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first gender/sexuality you get is your new gender/sexuality. How do you feel?
Hypogender: experience of one gender is small but intense, with larger part of experience being a dull sense of some other gender.

I think this would complicate my life immensely at this juncture, but it's a cool take on NB I haven't seen before.
From the zodiac sign Aries.

A complicated gender identity that cannot be explained."

I feel... confused.
Aliquasexual: Not typically feeling a type of attraction, except under specific circumstances.

Soooo... Normal?
Yeah, this is a spectrum alright. The Autism Spectrum.
A feeling that one cannot distinguish between a type of attraction and platonic feelings due to neurodivergence."
I feel....... very confused
I think I can parse this one. Non-neurotypical persons whose condition makes distinguishing between kinds of attraction and intimacy difficult would consider them nebulous relationships, or nebula-sexual.
An orientation in which a person experiences attraction to multiple, but not all, genders.

almost god-tier
>sychnogender: Similar to tachigender, but relates to frequency rather than speed. A sychnogender person feels that their gender changes with high frequency.
Might as well off myself
How does this even work...?
Multi-sexual.. attracted to many, but not all genders..
I just want to cringe forever reading this shit.
>post rubor
>A type of aromanticism where one experiences romantic attraction briefly upon realizing (or in reaction to) the romantic feelings of others towards them, but the feeling fades quickly, or is found to be only a reaction and not real attraction.

This is weirdly accurate.
>marginalized orientations
literally an oppression stamp
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>Feeling that your gender is part of your hallucinations or delusions.
>For people who experience delusions or hallucinations as part of their mental illness or neurodivergence only.
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>Based on the zodiac sign Virgo.
>A gender identity that feels weakened by stress, to the point where one is nearly genderless.
Having a gender that you cannot or do not want to define due to anxiety, repulsion, disturbance, etc.

What so does this mean that I am a gender of not wanting to define my gender? Can I identify as cancer? Because that's what I am getting from this.
Genderblank - A sensation that one’s gender is indescribable, that there are no words to explain it.
>How do you feel?
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trans helicopter.jpg
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>Describes a bipolar person whose gender identity is tied to what type of episode (manic, hypomanic, depressive, mixed, etc.) they are experiencing at that moment.

I hoped for a helicopter, but no luck.

>A label for selectively mute people, which describes a gender that can only be expressed at certain times, in safe environments.

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>Because that's what I am getting from this.
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>mfw my sexuality is so complicated that I don't even understand it
>A fluid gender that can be easily manipulated both by the person experiencing it and by outside forces/the gender itself. The experience of this gender can feel like a tug-of-war between the person and their gender, or like the gender has a mind of its own and moves in ways that the person may not always want.
>(Coined by furryhell.)

what is this I don't even

>Based on the zodiac sign Cancer.

>A gender identity where one’s gender consistently comes back to agender, but fluctuates away from that center based on one’s emotions.

That's not even that dumb. I guess that's how cis people feel about their gender. Irrelevant until their emotions make it clear they have one.
>A gender that has a closeness or connection to witchcraft and magic. A gender that has a feeling of power and old magic to it. May be used as witchgirl, witchboy, etc.

I think I won
shit's deep

A gender that is nonbinary, but is feminine in nature."
scary though this is quite accurate? i'm mtf but not delusional, it's clear that i was raised as a boy and have never experienced a "girlhood", so i'd feel weird calling myself a 100% true grill

Sounds sci-fi
you win

"Being unable to understand the concept of gender or of having a gender due to neurodivergence."

An orientation where a type of attraction is experienced as the same as or indistinguishable from platonic attraction.

Anybody else hate modern tumblr with a passion?
A feeling that one’s gender is split or divided due to a dissociative disorder.

i mean...i don't have DID so not sure about that

Similar to genderflux, but with agender as a base with occasional feelings that one’s gender is trending towards masculine or feminine (without reaching a feeling that one is entirely male or female).

>Based on the zodiac sign Libra.

>A gender identity that is mostly agender, but has strong connections to masculinity and/or femininity. That connection may be static (libragender) or fluid, where one feels that the gender one experiences changes (librafluid).

I want it to stop. It's things like this that make my vehemently against anything that isn't binary genders, the right were right, the slippery slope is real. :(
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>soft romo

>A way to describe a relationship that is low-level romantic. A useful term for aromantic and aro spectrum people who may pursue a romantic relationship but not be comfortable with some aspects of romance.

n-no romo


>A gender identity that is heavily influenced by the people around someone. For example, an absorgender person would feel more feminine when surrounded by women, or more masculine when surrounded by men.

I can understand where this comes from, but the way I act or express myself around different groups has never shifted my core identity. Before today. I'm a flag in the wind now. Thanks, OP!

nothing has changed I guess. idc
literally "i'm not cis and i don't know why" the gender
>A gender that feels as though it fades in and out, but always returns. May be used on its own, or as a prefix to modify another gender.

Uh...I mean I wouldn't mind this if it weren't for the fact that here in Spain ano means anus...
Describes someone whose sex repulsion fluctuates based on their state of mind.

Coined for use by survivors and neurodivergent people only.

Sometimes something disgusts me and I don't wanna bang? Are you serious? That is not a special fucking thing.
>A gender identity rooted in the self. It cannot be described with any gender terms due to its intensely personal nature.

very accurate
Though that's probably very accurate for every questioning person if not just every person ever
>That is not a special fucking thing.
I don't know what definition of special you use but that sounds pretty abnormal to me

>Coined for use by survivors and neurodivergent people only.
is the important part here

at first i thought it says anon-gender
Based on the zodiac sign Cancer.

A gender identity where one’s gender consistently comes back to agender, but fluctuates away from that center based on one’s emotions."
my zodiac sign is cancer but holy fuck what

i did a second one to get a sexuality too
Describes someone whose sex repulsion fluctuates based on their state of mind.

Coined for use by survivors and neurodivergent people only."

this looks like a keysmash
"Attraction that is neither romantic nor platonic, but involves a desire for emotional closeness. Intended to be used in the same way that -romantic would be used in an orientation, so one could be panalterous, homoalterous, etc."

>How do I feel
Like someone just turned me into an autistic sonic recolor.

>A gender identity that is a process of elimination. What it is is unknown, but the person is able to define what it isn’t.
i thirst for witchboypussy
Based on the zodiac sign Taurus.
A fluid gender identity that tends to stick on one gender for a long time and change only with difficulty."
i'll just go back to being trans thanks
A gender that feels magical and whimsical.
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Considering I take interest in digital art and find myself passionate about philosophy and symbolism.
I guess pictogender would suit me fine, bwahaha..

An orientation that fluctuates between feeling no attraction and feeling attraction. When attraction is felt, it is accompanied by a strong feeling of dread or anxiety.

>A term originating in lesbian communities in the late 1980′s, to indicate a relationship that was romantic, physically affectionate (touching, kissing, etc), but nonsexual.
Actually, this is kind of OK for me. I'm mtf bi anyway who prefers girls and i'm submissive and affectionate as fuck. I also like being with someone more than actually having sex with them normally. It would feel like a cute lesbian relationship in the school yard.
Anongender. Now I could get behind that.
Faegender: A fluid gender that changes with the seasons, equinoxes, moon phases, etc.

does this mean each season i'm kin with a different anime fairy? that's totally a gender, right :^)
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