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How's your Sunday morning going, /lit/? Are you living the /lit/erary lifestyle? What are you reading? What are you working on?

>Wake up at 6am
>Stretch, throw on last night's booze clothes
>Early morning shopping at comfy Italian grocer
>Make coffee, toast, eat pomegranate seeds
>Smoke as sun rises, rainy New York City morning
>Copy last nights bar napkin scribbles into notebook
>Shower and shitpost as the city wakes up
going gud bro

>wake up at 5
>lay in bed screaming inside for an hour because I haven't died in my sleep
>get up, shower
>lay back down in bed, stay there collecting myself and getting mentally ready for the day
>stare at my books, which I've been to preoccupied by my misery to crack open
>write six chapters of my book
Wake up because it's raining and I was sleeping outside.
Pack my bag and walk 4 miles back to my flat.
3 mugs of coffee while reading the papers.
Finish Pynchon's Slow Learner in between telling Jew jokes on IRC.
Heat up leftovers from last night and sip whisky because it's 5 PM now.
>wake up on parents' sofa at 10
>start morning with huge dose of muscle relaxants to take the edge off my ennui
>shitpost in the dark with all the curtains closed
>wish I was wasting away like a romantic waif instead of being nearly overweight
>need to make a plan to avoid sobriety until the sun goes down at least
Op you sound bourgeois/pedestrian tryhard as fuck

>wake up the sun is in my eyes
>slept in a ditch last night
>did they beat me again?
>yes they bear me again
>can't go on will go on till about 4pm
>dude I'm waiting for never shows up anyway
U a fuccboi? That's pretty /lit/ 2bh
>wake up at 6:30AM
>roll around in bed thinking and breathing for over an hour
>get up, get dressed in yesterday's clothes
>talk to a casual aquaintence on skype
>share a picture I saved from 4chan last night on Facebook
>pack a bowl, smoke it
>write some poetry
>drink coffee

There's snow on the ground, but it's raining.
>Get up
>make kids breakfast
>get youngest going on the potty
>do dishes
>clean kitchen
>clean youngest up
>take a shit
>read a page
>realize that the shit is a messy one
>tell wife I need to shower
>shit upstairs again
>read another page
>go downstairs
>call my mother
>make some coffee
>shitpost on /lit/

how can you do anything but caffeine on sunday morning.
the impotence of human endeavors means we are all fuccbois in the trash heap of history
how can you appreciate a sunday without a wake and bake?

Writers need addictions
wake up way to late
eat something
snort speed and study until I get hungry again
go to sleep in the morning

on sober days I surrender to my apathy and browse the internet for 8 hours straight
It's an agony really
Woke up at six, got some coffee and a Powerball ticket, sketched some figure studies, and read part of pic related. Definitely weaker than Fathers and Sons, but Turgenev's landscape imagery is fantastic as ever.
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>not valuing the main function of your existence as an animal
>wake up at 10
>browse internet
>eat and browse internet
>take a shower and put on clothes (noon now)
>read Madame Bovary
>play video games and get pissed at myself because i either read/watch films or waste my time on the pc instead of growing productive, then decide that i'm too weak-willed to impose a productive structure on my NEET life and that i should return back to school which i will do in a week
>read Madame Bovary
>be depressed because i have no friends and no gf
>browse the internet
>now will read more Madame Bovary so that i can finish it tomorrow
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god the pretense

>wake up 8, its sunday
>drink a glass of water, because I'm still sick after fucking 2 weeks
>make coffee
>grab my pad and pen, review yesterdays thoughts on Apology and Crito
>decide to start the day off with mythology as I'm feeling i need more hellenic context
>grab my headphones and laptop
>listen to lennie tristano while reading the greeks
>write thoughts about how absurd 21st century america is
>but that doesn't change a damn thing about nobility
>vexed by the hedonistic zeitgeist
>the devil is truly here
Consider that nature has a reason for you not wanting kids.
>wake up at 11 AM
>eat a bowl of rice krispies
>take a small amount of vyvanse
>do some light homework
>currently sitting in my reading chair about to continue reading the Plague by Camus
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>wake up quarter past four in the afternoon
>lay in bed enjoying the sound of the rain until five
>have a sandwich and a beer and read cioran

Feels pretty comfy.

>Wake at noon from ketobemidone binge yesterday
>Help father with daily activities, as he is slowly dying of lung disease and losing more and more function
>Eat morphine to forget
>Read Shakespeare
>Shitpost on /lit/ ever so often
Why do you sleep outside 4 miles from your house?

Read more, lads.
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>driving to MOCA in an hour to see Matthew Barney's film
>giving the gf a Loren Connors cd beforehand
>tired because I stayed up all night at a diner discussing plans for a documentary inspired by the style of Ross McElwee with an old friend, my only friend I still care about seeing really
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>wake up at 5AM
>change the date on my suicide note once again
>make a spinach mushroom and Emantel cheese quiche
>Finish my second of 52 short stories from the year and post it on my Medium
>read about 60 pages in Gravity's Rainbow
>walk to University bookstore to pick up a couple novels I'll need for the semester that starts tomorrow
>apply for jobs at publishing houses
>sit in living room alone and wait for roommates to wake up and their girlfriends to leave so we can hang out and talk about The Revenant, which we saw yesterday

Pic related it's my quiche
>wake up around 10
>exercise for 30 mins
>have breakfast, drink coffee, shower
>go to work

Once I'm back home I'll likely read for a bit, then listen to some music or perhaps watch a film. Maybe go for a late night walk. Typically I'd supplement these activities with a drink or two but I'm taking a break at the moment.
Revise for my masters chemical biology exam tomorrow. Oh god I'm so fucked
>wageslaves think they can live the literary lifestyle
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OP here, quality quiche, m8

Is the Revenant good? Had my uncle describe it to me like watching an awesome opera, but he was probably high when he saw it.

>implying I'm not taking my book to the bar to read Cuban poetry during commercials of Vikings/Seahawks Death Bowl
>wake up at 8am
>brush teeth, don't eat breakfast
>get driven to airport
>sit in airport, write out more story ideas as I wait for plane
I've had better Sundays.
Worked until 3 am, slept from 5 am to 11 am
Woke up, groggy, congested in the sinuses. Vape to take the edge off.
Watch videos. Listen to music.
Back to internet.
Rainy. Working later.
Late shift again.
Blog is OVER
Interesting word. Thank you for sharing, I expect this language will help me a lot with expressing the concept after I sleep on it for a few nights to internalize.

>(all anon are presumed male until proven otherwise)
>Hungover. Again.
>Light cigarette on the stove. Make coffee.
>Take dog out.
>Sun is shining. Fresh snow. Cold.
>Perfect morning for reading poetry by the window.
>Sip coffee reading and reciting poetry.
>Decide to do a recording.

Here you go, /lit/:

As long as you will never pretend evolution has reason, purpose, goals or functions again I'm happy m8
No can do friendo. Life has purpose: procreation. Any and all instances of "life" are machines with the singular intent of turning as much inert matter as possible into animate life.
Just because life procreates sometimes among other things doesn't mean that its purpose is procreation.You're anthropomorphising.

Once you try to insert your teleological notions into evolutionary theory you're entering the domain of religion, not science.
>woke up at 6
>got in clothes, checked on roommate to make sure he didn't die in his sleep
>went to the office to report to seniorsergent that roommate was fine
>"Good, you can go home at 8."
>8 comes around, I bounce
>I go home, outline novel, masturbate, drink whisky
>gonna go back to the barracks in an hour
Oh mein gott how spooked can you be
>wake up at 8:30 still drunk
>read texts
>go back to sleep
>wake up at 11:30 hungover as all fuck
>eat a banana and have coffee
>don't know how I got home or where the fuck my car is
>text people to find out
>read while I wait for response
>1:40 and still have now idea

I shitposting and looking for apartments online now
It's true, I'm a worthless heathen who believes in woo
>wake up at 2pm still full of benzo afterglow
>ate some eggs
>masturbated to some POV porn
>went and bought some milk
>thinking about how best to sedate myself tonight
the Plague is great
>I pretend I can appreciate both literature and art music at the same time
Speaking of pretense...
I have some issues.
Thanks for the recording lad
Top lel. Wake and bake is honestly one of the great pleasures of the contemporary literary lifestyle.

>Autism, the post.

Jesus, man. Your mother is going to have to put you on your medication again. Fucking NEET's.
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sad frog.jpg
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Sorry. Replied to the wrong post.
Oh god, I'm such a fuckup
>wake up at 7am
>eggs and bacon for breakfast
>try to get old Kindle Fire working
>it's still broken
>play around in After Effects
>read some poetry
>post a poem in the critique thread
>look at some /fa/ boots online that I can't afford
>wait for the football game to come on
>watch the game
>grill some steaks at halftime
>browse /lit/
This is literally what I did today. Is this /lit/ approved?
my god, now that's ideology.
do you mean you fall asleep drunk outside or you go outside to sleep to deal with your issues?
>Woke up at four in the morning because I fell asleep in my chair at midnight after one Terrapin Hopsecutioner
>Drank another and went back to bed
>Woke up at 11:00
>Wrote down a half-remembered dream, made coffee
>Haven't worn a stitch of clothing since Friday night and remain that way while I read Ada
>Ate a light breakfast
>Continued reading, git me in the literary mood
>Take a monumentous shit
>Shower, brush my teeth, finally get around to making edits to a story while lunch cooks
>Taking a break now and shitposting
The latter.
I can't sleep in my flat anymore after I was swatted. It was the only safe space I had and now it's not.
I guess we all have our little quirks.
That sounds quite nice. Let's be honest though, you're probably vaping, not smoking. And if you took any notes they are in your phone not on a napkin.

At least you can write alot
Why did they raid you?
>9 o'clocked rolled around far too quick
>trotted to the toilet for the momentous morning piss
>ate several bananas and drank a liter of coffee
>headed to work late
>started listening to Mono and reading T.S. Eliot
>realizing I lack something before I strike another poetic breakthrough
>remember I start class in a few days
IRC drama gone wild.
how do you wake up at six after drinking
fuck almighty what a stress
>wake up sometime between 3 and 4 to empty my shit bag
>poop into the sink cause my legs hurt too bad to squat over the toilet.
>do poor job washing up, too tired
>fall back into bed and wake up again around 9 AM
>relax bowels over toilet, mucus and blood but it don't hurt
>no poop cause it's phantom anus
>empty bag again
>sit at computer in underpants
>open up Google docs or drawing program
>go make coffee
>shower while brewing
>get out
>dress nicely
>make nice cup of coffee
>sit at computer and read the news
>too tired to sit up return to bed to read
>get up and write a little
>empty poop bag again
>wait for nightfall for it all to start again

It's easy living.

Not bad, desu.
Pretty good actually
>wake up at 10am
>jerk off
>shower at 12
>Shower smells like a campfire now
>eat some bacon, eggs, toast with a glass of orange juice
>clean room to the sound of Bruce Springstines Nebreska
>take frequent breaks from cleaning to write down in note book.
I'd go into the frontier with you.
OP here,

Quality voice, quality recording, shit Whitman.


>Military of any creed
Never again, m8

>this shitpost

Watched the Icebowl, shitgame by any mark, read some quality poetry during commercials, got drunk and wrote some new poems, 7/10 day so far.

Guy who did that recording here. Just something was reading this morning. What's your favorite Whitman? Or not necessarily favorite, just some of his best? I'm interested in your opinion, not trolling.
>have drinks with the woman I love, her boyfriend, her/his girlfriend and some upperclass bohemians
>drunk as fuck on 2 pints because I didn't eat properly
>bail halfway through the evening
> walk back home, through the rain. Thinking up good ideas, new plots.
> mildly sober once home, start reading, fall asleep.
> wake up at 10, be depressed and stay in bed till2
> eat leftover spaghetti as brunch
> read, try to write and shitpost

bretty gud

>yfw born too late to explore the American frontier
>Wake up at 11:30 after sleeping for a total of five hours
>Pray then read Faust to some tea
>Take aged car belonging to father for inspection
>Fails because it is dilapidated and worn
>Come back home for mother to try and inspire guilt by saying if they had more money they would have a better car
>Says since their graduated son won't work, they have to do what they can with what they have
>Laugh it off then pray
>Work on query letters for the finished novels I want to get published
>Now watching the Twilight Zone and posting here before prayer time comes

Literary as it gets.
probably passed out around dinner time or drinks like a bitch
>Wake up at 11:30 after sleeping for a total of five hours

Astighfiruallah Akhi, Fajr time is 6 nowadays, if you're going to be a NEET at least pray on time. You're not doing anything anyways. And at least work part time and make your parents a little happy. Jinnah is under your mother's feets.
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OP back again, honestly don't care enough for Whitman to know better, always found him like 19th Centrury Gary Snyder, but more gay.

Read more Octavio Paz, lad.

>keep drinking
>get the bone
>find myself at happy ending massage parlor
>'fuk et'
>Lost in thought during massage about the literary/maternal nature of the erotic massage and it's comforts vis the strictly mechanical finish of the happy ending
>ie: big a big drunk faggot
>actually a pretty good massage
>she says 'finish' and walks out
>I didn't get the happy ending version anyway
I do work part time, but in the evenings so Fajr is difficult since I tend to come back around midnight or later. Of course I admire you for your suggestion and hope that you maintain the strength that allows you to pray on time.
Went for a 16 mile run at 6 in NYC this morning. Maybe I saw you...
>Wake up at 1 pm with a bit of a hangover.
>A friend is staying over so we watch a movie (The Revenant).
>Antoher friend invites us to his pool.
>Drinks beer and be in the pool a bit.
>They were going to order mcdonalds and play fifa but i got bored and went back home.
>Read a bit, write a bit, shitpost.
I played DotA 2 for a few hours with my friend after I couldn't fall asleep this morning. Once I was disappointed by that, I went to bed. Had a dream about my rabbit's head popping off and killing a frog. When I woke up, I went outside with my dog and peed. Ate some chicken casserole with my mom, and now I'm sitting here in front of my computer looking over Craigslist ads and sending the posters their spelling and grammatical mistakes.
I can't go a day without a game or two of Ability Draft, anything else is dull.
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Quality run, m8. Unless you ran through the UES, it's not too likely. Unless you did, in which case, sup. Don't want to make this a meetup fag thread, but I'm on the /lit/ IRC pls no bully

How's everyone's ~Literary Evening~ going? I'm at least trying to finish on a high note before the week sucks my soul away.

>Reading pic for ants related
>drinking comfy tea
>bundled in bed
>n-no homo

I hate the game I just have fun with my friend because I know the game. I am beginning to hate everything.
What's your steamid; let's play together. I am very fond of you already.
Consider suicide, friends.

No thanks, man. I'm just ready to die.
You need some Dostoevsky and some violin sonatas of Beethoven to really cheer you up. It's good to be ready to die, but probably best not to dwell on it friend.
>using "bourgeois" unironically
Wew lad
>not Pushkin and cello of Bach
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