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So, the ending went way over my head, guess...
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So, the ending went way over my head, guess I am too dumb.
Can anyone here explain to me what happened to:
1. Slothrop
2. The Counterforce
3. the 00001 and the 00000 (where did they land?)
i've literally explained this to you before, op ... you used pretty much the same wording

Slothrop lost his identity and so his character literally disolved.
The Counterforce went the same way, just sort of went crazy or whatever.
00000 is the missle pirate sees at the beginning. 00001 is the explosion at the end which lands on the cinema, I think, I dunno. I'm not sure about these things.
why post if you're just pulling it out your ass?
1. the whole point of the 00001 is its not being fired at anyone
2. nothing links the 00000 to the rocket at the beginning. rather, that whole sequence shows no evidence of being any more than a dream. the 00000 goes wherever. blicero died sometime in 1944 and the most likely target (if you want to make these plot connections) is the theatre at the end, which lines up with a real theatre destroyed by a v2 in 1944

>The Counterforce went the same way, just sort of went crazy or whatever.
that doesn't make sense, the counterforce is not even a unified group, they don't all just 'go crazy'
but if you mean roger mexico's group, last we see them their plans have fizzled out and gone nowhere, they are having a dead end meeting when the narrative breaks into total surrealism. the fate of these characters is more likely a slow disintegration and return home.
the ending is about the 00000 being fired with Gottfried inside
...yes? are you fucking stupid?
juvenile hack
yeah i get that slothrop sort of dissapates but like what is the thematic reason for this happening im sure there must be some vague reasoning or meaning behind it.
uhh... does it need some underlying meaning? he's battered on the run from two sides of the authorities, has no way to go home, is being hunted and manipulated across 5 different conspiracies, is on thee quest for a holy grail or a superweapon he never finds, has everyone he cares about killed or taken away from him, and spends so long under different identities he can't even remember who he is
it's not like it's some random symbolic action -- all book long slothrop's being worn down. on the raid on the russian base he forgets what he's doing midway thru. he's just tired.

if you want to intellectualize it, you can say this is what the gloabalist military industrial complex does to someone.
slothrop has been through the dehumanizing effects of beuaracracy, of cold science, seen the horrors of war, the horrors of post war. slothrop is in a way the ultimate Zone Man. he is known by all the Zone players, he is the subject of multiple Zone legends. well in the same way he is a perfect icon of what the Zone does to a man, and what war does.

but to answer the question more precisely than anyone else has.... the last we see of slothrop he's playing mouth harp and kazoo in an obscure 1960's rock band "the fool" ... so slothrop gets something of a happy ending after it all. returned home, one way or another, and alive, at least until the 60's
they landed in the real world.
the missle is the book itself.
you are in the cinema (metaphorically).
Its very similar to IJ in this way but whenver i compare the two peopel get mad but i get the feeling very few people actually understand either one of these books and just think they're silly or memes.
its meta bro.
tarot reference and whatnot.
its the same story youve heard 1000 times.
get educated plebs.
this guy actually doesnt get it and is taking it too seriously.
its supposed to fall apart, thats the meta part.
the answers are projected in the real world man.
stop being such an autist.
and it does fall apart. that doesn't mean the book's up to be made into whatever you want it to

>this guy (...) is taking it too seriously.
to say 'the counterforce goes crazy' and leave it at that is moronic
the counterforce is an idea.
im not making it into whatever i want it to be, im just smart enough to see all that it CAN be.
thats the point.
learn to think.
you're saying nothing.
for the record, i didn't address the counterforce as any less than an idea, I corrected the other anon and assumed he was talking of roger mexico's group.

there is no fate of 'the counterforce' as a whole, perhaps until we see it play out in real life...
>im saying nothing
its a box full of air.
like all stories.
this is what meta post modern wankery is all about.
damn, nevermind, I thought you were being a pretentious turd who did actually want to discuss the book, but now I see you're just making a joke of things.
>if you want to intellectualize it
well yeah thats exactly what i was trying to do, so thanks you pretty much nailed it.
yes it is a joke.
thats part of the point.
flyin way over your head.
you need to read more post-modern fiction bro.
you are taking this story too literally.
youre gettin caught up in the symbolic and not what its meant to represent.
this is key post-modern stuff man.
your in over your head here.
'postmodernism' is not your free pass to ignore the author's printed text. stop being silly now, i know you know this.
Goddam youre dense.
you take what the author deliberately supplied you with: THE TEXT and go from there.

you are a MORON
The V-2 landing on a theater playing a Western and killing a fuckload of people really happened. It was by far the most deadly V-2 strike and I immediately recognized the reference when I read the book.

GR's portrayal of the "Zone" was genius.
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You haven't read the book.. have you?
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