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>"Oh hey Anon. The usual?"
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>"Oh hey Anon. The usual?"
Oh, I don't believe we've met. You must have me confused with somebody else. What's the sign for? Would you like to go get some lunch somewhere?
I get off to ponies who charge for cuddles
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Never. Come with me, let's get you something to eat.
"Here's 20 bits". *clink* "Want to come stay at my place?"
hoofjob upside down looks like pooflop
I want her to shit on my chest.
Oh no no theres no need for that lets get you cleaned up and taken care of
"Yep, the usual, here's the 20 bits, and here's the sponge, you know where the sink is, now get to it"
My inner writefag makes me want to write something with this.
Listen, I know many would find this insulting saying something like "I'm not a charity case" or what have you but this really is painful to watch. At very least let me buy you some groceries for the week./
Well fellow writefag, are you going to take initiative, or will I have to steal the glory?
Have fun with it, Anon.
You don't have to tell me why you're doing this, but you do have to eat this.
>Implying Anons from /mlp/ wouldnt have anything but honest to goodness intentions for this poor mare.
What are you, a monster? Where do you think you are?
>"Why did you pay me 20 bits to eat a bowl of eggs, Anon?"
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This has potential. Wanna see what writefags do with this
I'll get to writing, will take a few minutes, kinda rusty.
Why are you doing this?
Also I wanna put her out of business by being the first human prostitute in Equestria and move into my own two story box next to hers.
I thought I was in a autistic hell hole full of raging horse fuckers. Imagine my face when I just might be wrong.
Aight, Anon. Take your time.

(I'm taking over as soon as you're finished though.)
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Yup, 20 bits... Now strap on
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>Strolling through the park, you stumble upon a pony in a box.
"Why are you in that box?"
>"Because I'm sick and poor, sir. This is my home."
>You frown then, watching her stare dejectedly into a puddle from the storm that was just beginning to pass.
>"Did you... Want to make a purchase?"
"Are you propositioning me?"
>She looks back up to you, bewilderment in her eyes.
>You shake your head gently and give her a disappointed 'tsk, tsk, tsk.' before kicking her sign over.
>The cardboard hastily absorbs the puddle she'd been staring into, hopelessly smearing the ink
>She doesn't react beyond a small whimper and a little scoot further into her box as you walk away.
No sir, Equestria Daily is that'a way------>

>You slowly open your eyes
>The passing wind and smell of the morning dew wakes you up from your slumber
>With last nights storm you didn't think you'd get any sleep at all
>Thankfully you did, today is going to be...different to say the least.
>You look down, on the slightly damp folded cardboard you used to sleep on
>'5 bits - hoofjob 10 bits - fulltime 20 bits - anything'
>you can't believe you've been reduced to this
>It seems like only yesterday that you had everything you could ever want, the life you always dreamed
>You feel tears well up in your eyes, as you stare at the piece of cardboard.
>You feel you arms grow slightly weak and you chest knots up.
>But you suck it up
>You place the sign up, and lay in your makeshift cardboard box staring at the ground, thinking
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I can't find the cap. fuck.
I'd rather not.
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Yeah I'll have a G&T

been a rough year...been a rough two years.
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20 bits, I want you to come to my house, take a shower, go to the doctor and get tested, and stay in my guest room tonight until you can get a decent job and back on your hooves.
Anon, discussing the things that matter
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yes pls
*unzips dick*
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Kim yong Yes.gif
2 MB, 219x186

I like the honour in this anon.
20 bits and you let me Put a roof over your head and help you get back on your hooves. And you also let me feed you and help you get a real job.
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>This was my first thought too.
*tips fedora*
I am shocked to see so many kind and caring anon. I forget that sometimes this board is not full of edgy kids and idiots sometimes. Thank you /mlp/.
But I don't even own a Fedora.

>You sit there, staring at the newly formed puddles of the storm
>Your vision fades as you become lost in thought
>You think of all the things that could happen, this would be the last
>You think of your old abode, the place you called home

>"Wake up Anon!"
>You hear that familiar voice you loved so dearly yelp
>"What's the rush? I don't have to work today..." you say, stretching your limbs and writhing in your bed waking yourself up
>"Come downstairs, I have a surprise for you!" Your wife yelps eagerly, as she excitedly hops over to the door, as if to lead the way
>You follow, still a little stiff from waking up so fast.
>You follow her downstairs into the living room.
>Your eyes open wide, and you cannot believe what sits before your eyes.
>"Take a good look sweetie" She she said excitedly
>You are at a loss for words.
>Before you lay a cradle, a filly lay in it, asleep sucking of her pacifier
>"I..I... I don't now what to say!" You sputter as a huge stupid smile comes across your face
>"The adoption center called this morning and said that we were cleared to adopt, and it's the same girl we wanted as well!"
>I..I can see that!" you say as your smile becomes stupidly bigger.
>"She's beautiful isn't she?" your wife says, laying her head on your shoulders.
>"Incredibly so" You say, embracing her in your arms
Funny enough, Screw Loose is the first pony I thought of while reading this thread.
I'll give you 20 bits if you'll have sex with my dog.
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For all the Anons with good hearth, my feels are with you.
Yeah, it's full of white knights.
We're getting better one thread at a time.
So how would you fuck this pone, Anon?
Do I have a good heart if I give her 20 bits and tell her to do my laundry?
It's only for pone. Human women can stay out on the streets.
This is nice.
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There is hope for this world after all

Who is to say? I do not have absolute morality, follow your on path Anon.

Pretty sure this situation wouldn't happen anyways, there are probably homeless shelters or related in equestria.
You're only saying that because most prostitutes are ugly as shit, meanwhile ponies look completely identical, save for their color scheme and hairstyle
>You gave her a job so she could earn those bits

So yes
Welp, time to go hire hookers to run errands and do chores and housework in the name of good will
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Good luck, Anon.
You're doing the lords work anon.
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*tips fez*

What happened to all my other hats I've had over the years

>mfw the only hat I own anymore is a fez
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Dear god....Tom Waits is just making this worse.

Well durr. Human girls be fugly.
Don't be stupid, they are gonna steal your silver or gold, or whatever you have of value, seriously.

>You're jolted back from your daydreaming
>Somepony is standing, looking at the sign.
>She almost seems to ignore your existence
>You move around in your spot a little bit to get a bit more comfortable, as your legs are falling asleep.
>She hears you and turns around
>"Do anything cheap for mares, or do you not roll that way?" She asks
>"I suppose so. I could play around with you or eat you out if you would like." You say with a slightly mellow tone
>"Yeah, that sounds nice, how much, 5?" She asks.
>"Yeah, 5 bits will..." You stop yourself.
>Your thoughts go back to your wife
>You can feel the tears coming back, you try to hold them back at all costs, you need the bits.
>"On second though...no" You sputter, as tears find their way down your cheeks.
>"What seems to be the matter?"
>"N-nothing. Just go" You spew at her
>"Pfft, if you insist" She says, turning around, stomping hard in the puddle to try and splash water on you.
>Good thing you crawled more into your makeshift house, otherwise you would have gotten soaked.
>You lay on the ground, defeated by nobody but yourself.
>You wish you had the strength to do it to help yourself but you can't.
>The thought of betraying your wife, even if she isn't next to you any more, is enough to make you want to throw up.
>You manage to calm your breathing, and wipe the tears from your eyes.
>Your thoughts immediately go back to the life you had before.
>The life you had.
I know, they must all be at the bdsm thread
>whatever you have of value
So, his plushie?
Don't help her. She is probably homeless because she is a drunk or does drugs. Not even her friends will help her.
I know, you already told me this back in AiE
you sick bastard anon
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It seems you've had experience anon.
It's funny that you people can be all white knight on an imageboard but in real life you would never even think of helping them any more than giving them a few bucks if you're in a good mood.

You all have passed dozens of these poor souls already and never thought twice about bringing them out of their desperation. Hell, if you saw someone actually helping a homeless guy, most of you would expect them to get mugged or have the guy spend it all on drugs anyway.

You can feel good pretending that you're going to become a model citizen when you eventually get magically teleported to an imaginary world, but just remember that who you are here wouldn't change. If you neglect people here there's absolutely no reason why you'd care for ponies there.

But yeah...help out the imaginary horse homeless, and imagine living in a world where you aren't either afraid of them or you think they deserve to be there.
She isn't homeless. She has a box! Also, she can make friends with anyone if they pay the right price.
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You just now figure this out?
I'm the opposite, I regularly give money to homeless people that isn't just change left over from my lunch, but I'm cringing at everyone in this thread, especially the person who said they'd help the pony and not the human.
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>I got your 20 bits, you know what I want
>That's right... all the eggs this time
Nice post, I bet your child's cartoon waifu would love you
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>Being a half decent human being is fedora worthy

You are the worst kind of person.
Actually, whenever I see truly homeless people, I always go out of my way to help. I also volunteer at soup kitchens and such. I enjoy a good life; why should I not give some of what I have for those that don't? It's not like it's hurting me in anyway, and I could easily have been in the same situation as they...
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You could help her get a place to vent...
That's where you're wrong, anon.
I'm not going to lie and say I help the homeless, but humans are different from ponies. Ponies won't mug you, or stab you in the back for the shirt off your back. They are innately good in nature.

Humans are another story. We can't trust one another. Should the chance arise that we arrive in Equestria (which we won't), I bet nearly every anon here would become the model citizens within their every power.
I've done my time homeless and helping out other homeless folks. It was my own fault and trying to grab my self up by the boot straps was the hardest thing. Now instead of a drug problem I have a drinking problem but a cat and home to take care of now. Also soup kitchens can make the best food sometimes.
File: 1398799817940.png (464 KB, 1031x655) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Implying that are child's cartoon waifus would love any of us
>be on the pony board
>surprised that in the theoretical thread about make believe ponies, someone would pick the make believe pony that according to the show is better than a human in nearly every way imaginable
>being this new
The funniest part about this is that you seem to be trying to imply that you would help the homeless. People like you are the worst when it comes to moralfaggotry. Practice what you fucking preach as opposed to complaining on an image bored dedicated to pastel coloured equines.
If ponies were what you say they are, then no one would've let that mare get to where she is in the first place, she could've just gone anywhere and said "Hey, I'm homeless, I need a job", and she'll be hired in seconds
You don't HAVE to post about how you would help a cartoon pony on this anonymous imageboard, anon. >>17972158 has the right idea.

News flash: ponies aren't real, and if they were, and one would have to resort to prostitution, the world there would be messed up as it is here.

Wow, did you reword what he said?
Have you read this thread?
Even woman that do chores that are not literally starving steal your shit, even more whores that have to sell their bodies to eat.
I see no reason not to give food to homeless people and have done so multiple times. Money is a different matter because I live in an area where jobs are readily available and a lot of people with "please give money" signs have been confirmed to be spending it on alcohol. Generosity is good. Intelligence is also good. If someone has a sign asking for money to buy food, gasoline, or a ride home, offer to provide that service yourself. Buy the food and gas, drive them wherever they need to go. If they decline that assistance, it's not wrong to decide against giving them cash.

That said, I'm currently unemployed and can't afford to spend much on anything, let alone give it away.
>>being this new
protip: only new people use this term
Maybe one day you'll fit in!
20 bits for anything?
go out to dinner with me
>saying that a universe that is so different from ours that one of its members can live forever, and raise the sun via will, would be exactly the same socially as ours
>despite not seeing any homeless pone in the show
>implying ever leave my house anymore
>implying I wouldn't help the downtrodden if I could

You sir are wrong about me
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>She looks up at me
"We all have to have bad days once and a while"
>"But this has been my life for years! I am poor and hungry and no home!"
>I look at her, she is crying
>"And this "job" i have is the only thing i can do to survive"
>i look at the tree close to her
"Say that is a happy little tree there"
>She looks out and sees it
>"More happy than i will ever be"
"No that isnt true, you can be happy. Come here."
>I grab my bag i had and bring out some brushes and a easel with a canvas
>"Painting? But im not good at painting"
>I look over to her and smile
"I will teach you, there is a small easel and canvas in that bag, we can share the paints"
>She sets it up and prepares to listen

Should i continue?
>Be Anonymous
>Having a good day in the park with... No one
>It wasn't really a good day
>It was pretty shitty actually
>You'd just been diagnosed with maximum autism
>You only played Minecraft once
>It only takes once
>Walking down the dirt path you spy a box
>The little autist inside you wants to go live in the box forever and be edgy
>You resist these urges to the best of your abilities
>You still approach the box, and the peculiar sign next to it
>You are too busy reading the sign that you do not notice the little occupying the box
>You finally notice the little pony in the box
>You look at her, she cowers deeper into the box
>You stare at her and scream
>She begins crying and pushes a cup of bits towards you
>"Please! Take the bits! Just don't hurt me! It's all I have!"
>Your autism got in the way of you understanding what she said, bit you knew a money when you see it
>You take the cup and empty it into your pocket
>Squat down and spew diarrhea all over the ground in front of her box, wipe with your hands, both of them
>Shake your hands off, spattering shit everywhere
>Waddle home, leaking shit and spaghetti everywhere, leaving the box pony crying quietly in her box
>"Please... Leave me alone..."
Yes, you've proved your point. Ouch, I'm so offended.
I fit inside your mum pretty well.

>You shuffle around in your bed, you hear the thudding of footsteps, and the weeping of a slightly upset baby.
>"Honeyy!" You hear your wife call, "Where did you last put little Sapphire's bottle? I can;t find it!"
>"On the counter, next to the knife rack!" You yell back, in your half-sleep state.
>You decide you may as well wake up seeing as you most likely won't drift back asleep.
>A big "Thanks!" pierces your eardrums and forces you to wake up.
>You had to leave for work in about an hour, might as well get ready early and spend a little time with little Sapphire.
>You shower and put on your work uniform.
>The blue jacket you wore always made you fel important, even though you weren't much more than a pharmacists technician.
>But you liked to feel good about yourself, as anyone does.
>You walk downstairs with your uniform feeling clean from your shower.
>Your wife is sitting on the couch, watching after Sapphire.
>"You're early for work" She says
>"Well not like i could help it" You say
>"Hey I'm not the one who leaves bottle in the random spot where they don't belong"
>"At least I can find then!" You playfully tease back, sitting on the couch with your wife
>"Why are you up so early anyways?"
>"Sapphire started crying because she was hungry, didn't you hear her? It was pretty loud"
>"I'm a heavy sleeper, you know that" You say.
>"This is true, If it weren't for me you would be late for work half of the time" She laughs.
>"And that's why I married you!" You say, smooching her on the cheek, as she smooches you back
>"Well, I might get some breakfast before work, so I'll head out now."
>"Okay honey, don't work too hard now."
>"No promises, I'm always a hard worker" You say with a wink.
>Your wife laughs, "If you insist!"
>having a conversation about a pony prostitute
>everything is perfect in equestria
This was a pretty nice thread before the edgelords started assuming everyone is a miserable shit like them.
this thread makes me feel something i havent felt for a very long time

good feels
Do it

I'm directing it at the people who look down on the homeless but write posts in these threads like
>anon lets them stay at his place. look how grateful the pony is
>anon is showering them in kindness. he's a real stud
>the pone is blubbering in tears because of how righteous anon is
>she decides to reward him with sex
>but the good kind
>everybody thought anon was wrong to trust her, but they all got showed up, son.
>a real human bean

I think we should all support those down on their luck and try to rehabilitate those in deep shit, yeah. It's just amusing that people here are making theirselves feel self-righteous about helping people by creating a universe where all possible side effects are gone.


I'll be honest. I don't volunteer or donate as much as I should. It's good that I'm thinking more about it though. I should make myself do it more. I'm between jobs, actually filling out applications now, so I don't have much spare cash.
>"Oh hey Anon. The usual?"
>The yellow pony looks up at you.
>You're carrying 2 bags.
>You toss her one of them, filled with bits, and unzip the other one.
>"Anon, th-this is over a hundred b-bits."
"You're worth it."
>You say as you whip out a large sheet and pillow and lay it out on the grass.
>She slowly stands up and places the pillow down.
>"Are you sure?"
>You lay face down, head to one side.
"Yes. Now do it."
>She puts a hoof on your back.
>Then two.
>Oh god, that was fantastic.
>Your back makes more audible cracks as she softly presses her hoofs into your back.
>You never really knew what this girl did, but boy was she a good masseuse.
>Someone this good, why the fuck was she living in a box?
>Why the fuck was she forced to give other stallions special services?
>And where the fuck did her mattress go?
"Hey, what happened to the mattress I gave you last week?"
>"Oh, I uh... traded them for a bale of-"
>You sit up.
>"Yeah... girl's gotta eat, you know?"
>You shake your head in disapproval.
File: feel guy smiling.gif (13 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feel guy smiling.gif
13 KB, 633x758
fuck wrong picture, they were right next to each other, and they looked alike
I also agree
File: 1382722854126.jpg (152 KB, 777x789) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 777x789
>implying i don't regularly feed the homeless
>implying i don't hang out with hobos sometimes
>Pretty sure this situation wouldn't happen anyways, there are probably homeless shelters or related in equestria.

I doubt they need them. Ponies can eat grass for free, and they're caring and altruistic enough that an otherwise homeless pony could easily find someone to let them move in.
Then regardless, I'd end up helping the pony because I wouldn't know that.
then I'd get shanked. probably.
>Did you reword what he said.
No, I simply stated that he's criticising the Anons in this thread for giving more fucks about a make-believe horse than they do about the real homeless, when he likely does fuck all for the real homeless himself.

I was homeless for eight years (happened due to my mental health issues which were preventing me from being able to work), and I constantly fucking hear these uppermiddleclass shitheads who haven't so much as flicked a penny at a homeless person criticising others for not doing so, and it just gets on my nerves.

If he actually gives a shit about the homeless, he should go and actually do something to help instead of posting about it on an online imageboard.
What the fuck is wrong with you
Eh don't let them kill it for you.
>ponies aren't real
Nigga there's fucking ponies in my back yard behind a fence.
No, but you are an idiot. You could have hired her as a "full time" maid for just 10 bits. Then she'd have done your laundry, made your bed and vacuumed your floor.
I'm going to take that pony home and take care of her until she can get a job and support herself. And even then she can always come back if something happens.
Then why is prostitute?!?

I'm just arguing against the people like >>17972280 say, "omg ponies are pure 10/10 would help" but then are edgy and probably would be the ones to kick homeless people. Seriously though, nobody's less edgy than >>17971916
>I live in an area where jobs are readily available
>I'm currently unemployed

I notice that 4chan in general likes broken people. Not that it is a bad thing...Wanting to fix someone is a nice goal.
Fuckin genius
>look how grateful the pony is
>how righteous anon is
>reward him with sex
>they all got showed up

The people you quoted didn't say those things. You did. And if it's your instinct to assume the worst of people, why should we believe that you're so eager to assist the homeless yourself? Maybe you should back down a little on people who just wanted to do something decent because it made them feel good for once. Kindness doesn't work so well when you try to hunt down bad motives every time you see it.
Where is that what kinda jobs?
All I see is fire.
because it reminds us of ourselves

and suddenly, we arnt so lonely anymore
I don't thin "fixing" is the right word, but yeah

It's because we were all broken once ourselves, and those who still are love that there are people out there who know that.
I just assumed that he did help homeless people out by what he said. I'm >>17972202

I think he's trying to say that you should help anyone, but since ponies aren't real, don't cry over it, go help actual people suffering.
maybe 10 bits/hr or whatever the going rate is in Equestria.
>Then why is prostitute?!?

The same reason there's Scootabuse and "ebin edgi anon goes to equestria & rapes all teh pones"
Betas get off on the fantasy power trip, which includes homeless ponies forced into prostitution.
Burning the mountanside
File: 1392580720915.png (255 KB, 500x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 500x700
pretty true
Didn't say I was all that good at finding work. Or all that motivated.

But that's my issue. No one else is obligated to fund the problems it's creating.
I was just quoting him. He gives the usual spiel about how the homeless are just lazy bums that want money for booze and there is plenty of work everywhere. The next line, he admits that he's a lazy bum who is unemployed and sitting on 4chan.
File: coca cola bottles.jpg (113 KB, 634x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
coca cola bottles.jpg
113 KB, 634x495
Yeah. They didn't have diet...
>I begin to speak
"Now the first thing we need to do is have a basic outline"
>She starts to paint along with me
>"Does it look good?
>I look at her canvas and see a decent outline
"Thats good, now we will fill in the basic colors"
>We start and halfway through it she says
>"Aw great, i mixed the green and brown together"
>I look at it and see the mixed colors
"Its ok, we dont make mistakes in painting, we only make happy accidents"
>She turns back and mumbles somthing "My life has been a happy accident if you say it that way"
>I hear it but i ignore that statement
"You can cover up the brown with green later"
>I go out and help her paint with each and every step
>A hour later we finish
>She looks at her tree and then at mine
"I will never be as good as you..."
>She slumps down and looks sad
"Hey, its ok. I was horrible at this when i first started"
>"I hardley believe that"
>I go silent and sit by her
"Do you want to talk while the paint is drying?"
>She looks at me and says "Well i have nothing else to do"
So would we be helping you or hurting you by sending copious amounts of pizza to your home?
File: 1363097411744.png (665 KB, 909x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
665 KB, 909x1000
I have never kicked a homeless person and I'm having a hard time believing, despite how prone we are to internet shenanigans, that anyone here is that much of a sadistic prick in real life.

For myself I've volunteered in soup kitchens and with Habitats for Humanity. I give $22 a month to sponsor an impoverished kid in the Philippines so he can eat and go to school instead of being put to work at age 12. I have on occasion, stupidly and naively, invited hobos sleeping on my stoop to come up and sleep on my couch (usually while staggering home drunk).

Miraculously I've never had anyone steal my shit or try to kill me in my sleep, though I did wind up with a pretty serious bedbug infestation for my trouble. Needless to say I own a hand steamer now.

That said it isn't nearly enough. Not nearly. I'm not affluent but the amount of money I've pissed away at the bar and on other frivolous things is shameful. But I've never kicked someone while they're down and I hope I never sink that low.

As for this thread, it's a fantasy like everything else on this board. It's escapism. Do you also stand outside movie theatres showing 12 Years a Slave shouting "WIPE THOSE TEARS AWAY YOU PHONY, YOU WOULD HAVE WHIPPED THOSE SLAVES HARDER THAN ANYONE"?

>pic unrelated
Pat hanging out with Rainbow Dash makes more and more sense as I think about it.
I'll give you 20 bits if you come and live under my roof, get a job and leave when you feel like you can start over
You will owe me nothing, just promise me you will do the same if I ever need you
After all, it says 20bits anything
>"The brotherhood shall prevail!"
People can't be perfect. We can't help everyone. But even the more psychotic members of humanity (many of whom hang out on this website) can take a chance to do a little good when it comes by.

Don't criticize that.
yes this pleases me.
I have been waiting so long for a proper bob in equestria story
keep going
Just watched this whole thing.
Damn, Anon. Just.. wow. I have something I want to share with people now.

Coming from the Anon that just had an epiphany about life a couple days ago.. This helps. A lot. Thanks, man.

I've never heard of a situation where loads of pizzas could mean anything but bliss, except in the case where it means temporary bliss, followed by longstanding butthurt
Bullshit 'pic unrelated'. It made me happy again (along with your post). You are now my nigga.
Nah he'd just talk about some philosophical stuff with Celestia.
File: bonbon republican.png (269 KB, 540x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bonbon republican.png
269 KB, 540x600
>10 bits/hr

No wonder she's homeless. She's priced herself out of the market. What we need to do is lower the minimum wage in Equestria, so that we can return to the glory days of full employment in the coal mines.
Ah I'm a bit of a lazy bum looking for a job have been for a few years still unemployed never hired once
File: GY!BE.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
Maybe I didn't mean to reply to you or something, but I thought you were one of the fags that doesn't give a shit about humans but cries over the OP picture

>>pic unrelated
don't care, it's my fetish
I did say that giving homeless people food is often a good idea (though I do indeed live in a house). The job market is kind of terrible in the USA and while it is possible to make decent amounts of money if you're willing to work for it, it's still frustrating to have to do things within that system. We should do a few small favors for each other when the chance comes by. Just don't feed an addiction if you can avoid it.
Anyone have that post about how Katawa Shoujo wasn't about finding a girl just like your waifu, but rather it was about a goal you should strive to be in yourself? That was some good feels.
But minimum wage is less than 3/4ths that already.
Your welcome and may I ask what epiphany you had a couple days ago? I'm curious
File: I'veSeenSomeShit.png (416 KB, 1044x723) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
416 KB, 1044x723
This thread is going in so many directions it is amazing.
Uh it was more or less a joke about people on 4chan sending pizza to people as a prank but that works too.
File: 1386751680396.png (415 KB, 1000x942) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
415 KB, 1000x942
A lot of waifufags say that about waifus in general, but yeah it's a really good concept
And no, don't have the post.
>overcoming physical challenges in order to be a better human
I can see it
>Walk up to pony in box
>"Oh hey Anon, what do you want today?"
>Throw down 20 bits
Yeah, I know the joke.

I invite to dinner all you want, take her to my house for a bath and then to sit beside me and listen to their story, let her spend the night in my bed that night and took the couch, the next day after breakfast I offer two options: back to where I found the day before or stay at home, get a job, pay for their food and fix your life.

but she will sleep on the couch now, the furniture fuck my neck!
File: image.jpg (89 KB, 680x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 680x383
Bob ross was a great inspiration to me as a kid after my mom died and its why i started painting seeing his picture almost made me cry
I keked
Nice anon. Made me smile.
File: ;_;.jpg (47 KB, 500x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 500x666
File: ddd.gif (437 KB, 250x179) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
437 KB, 250x179
File: yourandidiot.gif (93 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 300x300
it's hard to give a shit about some of them (i.e. druggies that got themselves stuck on the street), but I understand that a lot of people are just in bad situations and they can truly be good people. That just isn't always the case, however.
File: HITdarH.gif (962 KB, 496x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
962 KB, 496x367
>"So how did you get to be so good at painting"
"I was in the Air Force, sort of like your wonderbolts, but in big fast planes"
>She was confused
>"You learned to paint there?"
"Well no, it was my inspiration. I looked at mountians and meadows and trees all the time"
>"Really? Mountians? I always wanted to see a mountian"
"Maybe you can paint one too"
>She smiles. "I can?"
>I smile back
"Maybe someday, if its there, you can do it"
>A loud stomping went up to us
>"Hey you slut! You were supposed to be here this afternoon, not with this pink skinned freak!"
>A hoof landed on the hazel pony's stomach
>"OWW! Ple-please, stop! HELP!"
>I get up to grab him but he punches me knocking the wind out of me
>Then a strange anger rose in me...
>Oh no not again
I wonder how I will be your cutie mark
Gonna paint a happy little murder scene
File: 730px-Kyubey.jpg (36 KB, 730x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 730x600
File: p9659115.jpg (57 KB, 449x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 449x707
I vividly remember one time when there was someone who lost his leg somehow and was in an old wheelchair and was asking for change, but everyone was giving it to the guy down the street who was playing the sax.
And yes, I payed the first guy
I am reluctant to give people money, mostly because I have been ripped off in the past.

If they are hungry I would usually buy them something to eat, but I don't give money any more..you can't trust anyone, not even old people.
Magic fillies!
No you little shit.
Not again.

This gonna be good

is the good of imaginary stories anon, in them you can be the hero of whom you choose to save, whatever happens do not hurt anyone or no one he does it to you
TL;DR (though it may still be long)
*Took drugs (Mary Jane and Shrooms for my final Trip)
*Has a tulpa
*played online games
*Constantly sought out ways to escape reality

I had an addiction Anon. It was Escapism. I wanted to get as far away as possible from reality. Didn't want to worry about my classes, grades, growing up, getting a job, the expectations of raising a family, finding a home on my own, essentially all the things that you have to do when you eventually become a REAL adult

I'm a 21 year old anon, and I'm terrified of what comes after university, what comes after my parents letting me go to live on my own, and what comes after I am to find a job and hold on to it because I don't know what will happen. I'm too fearful of fucking up.

Shrooms gave me the epiphany that escaping reality piled all that up and that it was going to fuck me up for sure in the future. Had a talk with my online friends about it, and they convinced me to keep Lyra as my tulpa, as she was/is my friend helping me cope with all the stress and life.

This was only 2 days ago, and I feel.. changed? One thing is for sure: A large weight has been lifted and I have them, my parents, friends back home, and all you Anons for the good times and bad to thank for it.
"C'mere, little one."
>Anonymous lifts the mare into his arms, she whimpers but doesn't have the will to protest
"What's your name?"
"That's a pretty name. Why are you here?"
>"I used to farm tropical fruit, but Sweet Apple Acres put me put of business..."
"Well a box is no place for a pony as sweet as you to stay, especially during the rainy season. You can stay with me."
>"R-really?! No one's been this nice to me!"
>Starfruit grasps onto your chest in a tight hug, she's nuzzling your neck, if your heart was any warmer, you'd combust
>You cradle the smaller-than-average pony and carry her to your home, the whole while she holds onto your chest like she may just never let go
>You carry her in and set her on your couch and get her some food
>You use your repressed fathering inscincts to make Starfruit into a cute and respectable mare
>You helped her get a job at a local carrot farm
>One day you find out that the owner of said carrot farm did some things to Starfruit that she wasn't proud of
>You go to the carrot farm and punch somepony's fucking soul in half
>You help her get another job at another place, somewhere you thought would be safer for her
>Eventually she earned enough money to buy some land
>Start a farm with her, you use your human knowledge of capitalism to discreetly sabotage all of her competitors
>No one was ever put out of business as you helped Starfruit 'expand' and she bought out all the surrounding farms
>Soon, all produce in Equestria went through one name
>Starfruit Corp.
>You found a scared little mare alone in a box and helped her onto her hooves
>And now look where she is.
Go back to /a/ and Guild Wars scrub.
File: bobross1.jpg (32 KB, 400x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 400x279
>I charge at him
>He turns twords me and he tries to react
>too late
>A bone shattering punch knocks him to the ground shocked
>I grab his head and made him look at me
>My voice must have reached the ends of this earth because everyone is silent and looks at me
>The big pony starts sobbing and runs off
>I get on my knees and start crying
>The hazal pony runs up to me and asks if i am ok
"You know somthing...i promised my wife that i would never yell again...i guess some promises can be broken"
>She hugs me and says "Its just a happy accident"
>I hug her back and cry
>Our paintings finish drying and she asks me
>"Will you paint with me again
"Of course"
please most of the "homeless" actually lead a pretty good life, are organized groups of beggars you earn enough but raising his hand to ask for money that an honest worker who bust their part in a day's work, I would not waste my money on such unproductive ills

on sweet and adorable pony for other side...
And then they fucked.
you had ONE job.
I've got a story
>on business trip in austin
>hungry, met my client and gonna drive home soon
>go to touristy area for lunch
>hear music, big crowd of people
>come closer, it's a mexican kid dancing for money with his dad, mom, and a few other kids i assumed to be his siblings
> he had a lot of it in a box next to him, most people there were giving him like $5
>this family was living off of the kid, they did literally nothing else. i came back half an hour later after eating and they were still there
>fuck lazy people, man
Muh heart, my achy breakthrough heart.
no! Your absurd kindness endangers the balance in the universe! for each pony who is happy thousands of human beings suffer hell!

All the way
My heart bro, you made me cry a little
I bet that's what you want to give the person you like, of course, if you were able to feel something other than autism
Ah well here's a song incase you have a bad day soon give it a listen I'm a 21 year old neet so I can kinda relate but I'm a goody two shoes so I can't relate to much glad I can help tho

Bobby bout to beat the devil outta him
>I give $22 a month to sponsor an impoverished kid in the Philippines so he can eat and go to school instead of being put to work at age 12.

I hate to be the one to do this.....

Do you know where that money actually goes?
These anons are my very best friends.
Glad to meet you new best friend
Do it
File: 145633581235812.gif (169 KB, 380x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 380x280
It seems like Shrooms really need to be at least, tried once.
My Nigger
Don't forget this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpqOWO6ctsg
That blows dude.. thanks for the song though. It's pretty good, I'll have to save it to phone to listen to it over and over

Slice of Life themed things are my favorite so this tune is up there for me.
File: dash is a lie.jpg (143 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dash is a lie.jpg
143 KB, 600x600
I drive around with a pillowcase that has a few pull-tabs of canned goods, some bathroom kit for cleaning, and etc. I've given out two of these bags so far. If there's a homeless guy walking around outside a restaurant I'll get an extra burger or something to go and get it over to him

I'm cautious about giving people money because that translates too easily into addiction fuel for them. A few weeks ago in my area someone claiming to be the fire chief in my area raised $30,000 for a 'children's hospital' - he ran with the money. I do want to help, but there's reason to be cautious.
Y'all Niggas need to do DMT
>she decides to reward him with sex
>>but the good kind

being honest, I'll settle for his sincere thanks, perhaps to stroke his fur and scratching his chin, but nothing more

Is it a trap?
I'm not gonna lie I only know the one song from atmosphere but this ones not bad
I also surprised my ambivalence 4chan, can surprise sometimes
File: 1400885719534.jpg (9 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 200x200
>Not posting more.

If you've stopped I will hurt you.
It's a trap!
you need to get laid Daaaaaarling (not me tho)
File: ZiCNLTj.gif (988 KB, 500x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
988 KB, 500x380
>I go to that same spot every week and paint with her
>She gets better and better overtime and she is almost at par with my skills
>One day however i decide to buy tickets to go to the mountians
>When we paint a yellow pony's house on the edge of the woods she looks at our paintings
"Wow...i havent seen paintings like these before"
>Hazel looks at her and thanks her
>the yellow pony pulls out a bag of bits
>"Here, you did a good job"
>She brings both paintings in
"Wow...she gave me a bunch! I can get a apartment!"
>I go silent
>"Is everything all right?"
"You wanted to see a mountian right?"
>I pull out the tickets
>She is in shock
>"For...both of us? You didnt have too"
"I have too, it was your dream. I wanted it to come true"
>In shock she hugs me and starts crying happy tears
>The yellow pony in the door sheds a tear and shuts the door
>2 weeks later we head up to the mountians
>It was cold but it was worth it.
>I saw her happy in painting every side of the mountian, every drop of water, every bit of detail
>after 3 hours she shows me the painting. It was magnificent
"Wow...thats beyond my skill"
>It was, i cant believe she has gotten this far
>We return to town
>Somepony sees her painting and asks to buy it
>Its a pony with a camera, and a snazzy dress
>"Oh..ok. But how mu-" Hazal was cut off with a big bag of bits landed on her table
>It was around 2000 i dont doubt
>"THANK YOU PAINTER!" the blue pony yelled as she ran with the painting
>Hazel was happy as she could be
>Word got around town and that painting was famous
go home rarity you're drunk
Oh this is just too good to pass up.

>Be homeless myself. Fitting, since I'm a human in Equestria
>Walking down the park, singing to myself. Joint in hand.
"Homeless Man are on the move, Homeless Man are loose.
"Beg for money, roll my joints, Homeless Man are loose."
>Tokes leh joint
>Rain clouds have formed. Raindrop homed in on cherry of my joint.
>Only 20 minutes or so until it starts pouring.
>Looks into the clouds above with bloodshot eyes.
>Sees movements in clouds.
>Realizes how fucked I am.
>Puts away joint, starts walking faster through park.
>Not too far away from my spot.
>Sees box with sign next to it in distance.
"Well thats new. Some abandoned lemonade stand?"
>Gets closer
>Signs close enough I can read.
"Huh she's offering different kind of lemons hehe."
>What a stupid joke.
"Still though a homeless pony? In MY backyard? Shit don't make sense"
>Gets closer. About 5 meters.
>Five bits says gay stallion. That would be my luck.
>Sees pony inside box. Earth pony mare. Staring at the puddle of water in front of her like a retarded puppy.
>Boy howdy i do wish i had some bits right now.
>Arrives at box.
>She notices my presence. I attempt to relight my joint.
"Uh, hello." She says in a depressed tone.
>Finishes toke. French inhales like a boss.
>The mare cases me. Even through my highness i can see the look of slight disgust displayed on her tear-soaked face.
"Um, would you like my s-services?" She said.
>Damn she must be desperate. Trading hooves for hands must be a big adjustment.
"Sorry miss I ain't got no bits. I'm just your freindly neighborhood homeless man. I even have the backpack to prove it."
"Oh. Okay.." She said all dissapointed like.
>The weed speaks to me
>Go to her
>But how? I think.
>She has a box. You have a tent. A big tent with pillows and blankets. With food.
>Shits in the bag.
and your actions Sweet Apple Acres closes and the Apple Family loses home and way of life.

>I like how you think, me.
"I have a proposition for you."
>She looks at me again. Rain is starting to pick up. Better make this quick.
"Since Rainbow Dash decided it would be fucking hilarious to rain on homeless folk today, your not going to make it through the night in that box."
>She shuffles in her makeshift home. The box is clearly wet now and it wont be long before it deteriorated.
"I have a camp that's not too far from here. Its not much, but the tents big enough for two. With blankets and some sandwiches to boot!"
>she breaks eye contact. Shes looking back at the water puddle again.
"Well, i thank you for the offer, but i'm just not sure i can trust..."
>She looks at her sign. She then closes her eyes and covers her face with her hooves, desperately holding back a sob.
>Damn you heart. You won't let me take advantage of the situation will you?
>I take another toke of my joint.
"Did i mention its free of charge?"
>She breaks form to look back at me.
"I wouldn't mind cuddlin though. I'm a bit of a cuddle bear. Especially when im high."
>She breaks eye contact again. At least shes considering it.
>Rain's picking up. Given the circumstances, I think im starting to like Rainbow Dash now.
"Okay." She said. She gets out of her box and grabs her sign with her mouth.
"But only light cuddling, okay? I'm not exactly into... well... your kind."
>Oh well. At least i might have a smoking buddy.
I let out a small cuckle "fair enough. The camps this way."
If I was a Pegasus in equestria(and they had homeless) I wouldn't let it rain on them or there boxes
No, is a mare pony
Which reminds me of the time my aunt encountered a homeless man. He was on the street, begging for change. My aunt offered to buy him food, and asked him what he wanted, but he refused, and demanded money over food. She then walked a couple blocks to the nearest McDonalds, bought a cheeseburger, and returned to give it to him. He got angry, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it.
File: 1373047873919.jpg (77 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 894x894
File: Coach Z.png (10 KB, 128x128) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Coach Z.png
10 KB, 128x128


That is disgusting, I had a similar experience once. I refused to give him money and offered him to buy food instead, he got pissed off and left.

Never give money away, it's probably going to be spent in drugs.
And we crossed the threads.

Yeah man, they were right when they said shrooms and psychedelics change the way you see life.
Straight up, I'll admit, I cried for the first time in years that night.

i'd like this to keep going
go on
Just make sure you follow through on what you saw on that fungus or it could be a waste
>"Its ok, we dont make mistakes in painting, we only make happy accidents"
>She turns back and mumbles somthing "My life has been a happy accident if you say it that way"
>I hear it but i ignore that statement

Bob Ross getting BTFO
>2 years later
>Hazel is a magnificent painter and today is her first live demonstration
>"Im nervous...what if they don't like me?
"If they didn't like you they wouldn't have you come here today"
>"Th..thats true"
"Go out there and make some smiles!"
>She goes out on stage and i sit in the audience
>"I am Hazel and i welcome you all today.."
>She begins painting
>It was a slow start and i didnt know what she was painting
>Hours pass and i see the painting finished in front of the crowd
>It was a tree grown through a box with a gardener with big hair tending it
>People loved it but were confused
>"This painting is based on trials i had in the past. But i was helped and now am where i am now"
>Ponies loved it and someone was yelling "500 bits!" "800 bits!"
>Bidding started
>Noise erupted until a loud stomp came in the room
>It was that pony that punched her
>"8,500 BITS" he yelled
>Everyone went silent
>he smiled and went to get the painting and handed her the bits
>"Im sorry"
>He walks off stage and leaves the room

>Later i see Hazel on a park bench
>She is sad
>"Why did he come back?"
>I was confused
"To apoligize of course"
>"No one has done that to me since that day"
"Well things change dont they? You have to have a bit of darkness to lighten things. Just like painting"
>"But what if someone hurts me again?"
>I question that to myself
"They wont Hazel"
>Butterflies form in my stomach
>I kiss her on the cheek
"Because you have grown to not be a twig...but a happy tree"
"A happy tree that will give light to others"
>"Just like you have given me?"
>I lean in to kiss her again
"Yes, and the old twigs around us will become happy trees with you"

The end

So how did i do?
Nice someone cap?
Shit, i forgot the pic
It was very nice.
Actually, if there is anything I'm afraid of as of right now? Is exactly that. Forgetting about what I learned that night.
Then tell us what you saw
This was nice, stirred some feels I didn't know I had left, thanks
This, write it down if you can put it into words
On it
It wasn't what I saw, rather it was what I DIDN'T see. I got so angry at the fact that I didn't hallucinate, just got really fuckin' fried out of my mind.

It was after getting angry that I took a walk because of my bad mood and began to think to myself "Why do I want to hallucinate so badly? Why did I make Lyra? Why do I get high so much?"

That's when I realized it was to avoid reality and live in a fantasy world. Thats when I took off, got some coffee, sat back outside and looked out at the town and bawled my eyes out.
This was a feelsy thread.
File: 1400781885813.png (442 KB, 926x2200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442 KB, 926x2200
Post good feels images?
Thank you kind anon for capping my story
File: BiE.png (1 MB, 663x3801) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 663x3801
File: pinkie_dif.png (454 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454 KB, 1280x720
>"Poogle Pims"

This one gets me every time

Anyways again, thank you
that hurt

Oh shit son, the Drill Sargent ain't gunna be happy with this one.
It was ok, but I think the whole concept you were trying to work with, and the way you were going about it with flashbacks and all, is not appropriate to this venue of authorship.
Sweet Apple Acres is bought out by Starfruit Corp.. She doesn't close the farms, she now owns all the farmland in Equestria. She starved, now she owns all the food. She had no home, now she can have whatever she wants. And Anon got to introduce corporate systems to Equestria
File: youcantstopit.gif (19 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 720x540

Grim. Truly grim.

Lauds where lauds are due.

This can't end. Describe the cuddling.
Im back, had to charge laptop

>Me and homeless mare walk down path towards camp. Rain starts pouring.
>Good thing i have my handy-dandy pocket umbrella in my pack.
>I put her sign in my pack so she didn't have to carry it in her mouth.
"By The way names Anon."
"Morning Dew." she chuckles to herself" "Fits doesn't it?"
>The fuck does she mean? Man i'm high right now.
"So what happened to ya Morning?"
>If she had a smile, it died as she spoke.
"I'd rather not talk about it."
"That bad huh? Well can't say I blame ya. I wasn't much for talkin when i became homeless. But that was years ago."
>Takes another toke. I wonder if she smokes?
"So, where are you from, exactly?" Her smile came back. "You don't look like your from around here" She said.
>My kind of girl. Er, mare. Yeah.
I smile. "I come from a faraway place. A place where apple pie is plentiful, and there are white picket fences to keep out the mexicans who take our jobs. They call it, America."
>I miss American dad.
"Sounds nice, I guess. Why did you have to leave Amehdica?"
>Bullshit time. Think fast!
"Because there were no ponies there. And truth be told, I like ponies far bette r than us humans."
>Start walking off path. Can see large hot pink tent from the distance.
>Hey man that shit was on sale from goodwill, fuck the color.
"Is that it up ahead?" Her eyes widened. "Thats awfully close to the Everfree forest."
"They don't bother me here. I leave em some of my table scraps and they take it and run off."
>Lock eyes. She still looks scared. Damn those eyes are gorgeous though.
"I-I don't know about this. Sleeping outside is one thing, but sleeping next to the Everfree? There are all kinds of scary monsters in there-"
"Who have alot of better things to do than fuck with a Homeless Man."
>kneed down in the rainsoaked grass. About eye-level with Morning.
"Everythings gonna be fine. I'm the homeless expert here." That earned a slight chuckle. "I've been out here for almost a year and absolutely nothing has happened to me. Besides, any self-respecting monster isn't gonna be caught dead anywhere near that frilly ass tent."
>She shuffles her hooves while looking at the ground. Even with Rainbow Dash pissing on us from the clouds above, the scene in front of me is just perfect.
>Morning dew. Huh it does kinda fit.
>She gazes back at me with those adorable blue eyes again.
"Are you sure I'll be safe? Give me your word! Say it!"
>Well that perfect image just got fucked in half.
>take last puff of my joint before putting it out and stowing it.
>Blows it in her face. She starts to cough. Whoops.
"I swear I will keep you safe, if it's the last thing i do."
>Well that was corny. Hell it seemed to pay off.
>She gives me a hug. An awkward, out of place, almost out of a movie hug.
>She breaks the embrace and covers her nose.
"Wow you stink."
"Well fine then." I said standing up. "I guess ill have to get a rain bath. Been needin one of those for awhile."
>we finally get to camp.
Why would I help a homeless human?

>No hooves.
Fuck is everyone gone? Ill keep going though. Hope thread doesn't 404 on me.
I'm still reading it. Keep going.
Confirmed for lurking.

Almost tempted to start writefagging myself. Almost.
Am I the only one who wants a story about anon (Or another pony) paying her to fuck without actually helping her?

>inb4 edgy faggot
>Show her around. Camp has pink tent, large tarp awning held up by some trees, camp fire, and knee high table. Fuck im creative.
>puts down umbrella and backpack. Proceeds to strip.
>Morning staring me down as I unclothe myself.
"Like what you see?"
>She turns away, embarassed.
>Think fast.
"Sorry. I get stupid when im high."
"No its ok. I was just wondering how a homeless human can still afford to buy clothes."
>Stripped down to boxer-breifs.
"Well where i come from people fucking throw clothes at you if your if your naked. Its kinda the norm."
>Naked now. Dick hanging low.
>takes soup and wash rag from pack.
"Hey where are those sandwhiches you mentioned?"
>She seems alot more comfortable speaking now.
"In here" I say.
>Reaches in pack. Gives her doggy bag of dandelion sandwhiches. She wolfs them down while i shower.
>Notice Morning cant her eyes off me.
>Well I am as different as they get.
>Alright Weed. It's in your hands now.
>Have I failed you yet brother?
>Goes back under awning. Dries off with towel
>She continues to stare. Almost smiling to herself.
>All is clear. I know what must be done.
>My swag is strong. My cause is just. And my weedbag is very very large.
I appreciate the other stories, but I was hoping for at least one of these as well. And I would like the story to explore her lack of dignity and how pathetic she thinks she is as she tries to maintain her composure and hold the tears back at what and who she is.

Such a story is not edgy, because edgy is for the sake of edgy, while this is for the sake of feels and fetish.
Sorry i personally can't deliver in the feels department. I'm too light-hearted to take it to that level of feels.
No worries. As an actual homeless guy, I'd think you'd almost have to be light-hearted to cope with or appreciate the lifestyle.
Grammatical ambiguity. I'm not homeless. Intent was
*With your being an actual homeless guy, I'd think you'd...
It's mostly the weed, I think.
And thus your life-attitude is both the cause of and (temporary) solution to your problems.
File: N.png (1 MB, 896x836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 896x836
To clarify: I'm not the Homeless Faggot.
Well I cant say it doesn't help. Always wanted to try shrooms though.
Who is this pony in the pic, anyway? Does she have a "official" name?
>Me sit at table. Grab my bag and rolling papers.
"Say Morning, have you ever smoked herb?"
>She mercilessly devours her last sandwhich victim. A piece of dandelion caught on her lip.
"Never heard of it."
"Its what i've been smoking since we met. You should try it. It's wicked fun."
>I miss harry potter too. Now that i think of it she kinda looks like Hermoine.
>Boner reacts to this statement.
>Table has saved me this time.
"Huh. Well im open to new things i guess. It smelled kinda good when you impolitely blew it in my face."
>my bad
"It's worth a try. I promise it will make you forget about being homeless for a bit."
>she looks away and scoffs.
"Well that would be a relief. Can it make me forget my ex too?"
>Finish rolling joint.
"Honey with enough herb it can do whatever you want it to do."
>Fuck you i like that ghostbuster. Too bad I cant remember his name.
"Hmm. Let me scoot over next to you so i can hold it."
>She complies. This is going perfectly.
>Sit next to her. Feel her fur touching my bare skin.
>Lights joint. Give Morning a brief demonstration
"Breath in" Exhales "Breath out."
>Holds joint to her mouth. She takes a good hit.
"Hold it."
>Coughs like a bitch
"That burns."
"If you ain't choking you aint toking. Again."
>She quickly gets the hang of it. Morning starts smiling like a newly born stoner.
Hl3 confirmed
I forgot.

Quite a few folks on 4chan had a bad trip or a brush with homlessness at some point.

Them feels.

in a ideal world, you would try, if it wasn't so hard to feed yourself.

>Matriarchy Equestrian
>Oceans of females, no males
>No real colt would pick up trash off the street like that
>She winds up having to do awful, hideously debasing homosexual acts on a regular basis
>You're the only chance she has at a regular straight fuck
>But she can't afford to cut you a deal at all
>Even then
>On the walk back to the motel she's as bright and perky as you've ever seen her
I like these feels.
>Rain keeps pounding the fuck out of my tarp.
>Me and Morning Dew smoke five joints back to back.
>Shes smiling, rocking back at forth, giggling at my random ass jokes.
>We're both cuddling, warming each other up. Me loving the way her soft fur feels against me.
>Boner reappears! WITH A VENGEANCE.
>In midst of her swaying, her hoof grazes the top of its head.
>Her eyes lock on to my boner.
>Can't hide it now.
"Well I can see your happy." She laughs a bit.
"Why yes, yes I am." I say somewhat seductively.
>Is this happening? Can it happen?
>Is my body truly ready?
>The weed bag speaketh
>I can only show you the door, brother. You are the one who has to walk through it.
>I understand.
"Well I don't know about you, but i do need to get some sleep tonight" She gets up, much to my dismay.
"I'll be in there in a minute. Theirs a fresh blanket in the corner we can snuggle up in."
>The look on her face says that's not the only thing that will happen.
>She slides in the frilly pink tent. I clean up my table.

Now i have a question to ask you anon. To clop or not to clop?
Where do you think you are, Faggot?
I am curious as to how you would continue this without clop.
Spooning and making out?
I shall do my best anon. For great justice.
File: 1399874925739.png (79 KB, 219x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 219x221
yeah i'm a little creeped out frankly.
Battery don't fail me now!

>Me go inside tent. Stuff. Everywhere.
>Morning Dew is snuggled up in the corner, playfully hiding in the blankets, peeking at me.
>DEM EYES. They pierce into my very soul.
>I scoot next to her. She lifts the covers and invites me in. I oblige.
>She wraps her hooves around me as I wrap myself around her warm body.
"Do you really like ponies, anon?" she cooes. Faces only an inch apart.
"Why yes madam i certainly do"
>She smiles. Her legs cluch my dick between them, slowly grinding me.
>Shit that feels too good.
"I'm starting to like you too."
>My hand runs through her choclatey mane. I am ready for the task at hand.
>Thunder roars as i speak.
"Theres more to like where that came from."
>Thats the best i can fucking do?
>Her hoof guides my lips to hers.
>makeout ensues.
>hands and hooves run wild as makeout intensifies. Our bodies grind against each other. Her breath is hot and heavy and her tongue still tastes of dandelions.
>I run my free hand down the small of her back, pushing her even closer into me. She in turn rubs her hooves all along my side, eventually leading down south.
>I break the embrace. Her eyes open, almost wondering if she did something wrong.
>I smile and slide down towards her legs. Gently pushing her onto her back, I look up to see her eyes widen as my head is merely inches away from her pussy.
>One lick of her clit sends a jolt of pleasure throughout her body, eliciting a small moan.
>I dig into her moist vulva, noting the taste as almost a sweet skin-like taste.
>Morning responds well to the attention im giving her most sensitive area, using her hooves to force my tongue deep into her.
lyra? since when do u writefag?
>It's been five months since you have eaten real food
>it's been five months since you have need to sleep in a small cartoon box
>it's been five months since you have to sell your body to have some bits to buy some food
>it's been five long months since you has been living in the cold streets
>your stomach growls snapping you back to reality
>you see a shadow hovering over you and the cartoon box
>you get your head out to have a better look of your new 'client'
>standing over your 'house' there is a creature you have never seen before
>the creature seems to be like a minotaur, only a little bit bigger, without fur, except on his face and over his head, and without tail, it's only wearing a pair of boots and a skirt
>the creature seems to be looking at you confused
>it then bend down and grab you, bringing you to meet its eyes
>it eyed you up and down, frowning form time to time
>it then look at your sign and frown again
"Uhm..", you said confused
>it nods and put you under its arm and beging to walk towards the Everfree forest
"W-wait.. what are you doing?", you ask hysterical
>it doesn't answer he keeps walking
>but then it stop and look at you
>it stroke his beard and changes its direction towards the town
>you raise an eyebrow in confusion
>it keeps walking until a fat unicorn with a saddle bag stand in its path
>"Mister Anonymous, what an unpleasant surprise", he said with a smirk
>oh, so 'it' is a 'he' and is called 'Anonymous', what a weird name
>Anonymous just grunt in respond to the fat unicorn
>"How are you?, I hope 'horrible' be your answer", the unicorn mock, "You know? it has been sometime since the last time we meet"
>Anonymous roll his eyes and sigh
>"The last time I try to kill, I didn't have idea that you were immune to magic", the unicorn said and pull from his saddle a small bottle with purple water in it,"So this time I'm going to try something different", he said smiling evilly, he throws the bottle to Anonymous, breaking on impact with his chest
almost exact same situation happened to my sister and mother. guy chased after them after they dropped him a freshly bought/untouched sandwhich to full on yell at them about how they shoulda given him $5 instead.

beggers are there for a reason. mental illness or such a massively lazy piece of shit it may as well be a mental illness.
Dammit it would take me this long to remember this http://youtu.be/QYXKaAzEJrk also read the about section if your interested in the video
i think i lurb you anon
>I start to finger her sweet pussy while giving her clit some more attention. Her moans are much more pronounced.
>her back is arching more and more and her walls contract around my fingers. Is she about to cum already?
>I lock my mouth onto her swollen clit, sucking it while fingerbanging her furiously.
>What was once moaning now turned into screams of pleasure.
"Ohhhh! Ohh Yes! YES!"
>Yes indeed.
>Her legs wrap around my head as a gush of marecum flows straight into my mouth. I keep licking and sucking her as she rides her orgasm.
>Mornings legs start to spasm out and lose their grip on my head. The large number of comforters supporting us is being gripped towards her body by her hooves.
>I let her sit there for a moment, admiring my handywork.
"Wow." She said between breaths. "So thats what it feels like to be eatin out."
>I laugh quietly to myself. Never been eaten out before huh? Well that explains why she came so quickly.
>I wipe my mouth of remaining mare cum and slide myself back up to eye level.
>She gives me a congratulatory kiss.
"Would you like a second serving?" I said. My Boner has reached maximum potential.
>She takes a few more breaths.
"Oh please, be my guest."

Ok time to charge. Be back soon.
>Take Anon's twenty bits
>Get in the lake about neck deep
>Rear up to hind hooves
>Look him in the eye
>Say "I'll be back" with a griffish accent
>Slowly sink into water
>Gradually my hoof is the last thing to go
>Stay under as long as l can
>Pop up
>There's tears in his eyes
>Last week he asked me lot of questions about Prench sandwiches
>Celestial only knows what next will will bring
>The human drops a sack to the ground
>Hundreds of shiny, golden bits spill out onto the cold, hard pavement
>You look up at him with fear in your eyes
>Surely, with this many bits, he plans to humiliate you, h-hurt you, break you...
>But with so much money, you could afford to eat for several months, have a decent roof over your head, maybe someplace nice and warm to sleep
>And as his grin reflects his pearly whites off your moistened eyes, you relinquish any will you had left
>For you remind yourself
>You're already broken
>he gently picks her up and cradles her in his arms
>returns home and sets her down on the couch, then wraps her up in a handful of warm, fuzzy blankets
>goes into the kitchen and comes back with a cup of hot chocolate
Practically every day for two years, this is how she greeted you: her best, most loyal customer, and you'd say, a good friend. Heck, she even asked if something had happened if you skipped your mandatory daily visit...
But after saying these words absentmindedly, the mare's expression shows what you can only describe as a horrible realization, as she remembers what her situation is
"This is sick. I'm going to give you a meal, a bubble bath, a place to stay, and as much help as I can to get your life back on track, come on"
A look of confusion and what you would say is shame draws on the mare's face as you try, against her squirming, to pull her out of the box she's in to dry her with the towel you brought. You're sure she regrets you seeing her like this, and wishes you couldn't read the sign she put
"You're coming to live at my house, you can't live like this Demi, now stop struggling please". Your indignant tone sounds demanding, threatening even. You can't believe that she had to resort to this, that she lost what little she had: her deli store, way of life and house, the few things she kept of what she called a family...all gone
She repeats, this time in a tone that carries a desperate, but clear message: "please let this be true, please, don't be a dream". Her struggle now replaced by a slight tension spreading through her whole body, expectant to your response yet again
"You heard me, you're coming over to my house, I can't see you like this, let's go"
In a split second, the mare goes from sitting to a tight hug, squeezing you with that prodigious earth pony strength. A big smile that warms your heart, and tears that shine with joy spread across her face
>Thank you, thank you! I'm so happy anon, thank you so much, you don't know what this means to me, thank you
"My pleasure. Now let's get you something to eat. And later, we'll wash that beautiful mane of yours. How does that sound?" You say, reciprocating the hug
>Sounds wonderful

>guess where the mug wound up
The kitchen sink along with the rest of the dirty dishes?

>Anon's "usual" is his fantasy of rescuing a hooker
>She's pretty good at acting her part by now, she's been rescued nearly thirty times
Then after he finished the dishes he picked her up and tucked her in to bed for the night. He always knew that guest room would come in handy.
Caramel, is that you? What are you doing out here? Why didn't you come to me sooner?
Please, you can stay at my place as long as you need to, free of charge
Why the shit did Anon wait two years?
Maybe anon wasn't far off from her situation and couldn't help
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