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Hey /m/, this might be a bit of a strange request but I'm trying to make a playlist for some stuff I'm writing/drawing and I realized I wanted some battle music.
Here's the catch, I'm looking for stuff that sounds fairly modern/industrial and while it can be totally badass, I don't want it to sound particularly heroic or glorifying; the kind of music that would play in a brutal battle where regardless of who was victorious, neither side would really be considered winners.

So far I've got:
Armored Core 3 - Follow:
Gungriffon Blaze - Ukraine:
Zone of the Enders: Dolores - Battlefield:
Armored Core VD - Peek a Boo:
NeoTokyo - Scrap I/O

So yeah, that kind of thing.
Would appreciate just about anything.
Oh, bonus points if the tune evokes imagery of something like heavy machinery moving around like 'Follow' or 'Battlefield' do.
It's kind of hard to describe, but I think you know what I mean.
Intruders from FM4 maybe?
Pretty good, pretty good.
How's this?

Vanquish OST - Battle in the Colony's Residential Area

Not really /m/ but some of the Ghosts tracks from NIN could be what you're looking for.
Ghosts 31 & 32. 32 is in the video. Which itself is pretty /m/ I guess.

no, trust me

just listen

im serious

You may not consider Air Combat a true /m/ material, but still.

Man the music for Verdict Day is great but there is so much other shit in the game making noise that it's impossible to hear any of it.
soviet music should work for that heavy machinery feel


Might not be dark enough for yah,


Infinity Shred

Make Up and Vanity Set


This one Baths song
Armored core dont have the right set on the audio, the music is always lower that the rest of the noise
>fairly modern/industrial and while it can be totally badass, I don't want it to sound particularly heroic or glorifying

Get the OST from Argento Soma, it has some great stuff in that vein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMuOSZQD5QU&index=17&list=PL3926696A37CCAF11


Speaking of Argento Soma, if I liked Betterman, and liking M3, will I probably like Argento Soma?
Probably, I like all three and think it's the best of them, M3 being a distant third.
Very fucking cool OP. Bumping for you. I feel like I should have a few of these somewhere to add. I like the mechanical industrial sounds in some of these. I feel like some of the Mechwarrior games would have a handful of songs fitting what youre looking for.
120% chance.
Meh. If we are aiming for Soviet music, why not at least go for something from Russia (if not actual Soviet music - which might be too heroic for op).

Lube perhaps?


Or Belyi Orel, if you can stand them?

Everyone, thanks so much for the replies. Even if I'm not using these, there's still some great stuff here.

Good track but might be a little too electronic.
TY for these, especially 32!
Interesting pick. It's not quite what I'm looking for but it's a good track. Even reminds me of one of the tracks that plays during the final boss battle of Legend of Dragoon. Man, that takes me back.
It's /m/ enough. That's a good track but not quite what I'm after. It's a little too upbeat, I guess. It's a really fun track though. Going into another playlist of mine.
Command and Conquer has some great music for this kind of thing, you're right. 'Link Up' was always a favourite of mine.
Not too dark but still great music. All going into other lists of mine.
I've actually got the Argento Soma OST and yes, there's some fantastic stuff on it. Those are some good choices. 'Primary Tactics' is another good one.
I am somewhat sad that DJ K Hasegawa only did one of the battle tracks. His work on that had that 'late 90's cyberpunk' feel I really dug. That reminds me, I started Platinumhugen Ordian recently and the soundtrack is similar to the Hasegawa tracks and some of the ZOE 1 tracks. I'll have to hunt it down later.
Well, those were certainly something.
>Not listening to Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds when working on anything

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Appreciate the bump. Also, if you want some more of what I've got, there's also these tracks too. I left them out earlier because I figured my OP was already long enough. Here they are.

Armored Core 3 - Free Verse:
Armored Core V - Birthday:
Gungriffon Blaze - Tibet:
Heavy Gear - #05:
Push - You Know Who Did It
Resident Evil (2002) - Reunion
Patlabor - Shadow of Griffon
You just reminded me that I had a cassette of that as a kid in the early 90's. Damn, that takes me way back.

Why not just change the settings? I always set it so BGM is slightly louder than SFX.
Saw (the horror movie series) OST's
The Dawn of War 2 sound track probably has some suitable music.
It's great
Got it, will take a look.
Mechwarrior 2 and 4 mercenaries indeed have some good metal songs.
And remember kids. Allways be properly awake and aware before copy pasting anything.
I know this is too much to ask but, do you have a Youtube playlist, OP?
Sadly no, because youtube always gives me trouble when I visit back home and try to log into my account from there (like now) and I only just came up with the idea in the last couple days.

I know it's not much but since all the youtube links are in this thread, it should make it a bit easier to make the playlist if you wanted to, right?

Also, here are some more tracks since it's the best I can do.

Mechwarrior 3 BGM
Heavy Gear - #7
Heavy Gear - #8
Armored Core V - In a Day
Armored Core V - Strive
Armored Core 3 - Bravado
Armored Core 4 Answer - Match the Bottom

Thanks. I've heard 2 before but I'll be sure to give 4 a listen through.
Wouldn't have thought of that. I'll need to take a look through some more. Thanks.
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444 KB, 1200x759
These may not be all /m/ in origin, but they should fit what you're looking for, unless some of them pass as TOO dramatic

Armored Core 3's "Artificial Sky" should go without saying

AC2's "King Lear" is also fantastic, would be fitting for a final grand battle

Twisted Metal: Black also had some great music

"Unstoppable" by E.S. Posthumus is befitting of a final ultimate weapon

You may also like:
Hocico - "Pandemonium"

Eternal Darkness OST - "A War to End All Wars" & "Gateway To Destiny"
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141 KB, 600x880
I am monitoring this thread.
This should do ya.

Not /m/, nor a battle track but definitely fitting, I think.

Silent Hill 3 - Break Reality.


Really conjures up the imagery for me of a big, mecha army getting ready to really fuck something up.
Thanks. Definitely some good stuff in there.
'Unstoppable' and 'Gateway to Destiny' were what did it for me though. Great tracks.


Also, I forgot to put this track earlier.
I think it fits pretty well.

File: 1402097520751.jpg (112 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 640x480
Yo. My youtube decided to let me log in so I went ahead and did this. You're welcome.
If your suggestion isn't there, try not to hate me too much.

Also, try not to laugh too hard at my user name. I came up with it years and years ago when I was trying to name some monster I did a design for.

AC3 has some pretty good Music.
I'm a bit worried that it doesn't quite fit the criteria, but Monster Machine is pretty balls to the wall.
Thank you sir
>Fitting the criteria?
Not quite...
>Balls to the wall awesome?
Yes. So much so.
Hey Op, if you want uncaring machines doing machine things with cold efficiency, Mechwarrior 2 and Mercenaries should be right up your alley:



It may be short but this song was the best from Armored Core 4
Whoops forgot the link
So, the list's been updated.

I like that Pyre Light one. The others are good but not quite what I'm after.
Again, a great track but not exactly the criteria I was looking for.
Monitoring because you are pleased or displeased?
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Thread images: 7
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