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For us in university, a new semester has either just begun or is about to begin. What courses are you taking?

>not being a lit/phil major
Philosophy and French Lit double major here. I'm taking courses on 19th C. Lit, North African French Lit, metaphysics, a required survey on Descartes through Kant, and a seminar on the Critique of Pure Reason.
Music major here. Doing composition. Philosophy course was full so i took astronomy as elective and midterm is next week and i have no idea wtf is going on.
Poetry, Justice and Spanish.

Should b gud

Early Works of Shakespeare (includes all of the Henriad and the Sonnets)
Chaucer (entire Caunterbury tales end to end in ME)
Modernist British Novelists
Am taking Anglo-American short story and 20th century poetry. Also some American postmod.

I'm on my third gap year, but fairly sure I'll be studying philosophy. I've shown great aptitude for it in the past, and I am very interested in the subject.

What has held me off is job prospects. Anyone have any bright ideas for what jobs philosophers can have, besides teaching? I'm guessing that consultancy is possible as well.
Application of Deleuzian Theory to Literature
Tolstoy's Ethics
Annals of Tacitus
Damn, I miss university.

Anyone on here successfully gone into teaching literature at university? I've got English and Secondary Education degrees, and I'm trying to figure out a path to take towards getting a doctorate (and hopefully some time to write on the side, too).
Managerial roles
I'm taking 3 computer science courses + Mandarin.
if you're at a good school - whatever you want. tech, banking, consulting, corporate, etc.
if you're at a shit school/generic state school - barista at starbucks
Orgo II
Vertebrate Phys
Public Speaking
>engl 4400 - detective fiction
>engl 4850 - history of the english language
>ges 1050 - intro to map and compass
>engl 3370 - american lit 1945 - present
>comm 4200 - persuasion
english major w/ emphasis in secondary ed
I'm a history major but am seriously considering changing to lit or philosophy

Bio 1
Intro to Philosophy
Spanish 2
U.S History 2
Contemporary Victorian Novel
Critical Theory
Literature of the Cold War
Intro to Asian Philosophy
>not posting your reading list
Go a great books program, senior year.

Taking seminar, lab, math and language.
Language will be mostly late 19th to early 20th century lit and poetry, not sure of the syllabus yet.
Math will be a semester of Einstein.
Lab will bio, including Mendel and Darwin
Seminar is weird mixture of philosophy, music and lit, middle 19th century to early 20th, including Nietzsche, Wagner, Dostoevski, William James, Tocqueville, Faulkner, Freud, Wittgenstein and Heidegger.
2nd year, 2nd semester, English and American Studies in Sofia University (Bulgaria)
>English literature: Romanticism
>General and academic English IV
>Syntactic analysis of English texts (elective)
>Analytical grammar II
>English word-formation - a look from the inside (elective)
>Translations from English to Bulgarian and vice versa
Chemical engineering major

>Fluid Mechanics
>Numerical Methods
>Physics 2
>Tech Comm with a based teacher
>Visual Basic
>Differential Equations

I just read and write in my spare time. It'd be pleasant if I ever became a good writer and did that for a living, but being an engineer will be ok too.
3rd Year Honors English with a Phil minor

British Cinema
American Literature Since 1900
Modern Canadian Literature
Jacobian Shakespeare
Elizabethan Shakespeare
What's on the Canadian lit reading list?
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>tfw history but really doing weird hybrid of continental philosophy/anthro/sociology/history/comp lit
>tfw no one in department notices or cares
>tfw adviser doesn't give a shit
Who community college here?

Only taking two classes this semester so I can focus on working - Political Theory and Intro to the Middle East. It should be alright, I suppose. I'm just holding over until I can transfer to a four year school and major in political science.
Distributive Justice
Virtue Ethics
Origins of Analytic Metaphysics (only 5 people in the seminar, counting the teacher. Really looking forward to this one)
2nd year Bachelors in Physiotherapy

Paediatric Care
Thomist Ethics in Medicine
Prosthetic Application
Third Year Lit here
Special Topics in Philosophy - Buddhism
African American Lit
Contemporary american Lit
German Film
Genre Studies - Science Fiction
The science fiction reading list is aight I guess:
Isaac Asimov - Foundation
Philip K. Dick - Time out of Joint
Frank Herbert - Dune
George Orwell - 1984
William Gibson - Neuromancer
Kurt Vonnegut - The Sirens of Titan
Octavia Butler - Survivor
You sound like someone I want to share a drink with in a pub.
Community college here.
Go by quarters, not semesters.

This quarter I'm taking Psychology, Acting, and P.E.

Started at the beginning of the month.
It's alright.
Got to pair up with a qt Peruvian girl in my acting class when we had to remember/rehearse a scene of our choosing.
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>creative writing major
Shakespeare's early plays, modern/contemporary American/British poetry, fiction writing, and intermediate Spanish.
>tfw got all gen-ed courses out of the way early
>thinking this was a good idea
>after Spanish, strictly upper-level English courses for the next 2 years
>multiple papers and stories due every week
Political Theory/Philosophy major
-Formal Logic
-American Democracy
-American foreign policy in the Middle East
Medicine Bachelors

Aristotle and Bentham's Ethics
>deleuzian theory to literature
Sounds like a shit course by a professor that hasn't had an original thought since the 50s
>Got to pair up with a qt Peruvian girl in my acting class when we had to remember/rehearse a scene of our choosing

Pick one with smooching
Enjoy paying those loans, cucks.
3rd World English Literature student here. Technically my course is called English Language and Literature, so l've got a bunch of grammar-related shit as well.

The semester hasn't started yet, so l'm not exactly sure what classes l'll be taking, but it should look something like this:

>Modern English Language IV

A useless subject comprised of speaking and writing exercises. I guess it's something like general knowledge of English.

>Phonetics and Phonology II

Pretty self-explanatory. A lot of people seem to have a problem with adapting to RP due to the influence of American media. It's actually a lot more fun that l thought it would be. Not as mundane as what l had last year, anyway.

>English Poetry II

I think this course covers 18th century poetry, so l'm looking forward to readin' me some Byron and Shelley.

>Psychology II

This one isn't in English, but we have to take it as our career choices are pretty much limited to teaching English in hisgh school, so this is supposed to be an intro into how the whole shtick is supposed to work.

>American short stories II

This class was by far my favorite of last semester, l hsd to pick it up again. We'll be reading Hemingway, Faulkner, O'Connor and Munro, as far as l know.

>America in the 20th century

This is mostly history and cultural studies, but the lecturer is supposed to be really good, so l've got high hopss for this one.

Any other non-Anglo English Lit students out there? What's it like elsewhere in the world?
First year physics major, started last semester.
>Computer Science (physics majors learn matlab)
>Honors Physics I
>Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (getting a minor in geophysics)
>Multivariable Calculus
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