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So I had a small school project about writing a short story , and since its my first time writing its obviously going to be really bad. So i thought some feedback would help.

Here goes :
The Medieval Tower
Two years have passed since the end of the massacre. Two years have passed since the peasants revolted against the royal family and attacked the tower which housed the royal family.

The year is 1486, and Anna and Charles, the recently united couple, had finally finished their wedding ceremony. Anna and Charles both came from middle class families. Anna lived by the jungle before moving into Vermont, the village where Anna and Charles met. Growing by the jungle, Anna’s father taught her the ways of the bow, this helped her come out as a courageous person. Charles on the other hand, lived by the coast he was more of a protective person. This always somehow annoyed Anna, but regardless, they loved each other.
Although Anna and Charles did not come from royal families, this unique couple had something special about them. This couple shared the love of solitary living and historical places. Anna and Charles had frequently heard stories from merchants that come to the village about the tower and the revolt of the peasants. Their common interests made it clear for them that the abandoned tower was the perfect place for them to build their future together. After a discussion that did not last for minutes, Anna and Charles started making necessary arrangements to move to their new home.
After 3 days of getting ready for the long journey, the couple started their 500 mile journey on the back of two horses. Since the couple where as poor as church mice, they couldn’t afford a carriage, meaning they couldn’t carry much of their luggage with them.
The couple rode day and night. They stopped by villages on the way to replenish their food, water and energy. Anna and Charles weren’t so poor, they could afford to buy food from merchants, but they couldn’t very much pay for an inn to stay

the night. This forced them to work in the inn they stayed at to pay their rent. These circumstances only lengthened their journey.

After 9 days, the couple had finally reached their destination. As Anna raised her head to look at her new home, her pupils dilated and she started breathing more heavily. The couple was so excited to live in this new home that was home to a very peculiar historical event. To any other person, the house looked horrible, and rightly so, from the outside, the house looked very gloomy, the windows were broken and the stone was eroded. It looked like as if the devil himself lived in it. But the couple loved it, and that’s all that mattered.
“This is it” said Anna “A dream finally coming true” she continued.
“This is it” repeated Charles in excitement.

Filled with excitement, Charles approached the tower. The door knob was rusty and made a screeching sound. The tower was abandoned so Charles had little trouble breaking into the place. Upon entering the place, Charles inspected the place. The tower house was dusty, the furniture was worn out and broken, and the ceiling was cracked. What they noticed most though is the stench of dead bodies and one peculiar part of the wall. This wall was located directly in front of the main door, so it wasn’t very hard to notice it. The wall had broken edges as if it had been moved a thousand times. What’s more noticeable about the wall though is the fact that it housed a rats nest. Charles was interested in this wall and wanted to inspect it, but being exhausted from travel, the couple decided to call it a night. Charles went to inspect the bedroom upstairs, he didn’t find many interesting things, but he did find a book, it seemed like it was notes, for some sort of experiment. Charles ignored it and starting setting the bed, after he was done he called Anna and they went to bed.

At 4 A.M Anna was awoken by a sound of loud screams coming from downstairs.
“Wake up love” said Anna with a breaking voice.

Charles: What’s wrong?
Anna: There’s a screaming sound downstairs.
Charles said nothing for a moment to listen carefully
“There’s nothing” said Charles “You are probably imagining things” he added.

The following day Charles and Anna woke up and started sorting out the things that they found in the tower, keeping the ones they needed and throwing out the ones they didn’t need. Charles took care of sorting the books and the notes that were left in the bedroom while Anna took care of the living room down stairs.

The sun set and the couple were finally done organizing the house. Charles sat in the living room to rest while Anna started making dinner in the kitchen right beside him. Not 10 minutes passed until the screaming and banging sound resumed.
Anna heard the sound and exclaimed “I told you!”
“Not the time to argue, let’s figure out where the sound is coming from.” Charles replied.
Charles and Anna followed the sound carefully, after 20 minutes of looking they found out that the sound was actually coming from the piece of wall that faced the main entrance.
Anna approached it carefully and started listening while Charles looked at her in suspense.
“Maybe the house is haunted” said Anna
Charles Chuckled.
Charles found it funny how Anna was always superstitious, but he did not dare mock her when he saw the look of seriousness on her face. Fear was written all over her face, her face was yellow and her eyes were squinty.

Charles studied the wall and its broken edges. Not figuring anything out, he hit the wall in frustration. The screams grew louder and it seemed like something started banging the wall. Rats started flowing out of holes around the wall. After what seemed like eternity, the screaming and banging finally stopped. Anna starting doubting the sanity of her choice of living in an abandoned tower in which people were murdered, but Charles calmed her down and told her that they should go to bed and inspect the issue further tomorrow.

Charles woke up the following day and decided to look through the books that were left in the bedroom. Charles found nothing but notes on experiments on rats and disease transfer. Until he came across a small drawing in one of the notes, it looked as if it was a map, Charles figured it was the house’s blueprints.
Everything looked normal except one thing, the blueprints displayed an extra room downstairs near the kitchen, and what’s more intriguing is that it was placed at the same position as the wall where the screams came from.

Anna woke up and asked Charles: What are you doing this up early?
“Look at this” Said Charles while he handed her the blueprints
Anna quickly noticed the extra room in the blue prints.
“Now help me look for more clues about this” said Charles in a quick manner

Charles and Anna looked for hours in the notes, they found texts talking about the poverty of the peasants, notes that talked about human experimenting in disease transfer and notes that stated some sort of a death count.
The couple concluded that the royal family was conducting human experiments on the peasants to create a biological weapon, which probably caused the revolt that doomed them.
Intrigued, Charles decided to further inspect the wall downstairs.

As he studied the wall and its surroundings, he found a mechanical switch, which looked that it was in some way linked to the wall and the missing room.
As Charles activated the switch, the wall starting moving slowly, and the screams started, but this time it was louder than any of the other times.
Anna rushed downstairs as soon as she heard the sound.
Approaching rapidly she exclaimed “What’s happening?!”
“I think I figured out why the wall had broken edges” Charles replied.
When the wall was completely moved, a hallway was visible, Anna grabbed a torch and ran in to inspect the hallway.
As Anna went deeper into the hallway, she saw more and more dead rats, the stench of the dead rats grew so bad she could barely bare it. The screams grew even louder.
A moment passed when Charles decided to follow her inside.
“What did you find” Charles asked in suspense.
Charles heard no reply from Anna.
He asked again and still heard nothing.
As Charles entered the room he saw the dead rats on the ground and the vessels in which humans were kept inside and experimented on.
“Look at this” Anna finally spoke with a sound filled with fear
Charles rushed into the room to see what was happening, and there was it, the reason of the banging and screaming stood right in front of him.
Two humans, a male and a female, were standing naked right in front of him, it seemed like they were one of the peasants that were experimented on. The peasants were covered in their own urine and feces, their eyes were full of blood due to the diseases that were experimented on them. Anna asked them who they were, but it seemed like they had lost every sense of communication or sanity.
Anna and Charles stood there discussing for a moment, they concluded that the peasants had survived 2 years by feeding off the rats that were experimented on. Which explained the side effects that clearly showed on the peasant’s psychological state.
Within a minute’s time, the couple started arguing about what they should do with the peasants.
“Put them to rest, let them find peace” said Anna
Charles thought it was immoral, but began to slowly accept the idea seeing that there is no better fate for the insane peasants .After a few minutes, Charles finally agreed, but on the condition that they give them one more night to live and that they would bury them afterwards.
The following day, Charles went down to the room to end the peasants’ misery only to find out that they had died because of the disease. Anna and Charles then commenced to dig up graves for the peasants.
Finally, when they were done burying the peasants, they discussed leaving the house and finding somewhere else to live. Both Anna and Charles agreed to leave the tower and live somewhere else.
While packing their things, Anna noticed a few drops of blood in Charles eyes.
“What’s that in your eye?” asked Anna.

The End
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