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>I can't take it anymore! Why is...
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>I can't take it anymore! Why is it every one of you males who visits from Earth is called "Anon"?! Is your culture that lacking in names?! And just what the hell does that mean anyways?!
>Also of the hundreds who visited, except for maybe like a dozen, your all obese
>Or sickly thin
>Or autistic
>Or just plain hideous looking
>Or a combination of several of the above
>And stop asking to have sex, we told you a hundred times that bestiality and inter-species sex, just like your world, is against the law
>And stop fondling the foals and fillies, we know you do that shit, you really think little kids can keep a secret?
>And stop asking Rainbow Dash if you can come inside, she keeps telling you that she doesn't have a home your human self would be able to visit anyways, it's a floating cloud residence
>Also why do you come here, knowing we don't have those things back at your world called "computers", and then 5 minutes later you always complain that you need them to "fap" to "porn" and "rule 34", whatever the flying fuck those are?!
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Oh Twilight, ur such a faggit.
Look twily, it's imaginitnation. I ain't gotta explain shit
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>tfw you will never call Twilot a namefag
Illegality of bestiality came from either religion, or the fact that only one species is sentient and able to consent. Neither of those things exist or are true in Equestria, so it's safe to assume bestiality isn't against the law.
This is the stupidest pro-bestiality argument ever.

Religion? Then why is/was bestiality illegal in communist countries?

The fact that only one species is sentient and able to consent? No, Anon, it is because you cannot have viable children and reproduce with another species
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>against the law
Horses donkeys ans zebras can have children and they are not even of the same species
>No, Anon, it is because you cannot have viable children and reproduce with another species
Funfact: sodomy used to be illegal too.
Oh, Twilight. I don't need porn or rule 34 to cum. All I need is your voice.
It still is in some states.
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>She considers herself and all the other ponies beasts
Then carry me home and pull my plow, you filthy animal.

So is having vanilla ice cream on top of your apple pie.
Mules exist in Equestria. They're sterile. If reproduction is so important, then mules are not 'viable children'.
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>bestiality and inter-species sex, just like your world, is against the law
Is it inter-species if you turn me into a pony with that magic of yours? I think not! The only crime her is your refusal to stop a crime from taking place in the first place. Isn't there some kind of law in this wicked land which states it's illegal to witness a crime and not take action? Shame on you, Twilight.
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Having children and reproduce isn't the only reason to have sexual relationships.

If two adult individuals able to give their consent wants to have sex, it doesn't make much sense to stop them, does it?

Do you even biology?
>Having children and reproduce isn't the only reason to have sexual relationships.

In a traditional monarch society like Equestria, realistically yes this would be the only reason
Fucking mlponies isn't bestiality. Its Xenophilia. Get your facts straight.
What? Mules are a product of a horse x donkey. They are sterile.
>tfw there are no zonkeys in equestria
Why live?
Actually, if anything this argument shows that Twilight's saying bestiality is illegal makes more sense. Notice how the Mules are shunned and ridiculed in Equestria, this is no doubt because they are considered bastards
>came from religion

Are you retarded? Literally nothing, in terms of social mores, comes FROM religion. Not unless you believe that religion to be valid. "Social constructs" don't fall out of the fucking sky.

Next you'll say Jews only eat kosher just because they're Jewish. The rules came from magic. God did it. Right.

Fucking fedoras. Kill yourself.
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>>Also of the hundreds who visited, except for maybe like a dozen, your all obese

You're not the real Twilight.
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spike sad 1.png
147 KB, 900x1051

>And stop asking to have sex, we told you a hundred times that bestiality and inter-species sex, just like your world, is against the law

>"T-twilight, are you saying what I think you're saying?"
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>tfw living on a country that doesen't care if you do it
Do you even know what a bastard is? A bastard is an illegitimate child.
>and then all the Anons and Spike had an orgy just to fuck with Twilight
>the end
>the purpose of life is to perpetuate the species. A man and a pony cannot produce fertile offspring therefore sex should be illegal. It's just science
What happens is that a society acts in a certain way, religion forms around that moral code, and people attribute that as coming from the religion.
Er, you want Anonymous 335, Twily, hes the one who's been harassing you. I'm Anonymous 882, one of the one who hangs out with Rarity.
>oh er, sorry anon, you all look the same, you even have the same name except for a few of you.
Twily, that is incredibly speciesist.
>Bu-but it's true, no one can tell you guys apart!
>(pinkie pie)Hi 882Anon! How was your chat with Rarity this morning? Hi Twilight, you catch 335Anon yet? oooh theres 420 anon, he said he was gonna bring a bunch of snacks and then wed blaze it! But why would we want to blaze snacks? Maybe they're baked goods not made yet? Byyyyyye!
>(back to Twilight)
Hmmmm? Hmmmmmm?
>That doesn't count!
Well maybe you should be a better friend Twily. Sheesh and to think I was gonna volunteer to help clean the library.
>(twilight looks at the ground)
Naw, just kidding, have a good day. Also I'd never approve of foalcon, if you catch that bastard feel free to deport him. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go harass Big Mac to give me the D
>(Twilight shakes her head) I still can't understand a word they are saying when they do that spoiler thing.

I'm not good at writefagging

Practicing jews of today don't eat kosher because the torah tells them too.

Before the torah was written, people probably didn't eat things unless they were prepared kosher for health reasons. But those people would not have been jews.
>Twilight asks where 404 Anon is
>Everyone just laughs
>tfw not obese
>tfw not sickly thin
>tfw not autistic
>tfw not plain hideous looking

I liked it
You're a freak of nature

How is fucking a pony bestiality if they are people? It's not bestiality if they are ponies with human like brains, society and culture.
File: sweetie belle moar.jpg (440 KB, 934x779) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sweetie belle moar.jpg
440 KB, 934x779

Most ugly fatasses don't realize how godawful they look.
Point is, saying you aren't hideous isn't provable without an objective source.
>Anon 13 always gets blamed for everything even though he is the nicest Anon
>Anon 13 can never catch a break
You oughta.

1984 is required reading in a lot of schools.
>anon13 constantly mutters about how nopony likes a nice guy like him
>constantly glares and plots against anyone who gets near his waifu
>anon34 like to make pornographic cosplays and then sell'em to magazines
>anon63 like to crossdress
What a sick people.
>Why is it every one of you males who visits from Earth is called "Anon"?! Is your culture that lacking in names?!
There is only one god moot, and anon is his prophet.
>anon1917 is constantly handing out communist flyers in Manehattan and generally agitating class warfare
>he's also pen pals with Pinkie Pie
>Anon 69 is hyper sexualised
>Anon 69 is also the most good looking and most depraved
>He managed to bed every Alicorn in the worl at the same time

>He convinced Celestia and Luna to make out with each other
Goddamnit, now I want an Anonverse greentext
Darn, this was an idea for a AiE fic I wanted to get around to doing. Must resist to writefag
Don't resist the writefag. Embrace it.
It's the same concept though. What's a mule? Someone fucked a donkey. Not sure who but one of your parent's is a shithead.
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i wish i could be this green fucker
File: 1403401948278.png (398 KB, 1280x988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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At least I'm not a faggot!
>anon1914 assassinates some griffin noble and starts a ridiculous war.
>Anon 2001 is super conspiracy theorist
>Constantly wears a fedora made from tin foil and eats weird fucking stuff that's been ridiculously sterilised
>Paradoxically fat like Michael Moore and as stupid as Alex Jones
>Anon1 sits there and cries because he isn't the only anon in equestria
>anon1776 tries to rally the Crystal Empire to fight a war of independence against Celestia
>he has bad dental hygiene and was in the military
File: 1398645335599.jpg (23 KB, 495x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>your [sic] all obese
>Or sickly thin
Nope. 5'9" manlet mode.
>Or autistic
I can contain my spaghetti perfectly well in person, thank you very much.
>Or just plain hideous looking
File: 1403450634809.png (429 KB, 1600x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>anon 2002 hurts ponies when no one is looking
>anon11 constantly brags to everyone about being first dubs
>was first anon fatality when anon12 hit him with a hammer with the word "ban" painted on the handle
Not even once.
>anon0 claims to be god
>anon1492 likes boats
>Anon 21 is the only female Anon
>Nobody believes her
>anon 23 is literally the Pope
>nobody ever notices this despite his papal robes and the fact he only speaks Latin
>Anon 9001 wears a stupid eye piece constantly
>Breaks it every time whenever somebody asks what his designation is and yells "It's over 9000!"
This is a wacky exaggeration and you know he doesn't actually speak Latin, right?
I was referring to the first Pope but I fucked up the number
I would assume the first pope did in fact speak latin
>1000 Anons from various poni related sites are allowed into Equestria, unfortunately this means not just /mlp/ but it also means no one who namefags on ponychan and shit gets in. Only Anonymous.
>anon 777 incredibly lucky
>Anon 13 the opposite
>Anon 52 is a gambler with a pet rock lobster
>Anon 404 never found
>Anon 34 very lewd, yet somehow never deported
>Anon 63 only femanon
>Anon 504 always breaks any gate he touches
>dub Anons replaced by neochangelings, trip Anons escape changelings and become superior Anons
>except Anon 666 who becomes cursed to edgy ponychan oc look
>Anon 42 becomes student of Celestia, looks for answers to life, just before revealing his findings is killed by a falling flowerpot
>As the years go on, immoral Anons start being deported, and in the end, only 100 get to stay.
>would you make it?
Remember you're not here on a visa. There was a lottery in which 1000 made it here. Most of those who left are greasy ugly loser neck beards with no skills. A few of us actually have useful skills, but they are minority. Plus you have to control your base urges, as >rape is illegal and insta deportation. You'd need to find a job, there's no welfare in Equestria, although its much easier to get a job there, you'd have to hunt your own meat if you wanted it, etc. no electronics either. I'd be decent if I could land a gig as an assistant tailor but enh I can dig holes or whatever if need be. I used to be a country boy and I can go back to that. I do love the fabulous though.
>mfw I'm Maximillion Galactica minus the magic
>anon360 has a terrible overheating problem where his internal body temperature goes above normal when he exerts himself for extended periods of time
The first pope was Saint Peter, who spoke Aramaic or whatever. But I get the point.
Here goes nothing

>The day is the 1st of July 2014
>You are... Well, your name isn't important
>You're an average guy
>You have an average build
>Average height
>Average weight
>You live in an average house
>With your average parents and siblings
>If the personification of every average factor of the human race existed, it would be you right now
>God, you're so boring
>There's maybe only one thing that's different about you, your taste
>You're a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
>Yeah okay, it's 2014. It's grown on a lot of the general public and all of your friends couldn't give a fuck what cartoon shows you watch in your spare time
>And quite frankly, neither could you
>It's late in the evening, and you're doing what you normally do on a Tuesday night
>Well, almost every night since you're "looking" for work at the moment
>Sit around with your dick in your hand, browsing the internet, you know how it goes pretty unusual stuff
>Then again, you are average as fuck so that's to be expected
>You decide, unusually, to go to bed earlier than usual tonight
>You haven't felt this tired in years, and quite frankly you could do with a good nights sleep after all that busy fuck-all you were doing during the day
>So you shut off your PC for the night and head off to bed
>A boring, very routine procedure... Going to bed
>The usual. Change out of your clothes. Put on some pyjamas. Whatever suits this kind of weather
>What's unusual though is falling
>As you lay in your bed and close your eyes, you begin to feel as though you're falling
>This wasn't normal, nor was it average, it was very unusual and not to your taste
>What also wasn't to your taste was being drenched head to toe in ice cold water
>What the fuck? Water? Ice cold? It's the middle of summer!
>But, as clear as day, you were at the bottom of a lake with the sun shining down through the surface of the water above you
>would you make it?
Probably. I doubt he Royal Guard even knows how to form a proper phalanx. I'd eat those fuckers for breakfast.

Besides, I got my paperwork done early.
>Anon12 doesn't know what anything in the world is
I see you have embraced the writefag
I have taught you well
Yeah. I'm an economist. Help them fix that broke as fuck system they operate on.
>Anon 51 makes good but weird games for all the colts and fillies
>Anon 21 is unusually good at gambling

I fix things. Computers, cars, houses, love lives, whatever. I'm just good at problem solving. I'm sure I'd be useful somewhere. Also, I don't want to fuck a pony. I just want to brush their manes. Especially Trixie's.
>Both Anon and Spike were arrested.
>Punishment is penisectomy.
>Friendzone general.
File: 1395566998933.png (340 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well when I imagine an anon making up weird games for youngsters, my first assumption isn't in his benefit.
I thought t was a reference to Suda51
Well I'm pretty sure he's referencing Suda51 (Tsuda51?) the guy(?) behind such child friendly games as uh, I can't remember, Okami? I think he did No more Heros.
>Hurr Durr Muh viable children
The pill
Morning after pill

Not that you would have any experience with them, but these things exist to PREVENT viable children. Most sexual contact now is for pleasure not procreation.
Okay, I didn't think of that. My bad.
File: image.jpg (49 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is illegal in Kansas.
>All these people saying having sex with an Equestrian pony is not bestiality

OK, fine, let's imagine we have a horse here on Earth that either had a human brain transplant or somehow magically had human speech and intelligence. And you film yourself having sex with it. You think you won't be charged with bestiality
>As an average human being, you need one thing in particular. Air. Without it, you would soon be dead
>You breach the surface of the lake with all your remaining strength, gasping for air
>As you swim to the lake side and make your way out the water, you notice something particular
>Obviously, you're not the only one here
>All around you, soaking wet clothes
>Mostly pyjamas, some dressing gowns but luckily none of them were pants
>Good to know that no one was walking around with their dicks out
>Of the ones you look at in detail, they all seemed larger than anything you (an average sized human) would wear
>The odd flash of colour shit, I've given it away! also caught your attention in the corner of your eye
>Red, yellow and orange stood out against a dark blue hooded dressing gown
>Those colours, it reminded you of something
>The head of a particular
>Further down the dressing gown, embroidered into it's dark blue cloth, was the mark of a cloud with a red, yellow and blue lightning bolt striking from it's base
>This was a Rainbow Dash dressing gown
>Great, a "brony" was here, one that would own such an item
>Of all the obnoxious groups of people you had to endure the wrath of the fedora tipping, neck bearded, lesser spotted (but also very spotty) brony
>See, unlike most fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, you couldn't care less about "bronies"
>Those whose lives revolved around a group of cartoon horses
>Who devoted their lives to this show that you just enjoyed
>The clothes seemed to have been dropped in a trail, as if the group were all headed in the same direction
"Well, don't upset the status quo" you decide, as you follow the trial of clothes
>Despite the stench that some of these clothes are giving off, you feel compelled to continue in the direction that they followed
>Following a path forged through nature, presumably by this previous group, you continue in hopes of finding other people where you are
File: 132234611938.png (207 KB, 499x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 499x433
Re-reading the post I responded too, I guess its point was that there might be other percieved reasons for shunning inter-species sex than religious or "conseus" ones, like the possibility of a non-religious notion that any form of sex other than for production is impure. That's actually a completely fair point.

Monarchy is a form of government, and it doesn't imply any standards on sexuality. Also there's nothing traditional about a civilization being ruled by the same demi-god ruler for multiple generations. Not by our standards, anyway.

Just as Equestria being non-religous does nothing to guarantee that inter-species is acceptable, it being a monarchy does nothing to guarantee that it isn't.

Also, the reasons for having sex beyond reproduction persists regardless of what's socially acceptable.

Not after using our awesome proof to show that it has human intelligence and can consent.

Also: Would not fuck a horse, only a mlpony.
"?!" at the end of that
File: images5BGJ60PC.jpg (6 KB, 178x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 178x282
>not wanting to fuck a rl horse with human intelligence
If I filmed a horse talking and proved it was sapient then there wouldn't be an issue. Anything I got charged with wouldn't stick. If it's safe, same and consensual then what's the problem?
Not since 2003, when Lawrence v. Texas ruled that such laws were unconstitutional, thus overturning all anti-sodomy laws within the United States.

Unless by "states" you meant "countries", in which case, yes, it's still illegal in some places.
File: 1250114973487.jpg (54 KB, 412x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 412x371
>inter-species is illegal
Sorry, Spike
Civil engineer here. I could help them improve their building codes and city planning approaches.
>You continued to walk across the path for 10 minutes
>You noticed that it fanned out, and the footsteps left by those before you faded into the grass and dirt
>Coming up to a slope, you climb it in hopes of getting a better view of where it was you now were
>As you reach the peak, just before an abrupt drop carved in the side of the slope, you look into the distance
>A village of sorts greets your eyes
>The houses appeared to be of wood and straw
>Fields and farms stretched far into the distance, without a single city of piece of modern engineering in sight
>It looked like some medieval town
>Although ridiculous, and completely unprecedented for someone so normal as yourself, you ponder over the idea of time travel
>That is, until a mass of pink jumps in front of you
>"Are you a brony?!" yelled the mass of pink, as it pushed you back onto the grass and stood above you
"Am I... What?" You ask, confused by the sudden appearance of the pink shape in front of you
>It laughed
>That laugh, you recognised it
>Your vision began to focus on the pink thing, and you realised
>It was Pinkie Pie
>It could have been worse, you thought to yourself
>Her laugh slowly died down, as she looked at you with genuine concern
>"You okay? Did you hit your head on the ground?" She asked with a playful tone
"A little, but I'm fine. I was just... What were you asking me?"
>"I said: are you a brony?" She repeated, this time very slowly
"Well, I suppose you could call me that. Not that I'd call myself that but I don't mind, I suppose."
>Smooth. Maybe you really did bang your head harder than you thought. Maybe you were hallucinating and this was all a dream.
>Of course this had to be a dream, you pondered
>Things like this don't just happen, especially to such average people
File: 1399206180596.jpg (278 KB, 726x1028) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278 KB, 726x1028

>not having sex with an earth horse

What are you? Some kind of fruitcake?
It's legal in Nevada.
>Pinkie Pie had reached into a bag that she was wearing around her back
>Using her mouth, she pulled out a piece of paper and pushed it into your hand
>Grabbing the paper, and wiping off some saliva onto your pyjama's, you unfolded the sheet and read what was written on it
>At least, you would have if you could read what was written on it
>You think you could make out some of the words
>'Party' and 'Sugar' stood out, no surprise there
>It didn't take much to put 2 and 2 together and work out that it was an invitation
>An invitation, signed with three balloons at the bottom of the page
>That's handy
>"Everybrony else is already at Sugar Cube Corner! But the party doesn't start until 3pm, so I can give you a tour around town if you want!"
>The prospect of Pinkie Pie walking you around town was daunting, to say the least
>You wanted to see people, and as soon as possible
"Thanks, but I think I'll just go and head off to Sugar Cube Corner now"
>"Okie-dokie! I'll be waiting around here for any new arrivals if you need me!"
>You make your way down the other side of the slope, the almost dead drop, and on the way to the village, presumably Ponyville, ahead of you
>As you continued along a dirt path, you suddenly realised something important
>Something that you'd missed
>Turning your head, and cupping your hands, you yell towards Pinkie Pie
"Actually, how do I get to Sugar Cube Corner?"
>"Silly! The directions are on the invitation!"
>They are? Well, I guess you had to find you own way around.

Yeah, this thread dying. I might just leave it here and call it a failure.
Why live...
>>I can't take it anymore! Why is it every one of you males who visits from Earth is called "Anon"?! Is your culture that lacking in names?! And just what the hell does that mean anyways?!
Anon, what did you think?
>>And stop asking to have sex, we told you a hundred times that bestiality and inter-species sex, just like your world, is against the law
Ew I'm not gonna fuck a horse bro
>>And stop fondling the foals and fillies, we know you do that shit, you really think little kids can keep a secret?
Yea some anon tend to do that
>>And stop asking Rainbow Dash if you can come inside, she keeps telling you that she doesn't have a home your human self would be able to visit anyways, it's a floating cloud residence
>>Also why do you come here, knowing we don't have those things back at your world called "computers", and then 5 minutes later you always complain that you need them to "fap" to "porn" and "rule 34", whatever the flying fuck those are?!
The liquor is too weak here, and I'm running out of ponecash hey can I borrow some change?
Don't stop you glorious faggot of writing, you have me hooked.
>living on a country

Hello Uganda.

File: 1392946270745.gif (971 KB, 500x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
971 KB, 500x230
>implying I am not here spread the word of the Lord of Light

R'hllor hungers!!!
Fucking ouch...
I couldn't bring myself to hurt Cheerilee, she is just too sweet.
I think we get the point we're not a neck beard, also the detail is nice but don't go overboard like when describing the bronies.

I prefer to be called Anonymous John Incognito, but sure, you can call me anon.
I thought shit like 'don't kill' and 'don't steal' came to societies through religion, because nobody gave a fuck about such things back in the day.
File: 100% stannis.jpg (73 KB, 363x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100% stannis.jpg
73 KB, 363x475
Fuck yeah.
At first, but once society became a thing, trust was mandatory. If you couldn't be trusted, you were kicked out of society. Hell, this happens with animals I bet. I'm no biologist though.
I'm trying to be intentionally overboard, for a good reason. At least, I hope it's a good reason

>Ponyville was different than you had expected
>Of course, you hadn't ever seen any detailed layout of the location in the show so why would you ever have an idea what it would be like to walk the streets?
>Needless to say, you were just stalling for an excuse in your thoughts when you simply had to face facts
>You were lost
>You hadn't the faintest idea where you were going, though you took note of your surroundings in as much detail as possible to learn from this experience
>The time was around 12:30. It had probably been around half an hour since you arrived, so you guessed that you found yourself in the lake at midday, which would explain why the sun was shining so high in the sky
>It was freezing. Not cold enough for snow, by the looks of things, but even the sunlight above you couldn't warm the ground on your bare feet or the frosted windows of the various houses you walked by
>Every other house you walked by had decorations outside, as if everyone was celebrating
>They were awfully a lot like Christmas decorations, but if your memory served you correctly they celebrated "Hearths Warming Eve" and not "Christmas"
>You'd stalled for long enough, it was about time you asked someone for directions. Anyone who would be willing to talk to you
"Excuse me" you yelled to a passing pony "Which way is Sugar Cube Corner?"
>She gave you a confused glance and pointed a forehoof down the next left turn
"Thank you!" you yelled back to them, running in the direction they had pointed
>Hopefully, Sugar Cube Corner would be nice and toasty warm
>You just wanted to get yourself inside as quickly as possible
>There it was, the building unlike any other in the general area decorated on the outside to look like various baked goods
>Perfect, it'd be nice and warm and you could relax and work things out for now
That's not the point. Bestiality is about having sex with another species. And in all societies it has almost always been against the law, and I guarantee you the same would be true of Equestria. Have you ever seen a pony on the show in a relationship with any non-equine species?
Yeah, tribes don't even have a concept of 'property'.
U mad nerd.
>pony in a relationship
The closest thing we got to that was the valentines day episode.

Or that bullshit one in s4 but fuck that ep.

Point is, we haven't seen an actual "relationship" yet. Therefore, you can't use that as your measuring mechanism.
>I guarantee you the same would be true of Equestria
nigga you aint never been there

Beastiality is about having sex with a non intelligent species. Its Xenophilia if they have human or better intelligence.
the niggers are merely distracted by the simply ebin shitposting going on
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>Anon 42 becomes student of Celestia, looks for answers to life, just before revealing his findings is killed by a falling flowerpot
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Well arnth ghyou a talgh ghlass of puhple drahnkh.

My ngames Angnon.
Keep going writefag!
>Opening the door to at the front of the bakery, you were greeted by a cheer from those inside
>There was no way this could be real
>It was like you'd walked into a brony meet as group of large, unshaven men sat around various tables in the front of the bakery
>"Another one!" said a distinct, excited voice from the crowd of people
>Twilight Sparkle walked out into the open from behind one of the larger groups
>"Welcome. Please, take a seat. Anywhere you like for now." She spoke, gesturing a hoof around at the room
"What's going on here?" You asked, looking around at everyone else in the room
>"Pinkie Pie's idea. The bakery was already decorated after yesterdays New Years Eve party, so she decided to throw a little 'welcome to Ponyville' party for everyone."
"Sounds like her" You say under your breath
>"Excuse me?"
"Nothing, it doesn't matter. I'll just hang around and talk to everyone."
>"Okay, make yourself at home!"
>That could have gone worse, admittedly it could have gone better but that didn't matter now - you could deal with the ponies later
>Right now, you had bronies to tackle
>Not literally, of course. Though part of you hoped it would end that way.
>Tentatively, you walked over to one of the tables where a man, a few inches taller than you and a few pounds heavier too, stood up and stopped you in your path
>If it weren't for what he said next, you might have been a bit worried
>"Best pony?"
>Well, that's one way to greet someone. Whatever happened to "hello"? Or a handshake?
"Uhh, I don't really know. I kind of like-"
>"Is it Pinkie Pie? This is the Pinkie Pie table! Come over here!"
>"You guys are blind, he's a Rainbow Dash man. You can smell them from a mile off!"
>He's not lying, though you wouldn't think it was something he'd be proud of
"I'm just gonna go and sit-"
>"Rarity is obviously the best pony! Who else can carry themselves with style, grace and class whilst being all around cute at the same time!"
>Fuck it, there was no way you were going to talk to them now they'd been set off
>You find one of the empty tables in the room and make yourself comfortable, watching intensely as the spectacle before you unfolds in all it's spaghetti filled glory
>This was going to go well

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What is the point? In no human society has there ever been any dilemma of a non-human creature possessing fundamental human traits the way ponies do. How could you possibly hope to compare it to any previous example of this world?

One of the defenitions of bestiality is having sex with a non-human animal, so of course fucking these pones would fit the defenition of bestiality, there's no sense in even arguing about that. What's the point of involving this horse-human-hybrid in the original post?

Here's the thing, though: "non-human animal" wouldn't have the implicatons it now has if creaturs like ponies were real. "non-human" would include creatures with traits we consider exclusive to humans. That changes things, it just does.

In order to try and figure out whether or not ponies would consider inter-species a transgression, we can't use examples from this world, because "non-pony" doesn't have the same implications in their world as "non-human" does in ours.
>Many hours passed since you arrived in equestria
>The argument had died down now, but it carried on for a few hours
>It was only interrupted when (an obviously uncomfortable) Twilight had reminded the group that there were foals asleep in the room above them
>Understandable uncomfortable, you think to yourself
>Strangers that you've never known were suddenly talking about... You, and your friends, as if you'd known each other for years and this was like a reunion of sorts
>You weren't sitting all alone on your table now though
>To your gratitude, there were a few others sat around the table with you who didn't want to associate with the "bronies" on the other side of the room
>Twilight had given them all the same speech as they arrived that she had given you, only you offered them something that you didn't have yourself
"Or, if you don't fancy hanging out with them come over here!"
>You would yell to anyone who didn't fit into the brony cliché
>Some joined you, others refused, but that didn't matter because you had a small group of people you could call friends - for now, at least
>You'd counted 32 people in the group that were already there when you arrived, then there was you and 15 other people who had joined after you (5 of those were now sat with you) totalling the human in equestria count to 48
>Make that 49, as the door opened again and another of the great unwashed walked in and immediately towards the other group
>"Great. More noise."
>The most recent to join your group said, nudging the shoulder of the man next to him
>You had made small talk, occasionally, but apart from that your little group of "friends" hadn't really said much other than a greeting
>Whether this was some inability to make friends or because any attempt to talk would be drowned out by the noise from the other side of the room, you weren't sure
>But what you were sure of was that it was bloody awkward here
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What the fuck did you just say to me?
*unsheathes katana*
Xenophobia is strong here
>Names. No one had given a name yet.
"So, what do you all call yourselves?"
>You ask everyone else in the group
>They all look around at each other, waiting for one of them to be the first to talk
"Don't all talk at once guys."
>"I don't remember my name."
>"Oh thank god I'm not the only one."
>"All of us?"
>The rest of the group nodded in agreement
"Seriously? None of you can remember your names?"
>"You can?" one of the group asked cautiously
"Of course I can remember my name,"
>At least, you think you did.
>That was ridiculous, why couldn't you remember your own name?
>Not only ridiculous but inconvenient
>The humans in equestria with no names, just a bunch of anon's
>You'd let your train of thought distract you
"Oh, no. I can't remember my name either. I could have sworn that I could."
>"Well, so much for the confidence."
>It was strange, a thought that had never crossed your mind
>You'd not come across a need for your name yet and now that you realised you didn't have one, you kind of felt like you were missing something

And that's where I end for now. I've updated the rest of it onto the pastebin; http://pastebin.com/u/HorseFellow

If this thread isn't dead by tomorrow then I might continue, but that's slim the way that this thread is going. Either way, maybe I'll get around to writing this proper and not doing a greentext story because fuck that, I'm not used to it at all.

Latter faggots
I like where this is going
but it seem we need another Anon's POV
Let me see if I can do something and it would fallow your story
>inb4 new fag
Well there is a reason for that
Since I use cafes often, it give the emails if the.people who use the computer that I log in
Me hacking
Moral codes and laws are based largely on religion, mostly in undeveloped or 3rd world countries.
I look forward to more
>we need another Anon's POV
It's like you're trying to fuck with my plan

You can go for it if you want, but you probably wouldn't expect where I wanted to take this

Don't worry, I will stop when i see fit
Also, posting it now

> Happy Birthday!
> Is the first day of this fucking year and you have the chance to spend it alone as New years!
> Is good to be because none fucking knows you!
> You are...well you don't care since there is still some tequila left!
"Shit" you mumbled as you stand up from the couch while searching the nectar of your ancestors
>and there she is, standing proudly next to the tv and the mountain dew.
>shit was delicious combined and you needed some for the hard headache that was raising
> you get the drink and server your self and notice that she have awakened too
> For an instant, you almost have forgottenthat she decided to come with you last nigth
>After serving you and the lady you decided to speak up.since she look shy
So great party, don't you think?
>She days nothing but yet, you know she is simple and tirely nodding.
>You drink fast the beverage and jump back on the couch
"Good night, my precious"
Is the last thing you say to her as you drift to sleep.
Not all the posts agree with eachother, but here you go.
>Point is, we haven't seen an actual "relationship" yet

Do you even watch the show?
i miss mother
>But not before the warm of the tequila in you wears off
>If you had friends and see you like this
> They would have call you a little Puto
>Thanks to god you have none
>or rather because, people fear you
>Sure, you look like a fucking killer,.but you were actually nice, calm, grateful person
>And the lady resting on your arm was the proof that was all.you needed if someone went against you
>Too bad that the tv, that you fuck up last Nigth, was broken
>And you couldn't see the special of your favorite channel with your favorite lady
"Puta Madre"
>You whisper as you move around to get more comfortable while making sure she wasn't awake
She sure is the best
And that Is your last thought that passes your mind when you feel that sleeping sensation.
>You feel wet and like you were floating
"Shit, that tequila sure was fucking charged" >you cringe-ly mumble while trying to feel the lady on your arm.
>you don't feel.her on you
>That couldn't be possible...well...just because she couldn't move.
>Now that you notice, you feel wet as fuck
>Like you were floating on a pool or something water related.
>You decide to open you eyes but rapidly regret for the sunlight is hitting your eyes like a bitch
>You shield your eyes and try to stand up only to found yourself drowning
>You react fast and quickly swim up
> once out, you try to see the area and hope to be on the dept.'s pool
>but instead, you are greeted with a sigth of a shore
>Where other were swimming to
>No point to be a sitting duck
>so you decide to swim to the shore too
Wait Pendejo
You tough to your self as you turn around to see if she was too in the water
But you knew that she have drowned since she couldn't swim
>You shout as you dive in
>Hoping to find your Plushy.
>And stop asking to have sex, we told you a hundred times that bestiality and inter-species sex, just like your world, is against the law

Bestiality is not illegal throughout all of our world, only in certain parts. Where it is illegal, it is either due to religious beliefs, which are irrational, or due to the fact that all other species on our planet are not sapient, and therefore cannot formulate the notion of consent. That your laws would still prevent two sapient creatures who are both consenting from having sex is irrational and can only be attributed to a sense of morality that involves forcing others to not do what you don't like. As humans, we come from a society where liberty is more valuable than life itself. Famous men have once said "I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees" or "Give me liberty or give me death." It is our moral obligation to break laws which govern what we can do with consenting adults in the privacy of our own bedrooms.
I agree with you entirely except that 'animals cant formulate the notion of consent'. If you are doing something they don't like, they will let you know (bight, kick etc). Even more coy animals will show negative body language i.e. tensing up, ears pushed back and flat against the head.

Animals are not governed by dumb social rules like we are, and unlike most of our human women, they wont bitch out and 'just take it'
Sorry for not putting >>>
I forget since im typing this on cell
And also, I apologize for grammar errors and spelling

> The water is fucking pure as fuck, but you haven't see her
>and you are all the way down
>after dividing and resurfacing a shit load of times
> You decide to give up and swim to land hoping that she was back on the couch
>You would need a towel once you reach land so you can dry the tears off your face
>Once on land, you notice that the the majority of them were fat as fuck.
>But not only that, they have this funny ass.looking hats and they face were cover with fucking hair and shit
>The worst was they were wearing Triple X-L t-shirt with faces of your favorite tv show
"Mi pequeño pony" you whisper in shock as some of the dead whales look at you with disgust.
>You don't look like a brony"
A fat ass says to you while pointing his hat at you
"There for, you should go back were you came from"
>And he got a Putazo free on his eye
"Next time ,cerdo, think before you eat and also speak"
>You said to the actually dead whale on the shore.
> The other didn't say anything and you decide to leave them behind
>after all, you were a survivalist
>After walking for almost 5 minutes
>You lay down on the dirt and decide to dry you clothes with the same power that.almost kill you
>Good thing you were wearing a black shirt and black pants, since they were drying faster then you have spected
>"Hey, are you lost? "
You heard some asking rigth after you almost felt into dreamland
>The voice sounded girlish yet familiar in so many levels
With you eyes close you responded
"Yeah, is it really that noticeable?"
>"Well, dhu?"
>Yeah, that voice is familiar
"Would you help me to find civilization?
>You ask while stretching and feeling the cruda hitting you hard
"Yes, and they migth have chilaquiles bath in green salsa"
> The ,now cool lady, says as you mouth stars to water
:You sit up to see the lady,.that you would bang, but was greeted with something that not even being drunk as hell
>In front of you was Pinkie Pie
La pony mas loca de ponyville
>"What wrong brony?"
>She ask you as she is handling...hoofling?... A note
> Your state of wasted-ness and the fact that you were seeing Pepe, couldn't let you answer her property
>That let you to mumbling spanglish
"Well, ok. Take this and fallow the minimap on the corner so you can get to Scc"
You brain couldn't even process as she left dust of cloud of her self.
>There were only 3 words a tru Mexican would said in a situation like this
and that all for now
see you guys on a few hrs
here is the pastebin
sup finland
I would prolly try to become an adventurer, and get eaten by a dragon.
Get along fine with the ponies, though.
There needs to be a greentext explaining the anons' worship of the mysterious "moot", and how Twolot attempts to understand it
You made me raff hard
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mfw Khorn is a brony
>>And stop asking to have sex, we told you a hundred times that bestiality and inter-species sex, just like your world, is against the law
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>Also why do you come here, knowing we don't have those things back at your world called "computers",

Twilight uses one on Pinkie Pie in the first season, OP. At least TRY to watch the show once before you green text.
>someone actually got the joke.
Oh thank goodness.
Shit, is this thread still alive? Well, guess I'll continue

>"Why don't we just think of our own names?"
>"Everyone, can I have your attention!"
"Maybe a bit later..."
>"Now I know you're all very excited, and you want to have more time to celebrate your arrival-" she began, but was interrupted by a cheer from the larger group of people in the room.
>"But! It's getting very late, and I think it's high time that you all got some rest" Twilight continued on, but you slowly began to lose your concentration
>Shit, she was right. You'd been cheated out of a night's sleep, the effects of which were beginning to feel apparent
>Another person walked in during Twilight's speech, brining the total up to 50
>They stood awkwardly at the door, dumbfounded by the sight they saw
>"Any questions?"
>You caught Twilight saying, as your focus returned to her
>As expected, hands shot up in the air from the larger groups of bronies in the room
>And to the surprise of everyone on your table, your own hand
>"Are you really Twilight Sparkle?" one of them asked
>"Yes, anything else?" she responded, which only caused more hands to be raised
>"Yeah... I was... Uhh" one of the bronies spoke, pausing every other word "I was just... Wondering what your-"
>Fuck this, you had something important to ask
"Yeah, I've got a question." you stood up out of your seat and began to walk to the front of the room
"Where are we staying? We need sleep, yeah, but where? Are we all staying here? All 50 of us?" You continued, as you gestured to the rest of the people in the room.
>Sugar Cube Corner was almost full to the brim as it was and sleeping in here would be a tight squeeze
"Are we just gonna go around every house and ask if a pony can house a human overnight?"
"And then what? You're unprepared for us, that's not your fault, but it seems like a massive oversight."
>"If you'd let me finish, I was getting to sleeping arrangements."
>You stopped in your place and folded your arms on your chest
>"Some of you are free to stay here tonight. My friend Rarity has agreed to have a group of you on the shop floor of Carousel Boutique and I will be willing to let any remaining people stay in the castle overnight."
>She spoke, addressing the whole group before looking at your specifically
>"As for more permanent residence, all of you are to visit me in the castle tomorrow at noon. We'll organise where you'll be staying and who you'll be staying with then."
>"Does that answer your question?" she hopped down off the desk and walked up to you, looking at your eyes directly
>Her smug smile and her glaring eyes were all you needed to know
>It was as if she was saying "your move", like she had bested you in a game of chess
>You simple nodded in response
>That was kind of overwhelming, you thought to yourself
>Maybe you hadn't given Twilight enough credit when it came to planning
>"Good, okay we'll have 15 people here, 15 people in Carousel Boutique and 20 people in the castle. Who wants to stay here?"
>Various hands, more than 15, shot up
>Twilight picked out 15, who all highfived and "brohoofed" each other as they stood at the front of the room
>Everyone in your group was still here
>"Who wants to go to Carousel Boutique?"
I'm here.
>"Who wants to go to Carousel Boutique?"
And no one raises the hand, cause rarifags already rape her in the boutique..
Don't worry Jr. writefag, I approve heavily.
>Much less hands, maybe 7, this time
>"Come on people, we need a few more" Twilight said, sounding almost annoyed
>How hard was it for people to just put their hand up?
>But of course, most of them wanted to stay in the castle that night
>"I'll have to pick people out"
>And now she resorted to treating them like children
>Well, to be fair to her she didn't actually know if they were adults or not so treating them like children would be pretty understandable
>Fuck it, you didn't care where you were going
>You raised your hand and a number of others followed
>Everyone from your group stayed where they were
>Well, you had 15 people now so that didn't matter
>"Okay then, everyone who isn't staying here follow me. First, we'll be going to Carousel Boutique and then I'll be stopping at the castle."
"Trying to make friends with 'the princess'?" You ask, mockingly, to the rest of your group
>"A big castle, plenty of room, only 20 people?"
>"You're going to be cramped as fuck in that small shop floor with 15 of them."
>Well, you didn't care where you were staying but you did care who you were staying with and the others that had their hands up for Carousel Boutique weren't exactly the best of the bunch
>Twilight began to walk out the door at the front of the bakery, a small crowd following her
>Well, a night at Carousel Boutique it was
>As the population of Sugar Cube Corner slowly decreased, you managed to find your own way out of the door behind a rather loud couple of people
>Out in the open, you made your way to the front of the group, just behind Twilight her horn illuminating the street ahead of her
>She had a look of annoyance on her face, one that said she was too tired to have to deal with the noise that was radiating from behind her
>You noticed this all too well, you'd seen this kind of face before too many times
"Guys, can you keep it down. It's late an people are sleeping!" You turn your head slightly whilst still following Twilight
>"Don't you mean that 'ponies' are trying to sleep?" One of them retorts
"Sure, whatever. Just keep it down."
>The group were surprisingly silent, or at least they kept their conversation to whispers and murmurs
>"Thank you." Twilight said, still focusing her attention to where they were going
>"I didn't want to ruin their fun because they're just celebrating but... Thank you."
"Trust me, this attitude isn't going to change any time soon, whether their celebrating their first night here or not."
"And I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to sound rude, but someone had to ask the question."
>"Well, I did have plans for sleeping arrangements and I was waiting but I suppose your method is more direct."
>Ahead of you stood a tall, rounded building
>It was funny, really, how all the 'mane' characters lived in large, obvious houses rather than small straw buildings
>Suppose it was easier to make merchandise for them than 'generic straw house #3"
>"Okay, we're here. Rarity is asleep at the moment but she's papered 15 temporary beds on the shop floor. So please, be as quiet as you can and get some sleep."
>The 15 of you that were staying at Carousel Boutique entered the shop
>The lights were off, but Twilight's horn and the silver moon in the night sky were enough so that you could see where you were staying
>You made first choice of a 'bed', one of the one's closest to the door would do you just fine
>The others gathered around and
>The 'beds' just consisted of a pillow and a piece of thick cloth, but that on top of the carpet floor was enough to keep you comfortable and warm
>You were tired, and had been a bit tired your entire time in Equestria, so maybe after some well deserved rest you would have a clear head in the morning
>Maybe you'd wake up back on Earth, back in your bedroom... Back... Back home...
>The prospect of returning home was your last waking thought that day, as you and everyone else in the room rested for the night

looks like a pretty good first chapter ending to me

dont stop
I'm liking this normal anon.
Hopefully the others have the common sense to hide their autism and not fuck things up for him.
>The sun shone brightly through the tall windows of the large, open room
>Slowly, you sat up and observed your unfamiliar surroundings
>It took you a while to remember that you weren't home any more... And also took you a while to remember that 'home' was exactly where you thought you'd be after you woke up from this dream in Equestria
>Now, you were in Carousel Boutique, home and business of-
>"Oh! You're awake!" As if on queue, Rarity trotted into the room where you had slept that night
"Where's everyone else?" You asked her, looking around at the pillows and sheets that she was levitating into a washing basket
>"They all left a few hours ago. They wanted to wake you up but I wouldn't have it! Whilst I don't normally condone sleeping until midday, you had all just arrived and you did all look awfully tired last night."
>The prospect of Rarity spying on you when you were sleeping... Wasn't as daunting as it initially seemed
>Wait, you thought to yourself, it was midday. You were late to meet Twilight in the castle!
>You got up and handed your 'bed' directly to her and walked towards the door without saying a word
>"Where are you going?" she asked quizzically
"To the castle, Twilight's doing some kind of... Census thing. She wants everyone to be there at noon."
>"Oh, no, no, no no, no!" she yelled towards you as you opened the door, which now glowed blue under her magic and shut immediately in front of you
>"You simply can't go outside wearing just... That!" She pointed a hoof towards your pyjamas that you had still been wearing all this time
>You chuckled, of course Rarity would be the one to take note of your clothes
"I'd love to change, but I have nothing else to wear."
>"Darling, it's hardly a formal event. You can do without clothes for a few hours. Go and see Twilight and when you come back they'll be as clean as a whistle!"
>Did that just happen to you? Yes. Yes it did. Rarity just wanted you to strip naked in front of her
The normal response would be something along the lines of "L-Lewd"
"I'm not exactly comfortable with walking around in public without clothes."
>She gave you a confused look
>"You mean to say that you wear clothes in public all the time?"
"And most of the time when I'm on my own too, yeah."
>Sitting on her rump, she rubbed her fore hoof on her chin and looked you over
>"Well then, if you insist on wearing clothes... Then I'll have to make you something!"
"Oh no, Rarity honestly it's fine. I'll manage."
>"You're in a tailor, it's not exactly a deviation from my usual schedule."
"But you're used to making clothes for ponies, not humans. I don't want to be a bother."
>"Your form is hardly different from that of a Minotaur, and I've made formal wear for them in the past. It shouldn't be a problem."
>You weren't going to be able to convince her otherwise, Twilight did have 50 people to go through, it would probably take a few hours in total
>Since you'd probably spend most of the time in a queue, waiting around at Rarity's probably wasn't going to make you any later than you already were
"Okay then, fine. How long is it going to take?"
>"Hmm, a simple shirt and a pair of trousers... Not long at all, maybe an hour or so."
>Well that didn't sound too bad, you wouldn't be too late
>"But, I will need to take what you're wearing now to get an idea of some of the proportions."
>Well bugger, this again. I suppose she didn't understand that nudity was taboo for humans in almost all situations
>Still, it beats walking around naked in public
"Fine, but... Not right now."
>"If you insist. Come along, follow me to the workshop!" She said proudly as she trotted towards the stars at the back of the room
>You followed her up the staircase and into a room with a door marked "workshop"
>Around the room where various fabrics in rolls, decorative items labelled individually, an open chest lay in the furthest corner of the room under one of the windows full to the brim with gems that were every colour of the rainbow, and more
>"So, what kind of outfit would you like?" she asked, as you continued to look around the room
"Nothing complicated, nothing extravagant, nothing covered in diamonds, just something simple." You responded, to her disappointment
>"If you insist" she sighed, reaching for a measuring tape with her magic
>Right, yeah. She'd need to take your measurements.
>She curved the tape all over you. Around your chest, your waste, the length of your arms... The inside of your leg
"Other side!" You said, quickly, as you felt the magic around the tape just touch the tip of your penis
>She gave you a confused look, but as you said she moved the measuring tape to the inside of your other leg
>Well, there's another custom that she's not used to I suppose
>She jotted down the numbers on a small notepad at her desk, humming whilst she did so, and turned again to face you
>"Okay, I'll need your clothes now please."
>Oh great, you couldn't avoid it now. You had to give her your clothes, and there was no way around it.
>You pulled the t-shirt that you were wearing over your head and continued to pull your arms out.
"It's colder here than it was at home so can you make the sleeves as long as my arms?"
>She nodded.
>Well, now you couldn't avoid it.
>The lack of any underwear already made you feel a tad exposed, but now you had to take off the remainder of your pyjamas and fully expose your manhood to Rarity
>Fuck it
>You reach for the top of your pants and...
>It hits you, a genius plan! That, and a smell. You hadn't showered since you arrived in Equestria!
"Actually" you begin "Do you mind if I have a shower?
>"Of course, be my guests. It's the furthest door on the left along the corridor."
>Your way out, it was perfect
"Okay, thanks!" you said, as you walked outside the room and stood by the side of the door
>No one was watching you here
>You took of the remainder of your clothes, grabbed hold of them in your hand and peered your head around the open door
Loving this
Me too, Anon.
"There you go," you called as you threw the remainder of your clothes towards Rarity, who caught them in her magical grasp
>"Thank you so much Mr... Uhh, sorry I never did catch your name."
>Oh shit yeah, a name. You didn't ever think of one.
>You forgot that you forgot your real name. I suppose that's not... Completely unusual
"I don't know either... Don't worry about it."
>Just as you went to turn and head towards the bathroom, you realised there was an item of clothing you'd need that Rarity didn't have an example
"Hey, do you mind doing something else too?"
>"Of course not, what else can I do for you?"
"I'll need a pair of underwear... Uh... Kind of like those pants" you said, gesturing towards the second item of clothing you had given her "but much shorter."
>She looked confused at your request
>"I'll see what I can manage" she said in response, leaving you with all the clothes you'd need sorted
>That was one problem tackled, now the next
>You were naked in Rarity's house
>The sudden realisation that Sweetie Belle often shared Rarity's house hit you
>Was she here now? How could you tell? You didn't want to ask Rarity if she was here, she might be curious as to how you know who Sweetie Belle is and (more importantly) why it would matter if she was here or not
>You just had to hope that she wasn't there
>The door on the left at the end of the corridor. Perfect, the bathroom. At least you'd made it there where you could lock the door and be certain that no one was going to spot you now
>The shower was... a bit shorter than you were used to
>Whilst you were used to a shower head being half a foot above you, this was a few inches shorter than you
>It wasn't so much of an issue, it just meant that when you stepped into the cubical you had to bend your knees a little to fit under it
>Rarity had been really generous, you thought to yourself as the water dripped down your body
>She was the "element of generosity" and all that bollocks but I guess the impact of which isn't obvious until you experienced it first hand
>You hadn't ever thought much of Rarity when watching the show, but in reality she was a really nice person
>'Reality', as if you had been certain this was real
>...Was it? You honestly didn't know
>You had slept and woken up and it felt real
>But you'd had dreams that felt real too, only when you woke up did you realise it was a dream
>Could the same be happening here? Is this just all a dream, a figment of your subconscious
>But why would you dream something like this? All the mundane detail
>Each blade grass that you brushed against on your walk to Ponyville
>How soft the carpet you slept on felt
>The rush of water on your head
>Pinch yourself, that's how it works right?
>You tried, but nothing
>Well, the sharp sense that you just pinched yourself but nothing that would hint towards this being a dream
>This felt very real, and it was almost frightening
>You looked at yourself, your naked body, and couldn't make sense of it all
>You couldn't really explain how the rest of the world around you looked but you felt... Odd, out of place
>You were out of place, no doubt about it
>But when comparing yourself to the glass of the cubical you were in... It looked odd
>It felt like glass, it sounded like glass when you tapped on it but there was something about it that you couldn't point out that looked wrong
>And what about Rarity herself? All the other ponies? They looked... Off, you couldn't even remember if that's how they looked in the show or not
>You remembered the show, the characters, what they looked like, how they sounded and all of that was right.. But little details escaped you.
>The little details that now, when you were here, you could see plain as day but... Can't remember how close they are to the show
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>Anon 52 is a gambler with a pet rock lobster
I understood that reference.
Me three, mate.
>How long had you been in the shower pondering this for?
>Maybe you should actually focus on cleaning yourself now
>If this was real or not, the smell of your unwashed self felt real and that's all that mattered at the moment
>As you finished washing yourself, you pondered over the shampoo
>Mane and coat shampoo
>Hmm... Pony shampoo on a human
>Well, this might not go as well as you want but it's all you've got
>Rubbing the shampoo into your hair and and quickly rinsing it, you realise something
>Wow! Pony shampoo is great!
>Your hair feels so much softer than ever before
>You wonder if you can get actual horse shampoo on earth and start using that all the time
>The thought of which makes you laugh
>Alright, that'll be the first thing you do when you get home
>Convert to horse shampoo and get everyone else you know to do so too
>Why doesn't everyone just use horse shampoo?
>Why don't they just use the same ingredients for human shampoo?
>There has to be some reason, right?
>You're not going to grow a tail or something stupid like that, are you?
>Alright, enough of this nonsense
>You'd finished cleaning yourself, so you head out of the shower and find a towel to dry yourself with
>It's very small, but it'll do
>You'll probably want to give this to Rarity to wash after you're done
>On second thought, you'll probably want to take the thing with you to hide your nudity as you go back to see her
>You didn't think that one through, did you?
>You dried yourself as much as you could and wrapped the towel around your waste
>Now if Sweetie Belle was in the house and did spot you, you wouldn't be butt naked in front of her and
>Arriving back in the workshop, Rarity was still working on your outfit
>Well, there wasn't much you could do about that I suppose
>You did feel a bit exposed, but it was better than the alternative
>You took a seat on a stool (a very short stool mind you) near the door and looked over as she was working
>"Oh, you've finished. It shouldn't be too long now and your ensemble will be complete."
>That was reassuring, at least
"So I'm guessing that you didn't make clothes for the others too?"
>“Oh, no. They all left before I could get a hold of them. I don’t understand how they can wear the same clothes two days in a row but there was nothing I could do about it.”
>She continued to concentrate on her work, never taking her eyes off the sewing machine in front of her
"It's their loss"
>"Precisely!" she said with a tone of pride in her voice
>As you watched her work, you were curious of something
>If this was all real, then you and the other humans had just appeared one day in the middle of the ponies every day life
>You hadn't mentioned it to Twilight but... Surely, that's odd right?
“So, how are you finding this whole ordeal?”
>She gave a long and quiet sigh, but you couldn't tell if it was due to being interrupted or whether she was pondering
>“It’s interesting to say the least, but to be honest I’m looking forward to taking this opportunity to expand my library!”
>That's a subtle way of saying that you want to make money from this
>“A whole new species in town means more… Experience working with a new style! Yes!”
>Well, maybe a little less subtle
“And not at all a business opportunity to expand to new customers?”
>“Well, perhaps that too.”
>Oh yeah, money. This is her job after all and Rarity had spent time that could have gone towards working on something for a client, or a customer that might actually pay her, and she'd spent time working on you
“Which reminds me, how can I pay you for this? I don’t exactly have any money.”
>“Oh that’s not a bother, you can have this on the house!”
“That’s generous of you Rarity but I wouldn’t want you to lose out on this valuable business opportunity!”
>You say, a hint of sarcasm in your voice
“Perhaps I could help around the place? You know, like a small job?” you suggest
>For the firs time since you walked into the room, she paused for a moment and turned around to look at you
>“Well, I suppose I could use some help around here sometimes. Especially if I’m going to be getting more customers in.”
>She walked up to you and reached out a hoof
>“Okay, consider it… Paying your debt!”
>You reached your hand out to grab her hoof and shook it
>“After all, I could use a brony around. You can be my insight into brony style!”
>That word again, like how Pinkie Pie asked if you were a brony
>Like Pinkie Pie saying "everybrony" when you met her yesterday
>Did they know what a brony was?
“I’m not a brony.” You say, rather bluntly
>Her expression changes to one of curiosity
>“Oh? You’re not? You look awfully like a brony.”
>Your suspicions were correct
>You weren't a "human" you were a "brony"
>The first person to arrive must've introduced themselves as a "brony" and, well...
"That’d be because we’re the same species, but I’m not a ‘brony’. I’m a human, that’s our species. We’re all ‘humans’.”
>“Oh, my mistake darling. That’s just what Twilight said they called themselves, I just assumed-”
>Twilight just assumed that "brony" was the species
“Don’t apologise, it’s fine. I get that a lot, even back home.”
Jumping in to say I'm definitely interested. Good first job on writefagging HorseFellow. Will be following your pastebin and any other updates you make around these parts.
>She returned to her work, but only for a moment, as she folded up the clothes she had been working on and levitated them towards your direction
>“Here you go darling! Your outfit! As requested, nothing extravagant! Nothing covered in diamonds! Something simple.”
>You took the clothes in your hand and looked them over
>They were very much like your pyjamas in style, but that's all she had to work with so you can't blame her for it
>And they weren't made from the most comfortable of material, I suppose she wasn't used to making outfits for people with bare skin
>But the underpants that you had requested were fine
>In fact, the whole outfit was just perfect for Rarity's first attempt at human clothes
>You were just being picky
“Brilliant, just the kind of thing I was looking for!” You thanked her
>You looked around to see if there was anywhere you could change into the clothes without being naked in front of her
>She didn't have a changing room or... Anything off the side of the workshop
>Well, it was a workshop after all
>The only clothes that needed changing were on the dress horses
"Is there anywhere that I can change into these in... Private?"
>"Of course, here!" she said, using her magic to unfold a well hidden privacy screen and lay it in front of you
>You could have asked this earlier, couldn't you
>Whatever, you quickly got changed and walked from the shelter, holding the towel you had been using on your arm
>These new clothes didn't look half bad, you thought as you looked into the mirror
>You might have to give her some tips on what humans usually wore but you were satisfied
>"I'll take that," She said, lifting the towel with her magic "and your other clothes, and I'll put them to wash."
>Her generous nature continues
Don't red ribbons signify a horse that kicks?

I'm not saying I wouldn't an earth horse, but I don't think I would that earth horse.
confirmed red means kicker, horse would do the smashing of the dick if you approched from behind, let alone tried to an earth horse with her
>The two of you left the workshop and Rarity lead you down the stairs to the shop floor
"Thank you so much, for all this Rarity"
>"It's no problem at all, now come along. You wouldn't want to be any more late for your meeting with Twilight
"Yes! I should be heading off"
"When should I be back about that little job helping around the place?"
>"Oh, when you've finished talking to Twilight just come over here, collect your things and we'll talk about it in more detail."
"Alright, see you then."
>Rarity said something, not that you could hear it as she walked off into a separate room carrying all the washing she had prepared earlier and your own clothes
>As you reached for the door handle on the way out, it was opened by someone on the other side of the door
>Someone you'd not seen before
>He was slightly taller than you, though about the same sort of weight, with dark hair
>“Oh, I thought this place was empty.”
“Well, it’s a shop. I wouldn’t expect it to be empty.” you responded sarcastically
>“No, I mean I thought that there was only going to be one of us per household.”
“Oh, I’m not living here. Just staying for the night and…." You chose your words carefully to avoid any double entendre's "Helping out Rarity with some work.”
>“Oh! Getting some time to know a 'mane' character, were you?" He joked, lightly bunching you on the shoulder
>"Oh! You should see poor Lyra! She’d be practically swarmed if she hadn’t locked herself in her house.”
>The idea a bunch of neck beards swarming Lyra's house did make you chuckle
>If only for the spaghetti that would be at breaking point of flooding her doors
>“Suppose she’s not as into humans as fanon believed.”
>You chuckled
“Well, I better be going. Got to meet Twilight-"
>Wait. Something came to your attention. Your terrible sense of direction.
"Which way is the castle?"
>The man in front of you gave you a dumbfounded look
>"Seriously? You can't miss it. Really, it stick out like a sore thumb"
>Really? I must've not been paying attention when I was walking around yesterday
>“Alright, see you around.”
>He held out a fist, waiting for you to respond
>You stared at it
>You'd not ever "brohoofed" anyone, you always felt it was like some kind of stupid ritual that was meant to be subtle but... Well, any time after 2006 you'd a fist bump would make you stick out like a sore thumb
>You simple ignored him
“Yeah, see you later."
>You said, walking past him, pretending that you hadn't paid attention to his fist in your face
>Here goes, your first proper day in Equestria
>Just make your first impression a good one!

Gonna take a small break so, as a reminder, the pastebin;
Kek. My humor really is this dull.
Just letting you know I am enjoying the story quite a bit. Keep up the good work.
>>You said, walking past him, pretending that you hadn't paid attention to his fist in your face
This anon is going to kill us. This is going to haunt us until he slowly chokeholds us and then knifes us in our sleep. Still better than brohoofing.
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Good story so far mate.
8/10 - will wait for the next part.
learned something new
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The more you know.png
375 KB, 595x662
And knowing is half the battle !
Cheers. I'll get on writing the next section now. The next part is going to be more relevant to the OP
>The man you'd met in Carousel Boutique was right, the castle was obvious
>The huge crystal star at the top of a spire especially stood far taller than any of the other buildings
>As you arrived at the castle, a queue of 17 people stood in front of it
>They'd started hours ago
>It was now 3pm, and in 3 hours they'd just gone through 32 people
"What's been taking them so long?" you asked, under your breath
>“Heck if I know, for just a couple of questions everyone seems to be taking their sweet time.” said a man stood in front of you, although you didn't expect an answer
>Well, that was kind of annoying
>Turns out you had plenty of time to wait around with Rarity
>Although you don't regret leaving when you did, the guy who showed up at the end might have me it awkward
>You'd waited around for a few hours, watching as more and more people entered and left the castle
>You recognised some of the people from the group that you had been with last night
>You recognised the taller, fatter man who had asked you the fateful "Best pony?" question the day before
>Some of them, you didn't think you'd seen before
>Some of them were fortunate enough to be wearing actual clothes
>Some of them had some unflattering pony pyjamas on
>There was only 1 more person in front of you now, but there were more people behind
>Either some people were late, like yourself, or...
>...Were people still arriving, even now?
>Last night there were 50 people, if these people behind you were new then that would bring the numbers up to 58
>"“She is a filly and you are… Much older than her!”
>This was the first noise you had heard from inside the castle, and it was Twilight's loud and angry voice
>You assume that the man had responded, trying to defend himself, but all you heard was her response.
>“I understand you might not be happy, but this is the fairest system that we can use. Now I would appreciate it if you could leave and we won’t have this conversation again!”
*nobody believes him*
Oh sweet sunfuck, it's finally happening. This can only end in tears for our wonderfully standard protagonist.
>"Next!" Twilight yelled, as the man who had been in the castle prior sulked his way out of the golden door
>You couldn't help but laugh at the sight of the man with his head hung in shame
>Everyone looked at him and exchanged giggled looks
>In the process of which, the person in front of you had gone into the castle
>You were at the front of the queue now staring at the golden doors
>The pink hearts did their best to make the castle look friendly, but you couldn't help but feel that it felt... Intimidating
>The sharp crystals that adorned it's base were unwelcoming
>The blues and purples weren't exactly the warmest of colours
>And the gold, the extremely extravagant gold, used on the stairs and door looked out of place against the rest of the castle
>You were never too keen on the castle, always found the library a lot more welcoming
>Maybe you would go see if you could find the ruins of the library anywhere
>Maybe you'd ask Twilight
>...Maybe she'd wonder how you knew about the library to begin with
>You knew that the first people who arrived introduced themselves as "bronies", but what else did they say?
>Do the other ponies know that they're part of some TV show?
>Do they even know what TV is?
>There was so little you knew, I suppose this might be a chance to ask some important questions
>The doors opened again, and the person in front of you walked down the golden stairs
>He looked a lot happier than the man before
>But to be honest you'd probably look a lot happier than the man before if you'd been slapped in the face with a fish
>After a few hours of waiting, it was your turn
>Well, here goes nothing
>Opening the door, you walked into the castle
>The interior walls were similar to the exterior crystal design that you had been stood outside for a number of hours
>You'd hopes for a change of decoration, but this wasn't the case
>Almost directly in front of the door, Twilight sat in a chair adjacent to a wooden table with another chair opposite her
>“Oh, it’s you!”
>She said as she spotted you at the doorway
>"A change of clothes I see, that's interesting"
"Rarity's handi-"
>Handiwork, was that the correct term?
>Sod it, you couldn't care less at the moment.
>She opened up a new page on a book that was rested on the table
“What's that for?”
>“Just keeping track of everybrony.”
“What for?”
>“Record, possibly research.”
>She was making sure that her quill was properly inked, not making eye contact with you
“So, what was that guy earlier asking about?”
>“I’m sorry?”
“Not the last guy, the one before him? You were yelling at him about a filly?”
>Her eyes widened, presumably realising that she had been loud enough for everyone to hear her outside
>“Oh, that’s not important. He’s certainly not the first and, unfortunately, probably won’t be the last who requested to live with a filly!”
>“He’ll just have to deal with who he’s got like everyone else!”
“And you? Do you have anyone living in the castle?”
>“No. Not that I’m not available-”
>She realised her poor choice of words
>“I mean, I’m on the list of ponies, but there’s not been anyone I’m compatible with.”
>You were confused by her choice of words
“Compatible? What is this, like some match making service? I need a home to live in, not a pony to fu-”
>She interrupted abruptly, as if she didn't want to hear what you had to say next
>“I’m glad to hear that.”
>“Now, down to business.”
>Twilight put her quill to a blank page in her book and wrote the word title "Name"
>“Your name?”
I am loving this, HorseFellow.

Fantastic writefagging
File: 1346685455898.gif (48 KB, 770x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Top notch stuff, keep writing!
Didn't want to interrupt, but since there are some other posts I heartily agree. Loving this so far.
>Right. You'd still not thought of a name. You’d been so distracted that you hadn’t even taken the time to think of a name
>You would need to make a new name whether you liked it or not
>You didn’t want to make a decision you’d regret so you spent long and hard trying to think of a name you’d like
>You looked around the room for any kind of inspiration
>Unless your name was going to be 'Crystal', that wasn't helping
>“Did you hear what I’d said, sir?”
>You'd not said anything for a few minutes now, and Twilight was looking impatient
“I don’t have a name.”
>Her expression only looked more and more confused
“Well, I did have a name. When I arrived here, I couldn’t remember it.”
>She put the quill into a close by ink pot and closed the book, dropping it on the table
>“Interesting. Why are you the only one who can’t remember their name?”
“Apparently I’m not. I met people yesterday who said they couldn't remember a name either."
>You suppose they'd thought of a name by the time they'd talked to Twilight
>"Oh, I did think some of them were odd names. Maybe that's why."
“Well, odd by pony standards maybe but I can imagine they were pretty normal where I come from.”
>“Not by 'brony' standards from the looks of thing."
>What did she mean by that?
>"So you're going to need a name whilst you here. Any ideas?"
"Not by brony standards, what do you mean?"
>Curiosity overtook you, you needed to see what other people had called themselves
"Can I take a look at the book?"
>"Sorry, I'm keeping these to myself for now. Some of these records contain sensitive data."
>Well, maybe another time.
>"So, sir, a name?"
"Call me..."
>This was a moment of truth, from this point on you would have a name. A name that would be remembered for the length of time you were there. A name, truly greater than any name before.
"Yeah, A-N-O-N. Anon."
>Fuck! What were you doing?
>"Strange by pony standards."
>>Or autistic

Lel @ Twilight Spergle calling anyone else autistic.
>>You are... Well, your name isn't important

Last time I heard that, the name was Slartibartfast.
Bump for a crazy idea being turned into a cool story
>athlete who is not interested in pornography and bestiality
Are there any others like me on /mlp/? Because after skimming this thread I sure feel lonely.
As you should. It's like being married and going on /r9k/. You're a normalfag in a giant den of degeneracy.
You can't be serious. I am sure there are a lot of nor/mlp/ersons on this board. Right?
>Not wanting to bury your dick in a superior vagina.
"Strange by human standards too, but it's how I feel now. No name, I'm anonymous. So you can call me 'Anon'."
>Twilight reopened the book and picked up the Quill, writing the name 'Anon' on the blank page
>That was it now, it was in ink on the page
>You couldn't change your mind
>Fuck, for a fourth time
>Well, anon was the name you had to live with now
>You made your bed, now sleep in it
>Twilight asked a number of addition questions
>Date of birth, where you lived back on Earth, interests, etc.
>The kind of questions you might expect if you were filling in a form for a matchmaking service
>You began to kind of hope that wasn't the case, though the evidence was overwhelming
>"Okay, that's all the question's done. Now..."
>Twilight levitated a pile of papers from the table and looked through them one by one
>"Okay, Anon. Meet your housemate for the foreseeable future"
>Twilight pulled out a sheet of paper from the pile she was holding and levitated it in front of your face
>This was it, the pony you would be living with for your time in Equestria, however long that might be
>You were nervous
>Despite what you thought about the bronies and all their obsession with the show that you witnessed yesterday you still kind of hopes you knew the pony you were staying with
>You took hold of the sheet she was holding and turned it around to read the name
>Silver Spanner
>Nope, didn't recognise the name
>You couldn't hide your disappointment
>"Something wrong?"
"No, it's fine. Kind of just..."
>She stared at you, waiting for you to continue
"It doesn't matter."
>You might not have known this character, but that was a good thing right?
>They were a complete blank slate! You had an opportunity to genuinely get to know someone
>Actually, you pondered, that was a really nice idea
>"Will that be everything then?"
"Actually, one more thing."
I'm a bear /fit/ fag, but I'm into Xenophilia, but I largely have Mass Effect to thank for that, and my interest in porn is derived from the fact that I do a lot of art shit, like drawing, and finding half way decent pictures of nude females, in different poses, is really fucking hard unless you start looking towards the pornography industry. Thus why I have about 20 GB worth of pictures. Some for personal use, some for when I just want to do some human figure drawing, or draw something sexy. And human porn pics actually make for a good reference if you want to do something like Hentai, or other kinds of drawn porn.
>This was the moment of truth, you'd work out how much Twilight knew that... You knew about her
>This was going to be complicated
"I was just wondering, what you know?"
>"Well, you're going to have to be a lot more specific" she jokingly remarked
"I mean..."
>You were going to have to handle this in a different way
"When you first met the bronies, what did they tell you?"
>"They were a bit... Excitable."
>No surprise there
>"They said hello, I asked what they were and they said 'we're bronies!'"
>Not as you didn't expect so far
"Anything else?"
>"No, nothing important. Why, should they have said something?"
>Maybe these people were smarter than you gave them credit for
>Maybe they realised that telling the cartoon characters that they're cartoon characters might be a bit odd
"No, it's fine. Don't worry about it"
>You got up off the table, sheet of paper in hand, and headed towards the door
>"You'll find the direction to Silver Spanners house on the sheet of paper."
>How considerate of her
"Thanks Twilight, I'll be seeing you around."
>"No problem."
>As you walked to the door and pushed it open, she cried "Next!" from behind you
>Well, off you go to your new home
>After just a short walk from the castle, past the queue that had grown ever so slightly larger since you entered, you arrived at what you believed to be the right house
>The house you'd be spending the next... However long in.
>You knocked on the door, waiting for a response from anyone inside
>Nothing, for quite a while
>You knocked again
>"I'm on my way!"
>The door opened, and in front of you stood a pony wearing a visor
>The kind that someone would wear if they were operating a plasma cutter
>This was going to be interesting

u wot, m8?
File: 1346572107170.gif (375 KB, 300x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375 KB, 300x182
Were allowed to have sex with blacks arent we?
Well its not illegal where i live
>"Oh! You're the brony staying here, right?"
>You nodded, confused about the pony's unusual attire
>"Hello, I'm Silver Spanner. And you are?..." She asked, cautiously, stretching her hoof as she did so
"Anon, just Anon."
>You shook her outstretched hoof
>"Nice to meet you Anon, come on in make yourself at home."
>"Well, I suppose this is your home for the time being."
"What's with the visor?"
>"Oh, yeah, it takes a while to take off 'cause of the horn and I was in the middle of using it when you knocked so..."
>"Do you have plasma cutters where you're from?"
>Well, she's certainly direct to the point
"Yes, actually. I'm surprised you do to be honest."
>"Alright, come down to the workshop and I'll show you what I'm working on!"
>Yeah, this was interesting
>She lead you down a set of stairs into a basement that was...
>...Well, quite frankly it was a mess
>Although that's to be expected
>Pieces of metal and machinery were scattered across the various workstations and shelves all around the room
>Silver immediately headed towards a workstation in the centre of the room where a plasma cutter and what could only be described as an indistinguishable pile of junk lay
>"Have a look around but... Don't touch anything, I'm used to everything being where it is."
>From the show, you hadn't even been sure half of the things in this room existed
>There were radios, projectors, circuit boards, spanners, saw blades, drill bits and the drills that they belonged in
>It was a strange sight to see and not what at all you expected
>Silver stopped for a moment to take a look at you
>"Like what you see?"
"This isn't what I expected."
>"When I heard you were in town, I thought I could use a brony to help around the place."
>Wait, were you just a slave?
>Did ponies want a human in their house for work
>Well, maybe not a slave as such
>After all, whilst you were here you might as well make yourself useful in Equestria rather than sitting on your behind all day
File: 0e2.gif (1 MB, 254x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 254x426
I'm loving this!
Keep it coming!
>"Do you have any experience with manufacturing?"
"A little, I know my way around a drill."
>She giggled
>"That'll do for now. I'll teach you some stuff if you like"
>That might actually be really useful, even back home
"Sure, that'd be nice."
>She finally took the visor off so you could have a look at her face
>Her presumably white mane had been made dirty by her visor and now had grey patches in odd areas
>Her eyes were an unusual silver, which would explain her name
>"You look... Different than I thought you would."
>This really is starting to sound like some online dating situation the more you get involved
"How can you have seen my face, I was just chosen by Twilight."
>"Oh no! I don't mean it like that, I mean. The other's I've seen around town have been... Differently proportioned."
"They're fat?"
>"Some of them... Yeah."
>That was probably the kindest way she could have put it
"Well, that's not a problem is it?"
>"No, I just... I assumed that was what's normal."
>Is she getting at what I think she is?
>So the majority population of bronies in Equestria are overweight and unclean and... That's considered the normal?
>You were always 'different' by brony standards on Earth, but normal by human standards
>The tables have turned
"I'm pretty normal where I come from, if that's any consolation."
>"Alright then, that's fine. I was just curious."
>Silver finished putting away her equipment and the... Thing she had been working with and then turned her attention back to you
>"So, how about I give you the tour?"
"Sure, that'd come in handy."
>Again. Handy. Is that the right word to use? Twilight didn't question it earlier, just don't question it now.
>"Alright, well you've already seen the workshop. Head up the stairs and we'll continue our tour..." she joked, as she began to climb up the staircase back to the room that you entered
>You couldn't take your eyes off her tail as it swung side to side with every step that she took
>Was that happening?
Something is happening and I want to know what.
File: 1356933148115.jpg (110 KB, 359x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 359x328
She wants the D.
>You'd been here for a little over a day and you couldn't take your eyes off Silver's rump
>It was a long shot but maybe, you were guessing, but if this was all real you hadn't had a good, well deserved wank in a day
>That is some terrible self control
>Or, maybe it was something about these ponies
>Something about the way they looked, or the way they walked, or they cute little faces and round eyes
>Fuck, it happened again
>"Are you coming?" Silver called down for you
"Yeah, sure, sorry just taking a quick look at some of the equipment."
>You weren't technically lying
>Maybe you should get that thought out of your head for now
>She showed you around a number of the rooms in the house, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom until you came to the spare bedroom
>"And finally, this is where you'll be sleeping." She said, opening the door
>It was a small room with a bed, chest of drawers, a book shelf and a desk and chair
>There was however one problem
"Everything is a bit small, don't you think."
>"Well, yes, for you, but this is all I could do."
>You walked up to the bed and sat on it, trying to gauge whether or not you could sleep comfortably in it
>Your feet might stick off the edge, but it wasn't too bad
>Whether you liked it or not, you'd have to get used to it so you might as well do that as soon as possible
"It's fine, don't worry about it. I'll manage."
>"Alright then, my room is at the end of the corridor if you need me and- Oh! You'll be needing a key to the house!"
>She left the room and headed back down stairs leaving you alone in your temporary accommodation
>Well, this was nice.
>She was nice.
>An interesting pony with an interesting occupation?
>Someone who you didn't know and could formulate your own opinion of based on your unique experiences with them and not something dictated by some TV show?
>Yeah, she was nice.
>"Here you go!" she burst into the room levitating a key towards you that you caught in your hands
>"If there's anything else you need, then feel free to just ask" she said, walking further into the room
>The way she looked at you, was it telling?
>Were those eyes just trying to be friendly or... Maybe a bit more?
>In an attempt to find some kind of distraction, you remembered
>You were meant to have gone and talked to Rarity!
"Actually, I need to head out and collect some things from Carousel Boutique. I was there last night and left some stuff behind."
>"Oh, okay that's fine. I'll probably be down in the workshop when you come back so just make yourself at home." she walked out of your room and back down the stairs
>You thought it'd best to wait until you were certain she was out of sight, just to be careful
>Maybe the prospect of living with her for the foreseeable future was messing with your senses
>You heard the door to the workshop close shut and assumed it was safe to go ahead without her seeing you
>As quick as you could, without running, you made your way down the stairs and outside the house
>Right, Carousel Boutique it is
>Surprisingly, you remembers where it was and found your way there within just a couple of minutes
>It was quite late in the evening by this time, but the lights on the shop floor were still on so you assumed it was okay to enter
>As you opened the door, the familiar bell you had heard this morning rang above you and Rarity almost immediately came to the door
>"Oh hello darling! How did the meeting with Twilight go?"
>Now she was talking like it was some kind of date too
>...Or was that just the way you wanted to interpret it
>Shit, what was wrong with you today?
"It was fine Rarity, I'm actually living with Silver Spanner now."
>"Oh," her tone of voice dropped "The mechanic?"
>You nodded, able to tell that she wasn't too keen on the profession
>"I suppose it has to be done, I'm more interested in the arts myself but each to their own."
>Of course she was, ever predictable Rarity not too keen on the idea of hard work
If this is some magic side effect shit and all anons are affected by this, I predict future >rape and lots of trouble.
We have too much class for that.

Raping her in her own house... That shit is uncalled for!

We rape out waifus outside, like civilized people!
"Actually, I came over to ask about that offer you made earlier."
>"Oh yeah! The helping around a bit. I'd be delighted to have you over for help. How about... Noon, every day?"
"Alright, that's fine. I'll be sure to come over."
>"Oh excellent, I was thinking for a moment that Silver might have you working with her."
"Well, she did say she wouldn't mind having some help every so often."
>Rarity gave you a concerned look
>"If she's not okay with you helping me then I wouldn't want to impose."
"I haven't mentioned it, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind."
>"Alright, if you're sure then I'd love to see you tomorrow."
>"You and Firebrand can help me out by doing some modelling!"
>Alright, not the kind of help you had in mind but if it meant you just stood around then you didn't really mind
>Wait... Hold up a second
>"Yes, he's the brony- the, uh, human who's staying here."
>What kind of name is Firebrand? Asks Anon, short for Anonymous
>But that was a pony name
>At least "Anon" was a general name used to represent humans, right?
"Yeah, I briefly talked to him as I was leaving earlier."
>"Oh yes, he did mention seeing you."
>Her eyes lit up and became wider, as if she had just remembered something
>"How could I forget, your clean clothes!" she said, rushing off to the room she had been in when you had left this morning
>Oh yeah, the other reason why you were there
>To be fair to her, you had forgotten about that too
>In fact, you'd kind of forgotten the generous deed that Rarity had done for you earlier that day
>These clothes had grown on you, you had to admit that you liked them a lot more than you did earlier that day
>She returned carrying a set of folded clothes, your pyjamas that you had been wearing when you arrived
>Ah, they even smelled nice too pic related
"Thanks again Rarity, I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow at noon?"
>"I'll be looking forward to it."
"Great, see you then!" you waved goodbye to her as you left the shop
>Well, suddenly the idea of spending all your time working with 'Firebrand' didn't seem like a great bargain
>I guess it couldn't hurt to talk to him, but maybe it'll be a bit awkward after that avoided brohoof earlier that day
>Carrying your clothes under your arm, you made your way back to Silver's house
>It was getting late, and with nothing better to do you should probably head off to bed
>Well, that would have been easier said than done
>When you arrived at the house that you would be calling 'home' for the foreseeable future you noticed an ear splitting noise coming from the basement
>Right. This was going to be common, wasn't it.
>Maybe you wouldn't be able to get to sleep with all this noise
>Or you could just ask Silver for some earplugs
>Or, you know, to stop working when it's 10pm
>Maybe Rarity's dismay as the news you'd be staying with Silver was for reason's other than her profession
>If you had the choice, you probably wouldn't be there right now but you had nowhere else to sleep
>Maybe it wouldn't be so bad upstairs
>Entering your room, the noise was certainly quieter than it had been when you entered but whether you could sleep through it was another question
>No harm in trying
>You pondered over changing into your pyjamas but... Well, then you would be stuck with wearing your new clothes again tomorrow
>Or, you could just wear what you had on now and change to your pyjamas in the morning
>Who knew that having so few clothes would be your primary problem right now
>In a world you've never seen before, with talking horses and magic and all sorts of nonsense and you were worried about what you were going to wear tomorrow
>Sod it, wear your clean pyjamas tomorrow
>Maybe Rarity will start paying you in clothes if you work there long enough
>After a while, you began to relax and soon found yourself drifting to sleep...
>...Even if the noise of power tools did wake you up every half an hour
Almost finishing up for the day, there's just one thing I want to get done before I head off so I'll begin to write part 5 and (if the thread is still alive) continue tomorrow

If you need it, pastebin is here as always;
HorseFellow, you really oughta consider writing a short story. You've got some serious skill, man.

I doubt it would really be bestiality, unless the ponies think of themselves as beasts, or think of humans as beasts and themselves too far above humans to allow such interactions. Inter-species coupling has been hinted out several times. Even discord has a chance to score with a pony without being clapped in Irons.

We only really consider bestiality as "intimate affections" being displayed towards what is usually defined as a beast. Usually a creature lacking in the same sapience as we humans enjoy. In other-words, animals. Mister Hands was into bestiality. The horse that fucked him to death couldn't participate in intelligent discourse. It merely, eats, breathes, and fucks then dies.

If the ponies were merely herd animals that couldn't talk and had no way of conceptualizing, let alone, building a civilization in a manner akin to even the most primitive among us, then we would consider them beasts.

They, of course, wouldn't care cause they would be too busy eating grass and being chased down by predators.

Basically this

Knowing that ponies have civilization building sapience, I think they would be insulted to be referred to as beasts.

Would they be racist towards outsiders? Maybe, I might even skirt towards most definitely. Many of them (especially the unicorns) would more than probably consider themselves "above" their lesser brethren, and even outsiders. Only the down to earth peasants would potentially be more accommodating.

hinted at several times*
>Another day, another question
>Today, it was "how did I manage to get to sleep last night?"
>Silver worked until the early hours of the morning and it kept waking you up periodically every hour or so
>It was one of the rougher nights you'd had in some time, but at least you were dry which is more than you can say about your last night on Earth
>But the noise had stopped now, so you assumed that Silver went to bed at some point during the night
>Getting up out of your bed, you looked over to the window where the sun shone directly at you
>Either you were late for Rarity, or it was still before noon
>You had no clock in your room, so the sun was your best bet
>You changed into the pyjamas that Rarity had cleaned yesterday and headed downstairs where you heard... Silver, again
>This time she wasn't making enough noise to wake a sleeping Dragon, but she was...
>...Well it sounded like she was cooking
>How much sleep did that mare get?
>No doubt it'll hit her hard come noon
>"Morning!" she said, as you walked into the kitchen
>Well, this wasn't what you expected
>"I was going to give it to you in bed, since it was your first day staying here, but you're awake now, but that's okay."
>You weren't bothered by that, you were more interested in... Well, what did she cook?
>Not to sound rude, but because you weren't really sure what it was ponies ate
>They were technically omnivores, much like yourself
>But just like how your own diet mostly consisted of meat, a ponies diet seemed to consist of mostly fruit and vegetables
>Oh, and let's not forget-
>Wait, that smell... It just smells like burnt- How could you even?
"Is that hay? Are you frying hay?"
>"Of course, hay and egg in the morning. The best way to start the day!"
>Yeah. Frying hay. How does that even work? It's just dead grass
>Then again, bacon is just dead pig so it wasn't too different
You are a fucking legend. I've been smiling and reading in delighted intrigue the whole time. Never stop, you glorious faggot. May this story continue on, and last months. With more stories building off the Anonverse canon you establish.
>"Why, is that a problem?"
"Not a problem as such, it's just that I've never had hay before."
>"Never had hay before?"
"No, it's not part of our diet back home..."
>"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't realise. I wasn't sure what to do so I asked Twilight what her brony had and she said that he was fine with hay."
>What the- Okay, well, I suppose it can't be that bad if other people have been eating it
"It's fine, I'll give it a shot."
>"You sure? If you don't want it I can do something else?"
"If I don't like it, I'll just have the egg."
>"If you insist."
>You never know, you might like it
>Then again, it might be terrible
>Maybe some ketchup could mask the taste of fried, dead grass
>Those finally few words being the reminder of what you were getting yourself into
>"Here you go!" Silver said, with a tone of pride in her voice
>This is the part where, when someone had cooked you some food you'd say that it looked delicious
>...You honestly couldn't tell what it'd taste like from it's looks
>It did kind of look like bacon, if bacon was made up of lots of long, thing strands, grouped together with olive oil and fried within an inch of its life
>Okay, maybe you should just thank her instead
"Thanks, Silver. You really didn't have to do this."
>"Nonsense, you're a guest here!"
>Well, you can't argue with that
>"Plus, you'll need a good breakfast if you're going to be helping me work today."
>Oh, yeah. Silver was working late into the night you didn't have time to tell her that you were helping out Rarity today
>Maybe after breakfast
>For now, you just stared onto your plate as you created a dollop of ketchup on the plate
>Fork in one hand, knife in the other you hesitantly cut up a 'piece' of hay
>Silver stared at you intently, with an almost fake smile on her face
>You could do without that right now
>Bringing the fork ever closer to your mouth, you began to worry ever more
Just started reading, good stuff
File: 1399206523900.jpg (43 KB, 489x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 489x327

Love the story so far, I sincerly hope you will not lose motivation to finnish this story and giving it a proper ending.
>The pressure of Silver's intense stare
>The knowledge that other people had tried hay and were fine with it
>The worry that you might disappoint her if you didn't like it
>Without delaying it any further, you stuck the fork in your mouth and pulled the hey from it's prongs
>Well, now you could taste it...
>...It didn't seem so
>No, scratch that
>It was terrible
>Oh dear, it was so dry! The olive oil didn't make a difference!
>That was a key factor of bacon, olive oil. Makes it less dry, yeah?
>So why wasn't it working for hay!
>You chewed and chewed in hopes to make it any better, but if anything that just made it worse
>In larger chunks, you could control it
>In smaller pieces, you had hay all over the place in your mouth
>And with your much weaker and much limited tongue (compared to that of a pony's) it made eating the small pieces of hay around your mouth... A lot more difficult
>And she was still staring at you
>Were you giving anything away?
>Did your face squirm and contort as you took the first bite?
>She had the same face as before, she wasn't giving anything away either
>With all your might, you tried to swallow the hay, leaving small splinters of it stuck in the roof of your mouth
>That wasn't something you want to try again any time soon
>"So, how was it?"
>How were you going to get out of this one
"It's defiantly-"
>You stopped mid sentence
>Your voice, now croaky, betrayed you
>Clearing your throat, you continued
"It's something different, that's for sure."
>"You didn't like it?"
>Tread lightly, Anon
"Not really, no."
>You cleared your throat again
"You wouldn't mind if I had a glass of water, would you?"
Still lurking.

>That was something you didn't want to do any time soon
>Silver, although disappointed, didn't mind eating your extra hay whilst you just settled for the egg
>...There were bits of hay in the egg
>Okay, now you were just being picky. It wasn't that bad, but you couldn't imagine having it every day
>Still, you thanked her for the food either way
>After finishing your breakfast, and drinking the remainder of your glass of water, you had told Silver that you were going to head out for a bit
>She said something about coming back to help her work but knowing that you were going to go and help Rarity you'd make it your job to come up with some excuse whilst you were out
>You were a bit of an arsehole to Silver, after everything she'd done for you and you were just going to leave her to do all her work alone
>Still, she's a lot more used to working alone and Rarity is working to benefit your time in Equestria
>It might be selfish, but that seemed like the better option
>It was still cold outside, it was only the third of January, but the sun was shining above you and there air was still rather than a harsh winters breeze
>Sod it, why not go exploring around Ponyville
>You did want to go and see if you could find the ruins of the library, this would be your best shot
>It appears a few other people had the same idea
>You spotted small groups of people walking around Ponyville, like they were on a field trip or something
>"And if you look to your right, you'll see another straw house!" you mimicked under your breath
>Not that they could hear you at the volume they were talking
>All of a sudden, in the corner of your eye, you spotted a blue shape blur past you
>What the?-
>You turned around and looked in the direction it was headed but couldn't see anything
>Maybe it was just your imagination
>At least, that's what you thought until you saw a group of people slightly ahead
>"Where did she go?" yelled a voice from the group
>"I think she went this way!" one of them pointed in the direction you had seen the blue object headed
>Oh, right
>A blue object, like a blur, people chasing after it, "her"
>Rainbow Dash was near by, and by the looks of things she was running away
>You don't blame her, you'd want to spend as little time with her fans as possible
>You had nothing against Rainbow Dash but fuck, a lot of her fans were terrible
>It wasn't helped by the fact that Rainbow Dash was the face of the fandom, as it were
>If there was ever a t-shirt, a plush, a wallet, it'd be Rainbow Dash or have her face on it
>And it's everyone else's fault of course, because they're the one's who were suckered into it and bought the stuff
>In fact, you could tell some of them were wearing that very same brony memorabilia right now
>You had a right mind to go tell them to leave Rainbow alone, but she could handle herself and you had a tree to pay your respects to
>Speaking of which, you eventually found the smouldering hole in the ground that was Twilight's old tree
>The basement looked fairly in tact, but the rest of it was unrecognisable
>Tirek did that
>Which made you realise that if this was real, then someone like Tirek was too
>And Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, all of them were real
>And then there were Dragons, Manticores, Cockatrice, Hydras and all manor of other creatures who could kill you without a second thought
>And, because this was real life and not a scheduled TV show with planned episodes, it could happen any day now
>It would be like if Cthulhu were real back on Earth
>The idea of MLP being inspired by Lovecraftian horror entertained you, if only for a moment
>Standing at the base of the burnt library suddenly made you realise how real this all was
>And Twilight lost a home
>And Twilight wasn't just a character on screen, she was real with her own emotions and memories
>Man, how did she feel when this happened?
File: food orgy.gif (800 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
food orgy.gif
800 KB, 500x281
>Lovecraftian MLP
Quick questions.
Is he the only one that call himself Anon?
Any Femanon innit?

It's okay if you don't to answer. Surprises are nice too.
>Maybe you should go and ask her at some point
>You had a real opportunity now to actually ask the characters how they felt about certain situations
>Okay, you couldn't ask about every situation to avoid arousing suspicion but Twilight doesn't have to know that you didn't learn about the tree being destroyed from someone else, right?
>You still had a few hours to spare until you needed to see Rarity, why not see if you can talk to her about it?
>As you turned around to head towards the castle, your legs stopped in place and hit something
>In front of you, standing just above 3ft tall, was a rainbow haired blue pegasus
>Or, at least, it was her rump
>That very same rump that you had just walked into
>She jumped into the air and turned in one quick motion
>Hovering in front of your face, she gave you an angry look
>You wanted to defend yourself, you tried, but she was too quick to act
>"Stay away from me!" Rainbow yelled at the top of her lungs
>Surely, she'd attract the attention of her fans from a mile away now but you had more pressing issues to attend to
>Like a hoof swinging towards your face
>Where the fuck did that come from? Was your only thought as it made contact with your left cheek
>You feel to the ground from the force of the sudden punch
>And without another word, she shot off into the sky at a 90 degree angle
"Fuck!" you yelled, also at the top of your lungs as you held your brused cheek in your hand
>You could have guessed a hoof to the face would hurt but god damnit, you were lucky that she didn't knock out any of your teeth
>At least, you think she didn't knock out any of your teeth
>You weren't tasting your own blood, so that was a good sign
>As expected, her crowd of fans were making their way towards you from the distance
>"Hey!" one of them yelled as they were getting closer
>"Was Rainbow Dash here?"
>Are you fucking serious?
It really feels like you take a step back and try to think of how bronies would act towards ponies and those ponies' reactions to said bronies.
I really think you're nailing it.
Man oh man, I can't wait for the inevitable part of the story where Anon has to prove he's not a fucking degenerate to avoid deportation/extermination. I'm loving this story even though you're breaking my heart over Silver Spanner here.
Dubs confirm writefag is nailing it.
File: 1348732744313.jpg (92 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>complaining about autism
Ikr, why doesn't he just talk to her and explain how he had a deal with rarara, or better yet try to get to know silver? He is living with her after all.
Agreed. Bumpity bump bump BUMP
I'm doing a thing with the names, there's a reason why they can't remember their names well, some of them at least. As for why he's the only one that calls himself Anon... Uh... I suppose. I just chose to have him call himself Anon so it makes sense when you reefer to him as "Anon" in the story. I'm under the idea that everyone else chose a sensible name.

Man, I can't help but feel that I'm just disappointing everyone the more I write. Silver Spanner is just... Someone. A character that Anon has to live with because the idea of "Anon lives with a 'mane' character" or "A fan favourite background character!" is overdone. I might do more with her, but since she wasn't even named in my plan for the story I'm not sure where to take her. I'll see what I can do.
Alright, thanks fellow horsefucker
Dude trust me, I'm not disappointed at all. You should be proud of yourself here. You took a character that you have literally no plans for and was just a placeholder to give Anon a home, and you made her a compelling character who people want to see fleshed out. This is like a writer's wet dream here, to make a character immediately likable and interesting. You did this to yourself by making quality art here.
You're doing great man.
Not many stories get me to stick around for long but you gave so much attention to the personalities of the characters that all I want is more.
also you've got me thinking that with this weird matchmaking undertone you had when she was introduced that she wanted the dick and I don't like seeing people who're romantically interested in the MC to be treated any less than the best, especially when she's super cool
actually, is there going to be sex in this story? are you at liberty to say at this point? I'm cool either way, I just need to know if I should prepare or not.
>ctually, is there going to be sex in this story?
You really shouldn't answer that at all.
Another take on this idea:
So you don't think it'd be good if "multiplr anons in Equestria" became a general?
I didn't say that.
I just think that one story in there is shite.
Oh god no! No! Generals are like the death of creativity. When everyone and their grandmother is making the same shit, it becomes saturated. MAiE stories will just become as overdone as regular AiE stories
Feels like drawing shit tho
Any idea how Silver Spanner looks like?
An entire circle jerk general that is about autism permeating Equestria, and ironically is super autistic in the sense that the lone anons in the stories, that somehow aren't autistic, make the story autistic because of how much of a circle jerk it ends up being?

Sure, why not.
>Are they completely obvious to the pain your in right now?
>Does the hand over your cheek mean nothing to them?
>Man, you just took a punch to the face for them
>Rainbow Dash was doing it because of this lot and they didn't even acknowledge it
>There isn't even any kind of "are you alright?" or even concern for your well-being
>They're just more concerned about getting to know Rainbow Dash
"Yeah, she was here." Your voice muffled
>"Did you see where she went."
>Well, you could just fuck with them for a bit.
"Up, straight up."
>You said, pointing your free hand towards the sky
"So, unless any of you have got a pair of wings handy then you won't be able to find her any time soon."
>The group gave out a collective sigh and began to walk off
>All but one
>"Hey, are you okay?"
>Finally! Someone notices!
>"You look hurt, did something happen?"
>You feel like letting out all your anger on this one guy
>Fuck the rest of the group, this man is here right now and he's directing you individually
"What took you so long?" you wanted to yell
"Damn right I look hurt!" you wanted to scream
>But you couldn't
>If you let out all your anger on this guy, you would be no better than Rainbow Dash
"Yeah, I'm fine." are the word you finally chose
>He reaches out his hand, which you grab a hold of and helps you up to your feet again
>What a nice man, you'd just met
>And to think, he was associating himself with a loud and proud lot that just ignored you
"What's your name?" you ask him, trying to be polite
>"Jeff, well. It was the name I chose. You?"
"Anon, just Anon."
Silver Spanner is a real character in the show, given a name in one of the trading cards. I used her image in the first post she was mentioned here >>18537727
Thanks man.
Feels bad not knowing a BG
Eh, I'm mediocre with art and music, but I can pretty much do everything with 'okay' results. Too bad alergies will kill me within a week.
File: sleep.png (481 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And that's where I wanted to finish for the night

So before I go I want to ask you guys a question. I've not been saying much directly to you guys but I do really appreciate all the kind words and I wanted your opinion on something. So this was an idea for a story I wanted to write ages ago (it's a sheer coincidence that I wanted the human world to be set on the 1st of July 2014 and that was the day I began writing this).

I wanted to do an AiE story with a twist, since they've been done 10 times over and usually follow the same pattern. But... I've never done greentexting before. Well, once but it wasn't much, and don't really like the idea of continuing this whole story in this format.

So, since this has gotten much better reception than I expected, should I continue writing this as a greentext or move on and finish the actual story that I was going to write and upload it to fimfiction and then link it in the pastebin so you guys can find it when it's uploaded?

Thanks again for you kind words, I love you all you glorious faggots. I'm off to go sleep.

I'm an athlete but that's not exactly a useful skill for jobs.
Welp, so much to me coming up how she'd look like.
Back to loomis.
I actually want it to be an actual story.
I haven't read any story related thing rather than greentext lately.

Do it you glorious faggot. I want this story get a proper format.
So much this.
Well in all seriousness you should do it however you want to do.
The only thing you should do is to make it easy to find for us.
I'm gona monitor your pastebin because this story is definitely something great.
Hell yeah, put it on fimfiction! It's a fucking great story. If you put it there, it'll get the respect it deserves.

Also, it won't be lost to the sea of limited thread/server size or the ocean of pastebins.

captcha: cklinket sea. Appropriate
I personally like it as a greentext. That's just my opinion, though.

Alright then. I'll keep writing in this thread until it dies, but when it does I'll be moving to fimfiction;

File: 1364963764988.jpg (14 KB, 351x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 351x363
>live in Kentucky
>perfectly legal to fuck horses
God I love America
I'd prefer if you would make specific threads about your story on /mlp/, I like being updated frequently on the story and the suspense of waiting for you to post, other than that I just don't like fimfiction overall.
It's time for a roadtrip.
Hey, thanks, man.
You don't have to like the site. It's not like you need an account there to read it. just set a bookmark for his page and check it now and then.
Wait, does this mean you'll be converting the current story to proper prose and then making it a legitimate story, or that you'll be wrapping this up and posting it to FiMFiction? Because this story has a lot of potential as a cute slice of life, and I don't want to see it die out.
That's great. But I think you should somehow post some updates on this board somehow after the thread dies.

Don't know in what way but I think it would find more followers on here than on there.
No smurfette principle in play here? You gotta have at least one.
How'd you get that backwards d, anon?
>green ribbon

How are there not more pictures of pone marked with tail ribbon? This was the closest I could find on short notice.
if thread dies, make new one pls
Will try, anonnin
Cadence has a blue tail ribbon in a flashback in A Canterlot Wedding


here u go bro
That was pretty shite
You're doing gods work, keep it up
I'm not entirely sure I like the idea of continuing in my own threads, wouldn't want to be stepping on any avoidable toes if you catch my drift. Although, if I were to continue the story on /mlp/ and with the greentext format (like you say, I remember when Biscuit was writing shit and the suspense of waiting for him to update) so maybe I could continue to write a greentext story on here and then use that as kind of a basis for the prose. At the moment, I have an idea with where I'm going but not much solid.

Which would mean that if there was a fimfiction story, you guys would always be ahead of it

The idea would be converting what I've written thus far to prose and then continuing from there to a natural ending, or doing what I suggested above.
Round 3 incoming. Prepare your anus, it may or may not be a bumpy ride.
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Yeah CYOAs and /mlp/ are retarded and the cancer killing this fandom
>I could continue to write a greentext story on here and then use that as kind of a basis for the prose. Which would mean that if there was a fimfiction story, you guys would always be ahead of it

This is the best idea if you ask me.
Tumblrfag plz execute self termination sequence.
>Implying ponies don't know what porn is
"Thanks for the help, Jeff"
>"No problem An- What kind of name is Anon anyway?"
>Well, you can't say that you didn't expect to hear this kind of question
"A name that I'm probably going to regret."
>You dusted yourself off and turned your attention to the other group of people that Jeff had been with
"Shouldn't you be heading off back with them?"
>"To be honest, I'd rather not."
>This guy, this guy right here, he was your kind of guy!
"Then why were you hanging around with them?"
>"They managed to convince me that it'd be worth it, and when 'visiting' Rainbow turned into 'chasing' Rainbow I..."
>He paused for a moment, making sure he chose his words cautiously as he suppressed some of his annoyance towards the actions that the members of the group had partaken in
>"I knew what they were doing was wrong, but I couldn't find the right time to leave them."
>You suppose you were almost the perfect excuse for him then
"So, in a way, we both helped each other out?"
>You both shared a laugh
>The two of you spent the next few hours walking around Ponyville together
>You shared stories of your time in Equestria thus far, how you arrived, what you did when you got here
>"And you were on Earth, just a regular day, and you wake up here?"
>You had realised how similar your arrivals in Equestria were
"Yeah, it was weird because it felt like a dream at first."
>You ponder, trying to recall your final few moments on Earth
"The more I think about it, the more real this whole situation seems."
>The air was silent for a moment, as the two of you reflected on how much uncertainty there was in all this situation
>You were used to being able to explain something, and right now you didn't have one
>There must've been a reason for all this, right?
>With so many people here, and more people arriving by the day, there had to be a reason
>"Who are you living with Anon?"
>He asked, now that the two of you were up to date with each other on almost everything
"I'm living with Silver Spanner, she's a mechanic. Probably not a character you'd know."
"It's not all bad, I have the chance to get to know her as her and not as a character in a TV show."
"What about you?"
>"I'm actually living with Fluttershy."
>He was joking, right? Pulling your leg
"Fluttershy? Signing up to live with people?"
>"She's actually not shy around me at all, I guess we're just like another animal to her. An animal that can talk her language. Although, she can understand animals anyway so it's not much different."
>You were genuinely quite surprised, you'd not given it much thought but supposed that it kind of made sense
>Trust Fluttershy to be interested in meeting a new creature
>And trust nice guy Jeff over here to be partnered with the element of kindness herself
>Lucky sod
>You couldn't help but feel a little jealous
>Despite what you said about the blank slate with Silver Spanner, the idea of getting to know a 'mane' character more interests you
>Which reminds you, you wanted to go and see Twilight about the tree!
>"In fact, Fluttershy said she wanted me to be back around about now."
>Jeff spoke, looking at his wrist watch
>...Useful, you could have done with wearing your own watch to bed that night
>Lesson to learn; when you get home, always wear what you want to take to Equestria on your person when you go to bed
>Just in case
>"Do you want to come visit her?"
>Well, that was unexpected but
>...Wait, what was the time?
"Actually I'm supposed to be helping out-"
>Do you tell him that you're in cahoots with a 'mane' character too?
"Silver Spanner, with some of her work around about... 11am"
>Well, that wasn't a lie
>You were supposed to be helping her out, whether you did or not he didn't have to know
>He looked back at his watch
>"You're a bit late, it's 11:30"
>Shit, that late already?
I wonder why he doesn't tell him that he's helping Rarity.
>And why are you always calling yourself and Rarity "white race mustard race"?
>I'll give you Rarity, but if you haven't noticed, you're green! And mustard is brownish-yellow anyway!
"I better be heading off then, but it was nice talking to you."
>"Likewise, meet up again sometime?"
"Yeah, I know where you live so-"
>That didn't intend to sound as creepy as it was
"It's fine, I'll come by where you're staying."
>"Okay, see you around Anon."
>As the two of you parted in opposite directions, you realised that you hadn't yet thought of something to tell Silver Spanner
>Strictly speaking, Silver hadn't given you any time she wanted you home by but you needed some time to tell her about your agreement with Rarity
>Why don't you just tell her the truth?
>It couldn't be that hard, could it?
>Well, if you were going to tell her then maybe telling her the truth a bit earlier would have helped
>For all you know, she's been preparing for you to help her out whilst you've had your morning walk around
>And you're just going to burst into the house and piss off to go somewhere else
>But, maybe that isn't the case
>Maybe it'll be easier than you think, and she'll understand
>And then what was that with Jeff?
>The man has done nothing but be kind towards you, and you lied right in his face
>Why did it matter if he knew you had plans with Rarity?
>Were you... Jealous? He got to live with Fluttershy and you only worked with Rarity
>And you were sharing Rarity with this 'Firebrand' man
>...Maybe you didn't want to have to share her with anyone else
>This wasn't some kind of competition
>You're not the only person here in Equestria
>You have to face facts that you can't follow the fantasy of being everyone's best friend because you're not the only person here
>And the people who you could even remotely call friends, you'd lied to
>You lied to Jeff
>You lied to Silver
>You lied to Twilight
>The name 'Anon' was a lie, it was chosen on the foundations of a lie
>Alright, you were going to be completely honest now
>You weren't going to lie for as long as you could help it
Good. Good.
I'm actually thinking of writing.
Buuut I really don't want to write another character without mashing with whatever story/conflicts happen in your own.
Kinda just want to be another perspective on this whole thing.
I see no harm in you writing, you could write quite a lot of an Anon's adventures in Equestria and not worry about interfering with any kind of conflict

Just remember, unlike the last person who tried to write for this, it's the 1st of July 2014 on Earth and the 1st of January 2015 in Equestria
Based weev.
>You'd finally arrived back at Silver Spanner's house
>Who knows, maybe she was asleep after keeping you awake all night
>No such luck
>As you opened the door, you were greeted by... Her
>Sat on her rump, looking up at the door with those big, silver eyes of hers
>How long had she been waiting there for you?
"Hey, Silver" you said tentatively
>"Hey Anon." she said, cheerfully as she sat up and walked towards the door of the basement
>"So, Anon, are we going to start?"
>It looks like she was preparing for you whilst you were gone
>She was an eager little pony
>I suppose working with machinery isn't just her career, it's her special talent too
>It's what she's interested in as well as what she's good at
>Shame you had to tell her that you wouldn't be helping today
"Actually, I won't be able to help you out"
>She turned on the spot and sat back down
>Her previously perky ears dropped down
>That was too much
>"Oh, why?"
"Rarity made me some clothes yesterday and I couldn't pay her for the service so I made a deal that I'd help her out. I hope you understand?"
>"Oh, of course, yeah."
>You couldn't help but feel that she was putting on a brave face
>Man, this was tougher than you thought it'd be
>"What are you helping her out with?"
"Clothes for humans, since there's a whole new species walking around in need of clothes she's taking this opportunity to 'enrich her library'!" You said, doing your best impression of Rarity's posh tone
>She giggled
>Well, at least if you were going to disappoint her you were going to make her laugh to balance it out
>"And this is just until you pay off your debt?"
>You didn't know, you supposed that depended on how much help she needed
"Sure, I'll be free to help you out once I've paid my debt."
>What did you just say about not lying?
>"Okay, I'll see you when you come back later then?" she said, heading back towards the door that lead to the basement
>You were uncertain what to do
>Do you apologise? Say goodbye?
"Yeah, I'll see you later."
>She closed the door to the basement before you could say anything else
>That could have gone better
>That didn't matter now though, you would talk to her later
>Now, you had to fulfil your promise to Rarity
>You made your way back to Carousel Boutique, following the same path that you had the night before
>Your mind kept turning back to Silver
>You did feel sorry for her, and kind of guilty
>She was just being friendly, she wanted to get to know you
>And 'friends' and 'harmony' and all that are a big thing in Equestria
>Maybe the reason why this whole 'room mate' thing feels like it's part of a dating service is because...
>Well, maybe friendship is really important to them
>And if they get this way about friendship, then actual love must be really important
>Thankfully, you're not here for that
>...You think
>Still a bit uncertain about the way you've felt about and interpreted things around here
>You arrive at Carousel Boutique for the third time since you'd arrived in Equestria
>You've been here longer, and more often, than anywhere else
>This was almost like your second home
>You kind of wished it was your actual home
>You opened the door, ringing the bell above it
>Unlike last night, Rarity didn't come rushing to the door
>Odd, maybe she'd already began work
>Were you late? Honestly, you didn't know
>You decided to make your way up stairs towards the workshop that you'd been in yesterday
"Hello?" You called as you walked up the staircase
>No response
>Maybe she wasn't in?
>You decided to head towards the workshop just to make sure
"I hope I'm not late, I don't actually know what the time-" you said, opening the door, but you were interrupted by what you saw in front of you
>What the fuck, man
>It's the early hours of the morning and you're once again browsing /mlp/, saving pictures in your categorized NSFW folder and reading some of the new green available.
>That's really all you were here for now.
>You used to write and draw new content for the board, but then you lost the enthusiasm to do so.
>You weren't the best at categorizing your image folders and never thought to just make a SFW folder, so you ended up dumping anything out of the norm inside NSFW.
>It was getting far later than you'd usually stay up and so you passed out on the bed, still dressed from when you went out to pick up some food earlier.
>You'd get washed and dressed in the morning.
>You forgot to set your alarm.

>Shit! It's not working!
>You're... drowning?!? Fuck no! Not like this!
>You really regret not taking the opportunities to go for swimming lessons.
>You were deathly afraid of deep water, ever since the bouncy castle incident at the local swimming center when you were a kid.
>Now here you were, drowning, sinking towards the bottom of a lake, grasping tightly on to your bed cover.
>...Why did you have your bed cover with you?
>...It doesn't matter now. Just... let it all fade to nothing.
>Back to zero.

>You feel yourself deeply inhale a lungful of air as the contents of your stomach empties out on to your chest.
>"He's alive! Thank fuck!"

Please do, I'm intrigued
>There, stood directly in front of you, was the rear of a completely naked man and Rarity... On the other side
>Oh, she had her measuring tape
>They were taking measurements
>Measurements of what?
>Actually, looking at it in detail, it just seems like the measurements she took of you yesterday
>But why was this man, presumably 'Firebrand' you'd met on your way out yesterday, completely nude?
>"Oh! You're here!" Rarity said, noticing that you were stood in the doorway
>"How are you doing... Uh."
>Oh, yeah, you never did yell Rarity your name
>Well, you didn't have a name yesterday
>"Right, how are you today?"
"I'm doing fine."
>Well, you were doing better a few minutes ago
"But... What are you doing?"
>"Just taking Firebrands measurements"
>She sounded so casual, like there was nothing wrong or weird about this
>Okay, ponies are naked almost all the time but when your nudity isn't as subtle, a la in the form of a human, then is it not weird?
>Even for ponies?
>It was certainly uncomfortable for you
>Well, on the bright side he was the one making a fool of himself being nude for no discernible reason
>At least you weren't in this situation
>"Okay, that'll do. I'll just go and get some of the other fabrics from the storage room and then I'll begin."
>She trotted gleefully in your direction
>"Anon, you've met Firebrand from what I understand. Make yourself comfortable." she said before shutting the door suddenly behind you
>Well, Mr. Firebrand hadn't yet turned around so at least he was sparing you the discomfort of having his penis in full view
>You saw a set of clothes on the floor near him
>Maybe he was going to get changed into them
>...Any second now
>No, instead he turned around to face you
>"Ah, you again!" he said, reaching out his hand this time for a handshake
>Well, you suppose you'd avoid any more brohoof related awkwardnesses
>Though to be honest, you would rather an awkward brohoof than your current situation

No jury would convict if the horse was THAT hot and testified on your behalf.
I'm really hoping that this isn't supposed to be another Firebrand that comes to mind, cause I doubt he'd be too happy with being portrayed as this autist.
It's just a name that sounded pony-esque. Is 'Firebrand' actually someone?
>You didn't really want to know what situation it was that lead Firebrand taking his clothes off in front of Rarity
>Whatever happened between them was none of your business
>It can't be any worse than your wildest of imaginations
>You both sat on a set of stools, much like the ones you had sat on yesterday
>Whilst you wanted to avoid any penis-related questions, there was one thing you wanted to address about Firebrand
>Something that stood about him
"So, not to be rude, but what kind of name is 'Firebrand' anyway?"
>"I could ask you what kind of name is 'Anon', Anon."
"True, but why would you chose a name like 'Firebrand', that sounds like a pony name."
>"What are you talking about?"
"Well, why not choose a human name? Why not something like 'Fred' or 'Bill'?"
>"Human name? Choose? What?"
"All I'm saying is, you had an oportunity to chose a name so why pick 'Firebrand'?"
>"I didn't 'choose' my name."
"You didn't?"
>"No, no one choses their name. Their name is given to them by their parents."
"No! I mean here, now in Equestria!"
>"Your point?"
"But, everyone forgot their name."
>"I've not met a single brony who couldn't remember their name, Anon."
"I couldn't, I've met plenty of people who couldn't remember their names."
>"Sure you're not... Confused?"
>You were on the verge of anger now, he wasn't making any kind of sense
>He couldn't be making any kind of sense
"Don't pull that on me, I'm telling you I can't remember by real name."
>"Maybe you never had a name."
>Wait, what did he say?
>Never had a name? What was that supposed to mean?
>At that instant, Rarity returned to the workshop, different colours of fabric in rolls hovering in front of her
>She lay them all out on the floor and was pointing at the various colours, asking for suggestions on what one's should be chosen
>You were half paying attention to her, but most of your attention was directed to what Firebrand had said before
>Maybe you never had a name
>What could that even mean?
>"So that's it? No more?"
>"Yeah. Haven't seen anybody else surface in the past two hours."
>"You don't think...?"
>"No. Would've gone out there and done my job. I'm glad I was one of the first, otherwise we'd have to give four corpses a proper burial."
>"Oh, you awake? Just stay calm and relaxed. Try not to move around too much. Do you speak English?"
>Weakly, you nod.
>The aches and pains in your body being too much, leaving you weak to the bone.
>You were lying on the grass, mostly stripped of your clothing and wrapped in a large, but dry blanket.
>One of those annoying, itchy ones, but you wouldn't complain.

>"Ah'ma comin'!"
>The two, oddly-dressed guys who'd apparently been looking after you stood up from you and greeted somebody else.
>That voice...
>You found yourself too weak to sit up, but you tried anyway.
>"So this here's the fourth and hopefully the last. Any word from J?"
>"He said he needed to gather up a few things 'fore the two of you switch shifts."
>You know that voice so damn well, but...
>"Sure thing. Though I'm pretty sure that no one else is coming out now."
>"Can't hurt to be too sure, boss."
>"Right. Think you could lend AJ a hand here with the new guy?"
>"Sure thing, boss. Come on... up ya get!"
>Being lifted up in the other guy's arms you felt yourself being carried over to...
>Oh man...
>This can't be real.
>Please, be real.
>"Just put 'im up on here. Help make sure he stays balanced."
>"Yes, ma'am."
It's the youtuber Joshscorcher's OC.

Of all us ponyfags, he's one of the least autistic. Being in the military and all.
Oh god, I actually know Josh and I didn't even know the name of his OC

No, it's not him. I went on the bronies.wiki and clicked "Random" until I found a name for an OC that was least autistic as possible. The 'Firebrand' page didn't have an image or any detail, just a name.

>tfw I have an OC named Firebrand too.
>tfw me too
I'll be back later.
Maybe I'll change the name for the finished version of the story
File: 1404339809094.jpg (272 KB, 847x779) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272 KB, 847x779

Thanks for even considering that, though you don't have to. Just as soon as I saw it, I started feeling myself literally turning into Rain Man.
>Anon 42
good one.
He can always just write that the characters are their own and aren't based of anyone.
>You'd spent a few hours at Rarity's helping her organise some new designs for human clothes
>Firebrand had finally put on a set of clothes that Rarity had made for him
>I guess he was getting the same treatment that you did yesterday
>Though instead of showering whilst waiting for your clothes to be made, he just stood looking gaumless
>He'd gone for some... Less average looking clothes than you had
>Again, he didn't have anything extravagant but his choice of colour was enough to put you off the idea of wearing his clothes
>"Well, I feel we've made some real progress today boys." Rarity cooed as she packed away some of her things
>You and Firebrand hadn't said a whole lot since your earlier conversation, and you were still fixated by his choice of words
>You don't think he meant anything but it, but it made you interested
>It opened up a question that you needed answered
>And you knew exactly where to go to see if your suspicions were correct
>As Rarity dismissed the two of you, you left the shop as fast as you could
>Not that you were trying to be rude, but because you needed to check your suspicions whilst the idea was fresh in your mind
>The words ringed in your ear for you're entire journey
>Maybe you never had a name.
>What if you didn't have a name?
>Not a real name, of course
>But a pony name
>And there was once place you could check, one place where the names of everyone who had arrived in Equestria were
>The book that Twilight had been keeping
>The golden doors of the castle came into clear view
>Unlike yesterday, there was no queue of any kind waiting to enter
>You supposed that meant no more people had arrived since yesterday
>Which was probably a good thing, 50 people was enough
>The more that arrived yesterday were pushing it
>You're not even sure if they could handle any more people in Ponyville
Why would I be charged with something perfectly legal where I live?
File: RVDShrugs.png (83 KB, 300x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My name is Ken and I don't want to have sex with you. In fact I just wanna hang out and check out the scenery.

We cool, Twi? Yeah, we cool.
>You slowly made your way inside the crystal castle, closing the golden doors behind you
>Before you, stood the vast hallway that you had entered previously
>Minus Twilight, her book and the furniture she had been using the day before
>At the very end of the hallway was another golden door
>Even from the entrance, you could hear the faint echo of voices coming from your room
>One, the voice of Twilight, another a voice that you didn't immediately recognise
>You made your way to the door at the end of the hallway, the voices growing louder and louder with every step you took
>"...Finished organising them yesterday."
>That was Twilight, and it sounded like humans in Equestria was the topic of discussion today
>"And have any more arrived since then?"
>A voice, a different one, there were three of them?
>"No, a few did arrive later than the others tough. By my count, there are 61 bronies in Ponyville."
>61? That seemed
>"Why, is there something wrong?"
>"Ponyville isn't the only place where these bronies have arrived."
>A foruth voice... The closer you walked towards the golden doors, the more you recognised them
>"You mean there's more?"
>You were now right at the door, you could hear everything clearly
>"Every major town and city on the ground has reported the arrival of some bronies."
>Was that... Princess Celestia?
>"Ponyville appears to be one of the larger populations, but more and more are accounted for each day."
>And Princess Luna?
>"What's the predicted total?"
>"Including the 61 that are in Ponyville."
>"The 43 in the Crystal Empire."
>And completing the set, Cadence
>"The 68 in Canterlot." continued Celestia
>"And then reports, around 20, in some of the smaller towns and villages in Equestria" finished Luna
>"What are the specific numbers?" Twilight asked, a tone of worry in her voice
>"We're still waiting on reports from Manehattan and Los Pegasus, but their estimates are showing at least 300."
>And you thought 50 was a lot.
Sorry for the slow updates, I've also been writing a story about hot, fuck-whoever-you-want-to-fuck changeling sex over here >>18551248
>You've never felt so happy.
>So at peace with everything.
>In this moment, Applejack was carrying you on her back.
>You were staggering to stay upright, trying not to plant your face in her mane, but you just couldn't feel your strength for much longer as you began to topple forward, being caught by the man walking to your side, slowly lowering your head down in to her mane.
>"I hope you don't mind, ma'am."
>"Don't worry about it. Poor fellah's just tuckered out is all. Ya okay back there?"
>The only answer you could give was to nuzzle in to her mane.
>"Alrighty then."
>"So how long did it take for the family to get the orchard this big?"
>"Well, ever since the founders of Ponyville-"

>Nice, warm and cozy.
>But no fan.
>You had a dependency on your fan to keep cool air flowing during your sleep since you slept in such a cramped space of a room that got little in the way of fresh air.
>Needless to say, your throat felt dry, rough and your breathing still weak.
>Eyes open, you survey your surroundings, finding yourself in a quiet, wooden cabin room, lying on a small bed.
>Still better than your actual... bed...
>Shit... fuck...
>You begin to miss home and your family pretty badly, afraid of where you were, despite the supposed calming atmosphere.
>You felt enclosed, trapped, even with the room being much more spacious than the storage closet you would call your room.
>Across from you, there was another bed, empty, but looked to be slept in.
>This wasn't good
>300 might not have seemed like a lot, and it certainly wasn't compared to the number of people who watch the show
>But just two days ago, Equestria had no humans
>Now there are 300
>That kind of growth is incredible
>It's frightening
>You can only imagine how worried they must feel
>It won't be too long before someone assumes that it's an invasion
>This lot? An invasion? Unlikely, you knew that full well
>But did they?
>That, you weren't sure of
>You just came looking for that damned book, now that might be more difficult than it first seemed
>"You have been keeping record of the arrivals, yes?" asked Princess Celestia, presumably to Twilight
>"Yes, I've been keeping a book of the names if you'd like me to get it?"
>"That would be most helpful, yes."
>You heard hoofsteps coming towards you and before you knew it the golden door smacked you in the face
>Twilight looked around the door to see what she had hit
>There you were, led on the floor on the other side
>On the ground for the second time today
>She gasps
>"Oh! Anon, I'm so sorry!"
>She walked up to you and examined your cheek that Rainbow Dash has punched earlier in the day
>"Oh dear, that bruise has formed quickly"
>Oh, yeah, you supposed that was visible now
"Actually, that wasn't you. That was Rainbow earlier."
>"Rainbow?" she asked confused, as if you were mistaken
>"Why would Rainbow hit you?"
"That doesn't matter now."
>You said, lifting yourself off the ground and rubbing your cheek, which was now slightly more sore than before
"That's what I get for listening in on conversati-"
>Not the best choice of words
>"Anon, you were eavesdropping?" a stern tone, as if she were telling off a child, was in her voice
"Yes, but I came to talk to you and you were busy so I thought I'd wait around for a bit."
>look at this faggot
>By this point, the three remaining Princesses had come out of the room
>"Princess Twilight, is everything alright?" asked Celestia, her voice so relaxed and soothing
>"Everything is fine, Princess."
>Twilight turned to face you, a look of anger still in her eyes after learning you had been listening on the princesses meeting
>"This brony was just leaving."
>Wow, cold shoulder
>So much for having a look at the book
>"Now, Twilight. Wait a moment. What was it you wanted, Brony?"
"Human." you said, quietly
>"What was that?"
>Maybe not quiet enough
"We're not called Bronies, we called Humans."
>Listening to yourself, you sounded terrible
>It was like the reverse Social Justice Warrior
>Technically, you had every right to correct them but deep down you didn't want to
>"I apologise for the mistake, human. What is your name?"
>"Anon, I apologise. Now, what was it you wanted?"
"I was actually going to ask Twilight if I could have a quick look at the book she was keeping record of everyone in."
>"Well, I shouldn't see that as a problem."
>"Princess, the book you just asked to see. That's the one he wants."
>"I am well aware, Twilight. But Anon here obviously has a very good reason for seeing this book, possibly a better one than myself."
>Celestia looked at you
>This was your queue, say something
"Oh, yes, I wanted to check something about the names!"
>"And for what reason?"
>Well, you could explain your reasoning
>'These names might be their pony OC names!'
>But that would just open up more questions
>Namely, what the fuck is an OC?
"It's complicated."
>"If it is as complicated as you say, Anon, then I hope that your research helps you simply your hypothesis."
>...So, was that a yes?
>"Twilight, go and get our friend here your book. I will take a look at it after he is done with it."
>'Friend', ha
>Friends with the princess
>...Friends with the princess?
Please, continue.
Kind of waiting on how your story evolves so it can carry over in the one I've been writing.
>As you expected, Twilight obliged and got the book for you
>Though she wasn't too happy with the idea, she couldn't argue with the princess
>Celestia had been right on many occasions, even when it didn't seem to make sense
>You kind of hoped for your own sake, and everyone else's, that you were kind of right too
>You had taken the book with you on your way back home, planning to read it there and promising to take good care of it in the process
>As you arrived back home, you half expected Silver to be waiting in front of the door for you again
>Not this time
>Thank god
>She was probably busy working on something in the basement
>Though the lack of any noise was... Odd
>Eerily silent, especially after how much noise she was making the night before
>Maybe you walked in whilst she was taking a little break
>You decided to let her know that you were back anyway
>Leaving the book on a table in the living room you headed down the staircase to the basement
>The light was on, but Silver herself was nowhere to be seen and all the equipment had been cleared off the main workstation
>This really was odd
>Had she even been working at all today?
>...Was this your fault?
>Had your refusal to spend time with her put her off her passion?
>You were an arsehole.
>At least, that's how you felt right now
>You thought to check her bedroom, maybe she did just get tired after working so late into the night
>Maybe it's nothing
>You're always getting so worked up about that mare
>Making your way up to the top floor of the house, you heard silent muffling coming from the room at the end of the hallway
>Her room
>Crying? Was she crying? How long had she been crying for?
>More to the point, it sounded like she was crying quietly
>Not for attention, but because she couldn't help it
>You really were an arsehole
>The least you could do was apologise, right?
>You walked up to the door of her bedroom and lightly knocked on it
More please, you magnificent writefag
>"Anon, is that you?" she asked between her tears
"Yeah, it's me."
>You respond, solemnly
>She doesn't say anything else, but you can still hear her muffled crying
"Can I come in?"
>You slowly opened the door and peered your head into her room
>You'd not seen it before
>It had a similar layout and furniture to your own room, with a double instead of a single bed
>And of course you couldn't ignore the sculptures that littered any surface that they could call home
>One that stood out in particular was that of a small metal pony
>Bronze body, silver mane and tail
>A unicorn
>A sculpture of Silver herself
>You ignored it for a moment and decided that the real Silver deserved your attention more
>As you sat next to her on her bed, you weren't really sure what to say
>You were never good with comfort, and (like an innate flaw of most men) couldn't decipher what a woman wanted
>You just resort to a usual question
"What's the matter, Silver?"
>You ask, as comforting as you can
>"It's nothing, really."
"No, I know that's not true."
>'It's nothing', the typical response that infamously means 'yes, it's fucking something - do something about it'
>"Really, it's nothing. You're here now, and that's all that matters."
>She turned you towards here, reached out her hooves and wrapped them around you
>You returned the favour, patting her on the back as you did so
>...So, wait. No backlash? She wasn't angry at you, she just wanted you to be there?
"In that case, would you mind telling me what it is that's made you so upset?"
>"I'm always alone. I work alone, I live alone, people don't talk to me because I've got such a niche profession, I spend hours working late into the night just to avoid sleeping in an empty bed but when they need a radio fixed I'm suddenly their best friend! I'm"
>She sobbed, much louder than before, between her sentences
>"I'm just a tool to a lot of them. Used and forgotten. No gratitude. No thanks."
Time for pity sex?
I fucking knew it... Now I the feels for Silver only increases when it got confirmed.
Bumping to see where this goes
your fingers are beautiful
keep typing on dat keyboard
Dubs denied___
come on you magnificent writefag, you've got us hooked. moar

>"So I wanted to make a fresh start. You bronies were new, you'd hardly spoken to anypony. No one had the chance to tell you to 'avoid Silver Spanner, she's got no time for friends'."
>That kind of puts a perspective on Rarity's less than impressed reaction to hearing you lived with her
>What, was Rarity one of these people who thought that of Silver?
>A recluse?
>What you can only imagine had been years of loneliness had spawned these tens of sculptures that adorned her room
>Kind of sad, really
>That these works of art, be it a bit unusual art in some cases, were an enduring reminder of how very alone she was
>But then again, maybe she enjoyed making them
>Why else would she continue?
>It was worth a shot
"You made all these sculptures yourself?
>You asked curiously, trying to brighten her mood
>She nodded, her head rested on your shoulder
>You reached and picked up the sculpture that you had seen eyed earlier
>There was no mistaken, it was definitely her
>You turned it in your hand and began to notice the smaller details
>A small spanner cutie mark had been burned into the bronze metal
>A spring had been stretched and wrapped around a thin metal prong to give her horn the same markings in real life
>Nuts that had been used for eyes had even been burnt slightly to match the blueish silver gradient in her eye colour
>The attention to detail was astonishing
"This is absolutely amazing!"
>She lifted her head off your shoulder and turned to look at what you were talking about
"How long did this take you to make?"
>"Oh, that. It was just a few hours."
>Really? Was that it? And here was you thinking that finding the right parts to make this look like a perfect replica would take weeks
"Silver, ponies would line up for hours to get one of these! I would line up for hours to get one!"
>You wouldn't mind having an expertly crafted metal Twilight Sparkle to take home with you
>"Do you... Do you really mean it?"
Metal sculptures of best pone would be popular as hell with the new brony population of Ponyville. She could make a killing, assuming the autists ever managed to earn some bits.
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Hey Mr. and Mrs. Contributor way to name your kid. I can already imagine the taunts your kid must get on the playground.

>Hey Anon why don't you write a poem or something and not attribute it to yourself
>Hey Anony, why don't you reveal some helpful information to the cops without revealing your own IDENTITY!!!!

Oh. Kids can be so brutal
>tfw read in his voice
File: 1403725505288.jpg (315 KB, 299x1082) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You made me remember this, I wrote it some time ago: http://pastebin.com/uN2mZGWF
This story is beautiful.
Keep up the splendid work.
Lost it at Applejack
It's good to know that /mlp/ can always be counted on to provide glorious greentext when none of my favorites on fimfiction are updating.
that was great, you are good man
>She wiped the tears around her eyes with one of her hooves and looked directly at you
"And, you know, ponies might pay a pretty penny for these."
"And not just ponies, bronies would empty their wallets in front of you for these."
>Just the comment you were making earlier about bronies buying anything pony related might make Silver a moderately wealthy mare
>She gave you a doubtful smile, as if to say she thought you were exaggerating their quality
"I'm serious, back where I'm from they'd-"
>No, wait. Stop.
>What do you think you're doing?
>Ixnay on the erchmay
>She looked at you puzzled
>You just stopped talking mid sentence
>"Yes, what about where you're from?"
>You'll have to think of an excuse
"I can't remember."
>Well, you did forget your name. She doesn't have to know what else you don't remember.
>...Wait, how much else could you remember?
>You didn't know what you couldn't remember because... Well, you couldn't remember it
>"Can't remember what you were going to say?"
"No, I... Can't remember what they were like." you lied
>You needed to devote some time to working out what you couldn't remember
"That's not important, sorting out what you're going to do with this hidden talent of yours is!"
"Ponies will love them, and they will love you for them."
"You can take your passion for metal work and share it with everyone else."
"Don't give them an excuse to think little of you, you need to show off your skill to the world!"
>You didn't know where to stop, did you?
>"We'll start with Ponyville, for now."
>She joked, a smile on her face now
>It was only a few minutes ago that she had been crying into your shoulder
>Had you just done that?
>You'd just made this pony feel really good about herself, her craft and possibly helped her monetarily too
>"Thank you, Anon." she tightened up her hug ever so slightly and lightly pecked you on the cheek
>...Which still hurt from Rainbow had punching you earlier
double trips confirm happening
Anyhow, that'll be the end of the newest section so compulsory pastebin self promotion;

Planning to continue onto section 7 after a short break, whether or not I'll finish it is another question.
I'm about to get a PHD in Astrophysics and I'm currently writing a paper on the quantum gravity problem. I think being Equestria's best astronomer would great, considering I'm kind of a mediocre one now.
>>Anon 42 becomes student of Celestia, looks for answers to life, just before revealing his findings is killed by a falling flowerpot
"oh not again"
>writing a paper on the quantum gravity problem
I'm a layman, but that's the problem that we can't find a reasonable explanation for gravity that matches up between quantum physics and Newtonian physics, right?

Going to work, be back in a few hours
It's relativity and quantum physics.
"Hello ground!"
Your dub trips confirm that you should continue, when you can.
>Anon4 believes he is the anonest anon of them all
I'll tell her.

Anon is like a surname. Earth contains many cultures, ours has this quirk. Computers are devices that work as libraries, theatres, newspapers, and mail at the same time and at near instantaneous speeds. Because we've been spoiled by our computers, going without one is like going completely without those four services. Sitting in front of a computer all day every day has many of us neglect exercise. Having inter-species sex risks genetic abominations and alienation, but I don't think anything else makes it different from masturbating with an inanimate object. It's more like disturbing the peace than endangerment. I've told you and three other ponies now that they were the only ones okay with me being thorough when testing skin sensitivity. Asking Rainbow if we can come inside is kind of like 'a right of passage' in our culture. Finally, fapping is where we cause ourselves to orgasm. We use pornography also known as rule 34 to stimulate ourselves this way. Porn is made only for fapping.
"Short break" I said.

>The next few days were some of the best you'd had thus far in Equestria
>After your little conversation with Silver, you convinced her to set up a stall in the town square to sell her statues
>But first, you two needed to start making some
>As Silver said, it only took her a few hours
>All she needed were the right parts
>And fortunately enough for you, that's where you came in
>Being skilled in the inner workings of electronics, she knew exactly what she'd need to take apart to find particular parts
>All she needed was a supplier, to collect the electrical goods
>And so, because Silver was lucky enough to have a licence to go door-to-door to collect broken electronics and scrap metal, you were her hands on the go
>When you weren't helping Silver out, you were still helping Rarity with human clothing designs
>She'd come quite far from where she was just a week ago, but you just shrugged that off natural talent
>She'd successfully crafted templates for polo shirts, jackets, adjustable pants, proper underwear in all sorts of shapes and sizes
>You'd even taken a bit of an advantage of her generous nature and asked if she could craft you and Silver some uniform when you were out selling your statues
>Jackets for the winter (which you were grateful for, because it was freezing at the moment) and some suspiciously Flim Flam looking vests for the summer
>Both a dark shade of green, both with your names embroidered on them in gold stitching
>You had a stall ready, you had your goods, you looked the part and as you were woken up by a knock on your bedroom door on the morning of the next Wednesday
>It was time to sell!
>"Anon, are you ready?"
>No. Not at all. Because despite your enthusiasm, you'd overslept.
>This wasn't really a great start to your first day on the job
"Uhh... No."
>"Come on Anon! It's almost 6am, I want to get there as early as possible to set up."
>Maybe a little too early.
MC loving it
>You still had plenty to do
>You had to shower, get changed, have breakfast and Silver wanted to be out of the house ASAP
>Well, you'd have to be as quick as possible
>No more being distracted by the glass of the shower cubical!
>Slap on that uniform with pride!
>Make that fried hay your bitch!
>Maybe you were a little too excited about today
>You supposed that it was just the thought of seeing Silver finally realise her potential and do something to prove she isn't the recluse everyone thinks she is
>Still, a little bit of energy in the morning never hurt
>And within 20 minutes, you were ready
>"Alright, ready to go?" Silver said, standing at the door holding two cardboard boxes
>"Can you carry the other two?"
>Other two? How many did she end up making?
"Why, what's wrong with your magic?" you replied, sarcastically
>She turned in the doorway and gave you a playful look
>"Do you want to get paid or not?"
>The two of you shared a laugh
>As you picked up the two boxes, you caught sight of something in the corner of your eye
>That damned book
>The one you borrowed from Twilight five days ago and hadn't even touched since
>You should probably get around to that when you're done later
>You just hoped that Twilight didn't storm out the stall whilst you were working and ask for it back
>Well, if she bought something that'd be pretty nice
>Locking the door on the way out, you made your way back to the stall that you'd rented for the day
>Nothing big, it was what Silver could afford at the moment
>After today though, you were certain you'd have enough for a bigger stall next week
>And then who knows what
>Setting down the boxes under the stall, you two began to lay out some of the statues on the table
"So, what did you decide to make?"
>"I made some generic Pegasus, Unicorn and Earth pony ones."
>There were around 10 of each race
>"And then maybe... 5 of each of the princesses."
>So 20 of those
"Alright, 50 in total. Let's see if we can shift them all." you said, beaming with enthusiasm
>Still, despite your confidence, Silver still had her doubts
>"Don't get too cocky, it's our first day and I'm not expecting much."
>After laying out a sizeable group of the statues, and leaving some of them in boxes for later, you were ready to begin selling
>...But it looked like you were the only ones
>A clock tower hung over the marketplace
>Well, you were going to be waiting here for a while
>At least the weather was nice
>Cold, but since it was market day the pegasi had made sure the weather was as best as it could be
>Something about the stall rent from market day going towards a lot of of the towns funding
>Which in turn funded the weather team
>So it made sense that they'd want to keep it all going smoothly
>"Maybe we were a bit too early."
>There was a hint of worry in her voice
"You okay?" you leant down to her height, placing your hand around her neck
>"Yeah, just a bit nervous."
>Of course, this was understandable
>Her usual work didn't allow her much time out of her house
>But if all things went well, she had a new job
>And if this was the case, she had more time to socialise
>Not just outside of work, but around the marketplace and with customers
>It was perfect for her
>And most importantly, unlike yourself who was looking for any old job back on Earth, she actually enjoyed this
>Come to think of it, you had a job!
>You'd spent quite some time out of employment back on Earth and now you had your own business!
>...Kind of
>If everyone back home could see you now
>Well, you'd rather they didn't to be honest but... Figuratively speaking
>The minutes rolled on, and you and Silver did everything you could to try and preoccupy yourselves
>Any moment now, customers would arrive and you'd be able to start selling!
>...Any moment now
HAH. You thought this was the next part of the story didn't you?
are you the anon who said this to me a few months ago on Omegle?
>The minutes rolled by, and as the clock that towered above the marketplace got closer to 7am, more and more ponies arrived to set up their stalls
>Since it was winter, there weren't many stalls selling fresh produce
>So, no sign of Applejack anywhere
>All you did see were, much like yourself and Silver, a number of ponies selling their goods
>All of them ponies, however
>Which, you supposed made sense
>You hadn't been here for a week and already you had a job, that was an impressive feat
>Most of the humans in Equestria probably weren't as... Forward as you
>Definitely not forward enough to set up a business with another pony
>7am it was, as the bell of the clock tower chimed 7 times in a row
>Almost every stall was set up, it was only a short amount of time before customers would be here
>The anticipation was killing
"Almost ready Silver." you said, turning to face her
>What you saw wasn't reassuring
>She looked in a state of shock
>And you began to see why
>Judging eyes stood at every stall
>Maybe you were being paranoid, but you couldn't help but feel that a lot of the pre-sale chit chat that was going on between these ponies was about Silver's appearance
>At least, that's what she thought
>Again, you lowered down to her height and began to whisper
"Silver, are you feeling okay?"
>Well, at least she was being honest
"Is it all the other ponies?"
>She just nodded this time
>You weren't sure what to do
>From what you knew about Silver, she was sure to be fine once she got talking to customers
>But whether she would make it to that point was another question entirely
>"I'm just worried about what they're saying"
"Don't worry about it Silver, what they're saying isn't true!"
>"But how would you know?"
>She was right, you had no way of knowing what they were saying
>But when you thought about it, that didn't matter
"Then prove them wrong."
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4th wall shattered ruthlessly.
NOOOOOPE. This isn't the next installment. Keep waiting.
Realistically, you're sitting in your basement arguing whether or not it's legal to fuck a fictional horse.
I take it you're not too keen on the way it's going?
50-ish bronies, and not a single one of them has the right mind to tell the ponies that bronies are kind of cancerous, lewd, and that ponies are all characters in a television show?
I like it, no clue wat that guys going on about
Jesus, Celestia. You should have taught her to use lube when she FUCKS SOMETHING.
Oh no, this is a fantastic story. Keep going! I just wrote this to mess with people who thought my comment would've been the next installment.
>Oh no, this is a fantastic story. Keep going! I just wrote this to mess with people who thought my comment would've been the next installment.
Oh, right, I understand. When people are scrolling through. Never thought of that before.
>No marketable skills
Time to do what I do best, keep my head down.
Why does this describe me so accurately
"Ow... fuck! Ow!'
>When you went to sleep last night you were on a nice, soft, foamy bed.
>Now, you're wrapped in thorny vines and mud.
>And you have no clue what happened during that break that you call sleep.
>A bramble catches on the sleeve of your shirt, tearing it slightly, and cleaving against your skin.
>You're not sure, but you think that just drew blood.
>Not that you could even see it.
>The thicket of plants that you're walking through, you're not entirely sure, but you think they're some sort of berry tree.
>As you walked, the berries left behind a deep crimson stain on your body and clothes.
>You can't even count how many little nicks and scratches are on your arms and legs.
>You stumble past the brush and leaves.
>An excruciating pain shoots up your foot.
>You crumple to the ground, clutching your leg, checking to see the damage.
>Your foot was a pincushion, covered in spiky needles.
>This, this is the exact reason why you don't go outdoors.
>You were perfectly fine just staying inside, playing video games, watching your favorite cartoons, lounging around all day.
>Fighting back the tears coming to your eyes, you start plucking the spikes out of your foot one by one.
>They weren't in that deep, but they were bloody.
>You're going to need something to wrap a bandage.
>At least until you get to civilization.
>Why the fuck were you even here anyway?
>Ponies began to fill the marketplace
>Silver's confidence had improved, if only slightly
>However, half an hour after 7am, and not a single statue had been shifted
>They weren't exactly selling as well as you had anticipated
>Plenty of ponies had taken a look at the statues, some of them even picking them up, but none of them bought them
>Maybe they were saving their bits?
>Maybe they'd return if they didn't see anything else they liked?
>None of them gave any indication on what they were doing
>Man, this was tough
>Back on Earth, you always had the idea that people in stores were silently judging you based on your purchase
>It was kind of intimidating
>But now, the customers were the intimidating ones
>Which made sense
>After all, they were the one's who could make or break you
>...Just, be sure not to mention any of this to Silver
>She needs as much confidence as possible right now and any of this wouldn't help
>"Excuse me?"
>You'd been daydreaming and didn't even notice a yellow unicorn stallion walk up to the stall
>You'd not seen him earlier, looks like it was his first time browsing at the store
>You were about to step in and greet him but was surprised when Silver did instead
>"Yes sir, what can I do for you?" she said with a tone of delight in her voice
>Well, her attitude had certainly improved
>"Yeah, I was just wondering how much the Princess Twilight statue is?"
>Oh yeah, prices
>Silver Spanner looked over at you
>You gave her a shrug
>What's she looking at you for? You had no idea what was cheap and expensive by pony standards
>"Uhh... 25 bits?" she responded, uncertain of herself
>There was a pause, at the stallion opened up a small bag that was floating in front of his face
>And with that, he handed over 25 golden coins and exchanged them for the statue
>...That seemed like a lot of money
"Thank you very much Mr...?"
"Comet Tail." he said, as he walked off holding the statue ahead of him
>That was easier than expected
>The two of you looked ahead as Comet Tail walked off to look around the other stalls
>You were both dumbfounded
>More importantly, you were still trying to work out whether that was a good deal or not
"How much did the stall cost you to rent it?"
>Still looking ahead
>"For a 6 hour day, just over 100 bits."
>Still didn't make eye contact
"100 bits... And you just made a quarter of that."
>You quickly tried to work it out in your head
"And we've still got 49 we can sell."
>50 statues, 25 bits each
>This couldn't be right
>For a single days work?
>When a stall cost you 100 bits?
"Are you sure that they don't take a cut of your earnings, or something?"
>"Not that I'm aware of."
"It all seems a bit too easy, doesn't it."
>"Yeah, you're telling me."
>It was almost like she'd realised the scale of this
>"I just made 25 bits from less than an hours work!"
"Hey, no, we made 25 bits. I'm having some of that remember."
>"Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, we've sold one statue. At that kind of price? 50 aren't going to be easy."
>But given how quickly Comet Tail bought it, it was almost like Silver had undervalued her craftsmanship
>And yet, despite that first sale appearing too good to be true, the next hour saw you sell 4 more at the same price
>The two of you had already made back the cost of the stall and had some spending money to boot
>You just looked over at her and laughed
>"I've never worked a day of retail in my life, how is this working?"
>You saw it with that first sale
>That spark that she suddenly had when the customer approached the store
>She carried that through to the second, third, fourth and fifth customers of the day
>You couldn't be prouder of her
Love it
>You could hear the sound of creaking floorboards as someone approached the room.
>Glancing over to the door, you wait.
>Knock knock knock knock
"Come in?"
>You heard the creaking sound of the door opening, revealing none other than 'the' Granny Smith.
>"Good morning, sunshine. Ah'm sure glad you seem to be looking better than when ya first arrived! Y'all've been asleep for almost fourteen hours, already, mah goodness!"
>She approaches you, carrying a tray with a bowl of soup on her back.
>"Thought you might want some nice, homemade soup to help liven ya up a bit more. Y'know, get some pep in that step. Here."
>Slowly, she bends down, offering you the tray as you help maneuver it carefully on to your lap.
"Thank you," you manage, weakly.
>"There be carrots, onions, tomatoes and more in there, but don't expect any of that fancy 'meat' stuff they sell up in Manehatten! ...Don't give me that look, sonny boy, ah know canines when ah see 'em."
>You just look back to the tray and in to the bowl, then back to the elderly mare.
>Once again, you were grateful to her for her kindness.
"Thank you, again... uh... Miss...?" you found yourself reigning back your words.
>"Just call my Granny, or Granny Smith. Or maybe 'The Best Looking Mare in All Equestria!', heheh."
>"Weeeeehll ah'd best be off. Got a lot of work to be doin', so I hope to see you well on your feet soon enough. When yer feeling better, feel free ter take a shower and pick up yer clothes, deary."
File: images (2).jpg (16 KB, 263x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (2).jpg
16 KB, 263x192
>Over the next two hours, the two of you had sold 11 more statues
>Half way through your day and a third of your total stock sold? That wasn't bad at all
>As the clock struck 10am, you saw someone arrive in the marketplace that you had kind of hoped wouldn't be there
>Oh great, you prepared for the verbal bollocking you were about to get as she made her way around the stalls surveying each of the products
>I suppose princess duties include supporting the local economy by making an appearance
>She came up to your stall and looked at the two of you
>"Look at you two, matching uniform and everything."
>Well, she was cheerier than you expected
>"And Anon, I do hate to break it to you but you stick out like a sore hoof being the only human in the marketplace."
>She was right, not a single human had even showed up to buy products let alone run a stall
>You wondered who they could be off bothering today
>"So, what is it that we have here?"
>Twilight said, looking down at the statues that adorned the table
>Almost immediately, she went to pick up one of her own statues
>The only one that was left, given they were the most popular item there
>She turned it over and looked at every angle of the expertly crafted statue, spending a long time on the cutie mark
>"This is..."
>She paused
>"I'm speechless, it's really well made!"
>"Thank you, Princess." Silver said, blushing ever so slightly
>"You made it?"
>Silver nodded
>"Yes, but it was Anon's idea."
>"You two are a shining example of human-pony relations."
>Both you and Silver thanked her in unison
>You breathed a sigh of relief as she put the statue back down and began to walk off to the next stall
>"Oh, and one more thing Anon."
>Oh dear
>She walked up ever closer to you, looking at you directly in the eyes and under he breath said
>"Where's my book?"
Pretty sure that was me.
>Unable to stand, you start crawling through the foliage.
>Surprisingly, it's easier.
>Being this low, there were less thorny vines to worry about, and you could actually see where your going to clear a path for your limbs.
>You wish you would have known this earlier.
>You finally make it to a clearing, and collapse onto your back, exhausted.
"Fuck this. Never again."
>You never want to go outside again.
>You sit up and look around.
>Where did that voice come from?
>You hear a rustle of... something, behind you and turn.
>"Who are you?"
>A pink pony is standing not far away from you.
>"Oh dear, you're all dirty."
>Pink. Pony. Bushy mane and tail, with a cutie mark featuring a bunch grapes and a strawberry.
>... Berry Punch?
"The fuck?"
>"And it looks like you injured your foot.
>No, no, nooo, this is not happening!
>"Come on, let's get you some help."
>Berry wraps her hoof under your arm and pulls you up to your feet.
>You don't like this...
>"Are you alright?"
>You look at the rosy equine and shake your head.
>"You aren't alright? Oh dear."
>She steadies you and drapes your arm around her back.
>"Here, just take it easy. Come with me, the clinic isn't far from here."
>With her help you limp towards a dirt road.
>"You're the third one to show up in my vineyard here this week. Did you get separated?"
"Separated? What? From who?"
>"The bronies?"
>You feel your jaw drop just a bit.
>Tiny bit.
>Eventually the two of you make your way to a business district.
>You spot more pastel ponies, each with their own stall.
I just updated the thread to see if there were any comments and thought "Wait, no, these aren't me. The fuck is going on?". People are... You're actually writing stories in the MAiEverse

I love you faggots
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>most underrated chick in fiction
Many Anons in Equestria?
You just cannot give this more shitty name, don't you?
"Multiple Anon's in Equestria", someone else came up with it in a different thread yesterday. Feel free to come up with something else
How's MME?
Massive Multiplayer Equestria?
>Sword Art Online
>with Equestria
pls no
Would that be pronounced 'may'? The May-verse? Did you just call this the "meme" verse?

It's ironically glorious
>Is kinda okayish
>Gets a sequel
>Suddendly it is pretty much soft porn