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dressing out in public stories?
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dressing out in public stories?
clocking and passing
>be me 1-2 years ago
>just started going out in girlmode, not even hrt yet
>physically pass but voice is complete shit b/c no practice
>in a public mall restroom (unisex) wearing tank top, jean shorts, flip flops
>also a wig because i didn't even have a chance to grow hair out yet
>open the door
>get on the floor
>suddenly remember I forgot my phone by the sink
>let go of the door, turn to get my phone
>door remains open
>some tall blonde dude is standing there holding the open door
>are you done yet?
>give him an autistic thumbs up because i can't into girlvoice so i'll just pretend to be mute
>turn around embarrassed as fuck, figure that he'll leave by himself
>15-20 sec later exit the restroom
>this nigga is like 20 feet away and running
Pretty sure that was the only time I got clocked, at least as far as I know. shit was awkward as fuck tho
Kek. Sounds like one time I had while out in boymode. An older man walked in while I was washing my hands and just stopped with one foot in the room. He looked at the sign on the door and gave me this weird stare, then walked out. Shit was awkward.
1st one
> be me a year ago
> girl mode cause it's pax and no one gives a shit at conventions
> go up with friend to get food
> make it through the line successfully without talking
> pretty but zero to no girl voice
> ma'am how are you going to pay for this
> autistic and not thinking start talking
> cashier as I start walking away screams hey wait a minute as he realizes I'm not a cis girl

2 time
> be me a year ago
> getting gas to go to a convention
> imagine that autistic me feels safe in girl mode at conventions
> moving on
> start pumping gas
> guy comes out
> ma'am I can pump that for you
> shake my head no 3 times
> finally scream in my boy voice I can do it myself I'm fine
> thelook.jpeg
> irealizewhatijustdid.jpeg
> he runs back in to the gas station
> pretty sure he thought I was a demon with my deep voice

Only two stories I've got
>Be me
>Hair in short braided pigtails
>Wearing green jumper and ripped black skinnies
>At the social security office to get my amended social security card
>Black lady behind me with her teenage son
>"That looks like a man. That's disgusting" She says
>I look at her and she gives me a disgusted look
>Lets someone cut in front of her so she doesn't have to be near me
>Thought about it for the whole day
>Still think about it till this day

R.I.P Self esteem
>tfw a girl on the bus has a boner poking through her skirt
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Holy shit that sucks. Black people are the worst. I'll share some of my experiences with them.

>like 5 years ago
>working retail
>looks passed, voice didn't (but i tried everyday, after about a year it got gud, thank god)
>regular customer, young black woman, comes in to sell clothes
>misgendering me 100% even after I correct her
>smirking and rolling her eyes, etc.
>finally got her banned for selling stolen clothes

>same place
>see 3 or 4 flamingly homosexual black men shopping the maxis
>drag queens
>ask if they want me start a dressing room for them

>same place
>black woman asks to see some jewelry from one of the jewelry cases
>midway through helping her, her face drops
>feel humiliated, and utter something
>her eyes became enlarged
Honestly it's probably because you're ugly I live in the hood and I get clocked occasionally but even if they do find out what's up they're usually really sweet

Except 12-25 year old boys and men in groups but that's more a gender thing than race.
I'm sure they were embarrassing to experience, but the last two sound hilarious.
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I have oodles of bathroom stories. That's where all the best ones happen to me. And by best I mean worst of course.

>be me a few years ago
>volunteering at a local SPCA
>girlmode but not dressed overtly feminine or anything
>pony-tail, denim short shorts, t-shirt and cowboy boots. (always wore them back then)
>closing up the place, practically no-one around.
>go upstairs to the bathroom. Women's room out of service for maintenance issues.
>there's another restroom but it's all the way downstairs and I'm lazy
>decide to use men's room instead
>large public restroom. Multiple stalls and urinals
>just need a quick pee. very tired and lazy and nobody is here so I'll just real quick use this urinal because fuck i-
>man walks in literally right as I start peeing
>I jump a little and glance at him through the mirror but I'm mid-stream so I can't do shit.
>he apologizes and leaves
>finish up. wash my hands. contemplate suicide
>just calm down, he's probably gone by now
>leave the bathroom
>he's standing just outside waiting for me to leave
>give him probably the most awkward smile of my life as I walk past him
>he gives me a totally calm, casual, cool as fuck smile back
>get the fuck out of there as fast as I can and don't look back.

He was really cute too, but fuck if I was going to try and make small-talk after that.
haha anon I hope one day you'll be able to move somewhere without blacks...
Aw, he sounds nice. Too bad about the circumstances. I have a similar story:

>wearing men's clothes
>pissing at urinal
>guy walks in and sees me, immediately exits
>walks back in a couple seconds later after checking the sign on the door
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I shared for the lulz. Let's see if I have any more. Oh ofc I have tons from those days

>be hanging out with my BFF
>a cool punk girl I met at my retail job
>go to some birthday party one night
>house party, all punks and metal people
>some girl 100% smashed and probably high on heroine
>she asks me to get a photo of her and all her friends
>happily oblige with a smile and a head nod as she hands me the camera
>take photo
>say something as I am returning the camera
>jaw fucking drops
>attempts to make eyes large
>while an entire overcrowded sofa of strangers witness my humiliation

Or I could tell you about the time 4 children saw me naked at a

I was really quite cute by that point, but my voice sounded hella tranny. For a period of time there was this dreaded double take that could occur after I opened my mouth.

Nah senpai, black people can be cool the same as anyone else. But I have certainly had my share of uncomfortable tranny shit with them.

Oh shit, that is hilarious.
This has happened to me several times. But I'm usually leaving the stall or washing my hands
>always sir'd without speaking but guys think they walked into the wrong bathroom???
>>same place
>>see 3 or 4 flamingly homosexual black men shopping the maxis
>>drag queens
>>ask if they want me start a dressing room for them

shoulda roll'd with it even if it IS too much
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Ooops, I should probably finish that second story (didn't mean to post that second part at all actually). It kinda goes against the OP's topic but here goes.

>at nude hot spring
>in the big swimming pool part
>with two girl friends
>friend #1 brough goggles and snorkel
>I'm playing with them when two families arrive
>4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls) approximately ages 6 to 9
>they ask to play with the snorkel and goggles
>it didn't take long before they noticed that one of us (i.e. me) had a winkie
>discussion ensues amongst the kids
>me and my friends watch bemusedly
>"she's a boy. "no, he's a girl."
>a quick consensus was made that I am girl, I just happen to have a boys winkie
>the two girls swim back over to me and friend #2
>"are you too mommies?"
>"uhhhh, no, not yet."
>"why not?"
>our faces the whole time all of this was happening

I did honestly. He was all

Oh and also
>"excuse me, but do you know where the bathroom is in this building?"
>"um yeah... the women's room is over in this direction, and the men's room is over this other direction."
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>using the urinals
More please.
I'm just a feminine looking guy (>>5670497). OP didn't specify trans.
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That first story is kawaii as fuck. I kept expecting it to take a bad turn but I'm glad it was a good end.
thats adorbs
... I use the stall, dick... I pee sitting down and wipe like a modern human
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Hahah, I'm happy y'all enjoy these so far. Okay, one more tranny shenanigan before I hit the hay.

>Also during that awkward phase of looking cute but sound bad
>at Ikea bathroom
>little black girl about 4 or 5 is in there with her mom
>say excuse me or some shit as I squeeze past them
>"mommy mommy. he's a big lady, and HE TALKS LIKE DIS!"
>she tries to make deep man voice

Okay, and one more.

>be working at that retail job
>wearing a tanktop that I had been contemplating whether it made me look masculine
>not a dudes tank, just a vintage cut
>as I am thinking this very thing while I zone out tagging clothes
>little black girl walks up to me, probably around 6 or 7
>yes, the blacks... AGAIN
>"mmmm, are you a boy or a girl?"
>"what do you think?"
>"mmmm, I think you're a girl"
>"well okay then"
>"...but that shirt makes you look like a boy"

Okay, you faggots get one more since it just came to mind.

>just came out, living almost full-time, clueless about everything, no hormones, no laser, aka amature hon mode
>apply for retail job
>manager is this incredibly eccentric gay man
>in the middle of the crowded store and he asks me about my schedule
>"do you see any foreseeable changes in your future?--ASIDE FROM YOUR SEEEEEX! HAHAHAHAHA!"
>"heh, y-y-yeah...."
>Be Norwegian
>People here are too polite in public and don't comment on strangers' appearance unless they're mentally retarded
>No equalivent of "sir/ma'am", no formal gendered prefix.
>No way to know if I actually pass in public most of the time, but people don't look at me weird or anything.
>Even when I was early transition and terrifying hon mode nobody mentioned it in public. Got some stares on the train maybe
Don't think I get clocked anymore but even if I do people keep that shit to themselves and don't tell me.
>been dressing for years off and on but never in public
>get my own place finally
>dress 100% of time when I'm home alone
>finally start dressing when go out for walks
>pretty androgynous, like skater-girl type
>walks turn to short trips to corner store
>a few "thanks" or "good night" and start feel more confident about voice
>decide to walk to waterfront bar for a drink
>grab a table and order. goes well
>guy at next table starts conversation. hold my own
>asks for my number. lie and tell him I'm in a relationship
>not sure if clocked
>walk home much more confident
Kids are so adorable sometimes. Makes you wonder when they turn into hatemongering assclowns
>be early-ish in transition
>bathroom line in public huge, busy dept. store
>still using mens room at this point
>wait at least 20 mins
>get in, all stalls are full
>men all over washing hands, adjusting, drying etc
>desperately need to go
>people behind me impatient
>end up peeing standing up at a urinal with a skirt on.

I've gotten ma'amed at the mall a few times lately. I think wearing a scarf helps.

I've noticed how employees at grocery stores and all that don't call me sir anymore (or ma'am yet). I guess I'm androgynous enough that they don't want to take the risk.
Major corporations, like Kroger, Safeway and their nummerous have started to instruct their employees not to use gender based statements, because of transexuals flipping their shit.
What, for real? Huh.
That's just retail though. You have to dish out as much as you get it.
When I worked at best buy I think like a good 70-80% of employees smoked pot to help numb out the customers. If you don't retail will destroy your mind.
I'm not even Trans and customers have been complete dicks to me.
still using men's room while wearing skirt?
tell me you're a troll
Oh wow lol. I worked at Kroger for a couple months back in 2013 and I don't remember a policy like that. Must be recent considering how 2015 was the year of the trannies.

I wonder how it'll pan out cause I remember how some of the older customers would get all butthurt if you didn't address them as either ma'am or sir.
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>Be me
>Total agp fetishist freak
>Decide to dress up and go out in public again
>Put on girl clothes
>don't even bother with makeup because i never bothered to learn
>Walk outside
>Go to work
>Guys are hitting on me
>Everyone treats me kindly
>Can't even get off on this
>Finish work and go home

Yet another unsuccessful day. Whoever told me to transition at 16 and train my voice fucked up.
I've got a couple stories, most of which occurred when I was still a fresh faced teen and none of which happened when I was intentionally going out in girl-mode... but whatevs, OP can suck it.

>be me 14/15 year old long-haired pussy
>shopping at Wal-Mart
>Wearing thick baggy hoodie, baggie jeans, and shit tier Target brand skater shoes
>older Lady from behind
>"Miss, do you happen to know where x is?"
>"Uh, no.. sorry."
>Her after hearing my voice
>"Oh! I thought you were a girl. Your hair is beautiful though and your skin looks so soft"
(Actually said that, kinda wish I was making it up)
>She then proceeds to start playing with one of my curls
>tfw a stranger compliments your hair but is also awkwardly playing with it

>be me at 20, just got done watching the new Mad Max in theatre
>Same getup as before, slightly longer hair
>Go to bathroom cause have to pee desperately
>Some 40 year old or so guy and his kid walked in, while I'm at a urinal
>He sees me, "oh shit"
>Starts walking out with his kid
>Comes back couple seconds later
>Takes urinal next to mine
>"Man, I thought I was in the wrong bathroom cause of your hair"
>What fucking girls do you know that use urinals?

I get "mistaken" as a girl a lot when people see me from behind (used to from the front as well but that was before facial hair reared its ugly head in), despite only ever wearing a big baggy jacket and baggy-ish jeans... guess that's good news for my body proportions. I, also, don't think it's purely from my hair since there's a lot of guys my age with long hair in my town.

>Be me, still 20
>Just walking out of the shower
>Wet hair and freshly shaved face
>Sister sees me and has to do a doubletake
>"Anon, don't ever straighten your hair.. it makes you look like a girl."
>Bitch, I'mma go straighten my hair right now just to spite you.
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Okay I'm awake again, and I will provide another story from my awkward past.

>legally changed my name
>go to TX DMV to get new license
>fill out form with new name info
>leave sex blank
>get called up to a counter
>woman doesn't know what she is doing
>co-worker comes over to help
>woman is misgendering me
>felt bad
>"don't call me 'he.'"
>awkward exchange of glances
>she completes the process
>license now comes out with female marker
>other trans friend had to get full blown SRS AND sue the state to get her ID sex marker changed

I got so fucking lucky there.

Okay, and another time... (writing these stirs memories of other times, haha)

>getting my name changed at a fancy capitol building
>doing the paperwork at one counter
>older Latino man helping me, probably in his mid 40s
>he is being all paternal and dotting on me
>telling me I am beautiful
>being all soft spoken and smiling
>it could have easily felt creepy, but it was actually kinda nice and empower all things considered
>gives me his card
>tells me I should totally call him later and stuff
>kept the card
>never called
>that was kinda creepy actually
>laugh about it over Indian food with my BFF punk rock girl

>Makes you wonder when they turn into hatemongering assclowns

Socialization from family and school mostly. I doubt these kids are going to turn into hatemongering assclowns though given that their parents are the type to bring them to hippy dippy nude hot springs on the left coast.

Oh I know anon. Retail is soul crushing. I would get so fucking stoned before, during, and after work every single day. Most of my co-workers did. It was a REALLY busy store too. I worked at that specific location for over a year.
The basic policy is moving towards

>keep the customer from flipping their shit and raising a ruckus.

And if calling someone an attack helicopter increases the chance of you getting tipped for helping with their groceries, then, let red 5 know that you're ready for takeoff.

f-fuck you...

lucky piece of shit
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Must have been hard for her.
Ya black people are pretty shameless. Same with rednecks
>be walking around in city centre
>some random person doing market research comes up to me
>excuse me madam...
>probably go incredibly red, and respond
>somehow my voice (almost untrained) doesn't out me
>5 minutes later
>another person
>excuse me love, but... (love is exclusively for grills around here)


>get referred to psych because suicidal
>psych calls my birth name out in the waiting room, expecting some guy to stand up
>she's looking at this cis guy
>I stand up
>she looks shocked
>get told later that she thought I was a girl

And I didn't even think I passed
first time I went in girl mode I got cat called, I used to talk shit on people for complaining about being cat called and I said it was no big deal, then I realize its annoying and draws un-needed attention

second time I went out in girl mode I was in high heels and walking with my ass swaying because thats how heels make me walk, 2 black women, presumably lesbian, I walked past said "work it baby work it" as I walked by them

besides that nothing eventful besides being called sweetie and miss when I go out, feels good man
Kayla you are such an agp freak lol. Your first time trying to be a girl in public you wear some slutty cocktail dress and high heels. Shaking your ass. They said work it cause you were trying too hard girl
File: 1454540057794.png (78 KB, 200x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy fuck
why not dress slutty? my whole fucking life all I ever was allowed to wear were tee shirts and jeans, now I can wear anything i want and I want to have some fun with it
lol, thats the kind of charm i like to see in black women

But you said you don't pass, like many times. You've also said you have bad social anxiety and are afraid of social situations/people.

Is Kayla a habitual liar or something?. Do you like making up sob stories on the internet for sympathy?
I actually never got clocked in girl mode but I don't do it all the time because I am afraid some days I am off and wont pass.
>Is Kayla a habitual liar or something?
Yes, are you new here?
Kayla is just a piece of shit and if you can you should just filter her like the rest of us.
FtM here. Had a guy say about me "That guy looks like a girl."

This is the closest I have been to being clocked, thankfully.
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>go to get a new drivers licence because i lost my old one
>birth certificate says male, still has boyname
>dont attempt to pass because, use normal guy voice
>guy at the counter keeps gendering me female
>calls me up by my last name when its printed
>not sure if hugboxed or guy cant read

>go to another govenrment thing so i can get neetbux
>still using boyname, still in boymode
>receptionist guy genders me female
>lady working there asks him if ive been helped yet
>genders me male cuz unmistakable boyname and she hasnt seen me yet
>guy keeps correcting 'he' to 'her' etc
>hugboxed again
If you have inheirintly masculine features you can pass pretty well as a scandinavian woman.
More stories please. These are funny.
>Go to county building in girl mode (Legally Guy name)
>They call my name (Old name)
>I walk up to the window that called me
>They say "Can I help you?"
>"Yes, I"m (Old name).
>They go, Oh...OOOOH
>One genuinely asks me when putting some information down from me "I'm sorry, but I have to ask, are you male or female?"
>Say male because can't really lie
>Later on in building get called with 2 guys (3 Guy names get called and I walk up with them)
>The lady only asks me for my name, I say the name, the "Oh...OOOOH" again.
>She then tells me "You know, when I said [Old name] I expected a man."
>She tells me that I am passing pretty well and tells me that If she didn't have to say old name, she wouldn't have been able to tell.
The proper response is
>less disgusting than being a dindu
>me a few months ago
>went to con with friends
>dress as maid since I pass well
>faking my chest with a nu bra
>need to use the bathroom
>headed towards men's bathroom since no transition yet
>old janitor for the con building stops me
>"that's the men's bathroom."
>(in my normal non-fem voice)"I'm a guy"
>he doesn't understand
>I keep walking to the bathroom and tell my friend to explain
>he slowly explains to the man that I'm a guy

before that, my other friend was talking to some guy and thought I was a girl until I started to talk since my voice is shit.
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What fucking degenerate family takes their kids to a nude hot springs?

That's just rude and racist.
>That's just rude and racist.
Trust me when I say she did the right thing by turning the other cheek. Niggers fight in groups and if a trans woman's involved they'll just scream out that they're being attacked by a perv and get their baby daddies to attack you. You don't want to upset a pack of niggers, especially with a racist remark at the social security office where there are likely to be many of them in an enclosed space looking for government handouts.
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That pic, lol.

Oh my god black people are the worst. Fucking rude as hell. I'm sorry if you're a normal black person because these savages make you look bad.
This. Sadly, the real world is not as nice as we wish it were.
>crossdress all the time
>pass without makeup
>out with some older (20s) lesbian friends that I often work with
>underage (15) at gay bar/club
>early afternoon
>none of us have work that afternoon
>another friend of theirs shows up
>she doesn't know me
>buys me a drink
>2 hours later we're all sloshed
>friends take a mass bathroom break
>she makes her move
>kisses me
>I deepen the kiss
>hands all over me
>I'm thinking there is something I need to tell her before she goes to far and can't remember
>much more mutual groping
>still can't remember what
>her hand goes between my legs, and she squeaks
>finally remember that I need to tell her I'm trans, and tell her
>she says "I can feel that" as she's tugging my expanding cock out from the gaff
>she proceeds to slide under the table, and sucks me off as my friends return
>they chide her for being now being bi
>we ended up fwb for the next few years

>modeling dresses for a catalog with another model
>Gaff strap lets loose
>call it out
>photographer thinks he has enough of that set of dresses so I and the other model go back into dressing room to fix the gaff and change into the next one
>whip off dress
>throw it into corner
>take broken gaff off
>hand broken gaff to stylist and ask her to sew this back together well.
>I go sit in the makeup chair to have my makeup checked and fixed
>makeup artist jokes "maybe I should put eyeliner on your one eyed skirt snake"
>the other model squeaks and I see her jaw hanging down around her tits.
>she'd been modeling with me for three days now, and never realized I had a dick.
>I say something like "now you know a little bit more about me." while smiling back
>she laughs
>still can't take her eyes off it
>at the end of the day she asks me out that night
>had a fun night, but we're not each others type
>see her with guy next, then a few months later she's telling me all about the girl she's fallen very hard for
nice L I E S
>work retail
>on T for about 3 years, don't really pass, idk
>never came out at work
>use woman's bathroom
>washing my hands
>middle aged lady walks in, stops, stares at me and turns and goes outside and checks the sign on the door
>comes back in eyeballing me with a bewildered expression

It's happened three times so far.
Fuck, I've been on hormones 5 months and taking steps to make myself more feminine (eyebrows, hair, makeup) but the most I ever get is 'Wow you look young!' and I work with my sister and everyone is always saying 'Wow you two look so alike!'

But no one has ever called me ma'am or miss, that will probably be the best day of my shitty life.
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Okay a couple more (this shit's kinda fun).

>be on lunch break at that retail job from way back when
>walking a couple blocks to get some mexican food for lunch
>I remember I was wearing red 70s vintage high waisted shorts
>I got dem legs
>it's saturday, by a big college, football, gameday
>bus full of rowdy drunk dudes rolls by, most the windows down
>bus is gone
>laugh about it with my BFF over Thai food
>our faces when

>calls my birth name out in the waiting room

That same shit happened to me once at a new primary care doctor before name got changed. Awkward as fuck!

What fucking degenerate finds the human body degenerate?


Anyways, reminds me of another time.

>doing a modeling gig, more artsy than fashiony
>second time working with this photographer
>met him IRL, exchanged contact info, and told him I was trans when I emailed him my stats
>after the shoot we are getting dinner together
>pull out mones and take them
>him "what are those anon?"
>me "my hormones"
>he looks bewildered
>me "this one is my testosterone blocker, and this one is my estrogen."
>looks even more bewildered
>me "you do know that I'm trans don't you?"
>me "but I told you right after we met"
>him "I guess I wasn't paying attention???"
A month or so later I'm working with him again on a different project, this one more high fashion.
>makeup artists is doing my face
>same makeup artists from the last two shoots
>midway through my first face
>photog tells the makeup artists I'm trans
>me "but this is like the third time you've done my makeup"

Seriously though, if you are MtF and pretty then you can actually model pretty easily since you are probably taller, thinner, and have more defined bone structure than most cis girls, and that's exactly what people want from a model.

Nice made up jerk off fantasy anon
The human body is disgusting. That's why we cover it the fuck up.
That happened to me so often that I gave up and only used the women's room even when in guy clothes. It would be another year before I'd finally get on hormones.

If you always have nudity around, it doesn't mean anything. Even to a child.

Captcha: LOL a satellite dish is a street sign...
If you don't pass after being on t for 3 years something is wrong with your dosages.
File: 1449717714884.png (2 MB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2048x1536
> Was bored and feeling down this morning so I decided to put on some makeup.
> Throw on some foundation, then get into the blush.
> Make the mistake of trying to contour my cheekbones with darker blush and then cover it up with pink-ish blush.
> Text my friend, "HALP, I LOOK LIKE A CHEAP HOOKER!"
> Friend gets a good laugh out of it and gives me some tips for next time.
> Go back, put on mascara, and decide to leave it.
> Throw on a bra and stuff it with some socks (I'm cheap and don't have forms...)
> Look in mirror - not as bad as I thought.
> Later, decide to go out for a few groceries.
> Kind of worried because I've never left my place with this much makeup on, let alone the bra.
> Throw on a hoodie and a jacket to cover my chest.
> Figure that people won't really notice the makeup as long as I mind my own business.
> While I'm out, I swear that some people are staring at me, but it could just be all in my head.
> Nobody comments or anything.
> Feel pretty even though I'm sure I look awful. :)
> Everything went better than expected.
> Get home, look in mirror.
> Realize that the curve of my "breasts" is still somewhat visible through my jacket.
Might as well tell you guys my story.

>I love riding motorcycles
>I need a new jacket
>Lost my other one when I moved
>Find a good one that fits surprisingly well
>Leave it at home for a while because I usually only wear a jacket if it's cold or raining
>Put it on a few weeks later
>wtf something is not right
>all the things are in the wrong spots how do I work this contraption
>Figure it out finally
>It's like it was made for a left handed person
>girls clothes are like that
>I bought a girl's jacket
>too late to return it
>oh well

I still use that jacket to this day. It's really warm and I don't really care if the buttons and zipper are left handed. Also, I'm not interested in becoming 'the little girl' I like my man body and man penis. I think it fits so well due to the shape of my torso and the size on my pectoral muscles. Not to mention that I don't have hundreds of dollars lying around to buy another cold weather riding jacket.

I might also mention that nobody has said anything about it, but it is probably because I'm over 6 feet tall and very well built, and bikers in my area are known for being hard asses.

>I'm one of those hardasses
>take that comment how you will
File: 1453276440161.png (50 KB, 550x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 550x550
This post triggered me.
>decide I'll actually present female for my Endo appointment
>nothing exceptionally fem, a female cut top with some black jeans and converse, main thing is I'm wearing some makeup and a bra
>all and all it's just a 10 minute walk from where I parked to the doctor office
>office is on quite a busy main street
>nobody stares, double takes, and I'm not shouted at
>office is like in one of those multi floored buildings with all kinds of different things, but it has a reception desk
>realise I really need to pee
>ask receptionist where the toilet is without even thinking about my voice
>she gives me the code to the female bathroom
>made my fucking day
I don't get it ):
So you didn't want them to notice your "boobs"?
michael scott? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTmcMpK-gOM

did you find your jacket in a big bin?
That sounds fucking hilarious desu I would have taken it as a compliment and just laughed at thought of some guy nearly pissing himself because he had to wait for the 'girl' to leave. I do feel for you too though. I would have found it awkward but I would have fucked with him by saying something in a really deep voice when i walked passed him if he was still there.
Back in the pre everything is stretch denim days I was in a Gap, and got 4 pairs of jeans. Tried them all on, and liked the fit. Next day I'm wearing one of them to school. Friend comments on my wearing women's jeans. I say "what?" Take a good look at them and compare to ones one of the girls is wearing. Yep, pocket style and series number is a women's one, yet they fit my hips and waist perfectly. Something no men's jeans ever did. Laugh it off, and continue buying women's jeans. Start transitioning less than a year later.
>be me today
>previously only bought girl clothes online
>decide to go to the mall for shopping because having lots of cash laying around
>do girlmode
>really just skinny jeans and female cut top + sweater and eyeliner
>be confident in voice as ive practiced hard recently
>go to stores, women's section
>no gendered greetings here so i cant know as soon as i enter
>nobody looks at me weird
>picking up some clothes and cashier tells me something like 'thats a nice choice'
>reply 'yes i really liked it' in my half shitty girl voice
>still no weird looks
>holy shit im probably passing, feels good man
>thought about going to the bathroom just for the hell of it but fuck it
>went home with my newly purchased girl clothes leaving boymode behind
File: image.png (45 KB, 344x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 344x329
I'm happy you're happy
I go to my endo in 2 weeks again in girl mode but I am afraid I might have to pee when I go and bathroom stuff worries me. Did you get any death stares from people in the ladies room?
There wasn't anyone in there.
Not really. Considering I still totally look like a guy, if they noticed, I'd just look like a guy with boobs. Not exactly the best look. :/
If your endo is in a clinic or working in the clinic of another MD there's a higher probability of it having a unisex bathroom than having gendered ones so I wouldn't worry about it. Going to an endo in some office building sounds strange af.

It's super weird my endo shares a clinic with four other MD's who do work in gynocology mostly but for some reason there's always unpassing trans people in the lobby.

There's only one I can think of because it is fairly recent. I was talking with some guy I met (from a lgbt group) and at this point I had really low self esteem and convinced myseld I didn't pass at all and that everyone knew I was ftm. So anyway this relevent conversation came up and then I offhandedly made some comment about something related to me being trans and then he was confused because he didn't know. So I awkwardly told him I was trans and that I thought he already knew. I guess he thought I was a mtf really early in transition, so he asked me if he should use female pronouns and if I went by another name. So I had to explain to him that I was ftm. So weird.
lol no. There is not much clear separation in most motorcycle gear shops as most of it can work for either sex. Boots, helmets and gloves are only female items if they have girly colors, but you would find them in the same section as the rest. Most motorcycle gear is black so it can be difficult to tell if it's meant for male or female unless there is a specific label saying such.
I'm not interested in becoming the little girl, just thought you people might like the story. The jacket isn't really an obviously female one, only if you look closely and know about the left hand right hand thing. Many of the dudes I'm around have as much knowledge about that as I do.
File: 1454452539204.gif (1 MB, 540x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 540x304
>be me today
>still go to work in "boy mode"
>retail so long sleeve black shirt, skinny jeans
>as feminine as i can get without wearing makeup
>have little boy ask me if im a boy or girl
>say boy cause i think im in "stealth" still
>joking with managers about it later
>boss over hears and pulls me aside
>anon if your more comfortable being a girl at work thats fine
>were not stupid we can tell when things are up
>work with all girls
>so do you wanna come in like a girl next time or do you want to keep keeping it to yourself
>freak out mentally and finally say to her i dont know how you want me to respond to what you just said
>says she just wants to make sure im comfortable and that id make a decent girl
>lets me leave for the night
>hugs me on the way out
>walk out of work really shocked/wtf
>going over her house tomorrow for super bowl party
>this should be awkward af
I worked at a small company this past year, and we added that rule too.
I'm really happy for you!
Welcome to a new chapter of your life. Dont be scared of positive change :)

Usually I'm a bitch; so this means a lot coming from me
>I'm acting out and being the little girl
Almost all hons do this and that's why they give trans people a bad name. Dressing like a caricature and shit
File: Ka-52-Itar-Tass.jpg (107 KB, 744x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 744x478
>And if calling someone an attack helicopter increases the chance of you getting tipped for helping with their groceries, then, let red 5 know that you're ready for takeoff.

kekked heartily
Nothing special or anything but
>be me living in a small conservative ohio town
>work in retail
>start dressing at work bc why not I do everything else dressed as a girl
>not entirely passable, but don't look horrible
>anxious af, these people have known me for a long time
>customers chill af
>employees chill af
>don't get any weird looks, comments, or questions
>people treat me normally
File: 1416800500074.png (63 KB, 181x166) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 181x166
>be me
>3 year long hrt
>wanna dress up or put on make up
>look at the clothes
>look in the mirror
>look at the clothes again
>give up and go play video games
Have more confidence! Try and find an outfit that works with you, and try learning makeup. Both are big helps!
File: P2050035.jpg (334 KB, 1438x1424) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334 KB, 1438x1424
>Dressing like a caricature
sure, but a casual peplum top and girl jeans isn't the end of the fucking world like everyone here makes it out to be
File: 1409681436474.jpg (152 KB, 1440x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 1440x810
Go girl mode for the Super Bowl party! Your boss sounds cool as fuck. I once had my boss tell me the same thing at my retail job.

>be hanging clothes in back with a girl
>phone call
>"Hey anon it's Tod, look Ashley tells me you want to wear dresses to work."
>"Yeah that's totally cool. Back when was a kandi raver I would crossdress all the time, giant platform boots and everything. So yeah, go ahead it's cool with me. Alright, I gotta go. Bye."
you're going for the 50 year old PTA member look, right?
>kandi raver
First time I actually heard of that. Sounds cute.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (127 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 640x360
>Be me pre everyone
>At fast food job in boymode
>Manager explaining why our toys in kids meals are a and b now
>"Well we can't say boy or girl toys now because some weirdos want to be boys one day and girls the next"
>coworker that knows about me pipes up
>"Don't you think that's being a little general? I mean you haven't met many people like this so its probably not fair to generalize "
>"Well I hope when I meet one of these people I can talk some sense into them and make them realize they can't just change gender "
>looks me in the eye as he ends the sentence
>my face during the whole argument

I was like sweating bullets. He still works there and gives me wierd looks whenever he sees me come into work.
File: 7u4H4hj.jpg (94 KB, 636x848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 636x848

>mfw this is going to be me

y liv
Don't know why it quoted, didn't mean to
Do you wear makeup and dress like a girl there?
No, I bind and don't use makeup when I work, but I have a hunch he's got an idea what's going on. I do have my hair in a ponytail, but that's since its longer, there's a few guys that have to tie their hair up too. I'm not totally out to everyone yet so its terrifying whenever he kinda stares at me. Feels like he's looking into my soul.

fucking kek.
File: towel3.jpg (259 KB, 600x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 600x637
>at sister's place with mom and sisters
>sisters shows me her legs
>"look how hairy I am anon"
>"wow, you're almost as hairy as me"
>show her abofe my ankle
>"wtf you used to have a lot more hair than that"
>"i-it just decreased like that"
>"what if anon is a transsexual? hahaha"

I just shaved 3 weeks ago and I'm not on mones, not even sure if I'm trans, they were concerned because I had gained a bunch of fat in my cheeks and acne due to hormone fuckery.
Everyone this is the local neighborhood hon. I believe he lives on a farm in Nebraska or some shit but likes making up fake stories about his past risque lesbian poly model life. He's very much into women as with most old hons as you can as well
I don't understand how someone could go out in public knowing they don't or might not pass as female.
lots of trannies have no sense of shame. why do you think some of them literally "come out" before taking hormones
And this is why I avoided shorts like the plague all summer, lol.
File: 875873.jpg (16 KB, 150x148) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 150x148
>mfw I didn't 'come out' (tell friends and family I was taking hormones) until I was on hormones for 5 months
>mfw I still haven't gone out in public in 'girlmode'
>mfw people tell me I'll be fine but think I'm being hugboxed
>I probably won't go 'girlmode' until I'm 100% sure I'm not a beard shadow muscle freak in dress
>who knows if I will ever get to that point
I think maybe I have too much of a sense of shame. I'll never come out and never tell anyone about me wanting to be a girl. I'd rather just quietly be sad instead of admitting what a faggot I am, it's just so disgusting.
File: 1444026467429.gif (1 MB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 200x200
>tfw shave my legs and wear shorts all the time and everyone is too polite to say anything
File: you_go_girl.jpg (57 KB, 403x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 403x482
>I don't understand how someone could go out in public knowing they don't or might not pass as female.
>who knows if I will ever get to that point

Do you seriously think that you will ever get to a point where you can pass 100% if you aren't living it 100%? It amazes me how many younger people think they can just take hormones, do fuck all else, then ????????, and the viola you pass.

You will not reinvent yourself without making mistakes. By dressing part-time, and eventually living full-time, you learn. You can't learn from mistakes that you never made, and you can't learn from success that you were too scared to try. That is transitioning. As the word suggests, it's a process (and yes probably a difficult, humiliating, and even dangerous process at that).

I shared a lot of humiliating (and hopefully comical) stories in this thread; they are what got me to be who I am today. Necessity spawns innovation. I'm happy and blessed with how my transition turned out, but I know for a fact that I wouldn't have succeeded in this had I just "waited until I passed" before coming out. YMMV.

Plus for me there was the whole, "I hate being male and I can't live another day doing so," part. I'm not going to pull the "trutrans" card about that, but some would.

Ultimately everyone is different. What works for some may not work for others. Everyone should do what they feel best.
Why is it shameful to be transgender? They have no choice in being transgender.
Are you repressing something anon?
>Plus for me there was the whole, "I hate being male and I can't live another day doing so," part.

Maybe I'm not trutrans. I don't know. I think the shame of someone knowing I wish I was a girl outweighs being a man. And I cope pretty well so the whole tranny thing probably isn't even a big deal and I just waste time worrying about it.
File: 1449718699089.gif (499 KB, 220x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499 KB, 220x283
>TFW I'll just worry incessantly about what other people are thinking regardless.

Plus, my mom would DEFINITELY say something. Just the way she is.
it's fine f4m. that other type of tranny is just crazy and has no self-awareness, like a neckbeard wearing mlp hooves

>live with parents
yea but then i'd be happy maybe
I've gotten the encouraging version of that the other day. I wasn't out dressed in women's clothes but I have been growing my hair to the point where it's down to my shoulders and I have been taking mones. I stopped by a public bathroom, did my thing, got out and was washing my hands when this guy, older guy kind of smart looking probably in 40s came in, looked at me, went back a step and checked the door (where there's gender sign) and then came in again giving me a weird look. I was embarrassed but happy so I just gave him a sheepish smile.

who thinks nude hot springs are degenerate?
it's a health thing, there are entire towns built around hot springs you fundie sperg
some of us aren't meant to be happy. we can't all be blissfully unaware simpletons
I have been shaving my legs for the last 4 years (im still in closet btw), and just this summer I decided to not shave because I was going to a pool with my family. I hate so much my hair.
Yeah, but be confident in yourself girl !
Play with makeup a bit and maybe test passing in /soc/, or passing threads to work your way up.
You can do it !
i just wish there was a way to not want to die

but there isn't

maybe being on hormones would make it better but probably not
estrogen & lower testosterone means more difficulty getting erections
>Lived with parents. Started shaving my legs last summer when I was still living at home. Now I'm out on my own and it's absolutely wonderful! Still only wear shorts to the gym tho. :P
Thank you! It really means a lot!

I also spent a lot of time thinking about it last night and realized that a large part of what's holding me back is a feeling that people who know me will still recognize me. And then I realized that that's stupid. Unless I managed to go on HRT and get surgery done without anyone I know ever seeing me at an in-between stage, people who know me well are still going to see a bit of the "old me". Hell, I have a friend who's been transitioning for around a year now and I can still see a little of the "old them" in their face.

So basically, I realized it's not about what I see or what people who are close to me see, but about what random people on the street see. So as soon as I get over the stupid cold I have right now and can practice my voice, I'm going to get myself in good shape to go out, ask my friend who I came out to if I pass, possibly post in a few passing threads on here, and then just go for it.

So thank you again, I need all the motivation I can get. :)
>tfw live in the blackest place in england
Im fucked
can someone please kill this faggot?
Nah mate, you're tru trans. You're just not autistic like that moron, which is a plus.

Keep doing you. Best course of action for us as an individual and a community is to not jump in head first.
>more difficult
keeping doing that though is just going to end up in me being depressed my whole life

it's a lose lose scenario
if you dont pass just, stop.
Are you me?
I have long blond hair and until they see my moustache they confused me for a girl (usually wearing jeans and a leather jacket)
File: 1350859769330.jpg (111 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 960x720
When you feel that you have nothing more to lose and can only stand to make some gains (AKA rock bottom) , that's when you will stop being held back by your fear and you will actually begin the difficult and scary part of transitioning. I can't promise that it will go well or that you will succeed, but you will never succeed by not trying.

As I'm sure you noticed, the naysayers are meme spouting anons who want you to be just as miserable and unhappy as they are. They don't want to see other people transition and succeed because it only highlights their own fears and failures to do so for themselves. 4chan can be a really toxic place desu.

Do you think people like this >>5692201l, >>5687329, and >>5686820 will ever be able to tell about experiences like this, >>5678242 (specifically the second one)? Anytime I post about something in my recent and current life (where I pass and am pretty) in other threads I just get hounded about being a fake, delusional, hon, troll, etc. These people can't even fathom a successful transition, because frankly it only highlights their own cowardice to make the same gains for themselves. It's so much easier for them to hide online and sneer others who are actually transitioning in their lives.

Make up your own mind, and do what feels best for you. Don't let other people hold you back, especially anonymous posters on 4chan.
MtF here, my mom tells me that other women stare at me. Like basically they size me up and kinda keep looking at me up and down until they look away. Is this normal? Have any of you guys ever dealt with stuff like this? I'm only about 5'9" and have passed before in boymode but I seem to draw more attention in girl mode.
It's been my experience that women are very similar to men and are always in the pursuit of establishing dominance. It's a sort of primal instinct.
Take comfort in their aggression (maybe not the best word choice but I'm sure you get my point.)
File: 1454424885877.png (225 KB, 500x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 500x377
>Been stealth for a few years, voice/looks good, get treated like a pretty girl
>Sitting in doctor's office
>Girl comes in who addresses herself as "Candi" to the receptionist
>Angled features, stubble and unfortunately balding a bit
>Heavens save me it's a hon
>Eye contact, I flinch
>That was my mistake
>She plops down beside me and loudly says "you shouldn't dye your hair like that, it makes you stand out"
>It's blonde with a brown fringe
>"If you're trying to hide who you are you should at least try"
>"That coat makes you look manly"
>Oh ho it's on now, bitch
>"Hide who I am? What do you mean?"
>She hesitates, studying my face
>Just smile back
>"Uh sorry miss"
>She moves two rows ahead and occasionally glances back, trying to figure me out
>Doctor calls out my female name
>Smile at her and practically skip away with smugness

I didn't believe they were such provocative, nasty people. I had a similar encounter with a pair of drag queens in a gay bar when I was 10 months on HRT.
I get to be I wish to be and most people respect that. Those that don't simply look the other way. Win/Win
>>Eye contact, I flinch
>>That was my mistake

she then blinked to you and devoured your soul
I hate hons. They are always so mean and do nothing other than tear others down so they can feel better about their disgusting looks.
All trannies are hons though
desu I don't think I'll ever have nothing to lose

even at the very worst people won't think I'm a mentally ill homo that wants to be a girl
inspiritationil 10/10 i read again.
i still dont think i can do it.
girls/women to this to each other constantly. all day every day everywhere.
>haven't been out girlmode very much
>walking to a friends place, maybe 2 k away
>pretty low key, some makeup and bra but just a female t shirt and jeans
>see a like 6 year old kid playing on sidewalk with mother nearby
>'Justin make way for the lady'
>smile but don't say anything because I don't want to man voice
>feel good rest of day
I think they can smell fear.

I really don't want to believe that, but every encounter with them has proven the stereotype. I guess hondom is an attitude more than an appearance.

Thanks, this comment actually helped me.
It's your life. Suit yourself.

I'm happy that I could help.
Only girl it's probably that you look off. There is a difference between passing and look cis/normal female
no thats literally what passing means
I was in line at a pharmacy and the girl in front of me ma'am'd me and quickly apologized for it, I assumed she just saw my longish hair first. Thought it was a funny coincidence as I'd been on hormones for only a week.
>tfw be me working as cashier
>slightly long hair
>turned back against customer
>miss ...
>look happy inside
>turn around
>"oh sorry, i thought you were a girl"
>happiness gone

I was just starting HRT but would have been nice.
Kill yourself and you'll never have to read her posts again. It's the only sure way.
kill yourself gamine
>been stealth for a few years
>one hon instantly clocks you
>mtf on hrt with long hair
>at chipotle in boy mode
>use men's room cause in boy mode
>looking at my face in the mirror/ fixing my hair
>guy opens door "o shit my bad"
>5 seconds later walks in and say "thought this was the women's bathroom"
>I tell him "what makes you think that"? And walked away.
Dude was staring at me from his table while I ate my burrito

Work at retail clothing store
>bump into big dude
>"oh I'm sorry ma'am"
>I say "it's ok"
>he says "oh I'm so sorry for calling you ma'am, sir, it's just that......"
>"it's ok".
In boy mode had chin length hair.
Have a thousand more like this.

Once again at work in boy mode.
My nails were painted black tho.
>ringing up black lady
>black lady sees my nails
>"mmmhhhhh ARE YOU A BOY OR GIRL"
>"you welcome honey"

Have plenty of more awkward interactions
You sound pretty fucking cool. I'd hang out with you.
haha, cute
Tfw used to do sames when boymode and only got commentary from an old manager who hated fags, saw it as 100% confirmation that I was one, and started treating me like garbage and trying to get me fired after that.

The owner was on my side though and cut his pay, threatened to fire him if he gave me any more shit.
>implying the public understands this
>implying you actually expect anyone to understand this even after having it explained in detail
>implying there aren't a bunch of special snowflakes doing it for attention/fun/etc. who are ruining it
>be pre-everything
>countless times being called ma'am or lady and to great mutual embarassment when they see my face and realize their mistake,
>mostly due to having chest length ultrablonde hair which isn't very common even in scandinavia
>had two men check the restroom sign right after each other in a croatian airport once, great fun!
>dressed up as alice in wonderland a week ago for a city carnival, think i got a lot of confused looks if i hadn't been too drunk to remember..
>be 50s MtF tranny
>be in mostly male mode because I was doing construction on a friend's house earlier in the day
>enter bathroom at restaurant
>retired gent looks worried and makes a quick beeline for the door

The explanation I use is "You know all those urges you feel to eat when you are hungry, go to the bathroom when you need to, get horny when you see a person of the opposite sex, what position to take during sex? After they acknowledge them, I tell them "I got the complete set for the opposite sex of my body.". I let the discussion go from there. So far this has worked well with many people. If they have the slightest bit of self awareness, I'm describing it in terms they know.
File: thumbsup.png (20 KB, 170x273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 170x273

That's actually really thought provoking and I will definitely steal that, Thanks!
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