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Thoughts on the word "faggot"
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Hey guys and gals. So I usually hang out on /fit/ and /g/ and I recently got to thinking, do you guys use that word all the time like on other boards, and what do you think about it when you see it used so frequently everywhere. Like, do you just see it as a part of 4chan or does it offend you?

Thanks m8s.
Get off our board faggot
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You mad bro?
Honestly, it doesn't affect me whatsoever.
I even use it when referring to myself.
I like it i dont know why.

Maybe its like niggers calling themsleves niggas
That's kind of what I figured. My gf saw me on here the other day (doesn't go on 4chin) and saw someone saying faggot and was appalled by it. I don't even think about it when I see it. That's what made me curious about this board.
I encourage everyone who asks about this to use the word faggot as much as you can, as long as you're using it to call someone a jerk or stupid. The more it's used in a way that doesn't mean "i hate you because you're a man who's attracted to other men" the faster the meaning will change again. That word has gone through a few meanings before coming to us and each generation keeps pushing it towards it's next one.
I think I would be more offended by it if English was my first language, but it isn't so words like faggot, nigger, dyke and derogatory terms in general don't really phase me.
I'm not a fan
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I feel it is a lot like the word nigger.
Except we don't hord it to our selves like black supremissts do with nigger.
The meaning depends on the context.
Even as a derogatory term I am not really phased but it has a strong connotation with the gay man stereotype. So as a bear I may be a bit offended, but I would just say "just cuz I am gay don't mean I am some cry baby faggot" or something along those lines.
(I say it in jest don't get triggered on my behalf)
I don't like it outside of 4chan, but here I don't give a fuck. Ita like my grandma talking about Negroes. She's not gonna live long enough to break the habit, and she means nothing by it, so I don't care.

It wouldn't be fair to expect basic social skills from these poor people.
I've beaten up 4 straight people for saying it, and tried to stab two more with a knife, one of which was my mother.
Im gay but i use it as an insult to guys
To me its the equivalent of calling a girl a bitch
It's part of 4chan culture. Anyone who is offended by the word fag here is either retarded or is simply lacking context.

This is the website where people call eathother fags in the very thread they're posting gay porn.

It doesn't matter.
i love to """reclaim""" the word faggot all the time, but honestly i dont care if cis & straight people use it. it does sort of rub me the wrong way if it's used as an insult. i met a woman once to referred to gay media "fag shit" but that was just how she spoke, she didn't have anything against "fag shit" she just spoke as ghetto as possible so i dont mind if the word is used to describe queer shit.

but the word never really affected me negatively so i dont know if my opinion really counts
Or I hate all pedophiles like you and I come here to upset you, because you annoy me solely because you use that word.
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Shut up fag.
No you stupid pedophile.
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no u ;))))
no u x2
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That's a really unsanitary thing to do with your sugar, little catgirl.
File: 1410758748196.gif (3 MB, 536x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah... sugar.
Someone draw this
My sides
>mom callsl me a faggot as a joke
>pulls out pink knife
> ninja run at her
> stab her in stomach repeatedly at six times per second
> mfw twas a dream and I am staring at her intently with a butter knife inching closer to her face
> grounded
I'm sorry, but I'm just not convinced by your edginess. Besides, I'm not even real sure how it's relevant. Most of the people I've beaten up have been drug addicts, and both of those I tried to kill are. You thought maybe I was assaulting the Amish?
Or you can ask me what went down, instead of trying to project your fear outwards and change it so that it's no longer upsetting to you.
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Dude what the fuck are you talking about?

Assuming you're this person? >>5663449

Why would that have anything to do with my comment?

Get the fuck off 4chan nigger you have no idea how it works. fag.
You're trying to be edgy thinking it's too edgy for me and I'll leave. But pot smokers and cocaine snorters aren't scary to me, let alone the fake kind that snort sugar and smoke pocky sticks like yourself. You're so clean I'll bet your dick is even bacteria free, and you only eat free-range beef. I'll bet you were homeschooled using the bible inside a gated community and couldn't go outside alone until you were 18.

You are seriously brain damaged.

It's a dumb anime picture, the fact you thought I was trying to scare you with le scary drugs D: is dumb and presumptuous.

Are you autistic?
You were trying to communicate that you're some epic leet 4chan master who does drugs and is dank. I didn't fall for it. The end. :^)
File: 1417234690346.gif (3 MB, 264x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 264x240

D e l u s i o n.

But w/e my friend. For the record I don't use drugs, nor was I ever implying that I did.

Don't let your autism convince you otherwise, though.
I'm not going to be convinced by your memes. You're a pedophile. Your brain damage is very similar to autism, just with fucking children added. Perhaps that's why you can't realize that your bullshit isn't convincing.
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Here's your reply.

jacking it to lolis rn btw lel.
>tfw I can't tell if this is Karlie Kloss or Taylor Swift
Why are faggots so crazy and Kennedy mentally ill?
idk I feel sad if someones aggressively calling me faggot, but I know 90% of the time it's used as a joke
Jokes are funny.
Or calm down and learn to laugh at how irrational you sound
Or ignore your lies again and point out that you're still dog shit.
I just never use it as a derogatory term for gays except in a joking matter. I usually use it to describe someone obnoxious and autistic.
You mean you do what Christian gradeschool children do?
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I'm a pretty big faggot actually
Wew lad
Everyone knows that is not what happened
I do not know what happened so I am not lying
I fully support the way 4chan uses faggot. It would be nice if everyone used it the same way, as official English parlance. Not only is the -fag suffix useful as a linguistic tool, radically cutting down syllables when trying to describe someone's place of origin or activities, the neutered way it is stripped of insult and judgement is something to be admired.

>hurr durr fucking sjw
Eat dogshit, retard. I've felt this way since I was a little gayfag in high school, ten years ago, far before this knee-jerk specter started spooking morons in their hidey holes.
File: 9M111_AT-4_Spigot.jpg (90 KB, 417x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not at all and I use it like blacks use the word niggar.
File: 800px-USAF_MiG-15.jpg (55 KB, 800x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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getting offended is stupid
It is really interesting linguistically, now that I think of it.

Words are just used to convey an existent thought, so getting pissed off about the words is silly. The thought will be there whether you're aware of it or not, so you might as well be aware of it.
You knew I was being completely rational and yet you said I was being irrational. Hence, you engaged in typical straight pedophile Christian behavior, and lied.
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I've always called people faggots.
Ive been doing it for at least 20 years already.
People have become so PC and fucking pathetic.
Ive done a lot of shit in my life thats extremely emotional or was difficult.
Ive been homeless, lived in meth houses, killed animals with my bare hands, im the one who sits with our pets and holds them as they get put to sleep and looks them in the eyes with a smile and talks to them for 20 minutes afterwards just in case their brain is still alive.
I've helped people vomiting up entire mouthfuls of blood, helped and comforted people in hospice who were drenched in piss and shit lifting them and taking them places.
Im also transitioning now and struggling with all of those problems and my entire body runs on girl hormones.
Most every "male" now is only a male because of their penis. All they do is fail and bitch and QQ.
Nobody has confidence and pride anymore.
I had that shit beaten into me as a kid, and anyone who doesnt isnt a fucking man in my eyes.
Its been years since Ive pointed out someones obvious failures and give them the fucking answer but all I always get is 17 paragraphs of excuses instead of an admittance of failure and all this fucking awkward spaghetti shit.
So when they act like an asshole, a wimpy little bitch, or are plain too fucking lazy and stupid to google a problem they have to get 10,000 solutions, of course im going to call them a fucking faggot.
Because to me they are and their fucking pathetic.
So what. You're dog shit.
It doesn't bother me because I've been on 4chan for a long time, if it ever did. It's so common and is elastic in meaning that it'd be weird if I was fazed by it at this point.
The more you make something taboo the more power you give it, fags
There's only thing it means.

Shut up straight dog shit.
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Are you the same person screaming the whole thread at everyone for no reason like some retarded autistic faggot? Go back to your /r9k/ containment board you edgy reddit user.
I refuse to believe all of you newbies are seriously trying this fucking hard to troll every single fucking day.
I know you are all fucking serious and autistic as fuck with your newfound anonymous identity and shit willing to downwards tilt your fedora into the fray of anonymous meanie faces for the greater justice.

I mean sure maybe we did it too, but we were literally 12 at the time. You guys take the internet way too fucking serious. You guys like get triggered by fucking everything. I mean I guess this thread is about you and it worked enough to trigger you into coming here and exacting your GREAT JUSTICE over us linguistic heathens. Maybe youre just op pretending to be a faggot. I dont know.
But fuck you I do what I want faggot. the club cant even handle me.
Shut up straight dog shit.
File: mDc9.gif (672 KB, 500x307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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autistic faggot
pic related
Do you think it hurts to have your memory of the happiest moment in your life corrupted, where you brought a beautiful life into this world and you finally became a mother and felt you succeeded in life, only to have this living horror show (a.k.a You: a "faggot") of a manifestation of the past 20 years of failures all concentrated into the once beautiful object you called your son? Do you think she feels dead inside?
In case you're too dumb to understand, I'm not reading your straightposts.
They have programs to help people like you.
eight six six four eight eight seven three eight six
I haven't been convinced to quit hating you pieces of shit now that you were a piece of shit again.
File: Yl8i7do.gif (814 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't think that danked me as hard as you think it did.
>>itt: autists calling each other autists
>Tries to stab own mother for calling you a faggot.
> there is no excuse for assaulting someone for a insult especially someone that raised you
>Gets upset when someone on 4 chan laughs at it
>Calls them a christian pedophile
Took me too long to realize this was bait.
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Thread images: 18
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