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>that feel when the girl you like asks...
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>that feel when the girl you like asks you to review her bad poetry
Tear it up, homeboy
Try to avoid commenting on the work as a whole, then.

try the "this is good; this is bad" approach, where you emphasize best and worst parts.
if youre attractive, rip it to shreds and act nonchalant about the whole process. if youre unattractive, dont even review it, just say yeah its fine and be smug internally.
make her revise, revise, revise that shit

perhaps tell her how that works
try to stay open minded to the style she is writing in. Ask her if she knows about meter and that though.
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>black girl asks me to review her short fiction
>dodge the bullet
>accidentally say "sup nigger" to her on skype the next day
This. Be constructive, but firm.

Good movie, desu
>tfw you send shitty poetry to a girl you like
can't stop cringing whenever i think about it.
make it end.
Just forget it about it desu. There are at least as many girls as guys out there, just go get infatuated with another one

I'll take things that never happened for 600, Alex.

>Liking a girl that writes bad poetry
Kill urshelf
I'm not interested in her anymore but the thought of her laughing over my shitty verse is killing me slowly. Just have to deal with it i guess.
this is such an anon thing to do
When I was like 18 or so I showed some friends:

They were horrified whilst I was pissing my pants laughing.
Take off your pants and yell "no discernible talent" until she cries. Proceed to sex.
wrong. if youre unnatractive tear that shit up in her face and watch her meltdown. dont be a pussy. she will probably berate you and you will feel like a total pos but it will be hilarious to think about afterwards.
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Identify one thing she did wrong and one thing she did right. Lead off with the thing she did right, and then talk specifically and in detail about the thing she did wrong and work with her. She's revealing something she perceives as a weakness, which is REALLY good for you. Show that you're gentle and precise.

How good friends are you btw?

I think that a lot of people will have these really complex conversations, and then not even consider making their writing as complex. I used this method on someone who is just starting writing, and she took away most of a poem but kept its good core

Show her some of the work which you think needs work. Reveal some of your weakness
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>qt3.14 asks me to edit her essay after she sees that I got a 100 on a different writing assignment
>take a look
>it's worse than shit I had to peer-edit in 6th grade
>multiple instances of the wrong "there/their/they're," random capitalization, and infantile repetitive prose
>couldn't find her thesis
>tell her I have to leave class for an appointment, but her essay looks "decent" from what I saw
>speedwalk out of the lecture hall in the middle of class
thats why I only write things that are "ironically bad"

you should try it.
i almost did that once like five years ago lmao. i only wrote one good poem in my life and it was about ren and stimpy. i should have sent her that one

>send an old friend (cute girl) some poetry on her request + curiosity
>hate them
>know they're shit but send them anyways
>she actually just didn't say anything about them
>(might not've read them yet but cmon thats a slim chance)
>i feel nothing
does this mean i secretly think they're really good or am i becoming some super narcissist who actually doesn't care?
>It´s very emotional, do you write as self therapy?
>be 15-16
>girl from hs in love with me
>she gives me a piece of paper with some shitty rhymes
>starts with how i'm her white knight
>don't even read past the first 2 lines
>she waits expectantly
>i'm just moving my eyes left to right at this point
>give her her poem back
>she asks me if i liked it
>"what's your favorite part, Anon?"
>"the white knight thing"
>she figures me out
>starts sobbing and runs away
>i still feel shitty about it
To which she responds, "Whats crackin daddy-o?"

Was she offended by it?
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>such an anon thing to do
Best answer ITT
It means they're THAT bad.

Post one for chuckle purposes/determining if you're a genius
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