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Hey /lit/ what books are you reading right now?
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Hey /lit/ what books are you reading right now?
How far are you into them?
Impression so far?

>pic related
The Fabric Of The Cosmos:
> a third of the way in
Good book for what it is; covers interesting and complex theories of physics in a way that's understandable to most people

The History of Totalitarianism In the Tundra:
>a little less than half way through
It's complete shit but at the same time a masterpiece of post modern literature. I only read it in short burst at a time before I have to put it down. I usually read it Sunday mornings and when I'm hungover to read something serious.
>calls tundra "history" instead of "legacy"

I had a long day sir. Give me a break. Also excuse the rest of the errors in my sentence structure.
Cool, mate. I'm currently reading Hypersphere. It's quite entertaining, there's a lot of things going on, but really there isn't.

>Bleeding Edge
My first Pynchon, probably should have read his others works first, but whatever. I really like the setting, partially because I think NYC is a good environment for books, movies, etc. In this book, there definitely is a lot going on. I can read a chapter and sit for minutes on end thinking about what it means.

>What did he mean by this?
Nice, I might read that it if I like tundra enough to read the sequel, but I still haven't decided.

>Bleeding Edge
would you recommend it? Never read any of Pynchon but could use a few more books on my 'to read' list.
Yeah, definitely. Bleeding Edge has been really enjoyable to read. It has also made me interested in exploring Pynchon's other works.

I like to read a lot of books at once. I'm also currently reading Dubliners, Infinite Jest, and The Iliad. I dunno, but I'm quite comfortable with having a lot of books to choose from whenever I want to read.
I'm halfway through The Tunnel, and it is as good as people say it is.
I'm 174 pages into pic related. I'm a little disappointed by the style. I'd like to see more footnotes/attributions.
>let me post some edgy books and i will even go buy them so i can fool myself into thinking im smart

>then i will go post on 4chan so people can praise how smart i am and give me the attention i dont get in real life.

fuck off
65 pages into For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Pretty good. I hope there's going to be some sneakan around and blowing stuff up soon.
My first time on lit currently reading pic related. Just got done watching the last movie so I wanted to continue on with it
1Q84 from Haruki Murakami l. 3/4 thisbis defenitly murakamid most epic book.
Star wars aftermath
Really shitty. Never read a star wars book before but I got excited after marathoning the movies before seeing the force awakens
A scanner darkly
Good read but it made me feel depressed. I didn't expect to feel so much like a drug addict does losing his mind
The grownup
Short story by gillian Flynn. It was entertaining for a spooky 60 pages. Nothing groundbreaking obviously.
A naked singularity
I'm about 150 pages in but I'm enjoying it so far. Its a but meandering but it's funny in a way. Don't know if I care about it yet
About 3/4 of the way through. Picked it up a few times and read in short bursts not realizing why I wasn't following the plot. After I reread it for an longer period at once, I got it and am really enjoying it.
By who? William gass?
i started reading at all recently
and a friend brought me the alchemist by paulo coelho. i'm 70 pages in and jesus goddamn is it a load of drivel. i don't think i can finish it
I try to limit myself to two books I focus on and other books I can read piecemeal and leave and pick back up at will like poetry or short stories or certain non fiction.

Right now I'm reading Asimov's The stars like dust and enjoying it pretty well. I don't usually read science fiction but I saw Asimov mentioned here a lot a while back and a friend mentioned him. It is a fun light read so far. I will probably pick up more of his books.

I am also reading Averroes on Plato's Republic, interesting so far but only just began. Somewhat heavy in the beginning but I am really interested to see how he reads Plato since I really like the Republic. I want to see how he handles the fun stuff too.
250 pages into this, Ulysses is one unlucky man. It really gets epic whenever they aren't talking about obscure greek locations or the bloodline of some minor deity.

I'm halfway in and been for a while, I love how every story ends with an ending that leaves you thinking about it but that really wraps it all up.
I only read it when on the bus and I don't go out much so I've been on it for months. Really looking forward to The Dead.

It's shit senpai
Currenlty reading Lolita, Brothers Karamazov, and the forever war.

Tbh I'm a bit bored and force myself to read at least an hour a day... not even trolling. Almost done with Lolita... sometimes I laugh... sometimes I cringe.. sometimes I yawn
I just finished the Iliad. My thoughts are kinda irrelevant (and needless to say, undeveloped and decidedly not profound), though, considering how well established it is.

I thought it was pretty tragic, Hector's death, Achilles' blinding rage in pursuit of honor, but most of all, the complete futility of every character, mortal or god, in the face of fate. Hector tried to fight his fate, ignore what he knew, and failed completely. Achilles embraced his fate, dedicated himself completely to its fulfillment, and practically assumed god-like power.

I can't decide whether to read the Odyssey next, or to take a break from my introduction to the Greeks and read something a little more light.
>I like to read a lot of books at once.
Me too, but that also means not getting each book done in a timely manner (at least in my case).
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Just started this, snagged it from the house of a friend who has never tried to get through it. I am 33 pages in. The little bit of familiarization I did when go googling it, aND the little bit I have read so far gives me the impression that I'm reading Homestuck again, but this time there's only one autistic boy, and tennis instead of vidya.
Currently rereading Siddhartha.
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>homestuck again

I'm not even kidding get THE FUCK off this FUCKING board you pathetic little mentally undeveloped SHIT. We don't NEED YOUR FUCKING KIND RUINING THIS WEBSITE
She mentions her sources in the prefatory chapter. There aren't a lot of them.
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you will never appreciate literature or have anything worthwhile to contribute

just think while you read DFW would not want you reading his book.
Who cares what he thinks about that, he's dead.
Trying to get into House of Leaves. Not even a tenth of the way through. I keep reading a bit and stopping for awhile for some reason. If I can't get into this I'm going to start The First Man in the Moon by Wells.
Finished Lord of the Flies last night, thought the themes of survival and British colonialism were pretty cool.

Currently towards the end of The Claw of the Conciliator. Definitely a lot more interesting than The Shadow of the Torturer, which I thought got a little boring after Severian was exiled since I loved the atmosphere in the guild and all the ritualistic stuff but it's definitely picked up a lot more in Claw. Loved the passage were Severian met The Green Man.

I think I will read Satantango or Journey by Moonlight next.

I don't like Bret Easton Ellis. I don't like this book.
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If you're looking for a good book to read, I'd recommend reading Fahrenheit 451 if you haven't already. It's definitely one of my favorites.
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