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Quick you must post your top 5 favourite...
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Quick you must post your top 5 favourite books and reasons why.

Measure your dicks with the other posters of this thread.
My Ántonia
The Age of Innocence
Gravity's Rainbow

Middlemarch, The Age of Innocence, and My Ántonia are all beautifully written, with wonderful characters.

Anthem motivated me to stop relying on others for happiness.

Gravity's Rainbow is complex and just plain fun. I don't think any other book has made me laugh half as much as GR.
>Don Quixote
Dank adventure with some extremely memorable scenes, like Sancho's governing of the island.

>The Idiot
Dank characters, all of them. Good philosophical discussion. Ippolit made me sad and Myshkin's story of Marie made me cry.

>Brothers Karamazov
Great characters, best philosophical discussion, very good story.

>Crime and Punishment
Epilogue made me cry, interesting ideas of what a great man should be allowed to do, compelling plot

>Fathers and Sons
Ending in the graveyard made me cry. Very good scenes peppered throughout, Pavel's interactions with Bazarov are great


Is Anthem drily written like Rand's major works are reputed to be?
>The Cannibal
The imagery and overall sensibility of the book was very unique.

>Gravity's Rainbow
Really fun and packed with interesting bits of obscure information that it effectively uses to great effect.

Same as Gravity's Rainbow.

>A Confederacy of Dunces
Ignatius is practically me.

>The New York Trilogy
The way it deals with writing as a theme is unique and substantiative without being obnoxious or pretentious.
>Infinite Jest
>Gravity's Rainbow

because i'm an intellectual
>House of Leaves
Compelling characters and plot, the ending tied up the characters' issues in a really succinct way. Also just generally a feelsy book

>On the Road
Fun, joyous read which also contains some of my favourite prose and scenes in all of literature.

>The Lord of the Rings
Epic (dub), often powerful and emotional, also comfy as fuck.

Taught me one of the most important lessons I have ever put to good use: you can listen to wisdom, but you must live it to learn it.

The book that really kickstarted my love of reading, I only read it when I was 13 or so but afterwards I was a bookworm through and through. Really fun, comfy and warm setting that gave a kid just into his teens a really compelling reason to read a decently-sized novel.
Great list. Fathers and Sons has been sitting in my backlog for ages, but now I finally want to read it.

Anthem is much more exciting than her longer works. The prose is somewhat dry but overall effective. It's only around 100 pages, so it doesn't have time to be too boring plot-wise.
>Ending in the graveyard made me cry.
>Epilogue made me cry


you are not a real man

back to tumblr

>Absalom, Absalom!
Epic as fuck story, dope prose
Bernhard is intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor. I love his cumbersome shit about characters falling into madness. Funny and depressing
>Angry Toy
Best novel about teenage angst ever written, fuck Salinger
All of the classic Dosto's themes: nihilist in its various manifestations, proto-Mersault character... and, of course, funny caricatures of noble liberals and trendy nihilists
>Any compilation of Chekhov's main short stories
Really love this nigga. His conciseness is elegant as fuck, his characters are faithfully and painfully human.
>Angry Toy
It's Mad Toy in English, I'm sorry
Count of Monte Cristo
because I was alone, and Dumas was there to lead me into the light
Don Quixote
because Sancho Panza is a boss
Bros Karamazov
because the religious conflict was perfectly timed with my own inner turmoil when I read it.
Borges stories
because he blows me away just like Poe did when I was a kid
a tossup between Pushkin's Shot, and Gogol's Portrait.
because their styles and themes inspired me to write short stories.

My nigga.
>Madame Bovary

Perfect in every way.

>Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym


> The Aleph and Other Stories

A book I always go back to

>The time of the hero

Because of its portrayal of corruption, evil and much more

>No One Writes to the Colonel

Beautiful, and one of the saddest books ever written

>The Kingdom of this World

Carpentier is an underrated genious
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