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Did any tv shows, cartoons, or anime give...
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Did any tv shows, cartoons, or anime give you LGBT related feelings when you were growing up?

I'm ftm and I always liked watching Ranma 1/2 when I was younger because he was essentially a boy trapped in a girl's body at times and didn't enjoy it.
>watch anything with cute girls in it
>oh fuck I want to be her so bad
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reading a bunch of uri in 7th grade made me realize i was bi in 8th
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>tfw no girlifying ray
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Although the character isnt trans, finding out that ramza was a boy made me very comfy and i loved playing the game.
Sailor Moon messed me up and now I'm transgender.

If I just watched DBZ I could have probably been a normal guy but no.
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I always wanted to fuck Fievel in An American Tail.
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I wouldn't be too sure of that.

Goku gave me my first boner (and my first rape fantasies too). I'm fucked up lol.
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It was also Ranma 1/2
Also Ranma 1/2.

Seriously struggled with the question of whether old saint Nick was authorized to deliver cursed presents.
What is it with Ranma 1/2? I told someone I was gay, and they couldn't stop bringing up Ranma 1/2 and asking if I'd ever watched it for 2 years. Nigga, after a year of me saying, "No, I've never watched it," you'd think he might not ask for another year, but nooooo. Fucking Christian autists man.
mtf. also ranma.
Did every tranny in the early 2000s identify with it?
Ranma was w/e me a friend showed it to me. OK anime, no trans feelings.

In books, Mystra turning Elminster into a woman definitely gave me some feelings tho.
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Card Captor Sakura, because I watched the spic dub where they made Yukito and Touya even more blatantly gay.
I'm MtF and growing up I used to love transformers. Did my love of transitioning robots lead me into transexuality? Likely.

But more seriouslyriously before puberty I hadn't realized I wanted to be a girl yet, but I watched a lot of anime growing up and always thought it was cool when dude characters looked like girls. Little me thought at some point I'd just figure out how to look like a pretty girl while still being a boy. Tbh I kinda blame anime for keeping me in the closet longer because in early puberty I felt like there wasn't any rush to get on hrt because all the anime boys managed to look like girls with out it. Lol I was a fucking stupid ass kid.
I'd rather go to the gay bath house than the endocrinologist's office desu.
Wait, there's a dub that makes them more gay than the jap one?
Yeah, the spanish dub is a wonder, I remember one scene in japanase was like
>No, I don't want you to go
And the spic dub they changed it to
>I couldn't go on living if you're not here anymore
or something like that.
Made me think if they didn't hire a bunch of fujoshi for translating the script.
Ranma was the most common genderbent anime. I tried getting into others but the guys in them would often enjoy being female or doing feminine things so I personally didn't like them as much.

I liked that Ranma was always trying to break the curse, hated being a girl except for when he could use it for his advantage, and didn't like girly stuff.
I was big into Ranma too, but only the manga. Anime is for transbians.
Ramna 1/2 all the way
Ranma 1/2 made me want to be a panda
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Fairly odd parents, dexters lab, johnny bravo, power puff girls. All had gender bending episodes and made me envious as fuck.
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Anime has given me the overwhelming desire to be a qt anime girl.

Bi male happy with his body, but the second I could get a 100% perfect transition to cis girl I'd be there on the ground floor.

Waiting for decent VR to indulge my fantasies at the moment.

>pls don't let me be one of those AGP hons who transition badly at like 40.
I literally read about Ranma 1/2 in a catalog when I was 13 and wanted to be a girl ever since.
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