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Just a story
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I'm a very inexperienced writer, really just a highschool student. But i had a scarily realistic and enlightening dream which i wrote down detail for detail, and even though i never visit 4chan, muchless /lit. I wanted to post it somewhere. I didnt try to fix most grammar issues, sorry about that.
I was walking through my high school, prior events had occurred but nothing of note. As I
walked, everything felt off, strange. I couldn't tell you what exactly was off about it but it was a
dream, so everything's a bit shifted. However, it seemed that you could enter and sit in any
class as you please, and with no consequence. So i looked for a class to sit in.
I walk through the hallways, the second floor, I remember most things about the dream
quite well. I walk past the class and I recall myself when I see her in there. She is beautiful,
probably the most beautiful girl that I know, and easily the most beautiful in my school. But at
the time, I only saw her as my friend, my very pretty friend. Sure she had some things being
said about her behind her back, but I’m never one to follow idiotic rumours like those. So I
thought that if I’d sit in a class, i'd find one with a friend since, let's face it, i'm not there to learn
but to screw around and snag a passing grade (a very realistic dream, couldn't even tell i was
I walk in, the class was a little over half full, lights were off, and a movie was being
played. Now what was very much off was i saw her, and her twin sister whom in the dream, I felt
like I’ve heard of, but I never could recall ever meeting her.
“Can I just sit in here and nobody will care?”
“Yea” They both replied to me.
So, I took my seat between the two where there was an empty seat. We didn’t talk too
much because I didn't want to get kicked out, but no more than a minute in her twin sister had
decided to lean her head against my shoulder, with absolutely no prior provocation. It was warm
and there was something amazing, but guilty about the sudden attention i was receiving from
her. With time however, we had come to be more comfortable, i found her arms wrapped
around my waist sort of grabbing at my stomach, and I ran my hand up the outside of her leg. At
this point, i somehow found us lying down, on a sort of bench, rather than the chair i had
previously sat in. She was wearing gray leggings, white shoes, and a red or pink sweater, i
couldn't remember exactly, maybe it was white.
And again i recognized myself in her company, my stomach felt warm, my heart
fluttered. And she went in to kiss me, which i can say i am not unpracticed in. However, as could
as i could be it seemed that she was just showing me the ropes, she licked my ear, then my
neck, then bit my bottom lip and kissed with such a passion that it almost hurt a bit, but she
remained graceful with every move she made. She had a lot of experience, it made no
difference to me.
I had her in my arms, and it was ecstatic, i felt her legs, her body, and everything felt so
real that there was not a single hint that it wasn't real. I could feel her warmth, and her tongue.
But whenever I tried to put a move on her, even subtly, she would stop me and almost show it to
me. She was very intimidating and i just went with what she did. Sometimes she would go in to
kiss me again, only to watch me go in and smile, just to tease me. She would just bite her teeth
together right before my mouth and smile.
Whatever she did I was content, she could stab me to death and I would be no different.
She was an angel, how she looked, smelled, felt. Exactly how I thought she, an angel would.
And with every tease, i still felt madly in love holding her in my arms. I have never seen a more
perfect person, and i could not think of one either if i tried.
But again, as i just held her, that same odd feeling arose once again. I noticed that, she
didn't feel like her sister, whom is exactly as beautiful as she is. She felt almost exactly like her,
like the same exact person and not a twin. Their hair was both exactly as long and stunning,
and they both had it put up. They also had on the same outfit, and where twins are never
exactly similar, they resembled each other without flaw. They even shared the same, tiny
birthmark under their left eye.
And I towards my friend, and i could almost see envy, as if she would of liked to join, or
at least have me hold in her such a way. But she seemed timid, or nervous, even scared to try
for my attention or anything. Polar opposite to how open her sister is. I could see her face in an
awkward state, as she pretended to tend to something on her phone.
It wasn't too long after that i was kicked from the room, for the obvious. I still felt
amazing, at that moment nobody else mattered, I could of lost every friend i had, the attention of
every girl that I know, and still be content with only her company. I later decided to search for
them, but they were nowhere to be found, as hard as i looked without seeming like a creep. But
as i guessed, they were nowhere to be found. And for some reason, i searched for her, not her
sister, even how passionately we had just shared each other's company, i just wanted to see

She is real, and she’d never know that i’ve dropped myself right in the palm of her hand.
I dont think anyone could feel as strongly about it as i do, but i still wanted to post it.

Feedback isnt needed, but it is welcome
feel free to put in your own stuff, ill read it
>prior events had occurred
>no prior provocation
don't affect a formal tone
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