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Are lesbians more conservative than gay men?...
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Are lesbians more conservative than gay men? Where I'm from, lesbians tend to be more conservative and "redneck-ish," while gay men are the ultra liberal types. Is this true where you guys are from? Is liberalism mainly a gay male meme?
>lesbians tend to be more conservative and "redneck-ish

Where do you live? I-I'm asking for a friend.
The southeastern United States. I'm a hella closeted bi male.
Noticed the same thing where I am. It's-well, if you go by some of the stereotypes it makes sense, but how often do those really usually apply?
And yet, here they do.
Yeah I noticed the same. I'm from texas and lesbos here are way more conservative than gay men but then when I went up north gay men were more conservative.
It's the same here in North Florida.
It's the ones you see/notice at the bars and coffee shops. I can guarantee you miss many because the blend in.

Personal affectations and styles of dress are not (substantively) political categories. However, you did specify that your lesbians are more "conservative", whatever you have in mind exactly for that. I suppose it's worth mentioning that one may also dress "conservatively" (that is, not flamboyantly), but that's another matter.

But even if this is true in your area (about the conservative lesbians), I would suggest that it is an aberration. Which is going to require me to make some sort of an argument, because now there's like 2-3 other people agreeing with OP, interestingly. So here's my pushback.

My premise is that women in general, by the nature of their sex, are statistically to the left of men, politically. And lesbian women especially so, because conventionally phrased LGBT rhetoric, Muh Feminism and the wish to escape Men, with the State being the next place to go. Nor is this limited to "political" lesbians in my treatment - most lesbians are still going to reflexively tick the box with a (D) next to it, even if they don't have a Tumblr account with which to make this known to one and all.

Gay men have also been pets of the left for some time, but men are more individualistic, and (historically, but now we're in an aberrant period where the following is untrue) better able to seek their own destinies. Now that being dragged by a pickup or getting fired isn't /quite/ as threatening a possibility as it was, say, 20 years ago, and since the left is dutifully doing all it can to alienate all white men, it's unsurprising to hear about some contrarian Milos among the gay crowd who have become sick of being pets of the left. These are still a minority though, as most gay men know what side their bread is buttered on.

The lesbians/queer women I've been acquainted with in life were politically left, as nearly as I could tell (some made it obvious, others less so. But I don't usually ask because I don't want the conversation).
>some contrarian Milos

Milo goes all the way and straight up becomes the cocksucker of /pol/

Gay men go either full hard left (flamers, youtubers, pride parade) or they go full hard right (supporting nazis and tfw no /pol/ bf), in my opinion, their politics sway due to social trends (left) or to appeal to hard masculinity and the worship of straight men (right)
Lesbians are feminists and feminism is largely conservative in its ideals of hating trans people and trying to deny rights to gays. Like conservatives, lesbians like to tax working class men to try, you often hear lesbians talking about imposing a man tax, even though men already pay the majority of taxes and women benefit the most from taxation. Women really are the beneficiaries of capitalism, seeing as women spend 70% of domestic spending, spending more than they make pulse a fair portion of what men make. Lesbians also side with conservatives when trying to bring equal military and draft requirements to men and women.


The fatal error of this post (the single dumbest one I've read on 4chan this month, so far) is that it takes as axiomatic that "conservatism" is a priori just another flavor of oppression which may therefore be equated with whatever else is oppressive, unfair, or upleasant-in this case Feminism, whatever it is that women want (or seek to escape), etc. You might as well argue that fascist and communist states were politically identical because they both murdered millions (protip: though both were totalitarian, the above essentialism doesn't hold up under scrutiny).

In the west, most lesbians abort babies, practice witchcraft, shop at co-ops, make flabby modern art that de-emphasizes masculine triumphalism, and vote democratic. They might be periodic bedfellows with conservatives on the odd issue (and where it suits them), but as a statistical group, the only sensible way to describe them is as leftists.
what is left and what is right? What is conservatism and what is liberalism? The two get mixed together so much in their own circles, it's hard to tell them apart anymore.
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Im a trans lesbian and im anti feminism, anti immigration, and pro trump.

What does that make me?
a straight man
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>trans girls have to always be attracted to men no matter what because lesbians dont exist
>its ok for cis lesbians to be lesbians but trans girls have to be straight all the time
0/10. i was actually into men mostly before estrogen. hormones completely swapped my sexuality around.
If you're over 5'9, have a slightly masculine face, and broad shoulders, and haven't got surgery you still probably resemble a man, so you'll be considered a straight man.
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5'6 and a half
>lightly masculine face
not even a little
>broad shoulders
nope im tiny
>you still probably resemble a man,
if you say so hon.
You look like a skinny boy instead of a girl. Better than looking like a man I guess.
>skinny boy instead of a girl.
bitter hon detected. go dress up so you can attract more men fetishist ;)
the hormones will probably change you back to being a straight mtf. A lot of self proclaimed transbians are actually just bisexual and one loud mtf, Merrit Kopas, used to be a gay man, took estrogen, became a transbian, and is now back to fucking guys again.
>the hormones will probably change you back to being a straight mtf.

Nope. as soon as i stop taking hormones i like men again, as soon as i take them men are disgusting.

> A lot of self proclaimed
>look guys my anecdotal evidence is totally legit
each shit and die. iv been on hormones for a few years now and the only time men are even remotely attractive is if i run out of hormones.
I always figured most lesbians were modern liberal, pro LGBT types with a small minority of odd political lesbian or TERF types in between. Our former mayor here in Houston is a lesbian, and she fought tooth and nail for gay and trans rights.

I think, generally speaking, that most gay men and women swing to the left simply due to how toxic the right is towards them. Of course that doesn't count out outliers.
Caitlin Jenner
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