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Toku shows that aired in your country- the list!
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What shows did air in your country by list? Note that this excludes Power Rangers because it has already aired, well everywhere but the Koreas (North don't air it for reasons, the South went up to Wild Force), as well as other Saban works and Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. Let's begin!

* marks Pay TV channel airing
** marks both Terrestrial and Pay TV airing
No asterisk marks as Terrestrial airing

My country (The Philippines) got:
Super Sentai- Gorenger, JAKQ, Goggle Five, Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman, Jetman
Kamen Rider- BLACK, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade**, Hibiki, Kabuto*, OOO
Metal Heroes- Gavan, Shaider, Jiban, Solbrain, Janperson
Ultraman- Ace, Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Cosmos*, Nexus**, Max**, Mebius*, Zero's movies*
Other heroes- Koseidon, Machineman, Chouseishin Trilogy**, Ryukendo*

*: Kabuto aired on CN, Cosmos, Mebius and movies that have Ultraman Zero aired on Hero, Ryukendo aired thrice on CN, Hero and Disney Channel
**: Blade aired on CN, GMA and TV5, Nexus aired on GMA and Hero, Max aired on ABS-CBN, Hero and CN, Chouseishin Trilogy aired on CN, Hero and GMA (excluding Sazer X, only aired on CN and Hero but not on GMA)

So which countries also aired toku? If you can remember which ones aired in your place feel free to compile.
bump for interest.
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Brazilian here.

METAL HEROES (open tv):
- Juspion (Manchete/Record/CNT/Rede Brasil) + HQs + DVD.
- Spielban (Manchete) + HQs.
- Jiban (Manchete/Rede Brasil) + DVD.
- Jiraiya (Manchete/Rede TV/NGT/Rede Brasil) + DVD.
- Metalder (Bandeirantes).
- Machine Man (Bandeirantes/Record/NGT).
- Sharivan (Bandeirantes/Record).
- Gaban (Globo/Gazeta).
- Bicrossers (Globo/Gazeta).
- Shaider (TV Gazeta/Globo).
- Winspector (Manchete).
- Solbrain (Manchete).
- Ryukendo (Rede TV!).

SUPER SENTAI (open tv):
- Changeman (Manchete/Record/CNT/Rede Brasil) + HQs + DVD.
- Flashman (Manchete/Record/CNT/Rede Brasil) + DVD.
- Goggle V (Bandeirantes/Record).
- Maskman (Manchete/Rede TV).
- Cybercops (Manchete/CNT) + DVD.

ULTRAMAN (open tv):
- Ultraman (Bandeirantes/Tupi/TVS/Manchete/Rede Brasil).
- Ultraseven (Tupi/Record).
- Ultraman Jack (Tupi/TVS).
- Ultraman Tiga (Record).

KAMEN RIDER (open tv):
- Kamen Rider Black (Manchete) - DVD.
- Kamen Rider Black RX (Manchete) - DVD.

OTHERS (open tv):
- National Kid (Globo/Record/Manchete).
- Magma Taishi (Bandeirantes/Tupi/Record).
- Ultra Q (Bandeirantes).
- Kaiju Ouji (Bandeirantes/Record).
- Kousoku Esper (Gazeta/TV Globo).
- Giant Robot (Tupi/Record).
- Spectreman (Record/TVS) + HQs.
- Lion Man [orange] (Manchete).
- Lion Man [white] (Manchete).
- Patrine (Manchete).

POWER RANGERS (open tv and pay tv):
- Season 1 to Season 5 (Globo).
- Season 6 to actual season (Fox Kids, Jetix, Disney, Nickelodeon).
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Forgot the terrible VR Troopers (Globo).
Man, that shit was an heresy...
That's Saban, dude
Cool to see another brazilian :)
I've never really watched much tv. But I know that Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Genseishin Justirisers aired here.
Agreed on Justiriser. It was on GMA.

Although, on a technicality, Dragon Knight (aired on 9/Solar) may not be counted seeing it's an adaptation along the lines of Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad.

I guess, we could count Tattooed Teenage Alien FIghters (aired on ABC5) and Mystic Knights of Tir na Nog (aired on ABS-CBN) seeing they're original works.

>Kamen Rider
Ah, the "Rider Change". The localized transformation catchphrase of Masked Riders (Decade and prior series) to the point that even Hibiki says it even when not in the original.

Kabuto wasn't dubbed locally so it didn't inherit it while OOO went full weaboo (could tolerate "Henshin" but Ankh getting nicknamed "Anko" out of nowhere and inconsistent naming for Ooze/Oz/Ows gets to me).
I like 'rider change'. 'Transform' is awkward and boring and 'henshin' translates just as well to 'change'.
Some stuff you missed about the Philippines:
Ultraman (the original) also aired on ABS-CBN for a while during the 90s I think. They also had Fireman (called "Magmaman" here).
Way back in the 70s before the anime and toku ban, they also aired Kyodain here.
I try to list what I remember for Singapore

KR (all english dubbed and broadcasted on free-to-air TV channels) :

Misc (all English dubbed I think and are broadcasted on free-to-air TV channels):

It's not a complete list because I may have missed out on certain shows
-Super Sentai: Jetman
-Kamen Rider: Black, RX, Super-1, Kuuga, Ryuki, Faiz, Kabuto, Den-O and Kiva
-Ultraman: dunno lol
-Metal Hero: Winspector, Gavan

maybe other Indonfags can fill in the gaps.

also our country seems to be a dumping ground for unsold Toku toys. They sell toys like Kabuto and Den-O stuff. But now we get DX belts that are sold in toystores (jacked up though)
>Ultraman (the original) also aired on ABS-CBN for a while during the 90s I think.

The first Philippine airing of the original Ultraman was in the early 80s.
I'm Hispanic. we pretty much got everything with spic subs or dub and aired on channels that don't even exist anymore.

Wasn't the one on ABS-CBN Ultraman Ace? It's been years.
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From what I remember (guess the country) :



Message from Space
Ultraman 80
I feel like an asshole, but Machine Man, Bicrossers and Ryukendo AREN'T Metal Heroes. And Cybercops isn't a Sentai either.
We had Kyodain here?! Which channel was it? Also hanks for pointing it out that we aired the 1st Ultraman, because I only remember Ace, not the 1st one, as a kid.

Yup it was Ace. I still remember that the Ultras there keep getting injured or something (including the "They got crucified" thing) and every episode ends on a bad note.

You forgot Goggle Five. I hard from a "Super Sentai History" video that Goggle Five was popular there that it had its own stage show in Jakarta of all places.
i guess, at some point, back in the 80s, Dynaman played here in the USA. It was Dynaman, but dubbed in the typical jew-ban fashion.

But im not sure if that counts.
The only toku show that I know has aired in my country (Argentina) is Ultraseven, since my dad has talked to me about it quite a bit. I haven't found evidence of any other toku show being aired here.
I do know that other Hispanic American countries got series like Flashman, Liveman and Jiban.
>tfw Britbong
>tfw they got all the good shit just across the channel while we've only ever had Power Rangers
Feels bad, man.
I know it. Just trying to make a full list (including saban shit).
Its not a rule because of the authors and studios involved. But, in general, they can be classified as metal heroes because it is not a term exclusive for Toei shows. Cybercops is a group\sentai since episode 0.
Mexican here pls no hate ;_;
As far as I remember Masked Rider aired here and some years ago also aired Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (didn't managed to finish it at the time)
I think VRtroopers and Bettleborgs also aired on Foxkids
Also for toku movies I don't know if here as aired some of the godzilla movies and Ultraman, maybe fellow anon can confirm?
You got X-Bomber/Starfleet right?
My dad once saw me watching Ultraman and said he watched something like that but couldnt pinpoint which.
According to this (http://archivo-de-comics.blogspot.com.ar/2013/02/ultraman-vs-el-monstruo-verde.html), the original aired on Telefe. Doblajewiki has no info on Ultraman or Ultraseven being here though.
Aside from that I dont know if something else aired in choriland.

Also, not Argentina but I recently found out that the first half of Kuuga aired on Chile dubbed.
They also had the original Ultraman, aside from Ultraman Ace.

I think Kyodain was aired on RPN-9. Also, like I said, this was way back in the 70s before the anime-and-toku ban on Philippine TV.

Nothing. Even when it came to Power Rangers, only a handful of those shows ever made it here.
Oh right! I forgot about Starfleet! In the Philippines it aired on Channel 27, but I can't remember if the English voices were American or British.
UK-ish territories got Monkey, too
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perfect jiban.jpg
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Dudes, these are really sad posts... 100% of my childhood in front of tv was consumed with sentais and, specially, metal heroes. E-v-e-r-y f-u-c-k-i-n-g d-a-y.
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Mexico got some oldschool shows like Tetsujin 28, Mazinger and Giant Robot, man.


Del Toro senpai approved.
>Tetsujin 28, Mazinger and Giant Robot, man.
Um the post is about just Toku heroes that aired in your country. I mean, >>13834205 is not even toku at all.
>I mean, >>13834205 is not even toku at all.
Are you sure you're thinking of the right show?
Nah, Monkey is tokusatsu as fuck.
The US got Ultraman and I think Ultraseven thanks to Ted Turner.

Hawaii got Kikaider, Kikaider 01, and V3
Battle Fever J definitely aired in Hawaii. I think Goranger and some others might have too, but we only have lasting evidence of BFJ.
Space Giants, Johnny Sokko, Spectreman, shit Dynaman
Also Tiga and a bunch of compilation movies
Goranger definitely aired in Hawaii. My uncle saw it and he's the one who introduced em to toku.
holy shit OOO and hibiki aired in the philippines i didn't know that
The whole Garo series will be released in Brazil through Netflix this year (alongside Ultraseven X). Also, some Ultra series are licensed through Crunchyroll.
there were reruns of Taro on Hawaiian tv a year or two ago iirc
Inazuman aired there too, right?
as far as I understand any of the stuff Generation Kikaida released was a show that was on tv back in the day.
Message From Space was shown in the Philippines on IBC-13. I don't remember if it was a TV series or movie.

Mirai Ninja also aired on IBC-13.
Mirai Ninja? Never heard of that one.
Forgot about Star Fleet as well.

"Mirai Ninja" was a movie; it was also released under the name "Cyber Ninja".
I just love the campy Flip-English dubs of the older toku.

Especially Bioman and Solbrain.

I'm not sure why they don't show Super Sentai here anymore. It's all Power Rangers all the time. Back then it was Fiveman AND Jetman back to back on primetime.

No more Gendums too.
>I'm not sure why they don't show Super Sentai here anymore. It's all Power Rangers all the time.
PR in this region is sponsored by Bandai. It's already in English so they need not dub it.

I guess sales of PR toys were strong enough for them to bring in the Masked Rider franchise, even if they have to dub the show.
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills.

There was also a local production called VR-man starring James Lye
Not much, but this is Malaysia.

Ultraman: All of them

Kamen Rider:
-Black RX
-All Heisei Riders (Except Agito for some reason)

Super Sentai:

Metal Hero:

Here in Spain I remember:
- Bioman (french).
- The original Ultraman and maybe one of sequels, because I remember catching one episode with a human-sized Ultraman inside a house.
- Every Saban thing: Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Masked Rider.
- Garo S1 was released in DVD and apparently aired in some Pay TV channel.
- Some Godzilla.
Dubs or spanish subs?
Everything shown on TV here is dubbed.
>- Every Saban thing: Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Masked Rider.
Did you not read the OP?
That's why they've never released Inazuman Flash, right? The continuation series wasn't aired there.
More likely that the economy imploded and the DVD market tanked. BCI cancelled their Silver Mask release at the same time.

Not him, but an update because some toku shows were not listed in his post.

Super Sentai:

Rescue Force
Rescue Fire

Almost forgot, we were also producing Ryujin Juwara, the first Malaysian adaptation of Japanese toku series based on Ryujin Mabuyer which had aired on January 2014.
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Nice to see another country who got Cybercops.
>that chroma key explosion and close-up
That show must be quite a trip to watch, isn't it.
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toei x toho.jpg
75 KB, 1200x480
If you turn off your brain, it's ok to watch. By the way, it's a very good show.

Trying to be fair: Toei have better effects. No doubt about it. However, Cybercops tried to innovate more. Example: Toei put 2 guys fighting inside that old quarry and add some lasers/beams, recording it with regular 35mm cameras. Result: simple and nice effects, but not original. Toho put 2 guys inside a full chroma studio and add tons of effects mixing it with a city diorama, recording it using BetaCAM. Result: complicated and pretty artificial visual, but more original.

In general, Toei have a better visual quality, but Toho tried to do more different scenarios. If they had more cash, the result could be fantastic in 1988.
But then again, Tsuburaya did a bit better in the 90's because of D-2. Ever wonder why the video quality of Gridman, Tiga, Dyna and Gaia were greater than Toei's works during that decade? As if they didn't age!
Malaysian here too. I still get a boner hearing the Gaban theme song: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ny1qsKUBqgM
Ultraman: Pretty much all tv-series heisei Ultraman up to Mebius. Funny enough, people remembered Kamen Rider more here.

Also I think Megaloman aired in Indonesia too. My mother used to watch it.
Problem with Tsuburaya is they don't advance from the 90s.
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