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What novels did you read in high school?...
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What novels did you read in high school? Was your school patrician? What would you have wanted to read?
We never read anything when i was in HS.
All that I can remember:

Stig of the Dump
Great Expectations
The Crucible
Romeo & Juliet
Lord of the Flies
Of Mice and Men

Pretty standard desu. It was kind of merged into media, so we also analysed some films in the same way we'd do so for a book. We did Shrek & The Fifth Element and something else I forget

And there were a bunch of poems by some British poets I can't even remember the names of. One of them is currently the poet laureate if I recall though. I thought their poems stunk
is Beowulf a novel?

english is pretty kool in my bok
Beowulf is an epic poem

Really only considered great because of its historical context unfortunately. Anglo-saxon elegies were much more accomplished and nuanced in theme.
the only book close to being good was of Mice and Men. We read a bunch of terrible local books that delayed me getting into literature by a good 5 years
>Really only considered great because of its historical context unfortunately

I bet you say the same thing about the greeks
I was expelled from high school in the first month so I never read anything.

Well I read out of school assignments, fortunately.

In school assigned:

2 cantos of Inferno translated to colloquial 21st century English prose
Romeo and Juliet
some ray bradbury stories I think
some african folk stories
maybe something else but it wasn't good

Tale of Two Cities
Oedipus trilogy
think we did Merchant of Venice, still have THE QUALITY OF MERCY down cold at this point cuz I remembered we spent a week on it and it got me to love Shakes-bard
uh a lot of multikulti garbage
I'm sure we read some okay stuff on top of this

fast food nation (lol)
the jungle
some mark twain stuff
emerson/thoreau's essays
catcher in the rye
something else, no shakespeare this year cuz i was "american lit year" even though we didn't read any GOOD american lit

heart of darkness
invisible man
poisonwood bible (so bad)
some decent poetry (a lot of Eliot and Keats)

outside of school:

got into Dante and read his entire comedy cover to cover in a few translations, longfellow and ciardi I think

some Nabokov, most of Kafka, pre-Ulysses Joyce, a few chapters of Ulysses, some greek plays, Ovid, the Aeneid

Beckett, Nabokov, Kafka, more Beckett, even more Beckett

Eliot, Auden, Keats, Shelley, some other basic poets

picked up reading as a many-hour-a-day thing in 12th grade and when I got to college I started skipping classes and heading back to the dorm at 2am so I could spend most of the day reading
Besides your typical Of Mice and Men, Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, etc, there was
Tuesdays with Morrie
The Kite Runner
That's it
And in 7th grade (it was a 7-12 school) there was Tom Sawyer and in 8th Huck Finn
I can barely remember and our school was pretty shit so a lot of the time we wouldn't read the whole thing, just some excerpts. I think we did:

Of Mice and Men
Whose Life is it Anyway?
Great Expectations
The Tempest
An Inspector Calls

Oh shit I think I read Stig of the Dump too. Wasn't Stig an angel or some shit?

We studied Chicken Run lel
>And there were a bunch of poems by some British poets I can't even remember the names of. One of them is currently the poet laureate if I recall though. I thought their poems stunk

Ooh, did you have that anthology book with the ocean on front?

>Carol Ann Duffy

I hope I never have to read
Some Canterbury Tales
Julius Caesar
>Wasn't Stig an angel or some shit?
Yeah, I only remember that and that it kept asking for Chinese food

>Chicken Run

Yep, that very same one. I enjoyed the 'deep' poems about being half-cast, and the one about Batman and Robin where the poet completely forgets Batman is rich and would never be removing giblets from a chicken by himself
9th grade: Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheit 451
10th grade: To Kill a Mockingbird, In Cold Blood, Macbeth
11th grade: The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men
12th grade: The Inferno, Brave New World, Hamlet
The only thing I had to read at my shitty high school was The Great Gatsby, though, on my own time, I read a lot of Pound, Joyce, Gass, and Gaddis.
Being and Time
Finnegans Wake
The Faerie Queene
Of Grammatology
General Principles of Quantum Field Theory
what are you reading nowadays?
I genuinely read War and Peace when I was 10 years old. I didn't understand 99.9% of what I read, but I forced myself to read every word anyway because I was trying to one-up my sister who had boasted about reading it when she was 14. The only thing I could ever remember from it was Pierre tying the policeman to a bear and throwing them into the river, that was a pretty funny image for a 10 year old. I think that was on the first few pages though, and I pretty much stopped taking anything in at that point.
I still have the french ones I had to read
caligula Camus
la peste Camus
cannibale Didier Daeninckx
Une pièce montée Bladine Le Callet

It's a shame they only asked pointless details to confirm you actually read it, it made reading them a chore they were much more enjoyable when I reread them later.
White Noise in 11th grade was the high point along with the Russians, though this was at a based boarding school.
I ended up not reading a lot of what I was assigned, but I did a lot of my own reading at home.

Grade 8:
>some book about a "Native Indian" girl. The teacher was really unenthusiastic about the book and so I never took much of an interest in it. I never finished it.
>The Outsiders (same thing)

Grade 9:
>The Pearl
>the class at the time was being taught by some teacher in training from Eastern Europe and the kids wouldn't stop bullying him
>at least he made sure we all read the book
>bam, the first assigned book I ever read

Grade 10:
>To Kill A Mockingbird
>finished it

Grade 11:
>same teacher as Grade 8
>Lord of the Flies (didn't finish)
>an assigned book of our choice: I chose Slaughterhouse Five.(finished)

Grade 12:
>we had to pick from a list
>I chose Nineteen Eighty-four
>everyone else (including the teacher) always derided me for not picking The Stranger
>finished it anyways because fuck them

so my score is 4/7 pretty much

I'd say my high school was pretty pleb.
Animal Farm, Of Mice and Men, bit of Shakespeare, bit of Chaucer, shit contemporary poets like Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and John Agard. I'm pretty sure I was assigned Wuthering Heights and one of Austen's books, but I didn't bother reading them. My school was and still is one of the worst in London. At the time I hated English lessons, but I was into crime fiction and sci-fi and my teacher liked me because I guess I was one of the only students who actually read for fun and could string a coherent sentence together.
Like >>7616546, I also read outside of school but I was in the IB program so in 12th I got a lovely class about jumping through hoops instead of actual reading.

9th in School:
Doll's House
Long Way Gone
More shit that I can't remember
Grapes of Wrath (over summer for 10th)

9th Outside of School:
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Frist three books of Earthsea series

10th in School
Huck Finn
Scarlet Letter
King Lear
Crime and Punishment (over summer in prep for 11th)

10th Outside of School:
A shitload of sci-fi anthologies
Lost Tales
Monkeywrench Gang

Reading crime and Punishment made me enjoy actual literature, so after this point I became a patrician

11th in School:
Hard Times
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Great Gatsby
Fuckload of poetry

Divine Comedy
HP Lovecraft anthology
Fuckload of Hemingway
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Most of Poe
Infinite Jest :^)
Fahrenheit 451
Slaughterhouse 5
More environmental lit than I care to think about

In class we read nothing of value, no time outside of class because job + Ib + college shit
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