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Shrek in Equestria CYOA
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>Be Shrek
>Eat an onion with frosting on your holy birthday
>Suddenly portal pulls you into it
>Wake up in Equestria, still have glorious ogre body
>See Ponyville on the horizon
>See yellow quiet
>"E-excuse me?"
Explode in a critical ogreload spreading onion flavored viscera all over the land
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be quite.png
372 KB, 1266x704
>pic related
>Continue being Shrek
>Do not reply to yellow quiet
>"I-I'll lead you to Ponyville, maybe Twilight can help
>Yellow quiet dares to lay a filthy hoof on your beautiful ogre hands
>smack hoofes away and shrek her
Over throw sunbutt.
>You become enraged at yellow quiet's insulence
>You angrily smack her filthy hooves away and pull out your eshrekt shrock
>You grab her neck and start pumpin her ass
>You finally cum and she explodes in a glorious bout of onion-flavored love and confetti
>Look at Ponyville on the horizon and your lust increases for more pony ass
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472 KB, 2197x1463

>Ah was just a little filly
>I love this ol' myth Granny told me about. A story 'bout a creature named Shrek
>I pray to Shrek everynight before I hit the hay, thankin' him for the life I'd been given
>"Shrek is love." Ah say. "Shrek is life."
>Big Mac hears me an' calls me a faggot
>Ah knew he was just jealous of my devotion to Shrek
>Ah call him a cunt
>He slaps me and sends me to hit the hay
>Ah'm cryin' now, and my face hurts
>Ah lay in mah bed, and it's really cold
>A warmth is movin' towards me
>It's Shrek
>Ah'm so happy
>He whispers in mah ear: "This is mah swamp!"
>He grabs me with his powerful ogre hands and puts me on mah hands and knees
>Ah'm ready
>Ah shake my marehood at Shrek
>He penetrates mah ponut hole
>It hurts so much, but Ah do it for Shrek
>Ah can feel my marehood tearing as mah eyes start to water
>Ah push against his force
>Ah want to please Shrek
>He roars a mighy roar as he fills mah butt with his love
>Big Mac walks in
>Shrek looks mah brother straight in the eye and says "It's all ogre now."
>Shrek leaves through mah window
>Shrek is love. Shrek is life.
>Your eshrekt shrock begins extending, becoming larger
>It soon dwarfs your body, becoming the size of a bus
>You throw yourself towards ponyville, becoming a giant flying dick
>You crash into ponyville and start roaring and swinging your massive shrock around, cumming on everything
>Suddenly Sunbutt appears
>"What are you?! Leave this place at once!"

pummel her with your onion-zooka
>You look at her, angrily
>Your shrock shrinks to a more handleable size
>You point it at Sunbutt
"Too late, laddeh. This is mah swump now..."
>You begin firing onions at the speed of titties out your cock, killing Sunbutt
>You place her crown on the head of your dick and look over your new subjects
Summon Donkeh.

don't summon donkeh
>1 off
Change hands and knees and it'll be good
Point your dick at the sky and ejaculate with enough force to send the planet off it's orbit.
File: shrekkening.jpg (230 KB, 1181x929) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 1181x929
>Your massive Ogre dongle expands to massive proportions, bursting out of your pants.
>Your massive expanding dongle forces its way into yellowquiet's rear, and then expands further, sending her flying off into the distance.
>You walk towards ponyville
>Ponies are screaming and running as your massive Ogre dongle flails around, impaling any ponies that dare to come near.
>Purple pony swings into view, charging her horn
>You flood her with your onion juice, sending her crying as she is blasted back with the force of a thousand ogre penises.
>Celestia appears, firing spells at you
>Jokes on her, these only make your dongle grow stronger.
>All the ponies trying to zap your dong now, making it grow to stupendous proportions.
>You slap your massive Ogre dongle against the ground, causing earthquakes.
>The earthquakes vibrate your penis causing more euphoria
>You release all your onion juice over equestria, covering three quarters of it.
>You feel satisfied and return to your swamp.
>Your dongle returns to its normal size, much to your disappointment.
>Your magical ogre cock flies towards all the ponies of Equestria and rapes them all at once
>You ejaculate onions into the sky with enough force to knock the planet out of orbit
>It begins raining onions as the planet flies into the sun
>You look out over the freshly-raped ponies and think to yourself
>It isn't ogre...
>It's not ogre until I say it is, laddeh...
>You point your ogre cock to the ground and ejaculate onions with enough force to launch you into space
>Shrek is love
>Shrek is life
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 4
Thread DB ID: 1893

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