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ITT: YA books from your youth
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CHERUB series big.jpg
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Who the FUCK remember?
I always thought that Tomorrow When the War Began was the best series ever.
the brothers karamazov
These were huge among my age group in sydney when i was around 11-14

I would devour these fuckers when they came out
Nope, Dutch. Read the translations.
Good taste Anon.
The "YA" books that I read were the books that were assigned to my class as a kid.
The metamorphosis
The Canterville Ghost
the knight in rusty armour
And a book named "Los ojos del perro siberiano" which was proper YA-lit.
I don't know why did they pick these books, no one read them anyway. The spanish/literature class was shit, because I went to a technical oriented school
Brian Jacques
Anthony Horowitz
Eoin Colfer
Lemony Snicket
Garth Nix
Paul Jennings
Odo Hirsch

Never heard of Rebort Muchamore, sounds like a brand of frozen pizza.

Kicked off my fascination with apocalypse scenarios at the age of 10-11. Couldn't find another book like this context specifically (LOTF aside) until zombies got popular.
When i was a kid this kind of lit wasnt really a thing, you went from Enid Blyton to whatever your dad/family had really. Harry Harrison is the nearest thing i can think of and before that Willard Price.
never read that tripe

started reading in grade school, my dad gave me Jack London because thats what he read as a kid, and I ended up loving it.

then I read a bunch of these great illustrated classics through grade school and middle school. lot of classics. around the world in 80 days, treasure island, great expectations, but count of monte christo was always my favorite.
I remember series of scary books from my childhood.
They all took place in one city.
I remember some stories - one was about a girl who noticed that some grandpa working in a shop is getting smaller and his nose stays the same size.
>those authors
shit, are you me? they're all great
Didn't know people read those outside of Australia.
I never read adult garbage because my mom wanted me to be smart. It was actual literature or nothing, really.

Today my friends will tell me I missed out on some good books but then they mention Harry Potter or Goosebumps or some shit and I just look on in amazement.
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Pyle's King Arthur and Robin Hood

oh wow. i need to reread these adventure books again
good dad desu

I was more in this boat. Not because of my parents but because my sister always got praise for reading so used to gorge on titanic amounts of classical literature to look smarter. Thanks jealousy.
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I ate this shit up in middle school.
those were the fucking best. Still read em as a guilty pleasure
>Amazon adventure
>they have a pic of a crocodile instead of a caiman
You had one job
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My dad and I used to read the Great Illustrated Classics version of Treasure Island together when I was a young kid.

I miss you, dad.
Did he ever finish the series that was called, I think "The Five Gates" about some kids that have to stop cosmic horrors or something? I think it stopped at book 3 when I read it.
Any deutschfags here read Kay Maier? (Or was it Meyer?)

A lot of good trilogies, like Silk and Sword, The Flowing Queen, The Wave Walkers.

Also, Stroud's Bartimaeus was fantastic.
I remember those, "The Power of Five" series. Just googled and the fifth and final novel was released in 2012.
Wow, the names of those books were so radically different in german.

The series was called "Die fünf Tore" (the five gates, while the original was "The Power of Five".

The first book was Todeskreis (death circle), while the original was Raven's Gate.
Evil Star became Teufelsstern (devil's star).
Nightrise became Schattenmacht (shadow force).
Necropolis became Höllenpforte (hell's gate).
Oblivion was turned into a two-parter: Zeitentod (time's death) and Feuerfluch (fire curse).

Glad to know he finished it. When I read Evil Star my friend told me he droppped the series.
Early adolescence? I remember reading these.
Animorphs (Hork-Bajir were the shit)
His Dark Materials
H.G Wells (Time Machine, Food of the Gods, War of the Worlds)
Douglas Adams
The entire works of Robert Rankin, what the fuck was I thinking?
The Dark is Rising
The Deptford Mice
Everything by A. E. Van Vogt
A Nomad of the Time Streams
An assortment of random Golden Age SF titles.
All the Alien and Predator novels. Female Yautja were pretty fucking weird.
The Redemption of Althalus, the only fantasy novel I enjoyed, partly for the gentleman thief aspect partly for its depiction of a Trimurti deism (Deiwos/Brahma, Dweia/Vishnu, Daeva/Shiva). It seemed novel to me that a fantasy novel would do something like that.
A battered copy of The Man-Kzin Wars I was given by a camp counsellor when he realised I'd rather sit in my tent reading than take part in any of their activities.
Greek Myths by Robert Graves
Assorted proto-SJW books my mum picked up from whatever The Guardian's book of the week was at the time.
Did anybody here ever use the cherub proboards? That was the first online community I was every a part of. It always feels so comfy looking back on those days when I was fourteen and would get home from school and go straight on this forum.
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I must've read this a million times over desu
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Read him voraciously from 6th-9th grade
Related question. Like everyone we had to read The catcher in the rye around 7th grade. Didn't get much out of it back then, should I read it again since it might open better after so many years?
This book got me into literature desu
Oh shit man, that's some middle school shit. I remember that shit. This ausfag let me borrow all his books. I think brigands mg was new whenever ausfag left, I borrowed it but read only halfway and then he was gone lit like shit. Good ass memories. It's always strange but whenever I reflect back on the series I just remember clothes being extremely intense.
Redwall series
Artemis Fowl
Harry Potter
"Island" series
"Everest" series
"Dive" series (I gobbled up all the stupid shit that Gordon Korman asshole farted out)
Little Women series (I forget their exact name)
Hardy Boys
I was too much of a pussy to read goosebumps lol
oh yeah and a series of unfortunate events
Its best read around age 16-17 when you are a annoying teenager yourself. After you get out of that phase it will just be a mediocre read.

This book changed my perspective on why you read, and I was only 12.

One of the best young adult novels to exist.

I've never seen a book meant for children bring up some of the topics. The imagery of the main character being birthed from the cow womb right at the beginning kept me hooked.

Sorry to go on, I just really enjoyed this book and find YA literature today really slacking.

I wonder if this author was just a one-hit wonder.
Do the redwall books hold up as an adult? I always started them when I was really young but never actually finished any.
The earlier books hold up pretty well as an adult. But you'll notice that Jacques just uses the same structure to all of his stories, so in the end they begin to feel very "same-y".
Feasts every fucking ten pages...
I didn't care about reading until 5th grade but after I read Alabama Moon I set the record for the whole school on the amount of books checked out:
Where the Red Fern Grows
Moby Dick
10,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Series of Unfortunate Events: The Austere Academy
Any Alex Rider book
The Hobbit

pretty much all I can remember having a blast reading as a youngster with regards to Captain Underpants and Magic Tree House which were only exciting as a first grader because my mother was a strict helicopter parent atm
Alex Rider
Percy Jackson
Series of Unfortunate events
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Undisputed king of childhood /lit/ incoming

dope. what's with the order in the image though?
plenty of jules verne
harry potter
that eragon series
a series of unfortunate events
greek mythology
Menelaos Loundemis (a greek author not translated in english)

i read homer because of school im not a poser or anything
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This series was the shit when I was like 10-11

why must you shitpost anon. why?
What void do you seek to fill through this pointless activity?
Malorie Blackman was my favourite writer when I was young. Her Noughts and Crosses series was the first group of books I had ever read that featured sex.
I know it ain't YA, but it's what I fucking loved as a kid.
I liked these, although they turned into Pendragon 2.0 towards the end.

Pendragon was fucking great too.
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