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Write poems using as many /lit memes as possible.
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Write poems using as many /lit memes as possible.
Hard mode: They have to be good.
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Once upon a time I
thought up a little rhyme
and posted it to /lit/
so they could call it shit.
That feeling one gets with no gf
Reading Wallace by the fire.
Awaiting the approaching death
Of literature's turgid sire.

Maybe I'll post in a poetry thread,
Thinking about Pepe Grenouille.
Another chance, before I am dead,
To post another dank me me.

I am the eternal literature pleb
Never posting with flowers
Nothing really rymes with pleb
Maybe I should just post meowers.
bee eee ayyy you tee full
Bleb rhymes with pleb

It's the word for a blister of milk on your nipple when a duct gets clogged right at the end
No bro, the pleb wouldn't be able to do that. It was intentional; yeah, that's what I'll go with.
Are you patrician /lit/
I'd like to think so at least
Quite a bit more than /fit/
It took me weeks when
You comique told me to start
With the Greeks
Now I'm getting locked up...
...got caught stealing my books
Ranking books is quite the rage
But doesn't fill a page
from that opus dei
or should I say dead play
Instead of being stoic
You rather be euphoric
You're chasing spooks
and do it in groups
shit books you won't permit
and fancy yourself with wit
but lit
is not fit
he has no girl
and that makes him hurl
how do you rhyme grenouille with me me
It's pronounced Gren-wee-wee
stress the 'e' at the end of grenouille
graw noo wee
>stress the 'e' at the end

Is this some sort of meme?

It's pronounced Gron-wee-yuh.

"ll" in French is pronounced "ly" like in the English "million" but with a much softer "l" sound.
The man in the bandana
Envied the guy of the banana
And but so lest he end in a vest
He thought best to finite his jest
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My diary (desu) open and my expression dour
I prepare to show the book my literary power
but before I can write something L I T E R A R Y
I must go on a south east asian cave painting board, and tarry
because in the end its all subjective
This shitpost is art from my perspective (and the jedi ARE evil)
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dude weed lmao
i was never as smart as tao
so I made a meme tome
and never leave my home

I have no discernible talent
and will soon kill myself with a mallet
but before I reach my hearse
I came here to post this verse
the tale of why my life collapsed
and how I was confronted by the facts
start with the Greeks they said
I tried but the text put me to bed
and no matter how hard I tried
I couldn't fix what was wrong with my head
maybe I didn't pay hard enough attention in school
and wasted time like a complete fool
or maybe I was just born stupid
either way, I feel as though I will never know the joy of cupid
because when one is condemned to be a pleb
one can never attract females and do the deed
and so its time to end this charade so I don't have to bear the pain of another week
moms gonna freak
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Let me tell you the story of the boy with the tusks
Who baked and blazed from down till dusk
He was born a WASP when the pretty flowers
Were still not stepped on by the gov's power
Had a job at Boeing but then told 'em "suck it"
And became obsessed with a certain rocket
He ran and ran between the States and Mexico
Seeing how everywhere he could see Pepsico
He fleed and fleed with feelings of paranoia
And made some friends' wives quite disloyal
Spent all his time watching children's cartoons
And dreaming, like Fritz, about flying to the moon
Found peace alone in the depths of a bong
Looking for the crown of the ape named Kong
You can guess then, his love for bananas
And his disdain for the Mos Californiana
Until this day, he was called a recluse
But to us an interview he did not refuse!
But wait, where is he? he's gone!
Look out the window, there goes Pynchon!

Memes. memes,
Don't let them be dreams!
>not "Don't let your memes be dreams"
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and but so
he sad and cry
tennis is like dance
File: 1338893399049.jpg (110 KB, 640x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Empezá con los griegos
Me dijeron

Pero yo ya había empezado, con Tolkien y con Salgari
Y muchos más antes de /lit/
Igual compré libros en Amazon, de Platón y Aristóteles, en inglés, sus obras completas
Y cuando los plebs venían a casa les mostraba los libres y les decía

Tengo mucho para leer en mi biblioteca
Y Platón y Aristóteles siguen ahí
Encima tengo a DFW en mi wishlist
Pero desconfío
Luego de seguir el consejo de los hijos de puta de este board
Y comprar Catch-22
Y no poder leer ni la cuarta parte de lo espantoso que es
Me dije a mi mismo
Me jodieron

Ahora sigo leyendo
A Borges y a GRR Martin
A Nick Hornby y a los presocráticos
Estoy contento porque en el thread de las cinco novelas preferidas
Me dijeron que soy un entry level patrician
Y me la creo
Y me río de los que recibieron el tratamiento de meme
Ni siquiera llegaron a pleb tier
Pienso en su reacción
En lo que sufrieron

Con esas pequeñas cosas me conformo
Y sigo entrando a este board
Después voy a /int/ y cuando hay un hilo latino intento postear
Pero siempre me gana de mano anime
Y lo que me queda de dignidad
Me la escondieron

Pero no me importa
Porque a veces
Encuentro buenas recomendaciones
Y es de eso que se trata este board de mierda
Así que mis queridos anons
Sigan leyendo
Y participando
Los quiero mucho
En un /lit/erato
Me convirtieron

Frenchman here, it's pronounced gruh-noo-ee with a very short "ee" soud at the end
So to make it rhyme you have to pronounce meme "meemee" which is retarded.

Just wanted to get this straight.
Favorite one desu
Oui oui mistah French man.
Pheobe was a whore,
Your Dosto translation is poor,
"see, it's a metaphor"
I was poking fun at people who pronounce meme wrong. That is why I wrote me me and not meme.
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Well then, it appears you were being too cunning for me.
I'll stick to lurking for now, I guess
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My Wallace is like the sun.
His radiance wets my eye
And like Wardine, I be cry
And like the suns at noon-time glory
I see him hanging in the conservatory
Everybody makes mistakes, especially when it comes to foreign languages. Carry on my man.
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