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>It took a drunk old mare to tell you...
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>It took a drunk old mare to tell you the truth about Dash
>She isn't pretty
>Not to a pony at least
>Her mane, her snout, her hooves, the shape of her wings
>A dozen little irks and quirks that made her too homely to get past the friendzone with any colt
>They always figured that's why she was trying so hard to be your 'bro'
>She could never do better than another ugly monster
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Minimal competition.
Ew, Dash wouldn't be getting past the friendzone with me either, I would however let her suck my dick every now and again.
I want to tell her how beautiful she is.
There are a number of ways this could go, but I think it could be a pretty good story. Nice feels all around, good chances for drama, and satisfying romance.

"Ugly Rainbro" is a concept whose time has come.
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This, she is beautiful, and awesome, and fun.
The only argument you could really make is that her exotic, near-unique rainbow mane isn't popular with ponies, because all of her other features are shared with tons of background ponies.

Even with that, her dad has the same mane, and he managed to get laid. Rainbow Dash has all the appeal he has as well as fame and a top-notch physique to back her up. Besides, it's *just* a hairstyle, she could either dye it or find someone with more unusual interests, ponies are a lot like people.

It's also worth pointing out that she's got a fanclub, a fanclub of children, but still. Also:
>Same sleek body. Same flowing mane. Same spectacular hooves.
She might not be Rarity-levels of beautiful (who is Ponyville's most beautiful unicorn), but I don't see anything supporting the notion that she's ugly.

Autistic headcanon on your end, or?
>Your fictional premise is stupid because all the ponies look the same!
>Except also Rainbow Dash has a top-notch physique
>Stop being autistic!

Glass houses, Anon.

No one is saying Dash is ACTUALLY ugly, it's just for the sake of argument.
Besides, it's not unrealistic that an outside observer like Anonymous would not be able to notice the subtle characteristics that ponies define as attractive vs. unattractive.

She has a wingpower of over 16, while the average is below 8 and the Ponyville runner-up has just above 10,

She can compete on even ground with Applejack, Ponyville's top athlete. If she's not forced to compete on the ground, she wins by a landslide.

She broke several academy records, and is now a member of the Wonderbolts reserve, part of Equestria's finest fliers.

If that isn't top-notch physique, I don't know what is.

>No one is saying Dash is ACTUALLY ugly, it's just for the sake of argument.
And I just shot down that argument. There. Happy now?

And yeah, it is pretty unrealistic that an outside observer wouldn't notice such characteristic. While different species certainly have different preferences, attractiveness is never subtle.
It's all a direct consequence of health and fertility, a female with wide hips is good for childbirth, therefore most people see wide hips as sexy. Long hair is only seen in someone who can take good care of themselves and isn't diseased, therefore it is attractive. The same applies to a well-preened bird or one that is well-fed enough to take time decorating it's nest, etc.
>"Hey, Jim, you seein this parrot over here?"
>"Y'mean that one with the fancy lookin' nest?"
>"What about it?"
>"I wanna fuck that parrot. I wanna fuck that parrot, Jim."
>"I know you do, buddy."
>I want it everywhere, Anon, my ass, in my mane, on my hooves, don't waste a drop
I'll be the first to admit that Rainbow Dash isn't exactly my favorite pony, but I respect her too much to let her shack up with me out of desperation.

I will never settle when it comes to love and I expect someone like Rainbow Dash to feel the same way. That being said I would be her wingman anytime and I would help her get what she deserves any way I can.

Though if something were to develop between us regardless of all that, who am I to question fate?
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She'll always be beautiful to me.

I want to cuddle low-confidence Dash and raise her self esteem.
first time writefagging. Sorry if it's shit.
>Be Rainbow Dash
>Not ugly but unattractive enough to not be noticed
>Finally learned to accept loneliness.
>Then Anon arrived.
>You see your chance for love.
>After a couple days of talking you ask him out.
>He agrees and you make plans for Saturday night.
>Now you’re both at a bar on the edge of Ponyville.
>He says he likes you.
>Hell yeah!
>Realize you need to pee.
>Like, really bad.
>Excuse yourself to the bathroom.
>When you come back Anon is talking to a very drunk mare.
>Overhear her telling him he could do better than you.
>It’s like your heart was just torn out of your chest.
>You approach him and prepare for disaster.
>He doesn’t leave when he sees you.
>“Dash, am I here because you couldn’t find anyone else?”
>Fuck. He knows too much.
>You see no point in lying.
>He raises his eyebrows and frowns a little.
>“Well, you need some help?”
>Wait. He offered to help?
>You decide not to question it.
>When you question things everything goes to shit.
>He smiles. “Good. Now which one do you want?” he asks, scouting out the bar.
>You do the same even though any would be better than none.
>Still, you don’t really care about them.
>They never gave you a second glance.
>You look back at Anon.
>He’s already shown you more kindness than any stallion ever has.
>You smile as you answer.
Wow cruel.

Could always find out what pony tastes like.
They almost always leave you once their confidence is up.

You sure that's a good plan?
>dash will never have low self esteem to end up loving you.
Element of Loyalty? I think that'd matter when it comes to relationships.
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Well, at least you know you've done one good deed, and you're not as terrible of a human being as before.
That's some of the most retarded headcanon I have read. Trust me, I have read a lot of shitty headcanon in the past 3 years and 9 months.
headcanon =/= thread prompt, fuck off m8
Sure, but the 'element of loyalty' was desperate when she settled with you.
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I'll give her something to be loyal about ejejejejejejejejeje

If she wanted to leave at that point, I'd actually prefer it. I want to be with someone who wants to be with me, not someone who feels obligated to stay. In the meanwhile, I don't mind helping a girl feel better about herself. It makes me feel good.
So all ponies look the same to humans. But ponies can differentiate from each other and notice features that go unnoticed by the human eye?
Humans find it easier to differentiate between those who appear similar to them. It's not that we're not seeing the differences, it's that we're not completely recognizing them. Typically we differentiate each other by relatively small differences, tiny differences in height, hair and skin color, mannerisms, facial structure, etc. The more similar those are to ourselves, the easier it is to tell the differences between them, 'cause that's how our brains are wired. That's why you get people who say things like "all Asians look alike" and such about other groups. The other ethnic groups can tell the differences, and think that others look the same. It's the same reason we can tell two humans who look almost the same apart, but we can't with dogs or anything as easily. In fact, if it weren't for the vast array of colors between the ponies, you'd have a hard time telling them apart, 'cause they'd all look like the same dozen body types, with only really tiny differences identifying them, that you wouldn't pick up on, since you wouldn't have had a lifetime of experience doing so.
Rainbow mane is part of a genetic disease that makes a mare infertile (stallions are ALMOST infertile), so who would want a useless mare that can't even have a foal? That's why RD wants to be famous and join the Wonder Bolts, so she won't die and be completely forgotten.
>If that isn't top-notch physique, I don't know what is.
Top-notch physique doesn't make you attractive. Ever seen a female bodybuilder?

There, I just shot down your argument. Happy now?
>tfw I accepted lonlieness.
>tfw I live for no one; not even myself, just making 70k a year in my own apartment.
I can relate to this
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Are female bodybuilders not attractive?
This is news to me.
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I like to imagine in this comic Rainbow Dash is a boy but a really cute boy, or maybe a boy that wants to be a girl?

I'd like to rub Rainbow Trap's belly

She is a girl who wants to practice applying makeup.
She's perfect just the way she is. I love her with all of my heart and she's all I'd ever need in the world to be happy. But...she shouldn't have to settle for me if she doesn't love me. She deserves to be happy... more than I do...

>Obviously they all use the same clipart for their flash animation
>Implying athletic females can't go from 'damn' to 'uggh' at the drop of a hat once certain lines are crossed
>implying there are no ugly celebrities or that an unattractive person has ever been praised

But most important of all:

>its a fun idea
I love the smell of wet pony
File: dash dripping.png (154 KB, 850x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dash dripping.png
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What kind of wet?
any kind of wet
>all kinds
go on

Yes, please continue.
I hate it when people start talking like that. It's nothing but pure negativity.

Try to take a positive outlook on things.
He's just being beta

We all know she is alone.
She may be attractive to humans, but is she attractive to stallions?
That's not really the point, it's just that if you have a waifu you shouldn't be thinking so negatively about it like he is. You're just destroying yourself if you do.
Maybe she isn't his waifu.
Going by what he said, I'm pretty sure she is.

I can understand people getting depressed sometimes, but they really need to be able to get some positive thought in and pull out of it.
She would not qualify as a waifu if he feels that way. A waifu would love you as much as you love her.
I like what this anon has to say, also I think far too many anons are being too serious about this kind of 'what if' idea the op suggests.
>A waifu would love you as much as you love her.

I can definitely agree with that, and I think he should keep that in mind.

That being said however, I'm uncomfortable with going around saying "She's not REALLY your waifu for X reason" because it's a very slippery slope, and it's generally rather unfair to judge something about someone like that over the internet anyway.

It'd be good to remind people that their waifu loves them, but I don't think it's a good habit to tell people that they don't have a waifu because they are supposedly doing something wrong. That just makes everything worse. Much better to try and help them instead of practically twisting the knife like that.
Let's see where this goes. First time writing as well. Exucse any smallish grammar issues and awkward story flow

>You've been in Ponyville for almost a year now to finally hear this.
>It explains why Rainbow hasn't really been near many stallions
>Just the main six and you.
>You've dismissed it as her just not being the type to date
>Yet it does seem odd that on her free time she spends it mainly with you
>Or at least tries to when you're not busy.
>Today wasn't any different from the other times.
>You were walking back from Twilight's after returning a few books when Rainbow arrived.
>Per usual, she whizzes past your head and shows off her flying skill
>Usually a small trick or two to wow you.
"So," She huffs, "What's the score today?"
>"Eh, about an 8. You forgot to make my ears pop"
"Give it a sec Anon" She said, "I'm working on a few second delay this time"
>"Well I'm not hear-" POP
"There it is!" She triumphantly raises her hoof
>As you unpop your precious ears you remembered what that drunken Mare had said
>Is it right to ask her?
>Pretty sure she'd murder you on the spot essentially calling her ugly to her face.
>Well you could ask something that might work it's way there in a non-murderous way
>"Hey Rainbow? Small question"
"Yes Anon? And if it's about me stopping the ear thing I might. But you're too fun to do it on" she laughs to herself
>"Well it's not about that."
>"It's more of why do you try to hang out with me so much? Even when you have the chance to hang out with your friends you often choose to go and find me."
Feedback is nice and this is an as I go thing. Not home often enough to save much of anything so I try to write most things in one go
I don't think I can provide feedback, but I'm lurking. Your grammar seems fine however.

Others will probably come, but it's pretty late so it could take more time to get responses.
It's fine, I figured I wouldn't get much. Maybe hear a few lurkers. I don't get home till pretty late and I happened upon this thread. If it's still up tomorrow I'll see if I can write some more, time bearing anyways. I'll stay for a little bit longer if anything.
Yep, I'm reading
you've got my attention
If its feels Ill also read
Makes me feel good knowing I have a few readers. Hopefully I'll learn from this to write better stories. And for the feels thing, again never written but I'll try. I was aiming for some feels not too far from now.
And with that lurking activate
Bump for writefag.
Story die?
>all the same appeal he has
and there's your problem
>It's been almost 2 whole years.
>The life you left behind is almost completely forgotten.
>You wonder about all the-
>"Oh hey Anon, what's going on?"
"Hey Dash, up early today?"
>Early for HER at least. It's like only fucking 10.
>"Yeah, I wanted to ask if you wanted to come with me to the new Daring Do release!"
"That's happening today I'm guessing."
>Shouldn't that shit come out in two days?
>It's fucking SunButtday. Shit comes out on Tuesdays for some fucking reason.
>"It's at midnight, on Tuesday."
>Called it.
"Isn't it going to be in Canterlot?"
>That big-ass bookstore always does the releases.
>At least you could get some new books when you arrive.
>You've been meaning to get around to doing so, you just don't get to Canterlot often enough.
>"Is that a problem? I thought you had Tuesday off this week..."
>Wow, she looks like her parents were just murdered and she just recalled the day she was told.
"I do, but-"
>Fuck, if you say no.
>She might not be able to take that shit.
>"If it's a place to stay it's alright. I have a room booked for 2."
>Is she serious with you right now?
>This is almost weird.
>"Twilight was going to come along, but she had some 'princess' stuff to do."
>Why would Princess Books not go get some new... Books.
>Fucking princess shit.
>Only if you had some surefire way to dodge ponies sometimes.
Go on
"I'm gonna see how I feel, I might be catching something. Come back over around 6."
>"Oh? I hope you feel better, I'll let you be. I'll see you later tonight."
>You don't like lying to her, but you did cough once maybe.
>Only if life was that easy.
>You shrug it off while walking to the Treebary.
>Wait. That's gone now.
>Fucking magic and shit man.
>That thing is really out of place.
>At least it's now a fancier library.
>Books not going to get a book?
>This you had to fucking see.
>Knocking sounds
>"Oh hey Anon. what brings you over here?"
"Just coming by to talk, what's new?"
>"Come on in, have a seat. You would not believe what I have to do."
>Here comes those duties.
>You should get her a copy, presents are always a nice gesture.
>"You know the new DD book that's coming out?"
>Seems like she is serious about this.
>Why are you even here, it's not like Rainbro lies to you anyway.
>Shit you've lied to her quite a bit actually.
>She only called you on your shit twice.
>Fuck yeah.
>Top level ruses you've pulled on all the ponyfolk here.
>Apparently lying isn't too big a thing here.
"Yeah, Rains told me about it on my way here."
>"I'm glad sheee gets to go, but it's not fair."
>"She asked me to watch Tank because he's a bit sick and Fluttershy is is out of town."
>"She asked me to watch Tank because he's a bit sick and Fluttershy is is out of town."

The shoe, drops.
>Is Dash trying to ask you on a date?
>Without being obvious as fuck about it?
>This is pretty fucking out there.
>It's not like anything with a dick wouldn't like to rail that.
>At least you might be able to get some pone-booty
>It's not like you haven't been porking some tail from time to time.
>"Yeah, but I just had to let her go. If I went I'd feel too bad about it, you know?"
>Mainly because you're a tad strange.
>A social status is all it really is.
>Purples said something.
"Yeah, being the princess of books and all. You have an image to upkeep."
>She has a giggle.
>It was rather cute.
>Almost all the things that happen around here are adorable as shit.
>"Well, don't put me on a pedestal or anything."
"You can magics and stuff. PLUS FLYING. That's impressive."
>Shit, magic wasn't even a thing back home.
>Other than movies, games and books.
>Never forget books.
>"Oh ha ha ha Anon."
>"So why'd you come on over again?"
>Only if Butterstick was here.
>Rains could be behind that one too.
>She's out because reasons.
>Important ones at that, you were there.
"Just to say I'm going up with Rainbow, and I was getting you a signed copy."
This is my first writing attempt.
Is this what's it's like to have fans?

I'll make a Pastebin if you guys want.
This is getting good
I concur

To your question and the pastebin idea.
>not already having a pastebin
nigga, u gotta keep up with the times to survive in this busy world
Another part coming in a moment.

File: asdf.jpg (5 KB, 213x119) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>So it says here that you write smut/feelsy stories on /mlp/, correct?
Yes I do, any chance I get actually
>Well, I would love to see you pastebin
>...I see. It was a pleasure Mr. Anon. Don't call us, we'll call you. NEXT!

Here's the Pastebin.
homely ? wh..what? what does that mean
>Aren't you suave.
>Gathering gifts for the mighty royalty.
>Sure as hell beats retail work.
>"That's Anon, here let me give you some bits to-"
"This is a gift, accept it as one 'Sparks."
>You have a hundred nicknames for all the small equines.
>Not 100% sure if they hate it.
>Books is approaching.
>"Thanks Anon, it's been a bit rough. It's good to have you as a friend, when there are so many who aren't."
>This bitch is now ROYALTY.
>The fuck she complaining about?
>Someone didn't like a hat she tried on as a child?
"No problem, y-you too."
>That was one long hug.
>Not that you minded anyway.
>"Well hey, I'll be sure to get you something nice on Saturday."
>The hell?
>You don the most :| face you can.
>Clearly Twilight can see you're confused.
>"The two year anniversary of you coming to Ponyville!"
>Oh yeah.
>Shit, forgot that was so soon.
>At least it's a weekend.
>So you can count on Ponk to have some random extravaganza planned for you.
"Wow, you actually remember that? I forgot all about it."
>It is Twilight, she would remember what color the pen was you wrote on the back of a stickynote underneath a fridge.
>A year later.
>She has a good noggin.
>"What are friends for after all?"
>That's deep.
"I'll let you get back to doing book things. I'll see ya Tuesday."
Whoops, typo. Phones man.

>"Thanks Anon, here let me give you some bits to-"
Keep going
I'll post more later today.

I gotta go be places and things.
New Pastebin.


I accidentally the old one.
I'll be posting a few parts pretty soon.

So. Bump.
Hey the thread is still up with another writer. Writefag from last night here
Sorry I didn't say I was going to sleep, just dozed off. I'll write something later today when I'm done doing some college stuff.
Newfig here.
I don't get it.
How can you not? It's pretty fucking obvious what that comic is about
Some people are slow.
File: Bellyrub2 swfedit.png (301 KB, 294x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bellyrub2 swfedit.png
301 KB, 294x1920
>Not posting the second part

Reverse imagesearch it for the one with actual porn. Sorry for the shitty edit, don't want to be b&
bump for writefag
File: 1406035999407.jpg (191 KB, 1000x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 1000x800
>Hold pony above your mouth
>Bellyrub until orgasm
Trips don't lie, but really you could just eat her out and get a better experience.
File: tummyrubs.gif (686 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
686 KB, 500x500
It doesn't matter. She'll always be perfect to me.
Name for the sake of name I guess. Quick write with this spurt of free time.

>Silence. Awkward silence
>It was expected really, but it's been about 5 minutes of you standing, and her looking at the ground
>"Oh!" She jumps, "Well Anon, I just find you really fun to be around and mess with!" She smiles
>You raise your eybrow
>It's more than that and you know it
>It can't just be about her liking you
>Maybe you're just being silly
>But that thought crosses your mind again
>What if she's just getting you to like her gradually so she doesn't get rejected if she asks you to date-
"ANON" She screams it in your ear
"Sorry about that, you were just standing there like you were monologuing or somethin that egghead does"
>She's buzzing next your face waiting on you to have your hearing again
>Reminder to visit some form of doctor in this town to save your hearing after Rainbow is done with it
This story might take a while knowing my time schedule if that's ok with you guys. Just trying to make sure it still sounds alright and not turn it into a trainwreck.
Good story so far.

Been around any campfires lately?
Not in long time, why? And thanks!
File: dr_tran.jpg (22 KB, 477x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 477x359
Because. Dr. Tran.

I'd like to see where the story goes and I'm not really picking up any typo or grammar issues.
God I forgot about that short. I watched most of that stuff a few days ago, barely remembered it existed. There was one and it was
>Buzzing next to your face
Forgot the to. Glad I manned up to write, it's pretty fun and interesting to write something somewhat coherent.
I pretty much forgot about it too until I saw your name haha. Yeah, writing's fun, especially when you really get into what you're doing. Really, the worse that can happen when you write is people won't like it, but then you'll learn from the experience and next time you'll do better.
>With that you are off.
>Time for some face stuffing.
>Sugarcube Corner might have Pink Party there.
>You can ask her about plans for the party.
>Also those cinnamon buns are to die for.
>How the fuck does everything taste so good.
>Ponies and all their weird mysteries.
>You should learn how to bake.
>Might come in handy one day when you don't want to leave the house to have a biscuit.
>Alas, you have arrived at your destination.
>At least the town is small enough to get everywhere with just you feet devices.
>Open the door
>Get on the floor
>Seriously, you can't float, you have to touch the floor.
>"That will be 17 bits!"
>Look who it is, your favorite drinking buddy.
>If you had a drinking buddy.
>You just had some with her about two or three times.
"Hey Oil Spill, what's up?"
"Oils, what are you doing here?"
>Now that you are much closer, it's not so absurd.
>Just speak up faggot.
>"Oh hey Nonny! You have a secret cool nickname for her too!"
>Fucking Pinks.
>This cotton candy horse has 3many friends.
"Hey Anon, Pinkie just told me about the party on Saturday."
>Ah hell.
>Oil Tanker has a soft spot for parties.
>"Also why do you call me Oils from time to time?"
"No reason, just something from home."
>Time for some delicious buns.
>A bun to kill for.
"Hey Pinkie, I'll have a-"
>"Here you go!"
>How the hell did she know you'd come here.
>It's just how you like it too.
>With icing on time, and between the spirals.
>Top yum.
"How did you know I'd swing by?"
>Seriously, how the hell.
>"I knew you'd want to talk about the parrtttyyyy silly!"
>Her tramp-stamp was balloons.
>She knows everything there is to know about the art of party.
>Might as well make party plans.
"I take it you have the itinerary in order?"
>"You could just say fun plans!"
>Dat pony squeak noise.
>Do ponies have a squeaky-toy organ?
>You can ask T-Bone about that when you give her the book.
>"Hey Pinkie, I'm gonna get going."
>"Also, Anon. You should have a drink with me tonight."
>Oh dang.
>Such a selection.
You have to meat Rains at 6.
"What time?"
>After some exchange of numbers and chit-chat.
>Plans have been made.
"Okay, I'll be there at 7-7:30, after you tell Dashcakes that you are going on a trip.
>A trip that is rather strange.
>Now she walks out of the shop, but before she does so.
>She turns back and says.
>"I have something to tell you tonight."
So far no objections, I don't mind any criticism. Or if any lurkers have some opinions it would be nice to hear to improve this a bit.
>After you tell Dashcakes that you are going on a trip.

That should be it's own line. Fix'd in the Pastebin.
>Wonder what the fuck she needs to talk about all of a sudden.
>It's not like she knows where you live.
>Also not too much a mystery.
>You're like twice the fucking height of these creatures.
>Sure has it's perks.
>Except hide and seek.
>You and now horrible at that shit.
"Alright, I'll see you tonight! Take care!"
>She is now gone.
>Just you and sweet sweet diabetes.
>Pinkie is staring at you.
>It's one of those 'through your soul' kind of stare.
"H-h... Hello?"
>"I'm so excited for your party!"
>You have like no idea what kind of shenanigans this pone has planed.
>"I'm not going to say too much, but you'll never forrrrgeeetttt eeet."
>Will there be a dead body.
>Last time that happened you never looked back.
>When a retarded burglar breaks into your house then guts himself on the insulated glass.
>That was not fun explaing that to the police.
>Who just kills someone and tries that as a cover up.
"I hope I don't forget it. You only get ONE two-year arrival anniversary."
>"I KNOW RIGHT! Twilight didn't want me going too over the top like last year."
>You never thought that a jello waterfall would be possible.
>She is one crafty pone.
"If you can top last year, then you are truly a goddess."
>You finish you tasty bun of the universe.
>Time to get moving.
>"Bye Anon! I'll see you later!"
>It's totally nap time.
>Walking back home you hear something a little strange.
>Either that's some straight up murder.
>Or a prank on a bystander.
>You can't allow that to happen.
writefag is kill
believe nigger
Dubs don't lie.
>Sneak time.
>How often does someone get raped?
>You live kinda out on your own.
>Whoever is doing this might not know you live back here.
>Should you get help?
>What if you're too late?
>If they overpower you.
>What about if there is more than one?
>It doesn't sound like there is.
>It only sounds like one.
>You can hope that there is only one.
>There can be only one.gif
>It's only about 3.
>The fucking sun is still shining.
>Crimes aren't expected to happen during the day.
>No one expects that shit.
>What if they kill them?
>Plant the body in or near your house?
>There are plenty of ponies that don't really like you and would think you did.
>SunHorse might not even be able to help.
>You have to stop this.
>Right here.
>Right now.
>If you get framed, they could do this again.
>How long have they been doing this?
>You've seen trails through the woods that don't really go anywhere.
>Is that how they hide the bodies?
>This is bad.
>Now's the chance.
>They might not expect you.
>It's much quieter.
>The victim might have given up hope.
>You go around the bushes.
>It's now or never.
5got name.

Pastebin updated.
File: 1403652458483.jpg (66 KB, 555x575) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 555x575
Anyone still lurking?
I am. Please continue.
lurker here. Please continue

>Well there goes your train of thought for a bit
"That was an interesting question Anon, I thought you were gonna tell me to go away or something"
>"Oh no, it's nice being around you, I just wanted to know why."
>Rainbow looks up and smiles at that statement
>Well that went well-ish
>Now then, time to subtly ask another leading question
>"So Rainbow, have you ever had a boyfriend?"
>You swore you saw her turn beet red
>Or purple, she is blue you know
"I-I-I well, no... but I've definitely turned down a f-f-few."
"Being with friends is definitely better" Calming down now, "Plus I have to fly often to even have a shot with the Wonderbolts!"
>"And how long ago was the last time you had to turn down someone?"
>There it is
>You never could have been prepared for this.
>If you die here.
>It would have not been in vain.
>You see blue.
>Also a dash of a few other colors.
>Oh fuck.
>Rainbow is getting assualted on the path to your home.
>She's the closest thing you have to a best friend here.
>You could of stopped this.
>You could have prevented this if you just told her yes.
>She would have been happy, and the rest of the day could have been hanging out.
>Was she just waiting here all day?
>Until you came home?
>To see if you had an answer earlier?
>You had the power to not let this happen.
>What would her friends think?
>"Oh you just wanted to make sure she wasn't planning on fucking you?"
>"You couldn't just hang out with a friend?"
>"Now she's gone and it's ALL YOUR FAULT."
>Tears are starting to flow.
>She couldn't take seeing you like this.
>What if you can't help her?
>What if you're the last thing she sees before she is killed?
>What if you are killed right after?
>This isn't good.
>Something isn't right.
>You can almost feel it in every inch of your body.
>You have to act.
>You begin lunging towards her.
>You have to try.
>You make eye contact.
Your story is great Anon.

Seems to have better flow than mine. I must work harder.
Don't fucking stop

though as one casual writefag to another, I'd tone down on the '/mlp/-isms' and get the story moving a littleFeel free to ignore me and call me and faggot though, I like you're writing style

Fucking phone
Yours is awesome as well. For a first time story it's making me feel good knowing people like it. We should both work harder for better and greater stories

u both based guys, i'm gonna require moar
That sounded extremely cheesy. Ignore that last awkward bit
File: image.jpg (18 KB, 467x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 467x460
Aw. Ain't dat fucking sweet. Giving me the fuzzies Anon, keep up the good work.
I have no fucking idea what's going on. Can someone explain please?
That was a really craptacular place to cut off the story.
And to be honest, it's been kind of hard to follow what exactly has been going on for at least a couple of posts now.

>Mumbling, and she took the bait
>"What was that?" You grin slightly, "Couldn't hear you"
>Incoming confession by one Rainbow Dash
>"One last time, I think I still need to pop my ears again"
She sighs in a sad tone, "It's been a few years... well not few. But about 8, just a small guy crush in elementary school. Nothing too serious.."
>You lose your grin
>Oh god, It's gonna hit me isn't it.
"Then I got my cutie mark and that was it. He ignored me, sure it was when we were young."
>She flutters back down to the the ground before she starts, staring lamely into the ground
"But it's different now, I stated getting bullied by a few colts later on, then it was more... it was a large chunk of the kids in high school."
>You try to sit near to at least comfort her before she starts to get into anything too deep like sobbing
>But for better judgement you just sit down a few feet away
>"Ironically I was defending Fluttershy from those same jerks right before I got my mark, the wow of that Rainboom only lasted for so long.." Sniff, "She was one of my few friends in there that didn't call me names for how I looked, I stayed by her and she did the same for me"
>Your emotions start to get the better of you but you hold it, you've been there before.
>But in a world of constant love and friendship, it must be hard to even be ridiculed for something so small
"That's why I try for the Wonderbolts so often, I can be amazing And be hidden by their suit, I can dye my main and everything. No one would know!"
Sounds a bit off to me, tried using some of my own experiences in this to try to draw from the emotions. Hopefully you guys like it.
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I broke several academy records, and I'm now a member of the Wonderbolts reserve, part of Equestria's finest fliers, and I have a wingpower of over 16, while the average is below 8 and the Ponyville runner-up has just above 10. I can compete on even ground with Applejack, Ponyville's top athlete, and that’s just with my bare hooves.

You’re a fucking Dashfag, kiddo.
>you will never be the first to tell her how beautiful she is
>she will never break down crying after hearing those words

"Even then, maybe. Just maybe, I can be away from all of that. To maybe be called a prettymare by everyone..." Tears start forming, "A-a-and maybe, be called... beautiful by that special someone"
>This was a bad idea to even start this up
>You should've stopped at the first question and left it there
>She wouldn't be a mess right here in front of you
>You try to calm her down with a hug but get gently pushed away
>"Look dash," You put your hand on her shoulder
>"I've been there before, I know it's rough"
>She looks up, still very teary, and breathing somewhat heavily
>"In your world I'm exotic yet not many approach me. In my world....

Cutting it off for the moment, gotta do a few errands. Better to have something than nothing for a long time
Stop predicting things you
The crying anyways, not the hearing
Dash confirmed for being deaf
Oh you
let's see where this goes...
I am also waiting for more. Just like a Dr though huh? Wait for hours in a waiting area just for a little bit of news and when you need something else you gotta wait again
File: dr tran.jpg (28 KB, 600x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dr tran.jpg
28 KB, 600x563

But yeah, sorry. Busy schedule most days, I'll do some writing soonish but don't expect it too soon.
I'm sorry about that last bit.

I was rushing to get more out and now I notice I made a shit move.

I shall be posting a few after dinner.

Now that I'm look at it. Fuck that was bad. Want me to re-write it?
Rewrite would be nice. I have no idea what's supposed to be going on in that last part.
I see my mistake.

I had some drafty shit. I'm going to rewind to just before the end of this. >>19002702

I mixed up some posts, and actually left shit out.

This is now going in one .txt file. Not like 4. 3complicated5me.
Attempt at feelerinos is go

>"Honestly Rainbow, I don't know where to begin."
>"I don't feel handsome, I don't feel suave"
>"Back at home, I was lucky some women looked in my direction. Much less compliment how I looked. Even other guys would mention that my looks wouldn't ever get better no matter how hard I try"
>"I wasn't even sure If I'd ever find someone..
>You rub your eyes a bit
>Opening out to someone like this is really tough
>You've never done it before to anyone, much less her. But you're in the same boat
>"And it's the same here. I'm different. I'm viewed as ugly by most ponies here for being a walking Monkey around then, along with the other various races"
>"I'm too "exotic" Yet you 6 didn't care how I looked... save for Rarity, she wanted to make me a new wardrobe immediately"
>You laugh a bit at that memory, and so does Rainbow
>Well the moods lighting up a bit
>"Before I get into too much into a sob story, what I'm trying to say is, is that you shouldn't have to worry about what others think."
>"Just the ones that care to be there with you, and look past all of the terrible things these ponies say, not care how you look."
>She smiles a bit while wiping her eyes
"T-thanks Anon." Sniff, "That really does m-mean a lot from someone that understands what I'm going through"
>Well you didn't expect any of this to happen today
>You rub your eyes, you totally weren't tearing up yourself you manly man you
>"A bit better now?"
>A smile, and a hug
>That's all it took before you broke down
>It took a few minutes before you pulled back together
>"Excuse that, held that in a little too long"
Rereading this makes it look a bit too, ehh. Sappy? Don't know how to word it. Might rework it if folks don't like it
I like it
moar cuddles, and it will be perfect
Remember Dr. Tran, we are all human even if we are horsefuckers.
And to err is human
Pretty sure cuddling in the middle of the road near the library would be weird

>"So... This dirt isn't really comfortable"
"Yeah, nothing like my clouds."
>"Plus the ponies staring at us in the middle of the road is unsettling"
"We should go.."

Sorry, was trying to write something silly. Don't know where to go from here honestly. Damn you writers block.
File: ymca.jpg (92 KB, 450x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 450x270
cuddling is never weird
File: 1395940531237.jpg (9 KB, 126x111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 126x111
Dash is shit and dosent deserve happiness. All dash fags need to be lined up against a wall and shot.

Rarity is best pony
File: NoFricksGiven.gif (3 MB, 537x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 537x302
File: 1401306549124.png (248 KB, 502x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248 KB, 502x430
Hmm, a little something here.

>It's been a few weeks since that event
>Rainbow has started going around with you a lot more often
>Even more than your friends
>They all don't seem to mind, they think it's adorable
>You're not together, but it has come up when you're alone
>Most of the townsfolk try to avoid the both of you when you're walking around town
>Not like you care
>Does make errands a little tougher when she's with you
>Good thing today isn't errand day
>You're both at Sugarcube Corner having some breakfast
>Rainbow with a few cupcakes and you a simple muffin
>You have no idea how they can eat sugar so easily and not get queasy after eating so much of it
>It was quiet for a bit
>"Was" You groan
>A family of ponies entered and promptly left after seeing you and Rainbow
>"Sorry if we're making you and the Cakes lose business Pinkie"
>You say after biting your muffin
"Oh it's all A OK Anon! We don't like serving mean old jerks here" She sticks her tongue out at the door
Never written Pinkie, or any of them really so I tried how she might sound like. Gonna try and make this into something nice if I can. No real ending as of yet though
File: 1390789595838.jpg (24 KB, 243x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 243x270
No one gives a shit lad. You'll look back on this once you've grown up and be embarrassed for yourself. Personally I feel sorry for you. At least you've made this mistake anonymously online so it won't have any consequences for you. I just hope you realise how dumb this is some day and take it back.
File: 1404793306830.png (269 KB, 500x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 500x377
It sounds like you have some deep-rooted issues, anon. Please, come pull up a seat.

1. Your unhealthy concentration on disloyalty is indicative of past betrayal which causes you to distrust a potential romantic partner and falsely assume all of them will leave you after getting confidence which leads me to
2. You have a textbook insecurity complex, brought about by bitterness either by your past experiences or because you read something similar somewhere on the internet, likely /r9k/ where all the bitter nerds regurgitate their mysoginy and anger.
3. Your belief that a partner will leave you once you have restored their confidence shows a deliberately closeminded worldview. You reduce complex personal and societal systems down to a more easily understandable and disseminable package, with the end result being the loss of important commonsense detail.
6. You have convinced yourself that no woman who fit your standards exist, despite your clearly limited interaction with women. This forms a positive feedback loop: you don't look for companionship, so you don't have sex, so your bitterness increases, so you hate and blame others even more, so you make one of these threads, repeat ad nauseum.

I suggest first freeing yourself of the false /whore/beta dichotomy. Doing this will allow you to treat others with some semblance of respect, which would in turn facilitate your re-integration into society.
Reposting from this. Ignore everything past it.

>Wonder what the fuck she needs to talk about all of a sudden.
>It's not like she knows where you live.
>Also not too much a mystery.
>You're like twice the fucking height of these creatures.
>Sure has it's perks.
>Except hide and seek.
>You and now horrible at that shit.
"Alright, I'll see you tonight! Take care!"
>She is now gone.
>Just you and sweet sweet diabetes.
>Pinkie is staring at you.
>It's one of those 'through your soul' kind of stare.
"H-h... Hello?"
>"I'm so excited for your party!"
>You have like no idea what kind of shenanigans this pone has planed.
>"I'm not going to say too much, but you'll never forrrrgeeetttt eeet."
>Will there be a dead body.
>Last time that happened you never looked back.
>When a retarded burglar breaks into your house then guts himself on the insulated glass.
>That was not fun explaining that to the police.
>Who just kills someone and tries that as a cover up.
"I hope I don't forget it. You only get ONE two-year arrival anniversary."
>"I KNOW RIGHT! Twilight didn't want me going too over the top like last year."
>You never thought that a jello waterfall would be possible.
>She is one crafty pone.
"If you can top last year, then you are truly a goddess."
>You finish you tasty bun of the universe.
>Time to get moving.
>"Bye Anon! I'll see you later!"
>It's totally nap time.
"Later Pinkie, I'll see you around."
>Check time.
>It's about 2:30.
>It's not too far from home.
>You can get there in about 30 minutes if you walk fast enough.
>It's nice out today.
>Only a few clouds out.
>It's amazing that the natives control the weather.
>None of this forecast bullshit.
>The way home is almost surreal.
>The bushes keep moving and shit.
>All these rabbits and generic wildlife.
>Traps would be nice.
>Or a fence.
>A fence you can do.
>You need to remember to talk to that mayor chick.
>You practically own all this land anyway.
>A squirrel does not make those kind of noises.
>Are you being followed?
"Hello? Anyone there?"
>Maybe it's good no one is here.
>You look like a moron shouting at trees.
>The covering here is amazing.
>It almost feels like night time with these trees.
>That's a yelp.
>Some mare is not having a good time out here.
>You have caught those CMC pones out here playing tag.
"Hey, you guys get out of here. You shouldn't play this far out of town."
>Okay. You need to speak the fuck up.
>So you don't have to keep repeating yourself.
>That sounds a lot more like struggling than tag or some other harmless game.
>Either that's some straight up murder.
>Or someone is being assaulted.
>You can't allow that to happen.
>You fucking live here.
>It's hard enough to get people to come over.
>Err. Ponies.
File: 1400684194291.jpg (18 KB, 300x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 300x188
>You don't need this on top of that.
>Sneak time.
>How often does someone get raped? Or generally assaulted?
>Doesn't fit the place too well.
>Everyone is usually so friendly.
>You also live kinda out on your own.
>Whoever is doing this might not know you live back here.
>Should you get help?
>What if you're too late?
>What if they overpower you?
>Okay, you're a giant to these ponies.
>What about if there is more than one?
>Shit. That could be trouble.
>It doesn't sound like there is.
>It only sounds like one.
>You can hope that there is only one.
>There can be only one.gif
>It's only about 3.
>The fucking sun is still shining.
>Crimes aren't expected to happen during the day.
>No one expects that shit.
>That's what makes it the time to do it.
>What if they kill them?
>Plant the body in or near your house?
>That would suck.
>There are plenty of ponies that don't really like you and would think that you would have done this in a heartbeat.
>SunHorse might not even be able to help you against a bunch of anger townsfolk.
>You have to stop this.
>Right here.
>Right now.
>How long have they been doing this?
>You think you'd pick up on this.
>You've seen trails through the woods that don't really go anywhere.
>This is bad, but since no one comes out here.
>It could be pretty easy to get away with it.
>They might not expect you.
>It's much quieter now.
>The victim might have given up hope.
>Time to step around the flora.
>It's now or never.
I'm fucking up big time huh?

File: 1400537479505.png (535 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
535 KB, 1200x900
yep, i'm verily confused

i'm fucking bombed tho so it might be just me

That's the current flow. I fucked up a bit in there.

Don't worry about it. It's much better this time around.
That being said
I still need to see what's happening in those damn bushes. Hurry, before you have to go to bed or take a dump or something.
You're not doing too bad of a job, it is an engaging story. The only issue I have is how the greentext reads. Seems a bit jumpy in places
Gosh durn phone not saving my name
File: 1396492197384.jpg (125 KB, 810x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 810x810
File: 1391994847635.jpg (133 KB, 1000x876) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 1000x876
I'm coming off of bud too anon, I never tried cough medicine in my teenage years so I finally took +200ml of it and it made me nauseous so I had to smoke myself into oblivion to balance it out.
Thanks man, never even tried before now.

I should stop playing XCOM and put some more effort into this, I just can't make the pace go any faster. I'm talking 2long to get to what I'm trying to get to.
HE's or bust. Try not over thinking it, write what comes to mind then clean it up when you want to post. Helps you look at a few dumb mistakes or how that should've gone that other way because reasons.
luckily in my shit of a country, there's 30mg DXM cough pills available for pretty cheap here, no need to chug syrup for me
File: 1400602791121.jpg (123 KB, 865x923) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 865x923
i used to dislike dash but she really grown on me
Edge master stuff incoming.
"Get the fuck out of here!"
>You jump into the scene.
>Like a badly coordinated Batman.
>You grab a hold of Rainbow.
>Mission accomplished.
"I got you, you're okay now."
>Hold the phone.
>It's JUST her.
>"You should of seen the look on your face!"
>She starts laughing rather hard.
"You know what? Fuck you Rainbow."
>You put too much effort into that line.
>Getting off the floor you dust yourself off.
>"You think me of all people would allow themselves to get in this situation?"
>Come to think of it.
>No, not at all.
"No, but that's still not funny."
>"Yes it was, come on."
>The more you think about it.
>Has she ever been in a relationship?
>Or are they just one night stands like what you do.
>That stamina don't quit.
"Yeah, you have just a huge line of stallions just waiting for the word, don't you?"
>That struck a nerve, a small one.
>But sometime too sensitive nonetheless.
>"Of-of course I do! I'm too awesome to have anything less!"
>You shouldn't prod, it's none of your damn business who is sticking what into her.
>It's not like it hasn't come to mind.
>You should ask one day after some drinks.
>Walking up to your house. More like a cottage. A shitty cottage.
"Well, I'm not coming with you to Canterlot anymore."
It's fine. You're drawing out the lead in a bit too much:
>Hear kerfuffle
>WTF, p0nes don't get in fights. Does assault even happen here? Plus this is pretty remote...
>Shit, this could be actual trouble.
>Not in my house...
>Bust cover, too late
>omfg Dosh?!

Also idk about ponies, but ppl don't bounce back from rape too well. Causes some srs issues with intimacy. You'd be better off making this into Dash taking a beating and some emotional trauma over being ugly.
Too late. ;-;
Yeah, your way worked too. Well played.
File: 1406407527330.gif (97 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 600x600
I never cared for any of the ponies, until I read some RD greentexts.
Am I going a bit too far? Seems like I'm making both Anon and Rainbow almost repulsive. I want them to just be unsightly, more of a "eww he's dating her?!"
it's ok so far

don't overdo it tho, balance must be preserved
File: 1406479200977.gif (2 MB, 480x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x320
>"What?! Why the hell not?!"
>You smile a nice shit-eating grin.
>As mocking as you can possibly sound "Ha ha, you should have seen the look on your face."
>This is gold.
>"That's mean Anon, you're my best friend. There is no one I'd rather take up there than you."
>Her voice dies down as she says the last bit.
>A small blush too.
"That's why you shouldn't prank your buddies."
>Entering the not bad, but not good home you plop your ass on the couch.
"What time are we leaving?"
>"Tomorrow at 2 is when the train leaves."
>"Be there at 1:30 with your stuff?"
>That's doable.
"So how's Tank?"
>She has to know you talked to Twilight now.
>"Umm... Why, why do you ask?"
>Your secret is out sister.
>You wanted some hot monkey dick.
>Or least the company of one.
"I was talking to Sparks about her missing the new book."
>Her face is getting uneasy.
>"I just, I wanted a day out of town with someone nice. You know?"
>I guess Twilight isn't nice enough.
>Where the hell is this coming from?
>Whatever, everyone has problems everywhere you go.
>You give her a hug.
>She looks like she needs one right now.
>Prolly had a bad week and wanted to get out of a bit.
>You shouldn't deny that.
"Relax, you're going to get your new book and feel great about everything. That's the point of reading anyway."
>She intensifies her hug.
>"Thanks Anon, it means a lot."
>She gets up and heads to the kitchen.
>Returning with a water bottle.
>"I'm going to head home. I'll see you tomorrow right?"
>You nod and say your goodbyes.
>You can get in a good nap before seeing BP.
>Speaking of which.
>What could she possibly want to talk about?

Finally I can get to the point of the thread.
I feel like Anon would not get Dosh thinking she's ugly or understand it so readily.

Also not really understanding why anybody'd bail out of Sugarcube Corner -- Dosh is the Weathermare. They see her around all the time, it's just that nobody'd date her. Like our favorite wall-eyed Postmare, but for different reasons.

Anon is weird looking by default in Equestria, so ponies avoiding him or being standoffish every once in a while should be normal, but most p0nes should be used to him by now.
I see where you're getting at. Hmm, the few running away would be the ones still not accepting of him no matter what. And the weathermare thing makes a bunch of sense. I'll have to rework a few things in my head. Thanks! Forgot about a few of those details of Dash
Also I keep rereading that first line. Care to explain a bit more? Pretty tired here.
Do you know what features horses find attractive? This is important, because if you do a lot of horsefuckers would be interested in your research, doctor.

Standards of attraction vary pretty widely even among cultures here. This project passed the same woman's photo to different retouch artists in different countries with the instruction "make me look beautiful" with strikingly different results:

Standards of beauty vary widely within our own species, so in my mind, I don't think I'd really know whether a pony would find Dash attractive or not. But as for judging by human standards, I'm pretty sure it'd be an open-and-shut case among the nor/mlp/eople here as soon as we laid eyes on dat ass.
>”Are you ready yet Anon?! Pinkie's shindig is starting soon!”
>It's Friday. You're Anonymous. The eater of worlds.
>But, it's not just any Friday. It's Friday night of Hearts, and Hooves day, and Pinkie Pie, the premier party pony of ponyville, planned a peculiar party for porking ponies ponuts.
>Cough. That's a helluva tongue twister.
>In all seriousness, it's gonna be a big thing, and you're not gonna miss out.
>It's been a mildly successful Hear--
>”You better not be monologuing dude!”
>Rainbow Dash yells from your living room.
“Hush! It's important, that I do this!”
>Oh yeah. You're in the bathroom.
>Gotta make sure your suit is pretty, and pressed man. You're gonna roll up in Sugarcube Corner, and comment about how the cube can't even hold you right now.
>Because that's what cool people do. Right?
>It's also worth mentioning you've been in Equestria for two years now.
>You lick your pinky fingers, and run them over your eyebrows.
>You look your face over in the mirror.
>”You're worse than Rarity. Can we go now?”
>Rainbow stands in the doorway of your bathroom, impatiently tapping her hoof.
>You look at her reflection.
“What's your hurry? Got a hot date waiting on you? Some stallion you want to meet up with?”
>Dash cocks an eye at you.
>”If I had one of those waiting on me, I wouldn't be here with you fashion queen.”
>You smack your lips, and roll your eyes.
>You turn around, and outstretch your arms.
“Okay, so one out of ten. Would bang?”
>Dash rolls her eyes now.
>”Eleven. Can we go now?”
>You fist pump.
“Sweet! I'm getting laid!”
>You walk past Rainbow, and ruffle her multi-colored mane with a smirk.
>”You're insane.”
“Insane, and getting laid.”
>You head to the front door followed by Dash.
>In all your time here, This cyan blue Pegasus has been your rock, and you hers.
>It's a wonder, with how long you've been here that you, and her haven't--
>Well it goes without being said.
>It works.
Be kind to my 3 hours of sleep mind. From what I'm getting, is that it's up to me to decide whether or not Anon actually finds her attractive and what Dash might like on him. If I'm right yay, if not. Correct me.
>Wow, that was unbelievably gay.
>You, and Rainbow exit your humble cottage on the edge of town.
>She takes to the air, and hovers around you in circles.
>”So stud, how many love letters did you get?”
>She nudges you with a smug smile.
>You put your hands in your pocket, and shrug.
“A couple. Cheerilee, and Fluttershy, and one from Sweetie Belle.”
>Rainbow erupts into laughter.
>”Sweetie Belle?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
>You frown, as she floats on laughing.
>”I bet you're really popular among the fillies!”
“Yeah? I know another pony who's popular amongst fillies if memory recalls.”
>Her laughter abruptly halts.
>”Hey, those are fans dude.”
“Uh-huh. How many letters did you get?”
>She rubs the back of her head, and falls behind a little.
>You stop, noticing the distance between you two suddenly.
>You look back at her.
>She floats in that one spot, averting her gaze.
“Uh...you okay?”
>She snaps to.
>”O-oh! Of course! I got tons, and tons of letters! I don't even have room for all the stallions letters I got....!....yeah...”
>You point a thumb behind you to your destination.
“Well we're here.”
>You continue walking, with Dash quickly catching up to you.
>You continue walking, with Dash quickly catching up to you.
>Dash looks like she wants to say something, but you're sure she just wants to brag some more about her treasure trove of staillon dirty love letters, and horsedick pics.
>You can already hear the music going from the outside.
>Time to dazzle some quadrupeds.
>You adjust your tie.
>From the window, you can see the party is a huge turnout.
>Rainbow is eyeing the interior as well.
>She looks a little pale.
>You shrug, and grab the door handle.
>”Anon, wait!”
>You crack the door slightly, before stopping to look back as Dash.
>”I-uh..I'm not feeling too hot. Maybe we can go back to your place, and maybe crack open a few cold ones, and watch some bad movies on the projector?”
File: 1392579711098.jpg (51 KB, 760x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 760x700
Sorry, rambling. Your story, so you can do what you like.
Up to you whether Anon finds RD attractive, or visa versa.
Also up to you whether Anon recognizes the features ponies find attractive, and notices how Dash's features don't line up.

Writing prompt is that Dash is not attractive by Pony standards of beauty, and you don't notice until it's pointed out bluntly. Could be because you don't understand what features make for a pretty pony, could be because you were oblivious.
Ah gotcha, so like a decent amount of time looking at horsey research. Unless you mean I choose what's exactly not so good looking of her features like her nose is too x and her mane too y from the original OP. Pretty sure I don't know what I'm talking about at this point but I do know where it's going. Dr's orders is sleep. Gonna stay up for another 10 minutes or so.
File: 1385021662920.gif (1 MB, 604x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 604x400
going to sleep, keep the thread alive for me guys, some neat writefaggotry going on here
“What? We're already here!”
>You frown.
>She bites her hoof.
>She clearly looks uncomfortable.
>You release the door handle, and turn to her completely.
>She rubs one of her legs, while remaining in mid air.
“What's up Dash? Something on your mind?”
>You touch her withers.
>”Well...Well I--”
>Before she can continue, Sugarcube Corners door flies open, revealing the pink one.
>”I thought I heard voices out here!”
>Pinkie Pie stands in the entryway with a heart antennae hair piece on.
>You, and Dashie stare wide-eyed at Pinkie, who Leaps into the air, and does a power ranger flip, complete with ground level looking up camera angle, and lands in your arms bridal carrying style.
>She plants a big cartoonish kiss on you, ending it with a loud pop.
>”Happy Hearts, and Hooves day Anon!”
>You stand there stunned for a moment.
>”Happy Hearts, and Hooves day Dashie!”
>”Er..yeah. Y-you too Pinkie.”
>Pinkie leaps out your arms, and proceeds to push the both of you into the building.
>”Well, don't just stand there! The party's a-going! Let's boogie!”
“Sh-shit Pinkie! Slow down!”
>Dash looks as if she may bolt at any second.
>You, and your flying companion are pushed inside, the door slammed shut behind you courtesy of Ponko.
>”Punch, and treats are over there, Dance floor's over there!”
>Pinkie latches on to your back pointing out the various areas.
>It's packed.
>There's ponies you know, and ponies you've never even met inside.
>There's even a cyclops pony in the corner chatting up Roseluck.
>You feel a tug on your arm sleeve from Dash.
>You look over to her, questioningly.
>She looks even paler than before.
>”Anon, do you think we could--?”
>”In a second Dashie! Me, and this tall, green, and faceless human have some grooooove thangs to shake!”
“What? Pinkie, I--”
>You're pushed again by Pinkie, this time towards the floor where you see other ponies awkwardly dancing.
Stories are good. Don't let the flame die out.
Who said anything about horsey research?
I mean, if you want to research horsebutt, don't let me stop you.

Point of prompt is p0ne don't find Dosh hot. What exactly that means can be left as an exercise for the reader. You need only define it if you want to.

We also know from prompt that Anon didn't notice until it was spelled out for him that Dash isn't attractive. Could be he's just oblivious. Or it could be he just doesn't know what features p0ne are supposed to find attractive. Like Anon just figured Dash looked pretty normal, and all these ponies look the same to you anyway kind of thing.

I only threw in the ideas about varying standards of beauty to clarify how the second situation might happen.
Ok, finally got it. Everything sounded weird in my head. I'll probably do something tomorrow about it. This might change the outlook of the story considering new knowledge learned. Still feelsy as intended but a few changes
Also reading the past 3 posts I sound pretty retarded. Sorry
Dude, go to sleep. Your story is fine. You can pick it up and run with it tomorrow when your brain is working again.
>Four legs, and they dance like fucking Jimmy from south Park.
>Twilight is also on the dance floor having a stroke.
>Oh wait. She's dancing too.
>Or is it a stroke?
>You see Dash holding a leg out to you, slowly lowering herself to the ground.
>You shrug again.
>Ponies surround her, and start talking.
>You hear the same soundbyte play a couple times.
>Lazy fucking animators.
>You keep watching Dash, as you move with the rhythm of the song, with Pinkie, who dances on obliviously.
>”So Anon! Are you, and Dashie special someponies yet?”
>Your attention is switched to Ponks.
“I'm sorry?”
>She beams at you, while doing a hoofstand.
>You dodge a stray hoof by a flailing Twilight, whose warpath of dancing has made its way towards you, and your carnation colored friend.
>”Well I figured since Dashie had her first date come with her to one of my parties, you two finally hooked up!”
“First date? What're you talking about?”
>Pinkie shoves her hooves into her mouth, as you quickly dodge another stray Twilight Sparkle hoof.
>It's like a fucking Quicktime event.
>”Nevermind Anon! Forget I said anything! I'm gonna go get some punch! Bye!”
>You reach out to stop her before getting smacked by a flailing Purple Urkel hoof on the cheek.
>You stagger a bit rubbing your afflicted area.
>Twilight continues to spasm, and shake, tongue stuck out, and eyes closed tightly shut.
“Fucking dummy.”
>You retreat from the battlezone, and try to locate Pinkie.
>With what Dash told you, it'd be a bit odd to say you were her first date.
>Even though you aren't.
>Even though you shouldn't care.
>You have your life.
>She has hers.
>But you have yours together as well.
>You decide to put it in the back of your mind.
>You could still use a drink though. All these sweaty, stank breath ponies got this place smelling like awkward vag queefs.
>Oh, and it's stuffy, and hot.
>Pinkie is no where to be found, but you're not surprised.
>The ponies around here are as subtle as Nicholas Cage in Face off.
>You spot a tower of cups, and a ladle.
>Wait a second--
>You check the punch bowl for any gumless reptiles shittin up the drink.
>Coast is clear.
>You can see Dash talking with the flower ponies on the other side of the room.
>She doesn't look so pale anymore.
>Must've been all in her head.
>You begin spooning yourself some of the punch.
>”OooooOOOh! Anuunnnnnnyyyyy~!”
>You cringe internally at the bastardization of your name, and turn around partly.
>Mayor Mare wobbles over, smirks sleepily, with a cup in her hoof.
>You smell your drink.
>Of course.
“It's spiked.”
>”No it's not! I'm right here!”
>Spike yanks your pants leg.
>You stare blankly at him.
“Get the fuck out of here.”
>He slumps.
>He drags himself away.
>Mayor Mare drapes herself all over you.
>The smell of alcohol, permeates the shared air between you two.
>”Hapby horks, and hoofs dayz! (hic)”
>She swings her hoof left, and right clutching the glass.
>You try to separate the two of you, but she gets closer to you.
“Hello...Mayor. I see you're enjoying yourself.”
>Of all the fucking mares to be wasted..
>You were hoping to get Flitter.
>”Ooohoohoooo Amnun! It's nogga party othgurwist!”
“Maybe, you should sit down...”
>Cum wif meh~”
>She wraps her legs around your arm.
“Mayor please-This isn't that HarshWhinny Story.”
>You unwillingly allow the mayor to pull you to a couple of seat near the wall.
>Ever since you got here, you've been pushed here, and there by ponies.
>It's annoying as fuck.
>You've lost sight of Dash amidst the crowd.
>You sit down holding your drink with a drunken Mayor Mare attached to you.
>”You knof...I erways thoug you were a cootie~”
>You can't sound more disinterested.
>You look around, and see a wobbly Flitter.
>She's red-faced, and giggling.
>Son of a bitch. She's perfect, and rape-
>Ripe for the picking.
>”Bug, Eye thoug ju anf Rainblew were—tumblr in the stumble~”
>What? How drunk is this broad?
>You see Flitter leave with Thunderlane.
>”Bug Ju woofn't date sumponeh so UGLY!”
>You cock an eyebrow at Mayor Mare.
“I'm sorry? What the fuck did you just say?”
>She teeters, with uneven eyes.
>”Rhombly Desh iz ugly! Shez su ugly!”
“She's ugly? Look at you! You geriatric political port o potty lush!”
>She smirks, and nods.
>”Sure amz!”
“Dash looks way better than you! In fact she's downright sexy!”
>Mayor Mare drunkenly looks at you,and starts patting your face with her hooves.
“What are you doing?”
>”Ju don haf a fever...”
“Of course I don't have a fever!”
>Mayor Mare looks at you with a tilted head.
>”Oh..ya don'k knu...”
“Know what?”
>You take her hooves off your face.
>”Reinbly Dregs iz conshivered tha ugliest pony in town~!”
>Say what?!
“Since when?! Who decided this?!”
>Mayor Mare smiles at you from ear to ear before passing out on your lap.
“Goddammit! Drunk bitch!”
>You shove her off you onto the floor.
>She doesn't stir in the slightest, as you stand, and step over her.
>Okay, you were willing to let this go the first time, but now you need info. Rainbow is your best friend, and if she's being called these mean ass names behind her back, you're gonna put your foot in someone's butthole.
Don't let this thread die!
but write fags?
writefags pls

it's too late now
File: 1405074019329.png (71 KB, 199x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh god please continue, you're doing God's work.
Are you going to continue?
That chicken looks like a living bong.
File: imgres.jpg (7 KB, 229x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw the last part
Waiting for story.
File: 1393881789761.png (1 MB, 1268x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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moar green required
Okay I'm up. who's ready for some muurr grem?
no you're not.
I'm really liking this one. It's hitting all the right points -- cute, amusing, and nice amount of story for feels.
>It's still too crowded to find anyone you know. Even the weapon of mass Dancestruction is absent from the dance floor.
>And, anyone you do know is drunk off their ass right now.
>Drink in hand, you explore the floor looking for any pony who can--
>”Anonymous! Over here!”
>An ivory hoof flags you down from the other side of room.
>Rarity, standing alongside Fluttershy both give you inviting smiles.
>You can tell Rarity is a little blitzed.
>She's teetering like the rest of these alcoholics.
>You bet it was AJ who spiked the punch.
>You weave through the crowds of chatting, and dancing ponies to the duo.
“Hey girls. Enjoying yourselves?”
>Flutters blushes, and nods to you.
>”O-oh yes! It's lovely! Th-thank you for asking...”
>”It's just the loooooovliest party darling~”
>Rarity teeters some more.
“Had a little too much of the punch I see.”
>”Whatever do you mean daaaaahling? I feel amaaaazing~!”
>Rarity starts to dance.
>It looks like jello in an earthquake, but she's still leagues better than Twilight.
>You look to one of your HoH crushes, Fluttershy.
“I'm surprised you all aren't together right now. You six are usually inseparable. Anything going on I should know about?”
>She shakes her head.
>”Nothing I know ab-about.”
>”Everythings juuuust fine!”
“Okay then. Maybe you two can answer something for me?”
>Flutters perks up, and Rarity wobbles around drunkenly.
>”Anything you want An-anon!”
>That butterquiet.
>She's so eager to help.
“Well here goes-”
>You look around.
>It's in these situations that something completely unexpected happens.
>Coast is clear.
“What do ponies think of Rainbow Dash?”
>They both give you confused looks, then give each other confused looks.
>”Sh-she's great.”
>”Everypony simply loooooves her~”
“No, no. I meant about how she looks.”
>Their eyes bulge out.
>”Oh, she's simply hideous darling!”
>What the fuck?
File: 1384969656136.jpg (25 KB, 350x335) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 350x335
>”Oh, she's simply hideous darling!”
“What do you mean, she's hideous?”
>Fluttershy tries to quiet Rarity down.
>”Oh darling, don't you know? Her color scheme, her mane color, wing shape-”
>”It's simply ghastly! It all clashes so~”
>You don't get it. You don't see any real difference in the ponies personally. You honestly figured Rainbow was just unique.
>”It's fine though~ Princess Celestia is ugly too~”
“Okay, now I know you're fucking with me.”
>”Rarity, maybe y-you should lay down...”
>Rarity shoos Flutters off.
>”It's fine~ It's fine~ we're just talking!”
“So Rainbow is considered ugly by pony standards?”
>Rarity nods.
>”Yeppers~ Just like you~”
“Are you saying, I'm ugly?”
>Rarity nods with a sloppy, moronic smile.
“Well fuck me three ways from sunday.”
>”That's why Rainbow is such good friends with you~ You make her look less ugly by comparison~”
>That singsongy tone is pissing you off.
“I'm ugly, but I got a hearts, and hooves card from a former model. I'm ugly?”
>Fluttershy blushes with a little grin.
>”Oh darling she did that, because she thought you wouldn't get any cards today~”
>Okay, what?
>You look at Flutters with a “She's fucking with me right?” look.
>The timid yellow Pony doesn't even look you in the eye.
>Well, that's quite eye opening.
>You look down at the ground, and scratch the back of your head.
“Well..thank you for the information. I—uh..I guess I'll be going now.”
>Rarity smiles at you again with closed eyes.
>Flutters is hiding in her mane.
>You got your answers, and then some.
>They think you're ugly?
>Rainbow was being your bro, because it made her look pretty by comparison?
>You don't want to be here anymore now.
>Maybe that's why Rainbow didn't want to come in here.
>Fucking hell.
>You cringe internally remembering what you said back at home, about how you were getting laid tonight.
>You never had a chance.
File: overfeel.jpg (161 KB, 1248x1284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Haha. I think I'd sing to her a song that relates incredibly well to the situation. But of course, One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". Like, you know, I'd find a way to bring over my four best friends and we'd all be dressed nicely ready to swagfag that shit up and perform it directly to Rainbow Dash as a crowd of ponies watch her surprisingly; cry tears of heart-combusted joy 'cause the song is making her feel really special. Yup, sounds like it'd be a precious moment. Hands are off Rainbow Dash for my friends: Eric, Bryan, Nick, and Nico though. (The ones performing with me of course) I'd be the only one to LOVE her.
And I'd also most definitely lie about me writing that whole entire song, just for her.
File: 1399737614610.png (459 KB, 672x611) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Whoever you are, you're doing absolutely great.
what are you doing
File: 1380489054644.gif (34 KB, 800x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>One Direction
Stopped reading right there
>one direction
fucking dropped
Get the fuck out of here you underaged twat. Go trust fall with a cactus
That sounds like a good idea.
File: Screenshot 2.png (273 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Screenshot 2.png
273 KB, 1920x1080
>You were deluded into thinking you did, because none of these judgmental horses had the balls to tell you the truth.
>Fuck it.
>Time to go.
>You'd get Rainbow, but you want to see how she handles herself, when she doesn't have the big, ugly man-ape Anonymous to make her look good.
>This feeling of betrayal.
>You wish you could get drunk like the rest of these assholes, but equine liquor is the same as water to you.
>You keep your head down, and make for the door, not caring who you run into.
>Why should you?
>You make it out into the cool night air, and take a deep breath.
>It feels good to be out from that stuffy building.
>So what did these two years mean then?
>You had your life.
>She had hers.
>But, she used you, and hers to make herself look better!
>You grit your teeth, and shove your hands into your pockets, and start walking home.
>Fuck this town, and it's ponies.
>The walk is long, and at certain moments you cringe again, remembering different times you called yourself being “sexy” or “Alluring”.
>All this time you were just being uglier, and uglier.
>Making it awkward for everyone there.
>You facepalm.
“Fuck! Stupid! STUPID!”
>You ball up your hand, and grit your teeth.
>You feel anger.
>Anger at the ponies who couldn't tell you the truth.
>But, could you honestly handle it?
>It'd be a tough fucking pill to swallow, but it'd show respect that they could be honest with you.
>Instead, they felt sorry for you, and talked behind your back!
>While you kept making an ass of yourself.
>You feel anger at yourself as well.
>You didn't know-
>Why couldn't she be honest with you as well?
>Why did it take two inebriated bitches to tell you the truth?
>You make it home, slamming the door behind you.
>You stand in the middle of the room, with no real idea of what to do.
Ugly people who are each other's fetish have the weirdest, kinkiest, most intense love there is. You haven't seen contentment until you've met fat, old swingers who are into fat, old swingers.
File: o.png (766 KB, 1328x586) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
766 KB, 1328x586
Wait, you've met these people?
The best cookies I've ever tasted were brought to a BDSM meet-and-greet by a fiftysomething sweetheart and her fat, jolly, heavily bearded husbands.
I can't get the image of flapping fat rolls going down on each other out of my head. Fuck you Anon.
Neither can they

And they love it
File: 1394138336914.gif (307 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>Be writing the current story.
>Got great plot twist planned
>Suddenly forget what I was doing.
goddammit. Now I can't get that image out my head.
Noooooo, I wanted to encourage uggo love, not destroy it!
File: eeeeyyyaaaaahhhhh.jpg (7 KB, 239x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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whip those pants down sailor. Imma sucka yo ding dong
have you ever seen a female athlete that even lifts but doesn't use any steroid? that would be Dash.
Dammit Anon. What did you do?
>mediaplayer.exe has crashed.
>Getting up off the couch you take a gander at your watch.
>Damn it's late.
>Oh dammit you're late for things.
>Standing up and letting out a roar while you stretch makes everything feel better.
>No roommate means nobody to bitch and complain when you do that.
>Time to get your ass to the bar.
>At least she'll still be there.
>Finally getting to the bar, you look around a bit and-
>You start making your way over to BP.
>She notices you just as you sit.
>Dammit, she looks like she already had more than a few.
>"Hey Anon, you are."
>No need to pause.
"I am what?"
>It's like she forgot how to speak.
"Well, I took a nap. Long day. What did you need to talk about?"
>"What do you mean?"
>Does she think that she's being funny right now?
>Protip: No naps before meeting people.
>Before meeting drunk people.
"You said over at Sugarcube Corner that you wanted to speak to me."
>It sounded important.
>Maybe it's not.
>While you are waiting for her brain to finish loading you get a beer.
>"Why are you two always hanging out?"
>Do you have to be drunk to understand?
>Drinking more than half of your drink should move things along.
>At least if you get laggy, you won't notice her being laggy as well.
"What are you talking about?"
>This is a waste of time.
>"You and Rainbow are like."
>"Always together."
bumping for moar greentext
File: 1392442738063.png (344 KB, 1280x992) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344 KB, 1280x992
i usually hate threads with multiple writefags, but this one works perfect, good job guys
Ffff, writer's block. Reread the posts last night and started changing a few things around.

There's about 4 of us here if I'm counting it right.


File: 1395976814622.png (2 MB, 2232x2840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well then.
File: Feel.gif (13 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They are real.... In my heart.
>You walk slowly to your bedroom.
>Two years.
>Two long years, and you were considered the “big ugly creature”.
>You remember back on earth something like this would make you cry, when you were younger.
>Lucky you're more mature than that.
>You strip out of your suit.
>Your best suit. Pressed, and cleaned, and smelling of lemons.
>The suit you thought you looked good in.
>Guess no matter what you dress shit up in, it's still shit.
>You slide into bed.
>What now? Two years of your life in Equestria, were a complete lie.
>Your friends don't like you, and they kept it to themselves, and strung you along, and for what?
>To spare your feelings?
>Because they don't want to be the one who's labeled as “mean” or “bully”?
>You toss, and turn a few times.
>You feel tired.
>Too tired to think anymore.
>You'll wake up, and they'll just act as if nothing happened last night.
>And they'll just keep on talking about you behind your back.
>And, Dash.
>You'll think of what to do with her later.
>Right now wracking your brain is just going to stress you out.
>You close your eyes, and pray sleep comes.
>It's not an easy transition, but it comes no less.
>The sunlight peeks through your curtains kissing your eyelids.
>At least, Princess Celestia is considered fugly too.
>These horses are insane.
>You slide out of bed, allowing your feet to get the feeling back in them.
>You stand up, and stretch.
>IT felt like you didn't get any sleep at all.
>You closed your peepers, and “Bam” morning.
>You drag yourself to the bathroom, and stare at yourself.

>You sigh
>"If it's fine with you guys we'll leave for a bit"
>Dash has her mouth covered in frosting and looks up quickly
"But Anon," swallowing what was left of her meal
"I wanted to order more..." she says with a small frown after cleaning up
>You look out at the door of the shop
>"Yeah but whoever left will probably try and come back again to see if we left"
>You move your head towards Pinkie at the counter
>"Plus, we can't just have these folks lose some business because of us"
>Pinkie shouldn't mind too much if we leave, it honestly is for the better for now
"Oh it's super fine Anon if you leave" Pinkie skips to your table after messing around behind the counter and leaves a small bag
"Besides," She hops around to Dash and puts a few napkins down
"I already prepared some more for her just in case anyways!"
>Good ol Pinkie thinking ahead
>After cleaning up Dash looks at you
>Oh Jesus those eyes
>They burn with the fire of competition
"So Anon... raceyatoyourhousego!"
>And all you see is a Rainbow streak outside the door
>"Ah crap."
"Where's she off to so fast?" Pinkie says after peeking through the doorway
>You groan, and pick up her doggy bag from the table
>"No idea but she always gloats when she wins"
>You pout a bit "No far because I can't go that fast or have wings"
Ah crap didn't know you posted, on my phone and didn't see it update. Don't wanna flood the thread with two stories posting after the other
its ok, go on
>Bringing a hand to your face, you feel your growing scruff.
>Should shave soon.
>Your front door rattles from the sound of hooves rapping upon it.
>So who's the first victim today?
>Pony damage control go.
>You take your time answering the door, as it rattles more, and more from the knocking.
>You grab the handle, and take a deep breath.
>You open sluggishly, and spot the tip of a blue hoof.
>Rainbow Dash is grinning at you.
>”Good morning, dude. You just wake up?”
>You look down at her with a blank scowl.
“What do you want?”
>Dash cocks an eye at you.
>”Mr. Snippy. Can I come in?”
>This lying piece of shit.
>The fucking nerve!
>You step aside, and allow her in.
>You're gonna time this just right.
>She trots in, eyeing you curiously.
>You slam the door behind her, making the Pegasus jump.
>You slither past her, scowl plastered on your face, heading into your kitchen.
>Rainbow follows you inside.
>”So where did you go last night? Things got pretty wild!”
>You root through your shelves, and pull out a bowl, and cereal.
>You don't care what type of cereal it is.
>You slam them onto your table.
>Rainbow takes the chair across from you, with a worried expression.
>You grab a spoon, and some milk, and start preparing your breakfast.
>”Uh...are you okay?”
>You can feel ridges forming on your forehead.
>Rainbow Dash tries to regain her conversational bearings, and continues on.
>”Li-like I said, it got pretty wild! This one stallion, and I were-”
>You pay no attention to the clear bullshit she's spouting, and loudly prepare your cereal.
>Rainbow looks at you with a frown.
>”Am I boring you?”
>You loudly smack, while staring at her.
>Dash stares back, her eyes quivering slightly.
What do you mean by "you loudly smack"?
Eating the cereal I would assume.
File: 1386511725258.png (510 KB, 580x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
510 KB, 580x480
this waiting makes me crazy, i want to know how will this shit turn out
My story-senses tell me it'll probably go something like
>Anon flips out at Dash for unsubstantiated rumors that he believes unquestioningly
>Dash runs off crying
>Anon learns the truth of the situation and Dash actually liked him for him
>Anon realizes he's a huge faggot who is also ugly apparently
>Something something something
>They probably fuck THE END

We were promised a twist, so some of those assumptions may turn out to be inaccurate,
but that's normally how it would go.
then your story senses need work sir. there will be no smut, there will be a twist, and making assumptions make you look like an ass
Don't let this story go unfinished, Posh!
File: 2565475642534.jpg (10 KB, 272x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 272x185
File: 1395696983615.png (240 KB, 1288x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 1288x1400
Did this avalanche of retardation made writefags stop?
Takes time to write silly. I'm just half-retarded and take centuries
just noticed it got deleted

faith in scruffy moderately restored
File: 1393800030732.gif (2 MB, 670x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 670x377
I shall be posting a bit more soon.

Just have company over.
I came from another thread. There's nothing going on there right now. I shall write.

>You are Rainbow Dash
>You are ugly
>Anon is also ugly
>The end.

You may know me from the Butterscotch thread. Or not.
Yup. A real good story's gotta have feels.
File: cowards.jpg (141 KB, 796x798) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 796x798
where da writefaggots at
File: COCAINE.gif (116 KB, 600x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 600x300
Probably writing, you impatient faggot.
Was, about to post then my phone died and half an hours progress lost. Fuck
I was until that shitposting thing started. I decided it was a good time to take a break
Plz writefriend i need you, we need you. With out you who would carry out gods work.
File: 1403990210240.jpg (61 KB, 437x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 437x402
Probably Smoking Crack.
You need to switch the speech between black and green. Black text speech should be anon (because the reader is him) and RD should be green (all others). Besides that, I can't see any issues so far.

>Rainbow has started going around with you a lot more often
It should be 'hanging around'.


>Rarara is best pone
To quote BloodAnon
"0/10 customer service. Hostess has a nice ass, but aside from that, not much else."

>You walk out of Sugarcube Corner and head to Sweet Apple Acres
>After you've arrived the ponies had to find out where you could live
>Thankfully Applejack offered to build you a house
>It's a decent walk
>She's more than likely there by the time you left the doorway
>As you hit about 3/4 of the way there you start wondering again
>What exactly is it that makes ponies not find Rainbow attractive?
>Well it's not like you know pony standards of beauty
>You know that Rarity is a very pretty mare from what you've seen of the locals looking at her
>You might as Rainbow now that you two are a lot closer since a few weeks ago
>Just hope that it doesn't head into somewhere teary again

Thanks, didn't really catch that

This seems a lot cleaner to me after the phone rewrite. Criticism is nice as always. Sorry for the long wait
fffuucck, that looked a lot longer in browser. Writing time again
>What the fuck does that even mean.
>This pone needs to back the fuck up.
"Yeah? Your point?"
>We ain't bangin'.
>"You should hang out with someone a bit... How should I say it?"
"More boring? No thanks, I'll pass on that offer."
>This is a waste of time. You should be doing-
>But that's not the point.
>"You're someone who just out classes her."
>"She's just not good enough for you."
>After finishing that sentence, she plops herself into your lap while still sitting in her chair.
>Like a pone-bridge.
"What the fuck?"
>Is she coming onto you?
>This is new.
"Get up. What is she? A weirdo?"
>She can be a bit odd, but so is anyone given enough time.
>If you get to know them well.
>She finally gets stable in her seat.
>She's like one of those wobbly doll things from your nightmares.
>"There are always much prettier mares than her you can be with."
>She called you over her.
>To insult your friend.
"Hey, no need to be a bitch."
>"I'm speaking the truth, don't get mad at me."
>You pay for your drinks.
"Yeah? She's just ugly? You didn't even want to talk about anything else?"
>"I just don't want you to end up with somepony who isn't what you deserve."
>She totally giving you the bedroom eyes.
>She wants the hot monkey dick.
>Not Rains.
>But Berries here.
>She could just ask.
>Anon always delivers.
>"Well, I see you're leaving now. Go and ask one of her friends."
>They won't just rag on their friend now would they?
>"They'll tell you what I just did."
"Yeah, I'm sure of it."
>She goes and orders another drink.
>"Don't say I didn't warn you."

As long as one Anon wants more. There will be more.
I like your story though
Likewise Anon. Please don't stop the train yet.
File: 321549.png (2 MB, 1135x921) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1135x921
Even a saint can be depressed,

Imagine, you do everything you can to help someone then they turn around and they turn around and leave you. All your effort into helping was taken and for what? To know someone else will live a better life now that you're left with nothing?
Maybe I've been back stabbed too many times before, but my will to help others gets weaker by the day. I used to help people I was close to just for that sense of accomplishment. I've never so much gotten a thanks throughout my life.

Maybe I was just a pushover, but I don't help without it benefiting me in some way anymore. It's not worth it

>*Figure out where you could live
Knew something sounded off in there
I'm not, gonna keep on writing so I can get better at it.
i like the idea of ugly rainbow and anon having the best, most stable, and loving relationship

>As you near your home you notice that Dash is already eating her cupcakes on the top of the roof
>Ah home, pretty big for normal pony standards but big enough for you
>2 Bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen and living room.
>Almost like your old apartment
>Minus the fact that it's completely wooden and looks like a small barn
>Furnished too, even though they are a bit small for you
>"If you keep eating more of those you'll get fat and not be able to fly anymore!" You yell
"Well excuse me if I'm eating more"
>Flying down from the roof she places her last cupcake on the top of your head
>"Now what's this about" You try to take it off but promptly stopped by her moving your arm
"Leave it there" She beams, "I'm gonna try something here and if it works.."
>That grin she's making totally doesn't spell out trouble for you
>"This better not take my head out Rainbow"
"It won't I promise!"
>She flies up and way past the clouds
>If she wasn't so blue you could probably see her, but you couldn't anyways cupcake head
>So this is how it ends
>Yelling contests are nice but you'd rather talk in a more... closer and not so dangerous manner
>And just like that, you see a rainbow streak come down from the heavens
>Flinching is instinct, but so is almost throwing yourself really low to the ground so your head is common sense
>There goes your ears again for the second time this week
>You pick yourself up off the ground and dust yourself off
"You mmffmm"
>"Finish your food first and then talk"
*Gulp* "I said, you shouldn't have moved, I almost missed and could've hit the ground idiot"
>"Oh yeah, cause I really knew if you weren't gonna have us both in the ground dead"
>She grins like she's proud at that statement
"Well good thing I saved us from that happening huh Anon?"
>She' hoof pumps the air while you just stand there and sigh

Too much exposition there I think. But I had to have you guys have some form of home
Don't stop there! It seems like it's getting good!
apparently ded
How many lurkers are lurking tonight?
me, at least
I just got back on.
Why? You gonna stop? If so gives us a heads up so we don't think you died
File: 1406845138127.jpg (102 KB, 429x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 429x600
Hey, bb
In case anyone missed it, the answer is
:a lot.
Nah not leaving, was just wondering. Forgot to say that I was leaving for a bit last post, back now but posting from a Denny's. Food first then story mang.
And my axe!
File: image.jpg (226 KB, 1160x1460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
226 KB, 1160x1460
Ask them about the ball pit deal
File: 1402813283338.jpg (7 KB, 255x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 255x197
I can't afford that
God damn rd is so hot in that pic
File: image.jpg (107 KB, 680x530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 680x530
This picture fills me with a very deep sorrow.

It's a frightening feeling and I don't like it.

But anyway
Where all my stories at?
there is always 10 lurkers for every post

for example, i never post
I'm stuffing my face with dessert. I'll post when I be done.

I-if you want me to.
Y-y-you can b-baka
we do writefag-kun

got pastebin?I prolly wont get on net in next few days ;_;
File: 1403555437609.jpg (143 KB, 1000x1275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 1000x1275
I... Need... MOARR!!!
>Well there's just enough time to see Rarity.
>Aside from Flutters she's the only one you haven't seen today.
>At least she'll tell you what's up.
>There is at least.
>If you had to guess, about an hour of sunlight left.
>That should be plenty.
>Arriving at the round-but-square-inside boutique.
>You wonder how you should even word this question.
>'Hey Rarity, is Rainbow ugly? Or is it just this one mare at the bar.'
>That doesn't seem to go so smoothly.
>Walking inside you spot Rarity hanging something up.
"Hey Rarity! Need any help?"
>She can magic.
>Why doesn't she?
>"Not at all Anon, I can... Get... This..."
>It's almost pathetic.
>You reach over to get the banner over the last hook.
>Being tall is great sometimes.
>"I said I could handle it Anon. You didn't need to-"
"I know, but watching you struggle wasn't something fun to watch."
>She gives you a hug.
>"So what brings you by? Do you need anoooother tie?"
>Why does she extend her words so often?
>There is also an absurd about of sass in that sentence.
>It's a bit cute, but somewhat unnecessary.
"I've just heard a few things and I'd like your input on the subject."
>A small jump backwards, she is almost in shock that'd you ask such a question.
>"You need a laaady's opinion on what darling?"
"I don't really know how I can ask you this, but I need you to tell me the truth."
"It's really important."
>"Of course, I wouldn't lie to you of all people."
>There is only one.
"I'm the only person you know. So I'm glad you aren't talking to any others."
"That could cause problems."
>She stifles a small laugh, but smiles nonetheless.
>"Whatever you need to tell me Anon, you can go right ahead and say it. We are great friends after all."
>Alright, fire away.
"Do you think Rainbow Dash is... Unattractive?"

More is here, also more being printed now.
Oh moons over my hammy, you know me so well. Back and ready to write for a bit longer. Good to know there's still a lot of you around. Feedback is nice no matter how big and small from you lurkers if you wanna say anything
>Her eyes go wide.
>She knows more than she'd like to admit.
>"What-whatever do you mean?"
"You said you'd give me an honest answer. I need to know."
>You don't want to push too hard, but damn this is grinding your gears.
"I've recently been... Informed of such things. I don't want to confront her directly about this without knowing more than I do now."
>She looks down at the floor.
>Like she's trying to find a certain atom, a certain speck on the floor that's not there.
>"She's one of my best friends Anon."
>If she was talking with any less voice it would be as quiet as an abandoned hospital.
>"She... Doesn't have the best luck with anypony..."
>You take a knee to get closer to her eye-level.
>Placing a hand under her head you force her to look into your eyes.
>Not too hard, but with a purpose behind it.
"Is that why she always likes being near me?"
>You drop the hand, it's mostly pointless now.
>She opens, and closes her mouth a few times to try and find the right words.
>"Well, I've thought that you're just too nice to say anything mean to her."
>"Mostly anypony that doesn't have any reason to be nice to her... Just isn't..."
>You're practically a celebrity.
>Being near you all the time must make being in public a lot easier on her.
>How have you never seen this?
>You have noticed plenty of staring and rude looks towards the two of you.
>It's just never clicked.
>You're staring right into her face.
>It feels like time has come to a complete stop.
>"Are you okay?"
>She touches your face.
>You have been sitting on the floor staring straight into space for about 15 minutes now.
>You need to get up.
>You need to get out of here.
>You need to talk to Rainbow.
>You need to tell her it's fine.
>You need to.
>You have to.
>All this time you thought she was being the nice one.
>Giving you company because everyone else was too stuck up to do so.
>Maybe they didn't want to be near her.
>Almost two whole years and you never knew this about your best friend?
>This is all wrong.
>You were being the nice one.
>Giving her an escape.
>This trip to Canterlot must mean a lot to her.
>A day to where it's just the two of you, away from everyone you know.
"Thanks Rarity, I just needed to know. You know?"
>She nods, and puts on a gentile smile.
>A smile you've seen before.
>The same smile that Rainbow gives you everyday.
>You glance at your watch, fuck.
>The window confirms it is indeed the time for Luna to do her thing.
"In fact, I do need another tie Rarity."
>She comes over to you again after you stand up.
>"What do you want it to go with?"
"I'm not sure yet. It just needs to be fancy."
>Her face lights up.
>What could you possibly need another tie for?
"Make that a whole outfit. I'm going to need it by Thursday. Could that be done?"
>"Of course! You need to look your best for this weekend!"
>You sure do.
>You sure do need to look your best.
"I'm going to be heading home, I'll see you when I get back in town."
>You share your goodbyes, and make your way home.
>Not your home.
>Rainbow's home.
>You need to talk to her about some things.
>Will she even be up?
>It is pretty late now.
>No matter, if you're showing up she would try her best to seem awake.
>You need to make sure that she enjoys herself these next few days.
>She deserves it.
>The moonlight is amazing right now.
>You finally arrived at her cloud-home-thing.
>Fuck, you should just wait until tomorrow.
>This crap can wait, you need a good rest.
>"Hey Anon! What are you doing over here?"

Post was too long,and I had to split it.
I was getting really into writing this part. I hope it turned out as good as I'd hoped.
Yes it's amazing! Keep going m80.

>Tell Dash how pretty she is
>She thanks you and says she loves you
>But inside she knows only a monster like a human could see her as pretty
you're doing great, keep it going
>Tell Dash how pretty she is
>She thanks you and says she loves you

You'd think that's where this is going.
But you'd also be wrong.
*So your head isn't removed
That common sense line was from an earlier draft.

>Now that the near death experience is done, it's time you two talked
>You walk towards your door and turn towards Dash
>"Do you mind if we talk about something private inside?"
>She looks really confused at that
>You guess it's good that she doesn't know or guess what might happen
>It's not like what happened a few weeks ago isn't too fresh in both of your minds
>Better safe than sorry
>As you both make it in you both sit on your couch in the living room
>You on the right, and her the left
>Turning towards her you scratch the back of your neck
>"I honestly don't know how to word this without sounding like an ass..."
>Still confused
"Well... about why the ponies here consider you..."
>Careful now
>Don't want your house wrecked here
>She sighs
"I was waiting for this to come up"
>She was?
"It doesn't bug me as much as it did before"
>Small smile appears on her face
"After talking about it with you and the girls, it definitely helped me"
>"I'm glad it did Rainbow"
>That was easy, bullet dodged
"One reason," she continues "Is my mane color"
>She starts messing around with her mane
>"But it's so unique to most other colors here!"
"Yeah it is... but here, natural rainbows are so common that my mane can't ever compare to one."
File: 1391983862178.jpg (12 KB, 270x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 270x250
The Tran Train has docked.
File: Leland2.png (59 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 200x200
Choo choo. I swear I'll write more bb

Leland sure loves his pone stories
When are you going to continue?
File: image.jpg (25 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 250x250
This is some 9/10 top tier material m8

The characters are believable, the situation is realistic and shut, nice job
Actually I'm heading off before I bomb my awkward story. I think this thread is reaching bump limit soon maybe. If so, someone make another thread? I'll set up a quick paste bin just in case though
>You really shouldn't monologue, it's what kills villains.
>It's going to kill you.
>Not today.
>But eventually.
"Hey Dash, just coming by to see if you're ready for tomorrow."
>She swoops down to make communication a bit easier.
>You can see that smile.
>The same smile you've grown so accustomed to.
>"Of course I am! I was just thinking about how much fun we're gonna have!"
>Yeah, same ol' Dash.
>All the fun in the world.
"What time again tomorrow? I forgot after my nap."
>If you are her escape.
>Is she just using you?
>Just to feel pretty?
>So she doesn't feel bad about how she looks?
>All this time you've been thinking about how it's not fair she's... Almost an outcast...
>What if it just seems to be that way.
>You clench your fists.
>What if these feelings you've been having.
>Are all just a bunch of lies.
>What if Rainbow doesn't care about you.
>The talk with Rarity sure made you see a different perspective on things.
>You started to think that you could fall for her.
>That might not be the only way to look at this.
>She was always close.
>Not just in distance, but she was always there to listen to you.
>But if she can hide how insecure she is.
>She can sure mask any kind of 'friendship' you two shared.
>"The train leaves at 2, but do you think that you can come over around 11 packed and ready to go?"
>She wants to have lunch to make sure you believe she's still your best friend.
>Her #1 pal.
>Why else would she make you come over earlier?
>Your jaw starts to tighten.
>How could you allow 2 fucking years go by.
>To just be used like this.
>Tears are beginning to well up in your eyes.
>Right when she gets past this part of her life.
>When she no longer needs to stand by you to feel beautiful.
>When she no longer needs to keep up this charade.
>When she no longer needs to stay by you.
>When she no longer needs... You.
"Yeah I could, but what's the fucking point?!"

It gets better. I promise. ;~;
shit, me too
If I see it gone tomorrow, I'll make a new one. If someone doesn't beat me to it.

I'm also going to stop for tonight. Interdasting moments are going to occur pretty soon.
Get some rest, my sweet prince...
When it dies I mean. Herp http://pastebin.com/u/Dr_Tran never used one so I'll update it in the morning

And thank you very much!
>Spend the day hanging with your bro as usual.
>You find yourselves sitting in the park bench by the pond, waiting to watch the sunset.
>You pass the time by telling jokes and bantering.
>A few minutes in and your bro suddenly serious'd up.
>She somehow thinks that this is an appropriate time to confide one of her problems to you.
>Apparently she is considered unattractive by pony standards.
>Turns out she's been turned down by every single stallion she tried to be with.
>You try your best to keep a poker face on as her eyes start to moisten.
>You sort of thought that she was a lesbian the way she clung to Fluttershy.
>Wait, so Fluttershy isnt into 'munching the grass' as the local stallions at the bar say?
>You are snapped out of your daydream by the feeling something damp and warm cling to your side.
>It's Dash hugging you
>She's letting out the waterworks at this point.
>She apparently mistook you zoning out as someone listening intently to her.
>Be a bro and compliment her in attempts of lifting up her spirits.
>"Y-you mean it?"
"Sure do bro, You're a pretty pony"
>You lift her up and wrap her in a hug
>Hopefully this'll calm her down.
>You dont know how long these little bro hugs are supposed to last, but shes definitely taking her time clinging to you.
>You let her and zone out some more, this time pondering on what to have for dinner.
>You hope the salt in her tears wouldn't ruin your hoodie
>She eventually eases off and looks you in the eye.
>About time
>"Thanks for being there for me"
"Any time bro"
>Wait a second
>Is she blushing?
>"H-hey anon"
>"Do you hate me?"
"Of course not, Youre my bro!" you make sure to emphasize 'bro'
>"T-then that means you like me?"
>Jesus H, You know where this is going.
Fuck dude
See this shit here?
Don't do it again.
seconding, this green is pretty good too, need to see it finished
my sides
bump limit is 500. ways to go.
>"I love you" she says out of fucking nowhere.
>And as if on queue, the sun begins to set.
>For some fucking reason the sunset is unbearably slow today, just like the earthside sunsets.
>Fucking Celestia.
>She immediately and awkwardly asks you to be her special somepony.
>But of course.
>Ok Anon, how do you talk your way out of this one.
"Dash I'm not even a pony..."
>"S-special somehuman then?" She eyes you with a hopeful look.
>Its not about pronouns dash.
>Good job Anon, she totally got the wrong message.
>You didnt even know she'd be desperate enough to go for the freaky monkey
>How do you talk yourself out of this one.
"L-listen Dashie..."
>She is sitting on your lap at this point and takes your hands and wraps them around her belly.
>These fucking mares m8.
>"I know Anon, I'm sorry. It was more of a spur of the moment thing..."
>You allow her to maintain the hold, you are glad enough that she took the hint.
>She seems to be a little deflated though.
>Good thing you cant see her face from here.
>That'd be fucking awkward.
>You might be hearing a sniffle or two from her end but you pretend not to notice.
>The sunset already ends and you decide to walk her to her little cloud mansion.
>She still doesnt say anything on the way.
>Why'd she have to live outside of town?
>The fact that shes walking (really slowly at that) made it take extra long.
>You eventually reach the front of her cloud mansion.
>You pat her head and reassure her that she'd feel better after a good nights sleep.
>She agrees and chuckles weakly.
>You say your goodbyes and you begin to walk away
>You feel something pulling at the back of your hoodie.
>Its Dash
>You hear her sobbing
>"Please love me..." she says in between sobs
>"Please love me, I'll do anything"
>Jesus H
Sweet king Martin
Sweet queen Coretta
Sweet brother Malcolm
Sweet queen Betty
Sweet father Joseph
Sweet mother mary, sweet JESUS
This isn't a very good story, anon
I take it you dont want me to write the part where Anon and Flutters invite Dash to be the third wheel in their little date (probably so she can hold the camera and take pictures of them being sweet on each other?)
>No, dude. Not like this. Not because you're pleading with me out of desperation.
>I get that you're kinda in a bad place. But don't go fucking shit up just 'cause you're all messed up from some dating shit.
>Get some sleep, get it out of your system, and relax. I'll see you tomorrow.

Bam. She'll still be hitting on you later, but you can diffuse this shit for now.

Das cold mane.
It's a story that speaks to the average beta anon, though.

Finding that hot chick with zero self confidence that will do anything for your love is the selfish dream of a thousand neckbeards, and that's what this whole thread seems to be about.

It isn't in keeping with RD's character, but that doesn't matter! She's emotionally damaged and no one else wants her, and therefore, our beta shitlord selves have an in with her. Boosting up someone's ego in the hope that sex will be the reward is the mantra of "nice guys" everywhere

We're all too fat or autistic or just generally not date-able enough to attract real, self-confident, intelligent women, that even our fictional women (aka waifus) have to be desperate fucks for us to even imagine our pathetic selves having a realistic chance with them

And that's just kinda fucked
>dat autistic rant
File: 76543456789.gif (480 KB, 250x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
480 KB, 250x233
Nice projecting there anon
Most of this is true. I firmly believe this is why Fluttershy is voted best pony. As for Dash? Well, this is usually more the kind of 'I wanna be cool, too' thing.

However, I find this whole premise fun nevertheless. It works well with Dash's character and is an interesting twist on how beauty and all is perceived in Equestria.

Too bad most of this boils down to Dash breaking down crying. That's kinda boring and exactly plays into what the other anon just said.
Meh. I used to Twifag pretty hard, because Twilight was the patron p0ne of grad students.

New Twi is getting more into the "I am a pretty princess" role every season, which pretty much kills it for me.
Yeah, you're right. I'm probably just projecting. It just irks me a little that some anons have to break their waifus down before they can even imagine being with them

>I find this whole premise fun nevertheless
As do I. I've always liked Dash's character as someone who desperately wants to believe they're top shit, but sometimes has to confront the reality that she isn't from time to time.

There's a lot of good green you can milk out of this premise that doesn't just entail her being a broken shell desperate for the hot monkey dick just because the only dick that wants her is the dick that is hot and monkey

I don't want to be a party pooper. Writefags, do what you like. Some of you have given us some damn good green, and I hope you continue
File: 1400536930803.png (62 KB, 283x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 283x389
>muh nigger.jpg

I miss old twalot.
I miss the library.
I miss mum;_;
>New Twi is getting more into the "I am a pretty princess"
You ain't lying, anon. I still like Twi, but I'd much rather her be an ivory tower dwelling scientist than a politician

>tfw sarcastic Twi is gone
>tfw academic snob Twi is gone
>tfw Spike is no longer the voice of pragmatism in her life
Why the fuck didn't you use google docs? That's what i use
lol I'm attractive tho. you might just be talking about yourself bro.
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 640x570) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Eyy lmao
Okay, seriously, what?
Anonymous completely flip-flops in the course of thirty seconds. He's emotionally and mentally unstable.
>"Hey Dash, tomorrows going to be great FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU WHORE!"

Not that it's any better than
>"What was that, adorable and affectionate best friend pone? Go out with you? Duhhhhh, why? I'm much more interested in this effectively identical pone who I don't really know or get along with. You're not gonna cry like a little bitch, are you?"

Why is everyone writing "The Adventures of Legitimately Retarded Anon" in this thread?
god damn it anon thats my face when i saw
>tumblr in the stumble
>how to screen shot
need ending pls
Shhhhhhhhhhh, there is a plan. Don't leave just yet.

why are u so slow huh?
Did you died
I'm not kill. I just want to post more than one or two parts.
C'mon, man. Please continue.
Jesus fuck why was I late to update the bin. Well it's up to date now. And damn, that's a lot of hits guys, thank you!
File: sadspike.png (95 KB, 740x796) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: herecomes.png (95 KB, 435x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Well that's stupid because I'm pretty sure that no one else has your color."
"thanks.." She stops playing with her mane and moves her back towards you
"It's not just the color of my mane either Anon."
>Really? You don't know what else could be wrong with it besides that "offending" color
"No matter how often I brush or try to control my hair it always frazzles"
>"Wait what? Isn't it neat now?"
>Now this is weird
"For most ponies our manes are always a certain style. Pinkies is fluffy like cotton candy, Rarities is elegant in her coils."
>She starts shifting on the couch like she's uncomfortable
"Mine isn't straight, nor is it fluffy. It seems messy, the only way that it can look good enough for most is if Rarity spends almost two hours on my mane with this weird hairspray stuff"
>Giggling at the thought she now turns towards you
"And that's only really reserved for the Gala. Where I feel at least somewhat pretty"
>Well at least it hasn't turned into a mess like last time
>"Well that's a silly reason for them to think that about you"
"For most ponies, appearance is huge for them."
>"But you look like the sky!"
>That was loud of you
>But Dash doesn't mind, a large smile rewards you
"You don't have to defend me so much Anon."
"I don't match"
"My colors don't match. Look at my eyes"
>You start looking into them before turning away in embarrassment
>"T-that was a little too long"
>She giggles adorably
>"But they're purple. Does it matter that much?"
>You look back at her
"They don't match my colors. You don't ever see purple in the daylight sky"
>Being this mad at a two poser green
failed CYOA/Fimfiction/Fanfiction.net/jealous shitposting writer dude. It's what they do
To be spike is to know suffering
That part made me immediately not care that Anon found out he was an ugly piece of shit. Fuck that guy.
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44 KB, 400x300
Yeah I've seen purple rain...
cleanse yourself in the waters of lake minnetonka, anon
Well hey what if spike also has image problems? Maybe Rara brushes him off because he's also ugly by their standards spike could've been a little bro
Then Anon and Spike could double team Rainbow Dash with some good old fashioned ugly sloppy sex.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 1590x4880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1590x4880
I'm liking where this is going. Get a new writefig on it!
>"Anon? You're scaring me..."
>You can't imagine her saying anything other than that.
>All this time, this is all you can say?
>She comes closer.
>After feeling her just hold you.
>Maybe it's not as bad as you think.
>You would just hold her.
>You'd be empty inside.
"I'm glad that you look better when you're near me."
"But no need to be manipulative."
>You start to walk away.
>To just leave her.
"Don't ever talk to me. Ever again."
>You can't see her face.
>You don't want to see it.
>Maybe this isn't the right thing to do.
>You might be able to walk back up to her.
>Try to take back what you said.
>But you couldn't.
>Not after that.
>Would she just stand there?
>Or fly back on home?
>This isn't right.
"I can't see her."
>Just loud enough where you can barely hear.
>You shake your head and finally start walking away.
>You've been standing in front of Rarity's for about 20 minutes.
>You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.
>You should just go home.
>A good night's rest is all you need.
>Lunch tomorrow doesn't seem like a bad idea after all.

Only dreams now.

Sorry that this is taking so long, I had 10 achievements left in XCOM: EW. Now I have 6 left.
More incoming.
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I'm waiting, take your time
File: 1402394201620.jpg (1000 KB, 1240x1499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1000 KB, 1240x1499
>Today's the day.
>You feel like shit.
>But, you can't really do anything about a bad night's rest.
>No matter.
>Time to pack 2 days worth of shit.
>Do you really need any more than that?
>Nah, prolly not.
>With a glance at the clock.
>Just enough time to go have lunch with your best friend.
>Grabbing your suitcase.
>You begin to make your way to Rainbow's.
>Spotting her cloudy place up ahead, you check your watch.
>Not bad timing.
>Also no side quests stopped you on the way here.
>Today was a good day.mp3
>It's a little too early for lunch, but maybe you can at least hang out a bit.
"Hey Rainbow!"
>When does she wake up anyway?
>Just a light breeze.
>How quiet is your fucking hollering?
>That might have done the trick.
>You see movement.
>Did she just fly in the other direction?
>If she didn't match the fucking sky so damn well you could spot her.
>Wings would be useful.
>So you don't have to be a faggot and have her carry your bitch-ass up there.
>For a little pony.
>She is MUCH stronger than she looks.
>It makes you wonder if she is-
>Your face is in the dirt.
>You can feel all the spaghetti you packed leaking on the floor.
>Ever so gently, oh so gently indeed.
>Does life even have meaning?
>Getting up feels like it's not worth it.
>You continue to lay here.
>Playing dead.
>"Hey Anon! Why are you hear so early?"
>Why can't she just say hello like everyone else?

Pastebin updated.

I also just noticed my Rainbow reactions are in very short supply.
Moar please.
File: 1404974934763.gif (1 MB, 345x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 345x397
>"Hey, get up you."
>She's standing on your back.
>Don't do it.
>Don't get up.
>She'll roll you over.
>She gets off you and lays right next to you.
>"Get up, you play dead every time I knock you over.
>Foiled again.
>Slowly you roll over.
>Just enough to gaze at her face.
>You see it again.
>That smile.
>You're not even sure when the first time was, that she starting giving you that smile.
>All it does is make you smile.
>So you can try and match hers.
>To make her feel as warm, as she makes you feel.
>You can almost feel your face beaming.
>Staring into those beautiful eyes.
>The same eyes that you have looked into time and time again.
>Why wouldn't anyone not feel enlightened staring into her magenta irises.
>It makes time come to a complete stop.
>You feel every heartbeat pound in your chest.
>Her face is changing.
>She's still smiling, that didn't change.
>However it's a different smile.
>Accompanied by a small blush.
>She starts getting up.
>She can feel herself blushing, hell so can you.
>"Come on, get up you-"
"Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Are you ready to carry my ass up there?"
>Both of you laugh a bit.
>You can barely believe you were thinking about breaking her away.
>The very thought makes you want to hurl.
>"Always, I just hope you don't get any fatter. Last time was a full workout."
>That smirk on her face.
>You bop her in the nose.
>That smirk is now gone.
>Mission accomplished.
>"Hey, don't do that."
>Naturally you are required to do it again.
>So she tries to block.
>She wasn't expecting you to be a rusemaster.
>You have TWO hands.
>Fighter 2-1 is down.
>Fighter 2-2 has hit the target. I repeat. Fighter 2-2 has reached the target. Over.
>You smile as you watch her rub her nose.
>Everyone in the world must be completely blind.
I have some errands to run.

After they are finished I'll get back to posting some more.
I look forward to it.
Still writing and still loving. Love you lurkers

>"Are they really that vain?"
>You hope not
Sigh "Yeah, when everything is so colorful and pretty... you have to keep yourself looking your best"
>Damn that's harsh
>"Well you don't look to bad to me Dash."
>She blushes at that
>You don't really get why ponies don't view her as attractive
>It all sounds like bad reasons to decide if someone doesn't look good
>Back home wasn't terribly different though, people could pick you apart
>You get up from the couch and your eyes go past your calender in the room
>In big, bold, red letters.
>Hearts and Hooves Day
>Oh shit, that's a week from now
>You weren't here for last year's as you came in the month after
"What are you staring at Anon? Lose your cool and can't look at me?"
>That sly grin makes you nervous
>"Nothing," Shh, lie
>"Was monolauging again"
>Hid it with some truth, not bad
You lost me. I thought anon shouted at her earlier and now they both have seemed to have forgotten about it.
It was just a thought or something.
He was standing in front of Rarity's the whole time then just went to sleep.
Yeah, I was going to ask about that too.
I'm really confused about the sequence of events in this story.

Is that how it worked? I thought he left Rarity's and "went to Rainbow's cloud home thing" and then stuff happened...
Sadly, I too am confused
Was that a monologue or something?

Yeah. >>19029667 and >>19038021 were monologues. Sorry about not being so clear with that.

Forgive me, I'll try harder. ;~;
Sorry if I write in small pieces, I tend to write a tad better when I finish a thought on something that I can finish on rather than end it on something dumb that makes no sense

The correct term is 'soliloquy'
File: 563967.png (714 KB, 875x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
714 KB, 875x1000

Agreed, totally fucking lost. This whole story went full-retard the moment Anon left Rarity's.
Let's recap:

>Anon discovers RD is ugly, hangs around him to make herself look better
What the fuck is RD's motive in keeping you around?
Are you the comparatively ugly "fat friend"?
Are you a social status boost? Is being Element of Honesty, bros with Princess Twilight and in the frequent employ of Celestia herself to save the country from certain doom not enough?
>You need to tell her it's fine
Well, I guess it's not important. You seem more concerned about Dash and how she's dealing with how other ponies treat her.
>All this time you thought she was being the nice one.
Guess not. Complete reversal, fuck that bitch, you feel used.
>You need to make sure that she enjoys herself these next few days.
>She deserves it.
WRONG AGAIN! This can't be bothering you much. You really care about Dash and are apparently in such a hurry to see her again you go straight to her place.

See Dash. Be heart-warmingly chummy.
Lol, nope.
>You clench your fists.
>What if these feelings you've been having.
>Are all just a bunch of lies.
>"Yeah I could, but what's the fucking point?!"
YEAH! Time to throw that manipulative bitch out of your life! You're not sure what she did, but you feel SO ANGRY!
>"But no need to be manipulative."
>You start to walk away.
>"Don't ever talk to me. Ever again."

>Just enough time to go have lunch with your best friend.
>Grabbing your suitcase.
>You begin to make your way to Rainbow's.
Wait, what the fuck?
Did you get mind-wiped? Did Dash?

I got diabeetus from this post, and now have to order testing supplies from Wilford Brimley.

I am seriously getting emotional whiplash here. No idea if Anon hates Dash or is best bros.
And Dash seems to be both blind and deaf to anything Anon says.
D-d-do I stop?
Never stop.
Why would you?
Not until the others conclude. I'm merely biding my time
Holy shit.

I didn't mean to make such a nightmare out of this. When it's just me reading these things after

Like is anon said I guess.

He just got caught up in thought before he left Rarity's place. None of that happened. All in Anon's head.

In >>19038021
>But you couldn't.
>Not after that.
>Would she just stand there?
>Or fly back on home?
>This isn't right.
"I can't see her."

Right after he says that he comes back to real life.

>Just loud enough where you can barely hear.
>You shake your head and finally start walking away.
>You've been standing in front of Rarity's for about 20 minutes.

Then he starts going home, to prepare for the next day.

I'm so sorry Anons for all my confusion. I could feed all of Italy with my spaghetti right now.

>I got diabeetus from this post, and now have to order testing supplies from Wilford Brimley.
>I got feels from that one

I'm back from various errands, my ass is going to shower then I'll write some more.
No idea why I said that honestly. Kinda thought that people didn't like mine from what happened to Posh. Sorry about that.
Hell fucking no. I wanna see where this goes.
>When it's just me reading these things after I make them. I guess it makes sense to only me.

I can't even sentence.

I hope that makes things a bit clearer, and that you still want me to continue.
Yes, continue please.


Continue! I like this story the most
Well, now i like this story aswell...
Dont stop writing

But i dont rly like anon beeing ugly
He isn't ugly, just beautifully-challenged.
He's ugly by pony standards, not necessarily human ones.
>every season
there's only been one princess season...