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Chapter 1: Elf in the apple

In such a starry night in New York City, James Peterson thought to himself that he had seen everything he wanted to see in his life. What was left? Nothing, nothing but silly thoughts from his childhood. He had seen everything he wanted to see -- the natural wonders of the world, joy and admiration in his friends's and relatives's faces, love in the eyes of beautiful ladies, and much more. What else could he ask for? Nothing, nothing at all, except silly things from his childhood.

He was not alone. He was with his friend, Alley McPeter, an aspiring young director of indie movies who had yet to make his masterpiece. Alley was far less satisfied than James, but he felt like he was on the right path. Always optimistic. He was drinking a cup of tea in Mary's Teashop, James sitting right in front of him.

-You know James, you really should fund that movie of mine...
-We've been through it, Alley! There is no point in funding anything, man, the paths of the self-made man must be carved alone.
-I'm just asking for a little help.
-It starts with a little help, Alley, until you start asking for help with everything. Don't lose your talent in a beggar's act.

Alley sighed. He was hoping James would hear him this time. James, however, was not interested in talking about Alley's new movie project. He wanted to talk about silly things from his childhood.

-You know Alley, you're a pretty imaginative guy. So I thought I should tell you this. When I was a kid I used to have this dream that I could... maybe I could really become an elf and live adventures in some sort of medieval landscape or something, you know?
-The fuck you talking about, James? What? - Alley laughed, not taking James's confession seriously.
-I mean it, man, you know I was always a fan of those medieval fantasy novels... as a kid, all I could think about was whether I would like to be an elf or a dwarf. I think I really would like to be an elf now, they're taller than dwarves and thus have a better chance with women.
-Cut the crap, James, I'm not here to fall for one of your practical jokes. I really think my next movie will be a big one, you should -- but Alley couldn't even finish his sentence before James interrupted him again.
-I really think you should respect me, Alley. No? You know, we're friends, and when a friend tells you about his childhood, you... listen. With careful attention. With extra careful attention and focus. And love. Love is beautiful, no? It's what they showered me with when I was a kid... but back then I knew not what love was, oh no I didn't, and so I buried myself in those fantasy books.
-James... are you alright? This is starting to get weird -- Alley was faking a laughter, trying to put an end to a most strange situation.

Alley was in shock. The whole teahouse was staring at them. James appeared nervous, he was sweating, but grinning. Suddenly, he screamed again.


At this point, two men from a table across the room started shouting at James, telling him to shut up and leave the Teahouse. A waitress nervously approached James and asked him to leave the place. Alley was also told to leave, but what he really wanted to do was to disappear completely from the face of the earth, to bury his head in the ground. The embarrassment was too much.

James looked back at the waitress.

-Oh, I'll sue you. You can't tell me to leave an establishment like that just because I was shouting. It's not fair. What if I was deaf or couldn't control my voice? Think about that, sweetheart.

The waitress stared at him in confusion, and couldn't manage to mumble any words before James got up and left the place. Alley picked up his hat and covered his face with it, and left the place immediately after James, without saying a word.
As soon as Alley left the teahouse, he felt someone grabbing his arm. It was James.

-Where are you going, boy?
-I don't want to talk to you anymore, man, that was emba-- Alley was so nervous he couldn't even finish his sentence. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. He had always been very shy, and what had just happened seemed to him like some kind of disaster. Worse yet, it had reminded him of a few bad things from his own childhood.

-You should've let me talk about my childhood, man.
-FUCK YOU! -- Alley yelled, quickly taking distance from James. James stared at him from the distance.

-You know when to call me, Alley. I got money, remember? Don't let your dreams die, Alley boy.

Alley ignored his words and quickly got into a taxi cab, asking the driver to take him to his apartment as fast as possible. He just wanted to get away from James and the whole situation.

James slowly walked across the pavement. He then smirked and thought to himself: "he'll come back. I got the money. I always got the money. I always get what I want. Except those elf ears."

He clasped his hands. "James, James", he thought to himself, "you know you're a stallion. A stallion who's thirsty for blood. For a good race. A good rush of blood. You're not one of those horses destined to pull the wagon until the muscles give in..."

James's eyes were fixed at an empty point in space about a thousand yards from where he was standing. He put his hands inside his pockets and walked all the way to his home, alone with his own thoughts.

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