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Mobile Suit Gundam Online is a F2P Third...
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Mobile Suit Gundam Online is a F2P Third Person Action Game revolving around 51 vs 51 large scale battles with the a commander on each side, and 6 v 6 arena style combat. This kusoge has currently been operating since December 2012, and while it is in Japanese, what has not been translated by the wiki has English titling underneath the Japanese. There are five types of mobile suit: Assault, Heavy Weapons, Sniper, Support, and Artillery. There are also option modules which you can equip on mobile suits to increase their abilities.

WARNING!: The game is currently in a period of upheaval and problems. Join at your own risk!

Official site: http://msgo.bandainamco-ol.jp/
Note: Due to IP restrictions, a VPN is requried to play, but these are free/dirt cheap.

>Currently recommended VPNs (Mileage will vary greatly depending on your location, don't expect ping of under 100ms unless you're very lucky)

>VPNgate is slow and terrible but can be used to try the game out

>Mudfish is the recommended VPN as it is cheap, you can route specific programs through the VPN, and you are charged per GB of use rather than a monthly fee.

>Japanese Wiki

>English wiki and Getting started (Provided by Korbo, Thank You!):

>Service registration:
Click the blue button and enter your banana ID (if you've made one, otherwise use the orange button and make one).

>Video Setup Tutorial:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fCJ0pxXP58 [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>NEO-GOONSA is where everyone is right now but me!

>Doan's Island has been announced as the next map. News is available here
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Population of Shangri-La & Fransesca
The Week of July 27th to August 2nd

Date Pop Avg Last
*(27)Sun: 09065[09509] 10110*
*(28)Mon: 09495[09509] 09834*
*(29)Tue: 10330[09509] 10522*
*(30)Wed: 09437[09509] 09589*
*(03)Thu: 09326[09509] 09972*
*(01)Fri: 08994[09509] 09721*
*(02)Sat: 09377[09509] 09934*
(Avg is the weekly average)

>DX Releases
Federation: Full Armor Gundam (Heavy) [340:400], Pale Rider (Assault) [320:320]
Zeon: Ram Z'gok (Assault) [280:190], High Mobility Gelgoog A Bao Qu Type {Vincent Custom} (Assault) [340:400]

On Wednesday, maintence will occur at 12:00 JST. The following important changes will occur:
1) Modules will no longer increase unit cost in terms of deck cost, but will still increase respawn time
2) Various improvements to player search and blocking
3) There is going to be a simultaneous sortie event! Each fight, depending on how you do, you'll get a certain number of points. As you accumulate certain amouns of points, prizes are unlocked! Once you max normal prizes, you receive a prize upon collecting X number of points.
This random prize in the past has been the following: Silver Blueprint, Gold Blueprint, 30,000 GP, DX Ticket, Mechanic Ticket.

Special units available during this event

Slave Wrath (Assault) [Federation]: Machinegun, Beam Sabre, Bazooka, Missile Launcher, Gold Blueprint Weapon: Chest Multi-Launcher (Flare)
Zaku II High Mobility Ground Type (Heavy) [Zeon]: Heat Hawk, 180mm Cannon, Giant Bazooka, Charge Giant Bazooka, Gold Blueprint Weapon: Fighting Program

Fighting Program seems to be another boring Tackle
Chest Multi-Launcher seems to be Dom Flash.

It seems a bit unfair that Federation get's Dom Flash, but remember that the Zaku II HMT gets the Type 2 Bazooka/Charge Bazooka and will likely have the same CBz as the Cold Weather Dom, Efreet Schneid, and Zaku II High Mobility type (3S). That also means a potential 10K normal BZ.)
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Slave Wrath is going to be an GM Ground type (Assault Equipment) with stats btween it and a Ground Type Gundam,. Zaku II HMG is going to be a Zaku II HM (3S) upgraded in a similar manner. You can look at both units and see roughly what you'll be getting. It gives the Federation unit a free BZ+Cannon with a side of Dom Flash. Zeon gets a Giant BZ and CBZ user, which seems to be giving them a free 10K BZ user. It depends on which you view as stronger.
(A CBR user would have been a better choice. Zeon is getting nothing it doesn't have. Federation is getting a very useful unit)
(New management is Pro-Federation/Anti-zeon, Old Management is said to be the reverse but less blatant about it)

Past units were the GM Cannon (Wolf Type) and Dozle Zaku.

GM Cannon {Wolf Type} (Assault) [300:250]
Parent unit: GM Cannon SML
-CBZ switched for CBR
-Overall stats improved

You'll know this if you're Zeon because it's probably annihilated you a few times. It's a black and white colour schemed GM cannon with a type 2 Charge Beam Rifle, Type 2 Beam rifle, Beam Shotgun, and built in BZ/Howitzer.

Dozle Zaku {Dozle Type!} [300:250] (Assault)

Parent unit: Zaku IIS (Loses Missiles, Cracker, and 180mm)
- Not FAST like Char, but higher HP and Loading.
- +10% AoE on BZ, +5% weight
- +10% damage on Machinegun, -20 Accuracy
- Unique Heat Hawk Melee
- Unique Fighting Program Melee

This is one of those units that has the potential to be good, but is ruined because everything in the metagame has it. It's a Zaku II S customized for close combat, with excellent melee, and a BZ/MG tuned to back up the melee. Unfortunatly, it has 12 slots of machinegun and 6 slots of melee, 3 BZ. Meta only likes BZ, so.

History repeats? Or does the Giant BZ make the unit?
How many Embed's does that youtube link need?
>current managment is anti-zeon

well semblance of balance is gone, feddies will get more shit, GOOD shit while zeon gets scraps

only hope is to rally support for stuff like the GG gyan line just to pad out what we have to use
Currently thinking of re-building my deck with a plain GM, GM Cannon, GM Trainer and GM Heavy purely to see how well I could do with such basic suits. They do have the advantage of being good suicide units though, low time means fast respawns and low costs mean I don't drag the team down when I do die.
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>feddies will get more shit, GOOD shit while zeon gets scraps
I thought this was the implicit arrangement all Zeon pilots made. You should be pleased that it's canon-accurate.
Let's not get angry at the Federation for the problems that management has created. They suffered quite a bit during the period before the period before shields and explosives got their balance fix. Zeon had easy access to 10K+ CBZ F and 6K+ Magella Tank Cannon F with Rocket Shooter Zaku II F/J/F2, and Sturmfaust through F2, High Gelg, and Zoggok among others. And 10K BZ Tropen and 8.5K BZ+Missiles Marin-Chan/10K CBZ+Missiles Desert Zaku. We were basically stomping them with cruel vengeance until the Gundam got Super Napalm and they fixed Shotguns and Shields along with balance issues. We had a period of evenness, and now the GLA/Alex/FA gundam is making our lives terrible. But we should not forget that both sides suffer when management favors one side because the game is best when balanced evenly. Then you have good opponents and good battles.
File: MS-06G collage2.jpg (4 MB, 4624x2312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
MS-06G collage2.jpg
4 MB, 4624x2312
Cockpit and first introduction. It has the same cockpit as the R-1A and other High Mobility Types
File: MS-06G collage.jpg (4 MB, 3656x3056) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
MS-06G collage.jpg
4 MB, 3656x3056
I made these tasteful collages for my friends in Zeon to keep their spirits up in these dark times. It is quite literally almost all relevant information on the MS-06G I could find anywhere. Keep hope and love your Zaku~


For detailed information on the Zaku, the Zaku II High Mobility, and it's weapons.

(Wrong Version)

I literally deleted borders on the individual parts to get it down to 4 MB. Both landed literally at the exact 4.00 MB mark. Sorry for reposts, I realized I'd cut something off.
know what I don't get

there is a ZMG with a underbarrel grenade attachment like the cold districts GM

why didn't we get/have gotten a zaku variant with this yet?
That machinegun is only known to be used by the Zaku II FZ. The grenade attachment is part of the unified maintenance plan and also works with beam rifles. That's how Vincent's Gelgoog has an undercarriage grenade launcher. So it's basically only going to show up when they launch the FZ.

I want a Zaku II S or Zaku II High Mobility equipped with this baby. It'd basically be a machine gun that could switch to heat hawk melee instantly as if the weapon were fixed/built-in (which it is!). I've always loved the Zaku machinegun and heat hawk on the basis of them being the classic zaku weapons, and this is my favourite upgrade of the two.
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In-universe, I thought that was the F2, not the FZ. I can't find anything that says the FZ type's machine gun has a grenade launcher, while the F2 has an option of either the 120mm and 90mm machine gun with a under barrel grenade launcher.

Yes, the F2 does carry the same type of 90mm machine gun as the FZ, but only the F2 is shown to have a grenade launcher attachment.
That must be something specific to the HG model.
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Due to a bug involving Mobile Suits becoming buried inside objects, Belfast has been removed.
Swimming club has had their pool closed due to a bug.
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got carried away playing in a bronze rank match, and now i'm back to hell
File: 1310163382609.jpg (75 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Come on Bandai Namco. The water is the only place zeon has a chance right now let us play in the pool ;_;
Thank god. I hate Belfast. It's got to be the least balanced map in the game. It's close to impossible to assault the feddie base while the feddies can waltz right into Zeon. Whats that? the feddies used Kai to dropship onto the zeon base roof that zeon has no access to? gg
File: 45096635_p4.jpg (224 KB, 825x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
224 KB, 825x600

I didn't want to swim anyways! It's not like any aquatic units can match the GLA in range.
wouldn't mind that, but the charge would have to be a stabbing motion

we have generic pilot in a komusai, but the commander never really uses it, not to mention it has no weapons so it turns into a big ugly free point machine, meanwhile the gun perry shits rockets

if feddiesw want to really win just strap gary and chris to the gun perry, have chris only use inner gatling and just have gary be gary

zeon can then promptly enjoy dying upon spawn invincibility wearing off
Is there a reason I'm not getting healed? I keep asking supports for heal but they rush off to the front lines. I see this happen mostly on bronze matches
because at lower levels they treat the mechanic as a cheap assault suit with a low respawn time
In fairness they could be out of ammo, I know the R-type healing tool can go dry quite quickly.

That said, it is a dick move when people take the GM Ground Type and ditch everything support-based and go full on bazookas and machine guns.
PSA; Japanese players don't -always- know better than you. I was carrying the bomb as a GM trainer when a friendly GLA repeatedly shoots me, I presume he wants to carry it instead. "Fair enough, he's got twice my maximum armour, a shield and is much faster" I think, so I drop it. He picks it up and proceeds to boost in a straight line towards the enemy base, getting slaughtered by the two dozen Zeon sitting between us and said base, the very Zeon that I was waiting to see if I could skirt around or if they could be broken up for me to dash through.
>carrying the bomb as a GM trainer
but that's almost as useless. you can't really "dash" with that kind of speed.
Which is why I opted to drop it, prior to that the bomb had been spawned but literally nobody was going anywhere near it, so I figured I might as well at least move it to one of the (Definitely safe and defended) capture points for someone like a GLA to take off me. What I didn't expect was for the GLA in question to commit suicide with the bomb.
sometimes the commander has a specific time he wants it delivered or attempted
Huh, fair point. Still doesn't explain why the GLA didn't just hold onto it or even take it back.
what rank you in?

if it was a lower level probably a newbie thinking he could charge right in
Silver/Bronzie match I think, as said I assumed he would be more suitable to bomb carry as he was in a GLA but my face fell when I saw him boost straight into a herd of Zeon.
We dropped to 08597 today. 8K gate has been broken. Let's see if we can get 7K before the V shaped recovery of the event.

I picked this link off 2ch

It basically explains why Bandai is currently a shitty company. Same issue as Square Enix. They merged, stopped making the products that made them famous, wasted a bunch of money trying to appeal to the west with terrible bland high cost "Epics" and then tried to make it back by nickel and diming their Japanese and die hard fans with subpar products that are only getting bought on brand identity.

Apparently there is a divide in quality and outlook between Namco and Bandai employees, and most of the good employees on Namco's side at least have left due to bad practices.
>Be in Bandai Namco office
>"Hey guys, y'know that massively popular mech franchise we have that's adored by millions in the west?"
>Co-workers nod
>"Let's NOT release the awesome online game we have for it, and instead give them a browser based card game"
But the series isn't adored by millions in the west. The One Year War has a very small following among older fans in the west, but it's not particular popular among the newer generations who only know SEED and 00, with their closest concept of the One Year War being some OVA like Unicorn. The only people in the west actively engaging the One Year War are those buying Gundam Origin. And Gundam has no broader appeal. It's just animu shit to the general population, who will continue to see it as such because it is anime shit. We happened to like anime, but the majority of the population isn't that interested in it, especially past their teenage years. So Gundam is never going to be a big mass appealing franchise like it is in Japan, because it's basically Japan's star wars and we've already got our own star wars.

More over. This game isn't particularly popular in Japan where Gundam is a major force and every net cafe has the game installed. It's not unpopular, but it's nowhere near as popular as say DOTA or League of Legends are in the west in it's home country. Bringing it over here where the market is 10x more saturated with online games than Japan, where it's competing against a relatively small pool of local games. Whereas the west has a bajillion online games, and I feel that Bandai-Namco at least realizes the project isn't up to snuff by western standards.

But it's not like they're not localizing the game. As I've said a billion times. A lot of resources and one of the reasons the game is likely being ignored right now, is they're bringing the game over to the ACTUAL MARKET that has million and millions of Gundam fans and almost no competition in terms of serious MMO due to trade laws an ISP locking! China!
Pretty much this, ask any western anime fan what gundam they've seen and the atypical answer is SEED, 00, G or wing

OYW is very niche here in the west, not to mention they would end up probably trying to have a western company handle the localization and we all know how the west handles F2P games, not to mention we probably wouldn't get the events japan does, and a lot of the people already playing MSGO are heavily vested in the JP servers, why start over? outside of making a NA/EU account to pubstomp all the clueless newbies
also for those left in white pig, should join up with SA's group, just merge our remaining factions into one, though last one out has to purge all the inactives from WP so the gorup can really be put down
I'll repeat for those who aren't aware, but they're currently bringing SDGO and MSGO over to China through a Chinese Partner. However, China and Chinese Partners are notorious for troublesome localizations. The gaming falling into such a state during Student Summer Holidays, the busiest time for Japanese MMO, is unlikely without real reasons to justify the financial loss on the investment. They've likely only let the JP server degrade because they're so invested in China that it has priority over balancing the JP server. And I say below, in the long term has a similar effect. This level of attention also means that when the Chinese cause problems (alonside all the normal issues with creating a new client for a new demographic) those problems get addressed before the JP ones. And when those problems are not pragmatic but business ones, the Japanese likely respond just as have with us, by becoming difficult and silent, delaying things.

All the recent updates have been related to client and engine instead of the NEEDED game balance fixes. Logic dictates they're side effects of work on the Chinese client, which are then applied to us. And once the chinese client is done, they'll likely work on fixing the core game and balance for the initial release there. Because they're basically releasing a "New" game in China and so it can't have all the "old" bugs and problems that MSGO does. Just like Client Fixes, the updates apply both ways and our product will improve as well. You can't have same problems and not end up with the same issues. And once the game is released in China, the team can focus their efforts back on the JP server, which is probably their long term focus with China getting second hand updates and support hereafter.

And it seems we're getting closer as shown by Doan's Islan and the Event, and the stated "Second half of 2014" as the Chinese release date. Let's hold our mobile suits in position until they're fucking things up alone.
but SDGO has a chinese playerbase, unless HK is it's own seperate thing, which if it is shows how much they teach you in american schools about geography
It is. Hong Kong is its own thing under the "One China, Two Systems" policy of the Chinese government. Under it, Taiwan and Hong Kong both function as liberal democratic free market capatalist societies because they make China so much damn money in taxes and allow them to make valuable connections with the rest of the world. So basically, they don't walk in and make them follow the rules of Mainland China only because it's beneficial for them to do so. However, they don't necessarily want the mainland Chinese to start moving to Hong Kong or Taiwan and taking on non-communist idealogies or even just not supporting the government, so they keep them fairly segregated with financial, immigration, and travel barriers making it hard for Mainland China to go to either, but easy for the inverse to occur. So they can steal people from both if they want to leave, but not let them have their own dissidents type deal.

It applies to censorship too. Hong Kong and Taiwan lack the harsh censorship of Mainland China, so they have seperate MMO and other game servers because they're not directly controlled by Chinese Government Policy. Whereas this release of SDGO/MSGO is for the mainland chinese and is follows the communist governments policies on business rather than Hong Kong or Taiwan's sub-governments which answer to mainland communist one in many respects but are not entirely beholden to it as I said.
So why is this called kusoge right in the OP? What's the worst aspect of this game? And what's the main draw?
Was the server down earlier? I made an account, updated fine, and got the logging in bar, but it didn't connect.
I dunno, just played for a fair bit of time, and streamed no issues,
if after a trying to log in you get a white flash (and returned to the log-in menu), then it means there's a problem with your VPN. try using different server/node, or restarting mudfish if you're using it.
File: 19060.jpg (149 KB, 882x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 882x593

It seems I was right. The game is entering testing in China and they're showing off demos as per that link. I'm glad I'm on the Japanese server, because having seen Chinese MMO and servers before, they seem to degrade into rich players buying their way to the top and then happily bullying weaker players, who respond by cheating and botting their way to success. If that makes them happy, I hope they get what they want, but I want my high skill ceiling and honorable play.

It's a fun game in terms of gameplay, but it has its share of flaws, and it's run by erratic management that makes questionable decisions. While the game itself is fun, it's forever kusoge because they've done none of the things needed to make it a good game. And plenty of things, such as the imbalance issues right now, to make it a kusoge. But it's the only One Year Was based Gundam MMO, and it will likely be the only one for awhile. Since it's the only way to pilot a mobile suit in large scale battles, you deal with the kusogeness. It's just been getting hard to do even that due to the game being ignored as it plunged into chaos to focus on releasing a chinese versionl.
shoulda asked you earlier, is it worht bothering with the ace act zaku variant over the default one, both are silver BPs and I have my normal act zaku how I want it
Only with the gold blueprint weapon. It's a good overall unit for a 340/400 point assault, but it doesn't stand out unless it has its CBR. Then it's the only assault unit with access to a CBR, and it's CBR is the same power as the normal Act Zaku's. So it becomes a great way to take on flying units and is probably the closest to a GLA Killer with its beam coated shield.
Rolling two GM Trainers in my deck now for MAXIMUM SCUMBAGGING OF SUPPORT POINTS. Now if only people wouldn't boost away at low HP when I'm trying to heal them and ten other people were trying the exact same thing.
remembered this, makes me miss solomon

also had an idea last night, a map based on E field from igloo,zeon ace would be oliver may in the big rang or monique cadillac in her zudah

big rang would have that minovsky screen that would nullify beam shots for a short time

only problem with the map would be the fact we have no true "just space" maps and the map being so open would mean SML and snipers would rape everything

still would be neat
God damnit.

Okay so one, I find out I've played this game before. No big deal I still use that old email address. I sort everything out and then bam, this game is not available in your country.

But when I used to play it I remember there being no NA release. How is it that now there is one I cant get on without some sort of proxy. I'm in the united states!

/m/ what do I do. The forum suggested anonymizer does not work
I don't believe there is a US release of the game, at least to my knowledge...

You have to use a VPN to connect to the client. Are you sure you're not getting this muddled with a similar Gundam game? As said I'm 90% suret here's not even an english client, and I've not seen anyone recommend an anonymiser of any sort outside a VPN like Mudfish.
Oh shit wrong gundam game thread.

Hahahha, a Doan's Island Map?
File: what.png (515 KB, 1441x901) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
515 KB, 1441x901
yep, with doan's island zaku, halford posted it last thread.

also left WP because very inactive, went to merge with the others over at NEO-GOONSA, got an invite from kacho, now I've got pic related when I try to accept

don't tell me I'm not a high enough rank or some shit to get into another clan
you need to wait until after the next maintenance before joining another clan
aww fuckberries, thought it was just had to wait a day

really hate how the GLA's missiles can KD
And this is why taxes are bad
old times, huh
man, I want more of this kind. not even the current co-op where everyone just stay and defend the hill.
Well, you could still do it if you want to, and gather 6 people in and do co-op proper.
It's just that there isn't any point of doing it: longer, worse drops, etc.

Also, that easy full run co-op doesn't even get the 1M points for the DX ticket co-op reward.
>It's just that there isn't any point of doing it: longer, worse drops, etc.
yeah, that's exactly what I'm going at. they need to make these things worth doing proper.
that was back when we just ran the co-op without realizing the hard difficulty yielded more points

There was that time we did the 6v6 match with Kacho and a few of his guys, that was fun
File: 7MUTn.jpg (17 KB, 400x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 400x449
You know the meta is jacked up when people give you shit for wanting a unit that isn't a meta ruiner.
>Yeah, I really wanna grab a Zaku II FS gold plan. One of my favorite zaku variants, and the silver has been pretty fun for me so far. My kampfer is kind of boring...although I'd really like a midnight fenrir zaku instead.
>Are you nuts? Kampfer is the best zeon suit, you don't need either of those zaku suits.
>B-but I like them...it is about fun r-right? I do pretty well in them.
>group proceeds to shit on my zakufus and wank over the best zeon suits
I know I should let this get to me, but it does. Even when Protogundam was ruining the meta I never had someone be this elitist about my choice in units.
I really hope they fix up the meta soon. I know some people have fun by winning, but it doesn't mean everyone has to be a winner ever match to have fun.
who the hell is saying this?

also running an almost pure support deck is kinda rewarding, I only keep 1 combat suit on hand for fun purposes

also 205 balance on a dom and getting KD is bullshit, would REALLY love a cold climates dom gold BP, that net gun+ a heat saber would ruin a lot of GLAs, not to mention the net gun itself would be a day ruiner and set up for potential kampfer mowdowns
The FS is a suit thats good enough as far as that goes, just put in in your list and have fun imo. Just have it backed up with some okay variants, like a Zaku Marine or something.
You just have to block out other people's opinion if you don't like them. FS is still a pretty good suit, shotguns + baz F + magella (gold) isn't a bad loadout. My zaku II F assualt have this loadout, and I can score some kills with this. Have fun, I get so much satisfaction heat rodding anything but more with those alex/GLAs

My heavy gelgoog has both the giant baz F and ECM baz, and funny enough I manage to kill a couple of alex in a dog fight
so fucking tired of GLA's homing missiles having KD

if the thing is so light armored why isn't it torn to shreds easily?
Get an act Zaku and laugh at how you can suddenly knock them down with charged beams.
My accuracy is dog shit

and I have one, but god do I hate the KD missiles, I could be crouching with a shield and it's like gravity decided to ramp itself up on me

we need Casaval custom, or Zeon's gundam
You may want to consider the fact that the Zaku II FS was considered the standard for Zeon units until the metagame shifted. It has Shotgun, BZ F, Magella Tank, and Misisles The issue is merely that when the meta game shifted (Or rather the GLA/Kemp/Alex Trinity) entered into the scene, Zeon can only effectively use a small group of suits which counter that group. Primarily Kaempfer and the two high end units, Gelgoog/Act Zaku.

It's not as if you picked some forlorn mobile suit that's not popular at all like the Gyan. You merely picked a mobile suit that does not fit the current meta.
File: contents_img01.jpg (694 KB, 1025x3010) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
694 KB, 1025x3010
6th of August (In Japan) Update for Mobile Suit Gundam Online

-Simultaneous Sortie information is contained in the attached image.

-The point cost of mobile suits is no longer increased by option modules, though the respawn time is still affected.

-Improvements to blocking and searching for players
-Relaxing match conditions late at night to compensate for the "Conditons at the time"
-Meaningless EXP/GP boost when playing from designated internet cafe
-Apology for a map problem earlier this week. 30000 GP and 1 play ticket.
>Relaxing match conditions late at night...
So, what? Expect to get tossed in a match with random amounts of ranks at later hours?
Feds got bored since there's barely any gold rank Zeon left, winning 100% fighting the same guys over and over again.
Now they want to unleash the wrath of 50 GLAs to the lower tiers as well, to ensure that every corner is covered. No safe haven anymore for Zeon.
It's even funnier. The rough translation is "Because the current population at night is small, we've relaxed the matchmaking at certain late night times to allow for quicker matches."

I.E. instead of addressing depopulation, let me address the symptoms of depopulation.

Hurr durrr herrrr
Basically yes.

My theory is that the matchmaking, unlike other games such as WoT, doesn't try to balance the teams at all.

On each matchmaking pass they have 2 bunch of team / slots to fill on a certain time and whoever fits the condition of that slot (Brigadier Generals to Generals) gets in. They wait for that match to start first before then goes through to the lower tiers and then repeat.
Relaxing the conditions means that the condition is now wider (could start from Majors or even Lieutenants and all the way to Generals). It is theoretically possible to get a match of all Majors vs all Generals, which will create a cascading effect. The next lower tier could now have all Sergeants vs Lieutenants and Majors, because one side's Majors are matched in the previous matching.

tl;dr: they can't into matchmaking.
That is how it works. There are no additional criteria beyond rank, though to be fair, there isn't much in terms of difference between ranks at the moment besides skill. The only addendum would be that if there aren't enough people and it's past a time limit, it will include NPC's in unfilled slots.

It may cause a cascade effect, but it won't matter until the events in. Basically, event inflates population, so they've put a bandaid to make things work with the inflated event population. However, if things aren't fixed by the time a week with no event or a crappy event, you'll see a cascade effect for sure.
File: Screenshot1018933.jpg (360 KB, 1004x970) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Weapon information:

MMP-78 starts at 750 damage
BZ maxes at 8500
CBZ is type 2 starting at 5500
Fighting Program is 4000
The fuck? This event is... actually do-able? Man, if this were War Thunder it'd be all like "GET FOUR HUNDRED KILLS IN TWO DAYS LOL".
Oh so it DOES have a CBZ, okay. I was looking at that image before reading the comment thinking "why the fuck is this a heavy?" (Considering it was speculated it had no CBR)
Dang, this is a nice Zaku.
You know the management of this game has always been pretty good at everything minus balance. There have been some hiccups (Cough cough efreet/Pixie anyone?)
For the most part though, everything has been alright. Good compensation when due, good events that aren't too difficult etc etc. Really the only thing wrong with this game right now the holy trinity (let's make this a thing, I had a good chuckle reading it.)
Although >>11185061 just proves that point. I really don't understand it. I don't recall Bannam saying they are even working on a fix concept. I feel like they don't care. I don't think we will hit that 7000 player floor this week, but once everyone has their event suits it is definitely gonna drop
No kidding, still, this has got to the best fairest F2P model I can think of besides Dota 2. There's no excessive grind for anything but DX tickets but the only way to get them in decent bulk is to pay an absurd amount of money I feel very few people would even bother, even then the meta suits aren't de facto unbeatable. I saw a guy running nothing but standard GM's topping the charts the other day, having a GLA doesn't mean shit if you're a complete dumbass.
Wait I thought NEO-GOONSA was on both Federation and Zeon, but I can't find it. Am I mistaken?
Well okay I guess I misread things. Go me!
So should I go to 13th_MS or BrightSlap?
Make sure you type it in all caps.

Yes. MSGO is case sensitive for clan name searches, apparently.
Brightslap seems mostly inactive, only see the leader and some of what I presume to be the officers on from time to time.
File: slavereis.jpg (259 KB, 896x760) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 896x760
I hope you like fairness.

Slave Reis:

Flashbang is different than the Dom's flash. It basically works like the net gun, but blinds on impact instead of stuns, and fires from the chest. That sounds weird but it just means it's less of a shotgun and more of a projectile.

It's D type sabre is double power as it's a two-part melee. Poor Gouf Custom and Gyan.

BZ is 7000, BR is the same as Ground Gundam.

Just like last time, just ike the Wolf GM, it's considered to be one of the top assaults for Federation outside DX units. In inverse, the HM Ground Type Zaku is in many ways the same as the Dozle Zaku and the Zeon Ex's

. "We have a bunch of these, already."
(Type 2 CBZ is considered to be kind of weak, what do you guys think?)
So in terms of Brightslap, since it is one of the only established Feddie English clans, why not just rebrand it into an English clan in general? There isn't really a firm one. we could just purge the inactive members and put it right next to the goon squad for activity. Seems like it would be a decent idea.
What type of weapon is the aquatic GM harpoon supposed to be? Was usinga rental to see if I would like it but I just can't git gud with this thing.
File: rick zock.jpg (423 KB, 1536x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rick zock.jpg
423 KB, 1536x960
Harpoon gun is like a mixture of a beam rifle and 180mm cannon. It is best to hit the MS then to rely on AoE splash, for me. The harpoon speed is faster in water than shooting on land, so it's best to be in water areas.
shit matchmaking, huh
good god what kinda video settings are you using man?
he's probably using the compressed images option in settings
You know, the more I think about it, the more I think mobile armors for zeon aren't actually a bad idea. A balance solution could be to allow only a fraction of MA's at any point so that it is a first come, first serve basis and there won't be 500 Bigro's flying around. Maybe like...7 seems like a decent number.
Just an idea.
How do I get gud at beam rifles? It seems I can never hit shit with them. Tried the protgundam and G-line (normal) but seem to just keep missing and dying
Lock on, move your cursor on where he will move next, fire. Close the range if you still miss. If you are using a free VPN, wait until they stop moving
I've actually trimmed it down to 35/50, but the main problem is there is just not enough people being online at the same time. Not to mention that a lot of people just play for a couple of days and then stopped playing completely (probably because of the deadness too).
File: fuckinghell.png (12 KB, 718x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what the fuck

yeha no comcast I didn't want to play at all, fuck you too
>Add dem MAs son
Problem is, there are only four MAs that would fit in MSGO's timeframe that AREN'T space. The Adzam (which is shit and only flies), the Hidolfr (which transforms and is unprecedented), the Grabbro (which is water only), and maybe the Big Zam.

The Big Zam would make a better battleship or NPC than it would a player, and would be way too powerful for people to have them. The Hidolfr is the only thing I can think of that really would work, and they could just make the Xamel instead.

The Zakrello and the Bigro would probably work really well for space though. They're not really that powerful. They have a couple guns, but mostly rockets or missiles. A melee attack. Beyond that they're just space Zocks with high speed and claws.
Son are you telling me you wouldn't want a hildolfr?

as I see it the hildolfr would be an amazing chance to try out shot types that weren't just napalm and explosive, I mean nothing says "love" like picking off a GLA out of the sky with a HVAP shell or keeping that nasty old alex away from you with a spread shot
APFSDS soten!

I can actually see Hildolfr and RTX-440 be implemented together (as a usual MS, instead of it being limited MAs or whatsuch). Both unit's transforming feature would probably be activated simply by holding 'F' just like EXAM or HADES. It really isn't that far off.
>just hold F to transform!
The problem is that in most cases, transforming will make a significant affect to the unit. Not just stat increases, but weapons loadout changes. It also requires that unit to animate into a new form.

It's a whole new set of challenges for them to make transformation a thing. It gets easier once the system is in place, but they still have to give a personal touch to every suit that does it, of which there are a small handful. There are so few transforming suits in the OYW that it's almost pointless for them to put the effort in.

I'd like to see the Hidolfr, don't get me wrong. I just don't think they'd want to waste the time.
>It also requires that unit to animate into a new form.
Current HADES and EXAM already has transforming animation and they do actually use a different model while the effect is on.

Both Hildolfr and RTX-440 don't even have loadout changes, just weapons being restricted to firing on either mode.
File: robhalford_081410.jpg (141 KB, 350x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I read the title of this thread and thought it was about Rob Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest, and his daily life on Axis, maybe entertaining Haman with impromptu performances of Painkiller and Hell bent for Leather.
>They use a different model while the effect is on.
They use the same model with a different appearance and the same animations.

>They just restrict weapons.
That really doesn't make much of a difference. It's still a hurdle that involves having two different models associated with different animations, stats, and weapon loadouts while being interchangeable.

That may sound easy in words but that means that they have to pay a team of people to get that to happen. Those people could be copy and pasting animations to make new Z'Goks and shit instead of making a new system to support transformation for less than 5 suits.
They sometimes show up like that in the dashboard, even though if you ping the address manually you can still get proper ones. Not sure why it shows up like that in the dashboard, but just double check.
>WTFast trial expires
>Mudfish time
>Buy credit
>Server wizard says I have no credit
>Credit purchase screen says I do

The fuck?
restart mudfish, like close the program and restart it
Nope, still no credit.
Hmm... probably just wait for several hours, if it still doesn't get added you can try contacting the person (or post in their forum). He should respond to that kind of problem quickly.
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Man, this vincent zaku is fantastic. It has so much fucking load capacity. I maxed out load capacity with some golds and am loving it. Even with a bunch of heavy weapons it just barely hits the halfway mark.
I know some people are disappointed it isn't Wolf GM 2.0 but so far I can not be any happier with this suit.
Still no credit, and no response to email or forum thread regarding the issue.
The only thing that's disappoint me is the gold BP weapon exclusive.
Yeah, that is a little bit of a bummer. Strum faust would have been an alright choice. I almost said it'd be unfun for the Federation to have that many but then I remembered the meta and stopped forgetting.
I'm not sure what else would work other than that though.
Okay, so the dashboard no longer nags me about a lack of credit, butt he wizard still won't let me access any of the premium servers.
I feel myself forcing myself to have fun lately. This meta is just ridiculous.
I'm starting to go sub-100 points lately because I can't even get anywhere without getting my face nuked by an Alex or GLA.
I'm trying REALLY hard to not hate this game, especially since the new zaku and the new feddie unit are really fun, but what is the point when it is basically "Either GLA/Alex/Kampfer or get out?"
I hate to bitch but it is frustrating. How long have we been here?
I've had to start running a semi pure support deck to keep from being deranked it's ridiculous

I really don't care about rank anymore tbh. In fact I just recently get to gold rank again and wanting to drop it back down.
Just built an artillery Juagg and found out that the mortar fires really rapidly (really short delay between shells: type F mortar fires as fast as a 3 point zook).

I'll probably just be messing around with some odd suits now while farming for the event points.
File: Liefde is blauw.jpg (210 KB, 1037x443) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Liefde is blauw.jpg
210 KB, 1037x443
Pretty much this: >>11193221
Don't bother with your rank or points. The matching is already messed up as a lot of people already not at their supposed rank. If you get demoted it's even better since there should be less Alex or GLA.

Just use the suits you like the most. Pic is what I've been using lately.
File: 1407480928b.png (173 KB, 490x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So! Interesting news!

Gashapon releases:

Gundam/Desert Gm (assault) and Himobility Gelg/Desert Zaku (assault)

They're adding two new aircraft to general gashapon! New initial units! This is big big big. For Doan's Island I assume

Aqua GM (Heavy Equipment)
Zaku Marine (Support) WHOO!

Fixed artillery regenerates after 1 minute now, as does the big guns and fixed batteries.

? when it was hit to attack enemy aircraft moving in dash melee etc., defect fixes that there are cases where it is shown by "NO DAMAGE"

The above will make many happy.

>Aqua GM (Heavy Equipment)
>Zaku Marine (Support)
basically mirror/counterparts to zaku marine and sloep jim probably
File: 1b2YNU3.webm (772 KB, 650x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
772 KB, 650x441
Still no changes to GLA?
Absolutely. But the key difference is they're initial units available to everyone in bulk. I will be interesting to see if having their own marin-chan makes a difference to the Federation. I'm personally happy for an underwater support. I don't know whether it will make a considerable difference in terms of Zeon's force.

I don't consider it particularly good news, in fact I think that it's another pile on Zeon's grave since next week Federation get mass sturmfaust and double bazooka, a BZ+180mm cannon user for 270/40, and a Zaku Marine.

Meanwhile we get another Assault Zaku Clone incase you wanted to cospla for the desert, the Hi Gelg may add a little punch to Zeon with access to a BZ/Sturm/Shield combo, but I don't see Hi Gelg used much by those who have it so.

I was simply happy about them finally fixing the NO DAMAGE and having an underwarter support because I play support. This is awful news for Zeon if you know anytihng
I still think they just see the overal power gauge, and went "oh feds are still losing, we need to give them more edge".

New comic is upl.

It's not even that. It's just obvious bias towards the Federation in planning, whether they know it or not. The Desert GM and Desert Zaku have been around forever, they just only benefit the Federation because the federation lacks cheap BZ+180mm assault units. The Gundam and the Hi Gelg have been out forever, but the Gundam has 2xBZ silver and sturm gold. Hi Gelg gets.. alternate melee silver and sturm gold. Basically, both Zeon units are weaker than the Federation counterparts or at least less useful. The same with Marin-Chan and Sloep. Nobody uses the sloep, and MArin-chan Sloep won't have the awesome harpoon gun. We can only hope it keeps the Subroc gun and that the subroc gun isn't "support nerfed" to uselessness.

The No Damage issue really hurts the Ifrit, as that was one of the components to its power. It also hopefully hurts pixie and striker just as much.
Would VPNGate be alright to use?
If you're just trying it out, sure. In fact, I do recommend that if you don't want to put down some money just to see that the game doesn't work for you (or WTFast trial if you haven't used it). If you're lucky, you can even get low smooth ping with VPNGate, but it's a quite hassle and a lot of those servers don't work, and those that do work go on and off without notice.

That said, Mudfish is still the best option for a very small investment.
Finally got Mudfish working, turns out the -launcher- had me logged into my account which was tied to hotmail (Which doesn't recieve their e-mail for some stupid reason), as opposed to my newly made account tied to g-mail. Mind you the dashboard actually lacks a proper log out button, so I had to bloody reinstall the application.
Okay, someone wanna tell me what makes this Desert GM different to the one you can easily get so far?
File: Untitled.png (48 KB, 691x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 691x220
It's an assault unit rather than a heavy unit with 260 time and 140 cost. It's a huge asshole and makes Zeon cry for the following reasons

1. It has a 7000 damage BZ
2. It has Shoulder Missile Launcher
3. It has 180mm cannon (Same as Magella Tank) with the gold blueprint
4. It has a Beam Spray Gun
5. It has a unique machinegun, 8?????????????????? or 8 twin missile pod + Railcannon which is basically a unique machinegun with higher damage and explosive ammo.

What's exceptional is all of these are very rare on a Federation mobile suit together. And the unit has very nice stats as I show here. When combined with the silver blueprint double bazooka of the Gundam, and the gold blueprint having a sturmfaust with that, Feds basically get their own assault Zaku with all the fixings and their own mini-Kaempfer. And the new Aqua GM (Heavy) is likely a clone of zaku marine with a federation twist. With Slave Reis and the DX crew, Federation is rolling in good units as of next week.

The joke is that the Desert Zaku (Assualt) is literally a massive dick punch to Zeon like many things

1. Same Gold. Magella Tank Cannon. Found on a million Zaku.
2. Missile pod has fast switch like normal Desert Zaku.
3. Shotgun
4. Special weapon: Generic Vulcans instead of explosion machinegun,
5. Usual beam sabre vs generic heat hawk melee hit box issues.

So it's basically just another genetic Zaku and worse than the FS, fitting between the S and the FS in power.
I just realized we could probably benefit from a rebuffing of the custom's shield gatling

but that's not gonna happen
That was me. Sorry.

To explain this. Think of it like this. You're a new Federation player spending your initial bux. You spend it on the newest Gasha and you can get a perfect high/low cost deck.

2xGundam: Double Bazooka, Shield, Sturmfaust (When GOld), Gundam Beam Rifle
2xDesert GM: BZ, 180mm Cannon (When Gold), BSG

And along the way you get your Desert GM (Heavy) for CBZ and your Initial GM for CBR along with two Zaku workers and two guntanks.

Basically, think of it being a massive boost to low level/non-charging players in the same way Alex/GLA boosted those with DX. It's the closest it could have been done outside releasing Alex/GLA or possibly one of the pixies before melee is fixed.,
The Japanese wiki has the Gundam listed for GP Gasha along with the Assault Desert GM.

I both want this to be true and not be, I want the Gundam, but fuck me if that's the case I'll have wasted so many DX tickets.
Why are GLAs missiles allowed to go through walls? I hid behind a wall and move back then the missiles went through the wall and hit me.
They go uuuuuuuuup and dooown. And because the game is ridiculously Japanese, the game has no predictive net code but whether or not you hit is client side. So you can get hit by attacks because you're lagging and your opponent hit you on their side and the server registered that indeed they hit in their client.

On the inverse, you can hit an opponent and if your lagging when the server registers it, you won't do any damage because by the time you hit in and the server acknowledges it, the server notes the enemy is not there and so you miss.

Basically. Lag is especially deadly in this game because nothing beats net code.
File: 1387228529308.png (206 KB, 640x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 640x357
That'd be great, but the best solution is a complete overhaul on two main things - machine guns + balance.
To simplify what I said earlier in a 3000 word essay... basically machine guns need to be diversified since they all have a relatively same firing rate and only the damage is tweaked.
-Gouf Custom/Gp-05 should pew pew pew faster than most units (because that's what a Gatling is) and damage should be tweaked a bit higher. The Alex should have a similar fire rate, but a lot less damage. (Basically, take a look at the caliber size and adjust accordingly)
Meanwhile, other machine guns should also have their fire rate buffed up and damage upped a bit more. Make the difference between them and a Gouf Custom apparent.
I think vulcans are fine where they are at right now though, myself. Obviously though, vulcans + machine guns function relatively the same other than damage which is retarded. Machine guns should hurt based on the caliber. etc etc.
Other problem I think is load capacity/balance needs to be tweaked a bit. Not much, but just to address the whole issue of getting KD'd and nuked by Alex. Also, the whole GLA missiles knocking you down is absolutely retarded. I get they hurt but there is a point where this starts getting ridiculous.
Those are the only two things ruining the meta, imo. It doesn't seem like a lot of the changes are so hard to make in the past few months. I don't think management has even communicated they are aware of the problems.
File: 55AGM56.png (355 KB, 1003x859) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
355 KB, 1003x859
Digging up so info from MSV and websites.
There is a lot of talk about the Aqua GM (Heavy) having the option of using it's 10 tube missile launcher or it's 2 large torpedo's. In the MSV it can equip two large anti-ship torpedo. Of course, it gaining such a weapon could be quite worrisome if Federation gain an initial high damage explosive weapon. Given it fits the heavy classification, it could very well be the gold weapon since it's the only weapon not equipped on the assault variant.

You can see it on the missile launcher here. The big torpedo/rocket in the middle while the smaller missiles are fired from the sides.
which servers are blocked by MSGO exactly?
Ok after thinking about it this is what REALLY needs to be fixed, some of this is theorized that the system for weapon damage is shared amongst "indexes" meaning the machine gun projectile is shared across the spectrum or whatever

Change alex's arm mounted chain gun to it's own thing, reduce damage (only reason it tears kampfer apart in 0080 is the kampfer is lightly armored to maximize speed)

Remove KD from GLA missiles

(this one can be tricky, would require a rewrite of the engine I believe) change balance to be per body type, there is no way in hell a Dom with 200+ load capacity can be knocked over easier than a fucking gundam, KD should be by body type and halved when in the air

(will never happen, halford I believe we talked about this and you mentioned it) Super prototype slot, works the same way as the captured MS system, except with super prototypes, can sortie at start or mid fight, one use per match, basically the feddie deck would become 4 MP suits, a captured suit and a gundam type, this balances out as gundam types typically have a high survivability rate provided the pilot isn't dumb as hell, this also forces federation to plan ahead as the gundam type they sortie is a one time and if it goes that's it for the match, what would take up this slot for zeon is up there, ace suits maybe?

Like my talk with halford, we'll have to wait, after they move the chinese out we'll have to see how they handle things, that's their true response to all this, but they can't glaze over it unless they made this simply to throw away
ace suits would be good for zeon
If they all weren't so fucking averageChar gets Red Comet released again when?
if that was the case I'd like to see ace sutis get huge buffs, but of course still below gundam types unless otherwise stated
Man, I just wanna see Char's Zaku be useful for a change that's all.
I know I love char's zaku, it's why I blew the initial 50 tickets I had on it over ridden's goog
found this

thoughts if we got this?
Looks sexy. I like it.
Deal-breaker question: How pay2win is this game?
>How pay2win is this game?
It's not. I've spent a single dollar on MSGO, and that was for the price of the VPN, and I still have 70% of that dollar left.

You can earn DX tickets to get the "newest and greatest" mobile suits released in the gashacon. Those mobile suits aren't stronger because they're DX though, and many DX suits get phased into the standard gashacon after a long time.

The only thing you get out of paying real money for MSGO is less of your time being used to acquire in-game money and DX tickets.
Excellent, I really don't mind the imbalance problems but this really traumatized me from playing Cosmic break with 4chan from beta stage to official launch.
>I don't mind the imbalance problems
Truth be told the imbalance isn't so extreme that the GLA, Alex, and Kampfer are unkillable. They just tend to destroy anything unprepared in short order. The Alex, as an example, is more than killable in melee combat and I tend to eat them whenever I get past their overpowered Gatling.

Once you figure out the meta everything will start to fall into place. Starting out though, you should probably try to avoid the aforementioned mobile suits in 1-on-1 combat situations as they will annihilate you until they finally patch them.
>Turn corner
>Fucking forty odd kampfers flying towards me in the distance
>Nope the fuck out of there
>Can't deal with it
>Maximum levels of nope right there

On the plus side if you catch a Kampfer off-guard they're really fragile, which isn't all that hard as I've noticed most people who play a GLA, Alex or Kampfer suck absolute arse (The giveaway is they overheat -constantly-, and plod along the ground most of the time. Only reason kampfer manages to appear to boost frequently it is because the boost gets it somewhere quick, but once they've overheated they're pretty much fucked)
Even then if you're actually decent GP can be earned very easily.

Seriously, after a while I spend 30k on the gasha, get loads of schematics I don't need and just sell them. Oh look I have 30k again! Repeat. Bonus points if you get GP income bonus items, really, I'm gaining more items than I'm using at this point as after only a few matches I can spin the x10 gasha several times.

But to reiterate; most of my income isn't from matches, it's from selling all the materials and schematics I don't need or want.
Pretty much this, the game isn't localized so it's a pure JP game

still hate the GLA and alex, details at 11
If it helps you, or at least anyone struggling with the GLA, I regularly play the GLA and even with the missiles and M-type HBR I still have some severe weaknesses that can be capitalised on;

1) I'm still fragile, once my shield's gone I usually have to GTFO if it's a face-to-face firefight. Catch me without a shield or from behind with some well-placed shot and I'm immediately in a lot of trouble.

2) Long reload, catch me during this and I'll have to run for it or just die outright. Even 1v1 it's possible to evade my lock on enough to make me waste shots of my HBR or missiles.

3) NETS. Like a kampfer, a well-placed net can ruin me. Same applies to being knocked down, which isn't too hard it seems once my shield's gone.

4) Missiles have very limited ammo, not uncommon for me to have to boost backwards and find a way to replenish my ammo.
The issue is primarily the range. To even launch a shot at you, they're entering into HBR range. As they move closer, your squishiness is counteracted by the offensive line of Alex's ahead of you wield shields and 10K BZ preventing anyone from capatilizing on your weakness. That's been the big issue--The double whammy of GLA's range and Alex's Wall-like toughness.

I've been thinking on my own solution to several problems. I've been thinking about the following while lying in bed and thinking over various Gundam materials.

I'd like to see them institute a mobile suit and plane combat technique that is mentioned in gundam materials as being a big part of mobile suit combat, especially the use of Zaku machineguns and other projectile weapons. To understand this, you first need to understand that machineguns especially the 120mm machinegun are designed in two variants. The 90mm was primiarly used for ground combat due to its superior firing speed and penetration. However, in space the 120mm is used because it produces less recoil and therefore less demand on fuel and the AMBAC to compensate. However, both sides had a secret trick to improving their solid shell damage that doesn't work with beams OR explosives effectively. So what is it?

It's often taken for granted but when a weapon is fired, it launches at the speed the gun is moving AND the speed that the bullet is going. Rather than just tinkering around with stats, I'd like a new gameplay mechanic. If you fire while boosting towards a target, projectiles get a buff to damage and speed buff. If you're boosting away, they'd get a debuff (Though less than the buff, for gameplay reaons and because you boost back slower than you boost forward.. It was used primarily in space combat to increase the effectiveness of the 120mm and vulcans, but as most mobile suits can boost dash on the ground now, it could also be used there.

I still support balancing, but I think that could be an interesting method as well.
And as I capped out. I wanted to mention that a units max speed would determine the overall buff, Faster you go (Like Zudah or Char's Zaku or Dom) the better your machine gun gets
Sounds fun.
Pls make Char's Zaku usefu ;_;
We should make an MSGO drinking game.
It's still useful... for container runs
It was my first play ticket unit as well, and one that I promised myself I would get since I saw its kick charge attack during the tutorial. It's just a matter of the metagame. Statistically Char's Zaku is a great unit, living up to the legendary speed of the Zaku II S more than the actual Zaku II S. I've always felt like (In terms of basic Zaku) it was the Zaku II S of gold rank, while normal Zaku II S is for silver rank, and Zaku II F is for bronze rank in terms of unit reflecting ability.

I think management is well aware of the problems with fighting weapons and solid shell weapons. They gather statistical data on which weapons are used the most and get the most kills, inversely they must be aware that in terms of Solid Shell weapons, only Alex and a couple of shotguns get any real play or use. And they've known this for a long time, as every update solid shells get ineffectively tweaked as does fighting. But glaring flaws in the basic heat hawk hit box compared to the basic saber melee, and the complete ineffeceincy of machine guns have been a major blow to Zeon and are what keeps things as they are.

Just like assault beam rifle outside the GLA HBR need a buff as they're almost as useless as machinegun
Amen to that, as much as I want the Gundam I fear the beam rifle on it is near useless (As it's not a top kek HBR or a charge rifle) as both SA and FA, and instead I'll be forced to go double bazookas and double sabres all day every day.

I ponder the idea though of certain weapons, such as the regular beam rifles and head vulcans, being usable from behind the shield. For bigger stuff obviously you gotta move that shit outta the way to aim and fire properly, so bazookas etc will work with a shield as they currently do, but for smaller weapons I don't see why MS's can't make use of the SLOT MADE FOR THEIR EYES SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO MOVE THE SHIELD WHEN USING SMALLER ARMS.
that might work, but I don't think it's that much useful and only a few units would benefit from it. and lel head vulcan when looking through the slit, means you'd be ricocheting the bullets back to you. also, currently that gimmick belongs to guard custom jim, and even then you'd still get hit through the shield if you're firing the shield guns (it just has a very quick shield up delay).
Fair point, still I distinctly recall a point in 0079 where the Gundam used head vulcans through the shield slot or something.
I'm looking to unlock one of the hairstyles, now I know it's related to the green medals awarded to the end of each match, in this case the one related to carrying the cases back to capture nodes. I managed to get the '9' medal, requiring 100 of something or other, and 8, the one I need for the hairstyle, needs 500 of this something or other.

Is this for points or the total number of cases delivered? I suspect total cases delivered as I'm sitting at 111/500 and I earned over 200 points on relaying cases alone in my previous match.
File: cheatan mouse.jpg (319 KB, 2172x980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cheatan mouse.jpg
319 KB, 2172x980
Well, I think part of the problem with the current meta game is that while the game has an incredibly high skill ceiling.. any sort of emergant gameplay tends to get squashed because lol it wasn't intended. That means that for players like me who are edging past 4000-5000 battles, that skill ceiling is starting to seem closer than we'd like.

There was a big step towards raising it with the option module system. But since then we haven't seen anything really meaningful in terms of how people play, rather than changing numbers (Which they don't do enough obviously). 0080 did little to prevent this as it had no real game altering content, just some expected additions. That's not bad, but it is combined with the lack of substantial reward for being a high rank older player. Basically, older players are not only bored and fed up with the balance, but they're running out of new gameplay challenge to keep them interested in playing in terms of technique and player skill. And Management fails to realize that having an elite core is vitally important in a competitive PVP game as they basically dictate the way the game is played for everyone else by coming up with techniques and strategies and really digging into the meta. They also spend massive amounts of money on the game and draw people to play through game streaming and reputation.

And when done properly, new additions in terms of skill and technique tend to give high rank players more of a boost than low rank players since they require practice and talent to execute. So they're a way of rebalancing high rank play without wrecking low rank play too much. I.E by the time they master it enough for it to give a substantial edge, so will everyone else around them, or else they'll be fighting the people who didn't.

But shitty mouse macros are the only new form of emergent game play lately
you should take a screenshot and post here which medal you meant, since the numbers just indicate the level of the medal. every medal starts at 9th, and goes up (8th, 7th, and so on up to 1st), each time you clear the required objective.
It's the one for carrying cases/tactical packages to control points.

As said, I need 8 which requires 500 of something, and I know it's not score related. I'm presuming that's 500 cases delivered total.
well you said you earned 200 points on a match and I don't think you can ever return 200 cases in one single match. I suspect it's simply your "assist" score (green score), but again, just post it here so we can be sure of it.
lol dat texture tilan
File: Capture.jpg (24 KB, 424x165) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 424x165
yeah, my bad, I misread what you wrote earlier. that's 500 containers delivered total.
Should I try making another Slave Wraith to go for that Combat Custom? Mine is rocket shooter, and I feel like I'm missing out on an opportunity to capitalize on its abilities.
Or do I just need to get gud at bazookas and max out the type F?
Shoulda kept my GM Commander Light.
quick question, can someone explain what the graphics tuning options are on this game? I've played it for a while now but haven't touched the options because I am unsure of what they mean, but still want the game to look better if possible. Can anyone help me out?
MSGO English fansite wiki has them listed.
ah thank you! ^^
Combat Custom is the standard on the Slave Wrath just because it has such a powerful melee attack. Rocket Shooter works just fine too. It's basically about what range you'll focus on working. Combat Custom is close, while Rocket Shooter is Close-Medium.


Japan is still living in the PS2/PS3 Era in terms of PC graphics. Even worse, if they knew how to do better they'd still be trapped by the awful PC's most Japanese have due to not knowing about PC Gamin. Since they had game consoles, they set PC's as work objects and they never took off for gaming like they did in the west. It's only now with the overflow from the west making it worth the investment that the Japanese are getting PC's and joining STEAM to play western PC games. In a way it's a reverse of when the west discovered consoles and Japanese games. They're discovering PC games and western games that they actually like and that are good.
I have a GTX 770 and an AMD 8350 running at 85 percent power and this game drops to 30 FPS for me. How do Japanese players play this shit if all of their PC's are shit?
In general, how should you upgrade bazookas? My Protogundam is rocket shooter, and so I wanna get the most out of the bazookas. Not sure how to upgrade it either.
Strange, 60 minimum for me at all times.

Personally; Use the F-type, max the area effect radius and damage primarily, if you have any upgrade spaces left go for range.
Because the FPS issues are engine related if you do have them, not spec related.
I guess a rumor is zeon will be getting a newtype use suit, but that's unfounded, in any case thoughts on this suit if it was added?


pretty much all weapons are built in so no switch time really
>It is. Hong Kong is its own thing under the "One China, Two Systems" policy of the Chinese government. Under it, Taiwan and Hong Kong both function as liberal democratic free market capatalist societies because they make China so much damn money in taxes and allow them to make valuable connections with the rest of the world.

Are you american? Taiwan is an independent country. Don't play semantics with me. Hong Kong is legally part of China, which is where the 'Two Systems' part plays in. Taiwan is separate.
If so that could turn the tide, perhaps it'll match the Alex?
This event really makes it hard to get a place in the score rankings. But then again we get 5 DX tickets just by scoring 200 points.

What's the event after this one? I suppose we'll get EX, along with that rumoured newtype suit.
What? That's not confirmed or anything. he's just saying that Newtype units are part of Gundam and wondering how they will be added. I think it will require a stat or ability system in order to have newtypes and not-newtypes but they may spread it.

This event continues until the 20th. We won't get any news about next weeks events until the 15th. It will likely be related to Doan's Island, but who knows
>Japan is still living in the PS2/PS3 Era in terms of PC graphics. Even worse, if they knew how to do better they'd still be trapped by the awful PC's most Japanese have due to not knowing about PC Gamin. Since they had game consoles, they set PC's as work objects and they never took off for gaming like they did in the west. It's only now with the overflow from the west making it worth the investment that the Japanese are getting PC's and joining STEAM to play western PC games. In a way it's a reverse of when the west discovered consoles and Japanese games. They're discovering PC games and western games that they actually like and that are good.
Flipfag here. Probably has something to do with the fact that you westerners killed the arcades. Considering how important arcades are for us Asians, you are the ones who are backwards.
>Newtype mobile suits and stuff.
Technically we already have Newtype mobile suits in MSGO. The Alex, EXAM, and HADES are all Newtype-related things.

In the case of the Alex, the fact that any player can use it just like they use any other mobile suit sort of circumvents the whole Newtype issue with it. Oldtypes would have trouble piloting the Alex to its full potential. Of course the EXAM and HADES are activated for a stat bonus with a temporary crash afterward.

This kind of presents the issue with "Newtype" suits. There are Newtype suits like the Alex that can be piloted by Oldtypes at reduced effectiveness because of their lack of Newtype reflexes, and then there are Newtype suits that use gimmicks like funnels.

For things like the Kikeroga I could see them including wire-guided limbs (like the Zeong also has) that automatically attack locked on targets from either fixed positions relative to the locked target or from positions from a list of pre-determined relative locations. The problem then becomes terrain, because now you have a potentially unpredictable weapon that might try to shoot people through buildings. Getting these to adapt to obstructions could be a huge coding hurdle, but I can imagine some ways they could accomplish it.

The other issue is that for remote weapons it may be desirable for them to also have hitboxes. I suppose they could treat them like shields and give them sub health bars, and then once they're destroyed they're gone. That would give a risk-reward for using them and allow good players to do serious damage to the capabilities of newtype suits.

I think it's definitely possible for them to implement remote weapons, but that would definitely push away from the "grunt combat" motif of MSGO, if we can even say that still exists at this point. There also just aren't that many OYW suits with funnels. I'm not sure it would be worth it to even consider them. Regardless, they'd be space-only suits, which is very undesirable.
Actually no. The EXAM system is actually the CAPTURED SOUL of a Newtype which gives oldtypes newtype powers. The HADES system is overclocking your brain at the cost of memory loss and long term brain damage. The Alex NT-1 is a newtype suit in name only. It has no newtype only functions, as the Federation never developed them. The furthest they got was the two cockpit GM juggler before they just up and took Zeon's Newtype tech at the end of the war. the Alex NT-1 is made for Newtype in the sense that it has incredibly sensitive controls and the first panoramic cockpit. It's less that it has newtype only systems, and more like was refined to so sensitive that only a Newtype or Ace pilot would be able to use. But Christina was canonically not a newtype, and all info on the suit says it merely is so sensitive that it would be able to handle a Newtypes pre-cognitive reaction times.

The big problem is that all newtype weapons are space only. Which is the big hurdle to mobile armor and NT mobile suits. We don't have enough space maps, let alone functional fun space maps to warrant that kind of devotion to space only units. The second is they flat out don't exist on the Federation side, so balancing mobile armor and newtype units vs the Federation having none is tough. Finally the issue with remote weapons basically being instant hit/kill in a game that has no weapons like that. They'd probably function like missiles in terms of how they fire, but how do you allow for evasion? And Remote weapons would be too fast to shoot down. We can't even shoot down bazookas and missiles, let alone funnels and wire guided hands.

The issue isn't how you implement them. It's how you do it in a way that's fair to both sides, makes sense with canon, and doesn't destroy the game worse than the GLA or prove more useless than the Gyan.
>Talking about the EXAM, HADES, and the Alex.
Yes. That's what I said. I think you may have misunderstood my meaning. These things are all RELATED to Newtypes, but aren't requiring of them.

>How do you fight against remote weapons?
Well, if the remote weapons were lock-on based with the same targeting as a machinegun, it would be very easy to dodge them. They would be like any other beam weapon, just fired closer. The effectiveness comes in how absurdly difficult it can be to predict where you're going to be fired at from. If you suddenly get a "Remote Weapon Lockon!" warning message, you could dodge in any direction but you may be dodging into the shot unless you saw them first.

As far as hitting them, I guess that really just depends on how they work. If they're extremely fast then it would be impossible. If they're slower things that are larger like the hands of the Zeong, then it becomes easier. You could definitely shoot down a Zeong's hand with a good shot as long as they aren't zipping around like bits and funnels, which they shouldn't be.

There's also the possibility of making those like turrets. Drop your hands at your current location as you're fighting and have them continue to fire at your locked target. I could be boosting around shooting at an enemy, and then release a hand as I'm traveling so that the enemy is now being fired at from two directions.

There are definitely some interesting ways to make it work. As you say though, there are no Federation equivalents. However, with the Zeon mobile suit supply running dry these could be Zeon's Gundams. The MSN-01 High-Mobility Psycommu Zaku II and the Zeong could definitely be Zeon's answer to the Gundam spam. But, of course, only in space.

I find it interesting how dropped the ball has been on space, considering it's the primary theater of the UC series. Lots of fighting happens on Earth, but most of it happens in space, and a lot of mobile suits are made specifically for space combat.
Newtype units will come to exist if the game survives that long, simply because they exist within the setting, and are an integral part of setting to a varying degree depending on series and product. I guess my point is more that they would require other systems to be in place to come into existence. Not that it is impossible, merely that there are a lot of things to implement beforehand. But I could be wrong, and I have been wrong before. They could announce the e MS-16X(Bishop) Psycommu that was usable in the last Zeon level of Missing Link. It would totally fit the theme of the other units, though I feel it would be hastily done and leave a lot of questions open. I just feel the pre-requisite is going to be enough space maps that space only units don't fall the way of the Swimming Team but worse like they do now.

Mobile armor are a similar proposition. I think you would need mobile suit power level planes and other types of units before giant expensive mobile armor come out. Along with the required space maps given how space dependant they are.

Also remember the Golden rule. The more new systems you introduce, the more likely you are to break the game. That's why the Japanese keep doing things so slowly and one at a time. Fear of truly fucking things up. (Though they failed that by doing exactly that. Introducing a bunch of high power units)

I also think next year with the Release of Gundam The Origin, they'll be focusing on things like Loum and the early stages in cross promotion. It's my gut feeling given how Bandainamco cross promotes
They just need to find a way to make every suit viable in some way rather than aging into obsolescence, or coming into play obsolete or useless, as some have.
>Cross-promotion for the Battle of Loum from The Origin.
>Early-OYW content and standard MSG content.
I wouldn't be surprised if Bamco forced them to correct the balance and meta of MSGO for those releases to ensure that any new content from The Origin is desirable.

Players aren't stupid. They maximize their power and pay attention to what works and what doesn't. As we've all seen, the ultimate end is that if two units have the same weapons and varying performance they choose the one the heighest weighted stats as opposed to relatively meaningless stats. The same goes for weapons. We choose the weapons with the maximium possible killing effeciency. When the only difference between units in terms of ability is how their stats are weighted and what weapons they have, it becomes blatantly obvious that there is a real issue with statistical balance on a grand scale. Certain weapons and certain units have never been useful not because they were bad in the series or poor units, but because they're a heavily armored unit using solid shell weapons.

Management hasn't sat down since the beginning of the game and balanced everthing. They entered into the same cycle that has led to FF14 and many other JP MMO's downfalls. They thought they could simply patch everything up, but that's led them to a state where everything is out of whack because one fix brings MG down (Gouf Custom), another brings BR down (BR Gate Fix) and then another brings BZ Up. But none of the changes are addressed against each other. And they keep tweaking unit stats against each other rather than looking at how stats function. HP remains useless precisely because it doesn't have an armor stat companion or a high enough value to make focusing on it valuable. The fundemental flaws in the system have never been addressed, and as any long term player can tell you, many of the problems were obvious last year.
And to repeat another issue. There is compounded the obvious issue of drawing inspiration from a source that wasn't intended to be a balanced video game with two sides. A Zaku can only have a Zaku's weapons, and a GM can only have a GM's weapons. The same with perfomance. But we've accepted those differences and merely expect methods to compensate for them. I feel they have strayed from actual in series performance quite gravely. The Cracker doesn't have a huge AoE and low damage like the series, it's a normal grenade. The beam rifle isn't a super powerful prototype weapon that can't be reloaded Ala Sturmfaust, it's a spammable weapon. Everyone can fly through the air rather than just jump or do short boost charges. This causes issues because the game is scitzophrenically trying to do two things at once--act like the Gundam series, and make them perform in a way that works for a game.

The other problem is we've lost all relevant methods to compensate for performance with player skill by introducing new gameplay technique or material for emergant gameplay. We've had almost no change in how the game is played since day 1 besides option modules and changing how many weapons you can equip, which is making the high skill ceiling irrelevant because its height and the size of the room aren't changing. PvP games depend on increasingly complex gameplay to remain relevant or else they eventually lose players simply because they get bored. It's why CoD and Battlefield and Street Fighter need constant releases, beesides money grubbing. And why Dota/LoL have major overhauls every couple of years.
I feel the current boosting system is the only wy they could make space movement work, otherwise we'd probably would have gotten what we had in GBO

numbers are falling again and Im hoping management realizes this
Am I the only one who's weirded out by space maps?

>Can still use boosters just slightly slower
>Apparently there's still air resistance
>Slowly stopping rather than just floating away in the direction you last boosted in
>Gravity in space
>Constantly slowly move downward

Admittedly the gravity could be the large mass of asteroids/station below but still, that shit bugs me.

On a side note, I'm actually having a lot of success with the Guncannon SML. F-type charge beam is guaranteed a stagger on MS on the ground and a knock down if theyre in the air, excellent for swatting Kampfer's down, then hurling a barrage of missiles at their twin-bazooka arse.
You're not the only one. Also, no 360 degree rotation.
File: 1361739885475.jpg (110 KB, 706x594) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 706x594
That is why they only release space maps near bases and colonies. In order to give at least a semblance of gravity because they haven't actually worked out space combat. Space combat is basically water combat with a slower falling speed and the ability to boost downwards by hitting crouch to allow up and down movement, which is why they have yet to release a true outer space map, they don't actually have the ability too.

It would require altered gravity and physics beyond the cool touch to grenades. Along with water Mobile suits that can't actually swim at varying depths but scuttle quickly along the bottom, I think they only have one type of physics and they alter the values in space and water. It's just a matter of falling and movement speed beyond space having downward boost.

This causes problems like beam weapons working underwater, normal mobile suits boosting in and out of water, and as the list goes on, another huge one is mobile suits having the same base movement speed walking and just moving around in space as each other. Despite obvious differences in movement speed, a Zaku I and a Gouf and a Gundam all run just as fast and move around in space at the same base speed. And As >>11214972 mentioned along with other evidence, the current aerial combat taking over MSGO is entirely because they use the same system across the board and it breaks down because of that. I.E. With enough boost you can take advantage of ground combat being too "Floaty and boosty" to make space combat work.
I noticed it as well, space maps are, gameplay wise, just maps entirely under water. Just throw a blue tint over everything add the bubble effects and you could never tell the difference.
File: 023.jpg (20 KB, 250x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I figure I should explain this. When the game first came out and before the big patch, you could not boost like you current can and everything was much more fragile. Having over 1000 HP was considered to be tough, and having 1600 HP was uber von tough. Boosting was similar, you not boost like you can today. A D type charge attack would eat all your boost in like 3 attacks, and it was common to run out of boost if you tried to use two together while boosting normally. The Desert Zaku could do a proper jump, but it couldn't fly. The closest things could do to flying was jumping high and falling slow, or jumping off something high and falling slow, as you started losing height much quicker as well.

However, this was all altered awhile back and everything became much tougher and able to fly around like super robots because they didn't want to balance the over powered units down, so they boosted everything up to meet them and we began the bloat the led to Alex/Kemp/GLA hell
so basically we HAD GBO style boosting (ground movement, only way to move vertically was jumping), would have made the game a bit slower but would have given more "realism" to the game
Sort of. I wouldn't say it was that extreme. More along the lines that boost was far more limited and you wouldn't see anyone just flying around. You could boost in all the ways you can now, but you probably had a 50-75% reduction on the amount of time spend boosting. The Desert Zaku or Zaku II J is a good example. Doing two CBZ (Jump in air to max height to get a more optimal degree of attack) would drain you of your boost completely. The big upgrade was a way of making space maps where you spend lots of time boosting more functional, and of addressing complaints that it took too long to get anywhere and you couldn't move fast enough to dodge without boosting, but didn't have enough boost to always move fast. Something implementing a ground movement and space movement stat that changes how fast you walk/base move in space would have fixed better but..

But we're still technically in beta after two years, suffering our current problems for a reason. Bandai-Namco in interviews about MSGO admitted that it was their first real foray into the MMO world and that they basically learning how to do everything for the first time in the style of the Japanese. That means that they are probably more than well aware of how the game differs from real MS combat and all the engine issues, but are such novices at the whole thing. I wouldn't doubt it's in the plans, but requires the Japanese to learn how to PC code an online game properly.
Oh wait this event lasts for two weeks? That's a relief I've been playing the shit out of it trying to get up to 225 now I can take a break.
Two weeks. They'll announce the next events info around 3-4 AM PST Friday if there is one, and I'll post it here
File: 41695567_p1.jpg (92 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 640x480

Being on the bleeding edge of emergent game play (So cool! Not really. I play a MMO all day~!) as I am given who I play with, I'll gotten information on the latest technique to come into popular usage. It has existed for awhile (I found it out on my own by playing around), but it has only been tested across a broad number of units and through proper situations because of the current environment, where GLA and therefore missile weapons have become dominant.

Since I get the honour of naming this for the western crowd, I'll call it "Counter Cut" after the pilot skill from Super Robot Wars that has a similar effect. The technique is not particularly hard in concept, but does require either a keen eye or very good timing. The "Counter Cut" technique is used by activating a melee charge attack with a significant amount of movement a few moments before the missiles impact and is most effecient just before the moment of impact. If you succeed, the charge attack will carry you past the missiles and you will effectively dodge the attack. Thus the name, as you attack through the missiles like you were cutting them down. This is different than the NO DAMAGE invincibility frames of some charge attacks and is instead relies on two factors A) Missiles can't move backwards and B) Charge attack movement is almost instantenous.

Unfortunatly, it only works if you have time to charge attack and can visually track the missiles or have some idea of how long until they impact. However, it is the only effective way of dodging GLA missiles outside of cover.
File: thumbs-up.jpg (473 KB, 1698x1131) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473 KB, 1698x1131

I like it.

>GLA heavy beam rifle bullet speed is decreased
File: SortieTime.gif (2 MB, 352x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 352x240
>GLA beam rifle nerfed even a little bit.
Finally our time has comes my boys! It's time for us to strike again!
File: 19433.jpg (1019 KB, 1810x754) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1019 KB, 1810x754
Heavy Aqua GM is the exact mirror of Zaku Marine.

Support Zaku Marine is the exact mirror of GM Sloep, minus the sonar gun but with missile launcher (subrock gun).
question: gold gyan has two different forms of shield rockets, the second form doesn't seem to have anything special about it from the stats so what is the difference between the two weapons? One is semiauto and explosive, the other is just explosive?
The non exclusive one is a full auto type, the gold exclusive is a homing missile type
ah I see. I have a regular gyan and was wondering if it was worth it to put more gp into trying to get gold. Is it worth it?
>Is it worth it to have gold?
It's always worth it to have gold instead of silver. The weapon loadout isn't important insomuch as the extra 10 upgrades.
With the new GP Gasha I finally got the Gundam.

...and it's pretty shit, honestly. It hast he beamer passive but the Semi beam rifle is inaccurate and has generally 'meh' damage and the Full Auto is even worse.
This is mainly a question for Halford and other in-tune Japanese-speaking players:

What's the likelihood of them actually releasing any content from 0083? A lot of the mobile suits in that series are barely upgrades from OYW suits, so it's not like there's a real balance issue to be concerned over. We talk about the prospect of a Xamel release a lot here, but what's the chance of a suit from that era actually being released?

Mainly I'm wondering because of the Gelgoog Marine Commander fitted with the beam machinegun. Beyond that, it's really just a standard Gelgoog.
We've got quite a lot of 083 content as it stands. The Zaku II F2, Rick Dom II, Dom Tropen and GM Powered, Gm KAi, etc.

If you mean specifically the GP series and their counterparts, like the Gelgoog Marine Commander and Gerbera Tetra, I really could not tell you. You can't predict when something will be released, only that it is likely to eventually be released.
while the F2 IS from 0083 wasn't the F2 itself created in 0079 to replace the F type? or am I far off?

also I guess that's the trappings of OYW games, eventually to keep it fresh they'd have to trickle in future suits
Yeah it was. But I don't think they are afraid to stretch the canon, because I am 90 percent positive the GM Custom is not a 0079 unit. (As near as I can tell)
The marine is a 0079 unit though, so I think it is viable.
the zaku mariner?

it's MSM-01, it was a limited run production suit that wasn't really viable because the seals would tear and spring leaks

the one fielded by the EFF/titans in 0088 are improved upon versions with better seals
I'm really curious about this game. The premise seems fun as hell, but there seems to be so much that could go wrong. I have a few questions. How is the ping through VPN? IS the game Super grindy? And is the gamer really imba or is the tierlist/meta pretty tight?
>How is the ping?
It's playable. There's the capacity for some hilarious stupid shit to happen because of the delay, but you can easily wreck a path of destruction through your enemy without really paying much attention to the latency.

>Is the game grindy?
Not really. You play matches, get in-game money, and spend said money on Gashacon to gamble for new mobile suits from the various gashacon editions. I'm not even sure I would say that there's a grinding element at all. There are no tech trees or anything like that, so the only currency is in-game money.

That and maybe DX tickets for the Deluxe Gashacon where they put the newest mobile suits and some high-class suits like the RX-78-2 Gundam.

>Is the meta tight?
Ehhh... Not really? There is a meta to the game that mainly revolves around rocket launchers, melee-centric units, and charged beam rifles, but you can technically choose to ignore it. It'll be a bit more challenging if you play out of the meta, but there's nothing actually stopping you.

As far as tiers go, there are just too many mobile suits. There are a couple imbalanced suits that see a lot of use right now like the Alex, GLA, and Kampfer, but those will probably get nerfed in time. We're all sorta hoping they'll correct the meta this year and buff up the machineguns.

All things considered though, you really can do whatever you want. If you want to run around in a Gouf Custom trying to Gatling gun people to death and melee your way to victory, you can. It's not as easy as pulling out a Kampfer and bazooka'ing everything to death, but the game isn't so imbalanced or meta-restricted that you can't play your own way.
>All things considered though, you really can do whatever you want.
And it's a 50 vs 50 match.
It's not like you'd be specifically called on for doing stuff unless it involves the nuke/beacons/whatevers.
>There are no expectations.
Exactly. It's like Battlefield. There are 50 people on your team, so your only objective is to try and be less shitty than everyone else on your team, and maybe even help your team win.

Get your favorite OYW mobile suit and go to town. That's the point. Personally I find the melee meta helped me realize new favorites. I was never a big fan of the Act Zaku or the Efreet before I played MSGO, but now I like them. They're fun. Before that I used Doms, and before Doms I used the Gouf Custom and Z'Gok E.
So I have the RX-78-2, is double sabres/bazookas the only way to go? All 'round it plays like a very 'meh' suit to be honest.

Also, what makes a suit 'drop' as it boosts over time? Weight? MS characteristics? A stat?
Nah, the Gelgoog Marine. It was an even more limited production suit that was based on the Gelgoog. Sorry should have specified.
I personally thought that it could have been given a beam rifle like the GLA to balance out the rape train that is the GLA myself.
thing is the GLA's beam rifle after some research is meant to be like that, it's a gimped sniper rifle, or should be

also going by "production dates" we should also have had the xamel
File: l.php.gif (2 MB, 500x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x350
Question: Why does the ground GM not have a beam rifle? It would instantly make it more viable as a lower cost unit.
the GLAs needs their missiles nerfed. A single rocket shouldn't be able to knock people down
Beam rifles are expensive, hence why many GMs were given kinetic weaponry instead. The beam spray gun was already a cost-cut verion of the beam rifle. Bullet-based weaponry was cheaper and faster to produce, and the GMs were only in production for what, three months before the war ended?

Also god damn it the Ground GM is so cool and we'll never get a modern kit.
I think it's damage calculation, the first missile alone can stagger, but the second missile is like being smacked fucking down by a fly swatter even when on the ground, you don't even fall down, you get SMACKED THE FUCK DOWN

that I can agree with you, their beam rifle MAY need to have it's ranged neutered a TINY BIT because it's meant to be more or less a DMR
I dunno, I don't consider it THAT expensive. Make a gold weapon I suppose.
I mean, just that the GM Light armor even gets one so you know.
I just feel my bro the Ground GM hurting a little in the meta is all.
I'm not sure the desert zaku has sold me yet. (Assault)
I do like the low cost and armor, but other than that the Zaku II FS seems to make up for it especially since the low armor is supplemented by a shield.
>Which starter suits do I use?
When you start playing gashacon to pull in new and better suits, the game will rain blueprints for starter suits on you. They'll give you a lot of gold ones too.

Personally, I think the best use of starter suits is to get an idea of what class you like playing the most before you drop in-game credits on gambling for your favorite suits.

Personally I think the Desert Zaku is OK. It's not really great or anything. Standard heavy suit. The Zaku II FS is actually a freebie gashacon suit so I recommend holding on to it until you've no more use for it.

They've changed the way gashacon works so that now when you pull a red you automatically get blueprints and you get rentals on silver. That means that when you fail to get the mobile suit you want, you'll probably get a rental for it. I suggest using those rentals to preview those mobile suits and get an idea of what you want.

So if the Gouf Custom is your favorite mobile suit (It's everyone's, right?), do a big roll on it and then try the rental when you get one.
Nah, I'm not new or anything. I am just a zaku enthusiast.
Also, Zaku II FS has carried me through this meta so far so this thing almost never leaves my deck. It is so damn based in my opinon.
>I'm a Zaku enthusiast.
Fair enough. Battle Operation is a good game for that, but MSGO isn't quite so Zaku friendly.

If you were here when they were doing the event for the F2, that thing is great. It's as it should be, since it's a very high-tier Zaku II upgrade. Beyond that, the ace Zakus are probably a good bet too. I think Char's Zaku II was supposed to be good.

I find it a bit strange that some of the best Zakus aren't on standard gashacon.
I'm back from a days holiday. Big change this update

-Introduction of Ranking Point system. For all points this is ELO. A score based on win-lose ratio, rank, and difference between pilots. It's not perfect but they're starting an ELO system.

-Heavy Rifle Nerf

Now for the huge ass Letter

* Promise to increase Rewards for High Class compared to Low Class to make people want to be High Rank
* They explained the GLA situation. I'm surprised, but the excuse is lame. "It's supposed to be a high cost pursuit machine specializing in Anti-Air so it was doingf its job, so we didn't want to ruin it, but it did it too well so we're reducing it. Sorry." No mention of the Gyan. There is a mention that "They've taken in opinions on various aircraft and we are now working towards a sequential rebalancing." basically
* They've finished looking at the Map Data, and it's what you would expect. Reef Area, A Bao Qu, Ribot Colony, Talakamn Desert, etc etc. The usual kuso maps

But then you're like what the hell are you thinking because there is no event next week. So all of this is great, but nobody wants to fucking plaaaaaaaaay
>Heavy rifle nerf.
So beam rifles aren't nonsense anymore and Zeon now has more of a chance, or sniper rifles were nerfed?

>Talakaman Desert
So... they're going to remove this map because of how shit it is? Please? ;_;

>No event next week.
So don't play next week because it'll only be hardcore players?
Heavy Rifle is specific to the GLA. So the GLA's Rifle is having bullet speed reduced to make it less powerful without ruining the "Feel" of the unit as per their letter.

They're not removing any maps, they're just going to look at user data along with the questionnaire and implement changes to map based on that. We'll see if it is actually meaningful.

>No Event Next Week
2Ch has the same philosophy as I do. The core game is a lot of fun but is heavily flawed at the moment, and isn't good enough to be supported on its own gameplay entirely due to imbalances. Every is bored of BZ/SG gate. And without an event or another form of useful/interesting gains to satisfy the condition of sweetening the currently bitter game, everyone just remembers the core game is imbalanced and unfun and just doesn't play that week besides play tickets IF that. So the population heavily reduces and you have all the problems assored like that; too many X not enough Y, not enough of X or Y and so forth.

My recommendation for anyone newer to the game is to play a metric fuckton, as much as possible, during events and only play once a day for play tickets on days without events. It sounds a bit harsh, but it's the only way to keep playing the game and keep sane, because you'll just burn out from frustrating or less than fun battles if you don't have the DX ticket or MS Blueprint at the end to keep you going "Oh well, I'm getting a ___!" and have enough of a push to enjoy the good aspects.

That's how I survived up until now., but it's getting impossible for even me.
>-Introduction of Ranking Point system. For all points this is ELO. A score based on win-lose ratio, rank, and difference between pilots. It's not perfect but they're starting an ELO system.

I think they just change the "Ranking" table from a simple points system into a more complicated one, taking into account how the match is (win/lose, rank difference), but doesn't really change the matchmaking system or anything else. Just for the weekly ranking table, meaning you can't just brute force playing the same type of suit to get into the tables anymore. I hope.
I was combining the information with the information from the Q1 letter which says they're going to change the matchmaking system fairly heavily soon, by creating a new or rather "Re-designing" matchmaking and/or rank system. But you're right, I should have been more specific on how it applies to the ranking table.

As this poster says, it primarily affects how you get rank points for the rank table. However, when you combine it with the Q1 news, it basically intimates they're moving towards a point based ranking system overall like ELO
what are you guys' opinions on the zudah? I've been playing it recently and have been doing alright using the semiauto mg, hawk, and 3 shot bazooka. Anybody have any better strategies for weapon use?
This is for bonds of the battlefield, the arcade game, but it shows it's been entered into canon. Please enjoy the model from the game.

MS-06R-3S otherwise known as the "Gelgoog Prototype"
Why is that thing so sexy?
It's not that great to me. I got the gold print and if I ever use it the map have to be a base race. It has a very low armor, but the boost charge sort of make up for it. I think you can kill people with that saturn engine doing a suicide run close to them
>n-no trust us guys it will work out
okay so what is the kampfer/Alex explanation?
There is no way that shit is gonna keep flying
>I think you can kill people with that saturn engine doing a suicide run close to them
yes, you can. it deals some 20k (2k armor) damage point blank

gold print gets the sturmfaust, which is why it's ideal for suicide runs.
unload the sturmfausts, then kill yourself using the saturn engine.
Installing right now and got a paid VPN set up and all that shit...

How much harder is this in comparison to stuff like Hawken and World of Tanks and other shitty free battle games?

I played Hawken for a while and was pretty top tier, will I be decent at this? Also is it pay-2-win at all?
read the thread

also from time to time I've done streams of MSGO to drum up interest, but yeah read the thread, look at the stuff in the OP
Alright, I'm pulling my pants down. Bring it here.

>It deals damage when it dies.
Wait, really? The Zudah actually explodes for real damage when it dies? That's amazing!

In the case of the Kampfer it's just an issue with bazooka meta, really. Although to be honest, the Kampfer does EXACTLY what it should do, which is deal a huge amount of damage and then die.

The Alex is just a Gundam with a super-OP Gatling because someone fucked its stats up.

In short: About the same. About the same. No.
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Can you get a DX ticket for being in top 100 for a class? I tried reading the jap wiki but the translation doesn't help
>Wait, really? The Zudah actually explodes for real damage when it dies? That's amazing!
To elaborate, Zudah has a unique saturn engine module. The effect of that module is that you can still boost even if your gauge is depleted, but it drains your armor instead so you can kill yourself if you boost all the way through.
When you do that, the saturn engine module will then make your suit explode, dealing damage to enemies nearby.
>You can boost at the cost of your armor. When you run out of armor via boosting you become a bomb.
I'm really glad that I have a Zudah sitting in my hangar, because this actually sounds hilariously fun. I might have to build it and play with it while the servers are dead this next week.
no one on 2ch has tried to point out the alex's wrist gatling to the management is supposed to be that strong?

Only thing I can think of now is just going al zudah and having zeon suicide bomb their front lines on areas that are very close quarters like Jaburo tunnels or just suicide bombing the bases
They have. Popular 2ch posts right now

"Kemp/Alex is still too strong"
"GLA is useless now"
"GLA is still too strong with nerfs"
"This doesn't address the problem of 10K BZ and explosive gate"
"Aren't you ashamed Zeon that you keep winning the gauge and ask for the GLA nerfeD"
"Aren't you ashamed Federation, you keep winning all the general battles and fucking up the game."
"I love/hate beginner hunting because management doesn't stop it."

And the strangest and most explanatory of the behavior of the management team.

"It's not fair something I paid money for isn't the same as I paid money for, we should start litigation against management for a complete refund." - This is in response to management nerfing the GLA and basically saying tough luck, they were only refunding resources spent on the rifle because this was required to make the game work. But there are a lot of Japanese players that aren't used to MMO and hold back balancing by complaining massively if anything ever is changed. In other words, they represent those entrenched in Japan's culture of sameness and nobody likes them. They get told off all the time, but group together like shit.
>GLA is useless now
I've noticed literally no difference post-patch for the GLA's beam rifle. It's just as stupidly effective as it has ever been. If anything fire rate reductions make it deadlier because players become less shit at aiming.

Both the beam rifle and the missiles of the GLA are far too powerful compared to other mobile suits in the game. Period. It's hilarious that there are people that will contest that, culture or not.

So it was said in a previous thread that having a shield boosts your stagger/knockdown resistance, correct? If you were to run with the module that prevents shield destruction, would that result in the shield boost throughout the life of the mobile suit?

My primary concern with shields on some of my units is that the shield frequently ends up destroyed, leaving me with fodder in the shape mobile suit.
A shield on 0hp iirc won't protect you, it is useful however as it means you can go and get it repaired at a restoration point.
HBR nerfs are not till next week. The major change is that the projectile speed of the beams will be reduced to prevent people from effortlessly sniping across the map because of their insane speed. The HBR wouldn't be so bad if all BR were faster, and if MG were competent mid range anti-air weapons Like the Alex Gattling, it's a major case of being the only useful weapon of it's type (Assault MG, Assault BR)

The shield destruction module just means that if your shield is destroyed, you can fix it and get your balance bonus back instead of being without for the entire spawn.
I can't find it in the wiki, what does GLA stands for?
G-Line (Light Armor type)
>They're not until next week.
That would explain why they seem to be exactly as deadly as before.

>Shield module just means it goes to 0 and you don't lose it.
Yes, I'm aware of this. I guess what I'm asking is if people think it's more worthwhile to keep the shield with that module so you can maximize the bonus, or if taking the balance bonus without it is better.

G-Line Light Armor.
Oh thanks.
That would depend entirely on the unit and what you're doing with it, as well as its maximum base load. It's not such a simple question. Shields are often used to compensate for low base load, but they're also useful on units with high HP to give added durability. At the same time, load not only increases balance, but it increases boost duration. Also remember that certain weapons, when fired or "out" negate the bonus of the shield. You only gain the balance bonus if your shield absorbs the HP. At the same time, the hit that destroys your shield never transfers to you unless it's a weapon with an AoE.

At the end of the day, you've got to ask yourself what weapons your using, whether your need mobility (No shield) over defense (shield). and so forth.
File: 1294440146559.jpg (16 KB, 409x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>G-Line Light Armor
>Has more armor than the base G-Line
hold on something about that doesn't feel right
still no harpoon gun
This better be a joke.

I never bothered to compare the two, but you seriously better be joking.
It makes perfect sense if you understand the unit. The core unit, the G-Line was created to be a successor to the RX-78 series and was able to easily change its performance and gear by equipping various frames. The core G-Line has no special armor equipped. The G-Line Light Armor despite its name is still equipping extra armor parts on the G-Line and has additional bulk to the basic G-Line. It's only confusing because the Light Armor refers to the fact that the frame is the lightest frame, not that the G-Line has been retooled to be light weight.
Obviously it is not a G-Line whose Armor has been Lightened, but a G-Line now wearing Light Armor where the original had none.
It's not obvious because it goes against precedent. The GM Light Armor is a GM with lightened armor. There's no reason for people who know Gundam but don't know the story of the G-Line as said by >>11238675 to think that it would be additional armor. Rather, you'd expect it to have less armor like its predecessor "Light Armor" variants.

And as always, the information is appreciated Halford.
also remind these nice folks we have like two more G-line suit variants to go and no doubt they WILL be rolled out
File: 1394034418961.jpg (62 KB, 640x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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To be fair, Zeon still has quite a few Marine Mobile Suits left to draw from.
Z'Gok Crab
Prototype Gogg,
Marine Prototype
Agguguy (Claw)
Agguguy (Heat Rod)
Azock (Pictured. Agg variant)
Acguy (Alternate Hand types)

Besides. Zaku Marine (Support) is actually viable as a cheap missile user alongside supporting without much effort. Basically, the only major hit its missiles take are to ammo, range, and AoE. AoE is not particularly important for missiles, and ammo isn't that hard to compensate for as well. Meanwhile the Zaku Marine (Support) can get range up characteristic, which returns its missiles range to normal at level 5. If you equip ammo up to increase the amount of radar pods/repair pods you can carry, it also boosts your ammo up. Now, it's higher cost than the normal Zaku Marine keeps it from ever being a cheap replacement, but it's better than any of the other initial support units Zeon has in terms of offense.

Assault frame is mostly melee with a grappling shield, heat lance, and shotgun. Standard frame has the short beam rifle, but that's it. They didn't give the G-Line the assault cannon at least, which is the third backpack in its trinity and basically functions as an internal BZ. But the other G-Line aren't as scary since they lack the range advantage of the GLA. The GLA is an anti-air unit the specializes in range and rapid movement, which are supposed to be anti-thetical. (And at least is for Zeon)
I wish Acguy have a built-in module, or no module, to be immune to radar pods like in the show(?)
It was released before Modules were out, and they never really got to dealing with its stealth capacities. It's up there with a lot of capacities not shown in the game; such as differences in jumping height, walking/running speed, ability to swim, and other individual abilities. The lack of real updates to engine itself have been the major hold back.

Census Data is diving again. We had a mild jump (+2-3K average population) for the Event, but as everyone finishes the initial 200 points, and they're not bothering to continue farming. We're hovering just above 10000, which means we'll likely drop back to 8XXX in terms of population when there is no event next week.

http://msgo.bandainamco-ol.jp/event/20140218/ Was the last balancing event, which also shows the problem. It was to "Fix maps, improve old units, give heavy units a place, and improve and diversify gameplay.". The same problems and updates as now. Because they haven't addressed the core issues and the need for constant balancing; that these are on going issues that have to be constantly altered and the game must be constantly refined and improved in how it plauys. Instead they assume there game is just balanced and perfect in gameplay until it isn't, then hold a stupid event that accomplishes nothing or quickly destroys itself (Less than 2 months!).

MSGO has basically dropped off the ranking tables on most JP MMO sites because it of the lack of population and poor user reviews. They still do news feeds because they're paid too, but there isn't much else to it. The people who collect the Census data have been looking at the ranking and said unique users are only dropping as well, so new players are dying up too.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Ths is the NAMCO BANDAI online official site webmasters response.
We apologize from the beginning for being late on your information.
At the same time, we will offer our apologies for Gundam Online which is causing a lot of dissatsifaction
We're sorry indeed.
We have contacted at you this time in regards to the time of adjustment and compensation for adjustment.
Information has not been posted at this time and we can not give guidance to individual customers.
Excuse me for this, Thank you your understanding.
For the compensation of the contents of your question to the adjustment of paid sales items, we ask you to please wait for an announcement from the site.

And another

*Same opening spiel*
In regard adjustment of some paid sales item, we're sorry that we had to adjust it, but it was necessary for the game.
We are sorry about the huge amount of disatastisfaction over game balance and the overall management system.
We have come short of our goals, but it was necessary to modify the GLA for the sake of the long term game.
In addition, we understand your desire to improve the management and quality of the game
But we hear the desire to improve the management and game by the rebuked/upset/angry.

Now. On the JP people whining about GLA nerfs. This is a weird Japanese quirk of thinking. They all buy something hopelessly overpowered and then when it is nerfed, they start crying for compensation. But they don't do the same thing about shitty DX units. If a DX unit is shitty, they just think you shouldn't have spent your money trying to get it, not that you should be compensated for having bought a weak unit. Even though they knew the GLA was overpowered and was breaking the game, they still expect massive rewards. Which is the point. A lot of them blew a chunk of money on this thinking they'd get it all back in DX ticket refunds, and now are mad they're just out 300$. Tried to game the system and mad it failed, so they're tryingto push

Really sad to hear this! Don't play this game, but I always wanted it to do well.
Hey, just got a White Dingo Guncannon at long last with beam shooter.
How should I upgrade it? The usual Load capacity > speed > Boost capacity > HP = Charge > Homing priority, or something else?
That's silly. There is no way this is how all Japanese players think, right? I mean outside of MSGO
This is a small selection of players. They're not really a majority, it's just that it's part of their culture in a way. They have systems which are almost immutable and in place for long periods of time. Therefore it becomes all about knowing the "trick" or way to play the system to get ahead. Knowing that if a DX unit is nerfed, it usually brings about an apology, they spend money gambling on the idea that they'll get a refund because that is how the system has worked in the past.

The only problem is when things change, and then the portion that tries to do this gets all in a mess. But they're the same breed of opportunist that would take credit for another's work if they were a westerner.

http://pastebin.com/vauN0XDf For those interested, a pastebin of one of the new letters in JP.
>Westerners would do this too.
I agree. It's really not that different from what happens to games in the West. The difference isn't in the playerbase as much as the company. In the West, a company would respond and react either simultaneously or in short order. They would nerf it, and then potentially offer refunds or whatever to people who choose to accept them or possibly just to everyone. Hell, the sketchiest of Western companies might even be borderline-unapologetic and offer nothing.

With them though, as Halford has mentioned before, there are cultural issues that prevent them from working so efficiently. Instead they sit on their hands and sigh, because otherwise they'd look bad.
now if only we could get them to nerf alex and buff the gouf custom
I think they need to redo the whole thing, including these "DX" gashacon. I mean, we have 13 DX versions yet who's going to roll for the first 10? The suits there are already available in the normal gasha and even as random drops. Of course getting a gold blueprint from one is a whole different matter but it's also a 1/150 in the DX gasha.

And this is the other thing that needs a complete re-doing. We've gotten small "fixes" that increase/decrease several parameters, but in the end it just messes up the whole thing. They really need to rethink the whole weapons in one go, along with that creating space for new things. Remember the last mass-patch (applies almost to all heavy types)? Do like that except for every single weapon currently available. I'm not sure what kind of response we got from the previous rework but if anything it did add a lot of players, even if just to see what had changed.
I agree with you, but I believe they're aware of all these things because players won't shut up about them, but the Kingdom that you take over is in the state that it is in. You can't turn it from a Feudalist state to a Capitalist Democracy over night, or even modernize the filing system. 0080 is considered the point where teams switched, so you can attribute Kaempfer and Alex to the old team. Ignoring the GLA, as a whole they've attempted to add new and interesting units with new concepts instead of repeating the old since. I think part of the problem IS that the old is that crappy compared because they were built as variant clone units of their lines rather than being unique. Dealing with the Old managements garbage there.

New management is floundering, but they've promised to look into all the problems. And the changes that they have made, such as the heavy changes, have been bigger and more positive than the changes previously. The problem is that they can't just fix some numbers athis time, they have to literally rip and tear up systems. They've realized this, such as the need to create an entirely new way of doing matchmaking, defining whose top ranked, and how to reward them.

This is a flagship product for Namco in the same way as FF 14 is for Square Enix and PSO is for Sega. So I'm not going to sign a death certificate anytime soon, because I don't see it dying without a couple of resurrections like PSO and FF 11/14. Too much cash is made and invested, and they'd be in real fucking trouble if they brought a Gundam MMO to China and stopped service in Japan without offering something else.

I guess what I'm trying to say is something that Korbo has brought up before. You might just have to sit and wait for awhile. This is a beta still for a reason. It could literally be 2-3 years before the game is developed enough just in terms of code and gameplay that won't complain. Just because it's their first MMO and they're making all their mistakes now.
To expand. The old design philosophy was based around a conception that you have the core unit (Dom/Zaku/Gelgoog) or type (Aquatic MS), and the only thing that distinguishes one from another is the weapons they had (not their weapon stats) and how their parameters were min-maxed. So you could easily access the base unit types, and then getting GP/DX units was getting the stronger ones or the variant you wanted. So you'd use a Zaku II S over a Zaku II F because you wanted the speed and extra MG, or a Zaku II FS over an S because you wanted a stronger Zaku parameter wise and could afford the time upgrade. The final concept that was once a unit was created, it was "finished" and no more work had to be done because it was in the game.

Basically they treated it like a console; I programmed in this extra mobile suit and now it's done. Not like a PC MMO where everything including how the game plays is ever changing.

The system requires perfect balance and equally valuable stats/weapons. There also has to be enough parameters to distinguish (and DIFFERENTIATE) properly between units and their capacities (As I've mentioned [Ground Speed, Space Speed, Armor, Swimming, Sensor Range, Even some enhancement for improvement of computers/cockpit don't exist] and weapon parameters like [Projectile Speed, Armor Penetration and others] for weapons.

Because these things are missing, the flaw in such a system is easily apparent because it's apparent in a lot of games of this type. You figure out which stats are the most valuable on weapons and units, and then you figure out which parameters can't be changed by upgrades and may be unique to unit (Such as projectile speed ala GLA).

And thus you end up with a very Japanese flaw. Once more you game the system by just researching what's best and choosing the best version of that. Which is where we are at. The end course of that flaw. Everyone uses only a couple of units because they've got the best.
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