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Orguss Thread
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>Cute Emaan Girls Doing Cute Girl Things
Just got back into watching anime again after a 2 year break. Was halfway through Orguss then when my life went to hell and I quit doing anything fun for a long time after. I even quit posting here on /m/ so I'm sure you must have noticed the posting quality go up in my absence!

First off I actually liked this show despite the flaws and my long break away. Animation sucked for the fights but they did get better in the second half (like all /m/ shows). Tons of recycled footage everywhere but the animation and quality was fine outside of the fights. I did like how the fights get pretty large scale later on when the Emaan fleet joins the main ship on it's journey to the orbital elevator (Can Gundam 00 do anything original?) and the later subsequent teamup with the Chilam to fight the Mu. The show is actually ambitious for what it is and I feel if they had just had more budget or at least better allocated the budget away to something that wasn't cute girls, cute robots, cute robot girls, and cute dragons doing cute things we might have at least gotten some cute mechs doing cute things.

Speaking of the girls, robots, and dragons. I really liked how much attention they put into the characters outside of the mechs in terms of designs. Tai (QQ) and Jabby felt like and looked like Shining Force characters which I really enjoyed. Who was this show designed for? They spent a shit ton of time making the girls cute and put in quite a bit of fanservice and even some soft nudity on the cute emaan girls. There is not a single uncute girl in the entire cast. It's like a reverse SDF Macross where the QUALITY is in the mech fights and instead of Itano circuses we just get DYRL Minmay/Misa closeups but for every girl. I'm surprised /a/ doesn't waifufag this show since it is pretty much the peak of 80s animu grills.

>continued in next post
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Plots ok could have been better. Melodramatic at points and better in the second half but meanders throughout and takes a while to tell you what's going on. I enjoyed it still just cause it's weird for an /m/ show and not really Gundam. There is a little politicking which I appreciated from Chilam and their President later on but it doesn't amount to much. Most of the show is just about these characters, the world around them, and their journey and then Kei and Olson going to sacrifice themselves to save this world. Typical stuff but weird enough in flavor to be enjoyable. Speaking of weird the whole show is pretty weird in terms of music selection and other things like the Emaan's being gypsies. It's a different take on the mech genre and I liked it but I also find the more fantasy aspects of mecha to be really underrepresented and whilst this was by no means a fantasy it felt enough like one with Jabby and Tai and all the different worlds combining onto a single planet that I feel the need to classify Orguss as decently fantasy.

The mech designs were ugly to ok. The ships were pretty nice and unique and I liked the Emaan and Mu designs the most. Some of the chilam stuff was really hit or miss. The Orguss units in general look nice enough. The emaan typically used lots of hover units which were neat to see, whilst the Chilam was more of a real robot modern military sort but with lasers, and then the Mu was an army of genocidal infantry robots with teleporters to blitzkreig their enemies. The Mu don't really pop up till later in the show but when they do they make the show pretty good for the remainder of it but once you get to the Emaan city and fleet things get better and more interesting IMO. Final episodes were pretty good too.

TLDR: Hey Shimille repost that Shaia art you made back in 2012 k thx bye
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Gonna stop dumping for now. Had to retype my opening posts twice just cause 4chan kept saying field was too long whenever I tried to post.
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Looking at this, I'm reminded of R-Type and don't know why.

Nevermind that, how's Orguss 02?
I'm a fan of Orguss as well. It's certainly flawed but it's got this great atmosphere to it.

Also, not Shimille, but I have some of his stuff.
>Nevermind that, how's Orguss 02?
Fucking amazing, or at least, waaaay better and more interesting than the series that preceded it.
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>Emaan's being gypsies.
Yeah, but after all, kokoro wa gypsy.

Man, I miss Casey Rankin ;-; Anyways, I hope life's been treating you better friend anon, wherever you are.
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