn't you?" you rhetorically asked, a playful smile on your face.
>A small tinge of pink forms across her cheeks.
>"It...would have been rude to say no."
>You couldn't help but laugh a little.
>She turned her head away, embarrassed.
"It's nothing to be flustered about, Lulu. Even I sometimes romanticize the thought of meeting a strong warrior whom I would gladly grace with a kiss."
>She turns back around to face you.
>"Although, you would mostly envision a stallion as your warrior, correct? What say you to our finalists, a human and a minotaur?"
>You curled your lips slightly and thought on her question.
"Hmm...well, it's not very like me to choose favorites, Luna."
>"I suppose you're right. It wouldn't be befitting of a princess to be biased. Still, they are both unordinary sights in Equestria, Anonymous especially. Has there even been another human sighted?"
>In all of your years of ruling Equestria, you had never seen a human before until you had heard of Anonymous.
>There were rumors you had heard during your duties of a creature calling himself a "human" journeying around Equestria, but you didn't pay them much mind.
"I don't believe there has been another human. He's very likely the first of his kind."
>You put on a sultry grin.
"I suppose that makes him all the more exotic..."
>You laughed heartily.
>An hour had passed since you left the locker room.
>You had traveled around the entire arena as you let your thoughts flow freely.
>Despite the freedom of motion, your concerns still weighed you down efficiently.
>It would be hard to find a way to help Star, Crop, and Moses at the same time.
>You supposed you just had to think more on this.
>Hopefully you'd have a solution by match time.

>Luna looked up at the clock in the room, her eyes becoming wide.
>"Twenty minutes, sister! Would now be the time to go prep our competitors?"
>You looked at the clock as well. It was nearly match time, and you were certain ponies were going to start crowding the seats again.
"Yes, Luna. I think it would be best to go now."
>You and her arose from your comfy couches and headed for the door.
>You were ready to see the determined looks on Anonymous and Stonewall's faces.
>They looked like they would put on a fierce battle.
>And coincidentally, once you left the room, you bumped into Anonymous.
>The odd part, though, was that he didn't look very confident.
>Instead, he carried a large atmosphere of gloom to him.
>What could possibly be bothering him?

>"Anonymous," Celestia calmly greeted.
>You looked up at her.
>Even her divine radiance wasn't enough to make your troubles fade away.
>She noticed your glum expression right off the bat.
>"Anonymous, what's the matter?"
>Princess Celestia herself was asking you about your troubles.
>While you were hoping to keep these thoughts to yourself, it would be best to share with her.
>You exhaled deeply.
"Princess...when I entered this contest, I thought I was going to fight only for you and Luna's kiss, and I would let nothing stand in my way."
>She and her sister nodded, intrigued.
"But..." You looked downwards. "Throughout the contest's duration, I actually ended up making a few friends out of my fellow competitors."
>"That's good, Anonymous," she praised, "but if that's so, why are you troubled?"
>You found the confidence to raise your head and look her in the eyes.
"It's just...they all have their own reasons for coming here, like me, but they were mainly seeking help. A part of their lives somewhat depnded on this competition...and I rose above them." You took a deep breath, then continued. "My goal in this competition was to kiss you two, but I feel so selfish when I compare my goal to my friends' goals. I feel like I've denied them their last hope for help, and I feel awful for not really thinking of that until now, considering what I'm fighting for."
>Celestia smiled kindly at you.
>"Anonymous, that is very selfless of you to consider your competitor's feelings, and you are not selfish for fighting for your goal. They are all here to compete for their own reasons, but I'm sure they would think the same way if they had risen above you. And if you think about it, you're all technically here to fight for the same reason: to achieve something. They aren't very different from you in that aspect, Anonymous."
>Her words lifted your spirits, and your frown disappeared as you gazed at her.
>She continued, her voice carrying an uplifting tone.
>"And listen, Anonymous. Though your friends may have lost in the competition, it does not mean they have lost in reaching their goals."
>This confused you.
"But, they would need the prize money to get what they need."
>Celestia puts one of her hooves on your shoulder.
>"Yes, Anonymous, but think about it. If you win, that prize money is yours to do with as you wish. There are more ways to use money than spending, after all."
>She gives you a reassuring pat.
>"I'm confident you'll do the right thing, Anonymous." She takes her hoof off of your shoulder. "Now, are you ready for your match? It begins in about ten minutes, and Luna and I were about to escort you and Stonewall ourselves."
>The princess' kind words left you more than ready.
>They left you more motivated than before that you would win.
"Yes, I'm ready. Let's go, princesses."
>The solar and lunar ponies obliged your request, and you walked with them back to the locker room.

>Your walk back was a tense one, but you had no doubts that you would win whatever kind of battle thay had planned for you and Stonewall.
>If not for the princesses, for your friends.
>You made it back with the royals, who called for Stonewall to come front and center.
>To be honest, you were just glad they didn't ask about Lark's absence.
>With the minotaur retrieved, you, your opponent, and the sisters began your walk to the gates.
>This would be the last time you would be going through them as a competitor.
>You would come back here either a loser, or a champion.
>You were fully convinced it would be the latter.
>The silence between the four of you was slowly broken by the sound of cheering ponies from the outside.
>"I must say, bodyguard," Stonewall mentions as he walks, "I've been looking forward to this."
>You grin confidently at him.
"I have too, Stonewall. I'm excited to see how well you can defend your 'champion' title out there."
>"It will be with utmost force, bodyguard. Be ready to face a fierce opponent," he warns.
"I've been ready since the beginning."
>He looks at you stone faced, but nonetheless acknowledges your words.
>Before you know it, you've reached the gates to the field, and your heart begins to pound.
>This was it. It was time to run the table, or go home empty.
>The cheering of ponies increases as you and the others step out into the sunlight, the clouds from earlier having subsided.
>The field looks different this time, though.
>There is a large fighting ring set up in the middle.

>You and Stonewall follow the princesses, who are heading towards the ring.
>An announcer and two assistants stand together in the middle.
>The princesses reach the ring and climb up the stairs and onto the tile surface.
>You and the minotaur follow suit, and follow them to the middle of the ring with the announcer.
>"Fillies and gentlecolts!" the announcer begins once you settle in your spot. "Please welcome our two finalists, Anonymous and Stonewall the Champion!"
>The crowd roars with applause and cheering, but at this point, you've gotten used to it.
>"We've watched six intense battles of endurance and strength, and now we have one final match underway! As you can tell by the ring, our event has been predetermined, but I'll let our princess explain in detail!"
>He gives the microphine to Celestia, who carries it in her magic.
>She clears her throat, and begins.
>"Our two final competitors will be competing in a one-on-one duel. The winner is determined via knockout or ring out. There will be several eyes on the stage in the case of cheating, so please," she turns to you and the minotaur, "Anonymous, Stonewall, give us a good, clean fight!"
>The crowd cheered once more as Celestia and Luna took flight to their seats above the crowd.
>You and Stonewall were directed by the assistants to stand on opposite ends of the ring, and once you were in position, they hopped off and watched the two of you.
>The announcer, once he was given the confirmation by the assistants, started. "Fillies and gentlecolts, let our final battle BEGIN!"

Guys, I want to finish this tonight, but I also have a strong urge to play vidya.

Oh, and before I forget, previous part: http://pastebin.com/uPFzJt9v
File: 1382620734614.gif (290 KB, 201x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"I'm confident you'll do the right thing, Anonymous."
Called it.

Well, nobody's forcing you to slave for us. Do as you please.
I'm kind of hyped to see the ending, but at the same time, I don't want this story to end too soon.
>I'm kind of hyped to see the ending, but at the same time, I don't want this story to end too soon.
Me too.
This is what I've been doing every Sunday all summer.
After I'm done with this, I'll likely go back to writing slice-of-life one-shots more often, as well as working on this other story I wanted to do.
>implying they're wrong
File: basking ponies.jpg (282 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
basking ponies.jpg
282 KB, 2048x1536
>let us bask in Princess Celestia's gentle radiance
>I'll likely go back to writing slice-of-life one-shots more often, as well as working on this other story I wanted to do
The more green, the better. Although I wouldn't mind at all if you decided to write a sequel with Anonymous and Celestia romance of course to this story.
Seriously, go for it.
Sorry to say, but that wouldn't fit with the ending I have planned.
Though I could return to this universe in a few of those one-shots.
Thanks for the fix anon.
That looks pretty sick,
But I'm thinking more like space marine pauldrins. Big hunks of metal meant for bashing and protecting the head for side swings.
Can't be praisin' it my head is gone.
Do any of you like these guys?
Not sure what this has to do with this threat, but yes, I like them. Watching some of their videos right now.
Fuck it, I'm gonna try to go all the way and finish it.
Expect the end in an hour or two, depending on how well I focus.
I posted it 'cause the album's name.
Nah nigga, don't do it if you're forcing yourself, but maybe do a one or few short greens.
Alright, if you insist.
forcing yourself could ruin what you have planned. If you wanna write do a short. No need to push yourself to a conclusion.
Alright, in that case, I think I'll do a short based in the world of Cooking for Sunbutt.
I've always wanted to go back there.
Yeah, I think I'll write about that.
File: Butt.jpg (338 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
338 KB, 800x1200
File: image.jpg (112 KB, 997x801) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 997x801
I like moonbutt a little more than sunbutt, but that doesn't stop me from liking both.

Captcha: Leave lgmkvorty
oh, that'd be interesting. I'm in!
That's kind of like the kind of armour I would love to wear, although it's not exactly properly desinged. The rondels (the part in front of and under the armpit) are completely wrong. You'd never be able to move your arms in that. I'd remove the ones in the pic, and substitute circular, sunburst style rondels. Also, those big spiky parts on the pauldrons are unnecessary, so I'd remove them, and make the pauldrons a little more rounded. The rest of it is just fine, although I'd add a gorget and a helmet. For the helmet, I know the greathelm is popular, but I'd actually prefer a more greco-roman style helmet, with the crest and such, kind of like pic related.

Slap me on a white cloak (yeah I know, SoIaF fan here, I want to be kingsguard).

As for weapons, I'd go with a hand and a half longsword. The design I'm picturing in my head has a phoenix, with it's spread wings as the crossguard, in bronze, and the tail filigreed curling down the handle (think the leaf pattern on Sting from LotR), and a decanter style pommel.
Yes please, it will bring me back the memories.
I liked that one, please do!

Does someone have a link to the original?
Requesting story ideas for a quick one-shot.

I feel like writing some shit.
This is the beginning.
Anon and Celestia play pranks on each other.
Something based on this image.
I have a hard time figuring out whether she's laughing her ass off or making an ahegao face. Your choice.
File: 1381461957396.png (360 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
360 KB, 720x720

u wot m8?
>Life in Canterlot Castle was pretty snazzy.
>Granted, most ponies probably assumed that, but it was nice to have those assumptions proved.
>Being the kitchen health inspector, you were given room and board for free and three meals a day, but at the cost of having no pay.
>They had to make it fair somehow.
>Today, however, there would be no inspecting until late at night.
>You, Celestia, and the recently awoken Luna were going on a picnic.
>With food you had prepared.
>You had promised Celestia no more funny business in the kitchen with food, and you meant it.
>That didn't mean no screwing around in public, though.
"Such a wonderful day, isn't it girls?" you asked the sisters as the three of you strolled along the streets of Canterlot.
>"A magnificent day indeed, Anon," Luna agreed.
"And it's thanks to good ol' Celestia that we've got this magnificent sun to warm us up."
>"Oh Anon, you still know how to flatter a pony," the sun princess replied.
"Sure do, sure do."
>You ignored the countless Canterlot folk greeting the princesses and walked on, the royal sisters stopping every once in a while to return the nobles' greetings.
>Even though you've been here a good month now, you still hated the nobles.
>They were all a bunch of stuck up pricks, but you couldn't say that.
>At least, not in front of the sisters. anyways.
>The three of you eventually made it to the park (it would have been sooner if the sisters would have just kept walking, but nooooo, they had to talk to nobles) and walked in the sunshine, trying to pick a perfect spot.
>There was one nicely shaded spot under a tree. so you began to walk over to it.
>"Anon, are you sure you want to eat directly below a wasp nest?" Luna asked.
>You stopped in your tracks and looked up into the branches to see a grey nest full of buzzing insects.
"Fuckin' bugs," you muttered. "Isn't that like a public safety hazard?"
>"Actually, it is," Celestia commented. "I should get a pony to remove th-"

Celestia crashing a foal's birthday party. Reason? Nothing serious, she just wants feel like a filly againwith a serving of sweets and a party hat.

Works for me! That way I have something to look forward to next week.
"NOT right now, princess," you said as you covered her mouth with your hand. "We've got a picnic to have, remember?"
>While your interruption earned you a glare from the white alicorn, she nonetheless followed you as you tried to find another spot to eat.
>You spotted a nice, shaded spot under a small cliff.
>That was perfect!
>You were about to walk under it, but were stopped by Celestia.
>"Anon, that spot looks dangerous. Couldn't those rocks fall on us?"
>You flicked your wrist.
"What's the worst that could happen?"
>You leaned on the bottom of the rocky structure, which started to crumble.
>You quickly hopped out of the way before the rocks at the top fell off, causing a miniature rockslide that covered up the entire spot.
"Dammit, really?"
>To think finding a place to eat in the park would be this difficult.
>Your eyes scanned the rest of the park, seeing if there was any good place to settle down.
>"Anon, would it really be any trouble to just sit in the middle of the park?" Celestia asked.
"Oh come on, Celestia. We gotta get this perfect. I mean, how often do we go out for picnics?"
>"I would actually have to agree with my sister, Anon. You don't have to make things absolutely precise. Allow the spot to pick you."
>She sounds like she's going zen or something there.
"Well, okay, but I don't know how to do that."
>You closed your eyes, and focused.
>Think Anon, think.
>You felt a tremble in the earth.
>Though your eyes were closed, you could make out a faint, yellow spot in the darkness of your closed eyes.
"Yes! I think I see it!" you proclaimed to the sisters.
>"Perfect. If that's the case, can we go to it?"
>You could have sworn you heard Luna giggle as she spoke.
"Yep. To arms, ladies!"
>You speedwalked your way over to the spot you had seen within your closed vision.
>The spot that had picked you.
>The sisters followed, though it was becoming more apparent that they were whispering to each other.

>Oh well, not like it was important.
>You settled into the spot that was destined for you, unfolding the picnic blanket and setting it down gently.
>You followed up by opening the picnic basket and bringing out the contents, which consisted of a salad, a mix of hay based dishes, a couple fruits, and a blueberry pie.
>"This looks magnificent," Luna said as she eyes the food and licked her lips. "Who was the chef to create such appealing cuisine?"
>You raised your hand.
"That would be me."
>"Good," Celestia said as she settled into the blanket, "we can always trust you to make wonderful food, Anon."
"Ah, now who's doing the flattering?"
>You're about to dig into the food yourself when you notice something.
>You look at the spot you're sitting on.
>You look around and see where exactly you're sitting.
"Hey, isn't this just the middle of the park?"
>Luna settled down as well and served herself some of the salad.
>"I have no idea what you're talking about, Anon," Celestia responded before taking a forkful of hay into her mouth.
>"Indeed. But, since we're already here, why bother moving?" Luna added.
>Their serveware drops out of their magical grips as the colorful patterns form in their eyes yet again.
>Their blank stares have long since stopped bothering you.
"Did you two have something to do with taking this spot?"
>"Yes," they answered at the same time.
"How did you two do it?"
>"I used magic to make the ground tremble slightly in the direction of this spot," Luna informatively told you, her tone like a robot.
>"I placed a magical flare on this spot, which was bright enough to see through closed eyes," Celestia said in the same robotic tone as Luna.
>Trickery at its finest.
>You had ways of getting back at them, though.
"Okay you two. What I would like you to do is very precise. Please follow my instructions to a t," you told them.
>They nodded obediently.

>Castle life, day 201
>Wake up as usual
>Freeze instantly
>Oh shit
>It's April 1st
>Twilight had warned you about April Fool's day in the castle
>Everything seems normal at this point
>But you had a feeling that would change...
>You get up, grab some clothes, and go to the shower
>So far so good...
>You check your shampoo for die before putting it in your hair
>Just as you close your eyes, though, you see a bright flash
>Oh shit
>You freeze, then turn off the shower
>You quickly step out and look in the mirror, dripping on the tile
>...No, you're still normal
>False alarm, apparently
>You finish your shower as quickly as possible, then step out and grab your towel
>You dry yourself out, then reach for your underwear
>You put them on after checking for itching powder or any other nefarious activities
>So far so good...
>Now, for your pants--
>Your pants are gone
>As is your shirt
>Fucking hell
>You walk out of your bathroom and head towards your dresser
>Okay, so it was annoying, but overall a harmless-
>Your dresser is empty
>You check the closet
>The emergency pair of jeans between the mattress and the box-spring
>You sit down on your bed
>Looks like you're staying inside today
>Then the phone next to you rings
>You pick it up
>"Anonymous, I need you immediately!"
"You took my fucking pants!"
>"What? I have done no such thing!"
"Yes you fucking did!"
>You hear Celestia stifle a giggle
>"Oh, come now, that's not very becoming of a princess. The palace staff needs you right away! Hurry as quickly as possible!"
"Fuck you!"
>"No, seriously, you have to come down here. Luna has put far worse traps in your room than the lack of pants, I assure you."
>You immediately stand up from the bed
"Yes, right, palace staff. Where are you again?"
>"Main floor-"
>Fucking 'ell
>"Throne room"
>Now you have to appear in front of Celestia's court in your undies
I like this anon.
He's got his shit together.
I like the idea on that hand and a half sword. A lot more versatility with that. I've always taken a bit more of a raw powerhouse approach to character creation, what with my white silver dipped plate and huge hammers. What's better than being a shit brick house and being able to send baddies flying with a good swing? That helmet is also pretty badass.
"First, Celestia," you started as you picked through the serveware. Once you found what you were looking for, you held it in front of the sun princess. "Take this knife and cut this pie in half."
>Celestia did as she was told, taking the knife in her magical grip. While she did that, you turned your attention to Luna.
"Luna, I want you to make sure the pie is halved equally between you two."
>She immediately brought her head down to observe the pie cutting process.
>Once Celestia was finished, they both stared off into space, waiting for the next command.
"Now, what I want to you two to do, is take one half of the pie in your magical grips."
>They did as they were told, a blue and gold aura encasing both halves of the pie.
"Now, if you have those pies leveled in the air, all I want you to do, is throw it in your sister's face."
>The pastry halves flew the moment you ended your sentence, each half landing in one of the sister's faces.
>They were both now covered in sweet, sticky blueberry pie filling.
"Alright, now that that's done, all I want you two to do is continue on with the day like you do not have blueberry pie on your faces. If a pony asks you why you have it smeared on you, tell them it's a special new makeup that's guaranteed to work. You will not wash this off until tomorrow when you bathe."
>They nod, the filling oozing off of them.
"Okay? Now, remember my suggestions, and return to normal when I snap my fingers."
>Your fingers snap.
>They blink, their eyes returning to normal.
>"Now, where were we?" Celestia calmly asked as she picked up her food like nothing had happened.
>"I'm not sure," Luna answered, "we may have been discussing the topic of this spot."
>You snickered as they casually spoke with pie covering their faces.
"I dunno, but I'm fine with this. Let's eat."
>"Yes, let's. I am famished," Luna mentioned, licking her lips again. This time, though, she stopped and smacked her lips.

File: image.jpg (89 KB, 499x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 499x468
>Celestia's-Cutie-Mark-Print undies
>...Better than whatever Luna has in store
>You hurry out of your room and head down the stairs
>A guard stops you at the bottom
>"Anonymous, sir! Celestia requests your presence right away!"
"I'm aware."
>"Here. I shall escort you."
>He's awfully nonchalant about your boxers
>You shrug and follow him
"Lead the way."
>The throne room is on the main level
>Down six flights of stairs
>Across the corridor
>Through the giant doors
>You're horrified when you walk into a huge gathering of ponies
>At the other end of the room, Celestia waves to you
>"Settle down, everybody! The guest of honor is here!"
>You blink
>Oh no
>She motions for you to walk through the crowd and come to the front
>Fuck fuck fuck


>"Blueberry? Where did this taste come from?"
>You shrugged.
"I dunno."
>While you ate, Celestia noticed the taste on her lips, too, ignoring the fact that there was pie on her face.
>"Hm, odd, I taste blueberry as well."
>You continue to stuff your face as the sisters try to discover the mystery of the blueberry flavor.
>This continues for the entire picnic, the two of them constantly commenting on the fact that no matter what they eat, they taste the flavor of blueberries.
>Once you're finished, you pack up the empty plates and serveware into the basket and fold up the picnic blanket.
>The sisters and you leave the park, the blueberry pie still smudged on their faces.
>While the nobles were calm in their speaking to the royals on the way here, now they were shocked to see their rulers with streaks of blueberry running down their faces.
>"Your highness," one of them started, "why in the world do you have blueberry pie on your faces?"
>"Pie?" Celestia responded. "This is makeup. It's perfect makeup that works well."
>"I'm sorry," the noble apologized, "it looked like pie to me for a moment. I was mistaken."
>You laugh loudly, causing the ponies to glance at you.
"Sorry, sorry, just thinking of a joke I heard," you lied, wiping a tear from your eye.
>The rest of the trip home was like it was earlier, except now the nobles kept asking about the pie, only to receive the same makeup answer over and over.
>Needless to say, your hypnotic suggestions still held power over them pretty well.
>Reaching the castle, you headed off to your room to prepare for the night inspection of the kitchen.
>The guards foolishly asked the same questions as the nobles as the princesses did their business, and you couldn't help but chuckle.
>It was a good day.

File: 647-1-1270854834.jpg (274 KB, 800x625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274 KB, 800x625
Pic related is the full suit. I personally think both would look good, but I like the helmet it comes with a bit more. Feels more fitting.
File: 66214556745631235.jpg (202 KB, 1280x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Taking suggestions for a quick story. Doesn't have to end in sex but it can be lewd.

Would really like to write one of these but I'm up for anything.

>tsundere Celestia
>yandere Celestia
>jealous Celestia
I'd really like to see a jealous Celestia story.
>The next morning, you sat at the table for breakfast with the royals.
>You were to inspect the kitchen once the meal was over, so while you waited for your food, you read the newspaper.
>What you saw almost made your jaw drop.
>On the front page, a photo of a mare model posing with pie smeared on her face.
>The headline read "Pie: A Potential Beauty Product?"
>You burst into laughter as you read the lines that specifically stated that the royal sisters had gone around yesterday with pie smushed on their faces, and that they had inspired many makeup companies to try pie as makeup.
>"What's humoring you, Anon?" Luna asked.
>You showed the picture to both princesses, still laughing your ass off.
>Luna scoffed.
>"The things they will use for aesthetics these days..." she mumbled as she rolled her eyes.
>"Wait," Celestia said, reading a few lines, "why does it say Luna and I started the trend?"
>You shrugged your shoulders.
"I dunno."

The general idea of this came as I wrote more. It was also longer than I thought it'd be. Hoped you liked it.

I'm thinking you could do either a jealous or yandere story where Anon is considered extremely handsome, and Celestia goes mad because she wants him to herself.
Something like that.
File: 953345446745.png (295 KB, 885x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
295 KB, 885x1024
That's 2 for jealous then. Gonna wait a few minutes while I update my pastebin in order to finally start, just in case more suggestions come up.
>yandere Celestia
I like the idea of an obsessive Celestia.
>You walk through the crowd and she yanks you up next to her throne
>"Today is Anonymous's two-hundred-and-first day here! That's a special anniversary on his world. Let's give him all a warm welcome."
>The crowd erupts in applause, apparently ignoring your lack of clothing
>You lean over slightly and talk in a low voice to Celestia
"Why aren't they freaking out?"
>"They think you're clothed, silly. I wouldn't actually make you walk out here in just underwear."
>You sigh in relief
>"Nice underpants, by the way."
>You go red
"You said they thought I have clothes on!"
>"Oh, they do. I don't. I can see everything. Nice view, by the way."
>She winks at you
>Fucking Celestia

How was it?
File: Ayyboma.jpg (92 KB, 700x493) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good job Anon
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So, does this belong here or the Bronycon thread. At the end of Bronypalooza he came in and just started dancing with this thing. What do you say about this sunfags?
Previously: http://pastebin.com/u/BkCeLesTiA

>Celestia just told you that the thing after her endangers not just her world, but yours as well.
"Why's this Thing so dangerous?"
>"Its presence weakens the barriers between worlds, corrodes them subtly."
"So things go back and forth between them?"
>"Yes. This already happens, but there are rules to it. Things that could destroy one world don't usually end up in another."
"You mean like you? I mean, no offense, but --"
>"Yes, like me. Or like your nuclear weapons."
>You haven't even mentioned those.
"How do you know about those?"
>"The original experiment that went wrong was to scout out potential future threats. Some material that ended up in our universe suggested such weapons, but we weren't sure where. This is at least one such universe."
"Is that why it sent you here?"
>"Maybe. More likely, it sent me here because there's no natural magic here. It makes sense, though, that in a world without magic, physical science would be much more important."
>Suddenly, Celestia stops in her tracks, forcing you to cling tightly to her back and neck to stay mounted.
>You did not hear whatever Celestia heard, but in the new silence, you soon hear a rustling, as of underbrush being displaced.
>A now familiar tingling sensation, combined with fear, tells you the likely nature of the creatures that almost immediately heave into sight as if emerging from holes in the ground, encircling the two of you.
>Drawing your machete from a makeshift sheath on your back, you jump in one fluid motion to your feet, your back against Celestia's left side, and take what you hope is a fighting stance.
>Having you surrounded on all sides, the ring of smoke goblins slowly contracts, a noose tightening around you.
>"My magic isn't back yet."
"No big deal, we can take them."
>You speak with a confidence you don't feel.
>"Yes, we can."
>As they draw near, the creatures suddenly break ranks and lope directly at you at frightening speed.

>Be Twilight.
>You sent the message and hope it was received, but you won't know until she arrives.
>Due to the unpredictability of portals and the differing passage of time between the worlds, that could be anywhere from seven to nine days, but you know exactly where it is.
>In the core of the Dragon Kingdom, on the summit of something called Fang Mountain.
>You await the arrival of the Dragon King, and in the meantime, Canterlot is under attack. Spike enters and produces another scroll with a cough.
>"Princess Cadance and Shining Armor say that the Crystal Empire is under attack as well."
"Thank you, Spike."
>A translucent, shimmering dome shields Canterlot against wave after wave of vaguely dog-shaped shadowy spawn of the Thing, called in legend smoke goblins.
>So far, the shield is holding, but it can't hold forever. Both you and Luna, as well as the finest of the unicorns of Equestria, are increasingly tiring.
>Further, these creatures are just expendable shock troops. Eventually, more and tougher adversaries will appear.
>A silver lining is that Discord, rather than pulling pranks, became deadly serious when he heard what has happened.
>Apparently, he had something to do with dispelling this Thing the first time and does not want it back under any circumstances.
>The Dragon King arrives as wave after wave of goblins crash against the barrier, only to dissolve into acrid smoke and then reform, to attack again.
>You first see him as a dot in the sky, but then he dives, increasing in apparent size rapidly as he approaches.
>Suddenly, a cone of bright, radiant energy emerges from the King, obliterating the entirety of the attackers, who dissolve in the light, leaving not even smoke behind.
>The King looks in on you from the balcony of the War Room. One of his eyes is as tall as you are.
>However, with a flash, he suddenly stands before you, a gray pony with a shimmering white mane, much like Celestia's in the way it blows from no earthly wind.
>maximum lel overload

>You nod.
"Your Highness. Princess Luna regrets she is preoccupied with the defense."
>"Where is Celestia?"
>You did not tell the Dragon King she was gone, and in fact, signed your letter as her.
>"I know the time is short," he says. "I have not known my friend the Princess for a thousand years not to recognize her penmanship."
>You dispense with further formality and quickly explain the situation, especially the location where Celestia will appear, where she must appear if all is not to be lost.
>"I presume you are aware that our kingdoms are bound by mutual defense treaties."
"An attack on one is an attack on all."
>Princess Luna has explained the mutual defense pact between dragons, griffons and ponies that Celestia had brokered long ago.
>This pact has only once been invoked previously, during an unpleasant affair centuries ago involving the Diamond Dogs and their attempts to acquire gem-rich regions.
>"Then you understand you have my full cooperation and any safe passages necessary. I will personally attend to the matter, and you may feel free to send forces of your own."
"Thank you, King. If possible, I will be there."
>"I hate to cut my visit short, but I myself must return to the kingdom to oversee our defenses. I will accompany any ponies you care to assign to this mission."
>You send a Royal Guard to summon a dozen of the unicorns who volunteered to retrieve Celestia at the assigned place.
>You will, yourself, teleport there at the appropriate time.
>Since the visible attack on Canterlot has rendered secrecy futile, you pen a terse announcement to be delivered to all cities and towns.

Equestria, the Crystal Empire, and the world itself is under attack by an evil entity who has temporarily banished Princess Celestia to another dimension. Retrieving her is a top priority.

So far, only Canterlot and the Empire face direct attack.

Keep calm and await further instructions.

Princess Twilight Sparkle
il take yandere (submissive)

>The clearing is bright from Celestia's light as the howling goblins charge.
>With your back to Celestia's left flank, you swing the machete in a broad arc, cutting through no less than four of the things and dissolving them into foul smoke.
>Your backswing takes another three.
>A mass of the creatures attempts to attack Celestia from behind, but she rapidly bucks into them, standing briefly on her front hooves.
>The first rank dissolves, while three of the rank behind fly backwards, still solid, crashing into a huge tree and exploding on impact.
>Celestia shakes her head back and forth, using her glowing horn as a slashing rather than a thrusting weapon, cutting through the masses of goblins like hot butter.
>She turns to face the goblins at her right flank, as you keep close to her and fight side by side against the semicircle of remaining goblins.
>While she trots toward the middle of the semicircle, you take its left end, cutting and slashing like you're chopping underbrush.
>Your fear is replaced by elation as you realize you're actually pretty good at this.
>The two of you make quick work of the remaining creatures, cutting them to ribbons, finally with nothing but a large cloud of smoke remaining behind.
"Child's play!" you shout.
>It turns out the time for a victory dance is premature, as Celestia says "look," and points her horn toward two agents in their skeletal canine form.
>Whether they are the same as the previous agents, you can't say, not that it matters much to you.
>With a gesture of her horn, Celestia calls the slightly larger one on the right, almost immediately charging at it with her head down.
>You let out a war whoop and charge at the one on the left, with your machete held over your head in both hands.
>The two agents continue slowly walking forward as you charge.
>Celestia runs the agent clean through with her horn, then flips her head upward, the creature still impaled on it, sending it flying backwards over her.

>You leap at the other, still shouting, and crudely bring the machete down in a two-handed smash.
>The blade goes halfway through its head, lodging in its skull and it falls backward, taking the machete with it.
>You stand on the creature's chest and struggle to pull the machete from where it is stuck.
>A towering mass of black flesh lumbers into sight, at least eight feet tall and thick as a barrel.
>The creature is glossy and somehow darker than pitch black, as if it radiates darkness around it.
>It has no face, and only rudimentary, stumpy arms and legs, like a child's idea of a giant.
>With a final kick at the fallen agent, you jerk the machete out of its skull, the blade dripping a thick black ichor.
>The agent is already dissolving into a mass of smoking goo.
>You charge the enormous brute, swinging the machete at its middle.
>The blade enters, but again it sticks in it, like the monster is made out of pitch.
>The creature turns to the side, jerking the machete out of your hand.
>You see, as if in slow motion, the creature swinging its primitive arm at you.
>It impacts your body, sending you flying backwards into a tree, knocking the wind out of you as you fall to the ground.
>"The middle! Hit it in the middle!"
"Got it."
>You remember the gun, and as the creature closes the distance between you, you draw and fire into what would be its chest, about six feet up.
>The creature seems unfazed, so you quickly empty the clip into it. For a few more steps, it continues charging at you as you consider running.
>Then just a couple feet away from you, it slows, takes another half step, turns halfway to the side, and comes falling down, directly toward you.
>You jump back, but the top part of it falls into you, knocking you on your back again and burying your legs under it.
>Between you and Celestia, it takes a minute or so to get the corpse moved enough that you can wriggle out from under it.
>"We must fly like the wind," says Celestia.
Celestia has come to visit you.

She is crying, because she doesn't have much time. She has been watching you. Every moment of every day. She sees how you love her, and she loves you back. She has gone to great lengths to cast this spell for you to be together.

It only works, however, for 2 hours. She will be gone after this time, lost forever.

What do you do for those hours?

At some point, she wants you to consummate the relationship.

>Quickly, you retrieve the machete.
>You jump on Celestia's back without further comment, and she immediately takes off at a dead gallop, leaving a blinding white light behind you.
>You guess this is to obscure the direction of your flight.
>It is all you can do to hold on for dear life, and only your trust in Celestia convinces you that you are not going to fall off and die.
>You are not sure how she manages this breakneck pace in just the light from her horn, as you can barely see anything.
>You are convinced, however, that if Celestia were a racehorse, she would have no problem winning the Triple Crown.
>She continues galloping for what seems like forever, then as you intersect what seems to be the head of the trail you seek, you nudge her left with your feet and knees.
>While you haven't done this for years, somehow you seem to remember the language between horse and rider.
>Now, finally on a trail meant for horses, she takes off even faster, covering a great distance in a short amount of time.
>Finally breaking a fine lather of sweat on her alabaster coat, she slows to a canter, to a trot, and then to walking.
>"I think we've put a safe distance between us and them. For now."
"We were pretty good back there, don't you think?"
>"Yes. We were."
"What the hell was that last thing?"
>"It's called a Tar Baby."
>You decide it isn't the time to mention the unfortunate connotations of that name in this world.
>However, noticing your puzzlement, Celestia says "I assume the baby part of the name was intended as ironic."
>Checking the clock on your phone, you note that it is just barely after midnight. Celestia decides to continue for the night and stop in the morning.
>However, the rest of the night is at a slow walk, keeping as quiet as possible to hear any possible pursuit. None comes, though.
>If it were not for the looming danger, the cold air and clear sky would be idyllic.
>You continue until the pre-dawn lightens the sky, stopping by a small creek.

De-tripping post. A bit late again, but the thread has been slower than usual today.

Hope it doesn't die overnight.
I want a vid link for this please
Interesting read, digging the combat scenes.
Talk with her for 45 minutes or an hour, her choice. The rest is foreplay and boning.
Use my knowledge and power of the hermetic scienses I shall will a portal into existence.
Take her out somewhere like a club, or something less extreme(?) like a small carnival.
Take her home with me, but before entering the door I pick her up and carry her tired ponyself.
>Lay her on the bed and bring myself over as I part her mane for more of those cute colored eyes. My fingers want to take a dip in the pretty pink pools.
>Recall every single happy moment, large and small, we shared during our night out. I fall for her faster the more she looks at me with her muzzle moving in soft satisfication.
>Gradually ensue the inevitable carnal bonding. I lightly set myelf over her, she lowers her barrier and welcomes me with all her limbs, including wings, opening for business.
>I ready myself between and feel her hindlegs close around my waist and tie themselves in favorable gratitude, preparing for the sensual performance.
>All night long.
>All night long

You have 2 hours
>underestimating the power of slow passionate sex
It's going to be so lovingly slow, time will be affected.
I like your #s
>What do you do for those hours?
A lot of cuddling and talking about whatever we feel like for the first 30 minutes. Assuming her magic works here, pull a prank or two on unsuspecting neighbours to lighten up the mood. Spend the rest of our time engaging in progressively perverted copulation.
Before she departs, ask for some sort of memento, like a feather or maybe even a strand of her beautiful mane.

Live out my days cherishing these memories and hoping to meet her again when I die.
>You die
>Earth's afterlife is some fucking weird thing nobody has thought up yet
>Equestrian Afterlife is standard heaven/hell
>Celestia sleeping with you constitutes bestiality, a mortal sin
>The last you ever see of her is her screaming for help as she's dragged down to eternal fire
So, I made a thing. I know the colors are off, this was just a first attempt.
File: 581281.jpg (496 KB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496 KB, 2592x1944
>You accidently get her pregnant.
>They constantly appear in mirrors, water reflections, and whatever else to talk to you.
>You can never hug them
What are these suppose to be exactly.
File: 1406945521047.png (1 MB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1024x1024
"Put your floaties on Anon."
File: 1400907918433.png (183 KB, 810x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 810x1024
Wouldn't be the first time.

I guess she has a thing for cross dimensional relationships.
They're made from plastic canvas and yarn. They're just display pieces of a few square inches.

Plastic canvas is a square grid made of plastic, that you thread yarn through to make designs. I like MLP:FIM so I decided to show my affection with some crafts.
I want to blow raspberry on that tummy.
>Can you come back with your sister?
Do you think Sunbutt uses tobacco? If so, in what form? I personally think she smokes cigars.
File: untitled.jpg (6 KB, 318x159) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 318x159
Yeah, I could see it.
Hardly, she knows well the harm of smoking, and it'd be unbecoming a pony everyone looks up to anyway.
File: image.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 1280x720
>you will never share pony-Celestia with EQG Celestia
Would it even harm her? She's practically a goddess. Besides, she wouldn't even need a lighter.

It pains me to see this. I prefer older women. Anyone else?
>Would it even harm her? She's practically a goddess.
Perhaps you're right. I just don't find smoking people overly attractive or pleasant to converse, because of the smell and all.

>I prefer older women. Anyone else?
I guess this is part of the reason why Celestia is my waifu.
>"Are you ready to rock and rooolll!"
>older women
Oh yes.
But dating a principal is a serious business.
Celestia just looks silly here. And also a bit spaced. Like she's just dressing up like this to keep Luna happy.

Because Luna does look happy and very much at home.
File: 1387106144128.gif (404 KB, 631x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
404 KB, 631x349
>As you watch the two princesses performing on the stage, you notice Celestia stares at you for a moment and then she telepathically whispers "Help meeee."
>My hooves hurt
>Luna's screaming is too loud
>I wish I was back in the castle, reading friendship reports
Pretty good
Huh, pretty cool. Could they be used as kettleholders?
top kek
is she drinking sunny d?
I'm not sure, the yarn isn't very durable, and the plastic would probably melt under the heat. This is the stuff that old women put around kleenex boxes as decoration.
>put around Kleenex boxes
The Internet shall find a use
>"I apologize, your highness. I wouldn't dream of encroaching on your privacy, I will return at a later time. Please, stay comfortable, Equestria needs you."
>she stays in there all day waiting for the "later time"
>only much much later does a depressed mare realize how childish and desperate she was acting
File: 644039.png (832 KB, 1372x1306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Favorite brush.png
123 KB, 420x600
I like this, thanks for cropping it.

I could only see her doing it for diplomatic reasons, like say sharing shisha with Saddlerabian diplomats. And then she'd use magic to prevent it from actually stinking up her coat and mane or having unhealthy effects.
File: 1406795891833.gif (717 KB, 365x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
717 KB, 365x270
>The Saddlearabian plot to kill Celestia by giving her lung cancer backfires decades later.
File: all_the_donuts.jpg (361 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
361 KB, 1280x1024
>Celestia will never just appear outside your house and steal something
>you will never understand the many worlds theory
Can we have writefaggotry on this >>19083584
>"We'll start with the basics, Anon."
>you will never chase after her with a rolled-up newspaper demanding your pink flamingos and gnomes back
File: 1371361017195.png (278 KB, 1600x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278 KB, 1600x1600
Well I recognize two out of three.
That sword looks a little too big for Dawn.
>She "borrowed" it from her father
>Your warning "It's not a toy" never had any real weight on Dawn's decision making scale.

I wonder how she managed to drag thing around the castle without anyone noticing. I'm beginning her aunt may have helped her a little.
File: 1400963187372.png (105 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 700x700
>battling her brother's plunger with her toilet brush from astride a pair of terrified guard ponies
File: 1396136923174.png (229 KB, 1400x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 1400x799
File: 1397580222671.png (378 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378 KB, 600x600
File: 1391219632371.png (394 KB, 900x701) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
394 KB, 900x701
Fatass girl.
File: large (14).png (79 KB, 919x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (14).png
79 KB, 919x1024
If no-one else is doing anything, I've got an idea for this.

Might have to wait till next Sunday, though. I don't have much free time atm.
It's best that you wait til Sunday. That way you have time to work on it. I look forward to seein what you do with it.
Now that's what I call edgy.
>Celestia keeps taking Dawn with her whenever she goes on a cake raid.
NEIN! crystal candice confederacy forever!
Something along these lines, outfitted for a male wearer (different breastplate and boots). This armour is lavishly decorated with swirls and sun motifs of inlayed gold and bronze with the rest of it having a pearlescent coating.
Though the helmet would be different, and the facemask would be replaced with a mempo, as to show the ferocity of the wearer underneath.
File: 1396153619888.png (210 KB, 874x915) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210 KB, 874x915
File: 1400667098159.jpg (30 KB, 867x921) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 867x921
I love one of the ideas floated last-thread about ordinary armour enchanted by Celestia herself: it keeps the design relatively simple and stylish, and includes an intimate, personal connection.

I'd suppose that it's not just a solid gold colour; but shimmers slightly, like sunlight on fabric.
>Shit, you knew this day would come, you just didn't know when.
>It was cute watching your daughter and wife bonding over the stolen pastries and other baked goods.
>However, lately you see your little Dawn was getting...urges. Primal urges. One she inherited from her father.
>She only saw you do it a couple of times, when she secretly followed you into the Everfree.
>When you felt the need to eat meat.
>Sure, you could probably go without it, but you tried that. It didn't turn out too well.
>Every few months or so, you'd detach yourself from society, seeking the "call of the wild". Celly was ok with it. And a little turned on
>Manticore actually didn't taste all that bad.
>Now, for better or for worse, you brought along your little Dawn for her first hunt with her father.
>Now, she wants to go every time you go.
>Life was good.

An idea I had. Yeah, the writing is shit, but hopefully some writefag can see potential in this.
No; https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_460861327&feature=iv&src_vid=9OWT8eXThx0&v=dmVWvOC_2HU
File: 1395502291131.png (449 KB, 1000x816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449 KB, 1000x816
"Are you...asking me out?"
"Um, yeah?"
>The proposal throws her off guard, the calm regal mask she has on melts into a more friendly, casual speech.
>It's a pleasure to see Celestia normalizing her mood before you again.
>Has anyone else seen this side of her?
>Her sister surely due to the blood relation, but others outside of the family? Less likely.
>Two soft shades of warm red blooms below her eyes, sitting above her white fuzzy cheeks.
>Seeing the blush shamelessly settle over her features made you nervous as well, it's contagious.
>Ack! And you thought you made sure to eliminate all the woolies in your stomach before asking her out.
>The silent minute between the two of you was spent gathering the right words to exchange.
>Scratching the back of your head helped distract you from the awkward moment.
"I was not expecting you of all people to invite me to a time together, especially during an event where everyone may see."
>She said quietly, powering through a nervous tongue and rosy cheeks.
"It's very bold of you to ask for my private company for yourself."
>You thought so too, but now it sounds foolish after letting it ring in your head for good measure.
>What have you done.
"I have not heard that since...well, forever!"
>She laughs to loosen the tension, but it does the exact opposite for you.
>Is she mocking you? That stings.
"We can't be together."
>Welp, you tried. Time to forget about this by getting wasted tonight.
>What will it be? Your cherished recipe of hard liquor? Or the sissy cider drink from the nearest bar from here?
>Whatever it will be, it better knock this memory from your brain before morning.
"Sorry for wasting your time, I'll see you later."
"Wait, I'm not finished with what I was saying."
>Not finished? Your ear wants to stay and listen.
"We can't be together HERE, a nice secluded place should be our spot."
>She changed her mind, glorious!
>Hold on now, what did she want?
"A place with us two only? Rigt now?"
>Celestia shyly swings one leg.
"The ponies here will attempt to take my attention away, leaving you excluded."
"Nah, it's fine."
>You're too humble.
"No it isn't. Have you been forcefully held to one of these high classes for an hour just to listen to them babble about a new frivolous dress? Or brag about the pocket change they have earned through out the day and year? I do not care for any of these soulless items and I want to breathe!"
>She vents out.
"Hah. I'm sorry, that couldn't be kept contain for any longer."
>Did you push one of her buttons?
>That's right though, this fancy garden ball has the high society army looking for Celestia's approval.
>To add on, many of these little horses scoff at you for the lack of wealth and status.
>Surprisingly it was not because of your species.
>Bah, fuck them, everyone is allowed to attend and you showed up just to have Celestia for a quick minute or two.
"Please, just Celestia is fine."
"Right, right. But first, do you remember me from the last time we met?"
"How could I not? you are Anon, the nice human I like."
>Those very words tickled your heart.
"Let's leave."
"You mean right now, as in immediately?
"Of course! Lead the way please, anywhere but here."
"Wouldn't it be less suspicious if you wait until after all of this?"
"And endure the pish poshy blabber? Nonsense."
"Are you saying you are fine with me 'kidnapping' you?"
>She winks, encouraging to let you know it's fine.
>Excitement stirs in your chest.
>You bow, teasing the formality of it.
>Celestia smiles and takes her place next to you.
>Where the hell are you going to take her?
File: 1397082086540.png (575 KB, 1100x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
575 KB, 1100x850
File: I-Get-Wet.jpg (112 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 600x600
Reminds me of this.
I remember making that thread. Good times. Nice to see it's still getting reposted.
It still makes me laugh
That's cute. More?
>"Always the same thing. Always the wrong decision."
>Celestia, still swaying woozily on her hooves, hacks out a bitter laugh
>"I ... will defend ... my subjects."
>in the odd, dreamlike world between unconsciousness and waking, you're vaguely aware of being laid across something warm and hairy, before slipping into emptiness again
>Celestia has a very bad habit
>Using magic to disguise herself as a commoner, she goes out drinking and gets into fights
>Ironically many of them are started by her posing as a rabid Luna supporter
>She comes home, beaten, bloodied and drunk, too intoxicated to cast the simple healing spell to fix herself
>So she passes out in her bed until morning
>Except this time, she went in the wrong room
>And fell into the wrong bed
>You are Anonymous
>And Princess Celestia is bleeding and snoring loudly against you
>What do?
>yfw da burrs won da superb owl
>you will never overturn a few carts and start a few fires with Celestia
>d'aww, so cute
Welp, wanted to get this thread moving along with a piss poor attempt at a CYOA, but it looks like a slow roll is the way to go.
Get the attention of a guard patrolling and tell him to send urgent word to Princess Luna that Anonymous needs to speak with her as quickly as possible in his chambers, as he finds himself in an emergency situation that he cannot leave.
Once she gets here, she can fix Celestia and we can have a long talk about things.
>"Let's cuddle, Anon!"
Man his shirt is already missing.
>Pull the covers over her.
>Get out off the bed.
>Make breakfast.
>Hold her tell her it's ok.
>"You don't have to tell me what happend, but you do have to eat this." as I hand her the bowl of eggs.
>Ask her if she needs a ride home.
>Tell her to take care.

>Wake up from warm dampness
>Find bleeding princess in bed
>I'm covered in her blood
>Call for guards
>Guards rush in
>Princess won't wake from inebriated slumber to sort this shit
>Charged with first degree assault and battery of royalty
>Serving 3 life sentences
>Celestia awakes and has no idea what happened
File: nicole_oliver.jpg (34 KB, 360x531) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 360x531
Would you?
Closet we'll get to human Celestia
Not would. Did
If she puts on Celestia''s voice and acts like her, then mmmaybe.
She's happily married with kids, anon. I mean, she's pretty, and sane, and doesn't take any shit; but after following their holiday snaps on Twitter, she just doesn't show up on the dick-o-meter.
She looks like a bleached up middle aged woman with too much face surgery.

I wanted human Celestia to be white, but not that kind of white.
File: 1394764448745.png (124 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 700x700
I would let Celestia use a shrunken version of me as a dildo.
Don't die yet. I have an idea that I want to float.
What happened to these threads?

They are almost beyond dead, these things shouldn't last longer than Monday morning
Hiatus plus a lot of people think Celestia will be pretty much off the show from now on
I'm still under the notion that it's because of the Momlestia threads that took away most of the writefags and some of the anons who lurked here.
My guess would be hiatus, people are getting burned out/enjoying their vacations.

They are just as dead, if not worse.
File: sun_horse.png (292 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
292 KB, 800x800
Momlestia is kinda dead too
>also not writing/lurking for both
They're saying the same about this thread.

I just want my Celestia stuff
Everyone is staying quiet for some strange reason, like if they're waiting for something. Why the fuck are you so mute? Do you like sanic speed threads? Then speak up, discuss about even a tiny detail about Celestia.
Oh yeah, these niggas just don't quit.
>not much green over there
Time to take another dip in there.
Did that story where Anon was a royal guard end? I haven't seen it in forever

I want to write, but can't come up with cohesive stories. Only cute scenes that are done in a couple sentences with nothing behind them.
Quiet Sunsets? You're in for a long wait.
I'm in the same boat as you.
I've got nothing to write about.
File: Nekkid_Celly.png (76 KB, 750x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 750x600
I've been thinking, what metal is Celestia's garb made of? If it's gold, how long does each piece last, and do the designs mean anything? Who makes them? Why are they the shape they are? When did she start wearing them? Does she wear them all the time? I would imagine that they must mean something to her. Also, the necklace thing (what is that called?) looks uncomfortable.
Where the fuck are you Fizzles?
Well keep at it.
Hey Chuckfuck, you're fast on your fingers with CYOA, right?
Fast on my fingers?

I imagine it's gold or a gold alloy, perhaps enchanted. I imagine it is ceremonial, but based on actual items worn in battle during the period Celestia and Luna carved order out of chaos.

I also imagine she doesn't like wearing formal regalia all the time, but that it is expected of her when she acts in a formal capacity.

I haven't actually thought much about the neck jewelry. It looks like some sort of royal torc, which is like a necklace but generally one solid piece of metal.
Wikipedia [heh] tells me that tungsten has a melting point high enough that you could sail a boat of solid tungsten on the surface of the sun. So that.
Also it's as heavy as murder so only an alicorn could actually wear the regalia. It's plated in gold for the color.
>How do you think Celestia is viewed by the other races of Equestria? We've seen a little of both the dragons and the gryphons, and of course the monsters-of-the-week, but there's little that shows (for example) whether they are feared, or admired.

Since the thread is kind of slow, I'll go back to the OP.

I think Celestia is respected for keeping her word with the other species, especially dragons, but the dragons know after a thousand years to be very careful what kind of treaties they sign. The wording always cuts in the favor of ponies.

The Dragon King, especially, has a great deal of respect and even fondness for her. Not all dragons do, but like Celestia, the Dragon King keeps his word and no dragon dares defy him openly.

In D&D alignment terms, Celestia is lawful good and the Dragon King is lawful neutral, but both place a strong emphasis on the lawful part.

The more chaotic griffons have a lot less actual respect for Celestia, but keep the peace because while they think they could easily take the ponies (they're wrong), the idea of taking on ponies AND dragons scares even them.
Do a CYOA starting with this >>19086469
I'll start picking my choice once you fart out the options for us.
If there's cute, maybe include him >>19093350
Shit, I don't. Are you game?
File: 1396543694731alt.png (1 MB, 2000x1125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2000x1125
>Dying threads
>Dying show (it has to end eventually)
>One day all will forget Celestia
>But she won't forget us
>Stuck, across an infinite void of nothingness
>No escape
>The anons who loved her dead
>Her entire world dead
>What will she do then?
>Sob over her fate?
>Be quietly resigned?
>Mourn us, those who are lost?
I'm interested, but I work in the morning tomorrow, so I wouldn't be able to do much.
Provided this thread is still alive tomorrow, I could see about starting something up then.
Sound good?
If it's gold, it's probably enchanted to resist tarnishing and corrosion.
>When did she start wearing them?
When she was crowned a Princess, I think.

I desperately want an episode where Celestia removes her regalia which is unlikely to happen, but a man can dream, right?
>thinking dead threads will make us(me) forget her
I don't know about you but as long as I have a picture of her and the ability to keep thinking of her, I'm all good.
You can't even type out small post?
I can start something, but I won't be doing a lot.
Give me a second.
A thread isn't dead in any meaningful way unless it routinely dies without any posts. There's still greentext in every thread, every thread eventually hits max bump, and it is rarely just a mindless image dump.
She will lay down quietly in a green field, in the shade of a single tree. The wind from the west will blow softly and she will close her eyes and relive memories of countless lifetimes. Not one to dwell on sadness, she won't mourn her losses but celebrate the beauty that was her lifetime. Centuries of memories will be her companion as she wait for the next thing. The next grand adventure.
>You escort Celestia out of the garden party as you think of the destinations you could take her to.
>You make sure the nobles aren't watching you as you leave, since they'd likely protest for the princess to stay.
>Celestia grins giddily, happy to be able to get out of this boring, posh party.
>You find the entrance to the garden, and lead the princess out.
>Fortunately, you weren't spotted by anyone as you left.
>Now that you were outside, you had to find a place to go to begin your quote-unquote "date".
>Canterlot was full of things to do for certain, but what would be the best thing to do with a pony who had likely seen and done everything?
>Would it be better to treat her to a fancy dinner?
>Or should you take her to a place a little more homely?
>Or should you do something else completely?

1, 5, 9, dubs.
I'll go a couple posts, but lemme tell ya, I'm kinda beat.
File: 1404722789208.png (108 KB, 597x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 597x480
If its night, take her to a nice balcony to kiss in the moonlight.

If its day, take her to a nice garden where we will lay in the sun and put flowers in her hair.

Buy a loaf of bread and a jug of wine and just eat outside somewhere somewhat secluded.
File: business.jpg (10 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 200x200

You knew it was coming.
Take her to da club.
His friend died or something
One rape scene coming up.
Congratulations, it's now shit because of >>19094239
I suggest you go with what this >>19094187 Anon suggested.
>Celestia aggressively rapes Anon
>because honestly, could you rape someone who raises the sun?

Rollin fer this
File: erection.gif (230 KB, 400x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 400x220

T-That's my fetish...
You could if she loved you and trusted you The shock of you violating that trust, violating her body and soul, she might just lay there and cry while you did it, begging you to stop, calling your name, to no avail

Make no mistake when she was done feeling like a victim she'd destroy you but for those few moments beforehand, Celestia would actually know what a mortal felt like.
>You knew exactly what you wanted to do with the princess.
"I've got an idea, Celestia. There's this neat restaurant that's in this little alley I know. I'm a regular there."
>"Then by all means, lead the way, Anon."
>There wasn't really a restaurant, but you couldn't tell her that.
>Through the darkness of the Canterlot night, you wandered aimlessly, leading on an oblivious sun princess.
>You simply needed one dark alley, and the deed would be done.
>The moment arrived after you explored for what you swore were hours, finding a dark, creepy alley that was likely used for less than moral purposes.
>You led her in there, and once you were deep enough in, you turned around to face her.
>"So, where's this restaurant, Anon?"

Okay, so, as I wrote this, there were people saying stuff about Celestia raping Anon, or Anon raping Celestia.
So, I think what I'll do is write a scene for both situations, where Celestia is more like a helpless victim, and then one where she has a massive rape fetish, except she likes being the rapist.
And then I'll go to bed.
>raping the sun god

Not only is that a bad idea, it'll ruin the thread. Why couldn't we have done >>19094187 ?
Write a third option where >rape is performed by Luna on both of them
Well, now you're leaving me with conflicted feelings.
Do I deliver the promised raping? Or just go with >>19094187?
Decisions, decisions.
Rape. Pretty sure that guy's a samefag, anyway. I personally prefer Celestia raping Anon, but if you're going to do both then feel free.
Well, the CYOA is on its way to shit, who could've guessed? See you on Sunday.
Honestly, the whole point of this green is to try to jumpstart the thread again. Rape texts are just instant gratification. Go with something that will get more people to write.
Yeah, go with that.
>Anon rapes her
>Celestia has a a massive rape fetish
There's always someone bitching about CYOA, regardless of what you do. Ignore them and do what you were already going to do. Pretty sure the majority wants rape anyway.

I say no raping unless it's roleplay.
Listen here nigger go with a collective vote instead of the roll system. Sovereign popularity.